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Friends or Foe? by Sunny_Hogwarts

Format: Novella
Chapters: 11
Word Count: 19,863
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language

Genres: Humor, Romance
Characters: Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, Lucius, Pettigrew, OC
Pairings: James/Lily, Remus/OC, Sirius/OC

First Published: 02/11/2006
Last Chapter: 07/13/2007
Last Updated: 07/13/2007


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James didn't look too jokey at the moment. He said gently, "Why dont you like me Lily?" This was the first time he hadn't called me 'sweet' or 'angel'. I thought about it and said truthfully, "Its weird, you know? No one has ever really liked me this much before. Its surprising, I guess. I'm a little afraid really." I shocked myself and James by this confession. Over 8,000 reads! OMG I love you all!

Chapter 1: What is wrong with him?
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Disclaimer: Yeah yeah, I own nothing. Stop rubbing it in. But you'll see... when I take over the world... mwa ha ha ha...

A/N: I believe this is chappie1 of my first fic. Its no biggie, I'm just bored so I decided I would join the HPFF lovers and feel 'in with the crowd' as you could say.
I love HPFF and Greenday.
My friends rock this world (as does Greenday). My 'rents are divorced, my bro is annoying and I hate school heaps, my teacher is cruel and I have a cute Labradore.
Thats basically my life. In one word? Boring.
Read on... Love ya's.

Potter is being so absolutely annoying! Jasmin says that he's just desperately in love with me. He might be but its so irritating! Ok, I'll give you the blow-by-blow.

James: 'Hi Lily my lovely, how are we today?'
Me: 'Good god Potter, get lost!'
James: 'Ok, I s'pose the mood today is grumpy. Let me cheer you up.'

He tried to hug me but I pushed him away. I was about to crack, and kick and scream for hours (very unlike me I know,even I was surprised!) When Remus and Jasmine came into the common room and saved his sorry butt.

"Hey guys, how you Lils?" asked Jasmine, trying to cover up the awkward silence in which James had frozen, his arms still half round me and me pushing him off, completely stiff. We were a little surprised by the two's entrance.
I quickly recovered, resumed my seating and replied coolly, "Fine thanks. What are you guys doing?"

Right then, James, seeing as how I wasn't pushing him off anymore, ended up hugging me which was even more awkward. Especially when Jasmine giggled. I suppose it WAS funny. But still.

I punched him in the arm and he declared, "YES! A punch in the arm ALWAYS means the chick likes you." Remus shook his head, Jasmine laughed again and I was begining to regret sitting anywhere near him. He's so embarrassing. God.

Remus settled himself in the couch and picked up his Transfigaration book and hid himself behind it. Jasmine sat on the other side of me and whispered, "I was with Remus down at the library and it was SO cool. I really like him Lils." I smiled and said quietly, "Good on you Jas, get to know him." Jasmine smiled back and leaned on my shoulder.

Jasmine is the greatest friend. We've been friends since first year. She's very slim, a little on the short side, with long brown hair and bright blue eyes. I, on the other hand, have medium red hair, one of my best qualities I say, (And so does James unfortunately) and pretty green eyes. I'm not that tall, but I'm not as short as Jas with an 'athletic' build.

I'm top of the class while Jas is, well, struggling you might say. So, as a friend would do, I tutor her regularly. Most of the time we're in fits of laughter but sometimes she really does try and concentrate. Anyway, back to the Conversation of Annoyance. (Yeah that's right - its capatilized.)

"Hey Lily, my sweet, check this out!" I heard James say, raising his wand, I glanced at him and he pointed it at the fire, muttered a spell he had obviously made up and suddenly the fire grew larger and larger, it was like a mini fireball and I heard Jas say, "Cool!"

It was cool until, the fireball kind of exploded sending, James, me, Jas and Remus into the wall. I sighed. I knew something would go wrong.

I had Jas's foot in my face, my feet squashed underneath Remus and, much to my dismay but delight of James, James' face in my chest. It was not a good position I recommend. Especially when James said, in a muffled voice, "I like where I'm at, but I guess I should practise it more often."

I shoved him away, pushed Jas to her feet, slid my own pair of feet out from underneath Remus and started to get up myself. You could say I was fuming. Well, I guess I was. I saw James lean down and offer me his hand. It would of been great, if it was someone else, but since it was James, I pushed it away angrily and snarled, "I can get up myself."

James backed off, his hands up in a kind of 'I surrender' position and went and sat back down on the couch, once he uprighted it of course.

I helped Remus up,and noticing that the other Maruders weren't there, said, "Hey, where are the other guys?" to which Remus replied, "Detention. James and I weren't there so this is probably a first where James isn't with Sirius." I nodded and sat back down too.

Jasmine seemed to have enjoyed that little distraction and said, "James, once you've perfected that spell, do it again! It was awesome dude." Jasmine speaks alot of slang. Words like, 'dude' or 'man' or something like that. Its the way of The Jasmine.

James grinned, glad that someone liked his spell and said, "I wish Sirius were here. Its boring when hes not." I rolled my eyes and he added, "Not that your boring Lily, angel, he just likes to make trouble." I sighed again and said, "I know Potter."

At that moment, James' wishes were granted and Sirius stumbled into the common room, followed by Peter.

Peter is a little scrawny kid, no fashion taste, eats SO much cheese and is really annoying. Sirius is kind of like the heart-throb of the school. Or at least he tells himself that every morning. With his shaggy black hair and gorgeous grey eyes, he knows he's handsome. But he will never tie himself down with anyone, he couldn't take the committment.

Anyway, Sirius came in and said angrily, "If it weren't for stupid Wormtail here, we wouldn't have gone to lame-ass detention." I could tell he had already explained this to Peter, as he was more timid then usual. "I didn't mean to! It was an accident," he wailed.

Sirius shook his head and said, "Yeah, accident-prone. Whatever." We looked at them both, utterly confused. Sirius explained, "Wormtail here was fooling about with his wand, when he set Flitwicks robes on fire. We couldn't get away fast enough. Flictwick took fifty points and gave us detention."

James roared with laughter and said, "Classic!" while Remus gave a little smile and went back to his book. I was disgusted. (Even if it was a little funny,) but Peter SERIOUSLY needed help. Jasmine laughed too.

Sirius said, "So what have you peoples been doing since I was gone? And Wormtail too I s'pose." Jasmine went into full detail of what had just happened and while she was doing that, I looked out the window. It was pretty dark and raining.

I got up and went and sat on the window seat. What is up with James Potter? Why does he like me so much? I guess it is pretty sweet, him staying true to me and calling me cute names and stuff. But still. It's JAMES POTTER. The arrogant air-head! Maybe I do like him a little bit. Wait! What was I thinking? NO. No no no no! I couldnt fall for James. I COULDN'T!!

James came up and sat himself beside me. I honestly have no privacy. All well. I sighed once more and, without looking at him, said, "What do you want Ja - Potter? I'm thinking here." James didn't look too jokey at the moment. He said gently, "Why dont you like me Lily?" This was the first time he hadn't called me 'sweet' or 'angel'. It was also the first time he had asked why I didn't like him. It was a confusing question really.

I thought about it for a moment and replied, "I honestly dont know. Maybe I see you as an arrogant air-head?" James smiled slightly and said softly, "Not really the answer I was looking for. I s'pose I am though." I turned and stared at him. Was he really admitting it? Maybe I didn't know James Potter as much as I thought.

James smiled again and said, "C'mon. Why dont you like me? Seriously." I thought about it and said truthfully, "Its weird you know? No one has ever really liked me this much before. Its surprising I guess. I'm a little afraid really." I shocked myself and James by this confession. I wish he wouldn't convince me to blurt things out.

I blushed slightly and whispered, "Goodnight James." And went upstairs to my dormitory. I looked back at him and he was still standing there, a happy grin playing on his lips. "Goodnight," he called back.

See? He's annoying! That was my day. Or night. Whatever. The problem was, I just confessed why I didn't like him! It was irritating by how he made this slip out of my mouth. I dont know how to face him tomorrow. All well. I'm going to bed now.

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Chapter 2: Am I falling for him?
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Disclaimer: Hmmm, chappie 2 has arrived. How nice. I dont own anything apart from the characters I made up. Unfortunately.

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*Sigh* I can't say today went any better really... I was so distracted with James on my mind that I couldn't even remember the answer that McGonagall asked me! I was so embarrassed!

James seemed happy all day and he only smiled and stared at me! Jasmine SO detected something and was on my trail the minute after the lesson. "What is going on with you and James, Lilsa Bilsa?" Lilsa Bilsa was the nickname that Jas used only out of earshot of James.

I blushed, and replied, "Nothing is going on Jassie Wassie." I, too, had a nickname used out of earshot of Remus.

Jas raised her eyebrows at me. I sighed and said quietly, "I just said to him that it scared me that someone liked me. Oh, and I called him James for the first time to his face." Jas' mouth dropped open. "You said that?!?" she squealed. I slapped my hand over her mouth."Shhhhhh. God Radio Jas."

James walked by and winked at me. I smiled back nervously and quickly turned to Jas, "Do not say a word or I will kill you." Jas's eyes widened, she knew I was serious. "Ok," she whispered through my fingers. I removed my hand and we linked arms, ready to go to our next lesson.

During Potions, Remus quietly slipped Jas a note. Her face broke out in a grin as she read it greedily, then passed it to me with glee. I read it in a whisper,

"Dear Jasmine,

Meet me at the library at 4:00pm,
I know you have a free period. Talk to you soon.


I smiled too and hugged Jas joyfully. It looked like her face was about to break from smiling - she was so happy! Remus smiled to himself and got on with his work. Jas, of course, couldn't concentrate and would not stop smiling. It was so cute.

At dinner in the Great Hall, James came and sat next to me. I automatically put on my feeling of disgust but it didn't work!

Was I falling for him? Oh no! Maybe I am... would it really be that bad? I guess I should let Time do its thing. *sigh* Time really sucks.

"What's up, Lilsa Bilsa?" he asked. I was shocked. How could he know my secret nickname? I thought about it and it came to me in one word.


"Um, nothing. Just dont say that name... ever. Please?" I answered finally. James gave me a little smile and nodded. I let out the gust of air I was holding the entire time. I will get revenge.

I saw Jasmine coming into the Hall with Remus, chatting away happily. I grinned cheekily and called out, "Jassie Wassie! Over here Jassie Wassie!" Jasmine looked in my direction and blushed the deepest shade of red I had ever seen. Then she gave me the evil eye.

James laughed for about ten minutes and then started choking on his potatoes until Sirius gave him a few thuds on the back. James grinned, his eyes watering and said to Sirius, "Thanks mate, but did you have to hit me so hard?"

Sirius nodded, grinned, and went back to scoffing his dinner down like a dog. I had never seen someone eat so fast, I stared. What is up with him eating like that? It was a fascinating (and disgusting) sight really.

Jasmine came and sat down next to me saying savagely, "What was up with that? Why did you embarrass me so badly?" I looked at her and replied, "Well, you see Jas, James Potter here overheard you calling me Lilsa Bilsa and I had to get my revenge." Jas sighed. She knew I wouldn't give up.

I think I've changed slightly. Just enough though. I wasn't that lame goody-goody. I hoped anyway. Back to my story thing.

James looked at Jasmine and said, "What went on with you and Moony, Jassie Wassie?" Jas blushed again and I said, "Yeah, tell us. Or me acutally."

Jasmine smiled and said, "Not much. He asked me if I wanted to go to Hogsmade next weekend." I squealed with delight and said, "Oh My God!!! That is so cute!!!" I gave her a hug and she said in a muffled voice, "Um, thanks. I think."

James laughed slightly and turned back to his dinner. I blushed and said, "Sorry. I was just over reacting." James looked at me and said sarcastically, "No, no, no, its ok. Hehe..." I hit him playfully and helped myself to the roast chicken.

Later, in the common room, I was sitting down, reading over my assignment for McGonagall when Remus and Sirius came over and sat next to me.

I looked up at them and said, "What's up guys? I can't belive you asked Jas out Remus." Remus smiled weakly and said, "Me neither. I shocked myself." I laughed and turned back to my assignment, when Sirius said, "Acutally, Lilsa Bilsa -" I gave him the evil eye but he continued, "We came over here to ask you somthing."

I looked at them, confused. Remus smiled at me reassuringly and Sirius kept talking, "James is going to Hogsmade with me and we thought that you and James should go with Remus and Jasmine." I raised my eyebrows and said, "What about you Sirius? You're not usually a tag-along." Sirius grinned his mischevious grin and replied smartly, "I think I can take a certain someone. So will you go?"

I thought about it for a moment. Then I agreed. "Fine, you win. I'll go. James knows about this right?" Remus and Sirius looked at each other uneasily. I knew the answer. "You havent asked him? Well I'm not going until he knows every detail."

Sirius said confidently, "If your there, he's there. No problem. Now you get up to bed to get your beauty sleep and we'll see you in the morning. James will know every detail, as you describe it." I yawned. I was tired. I sighed and muttered a "See you in the morning" and slipped up to bed.

I wonder whats going to happen tomorrow?

A/N: Goodness me, what will happen? I dont acutally know myself, I just write what pops into my head! Please review! By the way, I dont own the name 'Radio Jas' - "Shhhhhh. God Radio Jas." Its from the Georgia Nicolson Diaries - which is a series of books I SERIOUSLY recommend.

Chapter 3: The Hogsmade Trip
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Disclaimer: why must we have these? We all know that everyone is going to be saying that they dont own HP.But I write one anyway... I have waaaay too much time on my hands.

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Today rocked! Sirius turned up with a girl in my dorm that I was aquainted with quite well. It was Sally.

Sally has long blonde hair, bright blue eyes and fashioable clothes. Nearly every guy has liked her at least twice. But everyone knows she's had a massive crush on Sirius since second year.

Jas wore an ankle-length green skirt, kind of hippyish, with a pale yellow shirt with sequins. She looked great. She had her hair in two braids down her back.

Sally wore short-shorts of pale denim. She had great legs for it too. Her white singlet top matched her white heels. She also had her hair pulled high into a pony on top of her head.

Remus, James and Sirus wore just casual stuff. Jeans and a t-shirt. Nothing fancy really.

I wore my ripped jeans and a black wool jacket, with my purple converse sneakers I had got in the muggle world and just had my hair out. If James was going to like me, he'll have to like me for who I am.

We met them in the Entrance Hall at one o'clock. We all looked at each other. The awkward silence was quite funny really. But I saved myself the embarrassment from bursting into giggles.

Sirius ran his fingers through his hair and said, "Shall we get going then? We cant wait here until Christmas, you know."

We all kind of divided into pairs on the way out. Me with James, Jas with Remus and Sally with Sirius.

James said to me conversationally, "I like what your wearing. I hate try hards." I smiled and replied, "Yeah same here. So what have you been doing lately?"

I scolded at myself in my mind. What kind of a question is that? How lame. James just nodded and said, "Uh, not much. Homework kind of caught up on me again." I murmmered something between 'cool' and 'fab'. So it ended up like, 'cab.' I blushed and James laughed and said, "Is that your new word? I like it. Cab."

I put my hand over my eyes in mock surrender when we saw Lucius with his latest fling, Skanky Mandy as she was known.

"What are you doing Potter? Going out with a mudblood? I cant believe you would sink that low," Malfoy drawled.

James reached into his pocket for his wand but I pushed him through the gates and whispered into his ear, "Forget it, he's not worth it." Then I shot Lucius a dirty look and replied, "Shove off Malfoy.Your latest slut is waiting for you."
Mandy looked offended but Lucius just stalked off with her without another word leaving a distraught looking Mandy behind before she ran to catch up.

James gave me a hi-five and said gleefully, "That was awesome Lils! Or should I say cab? You kicked his ass so bad." Then he took my hand and we ran, to catch up with the others.

James repeated the story again to his friends and I hung back with Jas and Sally. "I heard about what you did Lily, cool stuff." said Sally. I smiled at her and we all entered the Three Broomsticks, the new bar that had opened.

"Six Butterbeers thanks," said Sirius and we went and found ourselves a seat.

I thought it was kinda cheesy, us all sitting with our boy. Well, not ours but whatever. It was a little weird.

Sirius hung his arm around Sally's shoulders casually and winked at James. Sally grinned happily and settled back and rested on his chest. That made it a little awkward. But apparently awkward was todays emotion so we were all used to it by now. Kind of.

The bartender came with our drinks and we thanked him and paid up.

I still didn't know if I liked James or not. Everyone seemed to think I did.

Jas and Sally rushed off to the bathroom and after a silence between me and the guys, I scurried off after them.

In the bathroom, Jas was saying, "This is so cool! I've always wanted to go out with Remus." Sally nodded ethusiastically and said, "Same here! But with Sirius I mean."

Sally applied another layer of mascara while Jas pouted in the mirror and smudged on more lip gloss. Sally said, the mascara stick waving around wildly, "So Lily, are you hot for James or what? You looked like you were loving the presence of him."
I shrugged and said, "Sal, no one wants to be poked with the mascara brush. Please don't kill me." Sally laughed.

Jas said, "Of course she is! I mean, come on, there perfect for each other. You know it Sal." Sally nodded again and dove back for another round of mascara.

I eyed myself in the mirror and rubbed a smudge of eyeliner off my eyelid and replied to them both, "I'm not even going out with him. And I dont know if I like him. Maybe it wont work out." Even as I said that I knew that wouldn't happen. Neither did Sally or Jas.

"Ok, whatever, maybe I do - give me your gloss Jassie." I nicked the lip gloss from her hand and smeared it on my lips.

There, I thought to myself, my lips are utterly kissable. At least that's what it promised on the tube of gloss.

We headed back over to the guys, who stopped their conversation and Sirius said, "Hey girlies, back from the bathroom beauty parlour?" We giggled and sat down again.

James handed me my drink and I took it from him and glugged some down. I wasn't going to be gentle like a princess. If I wanna slurp it down, I will.

James didn't seem to mind though. He looked pretty amused acutally. He sipped his own drink and said casually, "Well, this is cool. Lets do it again next time." We all agreed and went out to walk down the alley and look at the shops.

Outside Flourish and Blotts, we saw Peter with his sister, Amelia. She looked alot like him really. Same scrawny look and mousey hair. You couldn't call her the prettiest girl there is. Quite the opposite acutally.

"Hey guys! What are you people up to?" asked Peter, his eyes widening over Sally, who fluffed up her pony and pouted. "I didn't know you would be coming," he added.

"Change of plans Wormtail." said Remus, "Hey Amelia," he added, trying not to exclude her.

Amelia's eyes bulged and she hid herself behind her brother. She had no idea how to act around boys. That was also a vice that she couldn't get a date. She was way too shy.

We waved and left them there. I was kinda freaked out by Amelias attitude and I could tell the other girls were too. How could she be so shy? It's not like they'll bite your head off or anything!

"Hey guys - " said Sirius, "And girls I mean," he added, we accepted this and he went on, "Whoever reaches the Ice Cream Palour last has to pay!"

We set off at a run with Sirius at the front with Sally, they had their arms around each other, skipping madly. Me and James were runnnig flat out, it seemed like a personal race between the two of us. James reached for my hand, it was like an electric shock running up my spine, I jumped about a mile and blushed. It wasn't that I didn't want him to hold my hand. In fact, I loved it! We kept running.

Remus and Jas ended up coming last, they didn't run, they strolled hand in hand. We smirked at each other and James said, "Nice Moony, except it was a race." Remus smiled and so did Jas. I stuck my tounge out at Jas, playing silly and she wiggled her nose at me. How can she wiggle her nose? I cant!

They paid for the ice-cream and we sat down on the benches, slurping happily on our double-choc-scoops.

James reached for my hand again, like I was hoping he would, except this time I was ready, this time I was expecting it and I didn't jump.

I leaned on his shoulder and I could feel his happiness. He kept on licking his ice-cream, then held it out to me, I was surprised and took a huge bite out of it on purpose and he gasped mockingly before grabbing mine and running down the street. I dashed after him while the others laughed.

Suddenly he stopped and I ran into him, sending the ice-cream flying. "You owe me an ice-cream!" I cried. "You owe me!," he replied, then he added, "You're looking really beautiful, did I fail to mention that?" I blushed and said spontaneously, "Thanks! You look hot too." Oh my god! Did I just say James was hot? Crap! And worse... out loud! But James gave me a smile that made me weak in the knees.

But I was so happy that I had said that. It made me feel more open to him in a way.

I kept that feeling inside me, the whole way back. By the time we got back to our dorms, it was night. I said goodnight to everyone and went upstairs to my dorm room and turned around and called out, "Goodnight James! See you in the morning!" And ran into the room.

It was the best day ever!

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Chapter 4: Maybe I love him - yet maybe I dont
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Do I like James Potter or not? I'm so confused, I dont know how I feel. After saturday, it's all been so confusing!

Okay, so I suppose I'll talk about the eventful day.

There we were all were, dining in the Great Hall monday morning.

Sally was hanging out with us, disscussing our weekend.

"So I said to Sirius, 'is this serious or not? Cause, honey, I need to know' and then he says, 'Babe,its serious. I wouldn't lead you on.' It was sooo cute!" Sally was telling us about her conversation with Sirus last night.

"Yeah? Well get this, Remus kissed me! It was the greatest feeling," Jas exclaimed gleefully.

Yes, it was true. Remus had kissed Jasmine last night. For quite a long time too.

"Lil, just ask James out. You know you love him, its just annoying seeing you longing for him and him for you. Guys love it when the girls make the first move." Jas seems to know everything about love. Just because shes got her first boyfriend.

"Jasmine! Would you stop it? If I want to ask him out I will!" I cried out, frustrated to the point of madness.

Jas got the point and backed off. Only for a moment.

Five minutes later:

"Lily, I'm just saying, but you like him right?" I glared at her furiously and she added quickly, "I'm just saying..." Her voice tralied off into nothing.

At that moment, James came over and slid onto the bench next to me. I held my breath, waiting for him to speak.

All he said was, "What do we have today?" All casual as he grabbed a bread roll and dropped it onto his plate.

I stared at him. How could he forget?

"Potions, transfiguration, charms and care of magical creatures." I replied tartly. Fine, I thought, if he's gonna forget, then so will I.

"Sounds interesting. Not." he said, not seeming to notice my anger. Oh, wait. He's got that smile. He's up to something.

There we go.The grin cant hide for long.
Okay, I get it now, hes teasing me! He's going to ask me something, like take a walk or do something. I bet he will.

.....Wait for it.............

"So do you wanna go for a walk later?"


So predictable.

"Hmmmm," I said smugly. Jasmine nudged me and I glanced at her. Her look clearly stated: 'Say yes, or I will kill you. Say yes. Now.' I sent her a look back, replying: 'He was teasing me before. Now its my turn.'

Jas understood and went back to her conversation with Sally.

"Sure. Why not? I only have a pile of homework waiting for me." I finally answered. James grinned again and gently held my hand under the table.

Yes! He hadn't forgotten.

After breakfast James and I walked out of the Hall and I could feel Jasmines eyes on me as I left.
"So," James said. So many emotions in one word. How awkward.

"Are we gonna talk about saturday? 'Cause I was thinking about it and.. uh.. um.." I said nervously, biting my lip. "Yeah? What did you think about it?" James persisted, eager to hear more.

"I was thinking about what it would be like if we... I dunno, if we went out?" I dared a glimpse at him.

He was smiling. More like grinning like a mad man. Good sign. Phew.

"I was thinking about that too," he replied. He's always thought that. He's liked me for ages. Well, I guess his wish may come true, one day.
I decided to tell him this peice of information.

"You've always thought about that."

"Yeah, and more sometimes," he laughed and I whacked on the arm, quite disgusted but laughing anyway. God he's twisted sometimes.

We sat down beneath the tree that I always thought was romantic. I believed I would get my first kiss there. One day.

"So do you wanna try going out?" he asked.

"Okay... as a test run maybe?" I answered, also in a question.

He looked into my eyes gently and I knew that was a yes.

"I s'pose we'll start now," he said quietly.

'Do I want this? I've always felt disgusted but now, I dont know what I want,' I thought frantically, 'What if it dosen't work? Oh, this is confusing!'
He leaned toward me, yet for some reason, I turned my head away, looking at the castle and biting my lip again. I was going to get a damn hole in it if I keep it up.

"We should get ready for our lessons, they start in -" I glanced at my watch, "Fifteen minutes."

He looked deep into my eyes, serching my feelings. Suddenly, I felt naked. I really did, there is no other way to describe it. As if nothing could protect me. He had gotton past my wall, into my soul. Was this a bad thing?

"I've always wanted this,and now its here, will it work? Do you really want this?" he asked, quiet again.

Oh my god. He would give up his dream of dating me, his whole life's ambition, just if I said so. Oh my god.

I tilted my head, squinting my eyes in the sunlight and whipered, "The truth? I dont know what I want. It seems like I'm under a spell, but a curse at the same time."

He nodded his head slowly, thinking about what I had said.

As if in a movie, we came together and just as our lips were going to meet, the bell sounded through lake and we jumped away, watching everyone gradually gather up their stuff and walk off to class.

It was startling to see everyone, it felt as if James and I were the last two people on the planet. How weird.
Anyway, the moment was ruined. I scolded myself for missing such an opportunity.

I could hear Jas calling my name, wondering where I was. I turned to James and said, "I have to get to class. I'm sorry."

Then I ran towards Jasmine, with Sally at her side. But just before I went through the doors, I glanced back at James.
There he was, standing, watching me leave. I could've burst into tears. It was just like a romance movie. Without the happy ending.

For now.

Chapter 5: The Endless Embarrassment, Pooh Bear pajamas, and The Big Party
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I lay in bed, staring at the ceiling, wondering about him.
James, I mean.

He’s so nice. But his popularity does inflate his head. Why must he be so arrogant? So cute?

So… Incredibly desirable?

Why couldn’t I like someone more… like me? James is the complete opposite of me, how could we ever be together? Wouldn’t Remus be more my type? He’s more… nerdy like me? Quiet? Kind? One of those things at least.

Pat Benetar’s spoken words: Love is a battlefield.

Problem was, I had run out of ammo.

Next morning, I was woken by a loud thump.
‘What in the name of Merlin?’ I thought groggily. I sat up and rubbed my eyes. What time was it? It’s a bloody Saturday!

“LILY!” I heard Jasmine screech. Oh god, what now?
I dashed downstairs, stubbed my toe on the landing and hopped the rest of the way into the common room.

“Jas? What’s wrong?” I cried.




There was James, Remus, Sirius, Peter, Sally and Jas. All staring at me in my pajamas.
Which were Pooh Bear short shorts and singlet.

“Hey Lily! Nice pajamas. What’s with the orange bear?” James asked curiously. I sighed, “Only my favorite cartoon character in the muggle world.” This was embarrassing.
Sirius kept staring at me. He had never seen my thighs before. And he never will. 
Ever again.

Peter’s jaw dropped, Sally gasped and Remus was trying not to smile. What was it now?

“We heard you shouting James' name in your sleep,” Jasmine said brightly, “So I called you to ask what you were dreaming about.” My eyes bulged. I was shouting what?! I felt faint. I collapsed on a couch and sighed again.

“Uh… Lily?” Remus said lightly.
“What now? What could be more embarrassing NOW?” I snapped.
Remus backed away a bit but continued, “That piece of paper stuck to your foot. Why does it say James all over it?” I glanced down at my foot, and there it was. A paper sheet scribbled with his name. I had forgotten all about that. Oops. Oh and goodie... It had love hearts on it as well.

This time, I really did faint. And, boy, was I glad. I didn’t have to see their shoulders shaking with laughter, their faces red, gasping for air and clutching their sides.

When I finally came around, I fell to my knees next to the window and cried, “Why me God? What did I do to deserve this? WHY ME?!” I rubbed my forehead and got up. I was going back to my dorm. So I didn’t have to see them any longer.

By dinnertime, James snuck into my room and sat down on the end of my bed. (Which is strange... how did he get in here? The girl's dorm has that cool slidey thing.)

I pulled the doona off my head and whispered, "Am I cursed? Am I so cruel as to deserve this?”
James chuckled softly and brushed the hair away from my face. “Lily,” he said quietly, “Today just isn’t your day. Tomorrow will be better. I promise.” I snuffled and said, “Promise?” He nodded.

Maybe he was right. He usually is, which is quite annoying.

“Come on Lil. Face the world. Or food at least,” he sang merrily. I know, he SANG. Weird.
“James?” I said. He looked at me and replied, “ Yeees?” I hesitated. Then said,

" You're weird.”

“And The Lily Evans joins us once more from the fiery pits of her dorm!” Sirius cried when I finally entered the Great Hall in my faded, light blue track pants and white singlet. I snuffled again. I must be getting a cold or something.

I sat down and clumsily grabbed a goblet of pumpkin juice. My muscles had tightened up, from not being active all day. I spilled the goblet all over the bench.

“COME ON!” I screamed. I flung down the goblet, where it clanged loudly in the Hall.

Everyone stopped and stared. As usual, everyone stares at the freaky one.

I flicked my shiny red hair from my face and picked up the goblet, dropped it again, tried to pick it up once more, and yet again, it fell to the floor. I screamed again and kicked it furiously. It went sailing through the air, straight in Dumbledore’s soup.

I heard James whisper to Sirius, “Now THAT’S the girl I want. Dude, she’s so hot.”

“Sorry!” I cried to the Headmaster and then I dashed from the Hall, straight back to the common room, up the stairs, and promptly fell face first onto my pillow and shrieked as loud as I possibly could.

I wept tears of frustration, soaking my pillow. This went on for three hours. I would scream and then cry. There was nothing I could do to stop it.

I had had the worst day of my life. The absolute WORST.

And to top it all off, what was going on with James and I? I didn’t know if I even liked him, even though he had come into my dorm to get me to get up. Not like it had made me feel better of course.

Jas and Sally entered the dorm cautiously before making their way towards me.
“Lily? Honey, say something,” Sally whispered. Jasmine curled up on my bed next to me and stroked my hair. “Lil, it’ll be okay. Lets hope tomorrow is better,” she said softly.
Yeah sure, James had already PROMISED me that everything would be okay. But did that turn out right? No, I think not.

“What’s the point? Everything sucks. EVERYTHING. You, me, the boys, school…” I sobbed.
Jas sighed but didn’t say anything. Sally sat down next to Jas and was silent.
Then Jas said, "I know what this is. And so do you." I looked at her quiestioningly.


Thank God I had these girls.

“I’ll be back in two ticks. I know what will make you better,” Sally rushed from the room.
Jas continued to stroke my hair, breathing quietly. Which is extremely loud.

Sally re-entered and I got a HUGE surprise. She had brought all the girls into the dorm to comfort me. How sweet.

“Sweetheart, lighten up. All you gotta do is dance,” murmured Alice, a pretty blonde girl in my year, the girlfriend of Frank Longbottom. She was a brilliant dancer and whenever she was sad, she would do a little dance.

“Yeah Lil, Alice speaks words of wisdom,” giggled Julia Patil, a good Indian friend of mine, with long black hair spun into a gorgeous, shiny plait.

The girls clustered around me. Alice, Julia, Jesse Johnson, Desiree Bell, Sally and Scarlett Brown. I felt so happy with them. I let out a gentle laugh.

“Thanks guys. You’re the best. All of you.”

Sally waved away my thanks and cried out joyously, “Let’s break open the lollies and music!”

She conjured a stereo with huge speakers, a stack of my favorite CD’s (she insisted on using CD’s, ever since I had brought them from home, she had conjured up herself with all the best songs,) bowls of lollies and then, with a flick of her wand, pushed the beds aside for dancing space.

The Weird Sisters voice’s belted out from the stereo. Everyone got in their pajamas and danced around, singing randomly and spontaneously. They dragged me out of bed, grinning maniacally.
I smiled and grabbed a handful of red jellybeans. My favorite.

We danced the night away, just us girls, the music and our friendship pumping, as if to the music itself.

Finally we staggered into bed, at 5:00am.
In the morning, I knew what I had to do. That day at the lake was…surprising, different and plainly scary.

I had to tell James about how I really feel.

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Chapter 6: A day at the lake
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After the party, I was so buggered that I slept all day.
I woke with a start and glanced at the clock. 3.00pm. Great.
“Jas? Are you in here?”
I heard a low grunting from the bed across from mine.

I heard someone open the door slowly, which was annoying as all hell ‘cause it creaks loudly.
‘Ugh. Go away!’ I thought sleepily. ‘It’s probably Sally or someone.’ I heard whispers and laughter. Then, it sounded like two people started walking toward my bed. ‘Who is that?’ I wondered dimly. Meh.

Suddenly, a shrill, high-pitched noise echoed through my head. I shrieked and jerked at the loud noise and flipped off the bed, banging my head painfully on the ground. Then I heard a, ‘Oh shit,’ and scampering out of the room. I picked myself up. “JAMES!” I screamed as I skidded out of the room after the boys.

I dashed down to the common room and saw James and Sirius hiding behind the couch, pale as the Fat Friar. I flicked the sofa away with the end of my wand, glad that I had grabbed it before I sprinted after the guys. They didn’t move. Well, Sirius did. He grabbed the shiny whistle and ran off.

I stared at James thinking, ‘I love this guy? Puh-lease.’ He stared right back, half fighting a grin off his face. “Do I have something on my face?” he said after the silence. I stared at him a little longer before I began to walk away. “Obviously not then,” I heard him mutter.

James got up, “Lily, wait up. I’m sorry okay?” I didn’t even turn around. He grabbed my arm, stopping me in my tracks. “Nick off James,” I snarled, trying to rip my arm away. He held on though and spun me around to face him squarely. “Lily, I’m sorry. It was a dumb joke that wasn’t funny.”

He gave me the Puppy Eyes. How could I of resisted? He gave me a hug and added, "Let’s go for a walk.” And led me out of the Portrait Hole. I noticed that everyone was staring us. ‘It’s probably ‘cause we never hang out,” I thought, still slightly annoyed at James. It wasn’t too bad. That is, until I realized I was still in my Pooh Bear pajamas. Were they out to get me or something?

“Did you even notice that I was in pajamas?” I cried after I had changed into my army pants and red and white polka-dot shirt. “No,” James said simply. Who can argue with that?

We continued our walk, but just before we exited through the doors, Lucius Malfoy and Snape stopped in front of us.

“A Mudblood and a pure blood. How sweet,” Malfoy sneered in that annoying voice of his. Snape sniggered. Well, personally I wouldn’t call it sniggering. More like snorting like a monkey really.

“Bugger off Lucius, who rattled your cage?” someone shouted indignantly from behind. It was Jas and Remus! I guess they wanted a walk too. “Oh Jasmine Louise, why can’t you be normal like the rest of us Malfoys and realize that they’re filth?” Malfoy drawled. Jasmine Louise was Jas’s full name. And by God, she hated it. Also, she was related to the Malfoys. Like second cousins or something. I dunno.
Jas let out a snort of disgust and retorted, "Sorry Lucius Charles, I can’t shove my head that far up my arse.”

Someone else let out a bark of laughter. Now it was Sirius and Sally!

We unite!

The four of them stepped down and stood beside James and I.

“So, Lucius Charles? If I were you I would nick off right now,” Sirius added. “Yeah, and wipe that look off your face, you fag,” James chimed in. That ‘look’ that James had commented on was one of fury. Pure fury.

“They’re dirt! We will always walk on filthy Mudbloods!” Malfoy spat onto the ground and began to stalk away.“Come back here!” We all shouted at once and pulled out our wands.

Malfoy turned around to face us and jumped back. We were so close that our wands were basically up his nose! “Oh, you’ve got you itsy bitsy sticks pointed at me!” he mocked with his hands up.

He attempted to walk off again but we all shouted different curses and hexes at him and Snape.

There was a giant purple explosion and we waved the smoke away, coughing.

Surprisingly, they had turned into slimy tortoises! We all laughed as we watched Malfoy turn his long, scaly neck towards us. What was funny was that it took so long! The six of us walked off, still chortling heartily.

We reached the lake and sat down on the warm banks, with the sun splashing us with its rays.

‘I feel like a swim,’ I thought spontaneously. I swear that it must have shown on my face or something ‘cause then James cried, “Lets go splash around in the water Lily!” And with that, he ripped off his socks and shoes, and then mine. Then he promptly picked me up and slung me over his shoulder like a rag doll.

I screamed and hit his back with the palms of my hands but it was no good.
Sirius quickly followed suit and Sally shrieked with joy. Sirius smacked her bum and winked at James.

Jasmine and Remus sat there awkwardly until Jas sighed and grabbed his hand. “Don’t be so boring Remmy!” she said, “Its not like we’ll get in trouble!” Remmy? Where had that come from? They spend too much time together.

James began to wade into the water, with me still over his shoulder. He dropped to his knees so my hands and feet dangled in the water and he cried, “Oh thy God, is thy Lily worthy of going into Thee Holy Water? May her skin be refreshed with the water of the spirits.” Then he lowered me into the water. I laughed, but quickly stopped when the water began surging through my mouth. I have no idea what could have been in there.

I waved my arms in the air and he grabbed them, pulling me up onto my knees beside him.
“Peace?” he said innocently. I scratched my chin before shouting, “Never!” and tackling him into the water. He held onto my though, and I fell onto his chest.
“Well hello there,” he grinned. His grin turned into a soft smile and I returned it. I looked down at his lips…

“BOO!” shouted Sirius, spraying us with water. I screamed so loudly that James had to clap his hands over his ears. “Shit Padfoot! Do you mind?” he cried angrily to Sirius who just laughed and linked his arm around Sally’s waist.
‘That’s another moment gone with no kiss,’ I thought miserably. I sighed and looked over at Jas, who was snogging Remus or ‘Remmy’ as she calls him. She just can’t keep her hands off him. Honestly.

Someone slid their hands over my eyes. I hate this game.
“Hi James.”

James pulled his hands away and when I turned to look at him, he dodged away and this game continued, spinning around and around in circles. I heard him laugh and it made me giggle is well. Then he grabbed my shoulders and I finally got to look around at him. His eyes were twinkling at me in their gorgeous way. I smiled. Then I flung my arms around him and we fell into the water.

Under the water, I opened my eyes and saw him giving me the thumbs up. Then he raised his wand and gave himself the Bubble Head Charm. I did the same. We swam off into the deeper area, where James mouthed, “I love you.”
He entwined his hands in mine and we floated there, staring at each other. It was quite romantic.

Well, until Sirius and Sally swam past, goggling at us, with their eyes open really wide, like dinnerplates. It was so hilarious, that I let out a giggle. Their Bubble Head Charms looked like giant fish bowls.

After we had dried ourselves off, it was about 8.00pm. The stars shone brightly above us. At the doors, Sirius, Sally, Remus and Jasmine walked inside, ready to have dinner. I began to follow, but when I looked around, I saw James standing still, staring moodily and thoughtfully at the grass. “James? You coming?” I asked curiously.

“Come on, let’s go for a walk. By ourselves this time. I... I need to talk to you.” He said. I could smell the delicious scents of dinner, but I turned away from the tasty food and jogged after James, calling, “Where are we going?” Instead of answering, he began to run, sprinting across the grassy field.
I dashed after him.

“James! Please tell me where we’re going, it’s dinner and I’m hungry!”
He just waved his hand to follow me and we kept running. James slowed to a jog so I could catch up to him and once I had, I hung off his arm, panting heavily. Then I looked around.

“James, where are we?”

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Chapter 7: A night of Surprises
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“James? I said where are we?!” my voice was shrill. “Dude, calm down. We’re just near the forest, but around the other way,” James said softly. Okay... he just called me dude.
“Well… dude, what are we doing here?” I asked in a mocking tone. “I just… I want you to…” James struggled with his words, “To know that… I would never keep secrets from you. Do you keep secrets from me?”

“No way, James. I’ll tell you anything,” I told him, smiling cutely.

“What if it was to protect a friend?”

“Well… if it was to protect a friend… then maybe I would keep a secret from you. But I would want to tell you,” I thought about what he said. What was he getting at?

“Okay. I… I just want you to know that some rumors will probably be going around the school… maybe. But only if we’re unlucky. They’ll probably concern us Marauders. I want you to know that they’re all lying. If they say anything I mean,” James said in a stuttering rush.

“What are you talking about?!” I cried.

“I want to tell you Lily, but I cant! I just wanted you to know not to believe them. No matter what, okay?”

“Um… okay, I guess.”

“Thank you. I love you,” he whispered.

I entwined my hand in his, just like when we were in the lake, and whispered back, “I love you too.” He held me in his arms for a long time. Maybe it was because that was the first time I had told him I loved him, and he wanted to remember and treasure that moment… but that would be a little weird.

Suddenly, he perked up his head like a deer and seemed to sniff the air.

“Uh… are you alright? You seem a little… deer-ish.” I asked, concerned for his sanity. He laughed as if he was enjoying an inside joke and I really wanted to be in on it. “No, I just thought I heard something… I have good hearing, see,” he closed the subject. I, for one, certainly couldn’t hear anything, even when I strained my ears.

James held me closer and I put my arms around his neck, while his hands remained on my waist and back. Resting his chin on my head, he continued to glance around the grounds.

I lay against his chest and listened to his heart. Beginning to think back through all the memories of him, he had always acted deer-ish. The way he could hear things I couldn’t and the way he could sense things around him.


“Can I ask you a question?”

“As long as it’s not asking for a gold chariot because, honey, I don’t have that.”

I laughed and laughed and even began to forget what I was going to ask.
Oh right… But what if he’s disgusted with my suspicions? *sigh* Might as well get it over with…
“Are you an animagus?”

This time James was the one who laughed. He continued laughing so much that I considered that maybe he didn’t actually hear what I said. He could have thought I said ‘anal-mas’ for all I know. I couldn’t say animagus anyway.

“How did you know?” he finally chuckled. I was shocked, “I’m right?” James kept laughing as he nodded. “…Woah,” I muttered, “I didn’t think you were that smart.”

James scoffed, “Oh thanks.”

“No, I didn’t mean that. I meant, like, I didn’t think you would have the guts to do it,” I roughly translated what I was thinking. “Hey, you’re talking to James Potter, and you didn’t think I had the guts to do it?” James sputtered, trying to keep his dignity. “I thought you would wuss out. Because you’re a wussie. Wussie, wussie, wussie boy!” I taunted, looking up to face him.
“Hey! No fair! I don’t call you a wussie girl!” James cried.

I giggled and skipped a few steps away, singing, “Wussie boy! Wussie boy! Wussie, wussie, wussie boy!”

“That’s it…” James muttered. He came after me and I screamed with laughter. I continued to run just out of his reach until he tackled me and we landed with a thud onto the grass. “Am I still a wussie now? I just tackled the girl of my dreams,” James said indignantly.

“You’re still a wussie until you kiss me,” I whispered daringly.

At this point, I realized how much I had changed. The Old Me would NEVER have said that. The Old Me would NEVER be with James Potter. The Old Me would NEVER be out alone at night with James Potter. The Old Me would NEVER have James Potter so close to me. The Old Me would NEVER, NEVER, NEVER do what I did next.

My hands reached up on their own accord, brought James’s head down to my level, and kissed him wildly and passionately. James wound his hands through my silky hair gently and brought my head even closer to his. He definitely knew what he was doing.

I rolled over so I was on top of him, still kissing him like crazy. My body, especially my lips, seemed to know what they were doing also. I hadn’t kissed many boys, but even with my short list, this one took the absolute cake, bakery, and even kidnapped the pastry chef and locked him in a jail room.

When we finally broke apart, breathless and giddy, James chuckled softly, “I NEVER saw that coming.”

“Neither did I,” I replied.

“But guess what?” James smirked.
“Oh god… what?”

“You said I was still a wussie until I kissed you. And, I’m afraid, you kissed me. So it seems that I’m still a wussie and I can’t have that,” James was smirking more widely now. My struggling breath caught in my throat, he wants to do that again?

I laughed, “I guess I did. But I’ve hardly got my breath back!”

“Fine… ten second break. But this time – I’m in control. That means I’m on top.”

That was probably the weirdest thing James had EVER said to me… but I liked it. It left a thrill in my stomach that was already filled with butterflies. Suddenly I wasn’t hungry for food anymore… I was hungry for his kiss.

“Have you ever experienced this before?” he asked me tentatively. “No,” I said honestly, “Never in my whole life.”

After another blissful, amazing, passionate kiss, we lay side by side and looked at the stars. “Can you tell me something else?” I asked quietly. “Sure,” James whispered.

“What secret are you keeping for your friend?”

I could tell that James regretted his response, “I told you I can’t. You wouldn’t tell me a secret about one of your friends… especially if it was important… scary to some.” I thought for a moment, “Hmm…. I don’t know about that…”

“Okay, what’s your scary secret about your friend?” James asked teasingly.
“Jas has webbed toes.”


It was true… she really did. It wasn’t THAT obvious… just if you take a close-ish sort of look. No wonder she had dashed into the water when we were at the lake. I was sworn to secrecy when I found out – and I hadn’t told ANYONE since just then… so James better tell me his friend secret.

“Sirius keeps a photo of himself in his pocket.”

“Wow. That is scary.”

“Your turn, Lily.”

“Sally wears an inch of make up… she doesn’t really look as pretty as she appears.”

“Oh my god! Are you serious?”

“Yep. It take she an hour every morning to apply it all.”

“That’s weird… don’t tell Sirius.”

“I don’t think I will. For one, Sally would kill me.”

“And two,” James cut in, “Sirius would kill me.”

“Because he could.”

“Oh, honestly.”

I propped myself on my elbow and turned to James, “What about Remus? He can’t be Mr. Perfect! I would have to tell him about Jas’s toes… then his flaw would be a webbed-toed girlfriend.” James laughed, “Don’t worry, Remus has a flaw.”
“Oh, do tell.”

“I… I cant.”

I stared at him in disbelief, “What?” James grimaced, “It’s a long story… I really cant.” I kept staring at him, “I told you about Jas’s webbed toes!” Silence draped over us… and it was strange. It wasn’t awkward or uncomfortable, it wasn’t loving or passionate… it was just that. Silence.
“That sucks.”

“I’m sorry, Lily!”

“What if I guess?”


“Even if I guess right?”


“Was that a yes meaning ‘if you guess right, yes I will tell you you’re right’?”



James stood up and reached for my hand. I hauled myself up and leaned against him, “Explain.” I whispered. “Well… to put it plainly – Remus has it tough.”

“That’s plain… but not specific,” I pointed out. James smiled and drew me close, “I love you.” His smile made me weak in the knees and clouded my mind. “I love you too…” I sputtered softly. If you can do that… sputter softly, I mean.

“Let’s go inside… I bet the Great Hall is already empty…” James said. “I’m not hungry,” I mumbled, “Just tired.”

James held my small hand in his and led me up to the Gryffindor dorms. It was completely deserted. At the foot of the stairs to the girl’s dorm, James kissed my forehead, “Goodnight Lily Angel. I love you.”

“See? NOW is the time for nicknames. Not when we’re not even friends,” I accused sleepily.

James chuckled, kissed me once more and sent me off to bed. I watched him climb his own flight of stairs before disappearing into his dorm.

I sank onto my bed and as soon as my head hit the pillow, I feel into a sleep filled with dreams involving James, kissing, and stars.

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Chapter 8: Everyone is going bonkers!
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"Wait, wait, wait, wait... so he said that?! He actually said, 'Fine… ten second break. But this time – I’m in control. That means I’m on top' ?!?! That's so... James like! But still not. Like... since when would he say that to you? Well, I mean, usually he would... but not since you guys were 'going out'... but not actually going out."

"Shut up Jas."

"Well, I just mean..." Jas's voice trailed away.

"You dont mean anything."

"Yes I do, Ms. Huffy Knickers," Jas stated before tucking into her toast.

"Jasmine Louise! Who are you calling Ms. Huffy Knickers?" I said indignantly. Jas just pointed at me with her mouth full.

When I had woken up this morning, I filled Jas in about what happened. I dont know what she was expecting - probably something to talk about with Sally. I think she was a little disappointed. I sure wasn't!

At that moment, I spotted James strutting into the Great Hall. Yeah, that's right... strutting. You'd think he'd have something better to do than strut - but I'm sorry to disappoint you. Walking around like he owns the place... everyday he does this.


But I love it.

James sat himself beside me and planted a big kiss on my cheek. In front of everyone! It went deadly silent and James said, with a big smirk, "What? Jealous?" I felt my cheeks flush bright red and looked up to see what everyone's expression was.

They all started cheering.

Oh god.

Sirius plonked himself next to James and slapped him on the back, "All that work paid off, didn't it Prongs?" James grinned and replied, "Work? What work? It was The Charm, my friend... The Charm."

What is he on about?

Remus sat down next to me and smirked in an unusual-Remus-way, "Lily. I think we need you to be checked into St. Mungo's."

"Why's that, Remus?"

"You're in love with a Marauder."

I laughed, "And you've booked Jas an appointment, I suppose?" Remus nodded with a completely serious face, which made me laugh harder. "And I've booked one for Sally as well. Sirius is too lazy to do it himself," he added.

"What are you saying about me?" Sally asked as she arrived. Taking her place next to Sirius, she looked down the table to Remus, "What about St. Mungo's?"

Remus put on an innocent face, "Nothing. Nothing at all. Hey, look at the time!" He smacked the side of his head, "If we keep up this chitter chatter - we'll be late for class!"

Jas, James, Sirius and I laughed before finishing off breakfast.

Trailing down the dungeons to Potions, I noticed how many people kept grinning at me. Had all of Hogwarts gone bonkers?

I gripped Jas's arm, "Jassie, why are they all grinning at me?"

"Well... erm, I mean... They found out that... erm... that you guys kissed."


"Well... it's just... you know..."

"Oh God Jas. Thanks for that."

"Well, one of the Ravenclaw's overheard me telling Julia Patil, so you know what they're like..."

"No, Jas. I dont know what they're like."

"You know... she went off and told more people and then... it spread around."

Why is Jas being so nervous and weird today? She can't seem to say one sentence without stuttering or something. I looked at Remus - but he was being completely normal. Sure, he was a bit pale... But nothing else. If anything, he looked relieved.

After Potions, I met up with James for Transfiguration. He held my hand and kissed me on the forehead. More people cheered as they walked past. I even heard one of the fourth years say, "Oh FINALLY!"

"Hey, James?"

"Yes, my sweet?"

"Do you know why Jas is acting all weird?"

"Erm... no."

I raised my eyebrows, "Oh okay... And is Remus feeling ill? He seems really pale." James just shrugged his shoulders before leading me into the classroom.

During Lunch, Sally linked her arms in mine, "Tell me all the goss, babe. Are you going out with James yet?" I didn't say anything for a while. Shrugging, I muttered, "Who knows? I think so... What does James think? We haven't really talked about it much..."

Sally smiled and a passing boy walked into a suit of armour, "Well, as a fact, I have been talking to James. He thinks you are."

"Then I guess we are," I said, grinning. I felt like dancing and waving my arms around, while cheering madly with the other Hogwarts students. Just then, a bunch of third year boys came up to me and slapped me on the back, "Rightio, mate," they said.


"I am seriously fearing for everyone's sanity," I whispered to Sally. She laughed, "Well, everyone knows that Dumbledore is off his rocker, so maybe its spreading."

Half way through our break, I saw James talking to Remus quickly and quietly. Remus threw his hands up and I heard him cry, "It was my choice!" before James shushed him. After their heated little argument, they admitted defeat and gave each other a 'manly-hug'.

I noticed that Jas had seen it too, and she seemed even more feverish.

"Jassie Boo Bear?"

Jas snorted, "Nice name. What's up?" She said this calmly, but her eyes kept darting towards the Marauders. "Are you alright?" I asked. She nodded, but didn't continue the conversation. She dived into her school bag and grabbed a book before hiding her face behind it.

Taking the book from her hands I had another go, "Jas, you don't even LIKE reading."

"Maybe I've taken it up. R... Remus has been tutoring me for a bit. You know... to give you a bit of a break."

Sighing, I handed her book back and looked up to see James walking towards me. He smiled and sat down beside me. "How are you, angel?" He asked, kissing my temple. Leaning on his shoulder I replied, "Good. Good as... gold."


"I dunno."

James laughed, "You're a funny one." I blushed and pushed back some hair behind my ear that was dangling loose. "Why to people keep grinning at me?" I asked to change the subject. James laughed again, "Because they all know."

"About what?"

"How daft are you?"

"Alot when it comes to this."

"About us going out."

"Oh, so we're going out?"

"In a twisted way, yes," He looked me in the eyes, "Why?" I shrugged, "I dunno. We just haven't talked about it that much... But yeah, we are going out. Cool, hey?" James nodded.

A fifth year boy jogged past and snapped a photo of James and I with his wizard camera, "All right! Now I get five galleons!"

"What for?" I asked. "For getting a photo of the long awaited couple," he replied simply before running off to his friends shouting, "I got it! I got it!"

I heard Sirius bark with laughter before he came and sat down next to Sally. "Remus had to go to the library," he informed Jas with a wink. She smiled shyly but quickly got up and scuttled away to the library. "See you at our next class, guys," She called behind her shoulder.

I turned towards everyone, "Did you know... that it's nearly Christmas?" I clapped my hands, and my eyes were wide with delight. I love Christmas. Always have. Always will.

Sally gasped, "Oooohh yes! How exciting! And after Christmas is the New Years Ball!"

"Yay! Snogging!" Sirius pumped his fist into the air. Sally slapped him on the arm, giggling. Pulling her into his arms, Sirius kissed her on the mouth.

She giggled again and whispered to him, "I love you."

I looked away and pretended not to hear. I didn't want to be eavesdropping. But I wasn't... Sally whisperes really loud!

"What do you want for Christmas?" James asked me. I looked up at him, smiling, "I don't know. You don't have to get me anything!" But James just held up his hand, "No. Presents. I got you presents before."

I thought back to fifth year, when James got me a singing sunflower. It sang 'You are my Sunshine' while it danced. It was actually quite scary. Later that day I 'accidentally' dropped it in the common room fireplace. Just remembering it melting, and still singing its song gave me the shivers.

"Yeah... that flower was scary."

James laughed, "Okay, so no more dancing, singing flowers then?"

"You know it."

Hearing the bell, we all trooped off to our next class - Double Charms. It was the one class we all had together. Me, James, Jas, Remus, Sally, Sirius, and Peter. And thank God it was that class. We could all talk and not get in trouble for it!

Finally, all our classes were over and we slumped on the couches in the common room.

"Who's staying for Christmas?" Sirius asked. Jas and I put up our hands. "Well, I'm going to see my folks for two weeks, then I'm coming back here," Sally explained. "What about you?" I asked him. Sirius laughed, "James and I are going back to his house, as usual. God, I'm not going to my home! And then we're coming back here after two weeks for the New Years Ball."

Ah, yes. The New Years Ball. EVERYONE comes to Hogwarts for the Ball, even though it's during the holidays. It's SO fun! Dumbledore hires a band and everyone parties through the night! There's food, music, drinks, entertainment and a reeeaaally big dance floor.

I can't wait!

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Chapter 9: Questions, questions...
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 I tried to prise out of Jas what was wrong, but she never said a word. She insisted she was okay, and I guess I should trust her. But she's just been acting so nervous, what am I to think? 

"Come on man, I'm fine."

 "Jas, I'm not a man. And also, if you're so fine, why have you been so nervous and twitchy lately?" I patted her arm gently. And as I predicted, she flinched. "Well... you know, it's 'that time' and everything so I'm just... not top of the pop's," She insisted. 

"Okay. Only if you're sure."

"I'm sure!" Jas changed the subject quickly, "Holidays! Christmas! New Years Ball! We have to get ready for these events... when's the next trip to Hogsmade?" 

"This Saturday," I informed her, "Only two days away!" 

Sally entered the common room and flopped down beside us, "Oh, you guys are so lucky. I wish I had a free period right now, I just got back from Herbology and its freezing out there." 

"Yeah well, we've been doing homework and stuff so it's not that good," I said. "Ooooh, what are you guys gonna wear for the Ball?" Sally asked, her eyes wide with interest. "I was thinking green... you know, to go with my eyes. What about you?" I replied. 

Sally stood up, "Okay, I was thinking black and short. Like those cute little cocktail dresses in the Muggle world," She measured a few inches above her knee, "And then with a halter neck. Hot or what?" 

"Definitely hot," came a handsome voice from behind Sally. She spun around and threw her hands around the boys neck, "Oh Sirius! Hey!"

I turned to Jas, "What about you?" Jas tapped her chin in thought, "Well... I was thinking pink. Like, pale pink. Kind of long - down a little past my knees - and shimmery. No sleeves... like a boob tube dress."

I nodded enocouragingly, "Sounds great! I might go for the pinchey bit just under my chest and then kind of flowing out to around knee level. Maybe a floral dress... Like, the basic background color green and then some really pretty flowers." Jas nodded with a grin, "We're like... gonna look so... awesome." She waved her hands around, trying to pick out the right words. 

"Awesome for what?" Remus entered the Portrait Hole from behind Sirius. Jas went all nervous again, "Oh... um, for the Ball. Yeah... so, um, yeah." Remus looked concerned, "Jas... if you're not okay with it, it's fine. I've dealt with it before."

Not okay with the Ball? Not okay for what? What is he talking about?

They seemed to be speaking in code. Jas's eyes darted around, "No, it's just... I'm getting used to it. Slowly. Um... yeah. Really. I - I just need time. Okay?" Remus nodded. 

"Where's James?" I asked Remus, trying to change the subject. His piercing gaze met mine and he said, "He has to talk with Flitwick. I dunno what about. He'll be back soon." I nodded and smiled in thanks. 

I looked over at Sirius and Sally who seemed to be slow dancing. Without music. ... Right. I'll take a stab at guessing and suppose that those two are reaaally in love. 

Remus kneeled in front of Jas and said, "Jasmine. Do you want to talk about it?" Jas shook her head and I noticed she had tears in her eyes. What's going on?!

Jas gripped Remus's hand and said softly, "Are you okay?" Remus laughed and kissed her cheek, "Of course I'm okay, sweetie. I've had it for years."  

Had what?! 

But before I could ask, James got back from Flitwick's office and stumbled into the common room. "Urgh! Flitwick is so weird," he cried. I smiled, "What happened?" James waved it away, "Doesn't matter now. You're here, and that's all that matters."

"I was here before you."

"Oh, right. Maybe I should say, 'I'm here and that's all that matters'." 

"That definitely sounds more James-like."

James chuckled and came to sit beside me. 

"So how are you?" he asked, taking my hand in his. I shrugged, "Good. Are you going to come to Hogsmade with me on Saturday?" James grinned and nodded, "I can't wait to see you trying on all those hot dresses." I laughed and kissed him on the cheek, "You're so cute." 

"Not as cute as you."

"Jaaaaames!" I heard a shout from the boys dorm. James cursed, "That's Peter. He's probably stuck again. I told him not to mess with Muggle superglue!" 

Superglue. Typical. 

I watched James climb the stairs to his dorm, then I looked over by the window where a third year had stuck his tongue on the window. Ha ha ha ha ha! His other friend came up and conjured boiling water out of his wand to un-stick it. 

Ouch. That would hurt your tongue. 

"Where was I?" James's voice became silky as he sat back down and slung his arm around my shoulders. I snuggled into him, "You were saying how cute I was." 

"Ah, yes. Of course," James's hand stroked my arm, "You are so cute. The most cutest, most adorable thing I have ever seen. But really, you're very scary." 

I scoffed, "Oh thanks."

"Well you are! All that scary shouting and hex throwing can really scare the shit out of a bloke," he reasoned, "But those days are over now. Well... they're over until you get angry at me again." I grimaced as I thought back to all the years where I screamed at him almost everyday. And hexed, jinxed and cursed him. Once, I transfigured him into a slug and threw him out a window. 

I had to give him credit, he had put up with alot. 

"So am I going to see you during the holidays?" he asked. "Of course! I'm staying here all holidays, and if you're coming for the Ball then you will be," I exclaimed.

 By Saturday, I was up early and getting ready. Shaking Jas and Sally awake I said, "Come on! Hogsmade trip today!" and they jumped out of bed and ran to the showers. I pulled on my light colored, hip hugging jeans and slipped my feet into my flats. 

I yanked my yellow tank top over my head and dried my hair with a wave of my wand. 

"Girls! I'll meet you in the Great Hall, I'm gonna go have breakfast," I called to Jas and Sally. Once I heard them reply, I made a quick stop at the boys dorm and ducked in. 

"James," I whispered. Approaching his bed, I shook him gently, "James, wake up. We have to go to Hogsmade early. It's going to be a long day." 

James opened his eyes blearily before shooting out of bed, "Lily! What are you doing here? I'm... I'm not prepared!"

"Not prepared for what? Do you need to style your hair?" I teased. "Well... no. But how about I need to dress?" he pointed at himself in his boxers. I kissed him on the lips and whispered, "I like you in your boxers. You look hot."

Yet again, this was a moment where I noticed how I changed. Since when do I tell James he looks hot in his boxers?!

Believe it or not... since now. 

He drew me closer and I wrapped my arms around him. It was really romantic until everyone else began waking up. There were many remarks as;

"James scored!"

"Ooo lala, someone's getting it on!"

"Hey, it's Lily! Kissie kissie!" 

In the end, I had to leave because they wouldn't shut up. Boys, honestly. As I went out the door I called to James, "Hurry up and get ready. I'll meet you in the Great Hall." Closing the door behind me, I heard the boys wolf whistling. 

Starting on my second coffee, Jas and Sally turned up looking gorgeous. They honestly take forever to make themselves look pretty. Munching through a piece of toast I saw, James, Sirius and Remus arrive.

Jas gave Remus a nervous peck on the cheek and she whispered, "I love you no matter what."

James sat down beside me and hugged me, before grabbing some toast and shoving a bowl of porridge towards a pale Remus. I leaned towards Remus and said, "Are you all right? You look a little ill." Sirius laughed and I glared at him, "Shut up. He could be sick." 

Remus smiled reassuringly, "No, I'm not sick. It's just cold." He quickly ate the porridge to convince me that he was okay. 

Finally we were all ready to go, just as everyone else was filing into the Great Hall. 

We walked down to the gates together and stopped off at Madam Malkin's first to get our dresses. 'Our' meaning us girls. Though it would be funny to see the guys in a dress!

Browsing through all the different dresses, Sally and Jas found the exact dresses they wanted. After trying them on, Sally got her's hitched up even higher and Jas got her's a little longer. 

They both looked AMAZING, I thought my mouth was going to drop off!

I couldn't find a dress that matched what I wanted, so I chose a green dress with straps, with a silver high-waisted belt. So I still got the pinchey bit I wanted. When I came out of the change room to show everyone, James ran up to me and snogged right there.

"So... You like it?" I asked, breathless after the kiss.

"Damn straight."

James insisted on buying my dress, and he even got it wrapped up in tissue paper. How sweet!

Happy with our choice of dresses, we made our way over to the shoe shop. The boys were a little hesitant about going in, but after a lot of persuasion, they followed us in. Rows and rows of shoes were stacked - I felt like I was in heaven.

I found the perfect silver heels, and a free pair of silver earrings came with them, which was a bonus. Yet again, James bought my items.

Sally bought black peep-toe pumps, and Jas bought white low-heeled shoes.

After everything James had bought me, he still shouted everyone some ice cream. "You are the BEST guy in the world," I told him after he handed me my ice cream. "Is it just because I bought you stuff?" James asked smugly. "Not only that, but you bought ice cream as well!" I joked.

"No, I'm kidding. You're the best because you're you," I whispered, "And I wouldn't have it any other way." 

"I love you," James and I whispered together.    

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Chapter 10: The Kitten and The Ball
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On the first day of the holidays, Jas and I waved Remus, Sirius, James, Peter and Sally off, before retreating back into the toasty warm common room. “It’s weird when it’s just us, isn’t it?” Jas said as she dried her socks by the fire. 

“You mean it’s like it used to be?” 


“What’s wrong with how it used to be? We were happy!” 

“Yeah, but I… aren’t you happi-ER now? I mean… I’m going out with Remus… You’re going out with James… Sally’s going out with Sirius… and Peter is – well, just Peter. But still.”

I pondered for a moment before I replied, “Well… in some ways I’m happier. Like, I’m happy that I’m with James. But I’m unhappy that I don’t get to spend as much time with you. When it was just us, we basically LIVED together. Breathed and ate together. Walked and talked together. Slept and woke together. I don’t mean we slept WITH each other…” I laughed, “I just mean it was always about US. Just me and you. Sometimes I miss that…” 

Jas gave me a cuddle and mumbled, “Sometimes I do too.” Then she perked up, “Okay, let’s make a pact. While we’re here together – it’s gonna be all about US. And us only! We’ll be like we used to be… pedicure’s, gossiping, chocolate feasts… You know, real girl stuff. We’ll celebrate it!” 

So we spat on our hands and shook on it. Gross, I know, but we we’re going to have to do it sooner or later. 

Jas and I were the only girls in our dorm, so we could do whatever we wanted. The first night by ourselves, we gave each other pedicures and conjured up a Muggle record player. After a few rounds of The Beatles, (my favorite Muggle band), we snuck down into the kitchens.

After two weeks of eating chocolate, playing music, staying up late, having mini snow fights and so on, it was nearly time for Sally to come back to school. 

When Sally burst through the Portrait Hole, we all screamed and hugged for a long time. “Remus is coming back before Sirius and James,” Sally told us, laughing as she noticed Jas’s face brightening, “And he brings gifts!” She added.

After only half a week of just us girls, Remus returned. He stumbled into the Portrait Hole, sopping wet from the rain, but smiling. “Jas!” he cried, throwing his bags down. Jas ran into his arms and they had a little moment to themselves in Remus’s dorm. I don’t want to know what they were doing…  



Waking up one morning, I shouted, “Two days ‘til Christmas!” Sally groaned and rolled over, but Jas bounded out of bed and said to me, “The days have sped by, hey?” I nodded before getting out of bed myself.

Jas and I entered the practically empty Great Hall and started on breakfast. There were two first years in Ravenclaw, a fourth year Hufflepuff, and a seventh year Slytherin.  

Dumbledore smiled at us when we entered and called out, “We may be a small group, but at least there are some from each house!” We waved up at him merrily and I called back, “Two days ‘til Christmas!” Dumbledore raised his glass of pumpkin juice at me.

Sally and Remus joined us a little while later, and after breakfast we took a walk around the frozen lake. Jas and Remus held hands as they walked together, which was sweet. Jas didn’t seem so timid now, so whatever it was – it was over now. But I still wonder about what it is…

Grabbing Sally’s arm, I cried out happily, “Oh my God! James and Sirius come back the day after Christmas!” Sally and I did a little happy dance to celebrate.

Finally, it was Christmas Eve. We had just returned from dinner and collapsed on the couches. At ten o’clock, Remus retired to his dorm. “Goodnight guys,” he said, before swiftly kissing Jas’s cheek, whispering something in her ear and going up the stairs.

Sally admitted defeat to her tiredness an hour later, and then Jas.

I sat on an armchair, gazing into the fire, thinking about James. As I remembered the secret about his friend that he couldn’t tell me, I began to piece together all I remember. He couldn’t tell me this ‘secret’, and he also wouldn’t tell me what Remus had that was so tough. Then Remus was looking so pale, and he wouldn’t eat unless I was watching him. He must have told Jas something… something that shook her up.

What day was it when Remus looked ill? Actually… he seemed to be ‘sick’ at least once a month…

Wait a minute… he couldn’t be… could he?

Suddenly I shot up in my chair, gripped the arms of it and shouted, “Oh my God!”



Running up the stairs to the boys’ dorm, I burst through the door and shook Remus awake frantically. Remus’s eyes opened instantly, alert and wary.

“Lily! What’s wrong?” he cried. I panted heavily, trying to think of what to say. “Are… are you… did you tell Jas… that you...” I was starting to sound like Jas, “Are you… a… a w-werewolf?” I said the last word in a whisper.

Remus’s eyes darkened and he said bleakly, “What? Did Jas say something?” 

I stepped back, “No. She didn’t say anything. Are you saying I’m RIGHT?”

Remus looked down at his hands, “I didn’t want you to find out this way. I wanted to tell you myself,” he looked up at me mournfully, “Are you scared of me now? Now that you know I’m this… monster?”

Moving towards him quickly, I put my arms around his shoulders. “Remus,” I said softly, “I could NEVER be afraid of you. And before you get any ideas, I’m not disgusted or disturbed either. You’re my friend. Why didn’t you tell me before?”

Remus buried his head into my shoulder like a little boy and mumbled, “I was too afraid you would hate me.”

Sighing, I took his head in my hands, “I would never react like that. I’m glad I know now… No more secrets, okay?”

He nodded before lying back down, “Well… Christmas joy, hey?” he said, laughing softly. I smiled and whispered, “Goodnight Remus, my furry friend.” Remus gave me a sharp look and I smiled again, but apologetically.

Closing the door quietly, I slipped up into my own dorm, into my own bed.

I can’t believe he never told me. But I can see why Jas was so weird when she found out. He must have told her. Is this the secret James was hiding for his friend? Is this Remus’s flaw? As I rolled over to go to sleep, I thought that Jas should tell Remus about her toes. Maybe that will make Remus feel better.



Waking up with a start, I glanced at my clock. 7.00AM. Good enough.

Shaking Jas and Sally awake, I started tearing open my own presents. I got mince pies and the new Beatles record from Mum and Dad, three new lip glosses in cherry flavor from Sally, a hand knitted rainbow scarf, and black mascara from Jas, a book on Transfiguration from Remus, a subscription to a broomstick magazine (that’ll I’ll never send off) from Sirius and a silver necklace with a small, silver heart on it from James. It had an emerald in the center, and on the back was engraved, ‘Love you forever’.

Tears filled my eyes as I put on the necklace. God, I love that boy.

Throwing my new chunky scarf on, I dashed into Remus’s dorm. He was surrounded by wrapping paper and when he saw me come in, he held up a book on Defense against the Dark Arts and said, “Thanks heaps Lily! It’s just what I needed!” 

I grinned and said, “Yeah, same here! I really needed that book. Merry Christmas!”

As I sifted through his presents, looking at what he had received, Sally and Jas came in. They both hugged me, thanking me for the presents I had given them, and then they hugged Remus too.

Jas kissed Remus on the lips and said softly, “Thank you so much for the ring, Remmy. I love it.”

By lunch time, we were sitting around the lake, when suddenly we saw James and Sirius coming down! We all raced up to them and they cried out, “We decided to come back early!” 

Kissing James on the cheek, I thanked him for the necklace. James grinned, “And I got you an extra present as well!” He held up a basket he had hidden behind his back and handed it to me. Opening the little gate, two golden eyes blinked up at me.

A kitten!

It was all black with little white ears, a white tip on the end of its tail, a little white nose and white rings around its eyes. It was the CUTEST thing I had ever seen in my life! I kissed James again, while cuddling the kitten close. I named it Muffins before putting it back into its cage.

Sally was cooing over the little thing, sticking her finger through the cage and stroking its little white nose. It licked the end of her finger and gnawed on it gently. When it chipped off a bit of her pink nail polish and tasted it on its little tongue, it sneezed and shook its tiny head. We all laughed before trooping back up to the common room together. 

As everyone sat on various couches and armchairs, I sat down on the floor and let Muffins out. Muffins rolled onto his back and I tickled his little tummy, giggling. Muffins meowed at me, before attacking one of the couches.

“Oh yeah,” James remembered, “The shop assistant said that Muffins might be part wild cat, even though it’s small. She said it’ll get bigger in time. So it might attack things… a lot.”


I looked at little Muffins face, and saw how innocent he looked. I couldn’t imagine him much bigger. He was only a little bit larger than my hand!

When Christmas was finally over, James and I sat next to each other on one of the couches, with Muffins chewing his sleeve. James put his free arm around me and brought me close. Looking into the fire, James said softly, “Remus told me that you found out about his furry problem.”

“Yeah… You could have told me, you know.”

“Moony wanted to tell you himself.”

“Is that why you call him Moony?”


“Are you Marauders all animagus? To help Remus?”

“You’re a smart girl.”

I scratched behind Muffin’s ear but he ignored me and continued to eat James’s sleeve. “Hey… I haven’t asked you yet,” James began. “Hmm?” I said. “Will you go to the New Years Ball with me?” he asked graciously. I smiled at him, “Of course.”

“Good, because if you said no, I would have wasted my money on your gorgeous dress if I wasn’t allowed to dance with you while you wore it.”

I laughed before yawning, “Well, I’m off to bed. See you in the morning.” I tried to tug Muffins off James’s sleeve, but he wouldn’t let go. James lifted his arm up, but Muffins was still attached. I giggled and said softly, “Muffins, bad boy, we have to go to bed.”

I held Muffins in my hands and tugged a little harder, but he clung on. Apparently he wasn’t finished eating the cotton. Shaking his arm around, James tried desperately to break free of Muffins hold. In the end, James pulled off his shirt and gave it to Muffins.

Seeing James without a shirt on, I couldn’t help but gasp. He’s just so hot!

Bundling Muffins up, I used James’s shirt as a blanket to wrap him in. Giving James a passionate kiss, I bid him good night and went up to my dorm.

As I slipped into bed, I whispered to Muffins, “God, that boy is incredibly hot.” Muffins patted my nose gently with his paw, before snuggling up next to me and going to sleep.

A few days later, and it was already the night before the Ball.

All the girls had already returned from their holidays, and we were all dithering in front of the mirror. Any pimples? Face clean? Nails done? Toes done? Gorgeous outfit laid out and ready for the next night? Tension, tension.

Ripping open a cucumber face pack my mum had sent me from home, I put it on and placed two cucumber slices over my eyes that I had nicked from the kitchens. Well… obviously not nicked, the house elves just hand it over happily. So I lay down on my bed and tried to relax. 

While all the girls dithered about in the room, Muffins just ran around merrily in circles. Everyone loved Muffins now. They gave him little treats and belly tickles all the time. Spoilt kitty.

The room smelt badly of nail polish for the next hour, but we all dealt with it. The girls had their hair up while they treated their faces with various promising creams, walked on their heels so they didn’t wreck their toenail polish, waved their hands around to dry the polish on their fingers, and conjured up various wizarding things to dry the hair and treat it.

It was pure havoc in the girl’s dorm.

I went through my checklist in my head as I relaxed;

1. Glittery, silver nail polish.

2. Glittery, silver toe polish.

3. Ocean scented body wash.

4. Ocean scented body lotion.

5. Cucumber face pack.

6. Cucumber slices.


Okay, I was good.

I ended up falling asleep with my face pack on, so when I woke up, my face was stiff. I staggered blindly to the bathroom to wash it off. Ahhh, silky smooth face. No spots. All good.


Muffins strolled into the bathroom and attached himself with his tiny claws and teeth to my pajama pants.

Since it was only 6.00AM or so, I decided to go down to the Great Hall for an early breakfast. No one was in there, but there was food on the long tables. This was good because I was still in my pajamas with Muffins attached. I grabbed a piece of toast and went back to my dorm.

Brushing my hair, I pulled on my shorts, (I knew I wasn’t going to go outside, so it was safe), and a white boob tube. It was so toasty in our dorm that I could wear my summer clothes.



Since it was still early, I decided to write a quick letter to mum and dad.

Skimming over everything that was going on at school and about the Ball, I finished the letter, pulled on my cloak and shoes and headed up to the chilly Owlery. Sending off my letter with one of the school owls, I raced back to the common room.

The rest of the day just consulted of sitting around in the warm common room with the others, and playing with Muffins. Even in the few days I had had Muffins, he had grown a bit. He was still small, but obviously growing.

As night fell, excitement rose. The girls were giggly and the boys were playing cool. At last it was time to get dressed, and all the girls walked very quickly to our dorm.

I gripped Jas’s and Sally’s hands excitedly and they grinned. 

Shedding my clothes, I slipped on my dress and did up the high-waist belt. I put on my silver earrings and pulled on my silver heels. Conjuring up various trinkets with a wave of my wand, they began styling my hair, pulling it up high and curling it, then pulling some hair out at the sides and curling that. While they worked away, I brushed my teeth and then I started on my make up. Foundation, powder, blush, curling my eye lashes, applying mascara, sweeping silver eye shadow over my eyelids, smearing on my new cherry lip gloss, and for a finishing touch, dusted silver glitter on my shoulders and cheeks. Then I clipped on my new necklace from James.

I conjured up a tall mirror and looked myself up and down. I looked fabulous! YES!

As the rest of the girls finished, Sally, Jas and I linked arms and went down to the common room. Both of the girls looked SO gorgeous in their dresses.

Meeting up with our boyfriends, James held out his arm, resisting the urge to start kissing me passionately right in front of everyone. I took it (obviously I didn’t take his arm OFF) and together, we went down to the Great Hall.

The tables were gone, and instead there were smaller tables huddled around the edge of the gigantic room. Where the teachers usually sit, it had been replaced by a regular sized stage, and the Weird Sisters were getting ready. The Skeleton Brothers were there as well, which was a band that played slower music.

At 7.00PM, everyone had arrived and Dumbledore stood in front of the magical microphone and said, “Welcome to the New Year Ball! Together, we shall dance, have fun and count down to the New Year!” Everyone started cheering like mad.

As the Weird Sisters started, everyone started shouting and laughing. James got us drinks and said, “Fire whisky all right?” with a cheeky glint in his eye. I nodded, deciding to take a chance. Its not like I’ll get drunk, I told myself.

Everyone started dancing around to the music and as I was showing Jas, Sirius, Sally, Remus and James a dance I had made up, it was like a movie, and everyone was copying and we all did it together. Like the WHOLE school. They were doing my dance! Yay!

By 10.00PM I had had four Fire whisky’s and was starting to feel a little dizzy. God, it was so hot in the Hall.

As I walked past Sirius, I toppled over and he had to catch me. “You all right?” he asked, laughing. I nodded, “Just finding James.” Sirius laughed again and I asked him, “How much Fire whisky have you had, Sirius?” Sirius looked down at his fingers before putting up nine fingers.

“You drunk?” I couldn’t seem to say many words. Sirius shrugged before laughing again and running off.

Suddenly I spotted James and shouted, “James! Hi!” and staggering over to him. Damn heels. Always such a pain. James grinned at me, “You look so hot tonight. You’re like… an angel in a green dress.” I smiled softly and kissed him on the lips.

Jas came skipping up to me and giggled, “Aren’t you just having the BEST time, Lils? Isn’t this awesome?” I grinned and nodded happily.

Sally, Jas and I had a dance together, but after Sally knocked over three chairs, we decided to sit down for a bit. I was pretty sure Sally was drunk. She kept slurring her words and hugging anything that moved.

And I was POSITIVE Sirius was drunk. He just kept laughing and laughing. Then he spotted Sally and snogged her. But it looked really gross because he was still laughing, but I don’t think Sally minded. When they broke apart, I noticed that Sirius had laughed so much while kissing her that snot had flown out of his nose. Disgusting! I quickly zapped it away with my wand.

Remus seemed okay, and so did Jas. I think Jas just had a bit too much sugar, because she was skipping everywhere. As for James… well, I could tell he was drunk, too. Mostly because he was snogging a chair. But hey, maybe he did that all the time.

... Yeah, I was being sarcastic.

At 11.58PM, I was feeling extremely light headed and fuzzy. At this point, both Remus and Jas were drunk too. We all were.

As the count down began, I couldn’t find James. The only person that was with me was Sirius. Sally, Jas and Remus were nowhere to be seen either.

Giddily, I approached Sirius and slurred, “I… I can’t find Jamesssth.” And Sirius laughed again.

’Five, four, three, two…’

As everyone screamed, “One!” Sirius and I grabbed each other and snogged. I don’t know what made me do it… But I did. 

When we broke apart after a minute, we looked at each other awkwardly. Sirius had even stopped laughing.

“I… uh…” I mumbled.

“Yeah… I … erm…” Sirius muttered.

We both ran off in different directions.

When I found James, he was standing next to Jas, not saying anything. “I… hi James,” I said. Jas walked off quickly. I spotted Remus standing with Sally, also looking awkward. What was going on?!

Had we all kissed the wrong person?

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Chapter 11: Bathtub Conversations
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Okay, can I just say that the next morning I had a MAJOR hangover? Waking up with the sunshine stinging my eyes, I was surprised to find myself in the common room with a thumping headache. I didn’t really remember much, except there was this sort of coat of guilt hanging over me.

Rubbing at my eyes groggily, I suddenly sat up dead straight.

Oh God… I had kissed Sirius!  

I jumped to my feet, regretted it as I grabbed my throbbing head, and dashed – no, hobbled – as fast as I could to my dorm in my painful heels. Reaching the staircase, I ripped my shoes off, flung them to the floor and proceeded up to the girls’ bathroom.

Closing the door behind me firmly, I looked at my reflection in disgust.

“What is wrong with you, Lily Evans?” I asked myself out loud, “You look a mess, and…”

You cheated on your boyfriend, I said inwardly.

Scrubbing at my face, I managed to take of the famous Panda Eyes and the rest of my make up. I didn’t look myself today. My eyes were puffy, skin pale and dull, and my hair was a lost cause. I felt like crap. Brushing my teeth thoroughly, I pondered about last night.

I cheated on my boyfriend – what else was there to ponder?
Oh, right, it was his best mate.
Feel that guilt, you stupid girl.

Filling up the bath with hot water, I thought, ‘Poor James. He doesn’t even know that his girlfriend is a whore. Well… at least it wasn’t Snape I kissed or anything…’ I scrunched up my nose at that thought.
With the gigantic bathtub filled with steaming water, I cried, “Stupid girl! You should ruin this sinful dress!” And with that, I jumped in the bath with my dress still on. I know it was a pathetic thing to do, but what else could I do at that moment? I wasn’t going to rip up the dress, and I knew perfectly well that the bath water wouldn’t ruin it so that’s why I did it. I’m not the big rebel I would like to be.

Hearing someone knock at the door, I called, “Come in!” but stayed in the tub. It was kinda fun.
To my surprise, James edged into the steamed up room. He covered his eyes at first, but when he peeked at me and saw me still in my clothing, he dropped his hand and sat on the edge of the bath next to me.

“Lil, what are you doing?” he asked, baffled. I shrugged, not willing to say anything. The guilt was weighing down on me, making it hard to breathe.
“Lily, seriously. Why are you still in your clothes?” he pressed.

I shrugged again, but said, “It’s fun. What else am I going to do, James? I’m turning 17 this year, for god’s sake! I have never sat in a bath with my clothes on before. Isn’t that sad?! All my life and I have never sat in a damn bath with my damn clothes on!” I knew I was rambling, but I couldn’t help myself.

James raised his eyebrows in astonishment and said slowly, “Okaay. Sorry. I didn’t realise that a bath had such an impact on you. Especially with your clothes on.” He picked up a wash cloth and dabbed at my face with it.

Oh God, I wasn’t crying, was I?

I touched my cheeks but felt no tears. James continued to wipe my face with the cloth, lovingly and carefully. I slid down into the bath, feeling my dress pull up, showing my knickers. In my act of guilt, I couldn’t even be bothered to pull my dress down. I knew I was wearing sexy underwear – it was a Ball last night, of course I was going to wear undies like that!

James blushed a tiny bit. I cocked my head to the side and mocked, “What’s this? Blushing? James? Never!” I poked my tongue out while he laughed. “Indeed,” he murmured.

Raising my soaking arms from the bath, I wrapped them around his neck, before wrenching him in to the bath with me. “Woah!” he cried as the water splashed over the sides of the tub. The stupid bath was the size of a small swimming pool, all right? We could both fit perfectly, in case you were thinking that the bath was average sized.

I finally noticed that James was still wearing the clothes he had on from last night. I pulled off his necktie and slung it around my own neck, before kissing him passionately.

After a while, he pulled back, “Hey, what’s all this for, then? Must have been something good!” he laughed. I grimaced inwardly, but said cheerily to him, “Its because I love you!” He suddenly got a weird look on his face, but it was only there momentarily before I got a chance to see what it was.

We sat in the bath together silently, just holding each other. I began to think about what I had said before; I was turning 17 this year. This was my last year at Hogwarts! Well, okay, the school year hadn’t officially started yet but still. What was I going to do after school? I kind of just presumed I’d be a teacher at Hogwarts or a Healer.

Was I going to live back with my parents? What would happen to James and I?

Suddenly, James spoke, “What do you think is going to happen with Voldemort?” I had given no thought at all to this Voldemort person, but all I knew was that he was a guy who went around killing everyone. He gave me the shivers and I didn’t really like talking about it.

But I replied, “I don’t know. I don’t really think about him… he freaks me out a bit. Have there been any big killings lately?”

James looked grave, “Actually, there has. Friends of my parents. And my godmother.”

“… You have a godmother?”

“That’s not the point right now, Lily!” James looked frustrated. He had become stiff. “All of this is happening around us, and what are you doing? You don’t even know about him! What if he attacks at Hogsmade when we’re there? What if you’re hurt? What would I do?”

I was taken aback, he was being really serious.

“I – I don’t know. I’m sorry?” I didn’t know what to say. He was getting really worked up.

“What if you get murdered, Lily?!” He exploded, “What then? Hmm? You’re muggle born and everyone knows that his Death Eaters want to kill all the muggles! What would I do without you?!”

Things were turning scary. “I don’t know James!” I cried, “What do you expect me to say? I’m still a kid – we’re still kids! It’s not our job to fight him!”

James looked stern, “Maybe not this year, but definitely next year. It’s our generation that is going to have to cope with him! Lily, we’re not kids anymore. Voldemort is getting powerful now – tomorrow could be the last!”

“What are you getting at? You want me to mope around and think about how I could die the next day?! Shouldn’t we be focusing on our blessings, our miracles, and our friendships and making them as happy as they can be while we still have the ignorance? What about us? Shouldn’t we be focusing on our relationship, and making it as amazing as we can? It’s just like you said, tomorrow could be the last!” As I finished my speech, a sudden realisation hit me. I was right. I had been so ignorant of this Voldemort guy, so sure that he couldn’t hurt us, so incredibly sure that I didn’t even think about it. I really should be making things as happy as possible!

Well, James didn’t like having his words thrown back at him from a different point. He opened his mouth, but then closed it. Finally he stuttered, “You’re so right. I – I’m sorry. I love you so much.” Before crashing his lips down on mine in one of the most passionate kisses we had shared.

All this talk and kissing still hadn’t taken my mind off Sirius. I had cheated on my boyfriend with Sirius. I’m sure we could claim that we were too drunk to realise what we were doing, but really, the loss of trust would still be there. Not only between James and I, but also between James and Sirius; his best friend.

“James… James, last night…” I couldn’t get the words out. I couldn’t say it. The guilt was too much to express.

Oh, and what about Sally? She’s one of your best friends, Lily! How could you do this to her? You know how much she’s wanted Sirius. You girls have become so close because of the Marauders. It’s so true. If we hadn’t all have been hanging out with our boys, then you would never had hung out with Sally so much and gotten to know how awesome she is! How will she react when she finds out? She’ll be devastated!

Yep, my conscience was kicking in well and truly.

While I was sitting there absolute loathing myself, James had gotten out of the bath and was stripping down to his boxers to dry himself. He rubbed his eyes and ran a hand through his damp hair. I drew in a sharp breath at the sight of him. I was totally intoxicated by him. And I had cheated on him. I am such a bitch. He’s been so sweet to me, even after all these years of me hating him. So pure. Just standing by me. 

“Okay, I snogged Jas at the Ball,” he suddenly blurted.

“You WHAT?!”  

That cheating bastard! How could he do this to me? My own best friend!

Oh… wait… Wow, I’m a total hypocrite.

“Well… I snogged Sirius,” I admitted quietly. A look of shock crossed his face, but then he began to laugh. "What’s so funny?” I demanded, “We’ve both cheated on each other and now you’re laughing about it!”

James continued to laugh, “No, it’s just… Don’t you think it’s funny? I’ve been feeling so guilty, and thinking to myself that you were so pure, just standing by me and by kissing your best friend, you would hate me forever. But you’ve done the same thing, so I guess you’re not so pure after all!”

My jaw dropped. Me? Impure? Excuse me?

I mean… I guess it was kinda true… but still!

Grabbing me by my arms, James heaved me out of the bath. Grumbling, I pulled off my dress so I was just down to my knickers and lacy bra. “Still, can’t believe you cheated on me…” I mumbled. Snatching the towel from his hands, I began to dry myself. Stupid… James. Stupid little James. Saying I was impure. What the hell? I’m incredibly pure!

Okay, Lily shut up. You hypocrite.                           

Wrapping the towel around me, I took James’s hand and led him out of the bathroom. As we reached the stairs, he started shivering, finally realising how could it was. So, without a word, I just sighed, took his hand again, and brought him into my dorm where it was warmer.

Pushing him down onto my bed, I said sternly, “Stay. I’m going to get dressed.”
 “Can’t I come watch?” James whined. I shot him another stern look and he clasped his hands and remained on the bed.

Quickly, I threw on a pair of comfy jeans and a powder blue sweater. Jamming my feet into my fluffy slippers, I made my way back to my bed where James was still sitting, with Muffins curled up in his lap.

Sure, I still felt guilty about last night. I had no idea whether Sirius was going to tell Sally or not. If he does, Sally will be so totally psycho at me. After she chucks a spaz at Sirius of course.

I’ll just have to deal with that when the time comes.

I glanced at my clock next to my bed, which read 6.00AM. Sighing, I sank down next to James on my bed and rested my head on his shoulder. It was going to be a long day.

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