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As Dawn Breaks... by Butterfly Kisses

Format: Novella
Chapters: 9
Word Count: 21,663

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Humor, Romance, Angst
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Draco, Pansy, Ginny, OC
Pairings: Draco/Hermione

First Published: 02/08/2006
Last Chapter: 06/05/2006
Last Updated: 06/05/2006

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Hermione Granger; Ron Weasley’s best friend, lover and prized fiancé… right? So then what and who is she doing in her spare time? And has she finally gone and stuffed up her life for such a trivial thing as love? Will she figure it out for herself? Will the 'other man' in her life realise that she is his oxygen? ... You Never Quite Know What Is Going To Happen Next ...

Chapter 1: As Dawn Breaks...
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Disclaimer: Holidays have just been and gone for us in Australia, and I spent my tucked in a caravan practically breathing for my laptop. Does that really sound like the life of someone who owns Harry Potter? But I certainly would like to own Draco Malfoy... yummy ...

This first chapter was written in one of the most important Math's tests of my life. I just got bored and turned the page over. I had to ask my teacher for the test back after so I could photocopy it! Truely shows that inspiration can happen in the most random... and probably not the right places. :D

Anyway on with the show...

As Dawn Breaks…
Draco/Hermione Series
By: Butterfly Kisses


If you love something,
Let it go free.
If it doesn't come back,
You never had it.
If it comes back,
Love it forever.


I lick my lips as the cool dry air settles itself on my face. It’s barely dawn and the wind has kept up with me, chasing me all the way from my house. I sigh steadily. It never should of began… but then I think it never should end. Why does he do this to me? He is like my own drug.

But we both know it must end… it was a tale of song, of selfish delight. A pure light of life that must be extinguished eternally.

We both must move on. Him one way, me to another…

The wind settles sullenly as if it knows why I am here. I sigh and look towards the direction I came, making sure no-one saw. Steadily I turn round ignoring the unmistakable sense of someone being there. I find myself on his front door step as I have so many times before. He appears at the door way having been woken unceremoniously by my clatter of the doorbell. His chest bare and boxers hanging low on hips as he stares at me blankly. His eyes still adjusting from the sleeping spell he had just been under.

Slowly he steps back opening the door wider gesturing for me to come in. I stay put and shake my head. He sighs, he knows what day has come; my conscious has finally caught up with me.

He quickly grabs his dressing gown out of the coat closet and slowly we set off towards a large field to the east.

We walk in silence, both of us knowing this would be our last return. We come to a stop under an old beech tree with the rusted ruins of a 1980 Holden Ute. He holds his hand out and carefully lifts me onto the tray of the ute, as we have sat many times before. I smell the faint cologne on him as he places me gently, leaning in as if to kiss me only to sit beside me. We lay, our heads leant together slightly, our eyes focused on the tiny stars that were close to being extinguished.

I hear him take a sharp breath as I open my mouth to speak; he is that close to me.

“I really love you… with all my heart. You know that.” I whisper as the tears in my eyes threaten to break my mask of fearlessness.

He sighs. “Why can’t I see that though…” He begins his words cutting me deep.

“Please don’t make it any harder than it already is.” I cry softly as my attention returns to the stars.

“Can’t you see that I love you more than my own words express. I want to be with you forever.” He replied numbly. His voice not returning any emotion. I sigh, I had to admit, I knew he was going to be difficult about this.

“Please, please don’t make this harder than it already is.” I repeat softly as I try to keep my emotions in check. He runs his fingers through his hair. He always does that when he’s not keen on an idea and abandoning my relationship with him is something he will surely not be keen on.

I turn towards him my whole body facing him. “But I don’t want us to end.” He mumbles so softly making me think he didn’t want me to hear it.

We sit in silence for a while each consumed in our thoughts. After a while a rustle of some leaves disturbs the silence.

I scowl deeply as he smiles softly turning his face towards mine. Gently he reaches out and takes his thumb rubbing the creases on my forehead out. I smile as a tear falls from my eye. He looks at me worriedly as he brushes it away with his thumb as one finger raises my chin slightly.

“Now, now none of that.” He whispers gently as he strokes my face lovingly. I gently turn my face into his hand more. “We both knew this day was going to come.”

“But not this soon.” I manage to whisper before I break down completely. My mask is broken and I make a loud sob as I throw my arms around him. My face buried in the nook of his neck. His hands brush against my back sending chills down my spine like the first time he touched me.

“Shh… don’t cry baby.” His voice cracking slightly I noticed. I shuffled over to him as he wrapped his arms around my shoulders, cradling me slightly. I sniffle slightly as my hand finds the one that is caressing my hip. Slowly I intertwine my fingers in his, gently rubbing tiny circles in his palm with my hand. My other hand is behind his neck and just under his hairline massaging gently.

I move my head from his neck and rest it silently on his chest. A slow beat of his heart fills my ears like a sweet symphony. “Do you ever wonder, what it’d be like if we just ran away?” I murmur as I look towards the creeping horizon.

“Everyday,” He says steadily as his chest rises beneath my head.

I sigh and he closes his eyes knowing what my next sentence will be. “We can’t keep doing this…” I whisper mainly to myself hoping he doesn’t hear.

His eyes flicker open and takes a sharp breath. “Please, I love you too much to let you go. I need you in my life!” He says rolling over and practically burying his face into my flat stomach.

“Stop, you know we can’t do this…” I murmur quietly as I lift his head from my stomach to face me. His silver eyes reflect the moon as it slowly fades into the set. My hand ran over his smooth skin as I try to keep more of my tears at bay.

I catch myself thinking, not uncommon I know, I love my fiancé so much yet I love this man so much more. What is right, what is wrong? What should be done for everyone else and what you should be done for yourself?

“Let me go, let me fly away,” I pause. “Like a butterfly.” I add quietly as a beautiful butterfly flutters down from the overhanging tree. “Let me fly.” I mutter. I can feel him looking up at me as the butterfly rests on my nose. I giggle as it tickles me but I try not to move.

I look at him as he smiles back at me. My heart melts. Quickly he moves to my messenger bag that lay forgotten on the end of the Ute’s tray. Rummaging through it he brings out my camera which he knows I carry everywhere with me. Me and my obsession with photographs. I smile as the butterfly continues to tickle my noise.

I can see the glassy film of tears over his eyes as he brings the camera to his face. He snaps away as the butterfly becomes alert to the flash and flutters off. I smile at him as he lets the camera rest on the tray.

I can’t help myself and lean into his face slowly. Just before I reach his lips, his hands cup my cheeks and hold me back.

“I have to let you fly away… like a butterfly.” His voice is filled with sorrow and I knew he meant every word. I sighed and leant my forehead against his.

I feel like my voice is broken. I am barely able to gather my wits together. Silently I lift my bag and place it over my shoulders. I jump from the Ute and into the crunchy grass.

He stops me as he places a hand on my shoulder. I swivel around to see him holding my camera out. I smile gently at him, a smile which did not reach my eyes.

“Keep it.” I say before turning swiftly and picking up my pace as I walk through the crunchy grass. Quickly, I reach the top of the hill and turn to see him staring after me, his legs hanging off the end of the car.

I wipe the tears from my cheeks and give him one last kiss, letting the wind blow it towards him. I turn around again and set my mind on getting home over the horizon.

And As Dawn Breaks… So Do Our Hearts.


Chapter 2: As Dawn Breaks... So Do I.
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Thanks to all those who reviewed the first chappie! It made me feel spesh! Well here is the second, I hope you enjoy!

Anway, On With The Story...

As Dawn Breaks… So Do I
Draco/Hermione Series
By: Butterfly Kisses


If you love something,
Let it go free.
If it doesn't come back,
You never had it.
If it comes back,
Love it forever.


I sit in the darkness and study my palms. They look the same as they do everyday… but I feel dirty, I feel incomplete… like I am missing half of me. I lay on a king sized bed with my fiancé next to me. He sleeps peacefully. Unworried by my negativity towards him. Seems to think it is PMS. I scoff at his assumption. I know what it really is and I am pretty sure he doesn’t want to hear it.

My fingers smooth the sheets under my palms, letting my hands run through the cotton. He let me go… he let me fly… I am surprised to see he’s yet to come and hack down my front door looking for me. Maybe for once he respected my wishes… but now I have no-one to rescue me from the lie I have forced upon myself. Soundlessly, I move off to the side of our bed, I can’t bear to even sleep near him. What have I gotten myself into?

We could have run off together and gone somewhere… But we didn’t and now I feel incomplete. My emotions unable to keep in check. One minute I am a blubbering sobbing mess and the next I am ready to throttle someone or throw something. “So this is heartbreak…” I mutter into the darkness of moonlight.

I roll over and eye Ron. He doesn’t know what it’s like… he doesn’t know what it’s like at all… He says he has only ever ‘loved’ me. I have to stop my self from laughing. Love? Ha! He could never love me… he sees me as a prize to uphold his family. Why should I be required to love this man?

Oh, that’s right… supposedly we are the “Fairy Tale Couple.” Both from the Golden Trio, having fought many adventures side-by-side and saw the down fall of Voldemort. People expect it of us… of me… to be in love with him…

How wrong they truly are…

Who knew I’d fall head over heels in love with someone who is ‘supposed’ to be my enemy? No-one not even the man himself…

I rub my hands together to obscure the cold wind in our room. The ghost of a smile passes my features as I dwell on the past. It is quickly stolen as I realize that I have just locked my future in for myself…

My face falls to my palms as I break down completely. Tears stream my face as I hear his snoring. God he is so… so… I just don’t care anymore. I need to get out… I need to get out now…

I have abandoned my true love for some false living. What have I done? I sob quietly as the wind rattles in through the open window. Life has no meaning… I have no will to live… And why? All because of a choice I made stupidly for everyone else’s happiness.

Gasping and crying, I lift myself from our bed in Grimmauld Place. Stumbling and swaying, I push myself out the door and towards the stair trying not to wake anyone or anything. My feet barely touched the ground as I ran swiftly and silently down the decaying stairs.

I shouldn’t hate my fiancé or dislike him… I shouldn’t… I can’t… He’s been my best friend forever even if he has feelings for me. That shouldn’t change anything… but still it does.

I sigh. My life is officially fucked in every sense. I have a love hate relationship with life. I have a love hate relationship with the most gorgeous guy on the face of the earth. Damn him.

My hands bang down against the window pane and I am surprised it does not break. Unbreakable. Untouchable. Indestructible. Resilient. To every wound thinkable. I wish I was like that. But then again for heart break and sorrow there is no ‘quick fix.’

I pull out a very creased photograph out of my gown pocket. It was taken by myself, not long ago.

His silver blonde hair is dripping as he dances in the rain outside his house, laughing every now and then and waving for me to join in. ‘I’d love to darl but I can’t!’ I would say if he asked me to and he’d just shrug and return to the light sprinklings of water.

It was the day when I first felt free with him, when he had first said that the most fun to be had was in the rain, whether it be dancing or snogging. I had felt the need to capture something so heartfelt that I took the perfect photo of the perfect man for me. After, I had set down the camera and was sitting on settee in the large outdoor area just watching him in the rain, the way he moved, the way he spoke and the way he smiled. I waved at him and he had the nerve to apparate right next to me dripping wet. I was scared out of my wits naturally as he was only five inches away from the side of my face. I turned to face him and he was just smiling with little droplets of rain running down his face, with one on the edge of his nose. His face inched closer to mine and he captured my lips with his, kissing me sweetly and softly. I could still feel the rain that fell from his nose and onto my lips.

The crease ran down the middle where I had folded it so many times before where I had just sat and gazed at him. I couldn’t smile properly as the tears welled up in my eyes as I placed the photograph onto the coffee table next to me.

I hear the quick movements of someone coming down the stairs. I shrug… I don’t really care anymore.

“Huzz der!?” A sleep deprived Harry tries to whisper in the dark of this old house.

“Mourning Dragon.” I mutter my password to him and I can see his body loosen up.

“Hermione, what are you doing out so late?” He asks his voice croaky slightly. I shrug and seem to fall into a further slump. “’Mione, what are you doing?” I am not sure whether he asked me what I was doing with my life, my love or just asking me what I was doing but I broke down.

I sobbed as he caught me. “Sh… Mione it’s alright. Sh…” I only sobbed more into his flimsy shirt. His hand gathered me into a tiny ball in his lap. If he was Ron he’d want to know why and what was upsetting me so he could realign whatever or whoever it was. But no, this was Harry he would just console and never asked questions that didn’t need to be asked. And I liked him for it.

“Harry… I have stuffed up so so bad… so bad it’s not funny.” I mumble through my tears. I see a flicker of something… sorrow, understanding and… what? Disappointment. My tears dry up as I see it… and I stare at him in awe. His eyes widen with shock.

“H-harry d-d-do you know something?” I ask my anger starting to bubble. He places his hands on my shoulders and looks at my as if searching my eyes for something.

“Hermione all I know is…” He pauses and his eyes dart towards the staircase.

“Harry please don’t fade on me now, I really won’t be able cope if you do.” I choked out as I stared at him. I could feel the film of tears over my eyes.

“Yesterday morning around dawnish, Ron came home and was bragging something about…” He paused again as he flicked around to check the room. I caught myself… dawnish? What if Ron… no he wouldn’t… he couldn’t do that to me…

“Harry what did he say.” I asked taking his hand in mine.

Harry swallowed. “He won… ‘Mione he said he’d won. Won what I’m not sure but I am positive it had something to do with why you were almost in tears yesterday.” He couldn’t look me in the eyes and I just broke down in his arms.

“Harry he spied on me…” I moaned.

“Hermione! And what did you do?” Harry hissed at me. A new rain of tears fell down my face.

“I don’t love Ron… He is imprisoning me. I don’t love him! Harry you love Ginny! You know you love someone when it kills you to be away from them. Harry please! Please! It’s killing me right now!” I was now on my knees banging my fists against his chest. “It’s killing me!” I lay my head against his shoulder as I cried. I can see out of the corner of my eye the sunlight that threatens to hit the dirty windows.

“Hermione, I don’t agree with the things Ron has done but you’ve cheated… ‘Mione you snuck around his back.”

“To see someone I love with my whole heart!” I said exhaustedly. His gaze flickered towards the stairs.

“Ginny?!” He says rather shocked.

“Hermione, is it true?” Ginny appears sitting next to the lounge her voice deathly calm as if she is trying to restrain from strangling me. “Do you l-l-ove Harry?” I was blown away by her assumption I just gape at her any former tears now dried. She stared at me stiffly as Harry had failed to answer. “So it’s true then,” Her face fell and darkened slightly.

“No, no, no Ginny. No it’s not what you think.” I stuttered finally finding my voice. I quickly jumped off the couch.

“Yes Hermione it is definitely what I think.” Ginny hissed backing up. Harry sat in silence.

“No, no, no I love someone else.” I whispered.

“Bullshit Hermione! Bullshit!”

“I love someone else.” I said a little more strongly than I felt. The tears were edging off my eyes and I could feel them quickly coming.

“Alright who then Hermione? Who?” Ginny snapped at me as she crossed her arms over her chest. I looked at Harry who just stared hollowly at me before looking back at Ginny who was enraged.


“You what Hermione? You what?” Ginny practically screamed. The sunlight was a pinkish tinge and it had yet to come into the room. I stared out the window before drawing myself to full height.

“I love him, I love him so much Ginny,” I whispered to the hollow morning.

“Who Hermione? Cause you don’t love Ron!” Ginny yelled. The tears crawled from my eyes and I am now openly sobbing in front of my so-called friends.

My anger is bubbling over and I am crying as well. I really don’t wanna do this but I love him too much,

“You wanna know Ginny? You wanna know? I love Draco! I love him with my whole heart! I love Draco fucking Malfoy!” I stared at her waiting for a response. She blinks a couple of times. Angrily I pick up the picture that I had set on the table before and fling it at her. It skims through the air before landing at her feet. She stares dumbly at it, as if she doesn’t care for it. Muttering and shaking her head she turns on her foot and storms up the stairs towards her bedroom.

“Harry?” I croak. But my calls are unanswered as Harry turns following Ginny up the stairs of Grimmauld Place. I sob into the fabric of the lounge suite silently. Why don’t they understand that I love him! I can feel it in the house; in the air… they’ll never understand. Never. I shift towards the window chair that looks on towards the early risers that are driving their cars on the roads. My heart tears even more as the sun looks towards the house, bringing a new start to the day when it has already been ruined.

And As Dawn Breaks… So Do I.


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Chapter 3: As Dawn Breaks... The Angel's Weep
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*blushes* something I forgot to mention in the first chapter is that everyone rotates from Hermione to Draco with this one being Draco. The first and last ones are in Hermione's POV. Just thought I'd tell you in case some of you got confused. :D

To get you all through the pain stakingly long waiting process, here is an EXTRA long chapter! *feels proud*

On with the story...

As Dawn Breaks… The Angel’s Weep
Draco/Hermione Series
By: Butterfly Kisses


If you love something,
Let it go free.
If it doesn't come back,
You never had it.
If it comes back,
Love it forever.


The unpleasant creak of the crooked step rung throughout the empty house of 9 Angelsing Road. I had just trodden on the annoying and frustrating step that had to be the one fault of my dream home on my own road far away from civilization. This was how I lived. A now single guy living in a huge mansion set on many acres with beautiful wild flower fields and glorious large trees branching out in the open land.

I step out onto the landing and head towards the kitchen. I yawn sleepily as the blinding light emits from the fridge. The sun isn’t up yet and it has already started out with a little bit of a drizzle. The soft pattering of the rain hits the windows as I pour myself a glass of milk mixed in with chocolate flavoring. My favorite. It doesn’t ease the ache in my heart. I feel half empty like I am not quite living. Like I am missing. I sigh as I stir the drink mindlessly it edges around the marble bench.

“Like a butterfly,” I mumble as my fingers touch my lips softly. Boy do I miss her kisses, her touches even the way she moved. Weasley, that stupid Weasley! He wants her, he doesn’t love her! He lusts for her, he doesn’t love her! He desires for her, and yet he doesn’t love her.

I love her, I love her with my whole heart. I lift the mug to my lips and the liquid trails down my throat. It doesn’t fix anything… I let her fly and she goes back to Weasley, back to that idiotic Weasley and the Boy-That-Couldn’t-Be-Killed… back to her friends.

Funnily enough, I haven’t heard from Crabbe or Goyle since year seven when they got their Dark Marks. I stopped talking to them after that… they didn’t notice. I have just noticed I have a very warped sense of humor. Then again how can I feel anything but sorrow, she’s gone forever. I let her pave her path and I didn’t stop her, I let her go… for the first time in anything… I let her go.

It all seemed so right then, that she’d find out what she was missing and come back to me, come and start a life with me… maybe I expected too much. Now she might be gone forever. Oh fuck.

Must do something… What can I do? What can I do?? Uhh… I groan and complain as I start to swig my milk before rinsing the cup and placing it in the drainer. I maybe a Malfoy but I can do the dishes without a house elf.

Now is not the time to be a smart ass.

I must get to Hermione; I love her too much to lose her. At all.

I sigh as I sink into the fluffy armchair. It’s no use, she wants to do things right. For what everybody else wants and not her, she’s sacrificing her happiness for a life of lies and lovelessness.

Is that even a word?

Now is definitely now the time! That’s terrific, I have resolved to talking to myself. Just fantastic, so bloody,

“FANTASTIC!” I bark angrily as I kick the wooden table in front of me breaking the legs and sending it toppling sideways. My head falls into my hands and I have to smother a sob. I can’t do this… “I can’t do this without you Hermione.” I shift slightly in the seat and a large bag topples into my lap ungracefully falling from the side table.

I open my eyes to see her camera bag – no, my camera bag now. I smile as I see the little stickers she stuck all over the case, butterflies, unicorns, dragons, especially dragons, a large green and silver one was on the bag and every so often it would fly around the case and stop suddenly and pretend to breathe fire at you. Sadly I reach inside the bag and pull out her camera resting it on my lap as my hands return to look for more, any trace or any sign of her. I pull out a little shred of parchment with her neat scrawl on it. Breathing heavily I read it,

Love the art, Love the life. Cherish every moment, take a photo or two.
Kisses and heart aches never mend easy but just remember,
When the old man smiles, he shall pass on the memories of yours… to me.

Xo Mione.

She always, always said that to me with this little mischievous smile. But why write it now? Why write it now when I miss her so much? Bloody fuck fuck fuckity fuck! God, there is now a new meaning to the word fuck.

Note taken.

I rub my eyes sleepily as I chuck the camera bag to the floor only to hear it land with a chink. “What in the hell?” I murmur as I bend down off the chair towards the bag. I lift it and start to shake it around some more in the air. Nothing. I drop on the floor a couple of times and again I hear the chinks. Well Hermione, this really works!

Scowling I walk to the kitchen with the camera bag in one hand. I grab a knife from out of the draw and set myself up on the bench.

“Sorry Mione, I know you loved this case.” I say before taking the knife and piercing the protective fabric inside. I cut and cut until I can finally hear the sound of metal. I reach inside and hastily pull out… a key. With a little tag. Woopee! Bloody hell! I cut through her case and all I find is a key?!? This is soooo annoying! Angrily, I chuck the key on the bench. My eye catches on the print. Its Hermione’s writing! I pick up the tag and flip it over. 23 Capletell Road Godric’s Hollow.

“Stupid Draco! Stupid! Always over looking things! Argh! Now where is Godric’s Hollow? … Godric’s Hollow what do I know about it? Uh… Potters… Godric’s Hollow… Voldemort… Died… Aha! Potter’s parents… and the man himself lived in Godric’s Hollow!” I mumbled inconclusively.

“Draco you are so smart!”

“Now is not the time to feed my ego, Pansy.” I mutter as I start to sort through the Auror’s directory. What? Pansy? “Sweet Merlin Pansy, what in the hell are you doing here?”

“I heard about you and Hermione, Draco. I’m sorry. She really was the perfect girl for you.” Now while I will gladly admit that Pansy was a superficial bitch in school she’s changed since then, well a little, and has become my closest and best friend after we decided not to go forth with our arranged marriage. She is the only one that knew about Hermione and I. Even if Hermione didn’t always agree with her she knew that I treasured my friendship with her. Pansy was the one who convinced me not to go ahead with my father’s plans. And I will keep thanking her for a life time.

“I’m sorry too Pans… I let her fly, she asked me to let her fly… to let her be free and she goes and does what everyone else wants of her…” I murmur as I continue to flick through the directory until I hit the title, ‘Hollow’s.’

I see her nod in reply as I scan the page. Hey, who knew there was a Death-Eaters-and-Voldy-should-die Hollow or a Someone-should-burn-Snapes-underwear-and-make-him-wash-his-greasy-smily-hair Hollow? I stifle a snort and continue to look. Godric’s! Book 2 Page 19930, C4. “Great, where is book 2?”

As soon as I turn to look for it Pansy stops her manicuring and pulls out a small pink book and hands it to me. She smiles sheepishly as she says, “I uhh… borrowed it.”

“And trashed it,” I say as I turn over the now frilly pink book with love hearts all over it. “A bit over done, don’t you think?” Again all she does is grins as she continues to file her nails.

Uh… stupid big book.

After a good ten minutes of searching I find out the owner of 23 Capletell Road Godric’s Hollow is an A.P.W.B Dumbledore… Great Merlin! Hermione is sending me to Dumbledore!? I know I need help but sending me to counselor Dumbledore will not help matters.

I grumble profusely as I set down the directory and slid into the chair next to Pansy.

“Draco, first I’d like to ask… What the fuck are you doing?” Pansy asked as he set down her little nail file on the table and looked towards me resting her elbows on the arm of the chair. She grins in thanks as I pass her the wad of paper and the key. I can’t help but chuckle a little as she pulls out her bright purple and green reading glasses and places them on her nose as she gives me a withering look. She quickly scans the message over and over again carefully mumbling the words of Hermione’s notes.

After awhile she turns to me, “I think, scratch that, I know, Hermione wants you to take some photos of the things you care about the most then take yourself down to Dumbledore and he’ll know what to do.” She says boringly. I just stare at her, how in the hell can she have that figured? Already? “I know things.” Is all she says as I continue to stare at her. “Well, chop, chop!” Pansy encourages as I fiddle with the camera.

I pull her up and wrap my arm around her shoulder and pull the camera in front of us, “Now say ‘Cheese!’” I laugh.

Pansy grinned, “Now say ‘Draco Malfoy is a git!” With a flash the photo is taken and I quickly move on.

“Oh, I am so sorry Draco, I have to go,” Pansy says as she quickly checks her watch and gathers up her stuff.

“Milking pensioners out of their money are we?” I ask innocently.

“Ha ha, very funny. You wish. I actually have a job you know!” I hear her say as I turn my back to hear the faint popping noise. Must move on to the things I care about… I start to search around my house looking for the things I care about.

After searching the bottom and 2nd floor, I finally realize these are all my material possessions I don’t really give a flying fuck about my Nimbus or my FlameScorcher, they’re just material…

“Just material…” I murmur as my fingers touch my lips softly and I am off again, as quick as a flashing running down the stairs to the lounge.

I know what I’ll do to show her that I care about her with all my heart. That I don’t think of her as some material possession or a trophy. That I think of her as a beautiful woman… who is a bit to head strong for her own good. But anyway…

I pull out my dusty old photo albums and some more recent ones out of the side cupboard under the Bar area in the lounge.

The five books land with a thump on large dining room table. I quickly start to scan through the one that is our first six years of Hogwarts. Wow… were those eventful ones. Hey look! There’s Millicent Bullstrode when she ate a Canary Cream! I think she looked better that way. I quickly flip back to year three. The most painful year of all and the year where I probably acted most like a prat.

“My nose still hurts from that punch…” I murmur aloud as I see the slow action replay of the punch. I wince slightly as Hermione’s fist comes into contact with my face. And then I scatter… like a prat. I flick forward to year four, the year of the Yule Ball.

I pull out the photo of her just as she coming into the Great Hall. God, she looks stunning. Quickly I shove it in a pile to my left and continue looking.

Soon enough I have a pile of nine photos and am searching for the tenth. “No… not that one.” I mutter as I re-look through the fourth book. “No… no…. definitely not my nose looks huge…”

It’s as if a wand turns on in my head as I think of the perfect on for the end of my collection. I pick it up off the side table and bind all the photos by string and place them all in a silver envelope and in my best handwriting, I write ‘Dearest ‘Mione.’ Quickly I place it on the side table near the front door before running up the stairs to change.

I slop on an emerald green collared shirt, pair of baggy jeans and pull on my Nikes before bolting back down the stairs. I feel my pockets for the jingle of my house keys before I grab the note, the key, and my now ruined Auror’s Directory. As I get to the coat closet, I pull on my favorite black leather robe and slip the silver envelope in the coat pocket.

Once everything was ready I pull out the Auror’s Directory and chant the specific address. “Seguramente A, 23 Capletell Road Godric’s Hollow!”

And sure enough I was sucked in and spit out within a matter of ten seconds in front of a beautiful Victorian – style house. Very nice Dumbledore, very nice. Seems being nice to people paid off. I quicken my pace as I walk towards the front door and press the door bell.

What am I supposed to say? Sorry Dumbledore but Hermione sent me on a scavenger hunt and I need to find the answer to this wad of paper which involves this key. As I am muttering the door opens revealing a elderly Albus Dumbledore dressed in night cap and pajamas smiling at me.

“Mr. Malfoy,” He begins.

“Sorry Professor but Hermione sent me on a scavenger hunt and I need to find the answer to this wad of paper which involves this key.” I say as I hold up the parchment and the key.

He looks at me over his half moon spectacles. “I see… she chose what everyone else thought was best for her then.” Albus says surveying me.

I nod gravely and rub my palms together. “Oh do please, come inside.” He says opening the door wide. I nod graciously and walk in to be blasted with the warm and comforting air. How did he know? Did Hermione tell him?

“Not in so many words, but yes Hermione told me some things.” He said calmly from behind me as he escorted me into the living room and to a large squishy couch.

As soon as we were seated I clapped my hands on the arms of the couch. “So… why am I here?”

He smiled at my avidness to get this done quick. “I do believe you have some items,” He said lowering his glasses. I hand the envelope to him. “May I?” Dumbledore asks and I nod cautiously. I stand as he begins to flip through the photos muttering stuff like, “Oh that’s lovely,” and “Merlin, that was a bit ago.”

I am still standing as he finishes and looks up at me smiling, “I believe you have learned Draco. Notice how there is not one photo of yourself in these, except of course the one of you with Miss. Parkinson, but they are all of Miss. Granger?” I nod slowly as if asking ‘what in the hell?’ “Do follow me please.” Albus said as he begins to stand and walk towards the back of the living room where a shelf with a large pensieve and other items sat.

He reaches the end of the cabinet and pulls out an envelope sized oak chest, embellished with dragons and butterflies. “Wow…” I murmur as my fingers run over the hinges.

“Wow indeed Draco, now if you’d be so kind.” He trailed off as I handed him the tiny little key. “Now…” He said as he pushed the key in. “Because of the enchantment, I can push the key in but you have to turn it.” Albus moved so I could come in. My fingers touched the cool brass key and with a little hope I turned it slowly. Hearing the chink of the lock, I looked at Dumbledore, who nodded, before lifting the lid.

Ins the bottom compartment it looked like a bottomless pit, dark and shadowy. On the lid of the chest was a mirror and a picture of me on one side and a picture of Hermione on the other. I smiled as I ran my fingers over her photo.

“Now Draco, I believe you must drop the envelope into the black there,” He said pointing a frail finger at the darkness. Unsteadily I dropped the envelope to see it disappear.

From there I broke down. I don’t care anymore! I want her back, I want to tell her I love her, I want her back to hold and cradle in my arms as if nothing is wrong… “I want her back so much,” I sob aloud.

“Draco you must return home, I believe good mug of hot chocolate and bed from there will be good.” Albus said soothingly as he handed me my coat. My fingers stumbled as they wiped my tears and pulled on my coat. Dumbledore pulled his arm around me, directing me to the front door.

I stood still on the patio and looked back at the old man with high consideration. In barely over a whisper I said to him, “Thank you, thank you for being there for Hermione when she needed it.” With those words I was gone.

And As Dawn Breaks… The Angel’s Weep.


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Chapter 4: As Dawn Breaks... New Hope Is Found
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As Dawn Breaks... New Hope Is Found
Draco/Hermione Series
By: Butterfly Kisses


If you love something,
Let it go free.
If it doesn't come back,
You never had it.
If it comes back,
Love it forever.


My eyes sting, my bones ache and my head is pounding. I am up before dawn yet again because I am not able to sleep in the same bed or even the same house as everyone else. The days past in silence as I locked myself in the Drawing Room either sobbing or reading to pass the time. And slowly but surely the day passed and yet again it was night and here I am in the same situation I was in a couple of days ago. Yet now they knew… And Ron is still able to pass the day all smiles as if he is the only one who knows. Well he best think again.

Yesterday didn’t pass with out a few snide remarks from Ginny, a couple of powerful smiles and grins from Ron and the silent treatment from Harry. I am uncomfortable, afraid and alone. I have nothing to feel for, nothing to live for. I have sacrificed my happiness. To despair and torture.

My bare feet lightly touch the floor boards as I scuffle towards the Drawing Room. My Sanctuary. I shut the door with a tiny squeak and a snap. My shoulders shake as I slide down the door. And new sobs rake my body over the tears that already stain my cheeks. This isn’t fair! Ron is just dangling the fact that he practically owns me in my face and Ginny laughs every time. Everybody thinks I deserve this! I don’t! I love Draco with my whole heart! If Ron thinks he can take it he has another thing coming.

It’s gone, it’s been given away… without my permission. I sigh. “Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you I had no control over.” I murmur into the darkness holding any hope that Draco would have heard me.

He just appeared riding the same bus as me when I was going into London on one of the few days I was allowed out. He opted for a standing ride letting an elderly woman two seats ahead of me sit. I smiled at his generosity. This could not be the same snobby, rich, pureblood fanatic, Draco Malfoy from school surely?

As we stopped at the next stop a middle aged woman got on with her three younger kids and groaned at the sight of no seats. I quickly saw her face and waved her over standing up. She smiled gratefully as she piled her three onto the seat leaving her and myself to stand. I moved up to the next overhanging handle and went to take it just as the bus jerked and skidded to a sudden stop sending me flying forwards.

I heard him turn with lightning fast reflexes catching me in his chest rather than leaving me to smash into his back. We both ended up falling onto the ground me straddling his waist with my palms flat on the floor on either of the side of his head and his hands on the outside of my thighs. Surprisingly he just stared at me and said nothing but smiled genuinely. I could feel all the eyes of the other bus patrons on us. My hair has fallen from behind one ear was now practically in his face.

“Are you alright?” The voice of the bus driver came. We both looked up along the floor towards the driver. I smiled sheepishly as Draco said calmly, “Yes, just beautiful.” He said his eyes returning back to mine as he said it. I could hear some other girls ‘awwing,’ quietly. I slid off his waist towards the seats, as he stood he dropped a hand to help me up, almost bringing me close enough that I could feel his hot breath on my face. He smelled like…

“Peppermint,” I murmured unknowingly and he chuckled slightly as I blushed.

“Should have known it was you Hermione,” He said good naturedly as he released me.

I can remember smiling after he said that… but know I am without him. Broken, like an empty shell.

I hiss as I feel the searing heat of my bracelet on my wrist. The silver burns my skin leaving a tiny heart shaped burn on my wrist. Then I realize he found it! He figured it out! Thank Merlin you’re that smart Draco. “Thank Merlin…” I murmur as I move towards the comfy sofa chair and bend down beneath it. I lift the duvet that covered the couch to reveal a chest identical to the one I had left at Dumbledore’s such a long time ago. When I needed him and doubted many things he was always there, always willing to listen.

The green emerald eyes of the dragon the lid burn brightly as blue butterfly flutters madly as it glows different shades of blue. The Chests Of Hope; two identical chests that link a pathway to each other with some unthinkable magic. Only two people in every hundred years may open it. And luckily enough, those two we Draco and I. One must give an offering of DNA while the other blood and with that you tile a pathway of connection. My fingers trace the edge of the chest unlocking the chest with my touch. And with an almost silent creak I lift the lid. I see what he left me.

I can see the faint sparkle of a rather thick envelope on the green velvet inner. My hand is hesitant as I place it in the box to retrieve whatever Draco has left me, or what he thinks that note meant. Oh please let him have this right…

I quickly lift the letter and slit the opening as I lean my back against the couch. I pull out the bundle bound in string and place it on my lap. On top of the pile is a little piece of parchment stuffed under the string. My curiosity bubbles as I pull it out and quickly unfold it to find Draco’s handwriting.

You ask me what I value
I say you
You ask me what I want
I say you
You ask me what I treasure
I say you
You ask me who I love
I say you
You ask me when I love
I say everyday, every hour, every minute, every moment
You ask me when it shall end
I say… never.

My hands shake as I reach the end. He wants me! I can feel the loose tears roll down my cheeks. And he understands me! The droplets fall to the paper and my vision is blurry once again. I swallow a sob and pull the photos out.

The first looks like a quick one of Draco and Pansy, it moves showing them laughing and smiling together as Pansy pinches Draco’s cheeks before he bursts out laughing. The second is a picture that was taken in probably fourth year in library for the year book. My head is bent over and I am furiously scribbling away on a piece of parchment, my lips pursued as I looked for more information. The third is of me walking down towards the Great Hall at the Yule Ball in every movement I smile and ring my hands before inhaling and exhaling deeply. The fourth is again of me of the first and only time I ever fell asleep in class ever! It was History of Magic and Trolls did not fascinate me at that point of the day. The fifth is the photo that both Draco and I had when we got Head Boy and Girl. We had to stand and look all important for hours because the photographer was so picky.

The next ones surprised me so much that I almost cried. There was one he must have pinched from me by the looks of it. I was around four and was out ice skating with my parents for the first time, I had pink cheeks and a pink nose and most of the time I would end up face first in the snow. The seventh had me swinging around a lamp post in muggle London a couple of hours after we met up on the bus. The eighth was when we were mucking around in the old Ute and I was sitting on the roof and posing for him so he’d leave me alone for a while. The ninth was taken from him when he was standing out in the rain and I was under the shade poking my tongue out at him. I can still hear him yelling ‘Chicken!’ at me as he ate the rain.

My sobs rake my body as I pull forward the last one. I braced myself. Draco is known for his finales. And this definitely is going to be a hell of a one.

My heart tore as I saw the picture, it was the last one her ever took of me, the last day we were ever ‘together.’ I sob as I smile towards the camera as the butterfly rest on my nose fluttering around my face landing on my eyelids and on my cheeks as if giving me little butterfly kisses. It’s the perfect for the ending of everything, the ending of the photos, the ending of my happiness, the ending of our love…

“Why?” I sob. This isn’t where I want to be. I don’t want to be here with Ron! I want to be with Draco! I want to be with Draco in the middle of the ocean, in the middle of the desert! Anywhere!

Tears hurtle down my face as I hastily shove the photos back into the envelope before tucking it in my robe. I shove the chest under my arm before hurtling out the door and towards my room.

As silently as I can I pack my clothes and my belongings into a couple of suitcases. I rush into the bathroom and grab my toiletry bag and stuff it into one of the suit cases. I wrap the oak chest in one of my bathrobes and shove it in the bag. Quickly, I mutter a spell to make them lighter and smaller. Hopefully this will make things better… for everyone.

I pull on a pair of jeans and a light top before slipping on my sneakers. I tiptoe as quietly as I can towards the bottom of the stairs and into the kitchen. I slip off the engagement ring that Ron had proposed with and place it on the bench along with a duplicate of the photo of me and the butterflies before grabbing an umbrella and rushing towards the front door. “Maybe he still wants me?” I question myself for the millionth time in the past ten minutes.

The light pitter patter of the rain echoes through the almost empty house as I open the front door. I step out onto the terrace and close the door with a tight snap before hoisting up my umbrella and running out to the rain.

With a quick flick of my wand hand I can see the Knight Bus vastly approaching…

And As Dawn Breaks… New Hope Is Found.


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Chapter 5: As Dawn Breaks... Time Seems Faster
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As Dawn Breaks... Time Seems Faster
Draco/Hermione Series
By: Butterfly Kisses


If you love something,
Let it go free.
If it doesn't come back,
You never had it.
If it comes back,
Love it forever.


My hands clench around the satin dark green and black sheets that lie beneath me. I can hear the slow thumps of my heart over the wind chimes’ melody that hands outside my window. The set makes soft glittering sounds as it chimes in the wind. I am yet again sleepless; my skin is paler and haughtier looking than usual. As I lay there I can still imagine her hot breath on my skin as she would kiss my lips mercilessly. I can still taste her lip gloss as it glided over my own lips. A wild Papaya Poison.

I was fidgety and staring at my room does not help. Quickly, I roll over on my bed, my feet now firmly on the ground, as my hands latch onto the edge of the mattress. I tap my foot uneasily. All this lack of sleep is really making everyday feel like absolute crap.

A scrap of claws disturbs me and I look up at the shut window to find an early morning owl holding a Daily Prophet in its mouth. I reach over to my bedside table and scrounge around for a couple of coins before leaping off the bed and opening the window for the small bird. Handing him a Knut he dropped the paper in my hand before swooping off and out the window just before I closed it with a snap. I chucked the paper onto the now messed sheets of my bed and stumbled slowly out of my room feeling up and down the walls in the darkness.

I stumbled down two flights of stairs and out onto the settee and towards the broom cupboard… well it was more like a shack… but you get the point. Inside was filled with the broomstick collection I had started after school. I paid mass amounts for rare and limited edition broomstick to stick them in here. The only one that I ever ride is my Nimbus 2001 and barely that gets a ride anymore.

I walk past all the new models, (the Icenut, the Potter, the NightStar, the FlameScorcher and the rest) before coming upon my favorite and carefully taking it off the rack. Not bothering to polish it or check for any twigage I run outside towards the beginning of a light sprinkling of rain and jump onto the Nimbus.

I gripped the handle as I steadily flew up and up over the vast fields. My hair blew as the wind hit my tear stained facing making my eyes strain. I used to fly to random places a lot when I was younger… when I was either confused, hurt or alone in the world. Now I am all those… and I can slowly feel the happiness slipping away from me. I was happy with Hermione. Happier than I had ever been in my entire life. Happier then when I got my first broom, happier then when… well happier that’s for sure.

She mended me, she made me sane, she made me who I am, she made me discover those things by loving me. By loving all of me.

I remember the time when I was made to read my father’s will after the Auror’s had eventually searched the house enough times for it that they found. I was ordered into the Ministry to take out any of its actions.//

“And finally I wish for no funds of the Malfoy name to go to any persons under the name of Draco Lucius Malfoy,” I finished as I reached the bottom of the will reading. I wasn’t surprised but Weasley and Potter were. I just shrugged and chucked the tainted piece of parchment onto the table only for it to start screaming,

“How dare you let this traitor of a son read my will!?!?” Came the voice of my father from the wilting piece of parchment. I just shrugged and smirked a little as Weasel and Potty glared at me.

“Now Malfoy,” Weasley said sickeningly as he approached me. I smile sweetly at him. I had something to hold over his head, why not use it? “Where you involved in any Death Eater activity?”

“No,” I replied slowly raising my eyebrows. “We’ve been over this Weasley, no mark, no wrong doings. Now can I leave?” I asked. Weasley had some odd maniacal look on his face.

“I don’t think those questionings were done with Veritaserum. Now were they?” He asked. “But then again nobody would know the difference if say, oh the Veritaserum was out of date or mixed with some other potion and you died. Would they now Malfoy?” Potter stood on looking at Weasel with wide eyes. Weasley came bolting at me pulling out and uncorking a bottle of Veritaserum or whatever it was. He stopped short of me and glared.

“You wouldn’t dare Weasel, you wouldn’t dare.” I hissed scathingly at him.

“Oh would I?” He stepped closer, his wand pointing at me throat. I had closed my mouth with every intention of never opening it again. He pushed his fingers over my nose blocking any air supply. Now I could have used my hand or arms but assaulting an Auror is never going to get me into anyone’s good books. I could feel my lungs heaving and my face losing color a bit.

As I was about to open my mouth in defeat, Potter jumped across talking the Weasel to the ground as I jumped up and backed away.

“Ron, think about Hermione!?! She wouldn’t want you to stoop so low.” I heard Potter arguing with the idiot. I can hear the many grunts of him as he stands up and readjusts his robes before glaring acidly at me.

“Out Malfoy,” Potter barked and I left slamming the door behind me. As soon as I was in the Atrium I apparated away to Angelsing Road.

As soon I was in the house, I could tell Hermione was here, there were candles lit, you could smell something appetizing wafting from the kitchen and there was already a chocolate milkshake on the counter just waiting for me.

I sat down on the stool and started to drink it.

“Well actually that was for me but you can have it.” She said as she wiped her hands on her jeans. I hastily push the drink over to her. “Babe, I was joking, you know I don’t like chocolate and anyway you look like you need it.” She kissed my weak spot under my ear before cuddling my shoulders. “What happened?” She murmured as she rested her head near my ear.

“Nothing.” I reply as I kiss her fingers lightly.

“Right, that was what you said when Pansy found out about us, when Crookshanks passed on, when you had to go read your father’s will – oh Merlin that was today!” She said surprised as she lifted me up and embraced me in a hug. “Come here… How were Harry and Ron?” She asks almost afraid of the answer.

“Oh fine,” I say brushing the subject but she scowls at me.

“Draco…” She says sternly. “I would like to know whether my friends were complete and utter wankers or not?” I had to stifle a snort as she said this.

“Uhh… yes.” I said shortly.

She sighed and rubbed her forehead. “What’d they do?”

“Uh… Weasel tried to poison me with… something. And Potter tried to save me from being poisoned.” I was for her to explode at her friends actions 3…2…1…

“What!!??!?!” She screamed. I tried to quieten her down my pulling my lips onto hers. I could feel her protest but eventually she began to ease up and smiled.//

She’d always want to know whether I had a run in with her friends so she could ignore them when she got home I suppose. Not that I knew where home was for her. All I know is when I asked she said something along the lines of ‘If I told you, I’d have to Avada Kedavra you on the spot.’ Well that stopped me from asking again.

Gamely, I let go of the handle of the broom, sitting up straight as I flew closer and closer to the horizon. With a sudden switch of the wind I push the Nimbus down, ugh, down and into trees.

“Aghh!!” I shout as my arm ends up in a funny position in the tree. I hear the snap of a bone and look over to my right arm to find it a bit mangled. Hissing and groaning I pull the Nimbus in a sitting position as I slowly try to untangle my broken arm from the wild branches of the tree.

With unease I was able to cradle my arm and fly towards the house entering through an open window on the bedroom floor. Wincing slightly I dropped my broomstick in the hall stumbled towards my bedroom.

Crouching I grabbed some of the glittering Floo Powder in my left hand and stepped straight into the fire. “St. Mungos!” I yelled as I was sent spinning and coughing into the fire.

I opened my eyes to see the dark emblem of St. Mungos right in front of my face. My guess is, if it’s that close, I’m in the Children’s Ward. Bloody hell.

I step out of the child size fireplace and practically run down the halls. My clothes are covered in soot and my face is probably the same color as the inside of the fireplace. I can see the landing that leads to the Broken Bones, Irregular Sizes and Hyperactive Hypochondriacs Here for Hyperventilation and Hysteria Help, Ward. Whoever named that ward is a bloody idiot.

Holding my arm at an odd angle so the pain isn’t visible to anyone else, I join the line behind a woman about my age and her male accomplice.

“I’m sorry to bother you, but my husband seems to uh… have a problem.” The woman said worriedly as the elderly woman behind the counter surveyed her. She leaned in closer, “He seems to have an Irregular Sized… uh… you know…” She trailed off and I could see the man blush. I tried hard not to laugh.

The elderly woman smiled. “Oh yes deary, you will have to show Healer Monroe. He’s the specialist in Irregular Sized Body Parts,” She added as she looked at the guy in front of me, her eyes landing on his ‘package.’ She giggled sweetly before pointing to the left. “Down there and then on your right.” She says before turning around. I tap the bell as the couple move on blushing madly.

The swivel chair turns around and I see the elderly woman practically squinting to see through her tiny glasses that hung off the edge of her nose. An off pink colored shawl wrapped around her shoulders was mismatched with a puce colored top underneath. Smiling and showing what little teeth she asked, “Now deary, what can I help you with and at this hour of the morning?” She said surprised as she examined her tiny little pocket watch.

“Uhh… broken arm.” I said motion towards my arm.

“I see…” She said looking over at me. “Would you please go wait in room 445. Right down the hall and to your left.” She said as she flung her arm out the tiny office she was in and pointed the way.

“Thanks,” I said before grabbing a handful of magazines from the table and taking them with me towards room 445.

The old door squeaked open and I walked into a shabbily decorated room. A couple of arm chairs and a large bed. Rather a homey look. I carefully set myself down on the bed before lifting up the first magazine.

I unfolded the newspaper and took a look at the front page. “Much Loved Auror Missing.” I read as I skipped the rather large picture and looked down at the text. “A widely respected and much loved Auror has been declared missing by close friends and family yesterday. Hermione Granger, 21, was last seen by friends; Harry and Ginny Potter and fiancé Ron Weasley, the night before yesterday as she got ready for dinner with the clan.” Hermione! Hermione’s gone Hermione’s missing!!!

“I should be out there looking for her! She might need me!” I immediately jump up and start taking large strides across the room. “Where could she be… she’d never run away… not unless something was wrong. If Weasley has done anything!” I snarl angrily as I shake my fist at the sky. While doing this I barely notice a Healer enter.

“Now Mr.… uhh…” The Healer stalls as she reads through the sheet the elderly woman was filling out.

“Malfoy.” I mutter angrily. I hear her practically blow a gasket.

“Draco?” She asks.

“That’d be me!” I say rather impatiently as I feel the twinge of the pain in my arm. I see the woman come out from behind the book. “Pansy!” I gulp rather shocked.

“That’d be me!” She choruses mocking me. I scowl thoughtfully.

“How long have you been working here?” I ask as she sits me down and looks at my arm. I wince as she moves it slightly.

“Uhh… since I finished up at the Academy,” She says as pulls out her wand. “I’m usually in the Children’s Ward but tonite they sent me up here.” I nod slowly. I must be an idiot; I didn’t even know my best friend was a Healer.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” I ask as she points her wand at my broken arm.

“Roto no Más!” Pansy says and I feel the pain from my arm vanish and I am able to move it again. She sighed and placed her wand down rubbing her eyes, “I thought you’d laugh at me.” She places herself on the edge of the bed. “Draco, I enjoy working here… I like helping people, I really do. The other day some little kid had his eyebrow and freckles jinxed off and you should have seen the look on his face when I brought them back and held up a mirror for him to see. He jumped off the bed and hugged me. I love that feeling Draco… the feeling that I’ve done something right.” By then Pansy was crying in my arms.

“Sh… Pans its okay. I’m glad you feel that great about what you’re doing, really I am.” I say as I rub my hand down her back. “I’m sorry Pansy but I must go, Hermione’s missing.” I could feel my eyes watering as I realized my ‘Mione could be anywhere, anywhere at all.

“Draco, she’s fine. She’s okay.” Pansy says as she holds me at shoulder length and looks into my eyes.

“What? Didn’t you hear? She’s missing! M-iss-ing!” I say heatedly. What in the world is that woman on about?

“She needs some time away from everything so… I took her in. And then she didn’t want to be a bother to me while I worked here so last night she packed up and took a room at the L'Elégance which I helped pay for. But Draco she is fine. She just needs some time to think.” My best friend took in my… well, the love of my life. Oh the secrets Pansy could have told her.

Pansy smiles uncertainly at me, hoping that what she did was the okay thing to do. I smile back. “I’m glad that if I couldn’t be there for her, you were.” I give her one last hug before she ushers me out and into the fireplace.

With a handful of Floo Powder and one last smile at Pansy I yell, “Dragon’s Room, Angelsing Road!” And once again I am sent spinning and twirling into that unnatural green light. I smile gaily as I land in my own room in my own house.

And As Dawn Breaks… Time Seems Faster.


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Chapter 6: As Dawn Breaks... Change Is Everything
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As Dawn Breaks... Change is Everything
Draco/Hermione Series
By: Butterfly Kisses


If you love something,
Let it go free.
If it doesn't come back,
You never had it.
If it comes back,
Love it forever.


The shadows of the morning play tricks on my mind mercilessly. I jump at a new shadow thinking it is Ron or Harry. I could have spent the night at Pansy’s like she insisted but I didn’t want to be a bother, after all she works night shifts at St. Mungo’s now. I couldn’t believe when she offered to go halves in me staying at the L'Elégance, when I asked her why she just smiled and said, “Because Hermione, you made Draco complete.” And then practically pushed me into the front desk.

I had gotten a huge room on the twentieth floor. It had a balcony, mini bar, Jacuzzi, two bedrooms, a lounge practically everything! I sighed as I leaned over and got out of the bed. But I was still missing something… Draco. My Draco. He was always there to protect me… but just once he wasn’t there and I still have nightmares about it.//

I remember when I had just woken up one night to find Ron just getting home… and drunk.

“Ronald Billius Weasley what are you doing home this late? And why are you drunk?” I scolded as he stumbled blindly into the room.

“Oh… ‘Mione my beautiful ‘Mione.” He murmured before collapsing on the bed nearly right on top of me. Roughly he tried to force himself onto me, kissing my lips with his own chapped ones. His whole body was on me and I could feel him crushing me. He moaned as I tried to wriggle away.

“Ron get off me, this is not funny, get off.” I managed to say but he just gurgled. I could smell the alcohol on him as he continued to force himself on me. I wriggled desperately as he leaned more on my chest his fingers tracing down my neck. When I tried to scream he forced his hand over my mouth.

“Nah, uh, uha…” He whispered greedily. “Nobody will be able to hear you…” He says as he tries to kiss me again only to kiss my cheek. My cheeks are stained as the tears keep rolling down my face.

“Get off me Ron, get off!” I yell and with one almighty push just as he grabs my shirt and pulls it off me he lands on the carpet and I reach for my wand and stand in front of him. “Don’t you dare move or I will hex you to kingdom come.” I say seething as he eyes my now scantily covered top half. I practically scream, ‘Reducto!’ And the door blasts away almost taking the next wall with it.

I can hear Ginny and Harry waking and murmuring to each other as I return my wand to Ron. “You ever try that again and I will kill you Ron, make no doubt about that.” I growl at him and I can see a flicker of fear come across his haughty eyes. I hear both of them coming down the hall and I quickly exit running down the stairs and out into the front hall before pushing the front door open and then slamming it shut.

I scream and close my eyes, letting myself be taken to Draco’s.

With a couple of spins I land in Draco’s bedroom and practically collapse on his floor in sobs. How could he have done or even tried to do that to me? I see him shoot straight up in bed and look at the lump that is me on the ground. The only thing I am wearing is a wearing is a pair of boxers and my black satin bra as my arms are crossed over my bruised chest.

“Draco…” I sob. I can see him scramble as he tries to get out of the bed.

“Hermione,” He says and I can hear ever bit of caring in his voice as he grabs his duvet of his bed and pulls it around me. He sees I am not going to move so he grabs his wand and lights a fire in the nearest fire place. He picks me up and brings me closer to it. I sob into his chest as he wraps the blanket around the both of us. “Do you want one of my shirts?” He asks and I nod feebly as he goes to get up.

“Please don’t leave me,” I whisper and he nods and lifts me up in his arms carrying me over to the dresser.

“Now which one, Falmouth Falcons, Puddlemere United or Ballycastle Bats?” He asked holding up three t-shirts with the team colors and names on them. From beneath the blanket I point out the navy blue t-shirt with the two golden bulrush plants on it. “Ah… good choice. The good old Puddlemere United.” He says as he delicately rids me of the warm blanket and lifts my arms, wincing slightly as he sees the large bruises on my stomach and chest. He pulls the shirt over my head and pulls me in hugging me gently.

“I’m so sorry I couldn’t protect you…” I hear him murmur into my hair.

“No it’s not your fault. It his…” I whisper as I stroke his face. Shaking his head, I know he still feels bad as he lifts me up and carries me to fireplace. I lay on his shoulder the blanket wrapped around me. I look over to him to see him staring blankly into the fire trying to get rid of his anger. I sigh and pull the blanket around him as well, kissing him on the cheek and pulling myself under his arm.

I think he stayed up for hours after that just staring at the slowly dying fire stroking my hair every now and then.//

If I planned to run away from Harry, Ginny and Ron then I would have to be very sneaky about it. After all we were all Aurors and I had seen the front page of the Daily Prophet. I swept myself off the bed and into the bathroom grabbing my wand off the table along the way.

I didn’t want to have to do this but it’s the only way that Ron, Harry and Ginny won’t be able to recognize me… but that means Draco as well.

Slowly I raised my wand to my hair. I thought of a person… Keira Knightley, a muggle actress, I had seen in a couple of movies. And I felt as if I was melting… When I opened my eyes I saw a similar looking person to Keira but I could have only just passed for a relative. Hey! I even have the pout! My hair is a wintry light blonde which reaches a bit further than my shoulders. My face looks completely the same as hers except for my eyes, I like my honey ones with the bronze little speckles in them. The only one who could ever recognize me would be Harry… but he’d probably recognize me as a relative of Keira Knightley’s.

The rain drizzles along the window behind me and I can see the droplets run along the pane in the mirror. I quickly get dressed, pulling on a vintage a-line skirt and a vintage puffy sleeved top and adding some pearl earrings. I line my eyes with eyeliner and place some sheer lip gloss on my lips. I slip on my peep toe high heels and remake the bed, leaving a small note on it. I had checked in under my name, someone was bound to realize who I was eventually.

With a quick spell my bags are again packed and I am ready to get on the move again.

I chuck my bags out into the hall and hide them behind another wall. As I am about to go back and close the door, I see something, or rather someone.

It’s Draco, my Draco, I feel like running to him and hugging him. But he won’t recognize me in this… I’m sure of it. He walks straight into the open door calling my name. He stops as he steps outside the room, the note I left on the bed in his hand and his face is crushed as he reads my words.

I can see a tear roll down his face as he apparates away, too quick for me too reach him.

I lean my back against the wall, my suitcases next to me. He came… he came for me. He went looking for me! And all I did was sit here. I bury my face in my hands as the tears come rushing out. This isn’t how my life was supposed to be.

And As Dawn Breaks… Change is Everything.


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We had matched, planned of course, but we matched all the same. She was the gourgeous and innocent Christine and I was the boyfriend, the lover, the fiance’, Raoul…//

The violins played ceremoniously as we walked in the exact same time.


“Nothing is too much for the woman I love.” I say as I kiss her hand gently and she smiles, grateful that someone appreciates her…//

I look back and wonder why I didn’t take her away or tell Weasel to get lost. That would hurt her, and I loved her too much to bear to hurt her at all.

My bed is empty, my soul is crushed and my heart is broken into tiny millions of pieces. And all because of one woman, who just so happens to be the woman I love.


Chapter 7: And As The Night Swallows Me... She is What I Miss The Most
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On With The Show...

As Dawn Breaks... She is What I Miss Most.
Draco/Hermione Series
By: Butterfly Kisses


If you love something,
Let it go free.
If it doesn't come back,
You never had it.
If it comes back,
Love it forever.


My heart crushed as I read that tiny shred of paper again and again. Over and over. The words drilled through my mind as I tried to decipher any hidden meaning. The problem was… their wasn’t any. It was just the same words over and over again.

One shot to your heart without breaking your skin
No one has the power to hurt you like your kin
Kept it inside, didn't tell no one else
Didn't even wanna admit it to yourself
And now your chest burns in your backaches
From 15 years of holding the pain
And now you only have yourself to blame
If you continue to live this way

Get it together
You wanna heal your body
You have to heal your heart
Whatsoever is so you will reap
Get it together

You can fly fly

Dark future ahead of me
That's what they say
I'd be starving if I ate all the lies they fed
Cause I've been redeemed from your anguish and pain
A miracle child I'm floating on a cloud
Cause the words that come from your mouth
You're the first to hear
Speak of words of beauty and you will be there
No matter what anybody says
What matters most is what you think of yourself

Get it together
You wanna heal your body
You have to heal your heart
Whatsoever is so you will reap
Get it together

The choice is yours
No matter what it is
To choose life is to choose to forgive
You don't have to try
To hurt him and break his pride
To shake that weight off
And you will be ready to fly

One shot to your heart without breaking your skin
No one has the power to hurt you like your friends
Thought it will never change but this time moved on
An ugly duckling grew up to be a swan
And now your chest burns and your backaches
Because now the years are showing upon your face
But you're never really happy
And you'll never be hole
Until you see the beauty in growing old

Get it together
You wanna heal your body
You have to heal your heart
Whatsoever is so you will reap
Get it together…

Signed, Hermione. Xoxo

I know those words! They were always playing on her iPod dealy thing. She loved that song so much. She said it explained her in so many ways… I smile fondly as I imagine her tucking a strand of her hair behind her ear and smiling at me uncertainly as she sung the words over in over, the little ear buds snugly in her ears. I just gazed at her. She was such a beautiful creature in everything, in the way she moved, in the way she talked, in the way she presented herself. Extraordinary.

I felt her there, at the hotel, I knew she was there. It pissed me off that she didn’t come out and at least talk to me or approach me. I could feel her and as I stood in the doorway of her hotel room, the note in one hand, my façade slipped for two seconds and a solitary tear fell upon my cheeks. I could sense she saw… but I didn’t care, if she didn’t want to come out or come with me then she could be damned for all I care…

No she couldn’t I love her too much.

Argh! This is so aggravating! I want to be angry with her but my heart just won’t let me be! So frustrating! It’s just so complicated! Why can’t I be emotionless again! No, Draco you don’t want that, you don’t want that at all.

I scuffle towards the closet looking for something to wash. Hey I’m bored and depressed, I’ll do anything. And I still don’t know whether those photos were sent to Hermione or cursed into oblivion.

I sift through the many different dress shirts, robes and the like. I come across one that I have yet to wash by the looks of it. I search through the pockets of the soldier like heavy shirt and pull out a gold and silver ticket. (A/N Think Raoul in the Masquerade Scene of Phantom Of The Opera)

You are cordially invited to the Ministry of Magic’s

63rd Gala Ball

To be held on the 21st of January


Dress is to be Masquerade.
Please R.S.V.P by the 20th of January

The annual Ministry shindig, this time a little bit more… eccentric. Probably due to the new Minister For Magic, Miss Cordiallia Liberty. Very eccentric woman she is. A Masquerade. I remember thinking I had to stand out, I had to be something that nobody in the wizarding world would think of… that was going to be hard.

My hands fumbled over the shirt as I brought it down of the coat hanger. It had a cut collar with gold designs running across the chest horizonatilly and joining by large gold buttons.

We had matched, planned of course, but we matched all the same. She was the gourgeous and innocent Christine and I was the boyfriend, the lover, the fiance’, Raoul…//

The violins played ceremoniously as we walked in the exact same time.

“Now, now! Everybody! If you can find yourself a partner with the matching costume as you… ahh…. For example…” I heard the tiny Minister yell quiet loudly as the doors shut behind the last guests. She spotted me and then a couple of feet away from me, Hermione. “Ah… Mr. Malfoy! Pleasure for you to join us.” She said as she waved a hand for me to come up towards the large staircase that she stood on. “And Miss. Granger! You look absolutely stunning!” I could see the faint blush on Hermione’s cheeks as she stepped gracefully up the stairs. I heard the many whispers as they paired up our names. “See you have here, A Miss. Christine Daae a talented opera singer and Raoul her love interest from the screen play, or movie, of Andrew Llyod Webber’s The Phantom Of The Opera.” I could see Weasel’s face tinging an interesting display of red. “Now everyone…” She waited as the whispers died down a little before yelling, “Partner Up!”

I could see Weasel making his way up the stairs and towards us. As if on cue the music started up again and I quickly grabbed Hermione into a waltz, directing her away from Weasley.

“Hello, Christine,” I whispered as we spun. She smiled jovially back at me.

“Raoul, why you look wonderful tonight, send my compliments to your designer.” She said grinning widely as we moved past Dumbledore, who was dressed as a bumble bee and McGonagall dressed as a flower. (A/N Lol!!)

“I will.” I could see Weaselbee coming up behind her as I swept her away and towards the Minister.

“Why hello you two!” Cordiallia said excitedly as she shook my hand and hugged Hermione.

“Uh, Minister, where is the bathroom?” Hermione asked looking around the huge room.

“Oh yes, it is up those stairs, past the Sport and Rec Chambers then down the left corridor and it’s the first door on your right.” She said pleasantly. “Now Mr. Malfoy, how is Dragon Industries fairing this financial year?”

“Ah, yes… we are doing quite well actually.” I said looking in the direction that Hermione walked off in.

“Well that’s magnificent!” She obviously didn’t realise I didn’t want to be here listening to her drone on about my company. I was completely off in another world as I watched Hermione’s dusty pink dress turned around a corner.

Cordiallia tapped me on the shoulder and smiled, “Who would have known? Mortal Enemies ah?” She said grinning mischeivously. I paled.

“Minister, you must not tell anyone about this.” I hiss rather snidely as I scowl at her. “Or people shall have to find out about your vacation in Hawaii.” My threat of blackmail did not hinder the look on the middle aged woman’s face.

“Draco, I do not care for blackmail, what I care for is true love. And that monsieur is true love.” She said gesturing up the staircase to where Hermione was. I smiled feebly and just looked at her.

“Minister, listen-“

“Cordiallia,” She insists waving it off with her hand. “You are sorry I realise. But go to her Draco, she deserves someone who won’t treat her like something they can hang up on a wall and show off to everyone.” With that she pats me on the shoulder before yelling out, “Harry! Great to see you, oh and you too Ginny!”

My feet race me up the stairs and past the Sports and Rec Chamber, only to stop at the sound of loud voices.

“Ronald, we are merely dressed in linked characters! Don’t you get that!” I hear Hermione yell fruitlessly.

“Well maybe that’s a little bit odd but have you seen the way he looks at you! It’s like he’s ready to devour you!” Weasel yells acidly.

“Well I’m glad somebody looks at me that way.” I hear her hiss angrily.


“Don’t you ‘Mione me or even touch me Ronald! You are partners with Luna! Now leave me to enjoy the rest of my night.” I hear large footsteps come around the corner as I hide in what looks to be the Janitor’s closet.

I open the large door as soon as Weasel is gone. I round the corner to see Hermione on the ground crying her eyes out.

“Come on,” I say softly as I lift her up and place her arms around my neck.

“How much did you hear?” She asks fearfully.

“Linked characters.” I murmur as I place my hand on her neck rubbing it soothingly. She sobs into my shirt as I cradle her. “You know you are missing something from your costume.”

“And what would that be?” Hermione asks after she dries her tears. I smile as my hand runs along her cheek wipping any last tears away.

“This...” I whisper as I pull a white gold chain out of my pocket. She stares at it as I open the clasp and move around to the back of her. I slip the clasp closed and rest my hands on her soft shoulders.

“Wow…” I hear her breathe. “Draco, this is just too much.” Her fingers run over the pristine white chain to the ring that hung off the bottom of it. A platinum ring set with a large diamond in the middle that sparkled brightly.

“Nothing is too much for the woman I love.” I say as I kiss her hand gently and she smiles, grateful that someone appreciates her…//

I look back and wonder why I didn’t take her away or tell Weasel to get lost. That would hurt her, and I loved her too much to bear to hurt her at all.

My bed is empty, my soul is crushed and my heart is broken into tiny millions of pieces. And all because of one woman, who just so happens to be the woman I love.

And as I climb back into my bed, I hope and I pray that tomorrow will be a better day.

And As The Night Swallows Me... She is What I Miss The Most.


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Chapter 8: And As The Night Swallows Me… Foes Become Friends and Friends Become Foes
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Only one more chapter after this! This story is like my pride and joy! I put my heart and soul into this! And I just love it to pieces! :D:D I'm glad you all are liking it!! Note: everything in italics is the translations from french to english :)

On With The Show

As Dawn Breaks... Foes Become Friends and Friends Become Foes.
Draco/Hermione Series
By: Butterfly Kisses


If you love something,
Let it go free.
If it doesn't come back,
You never had it.
If it comes back,
Love it forever.


I can hear my breath quicken and my heart beat hit over time. Ron, Harry and a whole bunch of other Aurors are in the atrium about fifty meters away from me. I am so glad I have this disguise. I silently pray as I walk up to the front counter. Think Hermione Think! Harry will probably notice you! Think!

I smile devilishly as the boys acknowledge my presence as I step up towards the counter.

“Excuse Madam but you wouldn’t happen to have seen this woman would you?” Ron asks me as he practically undresses me with his eyes. He’s holding up a photograph of me that I had left on the bench… the one Draco had taken.

“Je suis monsieur désolé je ne parle pas l'anglais.” I say shaking my head at him and shrugging my shoulders. Quickly I turn to the man at the front counter. (I am sorry sir I don’t speak English.)

“Bon Monsieur de Matin, c'est un beau matin n'est pas il!” I manage to say in my best French accent while gesturing to the day outside. (Good Morning Sir, It is a beautiful morning isn't it!)

“Oui c'est et vous regardez aussi rayonnant que le Coup jamais manqué?” The French Man behind the counter says suavely. (Yes it is and you are looking as radiant as ever Miss?)

“Oh oui, monsieur désolé, je suis Emmanuelle Cheney,” I say bowing my head graciously as I tried to hide the growing fear of being found out. Emmanuelle Cheney is my cousin’s name and thank god she’s French and has taught me absolutely everything about them. Next time I see her, I am taking her out for drinks. (Oh yes, sorry sir, I am Emmanuelle Cheney)

“Excuse me Sir but could you please ask her if she has seen this woman?” Harry interrupts oh so rudely and I scowl at him.

The man shakes his head and holds up the picture, “Je suis Mademoiselle Cheney désolé mais cet homme cherche une personne manquant, vous n'arriveriez pas l'avoir vue? Vous ferait ?.” I shake my head solemnly. (I’m sorry Miss Cheney but this man is looking for a missing person, you wouldn’t happen to have seen her? Would you?)

“Je suis désolé non, mais diriez-vous que ce babouin dirigé rouge m'arrêter de déshabiller avec ses yeux? Merci.” I scowl and point at Ron menacingly and I hear the attendee laugh heartily. (I am sorry no, but would you tell this red headed baboon to stop undressing me with his eyes? Thank you.)

“Well? What did she say?” Ron asks impatiently as he raps his knuckles on the counter.

“Ah, Monsieur. She says no she has not seen her. And also wishes that you stop undressing her with your eyes.” He says pleasantly and Ron blushes a dark red as Harry scowls at him.

“I’m so sorry! Really I don’t know what has come over my partner.” Harry reassures as he elbows Ron in the chest. I nod lightly but look stiffly as Ron.

The elderly man smiled courteously at me. “Maintenant Mademoiselle Cheney le quel était que vous aimeriez?” I could see Harry and Ron eyeing me and whispering as they observed our conversation. Please god don’t let them find me… (Now Miss Cheney what was it that you would like?)

“Oh oui, la droite... Est ici la clef pour loger 619 au septième étage. J'espère que vous avez un après-midi splendide avec ces deux ah, les messieurs.” I say pleasantly as I hand over the little brass key and bend down to pick up my suitcase only to be stopped. (Oh yes, right... Here is the key to room 619 on the seventh floor. I hope you have a splendid afternoon with these two ah, gentlemen.)

“Je suis Mademoiselle Cheney désolé mais cette pièce a été payé sous un nom different.” Oh terrific… that bloke may have just blown my cover. “C'était sous un Mademoiselle Hermione Granger j'ai peur.” Oh crap, he definitely just blew my cover. I see Ron’s and Harry’s ears prick up as they hear the words Hermione and Granger. Oh buggery. My eyes shoot over to them as Harry looks me over and whispers to Ron. Oh fuck. (I'm sorry Miss Cheney but this room was paid for under a different name) (It was under a Miss Hermione Granger I am afraid)

Hurriedly I grab my one to many suitcases and proceed to run out the door to the nearest apparition point only to be followed by Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dummer. I can feel myself rattling in my bones. I ache of tiredness, I ache of fear, I just ache. With one last breath of hope I apparated, the last thing I saw being Ron’s weary face and Harry’s worn and tired one.

With a thud I landed on a large plush rug in the middle of Pansy’s lounge room. “Pansy!” I called loudly throughout the walls of the large house. “Argh, where is that darned woman when you need her!?”

“That darned woman is in the kitchen!” I heard someone yell from the front end of the house. As I enter the room she stares at me, her eyes unfocused. Pansy squints a little and then smiles. “Good beauty charm.” She murmurs giving me a thumbs up at my new look. “Blonde suits you.”

“You cook?” I laugh as I smell something. No it was not cooking I smelt. It was something else.

“No, but I do drink!” She murmured rather tipsily gesturing to the large bottle of alcohol in front of her.

“Why are you drinking at this hour at the afternoon?” I ask pointing to my watch. It was only three pm and she’d already started.

“Bad Day.” She says gruffly as she begins again to drain the bottle. “A kid died on my watch.” She murmurs.

“Oh, Pansy…” I soothe as I place a hand on her shoulder. She wipes away the stray tears and shakes her head.

“No mushy stuff.”

“Definitely not.” I reply quickly. “How can you hear me when I was like on the other side of the house?” I questioned out aloud as I took a seat next to her and a large bottle of Firewhiskey.

“Hermione, I may be drunk but for one thing I am not deaf!” She grinned impishly as she grabbed me a glass and poured a heavy amount of Firewhiskey in it. Uncertainly I glance the bottle over… now I am not one to drink alcohol. Ever. I mean the closest I have come to Pansy’s current state was at my cousin’s wedding… and that was only a couple of glasses of Sparkling Champagne. I shrug my shoulders what have I to lose? I mean I’ve lost everything already, my friends, my lover/boyfriend… the only things that mattered to me.

By the time ten pm rolls around, we have had waaaaaaaay to many drinks and are currently slurring around on her carpet. Pansy stops suddenly and turns to me as if she has had a brain wave.

“You know Hermione, Draco really does love you. You should have seen his face when he found out that you were ‘missing’” She said holding up her fingers for the quotation marks. “He was a mess, he thought it was his fault and was just about ready to leave St. Mungos and go looking for you with a broken arm!”

I shudder as I picture Draco worrying in St. Mungos with his arm at an odd angle. I was never good with blood or broken bones. I sigh and rub my now migraine feeling head.

I hear Pansy take another rather large sip of her drink. I turn to see her staring at me. “You really did love him didn’t you?” She asks her eyes wide and vibrantly white.

I pick up the bottle and take a large swig from it. “Did is past tense honey.” I can feel her gaze burning holes in my neck.

“You have to go to him! He – he needs – he – loves – whatever the hell I am saying…” She slurs in defeat.

“Tomorrow,” I say taking my shot glass and hers and placing them on the bench. I heavily pour the Firewhiskey making a small puddle on the bench top. She picks up the glass and holds it up.

“To tomorrow.” She says merrily.

“To tomorrow.” I echo downing the glass as I hear the loud thump of Pansy passing out on the bench. She was bound to do that sooner or later.

I groaned and muttered indecent language as I levitated Pansy up the stairs and into her bedroom, dropping her smack bang on the bed and slamming the door behind me as I went off in search of the guest bedroom.

So far I have walked past five doors, and each room had a Jacuzzi in it. Is she trying to say something? Is she really that sex deprived? I sigh contently and laugh under my breath remembering the first time I had talked or even interacted with Pansy after meeting up with Draco.//

“Hey Draco, who is this friend you’re bringing round?” I asked as I poured myself and Draco a milkshake. We were big milk drinks. Calcium! Good for your bones!

“Oh just a friend…” I hear him murmur as he kisses my cheek and takes the milkshake.

“Was that all that was for?” I ask dramatically.

“Ha ha babe, nice try.” Draco said from over the side of the couch. “Guess what I’m cooking tonight!” He said excitedly as I eyed him suspiciously.

“Do you even know how to cook?” I ask him standing in the door way.

“No, that’s why you’re going to teach me!” He said excitedly as he ran towards the kitchen. I groaned, the last time I had cooked, I had almost made my kitchen explode. I was not the cooking type.

“Please babe, I can’t cook at all!” I whine as I wrap my arms around him from behind.

“Did I say you were going to teach me how to cook? Oh I meant I was going to teach you how to cook.” He said sarcastically.

“Oh dear god…” I mumbled under my breath as he grabbed my hand.

“Hey! I heard that!” Draco said as he cuddled me in his arms.

“Of course you did, you’re probably not even thirty centimeters away from me!” I exclaimed shaking my head in his toned chest. Delicately I lifted a finger and ran it over his chest lightly. “You know, you should really put on a t-shirt…” I whisper softly as my fingers run their way up his chest and towards the back of his neck. I can see him trying to suppress a groan. “Or I’ll devour you…” I mumbled as I jumped up and lifted myself off the ground wrapping my legs around his waist. And just like that he snapped and his mouth captured mine.

I pulled away briefly and asked, “When is your friend getting here?” I had to admit I was nervous, I didn’t know whether this was an ex, his mother or just some bloke he knew. (A/N I am Australian! And I just had to put bloke in!)

He wriggled his wrist from under my backside while juggling it on the other trying to get a good look at his watch. “Ah… Now? Is that a problem?” He asked his voice husky.

I grinned and quickly swatted at his chest for him to let me go. “You have to get dinner ready silly!”

“Who said I didn’t already have dinner ready and that this was just a ploy to get you in the kitchen with me.” He whispered as he kissed softly from my chin down my neckline. I have to suppress a moan as I hear a crack of apparition. Oh buggery, what bad timing he/she/they have.

“Draco come on Draco,” I whisper impatiently as I practically have to untangle myself from him. He leans in to give me one last kiss but I dodge it making him fall. He growls playfully before coming after me whipping the tea towel at my backside.

I am in fits of giggles as we reach the kitchen to find whoever apparated sitting in the chair next to the fireplace.

“Draco! Hermione! It’s great to see you again!” I hear a girlish voice say. Oh no… no no no no no!!

“This is definitely not happening…” I hiss as I go to turn around but to my surprise I bump into a fully clothed Draco. I stand aside trying very hard to blend in with the back wall.

“Pansy, thanks for coming to dinner. It means a lot.” I heard Draco say as I closed my eyes tightly.

“Now Draco are you saying thank you for dinner or thank you for saving your life.” Pansy said bluntly and I heard Draco stutter. “How many times do I have to tell you Draco? What’s been is been, so what I convinced you of not becoming a Death Eater! You’ve said thank you. Now please I am starving.” I tried to stay very still as I felt them brush past me.

“Come on ‘Mione.” I heard Draco say as he grabbed my arm. My eyes fluttered open and I glared at him. “Do it for me! She’s the only other person my age I talk to.”

“You talk to me!” I say shrilly. Draco sighs and pulls me in closer.

“But I don’t just talk to you do I now?” He says mischievously as he breathes lightly on my neck.

I quickly walk forward leaving him behind. I stop, “Come on! You can’t keep guests waiting.”

“I wouldn’t say Pansy is a guest, more like family.” I heard him say as he wrapped his hand around my petite waist. I sigh and lay my head against his chest as he seats me across from Pansy while he serves dinner.

The first ten minutes passed in silence, Pansy and I shooting glares at each other.

“Hermione may I please have the potatoes?” She asked politely referring to the bowl next to me. I slid the large bowl over to her hearing the mighty squeal from the large bowl. “Thank you…” She trails off.

I just can’t help myself and whisper, “Mudblood.”

Her head shoots up and she glares at me. Just as she opens her mouth I whisper “Muffliato,” in Draco’s direction. I pocket my wand and place my hands back on the table and regained eye contact with her. “You were saying?”

She seemed stunned and scowled at me. “You presumed I would utter that word didn’t you?”

“Well why wouldn’t you Parkinson? I mean we aren’t the best of friends or enemies.” I said snidely.

“You underestimate me Granger, Draco loves you don’t you see and I am here being the supporting best friend.” Pansy said her teething grinding together.

I was shocked. We had yet to say anything about love yet and here is Pansy practically confessing Draco’s love for me. I must have looked a sight because Pansy was getting so impatient that she flicked some mashed potato at me. I scowl at her, scooping up a large spoonful of gravy. “Look out Parkinson!” I said shrilly as I flicked the spoon and its contents towards her.

It landed splat one her white shirt. She looked down, outraged. “You are so dead Granger!” She yelled and I was pretty sure the Muffliato spell on Draco had been broken. Hastily she picked up the gravy boot and flung the brown liquid at me.

I had gravy in my hair and on my face and mashed potato all over the front of my shirt. That girl was going to get.

“Girls, Girls, Ladies? Females? Calling all people who love and adore me!?!” I heard Draco yell and both of us turned; me a large piece of dessert’s apple pie and Pansy some sweet potato mixed with normal potato and a glass of red wine. With one swift motion Draco was covered in an assortment of that night’s dinner.

“Thanks…” He muttered before flinging mashed potato at both of us. We laughed merrily as we ran away from our mashed potato wielding attacker.

As dinner ended… and we ran out of food to throw, I found myself sitting against the wall with Pansy.

“Listen, I’m sorry Pansy for any assumptions I made.” I began.

“I have heard enough apologies from that one that I don’t need anymore for a lifetime.” She said pointing to Draco as he walked towards us. “So what do you say friends?” Pansy asks as she turns to me and holds out a hand.//

“The things I do for friends,” I sigh as I continue to stumble down Pansy’s large corridor finally coming to a stop outside a set of double doors. I push open the door to be met with an eerie silence and a wash of familiarity. It felt… oddly calming.

I walked to the bathroom that went off the side of the very large room. It was all crystal white with tiny green embellishments everywhere. I stood in front of the mirror and ridded myself of any beauty charm. Soon enough I returned to my normal form. But somehow I thought I looked weird. I like blonde, well that blonde anyway, it was a nice honey colour. Smiling sheepishly, I turn my hair back to blonde settling for the more wintery shade. I transfigure my clothes into pyjamas before switching off the light and crawling into the hopelessly huge bed.

The sheets feel cold, the bed feels huge. I have lost any respect for my friends I might have had and have gained a lot more for Pansy. I can see why Draco liked her so much and treasures her friendship.

I roll over and fold my pillow tightly before falling off to sleep. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day.

And As The Night Swallows Me… Foes Become Friends and Friends Become Foes.


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Chapter 9: As Dawn Breaks... Our Future Awaits Us, Be It Rain or Shine
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As Dawn Breaks... Our Future Awaits Us, Be It Rain or Shine.
Draco/Hermione Series
By: Butterfly Kisses


If you love something,
Let it go free.
If it doesn't come back,
You never had it.
If it comes back,
Love it forever.


Another restless sleep does not help my hangover. In fact it makes it feel worse and with my towering heart ache I feel like I should just walk in front of a bus and put an end to my misery. I’m sure I’d like that. But it would definitely not put an end to my heart ache. I’d walk the earth as a spirit looking on at the many love struck couples wishing that was something I could feel once again.

The darkness of the room is disturbed as the door is opened up a crack.

“Hermione… get your lazy ass up! Now!” I hear Pansy hiss into the dark as she tries to pad her way over to the bed.

“I don’t wanna get up!” I groan. “He’s probably already off and over me…” I whisper not thinking before the words leave my lips.

“Hermione!” I hear her scold as something grabs a hold of my ankle and I am hoisted up into the air. “Don’t you dare ever think that of Draco! What has gotten into you? Yesterday you were all over the thought of seeing him again!”

“I don’t know! I don’t know! But Pansy, I am one solitary woman! What makes you think that that could change his mind and he could not revert back to his womanizing days?” I ask fearfully.

“Hermione,” I hear her sit on the bed and look up at me in the air. “You are not just one solitary woman, you have more bravery than I have ever seen in one person and that includes Scarhead. You fight for what you believe is right, not for something that someone tells you is right. You’re practically idolized everywhere you go! And Draco loves you with every inch of his being. In fact I have never seen him so distraught over anyone person.” Pansy added matter-of-factly. I just gaped at her. I could feel the blood rushing to my head and face getting red. “Oh, sorry.” She said quickly as she let me down.

I landed with a large flop in the covers. “So what do you say?”

Her pause lingered in the air as the silence wore on.

“I say I’m still not sure.” I admitted in defeat as I tried to bury my self in the covers more. I hear her sigh and get up to leave.

Just as she got to the door she turns around. “You know one day Hermione there is not going to be someone around to reassure you that the chance is worth taking and that if you do take it would do a whole world of better to you. Just think about that will you.” And with that I hear the door snap shut and the faint sound of high heels click down the hall.

Pansy just gave me advice… what is this world coming to? I am here lying in bed because I feel heart broken, worn down and just sick of life. GET UP YOU LAZY ASS! I mentally yell at myself as I practically chuck my body out the warm and cozy bed.

Your Mother, god rest her soul would not want to see you wishing death upon yourself?! Don’t you see this? Your father is still coping and this is how you want to act? A voice of reason in my head yells madly and I can feel the pain from my mother’s death resurface hauntingly.//

The trolley squeaked as I pushed it towards the checkout smiling at the attendee. I had armfuls and armfuls of chips, sodas and an assortment of sweets.

“Having a party are we?” She said smiling at me pushing a curl of her blonde hair behind her ear and entering some digits onto the machine.

“Yes, I suppose you could say that.” I said as I continued to place the items on the counter. The minutes passed in silence with only the sound of the echoing beeps.

“Now that comes to… £18.83 “She said playing with a few of the buttons on the machine. (A/N Sorry if it is wrong! I don’t know pounds and currencies! I am an Aussie!)

“I might just happen to have that…” I murmur as I flick through my wallet. A couple of photos pop out at me, a picture of Ron and I, another of Draco and one of my parents. As I glanced at the one of my parents I felt a pang in my heart that shouldn’t have been there. I quickly shook it off and handed the girl the money.

“Thank you and have a wonderful party.” She said brightly as she started to greet the next costumer. I nodded in reply grabbing my bags and heading out the store and into the light summer shower.

I smile as the rain pitters onto me, I quickly run onto the sidewalk dodging the other pedestrians. I sigh as the shower stops and I continue walking turning right and into the alleyway which was hidden behind my house.

My footsteps echo in my head as I continue walking until I hit the fence of my backyard. I place the bag handles in my teeth and proceed to jump the metal gates landing on my knees in the rough gravel. I wince as I feel the rocks cut up my knees but it is quickly forgotten as I hear the smash of something from inside the house.

“Now where is the girl?” I hear a voice yell.

“I-I-I don’t know!” I hear my mother stutter. My emotions run numb and my face pales as I brace myself. I try to move, my feet feeling as if they are stuck in the ground.

“So the mudblood isn’t here? Well you will pay for her misconception! Tsk, tsk, tsk and your husband isn’t even home to watch this. Oh well, Avada Kedavra!” My heart jumps to my throat and I feel my tear ducts ready to explode. Maybe this is all just a dream, maybe I’ll wake up. I hear a crack of apparation and I drop the bags on the pavement hearing the many glasses shatter. My eyes are swollen as the down pour of tears drip down my face.

Shakily, I reach for my mobile and pull it out of my pocket. I wipe the remaining tears off my face and quickly dial a number.

“Hello, this is the Ministry Help Line. What is your emergency?” A woman asks urgently as I try to compose myself.

“Uh… this is Auror Granger,” I wipe my tears and switch hands on the phone. “We have a muggle down at 43 Halifax Drive, Bristol.”(A/N Again I don’t know anything about England so bite me if it is wrong :D)

“Okay, do you know the identity of this muggle?” The girl asked as I heard the faint sound of an alarm button go off.

“A umm… Mrs. Joan Granger.” I murmur quietly into the phone.

“Certified Aurors and Healers have been sent to address already,-“

“There is no need for Healers.” I cut in. I hear a silence on the other end.

“Where are you?” She asks quietly.

“The back yard by the gravel path and the pink tulips.” I reply before immediately snapping my phone shut. I slid my back down the gate, hidden by the tulips and the other flowers. My expression is stony, any sign of tears gone. My face as pale as a sheet. My eyes glassy and clear, unreadable to anyone else.

I hear a dozen cracks that enter the house. ‘They could have entered my house just as easy as that.’ I muse silently. I begin to bang the back of my head against the metal gate, trying to get a feeling for the pain my mother might have felt in her last moments on earth. Bang… bang… bang… I feel a nail or something cut my head sharply, but I don’t wince and I don’t stop as I continue to rock myself against the metal.

“They said in the backyard by the tulips and the gravel path.” I hear a voice say as I continue with my rocking. “I hear something you guys!”

The crunching footsteps of six or more people swallow me whole as I feel the blood drip onto my neck.

“Hermione!” Harry yells and I look up at him vacantly. He rushes down to my side as I run my fingers over the back of my head. Blood… and lots of it.

“Let me through, she’s my girlfriend!” I hear Ron yell. I look up to see him pushed through the crowd towards me. He paled as he saw the blood on my fingers. I could hardly breathe with all these people around me. I just stared at the runny liquid flowing over my fingertips. My stony expression mirroring nothing.

I felt my heart beat slower and slower and as I re-opened my eyes, the people around were blurry. I did the only sensible and probably one of the worst things I could think of.

I thought of the large house with the acreage and huge trees that sat at the end of Angelsing Road. The gravel path, the gorgeous garden that shielded the house from public view, the stable out the back… And with a soft pop, I apparated away.

I landed hard on the wood floor creating an echoing thump. “Draco!” I cried out as my vision zoned out on me. “Dra- co…” My voice croaked as I fell limp with unconsciousness.

I woke up some hours later, the sun was gone and I was lying in silk sheets. I looked around clearly frantic. My mother had died? Did my father know? Where was I?

“I thought you’d want a private healer.” I heard a voice come from the corner. I turned slightly to see Draco sitting in an armchair staring at me.

I open my mouth to say something but he stops me. “You shouldn’t say anything till after the shock wears off.” I smirked and mouthed ‘thank you’ to him. “Healer Skitson said you hit your head pretty hard.” (A/N Skitson was made out of the skittle bag that’s next to my laptop and my Sony wireless mouse XD)

All the guilt came rushing back to me like a flooded dam. I tried to blink the tears away but it didn’t work, the tiny droplets seeped onto my cold skin. “Here,” I hear Draco murmur as he walks over and sits on the edge of the bed. “If you need to cry, cry. I’ll try to be brave.” He said smiling lightly though you could see through his eyes that he was about to break.

“Oh Draco!” I wailed as I buried my face in his stomach. “She wasn’t meant to die! They should have come after me! Not her!” I clutch his flimsy t-shirt, pulling at it hastily. He can’t hold it back any longer and gathers me up in a fierce hug.

“That doesn’t mean you had to take it out on yourself.” I hear him say as he runs his hands down my back.

“I couldn’t help it!” I practically scream into his shirt. “I wanted to feel what she felt. I wanted to know what it was to die Draco!”

Draco scowled and held my arms. “That is not you Hermione that is not you. Don’t think that way, it’s not becoming of you to do so.”

I sniffle lightly and look at him. I can see bags under his eyes, light tear marks across his cheeks and his lips are cracked from stress. I’m the cause of this… all of this. Every bit of it! I see a pass of fear in his eyes. Damn Legilimens.

“I am Draco, I am the cause of all this. I am…” I whisper clutching his shirt as tight as ever.

“Then you’re the cause of this as well.” He murmured before lifting my chin and swooping in on my lips. His own paving a path in my mouth, kissing me with every ounce of himself.//

I was close to suicidal and his kisses made it all better. He made it easier, easier to bear. Coming to my senses, I practically race over to the door and throw it open, running towards the stairs and sliding down the banister.

“Pansy, Pansy, Pansy!” I yell as I push open the kitchen door.

“What, what, where’s the Hungarian Horntail?” I hear her say sarcastically.

“Alright, alright, you can gloat but first where is my suitcase.” I say as I rub my forehead. Still with her back turned to me she points a French manicured finger back out the door and into the hall. “Thanks.”

I walk back out and pull out my favorite bikini, my favorite jeans, my favorite green and black blazer and a green singlet. I pull them all on in the hallway, not really caring that anyone could walk in and see me naked. I throw a light blood red scarf over my shoulders and slip on a pair of rubber thongs.

“Pansy, I’m leaving now!” I say as I pull all my bags into the kitchen.

“But you gotta stay for breakfast. And it’s still dark out! And raining!” She adds as the pitter patter of rain hits the roof.

I smile mischievously at her and say, “Exactly.”

She grins back. “Well then, what are you waiting for? Go get him! ” Pansy says excitedly. “And er… you might need this…” She says as she hands me a copy of the Daily Prophet. I look at her wryly and she just shrugs her shoulders. “I’ve seen them do it in those movies. It looks more dramatic.” Pansy says as she practically pushes me into the hall. I smile slightly as she retreats back into the kitchen mumbling about ‘I’m going to be a godmother any day now!’

Oh dear god, this is it. I am going to take that chance that Pansy was on about and I am going to jump straight in the deep end. Hopefully it isn’t too shallow…

Don’t think like that Hermione! My Mother’s voice says sweetly in my head. I pause and nod, a small smile creeping up onto my face. All I can do is hold onto every single fibre of me that shouts ‘He’s the one, He’s the one!’ and hope to god he hasn’t gone anywhere. Oh Merlin what am I doing? Banishing that twinge of doubt I ready myself for the apparition that will probably be etched in my mind… forever. Dear Merlin let him be home at least!

I apparate into the rain unfortunately, I stand on one of the large stone steps that runs through the garden to the large house. As it pelts away at the newspaper that I had pulled out and placed over head, I look up and see the light gleaming, almost blinding me, out of his bedroom. It pours out onto the path, illuminating the puddles of water… and me.

I can see him moving around in his bedroom, probably re-arranging the house. He tends to get bored easily. As I think this I can feel the ghost of a smile run across my lips. But again here I am alone, alone in the rain. I smile giddily as I run over to the sheltered front door and throw down my suitcase, newspaper and bag with a very large thump. I pull off my scarf and dripping rubber thongs throwing them onto the wooden bench which he had moved and was now tucked into the corner of the landing. I pull off my black and green blazer and throw it carelessly onto the chair. I rub my arms as the goosebumps start to prick up on my skin.

I jump the two stairs from the landing straight onto gravel path; I slow my pace as I hobble trying not to let the stones prick my feet. As soon as I am able to I jump onto the wet blades of grass. The rain still pelts at my goosebump covered arms as I lift them and start to dance madly. I skip around and around kicking up puddles and squidging my toes in the mud. My poor jeans.

I raise my hand to my eyes as his front door opens; he’s probably only just registered the bang of my suitcase and my squeals and giggles as more than just ‘the rain.’ Instead of stopping, I just shrug and continue dancing and giggling as more rain hits me. I am currently feeling adventurous so I decide to chuck off my singlet revealing my black bikini, the one with little hearts all over it!

The way he walks is cautious; like he is scared it isn’t me. I giggle at the thought and jump a bit more only to slip in a muddy patch. Suddenly I am lying in a pool of mud and I can hear my name being called.

“Hermione! Hermione, are you okay?” It’s him. He kneels and lifts my the top half of my body up, quickly he brushes my newly blonde hair out of my face leaving his fingers on the side of my face. I smile and touch his fingers; he brings the warmth into my bones, bringing them to my mouth and kissing them lightly. I can see a jolt of something inside him. “Hello,” He mumbles as he stares deeply into my eyes but I can barely hear him over the rain.

All I can do is smile giddily. He shakes head and pulls me up by my arms so quickly I can barely gather myself. He pulls me in so close that there is barely room to breathe between us. We both smile goofily as our noses touch. “Hello to you too,” I smile as I pull my arms around his neck.

“I love you so much you know, I don’t know what would have happened if I had lost you,” He murmurs as he strokes my face, his fingers lingering on my chin. And just like that, he draws me in stopping just before his lips meet mine and smiles softly. His eyes skimming over my face before resting on my eyes and whispering delicately, “You know the best kisses are in the rain.” Before his lips brush against mine and our love is anew and glowing brightly. His lips mould perfectly to mind as I kiss him with every intention of never letting go. His tongue carefully tickles mine making me moan softly. His sweet kisses always leave me breathless and as he pulls back I’m out of breath and my cheeks are pink even in the rain.

We smile together as I grab his hand and pull him off in the rain towards the old beech tree near the Ute. And soon enough, the rain slows as we look towards the swelling and brightening horizon, content in each others arms as he mumbles sweet nothings in my ear and I give him my sweetest of kisses.

He twirls my hair in his fingers, his singlet practically see through from the rain and me shivering lightly as he cuddles up closer kissing my forehead lovingly. Yet, I catch myself thinking, again not uncommon, that maybe my life isn’t over… that maybe it’s just beginning… again.

And As Dawn Breaks… Our Future Awaits Us, Be It Rain or Shine.




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