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Baby Blues by iluvgreenday

Format: Short story
Chapters: 9
Word Count: 9,566

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme,

Genres: Drama, General, Romance
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Arthur, Molly, Luna, Ginny
Pairings: Arthur/Molly, Bill/Fleur, Harry/Ginny, Remus/Tonks, Ron/Hermione

First Published: 02/26/2006
Last Chapter: 11/20/2006
Last Updated: 11/20/2006


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Chapter 1: Ginny's P.O.V
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Chapter One-Ginny’s P.O.V.

The warm fire crackled beside me as I sank into the armchair, gently stroking my bump. I was eighteen, seven months pregnant and already I had aged quite a bit. I had developed worry lines across my forehead and my once model-like figure had completely vanished. My hair was always greasy and no longer had a healthy glow. My skin was paler than ever, covered in spots and all of my clothes were too small for me. Every top that I owned looked like some ill-fitting cropped vest that would show off my hideous, podgy belly. But I couldn’t care less, I was far too depressed.

I had been so stupid and careless and I hated myself for it. Don’t get me wrong, I did want children but I wanted to live my life first. Harry and I had slept together the night before he, Ron, Bill, and Charlie had gone off to war. We were meant to be putting our relationship on hold, but we had given into temptation and hadn’t bothered to use the contraception charm. My pregnancy was confirmed a few weeks later by morning sickness and Hermione’s pregnancy test potion. I felt so guilty, bringing a child into the world when Voldemort was on the prowl and was sure to make a bee-line for anything g that belonged to Harry. How could I have been so stupid? I was glad to have Hermione at my side though. She had been so kind to me and had even helped me break the news to my parents. They were a bit angry at first but to my surprise they had began to get used to it and offered their full support no matter what.

However, I still felt really alone. I had heard from Ron that Harry hadn’t taken the news that well when he had received my owl. Ron reassured me that Harry was just shocked and that he still wanted to be with me but I wasn’t convinced. Harry had replied to the owl saying “that night was a huge mistake. I’m so sorry. What if Voldemort tries to get to the baby as well as you? How could we have been so stupid?” These words broke my heart. I felt so used and lonely. He had tried to support me by giving me money for the baby out of his vault, but that didn’t make up for the fact that he wasn’t there in person. He hadn’t owled me for six months so I presumed that he didn’t really care. But what if he never came back? What if he died in battle? I could just picture our son/daughter looking up at me and asking “Why haven’t I got a daddy like everyone else?”

I had always imagined that I would be excited when I had my first baby and so would my partner. I used to picture us all as a family sitting together in the living room, all happy and everything being perfect. I had never predicted that I would be a single mother by the age of eighteen with no job or qualifications. I had lost all of my old friends except from Luna but her visits seemed to be getting more and more occasional. It felt as if I had lost everything all because I had been so careless and such an idiot.

“I’m going to bed,” I mumbled, getting up and waddling up the stairs.

“Okay love,” my mom replied, giving me a sympathetic smile. “But remember that we’ve got to go to Diagon Alley tomorrow for baby things.”

I nodded wearily as I climbed the last few steps up to the landing. Nowadays, even a few small steps felt like a huge trek. I dreaded to think how I would get around Diagon Alley the next day. Who would have thought that being pregnant could be so energy draining? I waddled into my room and collapsed onto my bed. I felt a tear trickle down my cheek as I looked over to the crib that was situated at the corner of my room and noticed a photo of me and Harry on the table beside it. It was taken when we were still together whilst we were in our sixth year. Harry had his arm around my shoulder, flashing a cheeky grin as I kissed his cheek. We looked so happy, so cheerful. I missed those days greatly, always wishing that I could turn back time. I buried my face in my pillow trying to muffle my sobs. I didn’t want Mom or Hermione (or even worse, phlegm) to come in, I just wanted to be alone for a while. I tried to fall to sleep but the constant kicking of tiny feet inside me kept me awake - a reminder that I was bringing an innocent life into a dangerous world.

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Chapter 2: Harry's P.O.V
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Chapter two-Harry’s P.O.V

I lay on my side, facing the wall. I tried desperately to fall to sleep, but there was so much on my mind. The intense army training and constant battles and travelling was making me exhausted, but I could never seem to sleep. Thoughts of Ginny and the baby prevented me from doing so.

I had been at away at war for months and the pressure of seeing people I knew being killed right in front of me was starting to get to me. I would often wake up in the middle of the night from one of my nightmares, my gaunt, pale face covered in cold sweat. Most of the nightmares were about Remus who had been killed in a battle a few weeks before. I felt responsible for his death, as if it was all my fault. I had desperately tried to save him, but Snape was far too strong and quick. He immobilised me and then tortured Remus with the cruciatus curse right in front of me. I felt so useless, just standing there as he screamed in pain. Then the rest of the army arrived and Moody shot a curse at Snape that caused him to curl up in a ball and screech in pain, but he was just a fraction of a second too late. Snape had already performed the Avarda Kedavra curse on Remus, and I had witnessed it all. I'll never forget Tonks' face when she saw his body on the floor, his hazel eyes wide and lifeless. He had been so weak due having to change into a werewolf every full moon so he had no chance against Snape. We had all told him to rest but he wouldn't. Remus had always been selfless to the point of madness. Tonks has never been the same and it has affected her morphing but she's slowly getting better. But I'm afraid that the damage can't be repaired.

I turned over onto my back, causing the rough bed sheets to rub against my legs and torso. I hated night time because we all had to sleep in horrible, metal bunk beds with cheap sheets that made you itch so you couldn‘t sleep. And when I did manage to drop off I would always wake up with another nightmare which would always disturb Ron who slept on the bottom bunk.

So I would always stay awake for hours thinking about stuff, mostly to do with Ginny. How could I have been so stupid, not using the contraception charm? Now we were bringing a baby into the world who would be in danger and all because of my stupidity. Voldemort was sure to try to get to the baby and Ginny, as he had a habit of taking away anything I loved. It would be like my Mom and Dad all over again, and I would be to blame.

The thought of being a Dad terrified me. First of all, I didn’t have a clue about babies, let a lone having one. Second, I could hardly look after myself, let alone another life. To sum it all up, I would be a useless Dad and a useless husband.

I often found myself wondering what the baby would look like. I resented the fact that it was more than likely that I wouldn’t get to see the birth of him/her and would probably miss out on it’s first words, first steps, first sign of magical ability etc. I had tried to support them both by emptying out my gringots vault, but deep down I knew that it would never make up for the fact that I wasn’t there in person.

When I had received Ginny’s letter, I panicked. The thought of the woman I loved having to go through pregnancy and raising a child on her own and being a prime target for Voldemort made me jump out of my skin. I wrote back to her saying all the things that I was feeling but in the wrong way. I suppose that there was no right way to say things, but everything was worded as wrongly as possible. “That night was a huge mistake” being one of them. What I meant to say was that we couldn’t bring a baby into the world like this, but that I still loved her and that I would support them both and try to protect them. But never being terribly gifted in expressing my feelings, I cocked it all up and made it sound as if I hated her. I had tried to write back, but I would always find myself screwing up pieces of parchment, struggling to find the right words to say.

What if she hates me? What if she thinks that I don’t care? What if she doesn’t love me anymore? All of these questions filled my head, adding to everything else that I was keeping bottled up, like witnessing Remus’s death and being unable to do anything about it. Yes, Snape had been taken prisoner but he had somehow escaped and I wanted to be the one who killed him so I could avenge Dumbledore’s death, whom I felt I owed a great debt to.

Why did have to be “The Boy Who Lived”? Why did I have to have the responsibility of vanquishing Voldemort? Maybe if I hadn’t survived the Avarda Kedavra curse everything would have been different….for better or for worse, I didn’t really know. I just knew that I was sick of attracting trouble because it would cost the lives of the people around me. I was sick of being Harry Potter, the boy who loses everything he loves….

Chapter 3: Ginny's P.O.V
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Chapter Three-Ginny’s P.O.V

I woke up the next morning feeling apprehensive. I was going out for the first time in seven months. I had been too unhappy and self-conscious to even put one foot out off the door, but this time I had no choice. The baby was due soon and I hadn’t even got a pram or clothes.

I stretched my arms and gave a huge yawn. I peeled off the quilt covers and sat on the edge of the bed, putting my feet into my fluffy green slippers. I waddled out of the door and into the bathroom where I caught my reflection in the mirror. I looked so different that I barely recognised myself. I hadn’t even bothered to take care of my appearance the past few months, let alone examine myself in the mirror.

“My God! I look dead!” I gasped, edging towards the mirror so I could look closer at my pale face and chubby body. I couldn’t go out with greasy hair and so many spots that I looked like a pizza! I ran myself a bath and poured in some of my lavender scented bath cream that I saved for special occasions. I clambered in rather ungracefully and felt a warm and relaxing sensation as I let the bubbles glide over my dry skin. I felt so calm and stress-free, something which I hadn’t felt in a long time.

After I had a good soak and a thorough hair wash, I decided that I had to do something about my hideous spots. I raided my chest of draws and slapped on a bit of make-up. It didn’t cover them up completely but they looked much better. Feeling a little more confident, I opened my wardrobe and hunted for some loose-fitting clothes. I found some elasticised navy-blue jogging bottoms and a sweater to match. Not very fashionable, I know, but at least it covered my stretch mark infested stomach. Then I charmed my hairbrush to comb my hair into a high pony tail and as I made my way back into the bathroom to brush my teeth. I looked at my reflection again and found the old me (well, almost old me) staring back. “Much better,” I told myself.

I rushed downstairs and heard mom and Hermione talking in the kitchen. They appeared to be arguing about something so I pressed my ear to the door so I could hear what was being said.

“Harry isn’t like that,” said Hermione indignantly.

“He’s a total idiot. He may be away at war and under a lot of stress but I saw that letter and it was bloody well rude and insensitive! It’s affected Ginny so much that I feel as if I don’t know her anymore. She always says that she doesn’t want to talk about it and that it doesn’t bother her that he doesn’t care but I know my girl and I know when she’s lying. He should be ashamed of himself for what he’s done to her!” retorted mom. I could just imagine her face going redder by the second, something that always happened when she was angry.

“He was just scared, Mrs Weasley. He’s probably worried that Vol- I mean, you-know-who will try to get to her now she’s carrying his child. And what about when the baby’s born? It’s life will be in danger as soon as it enters the world.”

“Don’t you think I know that? It’s on my mind all of the time! They should have been more careful! I know what’s done is done but these needn’t have happened. I’m not saying that I wish the baby wasn’t here, but if they’d have taken precautions then maybe Ginny would still be they happy and bubbly girl that we all love. I just want what’s best for my daughter and my grandchild. Is that too much to ask?!” yelled mom, her voice getting louder. I thought that it would be the best time to intervene so I opened the door and tried to act casually, as if I hadn’t heard anything. Mom and Hermione suddenly went quiet and an uncomfortable silence filled the room.

“You look nice, Gin,” said Hermione stiffly as she helped herself to a piece of toast.

“Thanks, I thought that I’d make an effort,” I forced a smile, secretly wanting to scream at the top my lungs. Just as I was beginning to feel on top again the whole “Harry-The-Git” subject was brought up again.

“Any idea what you want, love? That baby shop’s still open in Diagon Alley. It’s not a good as the one in Hogsmeade, but ever since this war broke out all of the descent shops have closed down.” said mom, charming the jug to fill my glass with orange juice. A loud tap at the window interrupted us and I looked up to see a large tawny owl with very distinctive amber eyes lifting it’s left leg to reveal a letter. Mom hastily opened the window, untied the letter and paid the owl. It gave a small hoot of thanks and flew off.

“Bloody ministry!” moaned mom, “They check the post for security purposes and what-not and then go and rip everything in the process! They could be more careful!” She turned over the envelope to look at the name on the front. Her expression suddenly softened. “Ginny, love, it’s for you.”

I felt a small flicker of hope as mom handed me the letter. I recognised the messy writing immediately: it was Harry’s. I quickly took out the parchment, unfolded it and read to myself:

Dear Ginny,

I’m so sorry about the other letter, I was just so shocked and scared. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I’ve been such a git and you deserve better. What I meant to say was, well, I love you and even though bringing a baby into the world isn’t the best of ideas I’m still here for you both. We can’t change the past. I miss you so much and I’m so sorry that I can’t be there for you and our baby. I’ll make it up to you when I come back home. I’m going to try to be a good dad and I’m going to support you as much as I can, like I’m supposed to.

Even though I’m not with you I still love you and not even Voldemort can change that. I’ve asked Moody to ask some of the ministry to increase security around you and The Burrow. I might be miles away but I’m still going to protect you all that I can. So if you go anywhere they’ll be a couple of aurors around to keep you safe.

Send everyone my love.
Missing you and the baby,

A tear rolled down my cheek as I read the last sentence and counted up all of the kisses. He still loved me! He still cared! He loved our baby!

“What’s wrong Gin?” asked Hermione concerned, putting her hand on my wrist. I tried to speak but I was so happy that no sound would come out. I handed the letter to Hermione and both she and mom huddled together to read it.

“I knew that he wouldn’t turn his back on you,” smiled Hermione as she gave me a hug.

“Well, at least he’s sorry and he’s prepared to look after you both. I thought that I was a bit unlike him to do what he did. He’s a good lad.” said my mom, re-reading the letter. Hermione and I gave a small smile to each other. Whenever my mom was proved wrong she would really contradict her herself - badly. “We’d better hurry before the shops get packed. You know what it’s like on a Saturday,” she said, carefully folding up the parchment and charming it to place itself neatly in the letter rack. I bolted down another piece of toast and slipped on a random jacket and some trainers as mom went over to see who was knocking the door. After she went through her usual procedure of checking to see if death eaters were trying to come in, she bought back a few aurors. I smiled, Harry had kept his promise to protect us after all.


“Have this one love, it’s perfect,” said mom, barging past the aurors in front of us and pointing to a hideous brown and cream cot.

“No mom, I like the one that I've got already, “ I sighed, a little exasperated. All morning she had interfered and hadn’t paid the slightest bit of attention to what I wanted.

“But this one’s cheaper and comes with a free changing table,” said mom in her I’m-going-to-get-my-own-way-whether-you-like-it-or-not voice.

“Mom, it’s my baby!” I scowled. The aurors began to shift uncomfortably. I began to wish that they weren’t there and that I hadn’t come out. Hermione lagged behind me, having enough sense to not get involved. Whenever there was an argument with my mom, my mom always had her way.

“I’m only trying to help!” she protested, her face rather flushed and her greying hair fly-away. I was about to argue back when I felt a pain, a pain that I had never felt before. I clutched my stomach in a feeble attempt to stop it. Was I losing the baby? I felt so strange, I didn’t know what to do. I was only just over seven months pregnant, I couldn’t be in labour now, could I?

“Ginny, what’s wrong?” asked Hermione, speaking up for the first time in hours.

“The baby,” I gasped, “I-I dunno, but, I think it’s coming.”

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Chapter 4: Harry's P.O.V
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“You’ll be sorry! Sorry that you’re going to die like that good-for-nothing godfather of yours!” cackled Bellatrix, her midnight-black hair waving about wildly in the strong winds. Her pale grey eyes were full of maliciousness and were longing to witness someone die a painful death.


“Crucio!” I yelled clearly, stopping her from completing that dreaded curse. She gave a high-pitched scream as her knees buckled and she collapsed onto the muddy, water-logged grass. I started firing every curse that came into my head, tears streaming down my face as I felt my sanity slip away like sand in between my fingers. I couldn’t hack it anymore. I wanted to confront Voldemort, I wanted to kill him but whenever I found a Horcrux and I felt as if I was getting closer there would be another obstacle that would knock me back again. I just wanted the world to be safe again, so my family and I could walk the streets and without having to look over our shoulders for danger and so my child wouldn’t have to be parentless like me.

“Harry! Harry! Stop it!” cried Ron, pulling me away. “She’s gone now. She can’t take anyone else away from you now.”

I felt so disgusted with myself. Bellatrix’s blood-coated body lay in a lifeless heap in front of me. Had I really sank down to her level? The rain began to pelt down even faster, fitting in with the scenery around me. Ron dragged me away from Bellatrix and pushed me onto the muddy ground as a hex flew across in my direction, missing me by centimetres. I looked up from the ground and saw a tall, cloaked figure edging towards me. He pulled down his hood to reveal a pale face with very prominent dark eyes. I recognised him immediately and it made me feel physically sick.

“Snape?” I gasped, my voice hoarse. Then my guts turned. Ron was beside me and that only meant one thing……

“Ron! Run!” I gasped, trying to spare his life.

“AVADA KEDAVRA!” Ron collapsed onto the ground, his body unnaturally still and his skin a ghostly white. I felt a sudden anger fill every inch of my body, as if a trigger had gone off inside of me. I raised my wand and started spitting out every curse that I knew. But Snape was too strong and had the upper hand straight away.

“Potter! Get away!” called a familiar voice which I recognised as Draco Malfoy’s.

“No Draco!” ordered Snape, a hint of panic in his voice.


“AVADA KEDAVRA!” I screamed, gathering the little energy that Snape hadn’t managed to drain out of me as I pointed my wand at Draco. He collapsed immediately, landing next to Ron. I felt myself become considerably weaker. Snape had a terrified look on his face and his wand fell out of his grasp. A stream of brilliant flame spurted out of his wrist and winded itself around Draco's hand and then sethered in half, as if something had been broken, the unbreakable vow. He gave a yelp of pain as he fell to the floor, the sleeve of his robe lifting up to reveal the dark mark. I crawled over to Ron, the tremendous pain throughout my body slowing me down. I shook his body vigorously, trying in vain to wake him up. I knew that he was dead, but I just couldn’t accept it, even at that moment.

“Ron! RON!” I screamed. I had no more energy left and the curses that Snape had fired at me took over. I felt my eye lids become considerably heavier and I saw my whole life flash in front of me. The blinding green light, living with the Dursely’s, meeting Hagrid. meeting the Weasleys, meeting Hermione, joking around with Sirius, falling in love with Ginny, the Triwizard Tournament, Dumbledore’s death and the last time I kissed Ginny before I went off to war……….

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Chapter 5: Ginny's P.O.V
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Chapter Five-Ginny’s P.O.V

I squealed in pain as the healers kept telling me to push. I was so afraid and I just didn’t know what to expect. I felt so lonely without Harry by my side. He would have made it all better by just being their to hold my hand and comforting me.

“Don’t leave me, Mom!” I pleaded, tears streaming down my face.

“I won’t love,” she reassured me. “Your doing really well!”

“Almost there Ginny!” said a plumb healer named Irene. She had been so kind to me and very patient. She had a very round, olive face with large brown eyes that were very warm and friendly. “I can see the head! On big push now Ginny!”

I tried to push as hard as I could but I had been in labour for so long that I felt too tired and weak to carry on.

“Come on Ginny! It’s okay! You can do it!” egged on Hermione. I gave an almighty push as I listened to everyone’s encouragement. I groaned in pain as I squeezed Hermione’s hand so tightly that she gave a small yelp. I was so terrified that everyone would leave me to cope on my own.

“The head and shoulders are out,” confirmed a tall male healer who was rather stern and abrupt. “C’mon! Just one more push!” he said, getting impatient with me.

“Do you have any kid, twat features?” I yelled, grabbing his collar so my face was only inches away from his.

“No,” he gulped.

“Well fuck off!” I screamed, tossing him away as if he was an old rag doll. I noticed that Irene was smiling to herself which gave me the impression that the male healer wasn’t very well liked.

“One more push, darling.” said Irene “and then it’ll be over.” I obeyed her and my little baby entered the world after thirty six hours of pain and hard work.

“Well done, sweetheart!” said my mom, stroking my forehead which had become rather hot and my hair was sticking to my face.

“Congratulations, Miss Weasley,” Irene smiled, handing over a small bundle which she has just cleaned with one simple flick of her wand. “You have a very beautiful and healthy baby girl.”

I felt so happy. I’d done it! I’d achieved something amazing and worthwhile! Irene gave me my little girl and I cradled her lovingly as she gave out the cutest cry that i had ever heard. I noticed straight away that she has Harry’s shaped eyes (except they were blue but I suspected that they'd probably turn green) and his long, piano-playing fingers. She had my nose and a light covering of my red hair. She was the most beautiful thing that I had ever seen. I had fallen in love with her already. I cradled her small frame tenderly as I felt my whole life become brighter. Everything had slotted into place.

“I’ll go and owl Harry,” said Hermione. “The hospital owls are rather fast so we should get a reply in a matter of minutes.”

“Oh, would you?” I said. “Thanks so much Hermione.”

Hermione smiled and walked out of the door. I felt so lucky having such supportive friends and family. I felt sorry for other girls who had to go it alone.

“Ginny!” my dad grinned, bursting through the door with a large bouquet of yellow tulips in his hands. Irene took them off him and kindly offered to put them in water.

“Dad!” I held out my free arm (being premature, baby was so small that she only took up one arm!) and gave him a hug. “This is your granddaughter.”

My dad looked down and his eyes filled with tears. “She’s so beautiful,” he whispered. “Have you decided on a name yet?”

“No. I’m waiting for Harry’s reply. I’ve settled on Lily, but I need to know if he’d be comfortable naming our baby after his mom.”

“I’m sure that he will be, love” he said as I handed that baby over to him and mom. I waited patiently for Harry’s reply as I was taught by mom and Irene how to feed my baby and how to bring up wind. Irene told me that I was a natural and that I’d be a fantastic mother which made me feel rather proud.

“Gin!” Hermione panted as she arrived back. “Here’s the reply!”

“Harry? Is he okay?” I asked worriedly.

“I don’t know. I haven’t read it yet.”

I felt a but silly as I unfolded the parchment. What was I thinking? Of course Hermione wouldn’t invade my privacy. I straightened out the letter and read out loud:

Dear Ginny,

Is everything alright? How was the birth? Hermione said that you’ve had a girl. Who does she look like? I can’t believe that I’m a dad! I’m so proud of you! Have you decided on a name? I was thinking that we could call her Lily, but that’s only if you want to as well. Will you send me a picture of her?
I don’t feel right telling you this but I think that it’s best that you know from me rather than when you get a letter from the army/order. Ron died a battle a few days back. He was so brave, he saved us both from one of Snape’s curses and I tried to save him but I was too late. I’m so sorry Ginny. I tried so hard, really I did. I’ve failed you and your family, I know that much. I should have been quicker but Snape had put so many hexes and curses on me…..well, I suppose that’s no excuse. I should have tried harder, I’m so sorry. Tell everyone that I’m so sorry. Remus also died from one of Snape's curses a few months ago. Tonks is starting to cope but she's not the same person. I was too late to save him too. I know I'm a faliure, you don't have to tell me that and I know this isn't the best time to tell you but there's never going to be a best time. I just need to start telling the truth from now on. I promise not to keep anything from you again.

I love you so much. I miss everyone. Tell our little girl that daddy loves her and he’s sorry that he’s not there.

All my love,

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Chapter 6: Harry's P.O.V
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I gently laid the quill on the bedside table with my uninjured hand. Tonks (who’s hair was a dull brown) took the parchment and carefully sealed it. She looked up and gave me a sympathetic smile.

“It’s okay, Harry,” she said softly, her grey eyes sparkling with tears - tears of pity. I observed her for a second and saw that she was covered in gashes and bandages. Her left brow was caked in dry blood where the wound above it refused to heal. She limped over to me and sat on the edge of the bed. “It’s not your fault. Ginny needs to know about Ron and Remus. They’re two people who she’s close to and cares about. Moreover she would rather hear it from you. From someone she loves and trusts. Whatever happens it’s not your fault. There was nothing you could do to save them.”

“But it is my fault!” I said, choking on my tears. I didn’t want to cry in front of Tonks and make a fool of myself, even though I suspected that she wouldn’t mind as she was very sensitive and caring. She’d been kind enough to help me write a reply to Ginny’s letter but I wasn’t particularly grateful at that moment - even though I should have been. I admired her as she had lost Remus because of me and she was still trying to help. “I’ve lost everything. Sirius, Dumbledore, Remus and now Ron. And I suppose Ginny hates me now. The letter was about something happy, the birth if our baby, and I’ve spoilt it by telling her that her friend and brother are dead. Ron saved my life and I’m so much of a lousy friend that I couldn’t save him too. remus has always been there for me but I wasn't there for him was I? I''ve failed everyone.” I couldn’t speak anymore. I buried my face in my hands, ashamed if myself for opening up to someone. I never showed anyone that I was upset - not even Ginny. I usually got angry to try and hide my pain but this time and couldn’t get angry. “It’s my fault they're dead!”

“No it’s not!” Tonks said firmly. “What about all the times you did save Ron? What about the times you found those Horcruxes? What about all those times you convinced us all to go on when we all lost hope? What about all those times you helped Remus to get his strength back up after he'd transformed? So don’t you ever say that it’s your fault and that you’re a lousy friend! You’re the best friend anyone could have and Ron was lucky to have you. And Remus loved you like you were a son so don't you ever say that you've failed anyone.” And with that she got up and hobbled over to the owlery to post my letter.

“But I have lost everything,” I thought to myself, wallowing in my self pity. Why was I being so pathetic?

“We’ve got another one Alistor! They’re dropping like flies! The battle might have stopped but those curses are just starting to kick in!”

I craned my neck to see what was going on. Healers were charming a stretcher to float towards a bed. Lay in a bloody mess was a man who was shaking vigorously and whimpering in pain.

“Tom! I need to see him!” panicked a tall and gaunt blonde-haired girl with piercing blue eyes. Harry recognised her immediately as Tonks’ best friend, Angelina.

“Ange, please,” begged Moody, trying to restrain her. “There’s nothing we can do.”

“Don’t lie to me Moody! There must be something you can do!” she screamed hysterically.

Harry suddenly realised that the man in the stretcher was David, Angelina’s fiancé. They were both aurors, and members of the order so they had been chosen to fight in the war. They had willingly agreed, not knowing that something as tragic as this would happen.

“Ange, just calm down!” barked Moody, grabbing her in an attempt to stop her from struggling.

“I’ll calm down if you let me see him!” she spat, her tear stained face red with a mixture of grief and anger. I had never seen her like this. I had always known her as being very shy, quiet and very placid.

“You can sweetheart but you must calm down. He needs you as much as you need him, Don’t spend your last moments with him like this.”

Angelina calmed down and made her way over to David’s side. Moody conjured up a chair and she slowly sat down, her big blue eyes never leaving David’s once handsome face. Healers stopped surrounding him and trying to stop hum from bleeding as they had all realised that there was nothing they could do.

“Angie,” David whispered. He shakily lifted his hand and gently placed it in hers.

“It’ll be a matter of minutes, Ange,” Moody said, his voice unusually soft and sensitive. Angelina gently stroked David’s face, carefully avoiding the large gash on his forehead. “Everything’s going to be okay. I’m here now,” she said, desperately trying to be strong.

“You can cry Ange,” he wheezed,” R-r-rember what I t-t-old you when we first met? You can always cry in front of me. You don’t…y-ou don’t h-have to put on a brave face.”

“I love you so much,” she said, still trying to hold back the tears. “You’re going to be alright. I promise.”

“Ange, I know what’s happening. I’m going, I know I am. But promise me that you’ll be strong and carry on. I want you to find someone else. I want you to be happy. I need you to do that for me. Promise?” he said, his shaking calming down and his speech becoming less muffled.

“I…I promise,” she said, her voice trembling as she gave in and started to cry. “I love you so much.”

“I love you too,” he smiled. I was amazed that he was being so calm and strong. She lent over and planted a kiss on his lips. Suddenly, David started to gasp for breath and was shaking again. The healers tried to calm him down but it was no use. He became quieter until there was silence and he was completely still. His honey-brown eyes remained wide open, lifeless.

“David?” Angelina asked as she shook him.

“He’s gone.” said Moody.

Angelina admitted defeat and sank into the chair, burying her face in her hands. “He can’t leave me! I love him! He can‘t leave me!” she sobbed, burying her face into Moody’s chest.

My head shot up as Tonks came back. She stopped in her tracks as she saw the state that her friend was in. “Ange?” she said, limping as fast as she could over to her. Watching someone lose the love of their life made me think twice.

“I’ve got to snap out of this,” I said to myself. I was lucky that I still had Ginny and my little girl. I had to carry on. I climbed out of my bed and headed for the exit. A healer tried to stop me and insisted that I was in no state to leave but I just ignored him and carried on.

“Where are you going?” asked Moody.

“I’m leaving with the rest of them for the next battle. They need me.”

“But you’re in no state to do that! Your still injured. You were on the receiving end of so many curses… can’t just go!” protested another healer.

“Yes I can. And I’m going to.” I marched outside and completely ignored the healers protests. Injured or not I was still going to fight.

Chapter 7: Ginny's P.O.V
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Ginny’s P.O.V

Dad cradled mom as she sobbed into his chest. I kept my eyes fixed on Ron’s tomb, trying to hold back my tears. I cradled Lily in my arms, the fell of her small, warm breaths on my chest comforting me as she slept. Everything felt so surreal. My brother couldn’t be dead. I refused to believe it.

There wasn’t a dry eye in the room - even Fleur was crying. Things were so different without Ron. There was no one to protect me even if I didn’t really need protecting, no one to have petty arguments with, no one to laugh at and laugh with….no one. He was gone forever.

Hermione got up to say a few words. She trembled as she clutched a piece of paper that had been folded and unfolded so many time that it was beginning to tear. She gave a sniff as she gently opened it, her face glistening from the many tears she had shed.

“Ron wrote this letter when he was at war,” she began, trying to speak clearly but she was shaking too much that it was rather hard to make out what she was saying.
“Dear Hermione,
I don’t know how to say this. You of all people know that I’ve never been good with putting words on paper so this is my first attempt without your help.
I’ve always felt something for you ever since our first meeting on the train. It was a if I had known you all my life and that we were meant to be together forever. I thought that we were just meant to be friends for a long time back then, being so young and everything. But as I got older I began to understand those feeling a lot better. You looked so beautiful to me all the time - even when we argued which was most of the time. I so desperately wanted you to notice me so that’s why I’d cause an argument so we’d clash. I wanted you to look at me differently and not just as a friend but I’d go the wrong way about it. It got worse in our forth year when you took an interest in Krum and you began seeing each other. I tried to be happy for you but I couldn’t help but feel jealous. I wanted you to be with me - not anyone else. That was when I realised that I loved you. But even now I find it hard to say those three simple words. You’re so beautiful, kind, intelligent, funny - basically I’m way out of you’re league. I came so close to telling you in our sixth year when we were at Dumbledore’s funeral. We touched for the first time and we were actually showing each other affection. But I told myself that it was a stupid idea and that you’d never want me. You’d only allowed me to touch you because you were upset about Dumbledore and needed someone to comfort you.

Now I’ve completely blew it Hermione. I’ve gone off to war and I don’t know when or if I’ll ever come back. I just want you to know that I love you. I always have done and I always will.

I just hope that you feel the same.

Hermione looked up and started to sob even more. “The thing is, I’ve felt exactly the same way ever since we first met. I’ve felt jealous whenever he’s been with someone else. I nearly told him that I loved him when we were at Dumbledore’s funeral. But I was such an idiot! It all my fault! He died thinking that I hated him! I love him so much. He’s the best thing that has ever happened to me. But I took him for granted. I should have told him and because I’ve my stupidity he’ll never know. I wrote back but it never reached him in time. It’ll never reach him….” Hermione covered her face with her hands as she was gently taken back to her seat by Fleur. That was when it finally sunk in. Ron was gone.

The service ended shortly and we all made our way out of the church. Hermione was constantly apologising for her outburst but we all understood what she must have been going through. “He wouldn’t have wanted me to do that. He’d have wanted me to remember the good times.” she sobbed. Lily had started to get unsettled and was starting to grizzle. I tried to hush her and calm her down but and uncomfortable jolt in my chest told me that there was something wrong. Not with Lily, but the environment around me. There was an ear-piercing scream and numerous death eaters and werewolves were running towards us. The aurors looked ready to fight but they were outnumbered greatly by the opposing side.

“Take Lily and get out of here!” I ordered, handing the most precious thing I had to Fleur. She looked startled for a second but obeyed. She hid Lily under her coat and made a run for it. I got out my wand and began dueling a female death eater. Just as I was about to win, a male death eater grabbed me from behind and tried to carry me away. I struggled and fought hard to break free but the female death eater immobilised me.


My dad came running towards me with his wand in the air. I tried to warn him but I couldn’t move.

“Avada Kedavra!”

My dad collapsed onto the ground as the death eaters carried me away. The female death eater grabbed me roughly as we began to apparate. The screams of my mothering the distance haunted me forever. Yet again, I had lost another man that was very close to my heart. I felt so helpless not being able to move. I had no idea what the death eaters had in store for me. All I knew was that I was going to suffer a tremendous amount of pain and there was nothing that I could do about it.

Chapter 8: Harry's P.O.V
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a/n-you might want to re-read the story as I have slightly changed it. I don’t think you have to though because all that has been changed is that Remus died instead of Neville but you can go back and read it again of you wish. Also, I mention the Horcruxes in some parts and I’ve made up some of them because nobody knows for sure what they are yet. So no shouting at me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We were back on that horrible muddy graveyard again, Dumbledore’s Army facing the Dark Lord and his death eaters. I was disappointed (and at the same time afraid) at the fact that Voldemort didn’t look that weak considering that I had destroyed Hufflepuff’s cup, Ravenclaw’s quill and Gryffindor’s sword. There was Slytherin’s locket too which I found in Sirius’s house and with the help of McGonagall and Moody I managed to destroy it. I found out later that Sirius’s brother, Regulas, had tried to destroy the locket but had been killed by the death eaters before he had managed to do so. There was also Tom Riddle’s diary and Marvolo Gaunt’s ring which had been destroyed already. That meant that there was one more Horcrux, but what was it?

My heart was pounding. I was so afraid. This was going to be the final battle, I could feel it. I had defeated Voldemort many times before, but this time felt different. I wasn’t feeling so lucky today. McGonagall grasped my shoulder, her way of comforting me. The death eaters started to move towards us, Voldemort in the middle on what seemed to be a chariot without wheels that was floating in the air. His wand was raised, his teeth bared like some hungry dog. Moody shouted something that sounded like “now” but I was so dazed that I couldn’t hear clearly. I couldn’t lose it now. I felt someone brush against me and I turned to see that it was Neville. He was a pale as a ghost and looked like he had seen one too, but there was a flicker of bravery in his eye. Neville was always brave when he had to be. I swallowed hard and raised my wand, ready to duel with the nearest death eater. I knew deep down that I was going to lose this time. I needed the last Horcrux, but I didn’t know what it was. Even though Voldemort wasn’t nowhere near as strong as he was he was still stronger than me. But I wasn’t going to give up completely. I had been fighting for ages now and I wanted to make sure that it was worth it. If I was going to die today, I wasn’t going to go without a fight.

“POTTER!” screamed a deep voice. Lucius Malfoy came speeding towards me, waving his wand wildly in the air. “I’ll get you back for what you did! You killed my son and my wife! You made Snape break that vow and now my wife and boy are dead! You’ll pay for this! I’m going to make sure you end up with your filthy mud-blood mother-”

“LUCIUS! Get away from him, he’s mine!” screeched Voldemort, high up above me in his chariot. He pointed his wand at Lucius and said “You’re no use to me now. You’ve messed up enough. AVADA KEDAVRA!” Lucius catapulted a few feet away into the distance and landed in a twisted, bloody heap on the ground. I raised my wand, ready for any curse that hit me.

“HARRY!” yelled Neville. He ran towards me, his wand raised.

“CRUCIO!” hissed Voldemort, but the curse missed Neville by a few inches. Ever since the auror training and numerous battles, Neville had become a highly skilled solider. He pointed his wand at Voldemort and said: “If you’re going to kill Harry you’ll have to kill me too.”

“Very well then,” he shrugged, pointing his wand at Neville. A jet of green light spurted from his wand but I leapt in front of Neville and blocked it just in time. Voldemort have an evil cackle. “Is that the best you can do?” The chariot lowers and he climbed out of it as quick as a flash. So quick that I didn’t see what was coming next.

“EXPELLIARMUS!” he roared. It hit me square in the chest and I flew through the air faster than a Firebolt. I landed on my side in a huge puddle of mud. I scrambled to my feet, shaken a little.

“NAGINI!” he spat, as his snake slithered towards me. She raised herself to her full height and it was then that I realised that I was in danger. If one drop of her venom made contact with me I would die instantly. I backed away, racking my brains for something that I could do. But there was no time.

“AVADA KEDAVRA!” Neville pointed his wand at Nagini and the curse hit through the back of the head. She wailed in pain but soon went deadly silent as she hit the ground.

“You stupid boy!” bawled Voldemort, sounding so much weaker and fragile. He hit Neville with another curse out of anger, killing him instantly. Then it hit me. Nagini was the last Horcrux.

“Now for you Potter. I’ll make sure that you end up with your mud blood mother and that idiot girlfriend of yours.” I suddenly felt a lot less brave. Ginny was dead? I knew that it was over a year since she had last written to me but the Ministry has put a stop to sending any letters because the war had made things get so bad and unsafe so there was no way that they could contact each other. But that couldn’t mean that she was dead…..

“CRUCIO!” he yelled but the anger inside made me wake up and I blocked it successfully. I could easily take him down now. But I felt so drained and tired. The curses were starting to kick in again. But I used that little strength I had left to keep duelling. He continued to torment me about Ginny and Lily, but I wouldn't give up. I couldn't leave Lily without a mother and a father.

I attempted the Avarda Kedavra curse, but as I did so he did at the same time. Our wands connected then......nothing. My vision became blurred. I couldn hear faint screaming and people runing away, but I couldn't see anything. Then there was just darkness.

a/n-I'm sorry that this chapter isn't very well written and that I've kept you waiting for a long time. I've been really busy because I've just started a new school and I've had trouble settling. I know that you might be a little confused but all will be explained in the last few chapters. I know it's a sad story and I'm trying to brighten it up a bit because everybody's reviewing and telling me that I'm making them cry :( Also, I might come back to this and add more detail when I have time.

Chapter 9: Epilogue
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A small girl with blazing red hair and emerald green eyes fidgeted uncomfortably in her seat. She kept looking nervously at the widow, as if she was expecting something. She started tapping her finger on the table, making me look up with an irritated expression upon my face. I put down my quill and took my attention away from the vast amounts of paperwork that cluttered the kitchen table. I gave a sigh and ran my fingers through my shaggy black hair.

“Lily will you please stop fidgeting? I’m trying to do this paperwork and it needs to be done now. Go and play upstairs.” I ordered. Being an auror could be really stressful sometimes. I had to write up almost everything.

“Fine. Tell me if the post comes,” she said, looking a little apprehensive. She ran upstairs as fast as her legs would carry her up to her room. I gave a small chuckle. She reminded me so much of her mother. As I thought about Ginny I felt so lonely, as if a part of me was missing. We never got chance to make up before she died, not properly anyway. Everyone around me just assumed that I was back to normal just because I had defeated Voldemort, but they were wrong. How could anything ever be normal? I had lost everyone I loved, even Hermione who had gone to Bulgaria to live with Viktor Krum. We wrote to each other and she would visit each Christmas but it wasn’t the same. It was as if the trio had died, that I was the only one left. To my surprise, Luna was the only friend from Hogwarts that spent a lot of time with me. That was because we were partners at work and had been for a very long time. She used to annoy me a little with her weird ways and silly beliefs but now I find them amusing. She always brightens up my day. Mrs Weasley used to live with Lily and I as she was lonely without Arthur and Ron but she passed away a few years back. She was never the same, happy and chirpy Mrs Weasley that I first met. Lily was too young to understand back then but she was very attached to her Grandmother and would ask me when Grandma was coming back. I told her that she had gone to heaven and tried to explain it in the nicest way possible. But it was hard. Being a parent is extremely hard. I didn’t realise actually how hard it was. I remember coming back form the war and arriving on Mrs Weasleys door step only to be greeted by a red hair toddler with a chocolate biscuit on her hand that had melted around her moth and fingers. I couldn’t believe how much she looked like Ginny. I said hello but she backed away shyly and hid behind Fleur’s skirt. It took a while for the fact that I was a parent to sink in but Lily was so sweet and beautiful that I fell in love with her instantly. I still can’t believe that she is mine. She’s so perfect, well, near enough! She has a terrible temper and we’ve argued on one than more occasion. She likes her own way and is a natural leader. She reminds me of myself sometimes.

A tap at the window made me slip back into reality. I quickly got up and let a large, tawny owl into the room. It was a if Lily’s ears were some kind of radar as she bounded down the stairs.

“Is it for me? Is it?” she squealed excitedly. I handed her the letter and she quickly opened the seal. He eyes skimmed the page as he face lit up. She read out loud:


Headmistress: Minerva McGonagall

Dear Miss Potter,
We are pleased to inform you that you have a place at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment. Term begins on 1 September. We await your owl by no later than 31 July.

Yours Sincerely,

Minerva McGonagall”

She looked up at me, her eyes as wide as galleons. “You know what this means dad!” she said happily, a huge grin on her face.

“Yes sweetheart, I do,” I said, my arms outstretched. She came running towards me and wrapped her arms around me tightly. “I’m so proud of you!”

“I must tell Fleur and Bill!” she gasped, grabbing a piece of parchment from the side and scribbling down a letter. I watched her, feeling so proud. This was all I wanted now. She was my life and nobody would ever come between us and I would never let anybody hurt her. She was all I had.