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More Than Just Friends by BOMBASii

Format: Novella
Chapters: 16
Word Count: 31,243
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature

Genres: Fluff, General, Romance
Characters: Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew, OC
Pairings: James/Lily, Other Pairing

First Published: 02/18/2006
Last Chapter: 01/29/2007
Last Updated: 01/29/2007


Follow the lives of Lily Evans, Abigail Battier, Sirius Black, James Potter, and the rest of the gang as they get suited up to embark on the best few years Hogwarts has to offer. Love, hate, mistakes, anger, anticipation, and raging hormones . . . // 16,169 + reads !! // THANK YOU to SwallowedInDreams @ TDA for the loffly banner!

Chapter 1: And So It Begins . .
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Chapter One

"Abigail Battier! Have you forgotten about me already?" The beautiful, red - headed Lily Evans yelled above the passing crowd as she neared her bestfriend.


She watched as her companion rushed past the series of parents and students who gathered at Platform 9 3/4. Abigail, or Abbey, was and has been Lily's long time friend. They had bonded immediately after their first year and anyone who first saw the pair, wouldn't think they would ever be friends because they were complete opposites.

"Oh it's so good to see you!" Lily said as they embraced in a tight hug.

"It has been a long two months, hasn't it?" Abbey took an arm and put it through Lily's as they began to walk towards the train. "Come, they're saving a compartment for us."

"They? Who's they?"

"The Marauder's, of course. I couldn't get Korin to save it, she had to go off and stay with her younger brother, he just started his first year."

Lily groaned. It was a well known fact that Lily Evan's shunned one of the four Marauder's. She didn't know if he'd be there, exactly. But wherever there was one of them, there usually was all of them. Lily had come to loath and deride James Potter with every living cell in her body. She could never tolerate him, and she knew that she never would. He's stupid, big - headed, rude, and thinks that this world revolves around him, Lily told herself everytime he'd ask her out for a date (which was, by the way, almost every hour of the day).

"Oh suck it up Lils," Abbey responded to her friend's lament, "We're fifteen, it's been four long years of you two bickering like and old married couple. Just accept James for once, he's rather nice when you actually talk to him. Which you never do."

"Me? Suffer along the lines of James Potter? Abbey, you don't know me to well if you think we'd ever get along," Lily acknowledged as they both stepped on to the train.

Abbey said, "It's not suffering Lily, you just don't have the heart to talk to the poor boy. He's fallen madly in love with you since we were eleven, and you won't let him get as much as a 'hello li-' into the conversation."

"Well, I just don't like him Ab. He thinks he can get everything he wants because he's a Marauder, and because he thinks he's cute, which he certainly is not."

"Oh, he certainly is." They stopped at a compartment and Abbey turned to her emerald - green eyed friend. "Those four boys, with the exception of Peter, have blossomed quite nicely, if I do say so myself." she smiled, "Now be nice."

Lily shook her head in skepticism. She couldn't beleive her friend wanted her to socialize with James Potter.

They stepped into the booth and to her utter relief, Potter was no where to be found. Lily smiled and took a window seat across from Abbey.

"Hello Lily," Sirius Black greeted. Sirius was at the certain stage in his life where anyone found him attractive. His muscular slim build, tamed, dark hair, and mysterious steel - grey eyes made him one their year's school heart throbs.

Lily simpered, "Sirius," then turned to the other two boys, "Peter, Remus. How was your sum-"

"Sirius! You've got to see Snivellus, he's h-," James stopped abruptly once he spotted a head of red hair, "Hello Li-"

"No," she said.

Abbey glared at her.

"But I haven't eve-"

"And you won't have a chance."

James huffed. Why couldn't Lily let him talk for once? He wouldn't ask her out . . . yet. At least let me get more than a "hello li-" out of my mouth, thought James miserably. He pushed his crestfallen thoughts out of his head and turned back towards Sirius. "Padfoot?"






The two girl's shook their heads in awe. Why was it that boys could communicate with very little words and actually be able to understand one another? It had never worked with Abbey and Lily, although they tried helplessly to do so. ("Great Hall?" "What?" "GREAT HALL?" "Can't hear." "GREAT HALL!" "Speak up love." "GREAT BLOODY HALL!?" "Oh, no thanks, rather busy." ) It could've been the connection Sirius and James shared, or not. Whatever it was, it was something that all girl's could find astonishing.

"Remus? Wormtail? You two care to join?" Sirius asked before closing the door behind him.

Remus sighed and closed his book, "Sure."

Peter squeaked, "Of course!"

And soon enough, the two girls were left alone in the now spacious compartment.

"See!" Abbey exclaimed as soon as the door had closed.

"See what?"

"See what? Lily Anne Evans, the boys have matured, you and I can certainly both see that," Abbey paused then shrugged, "Peter got taller."

Lily laughed. Being back with her bestfriend, and soon to be back at school, was something Lily had been looking forward to all summer long. It wasn't that she didn't want to be at home . . . well, okay, so it was. Mainly, or maybe only, because of Petunia, who had come to loathe her younger sister even more with every passing year, and decided it best to treat her with the utmost dreadful behaviour she could. Lily was beautful, while he sister was not. It was simple, Petunia had the face of a horse, and Lily had the face of a model. She had gorgeous emerald green eyes, silky red hair, and a petit, mature body.

Abbey, on the other hand, was kind of excited to get back to school. She wanted to see her friends, she definately wanted to see all the boy's Hogwarts had to offer after a long summer of growing, and she certainly wanted to play Quidditch again, but she obviously didn't want to go back for any work at all. She'd rather be back in Greece, giving herself a tan on the beach. Abbey, you could say, was very dificult to understand. She looked like the type that would cry if she broke a nail; with her slim, curvacious body, curly, brown locks, and radiant cobalt - blue eyes. But Abbey could really care less.

The rest of the train ride was uneventful. The Maruader's seemed to have found their way back into the compartment, all with satisfied looks on their faces (except for Peter, he looked quite paranoid). And as the train came to a very slow stop, the six Gryffindors couldn't help but wonder what the year would bring them.


Author's Note ; The first chapter may not be so exciting, but it gets better, I promise. =D

Disclaimer ; I own nothing of J.K. Rowling's creatures, characters, people, settings, items, ETC.

Chapter 2: Obsessed . . .
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Chapter Two

It had been a very quick two weeks, and the fifth years had already been dumped with piles and piles of assignments because of O.W.L's. Potions with Slughorn were getting exceptionally hard because of what Slughorn would want to call "expanding your learning criteria". Even Lily, his favorite student, could say he was going off with giving them so much work.

"I am SO GLAD that it's finally the weekend. I mean - what the hell is wrong with those teachers?" Abbey criticized as she groaned and threw herself on the dark, crimson couch in the Gryffindor common room.

"It's not that bad Abbey," Lily said as she ran a hand through her hair.

Abbey mumbled something into the golden laced, red pillow then sighed heavily. That was kind of her way of venting.

"Hello ladies," said James Potter as he and Sirius stepped through the portrait hole.

Lily rolled her eyes and said arrogantly. She thought maybe she'd enjoy the last few hours of the Friday night peacefully in the common room. "To what do we owe thee pleasure boys?"

"Go out with me Evans, and you'll know pleasure," James winked.

"Go to hell, Potter."

"That wasn't very nice."

"You're not very nice. Now get out of my sight."

"C'mon Lily, I know you want to go out with me."

"You really need to get your facts straight, Potter. Because you're clearly, very, very wrong."

"Lily, Lily, Lily, you can stop playing hard to get. I know you want to g - "

"Prongs, down boy, downnn," Sirius pleaded sarcastically as he chuckled at his own joke, "She'll kill you before our match on Sunday, and Telfair knows he needs you." Sirius was referring to Ryan Telfair, the seventh year Gryffindor Chaser, also known as the Gryffindor's team captain.

Sirius could've been thought of as the sensible one, only when it came to comparing James and himself, but then again, James and Sirius were so much alike, that you couldn't really ever compare them.

James looked over at Sirius rudely. Sirius shrugged, giving him the ' she - doesn't - want - you ' look.

"We have a game on Sunday!?" Abbey exclaimed as she lifted her head from the pillow, "Telfair's an ass, he didn't tell me shit about any game on Sunday." Abbey was also one of the team members, and played as a Keeper. She didn't look like she was the type to go after sports, but Abbey was a very difficult person to understand.

Lily glared at James giving a look that meant 'never talk to me again' as she turned to her friend, "Ryan can hold a grudge Abbey, and seeing that you ignored, deserted, and not to mention, broke up with him, after he bought you that very expensive necklace, that probably cost him his life savings, well it wasn't very nice, now was it?"

Abbey gave one last look at her bestfriend then stuffed her face back into the pillow, mumbling something angrily.

Sirius laughed, "Someone's a little cranky."

"Is it that time of month Abbey?" James smirked. But his cheeky smile was wiped off his face as Abbey sat up and threw a pillow at both James' and Sirius' head. She sat back, chuckling proudly.

Lily chortled, "I'm off to the dorms, Korin's probably up there waiting for us Ab, unless you'd fancy staying back down here with these two."

"I'm coming with you Lils, I mean honestly, how can you even leave me down here by myself? Defenceless and everything," she looked hurt then smiled as she made her way towards Lily, "G'night boys."

The duo ascended up the stairs, headed directly towards the girl's dorm. As soon as Lily swung the door wide open, there, just like she had guaranteed, was Korin. Both Abbey and Lily's close friend, and dorm - mate.

"Oh hello girls," Korin smiled as she looked up from behind her book.

Korin, was definitely the mature one in the dorm. She was the mother type, the one who got the girls out of bed, ready for class, and off to breakfast. She was never the one to use force though, she used more of a reverse phychology kind of thing on the girls. Korin was not only brilliant in class - she was also genuinely blessed with gorgeous blonde hair, big brown eyes, and a fit, active body.

There was also another girl who shared the dorm. And the trio had come so used to hate her. She was sweet, sensitive, caring, happy, young Ivy Lavelle when they had all first met. But now, five years later, she was abnoxious, arrogant, rude, selfish, icky Ivy. She was clearly the first Gryffindor to have gone bad.

"Rinnnn," Abbey whined as she jumped on her friends' bed and spread herself neatly across the gold coloured, crimson bordered blanket, "You wanna help me study for potions Sunday night?"

Korin sighed as she looked over at Lily, "She's been asking you too, I suppose?"

"Oh yeah," Lily nodded, "I refused though."


Abbey gasped, "Good? Korin Porter, I thought you wanted me to get good marks."

"Yes, but on your own accord, my dearest Abigail."

Lily laughed as Abbey stuck her tounge out then stuffed her face into the blanket, mumbling quietly.

"Anyway," Korin spoke, trying to stifile her laughter at Abbey's animosity, "Shall we talk, girls? We haven't talked for a long time. Classes really been taking up all our time."

"I agree," acknowledged the red - head, "So Korin, who've you set your eyes on?"

"Well," she began, and Abbey threw her head up in surprise. Korin was never one to speak on the one's she admired. "I'm not going to name names, but this guy is tall, very intellectual, brown hair, brown eyes, and he's really, really, cute." She said, emphasizing the word 'really'.

"Are you going to tell us his name or what?" Abbey asked curiously.

"I said, I'm not naming names Ab." Korin replied, smiling broadly.

"What house?" questioned Lily.

"Ours. And don't bother asking anymore questions. That's all you get to know."

"Fine," Abbey grinned, "I'll find out soon enough. But speaking of admirers, did you see how James is more drawn to get your attention Lils? You should really go out with him."

Korin nodded in agreement. "At least be nice."

Lily stated resistively, "Oh please. James Potter and I will never become a couple, and we will never get along." She was getting a little tired of everyone suggesting for her to go out with the infamous James Potter. Her ? Lily Evans ? Go out with the king of immaturity ? She didn't think so. Sure, James was nice to her, and Abbey, and Korin, but Lily was never fond of people who'd try to prove themselves by harming others. Maybe showing off is just a phase they go through - they really need to grow out of that, thought Lily.

* * * *

The next few days that followed, were very uneventful days. The girls were locked up in the Gryffindor tower, studying, while the boys were wandering the halls, either planning, or attempting to reek havoc on any Slytherin who passed by. The only thing that could've been interesting throughout the five day span, was when Abbey got into an argument with the oh - so - lovely Ivy. It wasn't anything physical (although Abbey woiuld have loved it to be), it was more of a dispute where a lot of rude words were exchanged.

It started when Ivy was in the common room, bragging and telling her life story to everyone who was in earshot. Abbey got fed up and started yelling at her, which provoked Ivy to also start yelling. It ended when Lily levitated each of them to different parts of the tower, letting them cool down for almost an hour.

Abbey had never got along with Ivy, and vice versa. They were always at each others throats, ever since the day they met. Lily, being the sensable person she was, had always tried to tolerate Ivy, as hard as it was. And as the days past, Lily told Abbey to learn to focus on putting out her anger into something productive. Like quidditch, and that was exactly what she did. Gryffindor won their first game against Slytherin, winning 90 - 20. Abbey only held Slytherin to a mere two goals.

"Oh my God," Abbey exclaimed, smacking her forehead in the process, "Lily, how could I forget to tell you?"

"Tell me what?" Lily asked as she closed her book she'd been reading in the library.

"Umm . . . oh, right. That boy in Ravenclaw, I think it was. Asked me to ask you something." replied Abbey happily.

Lily frowned. Could Abbey get any more specific? "And . . . ?"

"He wants to meet you sometime this week, and 'get to know you better'."


"Oh I know you heard me perfectly well Lil. But anyway, his name was . . . mmm. Mmm . . . MARCUS ! Marcus - er - "


"Banks!" Abbey threw her arms in the air.


"Banks! The one you think is cute."

"Marcus Banks, wants to meet me? Are you sure? The sixth year? Abbey, don't lie to me. Because I will k - "

"Oh shutup. I know how you fancy him, and when he asked me to ask you, I was excited too. For you, of course."

"Oh. Well, that's really cool. I'd like to get to know Marcus more." Lily said, trying to act casual.

The guy she had liked for almost two years, that she thought had never noticed her, was asking her on a date? This was almost surreal. Marcus was a very handsome wizard. Blonde hair, blue eyes, and stood at at least six feet. Any girl would love to be in Lily's shoes right now.

Abbey placed her elbows on the table and leaned her chin in the palm of her hands, "Wait `till you get to date a seventh year." She winked. "But I'm happy for you Lils. Real happy," she chuckled, "I wonder how James is going to react to this."

Lily rolled her eyes, "I don't care how Potter reacts to this Ab. He has no say in who I see."

Her friend shrugged, "Okay."

"Oye Evans, want to go to Hogsmeade with me this weekend?" James asked as he jogged up to her lazily.

"No, Potter. Just leave me alone. What part of that do you not understand? Because I will gladly explain every single word if that's what it takes to get you away from me." She replied impatiently as she turned the corner towards the Gryffindor tower.

He ran a hand through his messy, yet very attractive, dark brown hair, "Well, why don't you want to go out with me? I've been asking and asking and asking and asking and asking and asking and asking an - "

"I know! Leave me alone and shut your damn mouth while your at it!" Lily grumbled.

"C'mon Evans. Just one date. Tomorrow."

She whipped around to look him straight in the eye. "Does it ever occur to you, Potter, that I may be out with someone else? Or better yet, trying to get rid of you!?"

They both stood alone at the bottom of the staircase, nearing the large canvas of the fat lady.

James cocked his head to the side, "I know that you go out with Abbey and other girls. But that doesn't coun - "

"No James. Does it ever occur to you that I may be going out with a boy? My world does not revolve around your sorry little ass, as much as you'd like to believe it does, new flash, it doesn't! You and I will never get along. Never."

Lily stared at him as he cleared his throat in utter defeat. She wasn't proud of how she just yelled at him. But what could she do? She didn't want to be around James right now, she just wanted him away from her. Far, away. James Potter is an annoying twit. Conceited, big - headed, and very self centered . . . Lily thought as she looked directly at his hurt expression. Everytime she hurt somebody she didn't like, she'd list the things that most annoyed her about that certain person. And whenever she did, her guilt went away. This time was very, very, different.

"You're going out with another boy?"

"Yes. I am."

"Well you could've just told me you were busy with someone else, Evans," he said trying to speak casually, "You didn't have to yell. Merlin, I think you broke my eardrums."

She stared.

He smiled, "Kiss me to make it better?"

Lily groaned and walked speedily up the stairs, leaving James standing alone. He sighed once the red head was out of sight and took a seat on the bottom step. Maybe he should've given up on Lily, besides she clearly didn't like him, and there were plenty of girls who'd love to date him. But I want Lily, he thought hopelessly. Ever since the first day on the train, he couldn't keep his eyes off her. And now it felt as if someone was taking something that he never had. Something that he wanted so dearly. Maybe Lily isn't what I want, he sighed again. James Potter had no idea why he was so obsessed with Lily Evans.


Author's note ; GET READY CHILDRENN ! This chapter wasn't SO exciting, but I have to set the stage for the better parts. PLUS, the next few chapters are going to be getting more ACTION - PACKED. I'm so excited ! Oh yeah, please read & review. It makes me wanna update & it gets my creative juices flowing. =)

Disclaimer ; I own nothing of J.K.Rowling's geniusly thought out creations, characters, places, creatures, items, ETC.

Chapter 3: James . . .
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Chapter Three

The day Lily planned to meet up with Marcus was on Friday. They were walking along the lake after classes had come to an end.

"So tell me about yourself," Lily said smiling.

"Well, where'd you like me to start?" asked Marcus, smiling back at her.

"From the beginning."

"Marcus Steven Banks, at your service, my lovely lady. I go by Marc, by many, but not all. I am sixteen, seventeen on August seventeenth. I stand at six feet and an inch. I have two older brothers, Maurice Banks, and Benny Banks. Emily William Banks, is the name of my loving mother, and my father goes by Robert Finley Banks. I like quidditch, hot chocolate, butterbeers, sitting by the fire, and beautiful young women such as Lily Evans. I'd like to become a professional Quidditch player, but if not, I'd like to work somewhere, or at least be near, Lily Evans," he looked over at her, watching as she tried to hide the rising colour to her face. He chuckled, "I'd like to have three kids, and settle down at a ripe age. My favorite colour is blue. I want to grow up having a nice, big house, with a library, and a Lily Evans. And I'd like to take Lily Evans to Hogsmeade tomorrow. And I'd hope she would accept my invitation. So . . . tell me about yourself."

Lily smiled amusedly, "Well, I'm a muggle - born, which is the first thing you should know. I'm fifteen, and was born on June eighth. I'm about, actually, I don't know how tall I am. I have a sister Petunia, mother, Rose, and father Matthew. I'd like to grow up successful, and have kids, with a wonderful husband. I like the colour purple, and I'd like to accept Marcus Banks' invitation to Hogsmeade."

He smiled and wrapped an arm around her shoulder, "Not to bad, my lady."

"Well thank you," she grinned delightedly.

"The pleasure's all mine."

Meanwhile, as Lily wandered the grounds with her new friend, Sirius was talking to James about how he was reacting to the whole situation with Lily. He had laid off Lily a little bit, and fortunately for the red - headed beauty, he wasn't as obsessive about getting a date with her. But Sirius could tell that James was more devoted than ever. He knew his bestfriend a little to well than to know that he'd let something like Lily slide.

"You need to get over her Prongs," said Sirius calmly.

"I am over her!" replied James indignantly. He looked the opposite way, towards the window. If Sirius looked directly at him, he knew he'd see right through his lies.


"Okay, so I'm not completely over her. But I almost am."


"Allright, I'm falling deeper and deeper in love with her. Happy?"

"Yes, I am. But c'mon Prongs. How can I say this in the nicest way possible," he glared at his friend sympathetically, "She. Does. Not. Like. You. At all."

"I know that Sirius. But . . . she's what I need. I can't explain it. She's absolutely gorgeous. She has that sense of humour, that has yet to be shown actually towards me, she's smart, she's just . . . perfect." James said desperatley. "I don't know why I'm so hooked on her Padfoot. I want to get her out of my head, because she clearly wants me too, and she is already dating - but, i don't know how."

"James, your only fifteen ! Don't give yourself up to that first girl that comes your way. Merlin, James, you haven't set your sights on any girl but Lily since we were eleven ! And I'm not saying that you will never get Lily, but you have to give her some space. And in the meantime, just look around. See if someone else interests you. There's a whole line of girls waiting for you, and you've been to blinded by Lily to see that. Just don't pay so much attention to her, because right now, and I'm being honest, she's not interested. Don't stare so hard at her, focus on something else, like quidditch, or O.W.L's," said Sirius. It sounded so much like he had rehersed these lines over, and over, because it wasn't like Sirius to be . . . well . . . serious.

"Wrote it, than rehersed it?" asked James, clearly amused.


"Got help?"

"From Remus."

James smiled than ran a hand through his hair, "Alright, I'll try to stop thinking about Lily. But no guarantees. Okay?"

"That's all I ask, Prongs."

"Yeah, but - um - can I ask you something?"


"You know the boy Lily's seeing, he's on the Ravenclaw's quidditch team, right? And we're playing their team . . . soon ?"

"James, don't do anything rash now. Think before you act. Think with your head," Sirius said pointing to his head.

"Oh well what else will I think with Padfoot?" he replied, "What would I do anyway Sirius? I'm going to become completely Lily Evans' free. So . . . we are playing Ravenclaw in a couple of days though, right?"

" . . . Not in a couple of days, more like weeks. I think," Sirius said cautiously, "Don't do anything to him James. Lily will hate you for it."

"Who said anything about doing anything to him? I was just curious about when our games are going to be," replied James. He was attempting to act innocent, but it was clearly not working.

Sirius followed his friend slowly into the common room, still a little concerned with wheter or not James was telling the truth.

* * * *

"I can picture it now. You walking up the aisle, your long dress trailing behind you. At the front, is the minister. I am standing at the left side, looking like the beautiful broad I am, in my dress, as the maid of honor, of course. And your fiance is there, standing patiently. Looking like the sexy - "

"Oh shut it Abbey," Lily said as she chuckled and turned the corner of the corridor.

Her friend smiled, "Well, today's my little girl's big day. The date with the hot boy she desires. This is big for me, okay."

Lily merely shook her head, "And you're off on one of your many dates, I suppose?"

"I sure am."

"Who's the lucky guy this time?"

"Oh. No one special."

"Oh yeah? Then why do you, my dearest, plan to date this guy?"

Abbey smiled and linked her arm through Lily's, "Lily, Lily, Lily. I plan to date this guy, for the same reason I dated those other ones. Because they are absolutely gorgeous."

Lily laughed brightly as the two came to a slow stop once they approached the crowd waiting at the front entrance. Lily looked around, hopefully spotting her date. She grinned as her eyes came to a stop at Marcus, who leaned sensually on the stone wall. He looked good in a pair of faded jeans, a white tee, and a blue plaid button up shirt. Lily didn't look too bad herself. She wore jeans that hugged her lower curves, a light yellow t - shirt that accented her build, and a white hooded, zip - up sweater.

She watched as Marcus chatted with two other boys. Maybe I should go up to him, Lily thought.

"I see him Lily. Go to him ! What in Merlin's beard are you waiting for?" Abbey said, as if reading her friend's mind.

She did as she was told and walked up to him, interuppting his conversation as she did so. "Hey Marc."

"Oh hey Lily," he walked slowly up to her and gave her a kiss on the cheek, "You look great."

She smiled, "You don't look too bad yourself."

"Why thank you."

Spending the day with Marcus was really going well. Lily and Marcus always had something to talk about, and there was never any weird or awkward moments. They were just having a good time walking around Hogsmeade. And as the end of the day came closer, they had both decided to make their last stop at the Three Broomsticks. They walked in smiling, Marcus' arm around Lily.

"So, do you want anything to drink?" he asked as they found a table near the corner of the pub.

"Uhm, yeah, a butterbeer, thanks."

"Anything for the lovely lady."

As Lily waited for Marcus to return, she scanned the scene around her. The pub was filling up with students, and as the door opened, one particular couple caught her eye. It was James, with his arm around . . . Ivy? Even though Lily wasn't James' biggest fan, she felt a bit annoyed. It was a weird feeling because she definately knew she disliked both James and Ivy, but it was almost like someone was intruding on something that she always felt was hers. Maybe it was something she'd have to get used to. Besides, seeing James being interested with someone else was new to her. Maybe she was overreacting. Maybe . . .

Ivy looked around, and smirked evilly as she made eye contact with Lily.

"Here you are," Marcus said as he put down two drinks on the table.

Lily jumped slightly, "You scared the crap out of me."

He chuckled, "Sorry."

She smiled and shook her head, "Thanks for the drink."

As Lily continued on with her date, James watched carefully out of the corner of his eye. He tried taking his mind off Lily, but he couldn't help it, someone was taking what should rightfully be his.

"James. James, did you hear me?" Ivy's cakey tone asked, reeling him back to reality.


Ivy threw her jet black hair over her shoulder, and smiled, ignoring the fact that James wasn't giving her the attention she wanted, "You have a quidditch game coming up soon, right?"


"Well, keep in mind that I'll be watching."


James had no intention of having a proper relationship with Ivy. This was just an experiment. He had been trying, like Sirius said, to see if anybody else, other than Lily, would interest him. And at the moment, Lily was his only concern because Ivy clearly didn't catch his attention.

James leaned back in his chair, this time, looking directly at Lily and Marcus, who were currently talking and laughing. Ivy was trying to talk to him, but he buzzed her out. He clenched his jaw as he saw Marcus give Lily a light kiss and forced himself to turn around and at least try to talk to his date. He turned his body and faced Ivy, smiling ironically, trying to seem as if he cared about what she was saying.

* * * *

The start of December brought wind and sleet to Hogwarts. It also brought a new sense of emotion to Lily, seeing as she'd been going out with Marcus for a full two months. After their first real date to Hogsmeade, their relationship had sky rocketed and began to build as the weeks went by. But Lily sometimes doubted the correlation between Marcus and herself. Sure, he was very handsome, very intelligent, fun to be around, but it was like Marcus was a pair of jeans that didn't quite fit. Something he had . . . no, something he didn't have just made Lily question. And every day, she shoved that little speck of dilemma to the very back of her brain.

"I hate them. Snape, Lucius, James, Sirius, all of them !" Lily moaned angrily as she walked into the common room with Abbey trailing behind her.

"Oh get over it Lil," Abbey replied, clearly uninterested in the subject, "boys grow on their egos, so what else is new?"

"I tried stopping James and Sirius from harming them, and I don't get the thanks I rightfully deserve. I get a 'we didn't need you're help, we could've handled it'. Oh, of course you didn't need my help Severus, that's why you were being floated thirty feet above the ground, because you were 'handling' things. And Potter! Ugh, it's like what I say goes in his ear, then out the other. They're all pigs. Pigs, stupid fat, pigs."

"I think you're overreacting."

Lily huffed, "Oh stop defending him."

Abbey rolled her eyes as she sat in an armchair, propping her feet on top of the table, "I'm not defending James, Lily. You know this thing me and James have isn't anything. I'm basically a rebound off of you and his many other horrible dates. And he's just another one of those wizards who belong in my little black book." She smiled brightly.

James had asked Abbey out about a week ago. Abbey knew she this wasn't going to last, but being the Abigail Battier she was, she thought it would've been fun to fool around with James for a while. Besides, he was cute, and what better way to spend your time then with a cute boy?

"Whatever," Lily responded, still quite angry.

"Just ignore them Lils, you know how they are. Lucius and Severus were just born jerks, and Sirius and James are flat out troublemakers. Don't let them get under your skin," Abbey said, in a more gentler tone.

Lily smiled amusedly, "I think you're the weirdest person I know."

Abbey raised a brow, "What? Why?"

"Because," the red - head began, "One minute you're so hard to deal with and no one can talk to you, and the next minute, you're miss - you - can - count - on - me - and - tell - me - anything - because - I'm - your - bestfriend. I mean, what goes on in that little peanut of yours?"

Abbey laughed, "Leave the peanut out of this. It's very sensitive."

Lily chortled.

"Uhm - er - is . . . does one of you happen to be Lily Evans?" A jittery, first year Gryffindor asked. She was hiding behind the corner of the wall, almost completely unseen.

"The red haired warlock sitting beside me is Lily Evans, why do you ask?" Abbey smiled broadly, and winced as Lily hit her arm forcefully.

"I'm Lily Evans. Is there something you need?"

"No - er - actually. Someone outside the portrait hole asked me to come get you. He . . . well he said that he wasn't allowed in the Gryffindor tower," squeaked the first year.

"Well who is it, kiddo? We don't have all day. We're very busy ladies. You see, we have our O.W.L's this year, and there are so many boys t - "

"Abbey, hush," Lily hit her on the arm once again, and Abbey grunted. "What's the boy's name?" Lily asked, thinking she already knew who it was.

The little girl shook her head, "I don't know."

"Oh well you're not a very heplful child, are y -"

"Abigail Battier, leave the poor girl alone," Lily whispered hoarsly as she again, hit Abbey on the arm. "Thanks for the message. Tell the boy to meet me in the library?"

The girl nodded in response and quickly sped out of the common room.

"I think we scare the shit out of her," Abbey added as she rubbed her arm.

"No, YOU scared the shit out of her."

"I doubt that, I'm not the red haired warlock, am I?"

Lily hit Abbey in the arm and she groaned out in pain, "Lily!"

"What?" she replied innocently.

Abbey frowned, "You're a bitch."

"Thanks for reminding me Ab," She stood up and began fixing herself up infront of the body sized mirror that stood carelessly in the common room. "Well - I'm meeting Marcus in the library. You can come if you want."

"No thanks, being the third wheel doesn't float my boat. Besides, I need to catch up with my sleep. I'll see you at dinner yeah?"

"Okay," Lily shrugged, "But before I go - do I look allright?"

"Oh yeah, being the beautiful warlock you are."

"Abbey, seriously."

She laughed, "Yes Lily. Merlin, Marcus isn't that cute of a boy to be worrying about what you look like."

"Oh be quiet," Lily threw her a playful glance through the mirror. "Just because you don't worry about what you look like, doesn't mean I don't hun. Not all of us witches aren't as lucky to have your natural beauty."

"Yes - I am rather lucky, aren't I?" Abbey smiled. "You're just as lucky Lils. You have perfect natural beauty. Even ask James."

"Ask me what?" A deep sensual voice asked as the person walked through the portrait hole. Lily rolled her eyes.

"Oh, nothing." Abbey replied.

James walked in the common room, took a quick glance at Lily as she fixed her hair, then went to sit next to Abbey. He knew Lily was going to meet Marcus somewhere because he had just seen him come from the Gryffindor tower. It was hard to ignore the girl he so longfully craved for when she was right under his nose.

"So, how's your day going?" asked Abbey as she leaned into James' muscular chest.

Lily watched through the mirror, sensing a hint of . . . It's not jealousy. I'm just feeling - left out. Yeah, that's it, left out, Lily convinced herself as she saw Abbey laugh at one of James' many corny jokes. It was weird, seeing her bestfriend with the guy she hated some much. Or at least, that's what she told herself. Deep down inside, she knew James as her property. She was so used to being hunted down by him that it was weird to see him hunting someone else. I have Marcus now. James is a nobody. I hate James. Abbey likes James.


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Chapter 4: Day of Fights . . .
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Chapter Four

The next day, Lily woke up early to head down to breakfast and greet the Gryffindor quidditch team before they started the match between Ravenclaw. It would be their last match before the Christmas break.

The ceiling in the Great Hall was a gorgeous light blue, and was streaked with wispy, puffy clouds. Lily smiled as she took a seat in between Korin and Abbey. "Good morning everyone."

"Well aren't you just perky," Abbey said tiredly as she yawned.

"And aren't you looking just aboslutely exhausted," Lily picked an apple from the fruit basket and began wiping it with her shirt. "What's wrong with you?"

"I woke up wayyy, to early this morning," Abbey glared at Ryan Telfair who sat five seats down, on the opposite side of the table, "I'd love to chit chat. But right now, I'm having techincal difficulties."

Korin laughed, "Don't mind her Lils. She's cranky. So . . . how are you and monsiour Banks?"

Lily straightened her posture and smiled, "We're doing great. He's great."

"You already slept with him?"

"Abbey!" Lily and Korin both cried in unision.

"Whoa, Merlin. Just kidding . . . " Abbey shrugged and put her head down on the table as she closed her eyes, "Go on Lily. I'm listening."

Lily looked further down the hall, watching as Ryan Telfair gather his team. "Maybe we should talk later, because Abbey has to leave."

Abbey slowly put her head up and looked at the gathering crowd of the Gryffindor team then groaned, "Do you think I can get away with saying that I'm sick?"

"Battier, get up, we need to get ready," Ryan said as he passed her.

"Oh, well, good freaking morning to you too captain," Abbey said sarcastically. She sighed and got up from her seat, "I'll see you girls after the game."

"Good luck Abbey." Lily replied lazily as she watched her friend jog out of the Great Hall.

Before long, the whole school was in the stands, and the commentator, Lonny Jordan of Gryffindor, was introducing both the Ravenclaw and Gryffindor teams. "For Ravenclaw, I give you Matthew Knightley, Francis Wall, Amanda Blakely, Jasmine Anderson, Aaron Williams, Marcus Banks, and team captain, Kevin Kurt!"

The Ravenclaw supporters cheered as their team was presented.

"And I am proud to give you, the glorious Gryffindor team, Sirius Black, Elizabeth Smith, Abigail Battier - on whom is allowed to give me an answer after the game on wheter or not she'd like to go to Hogsmeade with me on the next trip after holidays," he winked at her. Abbey smirked and gave him a rather obscene hand gesture, "Leanne Grant, Robert McGrady, James Potter, and the captain, Ryan Telfair!"

The pitch roared with applause.

Madame Hooch called for both the captains to shake hands. Ryan and Kevin flew up to each other and did as they were told, then the whistle blew, and the game started.

"Oh isn't this just great, it's raining, and snowing," complained Lily as she looked up into the sky.

"Are they allowed to play in these conditions? I mean - this freezing rain is really starting to fall," said Korin worriedly.

Remus replied, "Yeah, of course they can. It's no problem for our team, as long as James remembered to put that water proof spell on his glasses."

Team captain, Ryan Telfair took great pride in the team he had put together. Sirius, Elizabeth Smith, and Ryan himself were the chasers. He had Corey Grant and Robert McGrady as his beaters. Abbey was his keeper, and James was his seeker.

And as the crowd grew weary after the second hour hit, the constant battling between both teams grew more and more brutal. The score was tied at sixty, so it all came down to James or Marcus because it seemed as if neither team was making any progress. If James had seen the snitch, Marcus would too, in the end, they'd both be battling it out, getting tangled up and losing the snitch.

"James ! Find the snitch and end this game !" Abbey yelled as he passed her, still desperatley searching.

And as if on cue, a flash of lightning illuminated the pitch, that's when James saw it. The little glint of gold hovered about five feet above the commotion. He looked over at Marcus, who looked over at James, and they both knew that they had both seen it. This is it, thought James confidently, I'm going to win this game. The two seekers raced towards the snitch, the rain and snow blinding them as they sped up. The entire crowd that circled the entire perimeter of the pitch sucked in its breath. Someone was going to win the game for their house, and it was going to be an ugly way of winning because the two seekers were too close, so close, they looked joined at the hip.

The entire match had come to a halt as the seekers raced competitively for the golden snitch.

"Give it up Potter ! You don't stand a chance," bellowed Marcus over the loud drumming of rain and the hard whipping of snow.

James laughed ironically, "Fuck off." Just then, the snitch made a left infront of James and Marcus made a wild attempt to get the snitch by colliding straight into James, sending both seekers spiraling to the ground. They both hit the wet, grassy ground with a small thud, leaving both seekers spread out motionless.

"Oh God," whispered Lily frantically. The two boys looked as if they had just died . . . they even looked dead, sprawled against the grass. But slowly, yet surely, James lifted a fist into the air, a fist that held the game in his hands. The whole pitch erupted.

"JAMES POTTER HAS CAUGHT THE GOLDEN SNITCH ! GRYFFINDOR WINS !" Boomed Lonny's voice over the screaming crowd.

Gradually, the boys lifted themselves from the ground. And as James flew back to reality, he smiled to himself. He had beaten Marcus Banks, Lily's new found boyfriend. And it felt good.

"Potter, Banks, shake." Ordered Madame Hooch, attempting to make peace between the two seekers. Marcus stuck out his hand, and James willingly took it.

"Hey Potter, you know my girlfriend? She's a really good kisser, too bad she hates you." whispered Marcus as he pulled James a step closer, just barely close enough for only James to hear. Marcus didn't mean what he said, it just slipped out, in the heat of the moment. He really liked Lily, he knew that as a fact.

But if James had known Marcus didn't actually mean anything he had just said, it would've probably stopped his blood from boiling. Without thinking, throwing all magic aside, he threw himself towards Marcus and punched him as hard as he could, sending him flying again to the wet, murky ground. But before Marcus could find himself back on his feet, James pulled out his wand and pointed it directly at Marcus' throat. Marcus jumped up, pulling out his wand as well, and the two boys stood about five feet apart with their wants pointed at each other, rain soaking both of them.

"Potter! Banks! What do you think you are doing?" screamed McGonagall as she sprinted for the boys. "Lower your wands! I said lower your wands! DO I HAVE TO SPELL IT OUT FOR YOU?"

"No professor," murmured both boys, lowering their wands but still eyed each other carefully. Finally, realizing that staring at each other wouldn't do any good, they turned around, marching in opposite directions.

"Oh my God. Marcus, are you allright?" asked Lily as she jogged up to him. "Let me take you to the hospital wing."

"We'll take him," said one of the Ravenclaw's team member.

"Are you sure?" Lily asked, still clearly worried.

"Yeah, I'll be fine. Don't worry about me." replied Marcus, trying to put on a brave face for Lily.

"Alright, I'll check on you tonight then." She watched through the pouring rain and snow as Marcus and a couple of other students headed up to the castle. As soon as she saw that her boyfriend made it safely inside, Lily went searching for her friends.

Lily, Sirius, Abbey, Remus, and Peter were the only people left down at the Quidditch pitch. Everyone but Lily was waiting patiently outside for James.

"Can we please just go inside?" complained Lily. "Potter can make his way up to the common room by himself."

And just then, James finally made his way out of the locker room. He grunted lightly as he looked in Lily's direction. "Hey Evans, did you see how your boy toy lost today? He's a loser, and too bad for you. Because if you had gone out with me, maybe you wouldn't be with him, because it's no fun to mess around with losers! And to think, he treats you like a trophy, a bloody trophy, but losers don't get trophies do they?"

Sirius stepped in between James and Lily, whispering warningly, "James, no. Think, James. Think."

"Of all people, I'm surprised you would go out with an ass like him! You're being stupid, very, very stupid Evans! Can't you see that?! You're just like them! Just like those stupid muggles!"

After staring at James for a long time, she walked up to him, slapped him across the face, and spun on her heels, marching angrily up to the castle. Everyone stood there in shock, even Abbey had nothing to say. But soon enough, they all ran to catch up with Lily, leaving James alone with his thoughts.

"Lily, Lily wait!" called Abbey. Lily turned around, and when she noticed that James was no longer with them, she stopped and let them catch up with her.

"Don't worry hun," said Abbey reassuringly as she embraced Lily in a hug. "He didn't mean it. He was mad about . . . well, everything, i guess."

"Well he doesn't have to say things like that does he?" questioned Lily, tears of anger were slowly gathering in her eyes. She probably expected Snape, or Lucius, or Bellatrix to call her a stupid muggle. But not James. Not him. She was mixed with anger and hurt, but she ignored the hurt.

"No, he doesn't," said Remus, stepping in. "We're not defending him either."

It was comforting to know that her friends were there for her. And it calmed her down, but the hate she had for James had just grown even bigger. And she knew that she'd never forget what he had said to her.

* * * *

"Sirius, I'm going down to the common room. I can't sleep, and I need to think about some things. You know, me, Abbey, Lily, just everything in general," said James as he lay wide awake in his four poster bed.

Sirius yawned, "Okay, whatever. Do you want me to come with you?"

"No, that's okay. You're already half asleep," replied James as he slowly got up from his bed and walked out of the dorm. He ruffled his hair thoroughly as he walked down the spiraling staircase.

What was he going to do? His life was a complete mess. He wasn't comfortable having Lily extremely angry with him. And now what did she think of him? After all, he did call her boyfriend a loser who didn't deserve her, he took his anger out on her, and on top of all that, he called her stupid. Very stupid. A very stupid muggle.

A low, quiet voice was murmuring to someone in the common room, and caused James to stop instantly to listen. Who's awake at this time of night? He pressed his back against the stone cold wall and strained his ears to hear.

"These past few weeks have become really stressful. First, there's the piles of assignments I've been given, for those damn O.W.L's. Then there's me and Marcus."

James' eyes went wide, it was Lily. But who was she talking to?

"I don't know. Everything between us is getting so . . . real. But I don't want it to be. I mean - is that bad ? Not wanting your boyfriend to be your boyfriend? It's not him. Just . . . me, I guess . . . Then there's one whole subject on itself. James Potter."

His eyes went wider. Was Lily talking about him? Him? Of all people? James Potter? He leaned forward, struggling to hear every single word.

"He gets me so angry ! I - I don't even know how to take it anymore. The stress is almost . . . unbearable ! I don't even know how to take what he said to me today . . . " she paused, "I don't even know why I'm worrying so much about him. James is a nobody, Lily. Don't let him get to you. He's trying to get under your skin. He doesn't care for you like Marcus does. He - he . . . he's James Potter. And I don't get along with James Potters." She paused again, then barely whispered, "As much as I'd like t - "

"Bloody - !" James bellowed. He had leaned in too far and tripped over his feet, causing him to stumble down the last two steps of the staircase, and completely seen by Lily.

Lily gasped in shock as James fumbled for getting back on his feet. He looked over at Lily, a quill was floating in the air, on top of what looked like a journal, and was set on the table infront of her. She had been talking to the quill, or the journal, which ever it was, but it was wrting down her every word.

Lily yelled, certainly waking up a few curious ears, "James Potter!"


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Chapter 5: Accidents Can't Happen . . .
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Chapter Five

"Lily! Lily, no, do not take it like that ! I was not spying on you ! I swear. I was just - er - I couldn't sleep and I came down here . . . then I heard your voice - and I - I couldn't help bu - okay, so i don't have a good excuse . . ." James said in utter defeat.

"How could you just listen in like that ?!" Lily cried, her anger from earlier today was ready to make her explode. "You can't just spy on me like that Potter !!"

"I wasn't spy - "

"Don't you DARE tell me you weren't spying on me !! God James ! What is wrong with you ?!" Lily threw her hands in the air. She was angry, and she needed to vent. This, she thought, was the perfect opportunity. "You can really make someone feel like a complete pile of shit can't you?! You're just a stupid jerk James ! You don't care about other people, you don't care about anyone around you !! You only care for yourself !!"

"Lily, that's not tr - "

"And don't you DARE try and tell me that what I'm saying is NOT true Potter !! You want everyone around you to worship the ground you walk on ! And just because I don't do what your little fanclubs do, it gives you no right to torture ME !"

James yelled back in response, he needed to get a word in, "Well maybe if you'd let me talk to you for once, we wouldn't have this problem!"

Lily looked taken back. She didn't expect him to respond, "Don't you put this on me James ! I did not ask for you to like me ! I never asked for you to ask me out ! I never asked for any of this!"

"So it's all about you now Lily? This world does not revolve around you. "

"Revolve around me ?! Oh that's rich, considering it came out from your mouth."

"All I want to do is talk to you ! But you push me away like I'm something deadly!"

"I push you away because I can, James ! Because I WANT too ! And what you said to me today just makes me hate you even more ! You're just like them ! Those damn purebloods ! You're all alike ! Just because I have muggle parents, it doesn't make me any different from any of you !"

"Lily . . . Lily, I know. I know that. I didn't mean what I said today. Don't hold this against me, or any of the good pureblooded families out there. I was mad, okay ? I was jealous. Marcus Banks, does not deserve you. He's scum Lily. You shouldn't be with him. You should be with someone who would give you their world."

But Lily didn't give in. A part of her wanted to listen, to take in what he was saying. But just like many times before, she ignored that part of her. "Don't you tell me who I shouldn't be with James ! I'm perfectly capable of knowing !"

"Are you?"

"Excuse m - "

"Don't. Don't take that the wrong way, Lily. I know you're capable of everything in the world, you're smarter than anybody in this school . . . but just ignore what I said, all I want you to know is that I'm sorry. I'm sorry for earlier today, and I'm sorry for whatever I just said to offend you. I let the worse part of me take over, and I took out my anger on the wrong person." There was no use in arguing with her. She was mad, and she wouldn't stop until she was proven wrong. And seeing that she didn't believe a word that came out of James' mouth, he couldn't prove her wrong.

"I know that Ja - wait . . excuse me ?" Her adrenaline rush stopped dead in its tracks. "You're sorry?"

James could see the confusion in her eyes. He scratched the back of his neck. "Yeah, I'm sorry. You can chose to beleive me or not. But I am really sorry. For everything."

Lily looked at him, trying to figure out what had triggered inside of him to just blossom and mature right infront of her eyes. Then she did something that surprised the both of them. She stood up on her tip - toes and slowly gave him a peck on the lips.

James' eyes were still closed when Lily stood there looking at him. She didn't know what caused her to do it. Once she saw him . . . grow up, for that one minute in time, something inside her burst open, and pushed her forward. The thing that surprised her the most was that she didn't regret it.

"Lily . . . " he looked at her.

"I'm sorry," she pleaded with wide eyes. "I really didn't mean t - "

He chuckled softly. "I don't know why you did it, but it's okay, really."

She smiled weakly and looked down at her feet.

"If you know me, you'd know that I've wanted this for a very long time," he said playfully.

"James . . . Marcus is my boyfriend. And even if he wasn't . . . I - I didn't mean to . . kiss you."

James nodded. She didn't mean to kiss him ? He didn't understand, but he didn't want to say that to her.

"This won't change anything between us, you know that, don't you James ?" She asked quietly, barely a whisper. The truth was that Lily didn't regret what she did, and she could say that she wanted to do it again, but she couldn't just flip a whole one hundred eighty turn and be normal about it. She had Marcus. And James couldn't be the one for her. She convinced herself that his maturity would only happen once in a life time, and that he'd be the same ignorant James Potter tomorrow. "Please don't say anything about this James. I'm sorry . . . "

James nodded again, "I won't Lily. Don't worry." But he still stood there, completely perplexed at the current situation. Had Lily kissed him, or not ? He understood why she didn't want him telling anyone, but why did she say she didn't mean it ? If she didn't mean it, why had she done it ? Did she even want to kiss him ? Or was it really just an 'accident' ?

"Oye, Prongs, you alright down there?" interuppted a sleepy Sirius Black, who revealed himself at the top of the arch.

Abbey soon stood beside him, rubbing her eyes groggily. "Yeah, what's going on? Why were you two just yelling a minute ago? Were you yelling?"

"No. I was just coming up to bed, and . . James happened to be in my way," Lily said as she grabbed her journal and quill. All three pairs of eyes were on her as she went up the stairs and passed both Sirius and Abbey, then went straight into the girl's dorm.

"What did you do to her, love?" Abbey asked as she yawned. She was concerned, but the lack of rest was getting to her.

James took in a breath, "Nothing Abbey."

Sirius furred a brow, "Doesn't seem like nothing, mate."

"It's . . . nothing," James replied attempting to reassure his friends as he started up the staircase.


"It's called jealousy James," Abbey said as she leaned her back on his side. It was as if she was reading his thoughts. Although, anyone could read his thoughts due to his longing and confused expression that was slapped onto his face. Even though it didn't surprise Abbey about his jealousy, it clearly surprised him. He was never jealous of anything or anyone before. Until now.

They were in the Great Hall, Lily and Marcus were seated on the farther side of the oversized room. They were both laughing at the Ravenclaw table, and Marcus' arm was wrapped protectively around Lily. She doesn't even care about what happened last night, James thought idly.

"I'm not jealous," James replied a couple of minutes later.

Abbey chuckled as she finished tying her pair of french braids. "A little late in response aren't you?"

"I'm not jealous," reassured James awkwardly. He didn't know whether or not to talk to Abbey about how he felt about Lily. Afterall, she was his current girlfriend. But then again, it was Abbey who gave him 'pointers' on how to catch Lily's attention the good way. And it was Abbey who reassured him that Lily would give into him sooner or later.

There was no doubt in his mind that Abbey was a great friend, probably because she was the one who helped plan the Maruader's pranks, and sometimes, she was even involved. But she would always just be a great friend to James. He didn't even know why he was dating Abbey. He knew that he wanted Lily, and when he wanted something this bad, he wouldn't want anything else but that.

"Whatever," Abbey shrugged and stretched out her legs on the vacant seats next to her. "You should really learn how to . . . express - that's the word - express yourself more. If you even want a chance with Lily, you have to let her in on things. But anyway, what was that little thing you and me dear bestfriend had going on last night?"

James shrugged and leaned his back on the table. "Nothing." He lied, but he promised Lily that he'd say nothing to anyone.

Abbey snorted. "I highly doubt that James. Besides, Lily won't even tell me, and that's some serious shit because Lily tells me everything."

"Trust me Abbey, if it was something, don't you think I would tell you?"

She laughed. "Nope."

James gasped, and pretended to look hurt by her words. "I am appauled at your behaviour Abigail !"

Abbey laughed again. "Shutup you git."

He smiled. "Trust me, last night was nothing that you'd have to worry about."

She smirked and rolled her eyes impatiently.

"So you're staying at school for the Christmas?" James asked, trying to change the subject.

"Of course,” Abbey nodded. “If you know me as well as I think you do, then you should know that I’ve been staying at Hogwarts for the Holiday’s since first year. It shouldn’t surprise you.”

“Well . . there could’ve been a little twist in your mum and dad’s hearts,” he said.

Abbey chortled. “Never.”

“What about your brothers?”

She shrugged. “What about them? Claude is in his last year at Durmstrang, and Vicktor is on an internship in Italy. They don’t go home for Christmas either. But anyway, I need some time off by myself, O.W.L’s are on their way, and I can’t fail those now can I?”

James felt sympathetic for Abbey. His family was always there for him on the Holiday’s, and he couldn’t imagine a Christmas without them. “Well, I don’t think you’ll have all your time by yourself.”

“What? And why not?”

“Because I asked Sirius to come home with me for the holiday’s because of his, you know, family problems. And he didn’t want to, he said he'd feel ‘out of place’,” came James’ reply.

“Ahh. So I’m stuck here with mister Black?”

James looked at her and smiled. “Looks like it.”

“Peachy. Jusssst peachy.”

“Actually, it would be wonderful to spend time with you miss Abigail,” said Sirius’ voice from behind Abbey and infront of James. “Me and you. You and me. Yourself and myself. Myself and y - “

“Oh I’m starting to feel the fun already!” Abbey said sarcastically as she got up from her seat. “I’ll leave you two to your privacy, I’m going to find Korin. See if she needs any help with packing.”

"So - what's up with you and Abbey ? Or better yet, you and Lily ?" Sirius asked as soon as Abbey was out of sight.

James shrugged, "I dunno what's going on with me and Abbey. We are dating, but she's the one who gives me advice on how to get Lily to like me. So . . . I'm not really sure where we stand."

Sirius nodded. "Okay. Fair enough. But you and Lily ? What was that little thing you two had last night ?"

"She kissed me," James said as he put his face in his hands and groaned.

So he wasn't about to tell Abbey, and he did just tell Sirius, but only because Abbey and Lily were close. And if Lily found out that James told Abbey what had happened last night, then she'd think he was bragging and telling the whole school ( which he wasn't ). Besides, he trusted Sirius enough to know that he would not tell a single soul.

"She WHAT!?" Sirius cried, attracting some curious eyes.

"Shh ! Sirius, she's right over there ! I'm not suppose to tell anyone, so pretend you don't know."

Sirius' eyes were wide, "She did not."

James ruffled his hair, "She did."

"Why would Lily Evans kiss you? Of all people . . . "

"Thanks Padfoot," James said sarcastically.

"No, no," Sirius waved his hands in the air, "Nothing against you, mate. But Lily hates you. Why would she KISS you? It makes no sense."

"That's exactly what I'm trying to figure out. Last night, she said she didn't even mean to kiss me and it was an 'accident'. And I promised her I wouldn't tell anyone because, of course, she has a boyfriend, and she doesn't want him to find out. I mean - what's wrong with me that makes her hate me so much?"

"Well, if it helps, I'd say you're a great guy, and would be a great boyfriend, but that would make sharing a room with you very uncomfortable." Sirius said, trying to lighten the mood.

James chuckled. "You are so weird Padfoot."


Author's Note ; I know, i know. Not very exciting. But bare with me people. This chapter gives you a small insight on the holidays, which will not be written much about, and of course, Lily and James' big moment. = ) I'll bring in Chapter six asap. But my mid - terms are almost here, and exams are in like . . . 5 weeks. So i will be busy, but i will be updating. I promise. PLEASE R & R !!!

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Chapter 6: Mind Games . . .
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Chapter Six

“Lily ! You’re back !”

The red head smiled, “Well aren’t you just a clever little witch. I was at dinner, but you weren’t there.”

“Studying,” Abbey embraced her friend in a tight hug. “How was your holidays?”

“Actually . . . it could’ve been better, but I was home, and I was relaxed. So I guess you could say it was alright. How about you? Same old Christmas, I’m guessing?”

“Oh . . . uh – yeah. Same old . . . boring Christmas.” She smiled tightly.

Lily furred a brow, “You’re a terrible liar.”

Abbey coughed, “Actually, I think I’m a great liar.”

“I think you’re lying.”

“Oh, but I don’t lie.”

“But you said you were a great liar.”

“Yes, but I don’t lie when it comes to telling others that I’m a great liar.”

“But if you tell people you’re a great liar, how are they supposed to know that you’re not lying about your greatness in being a liar? And If you tell them you’re not lying, how are they supposed to know you’re not lying about not lying ?”

Abbey paused momentarily, “You’re frustrating.”

Lily laughed.

“So,” Abbey propped her feet up on the couch’s arm, “Have you talked to Marcus during the holidays?”

“He owled me once, on Christmas,” she shifted in her seat. “I didn’t even see him on the train.”

Abbey frowned. “That’s rather inconsiderate. I mean - you two are still dating, right?”

“I . . . don’t know, Ab. Yeah , we’re still going out, and we’re still in a relationship. But I dunno if I want to be.”

Abbey sat up, already in bestfriend mode, “Why?”

Lily sighed, “I don’t know.”

Lily knew she was lying. A little part of her changed after the incident with James. But she didn’t show it. She decided she’d treat James the way she always did.

Her bestfriend smiled, “I know you know, Lils. You never not know. You’re Lily Evans. Something is making you not accept something else. Trust me, I know you better than you do.”

“But what if I can’t accept that something else? What if . . . it isn’t quite possible ? Not probable. Like, it can’t happen. It’s against the rules.”

Lily was grateful to have Abbey at her side. Even though she didn’t actually tell Abbey all the details about her situations, she always had something to say. No matter what. Somehow, it always made her feel better to just talk and to have someone listen.

“If you are, in fact, speaking hypothetically, being me, I say take the chance. Screw the rules, whatever those may be,” Abbey shrugged. “But you can’t just sit and wonder what might have been. Take the chance and see what it could be.”

Lily nodded, “But – but what if I don’t want to find out?”

“Like, you’re afraid?”

Lily thought for a second; was she scared ? She didn’t even know what it was she wanted to find out about. But she thought she knew, but she wasn’t sure. But was she scared ? Lily nodded in response.

“Well,” came Abbey’s reply, “it depends. What’s the situation?”

“I . . . I don’t really feel like talking about it.”

Okay, so Lily wasn’t ready to tell Abbey about what happened between her and James before the holidays. Who could blame her ? They had kissed ! She would eventually tell Abbey, but not now. Not when even Lily didn’t understand why she was so confused.

* * * *

The next few months went by very drearily.

James and Abbey had broken off whatever it was they had about two weeks after the holidays. It usually caused a ripple effect of rumors whenever Abbey or James, or the Marauder’s for that matter, had broken up with someone, but now that they were breaking up with each other, it didn’t really surprise anyone at all.

“They really do look good together, Rin. Yeah, they fight. But just look at them,” Abbey shrugged as she and Korin watched Lily and James argue.

Korin nodded, “I know that Abbey. I wasn’t saying they don’t look good together. Because they do. They look better together than Lily does with Marcus . . . no offence to Marcus.”

Abbey chuckled as they continued to watch the quarrel.

“James stop !”

“Lily, c’mon ! Ever since we – ”

“Don’t you dare,” Lily glared and said in a smaller voice, “Abbey and Korin are right there.”

“Well if I can’t talk to you, what’s the point of keeping it a secret,” he threw his hands in the air, “maybe that will finally make you talk to me !”

“Excuse me? Are you blackmailing me?” Lily asked.

Was he actually blackmailing her ? Would he do that to her ? . . . . Could he ? He may have had a right to, but it didn’t mean he had too.

James groaned, “Lily, no, I’m not. I just . . God Evans ! Why can’t I talk to you ? Hang out with you ? Be friends with you ?”

“Because . .” she began slowly, but changed her tone immediately, “Leave me alone, Potter ! Do us both a favor.”

James took a quick glance at her and tightened his jaw, “Fine.” With that, he walked out of the common room. He wouldn’t say he was angry with her; frustrated, maybe, but definitely not angry. And who could blame him ? She kissed him, said she didn’t mean it, that the kiss was an accident, then some months later, she still treats him like he didn’t matter to her.

Lily, on the other hand, wasn’t feeling a tad bit angry, or frustrated. Still, two months after their situation, she was confused, and didn’t know how to take it. It looked as if she had wiped out that whole memory from her mind, but in reality, Lily replayed it every night in her head; wondering what on earth had come over her.

“Lily? `Elloooo ! Earth to Lily !” Abbey said as she waved her manicured hand in her friend’s face.

“Oh . . . hey. Sorry,” Lily blinked.

Korin raised a brow, “You okay Lils? You look kind of pale.”

Lily nodded. “Yeah,” she smiled tightly, “Potter just bugs me. And on top of all the stress from the O.W.L’s, he isn’t making anything easier in my life.”

Abbey shrugged and made her way back into a leather armchair, “You don’t need to stress for those test thingys. You’ll pass with flying colors. It’s me you have to worry about.”

Korin rolled her eyes, “She’s actually right about something for once.”

Abbey smiled brightly as Lily chuckled.

“Does anyone have the time?” Abbey asked a couple of minutes later.

“Uhm . . . yeah, it’s eight thirty – seven.” Lily answered.

“Merlin’s beard, I’m late.” Abbey jumped out of her chair, “Late for . . . studying in the library. I’ll see you two later.”

Lily and Korin watched as Abbey rushed out of the Gryffindor Tower.

“You don’t think she’s actually going to study?”

Lily snorted, “Nope. She’s probably off on one of her many escapades with her newest boy toy.”

“I wonder who that might be,” Korin replied, clearly uninterested.

Lily shrugged. Who knew. Literally, hardly anyone ever knew who Abbey was ever dating. Sometimes, people would find out after it had ended; which was very unusual.

But Lily’s mind reeled restlessly back to James. She wasn’t going to be ready for the O.W.L’s with so much on her mind. How could she ? When it’s been two months and she still hasn’t figured out her reason of uncertainty. She sighed lightly as she watched Korin make her way up to the girls’ dorms. Lily couldn’t wait for this year to end.


Author's Note ; HEY EVERYONE. Gosh it's good to be back. And it feels great to update. I know it took me long, but hey, exams are coming up. And today, I finished two of my ISU's (Independant Studies Unit), and I finsished two of my two projects, and i did my unit test !! so this week has been unbelievably stressful for me; but I am updating. And I can't wait till I get to the sixth year @ Hogwarts (HINT : That's where all the juice is !!!!). Very exciting . . and yes, this chapter may be boring, but it's setting the stage for future chaps. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE ! i am forever grateful. = )

Disclaimer ; I own NOTHING of J.K. Rowling's geniusly thought out creatures, characters, setting, objects, ETC.

Chapter 7: Normal . . .
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Chapter Seven

Patches of bright, blue sky were beginning to appear over the castle turrets. But the evidence of the approaching summer didn't calm or clear Lily's perplexed thoughts. Almost all fifth years were done more than half of their O.W.L examinations; and Lily was quite sure she had gotten more A's than she had O's. And the thought of having decided to break up with Marcus didn't make anything any easier.

Marcus was great. He was great academically, he was involved in sports, he respected her, had a great personality, had a decent, normal, family, and on top of all that, he was very, very good looking. So why did Lily want to break up with the ideal boyfriend ? It took her time to think about why she intended to go seperate ways with Marc. And she had figured out why. At least she thought she did.

Lily felt as if she was using Marcus. Of course, she liked him. But not on the stage that she wanted to be in a serious relationship with him. She knew that when they were together, they didn't exactly 'click' like a boyfriend or girlfriend were supposed too, so why bother staying with him? He was like a pair of jeans that didn't quite fit; and now, Lily felt like he wasn't even comfortable to wear anymore. It sounded rude, and mean. But it was the truth. Besides, ever since the holidays had ended, they had drifted.


Lily jumped slightly as her train of thought broke. "Marc ! Hi . . . you scared me a little."

He smiled slightly, "Sorry."

"That's . . okay." There was an odd silence between the two. Then Lily spoke, "I guess you're probably wondering why I asked you to meet me here?"

He looked at her and chuckled, "I think I have an idea."

She furred a brow. He did ? "You do?"

"I think I do."

"Oh . . . well then . . what do you think the reason is ?"

"Correct me if I'm wrong, and if I am wrong, I really don't mean anything by it." Then he raised his brow questioningly, "You want to break up with me ?"

"I . . . I do." She studdered. Breaking up was harder than she thought. No one could blame her for being so nervous. This was, afterall, her first time breaking up with someone. "But we can still be friends right ?"

He smiled, and she smiled back.

"Of course we can," Marcus stuck out his hand, "Friends ?"

"Friends." She agreed, taking his hand in hers, and her smile broadened.

This was one of the things that made her so attracted to Marcus; he was so understanding. You could tell him anything, and he'd understand completely.

"So, if you don't mind me asking," she asked abruptly, "How did you know I - I well . . . wanted to break up with you ?"

He shrugged and began walking up back to the castle, Lily followed, "I dunno. Well, okay, so I do know. But you can't take this the wrong way."

She nodded.

"You kind of acted different after Christmas. I owled you, and you never replied. I went looking for you on the train, and I think you were trying to avoide me. And when we came back to school, we never really did hang out like we used to, we didn't even talk like we used too. I don't know what happened, but you looked really confused and stressed about something. And to be honest, I never had the courage to end anything, or to ask you what was wrong."

Lily slowed her pace and came to a delaying stop. She thought about it for a second. And all of what he had just said was true. The reason he only owled once was because she never really did reply, and she never really went looking for him on the train, or at school. So it was her fault that their relationship ambled.

"I'm sorry. I really am sorry Marcus. I never really meant to do those things. I didn't mean to put you through anything. I wasn't . . in my right mind at the time." She apologized as she jogged to catch up with him.

He smiled again, "Don't worry about it. At least we're friends now, right ?"

Lily nodded and smiled weakly.

* * * *

The next morning, it took Lily a while to figure out why she felt so miserable. Then she remembered, and groaned quietly to herself. She squinted at her surroundings, and recognized the room she was in to be the Gryffindor's girls' dorms. She looked through the transparent hangings at the mumbling heap of blanketed Abbey on the bed beside her; and then at the clock that was on her night table. It was only six fourty - six a.m. on a Saturday.

She buried her face into her pillow, upset that she couldn't get back to sleep.

What made her so upset was how she didn't even know how she had been sabotaging her own life. How could she, Lily Evans, not know that her worst enemy was her own thoughts and feelings ? And when she thought about it, it had all started after her little encounter with James.

As soon as she finished washing her face, and brushing her teeth, Lily then put on her robe and headed down towards the common room. Little did she know that she wouldn't be alone; there, sitting in the crimson leather armchair, was no other than James Potter himself.

"Evans," he said, clearly surprised, "What are you doing down here?"

She wrapped her arms around her chest, "Am I not allowed to be down in the Gryffindor common room ?"

He frowned, "No. I mean - yes, you're allowed. To be down here, I mean."

She nodded, and clutched her arms tighter towards her. Should she speak to him ? She wanted too. And she knew she had too. She wanted to say she was sorry for acting like a jerk. But she didn't know how he'd take it.


He looked up at her, "Ye`?"

She swallowed and managed to squeak out, "I'm sorry."

"Sorry?" James furred his brow. What was she sorry about ?

"Yeah, for treating you like dung after what . . . happened. I was the one who started everything, and I didn't even bother to put up with it. So I guess I just didn't want to let it get to me. You're the last person who I'd want to get under my skin. I guess I was in denial."

He smiled sympathetically then chuckled. This was such a typical Lily Evans' move. "Don't worry Lily."

She smiled and looked down for a brief moment, "Can . . . Can everything just go back to normal again ? Can't we just forget everything, and go back to what we've always been doing ? I know it may sound harsh, James. But I can't deal with any big changes in my life right now. Especially now that the O.W.L's are finally here."

James just stared. So it would be back to normal; she would attempt to avoid him, and he was set to keep chasing after her ? Was it worth it ? Could he take it ?

"Don't take it personal, James," she said, "I didn't know what mess a small kiss could've done to me. I'm sure you're as confused as I am . . . "

He licked his lips, "Yeah . . confused."

"You . . don't have to forget anything. But just don't remind me. Don't make me think about it. I broke up with Marcus because I kissed you, and I can't even study properly anymore. I just need to get my head off that incident."

His eyes slightly widened. She broke up with Marcus because of a quick kiss that they had shared ? A kiss that lasted approximately a second long ? One thing was for sure, James had some sort of . . . power over Lily. Not in a way where he could boss her around and take this 'power' for granted, but in a way where his actions affected her. And it affected her rather seriously.

"Everything is just going by so fast, I just need to calm down. I just want things to slow down."

"I understand," James said thoughtfully. He agreed; besides, it was better to have things back to normal than to have everything seem so messed up and out of order.


He smiled at her, "Of course I do, Lily. Don't worry about it."

She smiled, "Thank you, Potter. Really." Lily paused, "So . . we're back to normal ?"

He smirked playfully, "As soon as I start asking you out on dates, and as soon as you begin to reject every single one of my gracious offers, then that's when you'll know that everything is back to normal."

She chuckled, and nodded, then made her way back up the staircase.

James watched her every move, and took it all in. As soon as she was out of sight, he sighed. Back to normal ? That was good. It had to be good. Normal was always good . . . right ?

* * * *

"Italy ?!"

Abbey nodded happily, "Yeup. Vicktor invited me over. He's there on an internship."

Lily groaned, "It's not faiiiiir, you get to soak in some sun rays, while I'm at home worrying about my O.W.L marks, and listening to Petunia suck up to her fat lard of a boyfriend, Vernon."

Abbey laughed, "My condolences."

"But you will write me as soon as you set foot in Italy, right?"

"Oh yeah," Abbey said, "I'll owl you some pictures of the cuties on the beaches too." She winked.

Lily chuckled.

"Oh !" Abbey cried suddenly, "Did you hear about the new fanclubs ?"

"Fanclubs?" Lily raised a brow.

"Yup," she nodded, "James Potter Fanclub, and Sirius Black Fanclub. It's rather sad, actually. Those girls really have no lives."

Lily laughed. Fanclubs ? She couldn't be serious. "You're not joking ? Are you ?"

Abbey raised her arms, showing that she wasn't crossing any fingers, "I swear on pain of death that I'm not telling lies. I heard it from Amy Kinley in Ravenclaw, who's bestfriends with Gianne McNicoll, who's in James' little group of groupies. She told me of both the 'clubs'. I didn't beleive it either, at first. Until I overheard one of their meetings. Gosh, it still gives me shivers. They're really obsessed."

Lily snorted.

It was the end of the year and all of the Hogwarts students were on the train ride back home. Lily and Abbey were in a compartment alone. For most of the ride, they talked and reminisced about their fifth year at Hogwarts. And for some short moments, they chatted about what they thought would happen in their sixth. They were afraid, yet excited what the next term would bring.


Author's Note ; YAY ! end of fifth year. Beginning of the sixth is the next chapter. And I will not be writing about THIS paricular summer, because it's boring. Nothing much happens ( NOTE : "Nothing much" ). =D Aren't you excited ? I'm VURY excited ( ahaha. vury. see ? i'm so excited that my spelling skills have gone haywire [ even though there wasn't much 'skill' LOL. ]. ). HOORAY. R&R. please and thank you !!

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Chapter 8: Like or Love ? . . .
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Chapter Eight

"Lily, stop whining !" Abbey laughed as they entered the common room, "I did write you."

Summer went by quickly, and before they knew it, everyone was back at Hogwarts again.

"Only twice the whole summer," Lily retorted, "You didn't even send me pictures."

Abbey shrugged and took a seat on the crimson colored couch. The crackling, illuminated furnace, and the hanging lamps over head lightened the warm and cousy quarters of the common room. It was easy to see Lily's amused face.

"Well . . . " Lily crossed her arms, "I want an explanation."

"An explanation ? Hmm . . alright then. I went to the beach on my first day. I met a really, really, really, cute boy; our age. We talked, and talked some more. We got to know each other more throughout the weeks. Soon enough we went out, to a near by pub downtown. I think that's when we both got rather tipsy; so we got a room. And we did the d - "

"Okay !" Lily threw her arms in the air and took a seat in a nearby armchair. "I get it. No need to get descriptive."

Abbey smiled, "You asked for an explanation."

"On another note . . ." Lily began, changing the subject, "Who's been made Gryffindor captain this year ?"

Abbey smirked, "James."

Lily coughed. She wasn't surprised, oh no. It was about time that James was made the captain of the team. But just hearing his name again, made Lily's senses react. She hadn't seen him on the train, or for two months, for that matter. And it was kind of a . . . shock to have him brought back into her life; especially after last year's incidents.

"Well, congratulations to him." Lily smiled tightly, "Can you believe it's our sixth year ? Already ?"

Abbey frowned, "No. I can't actually. And I don't want to believe it. I don't really want to know what's gonna become of me when we graduate next year. Hogwarts has been my home since forever."

Lily nodded sympathetically, "I know what you mean."

There was an acknowledged silence before the portrait hole opened. There were sets of footsteps, followed by groups of laughter. It was quite clear to Lily and Abbey about who had just entered the common room.

"Relax Peter. It was just a joke," said a strong, masculine voice.

Another voice chuckled.

"James ! I heard you were made captain !" Abbey yelled from her sprawled position on the couch.

The four boys were now visible.

Though it had been only two months, all four of them had done much more growing then they had the previous year. They each grew at least two inches in height. Sirius and James grew more muscular, and broad; Remus' face had matured, and no longer stood as 'baby cute'; Peter seemed to have lost some weight, and his hair was less mousier than usual.

"Hello ladies," James smiled then looked over at Lily, "Evans."

She bit her tongue to keep her from speaking, then shot James a look that she usually would when he talked to her.

"And to respond to your comment, Abbey, yes, my dear Prongs has been made cap'n of the team," Sirius nudged James in the arm before taking a seat on the couch. "And, old boy Moony, here, has been made a prefect."

Lily looked over at Remus, who shrugged, a small smile played on his face. "Really Remus ? Congratulations."

"Thanks Lily," he said then asked, "You're one too, I'm guessing ?"

She shook her head, no, "No. Not me."

Abbey's eyes widened, "You did not tell me you weren't a prefect !"

"Well you should've guessed, I'm not wearing any badge," answered Lily.

"I don't think that's rather fair. You can't not be a prefect. You're Lily Evans. I mean - come on." said Abbey.

The rest of the night went on like that. The six of them talked; with the exception of Peter, of course. But when Lily talked, she avoided any conversation that would bring her into contact with James.

Before long, the two girls were making there way up to the dorms.

"Okay, talk to me," Abbey prompted as she lay slowly down on her four poster bed.

Lily raised a brow questioningly. What was she talking about ? "What are you talking about ?"

Abbey leaned up on her elbows, "I noticed how you'd change the subject whenever James tried to talk to you, or look at you, for that matter. You seemed nervous around him. And as your bestfriend, it is my sworn duty to know why."

Lily swallowed. Was she that noticeable ? Or was it just Abbey ? "Ab, c'mon. It's nine o'clock at night. We should get some slee - "

"We don't need sleep," Abbey interrupted, "Tomorrow's a Saturday. Term doesn't start until Monday. So I have all night."

Lily took a seat on her bed and ran a hand threw her hair, "And I, have nothing to tell you."


The red - head stared.

Abbey chuckled, "Fine. If you'd rather I keep asking you what's going on between you and James when the other girls are ready to get to sleep, then that's your problem. I'm sure Lavelle would love some new rumor to start about you."

"Abbey !"

"Yes ?" Abbey grinned mischievously.

Lily groaned, "What do you want to know ?"

"Well . . . what's going on between you two ? Are you two secretly dating ? Because if you are, I ha - "

"No ! No, we're not. And believe me on that one."

Abbey nodded, clearly disappointed, "Okay. Thennn - why are you so fidgety around him ?"

Lily thought, then retorted, "I'm always like that around him. I just don't like James, Ab. You know this."

"Liar," Abbey commented, "This can take about ten minutes of your time, or it can take three hours. Besides, I said fidgety, not RUDE."

Lily frowned as she slouched her shoulders, "Abbey, please. Don - "

"Lily, I've let you get away with your little 'James Potter' conniptions since last year," Abbey smiled, "You are in need of venting to your bestfriend. Here I am, so . . . talk to me."

She smiled. What Abbey had just said, seemed to have lifted her spirits. "Do you promise you won't react to it ? Or tell anyone about it ?"

Abbey nodded, "Who do you think I am ?"

Lily bit her bottom lip, "Last year . . . before the holidays, me and James kinda . . kissed."

Abbey's eyes widened as she sat up, "What ?!"

"See, Ab ! This is exactly why I - "

"Lily ! He kissed you ?! "

"No," Lily said quietly, "It was me, who kissed him first. But I swear I didn't m - "

"WHAT ?!"

"Abigail Battier ! If you keep shouting, I am going to stuff socks down your throat when you're sleeping and I will never tell you anything ! Ever !"

Abbey seemed to have calmed down at her words, "Why didn't you tell me ?"

"Because," Lily began, sighing in the process, "I was confused. I, myself, didn't know what I had just done. Or why I even did it. I didn't know what came over me, why I was feeling the way I was feeling. But I couldn't tell you even if I didn't understand it."

Abbey got up and sat beside her bestfriend, "Lily, I can help you understand, that's what I'm here for. Duhh . ." she smiled, "But I can't believe you actually kissed James Potter ! Merlin, I am so going to keep this against you for the rest of your life."

Lily smiled.

"So what happened afterwards ?"

"I avoided him," Lily replied, "That's why we argued more than we used to. Because apparently, to him, 'I didn't care' about the situation between us. He was always trying to get me to explain to him. But I couldn't. Then, after I broke up with Marcus, I found him in the common room, and we talked. And we both agreed that things should be back to normal. So that's what happened."

Abbey flopped down on Lily's bed, "That's a big story, Lils. It's sooo romantic."

Lily chuckled, "Shutup Abbey. It is not."

Abbey shrugged, "Whatever. To me it is. So . . anything else you care to share ?"

Lily shook her head, "Anything you want to talk about ?"

"Hmm . . . actually yes. See, when I was in Italy, I spent most of my time with this guy. He was very, very, very, very good looking; our age. So we got to know each other more throughout the weeks and - "

"One day, you went to a pub downtown, got rather tipsy and yada yada yada, one thing lead to another. Have you forgotten that you attempted to tell me this story once before ? "

"Yes," Abbey nodded happily, "It's a rather good story; if you'd let me finish."

Lily laughed, "You're hopeless."

"Ahh, but not as hopeless as you and James," Abbey added, "You two are so perfect for each other."

"Excuse me ?" Lily raised a brow at her bestfriend, "You're mental. Me and James will never be together. Trust me."

"But YOU kissed HIM. So that has to count for something."

"It doesn't," Lily said. A part of her knew she was lying. "James and I will never be together. Never."

Abbey smiled then shrugged, "Never say never."

* * * *

"No, Potter. And I don't give a rat's ass about your male ego. Just get out of my way, I'm going to be late for class !" Lily groaned impatiently. This is weird, Lily thought. It was an odd feeling to know you had just kissed a boy, and the next minute you see him, everything was back to normal; like it never even happened.

"C'mon, Lily. One trip to Hogsmeade. That's all I ask," he begged, smiling cheekily. James liked the idea of things being back to normal. It felt better than having her avoid him every minute of every day, or having her yell at him for no reason at all.

"Never," she replied brushing the loose strands of red hair away from her face.

He frowned, "Never is a very long time away. Do you think you can resist me that long ?"

"Potter, I swear, if you don't move I'm going to hex you until you can't stand straight," she threatened.

"Ohh," He grinned mischievously, "I like it when girls get rough Lily. If you know what I mean."

"Piss off. Get out of my way, Potter !" Lily moved to the left, attempting to slide past him.

James blocked her way, "One date."

"No !"

"Just one!"

"No ! If you don't move, I swear on y - "

"Lily ! There you are. I've been looking everywhere for you, did you know that ?" Abbey said casually as she jogged up to them. She furred a brow as she looked back from James, then to Lily. She smiled, wiggling her eyebrows up and down. "Am I interrupting something ?"

James nodded, smiling, "Yes."

"No!" Lily answered grabbing Abbey's arm, and rushing past James.

"What was that about ?" Abbey asked as she looked back at the direction they had just came from.

"He tried asking me out to Hogsmeade," Lily replied, dropping Abbey's arm and sighing in annoyance.

Abbey ran a hand threw her brown locks and shrugged, "Did you say yes?"


"And why not?"

"Because Abbey," Lily exclaimed, but hesitated. "He's James Potter."

"So ? I'm the wonderful, tremendous, stupendous, Abigail Battier. Does that mean you don't want to be my bestfriend anymore ?"

"No ! Abbey, don't get me started on this right now. We're late."

"Fiiiine," Abbey agreed, "But I wasn't the one who caused us to be late to . . . what's our next subject ?"

"Ancient Runes, Ab."

"Right. I wasn't the one who caused us to be late to Ancient Runes, anyway. I blame you," Abbey said as she tended to her nails.

The pair arrived shortly outside the large wooden doors of their Ancient Runes classroom - the room that temporarily sheltered both Ravenclaw and Gryffindor houses.

"Are you sure you want to go in there ? Professor Beedrins is going to murder us," Abbey shivered at the thought of their teacher.

"Well, we can't skip class," said Lily, looking over at her friend, "That would be absolutely degrading. It's our first day back to term, how can we skip a class ? That's horrible. I can't believe I'm even thinking about it."

"You are a very odd witch Lily . . . " Abbey said, agahstly expression smacked on her face, "Skipping class isn't degrading. It's fun. Besides, would you want to be embarrassed out of your mind in front of more than thirty people in there, or would you rather go sit by the lake and talk about how much you love James Potter ? "

Lily turned to look at Abbey, "I'd rather. Be. In. Class."

"Fine . . . James Potter loverrr," Abbey whispered before Lily opened the door to the classroom.

The class went by slow, and very boringly. Lily made her way to the back of the classroom and found Abbey slumped over her desk, her eyes closed and her breathing, heavy.

"Abbey, wake up," Lily said, shaking her friend slightly.

"What ? Who painted the kitten ?" Abbey lifted her head from her desk and yawned, "Lily ? Where are we ?"

"Class, Ab," Lily acknowledged, "It's lunch."

This seemed to have gotten her attention; she sat up and stretched, "Lunch ? Oh . . . Allright. Well, I'm going to head up to the common room and get some sleep. Come get me when you're done your lunch ?"

"Sure," Lily nodded and began walking out of the classroom, "See you later then."

She padded down the corridors, passing the babbling cliques of students who gathered in the hallways. She heard a few 'James Potter' and 'Sirius Black', and a little bit of 'Remus Lupin' while she sauntered past the younger students - the younger female students. Lily rolled her eyes; this must've been the effects of the newly made fanclubs. If they only know what the Marauder's were really like. Or rather, James Potter.

Lily didn't know much about Sirius. Only that he was wanted in every year, and possibly in every gender. He had gone through and dated almost all of Hogwarts' female population of students. Which was why she didn't socialize with him. She'd be guilty of treating another human being like she treated - well, James Potter. And that wouldn't do any good to her conscience.

Remus Lupin was the actual brains and maturity of the Marauder's. He and Peter were the innocent ones. Though Remus had his share of girls, he always took them seriously, and they always lasted more than a few months. Not like those other two brutes. For Potter and Black, a good five days is a good enough relationship for them, thought Lily idly to herself. Then there was Peter, who didn't do much socializing; except with his three friends.

Lily smiled slightly, stopping abruptly at the entrance on the Great Hall. The ceiling was a gorgeous, light blue and wispy, puffy clouds were scattered along the 'sky'. The Great Hall was certainly one of Lily's favorite places in Hogwarts.

"What you smilin` at?" asked a familiar voice from behind.

Lily frowned, then rolled her eyes, "Nothing, Potter."

He shrugged and stood beside her, looking into the Hall; just as she was.

She groaned, "What do you want?"

"Nothing." He replied. "Well . . . there is one thing."

"No," Lily replied, almost automatically, "No dates. Ever. Not tomorrow, not next week, not this year, not next year. Never."

James smirked, "Actually, I was going to ask you if you knew where Sirius and Abbey were. I need to tell them I'm going to hold tryouts tonight, after classes."

She turned towards him, "I don't know where your little buddy Sirius is. And if I do see Abbey, I'll tell her. Now, anything else?"

"Yea," he nodded, "Come with me to Hogsmeade on the next trip? On - you know - one of those little things people like to call dates?"

She clenched her jaw, quickly walking past him and away from the Great Hall. She couldn't say she was angry, or frustrated, or even annoyed. Actually, Lily was relieved to have him asking her out again, and she was relieved to be rejecting him. As stupid as it may have sounded; this was good. She and James had actually agreed on one thing; and it actually worked.

Lily didn't exactly know where she was headed - besides, she had just rushed out of the Great Hall, a minute after she had entered it - but eventually, she found herself walking into the library.

Meanwhile, as Lily wandered around Hogwarts' collection of books, James wandered around the groups of girls that settled in the corridors. He smiled decently as they chatted with him.

"C'mon Jamsie," said a girl with jet black, shoulder length hair, as she smiled cheekily at him, "We can go to Hogsmeade on the next trip. Then maybe we can visit the shack. Some time to ourselves."

James smiled; he didn't even know this girl existed, or her name, for that matter. And she was asking him to go out with her - to the shack too. Sure, he was flattered; but ever since fourth year, ever since James knew what he felt for Lily were actually real feelings, he hadn't really gone out on a real date - the ones Sirius made him go on . . . well, they weren't real to him. The definition of real to James was when you could actually have fun, and feel a kind of attraction to the person. A special attraction.

Lily was that special attraction. She wasn't like most girls. She didn't give herself up like they would. She was his challenge; and whatever challenge was thrown at him, he'd always overcome. Whatever it took.

"Sorry," he replied, still smiling, "Maybe some other time."

This time, a different girl spoke, "Please don't tell us that you're still into that Lily girl." She had straight, brown hair and wore thick glasses.

James looked at her and shook his head, pushing past them and walking away. It was one thing that they'd throw themselves at him like he was all that mattered in their lives; but it was a whole different thing when they talked about Lily like she was a thing and not a person.

"James ! Hey Prongs !" Called a voice from down the corridor.

James turned around as he stopped walking; it was Remus. "What's the rush Remus ?"

Remus jogged up to him, holding a piece of parchment in his hand then handing it to James, "McGonagall told me to give this to you. It's a quidditch schedule. She said you need to start tryouts before Gryffindor's first game against Slytherin."

"Slytherin?" James groaned, "That's going to be one brutal first game."

Remus nodded but smiled, "You can handle it. Anyway, I'm on my way to the study hall, care to come ?"

James shook his head, "Yeah right Moony. The day you see me studying in the study hall is the day you know the world has ended," he smirked, "See you later."

Remus grinned and walked off.

* * * *

Abbey moaned, "Well you don't understand what I have to sacrifice in order too be on the quid . . ."

Abbey cut her sentence short as she and Lily stopped abruptly at the end of the staircase. The sight before them was - interesting.

"Umm . . . Excuse me, Potter . . . where's your shirt?" Lily asked slowly as she watched the half naked boy run around the common room.

Abbey nodded as they both watched James stop what he was doing, "And your trousers?"

Lily and Abbey had just woken up after their first day of the term. And waking up to a half naked, well toned, male body, was quite a sight to wake up to.

James grinned nervously as he looked up at the two dumbfounded girls. "Well - you see . . " he ran his fingers through his scruffy black hair, "I woke up early this morning so I could hold more tryouts for the team, apparently to Sirius I was making to much noise so he 'teleported' my clothes somewhere and when I asked where he said down here in the common room so when I came down here I didn't think anyone was going to be awake so that's why I rushed down before anyone could see me . . . well, like this - because this is how I usually sleep," he pointed out his shorts and socks, then added, "And I swear I didn't know you two would be awake this early."

Lily raised a brow, "Are you really that thick? - Sirius can't 'teleport' all of your clothes down to the common room. He had probably just hid them under your bed."

James' eyes widened, "I . . . isn't it just a lovely evening - er - morning ladies ? Abbey, I'll see you at tryouts. Find you later Evans."

With that, he rushed past the two girls, and up the stairs.

Abbey laughed hysterically once James was out of sight, "Well, I am now fully awake."

Lily rolled her eyes, "That was completely stupid of him. I mean - teleport ? Is he serious ?"

"No," Abbey shook her head and plopped down on one of the sofas, "Sirius, is the one who's serious about teleporting things."

Lily furred a brow and took a seat next to her friend, "Right . ."

"Anyway, did you see him ? I mean seriously Lily - once you two start dating, you have to sneak me pictures of his b - "

"We're not going to start dating."

"Why not?"

"Because we just aren't Abbey. So don't get me started on this subject," Lily said.

Abbey shrugged, "He likes you. You like him. You two are perfect for each other. Who knows, maybe you two can even get married. And have beautiful children. Won't your kids look just absolutely adorable ? What would you name them ?"

Lily sighed exasperatedly, "Sometimes, you are so hard to be around."

"Yes, you've said that to me many times before," replied Abbey, "But answer my question. What would you name your kid? Or kids? What if it was a boy?"

"Abbey! I'm not gonna say . . "

Abbey smirked, "Because you know you like him, and that you two will get married and have ki - "

"No! Because it's never gonna happen, that's why," Lily said, "And no, I don't like James Potter."

"Look at me and swear on my grave that you don't like James Potter," Abbey turned Lily's head so they were looking directly at each other, "Say it."

"Right now, I don't like James Potter," she said.

"No. Without the 'right now'. Just say that you don't like James Potter."

Lily looked away, "I don't like James Potter."

Abbey laughed and patted Lily on the back, "I told you, you like him."

Lily glared at Abbey, "I don't."

"Oh, but you do my friend. You do."

Lily played nervously with her fingers. She hated this thing about Abbey; but loved it all the same. She always saw right through Lily and saw what Lily couldn't. Around Abbey, Lily had flaws, and she wasn't perfect; she was different through Abbey's eyes. Not just the ideal student, but different. But was it true ? Lily couldn't like James. Maybe she'd like him as a friend. Yeah, as a friend. Nothing more. But even so, James and Lily weren't even friends. Rivals ? Comrades ? Enemies ? She didn't even know.

"I don't like him like that, Abbey," Lily replied quietly. "I don't even know what James is to me. He's not my enemy - at least I think he's not. He's not my rival; because I don't compete against him. And I don't even think we're friends."

Abbey grinned, "You've got the love bug, Lily. Or puppy love, at least."

Lily looked at Abbey with her mouth wide open, "You make the weirdest accusations."

She seemed to have ignored Lily's comment. "When you don't know where you stand with someone that you think you like and it's driving you insane, I call that the love - or the puppy love - bug. It's really simple how these things work. You just have to admit to yourself that you are. I know it's easier said than done, but if you want to be sane, just admit it."

Lily nodded. But what was she suppose to admit ? That she liked James ? Or that she loved James ?


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Chapter 9: Life, Change, Hate, and a Truce . . .
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Chapter Nine

"That was the most pointless tryout ever."

Lily smiled at Abbey's lament, "Well, at least you made the team."

"Well, at least you made the team," Abbey mimicked Lily playfully. "No one else tried out for being keeper, it was probably safe to say that I did, in fact, make the team before tryouts had ever started. I don't know why James made me do all that work."

Lily shook her head, grinning nonetheless.

"But," Abbey linked her arm through Lily's, "I bet you enjoyed watching your future lover run around the common room, half naked, this morning, didn't you?"

"Abigail Battier," Lily warned, "If you make another joke about James Potter and I, ever again, I will . . . hurt you."

Abbey raised her arms up in defence as they walked down the corridor, "But I wasn't even joking about it. Actually, I think most of what comes out of my mouth is one - hundred percent truth . . . Lily loves James. See?"

"Ha. Ha," said Lily sarcastically. "Look, I don't know what you have with this little obsession about Potter and I being a couple, but you're going to have to get over it, Ab. It's not going to happen."

"You've been saying that since we were eleven, but you kissed him. So you can't blame me for seeing something my bestfriend can't."

Lily groaned, "Don't mention kissing him ever again, Ab. Do you know how hard that was just to sort things out? I mean - it was not suppose to happen."

"Oh ye`?" Abbey grabbed her bestfriend by her shoulders, causing the two to an abrupt stop in the middle of the hall. "Lily, you're can't sit here and play a god and say what's suppose to happen, and what's not suppose to happen. It either happens or it doesn't. You're not the one who makes those decisions. Life is about change, and taking risks. So do your bestfriend the biggest favor in the world . . . live life, and don't spend what you have wondering what might have been."

Lily stared incredulously at her friend, then out the nearest window as Abbey let her shoulders go.

"Ab? Where are you going!?" Lily cried in disbelief as she watched her friend quickly walk away.

"Just think about what I said, hon! I'm just going to go meet someone for a little, but if you do happen to see James, tell him I hate him for tryouts today!" She yelled back in response, "See you at dinner!"

Lily smiled faintly as Abbey's figure faded in the distance. She took a long, exasperated sigh. Just as things were starting to get normal, Abbey, had to make her life more difficult. So many questions she never even thought of answering. Like or love? Live life or reject change? And one that Lily put in on her own; talk to James or not talk to James?

* * * *

"Er - Potter?"

James sighed, he was relaxing peacfully on the edge of the lake, and someone just HAD to ruin it. He opened up his right eye, only to find himself looking directly below Lily Evans. This time, both of his eyes shot open.

"What are you doing?" She asked. "Aren't you suppose to be somewhere?"

Merlin, what am I doing, Lily thought to herself.

James leaned up on his two elbows, squinting at the brightness of the sun. He was still amazed at how nicely Lily had approached him. "Be somewhere?" He smiled, "I don't always have to be somewhere, Evans. I'm normal, I like to have some me time. Why? You think I have somewhere to be?"

Lily cleared her throat, "Well I'd thought that you'd be off on many of your famous escapades with your Marauder buddies." She looked down at him, almost apologetically, "Guess I was wrong."

He shrugged, was this really happening? Lily hadn't even wanted to have a decent conversation with him since last year. "You can't always be right."

Lily's expression changed almost immediately, "Excuse me? And what is that suppose to mean?"

James sensed her change in mood, "No, no, Evans. I didn't mean it like that. I just meant that - "

"That I'm stupid?" She acknowledged, cutting him off.

"No! No, Lily, you're brilliant. Wonderful, genius ! Fantastic !"

Lily couldn't help but crack a smile from the ends of her mouth. He was so desperate; and it amused her. Not in a bad way, in more of a flattered kind of way. "Uhm, well, thank you."

"I said I you weren't stupid, Ev - wait, what?" He looked up at her; this wasn't real.

"I think we need to talk," Lily said, sitting down beside him. Was she really going to do this? "Look, Potter, I - er - I know that I've been treating you completely horrid these past few weeks that we've been back in school, and I know that you're going to say that it doesn't matter, and that everything can go back to normal, but I don't believe that. Ever since . . . fifth year, I knew that nothing could really go back to normal, for me, anyway. And I know that that . . . kiss, mattered to you, and in a way, it mattered to me. So, I just want to call this a truce."

"A truce?" James raised a brow. "Really?"

Lily took a breath in, "Really."

"You're not lying are you? Because I happen to be a very emotional guy, and I can't be lied too with things like this." James stared; she had to be joking.

She chuckled, "I'm not lying. I've had a very long time to think about this, and very pushy people pushing me to think about this, so I'm pretty sure that I'm calling it a truce. It could make things better for the both sides, right?"

James blinked. "Can we . . . just let James process this for a minute?"

Lily smiled.

"Okayy . . well then, so a truce, eh?"

Lily nodded, "A truce."

"No jokes?"


"And that means I can talk to you?"

"Uh - yeah, why not. Just one thing; don't ask me anything that you already know I don't want to do."

James nodded, then beamed, "Fair enough. So . . . this means we're almost like - friends?"

Friends? Lily nodded. It sounded good. It felt right. Friends; nothing more. It was a good plan. She smiled and looked down at her sneakers, this actually felt pretty good. She wouldn't have to worry about avoiding him anymore, or hurting his feelings; instead, they could be friends. Lily Evans and James Potter, friends? Sounded just right.

"Oh," Lily added playfully, almost forgetting, "Abbey hates you."


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Chapter 10: New Friends . . .
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Chapter Ten

"I'll see you later then."

James watched as Lily walked away. It wasn't until she turned the corner and dissappeared from his sight, that he snapped back to reality. A bright smile played slowly on his face; realizing that he and Lily were actually friends. He needed to tell someone.

He jogged down an empty corridor and looked around before knocking a tune on a big wooden door. James mentally counted the seconds in his head; 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 . . .

"Yes James?" Sirius asked in a somewhat annoyed tone as his head popped out from behind the door.

James smirked at his friends' messy - haired, halfway unbuttoned stature, "Who've you got in there this time?"

"In here?" Sirius looked over his shoulder, then back at James, "No one."

"Ha. Ha. Funny. You're only in this room when you're sucking face with some girl. You even taught me the 'secret knock' to use when I think you're in there, and to wait approximately five seconds before actually opening the door, otherwise, waiting for you to swing it open," James smiled, "So did she come on her own will ? Or did you have to use magic again ?"

Sirius grinned, "I'll have you know Prongs, that the female species are naturally attracted to me."

A loud yelp of laughter sounded from inside. James raised a brow curiously.

"She sounds fimiliar."

Sirius leaned against the doorframe, and pulled the door close to him so that James wasn't able to see inside, "Really ? Well, I don't think you know her."

James looked at Sirius and shook his head, "I need to tell you something."

"Is it important ?"


"So important that you need to tell me right now, this very minute ?"

"Oh yeah."

Sirius smiled, "Do tell, my friend."

"Okay well, you know how I like to have some me - time down by the lake ?" James began as he watched his bestfriend nod his head, "Lily came to sit beside me, and she apologized and asked for a truce."

Sirius' mouth propped wide open.

James heard a loud thump come from inside the room and the sound of footsteps approaching the door. Sirius was jerked back, and 'the girl' stood in his place; she looked at James in surprise, "She did what?!"


Abbey's eyes widened as realization slowly washed over her. She took in a breath then smiled, "Whoops . . . er - Sir, I think I just blew our cover."

The door creaked open and Sirius appeared, at Abbey's side. He scratched the back of his head, "Yes, Abbey. I think you did."

James pointed to the couple and opened his mouth to say something, but no words came out. He blinked, then laughed. "This is a joke, right ? It's either a joke, or today has been a dream - someone, please, pinch me."

Abbey shrugged, "My pleasure," she grabbed a chunk of the skin on his arm, and pinched.

"Ow," James yanked back his arm, "Merlin - fine, this isn't a dream." He looked over at Sirius, who now had his arm around Abbey's shoulder; James grinned, "Going for the ones who actually have a peice of mind now, eh Padfoot ?"

Sirius smiled, "If you think she has a peice of mind, then sure, I guess I am."

Abbey punched him playfully in the arm.

"So . . . " James asked, "Why didn't I know about this ?"

Abbey looked up at Sirius as he shrugged, "Not so sure, actually."

"But we have been thinking about going public with this for some time now," Abbey finished.

James raised a brow, "And how long has that been ?"

"The whole time we were together, I guess," she replied.

"And how long is that ?"

"Since fifth year," Sirius answered casually.

"Christmas - fifth year," Abbey piped in happily.

James looked at the two of them, completely dumbfounded. Okay, so it was understandable about the two being together, but since fifth year's Christmas ? Lily asking for peace was more than enough for James to handle in one day. But to find out that his bestfriend was dating Lily's bestfriend for almost a year . . . well it was difficult to process in a mere two hours.

"James ? `Elloooo . . . " Abbey snickered as she waved a hand infront of his face.

Sirius chuckled, "I think this truce he speaks of, and his bestfriend not telling him that he's been dating the love of his life's bestfriend for almost a year, is way too much for old Prongs here to manage."

James blinked hard, "Yes . . . well, congratulations to you two," he said in almost a question. "And yes . . . I guess me and Lily are friends . . . wow, did I really just say Lily, I, and friends in the same sentence ?"

"I think you did mate," Sirius smiled sheepishly.

"Oww . . . I need to find Lily," Abbey said happily.

Sirius frowned, "What about me ?"

She raised a brow, "What about you ?"

"Well aren't we going to spend time together . . . in there ?" He looked at the wooden doors, then at Abbey, waggling his eyebrows up and down.

James grunted. Yes, this was definately going to need some getting use to.

"No," Abbey said plainly as she walked out of Sirius' arms, "I, am going to see Lily."

"I really dislike you right now," Sirius pouted as he watched Abbey walk away.

"Oh no you don't, you love me," she called back at him.

"Yes, I know ! I was just saying I dislike you so you could stay here with me ! But it obviously didn't work ! Get with the program darling !" Sirius yelled.

James watched as Abbey winked and waved goodbye to the two boys. He turned towards Sirius once Abbey was out of sight, "Honestly Padfoot, it's just really weird to hear that you've been with a girl for more than a week. Or rather, three days. Three whole days."

Sirius shrugged, a bright smile was smacked on his face, "She's different."

James looked at Sirius as a smile smirk crawled upon his face, "Has my dearest Padfoot thrown his heartthrob personality to the gallows and finally fall in love ?"

Sirius furred a brow, "What's this talk about gallows, Prongs ? I mean seriously - that little truce must've screwed up that crazy mind of yours."

James laughed, "Well . . . let's just say, I've made a new friend. And I'm happy."

Sirius smiled, but quickly pressed his lips together, "This is getting awfully touchy . . . and really, really, awkward. I think I'm sleeping in the common room tonight."


Author's Note ; OKAY ! well, i hoped you loved it. and yes, I decided to make Abbey and Sirius' announcment public sooner rather than later, only because i have bigger and better plans, that have been recently bestowed upon my tiny mind. ;) and yes, this chapter i really kinda loved it. it puts emphasis on James' and Sirius' friendship, and of course, Abbey and Sirius' relationship. =D well, i was excited to write it, hope you're just as excited to read it. =) oh yes, and i'm on vacation. for another week. see, what my family is doing is bringing the kids (yes, i'm considered a kid, even though I am 15) back and forth from one relatives' house to the other's; and back and forth and back and forth. so i WILL be writing, but won't be posting for another week. ;) thanks for the patience guys. oh ! and thanks for the lovely reviews on the previous chapter !!

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Chapter 11: Crystal Clear . . .
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[ read "ALERT" at end of chapter PLEASE ! ]
Chapter Eleven

Lily shrugged, then smiled, "You were the one pushing me to do something, Ab. I don't know why this is such a big surprise to you."

Abbey chuckled and flung herself carelessly on Lily's bed, "Well, for one, I didn't actually think you'd do anything. Well, I knew you'd do something, but it's not like you to act so . . . quickly. You always take some months, or even years to think something through."

Lily eyed her friend carefully.

"You're brilliant, that's a fact, but I think it's hard for you to realize what you don't want to hear," she shrugged, "Like how much you like James, for example."

"Ab - "

"Okay, okay, I won't start !" Abbey sat up, and threw her hands up in mock defeat. "But since we're on the subject of sharing. Or relationships, for that matter, I have something to tell you."

Abbey's tone caught Lily's attention; she was serious, but happy at the same time. She crossed her arms and leaned on the bedpost.

"I have a boyfriend," Abbey confessed brightly.

Lily snorted, "That's nothing new, Ab. Don't you have a boyfriend almost, oh I don't know, every week ?"

Abbey grinned, "It's Sirius."

"Serious ? You mean like . . . a week and a whole hour ?" Lily said, clearly amused.

"Noo," came the reply, "His name is Sirius. Sirius Black."

Lily gasped slightly, "What ?!"

"Ye` I know, kinda unexpected right ?" Abbey smiled buoyantly, "We've been together for almost a year, and he - "

Lily gasped again, "Almost a . . . year?!"

"Yes, and he was the 'boy in Italy'. I actually invited him to come with me. Vicktor approved. Mother and father had no idea he was with me. But what does it matter, right ? Parents will be parents," Abbey's raised a brow, "I should've told James that he came to Italy; that would've explained why Sirius never owled him. Oh, and sorry, but I did happen to tell James before you."

"He . . . Italy ?!" Lily almost yelled, "You told James ?!"

"Yes ! Merlin, Lily - have you not been listening to anything I've been saying ?"

Lily blinked, then gapped at her bestfriend, "You're not joking, are you ?"

Abbey shook her head, "Afraid not."

The red head rushed to her friends side, "And you didn't tell me ! A year ! Abbey ! A year !"

"Almost a year. Besides, you didn't exactly tell me about your little escapade with James the next morning, now did you ?" Abbey smiled, "Exactly. So now, we're square."

Lily rolled her eyes, she wasn't angry, she knew Abbey was right. "Fine. But starting now, you tell me everything. Everything."


"Yes - No, not everything. Not your . . . details. Just . . . everything ! You know what I mean, Ab."

Abbey chortled, "Yes, yes, everything. So let's start. Do you love James Potter ?"

Lily groaned.

"You said everything. And I believe that you, my dear, are not telling me everything about you and mister Potter. There's something much more than friends. More than just friends, maybe you two, are in fact, secret lovers," Abbey smiled.

"No, Abbey, we are not secret lovers. We're friends. And I'm perfectly content with that."

"Ahh, you're content. But you're not happy. Why is that ?"

She thought for a second. She was happy with being friends with him, wasn't she ? Lily didn't exactly think highly of James Potter, but something always told her that he deserved to be treated with a little bit of dignity. In the end, Lily didn't even answer Abbey's question.

* * * *

The news about Sirius' and Abbey's 'new' relationship went travelling throughout the school, and in approximately less than twenty - four hours, almost all the students knew. Not because their closest friends had told everyone, but because they, inconsideratley, displayed high amounts of . . . love, in public.

"Sir, you can't just say you're going to the washroom and in the end not even go."

They - James, Sirius, Abbey, Lily, Remus, Peter, and Korin - were all gathered in the common room. Just talking. Now that everyone was friends, or more than friends, they could all just . . . hang out; with no fights, or problems.

Sirius looked down at his girlfriend, whose head was rested comfortably in his lap, "Why not ?"

Abbey shrugged, "Because you just can't."

"But why ?"

"You just can't Sirius ! It's a rule."

"But why have i never heard of this rule until now ?"

"Because, it's an official, unwritten rule."

"How can it be a rule and not be written down ?"

"It's just like those rules where you can't just date your bestfriend's ex," Abbey shrugged again.

"That's a rule ?"

James laughed and looked at the others, "See, this is why we're not suppose to associate with their kind. They make us look bad."

Lily smiled, "I agree."

Korin raised her glass of pumpkin juice in the air, "Agreed."

"Agreed," said Remus and Peter in unision.

Lily laughed, "Looks like you two aren't liked very much."

Sirius smirked, "Actually, I think we are very much liked. And I think we do, in fact, make you five look very good. I mean - with our social standings compared to yours . . . I'd say being friends with us is a blessing. You should really thank Merlin for that one."

Abbey sat up and smiled, "Agreed !"

They all laughed.

It was like that for some time. Just sitting, laughing, having fun. Korin and Remus had come out with the announcement that they had once gone on a date last year; which explained why they were so distant. And since then, they'd been awfully close, but never had they gotten together. Peter had said that he made new friends, which was, in fact, a big deal to him. It seemed like everyone was happy.

Except Lily. She was content. Not happy. Just content; and what upset her the most was that she knew her "only content" state involved James.

James too felt just content. Like everyone was blossoming and he was left to wither, and soon, die. He knew why. He was waiting. Waiting for what ? It wasn't a what, it was a who. He was waiting for Lily. He took a quick glance at her as she laughed at what Abbey was saying. Was he wasting his time ? Maybe all she really wanted was to just be friends. Maybe he had no reason to wait for her. They were friends; why couldn't that be enough ?

James' train of thought broke as a pillow roughly hit has face, causing his glasses to go askew, "Ow ! What was that for ?"

Abbey sat on the couch laughing, her legs propped on top of Sirius'. "You haven't said anything, and you've been staring into space since forever."

Lily looked at him, "She's right you know."

James looked at her, then quickly back at the others, "I was just thinking about quidditch." He lied.

"Why ? Our first game is next month. There's no pressure yet, Prongs," Sirius replied. He knew James was lying.

James smiled tightly, "Next month is in a week Padfoot."

"You really shouldn't worry James," Remus said, taking a sip of Korin's pumpkin juice, "You have a great team."

James nodded, "Ye`, you're right, I really shouldn't worry . . . "

Little did everyone know, James wasn't talking about quidditch.

* * * *

"James ?"

"Oh," James said in an uncomfortable tone, "Hi Lily."

"Are you allright ? " Lily asked worriedly. He was looking around the courtyard almost . . . nervously. "You seem kind of . . . tense."

James looked at her, and shrugged attempting to act casual, "Yeah, I'm fine. No problems here."

"Okay," Lily nodded, still not completely convinced, "So what are you doing out here anyways ? You're dressed like your ready to go out."

She observed him. He was wearing a pair of jeans and a blue, button up shirt. It was a school day, and Lily was used to seeing everyone in school robes; even if it was the end of classes.

"Oh . . . well - "

"James ?" Called a voice from behind the duo.

Lily raised a brow, "Ivy ?"

"Oh. It's you," she turned to James, flicking her black hair over her shoulder, "Please don't tell me you invited her on our date."

Lily's knees almost went weak, "Your date ?"

James swallowed, "Uh . . yeah. We're going on a - "

"Yes, James and I are going out on a date. You do know what those are, right ? Afterall, you did have . . . one, boyfriend. Or am I going to have to explain to you what a date is ?" Ivy said, cutting James' sentence short, "Or do you understand what's going on ?"

Lily blinked. She clenched a fist. She was angry. She didn't know why. She was able to tolerate Ivy for six school years, why was she such a bother now ?

"Oh, I understand perfectly. It's crystal clear," She wasn't looking at Ivy, instead, she was looking directly at James. She turned on her heel, and ignored James calling for her.

This time, when she got to the common room, it didn't take her long to figure out what had just happened; why she was feeling the way she was. It wasn't like before, this time was different. She could admit it now. She was jealous, and hurt. Jealous of Ivy, and hurt because . . . well, because James wasn't suppose to date someone else. But why not ? He had a life, she wasn't his girlfriend. He wasn't her boyfriend. He wasn't cheating on her. But why did it feel like he was ?


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Chapter 12: Running Scared . . .
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Chapter Twelve

"Oye, Prongs ! You have to come see . . . this," an excited Sirius Black quickly changfed his expression as he looked upon his bestfriends' face. "Looks like you just lost the quidditch game of the year."

James sat up on the headboard of his bed, "Lily caught me."

Sirius raised a brow and leaned against the doorframe, "Caught you ? Doing what ?"

"Going out with Ivy."

Sirius smirked, "And here I thought she caught you doing something . . . else."

"I'm serious, Padfoot."

"Oh yeah ? Well then who the hell am I ?" Sirius joked as a small smile played slowly on his face.

"Sirius, I'm not joking," James said in an exasperated tone, "She saw me leaving with Ivy after class."

"Did you actually end up going out with Ivy ?"

"No, after Lily saw us, I told Ivy that the date was off."

"Well what does it matter ? I thought you two were just friends ? If she saw you with another girl, she shouldn't have gotten angry, right ?"

James groaned, "But that's the thing - she was angry !"

Sirius furrowed a brow, "But you didn't even leave with Ivy."

"Lily saw us before I told Ivy that the date was off," James groaned again.

"Are you sure Lily was mad ?"

He looked over at Sirius, "I think I should know when she gets mad, Padfoot. I mean - she acted as if I cheated on her. Cheated. If Lily and I had ever gotten together, would you please do me a favor, and inform me immediately."

Sirius shrugged, "Can't say that you have."

"Then why the hell is this so confusing ?!"

"Well, maybe, just maybe because you're dating other girls when you know you like Lily." Sirius said in an almost sarcastic tone.

"But Lily doesn't like me, I'm wasting my time."

"She doesn't like you ? Oh really ? . . . well if she so happens to 'not like you' - then why did she get mad over seeing you with another girl ?"

James thought. In all truth, he didn't know.

"And why, if she doesn't like you, did she ask for your forgiveness and for you two to be friends when she was the one who hated you the most out of every living creature in this school ?"

James ruffled his hair - he hated being confused.

"See," Sirius began as he walked more into the dormitory, "my theory is; that both of you are too caught up in the reality of being together that you are both to blind to see that you like each other. So you both need to converse, communicate, talk."

James snorted at Sirius' . . . seriousness, "Who'd you steal that line from ?"

"I have no idea what on earth you're talking about," Sirius said, attempting to speak in his girliest voice possible.

"Remus, right?"

"Wrong," Sirius smirked, "Abbey. She's very opinionated."

James smiled as he nodded.

But was it true ? Was James blind when it came to Lily ? Maybe. But he didn't know, when it came to Lily, he never really did know.

"So if we're done here," Sirius said, beginning to walk backwards out of the dorm with his hands behind his back, "there happens to be a sixth year Slytherin tap dancing around the school in McGonagall's shoes. That is something that I cannot miss."

* * * *

"Lily, wait !"

Lily clenched her jaw and quickened her pace. She didn't feel like being anywhere near James right now. "No, Potter."

"Lily, please !" He grabbed her arm, causing her to stop in her tracks. "Can we please talk ?"

"I'm on my way to dinner, Potter." Lily replied coldly as she pulled her arm away from his grasp, "So no, we can't talk."

She knew why she was angry, and she knew that she was wrong for being angry. But that didn't stop Lily from hating James any less than she did two minutes ago. She was human, she had emotions and feelings. Just like everybody else. But was it right - to be angry at James for something that she shouldn't be angry about ?

"Lily," he grabbed her arm again before she could walk away, "Don't you think dinner can wait ?"

She glared, "I'm hungry. No, I'm starving. Actually, I'm famished. So if you'd be so kind to let go of my arm and leave me alone, it would be deeply appreciated."

"We need to talk."

"We have nothing to talk about."

"Yes, we do."

Lily moved her arm around, trying to loosen his grip, "No, we don't."

"Why can't we just talk for five minutes ! All I'm asking for is for five short minutes."

"We have nothing to discuss ! Now would you please let go of my arm !"

"We do have something we need to discuss, Lily. And you know it too."

"I said it once, and I will say it again, Potter. We. Have. NOTHING ! To. Talk. About !"

Fine, if she didn't want to cooperate, that was fine. Just because she didn't want to talk, that wasn't going to stop James from saying what he had to say, "Why are you so afraid ?"

Lily raised a brow, "Excuse me ?"

James ignored her response and continued, "Everytime we get this much closer," he said while pinching his fingers together, "you run away. We kiss, you ignore the whole situation and go back to being the number one James Potter hater in Hogwarts. Then, when we finally become friends, you turn away because - because I went out with another girl !"

"I'm not running from anyth -"

"Yes, you are, Lily !" James threw his arms in the air, letting go of Lily. This time, she didn't turn away. "You're running because you're afraid. Afraid of the truth."

"The truth ? Look James, you are - "

"The truth that you know you like me just as much as I like you."

Lily refused to accept that he was right. "You self - centered son of a - "

"This isn't about me, Evans. This has never been about me. You run from the truth because it goes against everything you've ever known or believed about me."

She stared.

"You're afraid because you know there's a part of you that wants to be with me too."

Lily had never been so . . . stunned before in her life. Maybe the time that she kissed James; but this time, it was different. It was like she was looking at her life in whole different point of view. James' point of view. And the scarey thing was, that his perspective was much, much clearer than her own.

"I like you Lily. I like you, and you know that. Ever since we were eleven, every date I went on, I wished the person was you. No one ever measured up to you, and all you did was push me away. And all I keep doing is going after you, but you push me even further. But I'm tired of doing that. I'm tired of waiting for someone who doesn't want to even look me in the eye," James ruffled his hair, "So I need the truth, now. Because I can't keep being led on, and then shut down for the rest of my life. Am I right - are you just running ? Or am I just saying these things because it's what I want to hear ?"

This was it. Lily's moment of truth. She didn't even need to think about how she was going to answer James because she already knew what she wanted to say.

She looked up at him, not taking her peircing green eyes off of his, "You're not just saying these things James. Because you're right. Everything you just said about me, the running, being afraid of the truth, you're absolutely right."


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Chapter 13: First Time . . .
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Chapter Thirteen

James stared; looking for some sort of lie in Lily's truth. If she was lying - why bother even talking to her ? But if she wasn't . . .

"You're right." Lily repeated, keeping her eyes on his. "There's so much more to this than lies, than running, than assumptions - and it's confusing me. I'm not used to drastic changes. You and me, friends, or possibly more than that, I don't know if I can process that without hurting other people."

Was she really going to do this ? Was she going to let the trapped Lily inside of her finally show some skin ?

"If you know me as well as you do, James, then you probably know that I'm not going to forget this, and everything between us won't just be okay. There's so much tension there that it's . . . completely unbearable."

He nodded unsure of what to say. He had done all the talking, now she had completely shut him up.

"You understand, right ?" Lily asked hopefully. She didn't want this awkwardness to last any longer than it already had.

He nodded again.

She exhaled deeply, "So . . . what do we do now ?"

James spoke, ready to talk, "How `bout we forget planning about what's going to come next ?" He suggested. Whenever it came to what was coming next, it didn't exactly go as planned. "Everytime we agree on something that we think is right, it turns out to be wrong."

Lily looked down at her feet. She was probably the one to blame. Forcing James to chase after her when she knew how he felt, and then rejecting him time and time again.

"I mean, can't we just wait to see what happens ? Just relax to see what comes next ?" He smiled slightly, attempting to lighten the depressing mood. "We shouldn't be saying what's going to happen next when we don't even know. For all we know, you could possibly fail in Potions class."

He winked at her as she chuckled.

"Well, then. I'll make Potions my number one priority from now on. Just to prove you wrong." She smiled. And he smiled back.

This was definately going to need some getting used too . . . again.

* * * *

"It's pure fact, Lily. I don't know how you two have managed to not be together through this whole ordeal. I mean come on - jump each others' bones already !"

"Abbey, I don't want to like him like that . . . I can't." Lily sighed as she plopped down next to Abbey on her four poster bed.

"You're always saying you can't," Abbey leaned up on her elbows, "but the truth is, that you can. Lily there is no rules when it comes to wanting to be with someone."

"But he's not for me ! I can't picture myself with him . . ."

"Oh Lily, come onnnnn ! Do you think I could picture myself with all my other past relationships ? I mean, Corey Culty ? The jerk muscle with no neck, or brains ?"

Lily chuckled, remembering how much bigger Corey's muscles were to Abbey's head.

"I certainly didn't see myself in twenty years with that peice of dung. But I'm still young ! If I don't open up, then how will I know who's right for me, and who's not. Correct ?"

Lily sighed, and then nodded.

"Let's take . . . Marcus, for example. Why did you like him ?"

"Because he was smart, considerate, caring, mature . . ."

"And you could certainly see yourself with a man of that genre, right ?"

"Yes . . ."

"So why can't James be like that ? He may not show it, but he can be that type of guy. For all we know, Mister James Potter may be the most smartest, considerat-est, caring-est, maturest, guy in this school."

Lily snorted, "I highly doubt that."

Abbey smirked, "See, that's why, you don't know until you try. Take it like this - boys are like dresses, you don't know if they really fit until you try them on."

"But . . . "

"But what ? You don't want to try James on ?"

"Yes - I mean, no. I dont," Lily groaned and put her hands to her face, "It's just the fact that I've been labelled as the girl that hates James Potter. And to just switch everything upside down and be the girl who wants to date James Potter . . . it's a big change, Ab. And I don't think I'm ready for that kind of drastic change. And besides, what would everyone think of me if I did start dating him ?"

It may have sounded selfish, but that was how Lily felt. Changes did no good to Lily. She liked everything to stay the same, as they were, and only change if it was one little baby step at a time. Something new that popped up comepletely out of the blue was not a baby step.

"Okay, listen to me, and you listen to me good," Abbey began sternly, "I understand how you feel about the change thing. I was the girl who had a different boyfriend every week, and know I'm the girl with a boyfriend of almost a whole year."

Lily breathed, she loved having Abbey as a friend because she knew that whatever she has to say, there was always a good point to it at the end.

"You're going to have to face changes all your life, Lils. What's going to happen to you once we graduate and we're forced to say goodbye to a place that we've known for seven years of our life ? That's a big change, and it is going to happen overnight."

The red head nodded. Understanding.

"And who cares about what other people think about you ! That only means that they're taking time out of their own life to chit chat about how you are."

Lily nodded again, and a small pause fell between the two friends.

"Do you know what you want to do now ?"

Lily took in a breath, "I think . . . I just want to take things slow, Ab. For now. I mean I know what you're saying but . . . I still have to get used to learning how to adjust faster, right ? So I think I'm going to start by taking it slow."

Abbey nodded, "Okay."

"Thanks, Ab," Lily smiled, "I mean, really. You know, I'd swear you have two different people trapped inside that body of yours."

Abbey shrugged, "Maybe. But right now, one of those people inside of me is telling me that I am really, really hungry."

* * * *

"Ugh, that was a brutal game," Abbey groaned as she fell ontop of her boyfriend who groaned at the impact.

Lily smiled as she took a seat on the nearest armchair, "Actually, I thought it was quite exciting."

Korin snickered as she unravelled her scarf, "Yes, it was an exciting match. But Slytherin - Gryffindor games are always exciting."

James limped to the crimson couch and sighed in satisfaction as he took a seat, "Easy for you two to say. You weren't in the game. You were safe and sound in the stands with the rest of the school."

"Yea` !" Abbey said then quickly shrieked and grabbed her ear, "Ow, Sirius !"

Sirius smirked, "That's what you get for just flinging yourself on me. I'm not your cushion . . . darling."

"Well you didn't have to bite my ear !" Abbey said as she gently rested her head on his chest, "And anyway, if you two were playing, you wouldn't last a minute in the pitch."

James grinned, and agreed.

"Well excuse you, but I do think we can at least survive a good five minutes." Lily said, smiling proudly.

This was how it should've been all those past years at Hogwarts. Just talk, no problems. Just being able to be with each other in the same room. A pang of guilt suddenly hit Lily. If she hadn't been so stubborn, it would've probably saved a lot of people problems as well.

"Six, if we're lucky," Korin replied, backing Lily up.

Abbey snorted, then stopped immediately, closing her eyes in obvious pain, "Merlin . . even my ribs have cramps."

"See, now what if I had jumped right on top of you. Would that make you feel any better ?" Asked Sirius playfully.

Abbey looked up at him and glared, "Well, seeing as your heavier, and bigger, than me, I would have to say that I wouldn't be that happy."

Sirius grinned, "Now what do you have to say for yours - "

"And I repeat, heavier, and bigger, than me. "

"Well it's all the same. You didn't exactly fly and land lightly ontop of me, you know."

Lily put up a hand, stopping anyone from speaking. "You two had better stop, we all know where this conversation is going to end up. With you two talking about being ontop of each other - I mean, how many times have we told you to please, please, pleeeease, spare us the details."

Korin swallowed the last of her pumpkin juice before chuckling, knowing it was true.

Lily smiled as she watched James laugh. She hoped he was happy. He deserved to be happy. Especially with all the things she had put him through, she really didn't realize that he needed to be happy. Just seeing him laugh because of her, well, it made her happy as well. She didn't know what it was, and she didn't care. Because as of right now, at this very moment, Lily could actually see James Potter clearly for the first time in her life.


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Chapter 14: Quidditch & A Kiss . . .
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Chapter Fourteen

"Ugh . . . it's so dirty in here," Lily complained silently as she took another sip of her butterbeer.

The Hog's Head wasn't as nearly as popular for students as it was at the Three Broomsticks. And it was easy to see why. Dirt was packed over the stained stone floor, and the only light that illuminated the inn were dimly lit candles.

"Yes, but it's less packed than Rosmerta's place. You feel less clausterphobic, and get way more privacy." Abbey rolled her eyes, "Sirius, take it easy with the firewhisky."

"It's friday love," Sirius replied, taking another shot, "It's not like we have classes when we get back."

"But we do have a game tomorrow afternoon," she looked up at him, pleadingly, "Sirius."

He groaned, "Okay, okay. No more."

Abbey smiled proudly as she looked at Lily. Whispering, she said, "See that ? You'd have that power over James if you'd two quit the hard to get act and get together already."

Lily nudged her in the ribs - but went completely stiff when James' arm went around her shoulders.

"You know," James said casually, "I think we're going to win that game in the first two minutes we get on our brooms."

James felt her go stiff under his palms. But he didn't budge, she'd loosen up. It had been two weeks since their last emotional conversation. And they didn't fight, not once. They talked, just as friends would. And he was putting his arm around her . . . just as friends . . . should.

He smirked as he watched Abbey make faces at her bestfriend, knowing Lily was responding sourly. It wasn't his fault he had a natural attraction to her, it was Lily's fault. Completely and undoubtedly.

"Agreed," Sirius said, taking Abbey's butterbeer away from her and using it as his own beverage, "It's only Huffleppuff."

"Sirius," Abbey said graciously, winking at Lily then looking up at her boyfriend, "I need to buy quite a few things from Gladrags and Scrivenshaft's. Come with me ?"

James raised a brow slightly. Abbey was up to one of her many plots. All of which have never succeded in actually working . . . but she was was persistant. He thought he knew what she was up to, and Lily probably didn't like it.

"Now ?" Sirius whined, "Why now ? We just got here."

Abbey pecked him lightly on the lips, "C'mon, you big baby." She stood up, grabbing Sirius' hand, causing him to trail behind her.

"You'd really think Abbey was the man of that relationship," James said, finally taking his arm away from Lily. He continued as he took a seat right across from her. "The way Sirius gets pushed around like that, you'd never think he was in charge."

Lily's muscles eased, and the butterflies in her stomach were finally at peace. She pressed her lips together, raising an eyebrow. "So what are you trying to say ? That the women are suppose to be pushed around in any relationship ?" she rebutted, continuing the conversation.

James smiled putting his hands behind his head, "No."

Lily crossed her arms, clearly amused, "Okay."

He shrugged, smiling even wider, "Okay."

A couple of weeks ago, Lily would never have even been talking to him, let alone, be alone with him in a dirty pub. She couldn't believe the progress she was making. But sometimes she doubted herself . . . maybe things weren't suppose to be good when it came to James and herself. On the other hand, she was more content with her life than she was in a long time.

James rolled his eyes as he took a quick look at a nearby Daily Prophet article. "I really don't know why everyone is so worked up about this Riddle character. So he worked in Knockturn Alley, that doesn't make him the next Grindelwald."

Lily looked over at the article, staring at the picture of a young man. It was a very old photo; one of him graduating from Hogwarts. The caption read: "Tom Marvolo Riddle, 1944, Head Boy. Ministry fears another Dark Wizard threat." She looked, and stared. There was nothing in his eyes. Just cold, dark, nothingness. She couldn't help but shiver.

* * * *

"Let's go Gryffindor !"

Lily screamed as she watched Abbey block a quaffle from the goal, and kick it directly to Sirius. He caught it with no problems and was off to the other side of the field. She then looked up, keeping a close eye on James. He was desperately searching. First looking around the field, then at the other seeker, then back at the field, then back at the seeker, he was afraid he had lost his touch.

"James ! James ! OVER THERE !" Lily screamed, pointing to the far left of him.

She had seen it. The snitch. She didn't know how, but all she knew was that she wanted James to find it.

He turned his head, and sure enough, it was there. Hufflepuff's seeker had also taken on Lily's hint, and in toe, was speeding for the small, golden object. A small roar of excitement echoed across the pitch; Hufflepuff had scored a goal.

James focused, leaning forward on his broom, his right hand extended.

Another boom of enthusiasm resounded across the field, this time, louder. Gryffindor scored a goal. It was tied; 60 - 60. Then, it was right there, in front of his face. He grabbed the snitch in his hand, holding up high.


Another win, thought James, not too bad.

This was the second of a total of six school games. Two wins. James had high hopes for the team he put together; Gryffindor was definately going to win the cup this year.

"James ! James !"

James turned around, a little bit surprised. He expected to see someone else, someone like, Lily, perhaps. But instead, Korin came up to greet him.

"Korin - hi," he said in an awkward, sad, tone.

She raised a brow, "You expecting someone else ?"

"Well . . . ye`," he shrugged, smiling, "But it's good to see you. Haven't talked to you in a while."

"I know. You've been busy, I've been busy," she looked a little far off from where they stood, then looked back at James, "But you know, you really did well out there."

He smirked, "You think so ?"

She nodded, smiling happily.

"What can I say ? It's in my blood," he grinned.

And if it hadn't been for him being so close to a wall, or that Korin had a really hard grip, he would've stopped her. Because right at that moment, she had grabbed his face, and kissed him. Just like that. He hadn't expected it, so he couldn't stop her, because before he could, she had already pulled away.

"What are y - "

"James ? . . . Korin ?"

It was Lily.

"Lily ?" His voice was quiet, he felt like he was going to panic, "What are you doing here ?"

"I just . . . came to congratulate you on the win," she looked at Korin, who had smiled sweetly back at her friend, "I didn't know you two were . . ."

Oh no, not again, "Lily, we are - "

"Korin . . . you didn't tell me you two were going - "

Korin nodded, "Oh, yeah. It was a little sudden, but we are."

James' eyes widened. She couldn't be serious. Korin was a nice girl and everything, but James never felt that way about her. He hardly felt anything for any other girl than Lily.

"No we - "

"It happened today," Korin said, cutting James' sentence short.

"Oh," she smiled. A fake smile, James knew. She wasn't happy. Not happy at all. "Well, congratulations. Really. Too you too James. On the win and . . . on your new girlfriend. I'll be seeing you two around, yeah ?"

She turned on her heel, and almost in an instant, she dissappeared around the corner. She was gone before James could stop her.

"What the hell was that !" James roared as he turned back to face Korin.

She didn't answer. Instead, she smiled, and walked away.

* * * *

"She was doing WHAAT ?!"

"Ab," Lily said, wiping away her tears, "Calm down."

"CALM DOWN ?" Abbey yelled furiously, "Are you kidding me ?!"

"Look, I need you to help me right now., okay? I don't know why I'm so upset. The last thing I need is for you to seriously hurt somebody and get expelled, and leave me here with no one but myself."

Abbey sighed, and took a seat beside her bestfriend, "You're hurt, Lily."

"I know that part. But . . . I don't know. Why am I crying ? I've never cried like something over this before," she said as she threw a tissue to the hardwood floors, "Not even when I saw Ivy with James. I'm just really . . . confused. Again !"

"You're hurt because James is with another girl," Abbey added, rubbing Lily's back for comfort, "With one of your closest friends, for that matter. I mean - you two had gotten really close these past few weeks, and I wouldn't blame you if you had gotten your hopes high about . . . anything. And, I guess, when you saw them together, you just fell apart."

She nodded.

It made sense, and it was probably the truth. As simple as it was, it was just hard for her to admit it to herself.

"So what do I do ?" Lily said, taking a deep breath.

"Just play it off. Don't act mad. Don't act sad. Just make it seem like you don't care about what you saw."


"Okay ?"

Lily nodded.

"Now if James talks to you, you have one of two choices. If he wants to talk about what happened, you can stop him, and tell him you're okay. And you don't care. Then laugh, or converse, or something. Or, you can listen to what he has to say. If you're not ready for that, you always have choice number one," she looked at Lily sternly, "Got it ?"

"Yeah . ." Lily replied, a little less upset then before.

"And if Korin approaches you, tell her to meet me in the girls washroom at the east end of the castle, the one near the k - "

Lily shook her head, slightly smiling, "Ab. Stop. You won't do anything to her."

"Yes I will."

"No, you won't."

Abbey huffed, "Fine. But if she comes near me, I'm going - "

"You're going to ignore her."

Abbey slouched, "Merlin, you're a bossy one."


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Chapter 15: A Bittersweet Beginning . . .
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Chapter Fifteen

The truth . . . what was the truth, anyways ? What if everything Lily had believe to be true, was actually lies ? She blew a strand of red hair away from her face. What if actually thinking James was a good person, was a lie ? Besides, she had believed that Korin was her bestfriend, now where did that fact end up ? No where. Garbage. Korin meant nothing to her now. Would James just become a memory ? She knew that if she pushed him out of her life, she'd be more calm and relaxed. Less tense. But a part of her told her that she needed James; just like she needed air to breath.

She bit her bottom lip as she continued down the corridor.

Why did Korin do what she did ? James had tried explaining that there was something she should know . . . like what ? That they had been dating for the past number of months and that he kept leading Lily on to just hurt her, over and over, and over again ?

She knew one thing was true; James Potter had always managed to hurt her. No matter what way it was, he'd find a way. Did he do it on purpose ? Did he enjoy seeing her struggle ? Maybe that was the reason for all the annoyance throughout their years at Hogwarts.

She clenched her jaw shut; James Potter was a jerk.

Lily held her books closer to her as she heard screaming out in the courtyard. She raised a brow, quickening her pace to see what all the fuss was about.

"Tell me now, Korin," cried a somewhat familiar voice, "Do you know how much trouble you've caused ?!"

Lily's eyes slightly widened, Oh no . . .

"I don't care . . . " came the reply.

Lily rushed over to the couple, trying to get there before they attracted anymore curious eyes. "Abbey! Lower your voice. Right now, people are staring. You'll get into trouble."

She turned her back to Korin. Not wanting to have any means of contact with her.

"Fine, I'll lower my voice," Abbey said, crossing her arms, "But I won't stop nagging at her until she apologizes to you. Did you hear that Korin ? I'm not going to stop. And you of all people should know how persistent I can be."

Lily breathed out, "Abbey, I told y - "

"I have nothing to say to her," Korin replied quietly.

"Nothing to say !" Abigail threw her hands up in despair, "You're a complete bastard if you think you have nothing to say to her. You knew exactly how they felt about each other even if they didn't say anything . . . and you went ahead and kissed him ! Are you really that thick ?!"


It was no use - when Abbey was mad, no one could get through to her.

"And you know what was really stupid ? We actually trusted you ! All these years, Korin, and you had to do something as cruel as that. What the hell happened to you !?"

Lily sighed as students around them started to whisper. "Abbey, stop this. There's no use in it. It doesn't accomplish anything."

"It's not my fault, Abbey ! It's yours ! You and Lily's ! Both of yours !" Korin shouted.

Lily and Abbey both stared at her curiously. Their fault ? How had Korin kissing James been their fault ? It was hers more than anyone else’s.

Abbey snorted, "Don't you dare try and put this on - "

"It's always Abbey this, or Lily that," Korin cried, cutting Abbey's sentence short, "If I was one of your best friends, Abigail, than why was I always on the sidelines ?! I was sick and tired of everyone trying to use me to get to you two ! At least after I kissed James, people had the decency to finally figure out who I was ! At least after I kissed him, I wasn't Abbey or Lily's friend - I was Korin Parker!"

Lily stood there in shock. Even Abbey was speechless.

"Nobody noticed me when I was with you two," she said in a calmer voice, "Even Remus had admitted to me that he once had a crush on both of you . . . and I actually liked him."

Lily stared at Korin . . completely dumbfounded.

"So, no, me and James were never together, and we were never dating, and he never wanted to kiss me either . . " Korin said, almost on the verge of tears, "I'm sorry, Lily. Okay ? Are you happy now, Abigail ? I apologized."

She walked away, leaving both Abbey and Lily standing in the middle of the courtyard, quiet and completely speechless.

* * * *

"James ! Prongs ! Oye !"

James turned around, looking directly at his bestfriend.

"Bloody hell . . . can't you slow down? I may be fast on a broom, but these legs can't get me anywhere," Sirius joked as he jogged next to his bestfriend. "What's wrong with you?"

James ruffled his hair, "Woman problems, Padfoot. Women . . . why do they have to be so difficult? "

He groaned. Why couldn't he just understand them for once ? At least then he'd have an idea on what to do when they thought he did something wrong; when in fact, it was someone else’s fault.

"Ahh, yes. I heard about you kissing Korin," Sirius shrugged, "I knew you liked girls, but I didn't think you'd turn your back on Lily that fast."

"That's the thing Padfoot ! I didn't even want to kiss her!"

Sirius furrowed a brow, confused, "Then why did you?"

"I didn't kiss her!" James replied desperately, "She kissed me . . . and Lily saw, and asked if we were dating. And I couldn't say anything because Korin said we were before I could say anything. And Lily kept cutting me off while she talked to Korin, and Korin's answers were all lies. And Lily ran off before I could say anything!"

He sighed as they walked out into the corridor. But abruptly stopped as he saw Korin yelling at both Lily and Abbey. He stuck out his arm, roughly stopping Sirius dead in his tracks.

"Ow ! Geez Prongs, I know you're mad, but I'm not the person you should be taking this out on, y - "

"Shh, Sirius," James pulled his friend by the arm, covering them both behind a nearby pillar. He didn't want Lily to see him, or else he wouldn't know what they were yelling about. "Listen . . ."

Sirius tried to rebut, but James slapped a hand to his chest, causing Sirius to gasp in pain.

"Nobody noticed me when I was with you two." James heard her say. Well, that was an understatement. James had always noticed Korin when she was with Abbey and Lily . . . well, maybe sometimes.

"So, no, me and James were never together, and we were never dating, and he never wanted to kiss me either . . " James' eyes slightly widened, now THAT was the truth.

"I'm sorry, Lily. Okay ? Are you happy now, Abigail ? I apologized."

And she walked off. Leaving Abbey and Lily standing there.

He grinned from ear to ear. Now Lily knew the truth. And he didn't need to go through the trouble of chasing her all throughout the school, attempting to get her to even look at him. He knew she was angry, but now, she didn't have a reason to be, because Korin had just confessed . . . the kiss was all a lie. A lie for attention.

"Guess you're in luck, mate," Sirius winked at his bestfriend, turning the corner to great his girlfriend, "Abigail, sweetie," Sirius shouted, a little too loudly for James' taste, "I've been looking all over the place for you, my socks haven't been cleaned yet!"

James grinned at Sirius' playful behavior. He heard Abbey scold Sirius before he stalked off towards the common room. Lily would get there soon, and he decided that that would be the chance he'd get to finally talk to her.

* * * *

How could she be so inconsiderate ? So rude, so mean . . . so cruel. She had never taken the time to talk to Korin like she talked to Abbey. And she knew that Abbey never took the time to introduce Korin to people that she introduced Lily too. How could they be so blind ?

She sighed. Another burden that she'd have to carry. She hated burdens. She tried to avoid them, but it seemed that as of late, they were far more attracted to Lily than girls were to chocolate. They just kept piling themselves on top of her. Waiting until the moment that she'd finally collapse and crash.

Lily walked into the common room at about seven at night. She had been in the library for most of the day, just hiding behind books, thinking. Well at least now, she'd be able to relax in the comfort of the Gryffindor tower.

Oh how wrong she was.


She bit the inside of her lip. It was James. She tried rushing past him, but he was right there, blocking her way.

He grinned at her, "How was your day?"

She narrowed her eyes at him. He was up to something . . . "Just Peachy. Now can you please get out of my way ? I'm really tired, and I'd fancy getting up to bed."

He snorted. Was she serious ? "And here I thought we were friends," James said in a sarcastic tone, trying to lighten the mood.

"We're not," Lily replied simply, "Now please, move."

She didn't want to have anything to do with James Potter. He was manipulative, conniving, and didn't care for anyone but himself. So what if he didn't want to kiss Korin ? So what if it wasn't his fault ? He kept leading her to a place where she would be hurt, time and time again. How could she trust him ? Well, that was simple. She wasn't going to. Not now. Not ever.

James furrowed a brow.

"Li -"

"MOVE!" She cried, having enough of his presence.

But he didn't move. James wanted to know why she was so mad. She knew the truth already - why was she still frustrated with him ?

"Lily!" He stopped her from rambling, "What is your problem?!"

She pushed him, not so that he was out of the way, but that he tumbled on his feet, almost falling to the ground. "You are my problem, Potter ! Just do me a favor and stay out of my life !"

She was ready to explode, this was it. All that excess junk that people threw at her; constantly making her pile heavier and heavier - she was about to blow off some big steam. And she couldn't control it.

“Everything I choose, every time I make a decision that you contribute to,” She pointed to herself, “I end up hurt!!”

She pushed him to the wall, causing his head to bump lightly off of the stone. “What did I ever do to you, Potter?!” She said, her voice trembling, but strong, “You always end up making me feel like I don’t deserve to have a life!!” She pushed him again, this time, tears started swelling in her eyes, “I’m afraid to make any decision in my life that concerns you because I know I’m going to get hurt,” she started crying, her voice was calmer this time.

Lily had no idea what she was doing … it was all just coming out. Everything. Just pouring out like it had waited so long to be out of her system. “I’m confused, and I don’t know what I’m going to do …” she sunk to the floor, “Because I want you in my life, James. I want you to be there for me. I want you to be there when I need someone. I want you to be my friend. I do . . . I really do …” She put her face in her hands and just cried.

James stood there, wordless. Lily had just spilt her heart out. And he was speechless. He opened his mouth to say something, but nothing came out. So instead, he knelt down beside her, and pulled her into his arms.

She grabbed onto his shirt, just wanting comfort from anyone. Anywhere. She felt so vulnerable, so weak. But in his arms, she felt different . . . she felt safe. Nothing could touch her when she was with him. She rested her head on his shoulder, crying harder. Somehow, she knew what she was doing, and somehow, she wanted it to happen.

"Shh," he said, "I’m so sorry . . . I'm sorry, Lily. I'm sorry for hurting you . . ."

She nodded and continued to cry on his shoulder. One way or another, he knew that she had accepted his apology.


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Chapter 16: Wanted . . .
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Chapter Sixteen

"I can't believe they made me stay here on the holidays ... I can't believe them. I can't believe Petunia!"

Abbey lolled into a nearby chair, one slender leg thrown over the arm. She shrugged, "Petunia's a brat, Lils. Even I know that. She was bound to get her way by saying 'Oh but Lily gets all the attention!' I mean, really. You've had to have seen in coming sooner or later."

Lily huffed.

"Besides, you have me to be entertained by," Abbey grinned happily. "This'll be our first Christmas at school."

She stared back at her over - excited bestfriend, "Well you'll be hulled over your boyfriend, doing Merlin knows what, in Merlin knows where, while I'm here to sulk in the emptiness of the common room."

Lily scanned the area, as decorative as the room seemed, it was so dead; everyone had gone home already. 

"Actually, James is staying with Sirius. So you always have James, you know."

Lily's heart jumped at her newly gained knowledge. So James was going to be staying for the holidays aswell? Hmph ... life loved playing the game of irony with Lily.

After what seemed like Lily's biggest breakdown yet, they hadn't spoken, at all. Well, with the exception of the small greetings they'd share whenever they made eye contact. Hello's or Hi's were the only conversation she could stand to have with James. And she had felt like he wasn't pushing her to do anything anymore; like he was just ... there.

"So, what's been going on with you two, anyway?" Abbey said, breaking the short silence between the friends. "It isn't normal to have Lily Evans and James Potter be ... like whatever you two are right now. I have no idea what you two did to each other, but it's awkward."

"Oh." It was all Lily could mutter.

Awkward? Was it that noticeable? 

"James always goes shy and hides under his shell around you, Lils," Abbey stared, "And it's not like James Potter to be shy. I mean really, what have you done to the poor boy?"

Lily looked up, meeting Abbey's gaze, "I have no idea."

* * * *

James, meanwhile, had been wandering the castle corridors; his thoughts had been bothering him the past few weeks. He had never thought this much in his whole life. And what had he even been thinking about? He wasn't even sure. Only that everything had suddenly revolved aroudn Lily. Everything he did, everything he said; he had to make sure they somehow didn't harm her. It was like he was protecting Lily from ... well, himself.

He groaned under his breath, slowly pacing himself up the stairs.

Maybe if he had done things differently when they had first met. James turning Lily's hair green on their first day wasn't exactly a sign of affection. But it wasn't completely ignoring her either. He craved her attention, even at eleven years old. And he was sixteen now ... things didn't change.

James muttered the password to the portrait of the Fat Lady, ignoring her mumbling something about his manners as he entered the common room.

James slowed in midstep as he watched a sleeping Lily Evans breath underneath a book. Her face was covered, but he could recognize the blazing red hair anywhere. So she was staying for the holidays? It looked like it.

What was he going to do? Just leave the book on her face as she slept? The was probably the best thing to do, to not bother her, not to risk her waking up, but instead, James walked over to her, almost tip toeing. He took the book from her carefully, then froze as she shifted.

Her eyes opened slowly. She jumped, "James?!"

James' eyes widened, "Lily ... I - I'm sorry. I was just," he motioned towards the book, "It was on your face."

Lily blinked, "Oh, well ... okay."

"So ... you're staying for Christmas, then?"

She nodded, looking down, "Uh, yeah."

There was an awkward silence, but it was broken when they both spoke at once. 

"We need to talk."

James chuckled, then took a seat at a nearby armchair. "Do you want me out of your life?"

Lily's breath caught in her throat. The bluntness of his question had startled her. She swallowed, not wanting to answer his question. 

He continued, "Because if you don't, Lily, then I'll leave you alone. I just need to know what you want."

He watched her anxiously; it would be hard, for him, at least, to completely ignore all of what was Lily Evans. But what better than to keep her happy? He had caused her too much trouble already, and he didn't even know it. He was unfimiliar to the problems he had caused her. And all because of what? Because he wanted her. A selfish act, and he knew it now.

Lily blinked. What did she want? She looked up at him, his expectant gaze almost tearing her to peices. "No, James. I don't want this to be about me. All this time, you've asked me what I wanted. All this time, I've told you what to do," she could feel a lump beginning to form in her throat, "This time, it should be about you. Not me."

He had half expected her to get up an run. Or possibly, ask him to leave. But she hadn't. He got up, and sat at her side; watching as she sat straight, her back on the arm of the chair.

"No ..." James said in reply, "I was being the selfish one. I was trying to get you to like me, even if I knew it would never happen. Even if I knew you didn't like me ..."

James chuckled, running a hand through his hair, then looked back at her.

Then, she couldn't help it ... she kissed him, knowing exactly why she wanted too. She leaned forward on the leather couch, and grabbed his face between her hands, and it happened. She didn't know how long they were in the kiss, but after, she didn't leave. She just sat there, looking at him. His confused expression made her laugh.

James froze a moment in time ... he blinked once, then twice, then was broken out of his trance by the sounds of Lily's laughter. He stared at her blankly, then leaned forward, this time towards her, then repayed the same action. He was seeing if this was real, if somehow, this was a dream. But it wasn't .. and Lily didn't run in fright.
She sighed, as they broke apart, placing her forehead gently against his; her eyes closed, and her hand on his cheek. She smiled as she felt his hand stroke the back of her hair.

"Merlin knows how long I've been waiting for that," James said playfully, and she knew he was grinning.

She chuckled, then opened her eyes. "Will you do me a favor?"

James almost frowned; was she about to tell him to forget about what just happened? Or pretend like this never happened, and tell him to go away, and get out of her life forever? 

He nodded solemnly, "Anything."

"Make sure no girl ever kisses you like that again."


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