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Two Moons in the Sky by JellyBelly20

Format: Novella
Chapters: 12
Word Count: 25,255

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Drama, Romance, Angst
Characters: Dumbledore, Lupin, Snape, Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew, OC
Pairings: James/Lily, Remus/OC

First Published: 02/25/2006
Last Chapter: 10/23/2006
Last Updated: 10/23/2006

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Everyone knows about Remus Lupin and his monthly problems. But did anyone bother to learn about the second? A second without friends to help her? How will the infamous werewolf of Hogwarts react when he meets another just like him, and it happens to be mating season?

Chapter 1: Transforming
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She breathed heavily as she slowly and painfully returned to her normal state, ripping off the skin that had enveloped her during the night. Her rattling breath echoed through the empty room she called home once every month, and she squinted into the bright sunlight that was peeking through the cracked shutters of the only window in the room. She lay on the cold hardwood floor, naked, trying to gain the strength to stand or sit up. But it was no use. All the energy was drained from her and just opening her eyes hurt every muscle in her body. But she willed herself up and slowly and gingerly began to put her clothes back on.

She examined herself in the full sized mirror. There were several new cuts and many old scars on her torso. The new cuts were deep. Very deep. The wolf was starting to get restless and lonely. She looked around the room and saw the damage she had inflicted. The chairs and desk were shattered and the blue and purple sheets on the bed were torn and scattered around the floor in tiny pieces. She limped over to the door and opened it to find Professor Flitwick, her head of house, waiting for her.

"'Lo Professor." she painfully breathed out, clutching her bleeding right side.

The small man looked at her worriedly and said, rather calmly,"Oh, dear, dear. You are much worse today. We must get you to the infirmary. Come Helena. Let's go." he took her right hand and led her all the way down the dark spiral staircase to the warm and inviting Hospital Wing.

Upon entering, Madam Pomfrey, the new nurse, shut several curtains and rushed over to the battered and bruised girl.

"Oh dear! Miss Lobo, what has happened? You look worse this time than all the others! Lie down, lay down. Oh my..." she trailed off as she lifted up her shirt to examine the damage.

Helena looked down and saw that the long gash in her right side was bleeding more than it had been before and the other cuts had small trails of blood slowly dripping down to her navel. Madam Pomfrey quickly got a bowl of stinky green liquid and smeared it over the wounds, healing them almost instantly, but leaving a stinging feeling where it had touched bare skin. Helena smiled gratefully as Pomfrey handed her some pastel blue pajamas and cleaned and repaired her uniform. She put on the pj's and lay down and tried to get some sleep before classes started on Monday.

"Thank you so much for bringing her in Filius. Who knows how long she would have been lying there alone."

"Actually Poppy this girl is very resilient. She opened the door even before I reached for the handle. She's strong."

She smiled at that. The little man thought she was strong. How wrong he was. Soon after a good long sleep Helena would have to put on the happy, optimistic face that she usually had. The fake cheerfulness she uses to shield the world from the terrible thing she becomes every full moon. How wrong Professor Flitwick was.

"Helena! I will be leaving now. If you need anything Madam Pomfrey will be right here." he said in his small, squeaky voice.

"Thanks Professor. For everything." he patted Helena's hand affectionately and left.

She fell asleep soon after that. But the combination of the blazing sun on her face and many voices near her roused her from her semi-peaceful sleep.

"Who's that?" asked one, his deep baritone voice sent shivers up Helena's spine. It was quite a sexy voice, but held laughter in every syllable.

"Oh! That's that girl..." said another, its voice almost as deep as the first.

"That helps Prongs." said the baritone mockingly.

"Hey! It's not my fault I forgot! She's a Ravenclaw though. Kinda cute." the second replied.

"Isn't she the Ravenclaw captain? The one that beat us last year?" asked a shaky, slightly high voice.

"Hey! You're right! I hate her." the second's voice was suddenly lower and less mischievous and more malevolent. Prongs, was he called? Why did that name sound so familiar?

"The name's Chase, thank you. And don't be a sore loser. We were annihilated by Slytherin the last game of the season." she said calmly, using her teammate’s nickname for her. She slightly shook her head as she opened her eyes.

Well, well, well, if it isn't the Marauders themselves. Great, when she looked horrible they finally recognize her. Oh well, they didn't look any better than Helena felt. They're faces were scratched and she could see some blood coming through their pale blue pajamas. She wondered if it was all due to a prank that they were trying to pull that had gone wrong.

Three of them were there, but where was Remus? Helena sat up and immediately afterward clutched her right side. The side she had torn open. Breathing became increasingly hard and she leaned against the headboard to try and ease the pain. Someone to her right that she hadn’t noticed before handed her a block of chocolate and said, "Here, eat it. It'll help."

She looked up and saw that it was none other than Remus Lupin. Strange, he looks sick again. Poor guy, he hasn't been looking his best these days. Helena took the chocolate with the hand that wasn't currently occupied and smiled a small thanks to him, since she couldn't quite manage to talk just yet. She took a small bite out of the slab of creamy goodness and felt a sudden warmth come over her. That guy really knows his stuff.

She grinned at the four boys and watched as Sirius and James began a contest as to who could eat the most chocolate in two minutes. Helena heard Remus mutter, "Barbarians" under his breath and she laughed, seeing him blush afterwards. After ten minutes of gracing the boys with her gorgeous presence, a blur of red ran up to her and she was sure she would die of smothering.

"Evans! Chase needs to breathe!"

"Oh! Sorry Helena. Why didn't you tell me? I could've helped you! And now look at you!" she said, exasperatedly.

"Help with what Lil?" Helena asked her burgundy haired friend, completely lost.

"With the potion you were trying to make for Slughorn! I swear you're going to kill yourself one of these days!" she quietly wiped away a discreet tear and Helena pulled her into a comforting hug.

"Potion? Oh! Right. The... potion. The one I was trying to make..." she said slowly, remembering the excuse that she had told all the professors to tell to anyone who asked for her.

"What happened?" asked James as he ruffled his hair and smiled flirtatiously at Lily. That boy just won't give up.

"Uh... well, let's just say never mix bowtruckle eggs with lacewings. You end up cut and bloody after a slight explosion." Helena lied, making up a stupid mixture.

"Well Miss Lobo, it seems you're alright now. Let me just give you a quick checkup and you can be on your way." Madam Pomfrey said, coming into the crowd of teens.

"Thanks Madam." she said, slowly unbuttoning her pajamas.

"Gentlemen, I suggest you let Miss Lobo get undressed without an audience." said Pomfrey.

Helena looked up quickly and found all four Marauders gawking at her. She quickly covered herself again, wondering how many cuts they had seen. If they even saw any. Madam Pomfrey shoved the boys away from Helena and Lily quietly followed after.

"Well Moony, seems you got to see your first half naked woman today." said Sirius. Several smacking sounds reverberated through the wing and Helena heard several voices before laughing harder than she ever had before.

"For your information Pads, I've seen half naked women before. And secondly don't talk about her as if she can't hear you."

"I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU BLACK! IS THAT ALL YOU THINK ABOUT?!?!?!?!?!? I DON'T KNOW WHY PEOPLE AGREE TO TALK CIVILLY WITH YOU!" Helena could see Lily's usual porcelain face turn beet red from anger and lack of breath through the dense cloth of the curtains.

"God Pads, that's not right." said James, laughing slightly.

"Okay! Okay! I get it! I'm sorry! I'm sorry Chase!" Sirius yelled, trying to make everyone love him again.

"Apology accepted! Someone please smack him upside the head for me!" Helena yelled, laughing lightly as Madam Pomfrey chuckled and prodded Helena's golden brown skin with her wand. SMACK!!!!!


"Hey, she said please." Remus said nonchalantly, making Helena laugh harder than she had ever laughed in her entire life. Which also made her side rip open a bit and send a tiny trickle of blood down her hip.

"Shit." she whispered, making Pomfrey look at her disapprovingly before putting the green stuff back on.

After a few more minutes Pomfrey was done with her and she dressed in her uniform before getting up to leave the infirmary.

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Chapter 2: La Vuelta de Jorge
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Chapter Two: La Vuelta de Jorge

Helena left the infirmary with Lily and, much to Lily's dislike, the Marauders. She sat with the five Gryffindors in the Great Hall and the boys asked why she was there.

"Oh, they don't like me that much." she said, pointing to the Ravenclaw table with her fork, a piece of cantaloupe still stuck on, "Something about doing homework at the very last second and not taking notes during class. I don't really know, I kinda zoned out after a while."

She grabbed some toast and buttered it up. She immediately began eating, being hungry from last night's transformation. Most of the Gryffindors who came into the Great Hall late stared at her, but she ignored them. She'd rather eat with her best friend than with all the girls that hated her. Sharing a dorm room is enough.

"If you ever need notes Helena, you can borrow mine." Remus said to Helena's left.

"Thanks. But fortunately for me I can remember whatever the professor says. I write stuff down sometimes, but that's about it." she took a sip of pumpkin juice, "But thanks again for the offer Remus." she winked at him and he blushed.

"Hey Chase?" asked Sirius.

"Yeah?" she asked, still stuffing her face with eggs and bacon.

"Why is your team dressed in their Quidditch robes?"

"WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?" she dropped her fork and knife and looked around to find her teammates dressed and carrying their brooms.

"Oy Chase! You didn't forget about your own practice did you?" asked Rashid Patil, the one who gave Helena her nickname, his black bangs covering his eyes.

"Shit, I gotta go. See you in class Lils, Remus." Helena grabbed one last piece of toast and ran out of the Great Hall to her Common Room.

"You know, they hate her for different reasons." Lily said, watching Helena's retreating back.

"And what's that?" James asked, not believing she was actually talking to him.

"She's brilliant. The smartest out of all of them. Remember first year? She just sat on the stool and the sorting hat said 'Ravenclaw' even before it was over her head."

"That was her?" Remus asked, remembering how small and fragile Helena looked as she walked up to the hat, but exuded confidence as she sat down.

"Mm-Hm. She just listens to lectures and it's all stored in her head. She remembers everything, but she's nice and social as well. That's what pisses them of the most."

"What? That everyone loves her?" Sirius asked, knowing Chase's reputation well.

"No. That she's incredibly bright, and that everyone loves her. She's not made fun of because she's a genius, like the rest of them are. You know, she even has Slytherin friends." Lily said, eyeing the table at the far end of the hall.

"What?" James looked completely baffled. How could Chase have Slytherin friends?

"Yeah, but they're the ones that are overly ambitious, not cruel. She's a really good judge of character." she took a sip of her juice, quietly thinking about something.


"Chase, I can't believe you forgot about Quidditch." Rashid teased as they walked down to the pitch, the cool autumn air refreshing them.

"Sorry. I didn't have a good night last night." Helena said, not looking into her friends eyes.

"Oh. Bad dream?" he asked, genuinely concerned.

"No, I woke up feeling terrible, so I went to the nurse. Spent all night there." She lied.

Of course she lied. What was she going to do? Tell everyone the truth? She knows what'll happen if she does that. She'll have to put a pretty big memory charm to get that out of someone's mind. That's why she was so good at them. Helena remembered when she tried to tell Lily. She freaked out. It was third year, and Helena wanted to tell someone bad. She couldn't take being alone, so she decided to tell her best friend. She thought she would understand. She thought she would hold her and cry with her and tell her it was all right and that she would stay with her forever. That she'd help her and Helena wouldn't feel alone again.

But, of course, Lily ran away from her. When Helena found Lily again she was in the library, reading something. That was when she put a memory charm on her and decided she would never tell her or anyone else about what she was. She also decided then and there that she would pretend the pain wasn't around when she was with her friends. But when she was alone, that was when all the pain came out. That was when she wished she was dead, instead of living a lie.

Helena looked up and watched her team, "Alright kids! Let's get a scrimmage in and then we'll call it a day. Hey Chang! Let out the snitch! And leave the chest unlocked this time!"

She signaled for them to go up and as soon as everyone was in the air she took off. The light fall breeze ran against her skin and for the first time since the transformation she felt better. She felt as if nothing was going wrong. As if she was a normal person, and not an animal. She loved that feeling. Helena looked around and saw Rashid darting in and out of the posts to the far side of the pitch. She started to practice a play with the two other chasers and began to warm up the keeper. Only two minutes into the session Rashid came back with the snitch in his hand.

"Nice work. All right, get the reserves up here and we'll have a scrimmage." Helena said, going down to open the chest and let out the bludgers.

"Hello Chase." a sultry voice said behind her as she had kicked the chest, setting off the two speeding bludgers.

Helena froze. Great, it was him again. She turned to find her ex-boyfriend, Jorge, watching her. She wondered again why she had ever dated him. Oh yeah... the accent. And his good looks didn't bother her much either. His eyes were dark and stormy, the pupil lost in the deep sea of black that consisted of his iris. His dark hair was freshly cut, slicked down with some mouse, his uniform shirt was untucked, the buttons undone down to the third, and his green and silver tie lay forgotten, draped over his bookbag.

"Hey J." she replied, turning her back on the practice.

"¿Cómo estás?" he asked, coming a little too close to her.

"I'm a little sick but for the most part I'm just peachy." she backed away a step.

"I've missed you Chase. You know, life isn't the same without you." he came up to her and grazed her cheek with his rough, bronze hand.

She slapped it away, suddenly feeling sick, "J, you know the rules. I've already told you about two hundred times. One month is all you get. Now get out of here, we're practicing." she turned back to face the pitch but soon after everything turned black.

"What happened to her?" asked a voice that was strangely familiar.

"Bludger hit her straight in the head. Is Black coming with Pomfrey anytime soon? Jesus Christ! He's taking forever!"

"Rash! You're not even Christian!" said a woman's voice.

"So? What the hell were you doing with her Gutierrez!?!?!?!?!? I swear if you did anything to her...!"

"Are you blaming this on me? It's not my fault your beaters can't aim to save their lives! Bastardos ingleses estúpidos. Tienen que culpar todo en el Latinos." (Stupid English bastards. Have to blame everything on the Latins.)

"We do not blame everything on Latins. Just most things." Helena's eyes fluttered open, and she was soon enveloped in a huge hug by someone.

"Helena! Are you okay? Are you sure? Do you need anything?"

"Remus, I'm fine, really." she laughed as he pulled away and smiled sheepishly at her.

"I thought you were a goner." he looked as if someone in his family almost died. His eyes were wide with shock and his face was paler than white paper. His also looked as if he had pulled some hair off of his head.

"I'm fine." she gingerly sat up and hugged him, "I swear. Could do with some chocolate though." Remus smiled and handed her a tiny piece of brown goodness.

She bit into it and smiled, feeling the warmth course through her. She hugged Remus again and saw him blush once more. He did that a lot when he was around Helena. But, she never really noticed it until now. She smiled and then gasped for air as Lily jumped onto her and nearly squeezed the life out of her for a second time that day.

"I-I-I th-thought that y-you were g-g-gonna d-d-die!!!!! D-don't you e-e-ever do that t-to me again!" she cried as she lay on top of Helena and hugged her.

“Oh, Lilsie, its okay honey. I'm fine. I bet my face is a mess though." Helena tried to sooth her cries and looked at her best friend and wiped away a tear that fell down her cheek.

"N-no. You l-look f-f-fine." Lily hiccupped.

"Come on Lily, we should get to class. We're gonna be late." James said, grabbing her hand and pulling her off of Helena. Lily nodded and buried her head in James' shirt as a new wave of tears came out of her emerald eyes.

"Aw, Lily. Chase is fine, you don't have to cry." James and Lily were already far away from the small crowd and were making their way to the Ancient Runes class while Lily was still bawling her eyes out.

"I-I kn-know. It's just... she-she's my b-best friend. I-if some-something ha-happens to her I d-don't know wh-what I'll do." James wiped away the last of her tears and gave her a sincere hug.

Lily was surprised by this. He said all the right things and hadn't even asked her out yet. He didn't make any moves, or perverted comments when she was on top of Helena. She kind of liked this side of him. James pulled away and then blushed.

"Sorry. I didn't mean to. It was a spur of the moment thing. Don't hurt me." he was looking around for some help and Lily was a little hurt by his comments.

"James, I'm not going to hurt you. Thank you. Really, thank you so much." Lily stood on her tiptoes and gave James a hug, then pecked his cheek, "We should get going. Sorry about your shirt by the way." Lily began walking again, but he was rooted to the ground. He rubbed the spot where Lily had kissed him and then realized something. She called him James.

"Chase, do you need some mouth to mouth?" Jorge whispered hopefully as he leaned next to her.

"Get away from her." Remus and Rash said together, getting closer and closer to Jorge.

"Listen, I have the right to talk to my girlfriend." Remus' face fell as Jorge took a step towards him and Rash.

"You're NOT my boyfriend! How many goddamn times do I have to tell you?!? You stalker!" Helena yelled, and Remus' face lightened up.

"She's just kidding." Jorge said.

Helena got up and walked to Jorge, wobbling slightly, “I am not kidding! You were the WORST boyfriend I ever had! Now get the FUCK away from me!" Helena raised her hand and slapped Jorge's face. He looked outraged, then scandalized, and then malevolent, as the red mark of Helena's hand appeared on his smooth copper skin.

"You'll pay for that you little whore." he took a step toward Helena, but was stopped when Remus grabbed him, spun him around, and then socked him senseless.

"Don't you ever talk to her like that again." he growled as Jorge looked up at him from the ground.

"You'll pay for that too. You'll both pay." Jorge stood up and walked toward the castle, spitting out blood from his mouth. Oh yes, when opportunity came, he was going to make the little bitch pay. And if he could, the bookworm too.

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Chapter 3: Ravenclaw VS. Slytherin and the Bludgeoned Head
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Chapter Three: Ravenclaw VS. Slytherin and the Bludgeoned Head

Helena woke up early a few weeks later, refreshed and happy. Today was the deciding game of the season. Whether Ravenclaw or Slytherin would get the chance to play Gryffindor during the Cup finals. Helena got up and dressed after showering and ran down to the Great Hall for an early breakfast. Barely anyone was there. Which wasn't any surprise. Who would be awake at seven in the morning on a Saturday?

Apparently Remus Lupin. Helena was on her way to the Ravenclaw table, when she spotted Remus sitting alone. She didn't really feel like eating by herself, so she walked behind him quietly and covered his eyes as he turned a page of another one of his books.

"Pads, cut it out, I'm trying to read." When Helena didn't respond he said, "Prongs? Wormtail? Come on guys, it was getting good." Helena looked down and saw that instead of a large textbook he had a rather small novel called Blood and Chocolate in his hand.

Intrigued, she kept her hands on his eyes. He seemed a little miffed, but he just crossed his arms and said, "Guys. Guys."

Helena decided it was futile to keep this going, so she removed her hands and said, “You know, it's not very polite to call a woman a guy."

Remus turned and looked at her with so much shock in his eyes Helena nearly lost it.

"I-I thought that you were..." he stuttered.

"One of the Marauders?" Remus nodded, "Oh please, like they'd be awake this early on a Saturday." she said, sitting next to him, and grabbing some eggs and toast.

Remus laughed and said,"Yeah, you're right."

"What 'cha reading?" Helena asked quietly, sipping some juice from her goblet.

"It's just a stupid Muggle book." Remus replied, pulling it close to him, as if embarrassed he had been caught reading it.

"Cool. I love books. And stupid Muggles. Can I see?" she asked, giving him an irresistible stare.

"No. I don't think you'd like it, Helena." he said, tucking the book into his book bag.

She laughed, and he looked at her with a confused expression, “What are you laughing about?"

"Nothing, it's just- I think it's funny that you call me Helena." she answered, sliding closer to him.

"Why?" he asked, blushing slightly.

"Everyone uses Chase and my last name. I just think it's cool that you, Lily, and Professor F. are the only ones that don't. I don't know. I just think its cute is all." she answered, sipping more juice, “So, are you going to tell me about the book, or what?"

Remus smiled and nodded, “It’s about a girl who happens to be a werewolf. She falls in love with a Muggle and it’s against her clans "code" so she has to hide it from everyone. I just got to the part where she told him what she is."

"What happened?" Helena asked, hoping there was someone that could be able to find happiness. Someone who could find love while she was cursed.

"He tried to kill her. She had to jump out of a window to escape." he said, his head bowed a little.

"Oh..." Helena was distraught. Would that happen to her too? Would she ever find love?

"Well, you'll have to tell me what happens at the end." she said, with a little laugh.

"Yeah. Definately." Remus smiled at her, and for some reason her heart did a little back flip in her chest. No, she was just imagining it. Right?

Helena looked around and saw that her team was coming in one at a time, so she excused herself, knowing she would have to practically shove food down some of her player’s mouths. Remus waved a small goodbye, watching Helena as she went to her table.

"Hey guys. Ready to beat the crap out of Slytherin?" she asked, sitting on the table next to Rashid's plate.

"Hell yeah!" the team chorused, even the ones with food stuffed in every nook in their mouths.

"And are you ready after that when we beat the crap out of Gryffindor and win the cup?" she asked as the rest of the Gryffindor team piled onto their table.

"HELL YEAH!" the whole table yelled, sending both the Gryffindors and the Slytherins into boo-ing fits.

Helena just laughed, practically spoon feeding Chang his cereal since he didn't want to eat at all. After a few more minutes Helena stood up and made her team follow her. But while they were still in the Great Hall the boys began to sing. And it wasn't long after that the girls joined in too.

"Ravenclaw, Ravenclaw!

We're the smartest of them all!

Ravenclaw, Ravenclaw!

We'll beat those suckas once and for all!

Ravenclaw, Ravenclaw!

We've got the best damn seeker of them all!

Ravenclaw, Ravenclaw!

Our captain's the hottest one by far!

Soon the whole Ravenclaw table had joined in and when they reached the door and the last line was said, Helena turned, and bowed, getting many hoots and hollers from the boys of every house. Apparently they agreed with the song.

"And Chase has the quaffle, passes it to Chang, Chang passes it back to Chase and she's going to shoot! Oh! Fake out and pass to Avery! Avery shoots! He scores! 50-10 Slytherin!" James' voice carried through the whole stadium and the sea of blue and purple to the right of the field went into hysterics, drowning out the boo's from the Slytherins.

"Malfoy gets the quaffle... I hope he falls off and breaks every bone in his body... Sorry Professor, didn't mean it. Malfoy passes to Nott... what an ugly little bugger... just kidding Minerva! Nott passes to McNair..."

McNair raised his hand and was about to throw it, when Helena sped up behind him and grabbed it out of his hand, immediately turning and flying as fast as she could to the posts.

"Chase with the quaffle! Beautiful interception by the equally beautiful Ravenclaw captain! Chase passes to Avery! Avery shoo- no! He passes behind him to Chang and Chang passes back to Chase, and she... SCORES! 50-20 Slytherin! Come on! Get it back Chase!"

Helena pumped her fist in the air, suddenly wishing she didn't since it hurt so much, and then quickly sped back to the other end of the pitch, waiting for Malfoy to get close enough. She looked around and saw that most of her team was hurt. Chang's eye was turning blue, and his lip was split open. Avery's leg didn't look like it should bend that way, and the beaters and the keeper were trying to get the feeling back in their arms. It seemed like Rash was the only one not hurt.

"Malfoy comes up with the quaffle... wait! Where's Patil going? Patil has found the snitch! Patil is right next to it! Patil reaches! Aaaaand... PATIL'S GOT IT! PATIL'S CAUGHT THE SNITCH! RAVENCLAW WINS! RAVENCLAW WINS!" James yelled, jumping up and hooting, "Ravenclaw and Gryffindor will compete against each other two months from now for the Cup! We're gonna kick your ass- HEY! Malfoy! What the fuck are you doing?"

The Ravenclaws turned to see what was going on, mid-sentence to the Ravenclaw song, and saw Malfoy with a Beater's bat in his hand. The crowd was confused, but then they saw a blurry blue and purple figure falling down from the sky at an incredible speed. Then they gasped as a green and silver figure caught it. They gaped as they flew to the ground, to find their captain, unconscious, and being held by Severus Snape.

"Severus! What the hell happened?" asked Rashid, coming up to thank him for saving his friend.

"Apparently my captain doesn't like to lose. He took Crabbe's bat and hit a bludger right to her. Hit her in the back of the head. Didn't stand a chance. She was flying up to say something to Potter and her back was turned." he lifted Helena off of his broom, some of his greasy black hair getting in his eyes, “I guess being a reserve has its perks. Saving people is one of them."

"Thanks so much Severus! We don't know what we could've done without her!" said Aimee Smart, one of the Ravenclaw beaters.

"Of course. I should take her to the Hospital Wing." Snape said, his broom falling down to the ground.

"I'll go with you. Damn, she's not having a good month." Rashid said as the two boys took the unconscious girl to the nurse, “So, are you going to report Malfoy, or are you going to keep quiet?"

"What do you think?" Severus asked, eyeing Rash boredly.

"You know this whole house allegiance shit is going to get someone killed. And Helena isn't going to be the last one almost taken by it. You have to tell people about Malfoy or..."

"Or someone else will get hurt. I know. But Malfoy's a powerful guy. I rat him out and the rest of the year I'm getting beat up by half of my house and the Marauders. I'd like it to be one or the other. Not both." Severus stated, slightly hitching Helena up in his arms, wondering if the scrawny things would be able to hold her up much longer.

"Yeah, well I don't like that one of my best friends won't try and help my other one just because he was afraid of a damn Pureblood..." Rash's black hair fell over his eyes, covering the deep brown that many girls in his house swooned over.

Snape's eyes went dangerously dark, “Don’t. You. Ever. Say. That. Again." he said, his voice strained and low, walking a little faster, green robes billowing behind him.

"Sev, I'm sorry. I just-" Rash began, trying to catch up with his friend.

"Aww. The lovers are arguing." said a deep voice from behind them.

"Black, stay out of this." Rash said, turning back for a moment before jogging up to Severus.

"What happened to Chase?" he asked, running to catch up with Rashid and Snivellus.

"Malfoy chucked a bludger at her and it hit her in the back of the head. I had to do a pretty hard dive just to get to her in time." Severus replied, "Damn bastard."

"So, are you going to tell Dumbledore?" asked Rash.

"You mean no one else saw it?" Sirius asked skeptically.

"All the teachers were gone. I think Potter might have seen it though; Chase was going to talk to him. Gloat probably..." Severus said.

"Why would she gloat?" Sirius asked, looking from Snivellus to Patil.

"You know as well as we do that Potter had a bet against the Ravenclaws. Wanted us to win but after last year thought it was impossible. So Chase took it and now she's getting at least fifty galleons from him." Rashid said, smiling at Helena's pleased, but bruising, face.

"Fifty? Geez, that girl's a smart one. Well, I should go and find Evans; she's probably crying her eyes out and being comforted by Prongs."

"Is that a bad thing?" asked Rash, after Sirius turned and started heading for the pitch.

"Not until she realizes who's comforting her." he said smiling, and running off to find his best friend.

"Well, that was weird." Severus said.


"He didn't turn me upside down or anything. It was... different." he replied.

"Well, maybe because you were holding Chase. If I was he wouldn't have hesitated. We're here." Rash held open the door and Madam Pomfrey rushed over to them.

"What happened?" she asked, as Severus put her on a bed.

"She took a bludger. Back of the head." Rashid said, pushing the hair out of Helena's face.

Pomfrey tutted and started to mumble something that the two boys couldn't hear, but then turned to them with panic covering her eyes, “What day is it today?"

"Uh... it's the thirteenth. Why...?" asked Rash, looking up from his friends sleeping face.

"And what time is it?" Pomfrey's eyes were glazed over with fear, her body shaking as she looked down at the teenage girl lying unconscious on the crisp white sheets of the bed.

"Nearly seven. Madam, what's going on..?" but Rash never got the chance to ask anything else because Madam Pomfrey pushed them out roughly and closed and locked the door behind them.

"What the hell...?" Severus said, a black brow up as he looked at a shocked Rashid.

"I don't know. You know how Pomfrey gets." he turned and started to leave, shrugging his shoulders.

Severus started after him, but stopped when he heard a scream, then a yelp, and then total silence. He shrugged it off and walked away, stopping briefly to admire the moon, its fullness illuminating the silent grounds.

A/N: ooo, cliffy! haha. well, stay tuned, there's more to come. The book mentioned in this chapter is called Blood and Chocolate by Annette Curtis Klause. The book and its characters are not mine, but Annette's and its a really good book, so you should really read it. Please R/R. I'd love you forever and ever!

Chapter 4: The Werewolf and the Rules
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Chapter Four: The Werewolf and the Rules

Helena woke once again in the small room in the tallest tower of the castle. She groaned, not from the pain that was sure to hit her some time soon, but because she just realized that she forgot that yesterday was her transformation day. She couldn't believe she had been so stupid to forget something like that. She could've killed someone, she could've bit someone.

Helena shivered at the very thought of it. She carefully stood, wobbling a bit, and searched the room for her clothes. She found some on the bed and changed, wincing as she pulled the purple top over her head. She gently touched the sore spot at the back of her head and tried to remember what happened yesterday. The game... Rash got the snitch... She was flying up to get her money from a smiling James... He was going to say something... Malfoy... The pain in the back of her head... Everything going black... Waking up and attacking Pomfrey...

"Oh shit..." Helena grabbed the rest of the clothes and pulled them on, running down the stairs and into the Hospital Wing.

She rushed in, the doors banging against the walls. She looked around, hoping to God that she didn't hurt her. There was a rustling sound behind her and she quickly turned to look at whoever it was.

"Miss Lobo, I see you're all good and well." Madam Pomfrey passed the shocked girl and went behind a curtain.

"Madam! Are you okay? I mean, I remembered last night and..." Pomfrey's head peered back to the young girl and she smiled kindly.

"Miss Lobo, we can talk about it later. Lay down on that bed there, and I'll fix you up." she said, pointing to Helena's leg.

"What...? Oh..." she said, looking down at her left leg.

It was torn open, blood staining her jeans a deep black color. Helena sat down on the bed, not really wanting to lie down again. Her back hurt a lot, and she stretched, cringing when she heard several bones crack. Pomfrey came around a few minutes later, closing the curtains around them.

"Madam, did I... did I, hurt you last night?" she asked, looking down at the floor.

"No dear. Filius was fortunately there at the time and he put a very heavy charm on you, then put you in the room. Don't worry. Now, let's check the damage, shall we?" She took off Helena's pants, poking and prodding the wound lightly before pouring a viscous orange goo into the wound, and covering it up with a heavy bandage.

She then took off Helena's shirt, making sure everything was fine, and then checked her head. Helena felt her pour the same liquid onto it and waited for Pomfrey to clean it off before leaving the infirmary.

Remus watched Helena go, wondering what she could have done to get herself hurt again. He looked down at her leg and saw a her slightly limping out of the room, cringing slightly when she made a quick turn to the left. Remus laid back in his bed. He couldn't stop thinking about her. Everytime she was around he would blush, and even if she noticed she hadn't said anything.

He knew that the Marauders knew something was up. He could hardly eat when Helena sat with Lily. He and James seem to be the only ones who don't stuff their faces when they have to sit close to them. He sighed, and rolled over on his bed. He could never tell Helena how he felt. What if she didn't feel the same?

"What if she does? And she's waiting for you?" a voice in his head asked.

"She doesn't."

"How do you know that? If you keep her at a distance she'll never know."

"Good." he thought bitterly, "Then she won't know what I am. Then she won't get hurt... Then I won't get hurt."

Remus rolled over again, and sighed deciding to get some rest, "I have to stop thinking about her. I have to." he rolled over again, and fell into a troubled sleep.


"Hey Remus!" Remus nearly fell over when a body was flung at his back, as he exited the Hospital Wing, jumping into a sort of piggy back ride.

Remus quickly flung his arms behing him to hold the persons legs so they wouldn't fall over. He blew some of his sandy hair out of his eyes and tried to look behind him and at the person. He felt some bumps on his back and realized with embarrassment that it was a girl. He heard her giggle in his ear and he just kept walking, the girl still on his back. Once they got to the moving staircase, the girl hopped off, giggling a little more.

Remus looked down at her and realized that it was Helena in a different set of clothes. She had on some hip huggers, making her curves look irresistible. Remus wanted to place his hands on her hips, just to see what it felt like. Her top was an orange halter with a very deep V-neck, making wearing a bra impossible. She had an orange bracelet on, and a gold chain with a very simple pearl on it. Her dark hair was down, thick curls surrounding her face, a small wisp by her left eye.

"What's up?" she asked, linking arms with him as they walked down the staircase together.

"Um.. nothing much. Had to go to the nurse. Stomach ache, you know?" he said, to his surprise, calmly.

"Yeah, I hurt my leg last night. See." she lifted up her jeans a little and he could see the same bandage that was on her that morning.

"Ouch. How was the game yesterday?"

"We won." she said smiling.

"That's great!" he said, really meaning it.

"I got hit in the head by a bludger." she added, as if it was nothing. Like she was just commenting on the weather.

"Ouch." Remus said, wincing slightly.

"Yeah. Doesn't hurt that bad anymore though. Pomfrey's really good." she shrugged, touching her head a little on the back. Remus walked behind her. He barely touched it, wincing as he saw the swelling and the redness of the cut.

"That looks awful." he returned to her side, re-linking their arms.

"Better than it was before, believe me." Helena and Remus reached the Great Hall and instantly the whole Ravenclaw house rushed to greet their injured captain.

"Oy Chase! That was a brilliant game!"

"Are you alright?"

"How are you feeling?"

"Does it still hurt?"

"Do you need anything?"

"Hey! HEY! Leave the poor girl alone. She's been through an ordeal. C'mon Chase, we gotta plan some new plays for the Gryffindor game." Rashid walked up to Helena and Remus eyeing their linked arms. Most of the house glared at Remus, seeing his Gryffindor prefect badge.

"You should run. They'll eat you alive and I'm a gimp so I can't help you." Helena whispered to Remus.

He started to laugh, but then saw that she was very serious,"Alright, I'll see you later." Remus started to leave, but he felt Helena pull him back so he stopped, and felt her hug him round the middle. He hugged her back and then turned, blushing furiously. Remus sat down at the table and buried his head in his hands, wanting to let the redness go away before he faced his friends. He looked up, meeting hazel, blue, grey, and green eyes. He stood to leave, but Sirius grabbed him and pulled him back down.

"Well...?" James said, leaning toward his wolfish friend.

"Well what?" Remus grabbed some juice and stared at Helena, her smile dazzling his senses.

"You like her don't you?" Sirius, slapped his hand to his temple and sighed.

"What if I do? Is there anything wrong with that?"

"No." said three of his friends together.


Everyone looked at Sirius, who was looking at Remus with a look of concern.

"What are you talking about?" Remus couldn't believe that his friend didn't like the fact that he had a crush on someone as great as Helena.

"Chase plays around Remus. She never has a boyfriend for more than a month. She has rules." Sirius explained, trying to reason with his friend.

"What are you saying?" Remus turned to face his friend, eyeing him oddly.

"Chase is like a female version of me. She gets a guy she likes, dates him for a while and if she likes him a lot, sleeps with him, then dumps him after a month. I don't think you should get too close to her. She's a great friend mind you, but as a girlfriend, not so much." Sirius took a sip of what looked like something the Hogs Head would serve and shuddered at the taste.

"Is that true Lily?" Lily's face grew red and she looked back at her best friend.

"Well, Helena doesn't like to stay with one guy for too long. She's afraid of commitment, and, well, she doesn't trust people all that easy. She does have rules. Rules she lives by. She's afraid of getting hurt, and this way, telling guys how she's going to do it, well, no one gets hurt. Except Jorge, he never really got over her dumping him. She did it a day early, but he was scaring the crap out of her so she decided that it was for the best." Lily sighed and picked at her food.

"I have to go." Remus stood and walked out of the Hall, turning the corner quickly.

"Remus! Moony!" he turned and saw James running to him.

"What Prongs?" he ruffled his hair in frustration, not looking as dashing as James when he did it.

"Moony, I think you should go for it." James said, trying to catch his breath.


"Look, your monthly just ended. If you get with her now you won't have to explain what you are, you won't have to tell her what happens to you twelve days out of every year, you won't have to do any of that." he took something out of his pocket and handed it to Remus, "Just, think about it okay? She's a nice girl, maybe you'll take her out of her no commitment phase." James winked at his friend, turned and left, going back into the Great Hall.

Remus looked down and opened the small pamphlet, a little curious. He saw Helena's neat cursive writing throughout the pages. Remus put the peice of parchment into his pocket and climbed the stairs to Gryffindor tower. When he was safely hidden in his bed, curtains drawn, he reached for the parchment and opened the small booklet again. He looked down and read the first few lines.

Congradulations! You have been chosen to be one of my midget loveslaves! hehe. Okay, I'm just kidding. I know, bad joke. Sorry if I'm not a comedic genius. So, I'm writing this because Rash told me to, and because most guys get confused when I agree to go out with them. There are a few rules to being with me, and if you're up to it, give me a ring, if you're not, well, I'd appreciate it if you burned this. I don't exactly like what people call me behind my back already, whore isn't one I'd like to be added to them. Thanks. -Chase

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Chapter 5: The Bookworm and the Sex Kitten
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Chapter Five: The Bookworm and the Sex Kitten

Helena woke up the next day a little late and completely exhausted from telling lies about how she was feeling. She told them she was doing fine, that everything was okay. In reality all she really wanted to do was stay in the Hospital wing and maybe give back all the food she had stuffed in her face last night. Food she didn't really want to eat, but ate anyway to make everyone think it was just another normal day. She slowly got up, then fell back down onto her blue pillow. She couldn't possibly go to class today. But she never missed a single lesson.

People would wonder about it. They would think something was wrong, then the questions would come... She couldn't take that. Not again. She would open up like a can of fresh tomatoes. No, just get up, look like you're paying attention and try to get through the day. That's what she'll do. Helena slowly stood, grabbing her uniform and heading towards the bathroom. She washed her hair, and dried it, pulling on her clothes. She grabbed her book bag and walked out the statue hole.

When she arrived at the Hall she made her way to the Gryffindor table and plopped herself next to Lily, burying her head in her best friends shoulder. Helena took deep breaths, trying to gain the strength to stand, let alone eat. She felt Lily's eyes on her, but she kept hers closed and Lily continued eating. When she finally had the courage to look up she was met with several other pairs of eyes.

"What?" she asked, slipping off her bag and straightening her vest, the pin saying RAVENCLAW CAPTAIN still a little askew.

"Are you okay Chase?" asked Sirius, giving her an odd look.

"Still tired. That damned pain medicine knocks you out, but when you wake up the next morning, you feel even worse than when you started out." she replied, lying. Again.

"Helena, you're shivering." Remus scooted closer to Helena, who had forgotten her cloak in her rush to get to breakfast on time.

"Thanks Rem." she leaned into him, feeling her heart beat race.

Oh, shit.

"No problem." he put a strong arm around her, and she instantly loved the way she fit so perfectly against him.

Helena yawned, reaching for some water. She quickly flicked her wand and the cold water turned to hot, steaming coffee. She took a sip, then tried to keep from spitting it out and all over James. She quickly tipped her wand and out poured sugar, cream, and milk. She stirred it, then raised the glass to her lips, taking a small sip after blowing on the scalding surface.

"Nice trick." Remus whispered, his lips so close that Helena couldn't stand it.

Instead of leaning towards him though, she blushed and replied, "Thanks."

And that's when she knew. That's when she knew that she was falling for the bookworm. She was falling for the guy that no one would look at when James and Sirius were around. She was falling in love. And she had to stop it. But she really didn't want to.

The bell rang; startling Helena and making her almost spill her coffee onto Remus. She cursed for a while before standing and walked to class with Remus. Lily parted from them, since she had Ancient Runes next class. Remus and Helena sat side by side, Helena still trying to down her coffee. When she heard the professors footsteps coming closer she tapped the glass and it disappeared, replaced with a piece of toast. She quickly ate it, glad that it actually stayed down.

Once again Remus marveled at her and she blushed. She never blushed. Why won't she stop blushing? She looked away from Remus. She can't fall in love. At one point he would figure out what she was, or think she was cheating on him. Then it would all fall apart, and she wouldn't be able to look him in the face again. She felt Remus poke her in the side and she looked up, seeing everyone leaving. She got her things and exited, still thinking about Remus.

Suddenly she turned a corner and bumped into someone, almost falling to the floor. She feltthat personholding her as she waited for the hard crash to come, but it never did. Helena opened her eyes and saw Remus bending over her, his arms around her waist. She suddenly felt her knees give out as she took in his amber eyes. They had several flecks of gold and green in them, and his sandy hair slipped down and partially covered his eyes, making him look very adorable. He smiled and righted her, keeping his arm around her waist for another second. She felt her face get red and she turned away, trying to hide it from him.

"Helena? Helena, don't be embarrassed it could happen to anyone." he said, trying to make her face him.

She turned and looked into his eyes, instantly getting lost in them, “Thanks Rem."

She was about to go up the stairs to Charms, when she felt Remus stop her.

"Helena, I-" he stopped and ruffled his hair. Helena stepped down from the stair and put it back to its original place.

"One Potter's bad enough, don't go and start a new trend." she smiled at him and he blushed, which made her grow a little pink around the cheeks.

"Helena, I- I wanted to know if, if maybe... Bloody hell. James and Sirius make this seem so easy... Helena would you like to- to go ou-" he stopped again and looked down at the ground embarrassed.

"Remus? Are you asking me out on a date?" she asked, looking at him with wide, hopeful eyes.

"Well, I- I... yes." he looked back down and Helena started to smile.

"What time are you gonna pick me up?" she asked, laughing a little when Remus' head snapped up.

"Wh-what?" he asked, his chin to the floor.

"What. Time. Are. You. Gonna. Pick. Me. Up?" she asked again, stopping after every word.

"Um, well, I haven't thought of that yet, but... you really want to go out with me?" he asked, his face looking absolutely gorgeous in the bright light.

"Duh. Just tell me where and when. And we better be eating too or else you'll have an angry girl on your hands." she laughed with Remus as they walked up the steps slowly.

She stopped outside the Charms class and gave Remus a tiny kiss on the cheek before entering. Remus rubbed the spot where her lips touched him. He immediately reddened, and when he was halfway up the stairs he whopped in happiness as he ran toward Defense Against the Dark Arts, thinking only about Helena, and how hard it would be to follow the rules.

Rule 1: It lasts one month and one month only.

Rule 2: No means no. Just because this is a fling doesn't mean you can do whatever the hell you want to do, and it doesn't mean I get to do whatever the hell I want to do either.

Rule 3: Tell anyone about these rules and your ass is mine. And not in a good way.

Rule 4: Have fun, but no funny business.

Chapter 6: Dinner and... A Movie?
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Chapter Six: Dinner and... a Movie?

Remus woke up stressed and not wanting to go to class. He was going to go out with Helena that night, and he wanted it to go perfectly. But with his luck the full moon would show up early and he would end up biting her head off. Remus took a deep breath and held it in, before letting it out again. It helped to calm him a little, but he still didn't know what he was doing. Everything he was feeling he had never felt before and it scared him and excited him at the same time.

He got up and dressed with difficulty. He was still half asleep, and he still felt the effects of the full moon from a few days ago. He decided to get an early breakfast and then work on the essay that Slughorn had given them yesterday. Sure it was due in two weeks, but why not get it over with now? Then it won't take as long telling James and Sirius how to do it correctly. He slowly trudged down the hall and toward a painting with a basket of fruit on it. He was just about to tickle the pear when someone opened the door from the other side and out walked a girl.

Remus was shocked to see that the girl was clad in red boxers, and a black wife beater, with only slippers on and her hair in a messy bun. She turned, and looked at him with shock.

"Helena?" he asked, surprised.

"Hey Rem. Want a doughnut?" she asked, holding out a jelly filled doughnut.

"Sure, thanks." he grabbed the pastry and took a bite, enjoying it for a moment, “Helena, how did you know about the kitchens?" he asked her as they walked slowly through the halls.

"Well, during fifth year I was walking around and I tripped right by the portrait hole. I sprained my ankle and an elf came out to help me. She took me in the kitchen and when I asked her if I could come back she told me how to get there. Whenever I get a late night craving I go in and eat something." she took a sip of her coffee, "Nice little things they are. Can't tell Lily though, she'll go off on her 'We shouldn't promote inter-species slavery' speech." she laughed and Remus smiled, his throat painfully contracting.

"Want some?" she asked, holding up her coffee.

"No, I don't much fancy coffee." he said, shaking his head.

"Well, what about orange juice?" she tapped the small paper cup with her wand and the steam ceased to come out and instead was quite cool.

"Thanks Helena." Remus took a sip and felt much better, clearing his throat nicely.

"Don't hog it!" she said, grabbing the cup and keeping it away from Remus.

"You never said you wanted some too." Remus said as he tried to get the cup from Helena.

"Rem! Ah!" Remus picked Helena up from behind and spun her around so she was lying in his arms, with his arms under her back and her knees. He smiled down at her and she instantly melted gazing into his eyes.

"Can I have the rest? Pwease?" Helena's bottom lip pouted out and she began to quiver it, making Remus want nothing more than to press his lips onto hers and kiss her forever.

"Y-yeah. Sure." he let her down and she slowly sipped the cool drink, linking her arm with Rem's.

Her heart was beating through her chest and she was surprised that he couldn't hear it. Remus meanwhile was thinking of cold showers and ugly women, trying to keep Helena's face out of his thoughts, and trying desperately not to look at her. Helena was blushing slightly and hating herself for it. They walked for a while and were suddenly outside of the statue that led to her common room.

"Well, I'll see you in class." Remus said, gazing down at Helena.

"See you tonight." Gathering all the courage she could muster she raised onto her tip toes and kissed Remus' cheek again, letting her lips linger on his slightly stubbled skin.

She pulled away flustered, a little hot, and kind of bothered. She looked up to see Remus was flushed too, and smiling. She quietly said the password before entering the common room, waving to Remus.

After a long day of classes Remus sat on his bed in his boxers with his head in his hands, trying to figure out what to wear. He had no idea what to do. What if he messed this up? What if she stopped talking to him? What if he made a fool of himself?

In the Ravenclaw girls dorm Helena wasn't doing any better. She changed about five different times and she was starting to run out of clothes. Her hair was still a tangled mess and she didn't exactly smell like a bed of roses. She ran around the room, looking for her shoes, then threw them away from her as she decided to change again. A half hour later she was finally ready, wearing a royal blue skirt and white blouse, with blue half inch heels. Simple, yet elegant.

Helena walked downstairs, meeting complete silence and the sound of scratching quills. How she hated the silence. Whenever she came down there it was either stony silent or there were a group of first years whispering as the older ones studied and studied. She really needed to get some of these people out and about. They're such a bore. She waved to Rash who was finishing up his Ancient Runes essay and left before he could reprimand her about hers. Of course what he didn't know was that she had already finished her essay and it was two feet longer than what the professor wanted.

Remus walked out of the Gryffindor common room in a pair of jeans and a grey polo. He was so nervous he couldn't even stand it. What if everything went wrong? What if she hated his plans? What if she was allergic to whatever the elves had made them? He walked to the seventh floor, seeing a girl leaning against the stone wall a little ways away. He walked closer, seeing that it was Helena, her dark hair in curls down to her shoulders.

He gulped nervously and walked over to her, smiling a little. She looked up at him and grinned, melting his insides and causing him to once again think about cold showers and ugly women. He took her arm and led her to a plain wall opposite a tapestry.

"Are we going to watch that guy get killed by the ogres he's trying to teach ballet?" she asked, staring with horror at the tapestry as one particularly unhappy ogre in a pink tutu ran toward the man with his club.

"No. You'll have to wait and see." Remus said, walking back and forth three times.

"What are you doing?" she asked, one brow raised.

"Shh. Come here. Close your eyes." Remus opened the door that had appeared and walked Helena in, “Now open them." he whispered in her ear, causing her to shiver at the thought of how close his lips were to her neck. She wanted him to start kissing her so bad.

Helena opened her eyes and she saw in front of her a large room draped in red and gold cloths. A small table fit for two was in the middle, laden with food and drinking glasses. Behind that though was what looked a lot like a...

"A movie screen?" Helena whispered in amazement.

"Yeah. Here, let’s eat first." Remus took Helena's arm and led her to her chair, letting it out for her.

"Thanks Rem. Wow, what is this place?" she asked as he sat next to her.

"Well, the guys wouldn't like me to tell you about it, but, this is the Room of Requirement. Whatever you need just come here and it’s yours." Remus blushed a bit as Helena stared at him in awe.

"Wow. I mean... wow..." she could hardly contain her excitement.

"Here, take some and eat whatever you want." he went to grab something, but looked over at Helena and saw that she was gazing longingly at the screen, “You like to watch movies?"

She blushed, tears pooled in the bottom of her eyes, “I used to. My mum and I would watch them all the time, before... before..." she couldn't go on.

She wouldn't let the tears fall, but they showed. Remus cursed himself. He just had to pick something that would make her cry! He knew he would screw things up.

"Helena, I- I'm sorry. We can just leave and forget everything that's happened." Rem started to stand up, but Helena stopped him.

"No Rem, I'm sorry;” she blinked away the unshed tears and looked into his eyes, “I’m being stupid. I love it." she smiled at him and he immediately felt relived.

"Wh-what happened to your mum?" he asked hesitantly, not wanting her to cry again.

Helena's brows furrowed as she thought back to that day. The day she was bitten. It was a warm night. Midsummer, the moon illuminating her backyard. The hibiscuses were in full bloom, the orange and lemon trees starting to flower. She was a young girl, only ten, her black hair shorter, but just as curly. She was pale then. A little porcelain doll, her dad used to call her. She was wearing a yellow summer dress, white daisies throughout the cloth. She was gazing at the stars, sighing content as she smelled the scented air, her mother's jasmine and rose plants mingling with the humid wind.

She smiled to herself. It was perfect. If only she knew it would be the last time she would ever be able to watch the full moon and not turn into a horrible beast. Her mother was calling her inside, but she didn't want to leave. It was so peaceful there. She turned to walk back into her house, when she heard a low growl. She turned her head, and saw with horror a large dog with foam coming from his mouth standing only a few yards away. She screamed, running toward the screen door.

She didn't make it. Helena tripped, crying for her mum and dad. The dog was almost to her, circling around and around like a vulture as she cried. He pounced, but didn't land on her. Helena heard a woman scream, and looked up to see her mother being mauled by the humongous animal. He was soon finished with her and then turned to the shaking little girl. He walked to her slowly, watching as she backed away from him, crawling on her hands and knees. But she couldn't get away.

In one movement he launched himself at her, biting her tiny, white arm. She screamed in pain, watching the blood flow from the wound. Her father appeared behind her and yelled a hex. The monster fled, its muzzle torn open. She cried in pain and her father picked her up, running to the house. Then they heard a whimper. Helena looked back and saw her mother lying on the ground. Her face torn open and her torso ripped to shreds. Helena lost her mother that night. And when she woke the next morning, her eyes had turned a little yellow, her teeth a little pointy, and from then on she knew that nothing would ever be the same.

Helena looked up after her little daydream and found Remus gazing down at her. She smiled and reached for his hand, squeezing it, one solitary tear escaping her. Remus gently brushed it away, and, feeling extraordinarily courageous, kissed her cheek lightly. Helena looked up, shocked, and put a hand on his cheek, rubbing her thumb over his freshly shaven face. Remus couldn't stand it any longer.

He bent down, and softly grazed Helena's lips with his, enjoying the warm tingle that shot through his body. He pulled away, and smiled at Helena, who had her eyes closed and a beautiful, silly smile on her flawless face. She opened her dark eyes and gazed into his amber ones, pulling his face back down to her. They deepened the kiss together, Remus supporting Helena's head with his hand and Helena wrapping her arms around his neck.

They pulled away after what seemed like only a few minutes, but in reality was at least half an hour. They smiled shyly at each other before Helena stood and grabbed Remus' hand, nearly dragging him to the couch in front of the rather large movie screen.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" he asked as they sat down side by side.

"Yes. What movies do we have?" she answered back, snuggling into the couch's soft cushions.

"Just think of one. It'll come up." he said, conjuring a blanket and draping it over the two of them.

"Um..." Helena screwed up her face and thought of her mum's favorite movie of all time.

"What's Casablanca?" she heard Remus ask as she continued to think of the romantic American movie.

"It's wonderful." Helena whispered, not sure how to describe the film, "It was one of my mothers favorites." she added, looking at the cover with adoration. Her mother short of worshiped the movie. It was always by the television in their house, just in case she felt like watching it for the billionth time.

"Well, let’s watch it." Remus said, as the lights dimmed, and the film began to roll.

As the movie ended Helena rested her head on Remus' shoulder and sighed, remembering her mother lovingly. She looked up and saw Remus was gazing down at her with an unknown look in his eyes. Was it love? No, he couldn't love her. Not so fast. Could he?

Remus smiled and kissed Helena's forehead before leaning back down and kissing her softly, but passionately, on the lips. Helena wrapped her arms around him as he deepened the kiss, just in case she started to float toward heaven. He slowly ended it, earning him a moan of disapproval. He just grinned, and helped her to her feet.

Helena smiled and walked toward the door blushing slightly as Remus wrapped a protective arm around her waist. He let her go as they reached the entrance to her common room, and smiled as she looked around to see if anyone was watching. Helena stood on her tip toes, and pressed her lips to Remus', a feeling of light-headedness consuming her.

When she pulled away she slowly turned and softly said the password, before entering and blowing a kiss to Remus. When she looked around the blue common room and found that she was all alone, she began to dance around in circles, jumping up and down excitedly before hearing a low squeaking sound coming from the boy’s dorms.

She turned to see an amused Rashid, wearing only a pair of sweat pants, standing at the bottom of the stair. He didn't say anything to the embarrassed captain, only shook his head and climbed back up the stairs, leaving Helena to blush ferociously in private. Remus meanwhile was doing some dancing of his own when three very different, but familiar, laughs reached his ears.

He turned just in time to see his fellow Marauders wiping tears of laughter from their eyes, James' invisibility cloak draped over his left arm. They, like Rashid, didn't say anything, but not out of respect for their friend. They were too busy laughing to do much of anything else. So, Remus blushed all the way to the Fat Lady and didn't stop until he flopped into bed, the other Marauders still giggling like a bunch of idiots. But what got him through was the thought of seeing Helena again, and, possibly, kissing her in front of everyone this time.

A/N: aww. they finally kissed! Only a few more chaps before i give you all the twist in this story. hope you enjoyed this one! oh, and i don't own Casablanca, just so no one gets confused.

Chapter 7: One Week
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Chapter Seven: One Week

Helena woke up seven days later, a ray of sunshine dancing across her face. She inhaled deeply, the scent of roses and jasmine filling her lungs. Wait... Roses? Jasmine? Helena opened her eyes and saw with shock that her bed and the ground around it was covered in flower petals, their sweet perfume mingling with the air. Helena jumped out of bed and saw that the petals made a trail toward the door and down the stairs.

Helena followed the trail cautiously, going down one step at a time. She peeked around the door and saw that most of the house was gathered around the table that Helena usually occupied with some of her quidditch players when they did homework before practices. She walked toward it, eyeing the smiles and grins from her housemates. She pushed her way through the crowd and gasped when she saw an envelope floating just above her head.

Helena grabbed it cautiously, and opened it daintily, smiling as she saw Remus' handwriting throughout the parchment she was holding. She smiled as she read the letter, loving how romantic Remus was.

My life is brilliant.

My life is brilliant.
My love is pure.
I saw an angel.
Of that I'm sure.
She smiled at me on the train.
She was with another man.
But I won't lose no sleep on that,
'Cause I've got a plan.

You're beautiful. You're beautiful.
You're beautiful, it's true.
I saw your face in a crowded place,
And I don't know what to do,
'Cause I'm so in love with you.

Yeah, she caught my eye,
As we walked on by.
She could see from my face that I was,
Fucking high,
And I don't think that I'll see her again,
But we shared a moment that will last till the end.

You're beautiful. You're beautiful.
You're beautiful, it's true.
I saw your face in a crowded place,
And I don't know what to do,
'Cause I'm so in love with you.

You're beautiful. You're beautiful.
You're beautiful, it's true.
There must be an angel with a smile on her face,
When she thought up that I should be with you.
But it's time to face the truth,
I am so in love with you.

Helena, I wrote that for you. Since we have been together all I think of is you. And all that I want to do is be with you. I hope that you've enjoyed these past seven days as much as I have. Happy one week, Love. -Remus

P.S. I hope you liked the flowers. I might have went a little over board.

Helena smiled as she finished the letter, and rushed up the stairs to change. When she was done she nearly flew down to the Great Hall, searching for her boyfriend the entire way there. When she entered, she saw her fiery haired friend talking softly to a young man with brown hair. Helena silently creeped behind him, and pressed her finger to her lips when Lily looked up at her. Lily smiled as Helena cupped her hands over Remus' eyes. Remus grinned, smelling his girlfriend's lavender lotion.

He smiled as Helena kissed him below the ear, but nearly jumped out of his skin when he heard Sirius whisper in his ear, "You're so cute!"

Remus jumped up and turned to see a laughing Helena and a hysterical Sirius. He pouted a little, knowing that was Helena's weakness. She stopped laughing and went up to her boyfriend, kissing the tip of his nose before hugging him. He brought his lips down to her and placed a tender kiss on her forehead, before she reached up and brought their lips together. He smiled as he heard his friends and fellow Gryffindors make kissy noises and gagging sounds, but he just continued to kiss his girl.

Helena pulled away and kissed Remus' cheek, "The letter was amazing Remus. And I did love the flowers."

Helena knew that the fact that he chose roses and jasmine wasn't a coincidence. She had told him how her mother died, but left out the part about becoming a werewolf. She just told him it was a wolf with rabies that had gotten her mother. Helena knew that she couldn't lie to him, at least, not a lot. She was comfortable telling him things. He actually listened to what she said instead of insisting that all they do was kiss. And shag. But they hadn't gotten there yet.

Remus smiled and pecked her cheek, "I wrote that before we even got together. The song I mean." he whispered in her ear, sending chills down her back.

She smiled and kissed her boyfriend's temple before sitting down and helping herself to some food. He sat down next to her and ate as well, their hands twined together. After a long breakfast and even longer classes Helena and Remus sat together by the lake; Helena on Remus' lap as they watched the sun set.

Helena rested her head on his shoulder, sighing as the colors washed over the horizon. Remus smiled and pulled her closer, kissing the top of her head. They sat there for a while just staring at the sky until the sun was completely set and the sickle moon was half way into the dark twilight. Helena looked over and kissed Remus lightly on the lips. But was pulled back soon after she pulled away.

They deepened the kiss and smiled afterwards, their foreheads together as they breathed in and out slowly. Helena smiled as a small package floated toward her and Remus. He looked at her with a raised brow but she just shrugged. The package fell on her lap and Remus grabbed it and opened it to find...

"Five pounds of Honeydukes chocolate!" he practically screamed.

"Thought I would help you stock up since the next Hogsmede trip is in two months." Helena responded before Remus pulled her back to him and captured her lips.

Helena smiled and then grinned as her boyfriend tore open the package and snapped a chunk of the creamy goodness off and bit into it. He had such a cute dreamy look on his face that Helena couldn't surpress her giggles. He was so weird... but in an adorable, gorgeous, god-like way. Remus looked up and blushed, before he gave Helena another kiss, but it was softer and more controlled now that he had his chocolate in his hand.

Helena smiled and sighed as she rested her head on his shoulder and cuddled closer to him. Remus wrapped his arms around his girlfriend and smiled thinking of how lucky he was to have her. And then thinking of when he would have to break up with her and possibly never be this close to her again. Damn his "situation". When he's finally happy he realizes that it won't last forever.

Meanwhile Helena was thinking along those same lines. How could she feel so much for this one man, and only have been with him for a week? Even when she hooks up with guys and has an amazing shag for only one night she's never felt like this. It scared her. And she loved it. Helena kissed Remus' neck several times earning her a groan that she knew only too well. She was turning him on.

She grinned and kept going, only to be stopped by Remus. She looked at him questioningly, but he just blushed and kissed her forehead.

"Lets wait." he said, brushing a peice of hair away from her eyes.

Helena smiled and nodded, "I don't like shagging in the forest anyway. Sticks get in my hair." She laughed at Remus' shocked face, "I'm kidding Love! Just kidding!"

Remus' face relaxed and he smiled back bashfully, "I love you Helena." he whispered.

Helena looked up at Remus shocked and then smiled too, "I love you too Remus. I love you so much."

They sat by the lake until it was twenty minutes until curfew. They slowly walked back to their dormitories, hands twined together and identical smiles on their faces. They shared a kiss by Helena's common room before they seperated, waiting for the sunrise and the next time they would be in each others arms.

A/N: the song written in this chapter is "You're Beautiful" by James Blunt. I don't own the song and I didn't write it. I did tweek it a little so it would make sense though. Sorry James. This is really fluffy. At least for me. It kind of bothers me, but I suppose some people like fluff, so here it is. Hope you like.

Chapter 8: The Bookworm & the Sex Kitten Prt. 2
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A/N: This chap is kind of... well... MATURE, so if you guys don't like reading about two teens letting their hormones take control then you shouldn't read this chap. honestly I think it's merely suggestive, but... that's just me... so if you're ready, read on!

Chapter Eight: The Bookworm and the Sex Kitten Prt. Two

Remus woke up to the sounds of birds singing their morning songs and the sun daintily shining on his face. He stretched and rolled over to his side, pulling the covers up to his ear. This was a little unheard of since Remus was usually the first one up and the first one to bed. He didn't want to get up because if he did then that would mean it was his last day with Helena. And if it was his last day with Helena then that meant the full moon was close at hand.

"Shit." he whispered to himself as his blankets were ripped off of him, exposing him to the cold.

"RISE AND SHINE MOONY!"Padfoot yelled, laughing as Remus gave him the finger.

"Let me sleep Padfoot." he growled, curling into a ball and trying to ignore his friend.

"What's up?" Sirius sat beside his best friend and looked at him worriedly. Remus never acted like this.

"Nothing Pads, leave me alone." Remus rolled over, but Sirius stopped him.

"Remus, what's wrong?" he asked, (pardon the pun) seriously.

Remus sat up and looked his friend in the eye, knowing that whenever his friend called him by his name it must be serious. (again with the pun!) Remus looked over to Sirius and sighed, putting his head in his hands.

"I love her Padfoot. And today I'm leaving her. I can't leave her." Remus muttered through his fingers.

Sirius grunted in response but knew that his friend cared a lot for Chase. She was beautiful, caring, and funny. But being the "player" that she is he knew that this would happen soon. He of course didn't know that Helena returned Remus' feelings one hundred and fifty percent. But nonetheless Sirius decided he should say something.

"Mate, maybe you should stay with her. You know, not break up."

Remus finally looked up at his friend and just stared at him, "What?" he asked, eyeing Sirius incredulously.

"Well, you're so miserable. I mean, you're just so... happy with Chase and if you... you know love her so much then maybe you shouldn't break up." Sirius said.

Remus just sat there for a while. Maybe he should stay with Helena. Hell, even he's seen the improvment she's made on him. He doesn't feel the moons effects as much, he doesn't stay in bed all day, and he feels better than he has ever felt in his life. Maybe it could work...

Remus shook his head and sighed. No, it could never work. She would either get suspicious and find out, she is a Ravenclaw after all, or he would get away one day and attack her. He could never hurt her. He would die before that. No. Breaking up was the only way. It was the only way she could truely be safe.

He got up and dressed in a pair of jeans and an old shirt, not exactly enthused to be out of bed. He should find Helena and just get this over with. She had quidditch practice this morning, so Remus started his slow decent toward the pitch. When he entered the arena the team were mere blurs of purple and blue. He waited for the Ravenclaws to get to the ground before he walked nearer for fear of being kicked out and branded a spy for the Gryffindors.

He watched the rest of the team head toward the lockers, leaving Helena alone to clean up. Remus walked behind her stealthily, putting his hands in front of her eyes. She giggled as she recognized his calloused hands and his soft lips as he kissed her neck. Helena turned around after pulling off Remus' hands and launched herself at him.

They landed on the floor laughing and giggling like a bunch of first years. Helena sat up, straddling Remus' hips. She smiled at him and bent down, softly grazing his lips. Remus tried to kiss back but Helena pulled away and grinned down at him, teasing him. He pouted but she wasn't falling for it. He reached up and pulled her down, but she still wouldn't let him kiss her correctly.

Helena laughed as Remus gazed at her longingly before she finally couldn't stand the space between them either. They deepened the kiss together, rolling around on the grass as they kissed deeper and deeper. Helena moaned as Remus slipped his hand under her shirt. She wanted it to happen, but she knew people could see them from where they were. And she really didn't think that Remus would want to shag a girl who smelled so bad.

She wouldn't want to shag someone who smelled like sweat either. Helena pushed Remus off and he looked at her oddly.

"I smell horrible." she said, lifting her arm and sniffing, "Blech. Let me shower and change and I'll meet you in Lily and James' room." she said, standing and helping her boyfriend up.

"I'll see you Love." Remus kissed Helena lightly on the lips before watching her levitate the cases toward the lockers and walk out of sight.

Helena walked into the female side of the locker room, blue and purple tile covering most of the walls and even the floor to the showers. She put the cases into the closet and shedded her sweaty quiddtich robes after turning on a shower tap and adjusting the temperature. Helena undid her loose ponytail and rinsed her hair thoroughly, conditioning and shampooing.

She stopped the water and dried herself with her wand before going to her locker and pulled on a light cotton summer dress that resembled the one she wore when she became a werewolf, but instead the flowers were a light blue and the dress an even lighter yellow. She pulled on some flip flops and stuffed her broom into her locker before closing it and walking out into the clear day. The blue sky opened its arms to her, wanting Helena to take flight again. She resisted the urge to grab her broom and walked up to the castle and toward the Heads common room.

She stopped on the fifth floor in front of a large painting of the Hogwarts crest. The lion looked at Helena and turned, knowing that she wasn't a Gryffindor. The snake slithered to her, but soon left as well. The badger sniffed her and stood on its hind legs before leaving. The eagle then flew toward her and cawwed, waiting for the password.

"Unity." she said and the eagle bowed its head and the painting swung forward.

Helena entered the common room of the Head Boy and Girl. It was covered in red and gold since both the Heads were Gryffindors. The walls were covered in pictures of former Heads, and Helena smiled seeing her mother smile at her in the Ravenclaw section and then her father a year before her mother in the Gryffindor section.

Helena sat by the fire, looking at the various trinkets and books on the shelves near her. She heard the portrait hole open and she turned in time to see Lily, James, and Remus enter. James was a sort of red color and Lily's face was the same deep auburn of her hair. Helena stood and looked at Remus quizzically as he wrapped an arm around her waist and kissed her cheek.

"So Helena, would you like to know where I found our good friends?" he asked, grinning at James and Lily.

"Moony, come on mate. Don't." James whispered, looking at Lily longingly.

"What's going on? Lils?" Helena looked at her best friend and saw her grow redder, "James? Remus? What happened?"

"Well... dear Prongs and our fair Lillian here were..."



"What? Merlin just tell me!" Helena yelled, looking at James' and Lily's red faces.

"We were nuflurfing..." Lily muttered.

"What?" Helena was looking at Lily with worried eyes and glaring at James. What could he have done to her?

"I told you. We were nuflurfing..." Lily said again.

"Oh honestly Lily. We were snogging." James said as Helena gasped.

"James!" Lily hissed, slapping his arm playfully.

"She would have figured it out eventually Lil." he said, grinning at her and giving her a delicate peck on the cheek, making Lily blush even harder.

The red head looked over at Helena and hesitantly smiled, "Say something Len."

Helena opened her mouth, "FINALLY! You took your bloody time realizing James was perfect for you!" Lily and James blushed, and James showed some true Gryffindor courage as he slipped an arm around Lily's slim waist.

Helena hugged her two friends and laughed as Remus shook James' hand. They were acting as if they were getting married instead of just dating. But it was a big deal. After six long years of Lily rejecting him they were finally together. Helena was squealing happily in her head as the new couple became entangled in each others arms.

She was smiling happily at them when Remus leaned over and whispered in her ear, "Lets get out of here."

Helena looked into her boyfriends amber eyes and nodded, lacing her fingers together with his. They walked out of the Heads room after saying goodbye to Lily and James and walked up two floors to the Room of Requirement. Remus opened the door and let Helena in. She looked around the room and found that it was the same one that they had their first date on. Helena turned and saw Remus watching her with a smile on his face.

She grinned as he walked closer and closer to her, something clouding his eyes. It was something she knew all too well. Lust and... love? That was new to her, but she adored it more than the obvious desire in his amber orbs. He pulled her toward him and their lips locked together before their tongues made the intricate dance that they usually did together. Helena sighed when Remus pulled away and realized that the couch, table, and movie screen that used to occupy the space was now replaced with a large bed.

Remus tucked a piece of hair behind Helena's ear and started to lightly kiss and suck her skin. Helena moaned in his arms and gradually began to unbutton his shirt before it fell softly to the floor. Helena moved her hands over his back, feeling his taut muscles underneath his scarred skin. Remus had told her before what had caused those scars. But he, like she, lied about their true origin. He told her he had been beaten as a child, and she had told him that she had been badly cut by a spell that had gone wrong.

Neither thought it necassary to take beauty potions when they took their clothes off in front of each other. They were comfortable together, and both loved each other with their scars, even if they didn't really know where they truely came from. Helena gasped when she felt something incredibly hard against her thigh, feeling Remus smile slightly on her gold skin.

They pulled away as Remus' pants fell to the floor, and he walked to the bed, taking his boxers off and sitting on the edge, waiting for her. Remus gulped a hard lump that had risen in his throat as Helena reached behind her and began to slowly unzip her dress. She let it fall to the ground and Remus caught sight for the frist time what she had on underneath.

Absolutely nothing.

Chapter 9: He Knows
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A/N: this is one of the last ones guys! hope you like!

Chapter Nine: He Knows

Remus woke up and rolled over, sitting up quickly when he felt that he was alone in the large bed he had conjured the night before. He leaned against the headboard, sighing. He had told Helena after their first, and last, night together that they shouldn't see each other anymore. She didn't say anything at first. She just sat there, trying to get her breath back, staring at him. She nodded after a minute or two, and kissed him. Their last one before they fell asleep in each others arms.

The teen sat up and put his head in his hands. Why would she leave him before he woke up? Why would she do that to him? But his thoughts were interrupted when a loud flushing noise sounded in his ears. He looked up and saw Helena walk out of a newly conjured bathroom wearing a shirt and boy shorts. She rubbed her eyes and looked up at Remus.

She smiled and bounced onto the bed, leaning forward and kissing Remus' cheek lightly. She laid beside him, her back against the headboard and her cold feet tangled with Remus'. She snuggled into him and he kissed her forehead. They laid there for quite some time, just holding each other and tangling their hands together.

"It's our last day together." he murmured into her hair, "I just wanted to say I love you."

Helena smiled to herself and kissed Remus fully, "I love you too." she felt tears fall from her eyes, "Do we have to stop this?"

Remus looked at her longingly and wiped the tears from her beautiful face, "Yes. We have to. You shouldn't break your own rules."

"Fuck the rules Remus! I love you, why do we have to stop?" she felt more tears cascade down her face and she let a sob come out of her mouth.

"Because... I can't see you get hurt. After school, I don't know if I'll ever be able to see you again. And, I want you to be happy..."

Helena sat up and faced Remus, "I am happy. I'm happy with you! What would keep you away from me after school? A fiancée?" the last part was barely a whisper, but Remus caught it, and the obvious hurt in her eyes.

"No," Remus pulled Helena down and kissed her forehead, "No I don't have a fiancée. But, I do have to leave. Once I get out I have to leave everyone I know."

He was lying. He knew he was, and he hated that he was getting even better at it. Helena on the other hand was thankful that he had an excuse to break up, because she still hadn't thought of one other than her rules, and she already told him she didn't care about them. Which wasn't exactly a smart thing on her part.

But she didn't want to leave him. He could get any girl he wanted and she knew that she would be chased after once it spread that the inter-house couple wasn't a couple anymore. But if she ever saw him with someone else that would break her. And she knew that if she was seen with another guy that it would be awful for him as well.

Life is just fucked up sometimes.

"We should go." Remus said, kissing her forehead again and wiping the tears from her face.

Helena nodded her head, and got up to get dressed. It was Saturday, the day before her transformation, and she didn't think that she would be able to keep her happy façade on this time. She pulled on some jeans and a T-shirt before brushing her hair and pulling it up into an attractive ponytail. Remus stared at her before dressing as well. The two ex's looked at each other before kissing for one last, passionate time.

Remus kissed Helena's forehead before he walked out the door, hearing a light sob as the heavy door closed.

Remus walked out onto the grounds with Pomfrey next to him. She raised her wand and pointed it at the thrashing tree in front of them. A bright red light hit the knot on the trees trunk and they walked into the large opening at its base. Pomfrey led Remus to the Shrieking Shack, opening its ratty door and locking him in after saying a kind good night.

Remus sat by the only window and looked out, wondering what Helena could be doing. But his thoughts were cut short when he felt his bones breaking. He took off his clothes and waited for the inevitable pain to come. He just hoped that when he woke up he would be able to see Helena again.

Helena walked through the hallways of the school slowly, her heart painfully breaking in her chest. She and Remus were only broken up one day and she felt as if she hadn't been with him in over fifteen years. She walked past a dark hallway, her black hair covering her face and her brown eyes swimming in tears.

"Chase! Chase!" the broken hearted girl turned to the familiar voice and saw Severus Snape running up to her.

The girl instantly smiled, having not seen her friend in over a week. He stopped short of reaching her and brushed her hair away from her face, looking down at her. He wiped away her tears, but didn't say anything. That was what she loved about Severus, he never asked questions. He was just there, to help. She couldn't hold it in anymore. She couldn't stop the tears from coming down.

Severus caught his friend as she fell and held her close. Her black curls were sticking to her tear stained cheeks, and her perfect face was contorted in pain. Severus pat her back softly, rocking her back and forth as they stood under a window. Helena placed her head on her friends shoulder and looked out the window, to see a beautiful sunset. Then it suddenly hit her what day it was.

Helena pulled herself away from Severus and sprinted toward the East tower. She ran through the labyrinth of halls and stopped short of an entrance to a spiral staircase. Helena heard someone shout her name and she looked back to find Severus running toward her, she yelled at him to leave, but he kept coming for her.

Helena felt her back crack, and she quickly dashed up the stairs. With every window she passed she could feel the wolf taking over. She ran faster, praying that she would get there on time. After a few more hundred steps, she was starting to get shin splints, but ignored the pain once she reached the hard wood door, and cold room she called home.

Helena slammed the door as she shed her shirt, but didn't hear the sound of the wood contact the stone. She turned and saw with horror that Severus had followed her there. She felt her spine crack and her rib bones collapse before expanding to make room for her wolfish lungs. Severus stared at Helena as she sank to the ground in pain, screaming as the moon rose. He tried to get to her and yelled that everything would be fine and that he would get her to the hospital wing.

"Damn it Sev! Get out!" she said, pushing him as her eyes turned a deep, sickening yellow.

"No! I have to get you..."

"ARGHHHHH!" Helena screamed as her legs broke and began to grow longer, "Get out you fool!" she yelled before she flung him out of the room with all the wandless magic she had. She smiled slightly as the door locked and writhed in pain as the wolf completely took over her body.

Severus heard Chase scream one last time and he couldn't take it anymore. He took out his wand and pointed it at the door. He shouted a spell of his own making and it blew the piece of wood away as it hit it. He looked into the shadows, still outside the large tower room. A snarl came from the blackness and out charged a large dog.

Its ten centimeter claws were aching to grasp his flesh and its fangs wanted to taste his blood. Severus screamed, but before the wolf could get him the door grew back from the ground and he heard the animal whimper in pain as it hit it before it began launching itself at the rickety door. He heard a light cough behind him and turned to find the Headmaster and Professor Flitwick behind him.

"You mustn't tell a soul what you have just witnessed Mister Snape. Otherwise it will not be particularly safe for her to be at school." Dumbledore said as he sipped some tea in his office.

"What do you mean sir?" Severus asked as he denied another lemon drop.

"Pity. They are quite good," The Headmaster said after popping one in his mouth, "Well, Miss Lobo will have a difficult time staying here if she is, how do you say? Outed. Parents won't want their children to be with a dangerous creature, and Helena, not wanting to endanger anyone, would leave the school voluntarily."

"But- but Chase's one of the most caring people I know! How could someone hate her for something she can't help?" Severus asked.

"That, Mister Snape, unfortuantely is the question that has plagued me my whole life. How can someone be hated, when they are something they can not help to be? Like Slytherins and Gryffindors for example. Each has their own qualities, but still they do not see the close similarities between them. How can that be?" he looked at Severus intently, waiting for an answer.

"Because. Without rivalry, where is adolecence?" he asked, surprised that he made the Professor laugh.

"A very good theory Mister Snape. Now, I have a lot of... Headmaster-ly things to do. I think it is time you get some rest."

Severus stood and turned toward the door, but soon looked back, "Professor?"

"Hm?" the old man looked up from a contraption he was fixing and smiled at the boy.

"Do they know? Lupin and Chase? About each other?" The professor put the contraption down and it began to whistle lowly and spin about the desk top.

"No Mister Snape. They do not know about each other. And I would be grateful if you do not tell them, nor hint at it."

"Why sir? Wouldn't that help them?" Dumbledore sighed and looked out of his window and into the bright moon, a faint howl rising into the desolate night.

"Sometimes Mister Snape, it is better not to know things that might help, until the right time is found." he said, and he waved the confused teen off.

Severus stayed up for most of the night worrying about Chase, and wondering what the hell that crazy man meant.

Chapter 10: The Meaning of Mating Season
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Chapter Ten: The Meaning of Mating Season

When Helena woke up she was surprised to find herself in the hospital wing already. She felt something in her hand and looked over to find Sev holding it. She smiled, but then frowned when she realized that he would've found out about her if the wolf had tried to kill him. She sighed, removing her hand from his grip. She looked up when she heard rustling and saw that Professor Dumbledore was looking at her intently.

"I see you are awake. Although Mister Snape still needs his rest." he chuckled as Sev let out a small snore, "He seems to be a very good friend to you."

"He is." Helena said, watching Sev's black hair sway as the light summer breeze caught it, "One of the best I've ever had. He's really protective." she turned and looked at her headmaster, "Does he know? About... me?"

"Yes my dear, he does." Dumbledore placed a comforting hand on her shoulder and smiled, "But I talked with him and he seems to agree that telling anyone would be catastrophic."

Helena smiled down at her friend and sighed, looking up at the ceiling, "How could I have forgotten? I'm such an idiot!" she whispered furiously to herself.

"Now, now Miss Lobo. You are no idiot. Look at your O.W.L.'s. They were magnificent!" Dumbledore chuckled as Helena's cheeks burned, "Miss Lobo, don't beat yourself up. He didn't get hurt, and your secret is safe. Now, I think you need more rest. You will be confined to this wing until you are completely healed." he said, standing up and turning toward the door.

"But sir! I need to practice! The quidditch cup final is this month!" she said, her voice rising louder than it should have.

"Unfortunately Miss Lobo the quidditch cup final has been postponed indefinitely." and with that he left the shocked lycanthropic girl.

That was a month ago, and now Helena is still making her team practice every single day. They were grateful for it. Deep, deep, down they were grateful to her for making practices extra long and extra hard. Yeah, deep down they loved it.

"I HATE this Chase! Why the bloody hell do we have to practice so much?" Aimee Smart yelled as she threw her broom into her locker.

"Because! I know that Potter wants this cup more than anything! He will put his team through hell to get that trophy! Now I want you all to ask yourselves if you would do the same." Helena said after a painful session.

"But Chase, they canceled the game." Rash said calmly, getting sick of the workouts as well.

"THEY CAN'T CANCEL QUIDDITCH! IT'S NOT RIGHT! IT'S NOT MORAL!" she yelled, her team jumping as her loud voice echoed throughout the locker rooms, "We have to be ready for Gryffindor. They've wanted this for four years and now that Slytherin's out of the picture they think they can waltz in and steal the cup from under our noses. Well not this year! Ravenclaw's going to win this year. Are you with me?"

"Hell yeah!" they yelled, banging the locker doors and stamping their feet.

The team headed outside after showering and changing, the younger years waving as they left to find friends and the older ones just sitting around and talking. Helena left her teammates and walked over to the beech tree where she knew Lily was. She caught sight of her best friends fiery hair as it waved in the wind and she jumped in between her and James as they went in for a kiss, both bumping into Helena.

"Ewww. Geez James, do you always slober when you kiss someone? It's not very attractive." she said before Lily and James pushed her away and over to Sirius.

The two "players" laughed as two figures walked toward them. Helena looked up and saw Remus and Pettigrew walking to the beech tree. She turned away as her heart broke again in her chest. Remus sat beside Sirius, looking at Helena in the corner of his eyes. She had most likely just finished practice and was now trying to spend time with the best friend she hardly ever sees. Remus looked away from her and toward the now setting sun.

Helena still sat with them, and most of the time next to Remus. But he could see the pain in her eyes whenever she was near. Did she think that he wanted to leave her? Did she think that he wasn't hurting as bad, or worse, than she was? Did she think that he was lying when he told her he loved her? Remus sighed as the sun set further and further...

Helena gasped and stood up quickly, startling everyone there, "Shit!"

She took off toward Hagrids hut, sprinting faster than she ever thought she could run. As Helena ran she shed her robes, the material fluttering down to the soft ground. Helena struggled with her Ravenclaw tie, the blue and purple material choking her before it finally let her throat go. Her footsteps were softened by the pine needles on the floor of the forest as she entered. Helena ran harder as she felt the bones in her back and chest break to make way for its new body.

She ripped her clothes off as the pain became unbearable, but she forced herself to keep running. The farther she ran, the farther away she would be from the students, and the less chance she would have of killing, or biting, someone. Helena soon collapsed as the pain took over and she changed completely, fur growing over her tanned skin, and her brown eyes turning a sickly yellow.

A wolf emerged from the shadows and howled to the new moon, hearing a reply come from deeper in the forest. The wolf went onto all fours and ran toward the scent it had picked up. It stopped and sniffed the ground and air, trying to find what it was looking for. It turned and found another wolf sitting in the shadows, breathing heavily.

The wolf approached it slowly, snorting and whimpering to the other, taken off gaurd as the other launched itself at it. They fell to the ground, biting and scratching each other. The larger wolf bit the back of the others neck, savoring its blood in its mouth. The larger wolf growled and bit it's neck harder as it struggled to get out of its hold. It whimpered, and the other wolf licked its wounds as the small one slowly started to lose conciousness and faded into black.

A few minutes later the small wolf woke, immediately seeing the larger one beside it, watching with intent eyes. The battered wolf slowly raised itself to all fours and suddenly launched itself at the larger wolf, slashing its snout with its claws. The wolf fell to the ground and stayed down for a while before it got back up and tackled the other wolf, falling to the ground. They continued to bite and scratch each other and when it all ended the larger wolf ran away as the moon faded away.

Helena woke up in the hospital wing the next morning in a seperate room. She looked around and concluded that this must be Pomfrey's office. She sat up in the white hospital bed and looked around the small room. Shelves and cabinets filled most of the space, but what filled those cabinets and shelves were potions and potion ingredients. Everywhere she turned she found a plethora of multi-colored glass bottles.

She smiled as Madam Pomfrey entered the room, softly closing the door behind her. She grinned at the young woman and pat her head before sitting beside her on the bed. She placed a small cauldron on the table next to her and asked Helena to give her her arm. Helena winced as she poked a neddle through her skin, retrieving a small droplet of blood. She dropped it into the bubbling cauldron and Helena recognized the potion instantly.

"Let's see what's going on inside you Miss Lobo." She said happily, "And it's..."

"Oh no..." Helena whispered as tears leaked through her eyes and fell down her gold cheeks.

Chapter 11: Su Venganza
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Chapter Eleven: Su Venganza

"I knew this would happen! I knew! But did you listen to me Albus? Do you ever?" The newly elected Minister of Magic, Averill Addison, yelled at the headmaster, shaking his head and pointing an angry finger at Helena the entire time, "This will blemish the school's reputation! Not to mention my own if this gets out!"

"You did not know that this would happen Averill, no one did. And this will not get out. Will it?" Dumbledore asked, keeping a calm eye on Helena as she silently cried in a chair across from him.

"How will people not figure this out if she leaves? Kids talk Albus!" he cried out as he paced the headmaster’s office.

"This young woman is the brightest I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. With the exception of Miss Evans of course," he said, giving Helena a small wink, "And I can assure you that every one of her teachers will say the same."

The professors behind the crying girl nodded their heads, and Hagrid shouted that Chase was one of the greatest people he knew, "She, and only she, has the choice Averill. Ask her. She will make the right decision."

Addison laughed cruelly, "This... this thing will make the right decision? She's a monster Albus! A werewolf! And a pregnant one at that! How can she possibly know what's right?"

"That is out of line Averill! I suggest you put your claws down. She is just a girl. It is her choice what to do and how to deal with it." Professor McGonagall said, placing a comforting hand on Helena's shoulder.

Addison looked flabbergasted, "Fine! Then what is it girl? Will you get rid of the hideous monster inside of you or leave and never be seen again?"

Helena looked up, tears still steadily streaming down her face. What did he want from her? Was he expecting an answer now?

"Humph. She's slow isn't she? No wonder she couldn't help but shag whatever came round." he snorted.

That was it.

"IT WASN'T MY FAULT!" Helena yelled as tears ran down her face, clouding her vision, "I can't control what it does! It was lonely. It's mating season! He- he found me and his scent was... intoxicating. I couldn't help it! I screamed in my head for it to stop, but it just kept repeating back to me "Mate, mate." and then he found me, and we... we..." Helena broke down and couldn't say anymore.

When she had blacked out the night she ran into the forest she had slept with another werewolf, and apparently there were more in there than anyone bothered to tell her, so they aren't sure who the father is. But that's the least of her worries. What is she going to do? Can she really kill something inside of her? Can she have a baby and take care of it, even during a full moon? Could she give it up, knowing that it was full werewolf?

"Do werewolves kill their young?" Helena thought to herself, "Wait, that's a stupid question! Oh Merlin, what's going to happen to me?"

"Headmaster? Do- do you think that I could take the Exit Examinations?" she asked carefully.

"Ha! No one has passed those in years! Let alone asked for one!" Addison said, his slightly balding head growing red from his maniacal laughter.

"Of course you can. You have the grades and the O.W.L's to do so. When would you like to take them?" Dumbledore asked, smiling down at Helena.

"Tomorrow sir." she replied, looking down at her hands.

"Tomorrow Helena?" he asked, looking at each of her professors with a worried expression.

"Yes sir. Once I get the results back I'll go somewhere where I can have the baby and maybe find a place for us on full moons. I won't "blemish" your record any further." an angry tear fell from her eye and she wiped it away before anyone saw it.

"Helena..." the headmaster started, but she interrupted him.

"No sir, I want to do this. I want to save everyone the trouble of having a pregnant teen here. I don't need to know who the father is, I just- I need a place to stay."

"We could try and help Albus. Find somewhere close." Professor Flitwick said, his own eyes flowing with tears.

Helena looked over at her favorite professor and sadly shook her head, "I was actually thinking of somewhere out of the country. So we could get a fresh start." she said, smiling encouragingly at the small man.

Dumbledore thought for a moment, "Of course. It's done. I suggest you say your goodbyes and pick a new captain today. We all know you'll pass with flying colors." he stood from his grand chair and walked over to Helena, giving her a warm hug, "Good luck my dear."

Helena nodded and said small thank you's to her teachers and Headmaster, opting to ignore the future recipient of the asshole of the year award. After leaving the office Helena began walking down toward the pitch, knowing that her teammates would be there. Over the last few weeks they had gotten so tired of never knowing when practices were that they just kept coming to the pitch at exactly the same time everyday to practice.

She smiled, knowing that they would be practicing harder than ever now that they had announced that the final quidditch game of the year would be in three weeks. Too bad she wouldn't be able to play. Helena looked into the bright blue sky and squinted to see her players better. This was going to be hard on her. They were like a second family to her. Oh no... What’s her dad going to say when he finds out?

Helena pushed that thought to the back of her mind and whistled loudly, gaining the attention of her players. She waved them over and they quickly lowered themselves to the ground and surrounded her.

"Hey Chase!"

"Chase, what's wrong? Why aren't you dressed?"

"Guys," Helena started, looking around at her surrogate family.

"Chase? What's going on?" Rash asked, leaning down and gazing at her.

"I- I can't practice anymore." she said, her teammates gasps inaudible to her.

"Why? Don't you want to win against Gryffindor?" asked Kory McNeil, a third year beater.

"Guys I- I'm not playing in the playoffs," Her team began whispering with confusion all over their faces.

"Why?" Chang asked, his hands twitching slightly.

"I'm going to take the Exit Exams tomorrow." she whispered.



"You can't do that!"

"How will we beat Gryffindor?"

"Listen up! I've decided to pick a new captain, and he'll decide on what to do with the third chaser. Rash? You're the best damned seeker this team has had in years. Will you be the newest Ravenclaw captain?" She asked, smiling at her friend slightly.

"Of course Chase," he took the small, shiny captain badge from her outstretched hand and pulled her into a tight hug, "I'll miss you Helena." he whispered into her ear, giving her a tiny peck on the cheek.

"I'll miss you too," she said, blinking the tears away from her eyes, "I'll miss all of you." she looked over to the lake and saw a familiar head of hair, "I have to go. Beat the shit out of them for me, okay?"

Her team nodded as they wiped away sad tears and she gave them all a hug, even the reserves. Helena took a deep breath before heading toward that familiar beech tree, where her friends were sitting and enjoying the nice day. She ducked under a low hanging branch and smiled sadly at the Marauders and Lily.

"Hey Lils," she whispered quietly.

Lily got up and hugged her best friend, "Hey Len. What's up?" she smiled at Helena and she couldn't help but return it.

"I have to talk to you." she said, grasping her hand lightly.

"Okay," James stood and gave Lily a quick kiss before the friends walked over to the edge of the lake, a good distance from most of the teens around them.

"Wonder what they're talking about." Remus strained his wolfish ears to hear the sound of Helena's voice just one more time as they continued to walk away from them.

"Dunno mate. Maybe Chase is asking if you had been talking about her lately." James said as he sat back down next to Sirius and Peter.

"I doubt it..." Remus mused as he watched Helena whisper something in Lily's ear and as Lily gasped in shock, looking back at him for a moment.

Then Helena bent down and whispered something else, making Lily burst into tears and throw her arms around the best friend she ever had. He noted that she was crying, but then saw with shock that Helena was crying as well. He pretended not to be looking at them as they walked back, but Helena caught it.

"Guys... I- I'm taking..." Helena started, but was cut off when Lily burst into tears and ran from the group, closely followed by a confused James, Peter, and Sirius.

A tear slipped down Helena's cheek as she watched Lily run away and Remus, gaining all of his courage, wiped it away, getting closer to her.

"What's wrong?" he asked, his deep auburn eyes looking into hers.

"Remus I- I'm," she sighed and tried to get the words to sound right, "I'm going to take the Exit Exams tomorrow and if I pass I can graduate early." Helena looked up and saw that Remus was struggling with something.

"Why?" he managed to say, his mouth suddenly as dry as the Sahara.

"Addison is making me. He wants to avoid a scandal here. Dumbledore wants me to stay but, I don't see that happening." Helena started to fiddle with her shirt, choosing to not look at Remus, but he hooked a finger under her chin and lifted it up.

"Scandal? Helena what's going on?" he pleaded.

She wanted to tell him everything. What she was, what she had inside of her, how it got inside of her, but she couldn't.

"I- I can't say. I'm sorry Remus, I'm so sorry." Helena let her tears fall in full force as she quickly kissed Remus on the lips before turning and running away.

Remus watched as Helena ran from him and he felt all of his emotions toward her bubble up inside of him. He didn't understand why she was leaving school; all he knew was that he didn't want her to go. He never wanted to be without her again. That kiss was all the proof he needed. He finally realized that he loved her more than life itself, and that he would rather die than live without her by his side.

Helena ran to her dormitory and locked herself in. She pulled out every textbook she had and piled them on her bed, getting ready for a study session. Helena grabbed all the notes she had taken since first year and began re-reading them, and looking things up in the books when she wasn't sure about something. She spent most of the night like this, until she finally passed out from exhaustion.

The next morning, Helena walked into the Charms classroom for the exams, still a little tired, but completely prepared. It had taken around four hours, but that was all Helena needed to complete every test.

Professor Flitwick came up to her after her last test and gave her a small hug, saying excitedly, "We will give you your scores at the end of tomorrow. Good luck my dear."

Helena smiled and exhaustedly trudged over to the kitchens. Everyone was at lunch by now, but she didn't want to enter the Great Hall. So many rumors had surfaced since she announced that she would be taking the exit tests that she couldn't stand to hear what their newest theory was.

Most of them consisted of her trying to get out early so she could get away from Remus, but that was a flat out lie. Anyone who knew her would know that she couldn't live without Rem. The last thing she wanted to do was leave him. Helena reached the painting of fruit and tickled the pear, laughing along as it squirmed and giggled. She quietly entered, but was almost instantly bombarded by tiny elves.

The smallest one out of the huge group dismissed them and Helena looked down at her favorite House Elf. She was different than the other elves because instead of dark brown eyes she had pale green ones. Her nose was as small as a button, and her toga was slightly pink instead of cream. Her Hogwarts pin gleamed proudly on her shirt and she smiled up at Helena excitedly.

"What can Shimmer do for Miss Chase?" she asked in a slightly high pitched voice.

"Hello Shimmer. I'd like something to eat please. Some pasta, chocolate ice cream with black olives, and some butterbeer please?" Helena asked the smiling elf.

"Of course Miss Chase! And would Miss Chase like to eat with Masters Black, Potter, Pettigrew, and Lupin?" Shimmer asked, her huge pale green eyes watched her gleefully.

"The Marauders are here?" Helena asked, looking around for them.

"Oh yes Miss. Please come with Shimmer." she grabbed Helena's hand and forcefully took her to a small table where all four Marauders sat. They put down their chicken and mashed potatoes and looked over at the blushing girl, Remus watching her more intently than the others.

"Hey guys. Well, um... I'll just go now." Helena turned to leave but felt someone grasp her hand and turn her around.

"Helena, what are you doing here?" Remus asked, leaning closer to her.

"I'm here to eat some lunch... Oh shit." Helena ran away from Remus and toward a sink where she let out the dinner she ate last night.

She felt someone rubbing her back and pulled the hair away from her face as she let out everything. She turned the faucet on and gargled some water before spitting it out and cleaning the sink. She turned around and saw Remus watching her worriedly.

"Helena, are you sick? We should get you to Pomfrey." he said, wiping some sweat from her forehead.

"No I'm fine, really. I just had a bad breakfast. Hey Shimmer." the little elf walked up to Helena and Remus with some plates in her arms.

"Is Miss alright? Shimmer is worried, very worried about Miss." she said, with wide eyes.

Helena smiled and nodded her head, "Yeah, I'm fine Shimmer. I just have some bad eating habits finally getting to me."

Shimmer nodded and went over to the now empty table that the Marauders had once occupied and placed the plates onto it.

Remus turned to Helena, "Did she have olives and ice cream with her?"

Helena looked at him shocked and said, "Yeah. A little guilty pleasure of mine unfortunately." she walked over to the table Shimmer had set up for her and sat down, Remus right beside her.

She began to eat, scarfing down everything almost completely at once. Helena looked up and saw Remus staring at her and she swallowed the mouthful she had been chewing.

"Sorry, I'm just really hungry." she whispered as she blushed slightly.

"I would be too if I was locked in a classroom for four hours." he said chuckling, and Helena continued to eat, although it was a lot slower, with some blushing put in as well.

After finishing up a plate of pasta and her ice cream Helena drank the rest of her butterbeer, choosing not to look at Remus' shocked face.

"Is that all that Shimmer can do for Miss?" Shimmer asked, as she stood by Helena's knee.

"Yeah. Thanks a lot Shimmer." The small elf curtsied and skipped off to wash dishes or do some other House Elf chore. Helena stood up to leave and Remus stood with her.

"I'll walk you to your dorm." he said, and the ex-couple walked in a comfortable silence, "When do you get the results back?" he asked, his hands behind his back as he walked.

"Tomorrow. At least that's what Professor F. told me." Helena stopped in front of the statue that led to the Ravenclaw common room and turned to face Remus, "Thanks for everything Remus. You're the best."

Helena leaned forward and kissed his cheek before whispering the password. Remus pulled Helena back to him and wiped away the tears that had fallen down her face.

"Helena, please tell me what's going on." He said, his forehead pressed against hers.

"I can't..." She sobbed out, tears flowing freely and fast down her cheeks.

"Shh. Helena I- I lo-"

"Chase!" Helena turned around and saw that her whole house was in the common room, making a huge mess.

No textbooks were in sight and all she could see were party streamers, punch bowls, and a few drunken prefects. They were having a party. An actual party. For her.

"Goodnight Helena." she heard Remus whisper in her ear before he leaned down and kissed her cheek.

"Remus I-" Helena sighed and hugged Remus close, "Night."

Helena walked into the crowded common room and smiled at her housemates. They had moved all of the furniture and book cases to the side to make room for a huge dance floor and a magical jukebox. Helena didn't really feel like doing anything. She was usually up to partying all of the time, but now... now she felt like crying.

She walked around the crowded room and mingled and said goodbye to everyone she knew before she walked up the girls staircase and crashed onto her bed. Helena got up and packed her things while silently saying goodbye to everything she had grown accustomed to seeing for the past seven years. When she was finished she fell onto her bed and snuggled into the dark blue covers for one last time, falling into a troubled sleep a few minutes later.

Helena woke up later than everyone else the next day, and as soon as she did she felt her stomach twist into knots. Which made her even later since she was leaned over a toilet bowl for another half hour. After brushing her teeth and taking a shower Helena walked down to the common room, where she found all of her teachers there to meet her.

Professor Flitwick walked up to her and gave her a small hug before handing her an envelope. Helena smiled and looked at it before opening it. She smiled as she read it, tears forming at the corners of her eyes.

Helena Lobo

Graduate of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Class of 1977

Helena let her tears fall as she hugged each professor twice and gave Headmaster Dumbledore a peck on the cheek. She did it. Now she could go and have the baby without worrying about the Minister or about what her friends would say. Although Lily already said that she suspected that she was a werewolf, but never thought it would have been appropriate to ask.

Helena smiled at her professors and thanked them again, before she ran to her room and grabbed her trunk, dragging it down to the common room.

"You're father will be waiting for you at Kings Cross when you arrive." Flitwick said as he hugged her again.

"You told him?" she asked, and they all nodded, "Everything?" they nodded again, "He's going to kill me." she sighed sadly.

"No Helena. He is actually quite proud." Dumbledore said smiling down at her.

"For what? Getting knocked up during a full moon?" she asked sardonically.

Dumbledore chuckled and shook his head, "No. He's proud that he's going to be a grandfather, and that his daughter was the first in fifty years to pass the Exit Examinations with one to zero questions wrong." he smiled at Helena's shocked face and nodded, "You have an hour before you have to meet us by the gates Helena. Do what you have to and don't be late."

Helena said thank you once more before she left the Ravenclaw common room for the last time. When she stepped onto the sunny grounds Helena felt more refreshed than ever. Her stomach was back to normal and her spirits were high. Today she was going to tell Remus everything. And if he didn't love her anymore... at least she stopped lying to him.

Helena meandered slowly to their usual sitting spot, smiling and saying goodbye to people along the way. When she reached Lily and the Marauders Lily instantly looked up and ran to Helena, arms wide open, but stopped a few feet away from her before hugging her softly.

"You know, it'll be a while before you hurt him by hugging me." Helena whispered in her friend’s ear.

Lily pulled away and looked at her, "Him?"

"Yeah, I found out last night." she said, smiling from ear to ear. She was happy. Honestly, truly, happy. And even though she doesn't know who the father is, she could care less because... well... she's so damn happy.

"Oh Len! I'm going to miss you so much!" Lily whispered as they hugged again, tears flowing freely down both girls' cheeks.

"Lilsie? Would you... would you like to be his godmother?" Lily squealed and hugged Helena tighter.

"Of course!" the two girls pulled away from each other and Helena looked at the Marauders. A large gap between Sirius and James filled Helena up with a sudden feeling of loneliness.

"Where's Remus?" The Marauders looked around nervously and Sirius bravely answered her question.

"He's in his room. He said he's not coming out." Sirius looked down, ashamed of his friend. He was too much of a coward to tell her how he felt about her, and now she was leaving, and he'd never be able to tell her. Sometimes Remus was an idiot.

"Oh." Helena whispered, a silent, lonesome tear slid down her face and she stared at the ground, "Well, tell him goodbye for me." she hugged each Marauder and gave Sirius a little peck on the cheek, "Give that to him too."

She gave Lily one last squeeze before she left them. After wiping away the tears she felt falling down her face, Helena looked up to find a pair of familiar black haired heads sitting underneath a shady tree.

She sat besides them quietly, and said, "I'll probably miss you two the most."

Rashid and Severus whipped around to see her crying slightly. The three friends stood and hugged each other for several minutes.

"You'll always be the best captain Ravenclaw could ever have." Rash whispered as a tear left his brown eyes.

"And the best non-Slytherin friend I have. Besides Rashid." Severus added as Rash gave him a dirty look.

"Shit. I have to go." she hugged them again and wiped away the last of her tears, "I love you guys."

"Love you too." they said together as their best friend left them forever.

Helena walked toward the gates of Hogwarts, their iron wrought bars visible from the desolate space she had cut through. The path was crowded with students and she was tired of seeing them point at her and mock her so she decided to have some privacy as she left her second home. The wooded area gave her a sense of comfort, but also a sudden feeling of foreboding. Something wasn't right in this place. It was dark, hardly any light coming through the tree leaves.

And there was no sound. No sound whatsoever. There were no birds, no crickets, nothing except the muffled crunch of her footsteps on the needled ground. She faintly heard a twig snap and turned fast, seeing nothing in the dark shadows of the trees. But she could hear something besides her breathing.

Helena grasped her wand and turned fast, throwing a curse. But it didn't hit it's target. Instead another curse hit her. Helena was flung into the air and tossed into a tree trunk, her back coming into contact with the rough bark. She winced in pain as she stood and faced her attacker.

"Finalmente le tengo todo a me." (Finally I have you all to myself.) A deep voice said from the shadows. Helena would know that voice anywhere.

"Jorge." she managed to say, rubbing her back lightly.

Helena heard a throaty laugh and winced at it's cruelness, "Do you know how long I've waited for this moment?" he asked his wand and her wand in his hands as he circled her like a vulture.

"To do what Jorge?" Helena asked irritably.

"This." he stated simply before casting an Unforgivable, "Crucio!"

Helena fell to the floor, trying hard not to scream. She writhed in pain, grasping her stomach as she twitched and tried to fight it. Minutes flew by and seemed like eons as she lay there panting. Jorge got tired of just using the curse and decided to use a few muggle methods of torture.

Helena screamed in pain as Jorge continued to kick her in the stomach. She didn't know how long he had been doing this but it was doing its damage. She prayed the baby would be okay, and she wished with all her heart that Jorge would just drop down and die. But suddenly he stopped and Helena felt something wet come from her body. She looked down and gasped when she saw blood running from her legs and watched as Jorge ran away before she fainted.

"Oh my God! Poppy! She's awake!" a familiar voice yelled from Helena's side, "Lena? Honey? Baby, can you hear me? It's Daddy." she felt a rough hand grasp her hand and Helena smiled slightly.

"Daddy?" she whispered, her lips parched and cracked.

"Yes Honey. Oh Merlin... who did this to you?"

Helena opened her eyes and her fathers figure sat beside her. He tightened his grip on her hand and Helena smiled as the scent of flowers and pine trees filled her nose. Her fathers bright hazel eyes were swimming with tears and his brown hair was disheveled from sleeping on a chair all night. It was strange to Helena, seeing her father, who is usually so composed and straight forward a complete wreck beside her. Though it was strange it was comforting knowing that he was there all the time. She had missed her dad dearly.

"Jorge. Jorge Gutierrez. He's a seventh year Slytherin." she whispered.

Helena looked up and saw that along with her father, Madam Pomfrey, her teachers, and the Headmaster were gathered around her bed. Professor Slughorn stood from his seat and left, saying that he would get Jorge and tell him that he was officially expelled from school.

She looked at Pomfrey with worry and whispered, "How's the baby?"

The adults looked at each other and Helena's father squeezed her hand. She tried to get a straight answer, but none of them would look her in the eye. She screamed at them and demanded to know what happened, so Pomfrey quietly told her as tears leaked through the woman’s eyes.

"I'm sorry dear. But the baby is gone."

Helena looked around numbly before she asked, "When can I leave?"

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Chapter 12: Clichés are the Best Ending
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Chapter Twelve: Clichés Are the Best Ending

Remus sat up straight in his stiff chair as Dumbledore walked into the Black library, signaling its chatting occupants to be quiet. He looked around the room, silently counting the members who were there.

"What was so urgent Albus?" Molly asked, wringing her hands as she watched the old man.

"Has someone else been killed?" Sirius was leaning against a bookcase, his arms crossed across his chest lazily.

"No, no. I am here to proudly say that an old friend will be joining our ranks. She has been out of the country for nearly twenty years but has been living in the States for the past decade. I am sure that three of you will know her well." he looked over at Sirius, Snape, and Remus, although his gaze lingered on Remus the longest.

This confused Remus a little. Who does he know who has lived in the States for ten years?

"She will be arriving shortly. I must ask, however, that your questions be kept at a minimum." the group nodded and suddenly all of them leapt up, grasping their wands as a floorboard creaked in the hallway.

Albus told them all to stay where they were and walked out, soon returning with someone wearing a grey cloak, the hood covering its face.

"Everyone, I'd like to introduce the Order of the Pheonix's newest member."

The mystery person took down the hood, revealing a woman in her early thirties. Her dark hair was short, down past her ears in thick curls. Her eyes shone with laughter, but at the same time contained pain and a look of growing up too fast. Something Remus knew quite well. Her skin was pale, but still desperately held onto some pigment.

She looked so familiar, but Remus didn't know where he'd seen her before. She smiled, showing a set of pearly white teeth.

"Hello." she said softly, taking in everyone in the room.

For some reason Remus' insides did about seven backflips at the sound of her voice. It sounded so familiar, so close to his heart, but he still couldn't place her.

"No..." Snape whispered, earning him the attention of everyone in the room, "It can't be..." he walked up to the woman, staring at her with an open mouth.

Snape suddenly launched himself at her and she laughed as she hugged him back, "It's nice to see you too Severus." She pulled away and smiled at him, and Snape, to everyone's surprise, actually smiled back.

"How have you been? It's been so long! Where were you?" he asked, leading her to a chair where she sat down.

"I've been... okay. I was living in Oregon. You know... miles of forest and hardly any people." she said giving him a knowing stare. Severus just nodded.

"Alone?" he asked.

"Yeah. Not exactly the best ten years of my life." she replied, not as used to the stares of the Order members as she used to be.

"God I've missed you!" Snape pulled the woman up and hugged her again, and she just smiled as she looked over his shoulder and at Remus.

"It's not..." Sirius said, as the woman and Snape pulled away, "Is it really?"

She smiled, "Hello Sirius." She laughed as he clambered over to her and hugged her until she turned blue.

"Um... Sirius. Who is that?" Harry asked, looking at the woman with curiosity.

"This, Harry, was one of your mother's best friends," Remus' head snapped up and he turned all attention to the woman in front of him. It couldn't be...

"Harry, this is Chase. Chase, this is Harry." Remus' mouth dropped and he felt all the air in his lungs leave him.

"Sirius I haven't been called Chase in a very long time." She said, shaking hands with Harry as his green eyes stared at her in awe, "Call me Helena." she said with a wink.

"Wait a minute! I've seen you before! I have to go!" Harry ran out of the library but then turned and came back just as quickly, "Will you be here in the morning?"

"I'll always be here Harry." Helena said, winking at the teen.

He grinned and ran out again, climbing the stairs hastily.

"Well, let's go everyone." Sirius grabbed everyone but Helena and Remus, and pushed them out, leaving the old lovers alone, and most likely locked, in the library.

Helena nervously looked over at Remus, watching him as he gazed down at the floor.

"Why'd you really leave?" he asked, still staring at his feet.

"Remus I- I don't know how to tell you." she whispered, tears beginning to line her eyes.

Remus stood, his peircing amber eyes melting Helena's insides, and walked to her, "What do you mean you don't know how to tell me?" he asked a little angrily.

"Lily never told you? She didn't mention anything?" Helena asked, hoping her friend had at least made it easy for her to tell Remus before she died.

"She never said a word. She always said that you would tell me one day." he looked at her and his sad eyes pleaded with her.

"Remus... I- I'm... I'mawerewolf." she said quickly, hoping he had caught it and she didn't have to repeat it.

"What?" Guess not.

"I'm a werewolf." Helena repeated, still refusing to look Remus in the eye.

Remus' mouth dropped and he stared at his old lover for quite some time before he managed to croak out, "You're a- a...?"

"A werewolf." Helena said again, tears blurring her vision. "He's going to run away screaming, I know it."

Instead Remus stood there and asked, "Is that why you left? Because you turned into a werewolf?" he paled, what if he got out one night and hurt her?

"No. I had been a werewolf since... since the night my mother died." Helena stated, "I left because... well, remember when we watched the sunset and I ran away before it sank completely?" she paused and saw Remus nod, "I ran because it was a transformation day. And I forgot. When I got into the forest it started. After a few minutes another one found me and we... we..." Helena stopped, trying to compose herself.

"We had sex. The next day I woke up in the hospital wing and that's when I found out." she said, a tiny tear leaking through her dark lashes.

"Found out what?" Remus asked, dreading the answer.

"That I was pregnant. I had to leave. I had to get away so I could have him and live in peace without Addison breathing down my neck." she confessed to a shocked Remus.

After a few unbearable seconds Remus asked, "Where is he? Your son?"

Helena choked back a sob and said, "I did- didn't have him."

"You didn't... Did you have an abortion?" he asked cautiously. But he knew that would be the farthest thing from Helena's mind when it came to it. She always said that she loved children.

"No. Jorge... Jorge beat me the day I was supposed to leave. He beat the baby out of me." she said, the tears finally cascading down her cheeks. Just saying it made all the feelings she had come back up. All the hopes she had had of having her son, and raising him washed away as she thought back to that day.

"Oh no... Helena..." Remus reached out to her, but pulled his hand away as soon as he was close enough to touch her.

"I left anyway," she went on, "I couldn't stay. I couldn't face him. Or you. Even now I'm afraid of him. He's a Death Eater, Remus."

Remus and Helena stayed in silence for a long while before he finally said what he had always dreamed he would tell her, "Helena, I- I'm a werewolf."

Helena's head slowly lifted and she looked over to the man she had loved, disbelievingly, "What?"

"I'm a werewolf too." he repeated, the silence getting to be too much for him.

"But you..."

"Helena, that day, the day you got pregnant, I ran into the forest too. I remember finding another wolf and we... slept... together. Helena was that...?" he asked, that day just as vivid in his mind as yesterday morning.

"I don't know. Can I... can I see...?" Helena walked to Remus, her heart racing from the closeness of them.

She brushed away a curly wisp of slightly grey hair from his temple and gasped slightly at what she saw. She lightly traced a scar on Remus' face and a tear escaped her.

"Oh God." She rubbed her thumb over his cheek and another tear slipped out.

"Helena? Can you lift your shirt?"

"What?" she asked, watching him grow red.

"I- I mean... Your neck... can I see your neck?" he asked, blushing feriously.

"Oh, of course." Helena turned and she felt Remus push the material of her cloak and shirt down.

Remus sucked in some air as he saw very distinct bite marks on Helena's neck. The wounds were completely healed, but he knew that they had been very deep before.

"Helena..." he said, lightly rubbing the scars.

Helena let the tears fall down her cheek and she managed to say, "So it was you. He was yours."

"I'm so sorry you had to go through that Helena. I'm sorry I wasn't there." Remus said, a tear finally escaping his eyes.

Helena shook her head as more tears fell and as her love for him grew, "No, I left without telling you. I left without saying a word. It's not your fault Remus."

"It is. I shouldn't have let you leave without telling you how I felt. How I still feel. I- I love you Helena." Remus grasped Helena's hand and squeezed it before bending down and softly pressing their lips together.

Helena's eyes widened as a forgotten feeling rushed to her. She wrapped her arms around Remus' neck, pulling him closer. Remus parted Helena's lips and deepened the kiss, feeling her mouth for the first time in years. He softly caressed her cheek and Helena fell into his arms, her knees having given out.

As time went along, and Helena and Remus had yet to part, Helena had the strangest feeling that she was apparating. The squeezing sensation quickly passed though and she didn't realize until Remus pulled away from her that she wasn't in the Black library anymore. Instead she was in a small room with a large bed in the center, and not much else.

Helena looked at Remus, shocked, but he just grinned at her. She smiled and pulled Remus down to her, his scent filling her lungs. Soon they landed on the bed, pulling off each others clothing. After a long night, Helena snuggled closer to Remus, his spicy smell intoxicating.

She was on the brink of sleep when she heard Remus mumble groggily, "I love you."

Helena looked up into Remus' beautiful eyes and grinned, "I love you too." she kissed him lightly on the lips and sighed as she laid her head back down.

"You know," she continued, playing with some of her hair, "You never told me what happened to the girl in the book. The one you were reading the day we won against Slytherin."

Remus smiled and kissed her forehead, "She was almost killed when the muggle she was in love with shot her with a silver bullet."

"Oh..." She hadn't expected that.

"But later on she fell in love with a member of her clan. Another werewolf." he grinned at Helena, "And they lived happily ever after."

Helena groaned, "Don't say that line. It's so cliché." she whispered, her eyes closing slowly.

"But you can't deny it fits." Remus chuckled, pulling the covers closer to them.


"I wonder where they went." Molly whispered as the group returned to the now empty library.

Sirius grinned, "I think we should stay clear of Remus' room for tonight." he suggested, laughing at Molly's horrified expression.

"Molly they're adults. And besides, they haven't seen each other in eighteen years. Of course the first place Lupin would take her is his bed." Snape said, laughing along with Sirius as Molly left, shaking her head in shock.


When Helena woke the next morning and walked down to breakfast she found Sirius and Severus grinning at her, Remus blushing slightly, and Harry glowing with excitment.

"I knew I'd seen you before!" he exclaimed, running to her.

Harry held out a small photo album and pointed to a picture at the center of the page it was opened at. It was of Lily and Helena during sixth year. They were outside and it was after the semi-finals that they had won against Gryffindor. The two girls were hugging, smiles on their faces as Helena's teammates poured pumpkin juice over her head, soaking Lily as well.

Below that was a picture of Remus and Helena on their second week, kissing underneath the beech tree by the lake. Helena smiled and winked at Remus who stood and wrapped an arm around her, kisisng her temple. Sirius', Harry's, and Severus' eyes widened before they smiled and sat back down at the table.

"Will we ever get to do that again?" Remus asked, his head resting on Helena's.

Helena grinned, "We better if we're going to live happily ever after."

Remus laughed and looked down at her, "I thought that line was cliché."

"Well, it is." she said honestly, "But it fits nicely." Helena said before they kissed tenderly and sat down for breakfast.


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