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Yours Forever by So_Malfoy

Format: Novella
Chapters: 9
Word Count: 12,514
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Drama, Humor, Romance
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco, Fred, Ginny, OtherCanon
Pairings: Draco/Hermione

First Published: 02/12/2006
Last Chapter: 05/25/2006
Last Updated: 05/25/2006


 At 17, Hermione is told she is to be married at the age of 24 to someone. Who? She doesn't know. All she is to do is write letter to him and he will answer. Till her 23rd birthday, every thing is right. The war has ended and he is perfect. Their both in love though they have never met. But can a not so perfect guy who she's hated for years be the one to change her? Will she let down the one she thinks she's in love with? Passion or Reality

Chapter 1: Happy Birthday!
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This story is dedicated to my BFF, slytherinette,and my new online friend, Sparx!

Yours Forever

September 7th. It was a beautiful day, and those born on this day, were truly special people. Hermione Jane Granger was one of those few born on this auspicious day. And this day had come and gone quite fast indeed for Hermione this year.

“Oh my God! It’s 2 am! It’s September 8th! I’ve been 23 for a whole day!” said an exhausted but enthusiastic Hermione. It had been a great birthday for her, actually. All her best friends, Harry, Ron, Ginny, Parvati, Neville, Seamus, and Luna had come for a party at her apartment. It had lasted a long time, and they had all left around 1 o’clock. Well. All except Parvati and Ginny, who were her room mates.

She walked towards the window, in complete silence if you didn’t count Parvati and Ginny lightly snoring on the couch. She sat down on the bench under the sofa. It had been such a great birthday. But she still felt like something was missing. Oh, if only he had sent her a letter.

It was almost as if the Gods had heard her, for a beautiful elegant owl came flying towards her from out side carrying a large parcel indeed. Hermione opened the window, letting the beautiful owl in. Slowly, she untied the parcel and opened the letter attached to the parcel.

Dear Stars,
First off, I am soooooooo sorry that this is getting to you a day late! Second off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Many happy returns of the day! Another year older, man I’m telling you, you are becoming an old lady! Just kidding, don’t hurt me, after all, I am 23 going on 24 myself! Just think about it, just a couple more months, and we’ll be able to meet each other.It’s kind of scary, but exciting as well. But one thing is certain, I can’t wait to meet you, to talk to you, to hear your laugh, and just be with you. These last few years, I mean I know we haven’t met or anything, but I feel like I know you. I have to admit, when my family told me about our arranged marriage, I wasn’t to happy. But after getting to know you, I think I love you Any ways, hope you have a great birthday and please forgive me!
Yours forever,

So he had remembered! Hermione thought. She wanted to jump up for joy. She reread the letter several times before opening the package. It was a collection of famous books, both muggle and magic. They were so beautiful. He knew her so well. She had tears of joy in her eyes but she couldn’t help but feel guilty. The first time she had heard of him, for the first time, Hermione thought evil thoughts for another person.

It was when she was 17, that her parents informed her that she was adopted, and a pureblood. Not only that, she was to be married to someone at the age of 24. The same was true for him. They both did not know who the other was or quite frankly anything about the other person. For the coming seven years, they were to only write to each other. Hermione being called Stars, and he being called Truth.
Years passed, and different things happened. The war took place, and Harry defeated Voldermort forever. Through all these events, Stars and Truth talked. They wrote to each other nonstop. They soon figured out they were a lot alike. It had been six years since they started writing, meaning which that they only had a year to be married. But luckily, over these years, they had both fallen in love with each other. And so they continued to write and look forward to the day they would actually meet.

‘He’s so perfect.’ Hermione thought. He meant the world to her. He understood her like no one would. She went down to the dining table to sit and write to him back.

She couldn’t wait till they meet. Their marriage would be so perfect. He was already so perfect. Their fate, destiny was sealed. And she knew it was right. He was perfect, he was right. But would a man who was not perfect, not right, prove to be better for her? Can her life go to be perfect, or will the imperfect reality charm her? Only time would tell.

But Truth was perfect. She wouldn’t fall for a not so perfect guy would she?

A/n hope you like it! Pls r & r!

Chapter 2: Project w/ who?
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A/N- Thanks you guys for all your support on both my stories, and I’m so sorry for the long wait! A little writer’s block, but I promise, It’s totally gone now! Chapter 2!

“Hermione! Would you mind kindly waking up and getting ready for work! You know it wouldn’t kill you to wake up on time!” Yelled Ginny Weasley who was obviously in a very bad mood.

“Give me one sec, Gin…” Hermione’s voice trailed off.

“Well alright then! Just five minutes though! While you’re at it, let me get Parvati!”

“Parvati!!! Wake up!!! Oh, seriously, both of you are a year old then me, yet why am I the one who as to go through the pain in the morning?” Ginny wailed.

Parvati felt sorry for the red haired girl and slowly but clumsily got up from her bed. “I’m up see, I’m taking a shower, just relax take a chill pill…”

“No I don’t intend to get ill Parvati Patil, All I want is for you to get the hell up!”

“Oh Ginny…” And with that Parvati went in to the shower.

“Sorry Gin, I’ll go to the other shower and get ready…I’m going! Don’t hurt me!” Yelled Hermione

“Then I’ll make breakfast…Honestly, living with you two! My mother said, “They will teach you responsibility. Then why the hell am I the one working!” moaned Ginny, as she went to prepare breakfast for her two girl best friends.

“Well you guys seemed knocked out. How was the party last night?” Said the cool sophisticated voice of none other than Draco Malfoy. [A/N- He’s Here!!!]

Both Harry and Ron got up from their beds. “Uh well…We couldn’t find you so…”
They both started.

Suddenly Draco laughed. “You guys, I wasn’t invited! And quite frankly, any thing that has to do with Hermione Weirdo Granger, I want nothing to do with. I was just wondering ‘cause you guys are still sleeping at let’s see, 9:30. When work starts at well 8:30.”

“Oh shit! Oh shit, shit, shit! I forgot! And today we have that really important assignment the minister’s giving us! Oh God! What are we going to do?” Harry exclaimed.

“Oh, mate you’re right! How could we have forgotten!” Ron was obviously about to lose it.
“Relax! I called in, and said we had an emergency last night, and that we may come in late. So just go changed now, and we’ll all meet the minister in like an hour or so.”

Both Harry and Ron looked at their third auror partner, and their newest best friend. True, they had been best friends for only about three years, they understood each other really well.

“Thanks, Draco!” They both yelled before going upstairs to get ready.

“Okay, I’m all set! Let’s go!” Hermione yelled.
“’Mione, we’ve been ready for ages! It’s you who took so long.” Parvati stated.
“That’s a fact Hermione. I mean, you took longer than Parvati, and she takes three hours just to put on her make-up!”
“Oh, Ginny, Ginny, Ginny. You’re still young. You’re already so beautiful, but one day, you’ll see that commercial beauty takes time. But then again may be you won’t see, considering the fact that you don’t need commercial beauty since your beautiful. I’m already ugly, just let me feel better by putting on tons of make up!” Parvati said.

At this all three burst out laughing for anyone but with eyes could tell that of the three Parvati was the most beautiful. Not that Ginny and Hermione fell very behind. They had changed a lot from their school days. Hermione’s hair was no longer bushy, but had become a soft arrangement of curls. Where as Ginny’s hair now had highlights.

Hermione’s face was beautiful. She had full lips and thick eyelashes, and hazel brown eyes which held the right amount of beauty, innocence, and somewhere deep inside, sadness. Ginny’s face was a little smaller, but every where she went, she was considered an angel.

The one thing that Hermione couldn’t achieve though was Parvati’s and Ginny’s happiness and love in her face and life. It wasn’t as if she wasn’t as beautiful as her. It was just that after the war, some shimmer, something special had been lacking in Ginny’s and Parvati’s face. But in Hermione’s face, the disappearance of this joy was all too obvious. This joy was almost non-existent.

Why am I so different? Why can’t I forget? Hermione thought. Will Truth not love me, if he sees this? Oh, Truth. He was the reason she couldn’t wake up in the morning. She had been writing him a letter till late last night. [A/N- I’ll tell you what the letter said next chapter- I promise!]

“’Mione?” Parvati asked, causing Hermione to come out of her day dream.
“Are you alright?” Ginny asked as well both with concern in their eyes.
“Oh you guys, I’m fine. Come on it’s time to meet the minister, he said it’s very important, and that he has a special job for us.

“Shit, Shit, shit!”
“Yeah, Harry that’s right! C’mon get in!” Draco yelled at him.
“My car’s not working, and we have to go muggle style! Oh Draco-kins, can we take your car, please, please..”

“On one condition Ronnie-kins! That you never ever, repeat…”
“Never, ever.” Ron stated.
“Oh you did it now, Ron! I’m going to kill you…”
“Drakie-kins, Drakie-poo, oh why do you hate it when you know Pansy loves you!”
“Ron!!!! I’m going to….”
“Get Pansy? I’m so scared! On second thought, I am scared!”
“Draco, Ron! You guys are so immature! We need to get there!”
“Ron, Harry’s right. I’m getting my car. But don’t ever call me that again.” And with that Draco went to get his car.
“I heard that!!!” Yelled Draco from outside.

Once Harry and Ron were sure he had left, they broke out laughing. “Isn’t it funny? Harry, you know Pansy loves him! Why does he deny it so much?”
“I really am going to kill you.” Came Draco’s strong cool voice.
“Okay I’m sorry.” Said Ron slowly with a hint of fear in his eyes.
They burst out laughing. Yes, times had changed since their days at Hogwarts.

They all got into Draco’s silver Ferrari [A/N- That is so hot!] and got ready to drive off.
During the ride, Harry started talking.

“Well Draco, you can’t say Ron’s wrong! And don’t get mad, at least he didn’t say the person you truly love. Hermione Granger.”

“I would even prefer Pansy to her!” It was a known fact that even after all these years their hatred had grown.
In to what though? Could it be something else?

“I wonder what the project is though.” Said Ron
“Same here! I mean we’re aurors, and he said something about spies, and three girls.”
“Really now!” Said Harry.

“What’s the use Harry?” Ron stated. “They’ll all fall for Malfoy over here.” Now this was a known fact.

“Harry, Ron. I may be gorgeous, but some one may want you!” smirked Draco, who saw Ron and Harry giving him dirty looks.

They started laughing once again. But with Draco thinking. He no longer needed any girl, no matter the fact he could get anyone. His heart belonged to someone else. But did she love him in return? He had never seen her or heard her, but he knew, that he loved her. Was this possible? Or was their someone out there just waiting for him?

A/N- What do you think? Oh and Be happy, this was a long chapter! And did you catch the clues? What is the project? Keep thinking, and pls r & r!!!! I will update soon I promise!

Chapter 3: Details
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Previous Chapter-
They started laughing once again. But with Draco thinking. He no longer needed any girl, no matter the fact he could get anyone. His heart belonged to someone else. But did she love him in return? He had never seen her or heard her, but he knew, that he loved her. Was this possible? Or was their someone out there just waiting for him?

Both cars drove in to the parking lot. Draco’s silver Ferrari stopped, allowing the three guys out of the car. While Hermione, Ginny, and Parvati got out of Parvati’s blue convertible.
After all six got out, neither party noticing the other one, they turned to find themselves not only in front of the minister, but in front of the entire order!

“Well, that was unexpected. Look the whole order’s here.” Said Ron bluntly.

“Thank you, Mr. Obvious. Let’s all just relax and stay calm. This was the real reason the minister called us then. This must be really important.” Draco responded.

“Well, look who’s being obvious now.” Stated Harry.

“Oh, just come on would you!” Ron yelled, as all three guys proceeded to the table, for the meeting with the order.

“Welcome all. We have called you to help us with some very troubling matters. They may not be as big as they were in the past, but terrifying they still are. But we know for sure that every one we have selected is worthy.” Said the minister.

Hermione, Ginny, and Parvati looked at each other and passed worried looks. What could the matter be now?
“We would take care of this ourselves, but for this project we need younger people. Cleverness, slyness, and of course acting skills. The six that have been chosen for this task have all of this. And..” went on the minister,
But Hermione barely heard him. Instead she was looking at her worst enemy, Draco Malfoy.
Oh how she hated him! She knew he too was a part of the order and not to mention one of Harry’s and Ron’s best friends, but she hoped with all her heart and soul, he wasn’t part of this project. How very wrong she was!

“We have great pleasure in announcing that the six chosen for this task our-”
‘Not Malfoy, Not Malfoy, Not Malfoy…” thought Hermione,
All the while that Draco, hoped that ‘Granger wasn’t helping.’

“Our the great Harry Potter, who has done much for us, in countless ways, which are too long to discuss. Ginny Weasley who has been one of the best reporters of time, and excellent potions master if I may say so myself. Ronald Weasley, her equally talented brother, who has helped us so much during the final war with his quick thinking and his ready luck. Parvati Patil who is now known as one of the best aurors of time, helping us through the last war with her excellent skills in spying and overcoming many obstacles in her path. Draco Malfoy, for proving his value, turning over He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, helping us immensely throughout the war, and proving that even his dark family could not turn him into a deatheater but one of the finest aurors we have ever seen. And last but not least, Hermione Granger, one of the best healers in all of magical history, who also possesses extraordinary ability and has definitely proved to be an important member of this order. The six that we have chosen are young in years, but have shown us that they are different. That they are the ones who can finally accomplish what we have been trying to do for the last 100 years. I ask them now, to follow me into the marble room, for further details.”

“So do you all accept? Mr. Potter?”

“Yes I do.” Said Harry.

“Ms. Patil?”

“Yes.” Agreed Parvati.

“I trust, every one feels the same then?” asked the minister gravely.

“Yes.” They said in unison.

“Alright then. Splendid. Do you all understand what must be done?”

“Yes, minister, but I don’t think any of us know quite frankly why. I mean, how would it help the ministry, if we lived as muggles, for 6 months?” Ron questioned uncertainly knowing that he was voicing every one’s emotions.

“Ahh…Mr. Weasley-”

“Call me Ron.” Interrupted Ron.

“Yes, well Ron, you are to be spying on these six individuals. We think that they know about our world, and they have contact with dark wizards.”

“But what can they do? I mean, Voldermort’s gone, so how can they come in handy for evil?” questioned Parvati.

But before the minister could answer, Draco answered her question.

“Because Parvati, muggles can come be helpful to them if they put the crucio curse on them.”

“But that means, that that that…” Parvati stuttered.

“That evil can rise again, for many key people still live, but tell me minister, why use muggles, aren’t they against them?”

“That’s the very thing Miss. Granger. That’s their new policy. This time, they are secretly trying to make muggles on their side.”

“But that’s not possible! There’s no way-” Harry started

“But oh there is Harry. And it’s already in effect. Which is why, we need you all to go live undercover in the muggle world.”

“Does that mean, we can’t use our wands?” Parvati asked suddenly.

“I’m sorry to say, but yes, you six will not have any private connection with the magical world at all.”

“WHAT?” asked Draco and Hermione at the same time.

“What about owls, and letters, and communication with a friend or someone?” Hermione asked, not noticing the weird look Draco was giving her.

“Oh, Ms. Granger, there is no need to fear that. I assure you that you may have contact with friends. What I meant was with the ministry.” The minister said while watching Hermione sighing in relief.

“But minister, what would that point be?” Ginny asked suddenly. “Then how would we tell you what we have found out?”

“Oh Mr. Potter will explain it to you. We have secret ways to communicate. We just can’t do it in public without the suspects noticing.”

“But aren’t they muggles?”

“Yes, but there are more suspects who aren’t well…you’ll see soon Ms. Weasley.”

“But for now, I must give you background. What you’ll be, your job, and most importantly, how you will interact with each other and the suspects. This project requires a lot of acting and you will have to overcome differences. But if you can accomplish it, the wizarding world will be completely safe.”

“But minister, I still don’t understand what, I mean why, I mean, how is this a danger?” Harry asked.

“In time,” Continued the minister. “You will understand. For now, let me explain. I will tell you more about the suspects later on. For now, you are to know that you will be leaving for your destination in exactly 2 days.”

“What?” Parvati asked. “But our stuff, our…”

“All been arranged, Ms. Patil. But here are your relations. Ms. Weasley, you are Parvati’s best friend. You must always remember that.”

“But minister, what’s there to remember, she is my best friend.” Said Ginny, as she smiled warmly at Parvati.

“Know, you must act like it, like muggles do. Sleep-overs, movies, every thing. Parvati, you and Harry are engaged.”

“WHAT??” Harry and Parvati asked.

“Seriously, he’s like my brother, I mean, a minister, you didn’t say all this was involved!” Parvati practically yelled, but tried to control her temper, seeing as he was the minister.

“Then what do you suggest? Either you follow this or back out.” Said the minister some what harshly.

Parvati and Harry both looked down ashamed. It was their job, they couldn’t let it down.

“Oh, Parvati, Harry, come on, do this for the ministry. A lot of people are in danger. You guys have to make this effort! You should be ashamed of yourselves!” Hermione stated.

“Yea, Harry, for once Granger’s right. And you guys are friends, so it should be no problem.” Draco agreed.

“Right then! Ron, you stay Ginny’s brother, and Hermione’s brother as well.” The Minister continued.

“Okay” was all Ron said, not wanting to cause any commotion.

“Draco, Parvati will be your adopted sister, who you love very much, alright?”
“Alright.” Said Draco, who made his way through to Parvati, and lay a protective arm around her. “This is my sister, and I love her very much! Get away Potter!” He said playfully.

Parvati looked almost terrified, but she proceeded to play along, once she got over the shock. “Yes, big brother, but I wonder when you’ll take me to meet your girlfriend. She must be too good for you.”

“Yes, but not as great as you. But I am afraid, that in this play, dear Parvati, I do not have a girlfriend.” Draco slyly came back with.

“Ah, but Draco, you do. For the next six months, these are the connections you will have. And your second connection will be with Hermione. She will act as your girlfriend. Is that understood?” the minister asked, knowing that he had really dropped the big bomb now!

“WH..WHAT DID YOU SAY?????” yelled two voices, one of Hermione Granger’s and one of Draco Malfoy’s.

“Well, it’s the rule. And I’m sorry, we tried to change it, but we can’t, Dumbledore even tried, but since this mission has been planned years ago, it cannot be changed.”

“Wait a minute. Years ago? How would they know our names, and what we would become?”

“Uhh…I… can’t tell you that. In time, I may have too, but not at the moment. For now, these have to be the way you live.”

“But we don’t, have to you know act like it do we?” Hermione asked fearfully.

“Then what would be the point of going undercover? You must act this way, and I say, you must for the good of the magical world.” The minister pleaded.

“Fine then. We’re ready.” Said Harry, who had been silent all this time, knew it was time for him to take a stand.

“But Harry-” Hermione started.

“Harry’s right. We have to.” Parvati and Ginny responded to her.

That was the only way. That connection had to stay. Working with your worst enemy was one thing. Dating him, was quite another.

Oh, what were they going to do? Well, they would know soon enough in just about 2 days. For the next six months, they would find where they lived what they would do and work, and how life was to be. It was going to be a nightmare, wasn’t it?

A/N- Yes, I know, most of you think Truth is Draco, and for sometime I did too, but now, it’s all going to change! Many twists, are coming your way! Sorry, no letter in this chapter, but it was long!!!!!! Yea, I explained the whole boring mission, but the fun starts next chapter! Which I am starting right now! Oh and I promise, Truth and Stars will definitely be there! Oh yea, I’m kind of confused since there are two ways I can take this story, so I would really appreciate it if one of you guys could email me, so I could tell you both ways, and hear which one you think would be better, I’ll definitely put that one then!

Chapter 4: Working with you is...
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Previous Chapter- [snippets]
“Ah, but Draco, you do. For the next six months, these are the connections you will have. And your second connection will be with Hermione. She will act as your girlfriend. Is that understood?” That was the only way. That connection had to stay. Working with your worst enemy was one thing. Dating him, was quite another.
Oh, what were they going to do? Well, they would know soon enough in just about 2 days. For the next six months, they would find where they lived what they would do and work, and how life was to be. It was going to be a nightmare, wasn’t it?

It had been exactly one day that all six had been in the muggle world. Needless to say, things did not go well. For any of them. In fact, they went so badly, that the minister actually brought them back, to a place where the suspects could not see, to talk to all of them.

“Okay, we’re safe in here. I know all six of you have been dying to say some things to each other, so I’m giving you guys one hour to sort things out, and then, back to London.” The minister panted.

“But I thought you said that we can’t have any communication with you, I mean-” Ginny started.

“Oh for crying out loud, two of you guys were ready to kill each other!” the minister continued, looking sharply at Hermione and Draco, “So I am giving you an hour to have a creative discussion and get ready for the mission!”

“Alright. Let’s start then.” Ron stated.

And with that, the whole room went into a total commotion!

“You slapped me in the third year!” Draco yelled.

“Well what does that have to do with now? Well it is true that you deserved it!” Hermione proceeded.

“Why is so hard for you to act like we’re in love Parvati? What is your damn problem?” Harry yelled his face red.

“Well, there would have been no problem if you had paid attention to me at the Yule ball! May be we would have been in love then!” Said Parvati in an equally heated manner.

“That was years ago. You—have—to—let—it—go!! Say it with me now, I have to let go!” Harry yelled back.

“Ron, you are so over-protective! In public! That guy just smiled at me, nothing else!!! What is wrong with you?” Ginny yelled.

“Well, you never know with these muggles! I swear, he was eyeing you!” Ron yelled back.

“Alright then! Those are about the most stupid arguments I have heard in about a hundred years. Draco and Hermione are fighting about the time she slapped him, when the were thirteen! That was a whole ten years ago! Parvati and Harry don’t fall far behind though! They’re talking about nine years ago, in the Yule ball! Ron and Ginny though have a somewhat okay fight between a brother and sister. Now, whether you like it or not, we’re shipping you six back to London!” The frustrated minister yelled.

All six looked down ashamed. They would just have to get use to this. For the sake of their job and the entire ministry.

Harry spoke for all of them. “Okay minister, we’re ready. This time, no mess-ups.”

“Right then. Let’s go.” The minister said with relief.

Show time!

After the train ride, which went well for the most part, the three guys were sent of to their apartment. Yes, they were all living together. Without a doubt, this was not very pleasing for Draco and Hermione, but they had to!

It was late at night so it wasn’t too tough to fall asleep though. In the morning though, they were all ready to put their plans into action!

In the morning-

“Ready every one? Okay now Parvati and I will go to shop for the “wedding” or whatever in this really expensive place, where we’re sure to find one these really wealthy suspect. We have direct information that he’s there. Oh and Ginny and Ron will be with us.” Harry stated, knowing fully well this plan would appeal to every one except—

“But what about us? Where do we go?” Hermione questioned him.

“You guys will actually be site-seeing, but the most important thing to see and find will be Will Collins. He’s one of the suspects. After your tour, you’ll go into a coffee place called ‘The Lovers Lounge’. You’re sure to find another suspect there called Emily Turner. We’ll communicate after that.” Ron said. He showed them both Will’s and Emily’s picture.

“But we won’t have to you know act like our parts, ‘cause they like don’t know us, right?” Draco asked fearfully.

“Malfoy, what would be the point then? Do you think Harry and I are going shopping for a real wedding? Plus, these suspects know who we are. Even they’ve been told to keep a look-out on us. That’s our biggest advantage! We know! They also don’t know that we are wizards, so let’s keep it that way okay? And just act like your part.” Parvati told him.

“Right then, let’s all get ready. We’ll leave in half-an-hour and Hermione and Draco in one hour.” Ginny ended.

“What’s wrong ‘Mione?” Harry asked her.

“It’s just, nothing matters any more. I feel like our whole friendship has drifted off because of Malfoy. I mean, we all, Ron and you, just aren’t the same.” Hermione said looking up at Harry.

Harry looked scared and upset to see that Hermione had been crying and was doing so again. “Oh, Hermione, we’ll always be friends. No matter what. I’m so upset you feel that way. Never did I want you to think of it like that. We were the original trio, and we always will be.”

“Oh Harry--” Hermione said as he embraced her. They stayed there like that for a little while, content knowing they always had each other.

And so, the plan was put in to action. Harry, Parvati, Ginny, and Ron had all gone their way and Hermione and Draco were walking around on the streets of London.

To anyone who was watching the two of them, the site must have been heart-warming. They looked like the perfect young couple. Both smart, confident, and probably madly in love. Also, they were very attractive and looked just right for one another. Hermione wore a blue halter with a denim skirt which ended right above her knees and high heels. Her hair was tied back into a ponytail except for a few run away strands that framed her beautiful face perfectly. In her arms she held a beautiful purse and her face glowed with excitement.

But even with her high heels she wasn’t nearly as tall her companion who was a good 6’ 3”. His blond hair fell into his eyes, giving him look of arrogance and high style. He wore a black shirt unbuttoned at the top and dark bluish blackish jeans. His hands remained in his pockets seemingly saying he would be any where but here. Although his composure seemed rude, there was something about him which made him seem the quite opposite.

Whenever spoken too, he spoke nicely and in a very polite kind manner, and like he girl looked ready for something. He hardly gave notice to any of the girls who kept looking at him. But then why would he when there was such a beauty right next to him? But it also seemed as though his look of arrogance and wish to be else where.

But when one looked upon them, they did seem together, the perfect couple. But if you were close enough to hear their conversations, perhaps you wouldn’t feel that way.

“Oh God, Granger! That was my foot! Why the hell did you step on my foot? And those heels hurt as hell, through these sneakers!” Draco said

“You were looking at that girl! How are we supposed to act, if you’re looking at some other girl? Tell me that?” questioned Hermione pleased with her comeback.

“Jealous now are you? I always knew you wanted me! You must love this project, cause you’re so close to me!” replied Draco easily taking a step toward her.

Regardless of the fact that they were right there in the open of the narrow street, Hermione turned to face him as well. There was no way she was going to let this go.

“You flatter yourself Malfoy. You didn’t actually think I would ever like some one as ugly as you, now did you?” This was clearly a lie, for Hermione knew deep in a heart how hot he really was, but she wasn’t going to let go of this. She took a step closer subconsciously as well.

“Oh, I should like to think I do flatter myself. But with good evidence of course unlike you. And how dare you call me ugly! Specially when I’m completely the opposite!”
Draco answered stepping closer.

“You are so horrible, you need to get a life!” Hermione yelled.

“”Well, you want me.” Draco answered looking directly into her eyes.

“Ferret.” Hermione smiled back at him taking a step closer. Draco’s eyes flashed dangerously as he took a step as well.

They were merely inches apart when Hermione looked at him and said, “What, no comeback? Aren’t you going to call me mud-blood? Isn’t that what dark wizards do?” She would have gone on but it was only then that she realized the closeness of Draco’s body. She felt his breath on her face and she looked into his silvery eyes. Suddenly, she felt a surge of fear, of what he might do.

Draco leaned in, and whispered into her ear, “I’ll get you for that one Granger.”

“You don’t scare me Malfoy.”

“I’ll scare you like no one has ever. I am your nightmare Granger. You don’t know what it’s like to be hurt. I can cause you pain, if you don’t know that, then Merlin help you.”
Draco whispered back into her ear.

Hermione felt so afraid. What was he talking about? Was he going to hurt her or something? Oh no! But she soon relaxed and her tension went away when he moved away and smirked his trademark smirk she had seen him do so many times. Oh, she hadn’t seen that for the longest time. It made him look so good, and made a rush of emotions run inside of her. But with one jerk of mind, she realized she was losing it and came back down to reality.

As they walked on and Draco teased her of being scared, something very strange happened. They saw a guy about their age running. As soon as they both saw him they said together, “Will Collins!” They started chasing after him, not knowing there was someone else watching their every move.

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Chapter 5: events...
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Snippets of the prev. chapter:

They were merely inches apart when Hermione looked at him and said, “What, no comeback? Aren’t you going to call me mud-blood? Isn’t that what dark wizards do?” She would have gone on but it was only then that she realized the closeness of Draco’s body. She felt his breath on her face and she looked into his silvery eyes. Suddenly, she felt a surge of fear, of what he might do.

Draco leaned in, and whispered into her ear, “I’ll get you for that one Granger.”

“You don’t scare me Malfoy.”

As they walked on and Draco teased her of being scared, something very strange happened. They saw a guy about their age running. As soon as they both saw him they said together, “Will Collins!” They started chasing after him, not knowing there was someone else watching their every move.

Chap 5- Chasing him!

“Oh god, Granger, did you see where he was going? We lost him, ‘cause of you. You’re always ruining every thing, you know that?” Draco asked in frustrated tone.

“If you’re criticizing me, and showing me my faults, don’t you think I would be the last person to admit them? Seriously…as for losing him, that was your fault!” Hermione answered back.

“Well, excuse me, I’m not the one with the sign on my back saying Not-Knowing-Anything am I? And you did lose him!” Draco replied.

“Did not.” Hermione said.

“Did too!” Draco said as well, to bring on the battle.

“Did not.”

“Did too! Oh shut your mouth, there he is!” said Draco with relief.

Hermione looked down. ‘The nerve of him, she thought, to start that fight, then say it was her fault! And he told her to shut up? He was going to get it!’ but right at that moment, she had to run.

Quickly regaining herself, she ran at full speed, and ran smack into Draco. And he wasn’t too happy.

“Watch it Granger! Control yourself, you’re not my type.” And with that he smirked knowing she was going to erupt. He just loved to bug the hell out of her.

“Malfoy you--” She started, but was interrupted by him “Shh…Granger, they’re talking.”

Both of them leaned across small shack, peaking their heads out just a little to see what was going on in the alley way.

“You think they might be on to us? I mean, we don’t know what they look like, but if we know bout them so they might know bout us, right?” Will asked a man with his back turned.

The man turned his body. Unlike Will, he was well dressed and looked very rich.

“Doesn’t matter m’ boy! We know more bout them! You just tell me this, the work went all right?” the man questioned.

“Oh, yea, absolutely Father. It went fantastic—this time, every side favors ours.” Will responded.

Behind the shed—

“Shouldn’t we catch them now?” Hermione whispered.

“Tell me, what do you do?” Draco asked.

“I don’t know why you asked, but I’m a healer.” Hermione responded.

“No wonder! Now since I’m the auror, I’ll decide what has to be done, okay? And no, we can’t catch them, there will be many men hidden.” Draco answered.

‘Like you would know that.’ Hermione thought to herself. She liked her own plan.

They both turned to see what was going on in the real scene.

“It’s alright if they find out about this. They still don’t know about our leaders. They will lead us to greatness, in front of every one’s eyes!” the man said to Will.

“Father, will I be rewarded? I did the task didn’t I? Are they here? I can’t see them…” said Will.

“Calm down son, and for heaven’s sake, lower your voice! They are here. In the shadows don’t you know? They blend into the surroundings, ready to jump up if the enemy comes.”

Hermione and Draco-

“Told you so Granger. But do you listen to me? No! See, I’m trained for these things, I know how to handle these situations... Granger? Granger! No don’t do that…” Draco started to say but saw he was too late.

Hermione had advanced to a closer spot no doubt wanting to hear and see what was going on better. It was true that she had played an important part in bringing down Voldermort, but she was no auror. She was more behind the scenes. This was all so fascinating for her, that she forgot both she and Draco were risking their lives. She thought she was cleverly hidden, but any one else on her opposite side would have known that she wasn’t.

But Hermione would find out soon enough when the old man saw her.

“You!” He yelled. “Who are you? Why are you here? Who were you sent by? What do you want? Get out from behind there!” He cried, his face red and screwed up with anger.

‘Oh my god…’ Will thought, ‘She wouldn’t be killed like the last girl would she? Does this mean I won’t get my reward?’

‘Oh my god…’ Hermione thought. ‘He looks so scary. He won’t do anything to me will he?’

‘Oh my god…’ Draco thought. ‘She’s such an idiot! Now I have to go save her ass. God…but what if he…’

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Chapter 6: Told you so!
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Chapter 6

Disclaimer- I don’t own Harry Potter or anything related to him for that matter.

Prev. chap-

But Hermione would find out soon enough when the old man saw her.

“You!” He yelled. “Who are you? Why are you here? Who were you sent by? What do you want? Get out from behind there!” He cried, his face red and screwed up with anger.

‘Oh my god…’ Will thought, ‘She wouldn’t be killed like the last girl would she? Does this mean I won’t get my reward?’

‘Oh my god…’ Hermione thought. ‘He looks so scary. He won’t do anything to me will he?’

‘Oh my god…’ Draco thought. ‘She’s such an idiot! Now I have to go save her ass. God…but what if he…’


“I…I… I’m, Hermione… I was just…” Hermione started to stutter.

“But why are you here? Are you—“ the man started, not wanting to finish his sentence if she was not what he suspected her to be.

‘What should I do, oh man, what should I do?’ Thought Draco, but then he had an idea.

He ran slowly towards Hermione pretending to not see Will and his father, he started talking loudly enough for both men to hear.

“Hermione, sweetie, I’m so sorry, are you still mad at me honey? I tried to explain, but you took off crying, so I had a feeling you might come here where you could cry alone.” Draco said in calm sweet caring tone.

He had his back turned halfway to the men, and he was staring into Hermione’s eyes, after a five second pause of amazement of the closeness of both of them, Hermione regained herself and looked at Draco shocked.

Draco winked and gave her a slight ‘I told you so’ look to her, after which she quickly understood. [But not before giving him an annoyed look]

“Well, Draco, I don’t know what came over me, I just when you were with her I just I don’t know.” Hermione said, afraid her voice made her sound totally fake. She would never be caught dead saying those words.

“Well, that was wrong of you to think. You know how much I love you—truly sometimes you can be so silly—“ but Draco stopped, pretending he had just seen the two men.

“Oh, why hello!” He said in very unlike Draco manner, but if this what he had to do for both of them to survive, he was ready to do it. “I see you met my girl friend, Hermione! Nice isn’t she? But you must have seen her crying just now, well I don’t suppose that would have been a pretty sight. She can be so sill sometimes, truly…” Draco’s voice trailed on. He was trying indefinitely hard to bug the two men, so that he and Hermione could peacefully go home.

Apparently, it was working, because suddenly the man started speaking very fast in a completely different polite manner in order to stop Draco from continuing.

“Oh, that’s alright. Sorry if I scared you miss, my son here, Tom,” He didn’t notice Draco and Hermione’s eye brows go up, “ Was asking me something and I was just a tad bit frustrated. Any how, every thing alright now?”

“Oh yes, absolutely.” Draco said sighing with relief.

“Why don’t you give her a big ole kiss then?” the man said, with a surprisingly good-natured smile.

“Umm…” Draco and Hermione both started.

But not wanting to cause any more confusion, Draco hastily kissed her cheek. As his tender lips came in contact with her soft skin, he couldn’t help but marvel at the amazing feeling. His lips lingered there for a moment and then he abruptly pull away.

As soon as he did neither he nor Hermione turned to look at each other.

“Thanks once again then, we’ll be going now.” Draco said to them once again, and with that he and Hermione started walking with Draco’s arm around her shoulder.

As soon as they got on to the next street-

Hermione whacked his hand away. “What were you thinking? Thank you sir, you kept saying!”

“What was I thinking? Me I saved you! Who knows what the hell he could have done!” Draco yelled back.

“What was the use of being all lovely-dovey?” Hermione said.

“He wouldn’t believe me other wise! And I acted very well, for I did convince him, you know.” Draco responded sharply.

To that now, she couldn’t say anything because it was true. They both walked silently back to the apartment.


“Well, there you are! You guys left before us, and come back a whole three hours after us! Do you realize I have been stuck alone with the ferret—“ Hermione started but was interrupted by Draco, “Who did save your life!” He yelled as he came into the lounge as well.

“I should be the one complaining, she just complains all day!” Draco said, as Parvati laughed. “Sorry we took so long guys. Ginny and I were having so much fun, except we didn’t find our suspect, she never landed up!” Parvati sighed.

“Well at least someone had fun, because I sure didn’t. Gown, after gown, shoe after shoe, catalogues after catalogues! You would think there was a real wedding the way Ginny and Parvati were behaving!” Ron said as he dropped down on the couch. Ginny and Parvati giggled.

“Well, I’m really tired, I had a big day, so I’m going to bed. I’ve already eaten, and Draco’ll tell you what happened.” Hermione said a bit anxious to get to her room.

“Are you sure ‘Mione? Want me to come with you?” Parvati asked in a worried manner.

“Yea, Hermy, c’mon we haven’t met in so long, let’s talk. And have some firewhiskey and Pumpkin juice.” Ron asked.

“No, I’m going. Really I’m fine, just a little tired.” Hermione went and hugged every one [except Draco] and went upstairs to her large room.

There lying on her beautiful wooden oak table was a lavender colored letter. She opened it and felt the scent of roses fill the air.

Dear Stars,
I got your sweet letter. Thank you so much for remembering me as I know you have such a busy schedule! So any way, how are you? How’s life? Mine’s actually quite interesting right now, but I couldn’t tell you as it’s a secret. This is going to be a short letter, as I have to go soon. Oh, life is so strange around me right now. They say you’re always closest to the ones you love, but right now, I’m closer to my enemies. Sometimes I feel so upset I want to just break out of it. Then I think of you. Your letters, Your eyes, Your smile, Your laughter I would recognize you any where. Really I would. Oh there it goes again! I have to go now, I’m so sorry write soon, I will too!
Yours Forever,

Hermione smiled as she thought who Truth could be. She sat down on her table prepared to write a letter to Truth telling him that her life was indeed quite boring as well. If only she knew what was in store for her—because the ones you love are the ones you are closest to.

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Chapter 7: Getting Used To Living with You
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I would give u a recap, but I don’t kno what to do, so basically, Hermione just got a letter from Truth, and she sits back and wonders who he could really be.

Chapter 7-

“Come to me! I love you, I need you…” a voice cried.

“Who are you? Why can’t I see you?” Hermione ran frantically. She looked around, anxious. She scanned the place she was in, a hundred times. It was dark; there was no one there besides her, and that voice. That haunting voice.

It yelled her name into the darkness, cursed her soul, tore her heart and worse of all, and declared its love. For her. She ran, whether she was trying to find the voice or escape it was not clear. It scared her to death, but made her want to see who it belonged to. The voice was cold, yet warm, searching for something beyond. And it sounded sincere. Oh how she longed to see who was behind this.

And suddenly, every thing changed. It was still dark, but no longer was it scary. It was lighted, and when she looked upward, she saw the night sky. Stars, mocking her, as if to say they knew something she didn’t. For a moment, she thought she was alone, until the voice came back. But this time, it was different. This time, it was quite, loving, and sorry.

“I’m sorry for every thing I have ever done to you.” It whispered. “I’m not worth you, I know that. But it is true I love you.”

Hermione looked, and for the first time she saw a tall figure. It was a young blonde man with his back turned away from her. And then every thing changed back. It was dark again. The man turned to face her. He was…

Draco Malfoy.

Her mind went blank. What was going on? Hermione turned to run, but as she looked, she discovered there was no escape. He moved closer to her. And said,
“I was fine. I was a Malfoy before this. Before you. I fell in love with you. That was you’re fault. I beg for your forgiveness, I know my sins. I cannot find myself worthy enough to live. But what of you? If you are not mine, then you shall be no one’s. Funny, I would have thought my anger, my hate would be your death but instead, it will be my love.”

Hermione looked at him with fear in her eyes, as she seemingly plead for her life. “Don’t do that to me, Hermione. I cannot take it any more.”

He lifted his wand, and said in a defiant strong voice, “Avada Ked-“

“’Mione? Mione! Wake up!” Hermione woke up to see her best friend, Ron Weasley’s concerned, loving face.

Hermione quickly woke up and found that she had drowned herself in sweat.

“I…I had a bad dream. That Malfoy, that he…Malfoy was…”

“Dreaming bout me already Granger? I swear, I would have thought it was to take you at least 1 week, but apparently it just took you a day. Can’t say I’m surprised though.” Said Malfoy, who Hermione saw was leaning on her door.

“Malfoy! What the hell are you doing in my room? Do you have any sense of P-R-I-V-A-C-Y?”

“Oh well done Granger. You can spell privacy, man, I am so proud of you!” said Malfoy feigning a look of false excitement and pride.

“Draco, c’mon she had a bad dream, stop being an asshole. Why are you here any way?”

“Cause Parvati said to get you both, cause today we’re all going to split up again.” Draco repeated calmly.

“What? No way! I’m so not coming going any where with the ferret!” Hermione squeeled

“Woah, watch the language you little book-worm! And I was going to say-“

“Parvati reads and studies a lot. You don’t call her a bookworm you ferret!”

“Granger, Granger, Granger. She’s hot, you’re not! Plus, right now, I’m supposed to be her LOVING brother. Simple as that, my enemy.” Draco replied with his oh-so-famous smirk.

Hermione scowled as he proceeded. “As I was saying before I was so RUDELY interrupted, today, Ginny will be accompanying us.”

“Really? Oh yes, yes, yes!” Hermione yelled in delight.

“So where are me, Parvati and Harry going?” Ron asked.

“To the same wedding place-“ Draco started.

“Dammit!” Ron yelled abruptly. “I mean, what a joy! No actually considering Ginny won’t be there, it might be!” Ron stated a big smile slowly forming on his face.

“And we will be going again, around town. Then you and me, have to go to the Lovers’ Lounge “Where Coffee is guaranteed to be sweet” place.” Draco answered looking very un-enthusiastic.

“Wait a minute, why? Why can’t Ginny come with us?” Hermione questioned.

“Cause that defeats the purpose of the ‘love thing’ now doesn’t it Granger? Plus we’re going in like a week or something.” Draco replied.

“Then why did you tell me this right now?” Hermione asked a frown gracing her face.

“I know you unlike me would be looking forward to going there. You know since you get to go with ME after all.” Draco answered with another smirk.

“You did it now! Draco Lucius Malfoy, I’m gonna hurt you so bad now!” Hermione yelled.

Draco stood, unaffected.

“No dude, she said that to me once, I couldn’t move for the entire day. You might wanna run!” Ron laughed.

“Whatever.” Draco said, but seeing the dangerous look on Hermione he ran for it!

And she ran after him!
“Are you nuts? What the hell is freakin’ wrong with you?” Draco yelled as he continued running out of her bedroom and into the living room.

“You make me mad Malfoy, and I’ll see to it, that every part of your body suffers A LOT of pain!” Hermione yelled as well right behind him.

They ran through 6 rooms, all the while just speeding up. As both gasped, for the first time they realized how huge the apartment they were living in was, after all, the Ministry was paying.

Both ran down the stairs quickly through to the lounge, where they found Harry eating breakfast and Parvati drinking some coffee. Ginny surprisingly, was still in bed.

As Draco and Hermione both came running at full speed into the living room, both Harry and Parvati gasped. “What are you guys doing right now? Draco stop chasing my best friend!” Parvati yelled,

“Tell her to stop bugging me then!” Draco yelled as well.

Hermione was running out of breath, and as Draco did as well both collapsed on the couch. “What was the point of that? You’re such a weirdo!” Draco stated.

“Am not, you foul, loathsome, evil little cockroach!” Hermione yelled, a smile coming to her lips. These were the words she said back in 3rd year to him.

He must have noticed, because the next thing he said was “You say that like it’s a bad thing! Plus, it’s been what, 10 years? I look it as endless flattery.” Draco said back to her.

“Dude, you have serious issues.” Harry laughed.

“Ooooooh, Harry what if they turned out to be like that story we were talking about?” Parvati asked him

“Yeah, you’re right! But I seriously doubt it, though it would be funny and a huge relief!”

“Wait, what?” Hermione and Draco asked at the same time.

“Oh it’s like these two people hate each other their entire life, then all these things happen, like little incidents, and before you know it the fall in love. Cept they don’t know how the other one feels, so they keep it a secret. And they think the other person would find that love concept gruesome, so they never mention it. But slowly they become friends, and well it still isn’t mentioned. Then one day, she gets married. And he never even has a chance to tell her he loves her, and she thinks that he never did ever love her. And she really had loved him all along as well. It’s soooooo sad, it’s their little tragedy. It’s called “Yours Forever”. Don’t you think that’s so depressing, but so romantic?” Parvati explained.

“Crap.” Hermione said.

“Bullshit. I don’t get the problem. The guy was a sissy. Oh I’m sorry, he LOVED her. Whatever, no way, no such thing. Sure if he Wanted her, then all he had to do was, say it, no big deal.” Draco said.

“Don’t believe in love? Figures.” Hermione said nodding her head.

“What do you mean ‘figures’ Granger?” Draco questioned, looking angry,

“Oh, I just mean that you know, no one, I mean NO ONE would every love YOU so, I understand.”

“You!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Draco started.

But was interrupted by Ron. “Ginny’s feeling sick, she can’t go today. I think Draco and Hermione will have to go alone.”

“WHAT?” they both shouted.

“Forget that, let’s go see if she’s alright!” Harry exclaimed.

“Right.” They all said.

But both Draco and Hermione were in distress. One more day? With her/him? No way. Not happening. How will they survive?

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Chapter 8: The Plan
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It had been 4 weeks since Hermione and Draco’s little chasing fight. And every thing was great. Harry and Ginny were going out. Parvati and Harry were not speaking, Ron was trying to make Hermione jealous by going out with Parvati, and last night Draco confessed his love for Hermione, and she accepted! *Blink, blink* oh I’m sorry!
This is what I meant to say:
Things had been more or less the same. Harry, Parvati, Ron, and Ginny had sort of gotten the hang of things. But Hermione and Draco- were as edgy as ever. And it was getting on every body’s nerves. It didn’t matter where they were, what they were doing, they could fight about any thing. It was so annoying, that even though they hated doing it, it had led Parvati, Harry, Ginny, and Ron to talk about them behind their backs. After all, if this mission was going to work, they needed to act the way they were supposed to!

Flash Back- Last Night-
Ron walked in to Parvati’s room, where the meeting was being held this week. “There you are Ron! I thought you weren’t going to come!” Ginny said.

“Neither did I! I was just sitting there at the dinner table to make sure they didn’t kill each other. Okay, we have to do something about this! I can’t take it anymore!” Ron let out in a frustrated growl.

“I hear you! They had a fight this morning! You know about what? Why the pitcher of Juice was closer to Hermione then it was to Draco!” Parvati yelped.

“Yea, but that’s kind of understandable, I mean, what if it’s on one end of the table?” Ron asked. Every one in the room gave Ron weird looks.

“No Ron, they brought a ruler, to check! It was exactly 6 inches from Draco and 4 from Hermione! Then they both left, without eating! I might go nuts! I can’t, I will not take it anymore! Ideas people?” Parvati screamed. Ginny went over to her to hug her.

“It’ll be alright. I know, they scare me to.” At this, they all laughed, except Harry who was lost in deep thought.

Suddenly he spoke “I have an idea! The mission, isn’t really going any where, I mean we haven’t found any of the people. But there are a couple of suspects in Paris! What if four of us, go of there for like 14 days or something? We can act as though the ministry’s forcing us, and that Draco and Hermione have to stay back and keep watch? They’ll have to learn how to deal with each other, and by the time we come back, they’ll know how to be civil to each other!” Harry exclaimed.

“And we can also look out those suspects! It’s a perfect idea Harry!” Ron praised.

“True! So what do you say, Ginny? Up for it?” Parvati asked.

“Pack your bags every one! We’re going to Paris!” Ginny said a smile forming on her face. And that was how the plan began…

End of Flash Back

The four had not informed Hermione or Draco about their trip yet, they planned to at night, after yet another day of going and spying. Today was the day Hermione was regretting- They were going to the ‘Lover’s Lounge’ yet again.

“Harry why? Why? Why must we go to that coffee place, where all thos people concentrate a bit more on their lips then their coffee? And that to I have to go with Malfoy! Again!” Hermione yelled.

“’Mione, relax! Just because there are other couple’s kissing doesn’t mean you have to! Unless of course…” Harry’s voice trailed on.

The Lover’s Lounge was not any ordinary place. It was the fanciest, most expensive café for wizards and witches. But that wasn’t the strange part. There was an enchantment there that made people want to kiss each other, made them want to speak words of love. That’s why you could only walk in with a potential lover. See, for example, Ginny and Harry didn’t love each other, but once there, they would feel an invisible force almost forcing them to do kiss one another. It was what the Lover’s Lounge was famous for.

There was only one power that could defeat the spell, hatred. Like the relationship between Hermione and Draco. Once there, they would not feel any of those emotions, even with the charm. That proved to be a problem.

You see, the suspects had been spotted there before, and they were aware that two long time enemies were trying to look for them. So if, by any chance, they did come to the Lovers’ Lounge, for the sake of the mission and spying Draco and Hermione would have to-

“Kiss? No! Harry, I quite frankly don’t give a damn as to whether they-“ Hermione screamed, once she processed what would need to be done.

“Hermione, please. He’s agreed to. This is for the good of our world. Please?” Harry asked her. She nodded slightly, and let herself be enveloped in a hug.
After, she went up to change, ready to face her doom----

Two hours later, Draco and Hermione sat at a table at the Lovers’ Lounge. Not one said a word. There clothes said otherwise. Draco wore a black shirt with blue jeans, and Hermione a nice pink halter dress. Not the most formal clothes, but they looked good in them!
“I hope that person doesn’t show up.” Draco said at last.

“Same here. No way would I want to- oh it’s to disgusting!” Hermione looked at him, letting her eyes wander down to look at his pinkish, soft lips- Uh! What was she thinking!?

Draco seemed pleased though. “Sure, Granger I know your just waiting for them to show up! Stop trying to look all bored and all.”

“I am bored Malfoy! Everyone around us is kissing, and ohhh…im going to get a drink!” and with that she got up, to get a drink.

But Draco stopped her. “Why you want to kiss me? Is that why you bring it up? Haha Granger, always knew you wanted me! But so badly, even I wouldn’t have guessed…”

“Look here Ferret Boy! Do not insult my intelligence, or point the utterly impossible dream of yours! I can’t take you any more! What the hell is your problem? How can every one think your good? You may have fooled them Malfoy, but you haven’t fooled me!” Hermione declared.

Draco pulled her closer to him roughly. “Never say that again! They are my friends! Just because you feel safer to live in the past doesn’t mean, I or anyone else has to play along!”

“No one will ever like you, Malfoy! Every one feels pity for you, or they’ve just forgotten! So stop trying to be my best friend’s friend!” Hermione threw back.

“The wonder trio’s gone honey! Wake up! They needed a break from you! Why would they hang around me if they hated me? No one does! For someone who’s said to be so smart, you’re pretty damn stupid! What the hell is wrong with you? Open your eyes! They’ve moved on! You should to!” Draco yelled, panting.

~The other customers were too involved in their private snogging sessions to notice~

“They’re my friends! You may be great friends with them, but you’ll never replace me! I was their friend, am, and always will be! Whether you like it or not Draco Malfoy!” Hermione yelled, knowing that she was right.

Draco knew she was right to. And he knew she was right to. He looked at the floor and then said softly “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said those things.” Hermione felt her heart jolt up, and feel some compassion. Too bad it was lost the very next second when…

The door opened, and in walked Mr. Johnson! A suspect! ‘Oh no!’ Hermione and Draco both thought that meant…

“Kiss me.” Draco whispered.
“Are you nuts?” Hermione whispered back “Do you really think I will?”

“Fine, I will! The point is, we need to, we don’t have a choice.” Draco said.

“Oh who’s the one who wants to kiss now?” Hermione mocked.

“Funny. Stop it Granger, come on, we could blow our cover.” Draco said sternly.

Hermione looked at him, and realized he was right she nodded, letting him know she understood. She quickly felt his warm arms around her waist, and she brought her hands up to rest on his neck. She could feel his breath on her.

Draco couldn’t help but feel like this was so perfect, she seemed just so fit, as if made in way, that she stayed perfectly in his arms. Both found themselves losing themselves in the others eyes. Hermione was drowning in his gray eyes, and Draco found himself thinking that her eyes were the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen.

Slowly, his face started to come down, never breaking eye contact with her, both of them losing breath already, while forgetting even the suspect, as Draco’s lips came slowly down…

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Chapter 9: Memories
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Chap 9-

Draco’s lips came down on to hers. Gently, and hesitantly. It’s not every day that you kiss your enemy after all. As hips lips met hers, Hermione found that they weren’t rough as she had imagined, but indeed quite soft. But before any emotion was felt from either side—

A loud crash signaled the end of the start of a kiss that could have made history. Their lips had just but touched, and before any thing could have been achieved some one yelled after the loud crash, “That man has some sort of a weapon!”

Hermione and Draco turned quickly to find that the suspect, Davis Johnson, had a man along with him, who happened to be one of the sidekicks, who of course had blown their cover by keeping his gun in full view. Wait, a gun? Both Hermione and Draco thought. That means….

Johnson gave one look at Draco and Hermione as if showing them that he already knew who they were, before he ran for it. In a fit of desperation, both Hermione and Draco ran after him as well.

They ran a couple of blocks before, Hermione stopped them, using magic.
“You know wandless magic?” Draco inquired completely forgetting about Johnson.

“Uh! You idiot! Get them!” Hermione yelled in obvious frustration.

“Oh right, yes!” Draco went to them both tying them both up using magical ropes that would stay still up tp any degree of motion, so long as the One who had conjured them, was strong enough.

“What do you want?” Johnson asked gruffly. “We didn’t do anything, and you were the one who came after us! What did we do?”

“Well holding an unauthorized gun, and running away from two people afraid they might hurt you, kind of, sorta proves as strange.” Hermione said.

“Don’t you talk to me you mudblood!” Johnson yelled at her.

Hermione looked away, as if planning what to say to the evil git next.
“Woah, dude, that doesn’t work with you. Only purebloods say that, you are a freakin’ muggle!” Draco yelled.

“The stupid sidekick here is, not me! I am forever one of the pure blooded, the noble and regal families. The one, who still cares for the one who is truly great, not people who look away.” Johnson said.

“Well, now that we have that established, and we know you are a death-eater, care to share more about your stupid organization? Once and for all, seriously, when will you guys get it? Voldertmort is dead!” Draco yelled.

“You are not fit to say his name! You are a coward! Always had been. Right from the start, Draco-“ Hermione’s eyebrow’s went up as she realized that this man knew Malfoy.

“I don’t know you, you don’t know me. Simple. So don’t say things about me.” Draco said.

“Have you really forgotten? Pity. Stained the Malfoy name, I see. I for one, knew you turn up like this. Didn’t have enough gumption. What plans your poor father had…alas, his own son. Tis a pity one must say.” Johnson said.

“Oh the tasks you were assigned. The people you killed. All of fear though. Truth be told, I had thought there was some talent there, you were cunning, but oh, how scared. People say stories about your ‘Oh so Heroic’ change, but I know that coward or not, deep inside, you stay the same.” Johnson continued,

“The Diary, the wishes you made. The ones that I thought you would fulfill. But no matter, it’s in your blood, it shall rise again. But you were too weak. You still are weak. Not a Malfoy they say, and so they shall say, for it be the truth.”

Hermione looked over at Draco to see him squirming and his fist clenched together. “Stop! Stop it!” Draco shouted.

“Just like your father. Just like him, same face, same looks, same ambition. Power, my boy. You just go about it differently. But mark my words, paths ended up the same, after all even this young lady must know, that coward though you are, July 10th, proved otherwise. June 10th. You remember that, don’t you?” Suddenly, Johnson’s eyes turned and changed colors all at once, and Hermione saw Draco falling, and his grip and strength on the magical ropes falling…

Draco was losing strength, he couldn’t take it anymore. This was not Johnson…it was Hunter, one of his father’s friends. The one who was there, when he told him about his wishes to take over the world. The one who was there, when it happened. June 10th. The day that…his father died.

She tried to run, to stop him, and help Draco, but she found that she was numb and immobile. As hard as she tried, she could do nothing but watch, and see Draco’s agony.

It must have been a spell Johnson had created himself, because Hermione could not find a way out of it. Somehow, it kept her immobile, and forced Draco to remember the night of June 10th.

“STOP! AHHH!” Was all Hermione heard, before she blanked out.
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