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Twin by Mistake

Format: One-shot
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 1,005
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Strong Violence, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Romance, Action, Angst, Mystery, Drama
Characters: Draco, Ginny, Harry, Dumbledore, Hermione, Ron, Fred/George

First Published: 03/02/2006
Last Chapter: 03/02/2006
Last Updated: 03/02/2006

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Fred is going through a tough time, murders have sprung up everywhere affecting him mentally and phisically. Then he has a dream that tells him George is behind it all... ~Thanks Celtickissed for the amazin Banner~

Chapter 1: George....
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Fred sat alone on the edge of his bed looking at the mirror on the wall. He sighed softly and closed his eyes, he was tiered and depressed from last night's events. He had been out of town when he returned and found out that his girlfriend had been murdered. They had been fighting lately but he still loved her and it took everything to hold back his tears. When he opened his eyes George was there sitting in front of him.

"What the...don't ever scare me like that again!" he yelled as he got up, George just smiled widely at him, oblivious of Fred's anger.
"Why are you so glum? Come on lets go have some fun, Mum is out."

"What? My girlfriend just died and you want to go out?" Fred said madly, he couldn't believe him. And yet he kept insisting.

"Oh come on, you two where always in fights I would think you would be happy!" Fred was shocked at his words, how could he be so cold? "What....what do you mean?" he said slowly controlling his rage.
"I mean you two where always fighting and she didn't care about you! You should thank who ever killed her, saved you some trouble, but I see you aren't in the mood to go out cya!" George said as he bounded out of the room. Fred sat back in awe, why would his brother ever say such things? No matter how much they fought he had loved her and that was all that mattered. Just then the door opened and his mom popped her head through the door. "Honey are you alright? I thought I heard voices....." Molly said as she looked about the room.

"Uh, no mom I'm fine" he said slowly wondering if she hadn't seen George leave or not. But she smiled as if that was the answer she had been looking for and left his room. Fred once again sat back, trying to remember the last time he saw her before she had died. He slowly fell asleep thinking about how his life should be....


Fred ran down a dark back ally, knife in hand. He sat by the door of the business in which his girlfriend worked. He sat and waited as he heard footsteps coming near. The door opened as she stepped out into the cool air locking the door behind her. She let out a little scream as she saw Fred.

"Oh Merlin Fred you scared me what are you doing sitting out here......." she asked as she smiled at Fred, the shadows where covering his face. He raised the knife as if he where in slow motion, she didn't run nor scream. She sat in shock as the knife came down on her chest. You could see a wicked smile make it's way on his face on his face as he stepped out of the shadows......

Fred sat up in a cold sweat. It had been a dream and yet so real....just as he remembered the last part of the dream he managed to choke out "It wasn't me it was....George..."

The Next Morning

Fred sat down at the table. He was still haunted by his dream as he looked over at George's seat. It was empty....he would of asked his mom where he was but lately his mom had been angry at even the slight mention of George. He really hadn't found out what he had done to make their mom so mad. But he knew it must have been a bad one.

His mom served him some breakfast, as she looked him over. "What's wrong hunny?" she said noticing the bags under her son's eyes, "Did something happen again?" she seemed worried and yet the "again" part worried Fred..."What did she mean?" he thought.

"Yeah I'm ok mom I just had a bad dream that's all..." he said as he forced a smile. He couldn't wait until she would leave he really didn't feel like going through the 20 question game.
"Oh no, not again what was it about this time?" she said as panic struck her face. Fred sighed and mumbled something about "not wanting to talk about it" as he left. He couldn't talk about his dream to his mom she would think he was crazy. And he wasn't, it was just the dream. It seemed like it had haunted him, he couldn't think of anything else besides her face...she looked so sad as she looked up at was George. And she hadn't known it.

"Is that what really happened....did George..." he couldn't manage to choke the last part out. A single tear ran down his cheek as he stepped outside into the warm air. He walked out into the garden which thankfully had been de-gnomed last night. He walked over to the small pond and sat down. He closed his eyes for a brief minute. But when he opened them a smiling figure sat in front of him.

"George.....what are you doing here?" Fred said a bit shocked, he looked around wondering where he had come from. He didn't want to admit it but he was almost scared of George.....

But George didn't seem to notice how sad and disturbed Fred seemed to be.

"What's up Fred, god I had the worst morning..." George said although strangely he still had his goofy grin on his face.

"Why, what happened...." Fred asked slowly, once again looking around. At the moment being alone with George was the last thing he wanted to do. And yet he felt so bad for thinking such vile things about his brother. He forced a smile as he waited for George's response....I mean it was just a dream.

"God Fred, I hate Draco......I think I'm gonna kill him......."

*Authors Note*

Hi this is my first fan fic that I have ever really done. I must say Dracosexy helped me alot~ And I would love reviews to see if it is any good. I'm new to this.