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A Path to Destruction by elsbeth22

Format: One-shot
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 1,853

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Violence

Genres: Horror/Dark, Angst
Characters: Harry, Lily, James, Voldemort, OtherCanon
Pairings: James/Lily

First Published: 03/10/2006
Last Chapter: 09/23/2006
Last Updated: 09/23/2006


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All Hallow’s Eve, 1981. The night a prophecy was fulfilled. The night the entire world remembers. The night my whole life was taken from me, my dreams, my plans…my body… shattered. It was supposed to ensure my immortality, my dominance. Forever. This is the night Lily and James Potter died. Their two murders gave me strength, and yet just one whisper made me weaker than any on this dismal planet

Chapter 1: All Hallow's Eve, 1981
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I had been waiting for this information ever since Severus’ report. The report of a mysterious child who, by prophecy, would be my demise. I had every one of my servants, willing or not, working around the clock, searching for information on this...this...this creature.

Make no mistake; I was not afraid of this infant. In fact, I had often entertained the thought of finding, taking and raising the newborn to be one of my loyal subjects. However, unlike the hero of the Greek myth, Oedipus, I was not going to take the chance of disregarding a prophecy. No. Powerful this child may be, but like any of my Death Eaters, he or she could turn at any moment. Of course, I kept order in my inner circle through fear and shear force, but for a witch or wizard as powerful--if not more so--than me, my usual fear-inspiring tactics may not be enough. And that alone was reason to demand the baby's life.

I looked at the parchment on my desk and read those two names, Harry James Potter and Neville Archibald Longbottom. There were no other children that fit the requirements the prophecy had stated and I have to admit to a certain relief that there were only two. No matter how much I loved seeing the terror on a person’s face and that brief moment when the light in their eyes turned off, I knew that had there been more possible chosen children I would have had to kill many with the possibility remaining that the true threat was still out there.

Yes, it was far better that there were only two.

Nagini raised her head towards the door, drawing my attention to it. I forced my mind out to the hall but couldn’t enter the person’s mind. I smiled, knowing immediately who was there. It was difficult to prevent a skilled Legilimens such as myself from reading one’s thoughts and only one of my Death Eaters had accomplished that so far. I sat down in my emerald chair and faced the door.

“You may come in Severus,” I said calmly.

The maple doors opened slowly and a tall, gaunt man stepped into the room. His eyes drifted towards the parchment on my desk and I caught a brief thought in his usually evasive mind,


As soon as the walls of his mind were infringed upon, his defenses were raised once again. Keeping my face impassive, I looked at my beautifully long and pale fingers.


Severus’ face was emotionless but I could tell he was shaken

“My Lord?” he inquired as he prostrated himself on the rug.

“I asked you why Potter crossed your mind, as soon as you looked at my desk,” I replied calmly.

“An old school-time grudge, my Lord,” Severus responded. Though his tone was well-controlled, I sensed a hidden anger.

A smile began to play across my lips.

“Well then, let’s see what we can do about that.”

Severus raised his head in bewilderment, looking for an explanation. Instead of obliging with any clarification and not bothering to ask why he had come in the first place, I said in a deadly tone, “Find the Potters....I have a visit to make.”

I paced across the room furiously. How could they have vanished without me knowing? This boy’s death was now personal.

At first I had gone after the Potter child because of Severus’ grudge. He might even have been allowed to administer the final curse while his school enemy watched in horror. Now, however, it was my grudge, my problem. No one slipped through my plans, making me out to be a fool. No one dared mock me like this. Yet James Thomas Potter, Lillian Rose Evans and their wretched baby had just disappeared without a trace. I suspected the Fidelius Charm and this made me all the more mad, as I knew that I would have to find the secret keeper and get the information out of him. I wouldn’t mind the torturing. In fact I was looking forward to it, but I hated the time I was wasting. Every second was a second this child could be getting stronger, and I could not spare another moment.

The maple doors began to open; I immediately pulled out my wand and let all my anger and frustration come out in one word.


The sheer force of the spell caused the man’s screams to echo in the room and his pain gave me a sadistic pleasure that began to settle my nerves. Reluctantly I lifted the curse and smiled at the whimpers coming from the kneeling figure in front of me. This pitiful sight was the animagus Peter Pettigrew, called Wormtail, and a glimmering of hope sparked in me. This fool was a friend of the Potters, he had to know something about their disappearance.

“My Lord,” he said between gasps as he touched his lips to my robe. No question as to why he had just been tortured, just a submissive acknowledgment.

I almost laughed at his pitiful form, then, gaining composure, I looked down on him and asked
“Wormtail, have you any news?”

“I can deliver to you the Potters,” came the cracked response.
Of everything he could have said, this was the last thing I would have expected. Surely the Potters wouldn’t have made this idiot a secret keeper. It was too absurd. I reached down and lifted his chin, glaring into his tear-streaked eyes,

“You had better hope this isn’t a hoax,” I said harshly.

His eyes went wide with fear and through the stammering I caught, “... Dumbledore... Fidelius Charm... Padfoot... Moony... secret keeper is me.”

I let him slump to the ground and sat down in my chair to contemplate the situation. Not only would this child die, I now had the opportunity to humiliate Dumbledore and show the world what a bumbling old idiot he truly was. I would defeat Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, the champion of commoners, of Mudbloods and Muggles.

I gave a cold laugh and turned my attention back to Wormtail.

With a malicious glint in my eyes I asked, “Where are they?”

“Godric’s Hollow,” came the reply.

The leaves rustled at my feet as I walked up Laeon Avenue, past groups of Muggle children in funny clothing, laughing and comparing the contents of the bags they carried. One little girl in a ridiculous imitation of a witch’s robe almost ran straight into me. For a moment, our eyes met and the girl went rigid in fright and ran to a woman across the street. I heard her from where I strolled.

“Mama...the man over there has a scary costume...his eyes looked...looked...REAL!! I wanna go home.”

I looked back and saw the child staring at me as she was picked up by the woman. I remembered the date. It was All Hallows Eve, 1981. I had always hated it at the orphanage and never understood their silly customs. The stupid costumes I was forced to wear and then having to walk into the cold for two hours to get second-rate candy. It was never worth it. Now, looking at these innocent fools, I remembered the wretched holiday and repressed a shudder.

I kept walking down the street until I came to a less populated part of the neighbourhood. There were two heavily boarded shacks numbered 21 and 23. I looked in between them and thought, “Godric’s Hollow...Godric’s Hollow.”

I smiled to myself as a gateway appeared. Behind the quaint gate, a large house began to emerge, two rowan trees framing the pathway. A small garden sat in front of a window and it looked as though the fruits and vegetables were just beginning to wilt.

I looked in the bay window and saw a family of three sitting on the couch, watching the flames in a fireplace as they read a book. Grinning all the wider, I opened the gate and slowly walked to the door.

The dark haired man looked up and caught my eyes, a look of disbelief on his face. He turned and said something to his ginger-haired wife as I blew the door off its hinges, laughing heartlessly. The woman took the child and ran into the hallway. I would deal with her later. At that moment, my attention was drawn to the man with his wand raised and a defiant look in his eyes. I smiled. This would be fun.

I lifted my wand and mentally sent out a curse. The man avoided the curse easily. He was expecting it. Seeing this made me give a short sharp laugh.

“Get out of my house,” he said with an air of authority he had no right to have.

”Oh...but I like it here,” I responded with an arrogant smirk.

Another spell was sent my way and I sidestepped, missing contact by a hair.

“Crucio!” I said aiming for his right.

As I predicted he stepped directly into the curse’s path. He didn’t scream but the pain showed in his eyes. I stood over him smiling, lifted the curse and stepped to the side. I heard the woman upstairs and my disposition changed entirely. I had to get to that child quickly. I dodged a red beam and sent one of my own. No sooner had I thought out the stunning spell, then I sent the Avada Kedavra in the direction he moved to. He ducked quickly. While on the ground I sent out a body bind curse that kept him still. I stepped to his side and looked in his tear streaked eyes.

I bent low and whispered in his ear, “Nice try.”

The green ray hit him straight in the chest and his eyes rolled back into his head. I paused a moment, to savour the kill. Then I turned and walked up the stairs.

I found the woman in the second bedroom standing over a baby’s crib. She turned to face me, standing between the child and any spell I might choose to cast. There was no wand in sight.

“No, not Harry. Please, not Harry...” she pleaded.

“Stand aside you silly girl!”

I was getting very impatient. I reached out and grabbed her arm, throwing her to the side.

I took aim and said with as much force as I could, “Avada Kedavra!”

The room glowed green but something was wrong. At the last moment a dash of red flew in front of the light and the baby’s cry filled the nursery. I looked down. Lily lay at the foot of the crib. She had taken the spell in one last attempt to save her beloved child. I rolled my eyes.

“Now that was a waste,” I thought, laughing out loud.

This time I walked straight to the howling baby and pointed my yew wand at the child’s forehead.

“Die,” I said simply. Then I leaned forward and whispered in the child’s ear, “Avada Kedavra.”

The last words I spoke in that fleeting corpse.

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