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Life Collides by musicgirlhp14

Format: Novella
Chapters: 18
Word Count: 56,197

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Contains Spoilers

Genres: Drama, Romance, AU
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, OC
Pairings: Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, OC/OC

First Published: 02/12/2006
Last Chapter: 06/20/2011
Last Updated: 06/20/2011

life collides

Banner done by Raggle @ TDA CURRENTLY RE-WRITING. AU. The war was over, and Harry found himself alone. Unable to handle it, he leaves England for Canada in hopes of starting a new life some place else. He makes new friends who show him the world of Muggle music. Before he knows it he is brought back to England where his new and old life collide.

Chapter 1: Prologue
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A/N: To all those that this is story is new to, hi, and thank you for reading! I wrote this story three years ago, and it was my first Fanfic on this. So, three years later, after I posted the sequel, I decided I should re-write this. I do hope you like it, and see what it is for it's worth. Thank you!

To those who read the first version of this, I am sad to tell you that it has been changed. However, it still has the same characters, character relationships, and sequence of events. So hopefully you will enjoy this new version twice as much as the old one! Thank you for returning!

Life Collides Chapter One:


The war had not been good to Harry Potter. After the long year of endless war that had waged in the Wizarding world he may have come out of it victorious it had not come without a price. His two best friends were missing, to an unknown force and Harry had accepted it was unlikely that he would see them again. His other friends were spread out across Britain trying to pick up the pieces that were left behind. And his love. The woman he wanted to marry and live out the rest of his days with was gone as well. Hit by a rouge spell in the final battle she lost so much blood that she went into a state of coma. He doubted he would ever see her pretty brown eyes again.

Living in his best friend’s home, in his best friend’s room, he spent a year trying to gain control over his life. But no matter how hard he tried, or those left from the damages of war around him tried he could not evade the loneliness he felt. The darkness that had seeped inside his heart and soul could have easily taken his life away, but his better judgment was the one to make his final decision. He would leave Britain behind and move to a different world where he could be someone else. He would give up magic, and try to pretend what the war had done would leave with it.

Leaving no note or sign of where he had gone, Harry packed his Hogwarts trunk with all the things that he owned. It was little, but to Harry it was enough. He left in the dead of night, being careful not to wake the family who he loved but could no longer face. They had lost so much because of him, and the pain that they wore only made his decision all the stronger.

He went to Toronto, Canada, the one place he figured he could find peace. There he spent little time in the Wizarding World, only there for a short time to gather his bearings, and at last finding a small flat in Scarborough. A large amount of Wizarding money was put towards this home while he searched for work in the busy city of Toronto. Though he knew no one he found the place friendly enough, and it was not long before he found a simple job at a café just around the corner from his home.

Harry groaned loudly as his alarm clock blared a high pitch sound through his home. Slamming it hard, it fell to the ground with a loud clatter, and Harry swore as he jumped out of bed to grab it and check if it was broken. After making sure that it was all right he placed it back on his night table, stood up yawning as he stretched. Beams of sunlight filtered into his bedroom through the opening in the curtains, and he threw them open without hesitation.

Picking up a few pieces of clothing that scattered the floor he left his bedroom and into the hall down to where the loo was. Dropping the clothes by the door and turned on the shower. While waiting for the water to warm up he glanced in the mirror peering closely at the lightening shaped scar. It had faded since his days in England, but it was still there, the only sign of the world he had left truly existed.

Turning back around he checked the water; it was hot. Pulling off his shirt and sweat pants he got into the shower and let the warm beads of water wash over him. Once he was finished, he got out and wrapped the towel that hung on the ring next to the shower around his waist and put on his watch and glasses that sat on the sink counter where he left it the night before.

He ran his hands through his raven hair a few times, but did not waste too much time. He brushed his teeth, and changed into the clothes he had dropped on the floor. Taking one last look in the mirror, he left the loo and went down the hall to the open living room and kitchen. He checked his watch as he opened his fridge door and saw that he still had five minutes before he had to leave. Grabbing the carton of milk he took a long drink of it and placed it back inside.

Going over to his closest he pulled out his jacket and put it on while slipping into his trainers. Grabbing his keys from the hook inside the closest he unlocked and opened that door and stepped out into the hall. He took one last glance in side his apartment and closed the door locking it.

Shoving his keys into his pocket he walked quickly to the stairs and raced down them, preparing for his usual job into work. He exited his building and made his way down the steps to the sidewalk. Pausing to let and elderly couple walk by he turned the other way and began to jog lightly towards the café. Making sure not to run into the other early risers he kept his pace. Turning down a few more streets he finally came to the quaint looking café that was surprised by other stores alike.

He opened the door, the tingle of a bell overhead, and entered the brightly coloured dining area. Round tables littered the hardwood floors, all with the necessary things needed for coffee, tea, and other small snacks.

“You’re late!” A woman of medium height shrieked coming out of the kitchen. Her straight strawberry blond hair hung loosely on her shoulders, and the warm smile on her lips turned into a loud laugh at Harry’s surprised expression. “But only by a few minutes,” she explained.

Harry smiled at Emily Thorn as she walked over to the single cash register and opened it. She took out of the tray, and placed it on the counter.

“Is Teddy here yet?” Harry asked as he walked behind the counter and reached underneath for his apron.

“No, he’s late perusal. But I’m sure he has a good excuse this time.” Emily smirked.

Harry gave short laugh and went into the back and into the office. He hung his coat and put on his apron. Georgia, a co-worker and friend of Emily’s, had still not arrived. Clocking in on the computer, Harry turned around just as Emily came back in with tray in her hands.

“I have some news for you.” She told him as she bent down to the safe, and punch in the code, hiding it with her hand. “My brother, Josh, is going to come in and talk to you.”

“Talk to me about what?” Harry asked anxiously. Josh was the owner of the café, as well as a few other ones spread out in Toronto. He was a nice guy, and had a habit seeming to be a friend rather then a boss until he got angry at you for something.

“Oh, don’t worry about. He’s probably going to ask you if you want to move into the building he owns.” Emily said with a smile. “You know the one where Georgia, Teddy, and I live.” She explained.

Harry nodded, relaxing a little. Then with a smile, “What makes you think I want to live with all of you?”

Emily gave a short laugh, and stood up now having the money she needed. “Okay, have it your way then. I’ll call Josh right now and tell him not to come in.”

Harry laughed, and shook his head no. “No, it’s fine. I’d love to come live there. I’m sure it’s a lot bigger then the place I’m staying at right now.”

“Doubtful,” Emily said closing the safe and locking it. She stood holding the tray and left the office, Harry following. “You have your own room and that’s about it. Of course there are four washrooms in the house – Josh made sure of having that- so that isn’t an issue, but it’s still living with six other people all of whom you will know through work.”

“Really?” Harry asked, following Emily into the front.

“Oh yeah,” Emily said putting the tray into the register and closing it. “But it’s cheap, and it’s fun. Besides, most of know each other through other things. We all toured together at one point; it’s mostly why we all ended up working here.” Emily told him.

Harry understood. Before Josh opened all the cafes and restaurants he had started his own record label. Most of the people Harry worked with were musically inclined, and had a contract with Josh. It was a strange concept for some to accept and fully understand, but Harry thought it was cool.

“Well, it still sounds good to me. There will still be more room in the end, and it won’t be so quiet all that time.” Harry said as he started to clean the tables.

“Oh, you have no idea.” Emily laughed as she went into the back again.

Glancing at the clock Harry saw that Teddy was late with a smile on his face. He couldn’t think of a time when Teddy had actually gotten to work when he was supposed to be. As he thought this he saw through the front window across the street the tall figure of Teddy Edison. His bright dyed blonde hair was visible from a mile away, and when he entered the store the noise he made, made it hard to ignore him.

“Am I on time?” he blustered in, throwing his backpack at Harry. Harry ducked just as it came within a few feet of him and let it hit the wall behind him and fall to the ground.

“No,” Harry replied, glancing behind him at the bag. “Do you always have to do that?”

“Ah it’s good for you, Harry. Keeps your reflexes up to speed.” Teddy said as he came around the counter, and dug around in his bag. “Well, hopefully Emily-”

“Won’t give you a hard time for being late again for the hundredth time?” Emily sneered more then asked, appearing in the doorway to the back.

Harry started to laugh as he watch Teddy fumble slightly as he pulled his apron out of his bag and tried to stand while talking to Emily. “Well, you see, uh, last night my friend had this huge party and he needed me to play and-”

“Save it,” Emily sighed walking over to the front door. “You can explain why you were late when you come up with a good excuse.” She told him and flipped the open sign around.

Teddy didn’t bother saying anything more as he went into the back and did what ever it was that he liked to do in the morning while Harry returned to fixing some things up before the first customer entered. It was a regular named Ruth. She was often on the run, and often looked as if she never slept.

“Hey Harry, how are you?” she said tiredly.

“Good, how are you?” Harry said as he started her coffee.

“Completely exhausted. My boss told me yesterday that I had to do this huge presentation this morning and I don’t even know how I’ll manage to stay awake to present it.”

“So I’m assuming it’s good that I’ve put some extra sugar into it.” Harry joked as he placed a cup of coffee in front of her.

Smiling widely she took the coffee and gave Harry the money. “You are a blessing in disguise.” She laughed taking her change.

“I do hope you’re talking about me?” Teddy said from the back.

Ruth rolled her eyes but she wore a big smile. “No Teddy, sadly I still have to say no.”

“Say no to what?” Teddy asked, pretending to be lost.

“No to going out with you,” Ruth laughed. “You really need to change your tactics, your getting a little predictable.”

Harry laughed and looked at Teddy who was feigning heart break. For the last year every day Teddy had asked Ruth out in some form or the other, and every time she would say no. It was an on-going joke and Harry always liked to watch what Teddy would come up with.

“Oh you just keep tearing my heart apart!” Teddy exclaimed, disappearing for a moment as he pretended to fall back before standing back up again. “I don’t know if I can ever come into work again and see you face.”

“Oh yes, I’m very sure that is just how it is.” Ruth said as she began to walk away, sipping her coffee. “See you later Harry,” she said stepping out on to the streets of Toronto.

“Yeah, see you,” Harry said just as she left.

Teddy was laughing in the back, and Harry just rolled his eyes. It was typical Teddy to be laughing at such a thing, and he continued on with his work. Customers came in, and he happily served them. He loved his job. It was relaxed, and as much as he didn’t really like serving customers all the time he had to admit that it suited his new life.

Around one o’clock close to his time to clock out Josh entered the store. He smiled, and said hello to Harry. Taking his place up front Emily offered an encouraging smile as he followed Josh into the back and into the office. Closing the door behind him, he sat in one of the chairs while Josh sat in another.

“So how are you?” he asked kindly, swinging slightly in his seat.

“Oh, I’m fine. A little worried about what this meeting is about, though.” Harry admitted, though in his mind he knew that it was pointless.

Josh laughed. “Well, you don’t have to worry. It’s nothing to do with your job; I think you’re a great employee. I just wanted to ask you a question. I don’t know if Emily has said anything to you, but I do own my own building where a rent out the rooms. She lives there, as well as Georgia and Teddy.” He waited for him to respond.

“Yeah, she’s mentioned it before. It sounds really interesting.” Harry replied, hoping that it would push Josh along.

“Oh good, I’m glad to hear it. Recently one of my employee’s at one of my other stores quit and moved out of the house leaving me with an empty room. And I heard that you were looking for some where to live.” Josh said.

It wasn’t true, Harry knew that, but he had a feeling Emily had lied to get Josh to think about asking Harry to move in. For a moment Harry considered it, as doubts filled his mind. It would be easy for him to say yes, pack up what little things he had and move into the building. But he wasn’t sure if it was what he really wanted. He had come to Canada broken, and afraid that someone would figure out who he was and reveal to the Magical world that he was in Canada. But what harm would come from him moving into this place? He would be creating a new life, would he not? And was that not what he wanted? He would make friends, possible make a new family, and they would feel the empty space in his life.

Looking at Josh his mind was made up. The best decision was just before him, and only he had to do was smile and nod. “Yeah, I am. I think it would be great to take up the room.”

Josh smiled happily. “Great! That is just great. There are just a few things we need to work out – like rent. I’ll just take it out of your paycheck. It won’t be too much, I promise. All you’re really paying for his room and board. So, it will be about one hundred dollars twice a month.” He said, looking Harry straight in the eye.

Harry grinned. It was cheaper then the place he was staying at now, and the fact that he would be living with all his friends seemed like an extra bonus. “That would be great!” Harry told Josh.

After a few more minutes where Josh continued on to explain how things worked and when Harry could move in and where the building was. It all seemed fine to Harry, and the building was actually closer to the café then his apartment now.

“So it’s all in order.” Josh said, standing up and holding his hand out to Harry.

Harry took it as they moved out of the office. “Yeah, I’ll go home straight after work and start packing.”

“Great, great,” Josh trailed off seeing his sister. Leaving Harry by the office to talk to Emily, Teddy came over to Harry who grabbed him by the shoulder.

“Moving into the big place, are you?” He laughed, letting go of Harry. “Hey, if you need any help moving just tell me. I got a van that you can use.”

“Oh yeah, I’ll remember that.” Harry said to Teddy.

“Hey guys, I’ll see you around.” Josh said popping his head into the back for a moment.

“Yeah, see you.” Teddy said.

“Bye, thanks again.” Harry said and Josh nodded goodbye turning around and leaving.

Teddy left Harry as he went into the front and Emily came to see Harry. “This is so wonderful!” she exclaimed hugging him tightly. “You’re coming to move in with all of us! Oh, you’re just going to love it!” she said letting go of Harry.

Harry laughed at Emily. “If you say so, then I guess I have no choice but believe it then.”

Emily laughed. “How about this? It’s almost time for you to leave, and Georgia will be here any minute. Why don’t you just go home and get a head start at packing.” She suggested.

Harry smiled, surprised by her suggestion. “Sure, if you’re sure you two are all right here.”

“Of course we are,” Emily told him, “It’s just coffee and muffins.”

Harry nodded, understanding and went back into the office. He took off his apron hung it up, and then put on his coat. In a day his life seemed to have changed drastically. And in a good way. He was finally putting down some roots in Canada and he was making friends. Leaving the office he said good bye to Teddy and Emily, and started on his way down the now busy streets of Toronto to his apartment to start packing and finish his lease.

A/N: So this is the first chapter to the re-written version of this story. I think this is a much better representation of my writing as well as to this story. I hope to make it much more believable then it was even though it will always be AU. So thanks for reading, and do please review!

Chapter 2: Moving
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Life Collides Chapter Two:


One Week Later

The early morning sun poured into Harry’s flat by the large window as he slowly put what little he owned into boxes. There wasn’t much. He would be leaving behind his kitchen table and old television set, while bringing his bed, dresser, desk, and sofa. He only had another half hour before Teddy would be showing with his van to help move his things to the house. Emily had just phoned to tell him that she had cleaned and painted his room bright white.

“You’ll be able to do what ever you want with it after, of course. Josh doesn’t really have many rules against that. I mean, what are you going to do with a single room?” She had said on the phone.

Taping the last box of dishes shut, Harry put the tape into his back pocket as he walked from his living room down the hall and into his bedroom. His bed was bare, and dissembled on the ground. Next to it was his old writer’s desk, boxes full of clothing and the few other possessions he owned piled on top of it. Scratching his hand he walked over to his closest, and pulled it open. It was empty, it’s contents now packed away in boxes, except for his trunk wagged into the corner, dusty from the months it had sat there untouched.

Inside it carried all of Harry’s old Wizarding things. His wand, his favourite spell books, his old robes, and other magical objects he had deemed important to keep. But that wasn’t all. In the small flap on the trunk lid were his old photos. They were all of the people from his past; the people he had not seen or heard of in a year. They were of the people he would never see again, and he hoped, ever think of again.

There was a loud knock at his door, and Harry jolted alive. Looking at his watch he saw that it was eight thirty, just the time Teddy had said he would come by to pick up his things. Hurrying from his room and into the living room he unlocked the door and opened it to allow Teddy to enter.

“Hey Harry,” he said entering Harry’s flat, a huge grin on his face. “Everything packed?” he asked.

“I hope so,” Harry told him and turned around to show him what were ready to bring to the van. “I suppose we should start with the sofa.” Harry said moving the boxes off the sofa. Teddy agreed, and together they carried the sofa out of the flat and into the hall.

“Thank God this is small,” Teddy said, as he started down the first flight of stairs, walking backwards. Harry gripped the top of the sofa as they slowly made their way down to the ground floor.

“Hell, this thing is heavier then I remember.” Harry grumbled when they finally came to the bottom of the steps and set it down for a moments break.

“We should call Adam to come help,” Teddy heaved with a smile. Adam was the long-term boyfriend of Georgia’s. According to Teddy he was quite strong from carrying stage equipment around for years when he was young, and went on tour with his musician parents.

“Yeah him and Alan,” Harry sighed referring to a co-worker of theirs, reaching down to get ready to pick up the sofa again.

Teddy offered a short laugh before counting to three and up again they were. When they made it outside, the van doors were already open, and they managed to get the sofa into the back with ease. Leaning against the wall of Harry’s building, Harry took in the sight of the old van. Its burgundy paint was chipping all over where rust had started to grow. The driver side window was broken and was covered with plastic.

“It isn’t much to look at, but I’ve been touring in the thing since before I could buy beer.” Teddy laughed, patting Harry on the shoulder before turning to head back into the building to get the other pieces of furniture and boxes.

It took them an hour to move everything else into the back of the van, and it was a tight squeeze when Harry and Teddy got into the car. Taking out the key and putting it into the ignition and turning it the car gave a low grown before coming to life. Harry didn’t know much about cars, or how to drive in fact, but he had an idea that Teddy really needed a new car.

“How far is the house from here?” Harry asked, as they turned on to the road.

“Fifteen minutes max. It’s only a street away from the café.” Teddy explained.

They turned down a few streets, passing the café as they did so and other small stores Harry often visited over the year before slowing down and turning on to a quiet residential street. Large homes occupied it, though many looked to have been converted into apartments.

“Those two houses there are owned by Toronto University for residence.” Teddy told Harry, pointing to two Victorian homes at the end of the street. “Lot’s of parties,” Teddy added with a wiry grin.

“And which one is my new home?” Harry asked, looking around at the houses in hopes of some kind of sign that would tell him.

“Right here,” Teddy said pulling into the drive of one of the larger homes. Like the others, it was an old Victoria home, with a great veranda that went around the entire home. The drive was long, and Teddy’s van was the fourth car to park.

Harry got out of the car, hanging off the door as he tried to take in his new home. He could hear the low humming of a guitar from inside the house, and people shouting. Glancing around him, he saw that Teddy had started to unload the van. Rushing to help him, Harry ignored his curiousness, and helped pull out some of the boxes, while Teddy grabbed one as well. Leading the way, Teddy ran up the front steps and opened the door for he and Harry.

Harry stepped into the large entrance room with wide eyes. The ceiling was tall, a hallway directly in front of him as well as a stair case. To his left and right were two door frames, both open and Harry saw that the one on his right was the main room and the one on the left was the kitchen.

“The kitchen’s there, and that’s the main room.” Teddy told Harry accordingly. “Down the hall is a washroom, storage room, and a dining room that connects to the kitchen, but mostly we just use it to keep all our unused stuff.” Teddy explained, taking a step toward the stairs. “Up here are all the rooms; two floors and an attic.”

Harry nodded, following Teddy as they climbed the steps, turning on a landing and came to the first floor. There were four doors on this floor, two on each side. They walked down this hall, the low humming sound much louder now, and Harry saw why when he passed the first door. It was open, and inside sat Alan, a bass guitar in his hands, his head and long shaggy hair covering his face.

“Hey Alan,” Teddy said, not stopping as Alan did not hear the greeting. “He’s going to go deaf by time he’s thirty,” Teddy joked to Harry.

“Whose rooms are these?” Harry asked.

“Well,” Teddy started, shifting the box in his hands. “That room is Georgia and Adam’s,” he said pointing to the one across from Alan’s. “That one is the washroom for this floor,” he pointed to the one next to Alan’s room, “And that is a band room.” He finished, pointing to the room next to Georgia and Adam’s.

Nodding, Harry followed teddy up a short flight of stairs that led to the second floor. This floor was shorter, and Harry saw that there were only three doors and another short staircase which led to the attic, Harry guessed.

“And here’s our floor.” Teddy grinned. “The first door on the left is the washroom, and the one after is your room. The one on the right is my humble abode.” Harry smiled, glad to be at his room at last. Teddy put the box on the ground, and dug around in his pocket for a key which he then handed to Harry who took it awkwardly. “This is the key to your room and the key to the front door.” He said indicating which one was which.

Harry nodded, understanding. “Can we go in now?” Harry asked, nodding to the heavy load in his hands.

“Fine, fine, be patient.” Teddy joked, opening the door, and picking up his box from the floor.

Harry entered the room first, and was surprised by how bright it was. The walls were white, and the same oak flooring that covered the entire house continued here. It was a fair sized room, good enough to fit all of his things and possibly some extra space left over. A large window showed Harry the small backyard that was behind the house, and the back neighbor’s home as well.

Turning to Teddy he smiled. “This is great,” he admitted.

“Well your in luck,” Teddy said, placing the box he was carrying on the ground inside. “The rooms up here are bigger, though Josh continues to charge the same as those below. I think it’s just because were on the top floor.” Teddy informed him.

“I thought there was an attic floor?” Harry asked, curious.

“Oh yeah, but that’s Emily’s apartment,” Teddy said expressively, “You can call it that just because it’s not a normal attic. It actually has a separate bedroom and a sitting room. Of course, she has to come down here to use the washroom, but she doesn’t care. She doesn’t even pay for board!” Teddy went on, heading back out the door.

“And you still talk to her?” Harry said sarcastically, laughing with Teddy as they raced back down to get his other things.

It took an entire two hours to move everything up to the top floor, and into Harry’s room. It took another hour to maneuver things around in the room and put his bed together. Thankfully Teddy stayed and helped Harry for all of it except unpacking the boxes, which Harry didn’t mind.

“I have to get going,” Teddy said, getting up from his spot on Harry’s couch. “I have to go to sound check – my band has a got a gig at Michael’s tonight.”

“Oh yeah,” Harry said, interested. “Where’s that?”

“Near the café,” Teddy explained. “If you want to come I can ask Georgia or Adam if you can hop a ride with them – their coming. And Emily might be making a surprise opener for us, so it should be a good show.” Teddy said, stopping in the door frame.

“Yeah,” Harry said quickly, standing up. “Yeah, I think I will come. It would be way better then hanging around here alone tonight.”

Teddy laughed. “Right on man, see you later then.”

“Bye,” Harry said and watched Teddy leave, closing the door behind him.

Turning to face his room, a group of boxes still lay piled on the floor full of things that were waiting to be moved and placed. Sighing to himself, Harry started forward and opened the first one which was full of clothing, and he put it into his dresser. When he finished he put his few Muggle books and documents in their spot in his desk. It didn’t take him long to put his few belonging’s away, and then all he had left was his trunk. Staring around his room he saw that he had no closest, and in decided that it would be best just to put it under his bed. Before he did so, he stopped and looked at his trunk.

His mind had caught on a distant memory; it was a short one, in it where he was holding a picture of him and his friends. It wasn’t a moving one, a plain Muggle one which had been taken by Hermione’s parents at the end of their sixth year. She had mailed him a copy two days later telling him that her parents wouldn’t allow he to put it into the magically solution that causes the images to move, but he couldn’t complain.

Opening his trunk, he ignored the moving and very un-Muggle objects, and grabbed the wad of pictures from inside of the pocket on the lid. Flipping through them quickly, he tried to pause to look at the moving ones until at last he stopped on the one he had been thinking of. He stared at it for a long time. He stood on the left, Hermione in the middle, and Ron on the right. They were all smiling, frozen in that second. It was in a sepia tone, and Ron’s hair seemed to be fierier then it was in real life. But it made Harry smile, and he quickly pushed everything back into the trunk and shut it tight with a snap. He lay the picture he had taken out next to his trunk, and he quickly put the trunk under his bed.

Coming up again he took the picture and went over to his desk. Opening the top drawer he found the unused picture frame he hadn’t used since he left England. Opening the back of it he slipped the picture inside, closed it, and propped it on his desk. He stared at his for another moment longer, glad he had remembered the little gift when a knock at the door came.

“Come in,” Harry called, turning to see who his first visitor was.

Georgia opened the door, and entered his room. “Hey, I just heard from Teddy you were here. Everything looks great in here.” She said, looking around. She was a pretty woman, a few years older then Harry, with long black hair, copper skin, and soft hazel eyes.

“Thanks,” Harry said walking over to his friend. “I was worried I wouldn’t have enough room to fit all my stuff in here.”

“No way,” Georgia went on chirpily, “This is one of the bigger rooms. Besides, I think what this room really needs if a fresh coat of paint.” Georgia said, and took a step further into the room, looking around.

“You think so?” Harry asked, trying to see what Georgia was seeing.

“Oh yeah! It will make this place your own – don’t you think?” She turned to look at him sharply and batted her eyes at him.

“I suppose,” Harry said to her, and looked around again. “I’ve never really had a choice in what colour my wall would be.”

“Really?” Georgia said, and plopped herself on to the couch.

Harry nodded, moving to sit on his bed and face Georgia. “Growing up I went to boarding school, and when I was home I lived with my Aunt and Uncle who thought I was the dirt they walked on.” Harry explained.

“Really?” her voice more exuberant then before. “Why didn’t you live with your parents?” She said, and quickly added, “If you don’t mind me asking.”

“No, it’s fine.” Harry said. “My parents died in a car crash when I was just a baby.” He told her the story he had practiced so many times in his mind.

“That’s horrible!” Georgia exclaimed, continuing with her usual dramatics. They were silent for a moment, and she continued to stare around his room. “You should paint the walls, though.”

Harry shrugged. “Maybe red,” he suggested thinking of the Gryffindor Common room.

“That would be cool, but red makes you hungry.” Georgia told him.

Harry wanted to laugh. In his head he thought about Ron, and it seemed she had just explained why he was always hungry. Grinning at Georgia he just nodded. “I’ll consider that when I go paint shopping.”

“I’ll go with you,” Georgia suggested and stood.

“Sounds like a date,” Harry agreed.

Georgia smiled, and then drifted over to the door. “Well, I just I came up here to say hello and tell you that Adam and I can drive you to the bar.” Georgia told him. “We’re going to see Emily play as she hasn’t done a show for five months.”

“Is that a long time?” Harry asked, bewildered by her statement.

“Oh yeah, she’s going to have a fun time tonight.” Georgia laughed at her own joke, and exited his room. “We’re leaving in an hour!” she called.

Harry shouted back his okay, and then stood up from his bed. Looking in his drawer he found some clean clothes, and hurried to use the washroom – something he could already tell would be an experience. When he was finished, he changed, tried to tame his hair, and then joined Georgia and Adam in the entrance.

“Hey Harry,” Adam said in his low voice. He brushed back his wavy blond hair from his eyes, and opened the door. “Ready for a good show?” he asked, as he stepped outside.

A/N: I spent the last half hour trying to decide if this was an alright place to pause, but I don’t have much of a choice. I can’t find an easier way to end it without going into the next chapter. So, here is the second re-written chapter to Life Collides. Hope you enjoyed!

Chapter 3: The Show
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Life Collides Chapter Three:

The Show

The car ride over to Michael’s wasn’t long, and when they pulled up to the underground bar, Harry already was laughing at the antics of Alan, Georgia, and Adam. He had no idea what to expect at this concert, and was wondering what kind of music he would be listening to. He already knew that Teddy’s band was a rock band, but that still didn’t tell him much. Growing up he had never paid much attention to music – he didn’t have the time for it. He was too busy trying to dodge punches from Dudley, and then trying to dodge spells.

“And we are here!” Alan exclaimed.

“Finally,” Georgia said, opening the door dramatically. “Come on, it’s going to be starting soon!”

They left the van and walked down the sidewalk a little and came to the club. It was a restaurant above, and then there were a set of stone steps that led down to the lounge where tables and chairs were set up in the center, standing room on the edges. He could see various instruments set up on stage and the place was crowded and full of excited audience members.

“Our table is over there,” Georgia pointed to a table at the front of the room, but off to the side. There was a sign on top that said reserved, and a man was standing nearby guarding it. They got to their table and Georgia thanked the man for watching.

“Enjoy the show,” he said hopping on to the stage and disappearing in the back.

“That’s Bill, his brother is the guy that owns this place.” Alan told Harry, and he nodded, and glanced back at stage.

As he did this he caught the face of Emily as she grabbed a guitar, and put the strap over her head. She was talking to someone, and as she did the lights dimmed. The crowd started cheering, and Emily came out on stage, followed by a few others who sat the different instruments. When Emily stepped up to the mike it was still noisy, but it died down enough to here her.

“How is everyone doing tonight?” she asked to have loud cheering in response. Laughing, she went up to the mike again. “That’s great! I’m Emily Thorn, and this song is called Bleed.”

As she said it the drums started, and Harry watched in complete fascination. She moved where she stood, playing the guitar before finally raising her head back to the mike, and she began to sing in a voice that Harry could not believe was coming from her mouth.

Well it’s been almost a year to the moment
When I finally realized it was over
And I knew that love wasn’t good enough of a reason
For me to stay
Well I saw you yesterday, you were driving
And I tried so hard to forget your were alive
And as you passed by I began to cry
Over things that I did not say

And hiding beneath my blankets and sheets I’m finally free
I’m killing the ghost of you and I’m close to awakening me

So I’m taking my heart and I’m getting me out
And loves something that I wouldn’t want to live without
So I’m taking my heart and getting me out on my own

Well it takes all of my strength to be stable
And I face your insults under the table
And if you were wise you would compromise
And allow me to live my way
Cause I’m not a force to be reckoned with
And you can’t see to the best in me
Cause it’s more than your heart can take

And hiding beneath my blankets and sheets I’m finally free
I’m killing the ghost of you and I’m close to awakening me

So I’m taking my heart and I’m getting me out
And love’s something that I wouldn’t want to live without
So I’m taking my heart and getting me out on my own

I’m taking my heart and I’m setting me free
And baby now you’re just another song to me
And you can’t see the best in me
For me to bleed.

Harry clapped with the rest of the crowd, unable to believe how good Emily was. He looked at Georgia who seemed to be just as cheerful, though he thought it had more to do with his own excitement. Emily was laughing, and switched her electric guitar for an acoustic one, and began to tune it while talking.

“You guys are too great,” she laughed. “I’ve got just one more song before Odd Man Out comes on, so sit tight. This song is called Wreck of the Day,” she spoke into the mike, and stepped back and started to play, the crowd silencing.

Driving away from the wreck of the day
And the light's always red in the rear-view
Desperately close to a coffin of hope
I'd cheat destiny just to be near you
If this is giving up, then I'm giving up
If this is giving up, then I'm giving up, giving up
On love, On love

Driving away from the wreck of the day
And I'm thinking 'bout calling on Jesus
'Cause love doesn't hurt so I know I'm not falling in love
I'm just falling to pieces

And if this is giving up then I'm giving up
If this is giving up then I'm giving up, giving up
On love, On love

And maybe I'm not up for being a victim of love
When all my resistance will never be distance enough

Driving away from the wreck of the day
And it's finally quiet in my head
Driving alone, finally on my way home to the comfort of my bed
And if this is giving up, then I'm giving up
If this is giving up, then I'm giving up, giving up
On love, On love

The crowd went wild again, and Emily quickly thanked them before running back stage with her guitar. Harry didn’t know what to think, the song seemed so out of character coming from Emily. She always seemed so happy, so sure of herself. But he didn’t have time to dwell on these thought. The crowd was getting louder, and started to chant ‘Odd Man Out’ over and over.

“This is getting wild,” Adam shouted over the noise.

“Got to love rock shows!” Georgia agreed smiling, and looked to Harry. “What did you think of Emily?” she asked, talking directly in his ear.

“She was fantastic – I had no idea what to expect, it was great.” He told her, talking just as loud.

As he turned to look back at the stage, he could see Teddy and some other guys he recognized as regulars at the café. They were all talking, laughing, getting ready for coming on stage. At once the lights went out and for a split second there was confusion until they flashed back on and Odd Man Out was on stage, Teddy up front. He was gripping his guitar with one hand, while pushing back his blond hair with the other.

“Let’s hear some noise!” he said into the mike and every screamed, some jumping in the air. “Do you want to hear some noise?” he asked the crowd next, and got a resounding scream of yes. Laughing, he and his band jumped right into it with a fast paced song, and the lights and other things going wild.

Are you dissapointed?
And have we destroyed it I
But I've been stumbling down this long and winding road
And these times are changing
And it's complicated I
Well I don't wanna know

And I ....
Don't ask why anymore
And I ...
Don't ask why anymore, anymore

And is it getting better?
Can we live forever I
And I'm not sure what the hell we're fighting for
And does the money make us?
And will the future blame us I
Oh I don't wanna know

And I ...
Don't ask why anymore
And I ...
Don't ask why anymore, anymore

When you're tired and alone
And you feel like letting go
Come home

When you can't take anymore
When you're beat up and ignored
Come home

The sun's inside a hole
The faster you don't know
A long, long way from home
There are things you need to know
The answers leave you cold
You're a long, long way from home
And the summers coming back
And it brings a second chance
If you're not part of this
Then I don't wanna know ...

And I ...
Don't ask why anymore
And I ...
Don't ask why anymore, anymore

When you're tired and alone
And you feel like letting go
Come home
Oh when you can't take anymore
When you're beat up and ignored
Come home
I'm coming home

The crowd was still screaming, and Georgia was standing in her seat, Adam, Alan, and Harry quickly joining the throng of screaming fans. It was complete insanity for Harry, but he loved it. Teddy and his band went through a whole set of ten songs, had the crowd singing and cheering. Harry couldn’t believe that this was what his friends did every day, and when he thought it was all over, the crowd cheering for an encore, Teddy came back on stage along equipped with a very large guitar.

As he stepped up the mike the crowd was quiet enough for him to speak. “As a special treat, since Todd gave away all his drum sticks, I said I would come out and give you guys one of my songs called Come’ in Home.” The audience cheered and Teddy started playing a slow soft tune.

Harry looked to Georgia in excitement at hearing his friend play, but was surprised to see her frowning. She caught Harry looking at her, and gave a faint smile before saying to the guys that she was going to see Emily. Harry had no idea what was going on, but he saw that both Adam and Alan nodded as if in some kind of agreement with her idea. Harry could have asked if Teddy’s voice hadn’t interrupted him.

Well I’ve been down to Georgia
I’ve seen the streets in the west
I’ve driven down the 90, hell I’ve seen America’s best
I’ve been through the Rockies, well I’ve seen Saskatoon
I’ve driven down the highway 1 just hop’ in to see you soon
‘Cause I’m come’ in home, I’m come’ in home

Harry turned to Adam in surprise and asked, “Is he really being serious?”

Adam smiled, “Yeah, Teddy can manage to be serious every so often. Especially when it comes to his music.”

“Wow,” Harry muttered, turning back to Teddy. It was strange seeing Teddy look as serious as he stood forlorn on the stage, strumming his guitar and singing. It was no surprised why there were so many girls at the concert, all swooning to see Teddy, to speak to him. It was another side of Teddy Harry had never seen before, and Teddy hadn’t lied to him when he said the show would be a great surprise.

I’ve never been to Alaska, but I can tell you this
I’ve been to Lincoln, Nebraska and hell you know it ain’t worth shit
I’ve been through Nova Scotia, Sydney to Halifax
I’ll never take any pictures, cause I know I’ll just a be right back
‘Cause I’m come’ in home, I’m come’ in home
I’ve seen palaces in London; I’ve seen a castle in Wales
But I’d rather wake up beside you, and breathe that ol’familiar smell
I never thought you could leave me, I thought I was the one
But I understand your sadness so I guess I should just hold my tongue
‘Cause I’m come’ in home, I’m come’ in home
I know that were takin’ chances, you said life was a risk
I just have on last question…
Will it be my heart, or will it be his
‘Cause I’m come’ in home, I’m come’ in home

Teddy finished his song to a loud applause and cheers. Harry watched as girls struggled to touch teddy’s hand on stage, and could barely hear Teddy’s voice as he thanked the crowd for being such great listeners.

“Let’s go into the back, before this place gets anymore wild.” Adam shouted to Alan and Harry. Nodding, Harry followed Alan as he led the way to the edge of the stage where they jumped up, and went backstage. It was dark, but Harry followed Alan with ease into a hall where there were many open doors. Alan turned into the first one.

Inside Odd Man Out stood talking and laughing with the band members from Emily’s performance. But Emily and Georgia were no where to be seen, and Harry glanced at Adam and Alan. Alan was already busy talking to the others while Adam seemed to notice the disappearance of the others.

“Teddy!” one of the band members cheered and Harry turned to see Teddy entering the room, a sullen look on his face, and beads of sweat on his forehead. He put his guitar against the wall and stood up straight breathing deeply.

“Great show tonight,” he finally said putting a grin on his face. He went to Harry, and slapped his shoulder. “How was your first concert?” he asked genuinely.

“Fantastic!” Harry told Teddy, “Emily was great, the band amazing, and you alone…”

“You weren’t expecting it were you?” Adam input.

Harry nodded. “No, I wasn’t.” He agreed looking back at Teddy who was smiling and scratching his head. He seemed to be looking for someone, and gave one last smile to Harry.

“I’ll be back,” he told them and left the room. As he did Georgia entered, taking a moment to glare at Teddy who seemed to ignore her and keep going. She came over to Adam and Harry, frowning deeply.

“I can’t believe him.” She huffed to Adam, who put his arm around her. “He just had to go pull a stunt like that.” She went on flustered. “And he’ll probably use the excuse that she started it, and that it was only fair he’d get to perform his song blah, blah, blah.” Georgia looked to Harry, who was completely confused.

“Could you please tell me what is going on?” Harry asked looking from Georgia to Adam and back. Adam seemed to be completely aware of what was going on and completely control of himself. Rather then letting Georgia vent, he quickly went through it.

“A couple of year ago Emily and Teddy dated. She was just starting to bud with her music, and they met at his friend’s record label. They got really serious, but he was touring a lot then, and let’s just say things weren’t good for a while. She told him she couldn’t do it anymore, started dating an ex of hers, and he was left in England – where he was when she told him she was ending things – trying to keep the tour going smoothly while trying to fix a relationship back here. Needless to say he came back and they stayed separated. They just decided to be friends, and that’s how it’s been since then.” Adam told him, in hushed tones.

“And what about the other guy Emily was dating?” Harry asked, finding this development surprising.

“They broke up fast. He was an abusive guy; he never had a kind thing to say to Emily, and she just couldn’t take it anymore and dropped him for good. Thankfully she’s managed to stay away from guys like that since.” Georgia said, seeming to keep her temper intact.

“So those songs were about each other then?” Harry concluded.

“Exactly,” Georgia replied. “And that’s why Emily is now in her own dressing room crying, and throwing things around angrily. He promised her that when ever they preformed together he wouldn’t play that song because it always gets her down. Of course Emily did choose two songs that cause Teddy to get a little upset, it isn’t to the extreme that Emily gets to.” Georgia explained, sighing.

“We should probably round every one up and get going. I doubt Emily wants to stay for the after party.” Adam said, pulling Georgia along.

“Yeah, Harry, go with Adam and I’ll go see to Emily and Alan.” Georgia said pulling away from Adam and going over to Alan who was chugging a beer.

“Never a dull moment, I say.” Adam told Harry once they left the club. Harry nodded, understanding and wondering what it would be like living with these people for the next few months, or possibly years.

“Is it always like this?” Harry asked, curious.

Adam shook his head. “No, it’s not the usual. It’s just escalated since Teddy moved in with us. He didn’t live with us up until three months ago when his roommate – Matt from the band – got married and moved out. I think he just got lonely, and the apartment was the only place he could find suitable for himself.” Adam explained as he got to the van and opened the side door for Harry.

“Oh,” Harry answered, getting into the van. “I just hope Emily isn’t too upset when she gets to the van.”

Adam laughed getting into the front seat. “That’s highly unlikely. She likes to keep things to herself, so she’ll probably come in here with a ready made story of how she was feeling sick or something, and then will ask you what you thought of the concert. She’s a good actress.”

Harry didn’t have another second to ask Adam another question before the side door slammed open and Emily climbed in, wearing a grin. “Hey Harry!” she exclaimed, plopping down next to him, pausing a moment to grab her guitar from Georgia and putting it into the back.

“You were great tonight Emily,” Harry said, hoping it would cheer her up.

“Really?” Emily said, seeming pleased with his reaction. “I was a little worried you would find it all boring.”

Harry shook his head. “No, you were great. I liked your songs; they were, er, catchy.”

Emily laughed, and hit Harry playfully in the arm. “You are so hilarious Harry.” She laughed, and leaned against the back seat as Georgia got settled in the front next to Adam and he turned the ignition. The van roared to life, and Adam started on their way home. “But I am really happy you liked it. Georgia told me you were probably cheering the loudest out of everyone.”

Harry’s cheeks tinged pink, and shrugged it off. “I don’t know she was pretty loud.”

Emily grinned, and leaned on Harry’s shoulder tired. “Well, I don’t care. I am just happy you enjoyed it. But now I would like to sleep; I am so tired.”

“Go to sleep then,” Georgia said from the front, smiling in the rearview mirror.

When they arrived home, Emily was fast asleep on Harry’s shoulder, with Adam’s help they helped her up the many stairs and to her room on the top floor where Georgia then took care of the rest. Harry quickly saw what Teddy had meant earlier that day. She did have her own mini home. She had a separate bedroom, main room where a sofa and chair sat with an old television set, and in another corner were a group of bookshelves cramped with colourful books. In another she had a small fridge and microwave, and table set. The walls were covered in black and white photographs of people and musicians alike, as well as her many guitars that all hung on the wall. It seemed she was prepared for never leaving her room if she could.

“She likes to record up there sometimes.” Georgia told Harry as they went into his room to sit down and talk, Adam having gone to bed early. “She’ll bring all the gear she need, clear the center and just start recording. She did it with her first album, all acoustic stuff.”

“She likes to be alone then,” Harry assumed.

“She likes to feel safe.” Georgia countered.

A/N: There you have it, the revised version of chapter three. I have kept many of the same elements from the original, while adding my own little twist. I eliminated one of the performances (Georgia and Adams) because I just thought it was too much. I wanted to make it a little more realistic. I hope you liked it, and thanks for reading!

Chapter 4: The Other Side of the World
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Life Collides Chapter Four:

The Other Side of the World

Songs drifted in and out of Harry’s thoughts as he dreamed that night. Flashes of the war passed his closed eyes, and he kept seeing Ginny’s sleeping face as she lay in her bed at St. Mungo’s. In his sleep he gripped the sheets around him, and fought against his own minds to forget all the awful things he had left behind. Ginny’s smiling face drifted back through his mind, and he relaxed at this memory.

Miles away, on the other side of the world in real life Ginny was smiling. Yes, she was smiling. She wasn’t in a coma any longer, having woken months ago from the deep slumber she had been put under. They told her they never thought they would see her eyes open again. They told her she had been knocked off the astronomy tower when the Giants had started to attack the school. She had fallen to the ground knocking her unconscious.

“You lost a lot of blood.” Mrs. Weasley had told her. “They mended your bones, and replenished your blood, but you never woke. Nothing could wake you – oh thank heavens you woke up!” Mrs. Weasley had cried overjoyed.

Ginny had not known what was happening, and her eyes searched a pair of green. “Where’s Harry?” she had croaked.

Nobody spoke or moved. Mrs. Weasley sat down on Ginny’s bed, her face softening drastically. “He’s not here dear; he left six months ago.” Mrs. Weasley told Ginny, taking her hand in her own.

“What do you mean ‘he left’?” Ginny asked, her head had spun.

“We don’t know, he left in the middle of night and we haven’t heard from him since.” Mrs. Weasley told Ginny, and pulled her daughter close to her.

Six months later Ginny sat out in the garden facing the Burrow and staring at frogspawn swimming around in the pond. It had been a peaceful summer, and Ginny had just returned home from her seventh year at Hogwarts. She graduated with good marks, and intended on either going into healer training or possibly into playing professional Quidditch.

“Ginny?” A quiet voice spoke behind her, and she nearly dismissed it to hearing things.

But she looked up, and turned around to the gate where she saw Hermione and Ron standing there blinking at her. For a moment she stared, believing that her eyes were playing tricks on her. Hermione and Ron were still missing – considered dead, they couldn’t be standing in front of her now. Could they?

“Ginny it’s us,” Ron said, stepping past the gate and walking over to his little sister.

Ginny’s mouth hung open as tears filled her eyes. She stood up, ignoring the mud now on her robes, and walked over to her brother and best friend.

“Is it really you?” she cried into her brother’s shoulder. She clung to him and Hermione, not believing they were real. She had felt so abandoned and alone without Harry, Hermione, and Ron around.

Ron half carried half walked his sister into the Burrow, Hermione helping him as they went. They entered the homey kitchen, and were greeted with the surprised shriek of Mrs. Weasley.

“Ronniekins!” Mrs. Weasley cried, grabbing her son in a bone crushing hug. “Hermione,” she cried next seeing the girl she had watched grow since the age of twelve.

Ginny watched this with half clear eyes, slumping into a chair. Her hands shook as she watched her family filed into the kitchen hearing the noise. Her father and Bill came in from the den where they had been discussing ministry business, and George came down from his bedroom looking more cheerful then she had seen him in ages.

Her father had tears in his eyes as he hugged his youngest son, and Hermione was crying, beat red, as she hugged George. The room was full of noise and Bill was sent off to get Charlie and Percy to join in. Mrs. Weasley started bugging Ron and Hermione about how skinny they were and started to make food. Ginny sat in her chair frozen, waiting for the question that would bring everyone to a silence. She was expecting it, and was ready for it.

Finally Ron stopped searching for his best friend to come into the kitchen and looked to everyone. “Where’s Harry?” he asked, happiness in his voice.

Everyone fell silent, and Mrs. Weasley went to tell her son when Ginny spoke up. “He left a year ago in the night. Nobody had seen or heard of him since.” Ginny told her brother in an indifferent tone.

Hermione and Ron stared at her with confused and hurt looks. Mrs. Weasley quickly shoved them into chairs remarking on how tired they were, and as soon as everyone else sat down Hermione and Ron began to ask what happened after they left. Ginny tuned it out, just staring at her brother and friend’s face. She had missed them, and seeing them did make her feel happy. But they had brought up Harry and it was like pulling the band-aid off her broken heart.

“Ginny, take Hermione upstairs, give her a fresh set of robes.” Mrs. Weasley instructed, and without hesitation Ginny stood to join her friend up the steps to her bedroom.

“I can’t believe he left,” Hermione whispered as they entered Ginny’s bedroom. They sat down on the bed facing each other. Hermione took Ginny’s hands in her own, and looked sadly at her friend. “I can’t believe he left you.”

Ginny looked away from Hermione, biting her bottom lip a little. She did not want to talk nor think about Harry and how he left. She did not want Hermione to start making up theories about why he had left, because to Ginny it didn’t matter. He left, without a word, and she had given up the idea of ever seeing him again. Just like Ginny had done with Hermione and Ron.

“It doesn’t matter,” Ginny finally replied, hoarsely. “You and Ron are here, and that is all that matters to me right now.” Ginny faced Hermione and offered a small smile.

Hermione frowned, and pulled Ginny in her arms. “I missed you so much Ginny, you have no idea how hard it was to not come back earlier. Ron and I were just so afraid that it wasn’t safe yet; Death Eaters had been seen near where we were hiding and we were too scared to blow our cover.”

“Where were you Hermione?” Ginny uttered urgently, pulling away from Hermione. “One morning I woke and Harry told me you two had gone into hiding – he didn’t say why or where you had gone. You just were…” Ginny trailed off, her emotions taking over.

Hermione frowned. “He shouldn’t have done that. He should’ve stopped trying to protect you from all the bad. There had been plans uncovered for the murders of Ron and I. Voldemort had believed that if he killed us both Harry would fall. I told him it was ridiculous – sending us away wouldn’t help him at all. But he tricked us, Ginny. He brought us by portkey to a small town in Ireland and said that we were to stay there – that it was his only hope. We didn’t know where we were at first, and he left before he could tell us. We wanted to come back Ginny, but Harry had been so desperate to get us there, that we couldn’t go against what he wanted. So we stayed, and tried to move on.”

“You could have left though,” Ginny urged. She needed an answer as to why everything had gone so wrong.

“We couldn’t Ginny,” Hermione asserted, “Ron said that we might as well do what he said or he would just angry. And I knew it was true. Having us far away from Harry and any danger he feared would put less stress on his mind. In the end we saw it his way.”

“Why didn’t you come back sooner? It’s been nearly two years since the war ended. Why didn’t you come back!” Ginny cried, not wanting to give in herself.

Hermione saw her friend was upset, and held her shoulders gently. “Ron and I had no contact with the Wizarding world. The town we had settled in was on an island off Ireland. You had to take a boat to get to the mainland. We didn’t know people were searching for us, we didn’t know anything.” Hermione told her friend.

“Then why did you come back now?” Ginny asked, calming down.

Hermione smiled. “Ron asked me to marry him, Ginny. And he said war or no war, we had to come back and get married with all of our family. When we first came to the island it was dark, people lived in fear because of the strange and dark things happening all over the world. But when we left it had gone to what the villagers said were the normal days, when fishing was good and the skies were blue. We knew something had changed.”

“Something did change,” Ginny replied, but smiled at her friend. “But never mind all of that – you and Ron are getting married! How did it happen?”

Hermione laughed, burning a little red. “When you spend two years with a person who is the only link to your old life, you depend on that person a lot. Not to mention, we pretended to be a married couple, trying to get away from the crazy world of the mainland – that’s what we told people any how. And I guess it was easy for us to fall in love.” Hermione finished, a little embarrassed.

Ginny grinned. “If I had known exiling you two to an island alone for two year would finally get you two together, I would have done it year ago.” Ginny joked.

Hermione laughed, shaking her head. Her face fell slightly, and she looked her friend in the eye. “The only thing that would make this all better would be if Harry was here.”

“I know,” Ginny murmured, and pulled her friend into her arms.

A/N: I am so sorry it took me so long to update. This story, originally was going to be my priority in writing, as I wanted to get it finished as soon as possible so I could continue with the sequel. But like always, my other stories seemed to take over in my mind. So I am truly sorry, and I do hope you liked seeing Ginny’s side of the world. Hopefully it will give you some clues as to what is going to happen (if you haven’t read the original of the story before).

Chapter 5: Instruments
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Life Collides Chapter Five:


Harry woke up groggy the next morning. He had had little sleep, as he woke up countless times, trying to shake the thoughts of Ginny out of his head. Looking at his alarm clock he saw it was nearing nine o’clock, and knowing he had to go into work that day he got out of bed and had a shower. He didn’t see Teddy out on the landing, but saw that his bedroom door was wide open.

Everything was quiet in the house, and Harry had no idea where everyone had gone to. But he supposed that’s how things worked around here. Everyone had their own lives. Turning the shower off, Harry wrapped a towel around his waist, and after picking up his clothes went back to his little apartment. He changed quickly into trousers and a t-shirt. He took only a moment to try and flatten his hair, not putting much effort into it, knowing it was useless.

As he started down the stairs he heard a door open behind him, and when he turned to look Emily came from the stair case leading to her attic apartment. She looked down, bags under her eyes, and her long reddish-brown hair up in a knot on the top of her head as if she had been too lazy to try. Her clothes were in slight disarray, as if she hadn’t been paying attention to what she was putting on. But she still looked pretty, none the less.

“Good morning, Emily.” Harry greeted, when she looked up at him.

Yawning widely, she smiled and waved at him. “Sorry – morning Harry.” She said, walking down the steps with him.

“Tired this morning?” Harry asked, smiling a little.

“Yeah – you don’t look any better though.”

“Thanks,” Harry laughed. “Yeah, I couldn’t sleep much last night.”

“Same,” Emily replied.

Nobody was on the fist landing, and not until Harry and Emily were on the main floor did he hear voices. They were all in the kitchen, and when Emily and he entered they were greeted with a chorus of ‘Good Morning’s’ from Georgia, Adam, and Teddy.

“You two are up early.” Georgia said as Harry sat down at the table, a cup of tea in his hand.

“I have to work today.” Harry replied.

“Oh I forgot – you’re with Teddy and I.” Georgia exclaimed.

“What about you?” Adam asked Emily.

“I have to go talk to my manager about a possible tour.” Emily explained, pouring some boiling water in a mug.

“Your going on our again?” Teddy asked, sounding a little cautious.

“I am a musician, that is what normally what a musician does.” Emily replied coolly, sitting at the table with Harry and Georgia.

“I was just asking,” Teddy snapped back.

Sensing for a change of topic, Georgia jumped in. “You should probably get going Adam, your going to be late for work.” Adam nodded, looking at his watch. Putting his coffee down on the counter, he went over to Georgia and pecked her on the lips, muttering quickly that he loved her.

“See you all later.” He said, saying goodbye to everyone.

“Bye,” Harry replied along with the others.

Georgia stood up next, and put her own cup on the counter. “I should probably get dressed before going to work; I’ll be down in ten minutes.” Georgia said more to Harry and Teddy then anyone else.

Emily was leaning against the counter, sipping on her coffee, waiting for her toast to pop. Harry noticed that Teddy was watching her from his spot at the counter. He had a misty look on his face, and Harry suddenly felt as if he shouldn’t be there. Picking up his cup of tea, he drank the last of it quickly and stood up.

He didn’t say anything as he left, not feeling the need to. He left the kitchen, and went into the living room sitting down. He didn’t watch much television, but he found some entertainment in just slipping through the stations, pausing for only a few seconds at some interesting things.

“Harry?” a quiet voice came.

Harry looked over and saw Emily standing in the door frame to the living room. She was looking at him curiously, and with a worried expression.

“What?” Harry asked.

“Are you all right?” Emily asked.

Harry couldn’t ignore how he felt at that moment, hearing her say those words. It was as if she knew something more, as if she had read it in his face. “What do you mean?”

“Harry, something is bothering you. I can see it in your eye.” Emily said, coming into the living room and sat down next to him on the sofa. “Does it have to do with why you didn’t sleep much last night?”

Harry avoided her eye. He didn’t want to talk about this, and he didn’t like the fact that he was that easy to read, after the years he had spent trying not to do just that. Getting the courage to look at Emily, he went to say that he didn’t want to talk about it, but she said something first.

“You don’t have to tell me Harry.” She said genuinely. “I get that there are some things people don’t want to talk about. Forget I ever asked.” Emily stood up, looking sorry she had ever come into the living room, and went to leave, but Harry caught her hand before she could.

“It’s not that I don’t want to tell you, don’t think that. I just… I can’t talk about it.” Harry managed to say, and hoped she would understand.

Emily smiled. “I know,” she nodded, and Harry let go of her hand and she left.

Sitting back on the sofa, Harry stared blankly at the television, not hearing it at all. He had no idea what had just happened, and he wasn’t sure if he wanted to go to work anymore.

“Harry, are you ready?” Georgia asked coming into the living room as she put her purse over her shoulder.

“Yeah,” Harry muttered, turning off the television, and following Georgia out into the hall. Teddy sat on the stairs putting his shoes on, his keys jingling in his jacket pocket.

Finally, when the three were ready they exited the house, and got into Teddy’s van. It was a fast drive to work, and there they met up with Sebastian and Chantal, who had opened the café. Harry didn’t really know them that well, as they usually only worked a few shifts a month, paying their way through school. Sebastian was from Ottawa, and extremely tall and dorky. Chantal was short, and tiny all the way around. She had short black hair, and laughed at most things. Harry got along with the two of them for the most part, but he was happy when they left around noon.

As it neared the end of Harry’s shift, and the place was quiet Harry went into the back to talk to Georgia about some things he had been wondering. In the boredom of his job he had thought nothing but of the concert, and the guitar. It seemed so cool how Teddy and the others played it. Well, not how they played it, but just the guitar in general, and how it was played. He wondered if he could play it. He wondered if the others would be willing to teach him.

“What’s up Harry, you look like you have something to say?” Georgia asked, sitting at the desk.

Harry leaned against the wall, and shrugged. “I’ve just been thinking.”

“Have you?” Georgia grinned. “What have you been thinking about?”

Harry laughed a little, realizing how dumb he was being. “I was just thinking about the concert, and I was wondering if it were possible that someone could teach me how to play the guitar.” Harry asked.

Georgia’s face lit up, and she nodded vigorously. “Oh my God, yes! I could teach you – I play guitar, piano, and all of that stuff. But we’ll stick with guitar first, of course. I could get Emily to help too, she is far better then I am. I don’t think Teddy has the time, but in all honesty he is really the best guitarist in the house. But I’ll take the primary role, of course. I’ll talk to Emily about it tonight, and I might be able to show you a few things.” Georgia finished breathlessly.

Harry was speechless after Georgia’s long-winded response, but he was happy that he had done it. “Thanks Georgia, that would great. I was afraid you would just laugh in my face.” Harry admitted.

Georgia smiled, standing up. “I wouldn’t laugh – it was only a better of time before you caught the bug. Not that it’s a bad thing. Another person to tour with – that would be great!”

“Whoa, let’s not get ahead here.” Harry said, feeling a little uncomfortable about it all. “I didn’t say anything about singing or anything like that.”

“You say that now.” Georgia laughed, and went to leave. “You can go home early, I’ll cover you. See you back at the house.” She said and left.

Harry stood still, staring at the place where Georgia had just been, feeling a little excited, confused, and nervous. He was actually going to get some lessons, and maybe would do exactly what Georgia had suggested. That was the last thought in his mind, as it was highly unlikely he would ever go near a stage and actually perform. That would mean people would be looking at him, would want to know about him, would make him their idol. He had enough of that in his old life, did he really want to be tempting fate with this whole thing?

Yes, he really did.

Later that evening, after a homemade dinner of bread and butter, Harry met Georgia in the dining room for their first ‘lesson’. Georgia had brought down two of her guitars, telling Harry in passing she owned five.

“It’s a bit of an addiction, I know, but I just love my guitars.” She laughed, handing an old CD-100 with a spruce coloured top to Harry.

Harry took it in his hands, and ran his fingers over the strings letting the harmonic sounds fill the room. Georgia stayed silent, waiting for the resounding music to stop. She smiled at Harry, and picked up her own guitar, a blue Sonoran. “This is my baby,” she told him, and plucked a few of the strings, a random chord progression that sounded almost heavenly.

For an hour Georgia went through the basics of a guitar, what the parts were called, and how to hold it. She showed him a few of the fingerings on the first three frets, and handed Harry a book that had some simple songs he could learn. Harry looked at them, and thanked Georgia. “I’ll give you back your guitar when I’ve earned enough money to buy my own.”

Georgia shook her head. “It’s yours now Harry,” she told him

Harry stared at her, “Are you serious?”

“As serious as one can be.” Georgia laughed.

“Wow, thanks Georgia, this is brilliant.” Harry told her, putting the guitar down so he could hug her.

Georgia laughed. “I know,” she joked.

When Harry descended to his room that night, he held his new gift tightly, a smile on his face, warmth in his heart. He hadn’t felt this happy for a while, and for some reason knowing that he now had something to do with his life, to look forward too made him feel that way. He opened his door, locking it behind him, and put leaned the guitar on his sofa. He sat down, turning on the lights and stared around his huge room. This was his home, and it felt like his home.

“You have the day off too?” Emily asked, sitting next to Harry on the sofa in the living room.

“Yeah,” Harry affirmed, “I have no idea what I’m going to do today.”

“What do you usually do on your day off?” Emily asked.

“I used to get food or walk around for hours.” Harry told her, realizing he didn’t have much of a life.

“By yourself?” Emily asked, looking a little shocked.

Harry nodded. “I don’t know anyone here, except for you guys, and that’s because I work with you.”

“I could never do that – move to a place where I don’t know any one. It would be so lonely.” Emily frowned.

“It could be lonelier, I think.” Harry suggested. “I could have no job, and never have met any of you. Then, I would definitely have no one.”

Emily looked at Harry sadly, and jumped up. “If you don’t have any plans why don’t you come with me?” she asked.

“Where are you going?” Harry asked, curious.

Emily sighed, looking “Well yesterday I had a meeting with Susan, my manager, and she thinks it’s about time I went on tour. So I have to go to another meeting today to find where I’m going and who’s opening for me. Then I have to go get some new strings for my guitar, and order a new amp for the show I’m doing in a few weeks.”

“You’re doing another show?” Harry asked interested.

“Yeah, Susan thinks it will be good for me to get some shows in before we start a tour.” Emily explained. “You can come to it if you’d like, I think Susan has someone else opening for me.” Emily explained thoughtfully, and then smiled at Harry. “So do you want to come?”

Harry nodded, “Sure, it’s something to do.”

“Great!” Emily exclaimed jumping up. “I have to go get my things, and then we can go.”

Harry nodded, and followed her out of the living room, and got his shoes while Emily raced up the stairs to her room. When she returned, they left and started on their journey for the day. They walked for a little talking about work until they came to the subway and Harry just followed Emily, trying not to let his confusion show. Finally, standing in the train, Harry faced Emily, and she was smiling brightly up at him.

“So why did you really leave England?” Emily asked, peering deeply into Harry’s eyes.

He had to look away, finding her blue eyes to curious, reminding him so much of Ginny. “I left because I wanted to start a new life.” Harry told her truthfully.

“I know that Harry,” Emily replied, trying to catch Harry’s eye. “I want the real reason – what was so wrong with your old life?” she asked, sounding concerned now.

Harry looked at his friend, and he could see she was worried. Why, he didn’t understand, but he guessed she was still thinking about what happened in the living room earlier. Scratching his head, he looked at her and sighed.

“It’s a long story.” Harry told her.

“We’ve got all day,” Emily urged.

Harry rolled his eyes. She really wanted to know. “Fine, but don’t get mad if I don’t give you the answer you want.” Harry warned, already planning in his head how vague he was going to be.

“Just tell me Harry – I’m not going to run away.” Emily patted Harry’s shoulder, and leaned against the wall.

Nodding, Harry breathed in deeply. “It really all started when I was one. My parents died in a car crash – it’s how I got my scar – and I was sent to live with my Aunt and Uncle. They never got along with my parents, especially my father, and I look so much like him, they hated me equally. So until I was eleven I lived with them and my cousin, being treated like a servant, and a scoundrel.”

“What happened when you were eleven?” Emily asked, excitedly.

Harry laughed a little, and went on. “Well it turned out that when I was born my parents had put my name down to go to this top boarding school in England, and I got an acceptance letter. My Aunt and Uncle hated it of course, but they had no choice. I went, using the money my parents had left me, and graduated when I was seventeen.”

“That’s it?” Emily asked, furrowing her brows. “What on earth did you do for those six year?”

“Made friends, made enemy’s, got detentions, passed classes, and graduated. It was great.” Harry told her, thinking back to those moments he had had at Hogwarts which were not plagued by fear of Lord Voldemort, or his impending death.

“So what did you do after that?” Emily asked, more curious then ever.

“I got a job,” Harry paused trying to think of something, “I went to school to become a police officer.” He finished, trying hard not to laugh at his own joke.

“You were a police officer?” Emily repeated her eye brows now raised.

Harry laughed. “Yeah, let’s just say it didn’t last for long. I dropped out, and settled for a simple job at the Government. It was pretty boring.” Harry decided on, happy that he could still tell stories so easily.

“So what? – you did all that and made no friends, no lasting connections to England?” Emily asked, bewildered. Her voice was sad, and Harry could see that Emily was looking at him with sympathy – something he didn’t want.

“No,” Harry argued, “It’s not like that.”

“Then why did you leave?” Emily asked, more confused then anything else. “I could never leave Canada permanently, not with everyone I love here.”

Harry shrugged. “Maybe you’re right. Maybe I didn’t have any lasting connection to England, and that’s why I left. All I know is that I needed to go some where new. I needed to start over, and try and create a new life. My old one didn’t fit, and I needed to change.” Harry finished, loosing the previous giddy feeling he had felt before.

Emily looked sad, and she looked down at her hands. She seemed to have something on her mind, and Harry wanted to know what it was. As if she had gained the courage, she looked up at Harry. “What are you running from Harry?”

As she asked, the train slowed down, and people started standing, trying to get off the train. Harry stared at Emily, unsure of how to answer her question. A man pushed past Emily, and she had to look away, and saw that they had to get off. She gave Harry a look, and nodded towards the doors. Harry followed, still unable to speak, and stepped on to the platform after Emily.

Once they got out of the station, Emily turned to Harry. “You don’t have to answer that – forget I ever said it.” She amended.

Harry nodded, glad to be released of her question. “Thanks,” Harry murmured.

“Come on,” Emily pushed on, seeming to forget what just happened. “The place is just around the corner.” She said, pulling him along with her.

Unable to protest, and trying to let what had just happened not faze him, he followed eagerly, and like a friend. One day he would be honest with Emily, and tell her that he had left before everyone he loved in England was dead, but until then what he had now was okay.

A/N: This is not my favourite chapter, but I think it's pretty good. I hope you liked that last part. Thanks for reading!

Chapter 6: A Song
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Life Collides Chapter Six:

A Song

When Harry and Emily arrived at the small restaurant they sat down with Emily’s manager, Susan. She was an older woman, with curly grey hair that was kept in place by a large clip. She wore a black suit, and wild red glasses. She peered at Harry curiously, shaking his hand with both her own hands.

“It’s nice to meet you,” Susan smiled.

“Same,” Harry mumbled, finding her kindness a little off.

Sitting across from Susan at the table, and next to Emily, he listened to them talk business. Susan listed the venue’s she had booked for Emily so far.

“You’ve book my in Scotland?” Emily asked, excitedly when Susan told her that she was playing five venues’ there. “I’ve never played my own show there before! I’ve always had to open someone.”

Harry laughed. “Is that a good thing?”

“A very good thing,” Susan answered for her, looking from Harry back to Emily. “Now Eric and I are just trying to see if there is any place in England who will take you – he said there are already four places who have contacted us before.”

“That’s insane,” Emily mused. “When will the tour start, you think?”

“Well we had hoped to start as soon as the summer comes, but we don’t think it will continental until after Christmas.” Susan explained.

“So how many shows do I have to do before then?” Emily asked.

“We have you booked in some places here in Toronto and the Greater Area for the next few months, but in June you’ll be playing in Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, and then you’ll be flying to Halifax, and do a couple of shows there. We hope to go to Quebec and some more places in Ontario, but we haven’t gotten that far. I’ll get back to you about that as soon as I can so you know what you’re doing.” Susan said, pulling out a small device from her bag which she started to hit buttons on. “I’m just e-mailing Eric,” she told Emily.

The lunch didn’t last much longer, and once Harry and Emily had paid they left and got back on to the subway back to their area. From there they walked to Emily’s favourite music store so she could get some strings. While there, Harry took the opportunity to tell Emily of his decision to learn guitar, and what he knew saw far.

“That’s great Harry, I’m glad you’ve found something you like.” Emily said, half joking and half being serious.

After paying for her strings, they left the shop and started walking back to the house. It was nearing four o’clock, and Harry wondered aloud what he would do for the rest of the day.

“You can come practice guitar with me if you’d like?” Emily asked, as they turned down Dublin Street.

“Yeah, that would be cool.” Harry grinned.

Once back at the house, Harry first went to his room where he put his jacket and shoes, and grabbed his guitar. He took a moment looking at it before going out in to the hall where he bumped into Emily.

“Come, we can practice in my room.” She said, and led him to her attic bedroom.

Harry, having already been in there took a seat at the sofa, while Emily walked over to her fridge and took a bottle of water out of it. She paused on her way over to the chair opposite Harry to take a guitar off the wall. Harry had no idea what it was, but he saw the word Gibson on the head, and Emily turned to Harry with a smile.

“So show me what you know so far!” She exclaimed, sitting down on the chair placing the water on the floor, and leaned her guitar against the chair arm. Harry, feeling a little nervous, was hesitant. Slowly, he put his fingers into position to avoid possibly screwing up, and finally when he was ready, he flowed through the scale as if he had been doing it for year. He repeated it three times, gradually getting higher in pitch, before at last stopping and looking to Emily.

She had an impressed look on her face, and she grinned. “You’re a fast learner – have you learned any songs?” she asked.

“Only the ones in here,” Harry said picking up the start out book Georgia had given to him. It hadn’t been difficult for him to learn the songs, he had to admit. It was like second nature. He didn’t know why it was so easy, but he didn’t mind it.

“Holy crap, Harry!” Emily exclaimed taking the books from his hands. “You are some kind of musical genus, you are!” she laughed. “Play some more!”

So Harry did. Before he knew it Emily was showing him some chord progressions, and rifts of popular songs that he had never heard before. He went along with it, just glad to be learning some new things. It wasn’t long before two hours had passed, and the two of them were playing songs together.

“That was so much fun,” Emily babbled as she put her guitar back on it’s stand. “We should do this way more often.”

“Definitely,” Harry agreed. He stood by the door, his guitar and book in one hand, and his other hand on the door knob. “I’ll see at dinner.”

Emily nodded, falling on to her couch. “Yeah, I’ll see you. I’m pooped.” She laughed.

Harry grinned, and turned, opening the door, and left the room. He closed the door and headed back to his own room where he put his own guitar away. Feeling tired himself, he fell on to his bed, and stared at his white ceiling until he fell asleep, only waking up when Georgia came home with dinner.

After dinner Harry decided it would be best to avoid hanging out with Emily for a while, and asked a very tired Georgia if she would like to teach another lesson. As Adam still hadn’t come home from work, she agreed and together they parked themselves in his room, this time coming prepared with a bright yellow guitar, that Harry could see only Georgia loving.

After playing a few scales, and going through a few of the songs in his book, Georgia decided to take a break.

“Are you going to Emily’s show next week?” Harry asked, curious as to if he would be alone for this one.

“No, I can’t. I have to work. But Adam and Teddy will be there. I think that’s it though, sorry.” Georgia told him, yawning.

“It’s okay; I thought I would be alone. I’m glad to know that there will be familiar faces.” Harry explained quickly, strumming the strings of his guitar quietly. He stared at the floor, randomly hitting the string in an un-harmonic way.

Georgia watched Harry thoughtfully for a moment, and reached out and touched his hand. Harry glanced up and looked at Georgia. “Is there something bothering you?”

“Why does everyone keep asking me that today?” Harry immediately said, now realizing that he was showing his feelings more then he liked.

Georgia backed up a little in her chair. “I’m just asking Harry; lately you’ve been looking really down.”

“I don’t know why you think that – I’ve been nothing but happy since I moved here.” Harry argued.

Georgia frowned. “I know Harry, but when you think nobody is watching you have a look in your eyes as if you’re thinking about something terrible.” Georgia explained.

Suddenly feeling naked, Harry almost his behind his guitar, hitting a few more strings in a much more pleasing way then before. All he could think of was the conversation he had had with Emily earlier that day, and he sensed another moment like that was about to happen. He didn’t want to shut Georgia out – she had been the first person he met when he came to Canada, and she had been the one to help him get a job. He couldn’t do the same with her that he had with Emily.

Glancing up, he took a brave breath. “I’ve been having nightmare’s lately, that’s all.” Harry told her.

Georgia blinked at him, almost as if she didn’t believe. But when she saw that he was being serious, her eyes softened, and she leaned in. “Nightmare’s about what?” she asked softly.

Harry looked down, expecting the question. “Just things that happened back in England, that’s all.”

“Like what,” Georgia encouraged Harry by placing her hand on his that sat on the guitar neck.

“Over a year ago,” Harry started roughly, “she got in an accident and ended up in a coma. I lived with her family, but I couldn’t take it. It was my entire fault because I wasn’t there, and if I had been she wouldn’t be in a coma. That’s why I left – I couldn’t stand the guilt on top of the sympathetic looks they gave me.” Harry started to shake, as he fought to keep from saying too much.

There were tears in Georgia’s eyes, and she took Harry’s hand in her own. “I’m so sorry, Harry, I can’t even imagine…” she trailed off when she found no words.

Harry quickly shrugged it off, letting go of Georgia’s hand. “Please don’t give me your sympathy, Georgia. You’re my friend, and I don’t think I could make it through the day is you gave me that look. I need to know that you still see me as me.” Harry told her.

Georgia looked bewildered but nodded. “I won’t Harry, if that’s what you want me to do, I will try to not give you that look.”

Harry smiled, knowing she was trying her best to understand. “Thanks Georgia, I appreciate it.”

Georgia nodded, and then slapped her hands together. “So let’s get on with this lesson. I know you played with Emily earlier, let’s hear what she taught you.” Georgia banged on.

Harry sighed inwardly, but picked up his guitar and showed the few songs he had learned from Emily, and just like she had done, Georgia bantered on how he was some sort of musical genius.

“I don’t really think you need anymore lessons, Harry. Here are some harder songs, but I’m pretty sure that thus far, you can teach yourself.” Georgia told him, handing him some books. “It will teach you how to read tabs, and give you a few songs in them as well.”

“Cool,” Harry said taking the book. He stood up, holding his guitar and the books. Georgia grinned at him. “I should be getting to bed,” he told her.

Georgia nodded. “Agreed,” she stood up, and to his surprise hugged him. “I know you don’t want my sympathy, but I think you deserve this.” She said and let go. She picked up her things and left the dinning room saying goodnight as she went.

“Good night,” Harry chimed, not minding at all that she had hugged him. In all reality, it felt nice to know that she cared, even if people caring for him always equaled bad in the past, it was a new day. He had started a new life in Canada, and Georgia and her feeling went along with it.

The next few days passed quickly as Harry worked, practiced and went out with his friends. He was falling into their daily routines with ease, and he felt like he belonged. Georgia was his best friend, and it didn’t take long for them to form inside jokes. However, Harry did notice Emily’s lack of presence. She never seemed to be home, always meeting with her manager and various others. She said it was all in preparation for her tour.

One night as the pizza guy came by dropping off three large pizzas, and everyone sat crowded into the kitchen to eat, and share some laughs. Some friends of Teddy’s were over, and it was four times louder then usual. Harry didn’t really understand what the occasion was, but assumed it had to do with everyone being home at once – something the happened rarely.

“So I’m going tour in two months,” Emily stated, her words hanging in the air and everyone went silent to look at her. “I would love it if some of you could tour with me.” She added, smiling.

Georgia was the first to say anything. “That would be awesome, Emily. Adam and I will definitely go on tour with you – right babe?” Georgia decided, cutting herself off to look at Adam who stood near the sink. He nodded vigorously as he took a bite from a big slice of pizza. Georgia grinned, and took a slice from the pizza box. “Yeah, we’re coming. I’ll talk to our manager tomorrow.”

“Great, fabulous,” Emily went on and looked to Alan. “What about you?” she asked.

Alan shrugged. “I’ll come, but you have checked that this is all right with Josh, haven’t you? I mean, it would be bad if we all walked out on the job to tour.” Alan said looking around at everyone.

Emily smiled. “That’s the thing, when I went to talk to him he couldn’t convince me not to go on tour. He had plans to redesign the building, so with us out of there he doesn’t have to worry about. Besides, I think Josh always foresaw the possibility that we would all go on tour together.” Emily explained, and everyone started laughing and talking again.

Harry sat uncomfortably silent next to Emily, and tried to think what six months alone and jobless would be like. Emily looked at him. “You could come to Harry, maybe perform if you practice enough.” Emily told him quietly while the others chattered loudly.

Harry shrugged, feeling even more uncomfortable now. He may have a new found love for music, but he wasn’t sure if he could take it anywhere. He didn’t have the confidence to play in a band, and it seemed like Emily believed he could be something more.

“Don’t worry about it right now,” Emily mumbled, and then hushed everyone else. “They have plans to tour in England quite a lot, so that means we’ll be going overseas, which is just unbelievable.”

“Hey, we should bring Harry along; it is his neck of the woods.” Teddy chimed in, standing behind Harry now. He had slapped him on the back, and Harry smiled at him pretending he was amused, when really he was wishing he could throw the table to Ted for pointing the fact out to everyone.

“That would be so cool if you could come along!” Georgia agreed cheerfully. She seemed to forget the conversation she had had with him the other day, and he gave an intense look hoping she would get the message he wanted her to not promote the idea. The last thing he wanted was to go back to the place he so desperately fought to escape, and stay away from.

“Yeah, I don’t know, I didn’t travel a lot when I was there, and I don’t really have any reason to go back.” Harry said, struggling to find words to make them all forget he was British.

“Wow Harry, way to be a downer.” Jonathan, and band mate of Teddy’s, said as a joke.

But it was enough, and Emily jumped back in with all the confirmed dates she knew about. Everybody started talking about other things, and soon the whole subject of touring blew over, and Harry wanted to leave the kitchen. After finishing a third piece of pizza, Harry stood up and said he was going to turn in early. It wasn’t long before he was in his room, holding his guitar in his hands. Even in his room, he could everyone’s voices, laughs, shouts, among other things.

Brushing the strings lightly, Harry stared out his open window and at the bright city around him. There was someone on his mind, and at the mention of England she was all he could think about. Emily’s brownish red hair caused his heart to skip a beat, and Georgia’s light brown eyes made his breathing slow. All around him there were things to remind him of Ginny, no matter how far he ran. She would always be there.

Harry couldn’t help but feel cold all over, and alone. He had spent the last year and half just running from his past, and now that this new twist has been set before him, he could feel his old life pulling him back, calling him back.

I can hear my train comin'
It's a lonesome and distant cry
I can hear my train comin'
Now I'm runnin' for my life
What makes a man walk away from his mind?
I think I know
I think I might know

He didn’t know where it was coming from, how the words seemed to spring into his head, and how the notes escaped his finger tips. A rush of wind blew though the open window, pushing Harry into a second verse.

I can feel the wind blowin'
It's sending shivers down my spine
I can feel the wind blowin'
It shakes the trees and the power lines
What makes a man spend his whole life in disguise?
I think I know
I think I might know

I think I might know
I think I might know, oh oh

Harry stopped, his hands shook, and he focused on not loosing complete control. He hadn’t expected it at all, and he certainly hadn’t expected the sound that escaped his mouth either. He had spent the last two hours scribbling out a song on a piece of note paper, and looking at Harry could not believe his eyes. He had written a song, something he had not foreseen or seen thought about doing.

It wasn’t finished, Harry could see that much, but he had written three verses, which was enough. He would show it to Georgia the next time they got together with their guitars, and maybe she could help him finish it.

Pulling the guitar strap off from over his shoulders, he stood up, crossed the small distance of his room where he put the guitar down, and flicked off the light. In the moon light he went back over to his bed where he took the note pad off, threw it on to his desk, then stripped off his clothes and quickly crawled underneath the covers of his bed. He stare out the window and listened to the voices downstairs, and the sirens and city noise outside. It seemed he had come so far, and still had far t go. But like the world, his life would go ‘round, and it seemed soon he would be meeting up with his past life.

A/N: Thanks for reading, I know it wasn't my best. I didn't quite get to the point I wanted to with this chapter, but I think this was a good place to end it. The song is called What Makes A Man by Dallas Green (City and Colour). Check him out on Myspace if you feel like it. Thanks for reading, again

Chapter 7: Moving Forward
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Life Collides Chapter Seven:

Moving Forward

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” Emily shouted in the next room.

“You know perfectly well! You spend every–”Teddy’s voice became muffled, and Harry could no longer understand what he and Emily were yelling about. It didn’t matter to Harry, as it had been going on for the last hour, and he had lost interest long ago. He didn’t know it was possible for two people to argue for so long, but it seemed it was just one thing after another.

Harry had long gotten accustom to the constant bickering between the two. He never really noticed it until he moved into the house, but it didn’t take him long to get used to it. He had learned the delicate art of tuning out their rows. He had soon learned the two rules most prevalent in the house: don’t order food in without sharing, and never get in between one Teddy and Emily’s fights.

So Harry continued on, playing his guitar, trying to work on the songs he was writing. It had been three days, and he still hadn’t finished it. Georgia had listened to what he had written so far, and said it sounded great. But he wanted to finish it before he showed anyone else.

As he played the song, mumbling the words along, trying different phrases, a knock at his door came. Knowing it wasn’t Emily or Teddy; Harry stood up, still holding his guitar, and opened the door to let Georgia in, who had a worried look on her face. He couldn’t hear anymore shouting, even with the door open, and Harry assumed Emily and Teddy were both now locked in their rooms, fuming.

“I don’t they have ever argued for the long before.” Georgia was saying, as Harry closed the door, and moved back to his bed, while she took a spot on his sofa. “It was horrible Harry – did you hear what they were saying?”

“No,” Harry shrugged, “I’ve learned just to tune them out.”

Georgia frowned. “I wish I could usually, but I’m sort of glad I listened to this one.” She admitted.

“Why?” Harry asked, not really sure what Georgia was worried about. It was probably over something stupid, like usual.

“Because it was about you, Harry.” Georgia explained, and Harry felt his stomach drop.

“Why were they arguing about me?” Harry asked unsurely.

Georgia looked at her palms. “It seems, that Teddy thinks Emily likes you.”

“What?” Harry burst out, nearly dropping his guitar. Shuffling around, trying to get his guitar strap off from over his shoulder feeling uncomfortable and confused.

“You heard me. I mean, I can’t blame him. Every second Emily is talking about you – and you two are always together. It just seems like you two like each other.” Georgia informed Harry.

“But we’re just friends.” Harry said more to himself then to Georgia. Blinking at Georgia, he shook his head. “Maybe I should talk to Ted, tell him that he has it all wrong.”

“I wouldn’t talk to Ted right now, Harry. He’s probably seething, and seeing your face at his bedroom door won’t make him any happier.” Georgia warned, and stood up. “Look, I know you only have friendly feelings towards Emily and that you have valid reasons for that being true,” Georgia paused, and Harry felt his insides knot, “But here is the fact, Emily has feelings for you. Just be aware of that.”

Harry rubbed his forehead, trying to process everything Georgia had just said to him. Sliding off the end of his bed, he fell to the floor, and put his head back, and groaned aloud. “What am I supposed to do now?” he looked at Georgia.

She shrugged, looking unsure. “You could just pretend you don’t know, Harry. You could continue being friends with her. Just be aware, is all I am telling you to do.” Georgia repeated, and stood up moving towards the door.

Harry nodded, and murmured a ‘bye’ as Georgia opened the door, exited the room, and closed the door again. Nothing seemed to make sense anymore to Harry. He had been fine with just being friends with all the people in the house, but now it seemed that everything was getting complicated again.

Sitting up, Harry moved around to put things away while he tried to sort everything out in his head. Did it really matter that Emily had feelings for him? He assumed that there was still something going on between her and Ted, and that in all likely hood what ever she felt for him would disappear in a few weeks.

Calming down a little, Harry decided it would be probably best if he got ready for work as he had to start his shift in less then an hour. Putting all thoughts of Emily in the back of his head, he got changed, and left for work with Alan.

Looking at his reflection in the mirror in the employee washroom, Harry stared into his own eyes, and then looked to the spot where a scar had once been. His glasses, too, now gone and replaced with contacts – Georgia’s idea a long time ago, she told him he looked better without them – Harry wasn’t the same person. Or at least, he didn’t really recognize himself anymore. It had been two years since he saw last saw England, and all the people he loved left living there. It had been over two and a half years since he had seen Ginny’s open eyes, and it had been three years since he last saw his two best friends in the whole world. What he saw them today? Would they recognize him with his uncut hair, and unshaven face? No scar, no glasses, and Muggle clothing; he wasn’t Harry Potter, the wizard any longer.

There was a knock at the door. “Are you coming Harry? My shift just finished – I can give you a ride home before I go to my show.” Alan said saying from the other side of the door.

“Yeah, sure, thanks!” Harry called back, pealing his eyes away from the mirror and quickly gathered his discarded clothes and opened the door. Alan wasn’t in the hall, and Harry raced back to his room dropping the clothes on the ground, and pausing a moment to take his wallet and key from his night stand.

As he went down stairs to the front door, he passed Teddy’s closed door and he could hear him playing a soft sad tune on his guitar, and for a moment Harry paused to listen. He couldn’t hear what Ted was singing, but he knew it wasn’t a happy one. Finally deciding that it wasn’t right for him to be snooping, he went on his way and met Alan in the front hall.

“You look happy to go into work,” Alan said dryly as Harry tied his shoes.

Looking up at him, Harry shrugged. “I just want to get out of this house, that’s all.”

“Good enough reason,” Alan agreed, and opened the door as Harry stood up.

They droved to work in silence, and when they came into the shop they found it empty; it had been dead all day, according to Georgia as she clocked out and went to leave. For a moment, she paused to talk to Harry.

“Emily should be coming by later, she has something to ask you. She heard your song earlier, so I’m assuming it’d about that. Prepare yourself,” Georgia cooed as she opened the door and left Harry alone in the back office.

Harry had no idea what this meant; it wasn’t as if song was that brilliant, even now that it was finished. Of course, he thought it was pretty good, for his first song, but still, what on Earth did Emily have to say about it?

Harry managed to forget this for a little while, while he cleaned the coffee makers, and other things. A light stream of customers came in for coffee, some staying, most leaving to go about their daily business, and when the bell tingled, Harry looked up and saw Emily walk through the door.

“Hey Harry,” she grinned, and walked over to the counter, where he stood. “I see it’s been a boring day.”

“Yeah, you have to love working Wednesday’s.” Harry nodded, and then nodded behind him. “Did you want something to drink?” He asked, trying to act normal.

Emily shook her head no. “I just came into to ask you something, Harry.”

“Oh, right, I think Georgia said something to me…” Harry trailed off as Emily motioned towards the back office.

“Georgia said something to you?” Emily repeated, looking a little weary once they had settled in the office.

“Well, she told me you would be coming by later to talk to me. Not what it was about.” Harry quickly explained, feeling as if he were in trouble.

Emily looked relieved, and smiled. “Well, I’m glad she didn’t tell you the specifics, because it was kind of a surprise.”

“What was the surprise?” Harry asked, getting a little concerned now. What on Earth did Emily have up her sleeve?

Emily grinned. “I heard your song; the one you wrote a while ago. And honestly, it’s freaky awesome! Georgia told me it was your first song that you’ve written, and I think it is wonderful. So, you know I have a show in a few days.” Emily paused to see if Harry did, and he nodded bewildered. “My opening band dropped out because the band actually broke up, and I heard your song and I was wondering if maybe you wanted to come in and open for me.”

Harry stared at her. “Are you asking me to perform in your show in two days?” he repeated in disbelief.

Emily laughed. “Yeah, that’s exactly what I’m asking silly.”

“Oh, uh, er, that’s umm…What am I supposed to say?” Harry stuttered, stunned.

“Say yes,” Emily pushed, smiling at him, here eyes shining.

Staring into her hazel eyes, Harry felt his heart melt. Any inhibitions that were in his mind before about performing seemed to disappear as his thoughts of growing up took over. Thoughts seemed to pour into his head of starting over, of beginning new. This was his path to do just that.

“Then yes, yes I will open for your show.” Harry finally said, and Emily squealed in delight. Pulling him into a hug, Emily thanked him a hundred times over.

“If you need any help tomorrow just tell me, I have nothing to do. On Friday though, I’ll bring you to the venue so we can just go through things – it’s your first show so I just want to make sure you get everything. I know you don’t really know much about entertaining on stage, but I’m sure your one of those people who will get on and just do it. And if your nervous about being on your own, why don’t you get, um, Georgia to come and do it with you. She says she could add some cool piano to it.” Emily suggested.

Harry smiled. “Yeah, she did make a cool part. Would she do that for me though? I thought she had other plans.”

Emily shrugged. “She can change her mind, Harry.”

“Oh, well, then yeah, I’ll talk to her about doing that.” Harry decided, realizing just how scary it would be to go on stage alone for the first time.

“Great, so I’ll see you later then.” Emily said, backing out of the office.

Harry nodded, “Right, I’m off my shift in two house, so I’ll see you at dinner.”

“Cool, we tell everyone then.” Emily approved, and then turned to leave. “See you later,” she chimed glancing back him.

“Yeah, bye,” Harry mumbled after her. Leaning against the wall, Harry hung his head down thinking. Why had he agreed to such a ludicrous idea? He had never preformed for anyone but Emily and Georgia. What if he got on stage, and because nobody knew who he was, would boo him off? He wasn’t sure if that could happen at shows because he had only ever been to one, but he knew it could happen. The craziest things always happened to him.

He had two days, though, to get ready. To practice his now finished song, and get Georgia to work out the piano so he didn’t have to go on stage alone. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad, maybe it would be fun and not so nerve racking. He had had done scarier things. He was the wizard to defeat the evilest man alive.

“Hey, Harry, we’ve got a customer.” Alan called from up front, and shaking all his thoughts Harry run up front.

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Chapter 8: A True Musician
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Life Collides Chapter Eight:

A True Musician

“Are you ready to tell them the good news?” Emily asked, following Harry down the stairs to the kitchen.

Harry turned to look at her, and frowned. “I’ve already told Alan, sorry.” He lied, as Georgia already knew.

“That’s okay – I told Georgia before I even asked you.” Emily grinned.

“Oh, then I guess it’s not much of a surprise now. Alan has probably told Teddy and Georgia to Adam.” Harry foretold, causing Emily to laugh, and then took his arm in hers.

“I cannot wait for the show though; it’s going to be so much fun.” She told him, leaning her head on his shoulder for a moment. But as the entered the kitchen she let go, taking the lead.

Everyone was standing around, talking, plates in their hands. Alan had just gotten in, so he was still setting out all the Chinese food on the table with Georgia’s help. Adam and Teddy were talking loudly about going to England. Harry tried to ignore their conversation, choosing to help Alan with the food while Emily went over to them.

“Since we’re actually going to have time between shows this time, we should see the sights.” Emily suggested.

“Yeah, we should get Harry to show us around London.” Teddy suggested, and looked at Harry.

Forcing a smile Harry shrugged. “I don’t know much about where to go, but I know my way around.” Harry said, trying to remain cool. The truth was he didn’t really know all that much about London, only the Wizarding areas. Of course, he knew enough from the few times he had been there, but that during war time and he paid little attention.

“I have some great news for you guys, Harry is going to open for me!” Emily said excitedly.

Nobody looked surprised, and Harry knew for sure that they had all known. But for Emily’s enjoyment they pretended to be, and started asking Harry about it, and Harry did get the feeling that they were happy about it. Finally sitting down to eat, Harry nodded every now and then to the questions the other asked.

“Did you want me to play that piano part with it?” Georgia asked.

“Yeah, I think it will add to the song, make it a bit more polished.” Harry agreed.

“Listen to this guy, already sounding like a pro.” Teddy joked, hitting Harry on the arm.

Harry laughed, and shrugged. “I just wish I had more then the single song,” Harry admitted.

Georgia shrugged. “If you like, we could do a cover of one of the songs you learned. How about ‘Cow Girl in the Sand’ by Neil Young. You sounded great that one time you sang with the guitar.” She suggested.

“The girls will love it.” Teddy added with a smirk.

Harry laughed. “I guess I can’t go wrong with that.”

“Then it’s decided. We’ll do your song and the Neil Young one.” Georgia summarized, and gave Harry a high five when he nodded.

Harry could hardly breathe as he heard the crowd cheer loudly. Emily’s manager was out there, pumping the crowd, while the stage was being set. Harry’s guitar was out there, sitting on his stand tuned, and ready to go. Georgia keyboard was there as well, ready to go as well. Behind him, Emily was talking excitedly to Georgia about great the show was going to be – she could already tell.

“Please welcome Harry Potter and Georgia Grey!”

It had been said, just like they told him it would be in rehearsal, and as if something had taken over him – or was it Georgia pulling him? – Harry was running out on stage, cheering. The audience clapped loudly, but it was nothing compared to the cheers he remembered from the last show he had done.

Harry grabbed his guitar from the stand, and stepped up to the mike. The crowd was a bit quieter now, light chatter going through the room. “Hi,” Harry spoke into the mike, and a few people laughed. Harry smiled, and glanced back at Georgia to check if she was settled. She sat behind her keyboard, smiling. She nodded at him, and Harry turned back to the crowd. “So as you can tell, I’m from England. I moved here about two years ago, and this song is about is kind of about that. It’s called ‘What Makes A Man’, I hope you enjoy.” Harry said from memory, and to his surprise the crowd clapped loudly.

Looking back at Georgia he counted them in, and they started playing. Harry smiled and looked back at the crowd. They responded well to his song, some moving a little to the guitar, which made him happy. Stepping up to the mike, he quickly glanced at his hands and then started singing.

I can hear my train comin’
It's a lonesome and distant cry
I can hear my train comin’
Now I'm running for my life
What makes a man walk away from his mind?
I think I know
I think I might know

I can feel the wind blowing
It's sending shivers down my spine
I can feel the wind blowing
It shakes the trees and the power lines
What makes a man spend his whole life in disguise?
I think I know, I think I might know

I think I might know, I think I might know, oh

I can see the sun setting
It's casting shadows on the sea
I can see the sun, it's setting
It's getting colder, starting to freeze
What makes a man want to break a heart with ease?
I think I know, I think I might know

I think I might know, I think I might know, oh

Well I can hear my train comin’
Looks like time is not on my side
Well I can hear my train comin’
I'm still running for my life
What makes a man pray, when he's about to die?
I think I know, I think I might know

I think I might know, I think I might know, oh oh

The crowd cheered, yelling random things, and Harry could barely hear himself think. He grinned, bowing a little, and giving a hand to Georgia. He didn’t care he was on stage anymore, he was having fun, and seeing the crowd reacted to his song gave him the will to go on to the next song.

“Thanks guys, you happen to be the first audience who has heard it, so it’s great to get a reaction like that. This next song I will perform is called ‘Cowgirl in the Sand’ by Neil Young.” Before he could continue the crowd clapped madly again, and Harry laughed. “I was told you would like that. Before I start though, I would just like for you guys to give a round to Georgia here, for her help on the last song.” Harry smiled, turning to Georgia who had been trying to sneak off stage quietly. They had decided if he felt comfortable enough she wouldn’t have to play with him on the second song.

Upon hearing this, Georgia froze, and smiled as a spotlight was put on her and the audience clapped. Georgia smiled, and walked over to Harry, letting him kiss her on the cheek and thank him. “Have fun!” she whispered in his ear before leaving the stage. Harry smiled, turning back to the crowd and began tuning his guitar.

“Now for the boring part,” Harry grinned, and some of the people laughed. He was doing just what Adam had advised him – talk about what ever you can think of in that moment. Trying to be creative, Harry tried to make this experience a little more amusing and started making faces when the note was wrong. To his relief, the crowd laughed, and seemed to be really enjoying it all. After a few minutes, Harry finished, and the crowd clapped appreciatively. Than he started to play.

Hello cowgirl in the sand, is this place at your command?
Can I stay here for a while; can I see your sweet, sweet smile
Old enough now to change your name
When so many love you is it the same?
It's the woman in you that makes you want to play this game.

Hello ruby in the dust, has your band begun to rust?
After all the sin we’ve had I was hopin’ that we'd turn back
Old enough now to change your name
When so many love you is it the same?
It's the woman in you that makes you want to play this game.

Hello woman of my dreams
This is not the way it seems
Purple words on a grey background
To be a woman and to be turned down
Old enough now to change your name
When so many love you is it the same
It's the woman in you that makes you want to play this game.

The last chord seemed to resound every where, and every one gave a loud applause. Grinning, happy that everything had gone all right, happy that he could finally call himself a musician, Harry prepared to get off stage. It was his first performance ever, and he honestly could not have wished for a better one. “Thanks you all, for being so kind and not booing me off that stage,” Harry joked as they clapped. Nodding his head as a sign of a bow, he than walked off stage where he meant Georgia and Emily who jumped on him immediately.

“You were freaking brilliant, Harry!” Emily shouted the crowd outside loud now with chatter of the new act.

“Really Harry, it could not have gone any better.” Emily agreed.

“Thanks,” Harry replied, feeling a little embarrassed. Georgia hugged him again.

“Ew, you are so sweaty.” Georgia pulled away looking sour. Harry laughed. He hadn’t noticed, but apparently he had been sweating on stage.

“Well, the spotlight is pretty brought, so we can’t blame you.” Emily laughed, hugging Harry. “I should probably get ready; I’m on in five minutes.” She told them, pulling away and running back stage.

“You were great Harry, really. I know you were nervous about doing it, but if you keep doing shows – something I can make happen – and got even more comfortable in front of a mic maybe you could come on tour with us in Europe.” Georgia looked hopeful at Harry, and he knew she wanted him to agree, to let her have her fun to make him into something more.

Harry wasn’t sure he wanted to do that though. He loved playing the guitar, and singing, and now, he guessed, he loved performing for others and hearing their reaction. But to take it serious enough that he would travel to other countries, he wasn’t sure. Not only that, he would have to go to England. He had planned never to go there again. He had come to Canada to start a new life, and going back their seemed to go against that idea.

“Harry,” Georgia said quietly, and Harry turned his attention to her. He could see that she was a little worried about how quiet he was. “I know that you came here to start new, and I know going back to England wasn’t in your plans, but this is starting new, isn’t it? You are doing something you love, and you’re with people who care for you. You’ve started new, now you need to let go and just let things happen. Harry?” Georgia asked, as Harry turned away from her and started walking to where the backstage area was.

All the excitement and happiness that had filled him moments before seemed to escape him. Georgia had brought up some good points, and maybe it was time that Harry let go of his fears. She was right, what he was doing at that moment was what he loved. Was there any good reason he could come with not to listen to her?

“Harry, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have brought this up, here, and now.” Georgia said, chasing after him.

Harry stopped walking and turned to her. “No, I’m sorry. You’re right, this wasn’t in my plan, but I guess I should just let go of all that. This is good, this is what I wanted. I wanted to start new, and I have. And I think… I think I want to go on tour.” Harry decided.

Georgia shrieked, the passing people around them staring. “This is so great, Harry! Oh my God, I can’t wait to tell every one!” She blustered, hugging Harry again.

“Come on, we should probably find some seats before Emily starts – I don’t want to miss her.” Harry said, pulling away from Georgia.

Nodding, she linked arms with him and led him from back stage to the entrance that led to the stage. Two seats near the back were empty, save for them, and as they took their seats Emily and her band came on stage and everyone cheered loudly. Feeling exhilarated, Harry changed his mind quickly, and stood up clapping loudly. The happiness and excitement had filled him again, this is what he wanted.

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Chapter 9: The Kiss
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Life Collides Chapter Nine:

The Kiss

Harry strummed lightly on his guitar before putting it back into its case. From the little room he was sitting in he could hear the small crowd that was cheering for a band that was playing as he packed his gear. He had just been on stage, performing his song, as well as a few covers. He hoped that by time he went on tour he would have some more songs so that he could branch out a little. Emily and Georgia had both promised to help him on the venture, but so far the only thing he had done was write rifts and parts of songs on his guitar, no words yet thought of.

The door opened, and Harry looked up from his seat on a worn couch. Emily entered, laughing at something a man behind her had said. Harry smiled at Rick, the man who owned the bar that they were currently playing at. In his hand was a check, and without a word he handed it to Harry.

“Good show tonight, I loved your Neil Young cover.” Rick said, and Harry graciously took the check.

“Thanks, it was great to play here.” Harry said, standing up to shake the man’s hand before he left.

“Come by any time – they loved you out there!” Rick said, and then back out of the room leaving the door open behind him. Turning to Emily, Harry gave a shrug, and Emily laughed.

“I can tell you just want to get home now, don’t you?” she asked, smirking slightly.

Harry nodded, agreeing. “Yeah, I’m beat. That was a wild show – even better then that last bar we played at.” Harry said, picking up his guitar case with one hand, and grabbing his amps.

“I know! The people here in Vaughn sure know how to party.” Emily laughed, reaching over the couch to grab her back pack, and her own guitar. Together the two exited into the narrow corridor behind the stage, and headed out into the parking lot where Emily’s beaten up Malibu was waiting.

“Is you key board already in the car?” Harry asked, as he waited for Emily to fish her keys out of her jean pocket.

“Yeah, I stashed it while you were playing you last song – which is sounding better and better every time you play.” Emily added with a smile.

“Thanks, I just wish I could have Georgia play with me every time.” Harry admitted, as the trunk popped open slightly. Nudging it lightly, Harry started to move things around so he could fit in the two amps, while Emily took his and her own guitar to the back seat, where she laid them flat.

“I cannot wait to go on a proper tour - when Adam and Alan can do all the heavy lifting.” Emily laughed, slamming the door shut just as Harry did the same with trunk.

“It’s not too bad,” Harry said dismissively, going around the side of the car, wiping his forehead free of the sweat that had gathered there. As they got into the car, Emily put the key into the ignition and turned the car in. Slamming his door shut, and rolling his window down manually he let Emily putter around her car before putting it into reverse.

“Shit Harry, you smell. Did you not bring a change of clothes like I told you?” Emily joked, waving her hand in front of her face, as she rolled down her own window.

Harry rolled his eyes, and leaned against the car door. “I should say the same to you.”

“Oh ha ha,” Emily countered, finally putting the car into reverse. She pulled out of the parking spot, and without hesitation sped out of the parking lot. It took only fifteen minutes more before they were on the 401 speeding towards home, in Toronto. The wind blew in Harry’s face, offering him some relief from the extreme heat he had been feeling before. The radio blared, and Emily occasionally changed the station.

For the past month Emily had made it her highest priority to book Harry shows, and get him making some money, and giving him some experience travelling from place to place as well as stage experience. So far it was all agreeing with Harry, and he liked the quite moments driving in the car at night.

Like all the other shows, as a ritual, Emily reached for her cigarettes in the glove compartment. In the beginning Harry had been shocked to see that Emily smoked, but she quickly explained she only did it occasionally and a lot during tours. “So what, are you getting warmed up early or something?” Harry had asked her comically.

“You could say that,” Emily had told him.

Lighting up a fresh cigarette, Emily took a deep drag, and blew the smoke out her open window. Same as all the times before she checked with Harry that it was okay that she was smoking and same as all the time before Harry assured her he didn’t really care. In fact, the cigarette smoke didn’t bother him anymore, and gave him some little comfort in that it was routine.

It wasn’t long before the blaring lights of Toronto met them, and they passed the CN Tower with little interest. Harry glanced every so often at the clock, rubbing his eyes tiredly, and shifting in his seat. He was eager to get home, and to get into his bed where he could almost die in slumber.

“You played great tonight Harry, really.” Emily said, looking at him momentarily, puffing out another breath of smoke. “Honestly, I think you were born for this stuff.”

Harry gave a small smile. “You’d be surprised to learn that this isn’t the only thing I’ve been told I was born for.” Harry told her, knowing all too well that Emily had no idea what he was talking about.

“Oh really, what else were you born for?” Emily asked, curious.

“To make coffee,” Harry joked, and Emily burst out laughing.

“You are such a knob.” Emily sniggered.

Harry’s brow rose. “I’m a what?”

Emily smiled. “Sorry, it’s something my sister has got me saying. She got it from her Newfie friend that she made at camp.”

Harry gave her a bewildered look. “Explain?” He had only heard a few stories from Emily about her younger sister who was only seventeen, and lived in Emily’s hometown of Hamilton.

Emily grinned. “Every summer my sister goes to camp and people from all over Canada go to it. She has this friend from Newfoundland – one of Canada’s provinces remember! – and she is always calling people knobs. I don’t really know where it comes from though.” Emily explained, ending in a laugh.

Harry shook his head. “You Canadians,” he murmured.

Putting her cigarette out, Emily put both her hands on the wheel and turned down Dublin St. and Harry was glad to be home; he was exhausted. As they pulled into the drive way behind Adam’s van, Harry unbuckled his seatbelt and waited for Emily to stop. Slowing down, Emily turned off the engine, and the two of them wound up their windows. Harry finished first, and went to open his door when his ear caught on the song that was playing on the radio.

“Emily, isn’t this your song?” Harry asked, recognizing the song immediately. Emily glanced up, freezing to listen as the words filtered through the stereo.

Two am and she calls me ‘cause I’m still awake…
‘Can you help me unravel my latest mistake?
I don’t love him, winter just wasn’t my season.’

“Oh my God, it is my song!” Emily shouted in surprise and happiness. Turning up the radio, both Harry and Emily leaned back in their chairs, and looked at each other in amazement.

“This is awesome Emily, really.” Harry told her as the song continued to play.

Emily flashed her aqua eyes at him, a smile filling her entire face. It made Harry laugh seeing how happy Emily looked; it was as if she had won the grand prize at an amusement park. Staring into her aqua eyes again, he found himself compelled to her. Without realizing it, he was leaning towards Emily, and she was leaning towards him, and then their lips met. For a few brief seconds, Harry was lost in another world when a voice from no where seemed to filter into his mind, it’s not me.

Harry pulled away before Emily could, and immediately reached up to his head, running his head through his tangled hair, breathing heavily as he tried to access what had just happened. How could he have let that happen? And where had that voice come from?

While thinking to himself, he hadn’t noticed that Emily too, was in distress at what had just happened herself. Her hands over her mouth, she quickly mumbled something to Harry, and unlocked her door, and stepped outside. The door slammed shut and she went to the back of the car to the truck. In the side view mirror Harry watched as Emily paced back and forth, her hands pushed tight against her face. Knowing he had to set things straight, Harry unlocked the car door and stepped out.

“Emily, I’m sorry, but I shouldn’t have let that happen.” Harry said approaching Emily.

She stopped pacing, and faced him, dropping her hands to her side. She shook her head vigorously. “No, no, it’s my fault, I shouldn’t have done that. Georgia, she told me about why you left England, and I… I’ve been so stupid. I shouldn’t have done that.” Emily repeated, not daring to look at Harry.

Unsure of what to do or to say to calm Emily down he watched her pace a few more times. He didn’t know how to respond to this piece of information, that Georgia had gone and told her about Ginny, about his lie. He didn’t know if it was a good thing or not, but right now he was pretty sure Emily was driving herself mad trying to sort everything out in her mind as she paced.

“Emily,” Harry said softly, trying to take hold of Emily’s shoulder. Without much force, Emily stopped moving, and finally faced Harry, looking him in the eye, but just barely. “Let’s just bring the things into the house, and… and maybe we can talk this through.”

Without an argument, Emily nodded a little dazed. Opening the trunk, Harry took the two amps, while Emily went to get the guitars and together they went up to the house. Harry could tell that Emily was embarrassed, and he feared that he really had ruined their friendship. Memories of Cho filtered into his mind, and how things had gotten so awkward between them all those years ago. That was the last thing he wanted for Emily and he.

They entered the house, which was dark, though Harry could hear music filtering downstairs from the bedrooms above. Everyone was home, Harry was sure of it, and in the kitchen he could hear Georgia doing the dishes, as no one else in the house would do it. Setting their things down in the hall way, Emily looked unsurely at Harry.

“I’m sorry that that happened Emily,” Harry finally said.

“Me too,” Emily agreed, looking away. “I just got caught up in the moment, and I guess I sort of ruined things, didn’t I?” she asked, looking back at Harry.

Harry shrugged. “Not if we can move past this.” He suggested.

Emily nodded. “I would like that.”

Harry smiled, and ran his hand through his hair. “I just wanted to make sure, though, Emily. Georgia told me you like me, liked me more then a friend, and I just want to make sure your okay with all of this. As you know, I had… well I had a pretty serious thing going on back in England, and I’m not really ready for anything like that right now.” Harry paused, to see if Emily was all right. She seemed okay, if not still embarrassed. “I just… I just want to say one thing though.”

“What?” Emily asked, her voice sounding a little shaky.

“I think what you and Ted have is really good, and if you two maybe just got over some unresolved things, you could really make it. Take it from someone who knows, you shouldn’t let someone who you love so much get away.” Harry told her, and watched Emily’s eyes widen.

Before Harry knew what was happening, before he saw Emily’s hand fly up, all he could do was back away, but still Emily’s hand collided with his cheek, and the bitter sting felt his entire body. Blinking, Harry raised his hand to his cheek, and stared at Emily incredulously. Her face was red with anger, and her aqua eyes burned into his own.

“Don’t you dare talk about Ted and I. You have no right to stand there and pretend to understand the relationship we have nor do you have any right to tell me what I should and shouldn’t do. Ted and I are old news and… and…” Emily seemed to loose her train of thought in her anger. “I wish I had never kissed you,” she spat, and swung around without a word and ran up the stairs.

Not really sure what had just happened, Harry stood still, his hand still where Emily had slapped him. He had watched as her feet disappeared in the darkness as she went upstairs, and at last slouching in confusion and defeat, Harry turned to go into the kitchen to get something to drink. But to his shock, and horror there stood Ted, holding a dish cloth.

“Teddy…” Harry started to say, but Teddy simply threw him a dirty look and started up the stairs after Emily. Frozen, and completely at a loss of what to do Harry groaned loudly. As he did so the kitchen door swung open again and Georgia stepped out into the hall.

“What’s going on? Why is your face red? Why was Emily yelling?” Georgia’s questions shot out of her mouth, and Harry could hardly start to explain before she started ushering him into the kitchen and on to a chair at the kitchen table.

“You two kissed!” Georgia exclaimed when Harry finally managed to get through the whole story.

“It was sort of an accident.” Harry told her.

“I can’t believe this – and then Ted heard about it. Holy crap, Harry, you really have some nerve to talk about Ted around Emily like that.” Georgia said, shaking her head and sitting at the table.

“What do you mean I ‘have some nerve’ talking about Ted?” Harry asked, bewildered, and a little annoyed that Georgia was being so frank with him and not giving him reasons.

“Well, it’s just one thing you don’t do. Emily has always been really sensitive about Ted, and what she did to him. She really hurt him, and she feels really guilty about it. I mean, I can understand why she was upset, but I still can’t believe she actually slapped you.” Georgia frowned, appearing to think hard.

“I can’t believe she slapped me.” Harry replied, rubbing his cheek.

Georgia gave a small laughed, and leaned forward in her chair. “I’m just trying to think of a way to fix this. I mean, in a few days time Emily will get over it, probably apologize for acting so irrational, but I don’t think Teddy will be so easy to win over. Not unless Emily manages to pull some kind of miracle on him.”

“So there isn’t anything I can do?” Harry checked.

Georgia shook her head. “Not a thing. You just have to wait it out and see what happens. For all I know you’ll wake up tomorrow to find that the two are perfectly happy, and on good terms with. Pair a psycho’s, those two are.”

Harry gave a short laugh, and then finally rose out of his chair. “Well, I’m exhausted; I should go get some shut eye as I have to open tomorrow.”

Georgia nodded. “Good night,” she muttered as Harry turned and left. He mumbled his goodnight, and went through the swinging door and into the hall. Grabbing his guitar, Harry climbed the stairs slowly, Harry tried to sort everything out in his head, but it was so much to take.

As he reached his floor, he stopped hearing voices. Teddy and Emily were in the hall talking, or perhaps in Teddy’s room with door open. Why do they always have to be so careless? Harry thought begrudgingly, standing still on the steps.

“It meant nothing, Ted.” Emily was saying.

“Then why did you do it?” Teddy questioned.

“Because I was caught in the moment – my song was on the radio!” Emily told him, excitedly.

“Really, it was?” Teddy asked, seeming to forget his apprehensiveness.

“Yeah, Breathe was on.” Emily explained.

“That’s great Emily; really, I wish I was there with you.” Teddy admitted.

“I wish you were too.” Emily whispered.

“I still love you,” came Teddy’s minute reply.

“I know,” Emily said slowly, and Harry heard someone move across the floorboards. “I… still love you too.” Emily finally said.

“Then be mine,” Teddy almost pleaded.

“I…” Emily fell silent, and without needing to know what was going on Harry secretly was jumping for joy. With a quiet slam Teddy’s door shut, and Harry quickly ran to his room, glad to be ‘home free’.

Sitting on the edge of his bed, he laid his guitar case on the floor, and pulled off his boots, and trousers. Pulling his shirt off from over his head, he lay down on the bed. Staring at the ceiling his mind filled with thoughts of Ginny, and the voice he had heard when he kissed Emily. It was hers, Ginny’s voice filling his head. For some reason, in the pit of his stomach he felt that something had changed.

Pulling his guitar from its case, Harry lay back on his bed, and plucked a few of the strings, and fell into the same rifts he had already created. As if something had taken over him, Harry started writing a song. Mumbling it quietly as he played, Harry finally felt his full exhaustion and put his guitar away. Sliding the new lyrics into his bedside table, he took off his glasses, and got comfortable under his covers. Feeling accomplished, and happy that the next morning he would have his two friends back to normal, Harry fell asleep with ease.

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Chapter 10: Making Ground
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,b>Life Collides Chapter Ten:

Making Ground

Shifting from one foot to the other, Harry tried to ignore that both Teddy and Emily had avoided breakfast that morning, even after Georgia had made a great show of preparing a grand one of pancakes and sausages. While Harry tried to ignore this, Alan and Adam both sat at the table, eating away, enjoying the extra food left over from Emily’s and Teddy’s absences.

“Do you have the day off?” Harry asked, looking at George. She nodded.

“Yeah, Emily and Josh are the only ones in. Their training some people who are going to cover us while were away on tour.” Georgia explained, and moved across the kitchen to empty the contents of her coffee mug in the sink. “I should get changed; Adam and I have to do some shopping. You’re welcome to join us if you’d like.” Georgia offered, but Harry shook his head.

“No, I should stay. If we’re leaving for England in less then two weeks, I should probably finish some of the songs I’ve been writing. I need to practice a lot.” Harry turned down, no longer wanting to be near Georgia. He knew she was just trying to get him out of the house, and away from Ted, but at that moment what Harry wanted was to talk to Ted.

“Well, were leaving in half an hour. Let me know if you change your mind,” Georgia started to say as Harry turned to the door.

“Yeah, great breakfast, Georgia.” Harry said as he pushed open the door and entered the hall.

Taking a deep breath Harry ran his hand through his hair, trying to think of a way to fix everything. He knew he wouldn’t be seeing Emily any time soon, but his thoughts turned to Teddy, who he knew, was in his room probably still asleep. He had no idea when or if he could get Teddy to listen to him for a few minutes so that he could explain what had happened. However, Harry knew deep down that there was no way he would get Teddy’s forgiveness before he got Emily’s.

Groaning to himself, Harry rushed up the stairs and went into his room. Shutting the door behind him, Harry sat down on his sofa and looked out the window. It had rained lightly through the night and rain drops covered the window. He couldn’t remember being in such a situation as he was in then. It was almost as confusing as Cho Chang, how he wasn’t actually sure who she liked. Cedric or him; him or Teddy?

It wasn’t really that Harry had any feelings for Emily. Really, he just saw her as a really good friend. And when he had discovered that she liked him, he had wished it wasn’t true. It was like he was at Hogwarts again, with a bunch of girls falling for him. What was so great about him anyhow?

His fingers itching for something to do, Harry reached over and grabbed his guitar. Just playing around with it he found a chord progression that he liked and played it over and over, occasionally changing it up to keep it interesting. He didn’t really know what he was doing, and what he was playing was pretty basic. Making up words he slowly made up a song.

So come on, and I will refrain
And I’ll keep on running this never ending race
And maybe next time, will be the right time
And maybe next time will be your time
So save your scissors for someone else’s skin
My surface is so tough I don’t think the blade will dig in
Save your strength, save your wasted time
There’s no way that I want you to be left behind
Go on and save your scissors, save your scissors
So why, does it always seem,
That every time I turn around, someone falls in love with me
This has never been my soul intention
And I have never claimed patens on such inventions
So save your scissors for someone else’s skin
My surface is so tough I don’t think the blade will dif in
Save your strength, save your wasted time
There’s no way that I want you to be left behind
Go on and save your scissors, save your scissors

After getting to what he could call a chorus he stopped playing and quickly wrote everything down. He wanted to remember every bit of it that he had already done so he could work on it later and improve it. Putting it away, he decided he should work on some of the other song he still hadn’t finished. Looking in the pile of scraps that he had written various chords, progressions, and lyrics on, he compiled some together, hoping to come out with a good song. After two hours he had written a new song as well as part of the first one that he could potentially play at his next concert.

Sitting back, he leaned the guitar against the arm of the couch, and slid into the couch to stare at the ceiling. Rubbing his temples he tried to think of something to do. He wasn’t going to go shopping with Georgia as he knew she would just pester him the whole time about what he should do. Well it doesn’t matter any how, she’s probably already gone, Harry thought to himself, glancing at his watch. It was nearing one o’clock in the afternoon. As Harry noted this, he heard movement across the hall, and to his surprise and utter bewilderment a knock came to his door.

For a moment he wasn’t sure if he should answer, a little unnerved, but snapping back to his senses Harry called to who ever it was that they could come in. He watched as the door opened, and Teddy popped his head around the door. He looked pretty mellow, and Harry waited for him to speak first.

“Hi Harry, I was wondering if I could talk to you for a moment.” Teddy said, sounding a little serious.

“Yeah, that would be fine.” Harry answered a little cautious.

Teddy nodded, and took a few seconds to decide where he wanted to sit. At last he chose to sit on the edge of Harry’s bed, and looked him straight in the eye, almost pushing Harry to look the other way, but instead he stared straight back. He was a few moments before Teddy said anything, and at last Teddy looked away, and Harry relaxed a little. It had been like some kind of test.

“Yesterday was a crazy day.” Teddy stated ominously. Harry nodded, not sure what to say. He was waiting for Teddy to start yelling at him or something of the sort. Instead, Teddy seemed to be calm.

“I don’t blame you, Harry, for what happened. Last night I did, but I know Emily, and after awhile I got around to thinking differently. Emily has never been too good with hearing the truth sometimes. And when you told her what you told her she got really upset.” Teddy fell silent, and Harry waited for him to start again. But when he didn’t, Harry realized it was his turn to say something.

“I just thought she was making the wrong decision with me. You and her, well, you guys seem to be pretty good together. Georgia told me everything that happened in the past, and I couldn’t hold back really.” Harry chose his words carefully; to his delight Teddy nodded.

“That’s fine. I’m not surprised that you know everything, especially since you’ve been here for so long.” Teddy smiled. “But honestly, I think Emily will come around soon enough. She isn’t one to hold grudges long-” Teddy cut himself off when Harry gave him a skeptical look. “Well, at least, not with her friends.”

Harry and Teddy both shared a little laugh, and then Ted decided to move on to another topic, and asked Harry about the songs he was writing. “I’m not too sure if they are good enough to perform. I’m going to get Georgia to come and help me out with it, give her personal opinion on it all.” Harry tried to explain.

Teddy nodded, approving, but giving his usual Teddy-wired look as well. Glancing around Harry’s room, he looked a little impressed. “Compared to my room this place is heaven.”

“Why?” Harry asked, bewildered.

“There’s nothing in mine. I just have my bed and my guitars, and some clothing, but the rest of my stuff is at my house in Markham.” Teddy explained.

“Markham? What’s it doing there?”

Teddy smirked. “It’s where I live, usually. I moved out here for a reason, but I go back every once in a while. I like it here better, any way. It’s closer to the studio, and I have a job after all in Toronto.”

Harry shook his head, and grinned. “You really need to quit after this tour.”

“I am,” Teddy confirmed. “I told Emily, my band and I are going to go into studio soon to record our third album, and I’m getting paid enough that I really don’t need a proper job. I never really did, but I always liked having a normal just to keep me feeling normal.” Teddy admitted, and then stood up. “Any how, I’ve got to get going for band practice. I’ll see you later.”

Harry nodded, and stood up as well, a question bursting into his mind. As Teddy opened the door, he looked at Harry questionably. “Are you and Emily back together, then?” Harry asked.

Teddy smirked. “Yeah, I guess we are. Though don’t say anything, I think Emily wants to tell everyone else herself.”

“Got it,” Harry agreed, and let Teddy leave, closing the door behind him. Feeling greatly relieved, and happy to hear that things were working out between Emily and Teddy, Harry fell on to his bed and stared at the white ceiling. Now all he had to do was to try and talk to Emily and apologize to her for everything he had said. It seemed now, that this would be more attainable then ever.

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Chapter 11: Apologies
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Life Collides Chapter Eleven


It had been two long days since the fight with Emily, and a day since Harry’s talk with Teddy, and he hadn’t seen Emily at all. She had managed to escape working with him, and even eating with him at mealtimes. It seemed she always had to do something for the tour, or had old friends she hadn’t seen for a long time. In fact, if Harry didn’t know any better he would have thought she wasn’t ever coming home. But she was, because every one else seemed to have seen her at some point in there day.

All in all it was becoming frustrating for Harry. In less then two weeks they would be going on tour, and he would be opening for Emily. They would have to speak before then, or the whole thing would become chaotic and confusing. Could Emily really be that angry with him to avoid him for so long? Teddy kept telling him eventually she would start talking to him; it was just her pride that was keeping her away. Harry could recognize and understand that, but still, wasn’t he the one who was supposed to be apologizing?

At last, two days after no sign of Emily, Harry got his chance. He had to open that Friday, and Emily would be coming in at the end of his shift. While he was cashing off he would be able to catch her, and maybe talk some things out. At least he hoped he could do this, or he thought there would be no other way.

So as the hours ticked by, Harry thought of all the things he could say to Emily until at last his shift was over, and he went into the office where Emily was sitting, not evening saying hello to Harry when she had come in. She sat with her back to him, only getting up when she realized he needed to cash off. She didn’t say a word, and didn’t even look at him. Annoyed, Harry put his register down and turned to Emily.

“Can you please stop avoiding me so I can apologize?” Harry demanded.

Emily froze, a look of surprise filing her face. She slowly turned to face Harry fully, and for a few moments they both stared at each other. “I think I’m the one who is supposed to say sorry, Harry.” Emily finally said.


“I was the one who over-reacted.” Emily started. “I shouldn’t have acted that way, blamed everything on you. It was my fault, we agreed to be friends again and being a friend that you are, you tried telling me the truth, and I turned my back on you. I shouldn’t have done that, and really bad about it; really bad about it.” Emily emphasized.

Harry wasn’t really sure what he should say, and shrugged. “Let’s just say it’s in the past.” He suggested.

Emily smiled. “That’s probably for the best.” She agreed. “And I’m doing a gig tomorrow down at Michaels; maybe you want to come along?” Emily asked hopeful.

“That would be cool; I’ve got a few new songs I can play for them.” Harry told her.

“Really, I’d love to here them when I get home. Maybe you could join you on stage?” she asked, hopeful.

“Sure, what ever you want to do.” Harry agreed, thinking that he should probably stick to the one song that he had completed the most.

“Good, good.” Emily smiled, and then hugged Harry. “I’ll see you later, I should get out there, and you should probably finish in here.”

Harry nodded, and watched as Emily left the office. Feeling very relieved, and happy that he would be doing another show Harry turned back to his cash. When he had finished he put on his jacket and left. Catching the bus, Harry could hardly contain his happiness. An extra hop in his step he got home in no time, and found that Georgia in the kitchen making dinner, and he decided to help.

“I talked to Emily,” Harry told her, as he washed some lettuce in the sink.

“Really? What happened?” Georgia asked, nearly cutting her finger as she chopped some carrots.

“We just talked – and I’m doing a show with her tomorrow!” Harry told her excited.

“That’s great, but what did you guys talk about?” Georgia asked, back-tracking.

“Oh, we just agreed that we should put it in the past. We’re friends again.” Harry explained.

“Is that all?”

“Yes, Georgia, that is all. Teddy ‘forgives’ me too.” Harry added.

“So then everything is solved – we can go to England and everything will go smoothly!” Georgia explained, and turned to the stove to stir the tomato sauce. She didn’t see the look of worry that filled Harry’s face.

It had suddenly hit Harry fully that he was going back to England, the place he had been hiding from for so long. They would be going to Liverpool, Leeds, Birmingham, Bristol, Reading, and the heart of London, to clubs not far from the Ministry and St. Mungo’s. He would surely bump into wizards, and he would certainly be recognized. And most of all he would be so close to seeing those he loved and he admitted, missed. He was afraid, but he wanted to go back more then ever.

“Harry are you okay?” Georgia’s soft voice filtered into Harry’s mind and he quickly looked at her looking a little stunned.

“No, no nothing is wrong. I just uh… I’ll be right back. I’ve got to…” Harry wasn’t really sure what he was doing or saying, but he needed to get away from Georgia, and away from them all. He clamored out of the kitchen and up the stairs where he bumped into Adam and Teddy who both asked him if he was all right.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m fine…” Harry trailed off racing up the stairs.

Entering his room, Harry went straight for his bed, and reached underneath until he gripped the handle of his trunk and pulled it out. Sitting on the floor Harry snapped open the trunk and feverishly dug around until he found what he was looking for; his wand. Gripping it tightly, he stared at it joyfully, before jumping up and shoving it into his back pocket and looked around his room. Opening drawers he started pulling everything out and throwing into the trunk and at last when his room was in utter chaos he snapped the trunk shut, took hold of his wand in one hand, and the trunk in the other. He stood still for a few minutes, his chest heaving after the rush of exercise he had just put himself through and stared around his mess of a room.

What am I doing? Harry asked himself, realizing his arm, and dropping the trunk on the floor. Was he really about to leave another life behind? He couldn’t do this. He couldn’t over-react. He wouldn’t. Putting his wand on his side table, Harry slowly started putting his room together. He couldn’t believe that he had just done what he had. But at the same time he was still regretting his decision. He wanted to go home, he wanted to see Ginny, even if she wouldn’t be awake, he wanted to see the family and life he had left behind.

“I’ll just have to wait a while.” Harry told himself. He knew it wouldn’t be fair he just picked up everything and went back. He had made friendships and bonds with people for the last two years, and he couldn’t forget that. It took a while but eventually everything went back to its place, and Harry fell on to the end of his bed. As he did so a knock came to the door.

“Harry, dinner is ready.” Georgia said from the other side of the door, and Harry could hear her steps as she walked back downstairs.

Rubbing his head, Harry stood up, and without a backward glance he went outside and down the stairs to the kitchen where everyone sitting, serving themselves to large helping’s of spaghetti. Harry sat down, silent, but not regretting his decision to stay anymore. Hearing their laughter and listening them talk about things Harry realized it would have been a big mistake to leave. Taking a huge spoonful of his own food, Harry dug in and slowly his thoughts drifted from the events that had taken place earlier.

Two Weeks Later

“Harry!” Georgia shouted from the entrance hall.

“I’m coming, I just had to grab my coat!” Harry shouted back, holding his coat in one hand, and carrying his trunk in the other. He had made it lighter with a simple charm so that it wouldn’t be so difficult to carry. It had been the first spell he had done in almost two years, but Harry had decided that it wouldn’t be such a problem. He had already made a plan, when he got to England when he had time he was going to see the Weasley’s again. The trunk carried some of his Wizarding things amongst his clothing. He had another bag and his gear already packed in the van.

“Is that all?” Teddy asked, looking at Harry’s trunk.

“Yeah, my duffle bag is already in the van.” Harry explained as Teddy took the trunk, looking a little stunned by how light it was but didn’t say anything.

“Come on, Alan and Emily are waiting in the car.” Georgia said, tugging on Harry’s arm as he slipped on his shoes.

“I’m coming,” Harry bantered, and at last followed Georgia out of the seemingly empty house. Out on the drive Teddy and Adam were packing everything in the van, and out front Josh was standing outside of his car with Emily and Alan.

“Hey Harry, excited about going home?” Josh asked as he and Georgia neared the car.

“Yeah, it’s pretty nerve-wrecking.” Harry admitted, and noticed how Emily was all smiles.

“We should get going, only an hour and a half before the flight goes.” Josh said, and opened up the door to his car. This was a sign for everyone to get in.

“See you at the airport!” Emily called to Teddy and Adam as she got into the car. Harry followed her, and Georgia was in next, while Alan sat up front. Harry could feel his insides twist ad the car started, and they went on their way to airport. Georgia and Emily were talking fast and loudly about the last they had been in the UK and were talking about the things had to do while in London.

But Harry listened to none of this. In six hours he would be arriving in London. They would have two days before going to their first show, and in that time he would manage to escape for a little while to see the Weasley’s. He hoped anyhow.

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Chapter 12: Thrust Into the Past
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Life Collides Chapter Twelve:

Thrust Into the Past

Everything was so familiar. They were in a rented van, being driven by a friend of Josh’s. He worked for the sister label that was based in London, and had been recruited to drive as nobody felt comfortable to drive ‘on the wrong side of the road’. Harry sat comfortably in the back with Emily as they passed King’s Cross station on their way to the Hostel they would be staying at.

“It’s all we could afford really,” Josh was saying from the front as they girls complained. “Were staying in a proper hotel every where else though, in Scotland and Ireland. It’s just that London is so damn expensive – and I thought you guys would like the road trip feel.” Josh smirked in the rear view mirror.

“Shut up Josh, you know I hate hostels,” Emily snapped, then shrugged. “But I guess its better then sleeping in the van.” Emily admitted.

Harry was hardly paying attention as they travelled deeper and deeper into London. It was still a little surreal that he was back in his Homeland. On the plane ride he had tried to ignore the sound of British voices, pretending that only the foreign sound of Canadian tongues surrounded him. He had pretended he wasn’t going to England, trying to force the anxious thoughts out of his mind and soul.

But it wasn’t long before they were landing, and Harry finally had to face the truth. He was home, and everywhere he looked he saw reminders of the life he had left behind. Shutting his eyes, Harry tried to forget these images and focus on breathing evenly. To the others it appeared as if he was just tired from the long flight, but as Harry heard the conversation between Emily and Georgia finish, he was aware that Georgia’s eyes were on him.

Lifting one eye lid, he looked at Georgia. She had a worried expression, and was about to ask him if he was all right. Preferring not to have everyone know how he was feeling, he shook his head slightly. Georgia rolled her eyes, but turned around in her seat, facing forward. It wouldn’t be much longer before they would be arriving at the Hostel, and Harry would be able just sit down and hide away from the noise.

“Is this it?” Emily asked, excited next to Harry.

Opening his eyes Harry found that they had turned on to quiet road, no cars, and a few people walking around on the streets. Semi’s and small duplex’s lined the street, all Victorian in style. The van continued down to the other end of the street where a much larger home was, separated from the other. Like the others it was an old Victorian home with a white front porch and above deck. A sign on the front above the door read ‘The London Inn’ and Harry wondered if they had put that there just to trick people into staying there.

“Oh it’s so cool!” Georgia cheered getting out of the van first, quickly followed by everyone else.

Standing now, in the heart of London Harry placed himself. He knew the Leaky Cauldron was close by, in the same ‘empty’ alley as always. So close in fact, that it was probably only a twenty minute walk. He could hear the hustle and bustle of London all around him, even in a residential area; they were close to the road and people walked past, not noticing the newcomers.

“Harry, grab something!” Adam shouted, carrying two suitcases. All their gear was to be kept in the van while they stayed at the Hostel. Doing what he was told; Harry picked up two more suitcases and followed Adam inside the home. The front entrance was much like a hotel’s, except smaller, and a lot more chaotic. Noise seemed to come from every where, and in the common room that was just off the main hall was a dozen people all talking and milling around. Adam didn’t stop at the front desk, just continued up the stairs, and Harry followed without question.

When they arrived at the first landing, Harry noticed how the house was much like the one he lived in, except the rooms were bigger and contained two bunk beds in each. The first room they entered was to be the room where Alan, Josh, his friend Mathew, and Harry would all be staying. The next was where Emily, Georgia, Adam, and Teddy would be staying. Harry wasn’t sure if this was because they were couples, but he didn’t say anything aloud.

“I hope they aren’t any crazy people,” Emily mumbled, taking her final bag from Harry and placing it in a large trunk that sat at the end of the bunk. There were four in every room, one for each person’s things, which they would lock. There was no other safe way to keep their things from thieves, as Georgia called them.

As they settled into their rooms it was decided they should get something to eat. Josh suggested a restaurant near by and they left on foot. It surprised how well Harry knew London, considering he hadn’t spent much outside of Diagon Alley when he was there. But he had, however, been to Ministry numerous times and took Muggle ways of transportation. This alone had given enough knowledge not to get lost. Another thing that surprised him was how well Josh knew the area. He said it was because a long time when he was in his early twenties he actually lived in London with an ex-girlfriend.

“Now he’s married, and living back in good old Toronto.” Emily smirked, making fun of her brother as he reminisced about his ‘younger days’.

“You’re only thirty-one, aren’t you?” Harry asked as they took their seats at the restaurant.

“Yes, but because I’m nine years old then her, she always has to make it seem like I’m fifty or something.” Josh complained.

Overall the night was good, but Harry hadn’t been able to relax much. He had been looking every which way in case he spotted any one he knew, wizard or not. Before he had left he had heard that Dudley had gotten in to College somehow, and was living in London while his Uncle and Aunt still lived in Surrey. Georgia had sensed his unease, and when they left the restaurant, she fell into the back of the group to walk next to him.

“Why so silent Harry?” Georgia asked casually, trying to be a little humorous.

Harry forced a smirk at Georgia’s tone. He knew she was just trying to be gentle about his behavior, but he didn’t really want to respond. But she wouldn’t leave him alone if he didn’t, so Harry sighed heavily. “We’re not too far away from where I grew up; I didn’t think this would be so surreal, strange…” Harry trailed off not sure if he was using the right word or not.

“I suppose it is kind of crazy for you.” Georgia admitted. “I mean, you ran away from this place-”

“I didn’t run away.” Harry quickly interrupted darkly.

Georgia froze, surprised by Harry’s brash behavior. “I didn’t mean that-”

“I know what you meant. And I’m telling you, I didn’t run away.” Harry said once again, emphasizing heavily on every syllable.

“All right, you didn’t run away.” Georgia said shortly, choosing to say nothing else. Harry did feel a little bad for snapping at her, but at the same time he didn’t like her to think he had run away from England. He hadn’t, he had just wanted to start new.

Or did I run away?

Harry’s mind couldn’t help but ask himself. He had left England so quickly, and without a goodbye. He didn’t have any closer to that part of his life, simply packed up and left with no word but a note. He hadn’t gone to see Ginny, had tried to move on in England. He just left. He had runaway from his heart-break and the guilt. Dipping his head closer to his chest, he tried to hide the sudden frown on his face. It was as if everything was starting to close on him. Had it really taken this long for him to realize this truth? Or had he known all along and was simply sub-consciously forcing it out of his thoughts.

Georgia slowly joined Adam again, most likely attracted to the happier feeling that exuded from him then from Harry, and he couldn’t blame her. He was a sod for being so sharp with her, when she was simply being his friend. Something that he still hadn’t got used to. It had always been Hermione or Ron who slapped sense into him, and it was still taking some getting-used-to with Georgia.

When they arrived back at the Hostel everyone was eager to meet the others. A few bohemians were staying at The London Inn and Teddy was quick to start jamming with them. Harry chose to return his room where Alan, already snoring in his bunk. A little upset that he couldn’t play around with his guitar in his own privacy from the other’s Harry decided that it would just be best to go to bed early as he was already jet leg from the long trip.

The soft morning light shown through the half open window, and hit Harry in the face waking him up early. He didn’t mind though, he was already drifting out of his sleep anyway. Getting dressed as quietly as he could, Harry just glanced in the mirror for a moment in the communal bathroom before heading down stairs, his wallet and wand (something he had decided to bring along with him on his trip) in his pocket in hopes of finding a place to eat, perhaps he would wander over to the Leaky Cauldron, or maybe not...

“Harry wait up!” Emily’s voice called behind him.

Harry froze in his steps, and turned to see Emily walking down the steps, sliding a long black jacket over her arm. “Good morning,” Harry said to her as she fell into step next to him and together they exited the Hostel.

“Good morning to you too; going to get something to eat?” Emily asked, curious.

“Yeah,” Harry nodded, “If I remember correctly there’s a nice little café some where around here.”

“Oh cool, some place new.” Emily chirped.

Harry smiled faintly, but he wasn’t much for a conversation. He still had just woken up, and he was still nervous about running into someone he knew. It was likely to happen eventually, Harry figured, but maybe if he just stayed clear of any ‘Wizard infested’ areas he could avoid the entire situation. Lost in his thoughts, Harry hadn’t noticed where he was going, and how faithful Emily was being in following his lead. Looking around he quickly realized that the thoughts he had had before were in vain as they were only five minutes away from the Leaky Cauldron.

His blood seemed to run cold at this thought, and his body felt numb. It had been a dumb mistake to turn the way he had, to travel the road he had been travelling. And then he saw it. The Leaky Cauldron was there, down the old abandoned Alley. To Emily it would appear to be a normal, dirty alley with nothing out of the ordinary about it. Harry almost stopped to stare at the sight when he felt Emily tugging on his sleeve.

“Is that the café you were talking about?” Emily asked, and for a moment Harry thought she was talking about the Leaky Cauldron when he saw her pointing at a small café that was almost across the street from the alley. Harry felt the hairs on the back of his neck rise.

“Yeah…” Harry mumbled, dumb-struck.

“Come on,” Emily tugged on Harry’s arm, and he found himself numbly following her. They entered the busy café unnoticed and Harry kept his eyes open for any sign of a witch or wizard or someone he knew. Taking a seat by the window, Emily chattered about how amazing London was how she could not wait to go sight-seeing.

“Hi there, I’m Suzie, is there anything I can get you two?” a tired waitress who looked to be in her early twenties stood before them, holding a note pad, and trying to force her bleach blonde hair. Her accent was thick, and for a moment Harry grinned as he watched Emily marvel at the sound.

“Just tea for me please,” Harry told, when the waitress began to look impatient.

“And you?” the waitress, Suzie, looked at Emily.

“Um… tea and honey… and plain toast?” Emily asked, glancing at the laminated menu’s that sat in front of them.

“Certainly,” Suzie said jotting it down on the pad, and then disappearing into the back. Harry glanced out of the window, his eye training on to the Leaky Cauldron that looked cold and empty. In the corner of his eye he saw something black and billowy, and spotted a black cloak.

“Harry, are you all right?” Emily asked concerned. Quickly looking at Emily, Harry tried to act normal. He thought that the cloak figure he had just seen had been or looked something like Ron, a thought he could hardly comprehend.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m fine. I just thought I saw someone I knew on the streets.” Harry admitted.

“Really, I thought you didn’t have any ‘links’ in England?” Emily smirked, and Harry realized she was teasing him.

For a moment he deliberated in his mind how he wanted to respond, until finally deciding to play on the honesty streak he was on. “Well, I mean, I guess I should come clean. See, my fiancé, she had a really big family and there were really good to me.” Harry said, skimming over certain unneeded details.

“Are you telling me you were lying when you said you didn’t have a life in England?” Emily asked, a little more serious sounding this time.

“A little,” Harry frowned, feeling ashamed now.

“I wanted to come here so long ago,” Emily said after some time. “My best friend and I just graduated from high school and had this whole plan to get lost in England. It was seems ridiculous now, but back then it seemed like the best idea on Earth.”

“How come it never happened?” Harry asked, happy for the change of subject.

“My friend got accepted to University, and any money she had went towards her tuition. So the plans got cancelled.” Emily explained.

“What about you?” Harry went on.

“What about me?”

“Did you go to University?” he asked, thinking about his cousin. He never had many thoughts for Dudley, but now he was wondering what had happened to his cousin.

“No, not me. I was never much University material. Not that I didn’t have the grades, I just didn’t have much of a plan to my life. I had always seen myself getting lost in London, really.” Emily smiled sadly. Harry felt sorry again for bringing up a bad memory for her, but when he went to say something their food arrived, and Emily was back to her usual cheery self, thanking the waitress.

Harry sipped gently on his tea, mixing some honey in before doing so. Emily nibbled on her toast, and drank deeply from her tea, and Harry had to admire how she seemed to get such enjoyment out of the smallest things. In the back of his mind he was still thinking of the man who looked like Ron. Maybe it had just been a trick of the mind? There was no way Ron would be in London. He was supposed to be… well it just wasn’t possible.

“This is perfect,” Emily said taking another long drag of her tea. Harry nodded, taking another sip of his tea. He turned back to staring out the window, looking at the Leaky Cauldron. He was waiting for the door open and out walk some one he knew. But nobody did, and Harry knew it was because it was more normal for a witch or wizard just to arrive in the Leaky Cauldron by Apparition or by the Floo Network.

“Harry?” Emily’s reproachful voice entered Harry’s head.

Harry turned to look at her bewildered. Emily frowned, and set her tea on the table top. “Something is bothering, really. I feel like I sort of messed up your plans when I asked if I could join you. You weren’t going out for breakfast, were you?”

Emily’s question took Harry by surprise and at first it took him a few seconds to process all she had said. He didn’t know if he should flat out lie to her, give her what she wanted, or just tell the truth. But what was the truth? He had wanted to get something to eat? But he had hoped to get something to eat just it was more in his past that he wanted to eat something. After a few more seconds he made up his mind, and managed to collect his thoughts so that he knew how to answer. Taking a breath, Harry leaned forward a little, and looked Emily in the eye.

“You’re right; this morning I wasn’t going to go to breakfast. In fact, I was just planning on going for a walk.” Harry lied. “See, it’s been two years since I’ve been here, in the place I came from. I just wanted to see er- what had happened to it; to the places where I once lived.” Harry finished, hoping she believed him in anyway.

However, Harry’s dismay, Emily merely frowned deeper. “Harry, don’t insult my intelligence, and lie it me.” Emily sighed. “I know it’s more than just being back in England. It’s your fiancé, she didn’t die did she? Because it feels like something much more hurtful happened, Harry, something that makes it all the harder to move on and let go.”

Emily’s words hung in the air thickly, and Harry was dumbfounded into being speechless. It surprised Harry how Emily knew such things about him just by reading his actions. She knew him better then Georgia, it seemed. He didn’t want to admit to Emily, however, that she was right because he felt horrible about keeping the whole thing from them all in the first place. But before he knew it the whole story was spilling out of him live rain from a storm cloud.

“She didn’t die, she went into Acoma. We were in a… a car crash. For a year I tried to hold on to a hope that was diminishing every day. Her family, they took me in when I finished school, were nothing but good to me. But I couldn’t stand the guilt, and it just wore me down. And I just left, I didn’t want it anymore. And I ran away, like a coward from battle.”

Harry looked away from Emily, covering his face with his hand. He couldn’t believe how fast the emotions came back, and he feared that Emily would agree with him and leave. But to his surprise, yet again, he felt the seat next to him sink, and Emily’s small hand fell on to his shoulder, forcing him to look at her, head still in hand.

“You’re not a cower Harry, you’re human.” Emily’s eyes sought Harry’s, searching for a hint of understanding. Harry felt a pang go through him as he stared in her aqua eye, and he quickly moved away from Emily, letting her hand fall.

“I think we should go back to the Hostel now.” Harry spoke quietly, and didn’t dare look at Emily.

“Oh, all right.” Emily mumbled, trying not to sound disheartened. Harry felt the seat decompress next to him as Emily stood up and at last Harry dared a look. He watched Emily as she grabbed her coat and purse. “Can we get the check?” Emily called, looking at the waitress, who nodded, looking a little put-out.

Harry took Emily’s rashness as a sign, and he quickly stood up and pulled on his jacket. As he did the waitress appeared with the check, faster then he had expected. Before harry could protest that he would pay, Emily put money down on the table, and shoed Harry out of the café. On the street Emily fell into step with lines of people, and Harry hurried to keep up with her.

Looking at his feet as he walked, a silence fell between Harry and Emily. She continued to glanced around the street they were walking around, pretending to act normal as if nothing was bothering her while Harry refused to say anything more for fear it might make it all the worse.

Finally as they turned down another street, the Leaky Cauldron long behind them that Harry decided it would probably be best to say something, and most of all to apologize. “I’m sorry,” he mumbled, glancing at Emily.

Emily looked at him, a little surprised. “You’re apologizing?”

Harry was bewildered. “Am I not allowed to apologize?”

Emily cracked a smile. “Of course you are, but I wasn’t expecting it. I know your still guarded about your past and all; I should just wait for you to tell, if you choose to. It’s my fault.” Emily confirmed.

“Oh, right.” Harry murmured, always feeling a little uncomfortable when Emily or anyone for that matter talked about him and his life so openly like they did.

“Crap,” Emily said suddenly, stopping in her tracks. “I forgot my phone on the table.”

“Do you want me to go back and get it?” Harry asked.

“No, no, wait here, I’ll be back quick.” Emily shook her hair, glancing through her bag before dashing around the street corner and back to the café. Feeling a little uncomfortable standing alone in the middle of the side walk, Harry leaned against the tall stone wall of an office building, and he leaned against it. Glancing at the few people who walked by, glancing at their faces which were all pointed down, not trusting his curious stare.

Eventually Harry grew tired of this, and glanced at his own feet, occasionally looking up to see if Emily was turning the corner with her phone in hand. But every time he did she was never there, and Harry was growing impatient. As a few more minutes passed, Harry was starting to think that maybe he should go see if everything was all right. He debated this for another minute before deciding that it was exactly what he wanted to do. Standing up straight from the wall, he went to join into the now crowded side walk and go to the café when he crashed into somebody, and his glasses went askew.

It took Harry a few seconds to calculate what had happened, and that he had just run into a woman who was a head shorter then him, and had short red hair. His glasses in hand, something he had done quickly, he fumbled with them for a few seconds, blinking rapidly. The figure he had run into had quickly backed away from him, and as he finally managed to push his glasses on his face, he quickly gasped.

“Harry…” the soft voice of Ginny Weasley escaped the older girl’s lips, and before Harry could speak her eyes rolled into the back of her head, and she began falling through the air.

A/N: Does this ending in any way make up for taking so long to update? I am truly sorry from the bottom of my heart. There are a lot of reasons why this took so long, something I don’t really feel like going into right now as I am tired (it’s only ten o’clock) and I have to get up at six tomorrow. So I hope you liked it, and I know you will all be anticipating the next chapter, which I swear, I will try to post soon. Thanks for reading!

Chapter 13: Coming Clean
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Life Collides Chapter Thirteen:

Coming Clean

The entire world seemed to have stopped. Curious Muggles that were walking by no longer existed; mere blurred figures surrounded Harry, and he saw none of it. All he saw was Ginny’s shimmering face. When she had fainted Harry had been quick to react, grasping her thin body firmly before it crashed on to the cobblestone street. He had carried her over to some steps that led to a Muggle office building. Propping her up, he scrambled to retrieve his wand to awaken Ginny without anyone noticing.

The first time he had tried he dropped his wand as fingers shook due to the shock that had overcome his body. After getting his wand again, the second time he tried he pointed his wand (hiding it inside his jacket) when Emily return looking completely baffled by the scene before her.

“What the hell happened here, Harry?” Emily exclaimed, stuffing her phone inside her pocket as she hurried over to him and Ginny

“She fainted,” Harry said heavily, shoving his wand into his jacket. He couldn’t very well perform magic now that Emily had returned; he had no use for it.

“Yes, I can see that, but why,” Emily said impatiently, moving Ginny’s slumped body away from Harry.

“Seeing me probably did it…”

“That doesn’t make any sense Harry,” Emily argued not paying attention to him at all as she proceeded to try and wake Ginny up. “Come on, wake up now.” She said soothingly, almost motherly, tapping her gently on the cheeks with the palm of her hand. Very slowly Ginny’s brown eyes opened, rolling into the back of her head a few times before being able to fully focus on Emily. “That’s a girl… can you tell me your name?”

“Ginny Weasley,” Harry answered, staring at Ginny’s alert face. Her brown eyes flickered to Harry’s, and they stared at each other intensely. She could not believe she was seeing him just as he was seeing her. Harry could hardly breathe as happiness began to evade the shock. Ginny was awake.

“What…?” Emily trailed off, bewildered and confused, looking from Ginny’s face to Harry’s before it dawned on her. “Oh my God, this is her isn’t it Harry?”

Ginny sat up, and Harry quickly stood up, hopping off the steps. Ginny reached out her hand, her eyes not parting from Harry’s. he took it gently, almost afraid that she was a ghost, and helped her stand, still keeping the same gaze. Once Ginny stood, almost a head shorter then Harry, Harry finally looked at Emily who was now standing herself.

“This is Ginny Weasley, my…” Harry couldn’t finish the sentence, glancing at Ginny.

Ginny didn’t look at him, but at Emily. “The girl he left behind.” She finished, sounding emotionless, almost humorous about the statement.

“Oh,” Emily mumbled, clearly uncomfortable now. “Well, I’m Emily Thorn, uh, Harry’s friend from Canada – which is where he’s been the last two years after he left… oh… um… I think it might be best if I go back to the inn now.” Emily stuttered, looking from Ginny to Harry, not sure of what to make of the entire thing.

“That won’t be necessary,” Ginny protested, letting go of Harry’s hand; he had not been aware that he was still holding hers. She looked to Harry. “I have things to do, and I am sure that you both have your own plans.”

As if an arrow had pierced his heart, Harry saw a glimpse of the hurt in Ginny’s eyes, as she moved away from him, about to leave him for forever. He looked to Emily, and she simply pushed him towards Ginny saying, “Go Harry.”

Harry raced after Ginny, who had already had walked quite a distance, biting her lower lip all the way. He caught her arms once he had caught up, and turned her to face him. “Ginny please don’t go,” Harry said breathlessly.

Ginny was fighting back tears. “No I will not stay when you have been living your damn happy little life. I see where I stand. You went to – to Canada and you made friends, and you’ve been living there for two years! Did you ever think of me Harry? Did you ever think about anyone but yourself? …But I don’t want to hear it. You can say what ever you’d like Harry, but you’re not going to change my mind. You walked out of my life, and now it’s my turn to walk out of yours.”

Ginny tore her arm from Harry and started to walk again, pounding down her feet. Harry quickly caught up again. “Ginny you know it isn’t true, of course I thought about you every day. I just… I was afraid to come back.” He admitted, looking into her misty brown eyes.

Ginny breathed heavily, staring back at Harry with an unwavering expression. Just when Harry thought she wasn’t giving in, she relaxed, running her hand through her hair shaking. “Why did you come then, hmm?”

“Because I’m a, uh,” Harry found himself unable to admit the truth. What would Ginny think of his new pass time? She would probably think he was crazy, and not believe him if he told her any way. He decided he would keep it from Ginny, right now. “I’m here with some friends and their musicians on tour. They wanted me to come along.” Harry finally said.

For a long time, Ginny just stared at Harry. She didn’t say anything, and nor did Harry. Harry was praying with every ounce of him that Ginny would stay and listen. Though he had been so hesitant about seeing her, about going back to England and having to face everyone, Harry felt completely different. Ginny was awake and well, and beautiful as ever.

“What do you mean?” Ginny finally said, confused as ever.

“My friends, the people I live with, including that girl I was with, Emily, um, and they’re Muggle musicians. And they asked me to go on tour with them, and were here in London for a few shows.” Harry tried to explain.

“Are you telling me–”

“Yes, I’ve been living as a Muggle.” Harry answered for her.

Ginny took a deep breath. “People thought you were dead, Harry. They thought you ran away and something bad happened to you. Nobody heard from you, saw you, anywhere in the magical world. You dropped off the Earth. And I woke up and all I could think about was you, and you were gone.” Ginny eyes glazed over. “You were gone.” She repeated in a drifting whisper.

“I’m sorry.” Harry said not knowing what to say. “I’m sorry that I hurt you Ginny, but I… I’m so happy to see you.” Harry’s voice broke, and his hands drifted to Ginny’s face which he caressed gently. She allowed him sighing deeply, but still looking pained. “If there was anything I could do to rewind time, I would. But we both know we destroyed all the time-turners.” Harry cracked a smile, and Ginny couldn’t help but doing so either. “I missed you Ginny, I missed you so much it hurt.”

“I know...” Ginny was silent for a long time, but Harry waited. He knew he deserved what was coming. “Harry, its not that.... I need time. You can't really expect me to just forgive you like that?”

Harry took a step back, looking to the ground. “No, it makes perfect sense. I... regret what I did but I do hope that you'll change you're mind.” Harry glanced back up, and saw that she was frowning.

“I guess... you have things to do?” Ginny assumed.

“What?” Harry frowned. Did she really think he was just going to leave now? After seeing her again, he was afraid to leave.

“Well you seem pretty busy...”

“Ginny, I thought I was never going to hear you talk again, I never thought I would see your eyes again. I'm not going anywhere.” Harry reached for her hand.

Ginny looked down at his out-stretched hand, but shook her head. “I can't, Harry, not yet.”

Harry's hand dropped, and he nodded. “I get it, I'm sorry.”

There was a long silence, neither of them knowing what to say or do.

“So what now?” Harry asked her.

“I suppose... do you want to come with me?” Ginny asked.

“To your parents?” Harry asked, not knowing what she asking.

“No, we should go see Ron and Hermione first. They’ll never forgive me if we don’t.” Ginny said absently, not seeing the change in Harry.

“Ron and Hermione?” Harry repeated, his voice a soft whisper.

“Yeah, Ron and Hermione. They’re living together now, by the ministry and this real cute flat. Actually, they’re married I should say.” Ginny explained, a small sliver of amusement dancing in her eyes.

“They’re alive… they’re married?” Harry choked out.

“Oh.” Ginny said, looking a bit sorry. “I should explain. They returned not too long after you left, alive and well, and married. Apparently it happened while they were in hiding. They were pretty upset about you leaving Harry, we all were. It was shock, I didn’t think you would ever do that. But we all moved on eventually, they work for the ministry, and live in a flat not too far away.”

Harry blinked, still frowning. “And you Ginny, did you move on?”

“Harry, there is not a day I don’t think about you, but yeah I moved on. What did you expect me to do; I’m currently on the reserve team for the Holyhead harpies, and work part-time at George’s shop. I live at home, but I visit my friends often, including Ron and Hermione. I wasn’t just going to stop everything, Harry because you weren`t there. I thought you knew me better than that.” Ginny explained.

“Do you still love me?” Harry asked, fearing the answer.

“Yes,” Ginny said, and Harry saw she telling the truth. “But I need time, Harry, before I can do anything further. Okay?”

“I understand, I can wait, just like you waited for me.” Harry agreed.

“Good,” Ginny sighed deeply. “I guess we should get going, I was supposed to be at Ron and Hermione`s ten minutes ago.”

“How are we going to get there,” Harry asked.

“I’ll Apparate for us, you don’t know where they live yet.” Ginny suggested.

Holding out her hand, she tried to remain indifferent when Harry took her hand. Harry saw this on her face, but chose to say nothing. He had to give her time, he understood that. He had a lot to explain still, like what he had been doing in Canada, and he was glad that they were not together yet, so he would not have to bring it up after the fact.

Ginny’s face screwed up in deep confusion, and Harry felt the old familiar feeling of Apparation. His surrounding’s disappeared in a blur, and it was barely a second when Harry felt his feet hit solid ground. They were standing in a long corridor, covered in pealing paint with five or six doors on either side. There were sounds of people talking, a distant television, and music playing. But what was most noticeable was the terrible smell that seeped from everything. It smelt of a sewer, and cat piss. It was so bad Harry felt as he was going to wretch.

“This is where Hermione and Ron live?” Harry asked, glancing at Ginny.

“They just make it as unappealing as possible so Muggles don’t get interested in coming to live here.” Ginny explained, plugging her nose. “Once you’re in the flat you can’t smell or hear anything either. It’s actually a really nice place to live.” Ginny smirked at Harry’s skeptical look, and then proceeded to walk to the end of the hall to the last door on the left. She went to go knock, and stopped looking at Harry. “Stay there for now.”

Harry cocked his brow at her, but listened. He watched as Ginny knocked on the door, and ten seconds later he heard the turning of locks and the door opened.

“Hey Ginny, got off early from work today.” A low voice spoke slowly as if having just woken up.

Harry felt his heart pound heavily as the sound of his best friend, Ron echoed around his head for a few seconds. It was a familiar sound, and reminded Harry of a home he had long since left. He throat tightened, and his ears zoned in on the voice that belonged to an invisible face that Harry could barely remember.

“Yeah, is Hermione home?” Ginny asked, entering the flat.

“Yeah, she’s just in the kitchen now.” Ron answered, and the door was closed.

Without thinking, Harry rushed over to the door, and pushed his ear against the door. After doing this for a few seconds, he realized he was being stupid to try such a thing. It was most likely charmed so that no one could hear, besides that the door seemed to be solid wood.

Leaning against the wall next to the door, Harry breathed in deeply through his mouth, avoiding the stench of the corridor. In a few minutes he would be facing his two best friends that he had abandoned. What would they say to him? Would they even want to speak to him? He didn’t even know what to say to them. They were married now. He had never been there to see it happen. He guessed he deserved that though, he had been the one that left in the first place. Knowing Hermione and Ron, they probably had another wedding for Mrs. Weasley’s sake.

Harry stood in the hall for fifteen minutes, much longer than he had expected and he was beginning to get worried. Maybe Hermione and Ron refused to see him, and Ginny was arguing with them. Maybe they would be convincing Ginny to turn her back on him. Once again, he probably deserved it. But that did no good to comfort him.

Eventually Harry slid to the floor, sitting down and putting his face in his hands. It had been nearly half an hour and still he was out in the hall. All he needed now was for someone to come out of their flat, see him and recognize him, and rise up a storm because he’s Harry Potter, and supposed to be dead. That was the last thing he needed.

Beginning to wonder if there was any purpose for him to stay, he stood up and began walking down the hall where he saw steps that he assumed would lead him outside. Running his hand through his hair, he pulled his leather jacket a little tighter around him. It was cold outside, and the same feeling was seeping into his soul. He had hoped that something good would come of all this, that Hermione and Ron would be so happy to see that he was alive that they would ignore the fact he had run away. They were his best friends, and if any one understood him it was them. But maybe he had been wrong; maybe he was letting himself off light again.


Harry spun around so fast he nearly fell over from loosing his balance. He fell into the wall, taking heavy breaths forgetting about the awful smell, but he ignored it when he saw Hermione standing a few metres away from him. She looked so much different from when he had last seen her, but so much the same all at once. Her brown frizzy hair was tied back, and was wearing a long flowery dress. Her face was plumper then before, and glowing. Tears were streaming down her face, and her mouth shook.

Hermione went to run to Harry, but he stopped her by taking four long steps and hugged her.

“Harry I can’t believe it!” Hermione squealed, holding on to him tightly.

“Hermione let him breathe.” Ron had entered the hall.

“Shut up Ron,” Hermione retorted, letting go of Harry.

Harry looked at Ron. He had changed drastically. It seemed he had grown another inch, a good four inches taller than Harry now. There was a hint of a beard on his jaw, and his hair was messy as if he didn’t have enough time to put a comb through it. He looked tired, and so much older to Harry.

“Harry,” Ron said lightly.

Harry laughed, and the two hugged briefly before Harry was shuffled into the entrance of the flat. Harry didn’t have time to take in his surroundings, though he noticed a staircase that led to an upper floor, and a long hall way that led off to different rooms. “I though you had forgotten about me out there.”

“We should have,” Ron joked.

“Well, we were arguing.” Hermione admitted.

“It wasn’t like I was going to spring it on them that your were here, Harry. I needed to lead them into it.” Ginny explained.

“Let’s sit down,” Hermione suggested, and ushered every one down the hall, past the stairs and into the last room of the hall. It was an open white kitchen, a kitchen table in the centre in front of a large fireplace that had a burning fire in it. Ron gently pushed Hermione into a seat, and Harry and Ginny took the other seats while Ron went to put the kettle on.

Hermione stared at Harry, tears still in her eyes. “We thought you were dead.” She said barely above a whisper.

“That’s what Ginny told me.” Harry said, feeling a little awkward. “It wasn’t what I wanted.”

“Are you sure about that?” Ron said harshly, turning to look at him.

Harry struggled to come up with an answer, but Ginny cut in. “Ron, stop it. You agreed to let him in, to talk to him.”

Harry frowned. “No, if he has something to say to me then so be it. If he thinks it was so easy for me to forget about everyone then let him.”

The mug Ron was holding, cracked in his hands, but he ignored this. He glared at Harry unwaveringly. “Then why did you run away? If it was so damn hard, why did you run away, and stay where ever the hell you’ve been for two years?”

“Because I was a coward.” Harry replied simply.

“Damn right you’re a coward.” Ron shouted, annoyed by Harry’s calm attitude. “What did you think it would accomplish, running away to-to-to-”

“-Canada- ” Ginny quipped in.

“-to Canada!” Ron finished, fumbling a little.

“I thought it would help. I wouldn’t be a burden on your parents anymore, wouldn’t have to force them to being nice to me any longer. You yell at me for having you believe I was dead, but you did the same to me! A year, Voldemort had been dead and you were still gone. No one knew where you were, and no one had seen you. They told me Ginny wasn’t going to ever wake up – I was alone and I had to face the guilt of that responsibility every time I saw your family. I couldn’t stay, for my own sanity and their’s. I know it was selfish, and I know it was the wrong idea. But I’m here now, and I’m sorry for what I did. But your alive, and I’m alive and that should mean something.” Harry finished, searching Ron and Hermione’s faces.

A long silence fell over them, and nobody said anything or moved. Ron, Hermione, and Ginny all looked to their laps, and Harry switched his focus on them in turns until finally Ron spoke.

“I’m sorry.” He said softly, his hands in fists on his sides. “I’m sorry, okay?”

“Yeah, I’m sorry too.” Harry answered, his heart thumping. Ron moved to the table and reached out is hand for Harry to take. Standing up, Harry took Ron’s hand and shook hard, meeting his eyes. They had reached an understanding, and when they let go of each other’s hands, they smiled at each other briefly and took opposite seats.

“You have to tell me what happened, and how the hell you two ended up married.” Harry said finally, looking back and forth between Ron and Hermione.

“Well it’s a long story.” Ron started, looking a little embarrassed.

“I’ve got all day.” Harry said, and looked to Hermione.

“Then settle in.” She laughed.

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Chapter 14: Final Decision
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Life Collides Chapter Fourteen:

Final Decision

Sitting around the table it was hard for Harry to comprehend that it was real. Here sat his two best friends who had believed to be dead up until two hours ago, and his fiancée, whom was unconscious and likely to stay that way the last time he had seen her. And now, they smiling, talking, trying to catch Harry up with everything that had happened since his absence. He had explained what had happened to him, how he went to Canada, got a job and ended up moving into his bosses building and met Emily and all the others. He left out the part that he had started to play guitar as well, feeling embarrassed by the new development and afraid what his friends would think. Harry had never shown any signs of having any passion towards music.

“But what happened to you two?” Harry asked after a moment of silence. Hermione was standing at the sink, rinsing out her tea mug.

“Well, after we went into hiding in France Ron and I were pretty isolated.” Hermione said taking a seat next to Ron at the table. “Ron can’t speak French – and I barely could manage it myself. We were in this tiny French village, not a hint of magic in sight. We ended up getting hired at this farm, and they gave Ron and I this little old cottage on the other side of their land to live in. We would work and they gave us shelter and food. It was pretty simple, but not in a bad way. We would go to their home and eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner and walk back to our own cottage.” Hermione said, smiling at Ron.

“And they fell in love.” Ginny added, smirking.

Hermione laughed a little, and Ron blanched but said nothing. “We got married after a year at the church in town. After Ron convinced me that we should go to Paris to see what was happening. We had no idea, Harry. We went to Paris and got into contact with the Delacour’s and learned what had happened – they thought we were dead! They told us you had disappeared, and that Ginny was still in a coma. By time we got back to England, though, Ginny was awake.” Hermione said.

“Hermione wanted to go looking for you,” Ron said, glancing at Hermione for a moment.

“But we convinced her not to.” Ginny said. “Our theory was if you didn’t want to be found, we weren’t going to go looking for you.”

“I don’t blame you for not coming. I don’t blame you for being mad – I’m surprised you aren’t angrier with me for what I did. I was… I acted like such a coward.” Harry admitted unable to look his friends in the eye.

“We all would have done it in your place, Harry.” Ron spoke softly, but confidently. Harry looked up and met his friend in the eye and they shared a smile.

“So you came back married, how did your mother take that?” Harry asked, raising a brow.

“We didn’t tell her, still haven’t actually. We actually just got married again.” Ron answered. “What she doesn’t know can’t hurt her.”

Harry nodded, understanding. “And since then you’ve been living here? Nothing else has changed?”

Everyone went silent, glancing at each other with unreadable faces. Harry knew something was up, but he wasn’t sure if it was good or bad what they were holding back from him. They looked at each other for a long time until Ginny finally looked at Harry with a warm smile.

“It’s nothing bad Harry, they are just being silly.” Ginny told him, giving Hermione and Ron a meaningful look.

“Then what is it?” Harry asked, looking from Ginny to his friends.

“Hermione was pregnant when we came back to England.” Ron explained slowly.

Harry stared at his friends, eyes wide. “You have a kid?”

“A son,” Hermione answered. “We named him Harry.”

Harry’s neck began to grow warm, and he found himself unable to speak. “You named him after me?” he repeated. He found it hard to believe. After everything he had done, leaving England and hiding, believing they were dead without a doubt, they still named their son after him.

“Harry, don’t act like its such a surprise.” Ginny said, rolling her eyes.

“Is he here?” Harry questioned, sitting up in his seat.

Hermione shook her head. “No, today is the day he spends with Ron’s parents. He is at the Burrow.”

“When can I meet him?” Harry asked, excited now.

“In time, we need to break the news to mum and dad first.” Ginny grinned.

“Why don’t we do it now, and Harry can meet Jr.?” Hermione suggested

“We could do that,” Ginny said slowly and looked at Harry. “Do you have anything you need to do?”

“Not anything I can think of.” Harry admitted. Everything was going much better than he had thought. Sure, Ginny was avoiding the idea of a relationship with him, he could understnad. It had been three and half years since they were together, and for two years he hadnèt been around. But she had not ignored him, pushed him away or told him to leave her alone. She had allowed him to be with her this far. And just like her, Ron and Hermione had been understanding and ready to listen to him and accept him back into their lives. Of course there was still a lot more that needed explaining, but it was going a lot better than planned.

However, as Harry thought this he felt his brain deflate a little as he realized there was no way Mrs. Weasley would take it as easily as they had. She was the one who had brought him into her home when he had no where else to go, insured that he was fed properly and that he had enough human interaction so that he would not go crazy. And how did he repay her? He left a note saying he couldn’t take a little guilt and never looked back. Until now, of course.

“What’s wrong?” Ginny asked, noticing the change in Harry’s body language.

“I don’t think your mother will take all of this as easily as you lot did.” Harry admitted, glancing at Hermione and Ron.

“You have to face her eventually – she would be angrier if you didn’t see her before your name gets splashed across The Daily Prophet.” Ron reasoned.

“Besides, I think she will be happier to know that you’re alive.” Hermione added.

“So let’s do this.” Ginny said after a few moments of silence.

“Okay, let’s go.” Harry said, taking a huge breath.

“We can Apparate down the road.” Hermione suggested as she and Ron left the kitchen to retrieve their coats while Ginny and Harry went to stand in the entrance waiting.

Harry found it difficult to stare at Ginny, though he could see she wanted him to stop. It was so hard for him to believe it was all real. That he had only been in England for a day and already he was standing next to the love of his life, in his two best friend’s flat, about to go for a little visit at the Weasley’s.

“Do you mind Harry?” Ginny asked, looking annoyed.

“Sorry, I just can’t believe it.”

Ginny gave a small smile, looking to the floor. “Yeah, I know what you mean.”

“All set?” Hermione said exiting the sitting room, Ron trailing behind.

“As ready as I can be.” Harry muttered as they exited the flat.

Nothing had changed in the two years Harry had left. The burrow was still as wonky and as Weasley as possible. The garden was still full of gnomes, which Ron occasionally kicked when one came close as they walked up the path to the back door. Standing in front of it, Harry had a rush of memories, like the first time he had ever come to the Burrow. He had been so worried about what Mrs. Weasley would say to him, because after all, he had left his Aunt and Uncle’s without their permission.

Without knocking, they entered the chaotic kitchen which filled Harry with a sense of homeliness. The familiar clock with a nine spoons on it hung on the wall; two of which were slowly turning from ‘travelling’ to ‘home’. From somewhere inside the Burrow Harry could hear Mrs. Weasley shouting for her husband and ‘Harry’ as it was lunch time.

Harry could see the simmering cauldron of stew from where he stood, near the door. Ginny stood next to him, while Ron and Hermione had both walked into the kitchen, looking through the many doors for a glimpse of Mrs. Weasley. Footsteps could be heard coming up stairs, and Ginny’s hand slipped into Harry’s hand as they neared closer and closer to the kitchen. More footsteps followed and then there she was, Mrs. Weasley in all glory.

She came straight into the kitchen, walking over to the stew. “Oh, I wasn’t expecting all of you – I do hope I’ve made enough stew. If not I’ll just cook some up qu-” Mrs. Weasley cut herself off as soon as she had realized Harry was there. Her hair and robes a flutter from walking into the kitchen so quickly, she stared wide-eyed at the familiar face that had not been seen for years. Her mouth hung agape, the words that had once been about to escape them gone.

“What is all this noise about?” Mr. Weasley said, coming into the kitchen behind Ron and Hermione. Harry tore his eyes from Mrs. Weasley to see a small boy in Mr. Weasley arms, flaming red hair just like Ron, and big brown eyes like Hermione. Mr. Weasley saw Harry and quickly echoed the same expression Mrs. Weasley wore. Harry just stared at Harry with a blank and confused face.

“Harry is that really you?” Mr. Weasley finally spoke, snapping out of his shock.

“Ye-Yes,” Harry’s voice cracked. “Yes, Mr. Weasley it’s me.”

“Well I’ll be…” Mr. Weasley said quietly, his arms slipping from around Harry as Hermione took him.

Harry turned to Mrs. Weasley who was turning a rosy shade of red, and he began to fear the worst. Taking her hand from his, Ginny shoved him lightly forward and Harry walked slowly over to Mrs. Weasley. “Mrs. Weasley…” Harry swallowed hard.

“Harry Potter!” Mrs. Weasley said shrilly and moved towards Harry. Just when it looked like she was going to raise her wand at him, he was surprised when she wrapped her death-grip on him. For a few minutes Harry was squeezed to death hearing things like “you are a damn moron for leaving” and “we missed you” and “call me Molly – I can only tell you so many times!”

Everyone was smiling, laughing, all relieved that Mrs. Weasley had taken it so well. Finally Harry was released, and Ginny slipped her hand back in his, smiling up at him. “He finally came to his senses mum,” she said simply.

Harry’s heart skipped a beat as he saw those big brown eyes sparkle. Looking at Molly, he saw a look of worried happiness. Though he knew there were some things she had to say to him about Ginny, she held her tongue and pushed everyone to the table to eat. Surprised by how quickly everything got back into routine, Harry sat between Ron and Ginny as Mrs. Weasley began serving food.

“You have a lot to explain,” Mrs. Weasley said as she placed a bowl of stew in front of Harry.

“Where would you like me to begin?” Harry said, after saying thank you.

“Where did you go would be a good start.” Mr. Weasley suggested as Mrs. Weasley placed a bowl of stew in front of him.

“Well, I caught a plane and went to Toronto, Canada.” Harry started.

“You went on a plane?” Mr. Weasley repeated his eyes wide.

“Arthur,” Mrs. Weasley warned as she sat down. “Go on dear,” Mrs. Weasley said forcing a smile.

Harry tried not to grin. “And I got a job at a small café chain in Toronto. The owner, Josh, had this house and was renting rooms out to some of his employees. He offered me a room, and since I had made friends with most of the people at work I agreed. They are all musicians and my friend, Emily, wanted to go on tour because she had some new material and wanted to see if it was worth recording. So they organized this huge thing, and basically asked me if I wanted to come along.”

“And that’s why he is here now,” Ginny finished.

“It doesn’t sound like your staying.” Mrs. Weasley said promptly.

Harry shook his head. “I think it is time for me to come home.”

Mrs. Weasley’s eyes teared up, and she quickly brushed them away. “You always have a home here, Harry.”

“Thank you Mrs. Weasley,” Harry said with a smile.

As Harry ate his stew, he glanced up to fine Harry Weasley staring at him with curious eyes that reminded him so much of Hermione. “He has your look,” Harry said without thinking.

Hermione smiled. “This is Harry, who you’re named after.” Hermione told the little boy.

“’Arry,” the little boy echoed.

Everyone smiled. “It’s the only word he knows besides mama and dada,” Hermione explained.

“We named you his unofficial Godfather,” Ron went on.

“Really?” Harry asked, surprised.

“Yes, you and Ginny are his Godparents.” Hermione confirmed.

Harry smiled, and looked back at Harry Weasley. Coming home wasn’t so bad, he thought. He was surrounded by friends and family again, and it seemed as though leaving was his biggest mistake ever. Sure, he had found a great life in Canada, and he would never give up the friends he had made there or the life experiences, but this was who he was. He thought about his music, and how he was supposed to open that night for Emily. He wasn’t sure if he could do it anymore. His stomach clenched at the idea, and he knew Ginny, Ron, and Hermione would all want to come to the show, to meet his friends from Canada. How could he go on stage knowing they were out there? And what would they think of him? Singing and playing guitar was so out of character for him… He had become a new person in Canada and he wasn’t sure if they would like it.

If Mrs. Weasley had had her way Harry would have never left The Burrow, and he would have had to endure a three hour party. But he told them he had previous engagements that he couldn’t miss. So they left, and went back to Ron and Hermione’s. Sitting in their living room, Harry couldn’t help but notice body language that told him they were curious as to what his ‘plans’ were.

“My friends have a show tonight, and I promised I would be there.” Harry told them. “As much as I would prefer to see everyone again, I made a promise that I’m going to keep.”

“And you need to tell them that you’re staying as well.” Ginny added.

Harry took a deep breath, and nodded. “Yeah, I need to do that too.”

Hermione caught his eye for a fraction of a second, and he knew she had caught his hesitation. Looking away quickly he turned to Ginny. “Tell your mother I’ll be at the Burrow tonight, around nine and I’ll be ready to celebrate. Can you do that for me?”

Ginny looked at him suspiciously, but nodded. “I can do that for you.”

Harry thanked her, and stood up. Grabbing the tea cups they were drinking from, he said he would bring them to the kitchen. Hermione jumped up immediately to help, and followed him into the kitchen.

“Where are you going Harry?” Hermione asked as they entered the kitchen.

“To the sink,” Harry said with a grin.

“No, where are you going tonight.” Hermione said.

Harry groaned, putting the cups in the sink. Turning to her he frowned. “I promised them I’d be at the concert.”

“I’m sure if you explained everything they wouldn’t mind if you missed it.” Hermione said a-matter-of-factly.

“It’s not that easy, Hermione.”

“Well tell me what makes it difficult.” Hermione countered.

Harry shook his head. “There is nothing to say, Hermione.”

“Where are you going to be tonight?” Hermione asked.

“A club called Spiral,” Harry told her.

“I’m coming to get you at nine Harry,” Hermione told him. “No excuses,” she added as she went over to the door.

So it was decided. Harry didn’t have a choice, and he wasn’t going to force it. Going back to the living room he saw that it was nearing five o’clock. He knew that Emily and everyone would be worrying about him. He didn’t want to leave Ginny or Ron or Hermione. They were talking about the old days, about things he had missed. But finally Ginny reminded him he had to go, so he went. Disapparating in the same old Alley, Harry landed just behind a bush by the Hostel. Hurrying inside, he found Josh in the living room talking to some girls that were staying at the Hostel, inviting them to come out to the show that night.

“Harry, where the hell have you been?” Josh said when he saw him.

“Catching up with some old friends.” Harry explained.

Josh smirked. “Yes, Emily said something about you causing a mysterious girl to faint.”

Harry looked a little embarrassed. “Oh, yeah, things are cleared up with her.”

“Are they?” Josh grinned, and pulled Harry along with him upstairs. “Is she coming tonight?”

“No, I’m meeting her after the show at her parents. They’ve planned a party for me.” Harry said, trying to save most of the details.

“A party? Anything we could join in?” Josh asked. He wasn’t really looking for an answer, and Harry decided not to give him one. Going back to their rooms Harry was quickly interrogated by everyone, as they had all heard of the incident with Ginny from Emily. She sat on the bed next to him, trying to look innocent but Harry could tell she was just as curious as the others as to what had happened after she left.

Finally Josh told everyone to settle down and to get ready because they had to be at the club in an hour. Harry was relieved when everyone went into a flurry to get ready and grab their stuff. Adam went ahead with Josh to bring some of the gear. Left alone with Emily and Georgia, they both turned to him with wide eyes.

“So?” Georgia asked, raising her brows mischievously.

“So what?” Harry asked as he searched through his bag for fresh clothes.

“Had a good afternoon?” Georgia laughed.

Harry turned on her and rolled his eyes. “Yeah, like I said, I saw Ginny, and we went to her parent’s house where some old friends were staying.”

“I thought you said you didn’t have friends in England.” Georgia murmured.

“I thought I didn’t,” Harry said mysteriously. “It’s kind of a long story, and I don’t even want to try and go through it all.”

“And Ginny?” Georgia pushed.

“What about her?” Harry asked, turning to look at them. They both gave him a meaningful look.

“Emily said she was one of the prettiest girls she had ever seen.” Georgia said, nodding her head to Emily who had so far stayed silent.

Harry reddened slightly, and turned back to his bag. “Well she is.”

Emily and Georgia both burst out laughing, hitting each other. Harry stared at them incredulously, but couldn’t help but laughing with them. “Did she take you back?” Georgia asked, shoving Emily lightly.

Harry rolled his eyes. “No, but she doesn’ seem as mad at me as I thought she would be.”

“And is she coming to the show tonight?” Emily asked, finally speaking.

Harry froze. “No, she’s not. None of them are.”

“Why?” Emily asked.

“I didn’t tell them about it.” Harry admitted.

“You didn’t tell them about the show, or you didn’t tell them that you would be in the show?” Georgia asked knowingly.

“I didn’t tell them I was in the show.” Harry finally admitted. “And I hope to keep them in the dark about that.”

“Harry,” Emily said softly and slowly he turned to look at her. “We know that you were a different person when you lived here, and we don’t really know all that much about it. But your music is amazing whether you want to admit it or not. And they should know about it, even if your afraid or embarrassed or what ever.”

Harry didn’t say anything, simply looked at the floor. Both Georgia and Emily stood up and headed to the door. “Where the cowboy shirt I gave you, it will make you look like a real rock star.” Emily said as they left.

Staring at the closed door, Harry frowned. He was being such a coward for not telling Ginny and the others about his music. But what was he supposed to tell them? It didn’t matter anyway. After this show he was going to put his guitar away for good, and go back to the life he loved and missed. He would go back to the ministry and finish his training as an Auror and live the rest of his days with Ginny. It was how he always planned it, and it’s what he still wanted.

Slamming his suitcase shut, he changed into his clothes, and grabbed his guitar hoping Josh and the others hadn’t left yet.

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Chapter 15: A Visit With Hagrid
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Life Collides Chapter Fifteen

A Visit With Hagrid

The club was packed; people from all over coming to listen to everyone perform. Harry was extremely shocked to see the size of the place. The stage was centre, and in front of it little tables and couches were set up for people to sit, as well as small area for people to stand. There was an upper balcony, the set-up much the same. Everyone was talking and enjoying a few rounds. Back stage it chaotic as people rushed to set up things, and the musicians tried to relax in the green room. Emily and Georgia were offering tea and honey to everyone, jabbering about the importance of keeping the vocal chords loose.

But Harry couldn’t sit still. He tried helping Alan with the set up, but he simply shooed Harry away deciding he was more of hinder than a help. So Harry got his guitar and started fiddling around, warming up. He had already done sound check quickly, and received a well enough response from the small crowd of early-comers.

The plan was that he would be first to open. Georgia and Emily had been the ones to break it to the others that he was leaving after his performance, and they were a little upset that he couldn’t be apart of the after party. But Harry didn’t spend much time worrying about their hurt feelings as his mind raced of what the celebratory party he would be attending, not to mention the fact he was doing his first show in England.

Eight thirty came in no time, and it was time for Harry to go on stage. Georgia followed him on stage, holding her own guitar as she would be playing back up to him. He didn’t expect much of a response and he got a small clap. Holding his guitar in his hand, he looked out in the dark room, and blinked for a moment as the spotlight shown on him. Just like the times before, something took over him and he became the new Harry Potter.

“My name is Harry Potter, and uh, it’s been awhile since I’ve been home so it’s great. I just grew up a little ways from here, in Surrey.” As he said this he got a few whoops from the back, and Harry smiled. “I’ve been in Canada a while and this song is sort of about going over there, and it’s called ‘What Makes a Man?’.” Harry stepped away from the mike and began playing, Georgia following up.

I can hear my train coming
It’s a lonesome and distant cry
I can hear my train coming
Now I’m running for my life
What makes a man walk away from his mind?
I think I know
I think I might know…

When Harry finished he was surprised at how quiet everyone had gotten, and when he was finished he received a decent applause, even a few cheers. Flashing a smile, he saw in the corner of his eye a group of girls start talking feverishly and he couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed.

Running his hand through his Harry, he subconsciously meant to flatten it but only succeeded in messing it up further. Playing with the strings, he began changing the key, and leaned over to the mike. “Yeah you have to sit hear and listen to me do the dratted tuning thing. I went to this show, actually my friend, Emily – you guys no Emily right?” the crowd cheered and Harry laughed. “Yeah, well, anyhow, she had this great idea to only use two guitars for a two hour show, so for a good five minutes you would just be sitting there, listening to her tune. Merlin, it was boring.” Harry said, without realizing that he had slipped up. However, everyone thought he was joking and were laughing. Finally finished tuning, he glanced back at Georgia who winked at him. “This next song I’m going to play is called ‘Save Your Scissors’. Enjoy.”

“One, two, three…

So come on, and I will refrain
And I’ll keep on running this never ending race
And maybe next time, will be the right time
And maybe next time will be your time
So save your scissors for someone else's skin
My surface is so tough I don’t think the blade will dig in
Save your strength, save your wasted time
There’s no way that I want you to be left behind
Go on and save your scissors, save your scissors
So why, does it always seem,
That every time I turn around, someone falls in love with me
This has never been my soul intention
And I have never claimed pattens on such inventions
So save your scissors for someone else’s skin
My surface is so tough I don’t think the blade will dig in
Save your strength, save your wasted time
There’s no way that I want you to be left behind
Go on and save your scissors, save your scissors

This time round everyone clapped louder, and Harry gained some more confidence. The crowd was a good one, and didn’t mind cheering on a newcomer and someone they didn’t know. Without meaning to he wondered what time it was, and what Hermione was doing at the moment. He only had one more song to play though Georgia told him if he wanted to he could play a fourth. Loving to be on stage, Harry wanted to play that fourth song but he was nervous to be late getting off and causing Hermione to get upset.

Finally, he decided he was going to play the fourth song, and said, “This next song is a short one and its called ‘The Sleeping Sickness’.”

And I awoke
Only to find that my arms were empty
Through this night it seems that you were with me
And now my dreams are not what they're meant to be
And I am all, alone
And I am all, alone
And I am all, alone
And I am all, alone.

People were slowly trickling to the front of the club, moving there heads this way and that. Harry just continued strumming the guitar, getting lost into this place Georgia often referred to as ‘singer land’ and the music surrounded him.

I'm sleep because of the way you haunt me.
I know you can make me fall apart so softly
And know you turn away so easily
And leave me all, alone
Leave me all, alone
Leave me all, alone.

This time the crowd was a lot louder, and Harry was pumped. Glancing at his wrist watch he was surprised to see it was five minutes to. Looking back at Georgia he nodded his hand, and she knew what he was referring to. She got up, and as she left, Harry quickly said, “Could you clap for my helpful friend back here,” every cheered and Georgia grinned at him, giving him the thumbs up once she was safely back stage. Turning back to the crowd, Harry breathed in deeply. “So this is my last song before Taxi comes on stage, and I just want to thank you for the support and the cheering. I know you’re just doing it to get me off stage but…” Harry let them laugh, “This is my last song so humour me. It’s called ‘Sometimes’.”

If I was a simple man, would we still walk hand in hand?
And if I suddenly went blind, would you still look in my eyes?
What happens when I grow old? And all my stories have been told?
Will your heart still race for me? Or will it march to a new beat?
If I was a simple man

If I was a simple man,
I’d own no home, I’d own no land
Would you still stand by my side?
And would our flame still burn so bright?

As Harry sang this, he flashed his eyes to the crowd, deep in the back, and like a beacon on a stormy night he saw her there. Ginny’s eyes were wide as she walked to where the crowd stood listening, Hermione behind her. They had this look of a amazement, shock and confusion. Harry lost all concentration, and his fingers fell limp against the guitar. People didn’t know what was going on, and some clapped unsure of what else to do, thinking the song was over.

“Ginny,” Harry said softly, his voice echoing around the club. Everyone tried to look to see where Harry was looking, but he didn’t notice. Ginny was staring at him as if she didn’t know him, and his stomach fell a thousand feet. Shaking her head, she backed away from the stage. Ripping the guitar strap from his shoulder, he put the guitar softly on the ground, and jumped off stage to chase her just as she turned to leave. Everyone parted away, murmuring and asking what the hell what was going on. Behind him Harry could hear Georgia and Josh running on stage to ask what the hell was going on, calling my name, and than quickly trying to cover the damage. Out on the street, Harry saw Ginny running for a dark in cove to Disapparate from. Behind him, he could hear Hermione calling his and Ginny’s names.

“Ginny stop!” Harry said, just as he gained on her and managed to grab her shoulder. Spinning her around to face him, tears had formed in her eyes.

“What the hell was that Harry? Why didn’t you tell me? Instead I come here hoping to find the man I love, and instead I find a man I don’t know.” Ginny said, her voice strained.

“What? I’m still the same guy, Ginny. I just didn’t want to tell you about my music because I didn’t think you would understand, I didn’t think any of you would. I was embarrassed, I’m sorry.” Harry pleaded.

Ginny’s face turned angry. “That’s the thing Harry, the guy I knew wouldn’t have run away, and than lied to my face about what he has been doing. The guy I knew would have trusted that his friends would try to understand him because he’s means that much to them. Damn it Harry!” Ginny shouted, pushing Harry hard on the chest. Stumbling back, Harry watched as Ginny turned around, Disapparating on the spot.

Harry stared stunned, unable to move. Hermione came up next to him, looking at him with sad eyes. “Why didn’t you tell us Harry?”

“I don’t know,” Harry’s voice was rough. He had messed up everything.

“You have to come up with something better than that.” Hermione said, and turned around. Going to the same place Ginny had just been, she Disapparated and Harry still couldn’t move, couldn’t do anything to make them understand.

“Harry! What the hell happened?” Emily came up next to him, shaking his arm. She was followed by Georgia, who looked just as confused.

“Who were those people?” Georgia asked, “Where did they go?” she questioned, glancing down the street.

“That was her - Ginny,” Harry groaned and began walking down the street, away from the club. Running his hand through his hair, he felt completely helpless. He had messed up, big time. He should never have lied to Ginny and Hermione; and she should not have left the show. He didn’t even want to think about what Josh was going to say to him later that night.

“Harry, where are you going? Stop walking away from us and explain!” Emily called, she and Georgia quickening their pace as he began to walk faster.

Harry spun to look at them and glared. “Just leave me alone and go back to your show and do what you do – where you belong! Where I can’t belong.” Harry mumbled the last part.

“What are you talking about?” Georgia stared at him. “Why do you have to choose where you belong’? If they don’t understand that you love music, then it’s there problem not yours.”

Harry groaned, walking away backwards. “I just need to get out of here.” Harry breathed, and broke out into a run, pushing past Georgia and Emily. He went down the street, paying no attention to his surrounding’s until he came to a dead end street where he ducked behind a bush and Disapparated.

He didn’t know what thought had led him to Hogsmeade. But he was at the top of Main Street, the cobblestone road wet, and aglow from all the lights shining through stores and homes. In the distance he could see the glowing lights of Hogwarts, and for a moment he stared. It had been his first home after all. It the place where he had met his friends who had later became his friends and family. He had turned his back on it all, and returned with so little as an excuse.

Pulling his hood over his head, he walked towards the Hogshead. The Three Broomsticks loomed behind him, but he wasn’t ready for such a step into the past. At least at the Hogshead he could find some kind security in that all of the patrons preferred to keep to themselves. Entering the dusty bar, Harry stood near the door for a few minutes to take in everything. The familiar smell of tobacco, smoke, and alcohol filled his nostrils. There were a handful of people at the pub, and a low murmuring echoed around the pub. An aged man who was bald stood behind the bar cleaning a mug with a dirty rag.

Breathing in deeply, Harry walked over to Alberforth who had glanced at him for only a moment when he had entered. Hands gripping the bar Harry cleared his throat and asked in the most commanding voice he could manage, “A whiskey please.”

Alberforth stopped what he was doing, and looked up at Harry. Grunting he put the mug down and from somewhere got Harry his fire whiskey. Taking a quick sip of it, Harry nodded at Alberforth, and for a moment the man stared. Just as the man began to recognize Harry, he turned around and went and sat at one of the vacant bar stools. Holding his head down, Harry tried to be subtle about his reappearance. Going to Hogshead was perhaps his best decision in the last few months. This was allowed people to recognize him, and begin talking about him, spreading the message that he had returned to England. At the Three Broom Sticks he would have been bombarded by people.

Sipping on his Fire Whiskey slowly, Harry noticed as people slowly began taking braver glances at him, and the murmuring became louder. Smiling to himself, Harry finished off his glass, enjoying the burning feeling that went through him, and put his glass down. Nodding his head at Alberforth, Harry turned to leave, fully aware that everyone’s eyes were on him, a pair of sparkling blue ones paying the most attention.

“Thanks for the drink Alberforth,” Harry said, throwing some Muggle money on the counter. “It’s all I’ve got, sorry.”

Harry ignored watchful eyes as he left the pub. The glances slowly ate away at him until he found himself back on the main road. It had begun to rain in heavy sheets, and Harry started walking. He wished at that moment that he still had his invisibility cloak, and that it wasn’t still at the Weasley’s, hiding under the floorboards in Ron’s bedroom. The cobblestones were slippery and he had no clue what to do or where to go. In his pocket he had maybe twenty pounds, but without Wizarding money there was no place that would take him. In the end, he knew he had no choice to either return to his bed at the Hostel and face his very angry roommates or go Ron and Hermione’s, where he doubted he would get a better reception.

Turning the corner sharply, and his head down because of the rain, he did not watch where he was going and walked straight into another person walking. Grunting loudly as he was thrown backwards, Harry stumbled to try and regain balance. Whoever had had bumped into was no small person.

“So sorry ‘bout that, shoulda’ been watchin’ where I was going’.” A familiar booming voice filled the empty streets, and sputtered as the rain hit his face, while the large, harry man scooped him up with one hand. “There ya’ are.”

“Hagrid?” Harry cried.

Hagrid’s beady eyes peered at Harry for a moment before widening in recognition. “Harry m’boy, is that really you?”

Harry grinned, “Hagrid, it’s really me.”

It didn’t take long for Hagrid to get over his shock, and sweep Harry in a bone crunching hug. He kept repeating things like, “They said y’were dead” and “Yer lookin’ a lot different” and “What are ya doin’ here?”

“Hagrid, do you still have your hut?” Harry finally managed to break in, rubbing his sides where Hagrid had squeezed.

“Oh, sure, sure. Built meself a new one o’ course.” Hagrid nodded towards Hogwarts, though Harry could see nothing but the castle. “Come on now; let’s get out o’ this rain to catch up.” Hagrid started to blindly lead Harry through the wind swept streets, almost creating a shield, when he placed his arms over Harry’s shoulders. “It does good ta see ya ‘Arry, it really does.”

“It’s good to see you too Hagrid.” Harry admitted.

When they arrived at Hagrid’s new home, it was quite different from the hut he had lived in before. A small cottage with a high ceiling now, Hagrid had a lot more room to move. Hagrid ignited a fire in the large fireplace in one corner, and busied himself in an open kitchen making tea. Harry could up the stairs there was a large bedroom, and the green-yellowish eyes of Fang.

“’E’s much too old now to come bounding ta ya.” Hagrid said, setting to tea cups and kettle on the table on the table in front of the fireplace. Hagrid sat in his old chair, while Harry sat down on the large sofa.

“Has it been that long?” Harry questioned.

“Nah, it’s just the natural timing of things. I got ‘im a few years before you came to ‘Ogwarts.” Hagrid said, pouring he and Harry some tea. Handing a mug to Harry, he leaned back in his chair, sighing heavily. “Now, explain yerself.”

“Right,” Harry said lowly. “It’s long story.”

“I’m sure you’ve gone and told everyone that.” Hagrid guessed.

Harry nodded. “I suppose I have. But it’s true. When I left I went to Canada-”

“Canada?” Hagrid exclaimed. “I was sayin’ to everyone you ‘ad gone east.”

“Well, I figured if I got out of Europe I had a better chance of starting new.” Harry explained, and continued to tell Hagrid of how he had gotten a job in Toronto, moved into a house, and started to play guitar. Not once did Hagrid question him after his outburst, simply listened until Harry had finished.

“I knew you were destined for great things, but I never did see music in yer future ‘Arry.” Hagrid admitted to Harry.

“I know, that’s why I kept it from Ginny and Hermione. What else was I to say to them? They would never take me seriously – you know how they are.” Harry tried to reason.

“They are also yer friends and yer family. They would understand, if ya would let them. And yer new friends – what about them? It’s not fair ta leave them just like you did to us.” Hagrid said frankly.

Harry felt his collar grow warm with embarrassment. “Since when did I become such a coward?” Harry mumbled into chest.

“Yer not being a coward, ‘Arry, yer just being human. Go to Ginny and Hermione and Ron and try to explain to them what happened, and go to yer Canadian friends and tell them the truth about everything. Even the things yer thinkin’ they wouldn’t believe.” Hagrid finished.

Harry didn’t say anything, only looked into the fire.

“If you will be needin’ a place to stay ternight, you can have the couch.” Hagrid suggested, standing up.

“Thanks Hagrid,” Harry said when Hagrid passed him a blanket.

“Not a problem,” Hagrid said, and went towards the stairs. “Goodnight ‘Arry.”

“G’night Hagrid.” Harry echoed, and got settled on the sofa. In the morning he would sort everything out.

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Chapter 16: Making Amends
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Life Collides Chapter Sixteen:

Making Amends

Harry woke up to the sound of heavy footsteps that could be unmistakably Hagrid’s as he moved around his cottage. The fire was still lit when Harry woke, its warmth having caused his face to turn a rosy shade. As he stood up to stretch he watched as Hagrid used his umbrella wand to pour water into a kettle. As Hagrid’s massive frame turned to Harry, he paused in surprise.

“’Morning ‘Arry, ‘ope I didna’ wake ya.” He said walking over to the fireplace to put a cauldron over the fire. “There will be some stew for ya if ya want it.”

“Thanks Hagrid, that would be great.” Harry said sitting up, and rubbing his eyes. Searching around him blindly for a few minutes, he found where his glasses and pushed them roughly on to his face. “How is Hogwarts?” Harry asked, noticing flakes of snow on Hagrid’s head.

“Hogwarts is well, m’boy. Professor McGonagall is enjoying her new position quite well now that the school ‘as been rebuilt.” Hagrid replied, disappearing in the kitchen, and returning with two cups of steaming tea which he placed on the table for Harry to take.

“Who is teaching Transfiguration now?” Harry asked. He had stood up and started to fold the blankets for Hagrid.

“A new teacher by the name of Audrey Blackwood. She’s young, only graduated five years ago. But she has a quick wit, and she actually is Minerva’s niece.” Hagrid said happily.

“That’s good, really good…” Harry was at a loss for what to say. “It’s good to know that things have gone back to normal.”

Hagrid nodded. “Now what are ya going ta do today?”

“I don’t know,” Harry admitted. “I suppose I should go back to the Hotel and explain myself to everyone. They are probably all pissed at me for skipping out on them without an explanation.”

“What about the Weasley’s?” Hagrid eyed Harry.

Harry stared into the fire. “I’ll figure that one out as soon as I have my Canadian friends sorted out.”

Car fumes surrounded Harry as he walked down the road, his head bent down to the ground. People walked past him briskly, rushing to their destinations. Harry’s glasses momentarily fogged as he breathed into his chest. Only an hour before he had been saying goodbye to Hagrid in the middle of The Three Broomsticks about to Floo to the Leaky Cauldron. Now he was walking down a familiar street to see Emily and the rest of the gang. He had been searching his mind along the way trying to think of what he should say, how he would explain. The truth seemed to be the easiest response so far even though he knew they wouldn’t believe it.


A hand appeared around Harry’s arm, and Harry looked up to stare Josh and Alan in the face. They both looked relieved, and pulled Harry off the sidewalk. “Where the hell did you go last night?” they asked in unison.

Harry stared at them in a stupor. He hadn’t quite expected this. “I was in Scotland.”

“Scotland?” Josh nearly shouted.

“How the hell did you get there and back?” Alan asked immediately after the shock had worn off.

Harry shook his head. “I’ll explain it later, and we go back to the hostel please? Or at least can we go somewhere warm?”

Josh nodded. “Yeah let’s get back to the hostel. Alan can you call everybody and tell them we found him.”

“Sure thing,” Alan answered, and pulled his cell phone out and began dialing the numbers.

Josh put his arm on Harry and they started to walk, Alan trailing behind them as he told people to call off the search. “So do you want to tell me what happened last night?” Josh didn’t look at Harry, but he could tell he wasn’t pleased.

“I didn’t mean to cause a problem, I’m really sorry about last night but I couldn’t go back in there. I had some things to deal with.” Harry answered lamely.

“Things to deal with? Are you serious Harry? You were on stage, just about to finish your final song, and you stopped and jumped off the stage. It was like something possessed you. You were really good Harry – best I’ve ever seen you play before and you just threw it all away for what? I don’t even know because you didn’t stop to explain!” Josh was annoyed, and harry didn’t know if he could solve this one.

“I know… it was really wrong of me. But my fiancé, well, I hope she still wants to be my fiancé, was there and she didn’t know about the music thing. None of my friends did and they showed up last night.” Harry struggled to explain.

“So that means you run off and leave?” Josh looked angry now.

“No it doesn’t. I’m not saying that at all. But it was either I went after them or I would never see them again.” Harry stopped Josh from walking any further. “I didn’t tell them about the music thing because I’m the last person you would expect to become a musician. My fiancé, Ginny, was in an accident that was my fault and went into a coma. I thought I would never get to see her again. I left the country went to Canada and met you guys. The next thing I know I’m back here and all my friends and family show up and then there is Ginny. A girl I love who I never thought I would see again was there, staring at me with these eyes. I chased after her. She was mad because I had lied to her again.”

“That’s why you left?” Josh’s betrayed himself. Harry could see he wasn’t mad anymore.

“That’s why I left. I couldn’t continue knowing that I wouldn’t see her again.” Harry confirmed.

“So you went to Scotland? Explain that one – that’s a far distance to travel Harry.” Josh looked skeptical.

This was a lot harder to explain Harry had planned, but he quickly amended his words. “I was trying to get to Scotland. She lives in a small town by the mountains. I met her the day before, she was in town visiting some old friends of ours, and she told me she was going to catch a train back to Scotland after the show – I told her about it but I didn’t say I was in it. She wanted to see me before she left. But I blew it, and I thought she would going to catch a train so I went after her. I never found her, and I had left all my money at the club.”

“Where did you spend the night? Why didn’t you just come back to the hostel and explain yourself last night?” Josh asked.

“I slept on a park bench. To be honest with you I thought you wouldn’t want to see me after I left the show. Emily and Georgia are pissed at me, aren’t they?” Harry asked, already knowing the answer.

Josh nodded. “They didn’t say what had happened only that you probably wouldn’t be coming back. What did happen?”

“I yelled at them, I didn’t really say anything though. That’s why they’re mad at me.” Harry explained.

“Well you can explain everything to them when we get back.” Josh said.

They started walking again, and Harry got curious. “What happened after I left?”

Josh grinned. “It went really well, actually. Georgia and Emily were still upset but they put all into the show and it was really fantastic. At the end we all gathered on stage and played a few songs together and we went out after for some drinks. But I think the best part was the reviews this morning.”

“Why, what did they say?” Harry was excited. He was glad to hear the night went well even after he left.

“This one reviewer said it was the most exciting show they had been to in a long time. A lot of people said it was really good, a really cool show of young and hip Canadian artists. They thought your exit – chasing after some girl was romantic and just made your songs a thousand times more poignant.” Josh bragged.

“That’s good – I was worried.” Harry couldn’t help himself. He knew that the meeting he was soon to have would probably end all ties with Emily, Georgia, Teddy, Adam, Alan, and Josh. But he couldn’t help but feel excited that the show had received such success, and that he had been a part of it.

When they got back to the hostel, Harry waited in the main area for the others to come. He couldn’t keep his nerves at bay, and kept drumming his fingers against the arm of his chair. He stared at the doorway, listening for the sound of their voices amongst the banging and shouting that was going on in the hostel. Then, they were there.

Adam and Alan entered first. Alan didn’t look too angry – but he had already heard the whole story – but Adam didn’t either. After them Georgia, Josh, Teddy, and Emily all came into the room, all looking happy and cheerful.

“Harry! We thought we wouldn’t see you again!” Teddy shouted, slapping Harry on the back, followed by Emily hugging him.

“You have to tell us everything – did you find Ginny?” Georgia gushed, hugging him tightly.

“You are staying on tour with us right? The show was so good – even though you left.” Adam asked.

Harry stood still surprised by this reaction. The questions bounced off of him, and they all sat down.

“So what happened?” Emily repeated.

Harry shook out of his reserve. “So you guys aren’t mad at me?”

Emily rolled her eyes. “We’re not mad – I mean I wish you had stayed but you had to do what you had to do. Harry, we knew things weren’t going to be all hunky-dory after we ran into your old fiancé. So what happened?”

“Yes, give us all the dirt! Did you find her?” Georgia added.

Harry shook his head. “No, she’s gone. Home probably. I went to Kings Cross to look for her, and ended up staying there all night.”

“Oh, that’s not nice.” Georgia said sadly.

“You are staying on tour with us right?” Adam asked, putting his had on Harry’s shoulder.

“I hope so. If I can find a way to make things work and I can’t finish the tour I’m fine with that. I hope you don’t mind. I’m going to find some old friends tonight – they were there as well and I’m sure they want an explanation.” Harry answered.

“So you can’t come to the show tonight?” Josh asked now.

“I’ll try,” Harry said looking at him.

“Why are they so shocked you were playing?” Teddy asked. “Is it really that big of a surprise?”

“Yes,” Harry said shortly. “Never in my life did I ever show an interest in music. I knew about singers and bands and that but I never was into it recreationally. Not until I hung out with you guys did I take an interest.”

“Were you some kind of jock?” Alan smirked.

“Pretty much,” Harry admitted, finding those choice words the best.

“Well, if she can’t handle that you’re into music now then that’s her problem.” Emily said firmly.

“It’s not that easy,” Harry argued. “I had actually planned last night that the concert had been my last show and that I was going to get back with Ginny and start my life here early.” Harry admitted.

“What?” Georgia nearly shouted. “You can’t do that Harry – I won’t let you.”

“If you only knew,” Harry said under his breath. “I changed my mind. Sitting at the station, I met a guy who had some really good advice for me. He told me I could have both worlds. He told me if I just explained myself, told Ginny why I didn’t tell her about the music she would understand. And if I explained why I left to you guys, and why everything happened the way it did you would understand because after all you are my friends; my family.” Harry finished, feeling a little awkward.

“You seriously met a guy at the train startion who told you all that?” Adam was amazed.

“London a crazy city,” Alan added.

“Shut up you two,” Emily said, elbowing Adam in the side.

Georgia had tears in her eyes. “I’m just happy your safe, Harry. We’ll help you find Ginny and make everything right.”

“Yeah man, we can definitely sort this entire thing out.” Teddy added.

“So what are we doing now?” Harry asked, looking to Josh.

“Well we’re supposed to be in sound check.” Josh replied, staring at everyone. Nobody said anything, and Josh went on. “How about everyone goes to sound check, I’ll get Harry’s guitars checked and everything and he can go look for his friends.”

“I’m going with him,” Georgia in-put.

“No, I’m fine.” Harry quickly said, thinking of how angry Ron and Hermione would be if he brought her with him. They would probably say it was so they couldn’t guilt him about the past.

“Are you sure Harry?” Georgia asked, surprised by his quick refusal.

“I’m fine; I don’t think they would appreciate it if I brought someone along they didn’t know. They have been my friends since I was eleven, and were really hurt when I left England without telling them where I was going. It has to be just me explaining everything; telling them whole truth.” Harry told them all.

“Here, you can have my car; I’ll take your spot in the van.” Josh said, handing Harry the keys to his car.

Harry laughed, “I can’t drive, Josh. And don’t worry about it anyway; they don’t live that far away.”

“Okay, but you have to call me by seven o’clock to tell me if you’re coming to the show or not.” Josh said, handing Harry a cell phone. “The number for the club is in there.”

Harry nodded. “I will – I should get going though. Thanks for not being mad at me guys, really, I was so worried that I had ruined the night and the show.”

Everybody was standing, and Georgia and Emily took turns giving him a big hug and wishing him good luck. As he was leaving, they followed him to the door.

“I can’t believe I’ve known you all this time and I never knew you couldn’t drive.” Josh laughed, and slapped Harry on the back. “I hope to see you tonight.”

“I do too, thanks.” Harry said, and left.

Outside, Harry hurried down the street to an empty door way. He held his wand tightly in his pocket, afraid that if he did this wrong he would somehow loose it. Thinking hard on the disgusting hallway of Ron and Hermione’s flat, Harry Disapparated.

The stench was worse than Harry had remembered, and he gagged. Covering his face with his arm he walked towards the flat door, and knocked three times. He waited to hear the sound of footsteps or any sign of life but there was nothing. Stepping back Harry realized that they weren’t home. Where else could they have been? He didn’t really need to ask himself that one. Deep down he knew where they were – The Burrow. Scratching his head, Harry tried to think of what he should do. He could go to The Burrow, where he was most certainly not welcome or just never see his friends or Ginny again.

That wasn’t an option. Without hesitation Harry Disapparated again and Harry found himself standing in the back garden of the Weasley home. He could hear laughter drifting from the open window, and George Weasley’s loud voice. They were all home, and they were laughing. Did he really want to ruin their fun?


Harry jumped, spinning around. Ginny was standing a few yards from him, Harry Jr. holding tightly to her dress. She didn’t look happy, but she didn’t seem to be too angry. In fact her voice sounded surprised.

“Hi, I uh,” Harry faltered.

Ginny bent down and looked at Harry Jr. “Why don’t you go inside Harry, I’m sure your mum wants you in from the cold.”

The little boy nodded, and hurried into the house, taking a moment to pause and stare at Harry before finally going inside. Ginny moved closer to Harry, and looked at him, her brown eyes flaming. “So, why are you here?”

“To tell you I’m sorry, and to explain.” Harry tried.

“Explain what? Why you lied to me? Decided to keep something as big as you playing a ruddy instrument and being in some kind of band, have you? I thought I knew everything about you Harry. When I saw you again, nothing about you changed. You were still Harry, just a few years older. And you told me about everything and I thought he still loves me, and he came back because he realized it didn’t matter where he went or what he did he still belonged here with me. And then I go into that club last night and you were singing Harry. You were playing a guitar, and I didn’t recognize you at first and then... I realized it was you, and it was so confusing... I didn’t know it was you.” There were tears in Ginny’s eyes, her face was red.

Harry moved forward, wanting to put his arms around her to stop her from crying. Ginny shook her head, and pushed him away. “Ginny, I’m still the same person. I know it was probably weird, but… did you listen to the lyrics?”

“No,” Ginny said through her tears. “I just couldn’t believe you didn’t tell me.”

“Well, I thought you would laugh at me.” Harry admitted, his face burning.

Ginny gave a struggled laugh. “I’m laughing at you because you are so stupid to think that. If it’s something you like then why would I think you’re stupid? I mean, it would take time to get used to but I would get used to it. I just felt… looking up at that stage I didn’t know who you were, and it scared me because I thought... I thought we knew everything about each other.”

Harry laughed, and finally pulled Ginny into his chest. She wrapped her arms around him tightly, letting him finally hold her. “I love you Ginny, and I won’t leave you ever again and I won’t ever lie to you again.”

“I love you to,” Ginny said and looked up at Harry. He smiled down at her and kissed her deeply. She squeezed him tightly, and wrapped her legs around his waist. He held her tiny frame against him, and finally broke away. Ginny grinned at him, and then laughed.

“You’re not still laughing at me, are you?” Harry asked, arching his eyebrows downward.

“No, it’s just we have an audience.” Ginny said dropping to the ground. Still holding her he turned to look behind and saw that Ginny’s entire family was cramming their faces in the back door window.

Harry turned back around and looked at Ginny. “They hate me, don’t they?”

Ginny shook her head. “Not even – they still don’t know that you’re back. Well, they didn’t know up until now so if anything they just would like an explanation.”

Harry nodded and smiled. Ginny winked at him and started to walk, but Harry stopped her just to check one last time. “So you’re not mad at me? For not telling you the whole truth, and leaving, and-”

Ginny stopped Harry from talking. “To be honest Harry, I’m tired of trying to be indifferent. Besides, now that I have you, you aren’t ever leaving.” She last sentence with a devilish grin, and pulled Harry to the Burrow.

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Chapter 17: Last Apology
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Life Collides Chapter Seventeen:

Last Apology

The Weasley kitchen was exactly as Harry remembered. The same cheery surrounding’s that were cluttered but homey. At the long breakfast table was set for a late lunch, and a cauldron was bubbling in the fireplace with freshly made stew. Half the Weasley family was standing in the kitchen, all looking at Harry with a mix of anger, confusion, happiness, and shock on their faces.

“Before you all freak out, Harry does have a good explanation.” Ginny spoke with a gentle but commanding voice.

“We’ve already heard it, thank you very much.” Ron said bitterly. Harry Jr. was in his arms, and the little boy stared at his namesake in an awed confusion.

“Well you can hear it again,” Mrs. Weasley snapped at Ron, stepping out form behind her husband. “Harry, is it really you?”

“Erm,” Harry started. He hadn’t meant that to come out, but before he could say anything else Mrs. Weasley had her arms wrapped tightly around him, her happy tears wetting his jacket.

“You look so much different, I barely recognized you!” Mrs. Weasley wept.

“Mum, you’re killing him.” Ginny sniggered behind Harry.

“What? Oh, alright, sit down Harry. Supper is ready now; you look as if you haven’t eaten a good meal in years.” Mrs. Weasley dithered as she pushed Harry into the nearest chair.

After everyone had taken their seats, Ginny loyally at Harry’s side, people began to eat as Mrs. Weasley passed bowls of stew to everyone, and placed a loaf of bread and pumpkin juice in the centre of the table. Everyone talked with an easy chatter about their days work, but for the most part everyone ignored Harry. He felt uncomfortable and he knew he had to say something to stop it. Taking a deep breath, he gave Ginny’s hand a squeeze and stood up.

Every pair of eyes was on Harry, and he wasn’t quite sure who he should look at. Everyone but Mrs. Weasley and Hermione were giving him cold looks, so Harry chose it would probably be best if he took turns looking at everyone in the eye. Taking a steady breath, he began. “I know I’ve hurt all of you here by leaving without a goodbye or an explanation. I regret that. I came here tonight, with Ginny, in the hopes you, my friends and family will forgive me. Being away for such a long time has made me realize that I was a prat-”

“-moron-” George chimed in.

“-git-” Ron added.

“- and completely mental-” Hermione chirped.

“-for leaving.” Harry grinned at his friends who all smiled back.

“So its settled then?” Ginny looked at her family.

“Of course it is,” Mrs. Weasley gave her family a sharp look before continuing. “Harry, we’re just glad that you’re back. You’ll stay for dinner, of course? Bill and Fleur or going to be stopping buy – you’ll get to meet my granddaughter, Victoire.” Mrs. Weasley said sweetly.

“Oh,” Harry said surprised, and then sat down. “That would be great.” Harry smiled.

As everyone began to eat again Harry felt as if a weight had been lifted off his shoulders. Everything was relaxed, and George even began teasing him about leaving making Harry feel as if everything was normal again. However, even with their forgiveness, Harry was waiting for one of them to ask about his music. He could see it in Ron’s eyes whenever he caught his gaze, and he knew very well that George was itching to tease him about it as well. Finally, someone asked.

“So, Harry, tell us where you’ve been? What have you been doing?” Mr. Weasley asked, looking at him with a small smile.

“Oh, um, well...” Harry struggled to find the words but with an encouraging look from Ginny he decided to just come out with it. “I’ve been living in Toronto, with a group of friends I made there. They’re all musicians-”

“Muggles? Musicians?” Mr. Weasley interrupted.

“Let him talk Arthur,” Mrs. Weasley spoke quickly, sensing where this would be going.

“Er, yes, Muggles. And they are musicians.” Harry confirmed, and Mr. Weasley gave him an excited look.

“So we heard right then?” George piped up, “You’re a singer?” George fought a laugh.

Harry didn’t know how to answer, and glanced at Ginny for help, but she shrugged and he knew he had to get himself out of this one. “It’s really just for fun.”

“Do they use Eckeltricity?” Mr. Weasley jumped in.

“It’s pronounced 'electricity', Arthur,” Hermione corrected to deaf ears.

“For fun eh? Come off it Harry, we all know you did it for the girls – OUCH that’s my bloody foot Ginny!” George shouted, glaring at his sister.

“Oh sorry, I thought it was a big spider – they’re a real pain in the ar-”

“Ginny!” Hermione and Mrs. Weasley warned at the same time nodding towards Harry Jr. but the two sibling’s didn’t seem to notice.

“Now, now, I’m simply asking your lovely boyfriend here what he did with his life for the last two years because it wasn’t like we would know.” George said in a mock tone.

“Stop being such a git!” Ginny nearly shouted.

“Oh-ho, articulate comeback, my dear sister.” George bit back, merely causing Ginny to grow even angrier. “It’s like I said, I’m simply asking your boyfriend here what was so important that he had to leave without a word?”

“You know what; I’m starting to understand why Angelina doesn’t want to speak to you. Why don’t you go back to your flat and stop ruining everyone else’s happiness.” Ginny spat sourly.

At once both siblings were on their feet, wands drawn. But before any damage could be made, Molly Weasley, as always intervened.

“Children!” Mrs. Weasley was at her feet almost as fast as her children. “There will be no more of this talk at the table! You will put your wands away and behave like adults! Now apologise to each other!”

Harry had to fight to grin. Here stood his nineteen year old girlfriend and her twenty-two year brother, being chastised by their mother like they were little kids. Catching Ron’s eye, the two of them shared a knowing look. However, feeling a little guilty, Harry stood up now. This was partly his responsibility; Ginny had been standing up for him.

“Mrs. Weasley, I think it’s me who has to apologise here.” Harry spoke clearly, looking from Mrs. Weasley to George. “I understand that it’s going to take you awhile before you can forgive me – and if that takes my entire life, then so be it.”

George didn’t say anything, but Ginny took this as an opportunity to say something. “You don’t have to apologise, Harry. George is the one at fault, and he knows it.”

Giving her a bewildered look, Harry looked to George who no longer wore a hard expression. “She’s right, I’m sorry about the things I said.”

“It’s okay,” Harry answered, feeling awkward.

“There now, problem solved!” Ron clapped his hand together.

“Yes, now tell me more about this Eckeltricity. Do the instruments use Eckeltricity?” Mr. Weasley asked excitedly.

Harry heard Hermione faintly mutter under her breath something that sounded like ‘it’s pronounced electricity’. “Yes, all of them use it.” Harry went on to explain.

The rest of the lunch passed with ease, and when it was time for Mrs. Weasley to clean the dishes, Harry was happy for the light chatter that followed. George seemingly had gotten over his previous misgivings, and happily joined in.

“So the music was just an excuse to do something?” George asked genuinely.

“Sort of, that’s how it started out. They invited me to live with them for cheap rent, and I didn’t see why not. My friend Emily offered to teach me to play guitar, and I didn’t have much else to do. After awhile though I got too really like it.” Harry explained, feeling a little uncomfortable. It was still weird for him to talk about all of this to his friends. He could see on their faces that they were still getting used to this new side of him. He hoped that eventually the ‘two sides’ of him would combine and he would be just Harry to them again.

“You know, Bill started a band with his mates back in seventh year.” Mrs. Weasley remembered. “Of course they weren’t very good; I think Bill was doing it for some girl he liked.” Mrs. Weasley smiled.

Ginny snorted. “Sounds like Bill.”

“I don’t remember him ever saying anything about that.” George said, looking to his siblings.

Both Ron and Ginny shook their heads. “Who was the girl?” Ginny asked looking to her mother.

“Oh, I don’t remember. There was a new one every year to be honest. He probably just hasn’t told any of you because it was quite embarrassing for him.” Mrs. Weasley explained.

“Don’t tell me they let him sing – he’s tone-deaf!” Ron exclaimed.

“Oh mum, you’ve got to be kidding.” George said, sniggering. “I have to remember this for tonight.”

“I am not kidding; I told you he was embarrassed by it.” Mrs. Weasley confirmed, “Now stop teasing your brother when he isn’t here to defend himself.”

“Oh he’ll never be able to explain this one; I’ll make sure of it.” George laughed.

“George!” Mrs. Weasley warned.

“Listen to your mother,” Mr. Weasley offered lamely.

Harry couldn’t help but smile. He missed the Weasley’s, he missed everyone. Looking at Ginny, he snuck a kiss while everyone was talking loudly and whispered into her ear, “Thank you for forgiving me.”

Ginny gave him a strange look. “Harry, I don’t think I had a choice.” She grinned and kissed Harry again.

“Oi! I don’t need to see that when I’m eating!” Ron interrupted.

“Shut it Ron! I think it’s cute.” Hermione said, smacking Ron.

It was late when supper was over, almost eight o’clock and Harry knew he had to leave if he wanted to go to the show. He had told Ginny in the time between lunch and dinner, and she had decided that she would go to the show, and actually listen this time around. Harry wasn’t completely sure how to go about telling everyone else though, and he mused the idea that maybe the entire family would come.

“Well we should probably get going,” Ron said, standing up. Harry Jr. was fast sleep in Hermione’s arms, tuckered out from a long day of running around the Weasley home.

“Yeah, I should too.” Harry said quickly, taking this as a perfect time to leave.

“If you don’t mind mum, Harry and I were going to go over to Hermione and Ron’s to catch up.” Ginny said, standing now.

Mrs. Weasley didn’t say anything, but nodded, looking a little sad that Harry wasn’t staying. “Yes, that’s fine dear. We’ll you be coming back tomorrow Harry? If you’d like, I could set you up in Ron’s old bedroom.”

“That would be great Mrs. Weasley, but, um, I’ve still got some things to sort out with my band mates. I’ll probably be staying in London for awhile, right now.” Harry explained rather awkwardly.

“Oh, all right.” Mrs. Weasley said, looking a little disappointed.

Everyone said their goodbyes, harry receiving a rather suffocating hug from Mrs. Weasley, and the five of them were outside. Hermione was trying to wake up Harry Jr. so that when they Disapparated he wouldn’t wake up upset.

“He’s okay Apparating when he’s awake,” Ron explained, helping his wife. “We tried to do it while he sleeping once and he had a fit. He didn’t stop crying for an hour.”

“Do you have a show tonight, Harry?” Hermione asked, crouched on the ground in front of a half-asleep Harry Jr. She was fixing his cloak, as he stood pouting.

“Yeah, it’s too bad you two can’t come.” Harry answered.

“Actually,” Ron started, looking at Hermione for a moment. “We were thinking about going. The girl who lives next door is always happy to babysit... so if you want, if it’s okay I mean, we could come.”

Harry smiled. “Sure, yeah, if you want to come. I mean, don’t if you’re not really into the whole idea.”

Ginny and Hermione looked at each rolling their eyes. “Boys,” they said in unison.

“What?” Ron said defensively, holding Harry’s hand.

“Never mind, let’s get Harry home. We’ll meet you at the club – its the same one right?” Hermione asked, looking to Harry.

“Yeah, don’t worry about coming late. I think I’m the third act.” Harry explained, he felt Ginny’s hand slide into his own.

“Okay great, we’ll see you there.” Hermione smiled.

Ron picked Harry Jr. up and with a resounding ‘pop’ they Disapparated. Hermione waved, and with a ‘crack’ she was gone too. Looking to Ginny, Harry let go of her hand and wrapped his arm around her shoulders.

“How are we going to get there?” Ginny asked.

“Well I said I would meet them at the club. We’ll just Apparate.” Harry explained.

“Well let’s go then,” Ginny grinned.

Harry simply grinned back, and with a ‘crack’ they Disapparated. Appearing in an empty alley way across the road from the club, Harry smiled at Ginny, who thankfully was still next to him.

“I’m glad to see that your Apparating skills are still up to par.” Ginny joked.

“I’m glad you have faith in me,” Harry retorted, walking down the alley towards the club. There was a line up, and Harry had to quickly remember to go through the back door. He felt Ginny’s grip tighten slightly once they entered the club, and he forced himself not grin. He knew she was probably worried about meeting his friends.


Harry turned to see Alan behind him, his hands full of food. “Hey Alan, where is everyone?”

“In the green room,” Alan told him nodding ahead of him. “Who’s this?”

Harry smiled, Alan knew who it was. “Alan, meet Ginny. Ginny this is Alan, he kind of plays with everyone in different bands.” Harry explained as they walked down the hall. It was crowded; people who worked at the club were rushing back and forth.

“Nice to meet you,” Ginny said, smiling nervously.

Alan went to go shake her hand, but found his hands were full. “Erm, it’s nice to meet you too, sorry.” He gave a big smile.

“It’s all right – you kind of remind me of my brother Ron.” Ginny said, trying to sound sweetly.

Harry laughed, and Alan looked pleased. “Well your brother must be quite handsome than.”

Ginny was laughing so hard she couldn’t say anything until they entered the green room. Alan was ahead of them now, and placed the trays of food on a table. Everybody was in the small green room. Emily and Georgia were warming up while Josh and Adam looked to be in deep conversation. When Alan put the food down Teddy jumped up off the couch immediately and started eating.

“Harry’s here!” Alan announced, and everyone looked at him. “And he’s brought Ginny.” Harry rolled his eyes at Alan who gave another big smile before eating as well.

“Oh!” Emily and Georgia both said loudly, rushing over to where Ginny and Harry were standing.

“It’s so good to finally meet you!” Georgia exclaimed, tearing Ginny away from Harry and sitting her on the couch, Emily following. “Harry never told us how pretty you are!”

“Thank you,” Ginny said uncomfortably.

“Georgia settle down, I think you’re scaring her,” Adam laughed.

“Shut up Adam,” Georgia said, not even looking at her boyfriend, still grinning at Ginny. “So is this the first time you’ve seen Harry play?”

“Yes, well no, I saw him for a few minutes the other day.” Ginny explained.

“Oh, right,” it was Georgia’s turn to look uncomfortable.

“Well what I heard sounded pretty good,” Ginny said, glancing at Harry.

“He’s amazing – I wish I could write like him.” Teddy broke in.

“You can play guitar better than I can.” Harry amended.

“Yeah, but there are people out there who are better than me.” Teddy argued.

“If you two ladies are finished, the show is about to start in five.” Josh broke in, walking between Teddy and Harry. Pausing next to Harry, he put his hand on his shoulder. “No running away this time?”

Harry gave a small smile. “No running away,” Harry confirmed.

Josh gave a big smile. “Great, all right, so Georgia, Adam, and Alan you’re on first as planned. Harry you’re second, then Teddy, Emily, and then group. Now, if anyone plans to run off stage tonight, than please tell me before we start.” Josh teased, looking at Harry.

Everyone was laughing, and getting to their feet. Harry turned to Ginny, who was now standing next to him. “Come on, let’s go find Hermione and Ron.”

The club was full of people talking excitedly. Harry was glad he wasn’t well known like his friends, and no one paid any attention to him. He could tell Ginny was a little uncomfortable, and he gave her a comforting squeeze, earning him a soft smile. They found Hermione and Ron by the coat room; Harry could hear Ron cursing ‘Muggle money’ as he paid the cover charge, and shared a knowing smile with Hermione.

“Everything sorted out?” Harry asked when Ron joined them.

“Blasted Muggle money, it’s not even real, just bloody paper.” Ron complained.

“Harry got to sleep alright?” Ginny was asking Hermione at the time.

“Sure, he loves getting babysitters. You would think we beat him the way he gets excited over a sitter.” Hermione mused.

“This place is crowded, are you sure you’re going to be okay up there?” Ron grinned at Harry.

“I’ll be fine, it s’not that bad.” Harry shrugged, and looked around. Indeed, the club was full, even more so than the night before, but Harry didn’t mind. Once on stage, with the lights in his face, it would be hard to see the audience unless he was really trying.

“Do you want us to hex any hacklers?” Ron joked.

Hermione rolled her eyes, “Ron, you know very well you can do nothing of the sort.”

Ron grunted in response. “Of course I know that, it was a joke Hermione.”

“Well you shouldn’t be talking about magic anyway – what if someone overhears?” Hermione suggested.

“Well then they’ll just think we’re all mental.” Ron answered a matter-of-factly.

“Harry should be getting back stage now,” Ginny interrupted, prodding Harry in the chest. “Good luck,” she grinned at him, and planting a soft kiss on his lips.

Harry felt his whole body shake, and he found himself unable to let her go. “Thanks,” he murmured.

“Hey,” Ron was warningly, but Harry ignored him kissing Ginny again, deeply this time.

They breathlessly pulled away, when Harry heard his name being called. Looking behind him, near the door leading backstage he saw Josh waving him over. “Gotta go,” Harry slurred, pecking Ginny on the cheek and nodding towards Hermione and Ron.

“Break an arm or whatever!” Ron called after him.

“Its break a leg, Ron, not arm...” Hermione’s voice trickled from Harry’s ears as he raced backstage.

“Is this not the most thrilling, wonderful, amazing thing ever?” Georgia exclaimed to Harry as he joined her standing by the curtain. Josh was preparing to introduce Harry, while Alan was setting up the stage, placing everyone’s things in order.

Harry laughed. “Yeah, I guess it is pretty exciting.”

Georgia gave him a sideways glance, but grinned at him. “I hope I’m still doing this when I’m forty years old.”

“Me too,” Harry admitted.

“Put down your mobile’s, your camera’s, and put your hands together for Harry Potter and his lovely friend Georgia!”“Are you ready?” Georgia asked, looking to Harry.

Harry just smiled, and stepped on to stage, letting the blinding lights him in the face, and warm him up. Yes, this was exactly what he wanted to do until he was forty, maybe even a hundred.

A/N: Yes, that is the last chapter! I know you’re all probably shaking your fist at me for ending it that way (and very cheeseyily....) but there will be an epilogue that will lead to the sequel that I am so excited to be writing :) Thanks for waiting for this chapter, and reading it after it has taken so long for me to update. It was the best I’ve written, but I’m happy. THANKS FOR READING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Chapter 18: Epilogue
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Life Collides Chapter Eighteen:


The Excerpt from the Harry Potter biography: Harry Potter, After the Fall by Grizel Hurtz.

...what became of Harry Potter? From the day he was born he had been pre-destined to kill the darkest Wizard the world has ever seen. How does one move on from that? Well for Harry it was a tricky road from the beginning. His closest friends were missing, his fiancé was in a coma, and the weight of a hundred more deaths hung over his head. It is no wonder that our Hero left England, and disappeared into the Muggle world. The stress and guilt would eat anyone up until they cracked.

But where did our hero go? It wasn’t revealed until a month after his return when Harry Potter sat down for his first interview since returning. Luna Lovegood, now executive editor and owner of the Quibbler was the first and only person who could get an interview with Harry. In the interview Harry divulged that he had to Toronto, Canada, where he worked at a Muggle coffee shop. Although not what many expected our great hero to be doing, it is understandable that the young man had simply wanted to live a simple life. However, it wasn’t long for his ‘simple life’ to get a little more complicated.

A small group of musicians worked at the coffee shop alongside Harry, and managed to get him into music as well. “They took me to one of their shows, and I couldn’t really believe how much I enjoyed it. It was strange.” Harry explained in the interview. It could be assumed that because Harry had spent so much time in his youth dedicated to ending the reign of Lord Voldemort, he had had no time for simple pleasures such as music. Shortly after attending his friends show, Harry began to play guitar getting lessons from his closest friend in Canada, Emily Thorn. Around this time harry moved in with his new friends in a house owned by Emily’s brother, Josh Thorn. A master of all things, Josh Thorn owns numerous properties in Toronto as well as a chain of coffee shops and restaurants. He also owns a management company that manages Emily Thorn, a group called Taxi, and various other groups and solo artists. This growing group of musicians were constantly in an out of Harry’s life during his time in Canada, so it was only a matter of time that he himself began to write his own music and perform.

In going to Toronto, it appeared that Harry Potter had changed in to a new man. He appeared to be a single man, coming to Canada in the hopes of adventure. However, according to Georgia Collins, she could see there was more than that too Harry. “When I got to him a little better, I could see there was more to his story of coming to Canada for adventure. He often told me that his family died when he was younger, and that he didn’t really have any reason to stay in England. But I knew there was more. Emily often said it seemed like he was running from something, that he was hiding out. I always told her she was being ridiculous because, I mean if someone doesn’t want to be found why would they start a musical career?”

Unbeknownst the Georgia, Harry was running away from something, his own guilt. He believed by going to Canada the pressure would be off, the guilt would alleviate; he wouldn’t have to hear about the lives he was unable to save. Although Harry became extremely busy with his music career, writing music and performing, there was time when he was alone with his thoughts and memories of the war. His on-going guilt that he had not killed Voldemort quick enough haunted him. It can be clearly heard in his songs such as What Makes a Man? with lines such as “What makes a man walk away from his mind?” and “What makes a man spend his whole life in disguise?”. The simple fact is Harry was missing the people he had left behind, and those who had died in the war. One must remember because he had no contact with the magical world he had no idea that his friends Hermione Granger-Weasley and Ron Weasley had returned, nor did he know that Ginny Weasley had awoken from her coma.

After being in Canada for nearly two years Harry was presented with the idea to return to Britain. Josh Thorn was planning a European tour, and wanted to know if he would consider being one of the opening acts since audiences in Canada had been receiving him so well. Harry was obviously hesitant, as he was very aware what some consequences would arise by his return. For one, he would be going to London and Harry was sure it would not be hard for him to run into a witch or wizard, who would clearly recognize him, no matter how hard he tried to hide his appearance. Not only that but he knew within himself, it would be hard to resist checking up on the world he had left for so long.

Harry eventually agreed to touring in the British lag of the tour, feeling that it may have been for the best that he returned to England. He felt he had not given certain people, such as the Weasley family whom he was close with, proper goodbye’s. It is possible that he believed if he returned, made peace with the life he had abandoned, he could continue with his new one without the guilt. However what was waiting for him in England was about to change his whole mind on his situation.

The day after his arrival in London, England, Harry and Emily had gone out to eat breakfast, and explore parts of London before they would have to go to sound check later that day. As they were walking back to the Hotel they were staying at, Harry was walking remarkably close to the Leaky Cauldron, and it would not be surprising if he ran into any wizards or witches, let alone someone he knew. “It was such a strange moment, Harry had just finished telling me about his ex-girlfriend, Ginny when we ran into her, right there on the street.” Emily told me in my interview with her.

Ginny had been walking from work to visit Ron and Hermione Weasley at their home near the Ministry. It is too be understood that the relationship between Harry and Ginny was very strained in the beginning, but Harry told me once in an interview, that Ginny was a lot more civil towards him then he had expected. Her fiery temper often took hold of her. Thankfully Ginny was willing to take Harry to the Weasley’s home where he met his two old friends in hugs. Along with his friends he met their two year old son, Harry.

While Ginny had been hesitant to allowing Harry back in her life, Ron and Hermione took less time. “Harry is our friend, and after ten years of friendship it was hard to look him in the eye and be mad when we knew he was sorry, and that we were sorry to.” Hermione explained in memoirs.

Although things seemed patched up, Harry did not share with his friends why exactly he had returned to England other than his friends were touring and had asked him to join them. Harry was extremely awkward when it came to explaining that he was a musician and that he loved music. Music had not been a part of his old persona in the magical world, and he wasn’t sure how to express this new interest to his friends. Unfortunately for Harry, how they found out wasn’t exactly how he had planned or wanted.

The same day Harry had fallen back into the magical world was the day of his first show in England. Planning to go to the Weasley’s after his show, he would be able to play a brilliant show, and return to his happy world without having to reveal he was a musician nor would he have to disappoint his friends or himself and not be able to play in the show. However this plan did not work out so well as Hermione and Ginny ended up showing a little early, and found Harry performing.

It was a few days before Ginny, Hermione, and Ron came around to the idea of Harry being a musician, and Harry continued to do the tour. When everyone else continued to the rest of Europe, Harry returned back to London to stay with Ron and Hermione. By this time it was time for Harry to re-enter the spotlight in the magical world. Minister of Magic Shacklebolt is an old friend of Harry Potter and with his help there was a news conference set up at the Ministry where Harry could address the press. Also Harry and Shacklebolt discussed the idea of Harry returning to his work at the ministry with a new title as Head of Magical Law Enforcement. It was not unexpected by Harry, as he and Shacklebolt had had many conversations about it before Harry left for Canada.

With Harry’s new job, along with the task of repairing old friendships, Harry’s music slipped into the background. Six months after returning to England, Georgia and Adam Collins came to visit Harry in England to give him his stuff he left in Canada, along with sharing the news that they had eloped in Italy, and were planning to move to London as Adam had been asked to produce at a recording label. Harry was extremely excited about this as he would be able to visit them often on his way home from the ministry, and possibly even get some practise time in.

Meanwhile things between Ginny and Harry had been improving. They had begun dating again, and a year since Harry had come back they were moving into a flat together in South London. It is amazing how Harry managed to do everything in his life at the time. Upon becoming Head of Magical Law Enforcement, he and Ron worked together with Shacklebolt and numerous other ministry officials to create a new ministry. Although minor changes had taken place since Shaklebolt’s appointment, with Harry’s help they set up a whole new system which worked against corruption, and any possible prejudice that had existed previously. This meant Harry would be spending seventy-five percent of his time at the Ministry. When he finished at the ministry around six, he would then leave to visit Georgia and Adam at their flat, sometimes spending one or two hours there before going to Ron and Hermione’s where he would meet Ginny most nights and they would have a late supper. On Sunday’s, his only day off Harry would either spend time with Ginny or go to Adam’s studio where they would have jam sessions. Sunday nights were always spent at the Weasley’s, where Molly Weasley would prepare large family dinner’s.

It was a busy time, and after a year Harry’s life settled down long enough for he and Ginny to get married. On August 3rd 2002 Harry Potter finally married Ginny Weasley, just as her Quidditch career was taking off. During this time Harry began recording his first album, Homeward Bound with Adam’s encouragement. In the Muggle world, due to Harry’s sparse performances with friends he had made through the record label, had made him into a phenomenon. With the release of his album, an underground following began to grow.

Harry never fully focused on his music career as he viewed it as a pass time, something to do for fun. Even with the release of his debut album, he only did a few shows around the country, and even some shows for Wizarding audiences only. He doesn’t like to talk about his music career in the Magical world as quoted in the Daily Prophet in 2003: “I make music for fun, I don’t think it’s necessary for me to sit down with an interviewer and dissect my own music. People can listen to it, and interpret whatever they like. But I am first and foremost an Auror, and ensuring that the Magical world is safe and well protected is my first concern.”

However by the following year Harry had already begun working on his next album I Remember. Harry was spending a large amount of his free time in the studio, and even took two weeks off of work to finish the album. Harry was highly criticized in the Wizarding World as people believed that he had a duty as Head of the Auror department to be focusing on catching dark Wizards that were still at large even five years after the war ended. Harry argued that the defence of the Wizarding World would not weaken because he was not in office for two weeks, and that Ron Weasley, second to Harry, was fully capable to run the Auror office in his absence. Harry also reminded that the Wizarding World hadn’t gone to hell when he went abroad, a year after the War.

With this album, Harry became a little more serious surrounding his music. He decided to put some real effort into his songs, and even managed to have the Weird Sisters play on the record. His lyric’s remained simple, and honest, but the music became more complicated, intelligent, and less based on big hooks for listeners to grab onto. It was a critical success in the Muggle world and Harry found himself thrust in the spotlight when his management team struck a deal with a mass distributer. Harry decided that he should do a European tour, making sure that all the shows were Apparating distance so that he could still continue his job at the Ministry.

Once again Harry was under mass scrutiny by much of the Wizarding population. People were worried that with Harry’s new found dedication towards his music that he may abandon his post as head of the Auror office. However, Harry never once thought about it. He explained that something became difficult, if he could no longer balance his career as an Auror and as a musician, he would return to using music as a hobby. Harry explained in a Muggle magazine when asked about the album, “I love music, and I felt that I needed to prove to myself that I could make a brilliant album that I was really proud of. I don’t know if I’ll ever make another album. Maybe if time allows, but right now it seems like a very distant possibility.”

Shortly after his second album was released, Ginny had become pregnant with their first child. Ginny had to take time off from Quidditch and she began writing as a correspondent for the Daily Prophet. She admitted in an interview her life had actually become a lot less complicated since becoming pregnant. It was much different for Harry, who found it hard to tour knowing his wife was pregnant, and was often distracted at his shows. Although he had other things on his mind, his shows still proved to be some of the best. After four months of shows, Harry was glad to stay home after work, and spend time with his wife.

On May 1st 2004 James Sirius Potter was born. As the media found out about the birth, Harry became aware that it would be extremely important for his family to find a home far from London. So he and Ginny moved into a large cottage just outside of Godric’s Hollow. Harry had plans to make a studio in the back shed which would help the travel time of going to London if he ever wanted to record. There also was plenty of space for Harry and is family to grow. Over the next two year Harry’s music career slowed down. He still recorded in his home studio, and did shows at small venues in Godric’s Hollow and in London.

The simple truth was that Harry had become extremely busy the two years after his son was born, that he did not have time to do anything with his music. Almost ten years after the Battle of Hogwarts the final Death Eater, Albert Runcorn. Interestingly enough Harry had impersonated Runcorn when he, Ronald Weasley, and Hermione then Granger infiltrated the Ministry. He had been spending the last eight and a half years in hiding in Northern Russia with distant relatives. It was a huge accomplishment for Harry, and it had been one of his goals since becoming an Auror.

The good news did stop there. In mid 2005 Harry learned from Georgia and Adam that they were going to have a baby boy, and a few months after that Hermione Weasley also became pregnant. Harry admitted to me in an interview that knowing his friends were all going to have children, and wanting to grow his own family, he and Ginny decided to have a second child. Nine months later on June 3rd 2006 Albus Severus Potter was born. He would be going to school with Rose Weasley, his cousin. With this new inspiration, and time off work Harry began working on the idea of possibly on a third album. It had been three years since his last album, and he hadn’t played any large audiences since early 2003. He was nervous what the public response would be; he had said in the past that he was most likely never to do another album and he knew the Wizarding community would have a lot to say about the subject.

Harry decided he couldn’t make the definitive choice, and left to Ginny, his wife to come with the answer. Ginny’s response was simple “Is there really a choice?” Harry knew then, that she was right. It probably wouldn’t have mattered what Ginny said, he still would have gone and done it eventually. So he booked studio time with Adam, which gave an excuse for Georgia to visit with Damien and get out of the house. While Harry and Adam were recording, Ginny and Georgia would be in the house watching the children and socializing.

It took two years for Harry to write and record the album. Between work and helping Ginny take care of the children, Harry was extremely happy with the album he made. The songs dealt largely with growing older, and trying to come to grips with life changing events such as a having children. It came off as an overall hopeful album for the future, and felt a lot more grown up then his last album, which made sense as it had been five years. Harry explained in an interview with witch weekly the reason it took so long to make simply because of his family. It was growing, and Ginny had even become pregnant with their third child a few weeks after the albums release. Along with his job as Head of the Auror office, it took Harry a long time to manage focusing on just the album; he didn’t have the energy to work a job that often exceeded its eight hour work day, as well as take care of two young children and record an album and do shows.

Although Harry was very constricted with time, he decided he would do a much larger tour with this album. It wasn’t so much because he wanted to, but because Adam and his backing band had worked very hard on the album, and he felt he owed it to them. With this decision Harry was surprised that the Magical world didn’t meet him in criticism. Discussion had been sparked on radio shows and in other media, but because Harry had been able to control everything the last time, it wasn’t so negative. It couldn’t be said for his home life however.

Ginny completely disagreed with Harry’s decision to do a big tour. She was three months pregnant, and thought it would be impossible for her to take care of their children on her own as well as write her column. Harry understood why she was upset with his decision. He would still have to work at the ministry, knowing he couldn’t resign, and would have to go straight from the ministry to where ever he was performing. Because he was doing a large tour across Europe, and even doing shows in North America, there would be nights he would be unable to return home. Harry didn’t like the idea much, but he felt he owed it to his band mates and his fans.

Even without Ginny’s approval the tour dates was set, and Harry made arrangements with the ministry appointing Ron as temporary Head of Law Enforcement when he was not around. Harry was still head of the department, and went to work every day except weekends to ensure that everything was running smoothly. He would be called in the upmost emergencies in the sixth months he would be on tour, and have the final say on everything. There would be a three month break for the Christmas holidays but also because Ginny was due in early December.

On June 20th Harry started his tour in London and made his way through the British Isles doing almost every venue that would take him. He did clubs and theatres in the bigger cities, and pubs in the smaller ones. It was easy for Harry to Apparate to where ever the venue was and Disapparated home when needed. Before the tour began he and Adam had managed to get The Weird Sisters to play as a backing band with Harry. They are all wizards, and it made the tour a lot easier on Harry because he didn’t have to hide how he got to each show if he had been touring with a Muggle band.

The tour went extremely well. It received excellent reviews, and Q magazine called him the next big thing in Europe. Harry was pleased with the response, and enjoyed the tour. However, at the same time he was under a great amount of stress. He was only able to see his family for a few hours, and his sons were often asleep when he returned home. Being pregnant, Ginny was having a difficult time taking care of the kids on her own, so only a few weeks after Harry went on tour Ginny’s mother and father, Molly and Arthur Weasley came to stay with Ginny to help take care of the children.

When I talked to Harry about this time, he was quiet, and simply explained that he was happy his in-laws were willing to help Ginny while he was away. However, it was easy to see on his face that he did feel guilty about it, and ultimately regretted his decision. It was around the second month of his tour that he said he wouldn’t be doing another one like it to Wizarding media. It was too complicated, and ultimately he didn’t enjoy it. It wasn’t his life.

When the four months were finished the tour took a break, and everyone returned home to celebrate the holidays with their family. On December 8th 2008 Harry and Ginny Potter’s third child, Lily Luna Potter was born. At the time it appeared everything was well between Harry and Ginny. They had patched up any problems that were out-standing from Harry’s choice to do the tour. It seemed Harry would return to work and to the tour a much happier man. However, he had different plans. Although there were only two months left, with ten shows left to play Harry decided he wasn’t going to do them. He cancelled the shows in Canada and the United States promising he would do them in the summer, explaining he needed to be home with his family.

There was a small amount of criticism in the Muggle world, and overall the news was received well. This decision is believed to have save Harry’s marriage with Ginny. The details of what went on between them are little known, as those who do know refuse to speak about it in respect. Even I was barred from the information with my candid interview with Harry.

Harry did honour his promise, and did the ten shows in two and a half weeks. He brought along his young family, taking time to visit his old friends Teddy Edison, and Emily Thorn who both lived in Toronto together with their young daughter, Laura. Harry said that Canada held a lot of good memories, and said it really helped him figure out his purpose in life after defeating Voldemort. It was also a nice vacation for Ginny and the family to get out of England, and the large media circuit which surrounded their everyday life. It seemed in Canada that Harry’s visit was exciting, but ultimately the magical population are spread further out then in England so Harry’s run-ins with other Magical people were minimal.

While in Canada, Harry and his family visited the many magical settlements that were created in Northern Canada. After the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy (1692) the Wizarding community had been forced to live in remote areas to avoid Muggle contact. In fact many of these Canadian settlements have a large amount of contact, instead, with the aboriginal tribes and the Inuit of the North. Harry was impressed with the tolerance and respect some of the most Pureblood families had towards Muggles.

Upon return to England, Harry was soon asked by Hermione Granger to help her in the process of reforming pro-pureblood laws that were so entrenched in Wizarding Law at the time. With Harry’s support Hermione Granger was able to reform much of Wizard law in the magical community all over the world. She was later appointed to sit in the Wizengamot, in 2014.

Since the birth of his daughter, Lily, Harry did not return to music for some time. It is speculated that the troubles within his marriage, and his overall unhappiness with the position of being away from his family pushed him from his love of music. However, on many family get-together’s Harry was known to pull out his guitar, and force his nephews and nieces to sing the Holyhead Harpies anthem. Away from his music Harry continued his career as one of the best dark-wizard catchers the world had seen. It is yet to be seen what his children will do with this bright new future their father and other family members have created for them.

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