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All You Need Is Love by siriusly addicted

Format: Novella
Chapters: 11
Word Count: 24,227
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language

Genres: Drama, Humor, Romance
Characters: Dumbledore, Lupin, McGonagall, Snape, Sirius, James, Lily, Pettigrew, OC
Pairings: James/Lily

First Published: 02/07/2006
Last Chapter: 08/12/2006
Last Updated: 08/12/2006


James and Lily went from hate to love and back again. You know the end...but how did it begin?"They were standing inches from one another, the tips of their noses almost touching, their eyes digging into the others. Her eyes looked unsure but if the truth was to be told, she had never felt so sure in her life. I want him."

Chapter 1: Back to platform 9 3/4
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James Sirius Remus

“Potter!” James turned around to see the familiar slim, handsome face of his best friend Sirius Black.

“Black!” James Left his belongings with his parents and went over to greet Sirius. “How was your summer?”

“Not bad, you know, the usual, but I have to say that this year they added a little spice to the yearly ritual of telling me I’m a blood traitor and comparing me to my dear brother. This time they decided to throw me out so now I have no place to stay, but other than that I’m just fan-dandy”

“Do my ears deceive me? Is it the oh-so-familiar ‘Sirius Sarcasm’ I hear?” James and Sirius turned around to face their other dear friend Remus Lupin.

“Hello mate”

“Hey Remus, how was your summer?” James was slightly more polite when it came to meeting old friends, even if it was just over one summer.

“Oh it was fine. Went to see my granddad and just hung out there for a while” Remus summers were almost always the same. Sitting by the lake under a big oak tree reading a book, where as James’ and Sirius’ summers often contained adventures and a high amount of troublemaking.

“Sorry but have you two seen Peter? I must have lost him those few seconds I wasn’t watching him” said Remus sounding rather annoyed.

“Is that him talking to that tall, skinny, brown haired girl?” said Sirius curiously. It was only on rare occasions you could see Peter Pettigrew talking to a girl if it wasn’t his own mother.

“I think it might be. I’ll meet up with ya in the trail, all right? See ya” at the moment Remus had left James turned to Sirius and asked:

“So how come you got thrown out mate?”

“Oh… a bit of this and a bit of that. They basically said I was a blood traitor and that I deserve to die, no biggie” Sirius sounded rather bored telling to story while staring intensively at his nails, but James could tell that he had been dying to let it out ever since he spotted James on the platform.

“And there it is again”

“What?” Sirius sounded awfully confused.

“The old Sirius Sarcasm”


Lily Molly

“Moo! Oh how I’ve missed you!” Lily pulled Molly into a big hug after not seeing her for almost three months.

“It’s really good to see you too! So tell me, how was your summer?” Molly was a blonde haired girl with blue green eyes and although she was a tad chubby, everyone thought it suited her well.

“It was actually pretty dull” said Lily in a disappointed voice.

“I thought you said you were spending it with Michael?” Michael was Lily’s boyfriend. A tall, handsome, 7th year with dark brown hair and blue eyes.

“I did but it wasn’t as fun as I thought it would be, he seemed so nervous the whole time”

“Well you can’t really blame him can you, I mean, your dad is pretty intimidating you know” Molly had met Lily’s dad several times and had stuck with her first impression, that he was a grumpy old wizard.

“I’ll just talk to him about it when I see him. Now let’s not forget about you, how was your summer?” Lily clearly wanted to change the subject. Even though her dad was not very well thought of she was rather fond of him even if he had intentionally or not scared of every single boyfriend she had brought home, and seeing as she was a very beautiful, smart and popular girl, that was a fair few.

“I went to Spain!” Molly had been dying to mention it for almost a whole 3 minutes now.

“Wow! How was it?”

“It was goo-oo-ood” Molly and Lily let out a batch of uncontrollable giggles and didn’t stop until Mr. and Mrs. Evans came forth and told them it was time to board the Hogwarts Express.

“Bye Sweetie, write to us every week ok? And be careful” Charly Evans was the sort of mother who could not control her worry.

“I will mom” Lily said struggling to get out of her moms yearly ‘Super Hug’.

“Bye dad” Lily stood on her toes and kissed her fathers cheek. “I’ll see you later. Bye Petunia” Lily made the move to hug her sister but as usual Petunia took a step back and completely ignored her younger sister. Petunia had always been jealous of Lily whether she would admit it or not.

Lily took hold of her trolley and pushed it towards Molly who was waiting by the Hogwarts Express. Lily gave one last wave before stepping onto the train.


Peter Jessi Remus

Remus walked towards Peter and the tall brown haired girl.

“There you are how come you just disappeared like that?” asked Remus.

“Um…” started Peter but was interrupted.

“That waz my fault. I just neezed help. I’m Jessi Soleil, an exchange ztudent from ze Beauxbatons” she stretched out her hand and Remus shook it gently. “I’m ze… how do you zay… lost?”

“I was just helping her out” Peter was blushing and started intensively at his shoes.

“Oh all right, well I guess I’ll see you two onboard then? See ya Peter. Jessi” With a final nod towards Jessi, Remus left alone with his trolley and boarded the Hogwarts Express.

“Who was zat?” asked Jessi.

“Oh that… that was Remus” Peter was scared of saying his name in case she would take a greater interest in him than himself.

“He looked very… pale” Jessi said.

“Oh …” Peter wasn’t a very social person, and since he knew perfectly well why Remus was so pale he was trying with all his might not to let any little clue out that could reveal the secret.

“Shall we board ze train?” Jessi picked up her bags and nodded towards the train.

“Oh… yeah sure” Peter grabbed his trolley and pushed it in front of him as he walked alongside Jessi towards the train.


James Sirius

“Sirius! James! Hurry!” Sirius and James hadn’t boarded the train yet and as a result the train had started to move. A gang of girls were standing in the doorway yelling at them to hurry.

“Oops! Bye mum” James kissed his mothers cheek. “Bye dad” He shook Matthew Potters hand.

“Go! Go! Go!” Judy Potter gave James a little push which set him off running towards the train.

“Bye Mr. and Mrs. Potter” Said Sirius as he too hurried towards the train.

James and Sirius laughed as they were running alongside the train attracting confused glances from the students inside. Finally they were pulled inside with the help of the whole group of 5th year girls. James and Sirius were lying on the floor still laughing when Sirius jumped up in a flash, brushed some imaginary dust of his shoulder and said:

“I’m telling you mate, we get into adventures earlier and earlier each year, pretty soon, we’ll be having them before we even get the chance to ask each others how our summers were”

“That would be horrible wouldn’t it?” Sirius didn’t catch the sarcasm in James voice and picked up his bag and went to find Remus. James laughed to himself, thinking of how Sirius never asked anyone how their summer was.

Chapter 2: The Hogwarts Express
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Marauders Molly Jessi

Unfortunately the compartment that Remus had kept for them was now full of giggling 5th year girls so James, Sirius and Remus decided to find another compartment.

“This one is as close to empty as it gets” Said James as he opened the door to a compartment where a scared 3rd year girl was sitting looking out the window.

“Is it ok if we sit here?” asked Sirius. The girl nodded quickly and snatched up a book and started reading, unfortunately, against her luck, the book was upside down so whether she wanted them to know or not, they knew she was scared of them.

In a minute Peter had arrived along with Jessi. They sat down next to the 3rd year who immediately grabbed her bag, stuffed her book in it and hurried out the compartment.

“Ah… 3rd years… complete wimps” said Sirius as he took out a deck of exploding snap, “Anyone up for a game?”

After having played for 15 minutes Sirius started his oh-so-annoying yearly ritual of complaining.

“This is so boring!”

“Oh shut up mate! We’ve only been on this train for 20 minutes and you’re already complaining!” said a rather annoyed Remus. James was smiling as he sat there looking out the window.

“What are you smiling at mate?” asked Sirius. He had this annoying habit of having to know everything.

“Nothing” said James.

“Continuously smiling for no reason? This can only mean one thing…” said Sirius.

“Lily Evans” said Remus and Sirius together before bursting into hysterical laughter.

“Oh sod off!” but what Remus and Sirius had said was perfectly true, it was Lily Evans he was thinking of.

“Who iz ziz Lily Evanz?” asked Jessi.

“The most beautiful girl in the history of wizardry” said James softly. “Um… by the way, who are you?”

“Oh I’m Jessi, an exchange ztudent from ze Beauxbatons” said Jessi.

“Why are you here?” asked Sirius, again, very impolite.

“I was ze lost and Peter tell me what to do” said Jessi.

“Huh?” Sirius was having a tough time understanding her accent. Before Jessi could say anything further Remus said softly to Sirius, “Peter helped her when she was lost”

“Oh, well she could just have said that” at that moment there was a knock on the door and a slightly chubby blonde girl walked in.

“Hey Molly” said Remus.

“Hey Remus, um… have you seen Lily’s cat? Black with grey stripes?” the marauders looked so unconcerned that Molly just gave up. “No? Well… tell me if you see him, Lily’s quite devastated having lost him” said Molly and exited the compartment.

“Who was that?” said Sirius who was clearly interested.

“That’s Molly. You know who she is” said Remus.

“Molly… Molly… nope doesn’t ring a bell mate”

“Well that’s her name and… hold on… you have to know her, she was your partner when we had to do that grindylow report” said Remus.

“Sorry mate can’t remember” said Sirius who had just been distracted by the sudden appearance of the food trolley.

“Anything from the trolley dears?”

“I’ll have ten pumpkin pastries” said Sirius.

“Can you afford that mate?” said Remus.

“Ok fine I’ll just have one then” said Sirius as he handed the trolley lady some coins.

“This is only enough fro half a pumpkin pastry” said the lady.

“Ok fine I’ll just starve! It’s enough having been thrown out but now I’ve been denied the one joy of this god forbid everlasting train ride” said Sirius as he sat down grumpily and folded his arms.

“Anything for you dear?”

“No thanks” said Remus and went back to his book on famous wizards.

For the rest of the journey Sirius slept, very loudly, Remus read, Peter stared intensively at his feet, Jessi was fiddling with her hair and James was staring out the window thinking of a certain red haired girl he fancied.


Lily Molly Michael

“Where could he be Moo? We’ve looked everywhere for Baggis but no once seen him” Lily sat down heavily on her seat and buried her face in her hands occasionally letting out small sniffs.

“I’m sure someone’s seen him, and anyway why are you so upset about all this, I mean, I’ve never seen you break down over a thing such as this” said a fairly confused Molly.

After letting out a few more sniffs Lily finally looked up at Molly with bloodshot eyes, “Oh Moo, I don’t know. I just can’t control my feelings. I mean with everything going on I’m just so stressed” Lily was clearly having a breakdown.

“Don’t worry Lily, I’m sure everything will be find with Michael and we’ll find Baggis” said Molly sympathetically.

“I haven’t talked to Michael yet, maybe I should go now” said Lily as she got ready to leave.

“Um… maybe you should wait a while considering the fact that you look a lot like a lunatic at the moment” Molly was never good when it came to compliments.

“What?” said Lily as she dug in her bag for a mirror, “Oh my god!”

Molly continued to laugh as Lily was violently trying to get rid of her red eyes and her running make-up.

“I’ll help you with that, and anyway, you look beautiful even if you look like a depressed drunk”

“Thanks?” Lily was confused but appreciated the compliment.

“Hey I heard you’re… hey what the matter, Lily?” Michael had just entered and had noticed Lily’s eyes before she’d turn her face away from him.

“Oh its nothing, I just got some dust in my eye” Lily was a terrible liar.

“Let me see that” Michael reached towards Lily who quickly stood up and mumbled something about going to the bathroom.

“What’s the matter with her?” asked Michael.

“Stress” Molly answered quickly. “Maybe you should go”

“But I want to help…”

“Well… if you want to help you can look for Baggis”

“Who’s Baggis?”

“Lily’s cat, she lost him”

“Ok…well…how does he look like?”

“Black with grey stripes”

“Ok, I’ll see ya later then Molly”

“I suppose so” during their whole conversation Molly had not once looked Michael in the eye. Maybe it was because she was trying to hide that hideous zit on her chin, but most likely it was the fact that she didn’t like Michael and she never had. She only put up with him because of Lily.

Michael loved Lily and Lily had convinced herself that she loved him back. Even though she continuously told him so she had only managed to fool him. Molly , Remus, even James knew that she was pretending to love him because she didn’t want to hurt his feelings.

“Hey Moo, I’m gonna walk out with Michael so that we can talk ok?” said Lily when she had come back from the bathroom.

“Ok sure I’ll just… yeah ok” one of the reasons Molly didn’t like Michael was that because of him she got to spend less time with Lily. As the sky grew steadily darker most of the students on the train had begun changing into robes and so did Lily and Molly.

In a few minutes the train started to slow down and finally came to a halt in Hogsmead. The carriages were waiting for the students and as decided Lily went with Michael and Molly was left alone.


Marauders Jessi

“Hey James, what’s the difference between a goat and a pig?” asked Sirius.

“Oh no it’s ‘Joke Time’” James had just stepped off the train and was not in the mood for Sirius and his bad sense of humor, has was looking for Lily.

“The difference is… the difference is…oh sod it I forgot what the difference was…but it was going to be really good I swear! Oh sod it…”

“Wow that joke was actually almost funny” said Remus.


“Never mind Sirius, lets just find a carriage”

“Righty-o Remus”


James Remus Molly

“Hey Molly” said James.

“Hello James”

“Have you seen Lily?”

“As a matter of fact I haven’t, but I know where she is”


“With Michael”

“Right, well at least he’s easy to spot in a crowd. I’ll see ya at the feast then”


“What’s the matter Molly?” Remus came up to her looking concerned.

“Just a tad lonely that’s all” Sighed Molly.

“Well would you like to accompany me in a ride to the castle?” Remus hinted for Molly to link arms with him.

“Sure why not” she said as she linked her arm to his and even though she didn’t show it, it meant the world to her that he had asked.

Chapter 3: Blood traitors and Treacle tart
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Sirius James Peter Jessi

While the students had been sitting in their carriages rain had started to pour from the almost jet black sky. The road up to the castle was muddy and the weather was cold, but somehow, the sight of the familiar Hogwarts castle made all the students get a warm feeling of safety in their stomachs.

“I can see it! I can see it!” every time they passed through the huge Hogwarts gates Sirius reacted the same way. Hogwarts had always been his home and he sure missed it when he was gone.

“Yes, yes we can all see it Sirius” James was used to Sirius behaving like this and decided to ignore it.

“What’s the difference… goat…pig…oh sod it! When I heard it this summer I laughed so much I almost started crying…I can’t believe I’ve forgotten it” Sirius was still trying as hard as he could to remember the end of the joke, but without result.

“Give it a rest will ya?” James was a bit frustrated, for even though Michael Davies was known for his height, James had not been able to spot him, nor Lily.

Peter was still staring at his feet but Jessi had gone from fiddling with her hair to fiddling with the sleeve of her robe.

“At Beauxbatons our robez were much prettier, why must I wear ziz ugly ting?”

“You have no choice” said Peter softly.

“But it iz ugly”

“Well…that’s the way it is”

“Pig…goat…difference…blast it!”



“SHUT UP! Just...shut up…please?” James opened the carriage door and jumped out.

“What’s the matter with him eh?” said Sirius while getting out quickly and caught up with James.


Molly Remus

“So how was your summer Remus?” asked Molly.

“Can I be completely honest?”

“Of course” said Molly convincingly. “It’s just you and me here”.

“Ok…it was a complete…bore” Remus and Molly started giggling. Not until they had reached the castle and were practically being forced out the carriage by the 7th years sitting opposite them, did they stop.

“So how was yours?” asked Remus after whipping a tear of his cheek.

“If you don’t mind me saying…mine was a BLAST!”

“Oh, really? What did you do?”

“I went to Spain!”

“That sounds really great! Are the people nice there?”

“Well the muggles were complete idiots, but otherwise the people were great!” Molly and Remus broke out into another fit of giggles and hurried into the castle under the pouring rain.


Lily Michael

During the whole carriage ride Lily and Michael hadn’t spoken one word to each other, there was some sort of wall between them that none of them could seem to break down. When they got out of the carriage and started running towards the castle, Michael grabbed Lily’s hand, and at that moment Lily stopped in her tracks.

“What are you doing? You’re going to catch a cold standing out in the rain like this!” Michael stretched out his arm as if hinting to Lily to grab his hand, but Lily stayed put.

“Something’s changed…and not in a good way” screamed Lily.

“What do you mean? We have to get inside! Can’t we talk inside? You’re going to catch pneumonia, and me too for that matter” said Michael.

“You’re not listening to me!” Lily took a step back.

“What on earth do you mean?”

“If we can’t talk here then we really have problems” said Lily, and even she didn’t really understand what she meant.

“Come on Lily!”

“There are millions of raindrops between us and all you can think about is getting inside. We need to talk Michael, and if I can’t talk to you here I’m not likely to be able to talk to you anywhere else”

Michael took a few steps forward until he was inches from Lily’s face. He bent down and brushed his lips against hers.

“We need to get inside Lily, and when we do, I promise, we can talk about anything you want, ok? Lets just go inside before they lock the doors” he grabbed Lily’s hand and she could do nothing but follow him inside.

Once they were inside Michael performed a drying spell on both of their coats and gave her his to keep her extra warm.

“Thank you” Lily said softly. She was rather ashamed of the way she had behaved outside. “I’m sorry Michael. I’m not sure what was happening and…I just…I’m sorry”

“You have nothing to apologize for” Michael was the type of person who forgave almost anything.

As Lily and Michael walked into the Great Hall almost all faces turned to face them.

“Sorry we’re late Professor” Michael said loudly to Dumbledore who nodded towards him and said:

“No matter at all Mr. Davies, not matter at all. Now that our Head boy and his lady friend (at this Lily furiously blushed) have arrived I think it might be time to tuck into our exceptionally good feast” Dumbledore sat down once more and at once all the plates in the Great Hall filled with delicious dishes. There was everything from liver pie to mashed potatoes to chicken wings to cooked tomatoes.



“Now that’s what I’m talking about!” said Sirius as he immediately grabbed all the food in sight and stuffed his mouth full.

“That’s repulsive Sirius, absolutely repulsive” Remus was disgusted and decided to ignore him and continue his conversation with Molly.

Michael had gone over to sit at the Hufflepuff table which left Lily to go over and sit with her fellow Gryffindors.

“There you are!” said Molly loudly as she spotted Lily walking towards her.

“Yes, here I am” said Lily sounding rather sad.

“What’s the matter?” said Remus and Molly at once.

“Oh…I’m just in a mood, its no matter” said Lily as she sat down and started eating the food that Molly had piled up on her plate, unaware that James was staring at her. Seeing her sad was breaking his heart but he could never tell her because he knew she would turn it around and make it seem as if he was making some sexist joke or bullying her. That was often how Lily’s and James’ conversations were like. He would sit for hours thinking of the perfect line and when he said it to her she would look disgusted at him and tell him to ‘sod off’.

“James!? Hello? Are you there? Earth to James! POTTER!”

“WHAT SIRIUS?” James had intentionally ignored Sirius but at moments like this he couldn’t do it for long.

“What’s up with you today, mate? You were fine when we were on the platform but then you kind just slipped off into another world…what’s up mate?” said Remus who had too noticed James’ weird behavior.

“I…” James had always had trouble talking about Lily to Remus and Sirius or to anyone in fact. Every time he tried he would end up saying something completely different. “I… I have a stomach ache”

“Maybe you should go see Madam Pomfrey” said Remus.

“Yeah I will later” James said softly.

“Sow whuds ou fiush pwankh?” said Sirius with his mouth full of mashed potatoes.

“What on earth did you just say?” asked Molly.

Sirius took a while to chew, swallow and then he said:

“What’s our first prank?” Sirius said as if it was the most obvious answer.

“You know what? I can’t really think right now… can’t we just do this tomorrow?” said James

“Tomorrow we’ll have tons of homework to do and besides, tomorrows the first day of school, and you know what happens on the first day of school” said Remus.

Every year since their second year on the first day of school Peaves would fly around the school throwing water balloons and mud at 7th years. Peaves also went through all the common rooms and annoyed all the students who were trying to concentrate on their work. The Marauders often used this as an excuse to do whatever they felt like and mostly that consisted of playing pranks on Professor Cleavry, the Defence against the Dark Arts teacher who was a very nervous fellow or stealing food from the kitchen.

“Oh yeah! So I guess this year we’ll just go to the kitchen right? Since Mr. Potter here is in a mood!” teased Sirius.

“Oh very clever” said James as he accidentally jabbed the fork into the table having missed the potato he was aiming for because he was so distracted by the beautiful red head sitting opposite Molly.

“Oh lord, please help us guide this young unfortunate lad out of the dark claws of Lily Potter” said Sirius as he shut his eyes and placed his hands in a praying position. James hit him on the shoulder and went back to staring at Lily. At that exact moment the plates emptied and were refilled with deserts.

“TREACTLE TART!” yelled Sirius so that everyone heard. In an instant everyone was staring at him and then everyone laughed. In the corner at the Slytherin table his brother Regulus was sitting feeling deeply ashamed.


Death eaters

“Blood traitor” said Bobbie Black, a distant relative to Sirius. “I can’t believe his blood runs in my veins”

“Don’t worry Bobbie, you have none of the qualities of a blood traitor” said Carl Down reassuringly.

“And thank goodness for that” said Clarissa Vain patting Bobbie on the back. “But of course for Regulus, his situation is quite different.

“Don’t be too hard on him Clarissa, he’s already proven himself to the Dark Lord” said Stanly Cutte calmly. “A lot more than you’ve managed so far” Stanley looked at her with his cold grey eyes and in a flash Clarissa had backed off.

“So did you manage to carry out the plan Carl?” asked Regulus curiously

“As a matter of fact I did, but that is none of your concern Regulus seeing as you aren’t included in the mission” said Carl coldly as he gave Regulus an evil sneer.

“Oh be nice. He’s as included as you were the first year you joined us, if you remember Carl. Following us around like a lap dog wanting to be cared for. Pathetic excuse for a Death Eater I must say” Stanly Cutte was quite the leader of their little gang and being as it was he was the only one, at Hogwarts, they were really scared of. Stanly Cutte was a well built, tall, blonde haired boy, but his most handsome feature was undoubtedly his calm way of speaking and his use of words.

At those words Carl instantaneously went back to his pudding without saying a word. Regulus looked around the Great Hall, trying to spot Molly French. He had found out about his uncontrollable feelings for her during their second year when he had accidentally bumped into her and made her drop all her books. At the moment she had told him that it was fine and that he could go. Regulus can still hear her voice in his head. Even though he knew it was because of him that he liked her, he liked to think it was the fact that he was related to a blood traitor that he had feelings for a Gryffindor.

“Fellow students, there are times when there are words that should be said, and feelings that should be expressed. Unfortunately tonight I am most regrettably too tired, so that will have to be another day” At these last words every student in the Great Hall rose from their seats and tried to make their way out the Great Hall.

“EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME! PETTER PETTIGREW COMING THROUGH! Excuse me my fair lady but PETER PETTIGREW COMING THROUGH!” yelled Sirius as he, Remus, Peter, Molly and Lily made their way through the parted crowd. “I do thank you and so does Peter Pettigrew” said Sirius as he winked at a little 2nd year girl who blushed furiously. Regulus buried his head in his hands in shame.


Marauders Lily Molly

“That was a dirty little trick” said Molly as she walked next to Sirius “but impressive all the same”

“I thank you Miss French” said Sirius as he placed his arm around her shoulders at which time Molly blushed slightly.

“So you know he last name but you don’t know her first name?” asked Remus recalling the slightly embarrassing moment on the train.

“I was just doing that thing where I pretend I don’t know what you’re talking about” said Sirius mater-of-factly.

“Since when have you done that?” asked Remus.

“I always do it!”

“Idiot” mumbled Peter.

“What?” asked Sirius and turned to face Peter.

“Nothing I was just coughing” answered Peter.

As they continued walking up to Gryffindor tower Sirius and Molly were laughing about something which sounded an awful lot like ‘Michael’, Remus was talking to Peter about Dementors (the subject seemed to make Peter very uncomfortable) and Lily and James were walking at the back both staring in different directions. When they reached the portrait hole where the fat lady was practicing her sopranos, Remus had forgotten the password.

“Oh deary me, has wittle Remus fowgotten the passwoyd?” teased Sirius as Molly and him started laughing anew.

“It’s something… oh sod it…” wile Remus was trying to remember the password James and Lily were standing aside, both blushing.

“So how was your summer?” asked James faintly.

“Why do you want to know” snapped Lily as if she had been offended that James had even bothered talking to her.

“Well I’ve asked everyone so far and I was just wondering because… well…I just thought…” James started but was cut off by the bad temper of Lily Evans.

“Well you thought wrong didn’t you?” she said harshly.

“Fine, I’m sorry”

“You better be, now leave me alone” Lily walked of towards the portrait hole, said the word ‘grandifolia’ at which the portrait swung forward, revealing the Gryffindor common room.


Death Eaters

“If you so much as touch my bag again I will show you the meaning of pain” Clarissa was pressing a scared 4th year boy up against the wall, with her face so close to his that he could taste her breath of the not so pleasant mixture of treacle tart and pork chops. Behind her Carl, Bobbie and Regulus were seated on the navy blue couch in front of the fireplace.

“You sure know how to threaten Clarissa” said Carl as he put his arm around Bobbie who in turn placed her hand in his.

“It’s my hidden talent” said Clarissa as she made a gesture to the boy telling him to get out of the room.

“Why did you get so upset over him touching your bag?” Regulus had to ask.

“I dono, I felt like it, and I really haven’t gotten the chance to really threaten anyone over the summer so I guess I kinda just had to let it all out” said Clarissa with a smile on her face.


“No you moron, you think I’m that cold hearted?” in a second her smile was wiped of her face.

“As a matter of fact, I do” exclaimed Carl from the couch.

“You don’t mean that” said Clarissa pretending to blush.

“Oh, I do” replied Carl.

“You’re such a sweetie” Clarissa walked over to the empty chair and started cutting her initials into the table with her pocketknife.

“He’s my sweetie” said Bobbie as she planted a kiss on Carl’s mouth catching him completely of guard.



“You know what? I think I’m just gonna give up on this whole joke thing, its really tearing me apart trying to figure it out” said Sirius miserably.

“A wise decision, I must say” replied Remus.

“And I, in turn, must agree” said James.

“HE’S OK! HE’S ALRIGHT!” exclaimed Sirius.

“Shh! What are you talking about?” whispered James embarrassingly.

“Well you’ve been so quiet today that I naturally thought you’d gone dumb” said Sirius calmly and started calmly examining his nails. James looked at him then smiled.

“WOAH! What’s that!?” screamed Remus. He was pointing at a creature walking towards them. They couldn’t quite see what it was because it was so dark. Sirius jumped up on the couch and James just looked. Out of the shadows a cat was walking out.

“It’s a cat” said Remus as he went back to his work.

“It’s Lily’s cat!” exclaimed James with a huge smile spreading across his face. He ran over to Baggis and picked him up but the cat was not as nice as he thought. The cat started violently trying to get out of James grip and as a result he scratched James all over.

“Ow! You nasty little creature” James dropped him on the floor where Remus picked Baggis up with ease. “How come he trusts you?”

“Maybe because I know how to treat them” said Remus as he patted the cat in his arms. James sat down once again.

At that moment Lily walked came down the stairs from the girl’s dorm. James looked at her before yelling, “I found him!”

“What?” James went over to Remus and snatched the cat from him. He walked over to Lily; the cat was clearly not fond of James because it had started to bite his left forearm.

“Here you go” James handed the cat to her with a proud expression on his face. Lily looked at him a while after having received the cat and sat down on the couch.

“Thanks Remus” she said loudly.

“Hello! It was me? Remember?” James ran over to her and folded his arms.

“Well, naturally, you can’t expect me to believe that you found him. You never do anything to please anyone else, so I’m thanking Remus because I know he was the one who must have found him” Lily didn’t look at James but was calmly stroking her cat.

“That’s not true…you…what?” James looked at her with puppy dog eyes.

“Don’t do that puppy dog thing because you know it won’t work on me” Lily stood up and walked up to Remus, gave him a peck on the cheek, gave James one last look and then returned to the girl’s dormitory.

“She’s the devil girl” laughed Sirius.

“But I love her all the same” said James as he sat back down on the sofa, but accidentally missing it and landed on the floor. Remus was sitting down in his chair again, slightly blushing.

Chapter 4: Hysteria
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Lily Molly Marauders

As Lily was lying there in her familiar four poster bed thoughts were slipping in and out of her mind. She had spent most of her night, and morning, thinking about how she’d acted towards James that very evening. She had thought about it, she had obsessed about it and she had obsessed about it some more. Finally she’d fallen asleep with the comforting thought that it was all James’ fault.

“Molly! MOO! wake up! We are going to be late!” Lily was running around with rolls in her hair and a terrified expression on her face.

“What? What’s the time?” mumbled Molly rising up from her sleeping position and rubbing her eyes.

“It’s almost 5:30! We’re going to be late!”

“brlbrlslslrbrsl” mumbled Molly falling back into her sleeping position.

Lily ran towards Molly’s bed and ripped open the blinds. Behind them Molly was sleeping on her stomach, drooling on her sheet.

“MOO! Moo! Moo! Moo! Moo! Moo!”

“OK! Ok! Ok! Ok! Ok! Ok! My gosh you sound like a cow hopped up on sugar…I’m getting up! ” Once again Molly rose up, and sat herself on the edge of the bed. “How you get to be more annoying each first day of each year, I do not know” said Molly as she stood up and walked towards the bathroom. While Molly was locked inside the bathroom, Lily was pacing back and forth, stressing about what her schedule would be and going through her yearly ritual of insanity when thinking that she was going to fail this year and be forced to become a waiter in the Leaky Cauldron, get married to Tom and have 12 kids.

“Moo!! Get out!” Lily was banging as hard as she could on the bathroom door. Molly opened the bathroom door so quickly that Lily accidentally punched Molly in the face, causing her to fall over with blood pouring out of her nose.

“Oh my god I’m so sorry!” Lily bent down to help her up but Molly shook her off.

“Lily, you need to calm down, ok?” Molly pulled herself up and walked over to the sink and grabbed the tissue box, pulled out a tissue, broke it in half and put some in her nostrils and bent her head back to stop the bleeding.

“I’m sorry…I’m”

“Lily…Lily listen to me…breathe” Molly interrupted her while she walked over to her best friend and shook her gently.

“I’m calm…I’m calm” Lily did some of her breathing exercises and when she was perfectly calm she walked over to Molly and examined her nose. Lily had always wanted to be a healer and this was her chance to prove herself.

“It looks like your nose it broken, so I would suggest you go to Madam Pomfrey”

“Ok I will before breakfast, now we don’t have school for another few hours so you can go downstairs and get ready and I’ll be with you in a few hours ok?” Molly walked towards her bed and fell back on it and in a minute she was snoring again.

Lily did what Molly said and got ready for her first day. Lily really believed in first impressions so every first day she would put on an extra shade of lipstick and some mascara. She went down the stairs to find the Gryffindor common room. She went over to the fireplace and without thinking she sat down on the couch, where, incidentally, James was sleeping. Lily accidentally sat on his foot and without looking at him she rapidly said:

“Oh my god I’m so sorry! Gosh what’s wrong with me today I keep hurting people” she said burying her face in her hands.

“That’s alright” James said rubbing his left foot.

“Oh it’s you” Lily mumbled quietly. “Why are you sleeping here?”

“What? Should it make a difference whether is me or anyone else you hurt?” James said after being hurt by her rude reaction when she knew it had been him she had sat on.

“Why do you always have to make me feel so bad?” snapped Lily.

“You hurt me, and to answer your question, I’m sleeping here because Sirius accidentally, or not, broke my bed and my Reparo spell isn’t strong enough so I couldn’t fix it, so I had to sleep here” James replied. He was set on making her feel bad for hurting him the way he always hurts her.

Lily sat down quietly on the armchair next to the fireplace. This was her favorite chair and mornings were her favorite time. She loved watching the sunrise which she could barely see from her chair but if she leaned slightly the left she could see the suns rays hitting the lake and the forbidden forest, but this morning was different, because the whole morning had been ruined by the appearance of James Potter.

Why she hated him she didn’t know. Whenever she had asked herself that question she had to sit for a while and ponder. She would finally come to the conclusion that he had a quality. “What kind of quality?” they would ask and she would answer “he just…has a quality”.

“Lily? Lily wake up! We’re going to be late!” Molly whispered softly in Lily’s ear.

“WHAT?” Lily woke up in a flash and being so caught in the moment she flung up her hand and hit Molly in the face yet again, giving her huge scratch marks on her cheek. “Oh my god Moo I’m so sorry!”

Molly took a deep breath before she started talking:

“It’s time to go to breakfast now Lily”

At that moment Sirius entered the room with an uncontrollable hair-do and bloodshot eyes.

“Woah! Molly, what happened? Went for a walk in the forbidden forest?” Sirius let out a batch of hysterical laughter.

“Lily happened” At this Sirius ran over to Molly and put his arm around her.

“She could be a Marauder” he said trying furiously to make eye contact with James. “I’m telling you, she could be… I’ve never been so proud” he pretended to wipe a tear of his cheek.

Molly left to go to the bathroom to wipe of the blood from the scratches that were actually quite deep. While she had been in the bathroom, James, Lily and Peter had left and Sirius was sitting on the couch staring intensively into the flames in the fireplace and Remus was gathering his books.

“They look like they’re dancing, it’s so…visual”

“Oh my god, I swear I think it is not possible for anyone can make less sense” said Remus as he stuffed his book in his bag and looked at Molly.

“Are you coming to breakfast Molly?”

“Yeah, yeah I’m coming I just have to get my stuff, I’ll see you outside” she answered as she walked up the stairs to the girls dormitory. When she came back down Sirius was on his way out the portrait hole.

“You wanna join me?”

“Sure, Remus is waiting for me outside” Molly walked down the final two steps and walked up to Sirius who held the portrait hole open for her. When she was going through in front of him he couldn’t help but let his eyes wonder to her ‘hind quarters’.


James Lily Peter

“Hello James” it was Daniella Pedron. She was part of the trio of Marauders most loyal fans.

“Hey James, you look good today” this time it was Joan Villings.

“Um…thank you?” answered James who had gotten quite used to these hallway attacks from thee 5th years girls.

What he didn’t know was that ahead of him a certain red haired girl was so jealous that her head was blowing up to the size of a hot air balloon, so just incase, Lily decided to swing her hips a little extra to each side incase he was watching.

For the rest of the day the lessons were as usual, except harder, the Professors were as usual, except stricter and the students were as usual, except dumber.

“LUNCH!” exclaimed Sirius. “Oh how I’ve missed you sweet food”

“You had breakfast like five hours ago!” said Remus rolling his light brown eyes.

“Exactly, a lifetime, and a guys gotta eat!”

“Oh dear…” sighed James.

“Leave him alone, its inspiring” said Molly smiling at Sirius who was stuffing his face with bacon. At this moment Sirius stopped in his tracks of and stared at Molly.

“I’m gonna marry her” he whispered to James just loud enough for Molly to hear. Blushing, she went back to eating her salad.


Two weeks had passed since that first day and still everything was the same. James was getting his heart broken by Lily on a daily basis, Sirius was eating back the pounds he’d lost during the summer, Molly was desperately trying to do well in potions by following Professor Slughorn around all day asking for tips, Remus had read through 5 of the 20 books he’d brought with him, and Peter, well… Peter had not been seen much during these past two weeks.

Peter had been seen to secretly slip of when everyone else were distracted or he’d just use phrases such as “I need to go to the bathroom” or “I need to go to the library”.


Molly Peter

“Hey I’ll go with you” Molly stood up from the couch and picked up her bag “I need to finish my dementor essay anyway”

“Um…I…on second thought…” Peter started.

“Come on lets go” Molly linked arms with Peter and pulled him out of the portrait hole.

As they walked down the familiar path to the library, Molly turned to Peter and asked:

“So, how far have you gotten?”

“I…um…I haven’t started yet” mumbled Peter.

“Great! Me neither!” smiled Molly, she was actually proud of how well she was doing in Defense against the Dark Arts.

When they arrived at the library Peter told Molly that he would catch up with her inside because he needed to go to the bathroom.


Molly Regulus

As Molly was sitting in there waiting for Peter, she was watching the other students who were spending their Saturday morning in the library. There was Denny Cleave, the 4th year who absolutely envied the Marauders; he had gotten to the habit of hanging out in the library. At the book shelf closes to Molly, Stanley Cutte was reading a book on werewolves and at the table farthest from hers Carl and Bobbie was sitting, studying. At the table across from hers, a group of 5th year girls, including Joan Villings, Katti Finglsley and Daniela Pedron, were whispering hastily and giggling. At this Molly smiled, she had too been like that in her 2nd year, before she had met Lily.


It was during a potions lesson in her 1st year. She had been called to the front of the class because she had accidentally knocked over her cauldron causing the potion inside to burn a hole in the wooden desk. As Slughorn had been scolding her and Molly had been so close to breaking down and crying before the whole class when Lily had stood up and had taken the blame for her. Usually he would yell at the student but Lily was his favorite student.

“That’s alright dear, it’s a one time mistake” Slughorn smiled at Lily and then turned back to face Molly again and said “Now you’ll clean up Lily’s mess, right?”

“Yes Professor” mumbled Molly whose eyes were still filled with tears.

After class when Molly had finished cleaning up her mess, she left the potions room, outside which Lily had been waiting for her and ever since they had been best friends.


When Molly had been sitting in the library for over 30 minutes she was getting annoyed with Peter. She gathered up all her parchments and her books and stuffed them in her bag and started walking towards the exit. As she turned the corner of one of the bookshelves she accidentally bumped into someone coming from the other direction. She dropped all her books and slowly bent down to pick them up. At the same time the dark figure of Regulus Black bent down to help her.

“I’m so sorry” he mumbled.

“It’s ok Sirius” whispered Molly.

“Oh…I’m not Sirius” Molly looked up. Her face was inches away from Regulus’ and as he looked deep into her eyes he started blushing and hurriedly looked back down again.

“Oh I’m sorry” Molly said as she stood up quickly almost bumping into Regulus once more.

“Here you go” he said as he handed her books back to her. Molly took the books and quickly mumbled a short apology and hurried from the scene.

Regulus was left staring at the back of her head as she walked out the library doors. He shook it off and walked back to the table he came from where Carl was sitting staring at him with those cold grey eyes.

“Is there something you’d like to tell me?”


Sirius James

Sirius and James were sitting outside under the big oak tree by the lake, James was playing with his stolen snitch and Sirius was lying on the ground braiding his own hair.

“You know what I thought about?” James held the snitch tightly in his fist as he turned to Sirius who had stopped braiding his hair.

“What mate?” said James.

“You know that Voldemort?” the expression on Sirius’ face showed fear.

“Of course I know ‘that Voldemort’, he’s the guy my parents are fighting against…anyway, what about him?” said James looking at Sirius with a serious expression on his face.

“Aren’t you scared something might happen to your parents?”

“Mate, they’re the best damn aurors except for Moody who, face it, is a little bit crazy…you can’t seriously think that something is going to happen to them?” James laughed at the thought.

“So you never…worry?” Sirius looked oddly serious.

“Mate, you don’t need to worry” James went back to playing with his snitch and making glances at Lily who was sitting with Remus, working on their dementor essay. Sirius lay back down and started braiding his hair at a new.

What they didn’t know that in the distance, a black owl, was making its way towards two untroubled 6th years boys under the big oak tree.


Michael Lily

Lily and Michael walked side by side holding hands on the way to breakfast that following morning. None of them had said a word to each other so far and every time they looked at each other they both turned away, blushing. They hadn’t been this uncomfortable since they first got together in Lily’s 4th year.

Suddenly Michael pulled her to the side and leaned down towards her, “We need to talk”

“I know we do, I was the one who suggested it” Lily said anxiously, “and we need to get to breakfast now so let’s just go…” Lily let go Michael’s hand but he didn’t let go of hers, in fact, he held it tighter than ever.

“We need to talk now!” he said, his voice rising. Lily looked at him as if to say “how dare you talk to me like that”

“I know…” Lily looked down at her feet and tried to figure out what she was going to say to him.

“What’s wrong with us?” said Michael looking at her with a touch of sadness in his eyes.

“There’s nothing wrong with us… we just have some problems” mumbled Lily.

“So what’s the deal?” Michael said quickly after having kept quiet for a while.

“What do you mean?” Lily looked up with a look of bafflement. “You’re not actually saying it’s my fault?”

“Well you’re acting weird and I mean you’re just always in a mood” the moment the words had slipped out of his mouth he regretted it.

“I don’t need this Michael” Lily ripped her hand from his tight grip and ran from the crime scene.

“Sod it!” Michael punched the wall and then walked after Lily yelling “Lils! Come on! I didn’t mean it that way…Lils!”


James Sirius Lily

As James and Sirius were sitting in front of the fire preparing to get started on their homework.

“Why are you smiling mate?” Sirius looked curiously are James.

“Oh it’s just…”

“Lily Evans?” Sirius smiled.

“Yes?” unfortunately Lily had been sitting in the arm chair behind them day dreaming.

“AH!” Sirius was so taken aback he fell off the couch.

“What do you want?” Lily’s eyes were full of tears and her hair was messy. She had been sitting there since their last lesson, when she had broken down and started violently crying. She had been excused by Professor McGonagall and had run straight to Gryffindor tower.

“Are you alright?” asked James. He hated seeing her sad.

“Do I have to include you in everything, Potter?” Lily stood up swiftly and ran up the stairs to the girl’s dormitory.

“What’s wrong with her? She seems a bit grumpy” Sirius stood back up again and sat on the couch looking bewildered.

“I dono. I can’t see anything different” mumbled James. Even though he wasn’t showing it, he was breaking a little inside.

“For what it’s worth, I don’t think she’s worth what you’re going through” said Sirius sympathetically. Sirius had been watching James for the past weeks and he didn’t like what he had seen.

“I miss you” said Sirius.

“What are you talking about?” James looked at him, confused.

“I miss the old you” Sirius mumbled, embarrassed.

“I don’t get it, you’re not making any sense” James was trying to avoid this becoming an uncomfortable situation.

“Actually he is making sense” Remus had just come in through her portrait hole. “You have been acting really strange for over a month, and I know that it’s because of Lily”

“Its not…” but James couldn’t continue. He knew they wouldn’t believe him if he said it wasn’t about her.

“Come on mate, talk to us” Remus went over to the couch and sat down next to James looking at him with sympathy.

“I…” but he was cut of by a soft knocking on the window. Outside the window stood a big black owl with a letter tied to its leg.


Lily Molly

Lily entered the girl’s dormitory where Molly was already lying on her bed reading ‘The Lord of the Rings’.

“Its so funny reading a book about magic that some random muggle wrote…tut, tut, tut, he has much to learn” Molly laughed to herself, looked up at Lily with a smile, which quickly got wiped of when she saw how Lily was looking at her.

“What’s the matter?”

“Oh Moo!” she exclaimed as she hurried over to Molly’s bed and sat down. Molly pulled her into a hug and whispered:

“We don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to, but you should know, it’s going to get better a lot faster if you let it out in the open”

“Moo… I’m a horrible, horrible person” Lily sighed as she pulled out of the hug and wiped her eyes.

“Don’t ever say that!” Molly looked at Lily with obvious disappointment in her eyes. “Never, ever say that again” she said as she grabbed a tissue from the tissue box on her nightstand and started wiping off the make up that had run down her cheek.

“I’m serious, I literally hurt people. On the first day of school I broke your nose and scratched you so deep that you started bleeding, the same morning I almost broke James’ foot, on Friday in the library I stood up so quickly, without knowing Professor Slughorn was standing behind me, that I knocked him over and he ended up dropping all the potions he had been carrying at the time, and yesterday I accidentally dropped my book and, unfortunately, Charles Boby was just walking past and he tripped on them and fell down the stairs. I even hurt people emotionally.” Lily was talking so fast, Molly had to concentrate with all her might to understand her. “This morning when I had the one chance to talk to Michael I ran off leaving him there with a broken heart, and every day for the past 5 years and 31 days I’ve tortured James, I’ve teased him, I’ve made him believe I hate him, I’ve hurt him in most ways possible when really all I wanted was to tell him I’ve loved him since the first time I saw him” Lily immediately regretted what she’d said. Molly looked at her confused but in a tenth of a second the corners of her mouth bent upwards and a smile spread across her face that was bigger than anything Lily had ever seen.

Chapter 5: Tragedy
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Lily Molly

“Oh dear” Lily buried her face in Molly’s pillow while Molly was rolling around on the floor laughing. After almost five minutes of almost continuous laughter Molly got on her knees and leaned on the edge of her bed.

“Do you have any idea how awesome this is?”

“Ok are you maybe just overreacting?” Lily raised her head from the pillow and looked at Molly and within seconds a wide smile has spread across Lily’s face.

“See! I’m not overreacting. This is the greatest thing to ever happen since… magic!” Molly was almost screaming and Lily was completely speechless.


James Sirius Remus Molly Lily

James walked towards the window to let in the owl. The moment he opened the window the owl circled the room once and then dropped the envelope on James. James willingly opened the envelope to find a letter from the ministry. James eyes darted back and forth across the paper and the farther he got the worse the expression on his face got.

Sirius and Remus were watching James closely. James read the letter over and over again until he finally placed the letter on the table and walked calmly out the portrait hole with absolutely no expression on his face. Remus and Sirius waited a few seconds until they thought it was appropriate to read the letter.

Dear Mr. Potter,
We have written this letter to you with the most unfortunate news. While out on a secret auror mission your father Matthew Potter was involved in a very serious accident and is currently submitted at Sgt. Mungos and is on life support. We just wanted to alert you and we are prepared to make any arrangements for you to visit him any time you please.

We deeply regret having to send this letter,

Head of the Auror Office,
Gawain Robards


Marauders Lily Molly

When James returned from his long walk around the castle Sirius and Remus were awaiting his arrival. Sirius went up to him and put his arm around him.

“James we…” but James shook him off and was on his way to the boy’s dormitory when Molly came rushing down the stairs of the girl’s dormitory.

“You are not going to believe this!” a moment later Lily had appeared and was trying to stop Molly from saying anything.

“No!! Moo! No! I’ll never talk to you again!! Well…of course I will…it’s just a figure of speech…”

“You really have no idea how to threaten do you?” Molly started laughing and Lily stood there blushing.

“Molly…” Remus signaled to her, telling her to cut it. Molly immediately stopped laughing and looked at Remus, confused.

“What’s the…”but Remus interrupted her with a look.

James went back to heading for the boy’s Dormitory and Lily couldn’t help but noticing that something was wrong. She watched him leave and when he was gone she turned to Remus and asked:

“What happened?”

“Well…I dono if we can really say”

“We don’t need to know if it doesn’t have anything to do with us” said Molly. Sirius smiled at her and she smiled back and blushed.

“I’ll go up and talk to him” said Remus and walked up the stairs to James.

“Me too” said Peter who seemed glad to have a chance to get out of the room.

Lily walked over to the couch and lift up the envelope lying on the table. “Is this what’s happened?”

“Lily, maybe you shouldn’t read it… I mean … it’s not your letter to read” said Molly looking at Lily with disappointment.

“Oh all right I won’t” Lily said but as Sirius and Molly were distracted by each other Lily slipped the letter into one of the books on the table

“Um… I think I’m gonna go take a nap” she said. Molly and Sirius didn’t even look at her so she hurried up the stairs to their dormitory carrying the book.


Lily Molly

“How could you do that Lily? That letter was not yours to read and you just go and read it anyway?” Molly was standing in front of Lily’s bed were Lily had been found reading James’ letter. Molly sounded mad and disappointed.

“I just wanted…” but Lily was cut off.

“It’s always what you want” Molly walked over to her bed, changed into her pajamas, lay down on her bed and closed the blinds.

Lily got of the bed and walked over to Molly’s bed and got ready to open the blinds but before she could do anything Molly said, “Don’t even think about it” at which Lily went miserably back to her bed and lay down.

That whole nigh Lily didn’t sleep. She felt horrible for doing what she did and even though she was one of those types of people who always had to do the right thing, this time something had taken over her. The next morning when Molly woke up she walked straight into the bathroom without her usual “good morning”

“Moo! Come on, I…” but Molly closed the door before Lily could finish the sentence. Lily finally gave up, got dressed and walked down the common room.


James Remus

“Ready to go back out there?” Remus and James had spent most of their night talking it through.

“I’m not sure”

“I’m telling you, if you stay here all day you’ll undoubtedly suffer the consequences, and besides, if you don’t go to any of the classes people are going to start asking questions and things will get uncomfortable” Remus packed James bag for him and helped him of the bed.

“You’re probably right…” James grabbed his bag and joined Remus in walking down to the common room.


Sirius Lily Molly

Sirius was lying on the couch, having fallen asleep in the middle of working on his dementor essay. Lily had just come in through the portrait hole. She walked up to Sirius, bent down and blew in his ear.

“AH! I was not sucking my thumb!” yelled Sirius as he rolled off the couch. Lily burst out laughing but quickly stopped when she tripped over Sirius and hit her head on the edge of the table. Now it was Sirius’ turn to laugh.

“Ow! Ow! Ow!” Lily sat up rubbing her forehead.

“That’s what you get for messing with a Black!” At that moment Molly came out from the girl’s dormitory.

“Hey Molly!” Sirius sat up swiftly and smiled at Molly who smiled back.

“Hey Moo” said Lily trying to get eye contact with Molly but failed utterly. Molly walked straight past her without showing a sign of her knowing Lily was even in the room.

“Oh how I love those hips” Sirius sighed to himself.


“Oh…nothing…anyway that was pretty cold…what’s going on?” said Sirius as he pulled himself up from the floor.

“Don’t talk to me about it” Lily walked over to pick up her bag and followed Molly out the portrait hole leaving Sirius thinking of Molly’s swinging hips.


Carl Stanley Peter

“You’re late”

“I know Carl, but Remus wouldn’t let me leave, said I had to help take care of James” said Peter nervously.

“What’s the matter with Potter?” asked Carl, beaming with the thought that something had happened to James.

“Something happened with his dad, I’m not sure what, he wouldn’t say, but he’s pretty beaten up about it” Peter always did anything he could to please Carl, he really wanted to get on his good side, although he knew that was almost impossible. Carl looked very interested but before he could find out more Stanley entered the common room looking very smug.

“Hey Stanley” squeaked Peter “You can sit here if you want” Peter rose from his seat to offer it to Stanley, who completely ignored him and went over to the couch were Carl was sitting. When he noticed that Stanley wasn’t going to accept the offer, Peter sat back down.

“I think we may have found yet another soft spot on that Potter” hissed Carl.

“And what might that be?” Stanley sounded annoyingly uninterested. He had gotten quite tired of Carl’ hatred for James.

“His dad is hurt and is at Sgt. Mungos and…” Carl was interrupted by Stanley who had suddenly taken a great interest in the whole thing.

“His dad? Matthew Potter?”

“Yes sir” said Peter.

“Shut up, worm” said Stanely before rising from his seat and walking out mumbling something about going to the library.

“I think we might have pleased him Peter…” said Carl as he left the room to go meet up with Bobbie.


Marauders Lily Molly

It was Defense against the Dark Arts class and everyone in the room were getting quite bored with Professor Cleavry’s never ending speech about Giants.

“Now giants are very unpleasant when magic is used against them so…” James shut his voice out of his head and turned to Sirius.

“So you said Molly and Lily are fighting?”

“I’m telling you, this morning Molly completely ignored Lily, it was pretty cold mate” answered Sirius facing James. James turned around to look for Lily who he found sitting in the very back, farthest to the right where she was quietly writing down notes. Next he searched for Molly who was sitting next to Remus, dozing off occasionally, but forcing herself to stay awake by slapping herself. He met Remus eyes who made a gesture showing he didn’t know what was going on.

“Mr. Potter, if you would kindly tell me what the average height of a full grown male giant is?” James turned around to find that half the class was staring at him, silently laughing, and Professor Cleavry staring at him with those brilliant, dark blue eyes of his.

“Um…around…20 feet?” James was trying to remember that essay he wrote on giants in his 5th year.

“Lucky shot” said Professor Cleavry as he turned his back to the class and tapped the board making a little piece of chalk fly through the air and start writing on the black board.

James turned back and winked at Remus who, in turn, gave him the thumbs up.

When the lesson was finished and everyone was gathering up their things, Professor Cleavry called out:

“James and Remus if you could please stay after class, I have a subject of great importance to talk to you about” Without even looking at them he walked into his office and returned a minute later with Clarissa Vain, tears in her eyes, but still, a smug expression on her face.

Chapter 6: So much to be said
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James Remus Clarissa

James was sitting quietly, playing with his hair and Remus was sitting quietly at his desk, looking straight ahead where Professor Cleavry and Clarissa were standing.

“I assume you know why you’re here Remus” said Professor Cleavry, but Remus shook his head and continued looking at Professor Cleavry. “Oh…well…” He cleared his thought and continued: “Well Miss Vain came to me just before class and she told me about what you and James here did”

“What are you talking about?”

“Um…well…Miss Vain” but he was interrupted by Clarissa’s loud sniffles. He turned to her and asked:

“Would you like to tell them what happened?” Clarissa nodded and after sniffing a few more times she said:

“They…they…I can’t do this…” she broke out in new crocodile tears and ran out the door.

“Clearly you have hurt Miss Vain, whether you know how or not, so I’ve decided that you will spend the next 5 Saturday mornings from 8 to 12 sorting out my files… ” Professor Cleavry walked up to James who was dozing off and hit his fist into the desk. James woke up with a start and stared at Professor Cleavry. “…in alphabetical order. And Mr. Potter, if you so much as even close your eyes for more than 5 seconds in my class I will personally make sure that you will never have a spare weekend for the rest of the year, is that clear?”

James rose from his seat and said “If you’re finished, I’d like to leave” Before Professor Cleavry could say anything James had rushed out the door, Remus following him.


James Lily Molly Remus

As Remus walked back to the Gryffindor tower they were discussing what had just happened. They were both trying to figure out what they’d done, and no sooner than they had figured out that it was probably just a plan of Lucius’ did they hear the loud voice of Molly French.

“You have to tell him!” Molly and Lily were standing outside the Portrait hole.

“I will tell him, I just, I can’t tell him now!” Lily took a step towards Molly who, in turn, took a step back.

“Why on earth not?” snapped Molly, the expression on her face almost terrifying.

“I…I just” but she was interrupted.

“You…have…to!” Molly was on her way to step inside the portrait hole, which had been standing open this whole time, when Lily’s knees gave way and she broke down crying.

“Moo! You have to understand…actually…you’re the only one who will understand, or should understand” Lily yelled from the floor. Molly stopped in her tracks and turned around to face Lily.

“Understand? All I understand is that” but Lily cut her of.

“Please don’t say it out loud! Please!”

“Why should I? You stole…”

“No!” Lily interrupted her once more.

“You stole Lily! You stole! And I know you’re a girl who everyone looks up to and it would be terrible for you if anyone found out, but please, just, think about James, doesn’t deserve this”

“James…” whispered Lily “He’s the reason I can’t tell him! I’m kind of in the middle of letting him know that…that I love…him…” at this James, who had been hiding in the shadow of a statue of a giant, stopped breathing for so long that Remus had to remind him to start again.

“Well, you have a funny way of showing it, and funnily enough, I don’t think I’ve seen you even close to James during the past week, and when you are, you’re yelling at him or breaking his heart, like you always do” As Molly walked off Lily grabbed her robe, but Molly ripped it out of her hands “You don’t deserve him” her voice was cold and bitter.

After Molly had left Lily was on her knees for another 5 minutes. James, who was still having difficulty breathing, was watching her every move. Afterwards she rose up, wiped the make-up off her check and mumbled ‘get it together, Lily’ as she walked through the portrait hole.

“James? James, are you alright?” Remus shook James a little bit to check if he was still alive.

“I…” but James couldn’t make a sound. His throat was so dry he could barely swallow.


James Sirius Remus

“So, you’re telling me…that Lily…loves you?” Sirius was still having difficulty understanding what had happened since James couldn’t say more than a few words at a time. He was still in shock.

James cleared his throat and said:

“I…She…” James picked up the bottle of butterbeer Sirius had handed to him, trying to clear his throat.

“Mate, this is great! Right?” James looked furiously at him. Sirius looked at Remus who started explaining.

“He’s not suppose to know she loves him, and since Lily’s never going to have the guts to tell him, nothing is likely to happen”

“Where’s the positive attitude mate?” Sirius walked over to Remus and punched his shoulder lightly. James stood up and poured the rest of the butterbeer down his throat.

“I…I…I have no idea what to do” He sat back down again burying his head in the pillow next to him.

“Mate, it’s all right! I can fix this for you” James looked up from the pillow to find Sirius looking at him with a ridiculously big smile on his face.

“And…and….ARGH! And how are you going to do that?” James was still having trouble speaking.

“You’re forgetting that I’m Sirius Black, I can accomplish anything” Sirius stuck his chin in the air and took a deep breath.

“Oh yeah? What about that time you couldn’t get the parcel open that your uncle had sent you, so you ended up throwing it away and telling him that you never got it, so he had so send another one, or was that a completely different situation?” Remus reminded him.

“Ok, I’m the NEW Sirius Black”

“I thought you hated being a black?” Remus was clearly enjoying this.

“Oh, bugger off will ya?” Sirius made a face at Remus and walked over to James.

“I swear on my two opposable thumbs that I will make sure that you and Lily end up together” Sirius placed his hand on James’ shoulder and handed him another bottle of butterbeer.


James Lily

James had fallen asleep on the couch, being too tired after being questioned so many times by Sirius, and after repeating the incident what seemed like a million times. Lily walked in through the portrait hole and looked around the common room. There was no one else there, no one, but James. She looked at him for a minute, noticing every feature, recording every movement. She was so lost in him, that when he woke up and found her staring at him, she didn’t move one inch, she stood there for a minute and then she shook her head and made a rushed apology.

“What were you looking at?” James was blushing and looked down at his feet.

“I…I…I have no idea, I was just, distracted” mumbled Lily.

“Oh…”Lily’s and James’ eyes met, but both of them turned away quickly, pretending to be interested in something elsewhere “How are you?”

“What do you mean?” snapped Lily, regretting it almost immediately.

“You know there’s no need to snap at me, I was just asking because I’ve seen that you and Molly aren’t talking anymore” James stood up and looked at her with a hurt expression on his face.

“Ok fine! I’m sorry!” Lily blurted out as she turned her back towards him and covered her face with her hands. James could hear a few sniffs before she turned around to face him, her eyes slightly red and full with tears. “Oh James!” she cried as she ran towards him and buried her face in his chest. James put his arms around her as she cried. After 20 minutes she pulled away from the hug and stared at James, shocked. What did I just do?

For those few precious seconds that James had held Lily in his arms his heart had started beating twice as fast. When she’d pulled away he could feel the top of her head brush against his chin.

“I’m sorry” she mumbled. She was staring at her shoes, clearly embarrassed.

“It’s fine” James said as he put his hand under her chin and pushed it upwards so that she was looking at him. She was crying, partly because she was so embarrassed, but mostly it was because of all that had happened between her and Molly. She brushed away his hand from her chin and ran towards the portrait hole. James stood motionless for a few seconds before he bent down to sit back down on the couch, but he accidentally missed and landed on the floor.

Chapter 7: Attempted Murder
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Lily Molly

Lily was sitting under the big oak tree by the lake watching the waves hit the shore. It was very cold outside so Lily was wearing two extra layers of tights, two sweaters, a jacket and a very ridiculous looking hat. She looked very odd sitting there her legs almost twice their size and sitting completely still, all her sweaters were making it very hard for her to move. In the distance she saw Molly walking towards her and tried her best to stand up, but it was proven to be a very hard task.

“You look ridiculous” said Molly, fighting back a smile. She reached out her hand and hinted for Lily to grab it. Molly tried to pull her up but Lily couldn’t move her legs, so as a result they both fell down. Molly started laughing and pulled herself to her knees and looked at Lily.

“I’ve forgotten how fun we used to have” Lily took off her jacket and said:

“Yeah I know. Hey could you just help me get this sweater off? It’s choking me” said Lily as she bent forward, stretching out her arms. Molly grabbed the end of her sweater and pulled it off. “Thank you, I haven’t been able to feel my arms for the past hour” Molly chuckled and pulled herself up to her feet.

“Moo I…”

“It’s ok!” Molly cut her off.

“It’s not! I’m horrible!” Lily moved closer to Molly and looked her straight in the eye.

“Remember what I told you about saying that?” Lily nodded, smiled, and wiped a tear of her cheek. “There’s no need for that” Molly said as she took hold of Lily’s hand, letting her know that everything was ok.

“So, what made you change your mind?” Lily asked as her and Molly walked back up to the castle.

“I’m still mad Lily, but I’ve decided to give you a chance” Molly stopped and turned to face Lily.

“I’ll do anything to have you back Moo, you know that” Lily readjusted her hat and looked deep into Molly’s blue green eyes.

“You need to tell James. You need to tell him everything” Lily looked down at her shoes.

“What’s everything?” she asked, never taking her eyes of her shoes.

“You need to apologize, for every god damn little thing you’ve ever done to him that he didn’t deserve, so…basically everything. You need to tell him about reading his letter and you need to give him a proper apology for that, and finally, you need to tell him how you feel, because if he’s been miserable for the past 5 and a half years because he didn’t think you liked him when it turns out, you’ve liked him all along” Molly looked at Lily convincingly and Lily nodded.

“Of course I will” At that moment the very fist snowflake fell down from the cloudy, grey sky and landed on Lily’s nose. Molly and Lily both looked up.

“It’s snowing!” exclaimed Molly as she started dancing around in circles singing ‘it’s snowing, it’s snowing, hurray, hurray, hurray’.


Remus James Sirius Peter

Sirius, James, Remus and Peter were sitting in the common room finishing of work since they wouldn’t have time tonight, tonight was the full moon.

Sirius was working on his potions essay on felix felicis which Slughorn had set them, Remus was reading a book having already completed his homework the previous night, James was looking up information on the curse ‘Avada Kedavra’ and Peter was finishing his star chart for astronomy.

“FINITO!” exclaimed Sirius as he threw his copy of ‘Advanced Potion Making’ over his shoulder, accidentally hitting a 2nd year boy who ran up to the boy’s dormitory crying. “Oops”

“Well done” James looked up, grinning, and clapped his hands. Sirius stuck out his tongue at him and walked over to his bag where he got out a small, brown package tied with string. Remus lowered his book and looked curiously at Sirius.

“What’s that?” James was too, looking at Sirius.

“Oh, it’s a package from my mom” Sirius face seemed to tighten as he mentioned his mom, his jaw clenched; he took a deep breath and stuffed it back in his bag.

“What was the point of that, I have to ask?” asked Remus.

“I’m trying to decide whether to open it or not” Sirius answered.

“Open it!” James exclaimed. He walked up to Sirius bag, pretended to yawn, grabbed the package and started to open it. Sirius ran towards James who tossed the package to Remus who continued the procedure.

“Come on! It’s not funny! You have no idea what it could be! She might be out to kill me you know” Sirius tackled Remus who, in the last second, threw the package at James, who caught it.

“Your mom isn’t that cruel” Grinned James as he continued to open the half opened package. Sirius forced a laugh and said:

“You don’t know my mom, mate” He ran towards James but it was too late. James let out a piercing scream and rose 6 feet into the air. Sirius jaw dropped and in a flash he was out the portrait hole yelling at the top of his lungs, “Help! We need help!”

A few minutes later Sirius returned with McGonagall and Dumbledore who ran straight towards James, who was still hovering in the air, screaming as if his life depended on it. Dumbledore closed his eyes, he was mouthing some kind of spell and McGonagall was tugging at James feet, trying to get him down.

After 15 minutes James stopped screaming, his eyes widening, and he fell to the ground, let out one last breath and closed his eyes.

Sirius ran up to him, shaking him violently and screaming, “James! James, wake up! James!” but Remus ran over to him and pulled him away, kicking and screaming. Peter was still standing over by the couch, completely paralyzed and Dumbledore was whispering something to McGonagall who rushed out the portrait hole.

“Remus would you please calm him down” commanded Dumbledore.

“Yes…Professor” Sirius stopped kicking and screaming and started violently crying. Remus pulled him into a hug and tried to calm him down.

“James…” whispered Sirius as pulled away from Remus’ hug and looked him in the eye. Sirius knees gave way and he fell to the floor, still crying. Remus went over to the couch, sat down and buried his face in his hands. Dumbledore walked over to where James was still lying on the floor and put a spell on him, making him weightless, picked him up and carried him out the portrait hole.


Lily Molly

As Lily and Molly walked through Hogwarts towards the Gryffindor tower they talked about James.

“You hugged him? Like, hugged him? And he hugged you back?’

“Yes! How many times do I ha…” but Lily was cut of by the sight of a dark figure moving towards them. As they came farther towards them Lily noticed that I was Dumbledore, but who was he holding? Lily followed them with her gaze and as they passed, Lily noticed the oh-so familiar jet black hair of James.


Lily Molly Remus Sirius Peter

Remus, Sirius and Peter were in the exact same position as they had been half an hour ago, Remus on the couch, Sirius on the floor and Peter was still standing up completely paralyzed.

“What happened?” a sweating Molly and a heavy breathing Lily had entered the common room through the portrait hole and were staring at the three marauders. Sirius didn’t move an inch, Peter gaze moved to the two girls and Remus looked up from his hands with red eyes.

“I don’t know” Remus whispered as he turned to where James and the package had been lying half an hour earlier. McGonagall had wrapped the package in her cloak and brought it with her when she had left.

“What do you mean you don’t know, you were here weren’t you?” Lily was almost yelling at Remus who looked frightened.

“Lily calm down!” Molly walked over to Sirius and took hold of his hand, lift up his chin with her hand and brushed the hair out of his face. Sirius looked at her for a moment then pulled her into a tight hug. Lily walked over to Remus and mumbled an apology.

“I’m sorry Remus, I’m just, worried” she whispered. Remus turned to her and gave her a look of fright, “What happened?”

As Remus told her what happened Lily’s eyes filled with tears. She walked over to the couch, picked up a pillow and screamed into it. Remus sat down next to her and pulled the pillow out of her hand and pulled into a hug. She cried for minutes, maybe hours, no one really kept track of the time. As night started to fall Remus quickly jumped up gave Peter a look and ran out the portrait hole. Peter followed him out with a puzzled Lily left staring at the closed portrait hole.

When she fell asleep, she didn’t know, but Lily had spent the whole night on the couch, she had only slept for a second. She had spent most of the night thinking of what was happening to James at the very moment. Sirius and Molly were still on the floor, Molly sleeping against Sirius’ chest and Sirius was still wide awake re running the nights happenings through his head. He was thinking of what would have happened if he hadn’t shown them the package, if he had waited until he was alone to…but if that had happened he would have been the one in Sgt. Mungos, or not, what if everyone had been too scared to do anything about it. Would he be dead? Is James dead? A tear rolled down his cheek as he looked down at Molly’s peaceful face, her cheeks wet from the tears and her sweaty hair sticking to her forehead. Sirius moved the hair out of her face and wiped the tears of her cheek. He had never been so scared, terrified, miserable…but at the same time, he had never felt so warm inside.

Chapter 8: Cry
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Molly Sirius Remus Peter Lily Dumbledore

One week had passed since James’ accident and truthfully, Hogwarts wasn’t the same as it had been. Sirius walked around most of the time with a gloomy expression on his face and hadn’t cracked a smile, or joke since. Remus was desperately trying to cheer up both Sirius and Lily, but that was proven difficult since Lily spent all her time in the bathroom when she wasn’t in class.

The news of James had spread like lightning through the school, even several of the teachers had taken time out of the lessons to have a minute of silence for James. Eva Stain’s parents had even forced her home, too scared to let her stay.

Dumbledore had talked to Remus, Sirius, Lily, Molly and Peter and comforted them with the thought that James was still alive. He wouldn’t give more detail, but he had told them of his arranged plans of visitation that would take place in two weeks time.

“Why so long?” asked Remus, looking at Dumbledore with question.

“James isn’t in the right state for visitation I’m afraid” Dumbledore looked at Remus over his half-moon spectacles and smiled, “but I assure you that Sgt. Mungos will do all possible for you to visit James soon”

The next two weeks passed without excitement. A few more students had been brought home and a few assignments were set. Sirius had been crossing of the days until the visit, Lily was constantly reminding Molly how many days were left, and Remus was the only one who seemed even remotely calm. After 14 days of waiting, the day that they’d all been waiting for, came and they all were set of to Sgt. Mungos with the help of a portkey, in the company of Dumbledore. They arrived to find the familiar entrance to Sgt. Mungos.

After checking that the coast was clear Dumbledore finally spoke, “If you would please pair up and we will each walk in through the entrance two by two” Dumbledore took gestured for Lily and Molly to walk through the glass. After they’d all walked through successfully Dumbledore took one final look around and he too stepped through the class finding himself in the usual setting of Sgt. Mungos.

As they walked through the halls, Lily and Molly stayed close together, Sirius walked up ahead with Dumbledore and Remus and Peter walked behind, observing the surroundings. There were pictures of famous healers up on the wall, one who looked particularly like a snow white own because of her white hair, pail skin and big eyes. Wizards and witches were running around with the most bizarre appearances. One witch, not older than 6, had her arms covered in wings. Another old wizard’s tongue was swelling to the size of an oversized pickle, making it hard for him to breathe. A few healers were trying to calm down a man who had broken out in uncontrollable giggles.

They walked up to the information booth where Dumbledore asked, “We are here as visitors to a James Potter?” The witch behind the glass was chewing rapidly on her everlasting gum and said, “Ward 46, fourth floor”

“I do thank you” answered Dumbledore as he stepped out of the line, gesturing for the rest to follow in his lead, and walked over to the elevator.

“Professor” Sirius looked up at Dumbledore who answered coolly, “Yes?”

“I was wondering…will we be able to talk to James?” Sirius eyes were full of questions. Dumbledore placed a comforting hand on Sirius shoulder and smiled. Sirius looked at Dumbledore for a while then turned his head forward again, a bit irritated that Dumbledore hadn’t answered his question.

They were soon on the 4th floor and looked around them. There were healers running around everywhere, some covered in blood, some looking flustered and some who were comforting family members of their patients. There were also some patients in white gowns who were walking around looking befuddled. When they reached Ward 46 Dumbledore turned to face the five sixth years and said calmly, “Only one will be able to go in at a time since James is still not in very good condition. You decide who will go first and I’ll just go talk to the healers” Dumbledore walked off leaving the five of them staring at the door that would lead them to James, “Who wants to go first?” asked Remus. Everyone was quiet and didn’t give any hint of response, so Remus ended up going first.

As they waited all of them looked around the hallway in which they were standing. After a few minutes Lily walked over to the vacant sofa were she sat down, picked up a pillow and started hugging it. Peter followed her, seating himself down on the couch. Peter put a comforting arm around Lily who buried her face in his chest. Sirius and Molly were left standing outside the door. Molly was looking at Sirius in a concerned manner as he walked back and forth looking up at the ceiling. She stopped him with her hand and took hold of his hand. He looked at her in surprise and smiled for the first time in weeks. He pulled her over to the couch were they both sat down, Molly leaning against his shoulder and Sirius stroking her hair.

Remus returned after a good 20 minutes, looking as if in shock. Peter got ready to go in next and left Lily crying in her pillow. Remus sat down in Peter’s previous seat and buried his face in his hands. Sirius looked at him, confused, although respected his privacy and decided not to ask any questions. Molly sat up and looked at the others, “Does anyone want any coffee?” Lily looked up from the pillow and nodded discreetly, Remus didn’t move an inch, Sirius stood up and said, “I’ll come with you”

They walked down the hallway to the booth which served the coffee. Behind the glass a fairly old witch was sitting cleaning her extremely long nails, “Could we have three coffees please” Sirius said. It took a few moments for the old witch to react. She finally picked up her wand and conjured three cups of searing hot coffee. Sirius took two of the cups and Molly stepped forward to pick up the third.

“Are you ok?” Sirius looked around at Molly who was looking at her, a glint of concern in her blue green eyes.

“I’ve been better” Sirius answered as his gaze returned to the coffee inside the cups he was holding. Molly kept quiet the rest of the way, not wanting to put Sirius in an uncomfortable position. When they returned, Peter just came back through the doors, looking gloomy and Remus was comforting Lily.

“Do you want to go next Sirius?” Remus looked at him.

“I think I’ll wait” Molly put down her cup of coffee; “I’ll go” She walked over to the door, opened it slowly and walked in.


Molly James

Molly walked in and closed the door quietly behind her. She looked around the ward before walking to the last bed which the healer had told them was James’. Along the bed she passed a few other patients in their beds. One was sitting on the edge playing with a puzzle. Another one was covered in hair and a healer was standing beside them feeding them a red potion. Molly turned her attention to the bed where she could see the familiar jet black hair of James. She walked up to him and prepared to go up and hug him when she saw that he was fast asleep.

“James?” Molly walked up to the side of the bed and shook James slightly. At that moment the healer that had been standing at the door rushed up to her and pulled her away. She looked very strict.

“You must not touch Mr. Potter.” she let go of Molly’s arm and walked over to her previous position at the door.

“Excuse me? Why is he asleep? Peter was just here…he….he talked to him” Molly looked at the healer at the door who sighed and walked over once more.

“Mr. Potter is in a coma…a deep sleep if you will” the healer prepared to leave but Molly held her back.

“What do you mean?” Molly’s eyes were filling with tears.

“C-O-M-A” the healer spelled out for her.

“I heard what you said…” Molly turned around to face James. His face was pale and his hair was messier than ever. The healers had removed the glasses and for the first time Molly could actually see James, his high cheekbones and his slightly pointy nose. Molly brushed the hair out of his face and smiled at him.

“Bye James” Molly turned around, walked up to the doors and walked out, wiping a tear from her cheek.


Remus Lily Sirius Peter Molly Dumbledore

When Molly came up Lily immediately rose from her seat and went over to her. The expression on Lily’s face showed terror, her eyes were red and filled with tears and her lips were shaking. Molly pulled her into a hug, and as she did she could feel Lily tremble against her body. Molly was scared for her. She had never seen Lily like this before. She tried to pull out of the hug, but Lily was holding on to her so tightly. She wouldn’t let go. They stood there for minutes, maybe hours.

Neither Lily nor Sirius felt they could go in to see James just yet. Terrified of what they would see, how they would react and what he would say to them. Sirius went up to Lily and Molly and tapped Lily on the shoulder. Lily looked at him and with one look he told her it was his turn. Lily walked to the nearest wall and slid down to the floor, leaning against the wall. Sirius pulled Molly into a hug. She pressed herself against him so tightly she could feel his heart beat.

The time was 4:15 when Dumbledore returned. He looked at the five of them with curious eyes. Deciding not to ask questions he walked in through the door to James and closed the door behind him. At this moment Molly pulled away from Sirius hug. She wiped of the tears from her cheeks, “Oh I’m sorry. Your shirt is all wet” she reached forward to try and dry it up but Sirius caught her hand.

“Its fine” Molly looked into his grey, warm eyes and saw that he was crying. She reached up towards his face, brushed the hair out of his eyes, wiped the tear of his cheek and moved closer to him. They stared at each other for 2 minutes, never breaking eye contact. Finally Sirius leaned in and gently brushed his lips against hers. When the kiss was over Molly rested her head against his chin and started crying at a new. He stroked her head whispering comforting words to her.

Lily was sitting on the couch with Remus who still had his face in his hands, Peter had walked over to the coffee booth to get some more and Molly and Sirius were still standing at the door when Dumbledore came out. They all turned to face him. He looked at them all individually, trying to figure out what they were feeling, “Have you all had the chance to see James?” Sirius and Lily both shook their heads. Lily walked up to Dumbledore and looked him straight in the eye as if trying to find comfort there, but sadly, Dumbledore’s eyes didn’t show anything. He walked over to Remus and whispered something in his ear. Remus immediately stood up and he and Dumbledore walked of.

“You ready Lily?” Sirius looked at Lily who had gone back to her position on the floor. Lily looked at him for a moment, and then said quietly, “Not quite yet…” Sirius turned to Molly, kissed her forehead, and walked into the ward, completely unaware of what he would see.


Sirius James

It was very quiet inside the ward. Quite the opposite of what Sirius had thought. He walked forward slowly, preparing to sneak up on an unaware James. He walked with light steps towards the end of the ward. He passed the patient covered with hair and looked at him for a while before continuing forward. He walked up to the shades that were surrounding James bed and ripped them apart, exposing the unconscious James. He yelled, “Surpr…” but was caught short by the sight. He walked over to the left side of James bed slowly, never taking his eyes of James, “James?” he whispered softly.

“Shh!” the annoying healer made her way towards the bed with a stern look on her face. Sirius turned to her.

“How am I supposed to talk to him if I can’t talk?” Sirius raised his right eyebrow and the healer turned on her heals and walked off, looking irritated. Sirius returned his gaze to James and looked at him with sad eyes, “How could this happen?” He reached forward and shook James slightly as he used to do when he would wake him up in the mornings. James slept on, not moving a muscle. Sirius sat down on the chair next to the bed and ran his hands through his hair, determined to not let a single tear fall.

“How could this happen?” he repeated. He looked at James white, calm face. Sirius got of his chair and walked over to the bed yet again, getting down on his knees and leaned against the bed. “James?”

“There’s no use Sirius” Sirius leapt up from his position to find Dumbledore standing beside him.

“What do you mean there’s no use? He’s not – dead – is he?” Sirius lips were shaking as he talked.

“He’s not dead” said Dumbledore softly, looking at Sirius with a look of fatherly love, “He’s in a coma I’m afraid”

“Coma?” whispered Sirius as his gaze found James once more and he tilted his head to one side as he looked at him. Dumbledore nodded gently, observing Sirius as he looked at James. A tear had escaped Sirius eye and was making its way down his cheek. Sirius quickly wiped it of. He didn’t want Dumbledore to see him cry.

“It’s ok to cry” Dumbledore said sympathetically as he reached for a tissue on the table next to the chair. He handed it to Sirius who took it with urgency.

“I don’t want to be weak, but I can’t help it” Sirius said quietly looking at Dumbledore, “but when I see James in this state…all I can think is how it’s my fault”

“But it wasn’t your fault, and you must remember that” Dumbledore took a step towards Sirius.

“But it was. If I hadn’t taken out the package…nothing would have happened” Sirius looked down at his feet, wiping of yet another tear. Dumbledore walked out the door without as much as a word leaving Sirius still staring at his feet. Moments later Dumbledore returned with Molly who was looking confused. When they reached Sirius he looked up at them. His eyes were red and his hair was in his eyes. Dumbledore looked down at Molly who got the hint and walked over to Sirius.

“I can’t make it all better. I know that, but I can help you through it – if you want?” she whispered as she grabbed his hand and held is as tightly as she could. She could tell by the look in his eyes that he appreciated what she was doing for him. He pulled her into a tight hug and she hugged him back, trying to make him feel all the security he needed to get through this.

“Thank you” he said softly in her ear as he pulled away from the hug, still holding on tight to her hand. His gaze fell upon James once more. Molly looked him. She could see all the emotions through him. She let go of his hand softly and went over to the vacant chair where Sirius had been sitting before. Sirius looked at her quickly and then turned back to James, “James…I miss you….”


Lily Peter Remus

Lily was sleeping against the wall in a very awkward position as Remus and Peter were sitting in the sofa drinking their newly bought coffee. Remus was looking at Lily. The sight of her lying there with her messed up hair and wet cheeks broke is heart a little. He had always liked Lily, sometimes even more than a friend. She had helped him with anything he’d needed help with, whether it was homework or bullies. But she had always been James so called “property” and he hated that. Firstly he didn’t think she should be owned be anyone and secondly since she had never showed a sign of ever wanting to go out with James he’d thought it was rather ridiculous that she was still “his”.

As he watched her sleep he realized that she’d never actually hated James. She was actually breaking inside because of all this. He placed the half empty cup on the table and walked over to her. He bent down and picked her up, carried her over to the sofa opposite the one he’d been sitting in and placed her there gently. He took of his jacket, placed it around her shoulders and walked over to the other sofa.

Half an hour later Lily woke up with a start, sitting bolt up right and breathing heavily, “James!” she yelled at the top of her lungs causing as many as five healers to say, “Shh!” Remus walked over to her and held her hand with both of his.

“It’s ok. It was just a dream” Lily was still breathing heavily and sweating. She looked at him with frightened eyes. Remus helped her into a sitting position and handed her a cup of fresh coffee he’d gotten her for when she’d wake up. Lily took the cup with grace and sipped the coffee slowly.

“How am I supposed to get through this? What if he dies? What if it’s my fault? I can’t let him die. I won’t let him die Remus, I won’t” she was talking fast as she looked straight into Remus eyes. A new batch of tears started pouring out of her eyes as she bent down placing her face in her hands. Remus walked over to her and sat down next to her. He put his arm around her and she buried her face in his shoulder, “I don’t want him to die Remus”

“None of us do Lily” he whispered back to her as he stroked her hair, untangling the knots.


Molly Sirius James

“…I love you” Sirius concluded his speech. He turned to Molly whose eyes were filled with tears, but she was still smiling.

“I had no idea you and him were so close” she said as she stood up and grabbed a tissue to wipe the tears.

“Are you kidding? He’s like my brother” Sirius smiled as he walked over to Molly. He took another tissue from the table and helped her wipe away the tears, “It’s ok to cry”

“I know…” Molly whispered as she moved closer to Sirius, “I was just about to say the same to you” Sirius leant down and kissed her, feeling that familiar tingling in his stomach he’d felt just outside a few hours ago. She pulled away and looked at him with her beautiful blue green eyes. She grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the door and out.


Molly Sirius Remus Peter Lily

As soon as Molly and Sirius had come back from the ward Lily ran up to Molly and started shaking her violently.

“I won’t let him die! Moo, I won’t let him die!” she yelled. Remus ran over to her and pulled her away from Molly who was looking quite shocked.

“What’s happened with her?” asked Sirius. Molly looked at Sirius then walked over to the couch where Remus had sat Lily down.

“What’s the matter Lily?” Molly said as she put a comforting arm around Lily’s shoulders and stroked her hair.

“I don’t want him to die” Lily whispered as she turned to Molly and pulled her into a hug.

“No one does honey” Molly whispered back. Lily broke away from the hug and looked around her. Remus and Sirius were standing in the corner looking at them. She turned her gaze to Peter who was fiddling with his coffee cup.

“I don’t want…” Lily continued but Molly placed her hands on Lily’s cheeks and turned her face towards hers.

“Listen to me Lily, listen to me! You need to calm down” but Lily didn’t listen to her. She stood up quickly and walked over to Remus.

“Is he going to die?” she looked Remus straight in the eye. He was scaring her a little bit and he didn’t know what to say to her.

“I…I hope not” was all Remus could say. Lily turned towards Sirius and asked the same question.

“I won’t have it” Sirius replied looking at Lily with wide eyes. Lily’s eyes were filling with tears as she ran from the group, Molly rose and ran after her.

“That was weird” said Sirius as he walked over to the couch and sat down heavily.

“Tell me about it” replied Remus looking just as confused and befuddled as Sirius.

When the girls returned Sirius and Peter had fallen asleep but Remus was still awake. They walked over to the couch were he was sitting and sat down. Remus looked at Lily with a confused expression on his face, but his eyes showed fear. What was wrong with her?

“She’s just having trouble coping” said Molly as if she could read his mind. Remus looked at Molly and forced a smile. “Don’t do that, I know you don’t mean it” Molly snapped.

“I’m just trying” Remus mumbled.

“I know…and I really admire you for it. I would never be able to do that” Molly looked at Remus with admiration. At this moment Sirius woke up. His hair looking like a stuffed porcupine and huge bags under his eyes he sat up and looked around. His eyes met Molly’s who looked at him and was trying to hold in the laughter, thinking that it was not the right time to be laughing. Sirius stood up and stretched his arms and picked up the cup on the table before him. He drank from it but quickly spit it out.

“Damn that’s cold!” Molly let out a few silent giggles as Sirius jumped around the hall trying to find something to wash down the disgusting, cold coffee taste he had in his mouth. He finally found a water fountain around the corner and returned looking peaceful. “So has Lily gone in yet?”

“No I haven’t” murmured Lily as she stared at the ceiling.

“Why not?” Sirius asked.

“Don’t push me!” Lily snapped. Molly grabbed Lily’s hand and held it close to her face.

“Maybe it’s time you went Lily. I mean…the sooner you go in there the sooner it will be over” Molly reassured her.

“I suppose…but…” Lily’s and Remus eyes met and at that moment she decided it was time for her to go in. She rose from her seat, letting go of Molly’s hand, and walked past Sirius towards the door into Ward 46.


Lily James

When Lily entered the ward I was dark. The healers had blown out most of the candles in the ward, except for one at each patient’s bed. She walked by each patient at a distance as if scared to catch their disease. Great! I was planning on becoming a healer but clearly that’s not a good choice seeing as I’m scared of sick people. She continued walking and no sooner than she expected had she reached James’ bed. Thinking that he’d fallen asleep she sat down on the chair next to him and looked at his handsome face.

She sat there for nearly half an hour before rising and walking up to James. She picked up the clipboard that was lying on the table next to him and read what it said:

Mr. James Potter. Coma patient. Currently on life-support.

Lily hurriedly put the clipboard down and looked at James once more. Her hands rose to her face as she started crying. “Oh James”

“How could this have happened to you?” Lily looked at James and took in all the handsome features that she loved so much. “I admit there are some things that you have done in your life that I don’t approve of but no one can deserve this” Lily pulled the chair towards the bed and sat down. She grabbed James hand and kissed it gently.

“All those times you tormented Severus and all those times you hexed innocent students I’d always thought to myself how great it would be if you weren’t here. But now…that you’re not here…It’s like, the things I thought I hated about you are actually the things I love most about you” Lily brushed her thumb gently against his hand.

“I miss you. Even though I’ve spent most of my time at Hogwarts and I’ve put so much effort into trying to hurt you all I ever wanted to say was that I loved you. But you know me – actually…you don’t know me, because I’ve never let you get close to me, and I’m so sorry for that”
“I’ve done some horrible things in my life, but what I regret most is betraying you. I have to confess something” Lily took a deep breath and continued speaking. “I read your letter…I promise I would take it back if I could, but I can’t and if you can hear this, and I pray that you can, I want you to know how many nights I’ve spent thinking about you and all the things I’ve said and done to you” Lily kissed his hand once more and brushed it against her cheek.

“I was going to tell you about…well…everything actually. I was going to tell you I love you. I was going to apologize for everything. I was going to confess” yet another tear fell from Lily’s eye and landed on James hand, “but you’ll never hear” Lily stood up from her chair and let go of James hand. She pushed the chair back to its original position. She walked over to James once more and looked at him. His hair had been brushed out of his face but the hair at the back of his head was still managing to stick up. It really was James she was seeing, lying there, completely frozen. She ran her hand through his soft, jet black hair and leaned down and kissed his soft lips.

“Bye James” Lily gave James one last look before turning around and walking towards the exit, completely unaware of the fact that James’ right index finger had started to furiously twitch.

Chapter 9: never again
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Dumbledore Lily Sirius Molly Remus Peter

When Dumbledore returned he found Lily, Molly, Sirius, Peter and Remus all sleeping. Peter was curled up in the chair beside the couch, Molly was sleeping sitting up with Sirius’ legs on her knees. The rest of Sirius was spread over the whole couch. Lily was sleeping with her head in Remus’ knees and Remus sleeping with his neck in a very awkward position. Dumbledore looked at the five sixth years and walked over to the nearest healer.

“How’s James doing?”

“He is still in the same deep sleep he’s been in for the last 3 weeks” the healer replied checking James’ chart, “but I’m afraid that if he doesn’t wake up soon we might have to –” but she was cut off by a healer who was running towards them.

“Elda you have to come! Mr. Dove’s curse is getting worse” she said as she ran past. The healer Dumbledore had been talking to quickly put her chart down and ran after the other healer.

Remus had woken up by the screams and was stretching his neck. Dumbledore noticed this and walked over to the couch.

“Remus, did Lily get a chance to talk to James?”

“Yeah” yawned Remus as he picked up Lily’s head and placed it on the couch as he rose from the couch. He walked over to Dumbledore and looked around the room.

“Is everything alright?” Dumbledore looked at Remus over the top of his half moon spectacles. Remus nodded and looked towards the door to James’ ward.

“What about you sir?” asked Remus. Dumbledore was looking worried.

“Fine, fine” Dumbledore mumbled.

“What’s going on?” Sirius had woken up and was making his way towards the two of them.

“Professor Dumbledore?” healer Elda had returned and was fiddling with James’ charts once more.

“Yes?” Dumbledore gave Sirius and Remus a look as if to tell them to leave, which they did immediately.

“As I was saying, if James doesn’t wake up soon we might have to put him to sleep for good” Elda continued as she looked through the charts. Unfortunately Lily had woken up and had heard what the healer had said.

“Put…him…to sleep?” she croaked as her eyes filled with new tears. Remus ran over to her and tried to keep her still but he was unsuccessful. She shook him off violently and walked towards Elda.

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN?” she yelled as she started shaking Elda. Sirius and Remus ran towards her and got ready to pull her away when Dumbledore suddenly stuck out his wand in front of their chests, stopping them in their tracks.

“What?” Sirius looked at Dumbledore, confused. Dumbledore walked over to Lily and put a hand on her shoulder. Lily stopped shaking the healer and looked at Dumbledore.

“I won’t let him die professor!” she yelled.

“I know Lily, I know” Dumbledore said calmly. Lily looked at him for a while before storming out of there.

“What happened to her?” Sirius asked.

“James might have to be put to sleep I’m afraid” said Dumbledore without looking at Sirius or Remus.

“You…You can’t” stuttered Sirius as he looked at Dumbledore.

“Of course if he wakes up within the next two days there will be no ne –” but Sirius hurriedly interrupted him.

“He has to wake up!” he yelled.

“And I fear that in the current circumstances it would be best if you five returned back to Hogwarts. I will accompany you of course” said Dumbledore as he placed the tips of his fingers against one another as he always does.

“I…but…James…we, I can’t leave him!” exclaimed Sirius.

“I can’t leave him either!” yelled Lily walking over to Sirius. “I won’t go!”

“I’m afraid you have no choice.” Dumbledore picked a old sock out of his robe pocket and walked over to the students. He grabbed each of their hands and placed them on the sock. Instantly the familiar feeling of being pulled by their bellybutton was felt and they were soon standing outside the gates of Hogwarts.


Sirius Molly

“Are you ok?” Molly and Sirius had just arrived in the common room after having just arrived from Sgt. Mungos.

“Do I look ok?” Sirius walked over to the couch and sat down heavily. Molly stayed where she was and just looked at Sirius, a little hurt.

“There’s no need to snap” she murmured. Sirius looked up at her. Even though everything in his life seemed rotten at the moment the thing that made him feel worst was hurting Molly.

“I’m sorry” he said as he walked over to Molly and pulled her into a hug. “I’m sorry”

“It’s fine. You could lose your best friend. You have every right to snap at me” she said against his chest. He pulled her out and looked at her.

“I wouldn’t dream of hurting you” he whispered. A tear rolled down her cheek and Sirius quickly wiped it off. Molly pulled away from his grip and walked over to the couch were she sat down heavily, burying her face in her hands.

“I can’t take this much pressure. I can’t take waiting to find out if he’ll live or not. I can’t watch you and Lily suffering like this, it’s too much, and I won’t do it!” she yelled as she started violently crying.

“It’s…” but he couldn’t continue. At that moment he had for the first time realized that he might never ever talk to James again. He might never laugh, prank, or cry with James again. “I don’t know what to say” he said quietly.


Remus Lily

Lily and Remus walked slowly around the Hogwarts grounds. Neither of them knew what to say about the recent events.

“You...” started Remus.

“What?” replied Lily.


“That’s fine” whispered Lily looking back down at her feet. The sun was slowly rising from the edge of the world and the sky was the color of pink blended with orange. The trees in the forbidden forest were softly swaying back and forth and the soft cry of a rooster was heard, “Remus?”

“Yes?” said Remus without looking at Lily.

“I…Is…Is James going to die?” she stuttered. A tear was falling down her cheek. Remus looked over at her and he couldn’t help but smile, for even though the past few weeks had been almost the worst in his life, he was so touched by how Lily was reacting. All the crying, outbursts and violence was all to show she cared about James. Maybe she even loved him.

“I can’t answer that…but don’t you believe for one second that he will” Lily was quite taken aback by his answer and looked him with her brilliant green eyes. Lily smiled at him before she stopped in her tracks.

“I have to talk to Michael” she whispered as she turned on her heels and walked back up to the castle.


Michael Lily

Lily walked at a very high speed towards the library where she knew Michael would be studying.

“Michael?” She stopped suddenly at the sight of a familiar figure sitting in the corner. He looked up at her. It was clear that he’d been crying. “What’s the matter?” She sat down next to him and grabbed his hand.

“You…I…never” he whispered as he started to breathe very heavily.

“It’s alright” Lily said, comforting him, “whatever it is it can’t be that bad” At this Michael turned his head to face her so quickly that Lily let out a small scream.

“It’s not alright!” he yelled as he stood from his position and looked down at Lily, “You filthy little…” but he was gone before Lily could hear the rest of the sentence.

“Michael?” she ran after his loud footsteps she could barely hear in the distance, “Michael?” when she turned a corner she accidentally bumped into guy who’d been standing around the corner, “Ouch! Oh I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to – Hey!” Michael began to run but Lily was an uncommonly fast sprinter and caught him before he could get too far.

“What Lily! What?” Lily was confused and didn’t understand what the meaning of all this was.

“What’s the matter?” she whispered.

“Oh don’t pretend you didn’t do anything” Michael stared at her with his cold eyes.

“I’m not going to pretend, but I have no idea what you’re talking about!” yelled Lily

“You filthy little mudblood” he turned his back towards her and walked off with a seer on his face leaving Lily standing in the middle of the hallway, shocked.

“I…” Lily stood speechless for a few minutes and then she let out a high-pitched scream of despair.


Sirius Remus Lily Molly

The next day all everyone had to return to their classes. They all got through the earliest classes but when it came to History of Magic and double potions. At the end of the day they all returned to the common room, dragging their legs slowly behind them.

“Well that was torture” said Sirius as he sat down heavily on the couch letting out a deep sigh.

“Tell me about it” agreed Remus.

“Well first DADA was ok and then we had –” Sirius started but was soon interrupted by Remus who let out a muffled scream.

“It’s a figure of speech Sirius” he groaned as he stared at Sirius.

“Oh…” Sirius looked down at his knees and started drumming his fingers gently against them.

“Don’t be too hard on him” Molly hissed at Remus as she went over to Sirius and sat down next to him and softly slid her hand into his.

“Um…” a little boy had appeared behind Sirius, shivering and holding a note, “this is for you” he handed the note to Sirius and quickly ran from sight.

“That was…weird” said Sirius as he started to unfold the note. His eyes moved quickly from side so side as he read. In an instant he’d stood up and was running towards the portrait hole, dragging Molly along with him. He was running so fast she almost tripped.

“I think we’d better follow” Remus said softly to Lily and they both ran after Molly and Sirius. It took a few minutes for them to catch up but when they did they found them standing outside the entrance to Dumbledore’s office.

“Cockroach cluster” Sirius mumbled and the gargoyle in front of him sprang to life, revealing the stairs that led to Dumbledore’s office. All four of them rushed up the stairs and knocked loudly on the door. It took a minute before they could hear anything from behind the door and suddenly the door was magically unlocked and swung open. Inside Dumbledore was standing behind his desk and petting Fawks.

“That was quick. Didn’t expect you to arrive this fast” Dumbledore stepped out from behind his desk and walked towards the foursome, “follow me please”

As they made their way to their destination Sirius kept making glances at Molly who was walking silently beside him.

“This could be quite a shock” said Dumbledore with a note of alarm in his voice.

Chapter 10: Almost
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Sirius Molly Dumbledore Lily Remus James

After Dumbledore’s sudden outburst the foursome kept unusually quiet, there was barely even the sound of them breathing to be heard. Where Dumbledore was leading them they had no clue, but they were too afraid to ask.

“Ah…soon there” said Dumbledore softly as they turned a corner and found themselves facing the door leading to the hospital wing. Molly looked a Lily, a touch of terror in her expression. Lily’s eyes were glittery with tears and Remus was looking at the door, scared.

Dumbledore opened the room and they all walked in to find a still unconscious James lying on one of the beds.

“Is he?” stuttered Sirius as he walked towards the bed.

“Dead? Oh no, not quite, but still in a deep sleep” said Dumbledore as he walked over to Madam Pomfrey and mumbled something to her which the foursome couldn’t hear. “You were to come here to, and I rather regret saying this…to say your last goodbyes” said Dumbledore calmly. At these words Lily sprung forward from her position at the back and ran towards James.

“I won’t let you!” she started to shake James, “Wake up James! Wake up! We need you here! We…need…you…” she couldn’t get much more out of her because she had started to cry. She stopped shaking him and lay her head down on his chest and hugged him gently. “I won’t let you die” she whispered.

“I’m afraid –” Dumbledore said.

“Don’t say it!” yelled Sirius. He walked towards Dumbledore with strong, manly steps as if he was trying to intimidate him, but being the most powerful wizard in the world, Dumbledore was hard to intimidate.

“Sirius…we must, there is nothing else to be done” said Dumbledore in that usual calm voice of his.

“We…we can wait! There’s no need for this now! We can wait!” Sirius ran over to James’ bed where Lily was still crying and stood strong, “We can wait!”

“It’s been too long” said Dumbledore.

“I won’t let you kill him! You can’t kill one of your own students!” yelled Sirius.

“I am in no manner killing -” roared Dumbledore but was interrupted by a silent ‘shh” from James’ bed. Lily had stood up from her position and was looking at James.

“He – He – He moved” she stuttered. Dumbledore and Madam Pomfrey rushed to the bed and pushed Lily and Sirius out of the way. “He moved!” she yelled trying to push her way though.

“Lily I think -” but Lily wouldn’t listen to Remus
“He’s not asleep! He moved! He – He – Can you hear me?” Lily ran around the bed to the other side where Madam Pomfrey was standing and shoved her out of the way. Lily looked at James, terrified. She grabbed his left hand and kissed it. A tear fell from her cheek and landed on his and started to slowly sliding down his cheek. At that moment James’ eyes slowly opened. A smile of shock spread across Lily’s face and she was so caught in the moment that she leaned down and kissed James on the lips. She pulled away after a few seconds, realizing that he and she weren’t together and took a few steps back, furiously blushing.

“Wow…” said James hoarsely as he brought his left hand up to his lips. Sirius had been standing motionless for the past minute and suddenly came back to life, running towards James and hugging him.

“I think we should leave him to rest” said Madam Pomfrey harshly but no one paid any attention to her. Remus walked forward to the bed and tried to pull Sirius away from James but it took much effort. After having succeeded he hugged James and smiled.

“How are you mate?” he asked casually.

“Not bad…Feels like I’ve been asleep for hours” James said as he yawned. Molly walked up to James and ruffled his hair, like he always did.

“Oh James, what would we do without you” she said.

“Why is everyone acting like I’ve been bloody brought back from the dead?” exclaimed James with a look of confusion upon his pale face.

“You might as well have been” Remus said, laughing. James turned his gaze to Lily who was still standing in the back, now furiously biting her nails.

“You –” James started but was cut off by Lily who was running towards him with bloodshot eyes. She hugged him as tightly as she could and wouldn’t let go. James placed his arms around her as she cried against his chest. “Could someone tell me what the bloody hell is going on?” At this everyone started laughing and Lily pulled away from the hug, wiping tears off her cheek.

“Out now! There are far too many people in this room and look at the time!” exclaimed Madam Pomfrey as she pushed all of the students of the hospital wing, Lily particularly hard.


Peter Carl Stanley Marauders Molly Lily

“He’s not dead?” whispered Carl as Peter looked down at his shoes, ashamed, as if he was the one who had done wrong. Peter nodded softly and started to bit his nails.

“How – Bloody hell” Carl leaned back on his chair and sighed. They were currently in DADA class and Peter had intentionally sat behind Carl at the back so that they could talk undisturbed.

“Mr. Down if there is anything you would like to share with the class, I think you should speak louder” said a nervous looking Professor Cleavry who was clearly trying to get over his fear of students by acting all angry.

“I was just talking about Potter” said Carl loudly looking behind him at James and gave him a cold sneer.

“Oh yes, well” Cleavry pushed up his glasses which had fallen down to the tip of his nose, “Mr. Potter is fine so there will be no need for chatter”

“Like that’s what I was worried about” whispered Carl as he turned to Professor Cleavry and smiled, very unnaturally.


“He’s a little skunk that one” hissed Sirius to James.

“Tell me about it” whispered James back, but this time Sirius knew it was a figure of speech and smiled at himself for being so smart.

“What are you grinning at?” James was looking at Sirius with an odd expression on his face.

“Myself” answered Sirius.

“Wha – You – bloody hell” James went back to staring at the back of Lily’s head.

“You know every time I look at the back of the room I see James staring at you” whispered Molly to Lily who couldn’t resist but smile.

“He is?” Lily whispered back. She was furiously blushing at the fact that James found her so irresistible. She quickly wiped the smile of her face, “I can’t blush! I’m still with Michael!” she said a bit too loudly.

“Shh!” Molly hushed her, “The only thing you’ve got to do there is break up”

“I can’t do that! It’s too horrible” Lily looked down at her desk and started drumming her fingernails against the desk.

“It would be even worse if you kept going out with him without even liking him”

“I suppose so” Lily stole a glance at James and saw that he was completely hypnotized by her.


James Lily Sirius Remus Molly

Lily walked into the common room very lazily and dropped down on the couch. She closed her eyes, hoping she could get a few minutes rest before she had to start her homework. When she opened her eyes she let out a very high-pitched scream. James had been standing right in front of her staring at her with those darling eyes of his.

“What are you doing?” Lily said, still slightly shaken by the sudden appearance of James. She sat up straight and tried to look as organized and proper as possible and started to straighten out her skirt. James was still standing in front of her, desperately trying to catch her glance, which she wouldn’t give him. “Don’t look at me like that” she said quietly.

“What?” James moved closer but at that moment Lily stood up from her seat and walked over to the other side of the room. “Is that really necessary?” he smiled at her and gestured for her to come towards him. She took two tiny steps towards James, but never once looked at him.

“A little more” he was really touched by how shy she was around him now. “A little more” he repeated several times before she took a few more steps towards him, now looking up at him and meeting his brilliant hazel eyes. She had always loved his eyes most of all and being this close made her stomach tingle. “A little more”

They were standing inches from one another, the tips of their noses almost touching, their eyes digging into the others. Her eyes looked unsure but if the truth was to be told, she had never felt so sure in her life. I want him.

“Remus!” Lily quickly took a step away from James and turned her head towards the portrait hole, “Bloody hell!” Sirius was standing there smiling very broadly and giving the thumbs up to James. James was blushing as he walked over to Sirius and pulled him out the portrait hole but before he could exit Molly and Remus had arrived.

“What?” Remus looked confused. Molly seemed to have realized what was going on.

“Are you?” she placed her hands together and stared at Lily who furiously shook her head. James looked broken but at the same time mad.

“What are you doing?” he whispered to Sirius.

“I came here to find you! It’s full moon!” Sirius raised his eyebrows.

“It’s full moon!” James exclaimed as he ran out of the room, Remus and Sirius following close behind him.

“What was that all about?” Lily shrugged at the question.

“Lets find out”


Molly Lily

Molly and Lily followed the fading sounds of footsteps all the way to the front doors which led to the Hogwarts grounds. Lily gave Molly a questioning look and Molly replied with a nod. They carefully opened the doors, trying their hardest not to make too much noise in case Filch would come. They came out successfully but the Marauders were nowhere in sight.

“Where are they?” Lily looked around the grounds.

“No clue” answered Molly as she started to walk down the path which led to the lake.

“Maybe we should go back inside. It’s so cold” Lily stroked her shoulders as she walked after Molly.

“Don’t be such a bloody wuss” said Molly as she continued walking. As they made their way down, the moon was shining its way through the trees and made the lake look as a beautiful, magnificent, huge silver coat. A howl was heard in the distance. They reached the lake, no sooner than four minutes later. Looking around they saw no sign of the Marauders.

“Maybe they didn’t come here” said Lily. She was trying to find any reason for them to return. Yet another howl was heard and Lily turned around to face the forbidden forest. “This is scaring me”

“Oh stop it. There’s nothing dangerous here unless we go into the forbidden forest” groaned Molly as she started to walk towards the forest. “You don’t think they went in there do you?”

“They’re not that stupid” laughed Lily, but she immediately stopped when she heard the familiar high-pitched scream of her best friend. Turning around she found Molly standing no less than four meters away from an almost full grown werewolf.

Chapter 11: Save Me
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Molly James Lily Sirius Remus Peter

“Molly!” screamed Lily as she took a few steps forward.

“Don’t come any closer Lily!” Molly took a nervous step backwards. She didn’t dare take her eyes off the werewolf. She recognized the werewolf’s eyes. She swore to herself that she’d seen them before. She tilted her head slightly to the side and looked at the werewolf with intensity.

“What are you doing? We have to run!” yelled Lily getting a little bit annoyed at Molly for her stupidity, but Molly stood in her place, still looking at the werewolf, “Molly!”

“I – I – I” stuttered Molly before looking back at Lily. The werewolf moved closer to Molly who was caught completely off guard. The werewolf ran towards her and she let out a hair curling scream.

“Molly!” the werewolf had reached Molly and was getting ready to bite, “Molly run! Duck! ANYTHING!” Molly ducked and curled up into a ball on the ground. Lily ran forward and tried to grab Molly’s hand but the werewolf wouldn’t let her. He swung his huge paw towards Lily, hitting her face and making three deep cuts from her left eye down to her chin. She started to bleed; her whole face was covered in blood.

“Lily!” Molly jumped onto the werewolf’s back and tried to strangle it, but only to fail. The werewolf swung her off his back and threw her on the floor. Molly was lying there unconscious and Lily was still standing a few feet away, her face covered in blood and her face pale when the werewolf let out a piercing cry. A huge black dog had dug his giant teeth into the werewolf’s left leg and was pulling it. The werewolf slipped on the icy ground and landed on its back. The dog walked over to Molly and nudged her with his snout. He stood over her unconscious body and let out three earsplitting barks.

The werewolf was now on his feet once more and was making his way towards Lily who was as white as snow. She was about to faint from the loss of blood. The werewolf was only a meter away from the helpless redhead when a silver white stag cam out from the forbidden forest. It ran towards Lily and lay down next to her. Lily tried to pull her onto his back, with much effort, and eventually she succeeded. The stag carried her into the forest where he lay her down softly next to a big oak tree where she passed out. The stag ran back to the werewolf where it had just swung his paw at the dog and the dog flew to the side. The werewolf took the one step he needed to be as close to Molly as possible. He bent down and sunk his razor-sharp teeth into her stomach. The stag kicked the werewolf with his front legs, knocking him out.

In an instant there James was standing in the place of the stag. Where the big black dog had been lying Sirius was now lying, breathing heavily and sweating. James ran towards Molly and looked at the bite. It wasn’t as deep as it could have been if the werewolf had had more time but she was bleeding uncontrollably and her face was turning white.

“Is she – dead?” Sirius staggered over to James and Molly and dropped slowly down on his knees. The color had drained from his face and he was drenched in sweat. “Is she –?”

“No…She’s stable” James pressed two fingers against her wrist and felt her pulse. “Her pulse is a little fast but she’s going to be ok. If we can – Sirius?” James turned around and looked at Sirius.

“What?” Sirius croaked. His face was slowly turning green and he looked as if he was about to throw up.

“Sirius? Are you…” James was interrupted by the repulsive sound of Sirius throwing up. “Oh come on!” James jumped up from his kneeling position.

“I’m sorry…I can’t help –” but before he could finish his sentence he threw up once more.

“Hey. Hey!” James put a comforting arm around Sirius. “Mate, are you ok?”

“I think so” Sirius sat down on the wet grass and started rubbing his stomach. James rolled his eyes at Sirius then went over to Molly once more. He looked down at her pale face, completely forgetting about Lily.



After half an hour leaning against the oak tree, passed out, Lily woke up with a start. It was cold and it had started to drizzle. Her hair was messy, her hands and her sweater were drenched in blood and her face was white as snow.

“What?” she whispered with a puzzled tone in her voice as she tried to push herself up from the ground, but her knees gave way and she fell down again. “Damn it”

She looked around her and noticed where she was. Feeling a bit spooked she made another attempt at getting up, this time succeeding. She picked some pieces of bark out of her messy hair and took off her jacket to take a look at the bloodstains.

“I loved this coat” she whined as she put the coat back on again, although feeling a bid disgusted by the thought that she was wearing a bloody coat. As Lily stood there her tears slowly filling up with tears she heard a soft noise sounding like something stepping on a twig. She quickly turned around quickly and was expecting to find James standing there, but instead she saw emptiness. Letting out a breath of relief she turned around once more and decided to try to find her way back to the castle. She had only gotten the chance to take three small steps when a black bag was put over her head. While struggling to get free she suddenly felt something hard hit her head.


James Sirius

“Hey where’s Lily mate?” the color on Sirius was coming back and he was sitting next to Molly holding her hand.

“Lily?” James looked at him for a moment then snapped back to reality. “Lily!” he had an expression of horror on his face. “Oh god where is she?”

“Well, where you put her when you carried her of to the forest” said Sirius.

“Sirius! I’m serious!” Sirius started to laugh softly but stopped immediately when James gave him a murderous look. “I can’t remember” he muttered as he ran his hand through his hair.

“Well ok think back. We saw Remus attacking them and then we ran out and helped them and then you picked Lily up and…”

“Shut up!” James exclaimed looking around as if looking for something. “I know what happened. I was there, remember?”

“Yeah…” Sirius muttered, going back to stroking Molly’s hand.

“I can’t believe I don’t remember” James looked horrified as he started to pace around in circles. After a few minutes he started to run into the forbidden forest.

“Mate! You can’t just – Hey!” Sirius stood up and started to run after James. Suddenly he stopped in his tracks and looked back at Molly. I can’t leave her. He turned around and walked towards Molly once more.



James reached the oak tree where he could barely remember laying her and looked around. Where is she?

“Lily!” he walked around the oak tree, looking for tracks. “Lily!”

After having called her name at least two dozen times he barely had any energy left. “Lily!” he muttered, “Where are you?”

He sat down on the muddy floor and leaned against the oak tree. How could I be so irresponsible? For all I know she could be dead right now. How could I be so stupid!? I’ve killed her. I can’t believe I killed her. Looking down at his feet he noticed a torn piece of material. He picked it up and examined it. It was black and it had splatters of blood on it. Thinking back he remembered the coat that Lily had been wearing. It must be part of her black jacket he was holding. A tear rolled down his cheek as he brought up the piece of material to his face and softly brushed it against his cheek. A little amount of blood was wiped onto his cold cheek but James was too preoccupied with Lily to realize it.


Sirius James Remus

“It’s not your fault” Sirius said to James as him, James and Remus were lying each on a separate bed in the hospital wing. “I keep telling you.” James gave him a cold look and Sirius looked over at Remus who was still sleeping.

“If anyone should feel guilty, it should be him” he nodded at Remus. “But even if he did feel guilty it still wouldn’t have been his fault. And I’m never going to stop bugging you if you say it was your fault one more time”

“But” James looked over at Sirius, “It was”

“Ok that’s it. I will never stop bugging you as long as my name is Sirius” Sirius said as he threw a paper ball at James, hitting him in the head.

“Was that necessary?” James threw it back at him. “Do you really think that’s going to make me feel better?”

“You need to stop moping!” Sirius gave James a playful push. “It’s not going to change a thing. All we can do is wait. Dumbledore knows so I bet there’s already someone on the job. They will find her”

“How do you know that?” James eye’s filled up with tears. “How do you know she’s ok? Please tell me, because I’m dying to know”

“I don’t know. But if you believe she is then she is until proven not to be” Sirius looked at James with sympathy. James looked at Sirius, surprised.

“But I can’t” James started.

“Just believe she is” Sirius interrupted, “if you do, you will find that she’s perfectly fine.”

“How do you –” but he was interrupted before he could finish.

“Just” Sirius said, “believe!” James looked at Sirius for a second before softly nodding. “There you go. Now take a chocolate frog, and cheer up” James looked around at his nightstand and found a huge pile of candy and at his feet there were at least a dozen cards and presents laying there. James looked through some of the cards. Most of them just said things like ‘Get better James’ or ‘Hope you feel better soon’ or ‘I miss you’.

“Hey listen to this” Sirius said reading aloud from one of his cards. “Sirius, I hope that you feel better and I hope that you find your way out of bed soon. I heard that you had been thinking of asking me out and in advance I would like to tell you that I’m not available. Get better” Sirius gave James a puzzled look.

“Who’s that from?” James asked. Sirius started to laugh.

“I don’t really know. It just says that it’s a 2nd year”

“A 2nd year? Oh my god” James smiled as he went back to eating his chocolate frogs.

“Well that’s new” Sirius muttered as he picked up a new card and started to read it.