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The Beginning... by kayla18

Format: Novella
Chapters: 8
Word Count: 19,739
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Drama, Humor, Romance
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Voldemort, Draco, Dean, Ginny, OC
Pairings: Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Draco/OC, Harry/OC, OC/OC

First Published: 02/19/2006
Last Chapter: 06/05/2008
Last Updated: 06/05/2008

Its the "golden four" 7th year at Hogwarts. Kathleen Granger, yes it is Hermione's cousin, joined the 'gang' for their fourth year and from that year on, they become the 'golden four'. I hope you will join them for a year of ups, downs and lots of twists and turns. I hope you enjoy!

Chapter 1: {One} The Club
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~Author Note: Words in between two *word* is when Harry and Kathleen are talking to each other through their thoughts.~

“Harry! Harry stop it!” You screamed as your best friend tickled you.

“Say you give.” He replied with a huge smile on his face.

“OK! I give!” You laughed.

“Yes! I win again!” Harry said punching a fist into the air.

*I will get you back Mr. Potter,* you thought.

*You wish Ms. Granger,* he replied. You loved the way that you and Harry had found out that you could talk to each through your thoughts three years ago.

That summer your adopted parents had been murdered by Voldemort. You and your cousin Hermione had gone to spend the summer at Ron’s house and to start your fourth year at Hogwarts. That summer you all had become very close friends. You and Ron had even dated for a couple of weeks that summer, but in the end you both decided that you were better off friends.

Now Ron and Hermione are dating, and you and Harry keep each other company when those two are off. Harry and you never liked each other more than friends; you were like brother and sister.

Another thing that had happened that summer was you and Harry started to hear each others thoughts. When school started Professor Dumbledore had explained how talking to each other through your thoughts worked.

He said that if one of you wanted to say something to the other person all you would have to do is to let down your guard on what you were thinking and the other person would hear it. Letting the other person hear your thoughts wasn’t the hard part, it was protecting your thoughts that was hard.

This took you and Harry a lot of practice. You had asked Professor Dumbledore why Harry and you could do this, but he never answered you. He had changed the subject and went on talking like you hadn’t asked a question. You asked Dumbledore the same question again in your sixth year, that time he did respond, he said ‘I am not positive on why but I have an idea. I must find out more. I will tell you when I know more.’ Then before you could ask anything else he had asked you your birthday was, you told him July 30th. After that he bid you good day and left you standing there confused.

This year you hoped you would find out why you and Harry shared this gift.

“Kathleen! Earth to Kathleen.” Harry said waving his hand in front of your face.

“Yea?” You replied shaking the thoughts from your mind.

“Ron and Hermione are back and want to know if we want to go out with them.”

“Sure why not, where are we going?” You asked as you got up and walked towards the stairs.

But before Harry could answer Hermione walked in and said, “We’re going dancing, are you coming?”

*Should we?* you asked Harry.

*If you want.* he replied with a smile.

*I want.* you said excitedly.
“Kathleen, Harry? Come on don’t do that, talk out loud.” Hermione said playfully hitting you on the arm.

“Sorry. Habit.” Harry said.

“We’re coming. How long until do we have until we leave?” You asked Hermione.

“We have an hour. Kathleen can I borrow some clothes?”

“Yea sure, just as long as I can raid your closet.”

“Of course,” Hermione said as you two started to climb the stairs.

You and Hermione were both finally ready after rejecting several outfit combinations. She had on a tight black top that accentuated her body and a dark blue mini skirt with some strapy black high heels to top it off. Her hair was up with a few curls framing her round face. In your opinion, she looked great.

You had on a white halter top with tight hot pink pants for an extra flare. Your long wavy strawberry blond hair was down freely; your hair fell to about the middle of your back. You looked hot, or at least you thought you did.

“Alright we’ll meet you at the Dragon Fly.” Ron said taking Hermione’s hand.

“See you there.” Harry said picking up the floo powder.

With a small ‘pop’, Ron and Hermione were gone. The reason why you and Harry were going by floo powder is because you hadn’t passed your test yet; you were going to take it next week.

“Ready?” Harry asked you.

“Yea, let’s go.” You said stepping into the fireplace. Harry stepped in after you, wrapping his arms around your waist.

*Harry I love ya, but not like that.*

He laughed and replied, *Me too, but this way we can travel by floo powder together.*

*Sure,* you said looking at him with playful disbelief.

Harry threw a hand full of floo powder down and said, ‘The Leaky Cauldron’ articulately.

As you spun fire places passed and finally you began to slow down. When you two stopped, you and Harry fell out of the fireplace with a hard thud.

“Harry, you’re crushing me.” You said in a small, weak voice, since Harry had managed to knock the wind out of you by crushing you with his own body.

“Sorry,” He said, pushing himself up and then offering you a hand of assistance.

“Thanks,” You said taking his hand. Both of you walked out of the Leaky Cauldron and into Diagon Alley. As you passed Flourish and Blotts, you turned down that alley.

As you walked, you saw two people pressed up against the wall in a compromising position. As you got closer, you saw it was Ron and Hermione in a deep lip lock.

*Harry, look.* You said pointing to your two best friends. When Harry saw the couple he began to laugh loudly. Hermione and Ron, hearing Harry’s laughter broke apart frantically.

“Hi guys,” Ron managed to squeak out before turning ten different shades of red like his hair. At this Harry and you burst out into more fits of laughter.

When you and Harry had finally stopped laughing, Hermione said irritated, “We have the key.” She held up the key that was shaped like a mini dragon fly.

“Now all we have to do is to find where to put it.” You said, walking towards the wall Ron and Hermione had been making out against.

“Actually all you have to do is say ‘dragon fly’ and tap it with your wand.” Ron instructed as he took out his second hand wand and did exactly what he said.

A large door appeared and all of you walked into the club. As you walked into the already full club, the loud music washed over you live a wave. The Dragon Fly club had this wild vibe to it; making adrenaline pump through out your body.

“I love this song!” Hermione shouted over the music and dragged Ron out onto the floor despite his obvious nervousness.

Harry turned to you and instead of shouting he thought, *Do you want to dance or do you want to get a drink?*

*Dance.* You simply answered back.

Three songs later you were dancing with the handsome Dean Thomas and Harry was dancing with his dream, Cho Chang.

Personally, you really didn’t like Cho. She had toyed with Harry’s feelings too much for your taste, but he seemed to be having fun with her none the less.

Hermione and Ron came over and asked if you wanted to get a drink suddenly. Your throat was parched from so much dancing and you needed to hydrate your body. Dean decided to tag along since you invited him.

As you walked away, Harry asked, *Where are you going?*

*Drinks,* You replied back.
*Thanks for asking if I wanted to come.* He said in a mock hurt voice which made you smile.

*Welcome, you coming then?*

*Yeah, let me ask Cho if she wants to.* You continued to walk away as Harry asked Cho to join him with the rest of you. You all ordered your drinks and the six of you made your way up to the second floor.

As you stepped onto the second floor the music stopped. The second floor of the Dragon Fly was completely sound proof so that the people there could enjoy their drinks and talk without having to yell over the blasting music.

After a few more drinks and three more hours of dancing you were ready to go home. “HERMIONE!” you yelled in your friends’ ear.

She looked over at you curiously. “I’m going to go home.” You told her and she nodded before stopping you.

“Hold on, Ron and I’ll go with you.” She turned to Ron to tell him that she wanted to go, and Ron nodded.

As you were leaving Ron asked, “Where’s Harry?”

“Hold on, I’ll find him.” You said, turning from the door to face the stairs. *Harry,* There was no answer to your thought so you tried again *Harry?*

*Bloody Hell, what?!?!* Answered Harry back angrily.

*Umm… we’re leaving, we wanted to know to know if you wanted to leave with us.* You told him weakly. Harry had never yelled at you, he had been mad at you, but never yelled. You could feel the tears burning in your eyes as Harry replied.

*Sure I’m coming. Where are you guys?*

*Meet us outside.* You said trying not to sound upset. As you, Ron, and Hermione walk out of the club you told them, “He’s going to meet us out here.”

“OK.” Ron said. Hermione turned to ask you something, but when she saw your face she became worried.

“Kathleen? Kathleen what’s wrong?”

“Nothing ‘Mione.” You said trying even harder not to cry. You didn’t know why Harry yelling at you made you so upset, but it had. When Harry finally came out of the club, some twenty minutes later, you still were hurt, but weren’t as close to crying.

It took you a minute to take in Harry’s appearance. His shirt was buttoned wrong, it was also half un-tucked. His hair was messier than usual and his pants were very wrinkled. Then it hit you, Harry and Cho, they… they were *Ewwwww!* you screamed in your head.

Harry wiped around looking confused and frightened. “What, what’s wrong?” Ron and Hermione asked as they turned around as well. “Harry James Potter!” you said angrily.

“What?!?!” he said with a look on his face that said he know that you knew what he and Cho had been doing.

“Oh come on Harry! You know exactly what! CHO!”

“Cho?” Ron and Hermione asked. “’Mione, Ron, look at his clothes, his hair,” you told them pointing at Harry. As they both looked at him, you could see that they both got it. Hermione had a look of shock and disappointment on her face, where on the other hand, Ron had a smile on his face and a look as though he was trying not to laugh.

“Can we not talk about this and go home?” Harry asked.

“That’s a great idea.” Hermione said and you looked at her with shock and disbelief. “He’s a big boy Kathleen, he can make his own choices.” Hermione added in reply to the look you were giving her.
“Thanks ‘Mione.” Harry said with a smile one his face.

“Shut up Harry! I just said that so we didn’t have to talk about it here. Now you and Ron go home, Kathleen and I will meet you there”. As Harry opened his mouth to say that he would go with you, you cut him off.

“Go Harry.” He looked a little hurt but with a ‘pop’ he and Ron were gone. Hermione and you walked back to the Leaky Cauldron, and then climbed into the suttee fireplace. You hugged each other, for more your own support than hers, and threw a handful of floo powder saying, ‘1124 Windjammer’.

You and Hermione spun and spun, and then fell out of the fireplace, but this time onto something soft. The guys had put pillows down so you wouldn’t hurt yourselves when you fell out of the fireplace as usual.

The house Ron, Harry, Hermione, and you shared was two levels. On the bottom level, there was a huge kitchen, a living room, a family room, a guest bedroom and a bathroom. On the second level, there were four bedrooms which each had their own bathrooms.

The house you lived in had once belonged to your grandparents. They had given it to you after you had found out that you were adopted and your adopted parents had been killed. After your sixth year, you all had moved in together which wasn’t as an easy task as you’d all have hoped.

“I’m going to bed.” You told Hermione as you started to walk up the stairs. You walked right past Ron and Harry and said ‘Good night Ron,’ and kept walking. You didn’t know why you were so mad at Harry, but you were.

*Talk to me,* Harry pleaded with you.

*Maybe tomorrow.* You told him as you shut your door.

*Please Kathleen, nothing happened.*
*Harry I maybe blonde but I’m not stupid.*

*First you’re not a blonde, your real hair color is red and nothing happened.* He was right you weren’t a natural blonde. Professor Snape had paired you with Neville one day in your fifth year; you had been making a color changing potion. When you had bent down to pick something up, Neville had knocked the potion over and it had spilled all over you. Your hair had been strawberry blonde ever since that day.

*Tomorrow Harry.*


*Tomorrow.* You said more firmly. He left you alone after that. You laid down on your queen sized bed, in your room that was decorated in rich blues and whites. It was a Moroccan theme and you absolutely loved it!

That night, you had trouble sleeping. You knew why; you couldn’t stand being mad at Harry. You turned over to look at our alarm clock and it read in bright red lights, 4:30am. You knew you would never get to sleep if you didn’t talk to Harry now. *Harry? Harry are you asleep?*

*No.* he answered back.

*Come talk to me?*

*OK, you know it took you longer than usual.* You smiled; he was right. Every time you two fought, you would cool off and then ask him if he would come or if you could go to him.

He opened the door; he was in a pair of pj pants and a shirt. You lifted up the covers for him to get under. He got in and he hugged you while thinking,

*So want me to tell you what happened?* You two were talking through your thoughts so you wouldn’t wake Ron or Hermione.

*OK.* you said.

*OK, my pants were wrinkled because of all the dancing; my shirt was un-tucked because of Cho. She started kissing me, and the next thing I knew her hands were un-tucking my shirt and pulling at my pants and messing up my hair. I told her to stop and she got really mad. I was trying to calm her down while you were trying to ask me if I wanted to leave with you guys. I’m sorry I yelled.* He finished.

*Harry…Harry, I’m sorry.* you said as you gave him a huge hug. He hugged you back.

*Its ok, not your fault.* He said, then chuckled when you yawned widely.

*I’m going to go back to my room.* He added, getting up.

*You can stay if you like,* you think turning over and falling into a deep sleep.

The next morning around 10:30 you woke up to Hermione yelling your name. “KATHLEEN! KATHLEEN! KATH…L…E…E…N!” You heard Hermione come into your room and start to say “Kath…oh um, wow”.

When she said wow your eyes popped open, you could now understand why she had said wow. Harry had his arms around you and you were snuggled close to him.

As you moved away Harry pulled you back into him. Then his eyes shot open. He let go of you and almost pushed himself off the bed. You grabbed his hand so he wouldn’t and when you looked up Hermione was doubled over in silent laughter.

“That’s right ‘Mione, laugh it up! You both scared the crap out of me.” Harry growled.

“I’m…sorry…it’s…so…funny.” Hermione laughed. When Hermione had stopped laughing she said, “You guys should get ready, Mrs. Weasley is going to be here in an hour.”

“CRAP!” you and Harry both said. You all knew by now that Mrs. Weasley always showed up early, so that meant you had a half hour to make everything look perfect.

“Hermione what does the down stairs look like?” You asked worriedly.

“It’s perfect, same with the rest of the house. The only places that aren’t, are yours and Harry’s rooms.”

“Thank you! Thank you!” You and Harry both called out as you rushed into your separate bathrooms to get ready for Mrs. Weasley’s arrival.

Twenty minutes later you were ready. You had on jeans, a pink tank top and a pink and blue woven blazer. You also put on your new pointed toe pink high heels that you had been dying to wear. You applied the usual make-up: foundation, eye shadow (it was pink and sparkly today), black eyeliner and lip gloss. Your hair was down with a wave to it as well.

As you walked out of your bathroom, you looked around your room. It was a mess. You picked up your wand from the night stand and with a flick, your room was clean.

Chapter 2: {Two and Three} Mrs. Weasley's Visit and The Pre- Party
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“Hello Mrs. Weasley.” You said, wrapping your arms around her pudgy waist in a hug.

“Hello dear, how are you?”

“Just fine, thank you.” You told her, taking a seat on the couch.

“Well Ron and Hermione have already showed me that your house is clean. I’m glad it’s clean but I didn’t come here for my usual inspection today. Kathleen, you are to come with me to take your apparition test today.” Mrs. Weasley announced.

At her words your eyes got big and your mind started to race. “But I’m not suppose to take it till next week.” You managed to say. A wave of panic struck you. You hadn’t study or gotten a good nights’ sleep and you had gone to the club with everyone else until late.

*You’ll be fine, stop stressing.* Harry told you.

*I’m not stressing, I’m fine.* You lied.

*Bullocks! I can hear you, remember? You might want to guard your thoughts if you don’t want me to hear them.* Harry started to chuckle when he said this to you in triumph.

Everyone looked at him and he tapped his finger to his temple and everyone understood that you two had been talking through your minds. “Harry, Kathleen, I really wish you wouldn’t do that around me, just talk out loud like the rest of us.” Mrs. Weasley said in a serious voice.

“Yes, Mrs. Weasley” Harry and you said in small voices.
*Or we could just not get caught.* you told Harry.

*We’re not supposed to do this anymore.* Harry replied back.

*Just don’t laugh and no one will ever know.* You think looking at him, but before he could respond Mrs. Weasley spoke.

”Kathleen we should get going.”

“OK.” You said standing up and walking over to the fireplace. You offered Mrs. Weasley the floo powder with a nervous smile. She took some, stepped into the fireplace, and said; “Ministry of Magic” and she was gone.

You took a hand full of floo powder and stepped into the fireplace. “See you guys later.” you said and they all replied with, “Good luck”. Then you threw down the floo powder and said “Ministry of Magic”.

Three hours later you walked out of the examination room. Mrs. Weasley was standing there anxiously. “Well?” she asked.

“I PASSED!” You squealed excitedly.

“Congratulations dear, shall we go back to your house for lunch?”

“Sure, I’ll see you there.” you said and with a ‘pop’, you and Mrs. Weasley were gone. Victory is sweet.

The next two weeks passed without anything major happening. This week was huge though. This week was yours and Harry’s birthday.

Your birthday was Saturday, July 30th and Harry’s was Sunday, July 31st . In the end, you and Harry had decided that you would have one huge party together. The party was going to be over a span of three days.

It would start Friday night and end early Monday morning. On Friday, the Weasley’s, Granger’s and a few other close friends are going out to dinner to do the cake and opening of presents thing.

After dinner, the younger adults, (i.e. Harry, Hermione, Fred, George, Ginny, Bill, Charlie, Ron, and many more that did not come to dinner.) would then go over to the Dragon Fly Night Club. After the club closed down, all your friends that had come, would come back to your house and crash.

On Saturday you would go out to breakfast, shop, and have lunch and then met the guys to catch a quidditch game. Well the girls would be off shopping the guys of course would be sleeping and playing quidditch, much like their regular routines. After the quidditch game, there would be a bonfire/camp out at your house to end the night off right. The house that you all share, sits on about two acres of land, so you had plenty of room for guests.

Then on the last day of the party there would be a nice formal dinner severed at your house. After dinner, Harry and you would open presents from your close friends. To follow, there would be lots a dancing and having fun. You couldn’t wait for the end of the week.

As you walked out of your room, dressed in a short blue jean skirt and a light blue tank top, you called, “Hey ‘Mine?”

“Yea?” she answered back, walking out of her room. She was dressed in blue robes with the Ministry of Magic symbol on them.

“Do we have the caterers set up and reservations?”

“Yes, everything is fine. I told you Ron and I were going to take care of everything. Stop worrying.” She chastised you.

“I can’t help it. When is your internship for the Ministry done?” You asked.

“Today. Do you have the day off?” she asked you as the two of you walked downstairs.

“Yep my last day is tomorrow. I don’t think I’m gonna miss working as the Welcome Witch at St. Mungo’s.” You told her.

“I see. What are you gonna do today then?” She asked while adjusting her already straight and wrinkle free robes.

“I’m gonna go on a day date.” You answered her with a huge smile.

“Oh, with who?”

“Mike Thomas, he’s just 17 and will be transferring to Hogwarts for his last year”.

“Sounds great. You should bring him by the house, you know so we can all met him”. At this suggestion you burst out laughing.

“What?!?!” Hermione asked.

When you claimed down you said, “And what have Harry and Ron scare him away? ‘Mione it’s only been five dates; I like him a lot”.

“You’re over reacting. Ron and Harry aren’t that bad.” She said as she grabbed a bowl from the cabinet for her breakfast.

“Do you remember what those two did to Dean when Ginny dated him? They sat him down and asked him a million questions, including personal questions about him and Ginny.”

“Oh yea, I forgot about that.” Hermione said with a bemused chuckle.

You rolled your eyes and said, “Whatever Hermione. I gotta go, I’m late”.

“Alright, be good.” Hermione said.

“I always am.” You replied with a devilish grin and then with a ‘pop’, you were gone.

You arrived at the entrance to the Leaky Cauldron to find Mike waiting for you. “Sorry I’m late,” You apologize.

“I’m not sure I will be able to forgive you.” He teased with the worse fake sad face you had ever seen.

“I see,” You said, then you gave him a hug and a kiss on the check. “All better?” You questioned.

Mike shook his head no, giving you sad puppy dog eyes. Rolling your eyes you put your hands around his neck and kissed him like you really meant it. Mike put his hands around your waist and pulled you closer quickly.

The kiss deepened; it was as if he was pouring every good feeling or emotion he had about you into the kiss. When you finally pulled away, you looked into his big brown eyes. “Wow,” Mike said gazing into your eyes.

With a sexy smirk you said, “Ehh, it was ok.”

At this he looked shocked, “It wasn’t good? Lets try that again, shall we?” You shrugged with a grin. Mike pulled you into another kiss. This kiss was even more intense than the last. You could feel him start to pull away, but you hugged him closer and pushed him up against the wall. After about another minute or so you finally untangled yourselves.

This time it was you who spoke first. “Wow”.

“I would have to agree with you there. Shall we get some breakfast?”.

“Sure,” You replied, still a little dazed from the kiss you two had shared. You guys ate at Chocolates. It was a great little coffee shop in Wizarding London. The walls were decorated in soft pastels and the tables were enchanted so that if you wanted privacy you could make it so no one else could see you.

You order a coffee and a fruit salad, Mike also ordered a coffee but had an egg sandwich. Breakfast was great; you two talked about Hogwarts, wanting to be Healers, your friends, his friends and quidditch. As the two of you walked out of Chocolates it occurred to you, you hadn’t invited him to your and Harry’s birthday party.

“Hey Mike.”

“Yea?” He replied, stopping and looking at you a little worried.

The look on his face caused yours to wrinkle with worry as well. “I don’t know what you are doing this weekend, but my friend Harry and I are a having a huge three day birthday party and I was wondering if you wanted to come as my date.”

“Let me think about.” He said. You two continued to walk out of the coffee shop, you filled with a little disappointed from his answer. You really wanted him to come to the party.

After about five minutes of walking down a street in muggle London, Mike said, “I guess I can come.”

It took you a minute to respond, but when you did, you tackled him with a hug and kiss. The kiss was awesome, another wow for both of you.

“So what do you want to do now?” Mike asked you.

“I have an idea, you remember where my house is right?” he looked shocked, but nodded his head yes. “Good, met me there in ten minutes.” and with that being said you gave him a quick kiss and ‘pop’, you were gone.

When you got back home, you ran through the house yelling “HELLO?!? ANYONE HOME?!?!” When no one answered you went down to the kitchen. You wrote,

Guys please don’t come home until after 8pm. Thanks! I love you guys! Kathleen

Then you handed it to Hedwig, Harry’s trusty owl. “Hedwig, can you take this to Ron, Hermione and Harry?” Hedwig give a hoot and took the note and then she flew out the window as the door bell rang.

“Coming!” You yelled out. Before you went to answer the door you took out your wand and with a flick, you conjured up snacks for you and Mike. Then you raced to open the front door for him.

There stood a very confused looking Mike. You had to admit he looked very hot all night in his blue t-shirt and khaki cargo pants. His dirty blonde hair was messed up in the most adorable way that reminded you of Harry’s hair. His brown eyes were deep and rich as always.

“Hey,” You said.

“Hey,” He replied still confused. “Ok so you had an idea, mind letting me in on it?”

“Sure, my idea was, eat food and watch muggle movies. Sound good?” You asked moving aside so he could come in.

“Sure. Where to?”

“Follow me.” You grinned. You led him into the updated kitchen that you had just came out of. “Help me carry this stuff up to my room.” You said picking up the strawberries, chocolate, chips and two cups.

“Won’t your parents be mad that I’m in your room?” Mike questioned as you walked up the stairs to your room, arms full of junk food and a guaranteed good time.

“My parents aren’t here, I live with three friends.” You told him.

“Cool which one’s yours?” He asked when you both came to the top of the stairs. Continuing to walk down the hall, you stopped at your door and said, “This one”.

You walked into your room followed closely by Mike. Sitting down on the floor in front of your TV, which was right in front of your bed, you said, “What kind of movies do you like? I have action, drama, comedy, romantic comedy and chick flicks”.

“Don’t matter as long as it’s not a chick flick.” He smiled, sitting down on your bed.

“Ok then, I guess we’ll watch Gone In 60 Seconds. Its one of my favorites.” You said while taking the movie out of its case and putting it into the DVD player. Then you laid down on your bed so that your feet were by your pillows and your head was at the end of the bed.

“So what’s this movie about?” Mike questioned, also laying down like you. You could smell the faint trace of cologne on him, but you loved his natural masculine scent.

“Stealing cars and the relationship between this guy and his kid brother. Also about this guys ex-girlfriend. But I mostly like it for the cars and the music.” You told him, kicking your feet around a bit.

Mike moved a bit closer and whisper, “Kathleen.”

Looking up at him you said “Yes?” in a cute but sexy voice. He opened his mouth to say something but instead he kissed you. As you continued to kiss you moved so that you were now laying on your back. Putting your hands around his neck, he moved his hands onto your curvy waist.

Mike had just taken off your shirt, when you heard your door open and someone say, “Hey Kathleen, I’m home early and was…BLOODLY HELL!” when you turned to see who it was you saw Harry, wide eyed and open mouthed.

You gave him an evil glare that could kill. *Harry get out!* after having yelled at him he still didn’t move, so you decided to say it out loud. “HARRY JAMES POTTER GET OUT!” Harry blinked and shook his head and then walked out looking pretty dazed.

When the door had closed you heard Harry. *I want to talk to you right now.*

*This second or can I put some clothes on?* You replied sarcastically to him. He didn’t respond, and then you heard him bang on your door.

“Coming!” You yelled to him. As you put your tank top you turned to Mike, who was still in shaken up and embarrassed. “I’ll be right back after I talk to him.” He nodded his head slowly.

When you opened the your door you found Harry pacing back and fourth in the hallway. When Harry heard the door close he rounded on you. “Bloody hell, Kathleen.”

“What Harry? What did I do wrong? I was in my room, with the door shut and I sent Hedwig to all of asking you not to come until after 8.” You told him hotly.

“I never saw Hedwig! And what the HELL are you doing with him? For all I know he could have been attacking you.”

“Harry, I was on top when you walked in! Plus have you ever heard of knocking?!?!” You said blushing five different shades of red from what you just had said. As Harry opened his mouth to reply back you cut him off, “Not to mention Harry, I’m a big girl, I can do what I want. Mike and I are two adults; we can do what we please”.

At this statement Harry stared at you in amusement, he opened his mouth and then shut it twice before he thought of something to say. “FINE! Do what you want! GO BE A LITTLE WHORE!” Harry stormed off.

“Harry,” You said softly, deeply cut by his harsh words. You were stunned at what he had just said and the accusations he used. You couldn’t believe Harry had called… called you a whore. Tears welled up in your eyes as you walked back into your room.

There was Mike, standing there looking almost as mad as Harry. “You heard all of that?” You meekly asked him.

“Yeah.” He said shortly.

“Mike, what’s wrong?”

“You could of told me you had a boyfriend. I thought we had something. I’m just gonna go and let you and your boyfriend work things out.” You could see he was hurt and very mad at you when he said this.

“Harry’s not my boyfriend. He’s, well he was my best friend. He gets over protective. Please don’t leave.” You said trying to hug him. He didn’t hug you back which hurt just as much as Harry’s words.

“I’m gonna go. Maybe I’ll see you Friday.” He told you. You released him from your pathetic hug and nodded.

“Nine o’clock at the Dragon Fly Club”.

“Fine, bye.” He said as he slammed your door shut. At this you fell to your knees and started to cry like a child. You had really gotten attached to Mike, and he just left believing the worst. And Harry and his words. They stung more than anything.

Then you thought angrily. *I hate you Harry James Potter!*

As you continued to cry you heard, *Good for you. The same goes for me.*

An hour later you managed to pick yourself off the floor and get into your bed. Looking over at your clock you saw it was 8:15. This was good, this meant Hermione would be home soon. When you final heard a soft knock on your door it was 10:30pm.

“Kathleen are you awake?” you heard Hermione through the door.

“Hermione,” you said between sobs. At this Hermione opened your door an when she saw you she said “Oh my, Kathleen what happened?”

“We got into a fight, he might not come to the party. He thinks Harry’s my boyfriend.” You managed to choke out.

“Oh Kathleen I’m so sorry. Wait why does he think Harry’s your boyfriend?” Hermione asked a little confused.

“Harry walked in on us, ummm… making out and then him and I got into a fight. I told him Mike and I are both adults and can do what we want. Then he called me a whore.” You sobbed angrily.

Hermione hugged you in the perfect best friend type of way only she could. “Shhh… it will be ok. I’ll talk to Mike if you like and have Ron beat Harry up for saying that.” At this you chuckled a bit.

“I’ll talk to Mike. You and Ron can beat Harry up.” you said feeling better.

“Alright, I’ll go talk to Harry, and then I will come back up here with some ice cream, ok?” Hermione said standing up.

“Ok.” you said as you snuggled deeper into your covers .

Chapter 3: {Four} Harry, Ron and Hermione
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A/N: This Chapter is in Hermione's Point Of View!

As you walked out of Kathleen’s room you couldn’t believe what she had told you Harry said. Of crouse he’s always had a mean temper but it was never in his nature to hurt his friends. And not one as dear as Kathleen.

“Ron!” you called up the hallway. “Yea?” he replied sticking his head out of his doorway.

“Have you seen Harry?” you asked him.

“Nope, why?”

“We need to talk to him.” You said walking into his room and closing the door.

“What’s up?” He asked sitting down on his bed. As you told him about what had happened, he was mad that Mike might not come to the party, but laughed when he heard that Mike thought Harry was Kathleen’s boyfriend.

“Yes, Ron it is funny but that’s because we know they’re not and that they are like brother and sister. I saved the worst for last. Harry walked in on Mike and Kathleen making out,” at this Ron didn’t look happy that a guy was making out with Kathleen and or even touching her, but he was confused on why you looked upset about Harry walking in on them.

“So?” Ron said.

“So… then Kathleen and Harry got into a fight and Kathleen said that her and Mike were both adults and could do what they want and then… then Harry…Harry called her a whore!”

“What!?! No, Harry wouldn’t say something like that.” Ron said.

“I know, but it’s not like Kathleen would lie about something like this. In fact she’s never lied to us. I told her we would talk to him.” At this Ron looked horrified.

“Why do we have to talk to him? Why can’t we let those two work it out like they always do?”

“Because Ronald, we are their best friends and it looks as though Kathleen has been crying all day. When I left her she was still crying. Ron, they both really hurt her.” You finished explaining in a sympathetic tone.

“Fine lets go find Harry, but I’m warning you Hermione, this isn’t going to be pretty.”

“I’m well aware of that, thank you Ron.” You told him, leading the way to Harry’s room. When you both reached Harry’s room you knocked timidly.

“Go away!” Harry yelled from inside, sounding bitter and angry.

“Harry its Ron and Hermione, we need to talk to you.” Ron said to the door.

“I don’t want to talk. Go away!” Harry yelled through the door again.

“Harry Potter, if you don’t open this door we’ll come in anyways!” You yelled.

“Please just leave me alone,” Harry called softer.

“No.” You said before opening his door. You both were taken back at the disarray of his room. Harry usually had a very neat room, a habit he said he got from the awful yelling of his aunt and uncle. You could tell that he had taken his anger out on his belongings in rage.

“What Hermione?” Harry said sitting on his bed.

But before you could respond Ron spoke. “Is it true you called Kathleen a whore?” Harry looked down and then nodded his head yes. Harry looked so ashamed.

“She told me that she hates me.” he said still not looking up at you or Ron.

“Oh Harry…” you started but then Harry cut you off.

“And I also said that I hated her.” Harry looked on the edge of tears. All you could think to do was to hug him, but as you walked towards him Ron stopped you.

“Ron,” you said pushing his hand away.

“No Hermione, he doesn’t deserve our sympathy. He called her a whore. That’s just not right.” he told you.

Then he turned to Harry. “How could you call one of your best friends that? She’s no whore, you know that. She’s one of the most careful and sexually careful people we know. Harry did you know that because of you she’s been crying since the fight. And that…that guy,”

“Mike.” You added, helping him with the name of Kathleen’s boyfriend.

“Thank you. That Mike guy, thought you were her boyfriend and now he might not come to the party because of how you acted.” Ron told Harry very heatedly.

Harry looked up in shock. “He thought I was her boyfriend?”

He asked. “YES!” Ron shouted.

“Harry I think you need to explain to Mike that you are not Kathleen’s boyfriend, that you never were and don’t have feelings for her.” You told him.

Harry stared at you blankly then said stubbornly, “I’m not explaining anything to him. He wasn’t right for her.”

Rolling your eyes you said, “Harry, first you only met the guy for about two seconds when you walked in on them making out. Second, Kathleen really likes him. Harry please go talk to him tomorrow.”

“Hermione, they were doing more then making out. Her shirt and his shirt was off.” Harry almost yelled.

As he said this you heard Ron mutter. “I’ll kill ’em.”

“No Ron you won’t.” Ron looked surprised that you had heard him.

“What both of you seem to forget is, she is an adult and can do what she wants with a guy, without either of you threatening him or getting mad over it.” You told them.

“Whatever.” they both said.

“Harry you need to talk to Mike, Ron talk to Harry and leave Mike alone.” You told them walking out of Harry’s room. Once out of Harry’s room, you pulled out your wand and conjured a pint of Double Fudge Brownie Chocolate Ice Cream and two spoons.

Walking into Kathleen’s room you said, “I have Double Fudge Brownie Chocolate Ice Cream.”

“Yummy,” she said with a watery smile. She had changed into her pj’s and claimed down a lot to your relief.

“I’m going to change into my pj’s” you told her. You set down the ice cream and walked out of her room and into your room to change.

Chapter 4: {Five} Sorry
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A/N: Back to Kathleen's point of view

Hermione walked out of your room to change into her pj’s. She came back in a flash dressed in pink shorts and tank top with a fuzzy pink robe and slippers.

“Alright ice cream and movie time!” She announced. You grabbed the ice cream and the spoons from her hands with a small smile.

“Let’s watch a chick flick, but not a tear jerker chick flick.”

“Right…how ’bout Mean Girls or Legally Blonde one, two or both?” She said holding up the three movies.

“Both Legally Blondes please.” You said pointing to the two movie cases. They were the most likely to pick up your spirits right now.

The rest of the night was spent laughing at the movies and eating two pints of ice cream between the two of you. It was the best remedy known to every girl and woman.

You fell asleep around two in the morning and the next thing you knew, your alarm was going off; it was eight o’clock.

Hermione groaned, “Turn that thing off”.

“Sorry ’Mione.” You said getting up and turning off the blaring alarm. You walked to your bathroom to get ready for work. After you showered you put on a pair of green robes that had the St. Mungo’s symbol on them. After drying your hair you put it half up and half down. You also put on the usual make up: foundation, eyeliner, eye shadow (light green), and mascara.

You walked out of the bathroom to find Hermione still asleep on the floor. Her brown curls were spread out over her pillow and she looked awfully silly, but adorable. “Hermione, Hermione wake up.” You urged as you poked her.

“No, I don’t have to work.” she said waving you away with her hand.

“Fine, you can sleep in my bed if you want. I will be at work ’til about seven.” You told her leaving your room. You decided to skip breakfast as you weren’t really all that hungry. Walking to the living room you ran into Harry coming down from upstairs.

“Hi,” He said nervously.

“Hello.” You replied, continuing past him. When you got into the living room you remembered that you didn’t have to take the floo network to work anymore because you could finally apparate now.

With a ‘pop’ you were gone. You apparated in the staff room of St. Mungo’s. “Good morning.” You said to the room at large. A few mornings came your way as well.

“Kathleen, may I speak with you?” Came a women’s voice. You turned to see Madam Pomfrey standing near the door way.

“Sure,” you replied, still stunned to see Madam Pomfrey at St. Mungo’s. She lead you into the empty hallway.

“Kathleen I know that you are looking to become a Healer after Hogwarts,”

“Yes I am.” you said.

“Well Professor Dumbledore and myself would like to know if you would like to help out in the Hospital Wing a bit after the Christmas holidays.”

You couldn’t help but think that this was a dream. Working at Hogwarts would be awesome. “Of course I would!” You said enthusiastically.

Madam Pomfrey smiled. “Very good, I will send you an owl some time after the holidays to work out a schedule.”

“I will look forward to that.” You said as you went your separate ways. As you walked down the hallway you saw something that shocked you. Harry was walking down the hallway in the same direction as you.

Forgetting that you weren’t talking, you called out to him, “Harry?” He turned around and looked surprised the he had run into you.

“Hi. Umm… aren’t you suppose to up at the Welcome Witch station?”

“I’m headed up there now. Were you looking for me?” you asked him.

“Well, umm… no” Harry said nervously.

Confused you asked, “Then why are you here?” And in an after thought you added, “Are you ok? Your not hurt are you?”

“Kathleen I’m fine, don’t worry. I’m here to see someone.” He said looking at the floor.

“Who Harry?” You questioned thinking you knew the answer. He was here to see Mike, to yell at Mike. Why couldn’t he just stay out of it?

He finally responded, “Mike Thomas.”

“Harry you’ve done enough damage, just leave it alone. Please.” You said with a mix of anger and pleading in your voice.

“I’m here to tell him, I’m not your boyfriend and that I’m sorry for the way I acted yesterday. I was gonna say sorry to you when you got home.” Harry told you still looking at his shoes.

“Thank you Harry and your forgiven.” you said throwing your arms around him in a tight hug. A little shocked by this it took a minute for him to return your hug.

“He’s on the 3rd floor and if you can’t find him there, try on the 1st and then if you can’t find him, come find me and I will get him for you.” You said beaming at him.

“Thanks,” He said as he walked off towards the stairs. With a bounce in your step from the two great things that had just happened, you walked up to the Welcome Witch station.

The next few hours passed without any excitement nor any sight of Harry. It was about 6:45 when you finally saw him again. He looked sad, as if the talk with Mike hadn’t gone very well.

“Hey,” You said, the good mood slowly fading away.

“Hey,” He replied back.

Afraid to know the answer, you asked anyways. “So, how did talking with Mike go?” Harry looked up at you and then down at his shoes.

“Oh that, that went great. He’s coming to the party on Friday and he can’t wait to see you again.” He told you looking back up at you again.

“Harry James Potter! You scared the shit out of me!” You said hitting him in the arm.

“Ouch!” he said chuckling, then he continued, “You’re just too easy. Maybe if it wasn’t this easy to pull your leg, I wouldn’t do it.”

Rolling your eyes you said, “You know as my best friend, you could be nice to me.”

“Hmmm… let me think about that,” he said putting his index finger to is chin and after about five seconds he replied, “How ’bout NO!”

“HARRY JAMES POTTER!” You yelled out smiling. His full name always seemed to spill your mouth when you chastised him. He laughed and moved away so that he was out of hitting range.

As you moved so that you could hit him, the Head Healer walked by. “Kathleen,” you turned around and went bright red.

“Y-yes sir?” you said. You could hear Harry snickering behind you.

“It was great to have you working here this summer. I hope to see you again when you have finished school.” The Head Healer said sticking out his hand for you to shake.

“T-thank you sir” you said shaking his hand.

* Oooo… I am so going to get you for this!*

* Only if you can catch me that is.* Harry said. As you turned around you heard a ‘pop’ and you knew that he had disapparated, but to where you had no clue.

A little disappointed that you couldn’t get your revenge on him right then, you looked at the clock; it was 7:05, your last day as the Welcome Witch was over. You clocked out and with your own ‘pop’, you were gone.

You reappeared at home seconds later. “Hey,” You heard Hermione call from the kitchen.

Walking into the kitchen you said, “Hey, is Harry here?” Hermione looked worried at this question.

“Don’t ’Mione, we made up.” You told her and she relaxed at your words.

“He’s upstairs, don’t tell him I told you where he was.”

Smiling you said, “I won’t.” You walked out of the kitchen and up to your room. You had to prepare for war. You knew that you couldn’t attack Harry without him attacking you back. You changed into jeans, tank top and a hoodie. You took out your wand and conjured ten water balloons. After that you went to your dresser and pulled out your invisibility cloak (your parents had also been the very few wizards to have one).

Putting it on, you levitated the water balloons. Quietly you walked down the hallway to Harry’s room, his door was open and he was lying down on his bed with his eyes closed.

You sent the levitated balloons into his room, making them hover over his unsuspecting body.

You let one balloon drop and Harry shot up, wet and confused. Looking around he didn’t see the other balloons floating over him. You let the rest of the balloons fall onto him.

“Kathleen!” He yelled. You didn’t answer him, but snuck back to your room. Once in your room, with the door shut, you burst out laughing. Harry looked so confused, and his face when the first balloon hit him was priceless.

The shock he had shown, you couldn’t believe he wasn’t expecting something like this. Also it amused you that it took him so long to figure out that it was you, after all, water balloons were your favorite way of getting revenge.

Taking off your invisibility cloak, you continued to laugh. When you heard Harry yell, “Kathleen Amelia Granger!” you decided not to put away the cloak.

Hermione came into your room laughing just as you had. She shut your door, then said, “Water balloons again?”

“Yep! How’d you guess?”

“First of all, water balloons are your favorite, have been since you were five, and second he came downstairs very wet and mad. It was so funny!” She said laughing again.

“If you think that was funny, you should have seen his face when the first balloon hit him.” You said, starting to laugh again.

Then your door burst open to reveal a very wet and angry Harry. “I’m gonna kill you, that water was freezing and I’m all wet, my beds wet…” But before he could continue listing what was wet, Hermione fell onto the floor laughing, only making you laugh harder as well.

“Hermione this isn’t funny!” Harry said.

“Yes…yes…it…is” she managed to say between laughs.

“Fine, fine, have your laughs now, but this means war on both of you!” Harry said. At this Hermione stopped laughing.

“Hey what did I do?”.

“You told her where I was.” he said.

“I did not!” She replied back.

“Hermione, you’re a horrible liar,” He said with a smirk.

Finally talking you said, “Fine, war, but this has to be done by the time the party starts on Friday.”

Harry took a moment to think this over. “Fine, but if you can add a rule, here’s another; none of Fred and George’s products and Ron’s on my side.”

“Ron can decide if he wants to be part of this himself and excluding all of Fred and George’s products is no fun. Let’s say, no products that they don’t sell in the store.”

Harry thought about it for a minute. “Fine, but we all know Ron’s on my side.”

“Speak of the Devil,” Grinning, you pointed to Ron who was standing in your door way.

“What am I doing?” He asked.

“Picking a side for war,” Rn looked confused.

“Harry has declared war against me and Hermione.” You told him.

“You’re with me right?” Harry asked. Ron opened his mouth to respond, but then Hermione cut him off.

“Think about it before you make a decision Ronald. I won’t be fraternizing with the enemy.” You got a case of silent giggles at the look of horror on Ron’s face. It took him another minute to decide which team he wanted to be on.

“I love ya ’Mione, but I’m with Harry on this one.” Hermione looked shocked but recovered quickly.

“If that’s your choice Ronald, understand the consciousnesses of your decision. This means war!”

“Fine!” Ron said. As Harry and Ron left you called,
“Make sure to tell Ron the guide lines!” You yelled down the hall at their retreating back.

*Don’t worry,* Harry said.

*But it’s you, so I have to.*
*It is so on!* he said.

“So what he say?” Hermione asked.

“How’d you know I was talking to him?”

“Because every time you and Harry do that, you both get a far away looks on your faces and kinda zone out”

“Right. Let’s get down to planning our attack.” You said pulling out your wand and sound proofed the room.

Hermione gave you a quizzical look when you did this, “So the guys can’t hear us,” You explained.

“Oh, so what are we gonna do?” she asked.

“We’re gonna…”

Chapter 5: {Six} The Party
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Over the next couple of days your house was like a war zone. Both you and Harry tried to get into each others mind, but had no luck, the other would figure out you were before you could get any useful information. Over all this was one of the best wars the four of you had had. In the early hours of Friday morning, the war was over, the result was, that no one had won. You really didn’t care though, you had fun attacking the guys with water balloons, Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes, and Hermione’s favorite method, magical illusions. The guys got you good as well with, Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes, Harry’s favorite method: trick spells, and Ron’s method was scare the shit out of you, laugh, then run like hell as either you or Hermione chased him. It was 4:30am when Harry and you shuck hands on ending the war.

“I’m gonna go to bed” you yawned. “Me to” Harry said.

“Us three and four” Ron said coming out of Harry’s room and walking over to Hermione and wrapping his arm around her waist. Hermione blushed ten different shades of red at this.

“Ewww! Way to much information!” you and Harry said at he same time. “Night” Ron said as he and Hermione walked towards his room.

“Oh yea, don’t you two worry about getting up to help clean up from the war or decorate, Ron and I will do it. Be ready for dinner by 6:30” Hermione told both of you.

“Thanks ’Mione” you yawned walking into your room.

“Are you guys sure?” you heard Harry ask.

“Yes Harry” you heard Ron reply, which shocked you a bit, because the Ron you knew was a bit lazy, you figured it was lack of sleep. You changed into your pj’s, took off any and all the charms you had put on your room to keep the boys out, then got in bed ready to have a good sleep, when Harry walked in, “What” you muttered.

“Nothing, just making sure all the traps are disarmed” he said walking out of your room. When you heard the door ‘click’ shut you rolled over and fell into a deep, well deserved sleep.

What felt like only an hour later, you felt someone shaking you awake, “Five more minutes” you said rolling over onto your side. “Kathleen! You have to get up, we have to go to dinner in an hour” you heard Hermione say.

“Fine, I’m up” you said throwing the covers off and getting up.

“Good, now all you have to do is shower and get ready” Hermione said pulling you towards the bathroom.
“I’m going, I’m going” you told her. You showered, starting it out cold so it would wake you up, then to warm so you weren’t cold. When you were done, you dried yourself and your hair with your wand. Also with your wand you put soft curls in your hair. You walked out of the bathroom to see that someone had laid two outfits on your bed for you. The first was a little black strapless dress, there was also black strapy high heels, there was also a little red jacket to go with it. The other outfit was a red dress that was smaller then the black one, there was also a pair of jeans with red thread, the high heels with straps like ballet shoes. You decided to wear the first outfit, but with the second outfits’ high heels. As you were putting on the last shoe Hermione came into your room, “Why does no one in this house knock?” you asked.

“No clue, we just don’t, but I’m here to ask are you ready?” she said looking at you.

“Let me put on some make up and I’ll be ready”.

“Ok. Glad to see you picked the black, I knew you would”. When you had applied the usual make up you said, “Ready, lets go”.

Hermione and you walked down stairs to find Harry and Ron talking to Mike. “Hi” you said to the guys. Ron chuckled at the shocked expression on your face. “Hi” Harry and Ron both said, Mike walked up to you said, “Hello” and gave you flowers. The flowers that he gave you were a mix of white tulips, different color roses and lilies. All of your favorite flowers, “Thanks you so much” you said throwing your arms around Mike’s neck. He hugged you back whispering, “Happy Birthday Lee, and I’m sorry”. You hugged him tighter and gave him a small kiss. Even just a small kiss gave you the feeling of wow, you couldn’t believe this feeling that kissing him gave you. You both pulled away at the sound of disgust Ron made. You blushed a little, but when you looked at Mike, he didn’t look embarrassed at all. This made you smile.

“Shall we go?” asked Hermione.

“Yes, lets go” you said starting to walk out, Mike wrapped his arm around your waist and whispered, “You look beautiful Lee” you smiled,
“Lee? Why Lee? Why not Kat, or Kath or Katty?” you asked.

“Because your not a Kat, a Katty and not a Kath because that’s my aunts name. Lee is you, but if you don’t like it, I can come up with something else” he replied.

“No, I like it. Oh I should tell you something, tonight at dinner, the are gonna be the other Weasley’s, who also consider themselves my brothers, so there’s gonna be more brotherly protection” you told him.

He nodded and said, “Thanks for the warning” you smiled and got on to the Night Bus with the others. The Night Bus stopped at the Maxtor, the best restaurant in Wizarding London.

When you walked in the witch at the front ask you “How many?”. Hermione answered, “We have reservations for 20 under Potter/Granger” the witch nodded, “Right, this way please” she lead you over to four tables that were full of people, except for five places at the top table. When everyone looked up they all said, “Happy Birthday Kathleen and Harry” Harry and you smiled, * This should be interesting* you said as you sat down next to Harry, who was on your left and Mike on your right. Dinner went very well, the food was great. Harry and you opened presents from the adults, Mrs. and Mr. Weasley gave you the usual, a knitted sweater and some candy. Your Aunt and Uncle gave you a very nice sliver locket, when you opened the locket you saw your adopted mother and father’s wedding picture and on the other was the picture of the day they had gotten you. Tears started to well up in your eyes, you missed them both very much. Both Harry and Mike saw that you were close to tears, Harry put his arm around your shoulders and squeezed, Mike put his arm around your waist and tried to pull you closer. What turned out happening was the top half or you going toward Harry and the bottom half going towards Mike. This made Harry release you right away, which made you onto the floor with a loud ‘crash’! Everyone looked up. Your face turned bright red, Mike helped you up and asked, “Lee you ok?”. “Yea I’m fine, just a little embarrassed” you told him. “Well as much as I know that we all would like to continue to laugh at you Kathleen, I think it is time for us younger adults to go” Fred said standing up.

“I agree Fred” said George also standing up. Everyone who was coming to the Dragon Fly stood up. You turned to your Aunt and Uncle, “Thank you so much Aunt Amy and Uncle Dan, the lockets’ great, I love it!”. Everyone said goodbye and with a ‘pop’ all the younger adults were gone.

The ten of you appeared at the entrance to the Dragon Fly. “Dragon Fly” Bill said tapping his wand on the key. The door appeared with a banner across it that read, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATHLEEN AND HARRY!”.

At seeing the banner you beamed, “Who put hat up?” you asked.

“I did” Ginny said. “Thanks” you told her giving her a hug. As you walked into the club you heard Harry say thank you to Ginny for the banner. The Club was almost empty, the only people there were the people you had invited to yours and Harry’s party. All of Gryffindor House was there and a few other people from Hufflpuff and Ravenclaw. As you continued to look around the Club you saw was decorated for yours and Harry’s party.

“Hermione, did you rent out the Dragon Fly?” you asked her.

“What do you think” she laughed. You beamed at her, then tackled he with a hug. The rest of the night went really well. At about 4am the owner of the club kicked all of you out. There were abut 150 of you going back to your guy’s house. Once you were all outside you yelled, “Hey! Hey guys!” everyone stopped talking and looked at you, “Everyone who knows were the house is can apparite there and anyone who doesn’t or can’t apparite, can stay and take the Night Bus with me”. With bunch of different ‘pops’ almost everyone was gone. There were about ten people, including you and Mike, left at the Dragon Fly. Mike held out his wand hand and with a loud ‘BANG’ the Night Buss appeared. Everyone loaded up and you told the diver your address and with another great ‘BANG’ the bus was off. When you got home, everyone had set up sleeping bags and were getting ready for bed. All of you got to bed around 6am.

All of the girls got up around 11:30am, then crept out of the house to go shopping. The day past pleasantly and around 8pm you met the guys to go to a quidditch game. The game was awesome, you all had a great time. After the game you went back to the house to have a camp out. Again everyone went to sleep late and woke up late. Today was Sunday, the last day of the party. As that tonight was a formal dinner, most people went home to get ready.

Dinner was at 7:30pm and it was 7 o’clock, you were just about ready. You wore a long black dress that flared out at the ankles. The dress was strapless and the top was like a corset. Your hair was half up and half down in ringlets. You finished putting on your make up when the door bell rang. Looking at yourself in the mirror, you looked great, but something was missing, you need a necklace. You went over to your jewelry box and pulled out a sliver necklace. The necklace had a heart on it, on the back it said, “We love you, never forget”. The necklace was from your birth parents, you had had it since you were little. With the necklace on, you went downstairs to see that almost everyone had arrived. About 20 minutes later everyone was there and you all sat down to dinner. After dinner Harry and you opened presents, then the DJ, Ron and Hermione had hired started to play. The party lasted into the early hours of Monday morning. You were glad the party was over, not because you didn’t have a good time, but because you were very tired.

As you made your way up to bed a thought drifted through your mind “Hogwarts on Tuesday” this excited you.

* I can’t wait either* you heard Harry say sleepily.

You smiled and said * Goodnight* and closed the door to your room.

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Chapter 6: {Seven} Tuesday, Train, Sort
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On Tuesday it was hectic in your house. Mrs. Weasley had come over to help all of you get to Kings Cross Station.

“Ronald!” you heard Mrs. Weasley yell, “this should have been done yesterday” she continued. You smiled, Ron had left most of his packing for this morning. Mrs. Weasley bustled into your room, “Kathleen dear, are you ready to go?”, looking around your room you nodded and then said, “Yes Mrs. Weasley, I’ll met you downstairs”.
“Alright dear, I’m going to check on Harry” she said walking out of your room.

* Just a warning, Mrs. Weasley is coming* you said to Harry.

* Shit* you heard Harry say. You laughed knowing that Harry had just as much or more packing to do as Ron.

“HARRY JAMES POTTER!” you heard Mrs. Weasley yell, laughing more at Mrs. Weasley yelling at Harry for not packing earlier. As that you were done packing, you whipped out your wand and pointed at your trunk and said “Locomotion trunk” and walked out of your room and down the stairs with your trunk in front of you. Five minutes later Hermione came down stairs, you looked at her a little shocked, “Did you just get done packing?” you asked her. She started laughing, “No I’ve been done since yesterday” she said.

“Ok then, come chill with me” you said plopping down on the couch. She came over to the couch, she couldn’t sit because you were laying down so she lifted up your feet, sat down, then put your feet in her lab.

“I would’ve moved” you told her.

“BULL” she said laughing. Smiling you said, “You know me too well”.

“What are best friends for?” she said.

“Girls” Mrs. Weasley yelled down the stairs.

“We’re in the living room Mrs. Weasley” Hermione called back. A few minutes later Mrs. Weasley came into the living room, “Are both of you ready to go?” she asked.

“Yes” both you and Hermione answered.

“Alright, why don’t you two apparite to the station and the boys and I will meet you there” Mrs. Weasley said.

“Ok” you said standing up. You walked over to your trunk and looked at Hermione, “Ready ‘Mione?” you asked. She nodded her head yes and with two loud ‘pops’ you were both gone.

When you and Hermione arrived at Platform Nine and Three-Quarters you both got on the train to find a compartment. As that it was still early you guys could basically have anyone that you wanted.

“How ‘bout this one?” you asked Hermione. The compartment was about half way down the train.

“Nah, lets go more towards the back, you know kinda where we always are” she replied.

“Ok” you said as you walked towards the back to the train.

“This one?” Hermione questioned. This compartment was at the back of the train and right next to the food car. You smiled and nodded yes. You knew why she wanted to be next to the food car, it was for Ron, that boy could eat. As Hermione and you stored your trunks in the over head racks, you heard Harry’s voice * We’re here* he said.

* Finally* you replied.

* Yea, yea, yea… where are you two?* he asked.

* We’ll come get you* you said, “Hey ‘Mione…” you started but Hermione cut you off, “The guys are here and we are going to get them and say good-bye to Mrs. Weasley”. Laughing you said, “One, yes and two, how’d you know?”.

“The far away look you get on your face. I swear that’s the thousandth time I’ve told you that” Hermione said as you two walked off the train and onto the platform to find Ron, Harry and Mrs. Weasley.

Once you had found them, Mrs. Weasley wrapped both you and Hermione in rib cracking hugs and said “You lot behave yourselves. And Ronald look after your sister”. Ron rolled his eyes and said, “Yes Mum, see you at Christmas”.

“Bye Mrs. Weasley” you said giving Mrs. Weasley a hug.

“Bye Mrs. Weasley, thanks for all the help” Hermione said also hugging her.

“Yea, thanks Mrs. Weasley” Harry chimed in.

“Your welcome dears. Have a good term” Mrs. Weasley said as the whistle blew for the five minute warning.

“We better hurry” Ginny said finally speaking making you jump a little because you hadn’t realized she was there.

“Bye” you called over your shoulder to Mrs. Weasley as the five of you headed towards the train.

When the five of you got on the train Ginny said, “I’ll see you guys at the feast. I’m going to find Dean”.

“See ya later” you said waving as she walked away.

“What does she see in him?” Ron asked heatedly. You rolled your eyes and Hermione said, “Ronald, Ginny can date who she pleases, plus Dean is one of your good friends”.

“But still…” Ron continued, but then go cut off by Harry, “Ron, mate leave it alone” he said patting Ron on the back. When you got to the compartment you all found Mike waiting for you.

“Hi” you said walking over to him.

“Hi” he said back wrapping his arm around your waist. After giving Mike a long hug, you heard a fake cough from behind you. You spun around in Mike’s arms, “What?” you asked, not embarrassed at all for showing the affection you had for Mike in public.

“There are other people here” Ron replied.

“Ron, I’ve seen you and Hermione do a lot more then hug in public” you said. You saw Ron’s face turn red and then you looked over at Hermione, “Sorry, I was making a point” you said to her.

“It’s fine, I understand what you meant” she said smiling.

“Well you know what I think…” Harry said.

“What” you and Hermione replied.

“You guys need to get a room” he said jokingly. Suddenly you felt Mike pick you up, “Ok then” he said carrying you bridal style. You laughed, “Put me down” you said hitting him.

“I’m doing what Harry told us to do” he said giving you puppy dog eyes.

“I wasn’t serious” Harry said.

“I know, I was just missing with Lee” Mike said putting you down.

“Lee?” Ron questioned.

“Yea, its Mike’s nickname for me” you said sitting down close to Mike, who wrapped his arm around your waist.

“Oh” he said.

“I think its cute” said Hermione sitting down next to Ron and Harry.

“Thanks ‘Mione” you said beaming at her. The rest of the ride past without much happening. There was only one run-in with Malfoy. The usual name calling was exchanged and the he left.

When you got to Hogwarts, Hagird said that Mike could ride up to the castle with the rest to the school, excluding the first years. When you got to the castle Professor McGonagall came over and asked Mike to follow her. You said good-bye and good luck to him, then he walked off with Professor McGonagall. When the doors to the Great Hall opened everyone filed in. When everyone was seated, Professor McGonagall lead the first years and Mike in. When Dumbledore stood up to explain the sorting, you noticed that Mike wasn’t the only non-first year waiting to be sorted. You leaned over to Hermione, who was sitting on your left, “’Mione, who’s the new girl, the one next to Mike” you whispered.

“No clue” she whispered back.

* What are you two whispering about?* Harry asked.

* The new girl* you responded. Harry turned around to look, * Who is she?* he asked.

* Not a clue* you told him. Thoughts of how pretty she was floated through your mind.

* Harry do you mind, I can hear you*.

* Shit, sorry* Harry said as you tried to suppress your giggles.

* Shut up! I hear you think about Mike all the time* he said staring at you with a smirk on his face.

* That’s nice. At least mine aren’t, ‘she’s hot, wow look at her ass’* you said with the same smirk on your face.

* Whatever, lets just watch the sorting* he said turning towards the teachers table.

* I win again!* you said, and with that the sorting began.

All the first years were sorted before Mike and the new girl. About ten or 15 first years were put into Gryffindor. Then it came time for Mike to be sorted, you held your breath and though, * Gryffindor, please put him in Gryffindor*.

* See your thinking…* Harry started to say but you cut him off, * Shut up!*, he didn’t respond back. The hat was taking forever, you knew of only two people the hat had ever taken this long to sort, you and Harry. Finally after about five more minutes the hat yelled…………. “Gryffindor!” all the Gryffindor’s yelled and cheered, but you were the loudest as Mike walked over to the table and sat down next to you. You hugged him and have him a peck on the check, “Congrats!” you squealed.

“Thanks” he said beaming at you. Then you turned your attention to the new girl who still needed to be sorted. Professor McGonagall called “Tayen Dulce”. Tayen had dirty blonde hair, with pink and black chunks that fell to her waist, she had the most stunning blue eyes, and her body was that of an athlete and she was about 5’8. The hat took about five minutes before yelling, “Gryffindor!” once again all the Gryffindor’s cheered, but this time you weren’t the loudest, Harry was. You smiled knowing that your best friend had a crush on the new girl. As Tayen walked over to the Gryffindor table you waved her over.

Harry saw you wave her over and said, * What the hell are you doing?*.

* Inviting the new girl and the girl you have a crush on, to sit with us* you said smiling. When Tayen got to where you all were sitting you said to Harry “Move over so she can sit, Harry”. Harry moved so that she was sitting next to him and Ron. When Tayen sat down, Dumbledore stood up and said, “Welcome to another year at Hogwarts. Tuck in!” and at once the table filled with food.

“I’m Kathleen Granger” you said to Tayen.

“Tayen Dulce” she replied.

“This is my cousin Hermione” you said pointing at Hermione, “her boyfriend Ron Weasley, Harry Potter and my boyfriend Mike Thomas” you said pointing to each of the boys.

“Nice to meet ya’ll” Tayen said. You noticed a southern accent when she talked. You were about to ask Tayen where she was from, but Hermoine beat you to it, “So Tayen, where are you from?” she asked.

“Alabama” she replied. Everyone except for you and Mike looked confused. You were the first to explain, “Alabama is a state in America. Its down south, hence her accent. I use to have one too, don’t you guys remember?”.

“That’s right, but now you sound like us” Ron said proudly.

“So lets eat” you said. As the five of you at you talked about Hogwarts and about Hogsmed.

About an hour and a half later the plates cleared and Dumbledore stood up, “Once again welcome. Note that the Dark Forest is out of bonds and so is the village of Hogsmed to anyone below third year. I am sure all of you would like to catch-up with each other, we will see you in classes on Monday. Good-night!”. Everyone clapped and stood up.

“If you follow us, we can show you were the common room is” you told Tayen.

“Lead on” Tayen replied. You all chatted as you made your way up to the common room. When you reached the picture of the Fat Lady, Hermione said the password “De Leche”, the Fat Lady opened to reveal the common room. You saw Mike and Tayen’s jaws drop.

“Close your mouth” you whispered in Mike’s ear with a small chuckle.

“This is amazing!” Tayen said sitting down on the couch.

“No place like it” Harry said sitting down next to her. Mike sat down in an arm chair and pulled you into his lap.

“Well I’m gonna go to bed” Ron said. You looked at him quizzically, “Ron you slept on the way here, how on earth are you sleepy?” you asked.

“I just am” he replied, his ears turning red. You opened your mouth, but felt some stand on your foot. When you saw it was Hermione who had stood on your foot, you shut your mouth. You now understood, Ron and Hermione wanted some alone time. About ten minutes later Hermione said that she was going to bed as well, but she took the boys stair case instead of the girls staircase. Giggling you said, “Harry, Mike I think you two are out of a dorm tonight”.

“What?” they said together.

“Ron and ’Mione are up there” you said still giggling. The guys still looked clueless, you and Tayen were now both laughing.

“What?” Harry said again.

“Harry James Potter if you don’t know, I’m not telling you” you said through laughter.

“In fact I think Mike and I will leave you here and let Tayen help you figure it out” you said standing and grabbing Mike’s hand.

“Oh Tayen, I should be back before curfew, but if not Hermoine should be down by eleven and one of us will show you were the dorm is” you said dragging Mike towards the portrait hole. You walked through the hallways and up a few staircases, then you got to a dead end.

“Lee where are we?” Mike questioned.

“You’ll see” you said. You walked back and forth in front of the wall three times and a door appeared. When you opened the door it look exactly like the common room.

“We’re in the common room? Where’s Harry and Tayen?” Mike asked you.

“We are in the Room of Requirement. Basically anything we want, we can have in this room” you told him. You plopped down on the couch and felt Mike sit next to you. Next a bowl of fresh, bright red strawberries and chocolate to dip them in appeared.

“You know we just ate, right?” Mike asked you.

“I know, but I wanted strawberries” you told him. You took a bite of a strawberry, “so good” you said through a mouth full. Mike laughed, “You eat cute, you know that”.

“How do I eat cute?”.

“I don’t know, you just do” he replied. You laughed, “You’re a dork!”.

“I know, but you love me anyway” Mike said with a smile.

“If that’s what you want to think” you told him with the best serious face you could muster.

“I’m hurt” said Mike. You put down your strawberry and said “I know what might help” you said putting your arms around his neck.

“And what would that be?” he asked.

“This” you lowered your lips to his. At first the kiss was just a normal kiss, but then it grew deeper and more passionate. When you pulled away, you saw the expression of ’wow’ on Mike’s face.

“Better?” you said. “I guess” he replied.

“I think we can do better. Don’t yea think?” you asked him. He didn’t answer, he put his arms around your waist and pulled you into another passionate kiss. As the kiss went on you moved closer to him, you were so close to him that you could feel his heart beating. Chills were shooting up and down your spin, your heart melting from the passion you could feel from the kiss, it felt as if he was pouring every emotion into this kiss.

You knew that you had to stop kissing soon, otherwise you would miss curfew. You pulled away, the chill were still racing up and down your spin.

“Why did you stop?” he asked.

“We have to go back if we want to make it back in time for curfew” you told him standing up.

“No” he said with puppy dog eyes and pulled you down into his lab and started to kiss your neck.

“Mike as much as I love doing this, we have to go, but maybe if you good we can come back another time” you told him trying to get up.

“Fine” he said letting you go. Then minutes later, you were back in the common room, where you found Harry and Tayen talking.

“Hey guys” you said walking up to them.

“Hey” they replied back.

“Tayen do want me to show you were the dorm is now?” you asked her.

“Sure” she said standing. “I’ll be back down in a minute” you told Mike.

“Ok” he said sitting down in an arm chair next to the fire. You took Tayen up the girls stair case and down the hallway to a door that said “7B: H. Granger, K. Granger, T. Dulce”.

“Here we are” you said opening the door. There were three large four poster beds in the room. There were also three desks, a couch, fireplace, and a door that led to a large bathroom.

“Wow” Tayen said looking at he room.

“Yep. That bed is yours” you said pointing to the bed closest to the door, “Then that’s mine and that ones Hermiones’ ” you told her point them out.

“I’m gonna change into my pj’s and then go back down, your welcome to come down with me” you told her. Tayen yawned widely and said “No thanks, I’m still on American time, I’m really tired”.

“Alright” you said pulling a pair of black pj pants, a black tank top that read “devil girl” in red and a red zipper up hoodie sweater. You went into the bathroom to change. When you had changed you pulled your hair up into a ponytail, and walked to of the bathroom to find Tayen and Hermione both asleep in their beds.

You dropped your things on top of your trunk and made your way downstairs. You found Mike asleep in the same armchair by the fire. You grabbed a blanket off the couch and then snuggled up to him, while sitting in his lap and covered both of you up. Mike’s eyes slowly opened, “Hi” he said sleepily.

“Hi” you whispered back, “go back to sleep”. You felt Mike shift, then warp his arms around your waist and fall back to sleep. You leaned against his chest and let sleep over come you.

Chapter 7: {Eight} Meetings....
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    What felt like only two hours later, you felt someone shake you awake, “Lee? Lee wake up” your eyes opened to see that you were still on Mike’s lap. 

    “Lee, we should go up to bed” Mike said.

     “What time is it?” you asked rubbing the sleep out of your eyes.

     “ ‘Bout two in the morning”

    “Ok” you said taking his hand and walking towards the dormitory stairs.  Giving him a quick kiss on the check you hurried up the stairs.
    As you walked passed Hermione’s bed, she grumbled, “ Where have you been?”

     “Mike and I feel sleep in the common room, sorry for waking you” you whispered climbing into your bed.  You fell into a peaceful sleep, you had the most wonderful dream, the dream was of your wedding.  Your dress was beautiful, white silk, the top was a corset and the bottom flowed out almost like a prom dress.  The train of the dress was about five feet long and the vial even longer.  When you got to the end of the aisle you saw Hermione as your Maid of Honor, Tayen and Ginny as the Brides Maids.  When you looked over to the grooms side you saw Harry as Best Man and Ron next him.  Then you looked at your future husband, excpeting to see Mike, but the man standing in front of you had no face.  This shocked you so that you sat straight up in bed. 

    “Kathleen what’s wrong?” Hermione  asked walking over to you.  Shaking you told Hermione about the dream. 

    “Don’t worry Kathleen, everyone has that dream” she said placing her arm around  you comfortingly. 

    “It was scary.  I don‘t know why but I was expecting to see Mike when I looked over, and then….and then the man had no face.  I couldn‘t believe it, it just scared me. You know?”
    “I understand and it probably was but, now you need to go get ready for the day. If we don’t get a move, we won’t get breakfast” she told you walking over to her trunk. 

    You walked into the bathroom and turned on hot water tabs of the shower.   As you let the warm shower water wash over you, you let the dream wash away as well.  After your shower you wrapped a towel around yourself and grabbed your wand from the sink.  You pointed your wand at yourself, saying a spell to dry yourself and your hair.  Next, a spell to make your hair into ringlets.  You walked out of the bathroom and over to your trunk.  Pulling out a pair of dark blue jeans and a light blue tank top and a black zipper hoddie.  After getting dressed, you walked back into the bathroom to apply your usual makeup.  Then headed down to the common to meet everyone else.

    “Hey” you said to the group at large.

    “Took you long enough” Ron said leading the way down to the Great Hall. 

    “Ron, it only took me twenty minutes” you said rolling your eyes. 

    “Ronald, leave her alone” Hermione said annoyed. 

    * You did take ages* Harry said. 

    * No, I didn’t* you stated defensively. 

    * Sure! But anyway, Mike didn’t come up ’til  about two this morning, were you with him?* he asked. 

    * I didn’t take that long, in fact I think that’s the fastest I’ve ever gotten ready. And yea, I was with Mike, we fell asleep in the common room.*

     * I see* he replied as all of you sat down at the Gryffinodr table. 

    “So what are we going to do today?” you asked.

    “I was hoping to get to know the castle better” Tayen said brightly. 

    “That’s a good idea” you said. 

    “I agree, but you don’t want to go wondering around without a guide or you’ll get lost” Hermione said over the Standard Book Of Spells Grade 7. 

    “Ok then, anyone want to go with me?” Tayen asked hopefully glancing in the direction of Harry.     

    “I will” Harry said not looking up form his eggs and bacon.  You could see the hint of a blush appear on Harry’s checks as he said this.  “He must really fancy her” you thought, pleased that Harry had finally found someone.

    “Shall we go after breakfast?” Tayen asked beaming at Harry. 
    “Sounds good” Harry said still not looking up from his breakfast.

     “So that’s what those two are doing, what ’bout the rest of us?” you asked. 

    “Quidditch” Ron suggested. 

    “Good idea, what ’bout you Lee, you playin’?” Mike asked you. 

    “Yea. ’Mione?”. 

    “I would, but I don’t have a broom” she said with her nose still buried in her book. 

    “Borrow one of the school’s brooms” you sugguested. 

    “You can borrow mine if you like” Tayen said looking at Hermione with a warm smile. 

    “Are you sure?” Hermione asked. 

    “Positive Hermione, have a good time” Tayen encouraged.

    “Alright then, I’m playing” Hermione beamed.

    “Awesome, but Hermione and I need to change clothes” you said getting up from the table. “Come one ’Mione” you said linking your arm with hers.  As you walked  to the tower you asked, “Hey ’Mione?”. 


    “Do you get the feeling that Tayen and Harry like each other?”. 

    It took her a minute for her to respond, “They might, but I’m not the one who can hear his thoughts” she smirked. 

    “I can only hear the things he doesn’t guard, so I only know that he thinks that she’s hot and has a nice ass” you said with a slight laugh.

     Hermione laughed as well, “I always thought being in a guys head would be a good thing, but it sounds like to much information” this only made you laugh harder. 

    “You…have…no…idea” you said through your laughter.  When you and Hermione reached the tower you ran up the girls staircase to change.  You changed into a pair of black and with track pants and a white tank top.  Hermione had changed into shorts and a t-shirt that said “Don’t mess with the best”.  You grabbed your broom and Hermione grabbed Tayens’.  When you reached the quidditch pitch you the boys were already in the air. 

    “Fine don’t wait for us” you called up to them. 

    “No problem” Mike said as you and Hermione flew up to met them. 

    “So couple against couple?” Mike suggested. 

    “Sounds good. Ron, Hermione?” you asked. 

    “Yep” they responded. 

    “Alright, no snitch, just the quaffle.  Besides that, there are on rules” you told them. 

    “Ok” said Ron and Hermoine.  The game went on until dinner.  As you walked up to the castle, you thought about how weird it was that you hadn’t seen Harry or Tayen since breakfast. After all it wasn’t like Harry to miss out on a chance to play Quidditch, as it was his favorite game.

     “Wonder what those two are up to” you wondered aloud. 

    “Who?” Ron asked with a confused look on his face. 

    “Tayen and Harry” Hermione answered rolling her eyes. 

    “He’s showing her the castle” Ron answered with the air as if he was trying to explain that one plus one was two to an over excited toddler. 

    “Yea, but it doesn’t take all day and since when does Harry miss a chance to play quidditch” you said to Ron as you entered the Great Hall.

     “I say we ask them” Mike said pointing over to Tayen and Harry at the Gryffindor table. 

    “We can’t ask them” Hermione hissed. 

    “Why not?” you said sitting down opposite Tayen. 

    “Why not, what?” Harry asked looking up from his food. 

    “Ask you and Tayen what you were up to all day” you said spooning beef stew onto your plate. 

    “Harry was showing me the castle” Tayen said her checks flushing. 

    “Huh uh sure” you said with a smirk. With this remark you received a glare from Harry.

    “You two missed a great day for quidditch mate” Ron said through a mouth full of stew. 

    “To bad” Harry said distractedly. 

    * What ya thinking’ about?* you asked Harry slyly.

     * Tay…*, Harry started to say, but then quickly changed it to,* Nothing*. 

    * So, why are thinking about Tayen?* you asked him. 

    * I’m not* Harry said with a note of finality in his voice, but could tell that he was lying.  You were about to say something else, but felt a sharp pain in your shin.  You looked up to see it was Hermione who had kicked you. 

    “What!?!” you asked her, rubbing your shin. 

    “Tayen was asking you something” Hermione told you. 

    “Oh sorry, Tayen what were you saying?” you asked her. 

    “ I was asking you about…” she paused to think, “I forgot, sorry.  Blonde moment.” she giggled.

     “It’s cool, tell me later.  I know how those blonde moments can be, I suffer from them as well” you laughed. 

    After dinner the six of you walked back to the common room.  On the way back, you all ran into Malfoy. 

    “Potter, Weasley, mud-blood” Malfoy sneered.

     “Malfoy” Harry said aggressively, stepping in front of the group protectively. 

    “Kathleen, you look stunning as always.  Why do you insist on hanging out with losers?  You could do so much better.  And who is your new friend here…” Malfoy trailed off.  At Malfoy’s words Mike wrapped his arm around your waist protectively. 

    “Thank you Draco, but I think my friend and I will pass” you said firmly. 

    “Fine” he said  angrily. 

    “Go away Malfoy” Ron said as if he was bored with the conversation.  You could tell that Ron, Hermione, and Harry were all on edge with Malfoy around.  All three of them had their hands in their pockets balled around their wands. 

    “See you around love” Malfoy said to you walking away. 

    “Bite Me” you responded.

     “When, where, and how hard love” he called back.  You walked away with the group listening to Harry and Ron rant about how much of a git Malfoy was. 

    “Who was that?” Tayen whispered in your ear. 

    “Draco Malfoy.  Harry, Ron and Hermione hate him and he hates them” you whispered back. 

    “Oh, what about you?” she asked as you reached the portrait of the Fat Lady. 

    “He’s never done anything to me, but hit on me.  I understand why the three of them hate him, he’s been nothing but evil to them” you told her. 

    She nodded, “I see”.

     “I’m going to bed” Harry stated.  As he walked up the stairs Ron and Mike decided that they too wanted to turn in early as well.  Mike gave you a quick kiss, said “good-night” and walked up the stirs. 

    “I’m going to go up and read” Hermione said making her way up the girls staircase. 

    “Looks like its just us two tonight” you said to Tayen. 

    “I guess.  What do ya’ll do for fun around here?” she asked.

     “We talk, play chess, exploding snap and other games.  And for us to do…  I guess we could talk, unless you like playing chess” you responded. 

    “Talking sounds good, I’m not very good at chess” she said sitting down on the couch next to the fire.  You sat down in an arm chair next to the fire and across from her. 

    “So…” she said. 

    “Yep, so…” you replied.  You and Tayen sat there for a few moments of uncomfortable silence. You were both saved from sitting there any longer by a knock on the window.  Walking over to the window and opened it.  The owl flew in and dropped a letter into your hands and then it flew out the window. 

    “Strange birds” Tayen said coming over to you. 

    “Not all of them” you said thinking of Hedwig.
    The letter read:

Dear Kathleen,
Met me in an hour at my spot.
Please come,

    A smile crept onto your face. It would be good to talk to Draco again, since you couldn’t during the summer.  If Draco’s father would catch him talking to a mud-blood or one of the Harry Potter’s friends, he would be punished beyond belief.

      “Who’s it from?” Tayen asked. 

    “A friend” you answered simply.  Walking over to the fire, you through the note into the fire. 

    “What did you do that for?” Tayen asked you. 

    “I don’t like other people reading my mail” you told, remembering the last time you had kept a note from Draco.  The fight that had followed that was the worst the four of you had ever had.  Walking towards the portrait hole, you said “I have to met someone, I’ll be back before curfew”.
    When you came to the Entrance Hall a warm breeze floated lazily through the open doors.  After walking through the large oak doors, you quickly made your way towards the banks of the lake.  You finally found yourself at Draco’s spot.  Draco’s spot was a cove of sorts, made out of large rocks on the bank of the lake near the forest.  Draco and you had found this spot at the end of your forth year.  Ever since then, this spot was, besides the room of requirement, was one of the safest spots for you two to met and talk.

    “Draco?” you called out as he came out around one of the large rocks. 

    “Hey” he said warmly. 

    “How was your summer?” you asked giving him a friendly hug. 

    “The usual” he replied returning the hug. 

    “So what did you want?” you asked him. 

    “Do I have to a reason to want to see you?” he replied with a smirk. 

    “I guess not, but I know you have one.  And will ya stop hitting on me please” you teased punching him in the arm playfully.

     “Ouch! You really need to learn your own strength and don’t hit on you” Draco said rubbing his arm. 

    “You such a baby” you teased. 

    “A baby? Is that what I am?” he asked you.  You nodded your head yes.  The next thing he did surprised you, he picked you up and through you over his shoulder.   He walked into the lake and through you in.  As you fell you screamed “DRACO!”.  When you came up Draco was laughing. 

    “Draco Malfoy, I’m going to get you for this” you told him.  The next thing Draco knew you had launched yourself at him, knocking him backwards into the water.  You had landed on top of him, “Damn it Kathleen” he said annoyed. 

    “You did it to me” you said still on top of him.

     “Do you think you could get off?” he asked.  You put your hand to your chin in mock thinking and said, “Not a chance”.

    “You will get off me” he said sternly. 

    “Make me” you said raising your eyebrows.  At once Draco started tickling you and rolled over so that he was now pinning you to the sand. 

    “Draco…stop” you giggled.

      “Say uncle” he said tickling you harder. 

    “Uncle! UNCLE!” you laughed. 

    “Haha! I win!” he said still sitting on top of you.

     “Yea, yea, but you know I’ll get you back” you responded.  He began to laugh harder, “I will” you said punching him.

     “Ouch!” he whined.

     “Baby” you said trying to get out from under him.  He moved his legs closer to your sides, “Draco, its getting late, I need to go” you said still trying to break free. 

    “Kathleen, your with the Head Boy, you won’t get in trouble for being out late” he told you. 

    “Draco you can’t walk me back to Gryffindor tower, what if Harry or Ron comes out looking for me” you told him. 

    “This is true” he said finally getting off of you and offering you his hand to help you up. 

    “Thank you” you said taking his hand. 

    “Your welcome love”.

     “Don’t call me that” you said.  As you walked out of the lake, you called over you shoulder, “Thanks Malfoy now I’m all wet”

    “Yea well, you called me a baby Granger” he said playfully.  Walking back to the castle you were freezing.  Draco took off his cloak and gave it to you. 

    “Thank you” you said as you both continued to walk up to the castle.  When you reached the Entrance Hall you took off Draco’s cloak and handed it back to him. 

    “Thanks and I’ll see you later.  Send an owl next time you want to hang out” you told him. 

    “I will, it was nice to see you again” he said hugging you.  You hugged him back and then walked up the marble staircase towards Gryffindor tower.
    When you got back to the tower, Tayen was still in the common room.  She looked up when she heard the portrait hole close. 

    “Hey” she said. 

    “Hey” you replied. 
    “Kathleen, your all wet, what happened?”.

     “Fell in the lake” you said simply, walking towards the girls staircase. 

    “Are you ok?” Tayen asked worriedly.

      “I’m fine.  I just want to go dry off and go to sleep” you told her.  Once in your dorm, you grabbed you towel and walked into the bathroom to take a shower.  Throwing your wet clothes in a pile you got into the shower.  The warm shower water warmed your cold body.  Once you were done with your shower, you changed into a pair of blue pj pants and a tank top that said “Dream On”.  As you laid down thoughts of Draco filled your mind.
    There was a time three years ago that you thought you would never speak to him again.  Draco had played a horrible trick on Ron, Hermione and Harry.  He had gotten Ron to believe Harry and Hermione were doing things behind his back and that Hermione wasn’t only cheating on him with just Harry, but with as many as five different guys.  Ron had broken up with Hermione, stopped talking to Harry and tried to curse him several times.  You spent a month going back and forth to the three of them trying to figure out what had happened.   Finally you found out what happened, you had heard Draco telling one of his goons what he had done.  The next day you had cursed Draco so much, that he was in the hospital wing for a month.  Over that month you had managed to get Ron to talk Harry and Hermione.  It took a lot of work but everything was finally almost back to normal before Draco had returned to classes.  You had forgiven Draco early in your sixth year, he had saved you.  Some Death Eaters had gotten into the school and were looking for you and Harry.  Why the Death Eaters were looking for you, you had never figured that out.  As one of the Death Eater had cornered you,  Draco had jumped in front of you.  This had taken the Death Eater by surprise so much that you had had time to stun him and get away.  Next, Draco had led you down to the Slytherin common room.  All of the Slytherins were in their common room looking relaxed and claim, but when they saw you they looked shocked and angry.  Draco quickly led you up to his room and went back downstairs.  When Draco had come back up he told you that he didn’t know how long the Death Eaters would be at the school and that you could stay there that night.  That night Draco slept on the floor and you in his bed.   The next morning, you and Draco crept out of the Slytherin common room.  Draco walked you back up to Gryffindor tower.  As you were saying thank you to Draco, Harry walked out of the portrait hole.  Harry wanted to attack Draco but you had stopped him, told him that Draco had saved you and told him to go back into the tower.  Later that day Ron, Hermione and Harry gave you a telling off for being with Draco and tried to tell you that you couldn’t talk to him anymore.  You spent the next month not speaking to them.  You met Draco at his spot almost every night.  He had become on of your good friends.  When you made up with Ron, Hermione and Harry, you told Draco that you still wanted to be his friend, but that you wanted to act like normal Gryffindor’s and Slytherins to each other around everyone else.  He had agreed, so now when you wanted to see each other, you met at his spot or the room of requirements.

    Smiling you turned on your side and fell a sleep.  Than night you dreamed about Draco and everything that had gone on in your friendship.

    The next morning when you woke up, you found that Tayen and Hermione were already gone.  Walking into the bathroom you found a piece of parchment taped to the mirror, it read:

Tayen and I went down to breakfast.  After that we’re going to go to the library and then to Hagrid’s.  Hope to see you today.

    You smiled, Hermione always told you where and what she was doing.  Putting down the note, you decided to get ready.  After a long shower, you put on a pair of jeans with holes in the knee’s, thighs and some other places.  You also put on a t-shirt with the saying “I’m up here” with an arrow pointing towards your face.  You applied the usual makeup and then pulled your hair up into a high ponytail.  When you walked out of the bathroom you looked at he clock, it was 1:30pm.  You had missed breakfast and lunch, but it was ok, because you weren’t hungry.  You walked down into the common to find an owl there. 

    “Who are you looking for?” you asked it taking the letter from it.  The letter was addressed to you; opening the letter you say it was from Draco, it read:

Hey Love,
I’m bored and have nothing to do.  Come hang out with me, please! Met me at my spot at 1:30, ok?

    Throwing the letter into the fire, you ran out of Gryffindor tower and down into the grounds.  As you arrived you found Draco was leaving. 

    “Where ya going?” you asked.

     Draco’s head popped up, “You came” he said shocked.

     “Duh! And don’t sound so shocked.  I only got your owl about a minute ago” you told him. 

    “I see” he said walking back towards the lake.  You climbed up onto a rock and sat down. 

    “So what’s up Draco?”. 
    “I was bored” he told you.

     “I doubt that, what’s really going on?” you asked him. 

    “Next Thursday is my birthday” he said sadly.

     “Ok, you’ll be 17, isn’t that good?” you asked confused.

     “No” replied.  Even more confused you asked, “Why not?”. 

    “Because when your 17 and the son of a Death Eater, that’s when you can get your mark.  My father is trying to get Dumbledore to let me go home for my birthday” he said climbing up onto the rock with you. 

    Hugging him you said, “Draco, I’m so sorry”. 

    “Thanks” he said releasing you from the hug. 

    “Hey maybe you could talk to Dumbledore, tell him you don’t want to go” you suggested. 

    “Maybe” he sighed.  Before you could say anything else, an owl flew over head and dropped a letter into your lap.  Opening it, you read:

I haven’t seen you all day, I miss you.  After dinner do you think you might want to hang out?  Tell me at dinner, which is in about 20 minutes.
See you then,

    Draco, who had been reading over your shoulder, asked “Who’s he?”. 

    “Boyfriend” you replied. 

    “I don’t know him, what year is he?” he asked. 

    “7th and he was the tall kid with me, Harry, Ron, Hermione and Tayen yesterday” you told him.

     “I see, and who is Tayen?” he asked you jumping down from the rock. 

    “The new American transfer student” you said following his lead in jumping down from the rock.  He stayed silent during most of the walk back to the castle.

     “Don’t even think about it” you told him. 

    “What?” he asked. 

    “Tayen, she’s taken with Harry” you told him smiling.  You heard him mutter something and chuckled. 

    Before you reached the oak front doors you said, “See you later Draco”. 

    “Bye Love” he said.

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Chapter 8: {Nine} Fights
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**Sorry its taken me so long to post this chapter.  I've had most of this story written out for a while, but I had misplaced my note book and I just found it the other day well I was packing to move.  Again sorry but I hope you enjoy and please leave a comment, I would love some feed back!!!**

***Sorry to any one who has read this chapter thus far, I mixed up some names, but its all fixed now!!again sorry***

Walking into the Great Hall you saw that most of the school had already there. You made your way over to the Gryffindor table and sat down next to Mike.

“Hey” you said giving him a kiss on the check. He smiled and wrapped his arm around your waist lovingly.

“Back at ya” he said looking into your eyes his smile growing wider.

“Hello you two” Hermione said brightly as her, Ron, Harry and Tayen sat down.

“So what were you up to all day Kathleen?” Tayen asked you with a smirk.

“Just laying around all day, why?” you responded somewhat nervously. If Harry, Ron or Hermione had found out that you had been hanging out with Draco, world war three was likely to start.

“No reason really, Hermione and I were just hoping that you would have joined us in the library or at Hagrid’s is all” she smiled.

“Sorry, next time” you said.

Tayen and Hermione shrugged and want back to their dinners.

“So what were you boys up to?” you asked wanting to take everyone’s minds off of what you had been up to that day.

“Qudditch of course, then Hagrid’s” Harry replied as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

After about a half hour both you and Mike had finished your meals and said good bye to the group. You made your way up to the room of requirement to have some alone time since you hadn’t seen each other all day. Walking into the room, you found that it was decorated exactly like the Gryffindor common room.

“So what’s up?” you asked him.

“Just missed you” he said pulling you into his lap on the couch.

“I missed you too; sorry I wasn’t around that much today”

“Its alright, I survived didn’t I?” he joked, “But where were you today? You weren’t up in the common room; I looked up there for you today after lunch”

“Around” you said not wanting to tell Mike that you had been with Draco. You didn’t know why you felt so hesitant about telling him, but you knew that keeping your friendship a secret was the best way. You also were sure that Ron, Harry and Hermione had made their feeling towards Draco clear to Mike and had told them to stay clear of Draco.

“Around where?” Mike insisted eyeing your suspiciously.

“Seeing some old friends out in the grounds” you said hoping that it would stop the questions.

Unfortunately it didn’t stop his questioning, “Seeing old friends?”

“Yes, friends that I haven’t seen all summer” you replied as you getting off his lap and began pacing in front of the fireplace.

“There’s something not telling me Lee, what is it?” he said standing in front of your pacing path.

You looked into his beautiful brown eyes and sighed, there was no way you could keep a secret from him for long and you knew that. Taking a deep breath you began, “The old friend I was seeing” you paused and Mike stood there looking expectantly at you, “It was Draco Malfoy” you finished looking way from him and bracing yourself for the explosion that you were sure that was coming.

It took Mike a full minute to realize who you were talking about. “You mean that ass who called you love and invited you to hang out with him?”

“He’s not an ass, he’s my friend” you said angry filling you.

“Your friend? Just was kind of friend Kathleen?” Mike asked grabbing both of your arms.

“A friend, a good friend, the kind you talk to”. Why was he getting so up set? Why was it every time you told a guy something the least bit upsetting they would start acting like a complete and total git! “Why is me being friends with Draco such a big deal? Why Mike?”

“Besides all of the horrible stories I’ve heard about him. Do you remember who his father is Lee, his father is a Death Eater! Christ Lee, a Death Eater, come on, father like son!” he yelled, taking a breath he continued his rant, “Plus Harry is one of your best friends, don’t you think that he could be using you to get to Harry”

You couldn’t believe him, you cut him off before he could go any father, “Draco has been my friend since I was new student here at Hogwarts! Also when I got into a huge fight with Harry, Ron and Hermione, he was there for me!” you roared.

“I don’t care! I don’t want you to see him anymore, he’s no good Lee!”

His word’s not only mad you angrier then you could remember, but also forced a laugh from your lips, “Are you saying that I can’t see him anymore? That you decided that because I am your girlfriend that you get to choose for me my friends?” you asked him your voice dripping with sarcasm.

“Exactly, well just this friend anyways” he responded, obviously he had missed your sarcasm.

You began to laugh again, was he really that stupid to believe you tell you who you could and couldn’t be friends with?

“Why are you laughing?” Mike asked angrily.

“Harry, Ron and Hermione have already tried to tell me that I could be friends with Draco. Well the three of them were telling you stories about Draco, they should of told you what happened, when they told me I couldn’t be friends with him. The lot of us didn’t speak for a month or so. I don’t let people tell me who I can and can’t be friends with. I’m smart enough to make that decision on my own!”

“Fine Kathleen! If he is just that important t you, maybe you should just be with him!”

“What?” you said confused, is that what this whole fight had been about? Mike thought that you had feeling for Draco besides those of friendship. “Draco is my friend nothing else Mike!”

“Sure, sure Kathleen” Mike said rolling his eyes, “If he’s just your friend, why is that you sneak around? If he was just truly your friend, you would sneak around. You would have just told me straight out that it was him you were with this afternoon”

“He is just my friend Mike! So what are you trying to tell me? Are you trying to tell me you want to break up? That you don’t want to be with me anymore?” you asked him, tears building up in your eyes.

He paused thinking, then spoke, “Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying Kathleen. I’m done!”

Shocked by his words, the anger that was in his voice, you just stood there as tears rolled down your checks. You stood there for another moment, then ran from the room not being able to look at him any longer. You had no idea where your feet were taking you, you just ran, ran hoping that the pain in your chest would go away. When you looked up, you were in front of the Fat Lady. Barely chocking out the password through your tears, you raced up to your dormitory. Not stopping to respond as your friends called to you as you race up the stairs. You didn’t want to see anyone right now, you just needed to be alone.