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A Zabini Revealed by dracoismyhottie55

Format: Novel
Chapters: 12
Word Count: 17,081
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Mystery, Romance, Action/Adventure
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Lucius, Narcissa, Voldemort, Draco, Pansy, Blaise (M)
Pairings: Harry/Ginny, Lucius/Narcissa, Ron/Lavender, Draco/Hermione

First Published: 03/06/2006
Last Chapter: 09/27/2007
Last Updated: 09/27/2007


BIG THANX TO MISSY PADFOOT:PANDORA'S CLOSET FOR THE AH-MAZING BANNER!! LUV U!! Hermione Granger always thought she was a muggleborn. However, one fateful day she turns into Mia Isabelle Zabini. Her life is perfect unitl she realizes that  she has one mystery to solve… Who kidnapped her? TO FIND OUT READ AND REVIEW!!!

Chapter 1: The Past
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Hermione Granger woke up to a buzzing alarm clock.

“Oh my! It’s already 10 a.m. I must start studying soon” she said slightly groggy.

She pulled her head off the pillow, took one look at her hair and flopped back down on her bed. Her air was as frizzy as could be and was extremely hard to manage with its bushiness. Her beaver like teeth didn’t help to her appearance any less.

She sighed and went into the bathroom. She combed her hair {well she tried} and brushed her teeth and took a shower. She put on a baggy pair of jeans and a big t-shirt and walked down stairs.

“Hermione, dear you are up. Your father and I have something to talk to you about” said Anna Granger.

“Okay mother. Let me finish my eggs and bacon. By the way mother, this is delicious. I missed your food quite a lot when I was at Hogwarts” said Hermione affectionately.

Anna let out a forced laugh and said “ Hermione, stop flattering me and come to the living room after your breakfast”.

With that she left the room and Hermione could have sworn she heard her sob.

‘I wonder what’s going on?’ she thought, slightly puzzled for the first time in her life.

She quickly finished eating her breakfast and walked into the living room, slightly nervous.

“Take a seat, sweetie” said Hermione’s dad, John.

“Hermione, please understand that we love you and that we did this for your own good” said Jane.

“I understand and I still love you too” said Hermione, kind of freaking out.

“Well, you see, you were adopted” said Jane tearfully.

Hermione panicked. “Mom, dad, am I still a witch?” she asked shakily.

“Yes, dear. You are still a witch, a pureblood I might add” said John.

“You see, we are squibs. Someone kidnapped you at birth and we found you on our doorstep with a letter from your kidnapper. Also there was a pensive left by the kidnapper when he kidnapped you. We are not sure who the kidnapper is however” explained Jane.
Jane held out the bowl for her and Hermione sucked her breath in and entered.

Begginning Flashback:

Suddenly Hermione fell onto the cold, hard, cement floor.

“OUCH!” she screamed.

Suddenly, she saw a pale faced black haired with stunning blue eyes woman holding two babies who looked like twins.

“Brendan, what will the Dark Lord say to us having twins?” said the woman.
“He most probably won’t be happy, but we have no choice, Gabrielle” said a tall, dark haired handsome looking man.

“Is it true that Lily and James’ son defeated the Dark Lord and we don’t have to continue ‘hating’ muggles and half-bloods and muggle lovers?” Gabrielle whispered.;

“That’s what I heard but its best we continue acting the way we did when we served the Dark Lord” said Brendan sadly.

“I agree” said a deep voice. Hermione turned around and gasped.

It was Draco Malfoy’s father. He had shorter hair and was not as bleached looking. His grey eyes actually held warmth.

“Lucius, where’s Narcissa?” asked Gabrielle.

“She’s coming. They just let her out.”

“Yes, I’ve come” said Narcissa holding a baby boy with a mix of blue and grey eyes. It had wisps of soft whitish looking hair he inherited from his mother and a mix of his parents’ eyes.
“Oh dear! You had twins?” asked Narcissa looking scared.

“What do you think the Dark Lord will say” asked Lucius curiously.

“We’re not sure but we know for a fact that he will kill one of them” said Gabrielle looking scared and Brendan hugged her.

“What have you decided to name the twins?” asked Lucius thinking it was time for a change of subject.

“Well, the boy shall be Blaise Michael Zabini and the girl shall be Mia Isabelle Zabini” said Gabrielle decidedly.

“Well thanks for consulting me” said Brendan sarcastically.

“No problem” said Gabrielle sweetly. “By the way, what are you going to name your son?”

“Draco, Draco Lucius Malfoy” said Narcissa as though she had already planned it.

Suddenly, a door burst open and a nurse walked in. She wordlessly grabbed the twins and Draco and walked out the door.

However, Lucius was already sprinting out the door, so, Brendan followed him. They reached the nursery together and stopped to catch their breath, then entered.

They saw a peaceful Blaise and Draco sleeping but Mia was not there.

Panicking, Brendan looked around wildly for his daughter. Tears silently streamed down his face as Lucius put a hand around his best mates’ shoulder.

“Don’t worry. We’ll find her” said Lucius soothingly.

Brendan sighed sadly and said “Yes, I suppose so. I think its best if we go find our wives’ and tell them”
So, the two men set off to find their wives’.

“Gabrielle, darling, we found Draco and Blaise sleeping peacefully bbbuuutttt Mmmmmiiiiiaaaa’s GONE!!!”

As Brendan and Gabrielle sobbed at the loss of their child, Lucius and Narcissa comforted them.

End Flashback

Suddenly, Hermione found herself being pulled out of the pensive and onto her parents’ lush, deep red carpet.

“So, after you were kidnapped, we found you on our doorstep. We contacted Brendan and Gabrielle immediately since we knew them from Hogwarts” said Jane.

“They told us to keep you since Voldemort had come back in power and would kill you if he found out. We were overjoyed since we couldn’t have children of our own” said John.

“We cast a spell on you so you wouldn’t be recognizable. Do you want us to take it off?” asked Jane.
“Yes” whispered Hermione, scared that she wouldn’t like the way she looked.

John muttered something incoherent and Hermione felt herself changing.

She shrunk to 5’8{she was 6 ft. before} and she felt her self developing. She looked down and saw she had acquired some curves.
‘Not bad’ she thought.

She also felt her bushy and frizzy brown hair turning into midnight black with electric blue streaks.
Her eyes changed from chocolate brown to icy blue.
In all, she looked HOT!
Jane looked nervously at her and said “You still love us, right?”

“Of course I do! How can I hate the people who raised me for 16 years of my life?”
“AWWWWW…. HEMRIONE” Jane managed to choke out before pulling Hermione into a death grip hug.

“Mum, could you please let go” gasped Hermione.
“Oh right, sorry” said Jane looking slightly embarrassed.

“Anyways, your real parents should be coming soon, so why don’t you go freshen up and perhaps change into some other clothes” said John while eyeing her clothes, which were trailing the floor.

“Of course” said Hermione, but before she had a chance to go upstairs, the doorbell rang and Hermione froze.
They were here.
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Chapter 2: Meeting the family
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“Anyways, your real parents should be coming soon, so why don’t you go freshen up and perhaps change into some other clothes” said Jack while eyeing her clothes, which were trailing the floor.

“Of course” said Hermione, but before she had a chance to go upstairs, the doorbell rang and Hermione froze.
They were here.


Hermione slow walked to the door and turned the door knob. Taking a deep breath she swung the door open. Standing on the doorstep was the Zabini family. There was her mother and father just as beautiful and handsome as from the pensieve. There was Blaise Zabini, best friends with Draco Malfoy. He looked kind of like his dad with a slight tan even though Hermione was pale like her mother. There were also two little kids who looked around 11. The girl had black hair that reached to her shoulders with brown highlights and stormy blue eyes and the boy looked identical to her except that the tips of his hair were green.

“Hi Mia, my name is Isabelle. I think mommy named me after you because she missed you”.
Behind her she heard her real mother choke down a sob.

“I missed you a lot. I had two annoying brothers to deal with but no fun sisters to play with”

“Hey! Me and Blaise weren’t that bad were we?” asked Isabelle’s twin.

While Isabelle shook her head vigorously, Gabrielle automatically corrected the boy saying “Blaise and I”

“Whatever.” He said, clearly uninterested.

“It is not whatever, Andrew, I wish you were more like your sisters who are smart and take after me and not like Blaise and your mother” he said puffing out his chest in pride.

“HEY! WHAT’S THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN BRENDAN/ DAD!” yelled Blaise and Gabrielle at the same time.

Brendan winced remembering what he said and said “I didn’t mean you darling” said Brendan as sweetly as he could.

“Yes, and what about me?” asked Blaise indignantly.

“Well, considering you never got prefect, I would agree with dad” said Hermione finally speaking.
“Hey! You were supposed to agree with me. I’m your twin remember?” said Blaise looking hurt.
“The truth hurts Blaise”
As soon as Blaise opened his mouth to speak Andrew stepped forward and stuck out his hand.
“I’m Andrew but you probably know that thanks to some people” he said this glaring at his father.
Holding up his hands in mock surrender Brendan said “Hey, I didn’t say anything”
“Yup, that’s why you’ll be sleeping with you’re dick in you’re hands for the next few years” said Gabrielle smugly.
Blaise, Andrew and Isabelle sniggered while Brendan, Hermione, Jane, and John’s eyes widened.

“You wouldn’t” said Brendan in a hoarse whisper.
“I would unless you apologize to me” said Gabrielle sternly.
“Fine, sorry” said Brendan sulkily.
“What about Andrew and I, we deserve an apology” said Blaise, still sore about being dissed in front of a new family member.

“How about, NO!”

Suddenly, Gabrielle turned to Hermione, her eyes tearing up.

“I hope that you forgive us for not bringing you back as times were dangerous” said Gabrielle.

Hermione nodded. “I was hoping you could come with us and stay with us until school starts and not hold this grudge against us or you’re foster parents as they followed our wishes. I understand that you may not want to leave Jane and John but at least stay with us for a day” begged Gabrielle, tears shining in her eyes.

“I don’t know if I want to stay for a day” said Hermione looking around. The Zabinis all looked hurt but were trying not to show it and John and Jane looked surprised. Hermione grinned and said “I think I’ll stay forever”

Gabrielle had silent tears streaming down her face as she pulled Hermione into a breath- gasping hug and Brendan looked joyful. Blaise was grinning and Isabelle looked excited. Andrew just smirked.
‘Typical’ thought Hermione smirking inwardly herself.

“If that’s ok with you of course” said Hermione looking towards John and Jane who had tears running down their faces as well.

“Yes dear. Of course it okay. Anything to make you happy” choked out Jane before starting to sob while John just hugged her.

“Well, why don’t you go get you’re stuff and change” asked Hermione’s mother, eyeing her clothes.
Hermione went beet red and muttered something about having to change and excused herself.

She threw open her closet door and found a ton of clothes she hadn’t even known she owned.

“Wow” she breathed. Quickly she took of a tube top that said ‘You know you want it’ and a miniskirt and pulled it on.

She waved her wand and all her clothes and possessions flew into the trunk. {She’s now of age and can do magic outside of Hogwarts}
She ran down the stairs with her trunk floating behind her to see Blaise waiting for her.

“The others are in the car, waiting for you” he said. Hermione hugged and kissed her ‘parents’ good-bye and promised to write.
Then Blaise and Hermione set off in the direction of a dark blue berry Lexus.
The ride to Hermione’s new home was silent and Hermione quickly drifted off to sleep. She only awoke when she heard the twins yelling in her ear that they were here.
Hermione bolted up. They were here.
Hermione looked up and gasped. It was the Zabini mansion. And a few ways down was……

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Chapter 3: Sleepovers and Surprises
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The ride to Hermione’s new home was silent and Hermione quickly drifted off to sleep. She only awoke when she heard the twins yelling in her ear that they were here.
Hermione bolted up. They were here.
Hermione looked up and gasped. It was the Zabini mansion. And a few ways down was……

Chapter 3

…Draco Malfoy standing outside in a pair of cargo khakis and polo green t-shirt. His hair was ruffled in the breeze and he was crunching on a juicy, delicious looking apple. Over all, he looked sexy. He was talking to Pansy Parkinson and they seemed to be waiting for someone.

‘Most likely Blaise’ thought Mia.

Mia took a closer look at Pansy and saw that she didn’t look even close to a slut. She had a miniskirt which went up to her mid-thigh and a halter top with red and white stripes from Abercrombie and Fitch. Suddenly, Draco spotted the car and pointed to I, excitedly.

“Blaise, what the hell are Malfoy and Parkinson doing here?” asked Mia nervously.
“umm.. OH YA! They came here to see you and Draco and Pansy aren’t as bad as they act in school. It’s just because we have to act like it because we’re ‘future death eaters’ and our parents are death eaters right now. Phhhsshhh… as if we want to make fun of people, especially muggles” said Blaise with disgust in his voice.

“Oh” said Mia, slightly taken back by this ‘speech’.

“OK, everybody, out of the car. Blaise, take Mia to Draco and Pansy and take the twins if you want” said Gabrielle.

Everybody hopped out of the car and the twins ran towards Draco and Pansy.

“Hi Draco and Pansy, guess what? We met our sister, Mia, today and she’s right over there” said an over hyper Isabelle.

Draco and Pansy looked to where Isabelle’s finger was pointing and saw Blaise and Mia walking towards them.

Blaise ran over and gave Pansy a passionate kiss. This would have gone on for an hour had not Draco and Mia stopped them. Blaise walked over to Draco and gave him a ‘manly’ hug.

“Ok you guys, this is my twin sister Mia” said Blaise.

“Hi Mia! My name is Pansy and I’m pretty sure you already know that but I’m pretty sure you don’t know who I really am ; or any of the other Slytherins. OMG!! I got an amazing idea” Pansy suddenly screamed making everyone present jump with fear.

“Umm… that’s great that you have an idea for once in you’re life but please don’t scream” said Draco, still not completely recovered.
Pansy glared at Draco and said “As I was saying BEFORE I WAS SO KINDLY INTTERUPTED…. I have an AMAZING idea. How about we all have a sleepover; Jonah, Kyle, Draco, Blaise, Mia, Allison, Casey and I have a big sleepover. We’ll pull an all-nighter. So after midnight, you guys go to you’re rooms and talk about Quidditch and other guy stuff while us girls go and talk about girl stuff. That way, Mia will be able to get to know everybody better”

“OMG!! Pansy.. you ARE brilliant. Let me just go ask my parents” said Mia, all excited.

“What’s with girls and screaming” Blaise asked Draco after both girls had gone into the house.
“I have no idea mate, no idea” said Draco, still recovering from Mia’s excited shout.

Later that night, at Mia and Blaise’s house:

“OK everybody, we’re going to play 7 minutes in heaven. Now, does everybody know how to play? Good. So, let’s go to the living room so we won’t be disturbed and because there is more closet space” said Pansy, smirking and the other girls were also smirking.

Everybody sat down in a circle. “OK, I’ll go first.
“Allison, I dare you to go into the closet and make out with Jonah for seven minutes” said Pansy smirking. Everyone knew that Jonah and Allison had a thing for each other but neither of them were going to admit it.

They both went beet red and went into the closet. Soon you could hear moans and groans and Mia disgustingly obliged to go pull them out.

“Ok, Mia, I dare you to make out for 5 minutes with Kyle” said Allison said, now sitting in Jonah’s lap.

Mia and Kyle both went red and Blaise and Draco paled. Wait, Draco?


Mia and Kyle decided to go in just for the fun of it, to annoy Blaise. Mia was still confused at why Draco had paled.
After they had been making out for at least five minutes, Kyle asked Mia out.

Mia was excited because she had some feelings for Kyle.

“Of course” said Mia happily.

Mia and Kyle bounded out of the cupboard hand in hand. Mia also noticed Blaise and Draco scowling.

She could understand Blaise but why Draco?
Pansy noticed Blaise growl in anger so she decided to change the game because otherwise Kyle was going to be in Saint Mungo’s before you could say ‘sex’.
“So, how about we watch a movie; we’ll all change into our pajamas and then we’ll choose a movie. Come back down here in 5 minutes” ordered Pansy.
Soon everyone was changed. Blaise, Kyle, Jonah, and Draco were wearing black, green, and silver boxers with their muscular six packs showing. Mia, Pansy, Allison, and Casey were wearing tank tops with pj pants.

“Ok, what category should we choose? We have romance, comedy, horror, etc.” said Mia.
All the girls wanted romance/comedy while the boys wanted horror. The girls suspected that they wanted them to cuddle up with them.

“So how about we watch ‘She’s the man’ first and then ‘When a Stranger Calls’” said Allison.
Everyone agreed. So they all headed down to the Zabini home theatre.

They all settled down on the lush cushions. Since there were only 4 chairs, everyone had to share. Naturally, Blaise and Pansy sat together. Kyle and Mia sat together and Jonah and Allison sat together. Mia saw Draco glare at her then whisper something to Casey who nodded enthusiastically.

As Draco and Casey sat down on the couch together, Draco thought ‘The only reason I’m asking her out is to make Mia jealous and dump Kyle but then I’ll also break Casey’s heart’. As Draco sat, battling with his inner mind, little did he know that a pair of blue eyes was watching him intently.
His plan was working and Mia was beginning to feel jealous. ‘Wait, why should I feel jealous? I have Kyle, right?”
Mia just decided to sit back an enjoy the movie but when they started to watch When a Stranger Calls, Mia couldn’t help but notice that Casey would grab Draco’s arm at scary parts and Draco would wrap his arm around her protectively.

Once the movies were done, the girls flew up to Mia’s room. They talked for a while and the other girls found out about Casey and Draco as well. They finally went to sleep at about 3:00 a.m.

The next morning, the girls found the guys stuffing themselves with chocolate chip pancakes.

“Guys! They can NEVER stop eating” said Allison sounding exasperated.

“Hey!” said Jonah, sounding hurt.

“Hey Mia, how about we all go flying? We can give the others our spare brooms. How about that?”

Once the girls finished eating {very daintily I might add}, they all trooped out to the Zabini’s enormous Quidditch Pitch. It was about bigger than Hogwarts’.

They decided to pick teams; 2 on 2. Mia and Blaise were captains.
Soon the game began. Team Mia Rules the World had Mia as seeker, Kyle as keeper, Allison as chaser and Jonah as beater.
Team Blaise is the Hottest Guy Around had Blaise as keeper, Draco as seeker, Casey as beater, and Pansy as chaser.
The game ended at Team Mia Rules the World winning at 160 points but Draco caught the snitch and earned his team 150 points.

Soon they all trooped back inside, sweaty and exhausted. They hit the showers and immediately felt better. Then Pansy said she had to go and that she’d meet them at Diagon Ally. Draco and Casey followed suite. Allison and Jonah decided to go home as ‘crash’ since no one else was around.
Mia and Blaise cleaned up the mess and then finished their homework due once they got back to Hogwarts.

Suddenly, an owl flew in and dropped an envelope on Mia’s bed and took off.

Mia opened the first letter saying what they needed to buy and the letter telling them to get to Platform 9 ¾ at 11:00 a.m. The usual. As Mia was about to threw the envelope away, she felt something inside. There was another letter.

‘Odd’ thought Mia.

The letter said:

Dear Miss Mia Zabini,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been selected as Head Girl for this year, 2010. When you board the train, you will go to the Heads Compartment where you will receive more information on your responsibilities and your dormitories. For your information, Mr. Draco Malfoy has been made Head Boy as he had the best grades of his year. Congratulations on this wonderful achievement. Hopefully you will do as well as we hope you will do. Your resorting will also take place on the day of the feast right before all the first years. Good Luck!
Professor McGonagall
Deputy Headmistress of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

“OMG!!” screamed Mia.

Thinking she’d been attacked, the twins, Mia’s parents, and Blaise ran in their wand outstretched {not the twins}. When they saw Mia standing holding a letter in a shaky hand with tears running down her face, they ran to her, concerned.
“I made Head Girl” croaked Mia, still not believing that she’d achieved her dream for the past 6 years.
“WOW! That’s amazing. We’re so proud of you. To celebrate we’ll go to you’re favorite muggle restaurant, Biagi’s” said Gabrielle.
The twins hugged Mia tightly then left. Gabrielle and Brendan left but not before congratulating Mia a thousand times.
“So, who made Head Boy? I didn’t”

“Draco, anyways, who in their right mind would make you Head Boy?” said Mia sarcastically.
Suddenly, she shrieked and dodged a nerf ball thrown by an angry Blaise.
“What? Jealous you won’t get to do all you want in your SHARED bedroom while Draco and I will be having a fantastic time” teased Mia, of course joking about the Draco part.
Suddenly, Blaise sprinted after her, Mia screamed then ran out of the room, of course having a head start.
Suddenly, she ran into her father.
“Oh, Mia, I was looking for you. You should get changed so that we can got to Biagi’s and then you, Blaise, and the twins can have an early night since you have to go to Diagon Ally tomorrow”
“Right Dad” said Mia, before apparating back to her room. {Remember she passed in the end of her 6th year?}
Mia quickly took a shower and changed into a cute baby pink tube top from Abercrombie and a denim mini skirt with rips from Hollister. She pulled on a pair of high heals and went to do her makeup. She put some light pink eye shadow, blush, mascara, and vanilla flavored lip gloss. She left her hair half up, half down.

She walked out her bedroom door and walked into Blaise who was wearing jeans from Abercrombie and Fitch, ripped and a white t-shirt under a blue checkered over shirt from American Eagle. He smelled strongly of Abercrombie perfume.
“What Blaise? Planning to hit on some girls tonight?”
Blaise growled and said “It’s not over yet”, then stalked off.
They all arrived at Biagi’s in a stretch limo and walked into Biagi’s. It was the same as ever; a gold ceiling with a huge crystal chandelier hanging from it, lush, comfy armchairs, and the wonderful aroma of food wafting over to them.
A waiter took them to a booth at the back of the room. They had breadsticks and Blaise and Mia ordered coke. The twins ordered sprite and Gabrielle and Brendan ordered wine. For food, they had breadsticks and salad and Isabelle ordered a child’s portion of penne with sauce and Andrew ordered a child’s portion of pizza and they both ordered ice cream sundaes. Mia ordered linguine with marinara sauce and Blaise ordered spaghetti with alfredo sauce. They were both adult portions. Gabrielle and Brendan decided to share a adult’s portion of ravioli. They also decided to share a chocolate mousse and Blaise and Mia both ordered chocolate cake with whipped cream.

Once they were finished, Brendan paid the bill and they left. As soon as they got home, Mia left to get changed as did everyone else. Everyone was prepared for a nice, long day at Diagon Ally.

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Chapter 4: Diagon Ally and Re-sorting
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Chapter 4

Early the next morning, Mia found herself being shaken awake by her
mother. She looked around groggily as sunlight streamed through her
window and pale pink curtains. She pulled off her comforter and
stumbled towards her bathroom.
She turned on the shower to the warmest possible and relaxed. She
washed her hair with strawberry shampoo and put on conditioner and
soap. She stepped out grabbing a pink fluffy towel and wrapping it
around herself. She grabbed her wand and dried her hair magically. She
then walked into her huge, magnificent closet and picked out a denim
miniskirt from Abercrombie and Fitch and a green and silver tank top tight tank top.

She then put on clear lip gloss and light green eye shadow. She put on some blush and mascara and a pair of black flip flops with silver stones from Aèropostale. She then brushed her hair and decided to put it half up half down{in a half pony}.

Taking one last look in the mirror she headed downstairs. She found everyone waiting for her so she finished a glass of orange juice and grabbed a donut and walked out the door. She saw Pansy and Blaise making out and Draco and Casey holding hands. Swallowing her jealousy she ran over to Kyle who was standing next to Allison and Jonah. {none of their parents are real/true death eaters}

Suddenly, Gabrielle came and pulled Mia aside and told her “Your dad and I are taking Isabelle and Andrew to get their stuff. You guys make sure you come back home at 5:00 p.m. or before. If you see Harry and Ron, explain to them what I told you yesterday night”.

Mia nodded her head sadly and ran off to her friends. They all apparated {they’re of age or w/e} to Gringotts. Getting all their money, they got all their school stuff quickly then headed down to have ice cream at Florean Fortesque.

They all saw Harry, Ginny, and Ron. Quickly Mia ran over to their table and took a seat.

“Who are you?” asked Ron, rather rudely.

“Ron, its me, Hermione” said Mia with sad looking eyes.

“Hermione?” asked everyone incredulously.

“Yup, hey, I need to tell you guys something fast so DON’T interrupt” said Mia glancing at Ron.

She then launched into her tale of the summer getting gasps here and there. “So, my mother told me I can not contact you at all and we must pretend we’re enemies. Good bye. Maybe after the war we can contact each other again but never forget, I’ll never go to the dark side. I’ll be by your side for the war, Harry; just like it’s always been, the Golden Trio.” Then, with tears in her eyes she hugged and kissed them all on the cheek and then ran and started crying in Kyle’s arms.

Meanwhile Harry, Ron, and Ginny stood speechless in shock.
“Well guys, I suggest we do what she asked. I feel so bad for her” Ginny said sympathetically. The two boys nodded their heads, still not registering what had happened.

Draco looked at Kyle jealously as he comforted Mia. Suddenly, Casey put her arms around his waist bringing him back to earth. Soon, the girls decided to go shopping so the guys just sat around and talked. After the girls came back loaded with shopping bags, they decided to go home.

After saying good bye to Jonah, Allison, Casey, and Kyle, the rest of the group trudged home. Then, Draco and Pansy decided to go home so Blaise and Mia walked home together.

For the rest of the vacation, all six of them met everyday in Diagon Ally but Mia couldn’t help but notice that she had started to develop feelings for Draco.

“That’s wrong; I have Kyle” she told herself firmly many times.

But little did she know that Draco was developing the same feelings for her as well.


Before anyone knew it, the time to go back to Hogwarts had come quickly. Mia was extremely nervous about what Ron, Harry, Ginny, and her other friends would say about her being a Zabini.

That morning, Mia took a shower and out on a white, flowing skirt from Abercrombie and Fitch that went to her knees and a black tube top which showed off her newly acquired curves. She combed her hair and put it in a ponytail.

Nervously, she went downstairs and saw everyone waiting for her. Isabelle and Andrew were jumping up and down in excitement and Blaise was kissing Pansy.

She kissed Kyle, grabbed a donut and walked out the door with everyone else following her.

Mia felt as though if she spoke, she would throw up. When they reached King’s Cross, Mia and Blaise said good bye too their parents and walked off with Kyle and Pansy to meet Draco and Casey.

Isabelle and Andrew said good-bye to their parents and hopped onto the train with Draco’s little brother and Pansy’s little sister.

Mia’s parents went off to talk to their friends. So far, Mia hadn’t seen Harry, Ron, Ginny or any other Gryffindor yet. Hoping Harry and Ron had told the other Gryffindors about the situation, Mia set off with her friends to find a compartment.

Much to Mia’s dislike, they met Harry, Ron, and Ginny on the way. With apologetic eyes, Mia said as hatefully as she could “Get out of the way you filthy half bloods and muggle lovers”

Then she pushed past them and into an empty compartment. Kyle ran after her to comfort her and the others shrugged their shoulders running after Kyle leaving a very confused Ron, Ginny, and Harry.

“Mia, it’s ok, you’ll get used to it after awhile” said Blaise as comfortingly as he could.

Mia nodded her head “Thanks guys” she said through her tear-stained face. Then the girls started to talk about guys, shopping, clothes, etc. The guys started to talk about what else? quidditch.

Once they all changed into their school robes, they decided to play a game of Exploding Snap.

Once the train stopped, they all jumped off the train and they went to find a carriage. Giving an encouraging wave to Isabelle and Andrew, Mia and Blaise walked on.

They entered the Great Hall and everyone sat at the Slytherin table except for Mia who walked up to the teacher’s table.

She sat down next to Professor Dumbledore and waited for the first years to come in. She noticed everyone staring and pointing at her but she just shrugged it off.

Soon they trudged in, looking soaked. Then, Professor McGonagall brought in the Sorting Hat and the sorting began.

“Malfoy, Maurice”

Before the hat even touched his head it yelled “SLYTHERIN”

‘Big surprise’ thought Mia.

“Parkinson, Allison”

Like Maurie, the hat yelled “SLYTHERIN”

“Zabini, Andrew”

“AT LAST!” yelled Ron. Everyone looked at him and he went beet red.’

Without hesitation, the hat yelled “SLYTHERIN” Mia applauded loudly along with the rest of the Slytherin table.

“Zabini, Isabelle” Now Ron’s stomach could be heard rumbling across the Great Hall and Ron’s face went as red as his hair as everyone started to laugh.

This time, the hat took a little longer to decide but eventually, it yelled out “SLYTHERIN”

Mia saw Blaise sigh with relief at this and she thought that was extremely funny until…

“Now that the first years have been sorted, we have one seventh year that has been misplaced. Will Miss Mia Zabini please come up here” said Professor Dumbledore. You could then hear Ron groan loudly and every one else look confused except for all the Slytherins who knew about Mia except for two Slytherins, Crabbe and Goyle.

Her legs feeling like jelly, Mia walked up to the Sorting Hat with hundreds of eyes watching her every move. The Sorting Hat fell over her head, covering her eyes.

“Aaaaghhh, yeeessss, formally Miss Hermione Granger. You definitely don’t belong in Gryffindor. But where to put you? I had the same muddle with your sister, Ravenclaw or Slytherin. Well it better be….

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Chapter 6: The Death Eater's Circle
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Anyways here’s the story:


Landing neatly on Mia’s desk, it began hooting. Mia slowly got up and took off a letter from the owl’s leg. Angrily hooting at her for taking a long time, the owl flew out the window.

Mia opened the letter and read:

Chapter 6

Dearest Mia,

The Dark Lord wishes to meet you next Friday, Halloween, at 9:00 p.m. during the feast so no one will know you are gone. He wants to see if you are ready to pass to make a death eater. Tell Blaise, Draco, Pansy, Casey, Kyle, Jonah, and Allison to meet you at the Head’s Common Room, the only untracked fire in the school. Once you meet, say the words” Riddle Manor” with the floo powder I have sent you. Be careful not to spill a drop because I have given you about the exact amount. Once you arrive, you will be met by the Fawcetts who will take you to the Death Eaters circle where all the other Death Eaters including your father and I will meet you. Good luck, sweetheart. See you Friday and send my love to Blaise.



Mia just stood, stunned. The, she ran out the room, bumping into Draco.

“Whoa, Mia, where are you going in a rush like that?” asked Draco, concerned.

“Look” said Mia, shoving the letter in his face.

Draco quickly scanned the letter and then said “we better go tell every one else. This is major.”

Nodding, Mia and Draco ran to the Slytherin Common Room.

Sputtering out the password{Mudblood Filth} Draco and Mia ran into the common room.

The common room had green wallpaper with silver snakes and black carpet. There was actually a fire and there were green, comfy armchairs.

“Father had this room renovated so it would be more comfortable for my hippogriff bite. Before there was cold, hard floors and it was freezing” explained Draco, seeing the shock on Mia’s face as she had expected it to be more dark and evil-like.

Luckily, Pansy, Blaise, Kyle, Jonah, Allison, and Casey were all in the same place, the common room.

Mia shoved the letter in Blaise’s face who, shocked, passed it on to every one else.

“My god Mia, what are we going to do?” asked Pansy, concerned.

“Well, we have to go” said Mia sadly, thinking about how she was betraying Ron and Harry.

“Don’t worry about it. They’ll forgive you.” whispered Draco.

Mia looked at him blankly but he just shrugged and walked away.

The next two weeks quickly rolled by and before anyone knew it, it was Halloween.

Nervously, the six to-be death eaters rolled out of bed unwillingly.

The day went by quickly and normally and no one noticed the six Slytherins glancing at each other and then the clock through out the day.

Finally, it was time for the feast. Mia swore there were butterflies in her stomach by the time Dumbledore said “Tuck In!”

Nodding at her friends, Mia and the rest of her friends quickly filed out of the Great Hall, at different intervals so it wouldn’t cause attraction.

When they all regrouped outside the Great Hall, the girls waved their wands and their clothes changed from their school robes to black miniskirts and black lace corset tops. They also had black eyeliner and mascara. The boys waved their wands as well and their outfits changed from school robes to black t-shirts with a few buttons unbuttoned and a pair of pants.

Then, they quickly sprinted up to the Heads Common Room and gathered near the fire place.

“Okay, here’s the floo powder. Each one of us will take a pinch and say “Riddle Manor”. Once all of us get there, we will wait until everyone comes and then move on” said Mia plucking a green, velvet bag from a holder on the mantelpiece and holding it out so everyone could take some floo powder.

Draco went first, then Casey, then Kyle, then Jonah, then Allison, then Blaise, then Pansy, then Mia, taking a deep breath spoke the words as clearly as she could, “Riddle Manor”.

Mia tumbled out of the fireplace coughing and hacking and Kyle helped her to her feet. They walked for a little bit and then suddenly notice Mia’s foster parents, the Fawcetts.

“Hello, Mia and everyone else. Follow us. I’m so glad you followed in your parents’ footsteps. Good luck” Said Jane.

“Jane? John? You guys are death eaters?” asked Mia in surprise.

“Yeah, we forgot to tell you” said John.

“Oh” said Mia sadly.

“Anyways, you better go in. The Dark Lord doesn’t like to be kept waiting” said Jane, pushing them in through a set of doors which had the letters ‘RM’ in gold and a circle around them.

All 8 Slytherins looked around in awe at the Dark Lord’s lair. There were cold stone walls to match the floor. The Dark Lord was sitting in a black throne with two black nightstands. One with his wand and Nagini, his snake, and the other with some drinks and papers. There were a few steps leading up to the throne and as Voldemort stood up, Mia noticed ‘The Dark Lord- Be Afraid’ emblemized in green and the word were shinning brightly.

Surrounding the 8 teenagers were a circle of death eaters. Mia spotted her parents immediately and waved to them quickly.

“Hello, fellow death eaters. Tonight you will be performing a task to prove if you are ready to become a death eater or not. So, our first person is Mia Zabini. Please come up Zabini” said Voldemort silkily.

Mia walked to the center, her legs shaking. Voldemort quickly broke into her head and Mia replaced thoughts of good times with Harry and Ron into fights and anger against them.

“Very well. You now have to kill this mudblood child the best as you can” announced Voldemort after a few minutes.

Nervously, Mia brought her wand out, not wanting to kill this child at all.

Voldemort clapped is hands together and Jane and John brought out a girl that looked about 5 years old with dirty blond pigtails and huge blue eyes filled with tears.

Mia was horrified but she brought her wand up and said the dreaded curse; ‘AVADA KADAVERA!’

The girl dropped dead and Mia just stood there in shock, not believing she had just killed this innocent child.

Voldemort and everyone else started clapping.

“Good job. Now will Blaise Zabini come up here?” announced Voldemort.

Blaise came up and did the same and in the next half hour, Draco, Casey, Kyle, Jonah, Allison, and Pansy all performed for Voldemort. {not in the sexual way}

After everyone was finished, Voldemort stood up and said “Very good. All of you have made it and are now death eaters. You must all come up and stand next to me and make an oath to always be loyal to me and then you will each receive the Dark Mark.”

All 8 of them filed up to Voldemort and made an oath. Then, Mia walked up first to receive the Dark Mark. She was scared beyond belief.

She pulled her skirt down slightly and Voldemort put one pale, long fingertip on her perfectly tanned hip. He muttered a spell and Mia felt pain beyond belief but was wise not to show it.

Then, Voldemort called Draco up and Draco stuck his forearm out and Draco felt the same pain but then again, since when did he start showing emotions?

The other 6 went through the same steps and did not show any pain.

“Now, you may all return to Zabini Manor for the after-party and for all the 8 new death eaters, I have put invisible spells on your dark marks. So, girls, you can wear bikinis and boys you can wear short sleeve shirts. Good job tonight. Come Nagini” and with that, Voldemort stood up and every one bowed and he swept from the room and into a back door behind his throne with Nagini at his heels.

Mia and everyone else started hugging each other and many death eaters walked up to say congratulations.

Mia and Blaise’s parents walked up to the teens as well as Draco and Pansy’s parents.

“Congratulations. You guys acted very well” said Gabrielle with tears in her eyes.

“Come on, let’s get the party started at our house” said Brendan but stopped short as Gabrielle glared at him.

“Kids, we have to talk to you about top secret things when we got to Zabini Manor. So when you get there, wait for us and DO NOT go ANYWHERE” said Lucius firmly.

Quickly, all 12 death eaters vanished from Riddle Manor and into Zabini Manor where there were true death eaters everywhere.

Quietly, Narcissa motioned to follow Gabrielle and Brendan. They made their way quickly and quietly up the stairs without being spotted by using an invisibility charm and followed Gabrielle and Brendan to their room.

Quickly, they entered their gigantic blue and green bathroom and into their humongous carpeted walk-in-closet.

Gabrielle then dug through Brendan shirts, on hangers, as though looking for something.

She then grabbed at something and tugged. As she fell back, Brendan helped her to her feet and she then took Brendan’s shirts and threw them off the hangers.

“Hey, I just ironed those yesterday” he protested. {kind of like my dad hehehe}

But no one really cared about the shirts. All they noticed was this door with a dusty gold knob.

“Mom?” questioned Mia.

“Through these doors is a way we get through with the Order of the Phoenix. Yes, we’re spies for Dumbledore and we’re now recruiting all 8 of you in. Unfortunately, Casey, Kyle, Jonah, and Allison’s parents were on business for Voldemort. So, we’ve decided you’re old enough to understand. This room is under the Fidelius Charm and Dumbledore is the Secret-Keeper. However, we all know how old Dumbledore is and so I’ve decided that one of you can be the Secret-Keeper, the one who shows the most responsibility. Of course you must not tell ANYONE about this or the consequences are beyond deadly {if that’s even possible}. Now come on, quickly.” said Gabrielle.

The 8 Slytherins quickly filed into the room and saw………

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Chapter 7: Joining the Order, Kisses and Plans
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“Through these doors is a way we get through with the Order of the Phoenix. Yes, we’re spies for Dumbledore and we’re now recruiting all 8 of you in. Unfortunately, Casey, Kyle, Jonah, and Allison’s parents were on business for Voldemort. So, we’ve decided you’re old enough to understand. This room is under the Fidelius Charm and Dumbledore is the Secret-Keeper. However, we all know how old Dumbledore is and so I’ve decided that one of you can be the Secret-Keeper, the one who shows the most responsibility. Of course you must not tell ANYONE about this or the consequences are beyond deadly {if that’s even possible}. Now come on, quickly.” said Gabrielle.

The 8 Slytherins quickly filed into the room and saw………

Chapter 7:

“Dumbledore, Harry, Ron, Ginny? What are you guys doing here?” asked Mia incredulously.

“We all entered the Order of the Phoenix this year. Your parents called us here because you are now death eaters. They want you to become spies for the Order” explained Harry.

“Oh, does anyone know about this room” asked Blaise.

“Except for us and your parents and Dumbledore and now you, nope” said Ginny.

“So are you ready to spy for the Order?” asked Dumbledore.

“I’m in” said Mia.

“So am I” said Draco.

“Totally” exclaimed Blaise

“If Blaise goes , I’ll go” said Pansy.

“Why not?” said Jonah.

“Sure” said Allison.

“ummm… OK” said Kyle hesitantly.

“I guess” said Casey, looking at Kyle.

“Very good. Here are the rules for spying for the Order. In the Head Girl/ Head Boy Common Room, there is a book. For every death eater meeting you attend, all of you 8 Slytherins will gather around and write about what happened exactly at the Death Eater’s meeting. The book is charmed to have the Order and I see what happens at those meetings. The book says Transfiguration Level 7 to anyone who is not you 8 kids. But you guys will see Spying for the Order of the Phoenix. Understand?” asked Dumbledore, clapping his hands together.

“Yep” chorused the 8 teens.

”Okay, you may now go and enjoy the party. But first, we must do a special spell to make sure you are really supporting us” said Dumbledore.


All of the new death eaters felt pain in there head as Dumbledore sorted through their thoughts; even the ones they were trying to block. When he finished, he muttered a counter curse and then said “You are now to sign this contract binding you to remain loyal and if you did anything to support our enemies, I will know. Now please sign” said Dumbledore sternly.

Quickly, the teens scratched down their names and then in ones and twos, left the room.

Mia hung back to talk with Harry, Ron, and Ginny.

“So, how are you guys?” asked Mia.

“OH MY GOD Mia, guess what? Harry asked me out and I said yes” exclaimed Ginny.

“OH MY GOD, FINALLY” screamed Mia excitedly.

“Ya, and I’m going out with Lavender” said Ron, going a shade redder than his hair.

“Good for you Ron” said Mia, truly happy for him.

“It’s great talking to you guys again and all but I’ve got to go or people are going to get suspicious. Bye guys. See you at school” said Mia sadly.

Once outside, Mia started talking with all her Slytherin friends. Soon it was time to go home. Mia decided to take a long shower before going to sleep.

She quickly entered the bathrobe which was cotton candy pink and wasn’t very covering and Draco walked in with only a pair of green boxers with snakes on them.

Mia looked so irresistible that Draco walked over and pinned Mia to the wall.

He looked at her hungrily then aimed for her mouth kissing her hard. Surprisingly, Mia kissed him back. After a few minutes, Mia threw him off.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing??!! You have Casey and I have Kyle. We shouldn’t be kissing at all!” exclaimed Mia, horrified.

“ummm.. ya.. sorry” Draco muttered turning red. Then, he turned and ran out of the bathroom, completely forgetting about his shower.

Mia was partly horrified because she found she actually enjoyed that kiss.

Deciding to skip her shower, she went to bed even though she couldn’t sleep because her thoughts kept bothering her. Back in Draco’s room, he was experiencing the same symptoms.

Back at Voldemort’s Lair:

“Master, I was in Hogs Head just tonight and I heard this woman, a Seer, repeating a prophecy. The prophecy said that at the final battle; many of your so called faithful death eaters will leave you and fight along side the Order. The source of this problem is one of your new death eaters, Harry Potter’s so-called-former best friend; Mia Isabelle Zabini. If we kill her, the whole Order will fall apart because she is the source of their power” said a man wearing a hood, concealing his face.

“Excellent. You have done well, my servant” hissed a creature in a throne -like chair, petting an extraordinarily long snake.

“Now, to kill Mia, here’s the plan…” said the same creature.

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Chapter 8: Pranks and Truth or Dare
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Chapter 8

That morning, all 8 Slytherins went blearily to the Great Hall, tired from last night’s party. They had danced, drank, and some people went a little further than kissing let’s just say.

Today, Dumbledore stood up to make an announcement while clapping his hands.

“Excuse me, excuse me. Can I please have your attention?” asked Professor Dumbledore.

All of a sudden the room was so silent you could have heard a pin drop.

“Thank you. Now, this year, the staff and I have decided to do something new. Like in the muggle world you have senior prank day. At Hogwarts, we will have a prank war for 7th years only. The prank war starts tomorrow. Right now, I will pick out a name from this cup which has 4 pieces of paper in it. I will pick two pieces of paper and the first two picked will have a prank war against each other. The remaining two houses will have a prank war as well” said Dumbledore.

Professor Flitwick brought out a cardboard box filled with fluffy pillows and velour blankets. With flourish, Professor Dumbledore removed the blankets and a gold cup with black accents stood gleaming on a bunch of frilly pillows in a plain cardboard box.

“Now, I will pick out the first piece of paper which is…GRYFFINDOR! Now, the next piece of paper is…SLYTHERIN!” shouted Dumbledore.

Everyone gaped. This was going to be very exciting because everyone knew that Gryffindor and Slytherin were arch enemies.

“It is obvious that Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw will be playing each other. Now, the rules are outside the Great Hall so you may go and look after your breakfast. Thank you” announced Dumbledore.

“It’s also obvious that Slytherin and Ravenclaw are going to be the two champions” said Mia, smirking.

The Slytherin table howled with laughter. There was a scraping of bowls from seventh years as they all finished their breakfast as quickly as possible so they could go see the rules. The 1st-6th years looked on wistfully. The 8 Slytherins quickly finished their breakfast and ran out towards the entrance hall. They quickly pushed everyone out of the way and stood before the rules. This is what they said:


1. You must never play a prank on the houses you are not assigned to prank.
2. The 2 houses with the funniest pranks will be awarded the Prank War trophy monogrammed with your house’s name and your graduating year in pure gold.
3. The judge’s {the staff} will be watching the pranks being played.
4. There will be no partialness by the judges.
5. If a child becomes injured during the war, Madam Pomfrey will be more that happy to attend to you.
6. The Prank War will last 2 days and the winner will be announced at dinnertime on the second day.
7. You must wear your house robes so other students can identify you.
8. Remember, HAVE FUN!
9. If you have any questions, please visit your house leader.

“OK SLYTHERINS, WE ARE GONNA KICK GRYFFINDOR’S ASSES! GOT IT?” shouted Mia to her seven fellow Slytherins.

“Jeez, we all had perfect hearing until you screamed” said Draco.

Mia stuck her tongue out at him and said “you guys, I have the perfect plan to demolish Gryffindor.”

Mia quickly went to the Slytherin common room and scrawled on 2 pieces of paper: Meet Mia Zabini and Co. in the Slytherin Common Room at 7 p.m. tonight because she has the perfect plan to kick Gryffindor’s asses.

Then she rushed up to the seventh year boy’s and girl’s rooms and taped the signs to their doors.

Meanwhile, in the Gryffindor Common Room:

“OK guys. We have to beat Slytherin. If we can beat them at Quidditch we can beat them at a prank war. Now here’s the plan” said Harry pacing up and down.


The day of the Prank War dawned bright and sunny. Mia woke up groggily and felt like going back to sleep but them remembered the Prank War. Yesterday night, the Slytherins hadn’t exactly planned anything. Instead, they decided to go see what the Gryffindors were doing. Mia quickly got out of bed and called out all the boys and girls. Mia and the Slytherins decided to walk onto the damp grass and onto the Quidditch field where Lavender and Parvati and their friends were playing cards and watching Harry, Ron, Dean, and Seamus and their friends play Quidditch. The Slytherins walked over to the giggling girls. The boys, seeing them, quickly descended and ran over to Parvati, Lavender, and their group.

“Hey Zabini, do you and your friends want to play poker?” asked Lavender, giggling.

“You bet” said Mia, smirking.

Mia quickly sat down on the grass with the Slytherins sitting behind her. Lavender sat across from her with the Gryffindors behind her.

Lavender deled out the cards like an expert. Mia picked up her cards and the Slytherins looked at each other, smirking.

Lavender picked up her cards and the Gryffindors started chuckling.

They quickly started playing. Once they were out of items, Lavender decided to make a deal.

“Hey, how about whoever loses has to jump in the lake with the giant squid”

“Naked” added Mia.

“Perfect”, Lavender said, laying out her cards,” start unzipping Zabini”

“After you, Your Highness” said Mia, laying down her cards.

Blaise and Draco did an imitation of a trumpet blowing.

The Gryffindors, not wanting to see this, went inside. The Slytherins stood outside laughing and giving each other high fives as Lavender shivered. She turned around and glared at Mia. Then, she jumped into the lake.

Mia quickly whispered “Quick let’s take her clothes and give them to Peeves”

The Slytherins gathered up her clothes and ran off.

When Lavender floated back to the top, she ran out and thought ‘I’m gonna sit by the fire for the rest of my life.’

But all she found was her shoes and socks.

“Grrr… that bitch is gonna pay” said Lavender angrily.

Lavender stormed up to the common room followed by whistles. She took a nice warm shower, changed and then announced “THE SLYTHERINS ARE GOING DOWN!”

Meanwhile, back in the Slytherin Common Room:

“Ha Ha Mia, good trick. God Lavender must be pissed. We are totally gonna win this prank thing” said Blaise cackling.

“I wonder what they are gonna plan next” said Mia thoughtfully.

During lunch, some of the Gryffindors skipped lunch so they could play their prank. They quickly got into the Slytherin common room {the password was mudbloods are filth} and levitated all their furniture out of the room and into some unused classroom.

“Ha, that should teach them not to mess with us” said Harry triumphantly.

Tired, the Slytherins walked up to their common room ready to crash but found no furniture.

“I bet those low down scumbag Gryffindors took our furniture” said Pansy angrily.

Sighing, Mia muttered “ACCIO SLYTHERIN FURNITURE!”

Everyone ducked as the furniture flew in and everyone collapsed onto the couches.

“OK everyone, they may have gotten us this time but this was really not that funny! Our plan starts tonight. Here’s what it is…” said Jonah in quick decision.

That night, all the Slytherins snuck out of the Slytherin Common Room with bags full of supplies and they quickly muttered the Gryffindor password {all houses are given a temporary password of their rival house which will change back after the prank war is over} and snuck in.

The Slytherin girls went into the Gryffindor 7th year girl’s dormitory and the Slytherin boys went into the Gryffindor 7th year boy’s dormitory. The girls took out a bottle of whipped cream and sprayed it around the girls’ heads. They then poured oil all over the floor and Allison magically made spider webs {with no spiders} all over the room.

Meanwhile, the boys glued down the boys’ bodies to their beds and poured oil all over their floor. They also let invisible rats loose so the boys would feel things as the walked.

Over the entrances to the girls’ and boys’ dormitories, they but a huge bucket of maple syrup so when someone walked out and opened the door, they would get maple syrup all over them. Every 7th year would get this.

In the common room, the girls attached water balloons everywhere and the boys attached GIANT water balloons to the entrance. The floor was oily and the couches had invisible rats that bit you when you sat down.

Giggling and careful not to let the water balloons fall on them, they left the room.

The next morning, the 7th year Gryffindors woke up slightly late. In the girls’ dorm, Parvati, Lavender, Mary, and Kelsey woke up to find whipped cream soaking their hair. There were spider webs all over the room and as they got down, they stuck to their hair. They slipped and slide towards the door falling down and getting their PJ’s dirty with spider webs and oil. They quickly piled out the door and felt a HUGE bucket of maple syrup drip onto them. Now they were oily, sticky, with white hair and spider webs all over them. Screaming, they got up and saw…

Harry, Ron, Seamus, Neville, and Dean woke up as well. Suspecting nothing they tried to stand up but found themselves glued to their beds. They pulled really hard and their PJ’s and boxers tore off leaving them naked. Blushing, they quickly got up but fell onto the floor from the oil and they felt objects biting and tickling them they started scratching and found some of their body parts swollen from the biting. They pushed open the door and felt a HUGE bucket of maple syrup fall onto them. Now they were naked {the Slytherins took their clothes}, sticky, all red from rats biting them, and thoroughly embarrassed since the girls were staring at them. They all ran to the common room but were plummeted with water balloons, magicked to fall when the 9 Gryffindors walked into the room.

“LET’S GO TO THE GREAT HALL” screamed Harry, forgetting he was naked {so did the girls}

The quickly ran out the room but 9 HUGE water balloons fell onto their heads. Soaked, they ran back into the common room and fell onto the couches. But suddenly, they jumped up. It was those invisible rats again. This time the girls were bitten and the boys were as big as grape fruit.

They ran out the door and burst into the Great Hall. Everyone stared at them, especially the boys, and started pointing and laughing. Dumbledore smiled knowingly and said “I think it’s time for a visit to Madam Pomfrey and Hogsmede for some clothes” he said eyeing the boys.
Beet red, they turned and sprinted to the Hospital Wing.

The Slytherins burst into laughter when they saw the 9 Gryffindors and gave each other high fives.

“Oh god, we are TOTALLY winning the trophy” gasped Kyle, shaking with laughter.

“All right, by lunch we will announce the two winners of the prank war” said Dumbledore.

Soon, it was time for lunch. Excited, all Hogwarts students rushed into the Great Hall. By 12:00 p.m., not a single student was seen in the hall!

“OK EVERYBODY”, announced Dumbledore in a magnified voice, “WE ARE FIRST GOING TO WATCH A VIDEO CLIP. THEN THE JUDGES {he gestured to the Professors} WILL HAND OUT THE TROPHY!”

Dumbledore waved his wand and a screen came up of the Ravenclaw vs. Hufflepuff war.

Mia thought Ravenclaw should win. Apparently so did the judges.


The whole Ravenclaw table clapped loudly as the 7th year Ravenclaws went to receive a blue, gold, and silver trophy of an eagle with ‘Ravenclaw 7th years: CLASS OF 2010 1st place in Hufflepuff vs. Ravenclaw Prank War’

“It will be put in the Ravenclaw Common Room” said Dumbledore, smiling.

Then, he turned on the clip of the Gryffindor vs. Slytherin war.

The judges handed Dumbledore another envelope.


The whole Slytherin table shook as there was a big round of applause.
The 8 Slytherins went to receive there silver, green, and gold trophy of a snake with ‘Slytherin 7th years: CLASS OF 2010 1st place in Gryffindor vs. Slytherin Prank War’

“This will be put in the Slytherin Common Room” announced Dumbledore with twinkling blue eyes.

“Let’s have a 7th year victory party in the Slytherin Common Room” suggested Jonah.

“Great, Blaise and I will bring the drinks” said Draco.

“And me and the girls will do the decorations” said Mia.

“All right, then Jonah and I will get the food” said Kyle

“Great, let’s get moving” said Blaise.

That night, after some dances and 7 Minutes in Heaven, everyone gathered around.

“Let’s play Truth or Dare” suggested Casey.

“All right, I’ll go first”, said Allison, “Kyle, truth or dare?”


“Tomorrow, go up to Snape and tell him you’ve loved him forever”

Kyle gaped at her and then shrugged.

“Jonah, truth or dare?”


“here’s the veritaserum” said Draco handing it over.

He quickly drank it.

“Who’s the first person you’ve ever had sex with?”

“Umm.. Allison” he said going very red.

Quickly changing the subject he asked “Casey, truth or dare?”


“At breakfast tomorrow, I dare you to stand on the staff table and strip to ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ by Shakira.

Casey blinked a few times and went red.

“Draco, truth or dare?”

“What do you think? DARE!”

Casey smirked and said “Flirt with Potter”

“What the hell? There’s no fucking way I’m doing that. Plus, you’re my girlfriend.”

“And I say do it.”

Everyone started laughing

“Mia, truth or dare?” he asked angrily.


“Tomorrow morning kiss me in front of everyone when they come out of the Great Hall”


Inside, both of them were leaping for joy.

“Blaise, truth or dare?”


“I dare you to go to a club and fuck every single person in there”

“ even boys?”


“Pansy, some help?”

“This is going to be hilarious”

Blaise groaned.

“Pansy, truth or dare”


“I dare you to fuck me tonight”

“God are you gonna be sore Blaise” said Mia, cracking up.

“Shut it Mia. Or does everyone want to some dirt on Mia?” Blaise growled.

“OK, Allison, truth or dare?” asked Mia quickly.


Mia handed her the veritaserum and she drank it.

“tell me your biggest secret”

“My biological father is Voldemort...”

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Chapter 9: Dares, Plots, and Dances Revealed
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Mia handed her the veritaserum and she drank it.

“tell me your biggest secret”

“My biological father is Voldemort...”

Chapter 9

“WHAT???!!!” screamed everybody in the room.

Allison quickly shook her head and went pale.

“I was born to Tom Riddle and Alexandra Masucci. My real name is Allison Marie Riddle My mother died giving birth to me. She never loved my father and my father never loved her. It was an arranged marriage. Once she died, my father took me, in disguise, to a wizard foster care and left me there with a note which was to be opened when I was 11. A few days later, a pureblood couple, as old as my biological parents adopted me. I lived with my foster parents without knowing Voldemort was my father. I’ll go get the letter he left with me right now” she said.

She quickly ran up the stairs and produced the letter.

It said:

Dear Allison,

I know this may come as a shock to you but I, Thomas Marvalo Riddle, am your father. You may be in denial but here’s the story. Your mother, Alexandra Rachel Masucci, died giving birth to you. I sent you to a foster care. You may have gotten your Hogwarts letter by now and have probably heard awful things about me. But, please consider becoming a death eater when you turn 17. It will turn into a portal when you turn seventeen and if you don’t come within a week after your birthday, the portal will close. I look forward to seeing you and Happy 11th Birthday, my child.


Thomas Marvalo Riddle

(picture of a Slytherin snake)

“Isn’t your birthday in a couple of weeks?” asked Mia, recovering from the shock first.

“What are you going to do?” asked Pansy, concerned.

“I’m not going to go. I hate my father!” said Allison fiercely.

“Well you better keep this where nobody will find it or you’re screwed!” said Blaise, pointing to the letter.

“Yeah” said Allison, as she went up stairs to put the letter away.

While she was upstairs, the others talked.

“It must suck having Voldemort as a father” said Mia.

“Yeah, I wonder if she has a concealment charm” said Draco.

“I don’t” said Allison and every one jumped because no one expected her to be there.

She pulled her long, black hair into a pony which looked great with her hazel eyes.

“Come on, all this talk is making me tired” said Kyle.

“Yeah, and you’re nervous because of your dare tomorrow morning” said Casey smirking.

“Yeah and Blaise is gonna be soooo sore by the day after tomorrow morning” said Mia cracking up.


The next morning all 8 Slytherins went down to breakfast together.

Blaise and Pansy looked a little tired, but hey, who can blame them!

“EVERYONE! PROFESSOR DUMBLEDORE HAS SOMETHING TO ANNOUNCE” screamed Professor McGonagall over all the noise.

“Thank you, Professor McGonagall. Now, in a few days, we will be having a spring fling dance. It will not be a masquerade so good luck with getting a date. We will give you a trip to Hogsmede tomorrow so you can all shop for your dresses. Enjoy your breakfast” said Dumbledore, his eyes twinkling.

The girls started shrieking and the boys groaned. They had to ask a girl out AND dance. Could life get any worse?

“Ok you guys, dare time” said Jonah.

“Yeah! I can’t wait” said Allison.

“Because you’re not going” said Draco glaring at her.

“Kyle, you do your dare first with a microphone” said Mia.

“OK” said Kyle going green.

He walked up to Snape.

“Yes?” asked Snape.

“umm… Professor? I just wanted to let you know that I’ve always loved you ever since I saw you” said Kyle going red. Then he turned and ran down back to the Slytherin table.

“There, I did it” said Kyle, groaning.

The whole Great Hall had cracked up and even some of the staff had small smiles on their faces.

“You next Casey” said Kyle, looking excited. Wait, why is he looking excited?

Casey did her dare to Hips Don't Lie (sorry but i can't describe it cuz the validator told me not to ): )

“Oh Draco, you next. With the microphone” said Pansy in a sing song voice.

Angrily, Draco stood up and stalked over to the Gryffindor table. He sat down next to Harry and said “Hey Harry, love your pants but they’d look better off of you then on you. Look at that six pack. It looks amazing” He ran his hands up and down Harry’s six pack. Then he got up fluttered his eye lashes and waved good-bye.

“UGH! The worst moment of my life” groaned Draco.

“Tell me about it” said Kyle also groaning from embarrassment still.

“We better go so we can get ahead of every one and kiss” said Mia.

“Yeah, let’s go”

Suddenly the bell rang. Everyone walked out of the Great Hall, talking about the dares, to see Mia and Draco lip-locked.

Everyone stared and Mia and Draco were enjoying every minute of it.

“Ok, you can stop now” said Blaise pulling them apart.

“You know how disturbing it is to see your best mate and sister kissing?” he asked.

“No, not really” said Mia.

Blaise glared at her. “WHAT? You asked the question, I gave you the answer. Usually that’s the way it works” said Mia, defensively.

That night all 8 Slytherins went out to the nightclub; Chatterbox.

While the 7 Slytherins sandwiched and grinded, Blaise hunted out for the hot girls first and then went down to ugly girls and then hot boys and nerdy boys.

“THERE! All done” moaned Blaise.

“Great, how does it feel?” asked Mia cheerfully.

“You just wait. You are gonna PAY for making me go through this” growled Blaise.

Mia put an innocent look on her face and said “How about we go home”.

Everyone agreed.

In Voldemort’s lair:

“Master, we have finalized the plan” said a cloaked death eater.

“Excellent! What’s the plan?” asked Voldemort.

“We will kidnap the girl. The we will bring her back to you and you can have your fun with her. She will never suspect me and it will be easy for me to get into the school since no one suspects my true identity” said the cloaked figure, laughing coldly.

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Chapter 10: Kissing, Break-Ups, and Shopping
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Chapter 10

The next morning, Mia and Draco both stepped into the bathroom together. Mia was wearing pink boy shorts, with a dog at the end of the right side and on the butt it said ‘PINK’, from Victoria’s Secret and a cami with yellow lace as straps and baby blue from Aèropostale. Draco walked in with moose boxers from Abercrombie. Draco could not help staring at Mia. Her boobs and midriff were showing and the boy shorts showed off her well toned legs. Draco’s hard as rock chest and six pack made Mia drool. (and me!)

Suddenly Draco couldn’t resist and pushed Mia up against the wall. Mia, caught by surprise was even more surprised when Draco pushed his soft lips against hers into a bruising kiss. He begged for entry into her mouth and she granted. Suddenly Mia pulled away.

“This isn’t right. I think I should break up with Kyle because I don’t think I have feelings for him anymore” said Mia.

“And I should break up with Casey. I shouldn’t be leading her on like this” said Draco.

“Let’s go get changed and go find them” said Mia.

When they entered the Slytherin Common Room, what they found shocked them. Kyle and Casey were making out on the couch.

“CASEY??” asked Draco.

“KYLE??” asked Mia.

“OH MY GOD! I’m so sorry guys, Kyle and I were just going to come up and break up with you” said Casey.

“Funny, Mia and I came down to break up with you” said Draco.

“Well this all works out then” said Kyle happily.

The new couples went downstairs to the Great Hall.

At breakfast, Dumbledore had an announcement to make.

“I’m going to give you permission to go shopping for the school dance tomorrow” announced Dumbledore as the girls cheered and the boys groaned.

“Let’s go” cried Mia, abandoning her breakfast and dragging Draco with her.

“Wait, what about my breakfast?” howled Draco.

“Who cares?” asked Pansy.

“ME!” said Jonah angrily.

The group walked up to Filch who checked them off the list. They got a carriage and headed to Hogsmede.

The boys went to Madam Malkin’s Robes for Special Occasions and the girls went to Madam Malkin’s Robes for Girls.


To the Girls:


Mia saw Ginny with Lavender and Parvati. Mia and her friends stayed at the front of the store where all the expensive clothes were while Ginny, Lavender and Parvati headed to the back of the store.

“What Weasley? Can’t afford the GOOD clothes” asked Mia, surprised she would say such a thing and emphasizing good.

The Slytherin girls sniggered and Ginny went bright red but Parvati and Lavender dragged her to the back of the store.

The girls sorted through the dresses trying many of them on.

Mia came to an icy blue dress that went nicely with her eyes. It was spaghetti strapped and a scoop neck and had tints of silver in it. It went a little past her knees. It looked like it was a river flowing. She paid 1500 galleons for it and went to help Pansy look for a dress.

Pansy saw a yellow dress that went nicely with her brown hair, recently highlighted with blonde highlights and her brown eyes helped make her look better. It was bright yellow with puffed sleeves and went just a little below her butt. She paid 1250 galleons for it and Mia and Pansy helped Allison finish her shopping.

Allison found a green dress which looked really good with her blonde ringlets and bottle green eyes. It was long sleeve and had a deep v-neck. It went down to her knees. She paid 1000 galleons for it and they all helped Casey, who was having trouble finding a dress, find one.

Casey eventually found a silver dress to match her strawberry blonde hair and blue baby eyes. It had a really deep back and was a small v-neck. The dress went down to mid-thigh. She paid only 800 galleons for it.

To the Boys:

“Why does this bloody school persist on having these shitty dances?” asked Jonah, obviously pissed.

“I don’t know. Let’s just finish this shopping as fast as we can and have a MESSY game of quidditch” said Kyle, emphasizing messy.

“Yeah, and don’t forget we have to meet the girls at some jewelry store so we can buy them their jewelry” said Blaise.

Draco found a black robe and paid 3000 galleons for it.

Blaise found a silver robe, which went great with his dark black hair and icy blue eyes, and paid 2400 galleons for it.

Jonah found a blue robe which looked great with his brownish blackish hair which fell in curls over his black eyes. He paid 1530 galleons for it.

Kyle found a green robe to go with his black eyes and black hair. He paid 1320 galleons for it.


To the Girls:


“Let’s go shoe shopping” said Pansy excitedly.

“ALRIGHT!” yelled Casey and Mia led them to the side of the store which sold shoes.

Mia saw a pair of silver Jimmy Choo ballet flats with little bows at the end for 100 galleons.

Pansy saw a pair of Jimmy Choo white strapped sandals with heels 2-inches high and paid 86 galleons for it.

Allison saw a pair of Miu Miu green heels with 3 inch-heels. She paid 70 galleons for it.

Casey saw a pair of silver Miu Miu heels about ½ inch high with silver stones on the straps. She paid 70 galleons for it.

Mia suddenly spotted the guys and they walked over.

Mia saw a beautiful Tiffany necklace with an ‘M’ for Mia and Draco bought it for her.

Pansy saw a real gold necklace with ‘PAP’ (her initials) strung on it. Blaise bought that for her.

Allison saw a necklace with a green stone and a Slytherin snake in the middle. Jonah bought that for her.

Casey saw a pure silver locket and when Kyle bought it for her; he put in a picture of Casey and Kyle together.

Thanking the boys, they all walked down Florean Fortescue’s for ice cream.

After a tiring day, the girls decided to go to sleep. After all, no one goes to a dance with bags under their eyes, especially the hottest couples in the school.

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Chapter 12: Surprises and much more
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Chapter 12


2 Months Later:



Mia was concerned. She hadn’t had her period since sex with Draco. She also had started throwing up in the morning. Thinking she might be pregnant, Mia walked down to the Hospital Wing.


“Madam Pomfrey? I think I might be pregnant” said Mia shakily.


“OH! Well come over here, dear” said Madam Pomfrey, slightly surprised.


Mia sat down on a cot and waited while Madam Pomfrey pricked her finger. Then, Madam Pomfrey put Mia’s blood in a tube and mixed some liquid in with it. The blood turned half pink and half blue.


“Mia, you are pregnant with twins!” said Madam Pomfrey.


Mia’s eyes widened and started to water. Not wanting to cry in front of Madam Pomfrey, Mia thanked her and ran out of the room.


Once she was far away from the Hospital Wing, Mia slowed down to a walk, processing the information just given to her. Draco must have gotten her pregnant because she had sex with no one but Draco.


Deciding the library would make her feel better, she headed there. Going to Draco and hers favorite table, she saw a pale blond head and a brunette one, EXTREMELY close. To Mia, it looked like they were kissing and Mia was positive it was Draco.


“D-D-Draco??!!” stuttered Mia through thick tears falling down her face rapidly.


Draco whipped around.




Draco’s POV:


But, Mia was already gone; again running through her tears with him hot on her heals. Suddenly, Mia bumped into someone who Draco didn’t know but he saw her grab her and drag her outside. Running to the nearest window, he saw her drag her towards the ForbiddenForest.


It was then he saw the Dark Mark on that man’s hand when Mia bit him.


Draco ran to Dumbledore’s office. But, Dumbledore told him to wait outside for 5 minutes.


Wondering why Mia was so upset, Draco thought about his day. Mia had said she wasn’t feeling well and had to go to the nurse and Draco had to go to tutoring (I know he’s head boy but I guess Mia distracted him!). He had found out today that he had to be tutored if he wanted to hold his Head Boy position so today was his first class.


He had walked down to the library and sat down at Mia and his favorite spot. Soon, a pretty brunette walked over to him and told him her name was Carly and she was in Ravenclaw.


They both were reviewing what they had learned in class that day for about an hour. Draco noticed they were leaning so close together that their cheeks were touching and to anyone behind them, it would look like they were kissing.


Suddenly, he heard someone stutter his name and he saw Mia crying behind him.


Furious at anyone who had made her cry, he said “Mia?”


But, Mia had already run off.


Confused, he told Carly he’d be right back and ran after Mia.


Mia’s POV:


Mia was running from Draco when she banged into someone and she saw it was John.


Knowing John was a true death eater, Mia started to run the other way but John quickly grabbed her and held onto her.


“Not so fast missy!” snarled John.


Whimpering, Mia allowed herself to be dragged by John and he dragged her out of Hogwarts and towards the ForbiddenForest.


Suddenly she saw Draco staring at her out the window and thinking quickly, she bit John’s arm.


Just as she hoped, John waved his left arm around; making sure Draco saw his Dark Mark. Mia had thought that Draco would at least try to save her even if he had cheated on her.


Suddenly, she was pulled into side-long apparition and apparated somewhere.





Back to Draco:





Suddenly, Dumbledore’s door opened and Draco walked inside.


“Mr. Malfoy, what is it that you want?” asked Dumbledore, his eyes twinkling.


“Professor, sir, I was walking in the Entrance Hall and I saw Mia being taken away by a death eater. I’m not sure who it was but I saw the dark mark. It happened a few minutes ago” said Draco, scared to death.


“OK, Mr. Malfoy. I just need to do something first and then I will have to think over a plan because if the Order comes bursting in to save Mia, then everyone will know who’s side you really are on” said Dumbledore calmly.


Draco just stared at Dumbledore like he was insane and muttered something under his breath at Dumbledore while slamming the door on his way out.


He quickly ran to the Slytherin Common Room where Blaise, Pansy, Casey, Kyle, Jonah, and Allison were sitting. He told them the 411 and told them that Dumbledore was of no help.


“We’ll have to tell Harry, Ron, and Ginny because they are her friends too” said Jonah.


Blaise just stared into space sadly because he had just found his sister and had now lost her.


“But why would they take Mia?” asked Pansy, puzzled.


“I have no idea, Pansy” said Draco.


“Well let’s get going!” said Casey.


Everyone ran out of the Common Room and Pansy had to drag Blaise who was still stuck in his own thoughts.


Meanwhile, Draco, Casey, and Kyle had run ahead to the Gryffindor Common Room and made sure no one was there. They hid behind a knight and waited until Ron, Harry, and Ginny came out.


When they did, they grabbed them and threw them behind the knights. Harry, Ron, and Ginny had their wands sticking in their face but they put them down when they saw who it was.


“Ok, we have little time but we thought we should tell you since you’re friends with Mia” whispered Kyle.


“Mia was kidnapped by a death eater and we have no idea why. But, we do know that we have to save her so we’re going to Riddle Manor ourselves because Dumbledore was of no help” said Draco.


“Why can’t we come with you” hissed Ron.


“Because then it will be obvious who’s side Mia is on” said Ginny, whacking her brother on the head.


“Ok, thanks for letting us know. And we want to know EXACTLY what happens when you get back” said Harry.


“Good Luck” they whispered as Draco, Casey, and Kyle ran off.


Pansy, Blaise, Allison, and Jonah quickly caught up with Draco, Casey, and Kyle at the Head’s Common Room.


They each said Riddle Manor and were off to save their best friend/girlfriend/sister.


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Chapter 13: Rescuing Mia
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Chapter 13

Draco landed first, coughing and spluttering. Then came the rest of the gang. From the looks of it, no one was in this hallway.

“OK, So Mia is probably in the dungeons so we should look there first” said Blaise.

“NO! That’s to obvious. We should split up and look through all the wings. So, Pansy and Blaise go to the North Wing, Casey and Kyle go to the South Wing, Jonah and Allison go to the East Wing and I’ll go to the West Wing. We’ll all meet back here and if one of us finds Mia we should contact each other from these coins” said Draco

“Hey! Aren’t these the coins that some group called Dumbledore’s Army or something used in 5th year?” asked Pansy.

“Yeah, I got some from Pothe-Harry” said Draco.

“OK, so what are we waiting for?” asked Blaise, clearly impatient.

So they all split up. Blaise and Pansy saw no one and did not find Mia in any of the rooms. Heartbroken, Blaise and Pansy headed back.

Kyle and Casey saw Jane and Bellatrix walking down the halls and they quickly hid in a small alcove. But they didn’t find Mia either.

Jonah and Allison didn’t see anyone but John who they saw coming from the direction of the West Wing. They too didn’t find Mia.

When they all met back, they all looked saddened.

“I hope Draco finds Mia” said Kyle.

The others nodded in agreement.

Draco, meanwhile, was about to give up when he thought he saw something gold flash. He walked up to it and reached out. Suddenly, a gold doorknob came out of nowhere. Draco grabbed it and door creaked open. Suddenly, he found himself face-to-face with Peter Pettigrew.

Draco laughed. He would be no problem to duel. He whipped out his wand and shot a stunning spell before Pettigrew could even move his wand. He then wiped Pettigrew’s memory so he wouldn’t remember who stunned him. Otherwise, Pettigrew would know who had come to save Mia.

“Pathetic” Draco muttered as he kicked him out the door. He muttered ‘Alohomora’ and the door swung open.

He saw Mia sitting up on a lumpy cot looking very pissed off.

“And what do YOU want Draco? To torture me some more?” snapped Mia.

“What the fuck are you talking about Mia? I don’t want to torture you”


“I WASN’T BLOODY KISSING A GIRL” Draco yelled back.

“I can’t believe I trusted you” cried Mia.

“Oh ho, so one minute you’re saying you love me then the next your breaking up with me??? Did they take out your brain or something when they got you here?” spat Draco.

Mia walked up to him in two strides and slapped him hard.

Draco looked at her in shock. Then he heard a male voice yell “PETTIGREW!! YOU ARE NOT IN THE DARK LORD’S INNER CIRCLE SO YOU CAN SLEEP ON DUTY!”

“SHIT! Come on Mia, we have to get out of here” Draco yelled.

“I’m not going anywhere with you, MALFOY!” said Mia, stubbornly.

Draco winced. It hurt having her call him by his last name. Frustrated, he grabbed his coin and rubbed it.

Back to the gang:

Blaise suddenly felt something burn his finger.

“SHIT!” he yelled.

He dropped the coin which started lighting and spinning on the floor (I know that’s not how they contacted each other 4 DA but w/e).

“I think Draco’s found Mia! They should be here soon then” said Pansy excitedly.

They all waited in anticipation. But neither of them came.

“Maybe we should go see what’s taking them so long” suggested Allison.

So they set off towards the West Wing. Soon, they saw Pettigrew’s body. Confused, they walked up the stairs to a door wide open and they saw……..

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They saw a pissed off Mia, a surprised Draco, and an unconscious John. Confused even more, they shot each other glances.

“O-M-G! Thank GAWD you’re okay” said Pansy, giving her best friend a big hug.

Draco just walked up to Blaise and said

“We better get out of here. I’ll explain what happened later”

Blaise nodded in agreement and they set off.

They all left except for Mia and Draco. Just as Mia was about to go, they heard someone croon “Going somewhere?”

They whipped around and saw

“AUNT BELLA??!!” Draco choked out.

“Yes Draco. Now I don’t have to kill you if you stay loyal to the Dark Lord and give use Mia. Forget about your traitor parents and join the Dark Lord for real!” said Bellatrix.

“How do you know my parents are traitors?” croaked Draco. He really needed a drink of water.

“Oh the Dark Lord’s inner circle knows EVERYTHING” purred Bellatrix. “Now hand over that blood traitor bitch and I won’t kill you”

“NEVER!” yelled Draco.

“Have it your way then. AVADA KEDAVRA!” screamed Bellatrix.

Everything went black for Draco as he fell to the ground with a thud.

He heard yelling and screaming and then he slipped into unconsciousness.

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Chapter 14: Happy times and then not so happy times
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Chapter 14






“Have it your way then. AVADA KEDAVRA!” screamed Bellatrix.

Everything went black for Draco as he fell to the ground with a thud.

He heard yelling and screaming and then he slipped into unconsciousness.




End Recap



Draco lifted his eyelids. They were really happy. When he opened his eyes he saw he was in the hospital wing.


Suddenly he remembered Aunt Bella shooting the killing curse at him. Wait but how did he survive? Then he remembered Mia. Sitting up bolt right he looked around the Hospital Wing and saw Mia sleeping. Sighing with relief he lay back down just as Madam Pomfrey bustled into the room.


“Drink this” she said stuffing a muddy looking potion into his hands. Closing his eyes and holding his nose he gulped down the the contents. He shivered. Then he started to feel sleepy. He lay down and soon fell asleep.


When Draco woke up he saw Professor Dumbledore talking to Madam Pomfrey in low tones.


“Professor Dumbledore” called Draco.


“Ahhh Draco, I see you are awake” he said. He shuffled over to his bed and sat down at the edge.


“Miss Zabini informed me of everything that went on in Riddle Manor before falling asleep. You see protecting you from the killing curse had taken a lot of her and both her and the baby need to rest”


Draco’s mouth fell open and for a moment no words came out. Then he finally got his speech back “Ba-ba-ba-baby??????” He started to feel faint. “Who’s baby? And Mia was protecting me from the KILLING curse?”


“Whoops, I see Mia hasn’t informed you of the baby. Well, yes, the baby has powers very much like Harry Potter and protected you buy repeling the killing curse”


“So Aunt Bella’s dead?”


“I’m afraid so”


Draco shrugged “She wasn’t a very good aunt. She tried to kill me, remember?”


Dumbledore laughed. “Why yes she did”


“So Mia will be okay, right? And the baby too?”


“They should be. Now Draco, I have some business to attend to so if you will excuse me” said Dumbledore and he left.


“Mr. Malfoy, you are free to go” said Madam Pomfrey after giving him some medicine.


Draco raced up to the Slytherin common room. He saw Blaise, Pansy, Jonah, Allison, Casey, and Kyle sitting solemnly. They got up quickly when they saw him and bombarded him with questions.


Draco told them exactly what Professor Dumbledore had told him except for the part about Mia being pregnant. He still had a hard time registering that he was going to be a father. I mean the Slytherin Sex God, a dad? But then again the Slytherin Sex God was also in a serious relationship, or what was a serious relationship.


“So my sister’s okay?” said Blaise laughing with relief.


Draco nodded. He returned to the Head’s common room since he had homework he had to catch up with and passed Mia on the way. She kept waling as if he was made of stone.


He sadly continued up to the common room.



**************************Back to Mia**********************************


“MIA!” yelled Blaise, strangling his twin with a big hug.


After Mia finished with all her hellos Blaise said” Draco said you protected him from the killing curse, but he wouldn’t tell us how”


Mia’s head snapped up at those words. That could only mean Draco knew about the baby.


“You guys, I found out something before I was kidnapped” said Mia quietly, “I’m…pregnant”


“WHAT????!!!” bellowed Blaise.


“It’s the baby that protected Draco from the killing curse”


“And WHOSE the father” said Blaise, clearly pissed.


“Draco’s” muttered Mia.


“Thank god” said Blaise, relaxing visibly.


“Yeah, so I’m gonna go catch up on some homework” said Mia and she left.


“WAIIIITTTTT! Is it gonna be boy or girl? When is the baby coming? MIAAAA!!” screamed Blaise, eager for details now that he knew his best friend was the baby’s father.


Mia ignored him and walked out the portrait hole and walked to the Head’s Common Room. When she saw Draco sitting on the couch doing his homework.


Wordlessly, she spun on her heel and was about to walk out the portrait hole when she felt a hand on her wrist.


“Let GO of me MALFOY ”said Mia sharply.


“Not until you hear me out” said Draco stubbornly.


Mia looked at her brown Coach watch and said “FINE! You have 5 minutes. Start explaining”


“OK, well you know how I had tutoring? Well, I was tutoring this girl named Carly from Ravenclaw. We were just working on a really hard Arithmancy problem and then you started crying so I chased after you …and then that’s what happened” said Draco finishing rather lamely.


“But you were KISSING her. I saw you” Mia insisted.


“Why the fuck would I kiss her when I have you?”


“And why should I believe you?”


“Because if I was lying I would have to come up with a better excuse than that”


Mia cracked a smile.


“You’re right” she said giggling.


Draco smiled and wrapped his long muscular arms around her and kissed long and passionately.


“You don’t how much I’ve been wanting to do that” muttered Draco.


Then he went back to kissing her. Then things started getting a little heated up and we know the rest.


The next morning, Mia woke up and took a shower. When she walked in she saw Draco sitting on the bed with nothing but boxers on. She resisted jumping on him and kissing him to death.


“Draco, I don’t know if you know but Im…pregnant”


To her surprise, Draco was smiling.


“You want this baby, right?” she asked hesitantly.


“Most defenetly” said Draco leaning down to kiss her.


“Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to take a shower, care to join me?” he asked suggestively.


“Pervert! I already took one” said Mia shoving him into the bathroom.


“Well I’m SORRY for trying” said Draco stepping into the bathroom and slamming the door behind him.


5 seconds later a pair of boxers came flying out and landed on Mia’s face.


“HAHAHAHAHA!” said Draco as he distinctly heard the words “immature and cute boxers”. Smiling he closed the door.


He was honestly happy that they were having a baby. When he came out of the shower and hour later, he found Mia sleeping on his bed. He decided to go catch up on some homework so he started working in the Common Room.


When he walked up to his room, Mia was not there. He checked her room and she wasn’t there either and she wasn’t in the bathroom.


“SHIT!” he yelled.


He ran to Professor Dumbledore’s office and started yelling random names of candies. It finally opened at ‘Cockroach Cluster’.


He ran in and slammed on Dumbledore’s door until Dumbledore opened it.


“Can I help you, Mr. Malfoy?”


“Sir! Mia’s been taken, again!”


“What?” said Dumbeldore’s eyes, blazing.


Suddenly an owl flew in with a letter and it landed right in front of Draco.


It said:


Draco Malfoy,


We have your precious Mia. How you may ask. Well I simply followed you into your room while you and Mia were …ehm…doing things. Then I waited until you left and put a silencing charm around the room then took the Polyjuice Potion and changed into you. By the time I got to the Dark Lord’s home the potion wore off and she was able to see who it really was. You might wonder why I’m telling you all this. Well by the time you get here she will already be dead. Have a nice day.






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