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Follow Your Heart by marygold

Format: Novella
Chapters: 28
Word Count: 37,064

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Mild Language, Scenes of a Sexual Nature

Genres: Drama, Romance, AU
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, McGonagall, Neville, Draco, Ginny, OC
Pairings: Draco/OC

First Published: 02/09/2006
Last Chapter: 07/24/2011
Last Updated: 07/24/2011


Thanks to Fantasy Dreamer for my great banner! Isabella left with her father after her mother's death. Now she's sixteen her father is also gone and she is forced to move back to England. What else will she be forced to change?

Chapter 1: In the end
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Do what you feel in your heart to be right - for you'll be criticized anyway. You'll be damned if you do, and damned if you don't. Eleanor Roosevelt.

Chapter 1

In life some people are fighters and others spectators. I consider myself the latter. I enjoy the comfort of knowing that all’s well. If trouble comes, run the other way. Some people might see it as cowardly, but I see it as surviving. After all, if there was a fire, do you really think they’d run into it?

On the other hand my father, he is a fighter. Life has handed him a thousand lemons, and he has swallowed each and everyone of them. And then, he has gone in search of more. He’s what people would call an optimist, always believing that there is good in people.

How you may ask can we be related? I take after my mother. She was a muggle who became a witch. A good one if you ask me. She died saving me. It was one of those unmentionable, unforgivable spells. The irony in all is that it is so forbidden so banned from our society that whoever performed it, did it in plain daylight and no one did nothing about it.

Ten years have passed since my mother’s death. Ten years have passed since the last time that I had to pack everything and move. But, now I’m doing it once again. Last year, my father being the noble man that he was, went on a quest. What type of quest you may ask? The type from which he didn’t come back.

He went to help a friend in need. But, he got there late, instead of helping he ended up mourning. My father the man who never gave up on humanity, for the first time had felt the rage that came from losing all type of faith. And then, moved by the hatred that had consumed his heart he went after his prey in look for revenge. He followed the Dark Lord and found his death.

And now here I am packing once more everything that I own. I’m supposed to move in with my mother’s best friend. She’s a muggle and knows nothing of this strange world. She thinks I’m enrolled in a boarding school, so I can continue my studies at Beauxbatons Academy. I’ll only have to see her during breaks, and that’s if I choose to leave Beauxbatons.


All my bags are packed and I’m ready to go. Miranda, my dad’s assistant is outside waiting to drive me to the airport. But, I’m not ready to go. I’m not ready to say good-bye to the house that I’ve called home. True, it had been just a summer house, up until my mother’s death. But after it, my dad had moved us here, as far away from Wiltshire as he could.
These four walls had become home. The sea had become a part of my life. So much, that every time that I left for Beauxbaton, I would count the days until I could come back. My home was the small island on the Caribbean, it was no longer London.

I closed my bedroom door for the last time, knowing that I would never come back. I walked down the corridor to the great room. My mother’s picture had been removed. I had asked Miranda to move it back to Wiltshire, something familiar to keep me company if I ever chose to go there.

I looked towards the back lawn, expecting to see Juancho my beagle barking at the surf. But, he too was gone. Him I would see at Hannah’s house. I closed the drapes and made sure that the furniture had been properly covered. I then made my way to the foyer.

“Adios mija’” Antonia the housekeeper said, as she hugged me close.

I managed to keep my tears at bay. Antonia was more like a mother and less a housekeeper.

She then held me at arms length, “You write to me now. Every day.” I could see that she was trying hard to stop her tears.

So I smiled and simply said, “Si.” I then hugged her, hoping she would know how much I would miss her.

Chapter 2: Coming Home
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Chapter 2

After a three hour flight to New York I was ready to at least take a walk around the terminal and stretch my legs. More room in coach, yeah right! Fifteen minutes that was all I had.

“Excuse me, are you traveling to London?” A young man, no older than seventeen, was standing next to me.

I didn’t feel like pleasantries so I nodded, “Yes.” and kept walking.

But, he didn’t seem to take the hint; because he sped up and kept talking. “This your first time?”

I moved my head slowly from side to side, maybe he was slow. “No” I tried to speed up my pace a little. But, he kept up.

He then said, “I’m from England.”

Great! I thought. “So am I.”

“Funny you don’t sound British.” He said

I then stopped; it seemed that there was no way I was getting rid of him. “Funny you don’t look British.” Untrue, but I wanted to be rude.

Still he didn’t take the hint. “I only meant that you don’t have an accent.”

What was he trying to do? Apologizing? God was he a masochist or something of the sort. So I stopped, better be direct. “Look here. I’m not in the mood for socializing. You want to know my story, I’ll tell it briefly. I was born in England, lovely family. Mom died when I was six. I moved to the Caribbean. I’ve been living there for the past ten years. During which time I’ve also been abroad, as a student, in France. My father just died three months ago. And now, I’m traveling back to England where I will stay with my mother’s best friend until I have to go back to school. So, as you can see, right now I would rather hook myself to my Ipod than talk to you. It’s been a pleasure I’m sure.” With that I gave him the rudest cut in my short lived live.

And then I heard him call out. “What’s your name?”

I turned around. He started walking towards me, all dressed in black, my friends would definitely consider him handsome. To bad, he wasn’t my type, being all blonde and all. When he reached me he asked once more, “What’s your name?”

“Bella.” And with that I walked back to the plane. Took my seat and went to sleep.


It’s funny how after the death of someone close people start treating you differently, strange, like if you just might break. Hannah picked me up at the airport. After a very very long and very awkward silence, she told me that she was glad to see me. She hated the circumstances, but she was glad to see me. She had made arrangements so that the old house at Wiltshire would be opened and ready for our arrival. Funny, I thought we would go to her flat.

But, here I was in her car and en route to Wiltshire. Not sure if I was ready to go there. I stared out the window the whole way, trying to see if there was anything I remembered. But no, nothing jugged my memory.

When we got there I saw the old house. I remembered it as imposing, and it still was. Mom always said it was too big, too many rooms, too many dining rooms. “Why do you need four? When one would perfectly do.” She used to say that to Papa all the time. He would just laugh and tell her that it was one of the down falls of having married a Townsend. She would then smile and say that she could live with it. This house had too many memories. Too many stories had unfolded between these four walls.

Hannah pulled into the garage and I got out of the car. I then made my way to the backyard, if it could be called that. There were four gardens, if I remember correctly. One of them my father had labeled it the forbidden garden. Like any five year old on the verge of turning six, that had been my favorite. That, was where I used to go to play with my friend. I would meet him there. We used to play there until our nannies noticed we were missing and would call us back.

I remember one day, he taught me my first spell. It was one his mother used to do, he had seen her do it. She would sit in a chair and start reading a book, then she would say the spell and step up from the chair. When she looked back there was a clone of herself reading, just as she had been. Anyone who came in would think that was she. We started doing it and thus were able to play more.

But then my mother died. That day I remember I wanted so much to come to this garden. I wanted to see him, tell him what had happened. Vent and rage all my anger, until I felt empty. But, it never happened. The next day my father had closed the house and we were moving to the Caribbean.

I opened the gate to the garden. Don’t know if I was expecting him to appear or not. I started to make my way through the maze that was it’s beginning. One left, two rights. Stop at the sun watch and set the dial to five. Then another door would open, and you’d be in the garden.

It was still as I remembered it. Flowers everywhere, a little pond in the middle and to its left a gazebo. How many hours I had spent there? I looked towards the opposite side of which I had entered and made my way over. I remembered my friend telling me that he had to pull on the bird dish. There it was right at my side, it was once, twice and then the door would open. I then stepped through it. I kept on walking. The other side didn’t have a maze instead it had a little bridge. I crossed it and then I saw the gate. A big M rested on its middle. I pushed it once, pushed it twice still it didn’t budge. I then looked towards the house. It was big, bigger than ours. And it looked empty, as if no one was living there, not even the staff. I tried once more to push the gate open, but it was a lost cause. I looked around trying to see if anyone was in sight, but there was no one. So I pulled my wand from my coat, stepped back and “Alohomora” tried to push the gate once more, still it was closed. Whatever had closed it was more powerful than any spell that I knew.

So I walked back to the garden and closed the door. “Colloportus” If magic had sealed the gate, then this door would also be closed by magic. And better yet, “Evanesco” if they couldn’t find it.

Chapter 3: Strangers
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There was a soft knock on the door. It seemed that everyone was still walking on eggshells around me. “Come in.”

The door slowly opened and Lillie walked in. She had been my mother’s lady’s maid, well more a companion than anything; my mother hated having someone wait on her. “Hello Miss! We are really glad to have you back.”

I tried to smile, but it was still hard. “Hi Lillie!” I wished I could say that I was glad to be back, but the truth was that I couldn’t wait to be gone.

Lillie looked around. My bags were still packed. My laptop was lying on my bed. And November Rain, an old Guns n’ Roses song was playing on my Ipod. “Miss you should have unpacked. Would you like me to help you?”

I got up from my bed and turned down the music. “Don’t worry Lillie. Classes start in two days. I’m sure Hannah has already purchased my ticket for tomorrow.”

“So soon you’ll be leaving?” For a moment I truly thought she was disappointed.

“Yes. I have to be at school and all. Purchase books and stuff.” I walked towards my window. That was the only thing that I remembered loving this room for, it’s floor to ceiling windows. I looked once more at the house at the other side of the forbidden garden. Definitely no one was there. “Lillie, what happened next door?”

Lillie paled. “Miss. Lord Malfoy was sent to Azkaban Prison. The boy and his wife disappeared last May. No one has heard of them since.”

I walked back to the window. What could’ve happened? “Lillie, I’m going for a walk.” I walked towards my bags and changed into black pants, a t and tennis shoes. Grabbing my poncho, I checked for my wand… it was there. “Don’t hold dinner.”


I was once more standing in front of the gate. Maybe this time it would work, “Alohomora”. It didn’t open. I stepped farther away, “Alohomora”. I walked to check and still it wouldn’t budge. I kicked it, maybe brute force could open it. Nope.

I stared at the wall that held the gate, it wasn’t that tall. Holding on to a vine I started to climb it. A vine here a root there, slowly I managed to climb it. When I reached the top I sat on the wall looking to the house that had captured my curiosity. And then I saw it, something was moving in one of the downstairs’ windows. I jumped from the wall, amazed at the fact that whoever had closed the gate hadn’t figured out that the wall could be climbed and placed a spell on it too.

The second I hit the ground, I ran towards the line of trees. Whoever it was had its back to me. Hiding from tree to tree I managed to make my way to one of the side doors. “Alohomora”. The door opened.

Walking down the hallway I saw that a light was on; funny how you couldn’t see it from outside. Whoever was in there was now shouting. It was a woman. “I told you not to come back!” A male voice answered, but it was too muffled to be heard. The voices were coming form the library, I started to walk towards them but, something caught my leg. I looked down and nearly screamed my head off. A little man, a little bold man in a ragged shirt was holding on to my leg and not letting go.

His eyes looked at me pleading, I couldn’t understand, I was the one that had been trespassing. “Miss go! Go through the door that you entered! Go and do not come back! It’s for your own good. If the Missis sees you here there will be hell to pay. Go!!!!”

I nodded my head and started walking towards the door when all of the sudden the door to the library was slammed open. I opened a door and hid behind it. The woman stalked past it in quite a fury. But, whoever was with her stopped in front of the door. “She’s too mad to notice you. But, next time you sneak into someone’s house… try to hide your shoe and not leave it’s tip in the corridor.” He then handed me a cloak. “It’s an invisibility cloak. Put it on and follow me, I’ll help you get out. But, be warned if you ever come back… I won’t be so merciful.”

I took the cloak and put it on before stepping out from my hiding place. “Thanks.”

I heard him smirk. “Don’t thank me yet.” I followed him down the corridor. His face was shaded by a hood he was wearing. He was tall and definitely had a cocky, he’s so sure of himself, walk. He stopped in front of the front door. He then whispered, “I’m now going to open this and walk towards the garage. There are some trees behind it that can’t be seen from the house. Make your way to them. Leave the cloak there. You will see a door “Alohomora” should work on it. You will be near the main entrance to the Estate. To the right is the Black’s to the left is the Towsend’s.”

I did as he had said and found myself once again outside. The problem was, now I was even more curious as to what might have happened?


“Where were you young lady?” Hannah, was standing in my bedroom door.

Without even turning to look at her I simply said, “Out.”

I heard her enter my bedroom and hurried to hide my wand in one of my drawers. “What do you want?”

She stopped right behind me, “Perhaps an explanation. A reason for you missing dinner, missing your father’s attorney who came to see you.”

I still wouldn’t turn around. I feigned interest in some old papers that were lying in the drawer I had opened. “What did he want?”

Hannah sighed, she was giving up. “There’s a letter and some papers for you to fill out.”

“Leave them on the bed.” I closed the drawer and saw her leaving. The door was closed.

I walked to my bed and opened the first envelope. It was a letter from my father.

Dear Bella:

If you are reading this, then it means I have left you. Know in your heart that whatever led me to this early departure was nothing of your doing. I love you Bella! You are all I’ve had of your mother for these past years. I am proud of the woman you are becoming. And I know that although you’ve become quite a pessimist you will always do what’s good.
Now, a long time ago your mother decided that Hannah was the one that should watch you if you were to be left alone on this Earth. Although, I have always trusted her judgment, I don’t know if given your special circumstances it would be for the best. So, I have made arrangements with an old friend of mine to step in and take care of your education. She will be arriving tomorrow. Another envelope must have accompanied this letter. Read it! Don’t close your mind to it. The change has already been made, and going back is not an option.
Bella please be good. Make us proud, as you have done in the past!

Your loving father.

By now tears were falling down my cheeks. “What did you do Papa?” I took the other envelope and ripped it open. “NO!!!”

“Don’t scream. It honestly can’t be that bad.” A voice was coming from my closet.

“Accio” My wand was now in my hand and pointed towards the closet. “Come out now and I won’t harm you!”

I could clearly hear a chuckle. “So that’s how you repay a favor?” A person dressed in black stepped out of my closet. “Relax. I won’t harm you.”

It was my turn to chuckle, “Of course you won’t… Come further out.” The person took two more steps forward. “Who are you?”

“A friend.” He said and walked towards the desk. “Ok if I sit?”

I shrugged, “I don’t see why you would want to. Since, you are already leaving and all.”

He shook his head, “Not until you tell me what made you scream.”

I smirked, “What if I don’t want to tell you?”

He smiled sarcastically, “Then I guess I’ll be sitting here all night.”

I sat back on my bed and stared at him. He stared back.

“Take that hood off.” I said.

He smirked, “If you take your shirt off.”

Gasping I replied, “You’re an ass.”

He chuckled, “Thank you.”

We then stayed in silence once more.

But, I’ve never been one to appreciate a long silence. “You’re not leaving, are you?”

He shook his head no. “I want to know what made you scream.”

I looked at him closer. “Then you’ll leave?”

He nodded yes.

I waved the envelope’s contents for him to see. “It’s acceptance papers.”

“For?” He pressed on.

“School.” The conversation had turned into monosyllables.


I looked at him once more, could I really tell him, or would I have to do a memory spell afterwards. I took the chance. “Hogwarts”

He scoffed, “What year?”

“Seventh” I bit my lower lip, nasty habit I have. “Why?”

He shrugged, “No reason. But, you’re too late. They don’t take seventh year students.”

It was my turn to shrug, “I’d be a transfer. I’ve been studying at Beauxbatons.”


I sighed, “My father knew someone. And look…” I reached towards him handing him the acceptance letter. “I’m already in.”

He took the letter and read it. “Then I guess this means congratulations are in order.”

I smiled, “Only if I really wanted to go there.”

“Why wouldn’t you? It’s far better than Beauxbatons.” He sounded offended.

“No way.”

He tilted his head to one side, “How can you say that when we beat you at the Tri Wizard Challenge!”

So that was why, “You go there?”

He shook his head. “No, used to. I have to go. Good luck with the placement!”

I stopped him before he could get out, “Why? What placement?”

I could see a small smile under the hood. “They place students into one of four houses; depends on their character. With your attitude, you’d probably make Slytherin. But your mother was a muggle, so that might land you in another household.”

Before I let him go I had to ask, “Slytherin, is that good?”

He sighed, “Used to be.” He then walked towards the door and started putting his cloak back on. “Your father is right. Don’t trust that Hannah too much, something doesn’t seem right with her.”

And with that he left.

I walked back to my bed and started to look through the papers. And he thought I wouldn’t make Slytherin, ha? Let’s see what happens.

Hope you liked it! This is my second attempt at fanfic soooo feed back about everything is greatly appreciated. Honestly, I'm worried about the characters, I had't tried using main characters cause I was scared of tampering way to much... and in this story I have to admit that I'm having fun playing a different angle, but still I want it to be believable, so please tell me what you think?

By the way, I just posted up to chapter 9 so... updates are on the way!!!

Chapter 4: Hello Hogwarts
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I’ve been up for two hours half expecting the stranger to appear again. Half wanting and half not. There was a knock on my door. “Miss the taxi is here.”

I opened the door and saw Lillie. “Lillie, please tell Maurice to load my bags on to my father’s Range Rover. Car’s are allowed at school, so I’ll be taking it with me.”

Lillie looked confused. “But, Miss, since your late father’s friend couldn’t make it, a young lady was sent to accompany you. And Lady Hannah…”

I nodded in acknowledgement and to cut her off, “Please take her to the drawing room and send the taxi away. I will be down shortly.” Lady Hannah? What the hell was wrong with her? And what had mom been thinking to choose her?

I walked back to the window and looked once again towards the house that lay beyond the garden. Placing my hand on the window I smiled, “Good bye friend!”


As I entered the drawing room, the first thing I noticed was a petite brunette, curly hair and a slight look of annoyance. Better start making friends Bella.

Placing my best smile on my face I walked towards her, “Hi! I’m Isabella Towsend”

The girl smiled back, “Hermoinie Granger.”

I showed her to one of the chairs and motioned for her to sit. “I’m sorry to have taken so long. I just got here yesterday and well I was planning on attending Beauxbatons Academy and well… now I’m going to Hogwarts. Guess you could say I’m rolling with the punches here.”

Hermoine smiled, “Don’t worry, that’s all right. Prof. McGonagall explained everything to me. But, she didn’t tell me you had a car.”

I had to smile at her, she was really nice, “Honestly I wasn’t planning on taking it until this morning. I don’t know why, but something made me change my mind.”

Hermoine smiled, “It’s always a woman’s prerogative to change her mind.”

I had to laugh, “Most certainly is. Are you ready to go then?”

Hemoine nodded, “But I was wondering if perhaps we could make a stop at the Train Station. I was supposed to meet up with some friends…”

I shrugged off her worry. “No problem. And if they fit in the Rover with us, they are more than welcomed.”

With that they both grabbed their purses and made their way outside. But, on their way to the entrance Hannah stopped them. “You were not planning on saying good bye dear.”

I had to roll my eyes, sorry but it was impossible to help it. “Since you car was gone I thought you were out.”

Hannah smiled, “I had it sent to the other garage. Since you father’s car was here and seems more at place in the neighborhood, I was planning on using it.”

I had to smile at her intention, “It’s already been packed. I’m taking it to school with me.”

Hannah looked as if she had been sucker punched, “But, Bella you don’t need a car and well I had planned…”

This was getting far too long, “And I was planning on having my father come to graduation. It’s his car and it’s coming with me. Good bye Hannah!” With that I turned to Hermoine and motioned for her to follow me.

And once outside the mood completely changed, for poor Maurice was running after Juancho, who was running after a cat. “You have a cat?” Hermoine nodded, “You have a dog?” It was my turn to nod. And then we both started laughing.


As I pulled to the train station Hermoine took out her mobile and called her friend. “He says his waiting for us by the entrance.” She then pointed out a red haired boy and a red haired girl.

The boy was the first one to walk towards the Rover, with the girl trailing close behind him. He went straight to Hermoine and gave her a kiss. I looked at the red haired girl, “It disgusting when it’s your brother.”

Laughing I answered, “Wouldn’t know. I’m an only child.”

The girl smiled, “Hi! I’m Ginny and you can have one of mine. I have way too many.”

Smiling back I answered, “I’m Bella and don’t worry I’ quite happy being an only child.”

The girl got into the front seat of the Rover. “Better if I seat up front with you. It’ll be easier to ignore them.”

“Heard that Ginny!” The boy said as he and Hermoine got into the Rover, “Hi! I’m Ron.”

I smiled at him “Hi Ron! I’m Bella.”

And then a loud grunt was heard. We all looked towards the back of the Rover an saw that a blanket was moving, Hermoine and Ron had their wands ready at hand, and then… Juancho popped his little head out from under it and started licking Ron’s face.

Hermoine laughed at Juancho’s full tongue attack on her boyfriend, “I thought he was in his cage.”

“Thought so too.” I replied as I turned around, “Juancho, back in your cage. Now!”

Juancho stopped licking and got back in his cage, Ron locked it. And so we were off to Hogwarts.


The journey had gone well. Ron and Hermoine did most of the talking, but it was good. They practically told me everything I needed to know about Hogwarts.

Once there, Hagrid, a really kind looking giant, helped me store the Rover in a student parking space. He then took me on my first official tour of the grounds, telling me the story of each and every creature that crossed our path. By the time we made it to MacGonagall’s it was already close to dinner time.

“Hello Isabella!” MacGonagall, head mistress at Hogwarts, had been my father’s classmate and my mother’s teacher. “Welcome to Hogwarts! I honestly do hope that you like it here dear. I’m really sorry for the loss of your father. He was a great man and a great friend. I have no intention of replacing him, but know that if you ever need a guiding hand I’ll be here.”

“Thank you!” Every story Dad had made about her kindness seemed true. At last, things seemed to be settling down. She reached for a hat, a very old hat.

“Dear, this is the sorting hat. It will decide, based on your character to what house you belong.” So this was the sorting that the stranger had talked about. Well lets see, lets get Slytherin and prove him wrong!

“I’m sorry my dear. But, far too kind your heart is. You’ll be ill fitted there. So… Gryffindor it will be.”

Ok so he was right! I hadn’t made Slytherin.

Chapter 5: A Stranger in Gryffindor
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Prof. McGonagall walked me towards Gryffindor, all the while telling me stories about my father’s days at Gryffindor, seemed he had been some sort of a legend there. We stopped in front of a portrait of a lady, who insisited she should sing to us. But, Prof. McGonagall told her that dinner time was close and I still had to change. So the lady relented and opened the door.

We then walked into a common room, it was decorated in the house’s colors with two large sofas a couple of round tables and a fireplace. There were two staircases at opposing sides. Prof. McGonagall started climbing one and motioned for me to follow her. “My dear, this is your bed room. You will be rooming with Hermoine Granger and Ginny Weasley, I believe you’ve already met both of them.” I nodded in response. “Good, then. I shall leave you to change into your robes. Dinner is served in twenty minutes; you should join your classmates then.”

I nodded, “Thank you Professor.” Prof. McGonagall smiled at me and exited the room.

No sooner had she left that I noticed Juancho’s cage had been opened again. “Damn it Juancho where are you, you silly pup?”

“You should teach him better manners.” A voice said from my bed. He then took of his cloak, but his face stayed hidden under his hood. “What the hell are you doing here? Are you trying to get me in trouble?”

He shook his head, “No one noticed me. And getting back to your pup, he’s as ungrateful as you.” Juancho then started licking his face, “Ok, so maybe his a little bit more grateful.”

I rolled my eyes at him. “You should get out. You’re going to get me into a lot of trouble.”

He was still sitting on my bed. “Bella I need your help?”

I stared at him incredulously, “And I need you to get out! I have to change!”

A smile crossed his face, “To change into your robes you have to take off your shirt, and well then I can take off this hood and we can both be happy.”

I had to laugh at his persistence, “I’m not that desperate buddy.” Since it seemed that he was not leaving, “Turn around.” He did, and then I started to change. “What is it that you need my help with?”

“I need a piece of something belonging either to Vincent Crabbe or Gregory Goyle.” He said as he played with Juancho. “They’re both Slytherin”, he added.

I had finished putting on my robes so I turned around and was happy to see he had kept his back to me all this time. “You can turn around now. Why do you need them?”

He turned around and took in my appearance, “You would’ve looked better in Slythering colors, but well” he then trailed off.

So I asked again, “Why do you need them?”

“I’ll tell you later.” He answered.

Oh no! “Look, if I’m going to help you, then you better answer some basic questions.”

He seemed to be considering his options. “All right, what do you want to know?”

I sat down on my bed, opposite side to his, “What’s you name?”

He looked don as he said, “If I tell you, you can’t tell anyone that we have spoken or that I’m here.”

I nodded and so he answered, “Draco. Draco Malfoy.”

Ok, so his name was Draco. Next question, “Why can’t people know that you’re here?”

He shrugged, “Long story. And there are a few things I need to clear before I can tell you. Just know, that what happened has more to it than what people tell.”

I should press him to tell me more, but right now there is no time. So I simply answered, “Usually does.”

I then smiled at him, “You were the one who grunted in the Rover?”

He nodded. “I also let Juancho out of his cage.”

I chuckled, “Nice to know. Thought he had developed a new trick.”

He then looked at his watch. “You have to go or you’ll be late.”

I nodded.

“Do you know how to get there?” He asked.

I shook my head, “Not a clue.”

“All right then.” He placed Juancho back in his cage and started to put his cloak back on, “I’m going to take you there.” He then disappeared under his cloak and I felt a hand at my waist. “Come on now. We don’t want you to be late.”

Chapter 6: Revelations
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My first dinner at Hogwarts was amazing. There were candles floating in the air above every table. Food everywhere, really, really good tasting food. Hermoine had saved me a sit near them at the table, so I wasn’t alone. During our meal I met a couple of other Gryffindor and a few friendly ghosts that dropped by our table.

As we made our way out Ginny grabbed my arm, “See?! I told you, you would love it!” I smiled at her, “Yes! It was amazing! Fake sky and all!”

At that moment, two boys and a girl stopped in front of us. One of the boys looked me over, I could’ve screamed. “What’s you name?” He then said.

I looked at him and raised my brow, “What’s yours?”

Without waiting for him to answer, the girl stepped up, “Didn’t know it was open season at the geek squad.”

Hermoine was about to answer her back, but I suddenly had a feeling that this two boys were the ones I was supposed to look for. So I stepped closer to the one that had asked my name and smiled. “My name is Isabella.” I then placed my hand on his shoulder. Good, some strands of hair had fallen there, I took one as I added, “I’m a transfer from Beauxbatons Academy.”

He smiled thinking that he had made a conquest. And I then stepped back, “You must be … Crabbe… or Goyle. Right?”

The boys looked at me in awe. Then the one closest to me answered, “I’m Crabbe, his Goyle and she’s Pansy. How did you know?”

I then giggled, “Oh just a little bit of reference I had gotten from you guys.” I then smiled even bigger, “Specially the one that warned me that not one of you could complete a sentence or a thought by your lonesome self.”

I then heard Ginny’s chuckle and almost burst out laughing. They hadn’t been expecting it and had been left without a come back. But then, Pansy came to there rescue, “I heard that you had quite a reputation at Beauxbatons”

I smiled at her, “How could you? When up until a couple of minutes ago you didn’t even know I existed.” I then looked from one of them to the next. “Well, until next time then. And please, do rehearse your insults a second year could do so much better than you right now.”

I then clearly heard a male voice laughing. We all turned to where it was coming from, but it had stopped. No one was there. So I left with Ginny, Ron and Hermoine, making our way towards Gryffindor. They were all making stories of Crabbe, Goyle and Pansy, and then Hermoine said, “One thing for sure is better this year. No Draco.”

At the mention of his name all my senses became alert, “Why?”

Hermoine looked at me and shook her head, “Long story, some other time.”

I wanted to ask her, to beg her to tell me. But, if she asked why?; what would I say? Curiosity. I wasn’t supposed to even know who Draco was, why would I want to know his story. So I just kept on walking, wondering if it would require a knowledge spell to figure out what had happened.

As we were about to enter Gryffindor I felt a pull on my robe. I turned around and there was no one. So who could it be? Draco. “Guys I have to find a bathroom. I’ll see you in a few.” Ginny and Hermoine asked if I needed or wanted company and I shook my head no. “That’s ok I can find my way there and back.”

I then felt his hand on my waist and let him lead me. We passed the girls bathroom. And then I saw a door open, and he nudged me inside. It was the potions class room, at least it seemed to be. The second the door closed, he removed his cloak. “So you got it?”

I nodded. “Were they your friends?”

He nodded. “Why?”

I had to laugh, “No wonder you got into trouble.” He raised his eye brow and I explained, “They have no imagination whatsoever.”

He seemed to consider it, “Yes, you’re right. They are the perfect side kicks all brawn and not that much substance.”

I then had to ask, “And the girl?”

He shrugged of the question, “So whose hair did you take?”

All right then, so he wasn’t answering questions about her. “Don’t know. It was the one that gave me the opportunity to do so.”

He smirked. I rolled my eyes at him, “Should’ve taken the girls hair.”

He then stared at me, “You wouldn’t have dared.”

I smiled at him, “Who says I didn’t?”

He seemed to give it a thought and then, “I saw you lean way to close and take Crabbe’s hair.”

I walked closer to where he was leaning against one of the desks and stopped right in front of him. I was about to continue in our usual repertoire, but some thing mad me change my mind. “You know what? I’m tired of looking at almost a shadow when I look at you.” With that I raised my hand and removed his hood. I then looked at him and was shocked. It was the same straight blonde hair, the same gray eyes, that had a hint of blue, but not enough to call them blue. The same light complexion. “You’re the guy from the airport?”

He nodded and then smiled, “Yes. The same one that also used to play with you in the garden.”

And for the first time I didn’t know what to say. I was standing right in front of him, so close that if someone opened the door we would both be in trouble. But, I couldn’t seem to move. I was truly and honestly in shock.

I saw his smile turn into a smirk and then he said, “Well it’s payback time.”

Now I was really confused and it must have shown in my face, because he then explained. “You took of my hood, now you have to take off your…” He made a grab for my robe and I stepped away from him, so fast that you might have think he had burned me. But, still I finished the sentence for him. “Shirt.”

He was looking at me, daring me to do it. And the funny thing was I was actually considering it. “I can’t believe you’re going to hold me to that.” I had to say something, I was sinking fast, because honestly I knew that there was some sort of chemistry going on and a part of me wanted to push it, see what would happen, if only…

He smiled, a completely innocent smile, one that clearly didn’t belong there. “Well…”

For a moment I wondered. What would he do if I actually did it? So far it had all been talk and little action. So what if I played with a little fire? He probably wouldn’t do anything about it. I had taken almost ten steps back, so I took a couple of steps forward and handed him my outer robe. Now I was simply dressed in a shirt and a skirt. I looked him straight in the eyes. “If I do this, then you won’t put that hood back on.” He nodded. “And you’ll tell me what happened? You’ll tell me, why you didn’t come back this year? Everything, not living a thing out. Including who the hell is Pansy?” He laughed at that, and I couldn’t believe I had said that. He then said, “Yes.” So I pulled my shirt out from my skirt and started unbuttoning it, never letting my eyes drop from his face. He was clearly reacting; the problem was that so was I. I was about to open the last button and he stopped me. “Ok, stop.” I looked at him questioningly, “I’ll tell you everything. You don’t have to take your shirt off.” I looked at him again wondering, and the he said “Oh come on! I’m letting you off the hook.” He then stepped away from the desk and walked to the back of the classroom. I closed my shirt and took my robe. I walked to the back where he was now sitting.

He looked at me and suddenly I knew that whatever had happened had definitely scared him. “You want to know what happened?” he asked, and I nodded. He then motioned for me to sit down, so I pulled a chair and sat right in front of him. “Bella, I need you to know one thing before I tell you what happened. At the time, I didn’t have a clue as to what I was getting myself into, and when I found out it was too late to get out.” I nodded, trying to understand what he was telling me.

He then sat back and crossed his arms at chest height. “Six years ago I entered Hogwarts, as the son of a powerful pure blood and his trophy wife. The perfect son, bound to become the perfect wizard. But, in my class there was another student, one whose story had riveted through the years and had made him a legend, Harry Potter. At first I simply couldn’t stand him, not because I knew him, but because my father had taught me to hate him. After all, he had destroyed the Dark Lord.” I was about to interrupt him, but he raised his hand. “Yes, Bella my father is a Death Eater. I knew it since I was a kid, but to me it had never meant anything. It was like saying my dad is in a secret society. But, then when I entered Hogwarts I started to figure things out. I made Slytherin, and well as you may have seen, Slytherin isn’t known for friendliness. So I made only three friends, all of them lured by the Malfoy reputation and connections. I became their leader, because everyone feared my father, to a point that they almost revered him. Bella, you see, truth is I had no one. My friends wanted a powerful ally. My girlfriend wanted someone she dangerous, powerful and conning, someone she could brag about in Slytherin. My mother, doting as ever, wanted me to become my father, by any means possible. My father, motivating my mother’s agenda, wanted me to become him. And I just wanted to be left alone. But, that is a luxury that a Malfoy can’t afford. So when my father was sent to Azkaban, my family’s loyalty to the Dark Lord was tested. My mother, too much a coward to do it herself, sent me. My father, proud father that he was, used all his connections so that I might be accepted. I felt proud and important, after all I wasn’t even out of Hogwarts and was going to have so much power at my hands. And then it happened, their request for my test of loyalty came…” He then stopped and stood up from the chair. He turned his back to me, “Bella, you have to understand. I didn’t want to do it. I didn’t!” He then turned around and I could see the anguish in his face. “The Dark Lord’s biggest obstacle is Harry Potter, for he already defeated him once. And so anyone who might want to help him becomes an obstacle too. Prof. Dumbledore had become Harry’s mentor and the Dark Lord knew it. He wanted Dumbledore out of the way. He wanted me to do it.”

I then closed my eyes; Dumbledore had been my father’s friend. The friend that he hadn’t been able to save. The reason why he went away. The reason why he was now dead. I opened my eyes and all I could see was the flick that had set off the chain reaction that had ended in my father’s death. I tried to stay and listen, but all I wanted to do was scream.

He noticed this and stayed standing where he was. “Bella, please, I know it’s hard, but you have to listen.” I close my eyes once more, trying to regain my composure, and nodded. He then continued, “Since they told me what I had to do I was nervous. I didn’t want to do it. But, my mother kept pressuring me. Telling me that if we didn’t do it we’d both be dead. I trusted her. I trusted my girlfriend and told her everything. But, they both convinced me that there was no other way. So, I resigned myself thinking that I had no other choice. I was going to do it. When I reached Dumbledore, I tried, but I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t kill him. It wasn’t in me. I started to tell him what had happened; he said he’d help me. And then Prof. Snape came in. My mother and he had been friends. She had asked him to help me kill Dumbledore. And so he did. He killed him and helped me get out of Hogwarts.”

After that, we were both silent for some time. And for once I didn’t feel like breaking it. The facts were out. And as much as I tried to blame him, I couldn’t. Dumbledore was helping Harry, the Dark Lord wanted him dead, so if not Draco, someone else would’ve been sent. Sure, it would have made it easier on him, and on me right now. But, Draco hadn’t killed him. If it had been for Draco, Dumbledore would still be alive.

And for once my father’s words rang true. Very few people in this world are truly evil, because most of them are just victims of their circumstances; having to do things they don’t want to in order to survive.

Having made up my mind, I stood up from the chair and slowly walked to where he was standing. He looked at me, not sure of what I was planning to do. And for a moment I thought that if I tried to hurt him, even kill him… he wouldn’t even try to defend himself. I kept on walking, until I literally bumped into him. And then, I think I surprised both of us, for I hugged him. He hugged me back and we stayed like that for a long time. When I pulled back, I noticed that he might have actually been crying. “Is there anything else you think you should tell me Draco?” I asked.

He shook his head. And I smiled at him. Noticing that I wasn’t planning on killing him or anything of the sort, he said, “Well, I think there are a couple of things that I should clear up.”

I stepped a bit closer and asked, “What?”

He then looked down and into my eyes, “One, I’m here to prove that I didn’t do it and wouldn’t have done it. Two, I need to get some things out of my old bedroom. Three, Pansy was, big emphasis on was, my girlfriend”

I looked at him and shrugged, so much I had already figured out. “And why should that matter to me?” I asked.

He then smiled. “Because, number four, I really do need your help. You were the only one I trusted when I was a kid, and right now you are still the only one that I can fully trust. Those who were my friends here will happily turn me over, just to advance themselves. I want things to be completely clear between us.”

“And how do you know I wouldn’t turn you in?” I asked.

He simply smiled and said, “Because, it isn’t in your heart to do so.”

I smiled back, “Ok you’re right.”

I then heard the clock strike. It was midnight. “Shit! I don’t know the password, everyone must be sleeping. Hermoine and Ginny might be worried. I said I was going to the bath room. God! They must think that the plumbing swallowed me whole.”

I heard him laughing, “Don’t worry, you wouldn’t have been the first case.” I then noticed that he was taking out different vials and stuff. “What are you doing?”

He looked back and winked, “Organizing the cabinets. Want to help?”

I could kill him right now. “DRACO!”

He laughed again, “Relax! I’m just making a potion. Turns back time and stuff.”

I looked at him dubiously and he said, “Hey! I resent that potions are what I do ok?”

I walked to where he was mixing stuff and sat on the desk. “Good ‘cause that is my weakest subject.”

“Don’t you have a class on potions in your schedule this semester?” He asked, without taking his eyes away from what he was doing.

“Yes. And dreading every second of it.” I answered.

He chuckled, “If you need help…”

I smiled, “Don’t worry already thought it. One of the ways you could pay me back for the many favors I will be doing.”

He looked over as if he was about to say something, and then changed his mind, “It’s done.” He then took my hand, draped his cloak around us, and led me out into the hallway. We stopped in front of the girl’s bathroom and he threw the vial on the floor. A light blue mist appeared, he looked at his watch and I could see time moving backwards. A man with a very ugly cat walked by, in reverse, and I had to get closer to him in order to avoid colliding with the man. He then looked up from the watch. And for the second time in that night I felt that something could happen. He started to lean forward and then, when he was just a breath away I heard our voices. He pulled back. “Ok Bella here we come. The second we get into the classroom, I’m walking with you into the bathroom. You’re getting out from underneath this cloak and walking back to Gryffindor. I’ll be right at your side.”

I turned around and asked, “Where are you planning on sleeping?”

He grinned and said, “Thought you could scoot over and let me sleep on your bed.”

“Ha! Ha! Funny! But, you can sleep next to it with Juancho.” I said.

He looked murderous. “My back can’t take the floor.”

All right then. “I’ll throw my covers to the floor you can sleep on them.”

He smiled, “But you’ll freeze.”

I rolled my eyes. “I’ll manage.”

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Chapter 7: First Day of Class
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“Sleepy head! Wake up!” I heard a voice and felt everything shaking. “Not… yet…five… more… minutes.” I answered.

“You must have breakfast and classes begin in three hours. You need time to prepare… Ouch! Ginny! You better wake up too!” So the early bird was Hermoine.

I opened one eye to look at her. “I don’t eat breakfast Hermoine. I’ll sleep one more hour ok?”

Hermoine shrugged and started again on Ginny and was finally able to wake her. She then asked one more time, “Bella we’re going down for breakfast. Want us to bring you something?”

I shook my head, “Nope.” And turned back to sleep. No sooner had they left than I felt my bed move. “Move over grouch.” Hmmm? I felt him get into bed with me. Oh no! I turned around, “Draco, there are two other beds in here. Why don’t you use one of them?”

“Shh!!! Don’t say my name. Someone might hear you. Besides, if they came back, wanted to get into bed and I was sleeping in it; it would blow my cover.” He then moved me and got into bed.

I had no other choice. “Ok I’m up! You win, the bed is yours.” I was about to get out when I felt his arm around my waist. “Stay it’s more comfortable.”

I looked back to where I felt him lying and tried to pull on his cloak. Finally finding him I managed to do so. He was smiling at me. So I had to say, “You are incorrigible.”

He smiled even more, “Yes. Come on, stay one more hour. I promise I wont try anything.” Oh was that tempting! “No. I’ll go take a shower and get a head start on getting dressed.” He then let me up.

I got up and turned around.” “So what are your plans for today?”

He closed his eyes, “For now sleep. Then I’ll try to get some things from my room.”

He looked so peaceful with his eyes closed. “Want me to leave Juancho?”

He opened his eyes and looked to where the pup was still sleeping. “I’d love to keep him for the day. But, I have to get into Slytherin and all.”

I smiled at him, “Ok. See you later then?”

He nodded and went back to sleep. I pulled the cloak back over him and went my way.


Later that day in Potions Class

Like every other potions class I had ever taken this one was not going any better.

“All right class. Now you will all try to mix and make the potion in page 121. Know that if it comes out as a thin mixture, rose in color and smells sort of like licorice, you have achieved it.” She then started handing out the ingredients.

I had been paired up with Luna, she was a Ravenclaw, and it seemed that our houses did get along. But, I think that personally she was starting to hate me, “Luna I’m so sorry!” I said as my second try at the potion turned sour. Class had already ended and we had to clean up. She shook her head, “Don’t worry. What class do you have next?”

I pulled out my schedule. “High Magery”

Luna grabbed her books and started walking with me. “I don’t have that class with you, but I think Cho has it. I’m not sure though.”

I was about to ask her something when I saw Crabbe walking towards me. He stopped right in front of me. “Bella, I need to talk to you.” I was about to cut him off when I remembered that he didn’t know my nickname. So I turned to Luna, “I’ll see you later!”

Luna looked confused, so I just shrugged it off. “What do you want Crabbe? Resorting to stalking now are you?” Crabbe raised his brow and smirked. Clearly this was a Malfoy disguised as a Crabbe. I looked over to where Luna was standing, “Don’t worry, I’ll see you later ok?” Luna nodded. turned and started walking the other way.

Crabbe then looked around, no one was paying any attention to us. “Since when has Crabbe been stalking you?” Was Draco Malfoy a bit jealous?

Ignoring his question I asked, “Did you get what you wanted?”

Crabbe pulled out a book from inside his robe and nodded, “Yes. No one had moved it, it was still where I had left it.”

I tried to reach for it, but he held it out of my reach. “What is it?”

He looked at me and winked, “I’ll tell you later.”

I held his arm, “Promise?”

He nodded and stopped in front of a door. “Here’s your class.”

I looked around to see if we had drawn any attention to us. Hmm, none whatsoever, so I hugged him. “Thanks.”


By seventh period I had already met Luna, Cho, Kevin, Justin and… I forgot his name. I had two classes with Hermoine and Ron, and this last one I had with Ginny. We were making our way out from our class room when I felt the now familiar tug of my robe. “Ginny, I have to go ask my Practical Summoning Professor about the assignment he gave us. See you later?”

Ginny looked at me a bit confused, but luckily didn’t ask, “Sure.”

Draco then still under his cloak pushed me all the way down the hall and into an empty classroom. He locked the door and then took off the cloak. Thank God! He looked like himself, it had been weird talking to Crabbe. “Bella, I found it! I can’t believe that I found it so soon but I did!”

I looked at him, now I was confused, “Care to tell the whole story?”

He smiled, “Sure. Remember the book I showed you earlier?” I nodded and he went on, “That was a Death Eaters list, it has the name of every Death Eater.”

I still didn’t get it. “And this is good because?”

He took my shoulders in his hands “I can show it to McGonagall. It will clear up everything!”

I shook my head, “Not a good idea. Death Eaters everywhere will know that you were the one who ratted them out. They will come after you.”

He nodded, “But, they already are after me. And this might get me some leverage and protection. So, I’m going to talk to McGonagall.”

Was he dense! Had he fallen on his head! “She thinks you killed Dumbledore, do you think she’ll willingly sit and listen?”

He then looked at me and I knew I wouldn’t like what was coming, “That’s were you come in. I need you to give this to her.”

He had to be kidding me!

He looked at me, practically begging me to help him. And then said a word that I think he might have never said before, “Please?”

Chapter 8: The one in the middle
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I can’t believe that I’m helping him. It was 5:00 pm and I knew that Prof. McGonagall would be in her office. I had made it all the way to the door, “I can’t do this Draco.” I knew he was standing right beside me. The hall was empty so he took off his cloak. “Bella, please. All you have to do is give her the book. There’s a letter with it explaining everything.”

I shook my head, “But what if she doesn’t believe me? What if she calls the Ministry? You could get into so much more trouble?”

He took my hand in his, “Bella, I’m already in a lot of trouble. I want a bit of normalcy in my life. I know what’s in that book and I know it’s strong enough to convince her. If your indecision comes from what could happen to you, then don’t do it. But, if it comes form what might happen to me, don’t worry I’ve already made a decision, for once I really want to do what’s right.”

I nodded, if he was so sure then, “Wait here. I’ll be back.” I then knocked on the door and at her response went in.

She looked up from her papers and motioned for me to sit on a chair. “Hello Isabella!” I sat down and she asked, “So my dear, is everything ok?”

I nodded… and then I shook my head. “What’s troubling you?”

I then stood up and gave her the book. She took it in her hand and opened it. An envelope fell out. She took it and started reading. We were in complete silence and then she asked, “How did you get this?”

I looked down at my hands and said, “A friend gave it to me.” I raised my eyes and she looked at me and gave me a half smile. “Your friend is standing outside. Right?” I nodded. “Go tell him to come in.” I was confused, how did she know. “I know everything that happens here my dear. Also, I’ve been watching you and have noticed that he’s been following you everywhere since you got here. Only leaving you when he went into Slytherin. It’s all right, you may tell him to come in.”

I got up and went outside. I couldn’t see him, how did she know. “Draco?” I looked around, no sign of him. “Draco?” I then felt him beside me.

“Shh!!! Told you…” I reached for where I thought his face might be and bingo! I removed his cloak, “Are you crazy? McGonagall might see me.”

“She already knows you’re here. She wants you to come in.” He’s eyes opened to the size of saucers. Sooo… he had thought he wouldn’t have to do any talking. I took his hand, to prevent him from bolting, and opened the door again and practically dragging him in.

Prof. McGonagall looked at him. “Hello Mr. Malfoy. Next time you have to plead a case, better do it yourself, than send someone else.” She then turned to me, “You may leave now Isabella.” I stayed there, not wanting to leave Draco alone. “Isabella, I will allow you to see him afterwards, but Mr. Malfoy and I need to talk alone. Go to your household, I will send for you when we’re done.”


It seemed like hours since I had entered my bedroom. I was sitting on my bed and petting Juancho. What could be happening? What if they sent Draco to Azkaban? What if …?

“What happened?” Ginny asked as she took a sit on my bed.

I looked at her and decided that I had to trust someone, “Ginny, I know that you practically don’t know me but I really need someone to talk to.” Ginny nodded and then I told her everything. At one point I thought she might kill me, but she did let me finish.

Then she said her piece, “Bella, there is no way I can tell you that I believe everything and that poor Draco got in over his head and he should have a second chance and all. I was here, I was in the middle of everything when it happened. I know that he didn’t kill Dumbledore, but he was the one who let them in... Look, Harry was my boyfriend. I knew him since before I came to Hogwarts. Ron and Hermoine are his best friends. He tormented us, well them… Still, if his talking to McGonagall, I trust her, so I guess I’ll take her lead.” She looked at me and sighed, “Thanks for talking to me. I might not like him, but if you need a friend, I’m here.”

I nodded, “Thanks.” At that moment Hermoine came in. “Bella, Hagrid’s here. Says Prof. McGonagall wants to talk to you.”

I looked at Ginny, who smiled, “Good luck!”

I then walked out and followed Hagrid back to McGonagall. I was scared, not so much for me, but for him. If they kicked him out, then what? The Death Eaters would have him for lunch or worst his mother might throw him back at their mercy. I then heard Hagrid say, “You really are a lot like your father.”

I looked up at him, very confused. And he smiled, “You see the good in people, when no one else does. If he had tried this by himself, I doubt any would have helped him.”

We arrived at McGonagall’s way too fast. Hagrid looked at me and smiled. “The hat was right. You have your father’s heart.” He then opened the door and led me inside.

Prof. McGonagall was in her office, alone. I wanted to ask where he was? Where was Draco?

The Professor seemed to notice because she started talking. “Isabella, I am really disappointed in you. You should have come to me the second Malfoy revealed himself to you. You should have told me this at the first possible opportunity. I know that you might not be aware of everything that happened here last year. But, I can assure you it was quite tumultuous. Luckily, Malfoy has managed to present his case quite soundly. The Minister of Magic was here, and we have reached a decision.”

I looked around again, “Where is he?” Oh no they sent him to Azkaban.

Prof. McGonagall then said, “Isabella, I’d like you to meet Christopher Mathis. His a transfer student and he’ll be joining you in most of your classes. Those that he doesn’t have with you he has with Hermoine Granger.”

The boy walked down the stairs, he had dark brown hair and honestly needed to head to the beach. But, why would I even care? And then I noticed, gray eyes with just a hint of blue. “Draco?”

He smiled and nodded. Prof. McGonagall then said, “The Minister and I agreed that Draco should be aloud to prove his innocence. Using the evidence he has given to us a new investigation will be conducted. Meanwhile, Mr. Malfoy must be well guarded. So the Minister and I, we, have decided that altering his appearance, until the investigation is concluded is the best alternative.” She then turned to Draco, “Mr. Malfoy you will rejoin your class, but under the alias we have created. Once everything is settled, and if you innocence is proven, then you may return as yourself. For the time being you will stay as far away from Slytherin as possible. If you are to head out of the school, you will contact me before doing so. Understood?” He nodded.

He then had to ask, “If I can’t go back to Slytherin, to what house will I go?”

Prof. McGonagall stepped up from her chair and walked towards an armoire. She took out a robe and handed it to him. He paled.

Chapter 9: New lodgings
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We were walking down the hall and Draco kept mumbling things to himself. I looked at him and had to laugh. “Draco, it wont be for that long. So relax already.”

He insulted, “Bella, I’m Slytherin and I’m wearing a Gryffindor robe. How do you want me to relax? In a few minutes, I’m going to be entering a place where I know how much I’m hated. I’m going to have to be cordial with people I have fought for the last six years.” He stopped walking and turned around. “I can’t do this.”

I ran after him and took his hand, trying to stop him. “Snap out of it Draco. Beggars can’t be choosers. So deal with it. She’s trying to help you. And besides, not everyone in Gryffindor hates you.” I then smiled at him and hugged him.

He rested his chin on my head, “So you’re admitting you don’t hate me.”

I pulled back, still hugging him. “I was talking about Juancho.” I then smiled at him and he laughed. “Come on, we’re already near.” I took his hand in mine and he held on.

We walked into Gryffindor together. Hermoine and Ginny were in the common room, along with Dean and Lavander. They all looked up when we entered. I smiled and said, “Hi! You guys this is Christopher Mathis, he’s also a transfer.” They all smiled at him and welcomed him to Gryffindor. “Christopher, that’s Ginny, Hermoine, Dean and Lavander.”

We sat on one of the couches opposite to Ginny and Hermoine. Ginny raised her brow, and I knew what was her question, so I nodded. She tensed for a second, and I smiled at her begging her not to tell. She relaxed, “So what classes do you have?” Draco, well Chris, pulled out his schedule and handed it to her. She looked it over and then handed it to Hermoine while telling Draco, “I’ve got one class with you.” Hermoine then, looked it over. “And I have three. I can also tell you that Ron has two with you. He’s my boyfriend, you’ll meet him later.” He took back his schedule and I held out my hand to see it. We had almost every class together, except for a potions elective. I smiled at him, “We’ve got potions together.” He then looked at his schedule, “We’ve got almost every class together.” He said.

Dean stood up then and said to Draco, “Look I’m heading to the boys side, if you want me to help you find your room?” Draco shrugged and got up from the couch. He then handed Dean his enrollment forms. Dean looked them over and said, “Hermoine, looks like if his rooming with Ron.” Draco looked at me and I nearly laughed, he had been thrown to the wolves all right. Dean started up the stairs with Draco trailing behind him, he looked back to where I was sitting. “See you later then B?”

I smiled at him and nodded.

The second he stepped through the boy’s door Lavender asked, “So you two knew each other?”

I smiled and nodded.

She then said, “He’s cute.”

I nodded, “Don’t let him know it though. He’s far too conceited as it is.”

Hermoine then asked, “Where do you two know each other from?”

I didn’t want to lie so I just said, “We lived in the same neighborhood when we were kids.”

“And now? You two are…” Lavander asked

This girl was far too interested, “Friends… good friends.” I answered.

At that moment the boys walked down. I noticed Draco and Dean were listening to Ron. They were talking about Quidditch. When they reached the bottom step Ron told Hermoine, “Chris here is a seeker.”

Hermoine smiled at her boyfriend and then said, “Then he came just in time. Aren’t tryouts tomorrow?”

Ron nodded and turned to Draco, “You’re going to tryout right?”

Draco looked at me, and I shrugged, it was his call. He then looked at Ron and said, “I might.”

I then asked, “At what time are they?”

Ginny looked at me, “You play too?”

I nodded. “Who knows if Chris here is going to try out for seeker, I might try to give him a run for his money.”

Draco already standing behind me on the couch, jumped over and sat beside me. “So sure are you?” He asked.

I winked at him. And he laughed, “Well then Ron, I think I’m going to have to go tomorrow.”

Ron laughed and sat beside Hermoine. “You’re coming tomorrow. Right?” Hermoine looked at Ron, considering he options, “Well… if you promise not to make a fool of yourself.” Hermoine said giggling.

Ron looked insulted. He then stood up and dragged Hermoine with him, “I’m hungry! Anyone else ready to eat?”

Draco nodded and got up. He looked back at me, “You’re not hungry?” I shook my head no. He then pulled me by my arm. “Too bad! You’re coming anyway.”

We then all started walking towards the door and I heard Lavander, “Chris, wait up.” I turned around and she was practically running towards him. I took his hand in mine, and he looked at me questioningly. “You don’t want to blow your cover now do you?” He shook his head and chuckled. He then leaned over and whispered in my ear. “You’re not jealous. Are you?”

I stepped back from him and stared. At that moment Lavander reached us. “Chris, you’re going for dinner. Right?” He then looked at me, “Well?” He asked.

I smiled at him, “Of course not… Lavander, why don’t you go ahead with Chris? He was just telling me how much he’d love to have dinner with you.” I then turned to Chris, “I’ll catch up with you later.” He was looking at me like if he could wring me dry. I smiled and headed over to where Ginny was standing.

As soon as I reached her she asked, “What happened?”

I shook my head, “Nothing. Lavander wanted to have dinner with Chris.”

Ginny tilted her head to one side, “And you’re jealous?”

“Of course not!” How could she think that? How could Draco think that? Was it that obvious?


Today dinner seemed to drag on for hours. First, Ginny and I got in after almost everyone had entered. Draco was sitting with Lavander and her friends and there was no room left for us to join them. So, we sat with Hermoine, Ron and Dean. Second, at one time or another, during dinner all of them, meaning Hermoine, Ron, Ginny or Dean, made a comment, as to my being too quiet or asking if Chris and I had something. Third, at one time during dinner I had to go to the bathroom and when I walked pass Draco he was openly flirting with Lavander. So I did what any other girl would’ve done. I made his water tip over on his robe. I then walked all the way out and had no intention to walk back in. I went over to a corner and sat on the floor, trying to wait it out; go back in when it was already over. But, Luna found me. “You lost Bella?”

I shook my head, “Just catching some air. The hall is too crowded.”

She sat down next to me and asked, “Are you all right?”

I shook my head.

She then asked, “You miss him don’t you?”

I looked at her questioningly.

“Your father, you miss him.” I simply nodded in response and tears started to roll down my sheiks.

She then placed her hand on my shoulder and let me cry. That was when I first realized, that I still hadn’t cried. Not in a long time. I then managed to calm down. We both got up and Luna said, “Anytime you need to talk about it I’m here. I lost my mother, so I kind of know what it’s like.”

“Thanks Luna.” I wiped away my tears and followed her back inside. When I passed Draco he must have noticed, for he stood up and followed me. I sat down and he kneeled behind me. “What happened?”

I shook my head, “Nothing.”

He looked at me closer, “You were crying.”

I smiled at him and nodded, “Don’t worry you had nothing to do with it.”

For some reason my answer seemed to get him angry. He leaned over and said, “We have to talk, wait for me outside.”

I nodded and turned back to my dinner. After that, it was pretty uneventful.


As I made my way outside I was walking alongside of Ron and Hermoine, making plans for the tryouts, when Crabbe, Goyle and Pansy walked over to us.

Goyle started to say something when suddenly Draco (still looking like Chris) appeared at my side. Goyle then asked, “Who are you?”

Draco looked at them, all three of his one time friends, “None of your business. Oh! And I’ll save you the time, before you try some witty remark. Stuff it and keep on walking ok? It won’t have any effect, and I’m saving you the embarrassment.” He then turned to me and asked, “You coming?” I nodded and he led me away, before anyone could say anything.

He practically dragged me all the way down the corridor and out into one of the courtyards. He then kept on walking and we ended up stopping by some runes. He then looked around, and seeing that no one was there, he said some kind of spell and turned back to himself.

I looked at him, “Thought you needed something of the person to change like that.”

He shrugged, “Thought so too, but McGonagall made up Chris’s persona so I can change with that spell from him to me and back.”

Oh! “I see.” I then sat down on one of the stones. “What was it that you wanted?”

He sat next to me, a little higher on the stone. “Why would I want something?”

I shrugged “Cause every time you talk to me. I end up doing you a favor. It’s become sort of a pattern with us.”

He dropped a little bit closer to me, I could feel his knees brushing my shoulder. “Are you all right?”

That did it and I exploded, “Why does everyone keep asking me? I’m ok, I’m all right. I won’t break down or anything of the sort. “ He then got up and pulled me into a hug. “You can cry Bella. It’s ok.”

I wanted to scream at him. To tell him that it wasn’t ok, that my father was dead. That I had no one left. But, in the end I started crying and he hugged me closer, mumbling words. Until now I hadn’t realized how much I had needed this from him. It was like if for the past ten years I had been waiting for him to do this, to comfort me. So I held on to the feeling for as long as I could.

We then pulled back a bit, but were still hugging. I looked him straight in the eye, “You don’t like Lavander, right?”

He looked confused, and then as if he finally understood the whole meaning behind the question he shook his head no.

I smirked. He then added, “And I don’t like Pansy either.” He leaned closer and asked, “You know why?”

I was too nervous to speak, so I just shook my head no. And he smiled, he then closed the gap between us and brushed his lips to mine. Then, he pulled back and answered his own question, “Because, I finally figured out that I met my match, a very long time ago.”

I smiled at him, “Oh! You did?” He then smiled back and we kissed again. It was the best feeling I had ever had. True I had kissed other boys, I had more than kissed other boys. But, this time it felt different. This time I felt complete.

After a long time we broke apart. “We have to go back.” Draco said. I just nodded. He then turned back to Chris and reached out for me. I took his hand and we started to make our way back to Gryffindor.

“So you were jealous of Lavander then?” He asked.

I looked at him and smiled, “I won’t admit to anything.”

He chuckled, “That’s a yes then.”

I stopped and since we were still holding hands he was pulled back. He looked at me and I smiled, “Only if you admit you were jealous of Crabbe.” He looked at me and shook his head, “I won’t admit to anything.” He leaned over and brushed his lips to mine, then started walking again and I followed him.


Chapter 10: Truth Revealed
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“You sure you want to do this?” I asked him for what seemed like the thousandth time.

He nodded “Yes I do.”

We were standing outside at the Quidditch grounds. Slytherin was still up in the air holding their tryouts. Draco kept criticizing every single play. “If they go on playing like this they won’t even make it to the end of the season.”

Ron heard him and walked over, “Hope you’re right.”

Draco was about to say something, but then remembered, he was no longer in Slytherin. So he simply asked, “What positions are open?”

Ron looked over the list that Ginny had handed out. “Well, there are two for chaser and one for seeker. Which one you going for?”

He looked over at me, “Which one do you want?”

“The same as you.” I then winked and he chuckled.

He then looked at Ron and answered, “I guess we are then both going for seeker.”

Ron laughed and handed him the list so that he could pen in his name. Being, Draco he penned in mine too.

Tryouts started about ten minutes later. Ginny called out the chasers. Ron got on his broom and left.

Slytherin’s team was just making there way out, but one Slytherin couldn’t resist temptation and had to walk over to us. She walked straight towards me, “You are a mudblood.”

I raised my brow at her, “Is that the best you can do?”

She then smirked, “Your mother killed herself. Why don’t you do us all a favor and follow her lead? Mudbloods are an abomination to any race, they shouldn’t even be allowed to live.”

Her hit was well aimed. It had left me speechless. I stared straight at her, I wanted to strike her so much. No one talked that way about my mother. So I said the only thing that I could, “She was murdered.” And even that came out as a whisper.

Hermoine having been near, heard everything and stepped in. “What is it Pansy? You can’t make up insults on your own? You have to recycle Draco’s.”

At that I turned to him. He had been standing by my side all this time, he could have shut her up. And he hadn’t. And now I knew why.

Ginny called out the seekers, I saw him start to leave. Hermoine tried to push me to follow him, but I stayed there. “I feel sick!” I said and turned and ran back inside, making sure that I pushed Pansy with every ounce of my anger. Hermoine followed me all the way back to our room.

“That was one nice shove you gave Pansy. I think she’ll be rubbing her ass for quite some time.” Hermoine said as she sat on my bed.

I had to smile at that, Pansy’s face as she hit the floor had been a classic. But, still “Hermoine, my mother didn’t kill herself. I know that many people say that. But, she didn’t. We were out that day and something happened, all I remember is seeing a flash of light and the next thing she was on the floor barely breathing, telling me to call daddy. I called him, but it was too late. She was already dead.”

Hermoine looked at me and asked, “How old were you?”

“I was six.” I answered.

“It must have been hard.” She said.

I simply nodded. “Hermoine, this question might make absolutely no sense to you. But, I really need to know. Who was Draco Malfoy?”

Hermoine looked at me, wanting to know more, but knowing that this wasn’t the time to push. She then told her everything she knew, from the past sixth years. And Bella started to question her trust in him.

After talking with Hermoine we headed back to the common room and started a game of chess and that was how everyone found us.

Ginny was all smiles, “We’ll definitely win this year.” She then turned to Chris and said, “I didn’t know you were that good! I’m changing myself back to chaser, seeker is all yours.”

Hermoine turned her attention to the crowd that had come in, but I kept on looking at the board. How was I going to face him? Now I knew why people had hated him, and I couldn’t have blamed them. So I stood up from my chair, told Hermoine I was going to rest and started making my way up the stairs. I heard him call out to me, I then stopped, but couldn’t turn around. So I just started walking again. When I reached my room I looked for the keys to the Rover, I needed to get out, at least a while. I found them in my second drawer, changed into muggle clothes and went back to the common room. Unfortunately, everyone was still there. I tried to sneak past them, but muggle clothes made it hard to blend in. Hermoine stopped me, “Where are you going?”

I looked at her, “Out.” I tried to keep on walking, but Hermoine wouldn’t let me. “You’ll get in trouble.”

I then looked at Draco for the first time, Ron was talking to him, but he was clearly looking at me. I turned back to Hermoine. “I don’t care right now. I need to go.”

Hermoine was about to argue, but stopped herself. “Wait for me, I’ll go with you.” I nodded in response and she went to change.

Draco then managed to make his way to me. “What’s going on?”

I stared straight at the floor and didn’t answer.

He pushed my chin up. I looked him in the eyes and then rolled them to the side. “You’re mad at me.”

I had to look back at him. “If it took you so long to figure that out. Then you might look into revising your point of view on pure blood IQ.”

He wouldn’t let go of my chin. “So that’s what this is about.”

At that moment Hermoine walked back. She went straight to Ginny and Ron and talked to them for a couple of minutes.

“Where are you going?” Draco asked.

“Out.” I answered.

He then said, more like informed, “I’m coming with you.”

I looked straight at him. “No you’re not.”

He then leaned closer to me. “I’m not letting you go. Not when you’re this mad.”

I hadn’t taken my eyes off him, so I simply said, “Wanna bet.” Then I stepped on his foot with the heel of my boots.

His scream, quieted Gryffindor’s common room. And now everyone was looking at us. Hermoine noticed that I was ready to bolt and so she said, “Bella lets go talk to Hagrid.”

I nodded and walked away from Draco.

Instead of going for a drive Hermoine and I ended up walking around the grounds and visiting Hagrid.

“So soon did he get on your nerves?” Hagrid asked.

I nodded and took a sip of the hot chocolate that Hagrid had offered us.

Hermoine then asked, “Who are you talking about?”

Hagrid looked from Hermoine to me and back. “She doesn’t know?”

I nodded.

Then Hagrid said, “But, I thought McGonagall was going to talk to her. Let her in on everything.”

I looked up at Hermoine and she smiled, “If this has to do with Chris being Draco, yes she did tell me. And I’m sorry if my comment to Pansy upset you.”

I shook my head, “I had to know. That was why I asked you.”

Hermoine sat in the empty chair beside me. “So he hadn’t mentioned his hate for muggles and mud bloods?”

I shook my head.

“Did he know that you are a mudblood?” Hagrid asked.

I nodded, “He’s my neighbor at Wiltshire. We used to sneak out and play together when we were kids. I remember one time he started talking ill of muggles. I got so mad at him that I kicked him real hard. He fell and I kept on kicking him, telling him to take it back. He never did, and I couldn’t keep on kicking him, he was my friend. So I stopped. I was crying by then. He got up and brushed himself. He then hugged me and told me that my mom and I were the exception. That we weren’t mean looking, we were normal.” I then looked at them, “I had forgotten that.”

Hagrid looked at me, “What do you want to do? McGonagall is letting him stay, because she trusts your judgment and is hoping that you’ll rub off on him. But, if his causing you more hurt then he could be sent to the Ministry, they can protect him from the Death Eaters.”

I looked at him, he was giving me an out. Draco would be gone and he’d still be safe. I took a deep breath, “But, he would be alone. Wouldn’t he?”

Hagrid nodded.

Then I was sticking to my original decision, “No that’s ok. Too many people have already given up on him. I won’t do that to him.”


Hermoine and I walked back to the main building. Hermoine mentioned that she was hungry and I told her to go ahead to the hall without me. She took out a Gryffindor robe and covered her muggle clothe with it. She then smiled, “No one notices what’s underneath. You sure you don’t want to come? You don’t have to eat.”

I nodded and waved at her, as I kept on making my way to the seventh floor. When I reached the fat lady she started talking, really excited. I smiled at her and said the password. She smiled back and let me in.

I then entered the common room, the only light came from the fire place. Everyone had gone out to the hall for dinner. I started to walk towards the stairs, when I heard him.

“Bella?” I turned around he was sitting on a chair in the far right corner of the room. “I’m not going to out you, if that’s what you’re worried about.”

He stood up and closed the distance. He had turned back into Draco. “You shouldn’t do that here.” I said.

He shrugged, “No one’s here.” He was about to say something else, but I stopped him. “I’m still going to help you. But, this has to stop.”

He looked confused, “What? What has to stop?”

“Us.” He looked as if I might have hit him. “I can’t be with you knowing what you think of me, of my kind.”

He took a hold of my arms and wouldn’t let go. “Bella, if I still thought those things… do you think that I would have kissed you?”

I shrugged, “Who knows? After all you have a reputation for doing anything to obtain your goals.”

He then walked me to the couch and sat me down. “Let’s get one thing straight Bella. To me you’re Bella, not a pure blood, not a half blood, not a muggle. Just Bella. Those things have never mattered between us and I don’t see why they now should. To tell you the truth when I’m with you I don’t even think about those things. I know what a creep I’ve been, but I ask you: have I ever been a creep to you?” I shook my head and went on. “You are mad at me for what Pansy said, and yes I’ll admit that I myself have said similar things at many times. But, today hearing her say that I realized how stupid it sounded.”

I looked at him my eyes tearing up, “But, you didn’t stop her! You saw how I was reacting and you did nothing.”

He looked at me, took my hand in his and stared at them. “Because, I was scared.”

I tried to get him to look up, but he wouldn’t. So I asked, “Why?”

He then looked up, “Because, the second I saw that she was hurting you I realized that for the first time I actually cared about someone else.”

I took my hand from his. “But, still knowing that you cared you said nothing.”

“Bella I was too scared.” He got up from the couch and started pacing.

“Scared of what Draco?” He stopped and walked right to where I was now standing. “Scared that at the same moment I realized I had come to care for you… I also realized, that I’m falling in love with you.”

I was completely shocked. Ok, so I had a strong feeling that something was happening, but I thought that it had just been him changing, seeing things from another perspective. Not him… Ok, I’m weak and I couldn’t resist… so I kissed him. Not the friendly, I think I like you kind, but the kind that let him know it wasn’t one sided. We kept on kissing and ended up on the couch. I felt his hand starting to move inside my shirt and I pressed myself closer to him. Urging him on.

“Hey you two cut it out. There are first and seconds here.” That was clearly Ron’s voice. Shit Draco wasn’t in his Chris disguise. I grabbed a hold of his head and pulled him down. He was confused, “Say it! Say the spell.” I then pinched him and he seemed to regain his senses. He switched our positions and said it. He was just turning into Chris when the lights came on. No one could see his face, since I was still on top of him. When it was final I got off. Everyone was looking at us and I felt myself turning a deep crimson red. I then heard Draco say, “Sorry Lavander, but I’m going to have to take Bella to the Halloween dance.” Lavander looked dumbfounded as she walked towards me and said, “Slut!”

I was about to say something, when Draco spoke, “Lavander, truth is Bella and I were going steady since last may. That’s the reason why I transferred.”

Lavander looked at me and said, “Sorry.” She then turned to Draco and said, “You’re an ass.” And walked off in a hurry.

Draco then hugged me closer, and he said to the rest, “Sorry, we didn’t tell you earlier. We were just getting over some stuff.” He then looked over at me and asked, “But, everything is ok now?”

I nodded. And everyone went back to their usual.

Chapter 11: Christmas at Wiltshire
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Some months later

The first semester was coming to an end. Everyone would go home for Christmas. Not knowing what waited for me back there I wasn’t really that excited.

I had been the first one out of our Defense against the Black Arts Advance Course final. So I was sitting against a wall in one of the corridors. Hermoine soon followed me. “So what are your plans for Christmas?” She asked. “I don’t know. Hannah sent me a letter inviting me home.” I said sarcastically, and continued “Seems that her boyfriend, fiancé, whatever has moved into my parents’ home with her. She says and I quote ‘the only one missing is you’. I honestly don’t like her.”

“Who don’t you like?” Draco asked as he made his way towards us.

“Hannah”, I responded as he sat down next to me. “How was it?” he raised his brow and I added, “The test.”

He rested his arm on my shoulder and pulled me closer, “I survived. What about you two?”

“Ok” I said with a half smile. “I’m still worried about the Potions one.”

Hermoine then said, “You probably aced it. You two have been locked up studying for that exam, every weekend, since October. I on the other hand am a bit worried about this test.”

I rolled my eyes at her, “Come on Hermy, you probably aced it! Now, if we had been studying all that time, then maybe I’d be a little bit more at ease now.”

Hermoine looked from me to Draco and back, “One of these days you two are going to get caught.” For the past months and after a lot of work, Hermoine had started to get along with Draco.

Draco smirked, “Not if I can help it.”

Ron had come out from the test a few seconds ago and had heard Hermoine’s remark. “If I remember correctly I saved your face, last time you two sneaked out. And somebody forgot to place his disguise spell. If Pansy had caught you two…”

Draco whistle, “Nasty thought Ron.”

Ron had found out about Draco at the Hallowen Ball. Draco and I had decided to sneak back to Gryffindor and were making out in the common room. Draco had said the spell, but we had both forgotten completely about it when Ron arrived. Ron started making fun of us, all he could see was me on top of Draco. And when I pulled back it was Draco he saw. At the moment it didn’t register. Ron started punching Draco, I started screaming and Hermoine jumped in to stop him and explain everything. After a couple of weeks and what Draco told me were about two heart to heart with Ron they had finally reached amicable terms. By now they were joking as always. Even a couple of times, when we had sneaked up to one of the towers at Gryffindor, Draco had let down the disguise around them.

“So, going back to Christmas plans.” Hermoine said.

I shrugged, “Still undecided.”

Draco rolled his eyes, “Can’t very well go home.”

I looked over at him, “Can you get out from here?”

Draco nodded, “As long as I wear my disguise, it should be ok.”

I smiled at him, “Then, why don’t you come home with me? I know that it’s a little bit too close to home, but… beats staying here. And we can stay there for a couple of days, come back to Hogwarts early.”

He was considering it, “I’ll think about it.” He then got up and pulled me with him. “So what are you two up to for Christmas?” He asked Ron and Hermoine, “Family stuff.” They both answered.


I was packing some of my clothes, I’d decided to stay only until the first. Then I was coming back, it would be ten days. Not a single one more.

“I’ve got an idea. I already checked with mom and she said it would be great. Why don’t you two spend New Year’s with me and my family?” Ginny asked. “Hermoine is already coming and well… you two would be missing and all…”

I smiled at her and said, “I’d love to! Still, I don’t know what Draco’s doing.”

At that moment a male voice said, “I’m in!” He took of his cloak and smiled at the both of us.

I looked at him, “You can get in sooo much trouble if McGonagall finds you here.”

He nodded, “That’s why I’ll be quick. I’m coming home with you, I already talked to McGonagall and she explained that it would be safe, also she added that she’d feel better if you didn’t go back by yourself. I’ll see you in a few.” He then pulled his cloak back on and left.

Ginny smiled, “He’s really changed.”

I nodded, “A lot.”

“I’m glad for you!” Ginny gave me a hug and said good bye. We would see her in a week. I finished packing my bag and got Juancho in his cage. Then I pulled my wand and sent everything to the Rover.

I walked to the common where Draco was already waiting. “You set?” He asked. I nodded and he held out his hand.

“What?” I asked

“Keys. I’m driving.” He answered. I was about to argue with him but it was a long drive and I had Hannah to face at the end of it, so I gladly handed them over to him.


We arrived at Wiltshire near midnight. Lillie and Maurice were waiting up for us. “Hello Miss! We’re so glad you’re back.” Lillie said.

I smiled at her, “Hello Lillie! Maurice! I’d like you both to meet my boyfriend, Chris.” I then turned to Draco and said, “These are Lillie and Maurice. They’re like family to me.” Turning back to Lillie and Maurice I asked, “Where’s Hannah?”

Maurice was the one to answer, “Oh, she and her fiance, Mr. Clark, went to London this evening. They said not to wait up.”

Maurice then asked, “Where are your things?”

I smiled, “Already in my room.” Maurice looked at me questioningly, “Don’t worry, Hannah isn’t here and Chris here knows.” Maurice relaxed and then tensed again, “And where is Chris sleeping?”

I looked over at Draco, that, we hadn’t talked about. “With me?” I said.

Draco nodded and smiled.

Maurice looked at me and sighed, “Oh well! You know the way. Is there anything you two might need?”

I shook my head, “No. Thanks Maurice, Lillie. Good night!”

With that we started up the stairs. I stopped in front of my room and turned to Draco. “You sure?” Draco smiled, “I should be the one asking you.”

I smiled, “I’m sure, otherwise I wouldn’t have mentioned it.” I then opened my door and we both walked in. Draco closed it behind him. The light was on and our bags were already here. I took out my pj’s and walked to the bathroom. “I need a shower.”

About half an hour later, I walked out of the shower to find the lights out and Draco, no disguise spell whatsoever, was sitting by the window. Making my way to him I sat beside him. He was staring at his home. “You miss them. Don’t you?”

He nodded. “They’re still my parents.” He then pointed to a window, “You see the second floor, fourth window from left to right?” I nodded, “That’s my room. Did you know that when we were kids I would sit there and watch you play with your doll house?”

I smiled at him and nodded, “I know. Why did you think that your drapes kept falling on you?” He then turned around smiling and kissed me. I kissed him back. Then I stood up and reached out to him. He came with me to bed. Nothing happened that night, he held me safe and we slept.

The next morning I got up and heard the water running. Getting out from bed I made my way to the bathroom. Opening the door I said, “Morning.”

His head popped out from behind the curtain. “Hey, sleepy head! Care to join me?”

I tilted my head and asked, “You daring me?”

He winked and closed the curtain. I took of my pj’s and stepped in. Draco jumped and turned around, he then stared, openly gaped. I had never felt squeamish about my body, but at that moment I did. I was about to head back out, regretting my decision, when he pulled me to him. “You know, you’re beautiful.” He said as he started kissing me and I kissed him back. He then moved to my neck and things got more heated.

There was a knock on the door. Shit! I hadn’t closed it. “Bella? You in here?” I looked at Draco and rolled my eyes, “Yes Hannah! What is it?”

I heard her voice coming closer and opened my eyes at Draco, he wasn’t wearing his disguise and he couldn’t say the spell now. Hannah would hear him. Shit! “Bella, I’m heading out to town, get some last minute presents and all. Would you and your boyfriend like to come?” Draco shook his head and mouthed ‘No shopping’ So I just said, “Thanks Hannah, but we were thinking of getting the tree and decorating it.”

Hannah was already heading out the door, “Marvelous idea. I’ll see you later then.”

I sighed and leaned into Draco’s chest. “Close call.”

He simply nodded and then said the spell, changing back to Chris.


We had been looking for the perfect tree for hours. Not wanting to bump into any Malfoy we thought it safe to head out into the muggle world. But, after two hours this Malfoy was starting to have to look out for a Townsend.

“What is wrong with this one?” I asked for what seemed like the hundredth time.

“It doesn’t have the right shape.” Darco said.

I looked at him begging, no imploring him to pick one. But, still he wouldn’t. The last six lots had been the same, ‘not the right shape’, ‘not enough foilage’, ‘I want one taller’, ‘that’s not the right shade of green’. He was starting to get on my nerves. If it wasn’t because I knew that this was the first time he was picking a tree, and he was really excited about it, I honestly would have taken the keys and driven off.

After he dismissed a couple more tree, he decided it was time to head somewhere else.

He pulled near a mini mall. They had a couple of tree vendors, so who knows maybe he’d pick one. As I got out of the car, I noticed a particular store that might get him to hurry. So, I told him that I need to get some things from the pharmacy and instead made my way to Anne’s Secret Closet.

After choosing something that I liked classic, yet a little bit sluttish, I headed back to Draco who was already getting in the car with no tree at all. I opened the passenger side and got in.

He was about to pull out when I gave him the bag. “What’s this?” He asked.

I smiled at him sweetly, “That is your Christmas present Draco. You can either open it today, Christmas Day or keep on looking for trees and, at the speed we are going, maybe open it next week.” He opened the bag and examined it’s contents. He then looked at me and said, “I think I saw one here.” He got out of the Rover and fifteen minutes later we were heading back to Wiltshire with a tree.


Once at Wiltshire, not wanting anyone to notice us using magic, we had to carry the tree inside. We placed it in the entrance rotunda; that was where my mother used to like it. And then we both set out to do something that we had never done, decorate the tree.

It took us a couple of long minutes to figure out the whole deal with the lights and all. At one point Maurice walked by and started laughing at us, we had more goo on us than the tree had ornaments. But, we were not going to use magic. Lillie, then took pity on us and started to help. In a couple of hours the tree was done and we were heading to the shower.

About two or three hours later Hannah and her fiancé arrived. We were about to sit down and watch some old Christmas movies, when Hannah mentioned that she had bought tickets to the Country Club’s Christmas Dinner, we had no other option, but to go. Some of my father’s friends wanted to see me, and well I wouldn’t mind seeing some of them.

So we made our way back upstairs. I started looking through my closet and found a blue satin dress that I had never worn. I pulled it out and tried it on, it still fit. When I turned around I noticed that Draco was already dressed. “Where did you get that suit?” He shrugged, “There was no one home, so I sneaked in.”

I looked at him, “You could’ve been caught!”

He smiled, “Bella, I lived in that house since I was born. I think I can get around without getting caught.”

“You sure no one saw you?” I pressed and he nodded, “Yes, I’m sure.” I looked at him and had to smile. He wasn’t wearing his disguise and looked so handsome. I walked over to him and kissed him. Then I turned and went to change.

About an hour later we were all ready and getting into the limo. We started to pull out of the drive way and suddenly the limo turned to the other side. I pointed it out to Hannah, and she simply smiled and said. “Oh, I forgot to mention it to you, but our neighbor is joining us.” I felt Draco tense as we pulled into his parents’ driveway.

A blonde woman all dressed elegantly all in black walked out to the limo. Draco’s hand was freezing. I squeezed it for reassurance, after all McGonagall had told him it was safe. She opened the door on the opposite side of where we sat, and smiled courteously at everyone, “Good evening!” She then got in the limo and sat in front of me. Draco pretended to be playing with my coat. She then said to Hannah, “Thank you, so much for inviting me. Having to spend Christmas alone, is always a little sad.”

Hannah then said, “Oh, were are my manners! Narcissa, this is Isabella, Robert and Denise’s daughter. And her boyfriend, Christopher.” Draco looked up and we both smiled at her.

Narcissa smiled back, “A pleasure. Isabella, I knew your parents, they were really kind people.” I nodded in response. Well, as if she would know. I never recall seeing her, when I was a kid.

Hannah then asked, “You have a son. Right?” Narcissa nodded. What the hell was going on? Had this all been set up. I could feel Draco reaching new heights of tension beside me. He was once again playing with my coat. Forgetting every thing I knew about decorum and how one should behave in public I leaned towards him and rested my body against him.

“He’s about your age.” Narcissa said to us. “He’s an excellent student, has made the top of his class, since his first year. He’s a great seeker. Still, I’m his mother, every mother believes her son to be perfect.”

I had to change the subject, or Draco here would blow his cover. “Did they pick a theme for this year’s Christmas Dinner?”

Hannah got all excited, “Oh, yes we did. Narcissa, why don’t you tell them? After all, it was your idea.” Narcissa and Hannah then started talking about the decorations and the arrangements that had been made. Draco, started to relax a bit beside me.

When we got to the Country Club I was about ready to believe that, Narcissa and Hannah had become fast friends. Draco was the first one out of the car, and I followed him. We stayed behind so that we could talk.

“You ok?” I had to ask.

He nodded, “I’d like to think that my mother isn’t up to something. But, I’ve never seen her be so friendly with a muggle.”

I stopped and looked at him, “I feel like I’m in a weird Twilight Zone episode,”

He tried to smile, but didn’t quite manage. “Tell me about it.”

We then went into the ball room. Narcissa and Hannah hadn’t exaggerated it was beautifully decorated. It looked like if it had snowed inside, there was white powder everywhere. Trees had been set to look as if everything had been set outside. A fake pond had been frozen and some kids were trying to get in it.

Draco looked around, searching for our table. When he saw them seated he started walking towards them, but I stopped him. A song had just come on, it was my mother’s favorite and one that I used to dance with my father.

Smile though your heart is aching
Smile even thought it’s breaking
When there are clouds in the sky you’ll get by
If you smile through your fear and sorrow
Smile and maybe tomorrow, you’ll see the sun
come shinning through for you

I looked at the people dancing, “Would you like to dance?” I asked. He smiled and pulled me to the dance floor. When we reached it he amazed me, he really did know how to dance. He held me close as we turned, and for the first time in a really long time I felt completely happy.

Light up your face with gladness
Hide every trace of sadness
Although a tear, maybe ever so near
That’s the time, you must keep on trying

Smile, what’s the use of crying
You’ll find that life, is still worth while, if you just smile.

He looked at me, “Thanks. I really didn’t feel like going back there.”
The song was drawing to an end, so I kissed him gently, “I should be the one thanking you…”

That’s the time you must keep on trying
Smile what’s the use of crying.
You’ll find that life, is still worth while, if you just smile.

He raised his brow and I explained. “Ever since my mother’s death, my dad would dance this song with me. I think he did it to remember her by it. If you hadn’t been here this would’ve been the first time in ten years that I would sit it out.”

He then hugged me real tight, “Then I’m really glad my mother made me take those dancing lessons.” He looked towards the table, “Speaking of whom, we better join them. They’re serving dinner.”

We made our way there and when we reached them I noticed that some friends of my father were also at our table. I greeted everyone and introduced Draco, as Christopher to them.

Draco and I started talking with Harold Drogin. I knew him to be a famous herbologist in the wizard world, and he taught Botanic’s 101 at Oxford. “So what are you two planning on doing after this, your last, year?”

Draco shrugged, knowing that the others weren’t listening he spoke freely, “Still undecided. Maybe, start working somewhere in the Ministry and then go back and do something with potions.”

Harold then turned towards me, “Honestly, I still don’t know. I’ve excelled in the Defense Against the Black Arts, and I used to be really good with Summoning so, maybe one of those two and head to the Ministry.”

Harold smiled, “You have definitely taken after your Isabella; not only in looks, but in Academics as well.”

I never knew that about my mother, I thought her field had been herbology, like Harold.

We went on talking with him about different things. Draco seemed really at ease with him, and for a time there I think he even forgot that his mother was there. Well, all up to the point when she started trying to talk to us too. I saw that Draco was tensing up, and so I started to complain about a stomach ache. “Hannah, I think we’ll call a cab. I’m not feeling so good.”

Hannah turned and nodded in acknowledgment. She then turned back to talk with Narcissa about the New Year’s Ball.

Draco and I headed home.


When we arrived at Wiltshire it was the first thing we noticed. It was looming over my house; the Death Eater’s mark. We got out of the taxi and I dashed inside, whoever it was, it was still in the house. I could feel it, cold and merciless.

I started walking towards it, I passed the dinning room and went into the kitchen. It was really near, I then felt someone grab my hand. I nearly screamed. It was Draco, he handed me my wand, and gave me a ‘are you crazy look’. I ignored it and pushed the door open, the light was off. “Lumos” . I started walking through the pantry. It was empty, but I could still feel it.

The lights came on. I turned and noticed that Draco stood by the switch. I smiled at him. And suddenly, I saw him point his wand at me …


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Chapter 12: Harry's Back
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“You do know that I still haven’t forgiven you?” I told Draco on our way to the Weasley’s

He nodded, “And for the hundredth time I’ll tell you. Something moved behind you.”

I rolled my eyes and looked at the window, my heart had definitely frozen when I had seen his wand pointed in my direction. Fears that I didn’t even want to analyze had made their way out of the unconscious. He said something had been lurking behind me, but we searched the whole pantry and nothing was there. Still, the bitter feelings were there, we couldn’t see it, but it still had been there. I turned back to him, “Do you know where you’re going?”

He nodded, “Ron already explained.” He stopped at a light and turned to face me, “Are you planning on staying angry at me?”

I looked at him and cracked half a smile, “Promise not for too long.”

He put the car back in motion. “You better. I’ve hated the silence for this past two hours.”

I turned sideways to face him. “Ok, then talk. Tell me about your past.”

He raised his eyebrow “I said talk, not an inquisition with me as the victim. Besides, I thought we had already settled that.”

“I thought so too. But, then you point your wand at me and well…” I smiled at him.

He sighed, “Next time, I’m letting whatever is lurking behind you get you. I swear it!”

I started laughing and he noticed that I had only been kidding. Although, a part of me had wanted to find out more.

I have always know that he had some secrets, secrets that could change my perspective of him. Secrets that could endanger me, but I still wanted to know. I wanted this feeling of not knowing him to go away. It was the only way I could start to feel safe around him again.


We arrived at the Weasley’s in time for a game of quidditch. Draco immediately took off in his broom and joined Ron and Ginny’s team as seeker. I was sent to the other team to play as a chaser. We played for what seemed like hours. Until a figure was seen walking towards the Burrow.

Ron took off in his broom, followed by Ginny. Suddenly we saw them getting off their brooms and practically running towards that figure. They seemed to talk for a couple of seconds and then started walking back.

I was still up in my broom, when Draco flew up next to me. “You should have tried out for quidditch.” He said.

I looked at him and rolled my eyes, “I would’ve if it hadn’t been for what’s her name.”

He smiled, “Then, you’ll tryout this semester?”

I smiled back at him and nodded. He leaned forward and gave me a kiss.

And that was when we heard Hermoine scream out the name of the stranger. “Harry!!!!” Harry, was back and I could feel Draco starting to tense up. I looked over and he tried to smile. “This means the end of an era.”

I looked at the stranger and then back at Draco, “What do you mean?” He shrugged, “That’s Potter.”

He turned to look at the others that had been playing, they had all started their descent. Only Draco and I had stayed up there. I looked at him and could only see him stare at Harry, his expression had been completely blank/ He then said “Better start getting down there.” I motioned for him to lead, I’d follow.


As soon as I met Harry I could see why everyone loved him, and why Draco hated him. He was the big man on campus type, and didn’t even have work at it. And to the Weasley’s he was just another one of the bunch.

At around thirty to midnight the Weasley’s started getting ready for the New Year. Grapes were taken out of the fridge, champagne was being poured.

And Draco suddenly pulled me aside. “You know what?” I turned to face him and tilted my head. “This is the first year that I am actually looking forward to those bells at midnight.”

I smiled at him, “And why is that? May I ask.”

He kissed me lightly. “Because, this year I got you.”

I giggled and kissed him back.

We then heard Ron call out to us, “You two at it already. Come on, get inside or mum is going to come out to find you. And then… well then you’ll wish you had heard me.”

We both went inside, and at the stroke of midnight I knew this was my best New Year ever.

Chapter 13: Going Back
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At noon we all headed back to Hogwarts, all including Harry. Draco and he talked a bit, but he later told me that it felt too weird. He was wearing his disguise, and well he was getting to see a side of Potter that he never had seen. I think that he was even scared that he might actually get along with him.

I don’t have a clue how we crammed into the Rover, but we did; all six of us and our bags. When we arrived at Hogwarts Hagrid was already at the lot waiting for us. He was surprised to see Harry, and well I think he actually blinked away some tears. They hugged and everything and then, he turned to Draco, “Hmm. Christopher, McGonagall wants to see you.”

Draco gave me a quick kiss, and whispered, “Everything is ok. I’ll see you later.” He then squeezed my hand and left with Hagrid.

We all then started unloading the Rover and sending our bags to the house. By the time we were done, I was getting nervous. What could McGonagall have wanted with Draco?


Dinner time came and still no Draco. Hermoine noticed that I was growing quieter by the minute and walked over to where I was sitting. “It will be ok, you know?” I nodded. She then grabbed my arm and pulled towards our door, “We have to go to dinner.” I let her pull me, although I honestly would have rather waited for Draco.

We made our way out, but were stopped by Neville. “Can you believe it? They let him back, this semester.”

Hermoine and I both looked confused. But, she was the first to ask, “Who?”

Neville rolled his eyes, “Draco Malfoy. I honestly can’t believe that they think his innocent.”

At that moment Harry, Ron and Ginny reached us. They had also heard. Harry looked as insulted as Neville, and Ron and Ginny just looked at me. I lowered my head, what would happen now?

I had heard some of the stories, but that wasn’t the Draco I had come to know. The Draco I knew wouldn’t hurt someone, just for the fun of it. I wanted to scream at them telling them how wrong their opinion was. But, I had met his one time friends, and as one of Anotnia’s old sayings went Dime con quien andas y te dire quien eres. Roughly translated, Show me your friends, and I’ll tell you who you really are. And to top it, he had been their leader. I couldn’t help but wonder who was he, really?

By the time we reached the hall I was too nervous to walk through it’s doors, I just froze. I was going to walk through them and what? He would give me a hug wink and we’d all have dinner? Everything would be perfect?

Hermoine and Ron saw me and came over. Ron was the first to talk, “You don’t know what has happened, you don’t even know if he’s in there. And if he is, then we’ll just play it by ear.” Hermoine took my arm and smiled, “We’re here. We are not leaving you alone. And, worst case scenario we’ll say we are going to the bathroom and sneak out to Hagrid’s or something.”

I smiled at them and let them pull me into the Hall. Once inside, I made my way to my usual seat at the table. On the way I stopped to say hi to Luna, who I hadn’t seen since finals. “How did you do in potions?” She asked. I smiled and told her I had passed, and she said, “You and Chris did make a good team there. Speaking of Chris, where is he?” I shook my head and told her that I hadn’t seen him. She smiled and I kept on walking.

Once seated, I looked over to the Slytherin table and saw that Crabbe, Goyle and Pansy were already there. But, still no Draco. Where was he?

And then I got my answer. He walked in, looking like himself and all dressed up in Slytherin colors. He smirked at some remark that a Gryffindor had made and kept on walking towards his group. Crabbe and Goyle stood up and walked towards him, they both started talking to him at once, and I saw him put his hand up, and they quieted. So this was the Draco Malfoy that everyone had been talking about.

I looked down at my plate, not knowing if I could stomach it. A part of me just wanted to go back to Gryffindor. Go back to my bed and will time to move back. Another knew that running wouldn’t solve anything. Instead it would make it worst, and it would still be there tomorrow.

Knowing that I had to face the music, I looked back up. And then, I almost screamed. Pansy was kissing him, and he was kissing her back. I could hear Hermoine, Ron and Ginny trying to calm me, but their voices were muffled by the rage I was feeling. Without knowing what I was doing I levitated a glass full of water that had been in Goyle’s place setting and dropped it on their heads. They broke apart, Pansy started looking everywhere and screaming insults and threats to whoever had done it. Draco simply looked in my direction and smirked.

That had been even worst. I stood up, looking straight at him and started to say in an extremely hushed voice an old charm I had learned at Beabaxton’s. Pansy’s face started to turn a bit red and I could see Draco starting to scratch himself. He looked at me and raised his brow, I simply smiled took a piece of bread and sat back down, my eyes never wavering from his.

Hermoine had seen me and I think that she had even heard me. “What did you do Bella?” I smiled at her, “It feels like poison ivy. But, it wears off in less than a minute. See.” I pointed towards them they were no longer scratching and Pansy had turned back to normal.

After dinner was done with, we all started our way back to Gryffindor. I was talking to Ginny and suddenly tripped on something. I looked down and noticed a foot, looking up at it’s owner I noticed it was Pansy’s. I smirked at her, “What your feet grew over vacation and you still learning to handle them? Or was that a feat you have yet to master?”

She looked back and chuckled, “Poor little orphan girl. She drives one parent to commit suicide and then the other to be murdered. And then, she looses her boyfriend. Where’s Chris, Bella?”

At that moment I wanted to scream at her. Tell her that he was standing right behind her, that he had spent his whole vacation making sure I was happy. That I had seen him smile, and laugh, and even giggles. But, right now that all felt like a different reality. Like if I had been taken form one place and left in another one. I was about to answer her, when he spoke.

“So this is the little muggle you were telling me about. Seems like if she’s found her troupe.”

I looked at him. I saw his lips moving, but still I couldn’t believe he had said that. What the hell was going on? Ron, Hermoine, and Ginny must have been as stunned as I was, because it was Harry the one who had answered. “Draco why don’t you just go back and crawl into the little black whole that you came out from?” He then grabbed my arm and pulled me away from them.


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Chapter 14: It's Officially Over
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I woke up feeling empty, at first I didn’t know why, but I soon remembered. And then, I just wanted to crawl back into bed and never get out. Three people I had ever really cared for, and now they were all gone. I felt someone pull at my blanket and noticed it was Ginny. “Come on. You have to get out. You have to go to class.”

Hermoine sat on my bed, “Bella, if you don’t go I swear I’ll pull you by your toes and drag you in your pj’s to each and every single class.”

I lifted my head and looked at them, “Just tell people I’m sick.” I tried to hide under my pillow, but suddenly it was sent flying. So I got up, put on my robes and made my way to my first class… as luck would have it potions.


Since I had taken so long waking up and dressing, I was ten minutes late to Potions class. I was debating if I should go in or ditch when I saw McGonagall walking by. Decision was made, had to go in. I opened the door and it creaked real loud. Professor Jones had taken over the class for this semester, he turned to me and asked, “Besides late, you are?”

I smirked at him, not caring much about what he thought, “Isabella Townsend.” I then started to make my way to an empty seat in the back beside a boy from Hufflepuff.

The Professor then turned back to the class and went on talking. I suddenly saw a note flying towards me. I opened it and noticed Draco’s handwriting. I looked at it and said softly “Incendio” when it was completely burnt I said, “Finite Incantatem” I then raised my eyes to see him looking at me. I took out a piece of paper and wrote: It’s over. I can’t trust you. You promised not to hurt me or let someone else do. I then sent it to him and turned my attention to the class. I didn’t have someone to tutor me this semester, so I better start paying attention.

But, my attention was sidetracked every time that I saw Pansy run her hand down Draco’s back. Or when I saw her lean towards him way too much to ask something. Each time I felt like making some potion blow up in her face. The new teacher started handing out some assignments. The boy next to me introduced himself, “Hi! I’m Justin. And you are?” I smiled at him “Bella.”

At that moment the professor walked up to us and asked me, “Are you Denise Blanco’s daughter?” I nodded, and he said, “Your mother was a very very brave witch. I studied with her for a couple of years here. I believe she was one of the few muggles who mastered doing spells without the need of a wand.” I nodded at him, it was something she had taught me. I’ll always remember her saying, ‘Never rely on a piece of wood’. The professor then dismissed the class.

Justin hurried out quickly and I stayed behind going over the assignment, if I had any doubts I had to ask them now. I finished reading and looked up, the classroom was empty, except for Draco. Grabbing my books, I started making my way out, but he blocked me. “Bella, we have to talk.”

I looked at him and nodded, “I have a class right now.”

He raised his brow, “Then ditch. I really do need to talk to you.

I considered it for a moment, remembered Pansy’s hand, and then started to shake my head no. Guessing what was wrong he said, “Nothing is going on with Pansy.”

I tilted my head at him, “Then why does she keep touching you?”

He smiled, “Jealous?”

I smirked, “One can only be jealous of what one can not have.” I started making my way out and he stopped me again. “Bella, please?” I knew how hard that word was for him, so I lowered my head and said, “Meet me by the runes after last period. Be there, I wont wait for you.” He then stepped out and I went to my class.


By the end of the day I was feeling no better than that morning and the idea of having to see Draco was making me way too anxious. Still, I made my way to the runes like I had told him. And there he was, sitting in the spot where it had all began.

When he saw me coming he smiled and started to walk towards me. I wanted so much to run to him and let him hug me, but I knew I shouldn’t and so kept on walking.

He reached me first, “Thought you weren’t coming.”

I looked at him, “I’ve never given you reason to doubt me.”

He ran his hands through his head, “How can I prove to you that you can still trust me?”

Without thinking I responded, “By being who you have been all these past months.”

He sat down and motioned for me to join him. “Bella, I can’t jump from being one person to being another. Don’t you think that I want to be with you?”

I smirked, “Yesterday that wasn’t what I thought.”

Draco tried to pull me to him, but I pushed him back, “Bella, I’m sorry. I had to say something along those lines. They were expecting it.”

“And I was expecting you not to hurt me!” I could feel the tears starting to well up and turned my face in another direction. Breathing deeply I tried to control my emotions. I could feel him looking at me, “I’m sorry. Bella, I… I…” I turned to face him and could see that this was hurting him too. “I need you in my life, Bella. What do you want me to do?”

I smiled at him, “You know what I want. If it’s not what you want then…”

He pulled me close and this time I let him. He kissed my forehead and said, “We’ll start slow. But, I promise that by the end of this semester things we’ll be as they used to be.” I looked up at him and smirked, he laughed, “Don’t do that! You look nasty when you do.” I smirked again and he kissed me. When we pulled back he smiled and I remembered something, “What about Pansy?”


I was getting ready for bed when all of the sudden Lavander came bursting through our door. “Did you hear?”

Ginny, already sitting on her bed asked, “What?”

Lavander took that as a, we are interested come sit and join us. “About Draco.”

That got me interested. I sat on my bed and asked, “What happened?”

She then giggled, “He dumped the ice queen. Seems to be that he met someone else and well the ice queen was dethroned. Anyway, she was screaming and kicking all the way from Slytherin to the girl’s bathroom. I was there and heard it all. She was telling another Slytherin that she couldn’t understand it, that she and Draco had been hot for each other. And now all of the sudden he was supposedly in love with someone. Still, that’s what I heard. So do you guys have any idea who this mystery girl is?”

Two heads turned my way, Ginny was grinning and Hermoinie questioning, so I simply grinned, “Not a clue.”

Lavander, seeing that there was not more to add to her gossip got up and started walking over to the door. But, before she left, she turned and said, “Who would’ve guessed? Pansy and Draco, officially over.”

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Chapter 15: Some kind of normal
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A week had passed since Draco’s official break up with Pansy. Pansy was still threatening, telling anyone and everyone what she would do to the person who stole Drakie from her. I could only smile.

Draco still hung with Slytherins only, but some people had remarked on his change. He was still being sarcastic, but had laid low on his taunts and insults. I hadn’t spent time with him since that day.

“All right class! I have graded your pair assignments and I do have to admit that I am terribly disappointed. There were remarkably high marks and remarkably low marks. Therefore, I will be selecting partners for our next assignment.” Professor Jones said, and you could hear the loud groans in the group. He then started handing out last weeks assignment. I looked at Justin and we both groaned, we had gotten a big fat F.

I tried to smile at him, “Seems that potions isn’t our forte.” He nodded, “Guess we’ll be split.” It was my turn to nod, and cross my fingers that I got Draco.

Professor Jones started moving around the room switching pairs, and then he stopped in front of Draco and Pansy. “You two did remarkably well last week. It’s too bad that I will have to split you up. Oh, well!” He then motioned for Justin to get up. “Justin you’ll be paired with Draco. Pansy go join Bella.”

I was stunned and it must have shown for the Professor quickly asked, “Miss Townsend, do you have a problem with this?” I considered before responding, but in the end just shook my head.

Pansy already sitting next to me mumbled, “Just don’t try to kill yourself; I wouldn’t want mudblood on my robes.” I looked at her and rolled my eyes. Luckily, I didn’t have to answer Professor Jones had heard her. He turned back to us, “On second thought. Pansy join August. Stella join Justin. Draco join Bella.” Everyone started switching again. I looked up to see the Professor smile at me, and suddenly he winked, like if he knew.

Draco took his seat next to me, “Did you have anything to do with this?” he asked. I shook my head no.

Class then started, we were to try two potions today one was a brown liquid, and had to smell like peaches and cream, the other a green one that had to smell of grass and lemon.

I smiled at Draco, “You lead.”

He chuckled and started taking out vials and stuff from the cabinet under our desk. “So you had nothing to do then?”

“Nope.” I sat down on the floor and started to help him. He handed me a couple of vials, “Careful, don’t drop them.” I smirked, “I think you are seeing me as far more clumsier than what I really am.”

He looked around to make sure that no one was looking at us, he then leaned forward and quickly touched his lips to mine. “I’ve missed you.”

I had to grin at that, “Good.” He raised his eyebrow, so I explained, “Because I’ve missed you too.” He then smiled and motioned for me to get up.

We both got up and he started mixing the ingredients. “So, are you playing today?” Slytherin was facing Gryffindor today in Quidditch. He nodded and smiled, “After last semester, I’m going to have to remember what team I’m on.” I giggled, a little bit too loudly. When I looked up Pansy was throwing daggers at me.


“Do you think she knows?” Hermoine asked as we took our seats for the Quidditch game. “I think she suspects, I mean Draco wasn’t being his usual self.” I answered.

She nodded, “But, he hasn’t been himself lately. I mean Ron was telling me that yesterday Draco stopped him in the hallway and started talking to him like if he was still in disguise.”

I giggled, “What did Ron do?”

Hermione laughed, “At first he says he was waiting for Crabbe and Goyle to pop up and do something. But, then he says they talked like old times. Ron even managed to drag Neville into the conversation.”

I smiled, things were definitely starting to look up. I turned to the game, it was about to start. “There he is!” I said to Hermione as I spotted Draco. She started laughing, “Bella, remember to cheer for Gryffindor. It wouldn’t do to have you cheering for him, when everyone is booing Slytherin.” I smiled and waved off her concern, “I know where my loyalty stands.” But, I have to admit it was a bit hard not to cheer for him. He looked so cute!

About an hour and a half later, Gryffindor had won. Everyone was cheering and plans for a celebration were being made. Hermione and I had managed to make our way to the team, I was talking to Ginny and Harry when all of the sudden a note flew my way, I opened it.

Lucky shot! Just kidding! Tell the guys congrats, well tell Ginny and Ron. If they make plans for later let me know I’ll find a way to meet you in town.


PS. They would’ve won sooner if I had been playing with them.

I looked up to see Ginny, Harry must have taken off and I hadn’t noticed. I smiled and handed her the letter. She laughed, “Tell him we’re heading to Red’s”


“Agh!!!! I have nothing to wear!!!” Ginny said for the eleventh time as we got ready to go out.

I turned away from the mirror, “Ginny what about the dark green one.”

Ginny shook her head, “Dirty laundry.”

“Why don’t you check my closet then?” I said as I turned back to the mirror.

“I honestly do like the one that you are wearing.” A male voice said, and then I felt arms hugging my waist. I turned and pulled on his cloak. He grinned.

Ginny chuckled, “Hello Draco!” and then added, “Get out! I have to get dressed!”

I nodded in agreement, and gave him a quick kiss. “How do you plan to explain your presence?”

He smiled and said the spell that he had used to turn into Chris. “See! Still works.”

I nodded and nudged him to get out. “I’m going! But, I need the keys to the Rover.”

I handed them over to him and he left, saying that he had to go get Ron.

Ginny grinned at me, “I never thought I’d see Malfoy this changed. I honestly do have to hand it to you Bella. Whatever you did, that boy is head over heals in love with you.”

I simply smiled and turned back to my make up. Draco in love with me. Ginny was reading far too much into it. Sure, we liked each other. Sure, there was a really strong attraction, but love… it was too soon. Right?

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Chapter 16: Followed
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We had dropped Ginny, Harry, Hermione and Ron at the entrance and went in search of a parking space. I looked over at him, “Thanks.”

He looked at me questioningly, “Why?”

I smiled, “Coming tonight.”

He chuckled, “If I hadn’t come tonight, by tomorrow everyone at school would’ve known about us.” He then took my chin in his hand. “It’s hard to stay away from you.”

I grinned at him, “Really?” And then he kissed me, as if to prove his point.

Sometime later, we finally made our way into Red’s. “Bella! Over here!” I turned to see Ginny waving us over, she was already seating with Harry, Katie and Neville. Draco, took my hand and started walking towards them.

I stopped him, “You sure?” He simply smiled, nodded and went on walking. When we reached the table Katie and Neville were surprised to see Chris, but then Katie said, “It was hard to imagine you two apart for too long.” He simply smiled in response and sat next to Ginny and pulled me into a chair beside him. “Where’s Hermione and Ron?” He asked.

Ginny shrugged, “I thought they were with you.”

I shook my head no.

Harry started to look around and saw them dancing. “I think Hermione is trying to get Ron to dance.” He then announced laughing.

We all turned to look at them and it was truly a comedy. It was a fast song, Hermione was moving to its beat, all right, but Ron… well that was a different story. Draco took my hand and motioned towards the dance floor. I laughed and nodded. “Let’s show them how it’s done.” He said laughing as we made our way to where they stood.


Sometime later, we had taken the Rover to the student lot and were seating on Hogwarts’ grounds looking up at the sky and talking non sense. My head was resting on Draco’s chest he was saying something to Hermione about some constellation or another and I started to feel sleepy so I closed my eyes.

All of the sudden I was standing at a muggle mall. I remembered it. It was the one that my mother loved. Indeed it was, there stood the store where my mother would buy her soaps and lotions, and the store where we would buy candy. I started to look around and suddenly noticed that everything stood exactly like it had that day. I turned abruptly towards the interior garden where we had been sitting and there she was, playing with me. I could see Hannah in the background talking on her on a pay phone. I stared at my mother she was smiling; I’d forgotten how pretty she was.

Then all of the sudden I saw a light from the corner of my eye. I knew what would happen and started to scream for her to move away. But, she couldn’t hear me. I started to run towards her, but I was too late. I could see her body lying lifeless. And I could see myself trying to wake her.

I looked back to where the light had come from and all I could see was a tall woman with long blonde hair and all dressed in black. I tried to go after her, but my feet wouldn’t move. I turned back to where my mother laid and saw a man come up to us. He took me in his arms and asked me if I knew my daddy’s phone number. I nodded and he told the lady with him to call.

I turned around looking for Hannah, where was she? She was her best friend, she must have seen. But, she was nowhere to be seen. Nowhere!

I then heard someone call my name. It was faint and distant, but it was getting more desperate by the second. So I started walking towards it.

And then I woke up. Draco was hugging me and I could see that everyone looked worried. He pushed me back, “What the hell happened to you?”

I shook his hands and ran my hands through my hair, “Nothing, I’m ok.”

That seemed to have made him angrier. “Ok? You were out for two hours! We were ready to take you to McGonagall’s.”

I turned to the others who were nodding in confirmation. Then Harry asked, “What happened?”

I looked at him and then back at Draco, “I dreamt that I was … I was back at the day of my mother’s death.” I could feel the tears starting to tumble down my cheek. And that was when I felt it. The same chilling presence that I had felt at Wiltshire. I looked up at Draco, “We have to go.” He raised his eyebrow, “Now.” I said.

Ginny started to ask, when all of the sudden I saw something that moved towards the clearing. I looked at Draco, “Whatever was in the house, it’s here. I can feel it. And I just saw something move. There.” I pointed to the edge of the clearing. Draco looked towards it and he must have seen something too, because he started to scream for everyone to make a run for Hogwarts.

Chapter 17: Oops!!!
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We had all gotten back to Hogwarts. It was close to midnight and Draco had to make his way back to Slytherin if he didn’t want to be discovered. He pulled me aside. “Are you ok?” I nodded, and he went on, “I hate to leave you like this. Maybe we could talk to McGonagall and I could move back here as Chris for a while.” I shook my head at him, “You know that’s not possible.”
He nodded, “Still we’re talking to her in the morning.”

Draco called out to Ron and Ron walked over to where we stood. He then told him what had happened at the house and Ron shook his head, “Bloody hell! Why didn’t you tell us sooner?”

“Told us what?” Hermione had walked up to us. Ron turned to her and explained. Hermione looked at me, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

I shrugged, “We thought it had been after Draco, not me.”

“What had been after Draco?” Ginny asked, she and Harry had walked towards us at some point and were now standing beside Hermione.

Draco looked up and shrugged, “We think it was a death eater. Back at the house we thought it had been after me. After all I was the one who opened my mouth and told. They don’t have anything on Bella.”

“Why would it have been after you? What could you have known?” Harry asked. That was when we all remembered Harry didn’t know. Draco looked at us and shrugged, “He might as well know.” He then said the spell and turned into himself.

Harry’s looked shocked, as he turned to see his friends’ reactions. “So, I was the only one who didn’t know.” He said, and then turned to Ginny, “And you couldn’t tell me!” Looking at Ron he added, “Knowing how I felt,” turning to Hermoine he finished, “Knowing what had happened.”

I had to speak up, “Harry I was the one who asked them not to tell. And you’re not the only one who doesn’t know. It’s more along the lines of them being the only ones that know. That was the way McGonagall wanted it, it was for the best.”

Harry leaned against a wall looking down at his shoes he said, “So the book. The one with all the names.” He looked up at Draco. “It was yours.”

Draco nodded. “That was the reason why Chris was invented.”

All of the sudden Harry started laughing; he looked at Draco and laughed even more.

We all looked at each other thinking he had lost it when he said. “You a Slytherin had to live in Gryffindor, wear Gryffindor colors … and I missed it!”

We then all remembered Draco’s complaining last semester and started laughing.

Draco smirked, “I don’t see anything funny in it.”

I walked over to where he stood and gave him a hug, “I know you don’t!” I then gave him a quick kiss. “But I lo…”

“So this is where you have been!” We all turned to see Pansy standing arms on her hips in the corridor.

Draco moved me behind him and turned to his old self. “What? Are you following me now Pansy? How long have you been there?”

Pansy stayed there, not answering and not moving.

Draco nudged me towards where the others stood and started walking towards Pansy. “Answer me Pansy!”

She looked down at the floor and then back up at him. “Long enough to see the mudblood kissing you! So that bitch halfblood was the one …”

Draco stopped her. “Pansy, stop the act. You never cared about me. You care only about yourself. I was just the boyfriend you needed. Nothing more, than a convenient alliance. And now you are angry, not because you lost me, but because if anyone finds out, they will know that it was a mudblood that won my heart.”

Pansy looked at him like if she was about to kill him and then turned and stormed off towards Slytherin.

I stared at him, suddenly Ginny’s words came back. Could it be true? He grinned at me and turned to Harry and Ron, “Look I have to go back to Slytherin before things get more out of hand. If anything happens…”

Was he asking them to take care of me? Sure it was sweet, but still. I interrupted him, “Draco, I can take care of myself.”

He placed his arm around my shoulder and kissed my forehead. “I know, but you do tend to run head first into trouble instead of away from it.” He turned back to them, “Just, let me know.” We then said our goodbyes.

Draco held me back a bit, gave me a quick kiss and asked, “Before Pansy showed up, what were you going to say?”

That I love you, I thought it, but couldn’t find the way to say it. So I just shook my head and smiled, “I forgot.”

Chapter 18: The Secret is Out
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“Well you do have to hand it to her.” Ginny said as we walked into the courtyard. I had to agree the girl had given us all quite a show. Waiting for everyone to sit for breakfast and then telling Draco that he was a disgrace to Slytherin. Then announcing how he had betrayed their house by flirting shamelessly with someone from another house, then hinting, but not telling that it was a Gryffindor. Well she had made a spectacle, and poor Draco had not been able to stop her. Now here we were mid day break heading for our spot in the courtyard, and poor Draco still nowhere to be found.

“Have you talked to him?” Hermoine asked. I shook my head no. After he skipped Advanced Illusionism, I had tried to find him in our usual spots, but he was nowhere to be found. “No. I …” That was when I noticed him crossing the courtyard and walking straight toward us. I shook my head at him, trying to get him to react or something. But, he just kept on walking. He was getting closer, and closer. Then he was standing right in front of me, and as if that wasn’t close enough he kissed me, then and there in front of everyone. Everyone in his house, everyone in Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Gryffindor. When he pulled back I just stared at him. He simply sat beside me, took my hand in his and turned to two very shocked and confused girls. “Don’t worry. I talked to McGonagall. She said I was safe. Pansy knows and I honestly don’t want her pulling another one like this morning. So better come clean and let people know.” He then turned to face me, “Right?”

I nodded and then turned to look around us. Everyone was looking. “Draco?” I started to ask, but he stopped me. “I don’t care.” He said and then pulled me closer to him. He then looked over to where Pansy sat with her friends and smirked. I pinched him. “Don’t do that. There’s going to be enough trouble with out you taunting her.” He sighed and stood up, “Better go tell Crabbe and Goyle before they hear form someone else.”


The rest of the day was crazy. Some people just stared at me, others tried to get me to talk about it. And then there were the ones from Slytherin, those looked at me like if I was a home wrecker. Ginny and Hermoine stayed with me, but in the end we had different schedules and some I had to brave on my own.

I was making my way to potions class when I noticed Pansy walking my way. I tried to make a detour towards any place but that to where she was going and then Ron and Harry appeared, “You heading to potions?” Harry asked. I nodded and Ron said, “Well, we are heading to the library. It’s in the other direction, but will keep you company. Walk with you and all.” I chuckled, “Thanks you two."

“So tell me about it?’ Ron asked. “They’re saying that he walked up towards you and just kissed you in the court yard in front of everyone. True?” Harry chuckled, “I heard that he sat with you girls for quite some time.” I giggled, “So far you have both heard right. Anything more than that could be considered an exaggeration.”

Ron messed my hair, “I’m glad for you.” They both then stopped walking, “You’re here.” Harry said, “And there comes Draco. So you’re safe from Pansy.” I smiled at them and then waited for Draco to walk up. “Hello! How’s your day so far?” I asked him. He took my hand and sighed, “Can’t wait for it to be over.”

We made our way to our table, evading Pansy. “Did you talk to Crabbe and Goyle?” He nodded, “They … don’t know what to think.” I chuckled, “Do they ever?” Draco looked at me and rolled his eyes. Ok, not funny then. “What’s wrong?”

Draco sat down and started looking over the potion we had to do today. “After this class, I have to go back to Slytherin. Right now, I don’t think that I’m very welcomed there. Pansy has made sure that I’m regarded as scum.”

I placed my hand on his shoulder, “Draco, why don’t you go back and talk to McGonagall? May be she’ll know how to handle this.”

Draco looked insulted, “Bella, I’m a Malfoy and a Malfoy in Slytherin needs help from no one.”


Chapter 19: Everything changed
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Chapter 19 Everything changed

Today I woke up and something didn’t feel right. It was one of those mornings that no matter how much I tried to shake it something was completely different. I didn’t feel like talking much so I told the girls I would see them in the Great Hall and made my way out there.

I took my usual seat, looking around I saw Luna enter the Hall with a group of sixth years. She smiled at me and walked over. “How’s it been?”

I smiled, “Good.” At that moment two owls entered the hall, one I recognized as Oh Henry my dad’s old owl that was now under the care of Antonia. He dropped me a letter, the other dropped a letter at the Hufflepuff table.

My dear Isabella:

A man came by the house today. He said he was a friend of your fathers, but mind you, mi niña, I have never seen him before. He was asking about your father’s research. He seemed surprised, like if he hadn’t known about his death. Even said that he had seen him a couple of days ago, had coffee with him and all. Quite, disturbing. I wasn’t going to write to you about it, but Mario convinced me that I should. Weird, really strange things have been happening in the house.
Please take care of yourself, cuidate mucho mi niña.

I felt tears filling my eyes and took a deep breath. The letter didn’t make sense. My father was dead, and that man, who could he be? I felt someone sit beside me and closed the letter.

Looking up I saw Draco, “You do know that you’re sitting in the wrong table right?” He nodded, “I’ll risk anything a Gryffindor throws my way. I’m getting tired of Pansy’s pitiful displays.” He looked at me closely and then asked, “What happened?” I shook my head, but he only tried harder. Handing him the letter I simply said, “Doesn’t make any sense.” He read through it, “Your father’s death was published in every paper in the wizard world. What was his research on?”

I shook my head, “It was never clear to me, I know it started with time travel. But, he stumbled onto something else and I honestly don’t know what that was. I wish I did, but I don’t.”

Draco looked it over again, and stood up, “Come on. We’re going to McGonagall. Maybe she’ll know. And you do, have to tell her about everything else.”


“My child, I have a vague idea of what your father’s research was about. Like you, I know that it had to do with time travel. He became obsessed with it after your mother’s death. But, further that that I don’t have any idea. On the other matter, it does frighten me to think that a death eater might be after you. And everything you have told me points to just that, which means that we will have to take security measures regarding yourself. I should perhaps call the Ministry and have them place you in one of the secure castles.”

I shook my head, “No. I’m staying in Hogwarts. Harry has never been sent somewhere else. And you were the one who insisted that Draco should stay here. If they didn’t have to leave, then neither will I.”

Professor McGonagall looked towards Draco, “You are aware that they are closing in on her. Her dreams can very well be her subconscious trying to warn her.” Draco simply nodded and she went on, “I remember her mother’s death and she was followed for some time, before they attacked her. I fear that they are trying to do the same thing to you.”

I felt myself shake a bit and breathed deeply, “I’m not going anywhere.”

Draco looked at me and nodded, “I’m taking practically every class with her. And when I’m not with her Harry, Ron, Hermione or Ginny is. She’s never alone.”

Professor McGonagall nodded, “Yes, but do any of you know how to prevent an attack from a death eater? How to feel them before they are near?”

I saw that Draco was about to shake his head, but then hesitated. “I can feel them, if I try. My father taught me. After all, I was bound to take his place.”

Professor McGonagall nodded, “Makes sense for your father to teach you, but what good would it do to her when you are all the way across the building in Slytherin?”

Draco looked at me and then back at her, “Transfer me back to Gryffindor.” He said shocking us both.

Professor McGonagall shook her head, “I can’t bring Chris back Draco.”

Draco nodded, “I know. Transfer me, Draco Malfoy.”


“Did you have to tell her we had been intimate?” I said to him for what seemed like the hundredth time.

At least this time he had the decency to blush a bit, “Sorry, I just wanted her to see that I was serious about the whole transfer thing.”

I looked at him incredulously as we walked back to the houses. “And you couldn’t convince her by telling her something like that you cared deeply for me or even that you loved me and wouldn’t want to see me harmed. Really Malfoy there are soooo many other ways to get the same point across.” I stopped and turned noticing that he had stopped. “Now what?” I asked as I made my way back to him. He didn’t answer, but when I got to arms length he pulled me to him. I was about to kiss him, but he stopped me. “Before this goes any further Bella I need to know one thing.” I looked at him and nodded, he had suddenly turned so serious. “Bella I think I already know the answer, but I really do need to be clear on this. Do you love me?” I was taken aback by his question, sure I loved him. I hadn’t said anything, but neither had he. He asked me again and I bit my lower lip and nodded. “Then why wont you say it?” I smiled at him, “Why wont you?” He then chuckled. “Thought I had Bella.” I looked up and gave it some thought, but I knew I wouldn’t dismiss those words if he had said them. “Nope you haven’t Draco.”

He smirked, and then waited. I smiled at him and he sighed, “I love you Isabella Townsend.” I smiled at him and gave him a small peck. “Good.” I said and kissed him again. He raised his eyebrow, “ ‘Cause I love you too Draco Malfoy.” He then kissed me and all our problems were forgotten.

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Chapter 20: A strange visit
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It must have been dawn when I felt a tug on my covers. I opened my eyes to see Draco’s face staring back at me. “Weasely snores and Potter talks in his sleep.” Smiling at him I moved a side and let him get in, as soon as he did I rested my head on his shoulder and started playing with one of the buttons of his pajamas. In a low whisper, trying not to wake up Hermione or Ginny I said to him, “You do know that this wasn’t what McGonagall had in mind when she gave you access to this side of the house.” He nodded and smiled shamelessly, “Yes, but if I don’t get enough rest then how am I supposed to watch over you.” I raised my head and kissed his lips, “Very good point.” I leaned back down and he gently kissed my forehead, “Go to sleep. I love you.”

I felt myself smile, “And I you.”

“Bella, where have you been all day little lady?” I was five years old and had just entered my mom’s room all covered in mud. I giggled and ran over to her, jumping on to her bed and dirtying her white linens with my muddy clothes. Curling up beside her, I gave her two kisses, one on each cheek. “Love you mom.” My mom smiled, “Where were you?” Resting my head on the pillow beside her and looking up at her ceiling I smiled, “Playing.”

She turned and started tickling me. I started to laugh, at that moment Dad walked in. For a second I thought he looked all serious and worried. But, he then jumped into bed with mom and I. Mom winked at me then, and we both started tickling him.

Sometime later I fell asleep. But, their voices were still clear. “I’m worried for you.” My dad said to my mom. “You can’t live your life thinking of what will happen. So, she was always in love with you and she’s a bit on the looney side. I’m a witch and I can take care of myself.” There was a long silence and then my dad said, “I honestly don’t know what I would do without you. I love you too much.” I then heard them kiss.

I woke up, for the second time, and noticed that everyone was still sleeping. Trying to get out of bed was impossible without waking up Draco. His arm was securely wrapped around my waist in a way that made any type of movement close to impossible. Looking towards one of the windows I noticed that it was still dark outside. Maybe, I should just lye back and rest. I felt my eyes closing, when all of the sudden I saw someone flying towards the window. I started to nudge Draco, trying to wake him up, but it was futile. Whoever it was, was now closer. I then saw the figure get up to the window and screamed. Startling everyone awake.

Hermione grabbed her wand, “Lumos” and turned to me and Draco, “What the…?” I pointed to the window and she turned, but whoever had been there was already gone. A note had been left.

Draco got out of bed and went over to get it. He then looked at me and decided on opening it himself. Shaking his head he merely said, “Bella, it’s not safe.”

I felt tears well up in my eyes and he hurried to my side, catching me in his arms.


“So Malfoy is now sleeping in your room?” Harry asked for what seemed like the hundredth time and the three of us nodded. “Lucky bastard!”

“Who’s a lucky bastard?” Ron asked as he sat down for breakfast.

Hermione was quick to answer him, “Draco. He slept last night in our bed room and before you follow Harry’s footsteps and repeat the same question until we are ready to pummel you, I’ll answer it for you. It’s because someone is following Bella. McGonagall gave him clearance in order to keep her safe. End of story and done with.”

Ron still looking confused raised both his hands in surrender, “Whatever you say Hermione.”

Ginny rolled her eyes at Harry, “See. You should be more like my brother.” She then turned to me, “So, does this mean that Draco is now a Gryffindor?”

I shook my head, “No, McGonagall said it would be too weird to have a Malfoy residing there. After all, Malfoy’s have always been Slytherin and well…” I drifted of when I saw Harry chuckle and Ron and Ginny join in. I looked over at Hermione and she shrugged. We then both turned back to see what was so funny and then we saw it. Hermione started laughing and I just stared, stunned at seeing Draco in Gryffindor colors. “But…” I started to say, and he gave me a quick peck as he sat down for breakfast. “After this morning’s incident McGonagall was convinced that I should change households. That way I can have full access to where ever you are going.” Still, staring at him and imagining Malfoy wizards turning on their graves, I simply managed an, “Oh!”

Then I remembered, I had been so shaken up that morning that I never read the letter, “What did it say?” Draco looked at me and shook his head, “McGonagall has it. Don’t worry, it wasn’t very nice, but mostly reinforced what we had thought all along. Oh! And McGonagall wanted to know if you’d had any more dreams concerning your mother.”

I nodded, “This morning.”

Hermione practically took my arm out trying to turn me to face her, “And you didn’t tell us?”

Shaking my head, and blushing at my forgetfulness I told them, “It wasn’t a bad dream. Mostly just me and my parents playing. Then I fell asleep and overheard a conversation.”

Ginny now intrigued by it asked, “What about?”

“Something about someone being in love with my dad and my mom telling him not to worry, that she could take care of herself.” I said as I turned back to my breakfast.

“Do you remember any names?” Draco asked, picking up one of my hash brown fries. “No, I don’t.”

“Do you remember anyone who might have been after your father?” Harry asked and I shook my head, “No, my parents had a relatively small group of friends. My father came from an old wizarding family, but my mom was as muggle as muggles come. When they married, most of his friends shunned him and hers, well they didn’t know about the magic world.”

“Still, someone was threatening them back then. And I have a feeling that it’s the same person that is threatening you now.” Hermione said. I looked around and they were all agreeing with her.

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Chapter 21: Some Clues are Found
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Chapter 21 Some Clues are Found

“What are you doing?” I heard Draco ask and turned to look at him. “Research.” He pulled up a chair and sat beside me.

“Those are year books.” Draco said and I merely nodded. “I know, I’m just trying to make a list of the names of those who went to school at the same time that my parents did.”

He took the quill and started reading out names, “Many of them are familiar. If I could get in touch with my mother, maybe…”

I scowled at him, “You know McGonagall told you not to.”

He smirked, “I know. Still, let me see if I can get in touch with someone else. I know she’ll probably think I’ve lost it, contacting her after all this time. But she must have known you mother.”

I looked at him questioningly and he shrugged, “My aunt, Tonks’ mother. My mother and she don’t talk anymore, so it should be safe.”

“Do you think she’d help you?” I asked and saw him shake his head, “No but if she knew your parents, then I think she would.”


“Professor?” Pushing the door to his private office open I walked inside and saw him reading the Daily Prophet. “Professor?” He then looked up from his paper, when he saw me he set it aside and motioned for me to take a sit.

“What can I help you with Miss Townsend?” He asked.

Draco had already written to his aunt. But, the owls would take to long. So after lunch I had decided to talk to someone who had actually known my mother while she was here at Hogwarts. “I was wondering if you could tell me about my mother and her years here at Hogwarts?”

He looked at me inquisitively and the shrugged. “She was a great student, well maybe not over all, but she did excel at what she wanted. Pretty much like yourself. Denise wasn’t popular or anything, she loved blending in and watching people. I remember her once telling me that you could learn a lot about a person by simply watching them.”

I remember my dad also described her like that the quiet little hellion that could spark up a room if she ever chose to. “Do you remember how my parents met?”

The Professor gave a low whistle. “How they met?” a chuckle escaped him, as if he was actually seeing it happen all over again. “Your mother was a Ravenclaw and your father, much like yourself, a Gryffindor. She was the quiet little hellion that hid herself in the library. He was the great quidditch player that had no time for books. He was flunking DADA and that was her best subject, so their professor gave them a project together. She hated the idea, practically threw fits at every corner. He loved the idea, for of course Robert had always liked her, but never had known how to get close to her. They were in too many ways opposites. But, when they got together they seemed right and at peace. It always seemed that they had complimented each other and together were whole.”

“That was what my mom used to tell me, it’s a shame I never asked my father.” I smiled and asked, “’Do you know if they had any enemies? I mean any old loves or something?”

The professor looked at me quite intrigued, “Why do you ask Bella?”

I shook my head, “No special reason.” The question had come out too blunt and now there was no way to cover it.

He took of his glasses and closed his eyes. “Bella, are you in any kind of danger?”

I shook my head and smiled reassuringly. “No, none that I can think of.”

He placed his glasses back on the bridge of his nose and pushed them up with his index finger. “I believe I should still tell you nonetheless. Mc Gonagall seems nervous and it might have something to do with her. Your father and I knew each other from before Hogwarts. As you well know, your father was part of an old wizarding family, older and even more prestigious than even the Black’s. But, unlike many wizarding families, his was always intrigued by the muggle world. So much, that your great great uncle married a muggle and lived his life in the muggle world. Your father, while still young met a beautiful witch and she fell in love with him, in the beginning I always thought that he returned her feelings. That was until he met your mother, here at Hogwarts during our second year. Then I really saw Robert act like a loony in love. Years later, the day your parents got together, he wrote to the girl he had been seeing and told her about Denise. The girl never wrote back she simply vanished. “

“Vanished?” It seemed so unreal.

The Professor nodded. “Yes. Although, years later your father saw her trailing you and your mother. I know this, because at the time I was working at the Ministry and your father asked for my help. After your mother’s death she disappeared again and no one has heard or seen from her since.”

I sat up straighter in my chair. “Did she have blonde hair?”

He nodded. “I will see what I can do to find a picture for you.”

“Did she attend Hogwarts?” I asked, thinking back to the year books.”

The Professor shook his head, “No regrettably she didn’t. Her parents believed in home schooling.”

“What was her name?” I asked.

“Anastacia Grey.” He replied


“Anastacia Grey? Never heard the name.” Hagrid said shaking his head.

After talking to the Professor I had decided to seek out more clues on her, at least know what she looked like. Hermione, had tagged along and suggested visiting Hagrid. “You sure Hagrid? Please its really important to me.” I tried again.

He shook his head. “Sorry Bella, but no.”

“And do you remember anyone, female, hanging around Bella’s father?” Hemione asked.

Hagrid then nodded. “Yes, I do remember a pretty blonde. She used to come in a lot to visit and would always ask for your father. She was quite good friends with Snape and Narcissa.”

“Do you remember what she looked like?” I asked him.

He just shook his head. “I’m so sorry Bella.”

I smiled at the kind giant, “That’s ok Hagrid. Thank you.” And with that we left.

“What now?” Hermione asked.

I shook my head, “I can only think of one thing, but Draco would kill me.”

Hermione stopped dead in her tracks and grabbed my arm, “You’re not thinking of Narcissa Black.”

I shook my head. “No I was actually thinking of the Malfoy Manor and pictures and memorabilia that might be lying about.”

“Bella, I know I should be dissuading you from what your thinking of doing. But, I also know that that wont work. So please, let me know when and I’ll go with you. And don’t even try to convince me otherwise.”

Chapter 22: A Neighborly Visit
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Chapter 22 A neighborly visit

“You should have told him.” Hermione said for the hundredth time.

“I agree with her completely.” Ginny said as she opened the door to yet another room of the Malfoy Manor. She had seen us sneaking out of our bedroom earlier that night and had insisted on coming, ‘where one goes, we all go that’s what roomies are for’, she had said.

I shook my head at their remark. “No. If I had told him he would had wanted to come with me and if he got caught then what? DE’s with him? No.” I said and made my way to what seemed to be picture albums, finally. “Besides, I think we finally found it.”

The girls walked over and we each took a different book. I sat on the floor and pulled mine open. It had baby pictures of Draco. There was one with just him and his mother, she was sitting on one of the benches near the bridge on their side of the garden she had him wrapped inside a blanket and was singing to him. They looked so peaceful and so happy. I wonder if Draco has ever seen it.

“I have always loved that picture.” A voice was heard from the door and the lights were turned on. Narcissa Black Malfoy stood in the doorway looking at each and everyone of us. Her stare then stopped at me, “I was wondering how long it would take for you to come back in here.”

I stared at her, “Back?”

She chuckled, “You and Draco, both thought that I had not seen your sneaker on the hallway that day. You two have always been like that, one covering for the other since you were little kids. Your mother and I would always laugh at your antics.”

“You and my mother?” I was shocked at her comment. My mother had always been shunned by purebloods and here was the queen of the purebloods telling me they had spoke, that they had laughed … together.

“Yes, your mother and I.” She looked at an antic clock that stood on the desk. “It’s late girls and you shouldn’t be out of Hogwarts. Why don’t you come back at a decent hour and we can speak then and solve whatever has brought you here.”

We were all so stunned that we started to leave, but then I remembered what had brought me here. I turned back to Narcissa and asked, “Who’s Anastacia Grey?”

Narcissa turned deathly pale at the mention of Anastacia’s name. “How do you know about her?”

I looked at Hermione and Ginny, they both nodded. So I told her my fear, “I think she’s after me.”

At that Narcissa sat on a couch and motioned for us to do the same. We all sat and I saw her take a deep breath. “Anastacia was a friend of ours at one time. Your father, Henry, Bellatrix, Adam, Anastacia and I were great friends growing up. She was always after your father, so much that at one point we feared it had become an obsession. She would even visit Bellatrix and I at Hogwarts during the weekends just to see him. Why do you think she’s after you?”

I shook my head. “Just some things I’ve remembered of the past and some dreams I’ve had.”

Narcissa shook her head. “Bella, that is not reason enough. Anastacia has been gone so many years that it makes no sense her coming back and being after you in order to cause you harm. Still, if it helps I do have a picture of her that I could give you, but it wouldn’t help much. You see Anastacia was or still is capable of transforming herself and taking the form of another person simply by using charms.” She stood up and took out an album, flipping thru its pages she found the photo she was looking for. “Here this was the last picture ever taken of us. That there is your dad with Anastacia and I, it was taken at our graduation from Hogwarts.”

I looked at her face and shook my head. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen her.”

Narcissa shook her head. “You wouldn’t see her dear. If she ever got close to you it would never be looking like that. Still, there is a way for you to figure out if it is her or not, her reflection. Her reflection never changes, no matter whose form she takes, she is always herself.”

I smiled at her, still shocked at the fact that we were actually talking. “Did she hate my mother that much?” My question seemed to come out of nowhere, but Narcissa knew my fear.

She simply nodded. “Bella, your mother had everything she wanted and was everything she never would be. Anastacia hated her with every ounce of her being. Still, your mother never feared her, never cowered away from her. She always said that your father’s love made her stronger. I used to laugh at that, but it seemed true.”

“Thank you. I’m sorry we broke in like we did.” I said trying to make up for our mistakes about her.

She shook her head and smiled at the three of us. “I don’t blame you for doing things like you did. I would have done the same thing. You three better flo back to Hogwarts before they notice that you’re all gone.”

We nodded and she led us to another room with a fireplace. Ginny and Hermoine flooed out first. I was about to follow when she stopped me, shaking her head so that I would not speak she gave me two letter that she had just penned quickly and hugged me. “You are your mother’s daughter, be safe” she whispered and motioned me to flo.

Back at Hogwarts Ginny and Hermione had fallen asleep I took out the two letters that Narcissa had given me and walked back to the common room. I sat on one of the couches and crossed my legs. One of the envelopes was addressed to Draco and the other to me. I took it out and opened it.


I write this quickly since time is precious. You are right to fear Anastacia I always feared that she had had something to do with your mother’s death. She loved your father dearly, which is why I believe she would not harm you. After all you are his daughter. Still, keep your eyes open and watch people’s reflections if she is following you, she might already be close. Specially if you have started to dream and remember things from the past.


“I went to my aunts earlier.” I heard Draco say from behind. “She doesn’t remember anything. Not even my mother.” He walked around the couch and sat beside me. “Someone placed a memory curse on her.”

I looked up, completely stunned. “What?”

He sat back and closed his eyes. “My cousin was there. She nearly blasted me to oblivion when she saw me. But, luckily heard me out. My Aunt has been like that for a couple of days. Tonk says that a friend came to visit, she was a bit at edge about it, but still received her. After that Tonk says that she has been out of it, barely remembers anything. A specialist on memory curses came to see her and still nothing.”

I looked at the letter I was holding and the parchment beside it. “Your mother sends you this.” I handed him the envelope, but his eyes remained close.

“You went where?” He said slowly opening his eyes and looking very very angyr.

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Chapter 23: Things can always get more complicated
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“I’m sorry Draco, but I had to do it.” I said for the hundredth time since I had handed him the letter. “I didn’t tell you because I knew you would get like this.  Please, try to understand someone is after me.  Someone is making sure that I know that. Whoever it is has gone as far as to let me feel their presence.  Which scares me.”  Draco turned from the fire.  He had been staring at it since I had handed him the parchment.  I walked closer and said in the lowest of whispers.  “Whoever is following me is powerful and confident enough to let me feel him or her, and I’m scared that if and when I finally see who it is I wont be strong enough to fight back.”

Draco kept quiet for a few seconds and then pulled me close to him.  “Nothing is going to happen to you.  I’m not letting them get close to you.”  He then pushed me back a bit so that he could look into my eyes and said “But, you have to stop going out there looking for trouble.  If my mother had been in on this you could be …”  He shrugged “I don’t even want to think about what could have happened to you.”

I hugged him tight.  “I’m sorry.  I just hate the wait.  I hate not knowing what will happen next.”  We stayed there hugging in the common room, me to scared to let go.  Then we heard Harry’s voice “You two better get some sleep. Tomorrow, exchange week begins and breakfast will be served earlier.”

I let out a low groan.  How could I have forgotten that? I felt Draco stiffen.  For sure he was thinking the same as I.  “What do you mean exchange week?  I thought that after everything that had happened it would be canceled.”  Draco said to Harry.

Harry shrugged and added, “I thought so too. But, McGonagall says the Ministry wants everything to go on as normal.”

I felt Draco tensing up further and squeezed his hand. “Don’t worry.  It will all be ok.”



“I know who you are and I know where you are.  Nowhere you may go without me being able to find you.”
A chilling voice was heard throughout the garden.

The two kids that had been playing carelessly froze and looked around them.  “Did you hear that?” the little girl said, the boy simply nodded.

Bella realized that she was in another dream.  Bits of her past kept coming to her.  “I remember this.  It was the day before Mom died.” She thought.

“Bella!” the little girl looked towards where her mother’s voice had come from and there she was.  “Mommy! What was that?”

Bella could now see the look of concern on her mother’s face, as a child she had never noticed it.  Suddenly from the other side of the garden a blonde woman took a couple of steps closer.  “You have to go.”  She said. “It’s too dangerous.  He wont be able to protect you from her.  Denise for once in your life be sensible and not idealistic.”

Denise shook her head and leaned down to hold her daughter.  “I won’t let her win Narcissa.  She won’t drive me away.”

Suddenly everything went black.  “You can’t escape me little one.  Your muggle mother was more powerful than you and not even she could stop me.”


“Bella stop moving so much!”  Draco said as he nudged me once again. “Bella wake up!”

I felt my eyes flutter open.  “Sorry.  I was having another nightmare.  I think.”  I pushed back some strands of hair that had fallen out of my ponytail.  “What time is it?”

“What did you dream this time?” Draco asked.

“Nothing. Nothing new.”  I started to get up from bed, but felt Draco’s hand pull me back.  He looked concerned and worried.  I caressed his left cheek.  “Everything is ok. Promise.”

But I knew it wasn’t.  She was closer, she knew where I was and now with the whole exchange she had her way in.  It was only a matter of time.

Chapter 24: Exchange, changes things
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“So I heard Beaubaxtons is sending a delegation.”  Hermione said as she took a bite of her blueberry muffin.

I nodded, “Well they usually do.  I wonder who they sent for seventh year.” At that moment Draco leaned over and took my last piece of bacon.  “Hey!  I was saving that!”


He simply smirked with no remorse at all and turned back to his conversation with Harry and Ron, while savoring my last piece of bacon.


“Ok, question.  Why do they do the whole floaty thing when they enter a room?”  Ginny asked as she finished her doughnut.


“It’s tradition of sorts.”  I said as we heard the doors open.  The delegations were just about to join us.


Professor McGonagall entered the Hall followed by the other Professors.  They made their way to the front and stopped at their usual place.  Professor McGonagall then started her address.  “Good morning students.  Today as you all might know is the first day of the Exchange Week.  This year, for the first time in this decade, it will be hosted here at Hogwarts.  There are three delegations present.”  She then went on to talk about each of the schools and their delegations.  “First we have the delegation for Beauxbatons Academy.” At that moment the doors opened and ten girls in familiar uniforms stepped thru.  Madame Margaritte DuCompte was leading them. 


I felt Draco’s hand on my shoulder. “Would have loved to see you wearing that uniform.” I rolled my eyes and kissed his cheek. “Recognize anyone?”


I looked back at the delegation and that was when I noticed. “Yes.  That one, the one next to Madame DuCompte is Lissiana.”


Draco frowned.  “You know Lissiana Flint?”


I nodded and waved at my old friend to get her attention.  “Yes, why?”


“Her family are death eaters.” Ginny said.  “Her brother died because he refused to become one.”


I nodded, I already knew the story.  But, I also knew something that the whole family worked hard to keep a secret, and the reason why I knew she would never be one of them.  “She’s different.  Trust me.”


At that moment Lissi noticed me and waved back and smiled.  We had been friends from our first year at Beauxbatons, we practically knew everything about the other. 


“Bella, there are rumors that she is dating someone in Slytherin.  You do know that?”  Ginny asked. 


I knew she had started dating someone from Hogwarts during the summer.  She had written a couple of times telling me about him, but I couldn’t remember his name. “Well, I didn’t know he was from Slytherin.  Come on, from her letters he sounded nice.”


“Someone nice at Slytherin?”  Ron said and looked at Draco, “No offense, but that is completely well… whacked.  And by now you should know better B.”


“Hey girly!”  I heard Lissi’s voice call out.  I stood up and we hugged each other. “How have you been?  I mean you never get to Beaux and you forget to write or well … you never let me know about you.  I’ve been suffering!  I’ve had no one to talk to.  Vi is no fun and you know that!”  She then stood back and noticed Draco.  “Hey Malfoy!”


Draco nodded, “Hello Lissiana.”


Lissina looked around and her confusion was evident.  “Uh? Malfoy, since when are you in Gryffindor?”


Draco shook his head.  “Long story, better for another time.”


Lissiana shrugged.  “So?” she asked me.


I smiled. “Long story.  I’ll fill you in later.”


Lissiana smiled back.  “Ok, I’ll see you guys later then. Madame is already waving like if a bee was on her.  Girly, we have to talk!”  Lissiana said and then walked back towards the Beauxbatons delegation.


“You know Lissi, Draco?”  I asked and he just nodded.


Ron nodded in agreement.  “If Malfoy here knows her it can only mean one thing... trouble.”


I shook my head.  “No way.  Lissi and I have known each other since forever.”


“Well did you know that her nice Slytherin is no other than Blaise Zabini?” Ginny asked and pointed towards them.


I shook my head.  “No, I had no idea.”




“So you and Draco. Wow!” Lissiana said for the hundredth time.  We had been talking non stop for the last hour.


“You and Blaise?”  I asked for the hundredth time.


Lissi nodded.  “He doesn’t know B.  All he knows is that I am the Flint’s middle child.  That my father is a DE and my mother and brother were killed because they refused to join.  I’m still in school so I’m safe.”


“But, what about after graduation?”  I asked. 


“I’ll move back with Nana and Pop.  There is no way I can go home.” Lissi said.  She then waved her hand and asked, “Enough about me.  What about your nightmares?  Have they told you anything else?”


“Well this morning, I had another one.   I didn’t tell Draco about it.  Just said it was more of the same.”  I said as I changed from one rock to another.  We had been sitting outside on some rocks near the Whomping Willow. 


“This is so weird.  Draco finally acting more like himself and less as a brat.” Lissi said.


“I didn’t know you two knew each other.”  I said.


“Well, we met a long time ago.  Remember that time, the Triwizard Challenge?” Lissi asked.


“Yes.  I’d forgotten about it.  You were here.”  I said and she only nodded.  So I went on.  “It’s kind of getting late, we should start getting back in.”


Lissi nodded. “I’m glad to be here B.  And you know I’ll help in any way I can.”

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Chapter 25: Draco has Reservations
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Chapter 25 Draco has Reservation

“So you’re finally back.” I heard Draco call out from the couch.

I walked around the couch and sat down next to him. “Yes. I am back. Lissi is my friend. She has been my friend since forever and the fact that she is dating Zabini wont change that.” I turned to look at him, but he stared into the fire.

“Zabini and his family are all DEs.” He said without looking at me.

“Lissiana isn’t. And I know for a fact that she never will be.” I said and took his hand into mine. “I know you are worried. But, we still have to live our lives. We can’t let her make us run away.”

“Who said we were running?” Draco said and he kissed the top of my head.

“No one, but I have seen it in your eyes… you all wish I would just up and run somewhere.” I said as I rested my head against his chest. “I can’t do that. It would mean I would always have to run, never be able to settle. I cant…”

He hugged me closer. “Then you don’t have to.”

“Sorry to interrupt you two. But, I have a theory.” Hermione said from the top of the stairs.

We both looked up to where she was standing with Ginny and she took that as her queue. “Draco, you should go get Harry and Ron.”

Draco squeezed my hand and left to get the guys. Hermione and Ginny sat across from me on the other couch.

“You sure that you can trust Lissiana?” Ginny asked.

I nodded. “Gin, I’m not going to say why, but I can assure you that she is trustworthy.”

Ginny gave me a half smile, “Well, if you trust her… then I guess that is good enough for me.”

I looked to Hermione and saw her light shrug. “Me too Bella.”

We then heard the boys as they came down the stairs. Ron was the first one to speak, “So what’s the theory?”

Hermione smiled, “It’s really quite simple. We all know that this woman was after Bella’s father. We know that Bella’s memories are being triggered at the weirdest moments… What if she is the one playing with her memories and her dreams?”

Draco shook his head. “What are you getting at Hermione?”

Hermione looked straight at me, “What if we can get in your dreams? What if we can make up memories for her to see when she’s in there?”

Ginny nodded, “The type of memories that would make her loose control. Make her want to come forward.”

“I don’t like this idea. You’d be playing with Bella’s head and I honestly don’t like it. Also none of us has any idea on how the dream plane works, so no.” Draco said in a tone that clearly expressed that the subject was now closed.

But, I liked Hermione’s idea. I was tired of running, I wanted this to end here and now. No more maybes. No more what ifs. And I knew exactly who could help us. “Lissi.”

They all looked straight at me, like if I had grown another head. Draco just shaked his head no over and over. But, I had made up my mind. “Yes. I’ve know her for the longest time and she is a wiz at dream walking. I trust her.”

Draco stood up, arms closed and said in the firmest tone ever. “No. Not even if Merlin showed up and told us it was the only way to go. No.”

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Chapter 26: Dreamwalking
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Chapter 26 Dreamwalking

It was two days later when we finally were able to meet at the Astronomy Tower with Lissi. I have to admit I was nervous about it, and Draco’s constant nagging hadn’t helped things. At one point I stopped listening to him and just nodded.

But, now it seemed to real not to be a bit freaked. “So you will go into my dream and suggest memories to come through?” I asked Lissi for the hundredth time.

Lissi shook her head, “No. Bella I will help you get to a level of relaxation where your mind will open up and allow me to enter. Once I’m in I’ll look around for her and try to decipher how she is linking herself to you. How her being around is triggering your memories. When I figure that out I’ll use it against her and try to pull her out onto the open.” She then stopped and looked at all those around us. “And like I said. When I figure it out and bring her out and into the open, there my roll in all of this stops. I can’t help Bella any further without exposing myself to a LOT of danger. So, she will need all of you at the ready to help her fight.”

They all nodded in agreement and I lay back on the floor. Lissi started chanting some words and I felt myself drifting. Then I heard the scream.


I opened my eyes and saw Draco standing above me. He then knelt beside me and gave me a quick kiss. “I’ll be here when you wake up. You’ll be safe.”

“Oh the sugar rush!” I heard Lissi say. We both looked at her and she smirked at Draco. “You are over acting this buddy. I am not going to put her in mortal danger or anything, I’ll just be helping her bring this woman out and on to the open.”

Draco then smirked back at her. “Just be careful Flint.”

Lissiana simply nodded and went back to chanting.

I felt myself once more drifting towards complete relaxation. All of the sudden I was standing outside of Hogwarts, I was in the woods and looking towards the castle. Lissi was there beside me. “Cool huh?” she asked and I simply nodded. So she went on, “From what I’ve seen so far she isn’t fully asleep. The link she has created is a really strong one.”

I was a bit confused and was about to ask when Lissi spoke again, “When she made a psychic link with you, she wanted to know how to get to you. So, probably out of paranoia, being scared of missing out on what was going on with you, she left it open 24/7.”

“You mean, she’s always in my head?” If she was I was really going to be pissed.

“Yup. Only, she can’t see what you’re seeing like we are seeing what she is seeing right now.” Lissi said.


Lissi shrugged, “Simple, she has no idea how strong she made the connection and she has no idea it works two ways. I got here a bit before you and I was already snooping through her head. She is sleeping, don’t get me wrong we are dreamwalking her instead of you, because she pulled us in automatically.”

“Oh.” I was about to say something else, when all of the sudden we were now in the inside patio at Hogwarts.

“She just fell completely asleep.” Lissi explained.

“Bella!” I heard Anastacia cry out.

Lissi and I both turned towards her. Her face was all contorted and I couldn’t make out a single trait that would help me identify her.

“You stupid little girl! If it hadn’t been for you I could have had it all!” Anastacia started saying as she made her way towards me. “He loved me and not your mother. That bitch stole him from me. But, I am done pretending. You are your mother’s daughter and you will pay for all of this!”

I looked at what should be her face and spat out. “You, you killed my mother! You probably even killed her just for pleasure!”

She let out a mad laugh. “Yes, I killed her and I would do it all over again. But, that day it wasn’t just her who I was aiming for. You should have died too, that way your father would have been free. Free and mine! Instead, I’ve had to go on pretending all this years.” Anastacia then stopped talking and her face was finally revealed. Only the face that I now saw I knew quite well.

“Hannah? How… how?” I tried to speak, but I couldn’t speak out a full sentence. She started laughing again and then I finally was able to speak. “You freaking coward! My mother trusted you! She was the one that made sure if anything happened to the two of them you would be responsible for me!” I shook my head to clear it a bit, I was still in shock. She had made a fool of my mother. My dad had been right. I instinctively then pulled out my wand to her. I was ready to launch at her when I felt Lissi’s hand stop me.

“You can’t duel her here.” Lissi said and I started to feel myself waking up again.

I opened my eyes and the first face I saw was Draco’s. I got up and hugged him. “It’s her. It’s Hannah, she killed my mother. She has always been after my father, and now she wants me dead.” Draco then tightened his arms around my waste and rested his chin on my head.

“Everything is going to be allright.” He said to me and then turned to Lissi. “How can we get to her before she attacks?” Draco asked her.

Lissi bit her lower lip. “She’s already here. While she was confronting B I walked around and poked at her thoughts. She is planning to attack B tomorrow. I don’t know how or when, but it will be tomorrow. Anastacia is desperate.”


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Chapter 27: It ends tonight
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Chapter 27 It ends tonight

Most of the day had come and gone and still no sign of Anastacia. Everyone was at edge, jumpy. I hated seeing everyone like this.

The last period was just over. Draco was waiting for me outside the classroom, he tried to smile, but it never reached his eyes. “Tired?” I asked. He simply nodded and draped his arm over my shoulders. “Back to Gryffindor?” I asked. He was about to nod, but then slowly smiled and shook his head no. “How about a walk and then back to Gryffindor? We both could use the fresh air.” I nodded and let him lead me towards the rocks where we would usually sit.

“Bella!” I heard Ginny scream, but I was too tired to answer. Draco turned around and tolled her we would see her in Gryffindor shortly. And with that we left.

“How was your day?” He asked me, as we walked through the Courtyard and out towards the ruins.

I smiled faintly, “Tiring. Long. Can’t wait for this to be over.”

Draco then pulled on my arm, “Don’t worry it soon will be.” He hadn’t finished saying that when a light struck him sending him back towards the wall. I looked towards where Draco lay and started running towards him. I was getting close to him when I heard Ron scream, “Nooooo! Bella that’s not Draco!” I turned around and saw Ginny with her wand ready, it had been her bogey hex that had hit.

A cold hand grabbed me and pulled me close. I turned just in time to see it start to shift, I saw her turn into many faces, including Hannah’s and then she settled on the face I had seen in Narcissa’s picture. I felt her wand pinch my neck and she started threatening. Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny stood there with their wands ready to strike. Hermione tried to reason, but Anastacia wouldn’t hear any of it.

In the mist of it all, I saw two shadows walk into the ruins from separate directions. One of them lifted its wand. Anastacia must have seen it too, because she expertly casted a blocking spell in its direction along with a stunning spell. And then the shadow from the other side casted its spell and hit her causing her to loose her balance and control over me.

I dove towards the ground and started scrambling my way towards the guys. As I was getting up I saw her raise her wand at me, and then I heard her scream “Crucio!” I cringed waiting for the pain to hit, but it never did. I turned to see what had happened and I know I will never forget what I saw. My father was standing there with his wand fixed on Anastacia, blocking her course and keeping me safe. “Run Bella!” he said as I stood. “Run!” I stood there motionless, I then felt someone take my hand and start pulling me. It was Draco. “Come on Bella, he can only fend her off for so long.”

I stood my ground, “Draco he’s my father, I can’t just leave him there.” I drew my wand out of my pocket and started walking back towards him. When we clearly heard someone from the woods scream, “Avada Kedavra”.

Anastacia was struck and instantly fell to the ground. When we looked towards the woods we saw someone dressed in black walking towards us. Slowly the dark figure started to become clearer. A black hood, covered a black robe, you could only see its hands. They were slim, womanly fingers meticulously groomed and adorned by a simple ring. An emerald surrounded by a snake. She then drew her hood back and through teary eyes said, “I am sorry I didn’t get to Denise on time. I am so sorry. I should have known.”

I saw my dad walk towards her, “Cissy, there is nothing you could have done.”


Chapter 28: The End
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Chapter 28

“Dad!?” I still couldn’t believe it, my father was alive. He turned away from Narcissa and opened his arms to me with a huge smile. “Kiddo.” Like a little kid I ran straight into his arms. “I thought you were dead. I mean you are supposed to be dead. It was published all over the Wizard world. Dad?”

He then hugged me tighter, “Bella, I’m sorry. It was the only way I could think to keep you safe. Ever since your mother died I have been enclosed in my own world trying to find a way to bring her back, not wanting to accept that she was really and truly gone. Only when I was done with my madness did I realize how vulnerable I had left you.”

“Dad, I can take care of myself!” I said to him feeling my eyes welling up. “You left me, left me thinking that you were dead and gone! You left me alone, even worst you left knowing that I would have been stuck with her!”

“I left, because I knew you could take care of yourself. I trusted that you are your mother’s daughter and that you are stronger than you think. It was the only way I could think of that would bring Anastacia out and into the open. Later I realized that I had left you exposed to things that you knew nothing about. I was lucky that you didn’t close yourself to the world and found good friends here at Hogwarts, although McGonagall was here to keep you safe, as was Johans, your new potions professor. Your friends kept you safer. Speaking of which, what happened to that rule I have of no boys in your bed room?” He then glanced towards were Draco was talking to his mom, and I do believe that I blushed furiously.

I gave a very nervous laugh and then said, “Well, you were supposed to be dead. Who was going to enforce them?” His response was a very hard pinch to the back of my left arm.

At that moment McGonagall walked in and saved me from the turn that Dad’s conversation had taken. “We’ll talk later.” He said and along with Narcissa went to speak with the Head Mistress.

I felt a hand on my lower back and turned to see Draco pulling me into a very tight hug. “It’s finally over.” I said and he crushed me tighter.

Pulling a bit back he looked into my eyes, “Don’t ever put me through one of this again. Ok?” I nodded in agreement, but he went on “I don’t think my back can take it. That woman really did know how to block.” I gave him a kiss and then pulled back remembering, if Draco had been the one that she blocked then the second shadow must have been Narcissa, “Your mom stunned her good.” Draco looked at me questioningly, “No, mother got here in time to avada her. That was what she was telling me, that a second later and she would have been to late.”

Now I was confused, “If it wasn’t your mother, then who?”

He shrugged, “One of them.” He said pointing towards Hermione, Harry, Ron and Ginny, who were now reaching us.

Ginny shook her head, “Nope. We were all standing together in front of her. The blast came from the opposite side of you Draco. Didn’t you see who it was?”

He shook his head in response.

“Children, please go back into the main building.” McGonagall said as she approached us. “The Ministry has been warned of what has happened and we have agreed that it is better if you are not here.”


Sometime later, Draco and I were sitting on the couch in the common room waiting for the others to be ready for dinner. “You do know that I love you right?” Draco asked and I simply nodded in response. “I’m sorry I wasn’t able to save you there.” I laughed and turned towards him, he could really not see the big picture sometimes. “You did save me thousands of other times, you kept me safe. You changed houses, causing havoc to your ancestry, just to keep me safe. I am here because of you.” He then pulled me closer and kissed the top of my head. “You are soooo stuck with me.” I told him as I turned to give him a quick kiss.

“If you two are thinking of starting one of your public displays of affection, let us know and we’ll be back in an hour or two.” We heard Ron say as he walked in. We both shook our heads in response and he sat on the couch opposite to us, Harry joined him.

“So, what now?” Harry asked. “Do you go back to Beauxbatons?”

I looked towards Draco before answering, we hadn’t discussed it yet. “Dad and I were talking about that, and because of everything that has happened there is a possibility that I could go back and graduate with my class. Madamme said I could go back when exchange week is over.” I felt Draco ready to bolt or start screaming, so I quickly added, “But, I don’t think I will. I like it here, and well there are only a few months left before graduation. I would be behind in all my classes and well…”

Draco then interrupted me and stuffily added, “You wouldn’t have anyone to tutor you in potions. I would also be stuck here in Gryffindor, which let me tell you wouldn’t be so good, since they only like me because of you. They have their seeker back, so they don’t even need me for Quiditch. I would become Slytherin chopped liver, stuck in Gryffindor colors. So I believe that you my dear are stuck here until graduation. There is no way you can leave me here.”

We all laughed at that and I simply gave him another kiss. Pulling apart, I looked around and I saw each and everyone of my friends. Ginny, Hermione, Ron, Harry and Draco, in the beginning who would have guessed we’d end here. It had been a good decision to follow my heart, it had led me to a new beginning and a story that would never end.



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