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If Fate Permitted... by ferretluvr

Format: Short story
Chapters: 5
Word Count: 8,406
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Romance, Young Adult
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Lucius, Narcissa, Draco, Pansy, Ginny, Blaise (M), OC
Pairings: Harry/Ginny, Draco/Hermione

First Published: 03/04/2006
Last Chapter: 12/24/2011
Last Updated: 12/24/2011


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They had met once, 11 years ago though it may have been. Hermione and Draco shared a promise, to come back for each other. They held onto the minutes they had spent with each other. They don't know who the other is, but what happens when they find out? Will their love be able to overcome their differences...?

Chapter 1: The start of a new start
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A 6-year-old Draco stood in front of his father, awaiting his decision. “May I go father?” Draco asked once again, wishing in his head with all his might that the answer would be a yes. Lucius and Narcissa had come to a muggle village to find an ingredient for a potion they had to make. The ingredient, which was fairly common in muggle towns, was not to be found in a wizarding village. And even if it were, as Lucius had kindly put it, it would cause others to be much too suspicious, as if they weren’t enough suspicious already.
Lucius looked him over. “Yes. Yes you may go, but do not wander about, you silly boy, or else these filthy muggles might get suspicious. Actually, I doubt they will. They are too dim-witted to even realize what is in front of their faces.”
Draco nodded, “Yes father, how right you are.” Even at this young age, he knew enough not to contradict his father, no matter how much he knew it was wrong. Lucius looked his over once more before waving his hand, “ What are you still standing here for boy? Off with you.” Draco bowed his head and slowly walked over the hill, out of his father’s gaze.


Hermione slipped out into the night. It was as if the night were her only salvation these days. His father, Graham, was a drunkard, and was still in withdrawal so that he could quit. As for her mother, well what could Hermione expect from her? She tried to help Hermione as much as she could, but Jane Granger was still frightened from her father’s cruel ways, that had affected them both dearly. She was now supporting him, as he was in the hospital. Hermione knew that Jane still loved her father. She was merely trying to forget the past, and move on. Merely trying to help her father become the man he once was. The father Hermione had never known.

Shaking those despairing thoughts from her mind, Hermione climbed out of her window and into the black firmament, where she was free. Where she could be herself, with no one to bother her. Over the rocky hills and onto the beach.


Hermione strayed onto the beach, and into her favorite little corner by the cove. She could hear the low roar of the ocean, and the crashing of the waves as they fell upon the sandy expanse of the beach. The stars sparkled like finely cut diamonds spread out on a background of black velvet. She stared at the brightest star, and then gasped as one of its lesser companions streaked across the heavens. Shooting stars were rare, and she was going to make the most of this one. “I wish that one day I’ll marry a rich, handsome prince, and that I’ll sit in his castle and eat cakes and biscuits, and that he’ll love me until I die.” She breathed in deeply, wishing with all the vigor a 6-year-old could manage. “And I also wish that…”

“You’ll get fat if you eat cake every night.”

Hermione turned around, “ No I won’t.” She said, daring him to contradict her.

“Yes you will, and then no prince will marry you.”

“But I like cake.” Hermione whimpered as tears welled up in her eyes.

“Everyone likes cake,” he said disgustedly.

They sat in silence for a moment. Draco turned towards her and spoke up, “Will I do?”


“Well, I’m not a prince, but I am rich, and I think I’m handsome too.”

“Truly.” She breathed. “You would come back and marry me?”

“Why not?” A naïve Draco shrugged. “I have to marry someone. It might as well be you.”

He thought for a moment, and then pulled of one of the two chains around his neck. It was silver with a snake pendant on it. He showed her how the snake fit into the imprint on his necklace. Hermione smiled at him.


A voice could be heard calling from the distance.

“I’ve gotta go.” Draco looked at his “betrothed.” He stood up and offered her his hand. Then, before he could leave, he pulled her close and planted a clumsy kiss on her lips, the way he’d seen others do before him, before slipping the chain around her neck.

“Bye.” Hermione said softly touching her lips as Draco scampered up the hill, and out of sight.

“Hermione, honey?”

“Yes, mum?”

“Are you ready to go?”

Hermione sighed to herself. She had gotten her letter to Hogwarts, years ago, and how excited she had been. But then there was also that small twinge of disappointment. How would he ever be able to find her now? Maybe he’s a wizard too? Hermione had thought hopefully to herself, and then shaken the thought away. But then she found out that the snake was the representative of Slytherin. She still had the necklace, and never took it off. Hermione still nursed the hope that she would find out who her mysterious stranger was. And now it was her last year at Hogwarts. Deep inside her, she knew that if he didn’t find her this year, all of her dreams would be crushed. This was her last chance.

“Hermione?” her mom called again.

“Coming mum. Give me a minute.”

Hermione slipped on a pair of platform sandals, and looked into the mirror. She admired herself, knowing that she would definitely catch the eyes of many guys this year. She had changed this summer. Oh yes she had. Gone were the big bushy mounds on her head that was supposedly called hair, instead she had sleek curls falling down in ringlets onto her back. Her chest was no longer flat, but she had gained quite a few curves, all in the right places. Hermione had been visiting the gym this summer, as well as the beach, so she could admire her toned stomach, and long tanned legs being showed off from under an olive green mini skirt, and a white midriff that also showed her cleavage. Not to mention the fact that she was Head Girl. She smiled at herself before adding a couple of silver bangle bracelets, some clear gloss, and some mascara.

“I’m ready mum.”


Draco stared at the necklace in his hands. It had been eleven years, and he had never forgotten about her, not once. But he had given up all hope of finding her. She was a muggle, and even if she had become a witch, then she had probably chucked the necklace as soon as she found out what it had represented. He sighed to himself. There was no was of possibly finding her. He knew he should probably take of the necklace, but he couldn’t. That was the one memory he had of her, and of course, there was the kiss. He touched his lips and smiled. Draco could remember the softness of her lips, even though it was so many years ago. He shook his head and let his head wander onto other things. Like the fact he was Head Boy this year. I wonder who the Head Girl is? Probably that mudbl-muggle Grange. Draco knew he couldn’t insult Granger. Not when the one he loved was a muggle herself. He had tried to stop himself over the years, but it hadn’t worked. ‘But not this year’ he vowed to himself silently, ‘Not this year.’


Hermione stepped onto the platform and gazed at the scene before her, biting her lip. This would be the last year that she would ever be here. Just one more year, and she would never see the home she had for 7 years, ever again. Hermione stepped back, tripping as her sandal caught on something. But before she could fall flat on her face, and embarrass herself, she felt strong arms encircle her tiny waist. She could smell the person’s aroma, and it made her feel faint…she remembered that smell from somewhere…Finally becoming aware of what she was doing she turned around fast, “Oh! Merlin, I’m so sor- Malfoy?”

“Looks like someone had changed Granger.”

Hermione felt herself blush, before she noticed the Head Boy badge displayed proudly on his chest. A very nice chest. As a matter a fact, Quidditch has done him some good. Bad Hermione! Don’t think that way! But he does have a great-

Draco stopped her little tirade. “Like what you see Granger?” He breathed into her ear.

Hermione pushed away from him and he let her go. “You wish Malfoy, actually I was just thinking about what the hell Dumbledore was thinking when he made you Head Boy.”

Draco shrugged and walked away. Then he stopped and called over his shoulder, “You coming Granger? Heads cabin’s this way.”

“How do you know I’m Head Girl?”

He snorted, “Yeah, and who else could it be?”

Hermione stared at his back. Did he just compliment me?

Draco sighed and turned around again, “You know, it would really help if you stopped staring. Dumbledore wants to meet us, and I know for a fact that you wouldn’t want to risk your reputation and be late.”

Hermione followed after him, shaking her head to herself. This is going to be one hell of a year.

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Chapter 2: Dumbledore's gone crazy
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And it was sure turning out to be. A hell of a year that is.

As soon as Draco and Hermione stepped into the Head's Compartment, they saw not Dumbledore, but actually Mcgonnagal as well. She bustled over to them, an anxious look plastered onto her face.

"Your late!" She barked.

"Sorry Professor, we-"Hermione began.

"I don't want to hear your excuses, Miss Granger. Now that you two are here, I must tell you of an important change in your, erm, sleeping arrangements."

Draco noticed Hermione looked mildly alarmed, and smirked to himself.

"Well, as it has been decided to give the prefects their own sleeping quarters, we have come up short a couple of rooms. As it turns out, you two must share a, erm, room."

"WHAT!" The both of them shouted together.

Mcgonnagal looked up, and then quickly said, "I do hope you two enjoy your journey, I must be going, please see me at the end of the feast so I can take you to your dorms." She walked out, glancing at Dumbledore as she went.

When she had gone, Hermione turned towards him. "Professor?"

Dumbledore had a twinkle in his eye as he turned to look at the pair. "I'm afraid what Professor Mcgonnagal said it correct. You two need to share a room, as we have a shortage of space. I trust any unneeded activities will not take place."

Hermione blushed as he said this. Draco smirked, if possible, even more than before. Dumbledore nodded at the two. "I must be leaving, I hope to Merlin that you two find everything to your liking. Afternoon."

As soon as he had left, she glanced to Draco and groaned. "Oh perfect! This year hasn't even started, and Malfoy's managed to ruin it." She mumbled to herself.

"Oh c'mon Granger, you know you want me."

She rolled her eyes. "In your dreams Malfoy."

Just then, Draco noticed the outline of her necklace from underneath her top. "Granger," he said sharply, "What's that?"

Hermione looked up at the sound of his voice. "What?" She said startled. "Oh. That's-"

"Hermione, Hun, I missed ya!"

The door burst open, and Hermione turned to find a headstrong Ginny, followed by a more meek Ron, and Harry looking sheepish, for some reason. She soon found out why.

"Harry and I are going out!" Ginny exclaimed.

"That's great!" Hermione replied, and she truly meant it. It had been not to long ago that Harry and Ron's girl troubles had driven her over the brink and beyond. Especially when Ron had asked her to the ball. She had felt like slapping him, but refrained from doing so. She had to keep up her reputation, of course. Miss Goody-two-shoes didn't going around slapping people. But thank god that was over. Her new reputation was just beginning, and she was going to shape it just as she pleased.

Draco stared at them, laughing, enjoying themselves. A feeling rose up and captured him. Was it longing? Jealousy? No, he quickly shook the thought off, why would he be jealous of Weasel, Weaselette, Pothead, and Mudb-Granger. Even the mere wisp of the thought was unbearable.


The carriages were lined up as usual. Hermione began to run to the one she usually shared with Harry and Ron, but was stopped by an uncomfortable-looking Malfoy.

"We're supposed to go to in the Head Carriage, remember?"

Hermione stared at him as if he were an alien from another planet. She looked down at where he was holding her arm. A feeling of strange anticipation went through her, sending a shiver down her spine. It seemed Draco had felt it too, as he let go immediately and started walking away, Hermione following him.

The sorting began almost immediately, and for Hermione it seemed to last forever. Ron was complaining about how hungry he was, and she couldn't seem to get the feeling of Malfoy touching her out of her head. Even through the feast, she barely ate much. Towards the end, Ginny pulled her away. "Whats wrong?"

"What do you mean what's wrong? Nothings wrong. Why would anything be wrong?" Hermione rambled on, averting her eyes from Ginnys'.
Ginny rolled her eyes, "Right, well, first of you can't shut up, and second of all, you aren't looking me straight in the eye, so all i have to say to you is spill it before i make you."

Hermione couldn't stand up long against the fiery-eyed red head, and soon told her everything, including everything about her mystery guy and Malfoy touching her outside.

Ginny looked at her and squealed. "NO WAY! That's so romantic! Its like something you hear about it fairy tales!"

Hermione blushed.

"Who could it be?" Ginny continued. "Nott? No. Crabbe? Ew. Goyle? Even nastier!"

Hermione gave her a small smile. "I've thought about it a lot too. I just don't know. None of the guys seem to match his description. The only blonde- haired slytherien I can think of is Malfoy, and he wouldn't be seen dead in a muggle village!"

Just then Mcgonnalgal came by with a sulking Draco in tow. "Miss Granger? I need you to come with me so I can show you two your sleeping quarters. Miss Weasley, you are a prefect, am I correct?

Ginny nodded. Hermione smiled, Ginny had sent her a letter over the summer as soon as she had found out.

"You'll need to go line up with Professor Dumbledore, along with the other prefects, and the Head Prefect." Mcgonnalgal indicated towards the Great Hall.

"Head Prefect?" They all asked at once.

"Yes, as the prefects now have their own sleeping quarters, the Professors and I agreed to have someone in charge. The Head Prefect will be beneath the heads, but above the prefects. Mr. Potter has just been notified of his duty."

Hermione and Ginny shrieked in joy, while Draco looked on, scoffing.

"Tell Harry congrats from me." Hermione gave Ginny a quick hug and followed Mcgonnogal out of the hall and up the stairs as Ginny headed over to Harry and Ron.

They reached the fifth floor, and there was a beautiful portrait of a little girl with dirty blond hair, and beautiful brown eyes with blue flecks in them. She curtsied as they appeared.

"This is Leela," Mcgonnagal introduced, "the password to enter is 'united'. You may pick your own password if you wish. I trust you will find the common room and bedroom to your liking. Goodnight." And with that Mcgonnalgal left in a flurry. Only moments later they heard her yelling at a Slytherien for being up on the 5th floor when he was supposed to be in the dungeons.

Draco rolled his eyes and said "United."

Leela curtsied again and the portrait swung open to reveal a beautiful coomon room. The room was decorated in all green and gold, with black couches. Beyond that they could see a door opening into to a library as well as a door that said 'Kitchen' and one that said 'Prefects Quarters.' Hermione gasped and ran into the library at once. Draco carefully sauntered behind. But once he entered he was rendered speechless. The room was decorated in red and silver with white couches and books everywhere. There were bookcases and cabinets as well as a couple of desks and big, fluffy reading pillows. It was pure heaven for Hermione.

"Granger?" Draco asked walking over to Hermione, "Do you want to go see the bedroom?"

Hermione thought for a minute, then nodded reluctantly. "Sure, lets go."

The walked up the stairs, walked through the doors, and came to a comeplete standstill.

Hermione moaned. "No way! Dumbledore can not do this to me."

Now don't get me wrong, the room was very grand. It was decorated with purple, silver and green. There was a vanity as well as a dresser and a cupboard. There were small bedside tables with lamps that had been charmed to work with a bulb, and a bookcase filled with tons of books. Draco could see a door off to the side, which he assumed to be the bathroom. There was even a big balcony straight ahead of them. And the bed. The bed was the grandest thing of all. A king-sized bed, with pillows galore. But that was just it. A bed. A single bed. Only one bed.

Hermione turned to Draco. "Professor Dumbledore didn't say anything about us having to share a bed, did he?" She asked pointlessly.

There had never been a bigger smirk on the face of Draco Lucius Malfoy.

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Chapter 3: Friends?!?
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Hermione sighed and sat down on the bed. Her hours of hard work had brought her no avail. The bed was still just that. A single bed. No amount of spell work separated it. Draco sauntered in, holding an apple. 

“No luck? I could have told you as much.”

Hermione scowled at Draco, “Mr. Draco whatever-your-middle-name-is Malfoy, I don’t see you helping.”

Draco sat on the bed, and stretched out, still munching on his apple, “Obviously, because I know it’s pointless. Oh, and its Lucius.”

“I should have known.” Hermione retorted, giving up and laying down besides Draco. “Mine’s Jane.”

He took a moment to take that in, and then said “I don’t really know that much about you do I?”

“Well we haven’t been on the best of terms, have we?”

“No, I guess not.” He turned to her. “This is hard for me to say, but how about we make a pact to stay civil?”

Hermione raised her eyebrow, “You want to make a pact with me? Mudblood Granger who you’ve always hated? May I ask what brought on this sudden change?”

Draco cringed. “Please don’t say that word in front of me. I’m sorry for calling you that all these years, but I want this year to be different.”

Hermione looked shocked. “Did you just apologize to me?”

He nodded. “Can we start over?”

She looked up at him. “Well it’s not going to be easy after all these years…”

Draco looked crestfallen.

She continued. “But I guess we can try.”

He looked up smiling. It wasn’t a smirk either, like Hermione had usually seen on his face. It was a genuine smile that made even his cold, icy blue eyes light up in happiness.

“Friends?” he asked holding out his hand.

“Friends.” Hermione said putting her small hand into his. The same feeling of strange anticipation ran through them, just like when he had touched her outside the Head’s Carriage. They quickly let go, and averted their eyes. “Well, I guess the bed can’t be fixed, so I’m going to bed. Goodnight Mal-Draco.”

He glanced at her once more, and then smiled to himself. “Goodnight Hermione.”

Hermione stretched languidly and snuggled into her pillow. She felt it wrap its big strong arms around her. Wait. Big strong arms? She opened her eyes quickly and saw familiar blue ones staring back at her.  

Hermione let out a blood-curling scream, and sprang back, staring at Draco in awe.

“Wow, Mal-Draco. Um, sorry. Uh, do you want to use the shower first? I mean we should go downstairs. Or something. Oh god.”

Draco just stared at her for a moment before trying to regain his composure, and to calm Hermione in mid-ramble. “It’s ok Hermione. Just, um, go take a shower. I’ll go after you.” He sat up and offered Hermione his arm. She hesitantly took it, and then walked over to her dresser.

“I’ll be downstairs.” Draco called as he headed out the door.

Hermione looked after him. ‘What has gotten into him?’ she wondered silently.


Draco sauntered down the stairs and into the common room. He took a last glance back at the door. His plan to be nicer to Hermione seemed to be working, but he still didn’t know how he would find the one he loved. He hopped over the last step, and then stopped suddenly. Could Hermione know her? Or could she be the one? He shook his head to himself, but couldn’t get the though out of his head.


Hermione grabbed her warm, fluffy towel as she stepped out of the shower. For some reason she couldn’t seem to get Draco out of her head. Pulling on tight fitting jeans and a tank top, she walked into their room, toweling her hair dry. It seemed weird to call it their room, but there was nothing she could do to help it. On the plus side, she got to see the nicer side of Draco. She tossed her towel on the bed and headed downstairs, only to collide with Draco half-way down.


Draco found himself on-top of Hermione at the bottom of the stairs. Chocolate brown eyes stared mesmerized into once-cold blue ones. Neither of them could look away. Draco didn’t know what he was doing, but felt himself move his face closer to hers. Hermione watched as Draco glanced at her lips, then back at her eyes, and instinctively moved her face up towards his. Just then they heard a loud banging coming from the other side of the room.

Draco hastily got up, and looked away, towards prefect door, from where the noise was coming from. He waited a moment for Hermione to get up, and then headed over to see what the cause of the ruckus was, Hermione in tow.

Opening the door, they found none other than…

“Harry! What are you doing here?” Hermione exclaimed.

Harry raised an eyebrow at their close proximity, and then proceeded to ignore Draco completely. “Hey Hermione. As the brightest witch you sure miss the obvious. This would be the door to the prefect’s quarters, and I would be…”

“The head prefect, right, I knew that.” Hermione blushed. She glanced behind him to see a set of stairs leading to what she believed was the prefect common room.

Behind her, Draco gave a snort, which earned him a sharp glance from Harry. “What is he doing here?”

Draco turned to Harry. “I happen to live here Pot-Head.”

Hermione gave him a sharp nudge. “Draco.” She warned. Harry gave her a disbelieving glance. “Since when are you two on first name terms?”

Hermione gave a nervous glance to Draco, and then faced Harry again. “Harry, I was just about to go down to breakfast. I’ll meet you there,” she said with finality.

He looked taken aback for a second then nodded. “Believe me, you have a lot of explaining to do,” Harry said as he headed back down the flight of stairs.


“Wow that was interesting.” Draco said as he headed upstairs. “Go have some breakfast and console your little friends. Then, I think we have a lot to talk about as well.”

Hermione was left shooting a withering glance at his retreating back.


Hermione walked slowly through the corridors and down to the great hall, taking up as much time as she could. When she finally got there, she glanced around to see Ron and Harry staring at her, while Ginny gave her a sympathetic look. She sighed, of course Harry just had to go and tell everyone else…

“Hey guys,” she started.

“What’s going on between you and Malfoy?” Ron asked sharply. Ginny poked Ron in the side then pulled Hermione aside. “So, what is going on between you and Malfoy?”

“Ginny!” Hermione admonished.

“What?” she shrugged.

“Well, I don’t know. He just seems a lot nicer. And we made a pact to stay civil towards each other...”

“Ooohh, it’s so romantic. Do you think he could be the guy with the necklace? I mean think about it. He is in Slytherien, he has blonde hair, blue eyes, everything.”

Hermione stopped to ponder this for a moment, and then turned wide-eyed to Ginny. “What if he is?”

Ginny shot a glance over Hermione’s shoulder, “Harry and Ron are shooting daggers at your back, you might want to go over there.”

She sighed, “Wish me luck.”


“Hey guys, what’s up?” asked Hermione lightly.

“Cut it out Hermione, and spill. What’s happening between you and Malfoy?” Ron said angrily.

“Nothing, we just made a pact to be civil to each other. Calm down you guys.”

Harry gave Ron a quick glance, then asked “So why did you call him Draco? You guys can still be civil with out being on first-name terms.”

She shuffled around, and then sighed. “Ok, we decided to become friends…”


Draco, who had just entered the Great Hall after his shower, paused and looked over at the Gryffindor table.

“Ron, calm down,” Hermione said blushing, as more students began to stare at them.

“You’re telling me to calm down when I just found out about you being friends with the bloody ferret? ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR BLOODY MIND?”

Hermione cringed as McGonagall started to make her way over to their table. “Ron!” she hissed.

“Is there a problem?” McGonagall appeared raising an eyebrow at the trio. Hermione felt tears well up in her eyes. “No Professor.” She waited until McGonagall left, and then looked back at Ron and Harry. “I’ll be leaving now. If you guys decide to have a civil conversation with me, in which you’ll actually let me speak, come by the Head’s Dorms.”

With that she pushed past them and stormed into the hallway. She paused to look at Draco, and then continued up to her dorms. Draco hungrily took a glance at all of the food, and then ran after Hermione.

Back at the table, Ron and Harry gave each other a disbelieving stare, before beginning to eat again.  


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Chapter 4: problems solved?
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Hermione slammmed the portrait door behind her as she entered the Head's common room. Seething with rage she sat on the couch as Draco entered the room behind her. "Hermione?"

She ignored him.

"Hermione, please."

"What Draco?" she confronted him. "Just in case you didn't notice, this isn't the best time."

He sighed, "I know, its just we really need to talk"

Hermione stared at him for a moment the nodded in resignation. "Ok."

"Well, about today..."

"I can't." they both said at the same time.

Hermione looked up at him and smiled. "Nothing against you personally, Draco, its just I have somebody else"

He nodded, "Same, actually, so do I."

Hermione was shocked, "You do?"

"What? Is that so hard to believe."

"No," said Hermione "I just never thought you the type, but forget about that. Tell me about her."

Draco smiled, "We were both small when we met. She was brunette, and her hair was pulled back, so I couldn't really see it. She was bubbly, but it seemed like she was upset at something. There was just something about her that made me draw closer, even though she was a muggle."
Hermione raised her eyebrow, "You fell for a muggle? But what about all those remarks? All that teasing, when all along you loved a muggle yourself?"

Draco looked down, "As I told you before, those were all my father's ideals. I just had to follow them. Or have them get beaten into me. Surprisingly, I prefer the former. But now its different, I'm legally an adult now, so it doesn't matter. After Hogwarts, I can do what I please, and believe me, that wont involve going back to Father."

Hermione gasped, "He would actually beat you? Well I can understand not having the love of both parents. My dad was a drunkard, and my mom always had to pay attention to him. I pretty much had to fend for my self."
He gave a small smirk. "I guess thats where you got the ability to be so headstrong and stubborn, eh?"
She blushed.
"Enough of all the depressing talks, tell me about your person."

"Well...when I met him last, he had dirty blond hair, and these really nice blue eyes. He seemed stubborn, but went right away when someone called him. He was really nice, though. And he gave me a kiss. Funny, I never thought I'd fall for a Slytherien. Ron and Harry would kill me if they found out"
Draco raised his eyebrow. "No bloody way. You fell for a Slytherien?"

She nodded.


The days passed quickly since Draco and Hermione had become more civil towards each other. No longer was there constant bickering, or namecalling. Hermione also found that Draco could be a great confidant. They spent many pleasant hours by the fireplace in the Heads Common Room talking about anything and everything they possibly could. She found such compatability with him, that she was surprised. He was no longer the boy she used to know, or rather she found a side of him that he had kept hidden.

Despite her protests, she felt an attraction of some kind to the blonde Slytherin. He felt the same way towards her. Yet, they respected each others wishes, and didn't want to disrespect their own. Hermione's feelings began to get quite complicated. On their many visits to Hogsmeade (as Heads were allowed unlimited access for the betterment of the school) she bought a blank notebook, in which she began to write poems. It was an effective way to release her feelings, and she was left feeling less awkward around Draco.

As for her relationship with Ron and Harry, Harry and apologized, and accepted her decision on the reassurance that she wanted to be civil on the purpose of making life with Draco more bearable. With Ron, on the other hand, she hadn't had quite so much luck. He proceeded to be as persistant in ingoring her as she to try talking to him.

Ginny, meanwhile, remained her main source of advice. Together they went through the Slytherins one by one, trying to figure out who Hermione's mystery lover could possibly be. Her thoughts remained about Malfoy, but she knew it impossible.

Draco's solution to his complicated feelings were simply to ignore them. However, it was not so easy. Everytime he saw Hermione, talked with her, or laughed with her, he would get a strange feeling inside of him. He began to like spending time with her more, and looked forward to thier evenings spent together in close proximity. It weren't just her looks that appealed to him. Her personality was bubbly, and warm. He opened up to her, as he had no one else. Again and again her debated telling her about the necklace, and if she could possibly know who it was, or if it was her, herself. He never did anything about it however, lest it ruin the already delicate relationship they had.

He knew that this was his last year to find his mystery girl if she was a witch, and if he never did, he sometimes thought of what it life would be like with Hermione. She was so like him, it was almost too good to be true. They shared the same love of books, and pets. They both wanted children, as well as were into getting challenging careers. But no matter how close Draco came to giving up on his girl, and just going after Hermione, he refrained. In his heart he knew that he still loved her, and that wouldn't be fair to either Hermione or her. Draco contented himself on just spending time together with her, and enjoying their friendship.

Even the people of Hogwarts had gotten used to the sight of them together. At the beginning there were many nasty rumors floating around. People accused them of the most heinious atrocities. There were rumors that they were going out, that they were sleeping together, some even of one another giving each other love potions. Wherever they went, it seemed like the rumors were following them. However, they proceeded to ignore each and every one of them. By getting no response from the two, most of thier peers began to get accustomed to the idea of Hermione and Draco being together. Pretty soon it was almost as normal to see Harry and Hermione together, as it was Hermione and Draco.


Hermione made her way down to the Great Hall for breakfast. Spotting Harry, Ron, and Ginny, she made her way over towards them. She gave Harry and Ginny a hug, and turned towards Ron as usual.

"Hey Ron."

He ignored her as she knew he would, but Hermione had had enough. "What is your problem Ronald? Its not like I've committed some big crime or something. Harry and Ginny don't seem to have a problem with me and Draco being friends, and I don't get why you have to be so stubborn."

Ron looked shocked at her outburst, and nearly everyone looked up from their food to see their happening fight, Draco included.

"DO NOT IGORE ME!!! Do you at least have the fucking decency to talk to me to my face?"

Ron turned red. "What do you want Hermione. I've already told you my view on this matter. If your going to be friends with that-that ferret, then you can't be friends with me. Its one or the other Hermione, if I were you, I'd take my pick."

Harry, prodded by Ginny, came forward from the gathered crowd. "C'mon mate, be reasonable."
"No Harry. That's my final decision."

Hermione stared at him for a moment. Then, her eyes filling with tears she turned to run out of the Great Hall, only to be stopped by Draco, who was behind her. She looked up at him with wet cheeks, then walked out of the hall.

Draco turned back to Ron, disgusted. "Is that how you treat most of your friends Weasel? Because if it is, then I'm not surprised Hermione would rather be friends with me than you."

"Get your fat arse out of this, Malfoy. This isn't any of your buisness."

"Isn't it? Its not my buisness when you tell my friend that she has to pick between me and you? Its not my buisness when you make her cry and run out of a group of people, mortified? I'd like to see anyone try and tell me that isn't my buisness. Your disgusting and pathetic Weasley. Don't blame Hermione for acting the way she is. When, in most part, it was your fault to begin with."

With that, he turned on his heel and followed after Hermione.


Draco walked to the Head's Dorm briskly. He was stopped by Leela. "She's in there Pa-Sir. She was crying an awful lot, and didn't answer when I asked her what was wrong"

He nodded. "United."

"Good luck sir," she said she opened the portrait hole for him.

He walked in and spotted Hermione collapsed on the floor in front of the fire. "Hermione?" She gave no acknowledgement that she had heard him. He went to her and lifted her face to him. "Hermione, its ok. He doesn't deserve you if he's going to act that way."

Her eyes met his. With tears still streaming down her face, she flung herself at him. Draco's arms fit comfortably around her, and he began to stroke her hair.

"Thanks for being there for me Draco."

"No problem." he shrugged softly.

Their faces slowly drew closer.

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Chapter 5: "Sorry Draco, I don't eat cake"
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 They continued to draw closer when all of a sudden – BANG.

There was a banging on the door. “Hermione?” came Ron’s timid voice. “Hermy, please open the door. I’m willing to talk to you”.

Hermione moved her eyes from their focused position on Draco’s lips up to his eyes. Both pairs of eyes widened in horror of what had almost just happened. Hermione jumped back as Draco turned his head. “Erm, you should probably go get that. I’ll be up in our room if you need me.” Draco said as he gathered himself and started to make his way up the stairs.

Hermione nodded and closed her eyes for a brief minute. She definitely needed some alone time to figure out her thoughts. Taking a deep breath, she got up off the floor and moved towards the main door. Ron continued to shout “HERMIONE?”

Hermione opened the door on a red-faced Ron, his hand up, ready to strike the side of the wall again. Leela gave Hermione a sad look, and a shrug. “It’s alright Leela, he can come in,” Hermione said as she led Ron into the common room.

“Well, this is quite a place you got here, isn’t it?” Ron said sheepishly as he looked around at the grand living quarters. Hermione rolled her eyes. She wasn’t quite over her anger yet. If there was one thing she was good at, it was remembering her emotions. She had held on to her mystery boy for this long, hadn’t she? “Cut the crap Ronald, I’m really not in the mood for your BS”.

Ron looked at her for a minute, then leaped on her and gave her a big hug. “Hermione, I’m so sorry. I know, I’ve been a git. I don’t trust Malfoy, and I don’t like that he’s getting so close to you. However, you do hold the brains in this trio. Obviously if you are able to trust the ferret, you have to have some reason.” Hermione stared at him. “Did you come up with this epiphany on your own Ronald? And his name is Draco. Or Malfoy. Not ferret.”

Ron rolled his eyes, “Fine. Malfoy. And no, if you must know Malfoy knocked some sense into me after you left. That combined with Ginny’s threats of hexing me into oblivion were enough for me”.

Hermione looked up, “Draco? He talked to you?”

“More like called me a moron and defended you violently, but yes. It seems like part of him has been changed by your friendship.” Ron quickly muttered under his breath , “Let me reaffirm that this still does not mean that I trust him”. Hermione giggled. “Oh Ron, it’s so good to have you back!” She gave him a big hug back and led him over to a couch. “Let’s catch up!” She exclaimed with a smile.

From upstairs Draco watched with mixed emotions. He was glad to see that that spark that was missing from Hermione the past couple of weeks was back with full energy, however, this meant that he had to prove himself a worthy friend to Ron in order to retain his friendship with Hermione. He also did not like the way Ron’s hand remained on Hermione’s back as they talked and laughed. He mentally slapped himself, why did he care so much? It wasn’t like he had any right to her. It was getting harder and harder for him to remind himself of this fact, as well as bring back memories of the girl from years previous. He needed to find her, and fast, before this thing – whatever it was- with Hermione got out of control. He couldn’t deceive that promise he made to that girl so many years ago, for all he knew she was still waiting on her prince charming to come and find her.



It was about 4 hours later when Ron finally left. Hermione lay back on the couch finally content with the way life was heading. “Happy now?” Draco said as he came down the stairs, watching her. “Mhmmm” Hermione nodded.

 Draco smiled, “I’m glad,” he said as he lay sat down in the corner of the couch not occupied by Hermione. They stared at each other in a moment of awkward silence. “So….”.

“So…” Hermione concurred, as memories of what almost happened came flooding back to her. “Draco, I honestly don’t know what to do. On one hand, we both have other people in our lives that we are waiting on”

“But on the other hand,” Draco continued, “We keep having moments like…”

“Like earlier.” Hermione summed it up.

“Yeah,” Draco sighed.

Hermione could feel the heat from where Draco’s arm was close to touching her leg, and she quickly sat up into an upright position. Pulling her legs into her, and wrapping her arms around her legs, Hermione stared at the fireplace in front of her, seeking solace in the flames. Draco’s eyes moved with hers, and he too looked towards the fire dancing in merriment as he ran his hand through his hair. He sighed and looked at Hermione, “I think we should give our friendship one more shot. I really don’t want to lose what are beginning to have, and I don’t want to ruin it by starting something that would have to end when we find who we have been waiting for all of these years.”

Hermione looked into his normally icy blue eyes that had been softened into the color of the sea by the fire playing in his eyes. She was silent, and then nodded. “Alright, one more shot for our friendship”.

Silence once again filled the air, but more comfortable this time, both of them reassured by the fact that they could keep their promises to their loved ones and continue to enjoy each other’s company. Hermione got up and moved towards the window, looking up at the sky. “I’ve always found the stars so beautiful. I love the nighttime sky” Hermione said as she leaned against the window pane. Draco murmured in agreement.

“Hey Draco, what day is it?”

Draco looked up, surprised by the question. “Umm….November 18th..why?”

Hermione shook her head to herself in surprise, and took a quick glance at her watch, which read 11:45 pm. “I turn 17 in 15 minutes.” (A/N: I know, her birthday is actually September 19th, but go along with it for the story’s sake).

Draco’s eyes widened. He leaped off of the couch. “Why didn’t you say so earlier!?! C’mon let’s go!”

Hermione shook her head in bewilderment, “Go where?” Draco simply took her hand and started running out of the entrance, and all Hermione could do was stumble behind, laughing. “Draco, what are you doing? Let go! It’s not that big of a deal!”

“Of course it is! You’re turning into a legal adult, what could be more of a big deal?”

Students raised their eyebrows as their Head Boy and Girl ran passed laughing and sprinting as fast as they could. Draco finally stopped, and Hermione crashed into him as they came to a standstill in front of the painting that led to the kitchens.

“Oh no. Draco this is really unnecessary” Draco shushed her as he tickled the pear and made his way into the kitchens. He spotted the nearest house elf ran up to her. Hermione sat down on a table in defeat. She could see Draco wildly whispering to the house elf and the house elf nodding excitedly, as if it were Christmas come early.

Draco disappeared behind a massive refrigerator door and reappeared with a gorgeous pink cake decorated with whipped cream and strawberries.

Hermione raised her eyebrows in delight “Strawberries are my favorite!”

Draco laughed, “Yeah, I noticed the constant midnight snacking on strawberries and whipped cream.” Hermione blushed. “Draco, this is really very sweet but I have to tell you, I don’t-“

The clock started chiming, indicating the start of the next day with the twelve strokes of midnight. Suddenly they were surrounded by house elves singing Happy Birthday in their squeaky voices and Hermione started giggling. “Thank you all very much” she said as they finished up their rendition of the popular song.

Draco grabbed a fork and picked up a huge bite of cake with it. “Open wide!” But Hermione held off his hand. “Draco, as I was saying, this is really sweet, but I don’t eat cake. I will however take a strawberry” Hermione finished as a she popped a strawberry in her mouth. She began chatting with the surrounding house elves as Draco stared at her, dumbfounded, the fork still in hand. “What did you just say?”

Hermione gave him a slightly confused look, “That I don’t eat cake? I’m sorry, it’s just this thing…from when I was younger. I kind of vowed to give up cake. Stupid little girl stuff”.

Draco’s mind was reeling, this was too much of a coincidence. It couldn’t be…could it? That’s it, he had to find out once and for all. “Hermione….” He reached for her arm.

At that very moment, Ginny, Harry, Ron, Luna and Neville burst through the kitchen doors. “Hermione! There you are. Happy Birthday! We tried to sneak into your common room through the prefect door, but apparently it doesn’t open that way. Then we talked to Leela, and she guessed that Draco brought you here. It was strange, she seemed really excited. She even called you Papa once Draco. Who knows? Anyways, Happy Birthday again! Wow you’re finally legal!” Ginny, as usual, was the leader of the conversation. Draco was about to blend back into the shadows when Harry came up to him and gave him a pat on the back. “Thanks for doing this for Hermione’s birthday mate. You do know that she doesn’t eat cake though?”

Draco nodded, “Yeah, I just found out.” The rest of the hour passed in a blur. Draco didn’t have a chance to talk to Hermione alone with all of her friends surrounding them, and thoughts of cake kept swirling in his head. Finally, after walking into the Head Common room, Draco and Hermione said goodbye to the group as they walked through the adjoining prefect door.

Draco finally moved towards Hermione, determined to talk about this once and for all. However, she looked so tired. He softened and told himself that he had to talk about it with her tomorrow. Hermione and Draco headed up towards their room, thoroughly exhausted from the day’s activities.


Draco awoke to the sound of rustling beside him on the bed. Hermione was sitting there tugging on the clasp of her necklace, which had managed to get snagged on a loose thread of the pillow. “Oh – Goodmorning Draco. Sorry I didn’t mean to wake you. This danged clasp just decided to go and get stuck on this stupid thread that appeared out of nowhere.”

Draco chuckled, “Here let me help you with that” He said as he got up and rubbed the sleep from his eyes.

“Oh would you? Thank you. I was getting so frustrated with this thing.”

Draco fiddled with the clasp, finally pulling it free from the pillow. As he did the necklace managed to open and fall onto the bed. “My bad,” Draco said as he went to grab it. Slowly, he held it up. The snake glittered in the sunlight now pouring into the room. Draco’s mind went numb.

The brown curls. She was muggleborn. No cake. The nighttime sky. The snake. The childhood boy she was waiting for. Him.

He stared at Hermione. “Draco what is it?”

Silently he reached beneath his shirt and pulled out his necklace. Her eyes widened. He took the snake pendant and, holding his breath, moved it towards the snack imprint on his necklace as Hermione’s gasp rang throughout the room.

Of course, it fit perfectly.