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Why? by thefunnynamedperson2134

Format: Novella
Chapters: 24
Word Count: 43,424
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Humor, Action/Adventure, Angst
Characters: Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew, OC
Pairings: James/Lily, Remus/OC, Sirius/OC

First Published: 02/28/2006
Last Chapter: 09/18/2010
Last Updated: 09/18/2010


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Ali DaCosta, the name that strikes fear in the hearts of students. Once a Slytherin reject, she's transferred into Gryffindor, using her mysterious past as leverage for the transfer. There she establishes a reputation as a fighter with a quick temper and mysterious powers. She and her 'sister' and a pair of twins(a hippie and a rapper) embark on a journey where they learn self-trust and 

Chapter 1: Slimy Gits
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Hey guys! This story is about how I think my life would be at Hogwarts. Hope you like it! =D Posted by ginny_rox_my_sox.

There are no words to describe my feelings towards Slytherins. I absolutely HATE them, and that’s being kind! And you know what else?



The stupid sorting hat just HAD to put me in Slytherin. Couldn’t put me in Gryffindor, could it? Or Ravenclaw? Or even Hufflepuff!

Noooooo! It had to be stinkin’ Slytherin.

Damn hat. What does it know anyway?

Since my first year here, I’ve caused as much trouble as possible for the slimy gits. Ever wondered why they’ve never won the House Cup since I’ve been here? Yup, me. It’s gotten me quite a lot of enemies. The whole house, to be exact. I’m saying that proudly. My parents don’t care, they’re just happy that I got into “such a fine house as Slytherin and not some other shameful house.”

Their words, not mine.

Since I don’t have any friends, I spend my free time and meals reading the countless books my parents send me. I’m currently reading The Diary of Anne Frank, which is pretty good, but I personally think Anne is off her rocker. People are definitely not good at heart.

Most of them anyway, I thought as I walked out of Professor Binns’ class. Damn, he’s dull! I sighed as I pulled out my notebook to see what how much damage I had caused today:

Potions: -10 points
Transfiguration: -5 points
Defense Against the Dark Arts: +10 points (crap!)
Divination: -20 points
Care of Magical Creatures: -5 points
History of Magic: -5 points
Total: -35 points

Not as much as I had hoped, but it’ll have to do. Why do I have to be so damn good at Defense Against the Dark Arts? I asked myself silently. With another sigh, I slowly (hey, who would miss me?) made my way down to the Great Hall for dinner, Anne Frank tucked under my arm.

I walked towards the end of the table (where no one sat), put some food on my plate (I am kind of known as a big eater; no one could call me anorexic!), and cranked open my book.

I could feel the glares of the Slytherins, but I didn’t care in the slightest. As far as I was concerned, they were all gits, not worthy of much thought.


As I left the Great Hall, I heard someone screeching my name. Before I could turn around, I was ambushed by a shock of flaming red hair (don’t worry, there was a body attached.)

“Shauna!” I gasped. The force of her hug knocked the wind out of me.

“Ali!” she screeched.

“Stop screaming, I have a headache!” I snapped.

“Sorry,” she whispered, looking hurt. I sighed. I could never stay mad at her for long.

“So what’s up?” I asked in a would-be-cheery voice.

“I missed you, Onee-chan!” she shrieked. Ugh! Too much screeching.

“Ow! I thought I told you to stop screaming!” I said, rubbing my head.

“Sorry,” she replied in a normal voice. A few moments of silence passed between us. We never had much to talk about, being in different houses.

“Sooooo, how many points did you lose today?” she asked, deliberately breaking the awkward silence.

“Only thirty-five. It would have been more if I hadn’t earned ten points in Defense Against the Dark Arts,” I replied. She looked disappointed.

“Oh, well. There’s always tomorrow, right?” she asked hopefully.

“Yeah. Now, go do your homework and make the grade!” I ordered playfully. She rolled her eyes, gave me a another back-breaking hug, and ran to join her friends.


Never had one.

Not that I don’t want one, I’m just not sure if I could handle having friends. They cost too much.

Aww, who am I kidding?

I would love to have friends. But as long as I’m a Slytherin, it’s never going to happen. And I’m going to be a Slytherin for another two years.

Isn’t life wonderful?


A/N: Well, there it is! By the way, I don’t think I’d be a Slytherin if I attended Hogwarts; this is just the conflict in the story. Oh, and Onee-chan means “older sister” in Japanese. R+R! ^.^

Chapter 2: The Dog and the Stag
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Chapter 2: The Dog and the Stag A/N: Hey peeps! I know, the first chapter was a little boring, this one might be too. But the story will get better, I promise! I just have to introduce everything. Anyway, enjoy this next chapter!

Dark. The whole room was dark. Of course, the Slytherin common room is always dark, even when all of the lights are on. The only light was the candle I had lit earlier. I sighed as I set down the book I was reading. Why, why am I cursed with this stinkin’ house? I whined to myself. I already knew the answer. The stupid Sorting Ha- Ah, no need to go into that again. Too late at night.

For that. After squishing that thought, my mind wandered to my former life. How I missed sitting in a field of starlillies with Rune. Ah, Rune. So kind, yet tough, gentle, but so strong. A tear trickled down my cheek.

AGH!!! NO NO NO! I told myself, slapping my head repeatedly. You so don’t need to go there. The waterworks were already starting! Pushing the memory of my blissful past to the back of my mind, I checked the time on my watch.

Jumpin’ jellybeans! I’m late!

I need to-wait a minute. Did I just say “jumping jellybeans?”

Holy shit, something’s wrong with me.

Shaking off that thought, I glanced around the room. No one was awake. Who would be anyway, at midnight on a school night? Anyway, I transformed into a panther and sprinted out the stone door concealing the Slytherin common room and onto the grounds.

Making my way to the forest, I looked up at the sky. A full moon was out.

“Uncle Thatz will be alright, Ali.” Startled, I whipped around. I saw a magnificent white tiger walking towards me. I smiled weakly.

“Thanks, Shauna,” I replied. She nodded and passed me, heading for the forest. I started to follow, when I heard a loud noise. Turning to the direction of the noise, I saw it was coming from the Whomping Willow.

“Hey Sis! Do you see that?” I whispered. She nodded, and we watched. From what I could tell, a dog and a stag were fighting a…was that a werewolf?

Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore, I had to help. I took off towards the Whomping Willow. Shauna was calling me back, but I ignored her. All I was thinking about was helping the poor dog and stag.

***Sirius’ POV***

“Tell me again, why do we have to do this?” I yelled weakly over at James. He looked at me strangely.

“Because he’s our best friend, Padfoot,” he replied, and kept trying to get Remus back into the Whomping Willow’s secret tunnel with his large antlers. Well, that best friend of ours gave me a deep cut on my nose, took a chunk out of my ear, and I was pretty sure that my left arm was broken. Some friend, I thought, then immediately felt guilty. I mean, it wasn’t his fault that some crazy werewolf bit my friend, causing him physical and mental anguish every month at the full moon.

Yeah, that made me feel pretty guilty.

After that I couldn’t help but want to go back and help my buddy, but before I could do anything, a huge black panther soared over my head and landed in front of Remus.

What the hell?

The panther’s tail was swishing slowly in front of me. I shot James a look and he shook his head as if to say, “I didn’t call it.”

A growl escaped from the panther’s mouth. It was so fierce I jumped. Remus growled back, an inhuman sound that made me feel totally sorry for my best mate. Then they started circling each other.

The panther jumped at Remus, but before it could reach him, a magnificent white tiger collided with it, knocking it to the ground.

Where the bloody hell were all the big cats coming from?!?

I watched as the panther and tiger started bickering.

Wait a minute, bickering?

Panthers and tigers don’t bicker, and especially not in English!

“Stay out of it, Shaun!” the panther growled at the tiger, apparently “Shaun.”

“No, Al! It’s not our place to help!” “Shaun” shot back.

Hey, it’s alright, go ahead and help! I don’t really mind.

“But I can’t just stand here and watch!” “Al” yelled back with a desperate look on its face. They now were having a staring match.

Then Remus shot out and tackled Shaun to the ground.

“SHAUNA!” Al screeched.

Honestly, I was surprised a panther could screech that loudly.

She (because for some reason I was sure it was a girl) leaped on Remus and started to attack him with her claws. Remus howled and tried to get up, but the panther had pinned him down pretty hard.

Now I had a great opportunity to help my buddy. Well, I saved his life at least.

I barked (now that sounds strange) and leaped on top of the panther, trying to pull her off while Shaun stood by, crouched down, watching.

“What the hell are you doing?” Al yelled. “I’m trying to help!”

I seriously wanted to start yelling back, but James gave me a look that all too clearly said, “Don’t say a word or our secret won’t be a secret anymore!” Instead, I just growled back ferociously. The panther and white tiger looked at each other, and then ran off into the forest. James looked at me, and said,

“What the hell was that all about?”

“I don’t know,” I replied, “But I can tell you that there’s something weird about those cats. I don’t like them.” James rolled his eyes.

"Padfoot, you never liked cats."

We spent the next hour forcing Remus back into the tunnel, giving me at least a dozen more scratches.

I still don't like cats.

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Chapter 3: The King of Slimy Gits
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The King of Slimy Gits

A/N: Hey guys! Here's the third chapter! I've decided that this story is no longer about how I think my life would be at Hogwarts. Because then it wouldn't be too exciting. ; ) Anyways, enjoy! ^.^


"Ali! ALI!" I turned around, and the smile I had plastered on my face vanished and was replaced by a scowl. The king of slimy gits was coming my way.

"Lucius," I muttered under my breath, hatred dripping from every syllable. (God, I hated his name. It reminded me constantly of the name "Lucy.") He walked up to me, smirking.

"What do you want?" I snarled, having no interest in what he wanted. His smirk faltered a bit at the tone of my voice, but he quickly gained back his composure.

"I want you to go with me to Hogsmeade this weekend," he replied. It was more of an order than a request. Which in fact made my blood boil.

How dare he ask me on a date to Hogsmeade! I thought angrily to myself.

"Why?" I asked, attempting a civil tone but failing, not to my displeasure.

Yeah, it didn't work. Lucy's smirk just grew larger.

"Because," he stated as if it were obvious, "it would do well for both our reputations; it would do well for me to go out with a mousey girl like you, and you would benefit by-well, just being seen around me!" He said this as if it were an honor for him to be even speaking to me.

I spat on his shoes as an answer.

"Why, you filthy little Mudblood!" he snarled, bending over to wipe off his shoes with an oh-so-handy handkerchief that was conveniently right up his sleeve.

"Ah, ah, ah, Lucy. Get your facts straight. In fact, I'm a pureblood." With that I walked away, a smile of satisfaction edging its way onto my face. But it disappeared when I remembered what Lucious had said.

Mousey, am I?

Ooh, that's it! I can't take this anymore! I have to get out of this house! I turned on my heel and ran as quickly as possible to Dumbledore's office.

"Fairy Dust!" I gasped when I reached the stone gargoyole. It instantly sprang to life, creating the familiar staircase leading to his office. (Dumbledore is one of the only people in the castle that knows what me and my family are. Therefore, I have the privilege to know all the passwords for his office in case I need to talk to him.)

I really needed to talk to him.

The gargoyle came to a halt in front of the large oak door. I walked up to it, trying to calm myself down, and knocked.

"Enter," came the usual reply. I burst through the door, the attempt to be calm forgotten; I had no intention of being polite. I was on a mission and I wasn't going to leave here 'till it was completed. Dumbledore looked up and smiled.

"Ah, Miss Majere. What can I do for you?" He greeted me happily. The use of my real last name almost brought tears to my eyes. But I shrugged them off.

"I want out of Slytherin, Professor," I said sharply. "And my name isn't 'Majere' anymore-it's DaCosta."

He sighed and closed his eyes for a moment. This obviously was the last thing he wanted to deal wiht right now, but, like I said, I was on a mission and would not stop until I got what I wanted.

"You don't waste any time beating around the bush, do you?" he asked, a small smile playing on his lips.

"Not when it's about something I care about," I replied simply, looking him straight in the eye. I meant business. He sighed again and rubbed his temple.

"You know I canno-"

"Yes you can! You're the freakin' headmaster, for God's sake!" I yelled at him, slamming my hands on his desk. I would not accept "no" for an answer.

"Ali-" he started before I cut him off.

"I CAN'T STAND THOSE STUPID SLYTHERINS! YOU CAN'T POSSIBLY MAKE ME STAY! IF YOU DO I SWEAR I WILL KILL MYSELF! I'LL FIND A WAY TO GET OUT OF THAT HOUSE, EVEN IF I HAVE TO BLOW UP HALF THE CASTLE TO DO SO!" I stopped my rant to take a deep breath. Once I get started, it's hard to stop me. You usually have to let me vent, or I'll start yelling at you.

I opened my mouth to start yelling again, but Dumbledore put up his hand to silence me. It was amazing how tired and weary he suddenly looked.

"You seem to feel awfully strong about this, don't you?" He asked. I scoffed. Ya think?, I thought irritably. "What do your parents think? Surely they must know how you feel."

"My dad doesn't care as long as I don't get expelled and my mom stayed in America, and my step-mom is so stupid she thought her shoe was a blender," I replied, knowing that at this point I was winning.

Dumbledore nodded and stood up. He walked over to a cabinet and pulled out the Sorting Hat.

Oh my God, I was actually about to get out of Slytherin. My mission was a success!

"You need to understand that if you were an ordinary student, I would not be doing what I am right now. But, given the fact that you were forced to come here, I'll let you change houses," he told me with a twinkle in his eye.

"I totally understand," I said happily, smiling my first genuine smile since my first year here. Hey, I would tell the guy anything, I just wanted to get out of this stupid house. I felt the urge to hug him, but ignored it, feeling that it would be inappropriate to do so.

He motioned for me to sit down and placed the hat on my head.

A/N: The italics are the Sorting Hat, and the boldface is Ali.

Ah, you again. I understand that you are unhappy with your house?

That's putting it mildly. I downright despise it! And it's your fault that I'm in Slytherin in the first place, you stupid hat!

Ah, yes. I remember that day well. I was surprised to see you here; after all, you're not exactly human, are you?

Cut the small talk and let's get to choosin'! I'm not getting any younger, you know!

You sure are fiesty, aren't you? Too fiesty for Hufflepuff; so that means either Ravenclaw or Gryffindor. Hmm, you're not quite smart enough for Ravanclaw-

I'm plenty smart!

-But certainly brave enough for Gryffindor. Yes, your past experiences can at least prove that. Okay, then...

"GRYFFINDOR!" it finally said outloud. I squealed, jumped up, and gave Dumbledore a hug. Screw inappropriate! I said, "Thank you thank you thank you..." over and over again, not able to express how truly happy I was. I was in the same house as Shauna! Then I started to prance around the room. I was so happy! Dumbledore chuckled.

"Settle down, settle down. Give me back the hat, then go gather your belongings. We'll announce your transfer tomorrow," he said. I nodded eagerly and gave him the hat before dashing out the door.

Whaddaya know? Dreams actually do caome true.

Well, almost.


A/N: I hope you enjoyed this chapter. Anyway, Ali is now in Gryffindor, after five years of tourture in Slytherin. Tell if you're happy, sad, or mad about that. R+R!

Chapter 4: Broken Wands and Certificates
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Broken Wands and Certificates

A/N: Bonjour my faithful readers. I'm back with the 4th chapter. Isn't that wonderful? Ok, I'll stop yakking so you can read this wonderfully marvy chapter


I ran all the way to the Slytherin common room and up to my dorm. I couldn't believe I was finally free of these slimy gits! It was way too good to be true.

When I was done packing, I flopped down on my bed and started thinking about my past.

I got really depressed. My past sucked.

I turned over and turned on my stereo. Slipnot blared through the magically-enhanced speakers. I cranked it up all the way so I couldn't hear anything else.

Ah! Such depressing, gothic music. Perfect for my mood.

To make me even more depressed, Bellatrix Black came storming in, obviously irritated at the loud music. She started shouting something.

I couldn't hear her over the music. Idiot.

Finally, she gave up and pointed her wand at my stereo. Big mistake on Bella's part, for I summoned her wand to me, broke it in half, and threw the remains back to her.

She was very, very mad. She kept moving her mouth like a fish.

A very ugly fish.

Bella turned and stalked out of the room. She came back with her sister, Narcissa. Like that would help. Narcissa pointed her wand and muttered something. I blocked her spell and hexed her, causing her wand to fly out of her hand. I summoned it, broke it in half like I did with Bella's, and threw it to Bellatrix.

She was positively livid. You could practically see smoke coming out of her overly large ears.

It was tres amusante (A/N: That's French)

I decided to hex her to make it even funnier. The hex knocked her to the ground. When she got up, there were bats attacking her face.

She dragged the unconcious Narcissa blindly out of the room, knocking over a suit of armor in the process.

I chuckled. When would they learn?

They'd never be able to hex me, and the more they tried, the more pain and embarrassment they brought to themselves.

I looked over at my clock; 6:30 pm. I had seven and a half hours before I had to meet Shauna at the forest.

"Guess I'll take a nap," I yawned. I hadn't realized how tired I was. So I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.


I was jarred awake when something jumped on my chest. I opened my eyes to see a pair of big yellow eyes staring back at me.

"Sammy!" I shrieked, pushing the golden-haired feline off my chest. "Don't do that!" He just looked at me and pointed (well, it seemed that way!) at the clock with his tail. I looked at it; 1:00 am.

Holy shit! I only had an hour until I had to leave! And it takes me 20 minutes to get down there! I jumped out of bed, ran to my trunk, and pulled out a purple tank top, black shorts, socks, and tennis shoes. I was in the process of getting undressed when Sammy jumped off my bed and abruptly left the room without looking at me. I just looked at him.

"You have got to be the weirdest cat in the world," I said to his retreating butt.

After I was dressed (and Sammy came back in), I threw my long, dull, lifeless brown hair into a ponytail. Then I looked in the mirror. I wasn't ugly, but I wasn't gorgeous, either. I was just so-so looking. My dull brown eyes had lost their sparkle since I came to Hogwarts, and my long hair extended down to my butt when it wasn't in a ponytail, which was almost never. I never wore make-up, either, so my face was ordinary as well.

"I need a makeover," I said to myself, "Can't go into Gryffindor looking like this." I vowed to change my appearance after training tonight.

I kissed Sammy on the head, changed into a panther, and bounded out of the portrait.

As I made my way around the school, I heard a commotion by the one-eyed witch statue. I looked at it, but saw no one. If anyone was there, they had on an Invisibility Cloak. Since I really didn't care, I didn't stop running to investigate further.

Finally, I made it outside to the forest entrance. Shauna was already there, and talking to a niffler. I cleared my throat, to make myself known. Shauna turned and grinned at me while the niffler scampered away. Shauna turned her head to the forest. She looked rather hesitant to go in.

"I wonder what he'll do to us. We skipped out last night," she whispered. I nodded solemnly.

"AAALLLIII! SSHHHAAAUUNNAA!!!" roared a creature from inside the forest. We knew what it was.

"Think he's mad?" Shauna asked weakly.

"No shit," I said dryly. We sprinted in so we wouldn't be late; no need to make him angrier than he already was.


"You're distracted, Ali," he said as he threw me against a tree. "You usually get a punch or two in before I beat you." He watched me struggle to get up.

"Now, let's try it again. You need to try harder this time." He said getting into postition.

"Grr, yes, Sensei, " I replied, positioning myself as well.

You want me to try harder, fine, I thought. See how you like THIS!! I threw my hands out to my sides, palms outstretched. I felt power surging through me as orbs of purple static filled my hands. Sensei"s eyes widened. Shauna stopped healing herself to watch as the orbs thinned and longated until they looked like 4 ft long poles.

Finally the static dissapeared, revealing long, chipped samari swords. My mouth twisted into a cruel smile.

"I need new ones, but these'll do for now," I hissed. Sensei looked nervous for a moment, then angry.

"I never said you could use weapons!" He shouted angrily, perhaps wiht a hint of nervousness in his voice.

"You never said I couldn't, either." He looked stumped at that.

Then I lunged at him, swinging my swords left and right. He frantically dodged them, until I cut his arm, kicked him in the chest, and into a tree. I walked slowly up to him, the swords dissapearing. I bent down, and whispered into his ear."I win."

I looked into his face, where a huge grin was appearing.

"What?" I asked, confused.

"This is the first time in ten years that you've beaten me." He stated proudly. Shauna walked up to me, blood still shining on her white tank top.

"Congrats!" She said smiling, patting me on the back. I turned to Sensei.

"Does this mean my training is over?" I asked him.

"Your training with me is," He replied. My heart sank.

"But your training with Shauna has been taken to the next level," He finished. I looked up at him.

"You mean..." I began, unable to finish.

"Yes." He said, then made a circular motion with his hand, and a scroll with a blue ribbon appeared in it.

"This, Ali," he said, holding the scroll out to me, "is your license to teach. Use it well, and maybe one day Shauna will be as strong as you." I took the scroll gingerly with my hand.

"Thank you, Sensei, I will not let you down," I promised, bowing. I stood up and he put a hand on my cheek.

"You, by far, are my star pupil," he whispered. I looked into the shining blue eyes that had been my comfort in all those years in Slytherin, 'till I couln't hold in my tears anymore. I threw my arms around my father-like Sensei in a massive good-bye hug.

When we released I looked at him. This man was 60 years old, yet had the body of a 20-year-old supermodel, and the energy of a five-year-old with a sugar rush. The only thing that signaled his age was the very few wrinkles that decorated his kind, handsome face. Then he turned and walked over to Shauna to say a few words to her.

When he was through, he patted her head, turned and waved at me, then transformed into a wolf and took off through the forest. Shauna walked over to me.

"I guess I have to start calling you Sensei, huh?" she asked playfully. I gave her a playful punch on the arm.

"Yup. And guess what?" I asked her. She raised her eyebrow and folded her arms.

"Okay, I'll bite. What?"

"I have a big surprise for you!"

"Really? What is it?"

"You'll find out tomorrow!"


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Chapter 5: Let's Play "Throw Sirius Across the Table!"
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Let’s Play “Throw Sirius Across the Table!”

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I was so nervous. I was standing at the teachers’ entrance at the back of the Great Hall, about to go in. I had spent over an hour last night “primping,” cutting and styling my hair. What was once a butt-length ponytail was now a shiny, red-streaked mane of luminous brown hair that fell three inches past my shoulders. I had even given myself bangs. Bangs! Fortunately, the red streaks looked natural for all the trouble they had given me to add them in. Still, I thought they looked horrible.

But maybe that was because I wasn’t used to it.

Anyway, my hair was tucked up under a dark gray cloth hat. The hat’s shadow helped cover up my now made-up face. It wasn’t overly done; just mascara, a little bit of eyeliner, lip-gloss, and a smudge of purple eye shadow. It wasn’t much, but much more than I was used to, and completely transformed my face.

I looked over at Dumbledore, who had just silenced the Great Hall. He glanced at me with an encouraging smile, then faced the students.

“Today,” he said, his voice echoing in the Hall, “one of our sixth years will be transferring houses. I feel this transfer will be better for her as well as the house she was in. Especially the house.” His eyes lingered over the Slytherin table, the one directly in front of him.

“I’m speaking of,” he continued, stretching out his hand towards me, beckoning me to step forward, “Miss Ali DaCosta, who will be transferring from Slytherin to Gryffindor!” The entire Hall filled with very loud applause as I walked forward for Dumbledore to change my black and green robes to black and red. I wasn’t surprised to see the Slytherins cheering the loudest. I stuck my tongue out at them.

But I was surprised to see the Gryffindors cheering almost as loud. I guess I was more popular in their house than I had thought. I looked over to Shauna to see her jumping up and down, screaming her head off. Dumbledore held up his hand and the Hall silenced again.

“It is in your best interest not to pester Miss DaCosta regarding the transfer. She will tell you if she wishes,” he warned, looking over each table.

I was about to sit down at the Gryffindor table when I heard a stern voice behind me.

“Miss DaCosta, kindly take off that ridiculous hat. You know the rules.” I turned around to see Professor McGonagall looking sternly at me.

“Yeah, but-“ I started, but my new Head of House cut me off.

“Take it off! Or I’ll have five points from Gryffindor,” she warned.

“Fine,” I grumbled, pulling off the hat reluctantly, letting my glossy ‘do fall elegantly onto my shoulders. I caught a few guys gaping at me. It cheered me up to know that my hair didn’t look too bad.

When I got closer to the table, I could see Shauna making everyone move down a seat so I could sit next to her.

“This seat taken?” I asked, gesturing towards the seat that I knew was saved for me. Shauna turned quickly and her smile grew wider.

Onee-chan! You didn’t say this was your big surprise!” She cried out happily. I rolled my eyes, playfully.

“Of course not, silly! Then it wouldn’t have been a surprise, now would it?” I replied. She rolled her eyes and punched me playfully in the arm.

“Sit down and I’ll introduce you,” Shauna ordered, motioning to the people around her; two red-heads (one with cherry-red hair), one brunette, and a blonde.

The first redhead, the cherry-haired one, Shauna introduced as Wilma Hale, who told me, glaring at Shauna for calling her by her real name, that she preferred to go by Will. She had big brown eyes and petite features. Shaggy boy-cut hair formed a halo around her pretty face. Will was a fourth year, like my sister.

The second red-head, with a more auburn look in her hair, was Lily Evans, whose eyes were such an emerald green they almost didn’t seem human. Her perfect hair fell down to her mid-back. She was a sixth year, like me, and I could tell right away that we would soon be good friends.

The brunette was introduced to me as Kathy Kavanaugh. Her hair was about three inches beneath her shoulders, high-lighted with blonde highlights. She had pretty, dark blue eyes, and a couple of cute freckles on her nose. Like Lily and me, she was a sixth year. I liked her, too.

Last but certainly not least, the blonde, Katherine Murray. I liked her right away. She had long, frizzy hair, blue eyes, a LOT of freckles across her nose, and teeth almost like a vampire, only smaller. Her carefree attitude gave the impression that she was a wild chick, and she was one of Kathy’s friends-another sixth year.

We got to talking, and I entertained them with my exploits in Slytherin. A couple of minutes later, as I was vividly explaining my latest prank on Malfoy and Snape, I heard a male voice behind me.

“Very impressive.” Suddenly all the girls (other than Lily, who just looked annoyed) blushed furiously. I whirled around on the bench, irritated at the interruption, to find three handsome guys (and a fat ugly one) standing right behind where I was sitting.

The Marauders.

I had heard Snape complain a bunch about the pranks they played on him. Malfoy, too. Their names were: Sirius Black, the pretty-boy (ugh!), James Potter, the Quidditch phenomenon, Remus Lupin, the bookworm (although not too harsh on the eyes…hmmmmm….), and…Peter Pettigrew, the follower (Gross with a capitol “G”). They were notorious around the school for their ingenious pranks. I wasn’t as notorious, because people always thought it was the Marauders that pranked Snape and Malfoy instead of me.

“What’s impressive, Black?” I asked with a false sweetness. The smile on Sirius’ face grew wider.

“That prank you were just talking about,” he replied. I could see James ogling at Lily, who was pretending to be concentrated on eating her spotted dick.

“Thanks,” I said dryly. I really wanted nothing to do with Sirius Black, especially as he was hitting on me. He leaned in a little closer to me.

“Wanna do something later?” he asked. I rest my case.

I looked him square in the eye, and said, “No.”

A look of pure shock was plastered on his face. His mates were laughing hysterically behind him.

“What?” he asked, “bruised ego” written all over his face.

“You heard me. I’m not interested in dating the likes of you,” I said. All the girls around me gasped. I turned back to my food and started eating again.

“Once a Slytherin, always a Slytherin,” Sirius said. I froze and my hand gripped my goblet tightly. Shauna looked pale.

“Oh Ali, don’t hurt him!” she pleaded desperately. Sirius burst out laughing.

“Her? Hurt me? She’s as weak as a pixie!” He doubled over laughing.


The solid gold goblet shattered with my hand still squeezing it. Sirius’ laughter stopped abruptly. He looked down, gaping, at the shattered remains of my goblet.

I stood up, whipped around, and grabbed his collar with both hands. I pulled him down until his face was parallel with mine.

“Don’t you ever compare me to a pixie or a Slytherin again,” I hissed. Then I whirled him around and threw him across the table. He slid all the way to the end of the table and fell off headfirst.

“You don’t want me as your enemy, Black!” I called to him as he shakily got to his feet. “I can do a lot more than bruise your ego!” Then I turned and sat down.

**Sirius POV**

I can not believe she just did that! She couldn’t have been more than 110 pounds, and I’m 175! Yet, she threw me across the table like I was a Quaffle!

And that totally turned me on. She’s right, I don’t want her as my enemy. I want her as my girlfriend.

But I’m not going to do a James and stalk her for the rest of my life.

I watched as she sat down and started talking to Lily, who had a look of pride on her face for her new friend.

“Siri-poo! Are you alright?” a voice cried. I looked up to see tons of overly-made up girls staring at me with worried expressions.

Wonderful. I got up and brushed myself off.

“I’m fine, ladies. But I need to get back to the common room.” They all nodded and went back to their tables. I stole another glance at Ali. She was cleaning up the mess around her.

After breakfast, me and my mates (and Peter) were walking back up to the common room. James was giving me a hard time about my little “adventure.”

“So…did you have a fun time, Padfoot?” He asked, cracking up.

“You know it, Prongs,” I answered dryly. “I woke up this morning and thought to myself, ‘Let’s play “Throw Sirius Across The Table And Embarrass The Living Shit Out Of Him,” won’t that be fun!’” James started laughing harder than ever.

“Oi! Potter!” We turned to see Ali heading straight for us.

Oh damn. Hide me!

I ducked behind a statue of a troll as she came closer. James tensed up.

“Have you held Quidditch tryouts yet?” She asked when she got to us. James looked visibly relieved.

“No, I haven’t. School only started three weeks ago. With your strength, you’ll definitely make the team. What position are you going to try out for?” he asked.

“Beater,” she replied. James smiled.

“I figured. That thing with Sirius was bloody brilliant, by the way.” Ali laughed.

What a wonderful, musical laugh she has.

“Thanks. Sirius, get out from behind that statue. I’m not going to hurt you.” I froze.

How could-? How’d she-? What the hell?!

I cautiously stepped from behind the statue, and I noticed Remus staring at Ali with a glazed look.

Great. Competition. And from my best friend, too.

“I’m sorry,” Ali said.

Whoa. Wasn’t expecting that. I looked at her blankly.

“What?” I asked, stupidly.

“I’m sorry for throwing you across the table. It’s just that when someone calls me a Slytherin or compares me to a pixie, I just snap. Friends?” she asked, holding out her hand.

I hesitated, but she smiled reassuringly, so I took her hand and shook it. When we were done she rummaged through her bag.

“Here, I swiped this earlier, for a snack, but you can have it,” she said, offering a bottle of butterbeer to me. I took it and opened it.

“Why, thank you, ma’am! Shall we escort you to the common room?” I said, taking a sip of butterbeer. Ali laughed and nodded.

A while after we started walking, Remus asked, “So, why were you in Slytherin anyway?”

We all looked at Ali expectantly. She closed her eyes and sighed.

“I’m a Parselmouth.”


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Chapter 6: Contentment
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***Ali’s POV***

Sirius spit out the swig of butterbeer he had just taken, Peter paled, Remus dropped the book he was holding, and James stopped and stared.

Sigh. I had expected this reaction.

“Y-You talk to s-snakes?” Peter squeaked. I nodded and he let out a small squeak of terror.

That pissed me off. I spun around to face him.

“Now, really, it’s not that bad,” I snapped, “It’s just like any other language! It can be taught and spoken to anyone who wants to! I could teach it to you, too, if I felt like it, just like I did with Shauna!” With that, I turned on my heel and stalked off.

I distinctly heard Sirius say, “Way to go, Wormtail,” then the sound of someone being slapped on the back of the head. Then I heard footsteps running towards me.

“Ali! Ali, wait up!” I turned around to see Remus, James, and Sirius running towards me.

“Listen, we’re sorry if what Peter said offended you, but he didn’t mean it,” Remus said when they caught up to me.

“Yeah, Peter never thinks before he acts,” James added, nodding in agreement. I smiled at them and started walking again, slower this time. They followed suit.

“You know, it’s a good thing y’all caught up with me,” I said after a few moments of silence. They looked at me.

“Why?” Sirius asked. I gave a sly smile.

“I don’t know the password.”


When we got inside the portrait hole, I was nearly barreled over by a small fluffy mass.

“Sammy!” I gasped. “Don’t do that!” I set the golden cat down, and noticed a scowl on Sirius’ face.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, stroking Sammy. Sirius’ scowl deepened.

“I hate cats,” he grunted. I glared at him.

“Well, I lock him in the dorm during the day and let him out at night. So you don’t have to worry about him bothering you,” I said shortly. Then I gathered Sammy in my arms and walked briskly up to the girls’ dorm.

I climbed up the stairs until I saw the sign that said SIXTH YEARS, opened the door, and entered the noisy room.

As soon as I entered, a silence filled the room. All the girls stopped what they were doing and stared at me. I glared back.

“Just because I was in Slytherin doesn’t mean I’m the Big Bad Wolf!” I snapped, still glaring. Seeing their blank looks, I heaved an exasperated sigh.

“The Big Bad Wolf? From ‘Little Red Riding Hood’? Honestly, you lot ought to read more Muggle books.” I snapped again. I then walked to the only empty bed, by an open-able window. The window was tall enough for me to stand in.

As I set Sammy down on the bed, I noticed my trunk at the foot of the bed, which had a white slip of paper Spello-taped to it. I leaned over and picked it up: It was a note from Dumbledore!

Miss DaCosta,

I placed your belongings on this bed feeling that you would most enjoy this large, open-able window. I understand that your People enjoy jumping out of windows to clear their heads. I hope Gryffindor suits you better than Slytherin.

Albus Dumbledore

I smiled as I read this letter. Dumbledore was weird, but nice. I took out my wand and cleared the words, then rummaged through my trunk for a quill. I scribbled a reply:


Thank you so much. I do enjoy the large window. It is true that we enjoy jumping put of windows, but we never hit the ground for we take flight when we are a few feet from the ground. I can’t do any window jumping here, but Merlin knows I need it.

Thanx again,
Ali DaCosta

I folded the paper, opened the window, and whistled. It took a few moments for a large eagle owl came and perched on the window sill.

“Hey, Tika. Bring this to Professor Dumbledore,” I said, tying the letter to her leg. I watched her fly off, then I laid back in bed, pushing Sammy off my pillow (“Meow!”).

As I laid there, a feeling of contentment washed over me for the first time in years, and I fell asleep.


After what seemed like seconds, I was being shaken awake. I groaned and rolled over on my side.

“Ali! Get up!” came Lily’s voice.

“Go away,” I mumbled, nestling farther into my pillow.

“OW!!” I jumped out of bed, rubbing my butt. Sammy looked slightly disgruntled, apparently he had been sleeping on my head. I glared at Lily.

“What did I say at breakfast that made slapping my ass okay?” I snapped. I seemed to be doing that a lot lately.

“Well it was the only way to get you out of bed!” she said defensively. I scowled.

“Fine, what do you want?” I grumbled. An excited smile played on Lily’s lips.

“Remus wants to see you,” she said in a matter-of-fact tone.

“So he wants to see me? Bully for him,” I said, getting back in bed. But Lily was having none of that; she yanked me up by my collar and started pushing me out of the door.

“Now!” she ordered, pushing me down the stairs. I gave her retreating back a deathly glare.

I continued down the stairs, scowling. Remus was standing in front of the fire, mumbling to himself. I walked up to him silently.

“You wanted to see me?” I asked, coolly. He started and turned to face me, the look on my face making his smile disappear.

“I-is something wrong?” he asked nervously. My scowl deepened.

“I was sleeping and Lily thought it would be funny to slap my ass when I wouldn’t wake up.” Remus looked slightly put out. He ran his fingers through his hair.

“Well, class starts in five minutes; wouldn’t you have to get up anyway?” He seemed desperate to find something good out of this situation.

“I was gonna skip. I don’t want to listen to Binns rattle on about shit I already know.” I sighed, and fell back into a chair.

“Sorry.” Remus said, sitting down on the couch. I waved his apology away.

“S’not your fault. So, whaddya want?”


“What did you want me for?”

“Oh. I…uh…well…” Remus looked extremely uncomfortable.

“Yeah?” I prompted. He was sweating now.

“W-will you g-go to Hogsmeade with m-me this weekend?”

I sat there; whatever I had been expecting, it wasn’t that. I looked him up and down; he was so cute when he was nervous. He seemed particularly interested in the floor.

“Sure.” He jerked his head up, disbelief written all over his face.


“I said, sure, I’d love to go with you.” Remus broke into a huge grin.

“Really?” I raised my eyebrow, a look that plainly said “Don’t push it.” He got the hint.

“Meet me here at 8 o’clock am. Don’t be late.” With that, I turned and walked upstairs to finish my nap.


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Chapter 7: Werewolves
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It seemed like it had only been a few seconds before I was shaken roughly awake. Expecting Lily, I opened my eyes, ready to kick her ass for waking me up again, to see Kathy’s face looming over me.

“What the hell, Kathy?!” I snapped, rolling over. She pulled me back to face her. She looked livid.

What did you do to Remus?!” she yelled furiously. Now I was awake.

“What?” I asked, bewildered.

“What did you do to Remus? I was walking down the stairs when he came streaking up with a shell-shocked look on his face! I tried to talk to him but he wouldn’t tell me. I know it had something to do with you, he had told me earlier he was going to ask you something, but he didn’t tell what! What did you do to Remus?” she shouted. I burst out laughing.

“This isn’t funny!” She snapped. I struggled to stop laughing, but couldn’t. It was just too funny!

“Okay, sorry,” I said, gasping for breath, “I didn’t do anything to Remus, unless you count accepting a date from him as something.” It took her a moment for her to register what I said.

“You…him…what?” She said, confused. I sat up, rubbing my eyes. Why wouldn’t she let me sleep?

“Remus asked me out and I said yes. Now if you’ll please go away so I can sleep before I have to go to D.A.D.A.?” I said, pointing at the door.

“D.A.D.A. starts in five minutes.”

“WHAT?!” I shouted, leaping out of bed.

“Yeah, the fist lessons are already over,” she said in an amused voice. Apparently she was enjoying seeing me panic.

I threw open my trunk and pulled out my robes and brush. I dressed and brushed my hair quickly, and ran back to the common room alone (Kathy had left already; that goody-goody was NEVER late!)

By the time I reached the classroom, I was two minutes late. Professor Idiot-I mean, Smidot-looked up as I entered.

“You’re late,” he said.

“Ya think?” I muttered as I sat down next to Remus (whom the empty seat just happened to next to).

“Hi,” he whispered, smiling as I sat down. I returned the smile and turned my attention to the professor.

“As I was saying before Miss DaCosta finally joined us,” Smidot said, causing the Slytherins to snigger, “We will be studying werewolves this week.” For some reason Remus sunk low in his chair. “Now, if you’ll turn your attention to the charts,” he flicked his wand and five charts sprang up behind him, “behind me.” I studied the charts, most of which were very poor drawings.

Hmmph, I caught myself thinking, Twyla can draw 100 times better than that. But then again, you can’t really expect humans to have any real artistic talent. I let out a small chuckle. Unfortunately, Smidot heard it.

“What, pray tell, did I say that is so funny, Miss DaCosta?” he asked, obviously irritated. I gave what I hoped was a sweet smile.

“It…er…wasn’t anything you…er…said,” I said, thinking quickly, “I was…uh…laughing with…er…delight…at…marvelous charts. Did you make them?” I added sweetly. It was a lame cover-up, but Smidot didn’t press any further, he just nodded and turned to his “marvelous” (yeah right) charts.

“As I was saying, werewolves are dreadful creatures, unworthy of our respect or kindness.” At these words Remus sank lower in his chair, and I got angry. Smidot continued.

“They do not deserve to live. They go around terrorizing families, killing and wrecking everything! They-“

“That’s bull and you know it!” All heads turned to me. I had stood up and was now shaking with anger. Smidot blinked.

“Excuse me?” He said coolly.

“You heard me,” I snapped, “ Do you have any idea what it’s like to be a werewolf? You, with your silk robes and your badly drawn charts? Do you have any idea of the pain werewolves go through every single month? The toment? Granted, they are scary and mean, but just like any other creature, they deserve our respect! How would you feel if you were a werewolf? Being scorned by the public, not able to find a suitable job? What makes you hate them so much. Must be something dreadful.” I looked at him expectantly.

“Fenrir Greyback killed my six year old daughter,” he said, quietly. I scoffed.

“Aww, ‘Boohoo, Fenrir killed my daughter! Feel sorry for me boohoo!’ Who cares?! That doesn’t mean you should be a racist pig! Just hate Fenrir! Not all of the freakin’ werewolves! Damn! I can’t stand people like you! My uncle suffers every month, while we go on without a care in the world!” I spat at his feet and stalked out of the room, fully aware of all the stares as I did so.

I ran all the way to the common room, grabbed my broom, and sprinted out of the school and onto the grounds I swung my leg over the broom and took off.

I don’t know what it is, maybe because I’m used to wings, but flying on a broom doesn’t give me as much satisfaction as flying on my own. But at least I can still fly.

I soared over the lake and the forest, not having any destination in mind; I just needed to get away, you know?


I don’t know how long I was gone, but by the time I got back it was dark. I had obviously missed the rest of the day’s lessons.

Oh, well, school sucks anyways.

I walked all the way to the dorm, not speaking to a single person, and flopped down on my bed without changing.

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Chapter 8: The Date: Disaster...or Desire?
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The Date: Disaster…or Desire?

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The rest of the week went by in a haze; Smidot never mentioned my shouting match and stopped teaching about werewolves. The girls in the dorm were a lot nicer to me now that their favorite person, Lily Evans, was now my best friend.

I was in the bathroom getting ready for my date with Remus. I had pushed all the girls out so I could (they didn’t complain, really). The outfit I chose was a black halter-top, blue jean shorty-shorts, and black flip-flops. I pushed my bangs to the side so that the ends touched the end of my cheek.

There. Perfect, I thought, looking at my reflection.

Suddenly I heard shouts coming from the dorm. I threw open the door and it instantly went quiet. Everyone except the Wilikey twins, who were glaring at each other, stared at me.

“What the hell is going on?” I demanded, looking around. No one answered, they just kept staring at me with awed expressions.

“What?” I asked, slightly unnerved. Few moments passed and nobody spoke, until one of the girls spoke up.

“Y-you’re gorgeous!” said Brooke, a short slightly chubby fifth year with long, curly brown hair. Her eyes looked me up and down. I looked down also; I saw my long, tan legs extend my shorts, my toned and tanned midriff peeking out from under my top, and my black painted finger and toe-nails.

“Uh…yeah…thanks,” I said, a little creeped out. “So what’s the problem?” Everyone’s head turned toward the Wilikey twins, Hailey and Bailey, who were still glaring at each other, arms folded across their chests.

I walked over to them, and turned to Hailey.

“What’s the problem?” I asked, yet again. She sniffed and tossed her blue-black hair over her shoulder.

She is trying to wear my top without asking, and I want to wear it!” she replied nastily, pointing at her twin. That comment made Bailey’s face contort even further with rage.

“That’s bullshit! It’s my top, and I want to wear it!” she screamed. Hailey put her face an inch away from Bailey’s.

“Is NOT! It’s mine!”

“No, mine!”

“No, mine!”

“No, mine!”

“No, mi-“

“HOLD IT!” I bellowed, stopping their shouting match.

“Now, where’s the top in question?” I asked calmly. They pointed to the shirt on Bailey’s bed. I walked over and examined it; a silver tube top covered with sequins. I turned back to the twins.

“Okay, Hailey, what’s your favorite color?” I asked. She looked at me with a puzzled expression.

“Uh…pink,” she replied.



“Okay, cool.” I said, turning back to the top. I tapped it twice with my wand and an exact replica laid next to the original. Then I tapped the original and it turned pink, and the replica turned purple when I tapped it. I turned and threw the newly made tops to the awestruck twins.

“Here you go. Now I have to go!” I said, running out the door.

“Thank you! And good luck!” said one of the twins.

I raced down the stairs, I was so late! I got down to the common room and there was no one in sight.

“Fuck! He’s already left!” I said, looking around. Then I let out a heavy sigh.

“Oh well,” I said, shrugging. “Maybe I’ll hook up with Lily, Kathy, and Katherine, and spend the day with them.” I started walking towards the portrait hole when someone said my name. I looked over to the couch and saw Remus laying there with a book propped up on his knees.

“If I really hadn’t waited, you would’ve just shrugged it off?” he asked, getting up. I shrugged.

“Well, I’ve learned through experience that when life gives you disappointments, you should stay optimistic so that it doesn’t hurt as much. It’s just easier, that’s all,” I replied. “Now let’s go!” I grabbed his hand and led him out the portrait hole.


“So, where do you want to go?” Remus asked as we entered Hogsmeade. I started thinking, when Remus interrupted me-

“How about Madam Puddifoot’s?” He asked, clearly taking my silence as an indecisive gesture. I gave him a strange look. He looked confused.

“Fuck no,” I retorted, “I hate that mushy-gushy place! Let’s go to the Hog’s Head.” Remus looked startled.

“T-the…Hog’s…what?” he stammered.

“The Hog’s Head, idiot,” I said, grabbing his hand. “Come on, let’s go!” Then I darted off towards the Hog’s Head, Remus in tow.

When we got there, Remus hesitated at the door. I turned and gave him an exasperated look.

“It won’t bite.” I said simply, then walked straight in, Remus reluctantly following. As soon as I walked in everyone in the pub looked at me. I gave them a cheery wave and smile and they returned them. All except one, a tall, lanky redhead with a lot of freckles and a turned up nose, who was giving Remus, whose hand I hadn’t let go of yet, a nasty glare. Remus noticed this too.

“Why is that kid glaring at me,” he whispered, nervously.

“Oh, that’s Kevin,” I replied, airily. “He asked me out and I turned him down, that might be why.” I waved at him and he replied with a grunt. I walked up to the bar, let go of Remus’ hand, leaned over the edge and looked towards the back room.

“OI!” I hollered, making everyone in the quiet pub jump. “GET YOUR LAZY ASS OUT HERE AND SERVE US SOME DRINKS!” I looked at Remus, who had an incredulous look on his face.

“What?” I asked innocently. He was about to answer when we heard a pissed off voice coming from the back room.

“Rude an’ noisy cretins! They think tha’ the world revolves around them! Wait’ll I get me hands on the person who dares to order me around! The only kid I can stand is-ALI!” The old barman’s face went from disgruntled anger to surprised delight.

“Hey Raphael!” I chirped.

“Ali,” he warned, giving me a stern look. I laughed.

“Fine, fine! Hank,” I said. He smiled warmly at me.

“Now, get yer behind back ‘ere an’ lemme ‘ave a good look at yeh!” he said, gesturing behind the bar. I giggled childishly and hopped over the bar. I twirled in place, giving him a full view. He nodded approvingly.

“Mor’ beau’ful than the las’ time I saw yeh!” he praised. I gave him a serious look.

“You know for a fact that I wasn’t remotely beautiful last year,” I said simply, hopping back over the bar.

“Well, yeh got me there,” he agreed. “Why the sudden change? The usual?” he added, walking towards the back to get drinks.

“Yeah, and Remus’ll have a butterbeer, right?” I replied, looking at Remus. He nodded and I turned back to Hank to answer his original question.

“I got switched to Gryffindor.”

Hank’s reply came from the depths of the back room. “Really? Tha’s great! Congratulations!” Hank walked out and set our drinks in front of us.

“Thanks, now leave us be so we can get on with our date,” I ordered. Hank’s eyebrows shot up at the word “date.”

“Date?” he asked. I indicated to Remus. Hank gave Remus a hard stare and left.

“Should I be worried?” Remus asked, when Hank was out of earshot.

“Nah,” I replied, “Hank never had a kid, so he thinks of me as his daughter.” I took a big swig of my drink. Remus looked at it.

“What is that?” he asked.

“Bloody Mary,” I replied. His eyebrows shot up.

“Bloody Mary? Isn’t that a Muggle alcohol drink?” I nodded and drained my glass.

“How do you get it here?”

“I have my own stash of alcohol here.”

“Oh.” Remus drained his butterbeer.

“Let’s go,” he said, throwing money on the bar.

I said bye to Hank and we walked out.


Remus was saying goodnight at the foot of the stairs, when I put a finger on his lips to shut up the usual “I had a great time” thing, and gave him a long kiss.

“Night,” I said with a smile, and walked up to my dorm to share everything with Kathy, Kat, Lily, Shauna, and Will about our date.


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Chapter 9: Reviews on the Date
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******Remus POV******

I watched Ali as she sprinted up the stairs, the feel of her kiss still teasing my lips. I was in a state of shock (which seems to be happening alot since I met Ali).

I could not believe that Ali DaCosta had just kissed me. And on our first date, too.

Damn, she moved fast.

I was on my in to the guy's dorm when I heard somebody shout " Alright, everybody OUT!!!!! Except Lily, Kathy, and Kat of course," followed by a herd of very pissed off looking sixth year girls.

I assumed it was Ali.

My assumption was confirmed when one of the girls muttered, " Bitch, thinking she can run everything. I hate Ali!" and then nervously looked around to make sure no one heard her. She didn't want Ali to find out, I think.

No one messed with Ali.

*****Ali's POV****

I watched as all the girl's (minus my three friends plus Shauna and Will) left the room at my command. When all the girl's left I pointed to my bed and immediately the five girls went and sat on it, eager for the gossip I was about to tell them.

"Meow!" I looked down to see Sammy rubbing himself on my legs. I scooped him up and walked over to my window (there was no room one on the bed) and sat down on the window seat I had created. I kinda just stared out the window until Kat's voice woke me of my trance,

"ALI!!!" she shouted. I looked at her.

"What?" I asked innocently. Kat shook her frizzy blonde head.

"You're hopeless!" she said," You better tell us the whole story now or you'll be in for it!" I chuckled at this.

"What would you do to me?" I challenged.

"I don't know, but it will be something horrible" she replied simply. I heaved a big, exasperated sigh.

"Fine! Okay I'll tell you." I said, giving in. Kat gave a triumphant smile.

"All right, well first of all I was soooooo late because of the Wiliky twins. So I practically sprinted down the stairs, hoping he was still there, to find an empty common room-"

"He stood you up!" Kathy shouted jumping up. I gave her a nasty look, and she instantly sat down.

"Now as I was saying, when I got there, I found an empty common, so I was like 'Oh crap, he left. Oh well, I guess I'll go hang out with Kathy, Kat, and Lily.' And then when I passed the couch, I saw Remus laying there with a book propped up on his knees, looking hurt. he got up and said 'If I hadn't waited you would of just shrugged it off?' and I basically said 'When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.' then I grabbed his hand and pulled him out of the portrait hole, and into Hogsmede where we walked in silence for a minute 'til he asked where I wanted to go, I took a minute to answer, and he offered to take me to Madame Puddifut's." I paused to let the expected laughter erupt, I wasn't disappointed, but it was only Shauna who laughed. The other girl's just shared blank and confuzzled (A/N heehee confuzzled heehee!!) looks.

"I c-can't believe h-he wanted to take y-you to M-madame P-puddifut's!!!!!!" Shauna gasped, dissolving into another round of giggles. The other girl's just looked blank.

"What's wrong with Madame Puddifut's?" asked Kathy. I looked at her pityingly. Figured Kathy would like MP's.

"Haven't you known me long enough to know what I like? Or at least what I dislike? Doesn't MP's seem a little too, oh I don't know, preppy for me?" I challenged her. She look down at her hands and didn't say anything. So I continued...

"Well, any way, I told him hell no and took him to the Hog's Head-"


******Remus POV******

"SHE TOOK YOU TO THE HOG'S HEAD?!?!?!?!?!?" James shouted, jumping up.

"Well, yeah. She said she couldn't stand Madame Puddifut's." I replied, a little taken aback by his outburst. He sat back down and stared.

"Wow," he said, "We finally meet a girl who's hot and hates MP's and you got her, how unfair is that, Padfoot?" Me, Peter, and James turned to look at Sirius, who had resigned to sitting in a dark corner while I told the rest of the Marauders about my date with Ali (who in my opinion is the coolest girl in school) and had not said a word. His reply came in the form of a grunt. James took it as an agreement, and turned back to me.

"So what happened at the Hog's Head?" he asked. I smiled and continued on with my story. It felt weird walking into the HH, I had always avoided it due to its bad reputation. It felt even weirder to have that creepy Kevin glaring at me from behind his glass, Ali said he was mad at the fact that she turned him down for a date, but I think the real reason was because Ali hadn't let go of my hand. I was in a mixture of emotions, happy that Ali accepted a date, creeped out at the fact that we were in the Hog's Head, ecstatic that Ali hadn't let go of my hand, and shocked when she yelled at the barman. What really threw was when she order her 'usual' which turned out to be a famous muggle drink, Bloody Mary (Which I know of for it's is my mum's favorite drink aside from Martinis, yes she is a muggle alcoholic). After we went to we left the Hog's Head, we went to Honeyduke's for some chocolate for Ali (who has an insane obsession with it) and some Fizzing Whisbes for me. Then we went to Ye Ol' Books to get, you guessed it, books. Ali got this weird collection of book's called...

******Ali's POV******

"...... Death, Darkness, and Despair!" I said, holding up the black box containing three small, black books. All the girls just stared open-mouthed at me.

"What?" I asked, weirded out.

"I can't believe you bought something like that!" Will said.

"I can't believe they would sell something like that." Lily stated. I smiled mischievously.

"They don't, I had them order it from a near by muggle, goth, book store," Lily rolled her eyes, Will looked dumbfounded, Kathy still looked scandalized at the titles, Kat looked exasperated, and Shauna looked unsurprised.

"Oh Ali, you're impossible!" Shauna said.

"I know." She threw a pillow at me. I threw my books at her.

"Hey!!! The pillow was soft!!!" she cried, rubbing her head, which the books hit.

"At the speed you threw it, it hurt like hell" I replied, innocently.

"Whatever." she said, rolling her eyes.

"So what did you do after the book shop?" Will asked, getting back to the story.

"Well, after that, I dragged him to the Shrieking Shack. I used the word 'dragged' because he did not come willingly."

"Why?" Lily asked. I shrugged.

"Dunno, he wouldn't say." I answered.

"What'd ya'll do there?" Kathy asked.

"We just talked."

"About what?" Kat asked.


"Everything?" Kathy asked, alarmed.

"We-ell, not everything,"I replied," For instance I forgot to ask what was the deal with you two." I stared pointedly at Kathy. She blushed,

"Yeah sorry about that shouting thing. You see, I've known Remus since we were 2 (our mums met at some aerobics thingy)we've been friends ever since. And he's not really that good around girls he likes, he's really shy. So I guess I'm overprotective of him. I just don't want to see him get hurt." she replied. I gave her a playful smile.

"So it's not a crush?" I asked. Her blush grew a deeper shade of pink.

"No. I-I sorta like s-someone else." she said, hurriedly. I smile transformed into an evil grin.

"Ooh, who?" Shauna asked. Kathy buried her head in a pillow and mumbled something.

"What's that?" I asked, cupping my hand to my ear. She lifted her head out of the pillow and yelled,

"James Potter!" and then buried her head back into the pillow. The room fell silent. Lily's eyebrows shot so far up , I swear they ended up on the back of her head.

"Wow, wasn't expecting that." Will said. We all nodded our heads in agreement. And awkward silence filled the room.

"Um!" we all jumped about foot out of our seats. I looked at the door to se a very petite sixth year girl peaking through the door.

"Yes?" I asked. The girl seemed very frightened at being addressed directly by me. I don't bite. Well, maybe I do.

"W-well, the o-other girls are g-getting tired, and were wondering if they could come b-back up and s-sleep, Miss Ali." she said, hurriedly.

"Oh crap! I forgot about the other girls. What time is it?" I asked.

"N-nearly midnight, ma'am." she said.

"WHAT?" Shauna and me shouted jumping up, sending Sammy flying to the floor. The girl shrank back at our outburst.

"Alright... uh... um, what's your name?" I asked.

"S-samantha, ma'am." she replied.

"Alright, Samantha, tell the other girls they can come back in. Shauna we gotta go."

"B-but our clothes.." Shauna stammered

"No time for that, now!" I said going for the door. I stopped when I realized that no one had moved.

"What's with you people? I said move!" still no one moved.

"NOW!!!" I bellowed making everyone scramble to where they needed to be. Me and Shauna bolted to the forest not even bother to change forms.

"He had to pick to day to give us last minute check-up at 12:30!!" Shauna said, huffing and puffing.

"I know. It's only been a week! Doesn't he trust me?" I replied as we neared the forest.

"Well he said it was important." she said.

"I'll be the judge of that."

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Chapter 10: With Answers, Come More Questions!
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"Double Ugh!" I moaned, falling on the couch next to the fireplace. Shauna plopped down in the chair across from me.

"When Sensei comes back, he comes back hard!!!" she moaned. I cracked a smile.

"You know that sounds wrong, right?" I asked playfully. She groaned.

"Get your mind out of the gutter," she replied throwing a pillow at me, "You know what I meant!" I laughed weakly.

"Yeah, and I agree. He really worked us hard tonight." she nodded. A moment of silence passed between us.

"Why were you so quiet tonight?" she asked, breaking the silence. I just shrugged and looked into the fire.

"Come on, what's up? You didn't say a word when Sensei told us that he was staying to teach us again! I figured you'd be ecstatic! Even he was worried!" she pressed. I remained silent.

"Ali!" she said, irritated.

"It's nothing!" I replied, also irritated. She gave a 'get-real' look.

"With you it's never nothing. I think it's great that he's coming back, that you don't have to organize everything and-" she stopped when she noticed I was crying into the pillow she threw at me. She rushed to my side.

"Ali?" she asked, tentatively.

"D-don't you s-see? I liked b-being in c-charge! I wanted t-to organize e-everything! I wanted to b-be able t-to boss someone a-around! E-even if was y-you!" I cried, burying my face further into the pillow.

"Why?" she asked, confused. I lifted my head, the tears silently rolling down my face.

"Do you know how long it's been?" I asked quietly. Shauna remained silent.

"Do you know how long it has been since I ruled? Since I ruled a kingdom? Or joint-ruled, anyway? I used to plan everything in Quilvanesti! In Sylvanesti, too! I used to tell multiple people how to do or fix something! I used to have people reporting to every day and night! People used to come to me with their problems! In Quilvanesti, I was somebody. It was where I was born. My home." I paused, staring into the fire.

"And now," I said, my voice getting stronger, "Now I'm stuck in this God-Forsaken castle, with... with... humans. I'm stuck in a place where no one... knows... my... FUCKIN'... NAME!!!!" by now I was standing up and yelling. I had thrown the pillow into the fire. I enjoyed watching something being destroyed. Even if it was a stupid pillow.

"And you know why no one knows my name?" I hissed, making Shauna shrink back even further into the couch in fear. So far she had remained silent. Good.


"Oh, onee-chan," she whispered. I shrugged off her hand and whirled around to face her,

"Don't call me that! It's so stupid!" I snapped. But, after seeing the hurt look on her face, I felt disgusted with myself.

"I'm going for a walk." I said, heading for the portrait hole. I looked back at her when I reached the portrait.

"And don't bother looking for me!"

******Sirius' POV******

"And don't bother looking for me!" and Ali stormed out and slammed the portrait behind her.


That about sums it up.

She was forced to come here? And what did she mean, "stuck here with humans"? Isn't she human?

I looked at James, his mouth was hanging wide open. I was about to say something, when I noticed Shauna making her way slowly towards us. She looked deep in thought.

Me and James made sure that the cloak covered us completely and stayed as quiet as Peter when he's eating his cheese as she passed.

"Okay get the map!" I said, nudging James, making sure that Shauna was completely out of sight.

"Why?" he asked. Idiot.

"To find Ali!" I said, annoyed. I threw the cloak off me and walked to the couch.

"Why?" he asked again, following me. I gave him an exasperated look.

"Because if we find her, we might get some insight on what we just heard!" I held out my hand for the map and he slapped in my palm.

"But what about the prank?" he whined.

"This is more important! We'll be able to learn more about Ali without having to raid her diary or something!"

"I don't think that Ali is the type of girl to keep a diary."

"You know what I mean! We might even find out how she convinced Dumbledore to let her switch houses!"

"I think the real reason you want to find is that you like her," he grumbled sitting down. Ignoring his possibly-true comment, I tapped the map with my wand and said...

"I solemnly swear I am up to no good," and watched the map come to life.

"She's heading for the Astronomy Tower! Let's go!" I said after scanning the Map. I jumped up and ran to the portrait hole.

"Hold on, Lover Boy! The Cloak!" I heard James shout behind me.

"Oh, yeah!" I said stopping. James threw the Cloak over us and we left.




"But, you stepped on my foot!"


"It's throbbing!"

"Shut up! You'll get us caught!"

"But it's turning purple!"


"It's quite a lovely shade of plum, actually."

"What will make you shut up!?"

"If declare your undying and unconditional loyalty to me and only me. Oh and, calling me 'your Majesty' wouldn't hurt, either! OW!"

"I will not call you 'Majesty' or declare anything to you! Got it?"

"Yeah but you didn't have to step on my purple, yet lovely color that it is, foot again!"

"Let me see it!" I held out my injured foot for him to see. He held his wand light to it and swatted it back down.

"Hey, what was that for?" I yelled indignantly.

"It wasn't even red!" he whispered loudly.

"Well it looked that way in the dark! That doesn't give the excuse to hit my injured foot!" I replied, hurt. James rolled his eyes.

"Shut-up! Ali's almost here!" he said looking at the map. We had took a short cut thinking, with Ali's head start, we would get about the same time she did, but she decided to take a detour to the Lake for a few minutes. Now we were waiting for her to get here.

I looked at the Map to see that Ali was right behind us. I spun around to see her come in. James did the same.

Wow. She looked like shit.

Her eyes were red and puffy, her cheeks were tear-stained, her ponytail had loosened so much that only about an inch of hair stuck out of the scrunchie, and her clothes were wrinkled and dirty. She walked slowly passed us and to the balcony. She just stood there looking out at the grounds. She stayed like for a while.

Then, when James and I were about to leave, she jumped in the air, arms out and knees bent. I made a move to stop her from committing suicide, when James gave me a 'wait-and-see-what-she-does-first' look. I stopped and watched as she landed Tiger-Style on the railing. Then she stood up and just continued looking out.

Couldn't she have done that on the ground and saved me from having a freakin' heart attack?

After a while (a long while, might I add) she thrust her right arm out in front of her, palm facing up. Then, after a minute an orb of purple static formed in the middle of her palm. James and I watched awe as the orb extended horizontally into a 2ft pole shape. Then the static disappeared to reveal...

A flute.

What can she do with a freakin' flute?

Except play it?

Really, I expected something more dramatic. Like an axe, or something.

Anyway, she stared at for a moment, then closed her fingers around it. As soon as her fingers were completely around it, more static erupted from and formed a ring around her wrist. The ring slowly inched up her arm and her entire body. Once it reached the fingers on her other arm, a blinding flash of light filled the room, leaving me and James, well, blind.

After the light subsided, it took us a minute to stop seeing spots. But when we did, we saw something we couldn't believe: it was Ali, sure, but she in a completely different outfit! Instead of the wrinkled and dirty shirt and shorts, was a white off-the-shoulder top with long, billowing sleeves and dramatically long white skirt. The top fell just above her navel so you could see the delicate white-gold (I assume it was anyway) belly-button ring and the skirt fell just above her ankles so you could see the delicate white-gold (again, I assume) anklet wrapped around her right ankle. Instead of the sloppy ponytail, her hair fell around her shoulders in dramatic waves. With her skirt and hair billowing in the cold nighttime breeze, she looked absolutely breath-taking!

Ali ran her fingers through her hair and down the fabric of her outfit as if she were wearing something she hadn't worn for years, and missed it.

What's up with that?

After making sure that the outfit was really there (I think that was what she was doing, anyway) she lifted the flute up to her lips and started to play.

It was the most beautiful and melodic sound I have ever heard in my life! It was so enchanting, I think that I went into a trance! But I can't be to sure, cause when you're in a trance, you don't really know what's going on. I think.

She went on playing for well over an hour (again, I think). When she stopped, which I think she shouldn't have done, she seemed less angry and sad, and more, I don't know, regretful? Is that the word for missing something? Don't ask me how I know all this because, I don't know. I couldn't see her whole face. The part I could see was covered in a shadow. So I couldn't see her expression.

After a minute of staring at it, she sucked the flute back into her palm (I'm still freaked out at this point). Then she continued staring out at the lake. She seems to be doing that a lot, doesn't she?

ANYway, she did that for about 5 minutes, then she stuck her arm out in front of her again, this time her palms facing up. Then, her palm started to glow bright purple, completely incasing her hand in the glow. When the light subsided, a silver pocket watch was floating above her palm! The long, silver chain floated magnificently around it, making it look dramatic.

*******Ali's POV*******

I stared at my Internal Clock *the floating pocket watch*, I hesitated to open it, afraid of what it might say. Did I say afraid? I meant down right terrified! It might say that I won't even have enough time to finish school!

I tentatively opened the IC, staring at its face. I read it and quickly calculated how much time I had. My shoulders slumped, I won't live to see 200! I was so hoping that Ember would take mercy on me and not kill me that quickly. If I lived till 200, I'd at least see my children develop into adults! If I have any that is.

I absorbed my Internal Clock back into my body, and just let my arm fall limply at my side. I then stepped off the railing, a floated slowly to the floor. As soon as my feet touched the floor, they buckled, and I floated to my knees. I let my head hang down, and my shoulders slouch, to depressed to do anything but cry. And that's exactly what I did. Right there in the middle of the Astronomy tower, I sobbed, creating a small puddle of fallen tears. It just isn’t fair! I've done nothing to deserve Ember! I never killed anyone! Ember killed all those people, not me! Ember is the reason that I'm going to die at the young age of 167! Ember is the reason Rune died! I never asked to be a Tricolour! I was freakin born one! I just wish I could be normal! Shauna and Twlya are so lucky. Their colors all show and are happy, fun colors. But me, I got the freakin' dark colors! I had to get freakin' get purple, black, and red! God, I hate red! More than I hate pink! I'm the one that gets blamed when ghosts and other nasties raid our village! Just because I control the spirit world doesn't mean that I control all the spirits! Just the ones that I've killed. Well... that Ember killed anyway. And the ones that sold their souls and devoted their lives and after-lives to me, but that's obvious.

I'm just feeling sorry for my self, I thought, disgusted. Something I taught Shauna never to do! It's about time I should take my my own advice, Deal and Get Real. That my motto. That's is something I've always lived by. Why stop now? I stood up, head still down, and wiped my eyes dry.

"Yeah. This is no time to be feeling sorry for myself!" I said aloud, "I never accepted pity from any one, so why accept it from my self?" With that, I held my head up high, and walked defiantly towards the door. Only stopping when I realized that I was still wearing the traditional Flute outfit.

"Oh!" I said, giggling, "Better change out of this! Can't have anyone see me in this! It is so not my style anymore!" I walked to the door and stopped.

Someone was in the room. I could sense it. I whipped around and scanned the room.

"I know you’re in here!"

*******Sirius' POV*******

"I know you’re here!" she said, scanning the room. James and I stood shock still.

How the heck did she know? Is she a psychic? Or a Seer maybe?

However she knew, we weren't about to tell her it was us. It seemed that she could only tell that someone was there, not who was there.

"Alright," she said, giving up. "If you won't show yourself, I'll give just one piece of advice: Tell anyone about what you saw and heard, I swear I'll kill you! I will hunt you down, and kill you! Believe me, I will find you and I will kill you. If I don't, Dumbledore will expel you!" With that she turned back to the doorway, and walked out. After a few seconds, we saw a flash of purple light. I assume it was her changing her clothes.

James and I waited for a few minutes, then we took off the Cloak. James looked at me.

"Woah, what's up with that?" He asked. I rubbed my temples with my fore fingers.

"I don't know, but let's talk about it in the morning. I have no energy to talk now." I replied. James shrugged and threw the Cloak back over us.

I don't know about him, but I'm definitely going to heed Ali's warning.


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Chapter 11: Apologies and Revelations
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Apologies and Revelations

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"Ali?" a voice whispered, waking me. I rolled over and stared into a pair of worried green eyes.

"Yeah?" I said, sleepily. Shauna gave a weak smile.

"Remus is asking for you. He seemed serious. Like he really needed to tell you something important." she replied. I heaved my self into to the sitting position.

"K. What time is it?" I asked, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes. Shauna sat down on my bed and stroked Sammy. The sound of his purr filled the room.

"Almost four. You missed breakfast and lunch. If I didn't wake you up, you probably would've missed dinner." She replied. Silence passed between us.

"Hey, I'm sorry about last night." I said breaking the silence. Shauna looked up, surprised.

"Oh, it's oka-" she started.

"No, it's not," I said interrupting her, "I had no reason to take my anger out on you! I was feeling sorry for my self (something I taught you to never do). I guess that that one little disappointment was all I could take. I just... snapped." Shauna put her arm around me.

"I understand. But you shouldn't keep your emotions bottled up like that! It makes you even more irritable than usual. And unpleasant to be around." she said. I looked at her.

"I just miss everything we had! Don't you miss Sylvinesti? Or Rath?" I asked her. She looked away.

"Of course. I think about him all the time! I think about my parents, my people, everything! All the time." she whispered.

"You have a great way of showing it." I snapped. But I instantly regretted it.

"Sorry." I apologized.

"Don't be. You're right. I guess I just have an easier time of controlling my emotions than you do." she said. I laughed.

"You can say that again!" Shauna and I went into a fit of giggles at that oh-so-terribly-true statement.

"You better get down stairs, or Remus might break something pacing the room!" she said laughing. I looked at her with a serious expression.

"But first, are we cool?" I asked. Shauna nodded, and gave me a big hug.

"Alright, well see ya!" I said, getting up and walking to the door. She laughed and followed me. We walked arm-in-arm down the stairs to the common-room.

*******Remus' POV*******

I looked up when I heard laughing coming from the stairs. It was Shauna and Ali, who was still in her PJs, a black tank top and baggy red plaid pants. I took a nervous look at her laugh filled face, and then went back to pacing the room.

Should I tell her or should I just keep it a secret, like always, I asked myself, panicked.

"Oh, and Shauna." I heard Ali say. I looked up to see Shauna half way back up the stairs. Apparently she just walked Ali down here. Shauna turned towards Ali.

"Yeah?" Shauna asked. Ali took her hand.

"About that onee-chan thing, I didn't mean it. I was pissed, so I made up an excuse to yell. I'm sorry. You can still call me that, if you want." Ali said. Shauna looked thoughtful.

"No, I don't think I will. I guess you were right, it is kinda stupid. I mean we're not kids any more, right?" she replied. Ali grinned.

"Right. Now go do your homework, I'll come back and help you later with D.A.D.A, got it?" she said, laughing at some inside joke. Shauna laughed, too.

"Thanks! I need all the help I can get! They are starting to do O.W.L grading!" she replied, heading back up the stairs. I resumed pacing.

"Whoa! Slow down there, Tiger. You'll burn a hole in the floor if you keep pacing like that." Ali said walking up to me. I stopped my nervous walk, and looked at Ali; she had an expectant look on her face.

"Uh-- wanna go for a walk?" I asked. Ali shrugged.

"Sure, just let my get my hoodie. It's starting to get cold out there." she replied. I nodded, and she bounded back up the stairs. I sat down in the chair, my hands shaking nervously. I thought back to what Sirius, Peter, and James had said about my decision:

"You're going to do WHAT?!?!?!" James hollered. I took a step back.

"I-I'm going to tell Ali that I'm a werewolf." I replied, taken aback.

why?" Sirius asked. I looked at him. I didn't really know. I mean, I could come up with one good reason for it, but it's not the real reason I'm telling her. I don't know the reason I decided to tell her. It's just something about her that makes me want to tell her. Maybe it's the way she walks; kind of like she owns the place. Or maybe it was the way she just overflows with confidence. Or maybe it’s the I-can-do-anything or I-don't-care-what-anybody-body-thinks attitude she has. Either way, I'm going to tell her what I am.

"Because. I heard what she said in D.A.D.A, you did too," I started, but was interrupted by Sirius muttering.

"So did half of London." I decided to ignore his comment, and continued.

"I've made my decision, and if you three can't respect that, then you aren't my best mates!" By their looks I could tell that my words had stung.

"W-we are,” Peter squeaked, "It's just that we don't want you to rush into this thing with Ali!"

“Yeah, mate," Sirius piped in, "What if she totally rejects you and refuses to speak to you again? Then you'd be humiliated, devastated, and without a girlfriend! The only ones you can trust are us and Kathy! You've only known Ali for a couple of weeks! How about waiting a while, eh? Then maybe she won't go running to Dumbledore-"

“Why would she go running to Dumbledore?" I asked nervously. Sirius rolled his eyes.

"Come on, bra. How else did she get him to let her switch houses? My parents tried to make him switch me to Slytherin, but he refused saying the Sorting Hat's decision was final! Now all of a sudden he is making Ali an exception? Get real, bra. She has some inside track with him. They do not have the normal headmaster-student relationship!" he said, like it was obvious. I stood up.

"I've made my decision" I said and walked out.

"Ready to go?" I jerked my head up, to see Ali wearing a fairly large black hooded sweatshirt with a huge red mouth with its tongue sticking out. Ali saw the way I was looking at it, and laughed her melodic laugh.

"It's the Rolling Stones. It's a Muggle rock band. They're like 60 now." she explained. I gave a small grin.

"That old," I said, "They must be successful!" she nodded and gave a small chuckle.

"Uh, let's, um, go." I said getting up and walking towards the Portrait Hole. Ali followed suit.

*********Al's POV*********

"So what did you want to tell me?" I asked Remus as we walked around the lake. He whipped his head around to face me.

"W-what makes you think I want to tell you something? B-because I, uh, don’t." He stammered without looking at me. Remus has to be the world’s worst liar.

"Puhlease," I said, "You're talking to the Queen of Deception. What is it you want to tell me?" Remus looked a little pale, so I kissed his cheek, and whispered,

"Come on, it can't be that bad. I assure you, I've probably heard worse." Hhis shoulders slumped and he sat down. I followed the suit.

"I-I'm a werewolf" he said quietly. I looked at him, he was staring at his hands, and I turned back to the lake.

"I know." I answered, looking at him through the corner of my eye. His jerked up and he looked straight at me.

"You knew?" he asked, his voice cracking. I gave a small chuckle.

"Of course I knew. My uncle's a werewolf, I know the signs." I replied looking at him, he still looked shocked.

"What else do you know?" he asked. I sighed and laid down on the dewy grass.

"I know about Sirius and James being Animagi. And I know about Sirius' family issues." I said not looking at him.

"How?" he asked. I cracked a small smile.

"You're just full of questions aren't you? 1) Since you're a werewolf, I know Sirius and James would try to help, and that's exactly what they would do, 2) It's painfully obvious to anyone who pays attention, and 3) I heard Regulus talking about his 'blood traitor' brother, and how much their parents hate him." I replied. Remus muttered an ‘Oh’, and then silence passed between us.

I felt since he was freaking out over that secret thing, I should tell him something. But what could I tell him? All of my secrets were, well, secrets. I couldn't really tell anybody them without getting Shauna and me into huge trouble with Dumbledore and both the entire Sylvinesti and Quilvanesti Empire! Not to mention our parents! Finally I thought of one.

"Remus?" I said turning towards him. He looked at me

"Yeah?" he asked. I drew in a breath and said.

"I've been bitten, too."

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Chapter 12: Secrets
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********Remus POV********

"What?" I shouted, jumping up.

"I've been bitten, too." Ali said, solemnly. I sat back down, trying to absorb what she said.

"So you're a werewolf, too?" I asked, stupidly. Of course she was a werewolf!!!!! How could she not be?

"No." she said quietly. I whirled to face her.

"What? If you're not, then you didn't get bit," I said what I had just thought.

"Oh yes I did. I can prove it!" she said. Then she pulled up the right side of her hoodie and shirt to reveal smooth skin.

OK, now I was confused.

She then took out her wand and tapped the curve of her waist. Instantly a jagged line that formed an oval around her curve appeared. She reached over to the edge of the oval, and pulled off her skin!!!!!

What the crap?!?!?!?!

When she was done pulling off her skin (ick), she revealed a big shiny scar covering the curve of her waist. I recognized it instantly as a werewolf bite scar.

Now I was really confused.

"But how?" I asked. She sighed.

"There's a special gene in my family that makes us immune to werewolf bites," she explained, "That's why it was such a surprise when Uncle Thatz turned into a werewolf." she added in a whisper. I just stared at her, not knowing how to act.

"I used to do whatever I could to help him during the full moon." she said, sadly. I cocked an eyebrow.

"Used to?" I asked. She nodded.

"Yeah. Ever since I came to Hogwarts, my uncle lost his only two werewolf, er, friends to help him during his time." she said, acidly.

"How did you help him?" I asked. She looked at me, then sighed, and looked away. She then transformed into a....

Panther? She's animagus?

I looked at the sad panther sitting in the spot Ali was sitting seconds ago.

"Well, that explains a lot." I said, only being half-truthful. The panther, uh Ali, nodded then transformed back into a human.

"Like what?" she asked. I shrugged.

"Like how you and Shauna are able to sneak around the grounds and school with out getting caught," I said, "Uh, why do sneak around the grounds and school?" Ali looked at me, then jumped up, and walked briskly towards the forest. I quickly followed after her, not knowing if I had offended her or not. Ali stopped at a huge tree and looked at me.

"This is why." she said, then turned around, and kicked the tree sticking her leg out, spinning, then hitting it hard with the heel of her foot. We watched as a crack formed around the tree, then watched it eventually fall over.




Ali walked to the fallen tree, taking out her wand, then waved it, and the tree repaired itself instantly. She turned her back to the tree and slumped against it. I sat down next to her, still completely confused. And that really didn't answer my question.

"How did you do that?" I asked. She looked at me, her eyes still full of sorrow.

"Me and Shauna used to take a Muggle karate class before we came here. A couple weeks before we left, we started to complain about leaving our Sensei behind. We weren't even done with our training yet! Well after a few days of complaining, he asked us were we going, and we said Hogwarts, not going into any further detail. He nodded then said 'I will go with you and train you at Hogwarts'. Well me and Shauna were confused, and I guessed it showed on our faces, 'cause he said 'Yes, I know that it's a school of magic, I went there too'."

"So he's a wizard?" I asked

"Yup. We couldn't believe it. Our beloved Sensei was a wizard, just like us. So he teaches us in the forest every other night, at 'round midnight, and we come back 'round 2 then sleep. We always go to bed early so we get enough sleep. Or we skip the last class, and take a nap till dinner." she finished, looking at me.

"Well that answered one of my questions. Could you explain about the gene a little bit more?" I asked, hopefully. She shrugged.

"I don't know much about the gene, really. I just know that some people either have the gene, or posses the foundations for that gene. My parents used to be very peculiar about who I dated, they even chose who I'm supposed to marry." My heart sank; she was already taken.

Wait a minute!!!

"Then why are you dating me? What about him?" She looked on the verge of tears.

"He died 6 years ago, the week after I first came to Hogwarts."


"Yeah, at first we hated each other, but gradually our hate turned into friendship, our friendship into crushes, and finally our crushes into love." She looked out at the lake, a light breeze came a lifted her hair off her sad face. I don't think I've ever seen her more beautiful than I saw her then.

"That's quite a lot for a couple of 11 year-olds." I commented. She gave a bitter laugh.

"Yeah, it was."

"What was his name?" She looked at me as if she were deciding whether or not to tell me.

"His name was Rune. Rune Gorujiousu." That is quite an odd name.

"What'd he look like?" A small smile played on her lips.

"He absolutely gorgeous! He had beautiful gold hair (not blonde, gold, like a ring). His eyes were also gold, silent and piercing. When he looked at you it was as if he was seeing through the act we humans put on day after day. It was as if he was seeing the real you. He had chiseled features. He would make girls at his school swoon when he passed them. He got a lot of offers from modeling agencies, you know. But he turned them all down; he wasn't into the vanity thing, like most males (not you either, of course). I think that's what I liked most about him. About you." she looked at me, her intense chocolate colored eyes bore right through me. She stood up suddenly and stretched.

"Let's go back inside, it's about dinner time, and I need to get a nap in so I'll be refreshed for training tonight."

"But you slept till 5 today!!!" She gave a weird look.

"So what? We panthers need our sleep so we can play. RROWER!" she growled making a cat-like motion with her hand. I chuckled and took her hand. Then we walked side-by-side, hand-in-hand back up to the castle for dinner.

I couldn't wait to tell Sirius, James, and Peter about this.

"Oh and Remus?" Ali asked suddenly


"You can tell Sirius and James about this, but not Peter. I don't trust him or like him. He's very twitchy."

"Oh. K."

Scratch that.


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Chapter 13: Language Issues and New Faces
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Language Issues and New Faces

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********James' POV********

It has been a month since Remus' little chat with Ali, and their relationship has gotten ever so stronger. Much to the misfortune of a certain best mate of mine.

That's right, Sirius. I know. Heh-heh-heh!

It is quite painfully obvious that Sirius has a "thing" for our dear, sweet Ali. And he thinks that he is hiding in oh-so-well, but he isn't! You know I think I might go and tell-

"Hola, mi amigos!" came a very familiar, oh-so-sexy voice from behind us ('us' meaning me, Sirius, Lily *sigh*, Remus, Kathy, Kat, Will, and Shauna).

"Oh no not again!" Shauna groaned from the chair the fire. Every one looked a way from Ali to look at Shauna. Ali sat down next to her.

"¿Qué está equivocado, mi hermana?" she cooed, in some other language. Shauna pointed frantically at her older sister.

"That! That! That's what wrong! You're speaking Spanish!" she cried. A sly smile played on Ali's lips.

"¿Querría usted que mí hablar la lengua nativa, Shauna?" Ali said. I jumped up and pointed at her. Everyone looked at me like I was mad. Which I was.

"Ah-ha! Finally something I understand! You said 'Shauna'! That's the first word I heard this morning that came out of you're mouth that I understood! Any of us! 'Cept Shauna." I said and everyone turned to look at her.

"Uh, how are you understanding her?" Remus asked.

********Shauna's POV********

I sighed. I knew that Ali would go into one of her language phases, again. I just didn't expect that it would be in the presence of our new friends, especially after she just made the Quiddicth Team! I turned to face Ali.

"To answer you're question, Ali: No, I want to you to speak English! Like a normal person!" I snapped. Which I knew she wouldn't, seeing as how she wasn't normal and was a stubborn as a mule! Then I turned to the rest of the gang.

"I taught Ali Spanish, just like she taught me Parseltongue." I said simply. Ali had one of her wicked grins on her face.

"Ella también me enseñó francés, alemán, e italiano." she said. Everybody turned and looked at me. At first I didn't know why, then it dawned on me that they wanted me to translate.

"She said that I also taught her French, German, and Italian." I said, sighing. They were still looking at me.

"Uh how do you know all these languages?" Will asked. I looked at Ali nervously.

What should I say? I asked her silently.

Tell them that our parents sent you to a language school, or something, she answered me silently, thankfully in English.

"Uh, my parents sent me to a language school. Ali refused to go, though." I replied, a little shakily. I was not used to lying to my best friend. Thankfully, Will bought it and turned her attention to the portrait hole, which just opened.

********Ali's POV********

A small girl (Madeline, I think) stepped through the Portrait Hole, with a scroll in her hand. She walked tentatively towards our group, shakily handed me the scroll. I stared at it.

"¿Qué es este?" I asked, sharply. I was in a Spanish phase and I wasn't about to break it for anyone. The girl's nervous face deepened with confusion and misunderstanding.

"Uh, I'm sorry?" she asked, in a squeaky voice.

"She asked what that was." Shauna piped up. Relief flooded the girl's face.

"It's from Dumbledore, he wants Miss Ali and Miss Shauna to go to his office right now." she said, a little more confidently. I nodded and took the scroll.

"Gracias, Madeline." I said. The tiny girl looked at my younger half.

"She said thanks." Shauna translated. Madeline nodded then turned to me.

"Would you like me to escort you to the Headmaster's office?" she asked, boldly. I raised my eyebrows; most people usually want to get the hell away from me as soon as possible. I looked at Shauna and she shrugged. I turned back to the petite girl.

"Sí." I replied. Apparently she understood that, because a huge grin appeared on her face.

"Cool!" She squeaked. Shauna and me got up and followed her out of the common room.

********Madeline's POV********

I couldn't believe my luck! I was hanging out with Ali DaCosta! The Ali DaCosta! Me! Plain old Madeline Podunk!

Well, I guess you wouldn't call walking them to the Head's office 'hanging out’, but it's a start.

Maybe she'll invite me into her clique I thought wistfully. But I quickly extinguished that frivolous thought. There was no way that just because I'm walking with the DaCosta sisters means I'm instantly one of them.

But it sure is nice to dream, I thought with a sigh. Unfortunately, Ali heard that sigh. She turned her gorgeous face towards me.

"¿Algo incorrecto, niña?" She asked, worried. She was actually worried about me! I had no idea what she said, but I know she was worried! I turned to look at Shauna. She smiled her perfect smile (much like Ali's) and said,

"She asked if something was wrong." I smiled a little nervously.

"Oh, nothing just daydreaming." I replied. Ali smiled mischievously.

"¿Ooh, sobre un muchacho?" she asked. Man she was so cool! To be able to talk fluently in other language! Oh, how I wished I could be her! I looked at Shauna, expectantly.

"She asked if it was about a boy." she replied. I blushed furiously.

"Oh, uh n-no. Never. It's not as if boy would ever give me a second look." I replied, looking away. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the sisters look at each other for a moment, and then Shauna turned to me.

"We could fix that,” she said grinning. My heart stopped. Where offering what I thought they were offering?

"Y-you mean it?" I asked, hopefully. Ali nodded and Shauna grinned.

"Yeah, we'll give you an entire makeover! This Saturday, we'll do a wardrobe check, ‘kay?" Shauna said, as we stopped in front of the large gargoyle. I have never felt happier in my entire life.

"Oh thank you ever so much!" I cried, as I left them waving.


********Shauna's POV********

Sweet girl I said silently, waving until Madeline was out of sight. Ali looked at me, putting her arm down and turning towards the gargoyle.

Yeah, but she was painfully obvious, though, she replied silently. I raised my eyebrow.

To a mind reader, like you? Or to anyone? I asked. She shrugged her shoulders.

Depends on whether you're observant or not, she replied, Will you say the pass word? It's 'butter beer'. I nodded then turned to the gargoyle.

"Butter Beer!" I said, forcefully. It sprang to life revealing the familiar staircase that lead to the Head's office.

Here we go! I said stepping on to the moving staircase.

Wonder what Ol' Dumby wants with us, she replied doing the same. As we moved up I sang softly to myself without realizing it.

"It's just too little to late, too little to wrong, and I can't wait. But you know all the right things to say!"

What song is that? Ali's voice rang in my head. Startled I looked at her. She had her eyebrow raised, and a small grin on her face.

Oh, uh it's nothing, I replied quickly. Fortunately I was saved from further explaining by us arriving at the door. Ali shrugged and opened the door.

"This better be important, Dumbledore! I've got things to do!" Ali snapped as she walked in. I winced at her disrespect. Well, at least she's speaking in English I thought, warily. I sighed as I walked in; sometimes my sister is a little too independent for her own good.

"So nice of you ladies to join us." Dumbledore said, ignoring Ali's rudeness. I raised my eyebrows in confusion.

"'Us'?" Ali asked my unvoiced question. He indicated to the two people in front of him that we had overlooked. They turned and looked at us, one was a boy and the other was girl. Twins, in fact. The girl had really long blonde hair (it reached to her knees!) and stunning blue eyes. Her bangs were curled over a beaded leather band wrapped around her head. The band over lapped a single braid that extended to her armpit. The braid was clasped with to beads; the top one was a large disc-like bead that was blue, the other was a small green square. Long, black lashes accented her eyes. She was wearing a white billowing, yet fitted, off the shoulder naval bearing top, and a long billowing brown skirt that reached her ankles, which donned flat brown sandals that wound up her leg. To sum her up, she was absolutely beautiful.

The guy looked like his sister (obviously) His blonde hair fell sexily over his intense blue eyes. His outfit was simpler than his sister's: A plain black hoodie, baggy jeans, and black and red Etnies. With his looks, he could dethrone Sirius as King of Hot.

The girl smiled to reveal a set of perfect pearls.

"It's been a while, hasn't it? Ali?" she said, her voice smooth as silk. I looked at Ali, she looked just as surprised as I did. Ali stepped forward, scrutinizing the twins.

"Excuse me. Have we met?" she asked them, coldly. The girl didn't even bat an eye.

"Of course we met! Laina." she said. Ali paled at the use of her old name. The boy turned to me.

"Long time no see. Fedelity." He said. I looked at Ali, but she was to busy staring at the girl. Suddenly her eyebrows shot up.

"Serenity?" she asked, her voice barely a whisper. When the girl nodded, Ali tackled her with a humungous hug. Serenity hugged her back eagerly. I looked at the boy.

"Damien?" I asked. When he nodded, I let out a squeal of joy and mocked Ali. Damien nearly lost his balance at the force of my hug, but he regained his composure and hugged me back and kissed the top of my head (he only did that to his closest chick friends). Then I let go to let Ali have her turn. Ali and I let out identical squeals as we hugged the opposite twin. Soon the room was filled with Ali, Serenity, and my screeching.

To silence our screech-fest, Dumbledore raised a hand and we fell silent, holding each other’s hands. Dumbledore looked at us seriously.

"Remember you are human, now. You must call each other by your human names! Serenity: Twyla, Damien: Tyler. And you already know their names." he said gesturing to Ali and I. Ali looked at Twyla, and I looked at Tyler. We all wore identical smiles. Twyla turned to Ali and her brother.

"Shall we sing to celebrate our rejoining?" she nodded. Dumbledore's eyebrows shot up.

"Why, Ali! I don't think I ever heard you sing! I hear you are magnificent!" he said, gleefully. Ali looked wary.

"I dunno..." she started. Twyla looked at her with pleading eyes.

"Aw come one! I'll sing too!" she begged. Twyla was good, but nowhere near as good as Ali. I looked at Ali, too.

"Please! I'll even sing!" I pleaded.

"Oh, God, no! No offense, sis, but you suck!" she replied. I blushed; it was true I did suck.

"Fine, I'll do it. I'll sing our song that we all wrote together!" We erupted in cheers until Ali held up a hand and sung. Her voice rang out like a bronze bell,

'gCluin tu mo gholr 'ta ag cur thuairisc
O mhaidin go noin is as sin go diereadh lae?
Eist, a stor, ta ceol ar an ngaoth
Is casfar le cheile sinn roimh dhul faoi don ghrian.

Then Twyla rang in, her voice soft and sweet:

Do you hear my voice that's asking for you
From dawn till noon and then to day's end?
Listen, my love, music is on the wind
And we will meet before the sun goes down.

Shiulas i bhfad is do shamhail ni fhaca
Ba mhor e mo bhron is ba mhinc me faoi neol
Eist, a stor, ta ceol a an ngaoth
Is casfar le cheile sinn roimh dhul faoi don ghrian.

Long I walked and saw not your image,
My sorrow was great and my sky often dark,
Listen, my love, music is on the wind
And we will meet before the sun goes down.

The girls finished, and the room erupted with applause. We looked up to see all the portraits clapping enthusiastically. Ali and Twyla glowed with pride. They looked at Dumbledore, who was also applauding.

"Well, done girls! Ali I had no idea that your voice was so beautiful! You surely were given the Gift of Music, am I correct?" he asked Ali. She nodded.

"Yes sir! And Twyla was given the Gift of Art and Shauna the Gift of Tongues!" she explained. A look of comprehension dawned on Dumbledore's face.

"That would explain why Shauna can't sing, she may be skilled with Languages, she's quiet unlucky with her voice? Since singing is considered and 'art' Twyla has some talent in the matter. But since Ali has the Gift of Music, her voice, when reached to it's full potential, can put a listener of a small level of power in a trance like state. That also happens with her instrument playing, right?" When Ali nodded, he clasped his hands in approval.

"Well, you are going to have to sing for the rest of the scho-"

"No." Ali's tone sharp and cold, as was her expression.

"I'll see you tomorrow, Twy and Ty. I've got things to do. Good day!" she said, took my hand, and stomped out of the room.

My, was this going to be an interesting year.


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Chapter 14: Intros
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14. Intros

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********Twyla's POV*********

I sighed; I knew that was going to happen before the words were even out of Albus' mouth. Ali was very sensitive about her powers over the mind.

"Was it something I said?" Albus asked us. Tyler shook his head.

"No, it's just Ali. She has always been that way. She refuses to sing to humans. She sang for you because of what you've done for her, but she didn't sing to her full potential. Ali's greatest fear is losing control of herself." he replied. I nodded in agreement.

"Yes, even when we begged her to be the lead singer of the human band we created when we were kids, she refused. She told me I should do it, but I usually get stage fright if I'm the center of attention. I suggested Shauna but she flat out refused that, too. She said that as much as she loved her, Shauna's voice had no singing potential, so she couldn't even teach her. So that left Tyler, who, as my twin, has a great singing voice but no stage fright. So Ali ended up being the lead guitarist, and she taught us how to play the instruments we chose. I chose the keyboard-"

"And I chose the bass guitar-" Tyler interrupted.

"And Shauna chose the drums. Ali didn't really give us much choice, since we had decided on a rock band, but she would've taught us any instrument we wanted. I had always wanted to play the piano, so of course I chose the keyboard. And Shauna prefers to be in the back anyway." I finished. Albus looked thoughtful.

"Why is Ali afraid of losing control?" he asked. I was surprised; I had thought Ali had already told him. I looked at Tyler, he shrugged and turned to Albus.

"Well you know how my sister, Ali, and Shauna are the legendary Tricolour. And that they all have three colors instead of one. Well, instead of all of Ali's colors showing like the rest of them, her third color, red, remained dormant. That is until Ali got so angry, that she would lose control of her self and her 'red form', Ember we call her, would come out and kill the person Ali was pissed at, and usually Ali regains control, and sends Ember back into her mind. But one time Ali never regained control, and Ember took over her body and mind. Soon, Ember went to work for the pixies, Our worst enemy. Ember killed millions, including humans. But one day Ember went too far, and killed Rune, Ali's fiancé. Something inside Ali snapped and she regained control. When she repossessed her body and saw what had happened, she went immediately went to Otik, the pixie king, and resigned. Well, Otik wasn't happy about that, and put a huge bounty on her head. So Ali fled to the human realm and became human to escape Otik, the Elders didn't want her to go alone so they sent Shauna with her to pose as her sister. This was a good thing, ‘cause Ali was an emotional wreck. What with the loss of her fiancé and the knowledge that she had killed millions, innocent and guilty, we were surprised that she didn't kill her self. She needed the emotional support. The Elders looked in on Ali, and thought that she needed more than a 'sister', she needed all her friends. So they sent us." Tyler replied. I nodded solemnly.

"Yes. I had no idea how large and thick the wall that Ali built around her heart was. I'm afraid that she has let no one else get close to her. I fear she cannot be helped. But we will try to break down her barrier and teach her to love again." I said. It was true, although she put on a bright smile and happy posture, her aura was a darker black than usual. It was like looking into a bottomless pit, no light anywhere. It was scary.

Albus nodded and told us that we would be in Gryffindor along with Ali and Shauna, and that we would be introduced to the school tomorrow morning at breakfast. We waved and walked out the door and down the stairs. As we neared the floor I said to my brother,

"You know, I think I'll cut my hair."

********Lily's POV********

Ali and Shauna were acting very strangely. Every time I looked over at them they were stealing glances at each other and giggling like excited school girls (which they kinda were). Once Ali whispered something in Shauna’s ear and she sprayed her pumpkin juice out of her nose she was laughing so hard. Seeing them like this brought back that feeling of longing I felt whenever I saw a pair of close sisters. I was dying to know what they were going on about, but I figured that it was a sister thing. I got my answer when Dumbledore stepped up to the podium.

The hall instantly fell silence as he held up his knarled old hand. Ali and Shauna looked like they were holding back laughter.

“I have an announcement to make; we’ve got a transfer, two actually, from Beauxbatons Academy. May I present Miss Twyla Davis and Mr. Tyler Davis, who has been sorted into Gryffindor!” He said. The hall erupted into applause, Ali’s and Shauna’s the loudest of them all, as a pair of fraternal twins walked down the aisle.

********Sirius’ POV********

Twyla moved down the aisle with grace and elegance that I’ve never seen. Her long blonde hair fell down her back (just above her bottom) like a waterfall of liquid pollen. Her eyes shone like brilliant sapphires, her teethe like perfect pearls. She wore a light blue fitted midriff-bearing, off-the-shoulder top with billowing sleeves and a long brown peasant skirt.

Tyler… well, no need to go into *him*. Just because he’s half-way decent looking all the girls turn to gawk at him and completely ignore me! How rude.

When they neared our table Ali and Shauna popped out of their seats and tackled them with monster hugs and squeals. Tyler hugged both of them and kissed the tops of their heads. Remus loudly cleared his throat, obviously jealous. Ali whipped around to face us with a guilty expression.

“Sorry! Intros! Guys, this is Twyla and Tyler. We’ve known each other since we were just a year old. Ty, Twy this is Lily” she pointed to Lily, “Kathy,” point to Kathy, “Kat,” points to Kat, “Will,” points to the resident apple-head, “James,” points to my bestest pally, “Sirius,” points to the best-looking dude in the school, “and, my boyfriend, Remus,” she points to my jealous pal. Tyler and Twyla did a double take at the word ‘boyfriend.’ Tyler takes a long hard look at Remus, and then breaks into a wide grin. Remus looks confused.

“Thank you.” Tyler says sincerely. Remus looks even more confuzzeled.

“Excuse me?” he asks. Tyler puts arm around Ali and she leaned her head on his shoulder.

“For being able to find away to touch her heart. She has built up a wall that would make the Great Wall of China blush. For that I thank you. I didn’t think she would ever smile again, after what happened to Rune. So, for that, I thank you.” He replied. Remus gave a weak smile, not quite sure how to reply to that. I looked at Twyla and saw she was surveying the food with disgust.

“Something wrong, Twyla?” I asked. She nodded.

“Everything’s meat! Doesn’t this place have anything that didn’t once have a face?” she replied. I looked around and saw a vegetable platter. I picked it up and handed it to her. She smiled her thanks, sat down next to Ali’s seat, and put some of the veggies on her plate. Ali looked at Twyla’s hair, quizzically.

“Twyla, did you cut your hair?” she asked. I looked at Twyla, who nodded. She swallowed the bite of corn she just took and answered,

“Just a few inches. The way it was before it kept getting caught in my knees.” Ali sat down next to her.

“I like it! I just thought you would cut your hair that short.”

*That* is short?

********Lily’s POV********

I watched the new trio the entire lunch. As I watched them laugh and joke around, I couldn’t help think that they go together like three peas in a pod.

Ali was the Sexy Seductress, Twyla the Elegant Beauty, and Shauna the Sweet Cutie. I guess Tyler was the Prince Charming, but I’ll confirm that after I get to know him better.

*I hope he doesn’t turn out to be like James and Sirius* I thought, worried.

When breakfast was over I rushed to the dorm to try to get some last minute studying in before classes.

********James’ POV********

I watched has Lily left the Great Hall in a hurry. I got the feeling that she didn’t like Twyla too much. I think she feels like she going to be pushed aside and she and Ali won’t be as close.

I think Mooney and Padfoot are worried that Ali will date Tyler.

Ali’s quite popular, isn’t she?

Tyler and Twyla left with Shauna as Ali waited for the rest of her friends. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a group of girls follow Tyler out of the Hall.

Great, now I get to hear Sirius complain about Tyler in a jealous rage.

Oh joy.

I got up and left and, when I entered the hallway, I saw Tyler cornered by the group of girls I saw earlier. They were blocking his way up the stair case. From the look on his face, I don’t think he was enjoying it to much.


I saw Twyla sitting by the wall, an amused look on her face. Then I was nearly knocked over by a brown blur, but not nearly as bad as Tyler, who nearly knocked over his groupies by the force of Ali jumping on his back. Then Shauna walked up beside me, smiled at me, then walk up to Ali and Tyler. Twyla looked like she was holding back laughter, got up and glided over to them.

When the groupies got over the initial shock of nearly falling over, they saw that it was Ali who had knocked over Tyler and walked away, solemnly.

You’ve never seen such looks of disappointment.

Ali hopped off Tyler’s back and smiled at him.

“I figured you needed saving.” She said a sly grin appearing on her face. Tyler put his hands at the base of his back, and bent backward, popping his back.

“You figured right. But next time you try to save me from a group of crazy girls, please don’t break my back also. Damn, girl! Have you been training to be a football player?” he said righting himself. Ali laughed and shook her head.

“No, but I am a beater for the Gryffindor Quidditch team.” She replied. I slithered up to her and put my arm around her shoulders.

“The best damn beater we’ve had in years!” I popped in, grinning. Twyla grinned weakly.

“Why am I not surprised?” she said, warily. Ali laughed again, and hugged Twyla.

“Come on. Let’s go for a walk around the lake and catch up! You comin’ James?” She asked me directly. As much as I wanted to, I figured she was just being polite, so I shook my head.

“Nah, I’ll just see what Sirius, Remus, and Peter are up to. Catch ya later!” I said waving, then I walked away. Shauna nodded and the quartet walked away.

********Ali’s POV********

I sat by the fire for a good portion of the night. I told Shauna and them that I was going to study when we got back from the walk. It wasn’t a total lie, I completely planned on studying, but my mind was elsewhere. The Time was nearing. I didn’t have much longer until Ember decided my fate. Two days left until Ember decided when I would die. It could be the day after, or a100 days after. I had to do something to get in her good graces. But what?

Let’s see, I could either A) Kill someone or B)…



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Chapter 15: A Bad Day
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15. A Bad Day




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********James’ POV********


Ali was on the warpath.


Those five words would make Voldemort himself quake with fear. I thought Ali was scary when she was slightly pissed off, but now she’s having-a-face-off-with-Voldemort-and-his-Death-Eaters scary. And I would rather have You-Know-Who stand in front of me saying he’s going to make me watch him kill everyone I love then kill me afterwards.


Yeah she’s that bad.



This morning I heard one of her dorm-mates talking about how her bed and bed-curtains looked like they have been clawed to shreds. I knew she must’ve turned into a panther to have done that.


Later I watched her tear into a girl for jokingly calling her friend a ‘bitch’ and then turn around and have at the girl for *letting* her friend call her that. Those girls walked off looking paler than ghost, and their clothes soaked from sweat. I think one of them peed in her pants.


I heard talk of her beating up a dude on the Slytherin Quidditch Team and he’s currently residing in the Hospital Wing in a coma. No one knows *why* though.


I think she beat him up because he’s a Slytherin and felt like hitting someone.


I’m thinking of enrolling her in an Anger management class.



Everything went down hill during Defense Against the Dark Arts.


Professor Smidot had left the room because he was called off on an “important assignment” and everyone was talking and goofing off. A group of Slytherin girls were talking, loudly, and Ali was fuming in the corner near by. We tried to act like nothing was wrong but Ali was scary and the Slytherin girls weren’t helping. Then *Malfoy* and gang just *had* to come say hello to Narcissia.


“Hey Baby!” Narcissia crooned throwing her arms around Malfoy’s neck. I could practically see steam protrude from Ali’s ears. She hates just seeing the Slytherins; it was worse having to watch them grope each other. And they knew this and that’s why they were doing it. Then they made the biggest mistake of all; one of the boys went a talked to Ali’s sister, Shauna.


“Hey Red.” He said, with a sneer. That was the last straw for Ali, she stood up slowly, but fast enough to knock over her chair. The room went dead silent, even the Slytherins looked nervous. Apparently they hadn’t gotten the memo that said “WARNING: DON’T MESS WITH ALI TODAY. SERIOUS INJURY MAY APPLY.” Ali walked slowly towards the Slytherin who talked to her sister, her head bent slightly so her bangs cast a big enough shadow to hide her eyes.


“What’s your name?” she demanded, monotone when she got up to the boy.


“B-Brian Murtagh.” He said without hesitation.


Whadaya know, Slytherins have brains after all.



“Well Brian WHAT THE HELL MADE YOU THINK I WOULD BE OKAY WITH YOU TALKING TO MY BABY SISTER?!”  she shouted an inch from his sweating face.


“I… uh…er… I…d-dunno…” he stammered. Ali grabbed him by the collar and threw him in to the wall.


“YOU DON’T KNOW?! THERE HAD TO BE A REASON, YOU LYING SELF-ABSORBED FILTHY PRA-!!!”  SLAP!!!  One of the Slytherin girls had marched up to Ali and slapped her on the face. Immediately Tyler and Twyla jumped up and grabbed Ali by her arms in an attempt to restrain her.


“WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?! YOU DON’T NEARLY KILL PEOPLE JUST BECAUSE THEY TALK TO YOUR PRECIUOS SISTER!!!” the girl shouted, standing definitely in front of Ali. Ali head was bowed and she was breathing heavily through her teeth.


Suddenly things around the room started floating around the room.  I saw people’s hair and robes lift up as if there was a tornado in the room. I looked at Ali, there was a vein the shape of an upside down sling-shot pulsing vividly in the spot on her forehead that her hair had, up till now, covered. I saw Tyler and Twyla exchange looks that clearly said “Well this is pointless” and let go of Ali’s arms.  Ali stood there for a minute, her robe and hair billowing menacingly around her, and then started to lift up in to the air her self. When she was about four feet above the ground and circle of dirt being blown up diagonally formed around her area. Then she lifted up her head to reveal that both her entire eyes were glowing bright red and she was smiling wickedly to expose two long pointed fangs. She lifted up her hand and all the books, parchment, and quills started spinning around the room like a tornado. All the doors slammed shut and bolted themselves. Girls were screaming and guys were just standing there like deer caught in headlights. Shauna, Tyler and Twyla scrambled to get control of Ali. Me, Kathy, Remus, Sirius, Peter, Kat, and Will all ran for at one of the up turned desks.


Suddenly everything stopped; the school supplies lay on the floor motionless, and the howling of the created wind had stopped. I looked up along with the rest of the gang and saw that Ali was laying limp in Tyler’s arms. I felt Remus start to get up but I put a hand on his chest to stop him. Kathy did the same thing at the same time. Our hands brushed and I saw her blush and jerk her hand away. Remus gave me a pleading look, but when I didn’t move my hand or look at him he sat back down grudgingly.


“We better go to Dumbledore.” I heard Shauna say. Tyler nodded and wrapped one of Ali’s arms around his shoulders and Twyla did the same. I stood up.


“Do you need any help or want any one to go with you?” I asked, hopefully. But Twyla and Shauna shook their heads.


“No, it needs to just be people who have done this before.” Twyla replied. Tyler smiled in tired agreement.



“Don’t ask.” Shauna said when I opened my mouth to talk. I frowned and watched them pass by. Shauna took out her wand and unbolted the doors, then they walked out.



It really irritates me when they pull that inside crisis or whatever crap.



*******************************Tyler’s POV******************************



I can’t believe Ember nearly gained control! I really can’t believe Ali nearly *let* her!


And she is really heavy when unconscious. Really *you* try lugging and unconscious 9th degree black belt half-away across the friggin’ castle and see how you feel!


“Since… when…did Ali… weigh so… so *much*!” Twyla gasped from opposite me. Shauna grinned in amusement.


“She doesn’t, really, you two are just outta shape.” She replied. I gave a resented snort.


“I am… *not* outta… shape!” I shot back, gasping under the strain, “I went… for a … jog with…Ali yesterday… and… and kept pace… with her for… for six… friggin’ laps!”


Shauna giggled but didn’t say any thing more until we got to the Gargoyle blocking Dumbledore’s office.


“Sherbet Lemon.” Shauna said and the Gargoyle did its thing and revealed the staircase that led to Ol’ Dumby’s office. We lugged Ali and ourselves onto the staircase and rode all the way up.


When we got there Shauna didn’t even bother knocking, but just barged in without warning. Dumbledore looked mildly surprised, but greeted her with the usual warm smile. That is, till we walked in with Ali’s limp body between me and Twy.


“What on earth happened to her?” he demanded getting up and walking towards her. Shauna looked uneasy, but decided to talk anyway.


“Well, she was sorta mad this morning and the Slytherins were pushing her buttons and well, she kinda snapped.” Shauna explained, losing the confidence she had when she burst through his door.  Dumbledore’s face went from genuine concern to pure anger.


“What do you mean she snapped?!” he asked somewhat harshly. Shauna recoiled; she has never been the brave of heart like her sister.


“W-well, she…uh…kinda…almost…l-let… E-ember…t-take c-control… and she n-nearly destroyed the c-classroom.” She squeaked, backing away from the angered headmaster. Dumbledore’s face turned bright red.


“WHAT?! I let you into this school and this is the way you repay me? Nearly destroying a classroom and in the process endangering my students! No! No more! I want you people out! Take your war away from this school and my students! Fight your own battles! Do not think we have enough to cope with Voldemort running loose? I-”


“Albus…” Everyone looked at Ali, whom the weak plead had come from. She struggled out of our grasp and limped over to Dumbledore nearly falling over in them process. She supported herself on a nearby chair and looked Dumbledore straight in the eye.


“I know that you are scared for your students’ safety,” she rasped, “This was the only I could do this without having to kill one of them.”


“Do what?” he asked, his voice softer now for some reason.


“Tomorrow is the day Ember decides how long I have left to live. I needed to get in her good gracious in order to at least make it to 120 so I could see my sister through school and help her get started on a career here in the human world.” She answered.


“I thought you were going to go back to Quilvanesti as soon as Shauna finished Hogwarts? Didn’t your Elders say it would them be safe for you?” Dumbledore asked. Ali gave a weak, bitter laugh.


“I haven’t heard from the Elders since my first year here. I believe They have lost hope in that their Queen-to-be will return and are paving the way for Caramon to take my place as ruler of the realm. I believe that They do not expect Tyler or Twyla to return. Not that they care. They see them as only half-breeds, their blood tainted by their father’s elfin blood.” She let out a heart-wrenching cough that shook her whole body. It angered me to hear what I had always assumed; me and Twyla will never be accepted due to our mother’s act of ‘betrayal’, as They call it. And that was after They signed an alliance with the elves. They still have the ld prejudice.


“So you might stay for the rest of your lives?” Dumbledore asked. Ali nodded.


“It appears s- AIIEEE!!!!” Ali let out a blood-curdling scream and hunched over. We all rushed to her. She pushed us away and moved into a corner where she fell to her knees. She hugged her stomach, perched in the fetal position, all the while screaming at the top of her lungs in agony.


Soon we noticed lumps growing between her shoulder blades. Suddenly all-to-familiar blood-red, bat-like wings tore through her robes furiously, as if they had a mind of their own and where yearning for freedom. The wings flexed and caught her billowing robe, ripping in to shreds.


“Ali! Fight it! Don’t let her take your body! Stay strong!” Twyla yelled from beside me. Ali gave a violent shudder and the wings slowly receded back into her back.


With one last great shudder, Ali past out, blood running down her back.




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Chapter 16: We Realize Things
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The Misguided and Angry thoughts of Ali during A Bad Day:


sleep ahh sleep BWAMP BWAMP BWAMP WHAT THE BLODDY HELL IS THAT oh right stupid effin’ alarm clock where’s my wand there it is SHZZAACK BOOM heh heh heh eh heh heh great now I hafta get a new alarm clock stupid curtains get out of my way RAAAWWRRR gotta love panther claws……now I hafta buy new curtains too life needs to go to hell so does that stupid Slytherin over there POW right in the kisser heh heh wait he didn’t do anything whatever he was a Slytherin he deserved it stupid girls shouldn’t be call each other names SLYTHERINS MUST DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Thoughts of Ali Presently:


Black. Everything was black. Not black as in dark, just the place I was in was black. I could see fine, though. There was enough light that I could see the white fog slowly rolling across the floor and my hand in front of my face. It took me a moment to realize that the room I was in was my own mind.


“You really messed up this time, Ali,” came an all too familiar voice from behind me. I turned around to see my original form, Laina, gliding towards me, her long black hair trailing behind her.


“I know I did, Laina.” I replied, walking towards her.


“I think she did wonderfully,” hissed a voice near-by. We turned and looked in the direction of the voice to see Ember slithering up to us. Laina gave her a hard stare.


“Of course you would! What are you doing here?” she asked, hotly. Ember looked at her scornfully.


“I’m part of this body’s mind, too, princess. Or have you forgotten the massacre I went on a few year’s back?” she shot back. I figured it was time to step in.


“Whoa, ladies, sheath the claws, Ember, you literally.” I said. Ember looked at me sheepishly and quickly re-gloved her taloned hand.


“Who died and made you empress? You’re the reason we have all gathered for this nice little chat!” Laina spat at me. I sighed, I forgot how spiteful she was, or I was…God I’m in my own mind, and I’m already confused! I let out a huge sigh and turned to Laina.


“Have you forgotten what day tomorrow is?” I asked her quietly. Laina looked confused, then a look of comprehension flooded her face.


“Oh!” she said. I nodded grimly.


“What are ya’ll talking about? You know I don’t like to be left out of things!” Ember whined, menacingly. Laina and I shot her identical looks of annoyance.


“You won’t know until tomorrow, Em.” I explained, trying to keep the annoyance out of my voice.  In real life I was scared shitless of her when she took control, but in my mind she was just an annoyance to put up with.


“Yes, and you will forget this conversation, also, and any of your thoughts previous.” Laina chimed in. Ember looked put-out.


“Why?” she asked. I looked at Laina, she was still glaring at Ember.


“Because the idiot who created you and cursed us and our oldest granddaughter (if we have one) at least had some intelligence and made it so that you would forget conversations concerning our life. Because, remember Em, you can’t kill us out of spite!” Laina snapped in reply. I rolled my eyes at the banter; whenever these two where in the same area, they always fought.


“Guys, we have more important things to worry about other than childish irritancy!” I interjected, seriously annoyed. Laina threw me a sharp look.


“Like what?” she snapped. I matched her gaze tenfold.


“Like the fact that I’m unconscious!!”



********Kathy’s POV********


I looked at Ali, lying unconscious on the hospital wing bed. Madam Gargey had made all the boys leave so she could change her out of her bloody clothes and into a white hospital gown. I let out a small gasp when she removed Ali’s shirt and I saw the two bloody holes between her shoulder blades.


“Lily,” Madam Gargey said, “would you please fetch me the gauze wrap and tape?” Lily jumped out of her chair and hurried to a cabinet. She came back with the gauze and tape. Lily, Twyla, Shauna, Kat, Will, and I watched as she cleaned and dressed the wounds, dead silent. When Gargey was finished she continued dressing Ali in the white gown. After she finished, she turned to us.


“Would one of you girls like to go and fetch some of Miss DaCosta’s belongings from her dorm? I believe it would make her more comfortable when she wakes up.” Madam Gargey was all about comfort.  I stood up.


“I’ll go.” I said, quietly. I really needed to get out of the infirmary for a minute. The others nodded absently, and I turned and left the room.


As soon as I stepped out the door; Tyler, James, Sirius, and Remus appeared in front of my person.


“Well?” Sirius asked, expectantly. I let out a shuddering breath.


“She’s still passed out, and she has two holes between her shoulder blades. Madam Gargey already attended to those. She just sent me to get some of Ali’s stuff to make her feel comfortable when she wakes up.” IF she wakes up I thought. I looked at there faces to see that they were thinking the same thing. Finally James spoke.


“Do you need help bringing her stuff?” he asked. I felt the familiar blush creep up to my cheeks that did whenever James spoke to me. I nodded, and the boys followed me to the Common Room.





I left the boys in the common room and walked up the stairs to the 6th years’ dorm. I walked to Ali’s bed and saw her tattered curtains and her cat, Sammy staring at me with yellow eyes. I patted his head and went to Ali’s trunk. What was inside puzzled me. The trunk was full of small purple cloth bags with labels. They were labeled as followed:  Clothes, School Books, Read Books, Unread Books, Weapons, Extra Uniforms, Letters, Stationary, Jewelry, and Miscellaneous.  I picked up the unread bag and emptied it on the floor. Books no bigger than 6 centimeters fell out. There were quite a lot. I shoved them back in and grabbed the one labeled ‘Extra Uniforms’ because hers was bloodied and in tatters.


 I made to leave the dorm, carrying the two bags and her wand, when I saw a small black book labeled ‘My Friends’ settled on Lily’s bed. I walked over to the bed and stared at the book for a few moments. Then, over taken be curiosity, dropped my bundle on the bed and opened the book. The first page had ‘My Short Bio’ in flowery letters across the type, and basic questions down the page with Lily’s neat handwriting next to them.



Name: Lily Marguerite Evans

Place of Birth: London England

Date of Birth: April 6, 1962

Blood type: AB

Address: Number 2, Crescent Hill

Favorite Class: Charms

Physical Description: Red hair with an auburn twinge to it, really green eyes, too many freckles for my taste, a decent figure (not fat or lopsided, just decent).

Short Bio: Well, I’m studious (to the point of irritation as my friends say) and well organized. I believe my clothes are reasonably fashionable; they normally consist of the Hogwarts uniform, but on weekends, jeans or skirt with a t-shirt or sweater with sneakers or flip-flops.


I couldn’t help but laugh as I read this. It sounds just like Lily; modest to the point of frustration. We, her friends, believe she sells her self too short. Laughing some more, I turned the page to read her next friend entry. It was Kat’s.


Name: Katherine Agatha Murry (Kat)

Place of Birth: London England

Date of Birth: March 8, 1962

Blood type: Uh, I don’t really know…

Address: Number 6, Spearmont Village

Favorite Class: Care of Magical Creatures

Physical Description: Long frizzy, wavy blond hair with blue eyes. A few freckles decorate her nose. Really tiny and curvy and short. Teeth like a vampire (she’s not one thought).

Short Bio: Eccentric, very eccentric. Love dragons and anything related to them. She draws Japanese Anime really well and has started her own comic, which she has now refused to let anyone read…Her clothes are like her….different. She has a series of long skirts and fitted bodice like shirts. Her attire is almost like a hippie’s and a pirate’s.


Lily was always painfully modest about herself, but she always talked about her friends as if they were the greatest person in the world. I turned the page and I felt a jolt of excitement as I read the name:


Name: Katherine Elizabeth Kavanaugh (Kathy)



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Chapter 17: Chapter 17
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Name: Katherine Elizabeth Kavanaugh (Kathy)

Place of Birth: London England

Date of Birth: March 31, 1962

Blood type: I don’t know. Does that make me a bad friend?

Address: Number 14, Starcroft Ave

Favorite Class: Potions

Physical Description: Shoulder-length brown hair, which she highlights and dies every few months. Pretty blue eyes that pop and a lot of freckles on her face (it looks good on her though). Her fashion is extremely preppy, with peasant skirts and frilly t-shirts as her favorite combination.

Short Bio: She is serious and yet she is extremely goofy, when the time is right. I believe that she stresses about her grades to much, but I guess I can’t really talk since I rank top in the school. She loves to read (much like her best friend, Remus Lupin) and write. I just recently found out that she likes Potter…


I smiled as I read this. You could always count on Lily to make your day, no matter what.


 “You almost done up there? Need any help?” came a shout from down stairs. Sirius, I assumed. I quickly snapped the book shut and jumped up from the bed.


“Coming!” I shouted in reply. I looked around to see if I could bring anything else. I decided to bring Sammy because Ali absolutely adores him. After I scooped him up and the rest of my bundle and walked down stairs. The boys stood up and walked over to me. I handed Remus the cat and Sirius and James the two bags and Tyler her wand.


“What are you going to carry?” Sirius asked. I rolled my eyes at his childish nature.


I’m going to carry her CDs and you are going to carry her CD player, comprende?” I replied. He nodded in his pouty way and I walked back up stairs to retrieve the CD player. As I passed her bed, I couldn’t help staring at Lily’s friend book. I was reeking with curiosity to read more. But, no, I needed to concentrate on Ali at the moment. So I went over to her bedside table and started unhooking her player. When I was done, I took the speakers down first then the actual player. After I had handed the player to the James (without looking at him) I went to Ali’s trunk and swiped up the bag labeled ‘CDs’ and went back down stairs.


“Let’s go,” I said and we walked out through the portrait hole.


********Will’s POV********


I looked up as Kathy and the boys walked in carrying three purple bags and Ali’s cat and CD player. Sammy jumped from Remus’ arms and onto Ali’s bed. He then curled up and fell fast asleep. I watched James and Sirius walk over to the night stand and try to hook up the CD player. After a few minutes (and a few choice words) Lily and Shauna took over for them. Remus walked over to Ali’s bedside and looked at her face. Then he bent down and kissed her forehead.


“So, what do we do now?” I asked. Everyone looked clueless.


“I just feel so helpless.” James said, “I mean, there is something obviously going on with Ali and we can’t’ help her ‘cause she won’t tell us anything.” At this Tyler stood up.


“Did you ever think that if she wanted you to know, she would tell you? That if she wanted your help she would ask for it?” He asked the room. Everyone remained silent. Tyler sighed and shook his head.


“Look, the best thing for you to do is to not bug her about this. She’ll tell you when she’s ready, if she ever is.” He said. Sirius stood up and faced Tyler.


“What about you? Do you know?” he asked, accusingly. Tyler’s face remained impassive.


“Yes. Twyla and Shauna also know.” He replied.


“How come she told you and not us?” Remus asked. Tyler opened his mouth, but his sister interrupted him.


“Look, we’ve known Ali’s for longer than you can imagine. We were there when Rune died, and through all the hardships she faced and she for us. So excuse me if she chooses to trust us more than you. She’s known all of you for how long? 3 months?” Twyla said, sharply. This took everyone by surprise; Twyla always struck us as the kind of girl to smooth things over and not the one to tell people off. That was Ali’s job.


“Twyla, we didn’t mean anything by it,” Lily said, after a pause, “We just don’t know what to do. We all just want to help her and we don’t know how.” Twyla face softened as she quietly whispered “I know” and went over to hug a tear streaked Lily. I saw Lily stiffen, then relax. It was no secret to anyone that Lily was slightly jealous of Twyla; for her connection to Ali, and among other things.


I believe she believes that she is going to get pushed aside and replaced by Twyla I thought, watching the two. I didn’t see that happening, Ali was, with all her faults, extremely loyal to her friends, old and new.


“Excuse me kids,” we heard Madam Gargey say behind us, “but I need to get to Ali. I need to apply the medicine.” I noticed that she held a vial of thick, powder blue liquid. We moved aside and watched her turn over a limp Ali on her back. I heard multiple sharp intakes of breath when the guys saw the holes in her back. They were no longer gushing out blood, but they still were pretty red and deep.  Madam Gargey busied herself with rubbing the liquid on Ali’s wounds. As soon as the liquid touched the wounds, it began to sizzle, as if the liquid were cooking Ali’s wounds. After that was over, she put new bandages on and re-clothed her back. She walked out and left us in a horrified silence.



********Ali POV********


“You know I would really like to regain consciousness now, thank you!” I snapped at Laina. She looked back furiously.


“Well then regain it! I certainly don’t want to be here! I would much go back to the pit of nothingness I was floating in before this mess!”  she snapped back. I rolled my eyes and looked at Ember. She had taken to sitting there, watching us bicker and sharpening her talons. I stared at her jet black hair then at Laina’s. I picked up a strand of my hair and looked at it then looked back at their’s.


“You know what I’ve just noticed?” I asked them. Laina looked at me impatiently and Ember just shrugged.


“That you are despicable human being and you should really through yourself down a bottomless chasm? Because that’s what I noticed I’m thinking!” Laina spat back angrily. I ignored her comment and continued.


“No, it’s just that out of all our forms, I’m the only one without black hair. Just really dark brown.” Laina looked at me as if I were crazy. Which I probably was. I mean, I’m having a conversation with myself here!


“Why are you bringing this up now?” she asked snappishly. I shrugged.


“Must be part of my sparkling personality!” I chirped. Or our sparkling personality…are you confused, because I’m starting to be.


“Whatever,” Laina mumbled and turned away from me and Ember.


“Hey if this is our mind, shouldn’t we be able to make it more pleasant? I mean, we are going to be here a while.” I said. Laina opened to her mouth to respond but before she could say anything, she thrown backwards and on to the floor with a loud thump. I heard another thump and looked to see Ember lying on the ground. Before I could register anything more, I was thrown back just like the other two. As soon as I hit the ground, I felt as if I was going to pass out. Before I entered again into the world of blackness, I saw Ember and Laina start to slowly fade away.

********Kat’s POV********



“Ungh…” at the sound of a moan we all turned to Ali’s bed. We saw move her hand slightly, then abruptly sit up and look around. After a moment of shocked silence, a sly smile slowly spread on her lips.


“God, guys. You looked as if you saw someone die! Lighten up will ya?” she said playfully. Everyone let out a groan and threw there arms around her neck. Sirius made the mistake of wrapping his arms around her back. She arched her back and winced with a painful “Ah!” He immediately backed off and mumbled a pathetic “sorry.” When every one let go of her, she leaned over and gave Sirius a quick kiss on his cheek.


“Don’t worry about it,” she whispered, “I’ve experienced much worse.”




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Chapter 18: Explanations
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Author’s POV


“Hey, Tyler, wanna make some girl’s day?” Ali said, waking the buff blonde. It had been three days since she had been admitted to the Hospital Wing and the holes in her back weren’t even scabbing, let alone disappearing for good. She had been pretty much like her normal self (to say the least. Has Ali EVER been normal?) but Madam Gargey insisted on keeping her until she could figure out how to get rid of the holes. Which made Ali extremely irritated; because she knew how to get rid of them, but she couldn’t exactly use her true powers when she had people constantly at her side. One of the disadvantages of being popular, she mused to herself the other day.


“What?” Tyler said groggily, standing up. Ali smiled her perfect smile.


“I need to you to send a message for me.” She chirped. Tyler frowned.


“So, what, you hurt yourself and suddenly I get to be your messenger boy?” he grumbled, irritated at being woke up. Ali smiled again, this mischievously.


“You’ve always been my messenger boy, Damien.” She said, slyly. It was true, back when Ali was Princess Laina. Tyler hung his head and sighed.


“Fine! What and who for?” he asked, dejectedly. Ali turned back to her book.


“A third year named Madeline Podunk. Shauna and I promised to give her a makeover tomorrow, but obviously I can’t make it. Will you let her know?” she replied. Tyler stood there looking confused.


“How will that make her day?” he asked. Ali rolled her beautiful chocolate brown eyes, sometimes Tyler was just so clueless.


“It will trust me. Oh, put on some charm as if your flirting with her.” She said winking. Comprehension dawned Tyler’s face.


“Oh!” he said, grinning. Ali smiled back.


“Took you long enough, dunderhead. Why don’t you escort her here also, if she wants?” she asked, turning a page in her book. Tyler responded with a low bow.


“As you wish, your highness.” He said standing up straight. Then he winked and turned and ran out of the room. Ali smiled. She liked the petite girl and knew this would gain Madeline some respect.


When Tyler found Madeline, she was in some desperate need of it. She was surrounded by tall, skinny girls with long, shiny hair and they were doing a number on her. Verbally.


“My God, Madeline! Do you own a brush?” said the leader


“Yeah, and what’s with the outfit? You make these already hideous uniforms look even worse!” added a blonde girl with mean eyes.


“People like you make this school look horrible! People like you belong in a dumpster!” a girl with chicken legs chimed in.


“She already lives in one, Kara!” said the leader, snickering. The rest of the girls burst out with malicious laughter.


“You’re right! She honestly can’t call that dung heap she lives in a house, can she? I mean I knew there were poors out there, but not that poor!” Kara shot back, roaring with laughter. Their laughter was instantly silenced by a deep, sexy voice.


“I assume that the girl crying in the middle is Madeline Podunk. No way would Ali befriend you other bitches.” The girls turned to none other than Tyler Davis, one of the hottest guys in the school. The evil girls instantly blushed and muttered incomprehensible sentences. Tyler shook his head disgustedly and turned to the broken girl in the center.


“Madeline,” he said, gently. Madeline looked up and nodded her tearstained cheeks. Tyler took a step forward.


“Ali told me, that she couldn’t make it tomorrow. She’s in the hospital wing.” He said. Madeline looked shocked.


“I-is she okay?” she asked. Tyler smiled and held his arm out wide for her.


“Why don’t you come and visit her?” he asked. Madeline nodded and stood up and walked to him. He wrapped his arms around her and they headed towards the hospital wing, leaving six bitches with their mouths hanging open in disbelief. After they were a few feet away, Tyler turned and looked at the girls.


“You better close your mouths or you’ll catch flies. They’ve always been attracted to trash.” He said, smirking. He turned away and continued his walk with Madeline, whose neck he could feel grow very hot under his arm.




“Miss Ali, you have visitors!” Madame Gargey sing-songed as she walked into the room with Tyler and Madeline following close behind. When Madeline saw Ali lying there with bandages acting as a tube-top, she rushed over to her bedside.


“Oh Ali! What happened?” Madeline asked her voice layered with concern. Ali laughed her melodic laugh and gave the girl a bright smile.


“Ah, no need to bore you with the little details, right? Have a seat.” She offered waving toward the chair next to her. Madeline obediently sat down and stared at Ali with awe. Ali’s smile went down a notch.


“Sorry I can’t make it tomorrow. We’ll do it as soon as I get out of here.” She said, with a touch of regret. Madeline smiled reassuringly.


“No, it’s okay! Really. I’m just happy you were kind enough to choose me anyway.” She replied happily. Jeeze she’s obvious Tyler thought with a hint of annoyance. Be nice Ali warned, intercepting his thought. Tyler grinned sheepishly, then sat down in a nearby chair. The trio settled into a comfortable silence. A silence interrupted by Madame Gargey bustling in with the vile of blue liquid. Ali groaned, not this again!


“Time for the ointment!! Flip over dear.” She ordered. Ali grudgingly obeyed, and flopped on her stomach. Madam Gargey shot Tyler a look and he shrugged a walked out of the room. Then she gingerly removed the bandages to reveal the raw, red holes in Ali’s back. There was a sharp intake of breath that came from the corner of the room. Ali looked up to see Madeline’s horrified face blanch.


“Pretty gruesome huh?” Ali smirked. Madeline gave her a weak smile, then promptly fainted. Gargey looked over at the unconscious girl and tutted.


“Oh dear,” she said, then went back to smearing the ointment over the wounds. Ali chuckled to her self as the affects of the blue liquid started to make her sleepy.


“Tyler, be a dear and place Miss Podunk on a bed and grab the pink bottle in the cabinet. Yes, that’s the one,” said Madame Gargey as Tyler plucked a pink vial from its place in the cabinet. Tyler laid Madeline on a nearby bed a fed her the liquid. A few seconds after that, Madeline awoke with a start. She looked around wildly, as if not sure what happened. When she looked at Ali and saw that she was lying on her back once more, she visibly relaxed.


“Sorry,” she said still looking at Ali. Ali smiled sleepily.


“S’okay.” She said, half asleep already. Tyler sighed and walked over to the now sleeping Ali. With a wave of his wand, the mug sitting on the night stand next to Ali’s bed was instantly filled with hot, steamy coffee. He picked up the mug and waved it under Ali’s nose. Suddenly, Ali shot right up and grabbed the mug from an amused Tyler’s hands and took a large swig. When she was done she wiped her mouth on her arm, then wiped her arm on the sheets. She shot Tyler a grateful smile, her teeth, amazingly still white.


“Thanks, Ty! I don’t know why that stuff makes me sleepy! I wish the guy who invented coffee were still alive! I would give him a big kiss in gratitude!” she said still smiling.


“What’s this I hear about kissing?” came a voice from the doorway. Everyone looked up to see Sirius, Remus, James, Lily, Shauna, and Will walk into the infirmary. Madame Gargey looked as if she were counting in her head. She then turned to Madeline and Tyler.


“I’m sorry dears, but one of you has to leave now. Seven is the limit,” she said firmly. Tyler and Madeline looked at each other.


“I’ll go,” Madeline said. In truth, she was a bit nervous being in the same room with all these upperclassmen. Not to mention that they happened to be the most well-liked and well-known group in the entire school, the boys especially.  Her departure was met by farewells from Ali, Shauna, and Tyler. Remus looked to Ali.


“Who was that?” He asked walking over and kissing her forehead.


“Her name is Madeline, a third year. I decided to befriend her and help her out a little,” she replied, “she’s not the most liked in her year.” Tyler nodded in agreement.


“Yeah you should’ve heard what the girls were saying when I went to go get her. They seriously need a reality check.” He replied, looking pointedly at Sirius. He looked alarmed.


“Whaddya want me to do?!” he asked. Ali rolled her eyes. The other girls followed the suit. Tyler just shook his head.


“They were of your fan club, I believe.” He said. Sirius stilled looked confused for a moment then comprehension filled his face.


“Oh!” he exclaimed, getting it, “ but what do you want me to do? I can’t exactly control my fan girls.” The question was for Tyler, but it was James who answered.


“Yeah, but we can influence them, right?” he said, his eyes twinkling mischievously. Sirius face was suddenly sly as he matched James’s grin. He cackled and James followed. Ali, confused, looked at Remus.


“They’re your friends! What’s going on?” she asked. Remus shrugged.


I’m not even sure!” he replied. He turned to James and Sirius.


“Just what do you plan to do?” he asked worriedly. James smiled wickedly.

“The same thing I do to entice Evans over here.” He said, putting his arm around Lily’s shoulder.  Lily’s face turned as red as her hair and before anyone was aware of what happened, James was on the floor with the tip of Lily’s wand at his throat.


“Don’t you ever touch me again, Potter!” she hissed, through gritted teeth. James was visibly sweating, but he smiled his cocky smile anyway.


“Come on, Evans, you know you want me!” he said. Lily jabbed her wand further into his throat.


“Please,” she scoffed, “the day I go out with you is the day Ali decides she madly in love with Peter!” James paled, everyone knew that Ali hated Peter. Lily was about to mutter a hex, but a soft, but firm clapping interrupted her. Everyone turned to see Twyla glide into the room, her long blonde hair trailing after her. Madame Gargey opened her mouth to remind them of the people limit, but Twyla cut her off.


“Do not worry,” she said in her mystic voice, “I do not plan to stay long. But, if you don’t mind, I must request your leave. I would like to discuss a private matter with my friends.” She topped off her little speech with one of her cure-all smiles that melts any adult’s resolve. Gargey looked unsure, but Twyla’s smile did not waver, so she relented and left for her office. Twyla turned to Lily and James.


“Please release him, Lily. We have more important matters to attend to.” She said firmly. Lily reluctantly removed her wand, but not before kicking James where it hurts. She smiled with satisfaction as James rolled on the floor, moaning. Ali and Sirius were shaking with silent laughter. Twyla looked disapproving, but turned her attention to Ali.


“Ali, I believe you owe our new friends an explanation about the other day.” She said, Ali looked appalled.


You want me to tell them everything? Ali said telepathically. Tyler and Shauna, having heard the question looked to Twyla.


Of course not! Merely tell them a believable lie. I can see a disrupted aura gathering around them. They are starting to doubt us as their friends. We owe them that much she replied. Lily looked at Ali.


“Yes, I believe you do.” She replied, still miffed about James.  The quartet ignored her, still having their silent conversation.


Twyla! What the hell do I tell them? Ali asked. Twyla smiled innocently.


You’ll think of something she responded. Ali sighed, and without thinking summoned a chocolate truffle into her mouth. A collective gasp went through the room as they watched the candy float out of its box and into Ali’s mouth. Lily started pointing franticly at Ali.

“I know what you are!” she exclaimed, still pointing. Ali and Co. looked startled.


“Y-you do?” she asked. She looked at looked at Shauna, who mirrored her worried look. Lily nodded vigorously.


“Yes! You’re a…” she paused dramatically, “….a telekin!” When everyone looked at her blankly, she let out an exasperated sigh.


“You know! A telekin! Beings with telekinetic powers! They can move any solid object and some who are really advanced can move liquids too!” she looked expectantly at the group. But when nobody reacted, she fell exasperatedly into they nearby chair. 


“Honestly, don’t any of you read?” she muttered. Ali sank down into the pillows on relief.


I knew I befriended a brain for something she thought. Twyla, Shauna, and Tyler broke in to simultaneous laughter, having heard the thought. Ali joined in, leaning forward hugging her sides. The rest of the pack looked at this show with utter confusion. 


“What?!” Lily snapped. Ali looked up and wiped tear from her eye. She took a few calming breaths, the answered Lily.


“It’s true I am a telekin.” She lied, smiling. Lily looked smug.


“I had this suspicion ever since you threw Sirius across the table. No way was that was pure strength!” she said smugly. Ali looked at her strangely.


“Hate to break it to you, Lils, but that was pure strength. I’m a lot stronger than I look.” Ali corrected. Lily looked flabbergasted.


“But...I…you…HOW?!” she asked. Ali chuckled.


“Easy! I’ve been practicing karate for 11 years!” she replied, simply. Lily looked put out that her reasoning was wrong. Ali smiled reassuringly.


“Don’t fret, Lily. You got the answer right, it’s just the equation that was wrong!” she said. With that everyone burst out laughing. Leave it to Ali to use a mat metaphor! She hated every other subject, but she loved Arithmacy! Ali joined in the laughter fest.


“Oh, I remember when I first found out about Ali’s powers!” Twyla said, wiping a tear from her eye. Tyler looked up.


“Oh yeah! I remember that day! You two were playing with a ball and I stole it from you. I climbed up on the roof to make sure you couldn’t get it till I was ready to give it back. But suddenly ball floated out of my hands and into Ali’s!” he said, excitedly. Twyla and Ali laughed.


“Ah, yes,” said Twyla, “Ali scared the pants off me that day! I thought I knew everything about her and then I found out that she has telekinetic powers!” Shauna frowned.


“I don’t remember that,” she said,


“Of course you don’t, you were barely three at the time. I was five,” she replied, then turned back to Lily, “I’m much more advanced now. I can move small amount of water. I’m still practicing though.” Lily looked worried still.


“But what about the other day what happened there?” she asked. Ali sighed.


“You see, my powers react strongly with emotion. Mostly anger, though. So I hafta keep my anger in check so I don’t go postal on every one, like Tuesday. I keep it to a dull roar most of the time. I was just so angry I couldn’t control it,” she replied, simply. Everyone stared at her as if she had two heads. Her idea of a ‘dull roar’ was what they would call ‘going postal’.




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Chapter 19: Recoveries
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James’s POV;


“James?” I looked up from the essay I was writing to look at Ali.


“Yeah?” I replied, getting up. I walked over to her bed and sat down in the chair beside it. Her intense chocolate eyes watched my every move.


“When’s the next Quidditch practice?” she asked. I sighed; I was worried she would ask. Truth be told, I was toying with the idea to replace her if she wasn’t healed for the next game.


“Monday night.” I answered, thinking that there’d be no way for her to be ready.


“I’ll be there.” She said firmly. I looked at her in surprise, the practice was two days away and the holes showed no sign of taking the ointment.


“What?” I asked stupidly. She smiled wickedly.


“I said I’ll be there.” She repeated. I looked over at Sirius sitting nearby. He looked just as surprised as I was. He stood up and walked over to us and stopped and sat at the end of the bed.


“But, Ali, how can you?” he asked. She shrugged and reached for her mug of coffee. After taking a long swig, she set it down and winked at us.


“Don’t worry about it, I have my ways” she said mysteriously.




“James, all you have to worry about is how many bats you can spare,” she added with a wink. Sirius and I sighed, not knowing what she meant nor wanting to know. I stood up and started walking to the door.


“Alright, whatever Ali. We gotta get to class. We’ll see you later, okay?” I said motioning to Sirius to follow. He nodded and turned to Ali.


“Yeah, bye Ali,” he shook his head, “I’ve never understood you Yanks.” Ali grinned.


“And you never will,” she replied. Sirius chuckled then followed me out of the Infirmary.


Shauna’s POV:


Hey guys! I need you in the Infirmary stat! Hurry up while everyone’s in class! I jerked when I suddenly heard Ali’s demanding voice pound into my head. I sighed and closed my book. I looked to see Twyla and Tyler sharing exasperated looks.


“What else could she possibly want?” Tyler grumbled. Twyla looked disapproving


“It very well could be important, Tyler! We are pledged to help the princess with whatever she may need! We promised the Elders we would look after her!” she snapped. I stood up, deciding it was time to intervene. I placed a hand on each of their shoulders and pecked each on the cheek.


“Don’t fight guys! Let’s go see what she needs and if it’s to refill her chocolate stash again, then we yell at her, okay?” I said. Tyler shrugged and Twyla nodded reluctantly. I sighed. Of course I would be stuck with a pair of headstrong twins!

What’s taking so long?!  Ali’s voice screeched in my head, I saw Ty and Twy jump about a mile, signaling that they heard it too. Tyler sighed and stood up.


“Let’s go guys,” he said, exasperated. We all stood up and followed him out of the library. For some reason we got special treatment and weren’t punished for skipping to many classes, which we were all doing now. When we entered the Hospital Wing, we saw and excited looking Ali waiting.


“Guys, guess what?” she said, excitedly. Tyler and Twyla shared highly significant looks and shrugged.


“What?” I asked, warily. Ali grinned her hundred what smile.


“There’s a Quidditch practice Monday!” she said. A unanimous groan filled the room.


“You called us out of class to tell us there’s a Quidditch practice?!” Tyler exclaimed, infuriated. Ali laughed and shook her head excitedly.


“No, silly!” she responded, laughing, “I called you out of class to tell you that I decided to heal my self and see what Caoimhe said!” Tyler and I started to get excited. We have been dying to see what Caoimhe’s decision was. If she was happy with Ali, Ali could live as long as the rest of us, if not Ali could die as soon as the next hour. The People we basically immortal, meaning we never aged past the mortal equivalent of 30. But that didn’t mean we couldn’t die. We will never die of natural causes, but if someone used magic or our magic simply died out, we would most definitely die. Also, we would die if someone drove a sword through our heart or decapitated us. But that goes without saying. I looked to Twyla to share in my excitement only to find her beautiful heart-shaped face set in a frown and her sparkling blue eyes troubled. Ali noticed this, also.


“What’s wrong, Twy?” Ali asked, concerned. Twyla’s frown deepened.


“Caoimhe’s wounds cannot be healed, Ali! We read it in the Text and we’ve found out the hard way. Remember Rune?” she asked, forgetting herself. A cloud passed over Ali’s face and her brown eyes darkened to an inky black. Twyla, realizing her mistake, visibly paled and took an involuntary step backward. Ali slowly sat up straight her arms and neck limp, causing her dark brown hair to shadow her face. Her head hung, her hair shielding her face from everyone’s view. The room noticeably got colder and lightning flashed and thunder rumbled outside, when two seconds ago it was a bright clear day. I glanced around nervously, having experienced Ali’s simmering rage before.


“I-I’m s-sorry Ali! I-I…..forg-got….” Twyla stammered, interrupted by Ali’s raised hand. She lifted her head slightly, but not enough to show her face.


“Silence,” she said quietly. Twyla’s mouth instantly clamped shut and Tyler wrapped a protective around his half-elf twin. Ali’s body seemed to rise of its on accord. Up and off the bed, the sheet sliding off her bared legs. Her whole body seemed to glow with Red Magic. Caoimhe’s Magic. With her head still bowed, she spoke, her voice layered thick with power, sounding oddly and horribly like Caoimhe.


“Of course she remembers Rune. How could she not? And you are right, Serenity, the wounds I inflict cannot be healed, unless I help heal them,” Caoimhe hissed, proving that she had momentarily taken control of Ali’s body, “And I simply can’t allow my sweet Laina to be confined to this hospital wing any longer. With each passing day her body grows weaker, as do I. I need her to be healthy in order to do what I have planned. Do not mention Rune in that context again, understand Serenity?” Twyla nodded dumbly, visibly shaking in Tyler’s arm. Ali, Caoimhe, smirked.


“Do tell Laina I’ve reached my decision. I’ve decided that she’ll reach 300. I do love chaos and destruction!” the evil witch chuckled and lifted her head. A collective gasp went through the room as the visible change in Ali was revealed. Her normal chocolate brown irises had disappeared completely, along with the pupils. What was left, the whites of her eyes, were glowing a bright, angry red. Those were the eyes of Caoimhe. When she smiled, she displayed two, inch long fangs and a long forked tongue danced out between them. We were so focused on that voice; we hadn’t noticed that Ali’s dark brown hair had grown another five feet long-skimming the top of the sheets (she floated a few inches above them) and a dark, inky black. If it were not for Ali’s tanned skin and lack of wings and a tail, I would think we were talking to Caoimhe herself.


Suddenly, with an evil grin, Ali/Caoimhe threw her head back laughing evilly and burst into blood red flames, casting an eerie red glow on the formally dark room. Soon Caoimhe horrible laughter died out, along with the flames, and Ali collapsed in a heap on the non-scorched sheets. Her hair had retuned to its normal color and length, as had her teeth and tongue. Her eyes were closed, so I could not tell if they had returned to normal, also. The storm outside had abruptly stopped and the lights flickered back on, returning the room to its normal, cheery self.


With a groan, Ali stirred, rolling on to her stomach. Tyler, Twyla, and I rushed to her side, wanting to help but sure how. Ali’s eyelids flickered opened and she met our blue and green stares with her normal, chocolate brown one.


“My back itches,” she croaked. Twyla and I instantly set to work undoing the bandages on her back. As we neared the last layer, we braced ourselves for the stench of decaying flesh that usually came with the holes in her back. But the smell never came, nor were we greeted by the angry red and black holes in her back. Instead were two red, blue, and purple bruises in their place.


“Are they gone?” Ali asked, her voice gaining back its vigor. Twyla nodded, and Tyler responded “Yes” and the same time. Ali grinned and satisfied grin.


“I told you I would heal them,” she said. Twyla nodded, and threw herself into Tyler’s arms, burying her face in his chest, as the sobs racked her slender body. Ali, hearing Twyla’s sobs, sat up and looked at her, concerned.


“Twyla? What’s wrong?” she asked. I went over and wrapped my arms around my surrogate sister’s shoulders and buried my face in her hair, as the tears over came me, too. Ali looked at Tyler, confused.


“What’s with them?” I heard her ask.


“Caoimhe took over your body,” he explained, “They were scared, is all.” Ali looked pained and visibly paled. I knew that was hard for her to hear. The only thing she had ever feared was herself, and when she can’t even control her own body, well, it must have shaken her as well.


“Well,” she said, quietly, “What did she say?” I lifted my head from Ali’s to see that Tyler smiled broadly and Twyla had lifted her head, eyes shining with tears and new found excitement.


“She said ‘300,’ Ali!” Tyler exclaimed, “300!” Ali let out a disbelieving squeak as Twyla joined me in hugging Ali.


“You’ll be able see my kids!” I cried. I was several years younger than she; about 20. But that didn’t matter to Ali. We were still very close. Ali’s face positively lit up when she heard what I said.


“Yeah,” she said, “I must’ve pleased her last week, huh?” Tyler smirked


“Well, let’s see: You destroyed your bed, you beat and told of like 5 people, and completely destroyed the DADA classroom and the Headmaster’s office. Yeah I think you pleased her,” Tyler responded wryly. Ali grinned and started to say something but was interrupted my Madam Gargey bustling in the room.


“I’m very sorry, Miss DaCosta,” she said, “I couldn’t find that brand of chocolate anywhere! I even went to London!” Everyone turned to stare incredulously at Ali, who grinned sheepishly.


I had to get rid of her some way! she said through our telepathic link. Tyler and Twyla rolled their eyes in unison while I looked at Ali exasperatedly.


Did you have to make her go all the way to LONDON?! I screeched back. Ali winched, then smiled innocently.


I just asked for a Hershey’s bar! she responded, innocently. I let out a frustrated huff, while Tyler snickered behind his hand.


Those are only available in AMERICA! I shouted. Ali’s smile widened


I know she replied, sheepishly. I rolled my eyes. Ali can be so immature! I watched wryly as Ali turned to the put-out nurse.


“That’s okay, Madam Gargey!” Ali reassured her. Madam Gargey smiled faintly and pulled out a vial of the familiar blue liquid. Ali groaned, not letting on that the holes were healed and she was fit to leave. I guess she wanted to give the woman the satisfaction of healing them. The stubborn wounds had made her confidence waver slightly.  Madam Gargey gave Ali a tight smile and shooed Tyler out of the room for the sake of decency.


“Flip over please,” she instructed Ali. Ali did so begrudgingly, keeping up the pretense with little effort on her part. The rest of us, on the other hand, were trying real hard to suppress our giggles. Twyla and I, that is. Tyler wasn’t in the room at that particular moment. Gargey unwrapped the bandages we had just replaced and visibly prepared herself for the awful stench that was sure to follow. When the bandages were completely removed, Gargey let out a startled gasp. Ali lifted her head, a look of perfect confusion on her face.


“What is it, Madam? It isn’t getting worse is it?” she asked, feigning worried. Gargey shook her head still stunned.


“No, Miss DaCosta! They’re perfectly healed!” she cried. Ali’s faux worried broke into a genuine 100-watt smile.


“Your ointment must’ve worked then!” Ali exclaimed. Gargey positively beamed under Ali’s statement, making Ali’s grin wider. Twyla clamped her hands over her mouth, her shoulders shaking with the concealed laughter. Ali sat up, holding the bandages to her chest to cover herself.


“Does this mean I’m free to go?” Ali asked.  Gargey looked up, a hesitant look upon her face.


“I would rather you stay here for at least one night. For observation, of course,” she replied, turning toward the cupboard to replace the vial. Ali slumped down in her pillows and pouted. When Gargey turned and saw Ali, she tutted.


“Now Miss Ali, you know that there might be a chance of internal infection! I would like to keep you here in case that happens,” Gargey scolded. Ali sighed and leaned over the side of her bed to pick up a shirt she had discarded three days before. She wiggled it over her head and told Gargey that Tyler could come in now. The nurse bustled off to tell Tyler just that and Twyla and I went over to Ali’s bedside.


“Now don’t tell anyone that I’m healed alright? I want my show-up on the Quidditch field to be a complete surprise, got it?” she said to us. We nodded and Ali grinned in response.


“Cool. Tell Tyler, ‘kay? I’m gonna take a nap,” she slid under the sheets just as Tyler walked in, an amused look on his face. Gargey had fled to her office, intent on giving us some privacy.  I walked to him, Twyla following close at my heels, and whispered what Ali told us in his ear. He looked at Ali’s sleeping form and nodded. The three of us walked quietly out of the room, switching of the light as we did so.



Monday Night James POV:



I’ll admit it, I was worried. Worried that Ali wasn’t going to make it. None of us had seen her since she promised that she’d make it. Tyler, Shauna, and Twyla told everyone that we could not visit her, as she was in critical condition and the effort of making nice with her friends would be too much for her.


Are we really that bad? I thought we were quite pleasant to be around. Well!


I turned to my bored team. We had been waiting for the past half hour for our star beater to show up, but we had been disappointed. My shoulders slumped as I addressed the team.


“Looks like we’ll have to start without her, mates. If this keeps up we may have to replace her,” I said, bummed.


“Now, that has to be one of the worst ideas you’ve ever had, Jimmy,” a familiar American accent said behind me. The team went up in cheers as I turned to greet our star beater. Ali was leaning on the handle of her broom with a smug expression on her face. While the rest of us wore practice robes, she wore a plain black hoodie and jeans. Her dark chocolate hair was thrown up in to a sloppy pony tail, her side bang perfect straight and to the side. I walked up, a huge grin on my face.


“About time you showed up, Yank!” I said, in mock anger. Ali just grinned and shook her head.  She mounted her broom and looked me in the eye.


“So where do we start, Cap’n?” she said, leaning forward on her broom. I grinned and turned to see the rest of the team mounted and ready to go.


“Alright team! Give me ten laps!” I bellowed. I watched as they zoomed by  and around the stadium, Ali in the lead.







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Chapter 20: Caught in the Act
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“Okay,” Ali said, sweeping Madeline’s hair off her shoulders, “What I’m going to do is grow out your hair so it’s all one length, getting rid of those horrible bangs.” She wrinkled her perfect nose in disgust as Madeline looked up at her confused.


“Bangs?” she asked.


“I believe she mean your fringe, Maddie,” Twyla piped up from Ali’s bed, scissors poised and ready in her hand and Madeline’s clothed strewn out in front of her. It was Saturday morning and Ali and the girls were finally making good on the promise they had made to Madeline three weeks before. Each girl had a specific job pertaining to each of her area of expertise. Shauna is in charge of make-up and accessories; Twyla’s job is to fix Madeline’s wardrobe with spending as little as money as possible and to teach her to make serums and lotions out of natural herbs and such to keep her hair and skin healthy; and Ali’s doing her hair and teaching her how to conduct herself in public. Even Tyler was helping out. He was gonna help the timid third year out in the boy area.


“Whatever,” Ali said dismissively, “I am American born and bred. I can’t be expected to remember the British names for crap.”


“You’d think after 7 years in London you would know,” Shauna quipped from Ali’s bedside table. Ali scowled at her younger half and in a matter of seconds the mascara tube the petite red head was holding shot out of her grip and started to whack her on the head repeatedly. She shrieked and dropped the make-up bag and jewelry she was hold and threw up her hands in an attempt to protect herself.


“Ow! Ow! OW! Ali that hurts!” she cried. Ali smirked but, nevertheless, the mascara tube dropped the floor, harmless once again. She picked up her wand and tapped Madeline quite vigorously on the head, ignoring Shauna’s scowl and she bent over to pick up her spilt supplies. Ali watched Madeline’s hair grow down to her mid-back, her main parts stopping quickly while her fringe and breakage took a few seconds to catch up. Then she picked up her scissors and proceeding to cut Madeline’s hair, explaining as she did so.


“Okay, so I’m going to give you the multi-layered look. It’s easier to manage and easier to style. Then I’m going to dye it. Twyla our color guru,” Ali winked at Twyla, who smiled back, “decided that we should dye it a deep mahogany with burgundy highlights. She feels that it will go best with your features and bring out the red flecks in your eyes.” Madeline looked up and Ali with a confused expression.


“It sounds like Twyla knows a lot about hair styling. Why isn’t she doing it? N-not that I don’t you to do it!” she added hastily. Ali looked at her for minute then threw her head back and burst out laughing.


“You’re right Maddie,” Ali said, wiping away a tear, “But Twy wanted to do your wardrobe, so she taught me how to do it. Don’t worry, I’m almost as good as she is.” Silenced passed after that, the only sounds were the snipping of Ali and Twyla’s scissors and Shauna rummaging through her make up bag. Finally, when Ali was almost done with Madeline’s hair, she dropped the bomb.


“I’m gonna break up with Remus.” If any one was holding something, they instantly dropped it along with their jaws. But if they were going to say anything they were interrupted by the sound of multiple books falling to the floor. Everyone looked up to see Kathy standing in the door way, a pile of fallen books laying about her feet. Ali, looking unconcerned, turned back to put the finishing touches on Madeline’s hair.


“Hello Kathy,” she said, brushing strand of hair. Kathy’s face flushed with anger and she bent down to pick up her books.


“Hello Kathy?! Hello Kathy?!” she snarled, straightening up. “Is that all you have to say to me?!”  When Ali didn’t turn around, Kathy stalked over to her bed and slammed her books down on. Then she turned and stomped over to Ali, placing her face directly by hers. Ali continued to look unfazed.


“You just announced that you’re going to break up with my best friend and all you have to say to me is ‘Hello Kathy?!’” she spat in Ali’s face. Finished cutting Maddie’s hair, Ali placed the scissors on the vanity and picked up to bottles of hair dye.


“Pretty much,” she replied calmly, squeezing the bottles in to a little near by bowl. She picked up a bottle of sensitive scalp crème developer and squeezed in to the bowl as well. Seeing that Ali had no more to say, Kathy threw up her hands with a cry of frustration and then threw herself on to her bed where her promptly screamed in to her pillow.


“Oh Ali you’re impossible!!!” she cried. Twyla looked at Kathy on the bed and back to Ali mixing the dye at the vanity and spoke to her in Latin


“Oh, Laina, iustus dico puella quare iam! (Oh, Laina, just tell the girl why already!)” Twyla scolded, “Would is vere exsisto ut ferreus? (Would it really be that hard?)” Ali didn’t say anything, Shauna spoke up.


“Ego would amo scio myself, Laina. (I would like to know myself, Laina)” Shauna quipped. Ali looked up and sighed, dipping an oversized brush into the dye.


“Ego can non dico lemma quare vacuus vultus amo a dico jerk! (I cannot tell them why without looking like a callous jerk!)” She finally replied. Twyla and Shauna looked at each other. Kathy still had her head buried in her pillow, growing more irritated with every word spoken and Madeline just sat there nervously, not knowing what to do.


“Quis est causa? (What’s the reason?)” Shauna asked quietly. Ali sighed and started smearing the dye into Madeline’s newly cut hair.


“Quoniam ego sum defessus of him! Sit boring mihi ut lacrima per suus jugis questioning quod constans pietas! (Because I’m tired of him! He’s boring me to tears with his questioning and unwavering devotion!)” She spat suddenly, “Is planto mihi sentio horrendus! Singulariter quoniam ego can't exsisto pia per him vel reverto suus sensus! Is-(It makes me feel horrid! Especially since I can’t be honest with him or return his feelings. He-)”


“Oh enough already! Speak proper English!” Kathy snapped suddenly, sitting up. Ali, Twyla, and Shauna all looked at each other then simultaneously burst out laughing. Eventually, because they were laughing so hard, they each fell to the floor, tears streaming down their cheeks. Kathy and Madeline stared bewilderedly at the trio on floor (Twyla had fallen off the bed, she was laughing so hard) until finally Kathy couldn’t take it anymore.


“What the bloody hell is wrong with you three?!” she screeched. The trio instantly stopped laughing to look at the fuming brunette. They all desperately tried to hold in their laughter, but failed miserably. Their mistake was looking at each other, which caused all their self-control to go to shit. Soon they were sprawled once again on the floor laughing as if a tickling charm had been placed on them. Kathy sat, red in the face, gaping at the insufferable trio. Finally she threw a pillow at them and flopped back down her bed.


“Oh stuff it, the lot of you!” she puffed, crossing her arms over her chest. Ali sat up, with some difficulty, and crawled over to Kathy’s bed, wiping the tears from her eyes.


“We’re sorry, Kathy!” she said, snuffing her laughter. “Really, we apologize,” she added when Kathy looked doubtful. Kathy pinned Ali with a hard stare, clearly expecting something.


“What?” she asked, slightly taken aback. Kathy heaved herself up with an exasperated sigh and continued to glare at Ali.


“Well? Are you going to tell me why you are breaking up with Remus?” she replied. Ali sighed, all traces of humor gone, and stood up and walked back to the vanity then finished smearing the dye onto Madeline’s hair, who had sat through the entire ordeal quietly and very confused.


“Oh that,” Ali said, “Well I guess it’s because I no longer feel anything for him.” That’s putting it a tad mildly, but what can I do? No need to make her even angrier, she thought to herself. Kathy looked at her for minute then shrugged and settled herself down among the pillows.


“Oh is that all?” she said dismissively, “I had thought it was something much worse. Like you where cheating on him with Sirius or something.” Ali looked startled at that.


“What?! First off I have way to much honor to do something as horrid as that. And secondly, Sirius does not have those kinds of feelings for me. Even if he did he’d never betray his friend,” she said firmly. Now it was Kathy’s turn to laugh along with Twyla and Shauna. Ali glanced at them, but said nothing, just smeared the last of the dye into Maddie’s hair.


“What?” she said. This time it was Shauna who spoke up.


“Ali, as your sister, I feel I need to say this to you. For someone as smart as you in most things, this is one area you are really stupid about,” she said giggling. Ali looked at her sharply.


“What?” she said again, twisting Madeline’s hair into a slippery, wet bun. Shauna giggled again, this time joined by Twyla and Kathy.


“Ali, everyone knows that Sirius is head over heels for you. Well, everyone but you it seems,” Twyla said, attempting to hide her giggles with her hand, but failing. Ali looked thoughtful and leaned back against the back of Madeline’s chair.


“Really?” she said, “Well that’s definitely food for thought.” Kathy looked horrified.


“Ali your not really thinking of going for him are you? Not right after you break up with Remus?!” she gasped. Ali laughed and shook her head. She turned to Madeline and checked her watch.


“Ok Maddie, go take a shower and rinse that dye out,” she said cheerily. Madeline stood up and took the towel off from around her shoulders and walked to the bathroom.


“Nice girl,” Twyla said looking after her. Ali sighed, walked over to her bed, grabbed a dog-eared book, and flopped herself down on her bed.


“Yup,” she replied, “Doesn’t talk much though.”





Madeline opened the door to the bathroom and startled the four teenagers, who had been sitting quietly each doing their own thing. Ali sat up to go inspect the third year’s sopping wet hair.


“How’s it look, Ali?” Madeline asked as Ali ran her fingers through her hair.


“Looks fantastic! I’ll just style it and we can do the highlights tomorrow!” she replied happily, “Come on,” she led Madeline back to the vanity and sat her down. Ali then picked up a blow dryer and a roller brush and proceeded to blow dry her hair. When she was done she picked her straightener and added the finishing touches to Madeline’s hair. When she was done, she took a step back and smiled.


“Well, I think it’s the best job I’ve ever done!” she chirped, “What do you think guys?” she directed to the group. After she got their approvals she turned back to Madeline, who was gaping at her reflection in the mirror.


“What do you think, Maddie? Did I do good?” Ali asked, hopefully. Madeline nodded numbly, no recognizing her self.


“All right!” Ali squealed, “Now I relinquish you to my darling little sister Shauna!” She pirouetted out of the way as Shauna walked up to the vanity her arms full of cosmetics. As Ali lay back on her bed and popped back open her book, Shauna set to work giving instructions and tips as she did so. After about 10 minutes of constant cosmetic talk Shauna was done and sent the overwhelmed 13 year old to Twyla. And so the cosmetic talk was soon replaced by talk of clothes and herbs. Few minutes later Madeline was sent to the bathroom once again, but this time to change clothes.


After a couple of minutes Madeline emerged a completely different girl. Gone was the long, ratty mouse brown hair and in its place was a shoulder-length, silky smooth burgundy mane. Her normal attire of a tired old green cardigan, ancient jeans and sneakers were replaced by one of her old plum sweaters turned into a fitted halter top, with those same old jeans altered so that they clung to her slim legs and were accented by rhinestones all set off with a pair of Shauna’s black suede boots which no longer fit her.  Ali sat straight up when she saw her.


“Ohmygod Maddie!! You’re adorable!!” she exclaimed. Shauna hopped off Ali’s bed and looked with a satisfied smile as she inspected the ‘natural look’ that she had painted on Madeline’s face. She was happy to note that Madeline now had that healthy, smooth look instead of her blotchy red bumpiness. Madeline blushed and looked at her ‘new’ boots.


“R-really? You think so?” she asked quietly. Every one else gave their immediate approval, but Ali, on the other hand,  frowned and walked over to Madeline and lifted up her chin to look her in the eye.


“No, no, no! That was the wrong response!” she scolded the startled Maddie, “The proper response to my comment was either a pose or  ‘damn straight I do!’ You’ve got to have more confidence in yourself!” Madeline stared at Ali for a fraction of a second then quickly nodded.


Ali grinned. “Awesome! Now come on! Tyler’s waiting down stairs!” She beckoned to others and headed for the door with the others. All except Twyla, who declined with the excuse that she wanted to take a shower and she would see them at dinner. Saying their good-byes, the  quartet took their leave and Twyla headed into the bathroom to take a shower.


James POV:


I was sitting in the common room when I heard the familiar giggling of our little clique’s women. One comment in particular, said by the cute little Kathy that caught my attention:


“Oh hey, guys. I forgot to tell you, I found a friendship diary on Lily’s bed. It has everyone in it! And I mean everyone!” She threw a pointed look in my direction. There was more giggling, especially from some little titch that I didn’t recognize, and then they met with Twyla’s annoyingly good looking twin and left the common room.


Hmmm….their room should be empty right about now….I wonder…. Grinning wickedly, I shot up from my chair and sprinted to my dorm room. There I grabbed my trusty broomstick, hopped on, and sped off to the 6th year girl’s dorm, idly wondering where Twyla was. I didn’t remember seeing her with the rest. But, being me, I didn’t give it much thought.


I landed quietly in their dorm because I heard the run of a shower and someone singing sweetly from the hall.


Take me awaaaaaaay: A secret plaaahaaace.
A sweet escaaaaape: Take me away!


Smiling to myself, I tip toed over to my Lilikins’s bed and instantly spotted the diary peeking out from under her pillow. Chucking a Lily’s lack of imagination, I slipped it out from under the pillow and settled myself down on her bed, humming along with the sweet voice, and flipped through the pages to find my name. wasn’t exactly accurate….


Name: James Prickface Potter

Place of Birth: Pricktown, England

Date of birth: The Prick day, of the Prat month, of the tosser year

Blood type: Evil

Address: 101 Pricklane

Favorite Class: Lunch, Dinner, and Breakfast

Physical Description: Overly big head, rivaled only by Black

Short Bio: Prick, pompous, tosser, dumbass


Doesn’t think too highly of me does she, that Miss Evans? Oh well. That’s never stopped me before! Chuckling again to myself, I flipped the pages, listening as if in a trance to the sweet vocals coming from the bathroom.


I got a pocket, got a pocketful of sunshine.
I got a love, and I know that it's all mine.


Almost like a trance, but not quite. I was aware of everything, unlike that episode in the Astronomy tower with Ali. That was frikkin’ weird. Speaking of Ali… I thought as I came across her name, Hmmm, I could write this stuff down for my good buddies. It might help them out a bit. Humming along with the music I grabbed Lily’s light green notepad and quill from her nightstand and copied as I wrote:


Name: Ali Rachel DaCosta

Place of Birth: San Francisco, California, USA

Date of Birth: January 8th, 1961

Blood Type: Well, I don’t really know. Am I supposed to?

Address: 265 Emerald Lane

Favorite Class: Well, I don’t think she has one. I’ve gotten the impression that she hates this school…

Physical Description: Beautiful, Sexy. I don’t care how lesbian I sound, it’s true. She’s tall, toned, and tanned with shoulder length, layered dark brown hair and sparkling chocolate eyes.

Short Bio: Loyal to anyone she considers a friend, a total devil to anyone she considers an enemy. A terrifying temper, very skilled in the martial arts, linguist, a tad bit sadistic. Wheres all black all the time, with the occasional purple or other dark color added into the mix. Never where’s skirts, ever. With the uniform she wears the bloke’s pants. I’ve just recently discovered that she’s a Telekin.


Smiling to myself, I finished copying the bio. It wasn’t until I was flipping through the pages again that I realized that it had gotten eerily quiet as I was reading. Where had the voice gone? Panicking slightly, I twisted around to look at the bathroom door and Twyla standing there, dripping wet and in nothing but a towel, smiling to herself as she looked at me while re-braiding her trademark single braid by her ear. Hastily I shoved the book back under the pillow and shot off the bed, causing Twyla to chuckle as she clasped her two beads back on her braid. Letting her arms fall, she remained in that spot, still smiling at me sweetly while I stood there like a deer in headlights.


“Really, James,” she said, her beautiful teeth sparkling as she spoke, “There’s no use covering your tracks now that I’ve caught you red handed, now is there?” Her grin got wider at my sudden discomfort. All I could do was stammer out a reply…


“W-well, I was just….you know…I was j-just….”


“Wanted to see what Lily thought of you? I see.” Even as stunned as I was, I couldn’t help noticing how beautiful her creamy skin looked sparkling with water. She glided over to her bed and started rummaging through her trunk.


“It wasn’t that good, I take it?” she asked, taking a long off white peasant skirt out and setting it on the bed. Furious to discover a blush creeping on my cheeks, I nodded mutely. Her sapphire gaze flickered over my guilty face and she smiled.


“Well I wouldn’t worry about it too much, James,” she said mysteriously. That broke my stunned silence.


“What? What do you mean?” She smiled again as she plucked a sweater of the palest blue and set it on the bed with the skirt.


“I mean, James that Lily will come around.”


“How do you know?” She gave me a pointed look.


“Is it not obvious that I posses the Sight? Divination is my best subject.”


I gaped at her. “So you mean, you see Lily and me getting together in the future?” But instead of answering the question directly, she said something even more mysterious.


“I see your future going both ways, James.”


“You’ve lost me.” Sighing, she grabbed a brush then sat on her bed and started to brush the wonderful golden waterfall that was her hair.


“I mean, that you could end up with either one of two girls.”


“Who’s the second one?”




“What?!” I stared at her dumbfounded while she gave me a quizzical look.


“Is it really that surprising, James? Its relatively obvious that you harbor some feelings for me. It just all depends on you and whether you decide to act on those feelings or not,” I watched as her eyes glazed over then quickly return to normal. I realized that she had just looked into the future. “Although, I do hope you put forth your efforts on Lily,” she said after a pause.


“Why?” I asked, uneasy. She smiled to herself again.


“Because they would be entirely wasted on me,” she said happily, somehow being even more mysterious than she was being earlier.  She set her brush down on the comforter and stood up to look at me.


“Now, if you don’t mind, I ask you to take your leave.” I was slightly taken aback.


“W-what?” She smiled kindly at me.


“I need to change,” she said slowly, as if talking to a child. Which in a way she was. Blushing furiously, I stumbled of my goodbye, grabbed by broom and shot out the room, Twyla’s sweet, musical chuckle following me as I did.


Later I marveled at how I managed not to trip.






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Chapter 21: "Forgiven..."
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Sirius’s POV:


“Uh, Remus? Can we talk?” Every one looked up to see Ali standing on the stairway, looking as awkward as someone like her could look. Uh-oh… I thought looking at Remus, That look on her face totally spells break up! From the look on his face, I’d say Remus agreed with me. Nodding glumly, Remus got up and followed Ali up the stairs. I saw Kathy watching them worriedly with a somewhat guilty look on her face. I briefly wondered what that was about, but was interrupted by raised voices coming from the stairwell. Obviously, it wasn’t going well.


“I don’t think its going too well,” Shauna said, voicing my thoughts. Kathy and Twyla nodded grimly while the rest of us looked at them, confused.


“You knew this was going to happen?” Will asked, looking slightly hurt that Shauna would keep something from her. Shauna, Twyla, Kathy and the new girl Madeline all nodded grimly.


“She announced it yesterday while she was cutting my hair,” Madeline said in her high pitched voice. It was Lily’s turn to look hurt.


“Why didn’t she tell me?” she asked. Twyla smiled kindly at her.


“You were in the library, Lils,” Kathy replied, gently. Lily blew air out of her nose angrily.


“Well, why didn’t she tell me before hand?” You know, through out this exchange, I expected Prongs to speak up with some retort like usual, but he remained in this uncharacteristically brooding silence, his eyes flicking back and forth between Twyla and Lily. I made a mental note to ask him about that later as Kathy patted Lily’s knee comfortingly.


“You know Ali, Lils. She probably decided to do it just then. I seriously doubt that she put much thought in to it at all,” Kathy replied, somewhat miffed as she spoke, “I doubt she felt that much for him to begin with.” I think she was a tad bit too protective of Remus.


“You all know the story of Rune, right?” Twyla asked suddenly. When most everyone gave her a blank look, she continued, “You know how he was her fiancé because of the special gene in her family? And how she hated him, but eventually loved him more than anything? Well one day they where together and she saw Rune get killed.” All the girls gasped while the guys gaped, except, of course Tyler. The prat.


“How was he killed? You mean murdered?” Kat gasped out. Twyla looked uncomfortable as she replied, like she was having trouble finding the words.


“We-ell, Ali never gave us the details, really-”


“-But after that she changed completely,” Tyler interrupted, finishing his twin’s thought, “She threw herself into her martial arts and weapons training. Even her magical training, which only Rune could get her to take, was suddenly of the upmost priority.”


“Yes, believe it or not,” Twyla interjected, “Ali was a really sweet tempered girl. She was loved by everybody, and loved them all in returned. She really valued human life, but after Rune died, her view on the world darkened and she started to pick fights in school. Almost everyday she would come home covered in someone else’s blood. She would also bring weapons, knives and the like. She threatened to kill anyone who crossed her, and almost did so once or twice-”


“Her parents got really worried, especially after they split up, so they sent her here,” said Tyler, “But it was just like at the other schools. It only got better when Shauna showed up. But it was two years of hell at this school. We where surprised when she didn’t get expel-”


“That’s quite enough.” Every one jumped at the dark voice coming from the stairwell. There was Ali, standing there, arms folded and a murderous look in her eyes, followed by a heart broken Remus. Twyla and Tyler looked at each other guiltily as Ali walked briskly towards the portrait hole.


“Now, if everyone’s done talking about my personal life,” she said crossly, “We need to go to Hogsmeade. It’s Hank’s birthday today.” With out another word, she slammed the portrait closed while everyone scrambled out of their seats to follow the temperamental brunette.




“Ali! Yeh made it!!” Hank exclaimed joyfully, sloshing his rum about. Ali nodded tersely as she entered the Hogs Head with her friends.


“Wouldn’t miss it, Hank,” she replied easily. Hank set his rum down and gestured wildly towards the corner, where a huge grand piano sat.


“Well, th’ pianos all set up. Yeh just go an’ ‘ave yer way with it!” he said, booming with laughter. Ali looked alarmed as did Shauna and the twins.


“What?” the four said together. Hank burped loudly and grinned toothily.


“Well its obvious, ain’ it? I want yeh ter sing fer me birthday!” The four life long friend gaped at him.


“Say what now?” Ali asked, disbelievingly. Honestly I don’t think Hank could have made it any clearer than he already has.


“I want yeh ter sing!” he exclaimed with a great burp. His drunken friends giggled around him.


“Yes, yes, I heard you the first time,” Ali snapped suddenly, “But why?”


“Because it’s me birthday! An’ I wanna hear ye sing!!” he roared, toppling over his chair, causing his friends to let loose a round of boisterous laughter. By looking at our group, I could tell they were slightly alarmed by this party. Ali was about to say something, but Twyla placed a calming hand on her shoulder and whispered something in her ear. Nodding once, Ali turned back to Hank.


“Fine,” she said through gritted teeth, “You got a violin for Twyla?” Hank nodded joyfully and beckoned to one of the barmaids, who disappeared in the backroom then emerged with an old, but well kept violin. Ali stalked over to the piano and sat down on the chair while Twyla gathered the violin from the girl and glided over to Ali. Taking a deep breath Ali started to play a soft mournful tune.


And what playing it was! It was more beautiful than anything I have ever heard. It quieted everyone down, no body wanted to miss what sure to be a beautiful voice. No one was disappointed. Every one was instantly spellbound as Ali’s rich voice floated softly over everybody’s heads


Couldn’t save you from the start
Love you so it hurts my soul
Can you forgive me for trying again?


Your silence makes me hold my breath
All the time has passed you by

Oohoo For so long, I’ve tried to shield you from the world
Hoohoo You couldn’t face the freedom on your own
Here I am
Left in silence


You gave up the fight
You left me behind
All that stands forgiven
You’ll always be mine
I know deep inside
All that stands forgiven


Finally Twyla jumped in with her violin. The sweet melodies of the piano, violin and Ali’s voice twisted around each other as they slipped through their audience’s ears like the smoothest silk.

Watched the clouds drifting away
Still the sun can’t warm my face
I know it was destined to go wrong
You were looking for the great escape
To chase your demons away

Oohoo For so long, I’ve tried to shield you from the world
Hooooo You couldn’t face the freedom on your own
Here I am
Left in silence

 You gave up the fight
You left me behind
All that stands forgiven
You’ll always be mine
I know deep inside
All that stands forgiven

I’ve been so lost since you’ve gone
Why not me before you?
Why did fate deceive me?
Everything turned out so wrong
Why did you leave me in silence?


This time, Twyla jumped in with her vocals for the last verse, her sweet lyrics softening the hard dimensions of Ali’s voice.

You gave up the fight
You left me behind
All that stands forgiven
You’ll always be mine
I know deep inside
All that stands forgiven


Slowly and quietly the notes of the piano and the two beautiful girl’s vocals died away, leaving only stunned silence in their wake. Smiling to herself, Twyla carefully set down the violin and glided over to her brother and the rest of us. Ali remained at the piano, her head bowed so that her hair completely obscured her face. After a few more moments of stunned silence, the whole bar suddenly erupted into cheers, Hank wiping a happy tear from his eye as he did so. Ali’s head snapped up and she nodded tersely at the awestruck crowd, a pained look on her face. Suddenly she pushed her chair back and stood up. She walked stiffly over to Hank and gave him a quick hug, whispering in his ear, smiling tersely as he handed her a full bottle of fire whiskey and quickly made her way out the door, the twins and Shauna following closely behind.


Lily, Kathy, Kat, Will, Madeline, James, Remus, and I all exchange equal looks of bewilderment then hurried out after our very talented, yet irritable friend.


What the bloody hell was that all about?!




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Chapter 22: Reminiscences
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I quickly realized that I would not outrun my friends running at mortal speed. I could run longer, but they would catch up before they tired out. Especially James…he’s a fast little shit. As it was, he already ten feet behind me. Gritting my teeth, I swallowed my sense of self-preservation, I closed my eyes and released the magic I was born with from my mental barriers and allowed it to flow freely through out my body. The instant it hit my legs, I was flying.


Well not literally, of course…but you get the idea.


Eyes still closed, I left James and the rest in the dust and sprinted towards the Forbidden Forest. I wasn’t worried about running into anything, my natural and supernatural instincts kept from smashing into anything solid.


Anything non-solid on the other hand…….not so much. Who puts a pond in the middle of a forest anyway? It’s so friggin random!!! So now, thanks to my lack of liquid sense, I am chin deep in a luminescent pool. Cursing and checking the whiskey bottle for damages (none, thank the gods), I dragged my soaking wet ass out of that god forsaken pond and slumped against the nearest tree, shivering. I briefly wished that Shauna was here with her powers over fire and air. A nice warm breeze would thaw out the tootsies quite nicely.


But then I remembered the speed I had used to ditch them and my heart sank. The only way they would’ve been able to keep up with me is if they used their wings…..and they were not going seeing as how they were with humans and all.


Sighing, I unscrewed the top to the whiskey bottle and took a long swig. That ceased the shivering, but I was still wet. So using the newly released magic, I weaved an extremely complicated spell to dry myself.


I am not the Keeper of Fire….drying is not the easy task you would think it is.  Shauna can do it 0.00002 seconds to dry me, herself, and Twyla. I know. I’ve counted. For me, on the other hand, it takes about twenty minutes to get the spell right. One time I got the spell wrong and nearly burned down Twyla’s entire village.


It was along time before the elves allowed me back into Lethia. Twyla’s father was furious! Have you ever seen an Elvin king mad? It’s not a pretty sight. Kinda funny though…..lots of vines trying to strangle you.


Anyway, back to me in the forest…After 30 minutes of sitting there soaked to the core, I was finally, blissfully dry. Satisfied with myself I drained the last of the whiskey and stood up…….


Only to be assaulted by the memories that my magic barriers had kept in check. My hand shot out automatically to brace my body before it collapsed from the weight of the memories I have tried so, so hard to forget:


“Step aside you silly boy or you will be killed!” Caoihme spat at the Golden Prince, her forked tongue snaking out with a hiss. But the Prince did not cower; instead his grip tightened on his sword as he braced himself for whatever the wretch that possessed his beloved’s body had planned for him.


“I will not step aside, daemon!” he shouted back, “Not until you relinquish Laina’s body back to her!” Caoihme laughed, exposing her two inch long fangs. The Prince wondered briefly how she was able to talk with those things obscuring her mouth.


“Foolish Prince! To ask such of me proves your ignorance! Your precious Princess lost her body of nobody’s fault but her own!” the demoness shouted with glee at the pained look on the Prince’s face, “Not even the great Golden Prince of Sylaria can save her!” Then she pounced, attacking with talons and her horned tail. More than ready, the Prince parried her vicious attacks, but he still refused to mar her body. He could not bring himself to harm a single hair on Laina’s body, no matter who was inhabiting it.


As her attacks grew more powerful, the Prince’s strength weakened. It had gotten to the point where he had fell to his knees in the bloody dirt. As Caoihme paused to recuperate for another attack, the Prince gave one last desperate try to get his fiancée back from the darkness that was her current state of mind.


“Laina, please come back to me,” he begged, “Come back to us. Think of Fedelity, think of Serenity and Damien! Think of your brother and parents! You do not want to bring them any harm, I know you don’t! Please, find the strength to take your mind and body back! If not for me, for them! For your kingdom! For all of Camia!  Please Laina, come back to us! Send this foul wretch back to the depths of your mind! Please Laina, hear me!” When he finished, Caoihme threw her head and laughed a merciless laugh.


“Oh my, how pathetic!” she said cackling, “The great Golden Prince actually begging on knees to the Great Daemoness Caoihme! This is historic!” With saying that the evil woman crouched down and her claws grew on her command to three feet in length, diamond hard and razor sharp.


“My pride is worth sacrificing if the act would bring my Laina back to me,” he replied grimly as he braced himself for what he was sure was a final attack. Caoihme leaped, claws first, and the Prince raised his bloody sword. Her claws ripped through the Prince’s sword and pierced him right through the heart. The battle field seemed to still as the Sylarian army and its Allies watched in horror as their Prince and Commander died at the hands of what was once his entire world. The pixies were standing delighted silence, barely believing they had won.


Caoihme laughed and pushed the fallen Prince’s face with her foot and gazed into his now sightless golden eyes. She opened her fanged mouth to speak but was suddenly seized by violent convulsions and instead of a scathing retort, a bloodcurdling scream issued from the Daemon’s mouth. The pixies stared in shock as their idol and vicious leader hunched over shuddering and screaming as if she where dying. Slowly her huge bat like wings started to dissolve, as did her red pointed tail and were quickly replaced by large, black and purple butterfly-like wings. Her hair, a blinding black river, started to fall off her head in clumps and was quickly replaced by a shinier more pleasant black silk-like mane. In a blinding flash of purple light her blood-red leather clothes were swept away and replaced instantly by a sweeping purple gown. Caoihme’s eyes, previously closed, shot open to reveal that the daemon’s red-glowing eyes had been replaced by a familiar, luminescent purple. The shudders abruptly stopped as did the screeches of the Great Daemoness.


Crown Princess Laina, heir to the throne of Camia, Light of the People, bearer of the Great Daemoness, leader of the Tricolour had finally regained control of her body.


Both the armies watched in silence as the once lost princess knelt down next to her beloved, tears streaming her porcelain cheeks, cradle the dead prince’s head and place it tenderly in her lap. Her shoulders raked with sobs as the full weight of what she had done slammed into her. She had killed her one true love! What kind of monster was she, to have let that foul Caoihme take control of her body for so long? How could she have not found the strength to overcome the daemon’s control over her mind and stop the entire war from ever happening? Why hadn’t she bothered to try?


The broken princess’s tears rained  down on the Prince’s beautiful face, never to laugh at her when she overacted to some trivial thing, never to smile reassuringly when the weight of her title as heir to all of Camia fell on her as it often did, never to argue with her when she was acting rashly or wrong, and never to love her again. The Golden Prince was truly and painfully dead.


Finally the tears would no longer come and the Princess threw her head back let lose a such a heart-wrenching cry of despair that it will haunt all who heard it’s dreams for the rest of their immortal life:




When I was released from that horrible memory’s grip, I found myself lying on the forest floor, and my cheeks wet from my tears. With a deep breath, I shakily pushed myself into a sitting position. Suddenly I burst into tears again, the scene I just remembered playing over and over in my head.


My grief. My heartache. My guilt. My shame.


Ever since that happened, everyone I knew was always reassuring me that it wasn’t my fault, that Caoihme was a lot stronger than we had originally thought and that now since we know how powerful she is so we can prevent it from happening again.


I don’t know where they pulled all that ‘we’ shit, because every thing was my responsibility. I underestimated Caoihme’s power. I need to strengthen my body and mind to prevent anything like that from happening again. I killed Rune. Maybe it wasn’t my fault, but I could’ve prevented all of it if I hadn’t been so damn cocky and full of myself. I was so young then, so sure of my as-of-then undeveloped powers and position as Crown Princess. I was stupid then. I was naïve and sheltered.


Not anymore. My exile in the human world has strengthened my body and mind. My karate classed increase my strength and stamina, my enrollment in Hogwarts has strengthened my once weakest areas of magic and honed my stronger skills. I believed I was ready for anything, for anyone. Let Otik find me, I thought angrily, let him see what happens when he hunts down Crown Princess Laina, heir to the throne of Camia, Light of the People, bearer of the Great Daemoness, and leader of the Tricolour!! I will crush him and his army of revolting pixies! He will never again have the advantage of Caoihme on his side again.


With thought resounding in my head, I stood up, squared my shoulders and purposefully walked out of the forest, leaving the empty whiskey bottle and my weakness behind.





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Chapter 23: Rune's Birthday Tribute
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Ali was gone for hours and her friends were getting worried, but for different reasons. Her long-time, inhuman friends were worried that she would do something drastic to herself, especially considering what tomorrow was. Her human friends, though, were just worried about her emotional well being and confused at her behavior. No one knew what to do; they had no idea how to handle this situation.


Especially when the girl in question waltzed through the portrait 3 hours after her sprint into the Forest, whistling.




What had happened in the Forest? Did she have a psychotic break? Did she mutilate someone? Is that why she’s in such a good mood now?


Twyla and Lily shot up at the same time and ran towards the seemingly bipolar girl. Ali smiled brilliantly when they reached her and she wrapped her arms around them both in a group hug. Twyla and Lily exchanged looks of bewilderment and tentatively hugged their friend back. Suddenly Lily pulled away, wrinkling her nose. Twyla did too shortly after Lily. They looked at her strangely.


“Ali,” Lily asked, sounding irritated, “Are you drunk?” Everyone sighed in relief, leaning back into their perspective seat, some of the tension leaving their bodies. Ali being drunk was something they could handle, at least it was normal. It certainly explained her odd behavior. Ali laughed happily.


“Only slightly, babe,” she replied, wrapping Lily in another hug. Lily laughed weakly and gently pushed her away, her startling emerald eyes searching her friend’s intense chocolate ones.


“Ali, are you okay?” she asked, concern lacing her voice. Ali gave her a bright smile and sauntered over to the couch where Sirius and Remus sat, wedging herself between them.


“I’m better than okay, Lils!” she chirped. She leaned her head on Sirius’s shoulder and looked at Tyler. Sirius shot a nervous glance at Remus, whose face had darkened slightly, and tried to push Ali gently off his shoulder. But she had a vice-like grip on his arm, so his efforts were in vain.


“Ty-ty?” Ali purred happily, closing her eyes. Tyler cocked a brow, looking wary.


“Yes, Ali?” he asked, sounding indulgent. Ali smiled, her eyes still closed.


“Do you know what tomorrow is?” she asked sleepily. Tyler’s face grew somber and he shared a sad look with his twin.


“Yes, Ali, I do,” he replied quietly. Ali yawned then smiled again.


“We should do something, like have a party or something,” she said, sounding half asleep. Her grip on Sirius’s arm loosened, but he no longer had to the heart to push the obviously hurting girl off.  He gave Remus a pleading look and the werewolf nodded, jaw clenched.


“Anything you want, Ali,” Tyler replied sadly, getting up off the couch. Ali’s eyes cracked open slightly and, seeing that Tyler was coming towards her, she pushed herself off of Sirius and held her arms up for Tyler with a sleepy smile.


“Good,” she said as Tyler bent to pick her up. She wrapped her arms around his neck and laid her head on his shoulder as he carried her bridal style up the staircase. All the girls jumped up and were about to run to catch Tyler when he fell, because surely the staircase booby-trap leading up to the girl’s dormitory would activate and he’d fall down it with the sleeping Ali, but the staircase didn’t change. It probably sensed the sleeping girl in the buff boy’s arms and decided it was acceptable.


Or perhaps it sensed that the girl in Tyler’s arms was in emotional pain and didn’t want to add insult to injury.




When Ali woke up the next morning, it was the second before the sun started its ascent into the sky. Ignoring the throbbing in her skull, she shot out of bed and took a quick shower, rinsing off the smell of alcohol and dirt from her body. After she got out, she brushed her teeth, flossed and gargled with mouth wash. When she was done, her normally radiant teethe shone brilliantly in the low lighting of the bathroom. She then spent an hour and a half on her hair, which was 60 minutes more than she usually did. Ali was taking extra care on her appearance today. Today was a important day for her. It used to be that, on this day, she’d retreat inside herself and block off the outside world. She’d confine herself to her bed, not eating or acknowledging her friends. But this time around, she was ready and, by God, she was going to look her best!


Because today was Rune’s birthday and, for the first time since his death, Ali wanted to celebrate it.


Ali smiled as she finished her hair and makeup, pleased with the way her dark locks shone like silk and how the eyeliner made her eyes stand out even more than usual. With one last appreciative glance at herself in the mirror, Ali bade the bathroom farewell and went back to her dorm room to great her friends’ sleepy faces. She stifled a laugh at the state of Lily’s hair and the imprint of a pillow on Kathy’s face. She quietly pointed the dried drool at the corner of Kat’s mouth and walked to her trunk to pick out the perfect outfit while the sleepy girl wiped it off her mouth. Ali decided to wear a pair of sweeping black pants that looked almost like a skirt and a light purple tank that glistened in the light. Reaching for her jewelry box, Ali selected a delicate white gold anklet with heart charm with the word “Rune” inscribed in the middle dangling from it; a matching necklace with the words “Rune + Laina” inscribed in a slightly larger heart charm; tiny white gold studs in various shapes and sizes for her many ear piercings; and simple white gold band with a single amethyst embedded in it for her left ring finger. Smiling to herself, and ignoring the irritated stares of her dorm mates, Ali waltzed out of her dorm to meet Twyla, Tyler and Shauna in the common room. But when she reached the bottom of the stairs she saw that there was way more people than she had originally planned on.


James, Sirius, Remus, Madeline, and Will were all standing around the blonde twins and Shauna, staring up at Ali with looks of a mixture of awe and determination on their faces. Ali surveyed the unexpected group quizzically, then broke into a wide grin, relieving them all of any tension. Stepping down from the staircase, she embraced her human friends in a tight hug.


“Thanks so much for getting up this early to celebrate Rune’s birthday, guys,” she said pulling away, “It means so much to me.” Sirius looked quizzically at Ali’s necklace after she pulled back from him.


“Who’s Laina?” he asked. Ali’s hand flew to her throat, grasping the heart pendant tightly in her fist and sharing a quick look with Shauna.


“It was Rune’s nickname for me, Sirius.” Ali lied easily. It was shocking, as Ali looked back on her life as human in this brief moment, how good she had gotten at lying. She couldn’t decide if that was a good thing or a bad thing. But either way, lying was a necessity at this point in her life. She needed to lie to keep her human friends sane. Hell, to keep herself sane. Sirius looked at her suspiciously for a moment but when Ali’s wide smile didn’t falter, he visibly relaxed.


“Nickname, huh?” he said with a cocky grin, “Mind if I call you that?” Her smile getting wider, Ali patted him on the cheek.


“No.”  With a wink in Shauna’s direction, Ali swept out the room, pants billowing in her wake. The twins shared an amused grin and then, with Shauna, gracefully followed Ali out of the portrait hole. Everybody else exchanged equal looks of confusion, Sirius shrugging, and then they too followed.




“What shall we do?” Twyla asked as she lit a tall lavender candle, one of many. They group had convened at the luminescent pool that Ali had found the day before and as soon as they got there, Twyla set to work, setting up candles and incense and sprinkling rose petals everywhere to give the space the “right feel of a memorial.” Ali had shaken her head at her friend’s witchy-hippie ways, but had stood aside nonetheless with an amused smile playing on her face. Now, she was languishing on a nearby boulder that she had blasted a hole in to make it a suitable couch-type-thing.


“I was thinking we’d say a few words?” Ali said her words more like a question than a statement.


Tyler, who was leaning up against a tree while waiting for the girls to finish their “thing,” smiled and said “That sounds like a great idea, Ali.”  He shrugged off the tree and strode over to where Ali was standing by the pool and slung an arm over her shoulders. She looked up at him and smiled, taking his hand in hers. An intimate, brother-sister moment passed between them.


“Thanks, Ty,” she said warmly. Tyler smiled wider and kissed Ali on the head, giving her little squeeze as he did so, and then went to stand next to his twin. Twyla smiled at him and took his hand, intertwining their fingers. The intimate brotherly affection Tyler displayed for both girls touched every one of the humans present. Will’s and Madeline’s eyes met in a classic “awwwww!” moment and the boys’ eyes misted a bit, even though they tried their best to hide it.


Ali looked at Shauna. “Do you have it?” she asked of the redhead. Shauna smiled widely and nodded, running behind the boulder. When she emerged from the behind the giant rock she was holding a large, golden urn. The urn sparkled brilliantly when Shauna passed under a patch of sunlight that had broken through the trees’ barrier, bringing attention to the intricate vine and leaf design engraved into the body, save for a spot were the word “Rune” was engraved in flowing script.


The humans present couldn’t help but feel a tiny twinge of awe at the sight of Rune’s ashes. These were the remains of the man that had stolen Ali’s heart and managed to tame it; a man like that deserved to be revered and envied. Sirius and Remus both were insanely jealous of the permanent place this dead man had in Ali’s heart. A place that neither one could replace.


Gingerly, Shauna placed the precious urn in Ali’s hands, who cradled it as if it were her own child. Still cradling the urn, Ali turned towards the pool, and popped the lid off, sticking her hand in.


Just as she opened her mouth to say something, Twyla interjected with small, but clear, “Wait!” Confusion lighting her beautiful face, Ali turned towards her longhaired best friend. Twyla beamed and led her brother by the hand over to where Ali was standing, beckoning Shauna to follow. She then snaked her arm around Ali’s waist, Shauna following the suit. Then, turning towards the glowing pool, Twyla sang, her voice like crystals in the sun.


As I went down in the river to pray
Studyin' about that good ole way and who
Shall wear the starry crown good lord show me the way


Understanding lit up Ali’s and the other two’s faces and the quickly joined in, each with their own unique sound.


O sisters let’s go down, let’s go down
Come on down
O sisters let’s go down, down in the river to pray


Shauna sang quietly and self-consciously while Ali’s voice rang out clear and confident, the loudest of the all. Clearly, her voice was the lead, even though Twyla had started the song. Tyler’s low baritone added a steady backup for the girls’ sweet notes.


As I went down in the river to pray
Studyin' about that good ole way and who
Shall wear the robe and crown good lord show me the way

O brothers let’s go down, let’s go down come on down
Come on brothers let’s go down, down in the river to pray

As I went down in the river to pray
Studyin' about that good ole way and who
Shall wear the starry crown good lord show me the way

O fathers let’s go down, let’s go down
Come on down
O fathers let’s go down, down in the river to pray


Ali looked over her shoulder while she was singing, smiling at her human friends. She beckoned them to join with her twinkling chocolate eyes and the stepped forward obediently, trying to sing along with the quartet sweet song.


As I went down in the river to pray
Studyin' about that good ole way and who
Shall wear the robe and crown good lord show me the way

O mothers let’s go down, come on down, don't you want to go down
Come on mother let’s go down, down in the river to pray

As I went down in the river to pray
Studyin' about that good ole way and who
Shall wear the starry crown good lord show me the way


It seemed as if nature itself had joined in with the group’s song; the wind rustling the leaves and swirling the rose petals around the friends; the birds whistling their mating calls.


O sinners let’s go down, let’s go down,
Come on down
O sinners let’s go down, down in the river to pray

As I went down in the river to pray
Studyin' about that good ole way and who
Shall wear the robe and crown good lord show me the way


As the last note was sung, Ali removed her hand from the urn and let the wind sweep away the ashes that it held. As a tear rolled silently down her cheek, Ali whispered “I love you. You’ll be in my heart. Always.”




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Chapter 24: Grief
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The group of friends walked back to the castle in contented silence, every one of them happy that Ali had finally come to terms with Runes death and was ready to move on. When her friends looked at her she seemed…..well not happier than she had ever been, it’d be a long while until that would be possible, but Ali seemed to be more at peace now and her friends could see the wall she had constructed around her heart since Rune’s death start to slowly crumble. Eventually, they knew, it would come down completely and they would see Ali’s true shine.

“Hey, Ali?” Lily said, breaking the silence of the group as they neared the castle. The said brunette looked back at her friend, her chin resting slightly on Tyler’s arm, which was thrown casually over her shoulder.

“Yeah, Lils?” she responded in that American way of hers that was so endearing. Lily smiled hesitantly, tucking a strand of fiery hair behind her ear.

“Well, er, I was just curious, if Rune had lived, what…..what would you have named your children?” she finished in a rush, looking nervously at Ali. The striking girl’s smile eased any of Lily’s doubts. The sight of that smiled eased the tension that inflicted the group at Lily’s question.

“That’s easy, girl,” Ali replied, sunnily, “We would’ve had a girl and a boy. Twins. The boy’s name would be Dorian, for Rune’s father who died in the war. And the girl,” her chocolate eyes got dreamy, “The girl, her name would be Dovesary.” Tyler, Twyla, and Shauna shared secret smiles at the girl’s name. Shauna thought it was wonderful for Ali to want to name her daughter after her mother, the Queen. “And she would be beautiful,” Ali continued, lost in her fantasy, “Both her and her brother. They would have Rune’s glorious golden hair and I would watch it glitter in the sun as they played in the meadows outside the palace.” Tyler glanced up sharply at Ali’s slip of tongue and had opened his mouth to do damage control when Lily giggled.

“Oh, so in this scenario you’re a Queen, Ali?” she said teasingly. Ali blinked back at her, coming out of her daze, and smiled weakly.

“Well if I’m going to dream, might as well dream big,” she supplied easily. Tyler relaxed and shared a look with his twin. They would need to have a talk with Ali about that slip. But later, neither twin wanted to ruin the peaceful mood their friend was in now. Lily giggled again, accepting this response, when Sirius spoke up for the first time since they had arrived at that mystic pond.

“What if you don’t have twins? What if your kid inherited your hair, instead of Rune’s? What would be their name then?” he asked. Ali looked thoughtful, as if this scenario had never crossed her mind. Slowly, a smile formed on her lips.

“Sarafina,” she said, dreamily, “Her name would be Sarafina.” Sirius cocked a brow.

“So sure that it’ll be a girl, then?” he teased. Ali smiled with absolute certainty.



The group made it back to the dorms just as the rest of the House was coming down for breakfast. At the idea of breakfast, the boys’ stomachs growled causing the girls to smile in laughter.

Ali poked Tyler playfully in his stomach, “Feeling a bit hungry are we?” she said, teasingly. Twyla laughed her musical laugh, causing James to twitch nervously. “Ali, he’s always hungry. He is, after all, male.” The stunning blonde responded with another laugh. Tyler scowled and gave a grunt of protest.

“Can we just go to the Hall and eat without any jokes made at my expense?” he grumbled, slipping his arm around his twin’s shoulder and keeping his other on Ali’s. The two girls at his side smiled wickedly at each other.

“Maybe.” They said together, laughing at his disgruntled look. Lily, Will, and Shauna joined in, while the other three boys just stood there watching them in amusement.

When Kathy and Kat entered the common room, the group exited the portrait hole, smiles all around.




At night, Ali found herself, as she so often did, standing on the balcony of the Astronomy tower looking up at the stars. The peaceful mood she had had this morning was slowly receding, and she was preparing to let herself grieve, one last time. Ever since Lily asked about child names, Ali couldn’t get the three children she had described out of her head. She could see them all so vividly. Until now she hadn’t realized it, but the three children had been making appearances in her dreams for years, ever since Rune’s death, and she knew, just knew, that she and Rune would have had all three of them. The twin blonde boy and girl and the single raven haired girl. Dovesary, Dorian, and Sarafina. They would’ve been theirs.

Just thinking about it made her chest tighten and tears threaten to seep out.

The kids were just so beautiful. Dovesary and Dorian with their manes of glorious golden hair and searing purple eyes. They would have her eyes, she realized suddenly, not sure how she knew just that she did. They would have Rune’s hair and her eyes. And Sarafina.  Sarafina would have a long waterfall of glittering black, the exact image of Ali’s hair when she wasn’t playing human, and her eyes, oh god, her eyes! They would be gold. The exact same gold as Rune’s. She would have had Rune’s eyes. Their children would have been an exquisite mixture of the two of them, something rare for the People.

The tears were flowing freely now, Ali didn’t even try to stop them. She had sunk to her knees and gripped the railing tightly with her hands, her ring imbedding painfully in her finger. She let the tears come, sobbing openly for the first time in years. She wept for his death, for the wonderful life they had lived together, and for the children that would now never be.

Finally, no more tears would come and Ali sat there, slumped against the railing, exhausted. She knew that she needed to go back to the dorm and get some sleep and that her friends would be starting to worry now. But they wouldn’t come looking for her. No, they knew better than to even try.

What she wanted to do, more than anything at that moment, was to jump off the railing. To feel the wind soar around her, tangling her hair, whipping through her clothes, and then, at the very last second, to feel her giant wings unfurl from her back and in one powerful stroke, lift her from danger. She could see herself soaring over the treetops of the Forest, her fingers lightly grazing the leaves at the very. She could picture herself gliding above the lake, watching her reflection ripple under her. Thinking about flying left an ache in her chest. It had been 7 years since she had flown without the aid of a broom, and in her opinion that was 7 years too long. She could feel them shivering under the skin of her back, ready to spring out and lift her off the ground.

The sensation startled her. Normally she had too much control to feel them and the fact that she could now meant that if she continued to go down the thought process she was, they would come out. She couldn’t let that happen. It would be too painful. Closing her eyes, Ali took a deep breath and heaved herself of the stone floor, the sensation of her wings slowly fading away as her control slipped back into place.

First the slip about the palace, now her wings. Her lack of control today frightened her.



Lily was finding it difficult to concentrate on her Potions essay. She was sitting in the common room in a corner as isolated from the rest of the room as she could get yet she could still hear and see Twyla and James sitting on the couch in front of the fire place, chatting and laughing. For the life of her she couldn’t fathom why she couldn’t tune those two out and just concentrate on her easy. Maybe it was Twyla’s laugh; anyone would find it hard to ignore such a beautiful sound.

Lily looked up from her barely finished essay and studied the blonde beauty. Really, that elegant girl’s looks were incomparable. Her incredibly long, silky mane of yellow hair fell neatly down her back and spilled over the cushion of the couch, the tips barely grazing the floor. Her chosen skirt today was made of pale pink cotton and hovered over petite ankles which were wrapped in strappy tweed sandals. She wore a pale blue tank-top with a large, glittery, dark blue butterfly splashed across the front which set off her creamy pale skin perfectly. Her trade mark beaded faux-leather head band was wrapped around her head under thin curled bangs, covering her forehead and the single beaded braid that always graced the left side of her flawless, heart-shaped face. If Ali had not been a student at this school, Twyla would easily reign as the most beautiful girl in school. She was certainly the most mild-mannered, polite, and elegant girl to ever grace the halls of Hogwarts.

No wonder Potter can’t take his eyes off her, Lily thought dryly. Twyla threw her head back a laughed, reveling two rows of perfect, glittering teethe. Yeeshe, is there anything about this girl that isn’t perfect? As soon as that thought crossed her mind, Lily felt instantly guilty. Twyla was always perfectly nice to Lily, making sure Lily was included when it came to her and Ali. Lily greatly appreciated that, she had started to feel lonely when the twins first came to Hogwarts. She had felt like she was going to lose her best friend. Twyla banished those feelings by showing that, while she and Ali shared a deep bond, she was not going to get in the way of Lily’s friendship with the stunning brunette.

But, despite all that, why did Lily feel a wave of resentment when she watched James and Twyla?



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