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Pansy's Passion by Queen Sabreen

Format: One-shot
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 1,062
Status: Abandoned

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Humor, Romance, Angst
Characters: Hermione, Draco, Pansy
Pairings: Draco/Hermione, Draco/Pansy

First Published: 03/03/2006
Last Chapter: 04/25/2006
Last Updated: 04/25/2006


Rumors say that Draco & the mudblood are together. Now we enter Pansy's mind as she tries to drive them apart. The plan goes well until Pansy confesses her love. The catch? It's not in her own body but Hermione's thanks to the Polyjuice potion. DHr [HBP no included]

Chapter 1: Rumors and Running
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Pansy's Passion

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By Queen of Serpents

Author's Note: Finally I got to write a DM/HG in the eyes of Pansy Parkinson. I really hope you all enjoy it. It should be a fun ride!

Summary: Rumors say that Draco & the mudblood are together. Now we enter Pansy's mind as she tries to drive them apart. The plan goes well until Pansy confesses her love. The catch? It's not in her own body but Hermione's
thanks to the Polyjuice potion. DHr

Rated R for scenes of a sexual nature and strong language.

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Chapter I: Rumors and Running

"Did you hear?"

"--with the mudblood."

"--Draco left me for that?"

"--That means he got all the girls in bed except for--"

"…so special in her?"

"She's hideous!"

"--It's just a rumor."

"I heard he takes her into the Prefects Bathroom---"

"--He's so gorgeous!"

"--I never thought he had it in him."

"How long?"

"He bangs her over and over..."

"The mermaid told me."

"--- months and 28 days."

"--Over and over--"

"She screams so loud."

"Over and over--"


I slammed the door of the Great Hall, blocking out all the words from my ears. I ran all the way down towards the Slytherin Common Room. Everywhere I went, I was able hear those same words, those same haunting rumors.

Could it be?

Did Draco actually stoop so low as to…

I shook my head and willed the tears not to come into my eyes. Anger was pulsing inside of my body. My heart was slowly falling apart. What if it was true...?

The rumors had to have some fact in them, why would everyone talk about it if they didn't? They wouldn't have just come out of the blue.

"Harder-- Urgh!-- Faster! -YES!"

They were moans coming from the nearest broom closet.
The tears threatening to fall from my eyes finally poured out.

"MORE!!--- Yea-- HIT IT!-- Ahh...that's the spot...a little faster..."

The moans were drowned out of my ears as my own sobs flowed out into the hallway. I ran as fast as I could into the dungeons, my destination being the Slytherin Common Room, away from the whispers, the rumors, ... the moans coming from the tiny closet. I rubbed my eyes with the back of my hand trying not to think about the whispers.

Draco hadn't kissed me since last month...

His hot mouth hadn't been on my neck for over 3 weeks...

He wasn't in the Slytherin Common Room for days...

He wasn't there that morning in the Great Hall... or any other morning for breakfast for that matter.

I reached the wall that would take me to the Slytherin Common Room. Once I stepped inside, I wiped my tears, but they were soon replaced with more.

"Pansy, are you okay?"

I didn't know who said it. I was too frustrated and heartbroken to look at anyone.

"I'm fine," I said through gritted teeth and walked away, shoving the person away from me.

I walked all the way down the hall towards the Slytherin Girl's Dorms. In order to get there, I had to pass the Boy's Dorms.
Unlike other days, I didn't want to go near it. But I had to.

"Hey Pans... Something the matter?" said a husky voice: Draco's.

I quickly wiped my tears and whipped my head up to see the man standing against the doorframe. He was shirtless, sweat gleaming on his six-pack abs. He was standing there with the door to his room slightly ajar. Taking a quick peak inside I saw the bed in a complete mess, the sheets tangled into one corner. It smelled strongly of sex.

I felt my eyes stinging even more. I looked back to his face and saw his unruly blonde hair and gulped. His hair looked as though someone was pulling it in a dozen directions. It usually happened when he just shagged someone senseless, the girl's fingers pulling his fine blonde hair apart.

From the corner of my eye, I was able to see a single curly strand of brown hair amidst his blonde hair, dangling against his ear lobe. It was impossible to miss.

I choked back my tears. "Fine," I muttered.

"Oh, I see," he said casually. He yawned slightly. "I just had the greatest night ever!" He sighed, smirking and leaning his head back against the door.

"Who was she?" I blurted out, my sadness gone replaced with doubt and suspicion. I didn't believe the others just yet.

Especially when it had to do with the mudblood. Draco would never touch someone like her. I knew it.

"Just some Ravenclaw," he said diverting his eyes and shrugging his shoulders, waving his hand in the air as though it was no big deal. "Did I miss breakfast?" he asked, changing the subject.

"I –I don't know," I stammered, my tears coming back.
Before he was able to say a word, or actually see the tears on my cheeks, I ran off to my own room slamming the door shut behind me.

Albeit Draco said it was just some Ravenclaw, I knew it had to be a lie. He was hiding something from me. I was always able to tell if he was lying to me whenever he didn't look at me straight in my eyes. I've known him for too long, he couldn't lie and get away with it.

Plus there was something else that gave him away: that brown hair amidst his blonde could only belong to one person. That meant my suspicions were true as were the rumors I heard that morning. Draco was shagging Hermione Granger, Gryffindor and resident Mudblood. From the rumors it had been for a long time and it looked as though he enjoyed it far too much than was proper.

There had to be a way to end this.

But before I did, I'd have to confirm my suspicions of course. Draco Malfoy would never shag a Mudblood and like it now would he? Over and over, taking her to the Prefects Bathroom as rumored? No, there had to be a logical explanation and if there wasn't, then I was determined to end it by any means possible and get my Draco back. I didn't care what it would take. I, Pansy Parkinson, would remove the Mudblood from Draco's life. Draco is mine and no one else's:

...especially not a Mudblood's.