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Wa-la- One Huge Misunderstanding by somethingwickedthiswaycomes

Format: One-shot
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 1,644
Status: WIP

Rating: 12+
Warnings: No Warnings

Genres: Romance
Characters: Ginny, Harry, Hermione, Ron

First Published: 02/18/2006
Last Chapter: 02/18/2006
Last Updated: 02/18/2006

Ginny believes she's seen something that makes her wish she'd never laid eyes on Harry Potter, but has she really? Just like the title says its about one huge misunderstanding.

Chapter 1: 1
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Ginny was sulking. She should’ve been happy seeing as she was at the Burrow and Ron had invited Hermione Granger and Harry Potter to spend the last couple of weeks before Hogwarts with them there. She tried to plaster a smile on her face and march back through the doors into the kitchen and sit down and have a nice lunch like nothing was the matter, but she couldn’t bring herself to do it. It was a warm day even for August. Sunbeams warmly prodded the small of her back which was visible in the turquoise tank top she was wearing with a pleated black skirt and chunky turquoise sandals. Even underneath the shade of the ancient maple tree she was reclining under the sun found a way through. Comfortably she stretched back against the trunk and spread her legs out as far as they could go, which unfortunately wasn’t far. I always have had short legs, she thought sadly, I can’t stand girls who have nice long legs, maybe that’s why he’s picked her over me, her legs. They are rather lengthy. Still enough to drop me like a gnome and go all love puppy-ish over her? She sighed a deep mournful sigh and once again tried in vain to wipe the mascara stains from her face. Stupid muggle make up, won’t come off for anything if you shed a couple pathetic tears. Hermione had lent it to her that morning and at the time she had appreciated the gesture. Now she just wished she’s stuck to ordinary magical cosmetic charms like everyone else, but no. She’d wanted to look special- special for him. The tank top was made of a scratchy material on the inside but it fit her perfectly, and the skirt was a little tight around the waist so she had to constantly suck in her stomach but it fell so perfectly a couple inches above her knee. The sandals were hard to walk in, practically unbearable but they made her seem a bit taller. It had all been for nothing though. This was supposed to be the best day all summer too. It was their one month anniversary of getting back together and Harry had planned something secret and romantic for that evening. She wondered if he’d even bother showing up at her room now to pick her up. She thought back to the owl she’d received July second.

Dearest Ginny,
I am the hugest git in the world. I’ve really been thinking about what I told you at Dumbledore’s funeral and I don’t want to let my mission to you know, save wizarding kind get in the way of my relationship with the most important person in my life- you. I shouldn’t have broken things off just to try and protect you. This last school year has been my best in spite of everything bad that happened. Through all of it I had you with me to face it. Sometimes I feel like you’re the only one who understands me and the only one who ever will. Your brother and Hermione are great but sometimes they’re too caught up in pretending they aren’t head over heels for each other to really be there for me. I know you’d never be that way, that no matter what happens you’ll be there, but stupid me didn’t see that somehow. I figured you’d want to be with your family, that you wouldn’t want to come with the three of us to find the horcruxes, but lately I’ve realized I was wrong. Its your choice and I’ll understand if your answer is a no, but I’d give anything to have you back and to take you on my one last adventure (or so it seems and so we’re all very much desperately hoping it will be and that this really is our chance to defeat Voldermort once and for all and save all our loved ones- wow this does sound traumatic, perhaps I’ve been spending a bit too much time watching Aunt Petunia’s soap operas- a muggle drama television series that is completely dramatic and pointless) but ignore all that rubbish, my point is, I love you Ginny Weasley, and I always will no matter what you say to me after me having been an idiot and broken up with you. My heart never belonged to Cho or any other girl the way it does to you- eternally, forever and ever. Please just send an owl back even if it has a million curses attached and is filled with some nasty swear words Fred and George taught you that may or may not exist. At least I’ll know you thought of me and that will be enough to make me smile for once this dreadful summer.

Well of course, that was the sweetest owl she’d ever gotten in her life and she never knew Harry could be so romantic (admittedly he had confessed later on to checking out a book from the muggle library about how to write a love letter, but it was the thought that counts right?) and she had instantly taken him back and as soon as he’s arrived there had been a good number of snogging sessions in every empty corner of the Weasley’s home they could find- which weren’t many. Now she wished she’s taken his advice and cursed him ten times over. Just thinking about what she had witnessed only a few minutes ago made her burn in rage, but at the same time it sent fresh tears to her eyes and wet mascara stains to her cheeks. It was tearing her apart inside and she couldn’t take it. She’d never really known what a broken heart meant till now. Her mind played over the incident…

She’d been walking down the hall looking forward to seeing Harry for the first time that day (he and Ron had slept through breakfast and she’d been shopping in town with Hermione the rest of the day). She heard some odd noises coming from Percy’s old room and had tentatively approached the propped open door. The first thing her eyes feel upon was Ron who was standing mouth open gaping, eyes shuddering at something he was staring at. Her eyes had traveled with his to in front of a bureau that was the only thing left in the forsaken room of the house. The next thing she had seen made her heart leap out of her ribcage and slam hard against her chest; Hermione and Harry were snogging like it was their last day on Earth. Tears had spewed from her eyes smearing the now apparently permanent mascara that was currently on her cheeks. Ron had at that point noticed her and called out something but she was too heartbroken to make it out. She’d just run out of the room, through the hall, down the stairs, past the kitchen, and finally to under the tree where she was perched at that moment.

Suddenly, she heard a door creak open and she glanced over to see who it was. Oh God! It was Harry! She rubbed fiercer than ever at her smeared face, but in vain because they wouldn’t come off.

“Ginny, Gin please don’t leave, Ron told me what happened and its not what you think at all, you must think I’m the worst guy on Earth but I swear to you if you’ll just let me explain you’ll see its been a huge misunderstanding. Come on please? I don’t want to loose you again,” Harry whispered as he approached her slowly his hands stretched out as if to say that he came in peace.

Ginny sighed as he sat cautiously next to her, “Harry I saw what I saw. You and Hermione seemed to be having quite a good time and you obviously don’t need me! But if you must add insult to injury then go ahead and try to explain how it happened that it possibly isn’t your fault. I suppose she came on to you and just forced you to kiss her back right?”

“I understand why your upset, I would be to if I saw you kissing another guy like that, but that wasn’t me or Hermione as a matter of fact. It was a boggart! Ron- idiot that he is thought he could get rid of it on his own, you know impress Hermione with his all mighty magical skills, but it was too fast for him. It transformed into me and Hermione snogging and wa-la our huge misunderstanding is born. Ron tried to explain to you, but you ran out so fast he didn’t get time. So am I forgiven?”

Ginny leaned down and kissed him softly, “Of course, but oh! I feel so stupid now, getting that upset over something that didn’t even happen.”

“Gin, anyone could’ve fallen for it, a boggart that looked like a dementor made me pass out once, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Now even though you look lovely no matter what, let’s see if we can’t get this make-up off with a new cleaning spell I learned. Apparently, it’s ten times more powerful than other scrubbing charms. This is muggle stuff I presume? It always gave the girls Dudley tortured problems too.” With that he took his wand and recited the incantation, “Wishenwashenscrubbefin”

The stains disappeared at once, “Rather long but incredibly useful,” Harry said with one of his adorable half grins.

“Oh Harry, I love you.”

“I love you too Ginny,”

They kissed for a few minutes and then Ginny said mischievously, “So will you tell me where we’re going to night,”

“Nope,” he replied laughing.

She squealed and began to chase him and right then and there they both knew that it didn’t get better than this- just the two of them together.