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Collapsed by Midori

Format: Novella
Chapters: 7
Word Count: 16,028
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Strong Language, Scenes of a Sexual Nature,

Genres: Fluff, Humor, Romance
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Draco, Pansy, Ginny, OC
Pairings: Draco/Hermione

First Published: 02/06/2006
Last Chapter: 05/16/2006
Last Updated: 05/16/2006

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(04.DEC.06 - Undergoing edit!) He was everything to her and she was everything to him, yet he betrayed her, so she betrayed him, and now her 'rebound' wants her as well. The bizzare love triangle of three very different people with three very similiar motives.

Chapter 1: When Tragedy Struck
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EDIT - 1st Dec 06 - Re-read the story and was reduced to cringing and beating my self into a pulp mentally. Heh. Anyway, this whole story is going to be sent for beta reading (KEIRA IS LURVE!) so no major updates, alrighty? By the way, Hermione and Draco are rather OOC from the JK books.
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~When Tragedy Struck.




How could he do this to me? HOW? Aren’t I good enough? Wasn’t I always there for him? How could he betray me like this? I can’t believe him!

I sat huddled in a broom cupboard, hugging my knees to my chest while fat, salty tears rolled down my cheeks. My hair was looking very unkempt and I knew my eyes were extremely puffy. My eyelashes were heavy with tears and my eyes were blurry. I didn’t know what happened next. Last thing I remember was sobbing uncontrollably, eyes closed tight, tears falling…

Groaning, I slowly pried open my eyes. Sunshine was pouring onto the bed, blinding my eyes with its… wait.


Rubbing my bleary eyes for a clearer view, I saw myself in a large, fluffy, pink bed with white shimmering drapes and the word “Head Girl” on the headboard.

My bed?

When was I in my bed? Wasn’t I in the broom cupboard?
Pushing myself up into a sitting position, I felt something wet slide off my forehead. Glancing at it, I saw that it was a wet towel.
What’s it doing on my forehead?
Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a flash of sliver-blond. Immediately I tensed up and as I turned my head, my suspicions were confirmed.

Draco Malfoy was sitting on a chair, his head on one side of my bed.
Obviously he was fast asleep.
My hand flew up to my forehead and I felt myself burning up. No wonder the towel was on my forehead. But that sure didn’t explain why Malfoy was in my room though.

Did he take care of me over night?

Oh merlin, I hope not. I’d have to owe him and hell knows what he’d do to torture me, the sadistic, evil, twisted little…

Ah, what am I doing? Aren’t I supposed to wake the little git by now?

Slowly, I brought my hand forward and poked him lightly in the shoulder. He didn’t even stir. I tried calling his name but that didn't work either. Well, if it’s a game he wants, it’s a game he gets.
Taking in a deep breath, glaring at him in the process, I leaned over and yelled into his ear, “MALFOY!! GET UP!”


I smirked as he fell off the chair.

He was mumbling and grumbling incoherent words, rubbing his back and then as he saw me his eyes went wide with alert and worry.

“Granger? You’re up? When were you up? Are you okay? How’re you feeling? Are you still burni-”

“Wait! Hold the hundred and one questions! First, let me do the asking.
First of all, how did I end up back in the Heads’ dorm? Wasn’t I in the broom cupboard?”

He shifted uncomfortably. “Well, yeah, you were, Granger, ‘till I found you. Did you know you were sporting a 58°C fever? You could’ve died in there if I didn’t find you! It was way past curfew! What were you doing in a broom cupboard?”

“I was, well, nothing. Personal issues.”

My fellow Head gave me a suspicious glance.
“You don’t say. I’m sorry I even asked. What was I thinking…”
Somehow, I found the way he phrased it rather amusing and I couldn’t suppress a laugh.

Malfoy seemed rather surprised at me for some reason. What? Hasn’t he ever seen a girl laughing? He’s a weird one…

It was only when I shooed him out of my room and passed my calendar hanging on the wall did I realized it was a Saturday. Furthermore, it was a Hogsmeade Saturday! I could skip the robes today!

Smiling all over, I pulled out a white sleeveless turtleneck and a denim skirt. It was rather short, as I had bought it last year but I was still able to slip through the opening of the skirt so it seemed rather a waste to throw it away. Furthermore, it was really beautiful, with crystal sequins along the hem and pockets.
A shimmering pink belt, a light fuchsia cap and hair tied down in two ponytails completed the whole look. I felt rather pleased with myself for not being a fashion victim today. I wonder how Ron would…

Then I remembered.

How he was with Lavender.
How he hugged her.
How he held her.
How he kissed her.
How I felt my heart collapse right there and then.

I completely broke down again. Why did he betray me like this? What’s Lavender got I that haven’t? Why was he so attracted to her? What made him go to her rather then me? Why did he hug her? Why did he kiss her? Why?!

My sobs must’ve been heard my Malfoy because in a second’s time, I heard footsteps and the door to my room opened. By then, I was too busy crying to acknowledge him but he sure did acknowledge me.
In a fraction of a second, I felt his arms around my crouching figure and soothing words being whispered into my ear. I let my instincts take over and I buried my head in his chest. He held on to me tightly, stroking my hair, comforting me. While I was crying, one tiny part of my brain was screaming, “Get out of his arms right now!!! Malfoy is never nice! It’s a trick! A trap!! Free yourself!!” But I couldn’t. I really couldn’t. I needed comfort and reassurance now and Malfoy sure gave me all that.

I was crying harder then ever now because of my internal battle and also to what Ron did to me. Suddenly I felt that his hands had stopped stroking me. He was staring at me, I could tell. Then, his hands lifted my head up to face his and before I could open my tear-stained eyelids, I felt him stroking my cheek with a single finger. Then all of a sudden, his soft lips were on mine.
Instinctively, I pulled away.

"Malfoy! What did you think you were -"

But again, he caught my lips with his, silencing me with the melting kiss but the very surprising thing was; this time,
I felt myself kissing him back.



I saw my boyfriend hanging with this girl that I hate
He didn't have to tell me why last night he was late
I can't believe what you tell me
Your lies have come undone
Now I'm living on the run looking out for number one


I was lost in him.
The kiss was so intense, so passionate.

My arms went around his neck and because of my still-crouching figure; his arms went round my back and as my brain properly registered what was happening, my eyes snapped open and I gasped, only to have him taking it as enthusiasm and slipping his tongue into my mouth.

His lips were pressing on mine so hard, I thought my lips would be bruised soon enough. But suddenly, I didn’t feel like pulling away anymore. I let his hands roam around my body and they stopped at my waist. I could tell that he was feeling the curve of my waist and then his hands slipped to my hips. His mouth was withdrawn from mine and I felt myself give a very light, nearly inaudible moan.

His soft lips came crashing down on my neck and moved up to my to my jawbone. I moaned again and I could feel him smirking at the side of my neck. His lips withdrew a little distance and his breath came down on my ear. Normally, it would have felt ticklish but now, I was practically melting, my spine tingling with lust

I went along with him and pulled my fist down his rock-hard chest. While I melted into him, I could also hear his breaths becoming shorter and quicker. He moved his mouth over to my ear and that oh-so familiar tingle came over me again and he whispered “Don’t cry…

Just those two words pulled me back to earth, and in earth, I was tangled up in Draco Malfoy’s arms, my eyes closed, hands on his muscled chest and he was breathing hard on my ear, hands wrapped around my waist.

I practically screamed mentally.

His eyes were still closed and as his lips skimmed across my skin to reach my lips, I turned my head and wriggled out of his comforting arms.
I was panting heavily and so was he. As our eyes made contact I suddenly felt afraid. I took one last look at him before I fled.

I didn’t know why I fled. I just did. Was it because I felt guilty? That I betrayed Ron? But… Ron betrayed me too…

Something clicked in my mind and as evil as it was, I wanted to go along with it. That’d make Ron feel guilty and hurt. I’d get payback for what he did to me. Although… my plan would involve Malfoy… I mean, Draco.

So step number one of my plan was Malfoy.
What else could I do?
I did a 180° turn and headed back to my room, where I knew Draco would be. He was still in shock when I drew back, I could tell.

If my plan went flawlessly, Ron, not to mention the rest of the Hogwarts population, will be shocked to their life’s end on Monday morning…



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Chapter 2: Slight Winter Sighs
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Wahaha… and I’m back~!! *audience claps loudly* So here, Ron seems OOC. *sighs* i guess nearly all the characters in my story are OOC.. oops. ohh, and here, you'll know how hermione ended up in a broom cupboard. well, okies, chapter 2… =)) (Song is Stacie Orrico: Stuck [and it rocks!!]) The poem at the end is by me... is it silly...? Ohmigosh, i hope not... i spent... 10 minutes on it... hehe...
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~Slight Winter Sighs


I didn’t know why I fled. I just did. Was it because I felt guilty? That I betrayed Ron? But… Ron betrayed me too…
Something clicked in my mind and as evil as it was, I wanted to go along with it. That’d make Ron feel guilty and hurt. I’d get payback for what he did to my heart and me. Although… my plan would involve Malfoy… I mean, Draco.

So step number one of my plan was Malfoy.
What else could I do?
I did a 180° turn and headed back to my room, where I knew Draco would be. He was still in shock when I drew back, I could tell.

If my plan went flawlessly, Ron, not to mention the rest of the Hogwarts population, will be shocked to their life’s end on Monday morning…


As I slowly trudged back to my room, I felt my heart twisting inside me. If I really were to put his plan to action, Draco was sure to be crushed and hurt by the end of it. By the way he kissed me just now, I could tell he had fallen for me… Of course I had already realized this long ago…


@5th Year@

“Why are you staring at me like that?!”
“I-I am not!”
“You were to!”
“I was not!
“Yes you were!
“No, I wasn’t, Granger!!”
“Oh, I give up on you!”

@6th Year@

“My god, Malfoy, stop staring at me in class! I don’t have a hole at the back of my head, so quit it!”
“Like anybody would want to stare at you, Granger.”
“But you did.”
“I did NOT!!”
“We’re squabbling like kids. Alright, just quit looking at me!”
“I get it, I get it!!”

@7th Year@

“…and so we should try to be at peace so as to cooperate as Heads, do you get me?”
“Sure, sure..”
*Rubs nose* “Alright, good, so now we have to- to… *sneeze* to mainta-“
“Granger, are you sick?”
“Huh? What, me sick?”
“Well, you sneezed just now.”
“Well, yeah, just a little…”
*Sighs* “Look, if you’re sick, I’ll do your patrol areas tonight, okay? Just get some rest.”

[Flashbacks end]

Of course there’d been more instances Draco was staring at me. It was fairly easy to catch him staring… He possesses these really beautiful eyes and they are really obvious even a mile away. They turn sliver with a slight shade of blue when his face lights up with mischievous intelligence but other times, they turn stormy grey If he was jealous or agitated, his eyes dim down but a slight spark still can be seen somewhere in there. That was the look he often gave me whenever I was with Ron. At first, I’d shake off the feeling that he actually liked me. But slowly after that, he was being nicer and kinder to me, and I couldn’t help but wonder… Malfoy civil towards me? Towards a muggleborn?

After the first month of being a 7th year, I was fully convinced he held feelings for me. He was always finding time to spend time with me in the Head’s common room. When I was out with Ron, he would wait for me to get back. I was forever wondering though… but I didn’t dare to ask him, I mean, what was I to say?
“Hey, Malfoy, do you like me?”
No, that’d be too awkward. But still, he had been staring at me from 5th year. It was creepy, I tell you, to be stared at all the time. Furthermore, its your enemy who’s staring at you.
It was in 6th year that I hooked up with Ron and Malfoy’s been staring daggers at Ron ever since. I mean, he was nearly always glaring at Ron but seeing the look on his face he made when Ron was with me, I’d wonder if he would ever attack him.
Still, now it was the second month of my 7th year and my dear, darling boyfriend had just betrayed my love. I was right there, wondering why he was so late for our nightly stroll before curfew when I saw him with Lavender. I was right there when he kissed her and I was certain my heart had just collapsed and stopped still for a fraction of a second.
Then I ran.
I ran away from the scene, ran away from him, from the person I held so dear. Curse my cowardice and me! I should’ve confronted him, made him squirm at being caught, made him feel guilty. But a tiny part of me wanted to spare him the pain. Why? Simply because I didn’t want to hurt him.
But he sure as hell hurt me!
I could feel that emotional pain throbbing through my every vein, suffocating me. My cries and sobs were getting louder and my breathing was staring to grow faint. I wasn’t sure if it was past curfew that time but I hid anyway. I wrenched open a broom cupboard and squeezed myself in, desperate to hide from the truth. To hide from all the lies he said.
To hide from reality.
Then I wake up in my bed and obviously, Malfoy had carried me there. He was probably worried so he sneaked round the school, trying to look for me.
So he cared for me.
That was all I needed to know for my plan to work.
Step number one was Malfoy.
Step number two was seducing.


I can’t get out of bed today or get you off my mind
I just can’t seem to find a way to leave the love behind
I aint trippin, I’m just missin
You know what I’m saying, you know what I mean
You kept me haingin on a string why you make me cry
I tried to give you everything but you just gave lies
I aint trippin, I’m just missin
You know what I’m saying, you know what I mean yeah
Every now and then when I’m all alone
I’ll be wishing you would call me on the telephone
Say you want me back but you never do
I feel like such a fool there’s nothin I can do
I’m such a fool for you
I can’t take it what am I waiting for
My heart still breakin I miss you even more
And I can’t fake it the way I could before
I hate you, but I love you
I can’t stop thinkin of you
It’s true I’m stuck on you
Now loves a broken record that’s been skippin in my head
I keep singin yesterday why we gotta to play these games we play
I aint trippin, I’m just missin
You know what I’m saying, you know what I mean yeah
Every now and then when I’m all alone
I’ll be wishing you would call me on the telephone
Say you want me back but you never do
I feel like such a fool
I can’t take it what am I waiting for
My hearts still breakin I miss you even more
And I can’t fake it the way I could before
I hate you, but I love you
I can’t stop thinkin’ of you
It’s true I'm stuck on you
Every now and then when I’m all alone
I’ll be wishing you would call me on the telephone
Say you want me back but you never do
I feel like such a fool there’s nothin I can do
I’m such a fool for you
I can’t take it what am I waiting for
My hearts still breakin I miss you even more
And I can’t fake it the way I could before
I hate you, but I love you
I can’t stop thinkin of you
I hate you, but I love you
I can’t stop thinkin of you
I don’t know what to do
I’m stuck on you


He whipped his head round so fast that he cricked his neck. His eyes had been widened due to what I had just called him by.
“Uh... Are- are you on drugs or did you take a heavy dose of firewhisky?”
“Uh, neither… and I’m sorry for, uh, running…”


Draco was looking extremely uncomfortable.
“Ah... do ya wanna go to Hogsmede… ...with.. me?”
The last two words were barely audible but I heard it anyway. Putting on my best smile, I replied with a simple nod of my head and boy, did his eyes light up. So I hadn't seduced... but he asked me out so I guess it if i really had seduced him, it would still lead to him asking me out anyway...

Due to the fact that it was freezing, majority of the people were squeezed in the Three Broomsticks so not many people were left on the streets. Those who were on the streets however, nearly fainted or died of shock when they saw Draco with me, much like Hannah Abott, whose eyes were popping out of her sockets. I didn’t care, however. I just wanted Ron to come strolling by.
And soon enough, my wish came true.
The door to the Three Broomsticks opened and Ron came out, holding a bottle of butterbeer. He glanced up the street and when he saw me with Draco, his eyes went wide. I saw Draco smirking at out of the corner of my eye and I smiled ever so sweetly at Ron. He was still trying to digest this bit of information, I knew. His mouth was partially open and and eyes were, well… wide. Then as we were about to walk away, Ron snapped back to earth. He ran after us and grabbed my elbow, marched off, pulling me away from Draco.
“Ronald, let go! Stop pulling me! Ron!!”
I wrenched my arm out of his too-tight grasp and glared at him. He turned around to face Malfoy and he looked positively livid.
“Listen Ferret face, if you ever dare to ask Hermione out again, I swear wi-”
“Shut up, Ron, leave him out of it!”
Ron stopped and his eyes bulged out. Then slowly turned his head towards me.
“Did you just- just defend ferret face?! What’s gotten into you?”
“What’s gotten into me?” I mimicked him. “What’s gotten into me?? I’ll tell you what! Where were you last night? Why were you late? What were you doing?? Answer all my questions and then I’ll answer yours!”
Ron didn’t reply. He stared straight into space, not looking at me, nor at Draco.
“Loss for words, my dear? Like I said, answer my questions and I’ll answer yours!” I grabbed Malfoy’s hand and led him away, leaving Ron standing in the snow and frost. Although my eyebrows were knitted together and my eyes had a fiery spark in them, I was positively cheering inside. Mission one was accomplished! Ron was jealous! My next mission was to make him feel guilty. Only then will he learn his lesson!
As the saying goes, “You’ll never know how precious something is until you lose it.” In other words, he’ll never know how precious I am until he loses me.
Although… there is a big flaw in my plan…
If he were to learn his lesson… would I go back to him or stay with Draco?
At first my plan was to dump Draco… but that’s plain mean. Furthermore, I was practically melting when he kissed me. Ron was never like that to me… he never really… wants me… how you say… desire me….
But Draco did.
I sighed in frustration and confusion only to have Draco peer in my face and ask, “Are you alright?”
Sliver eyes… in the night
I gave him a brief nod and as he gave me a grin, the poem surfaced in my mind again.
of shining armour is my knight …
I sighed inwardly.
The stupid poem I wrote in my grade school days kept coming to my mind. I had gotten an A on it and I was so proud of it. But now, it reminded me a little of Draco.
Just then my stomach grumbled. I blushed a little and he gave me smile. A real, genuine smile. To tell you the truth, i've never seen Draco smile. His trademark was smirking and scowling and out of these two, his scowl somehow seems more like the smile he was giving me. I don't mean it in an unkind way but... it was really... weird to see him smiling...
I giggled a little and marched off to Madam Pudifoot’s. He looked rather surprised to be led into such a “romantic” little place. I had my reasons though. I wanted to wait till Monday to let everyone know of my new “relationship”. I didn’t want people buzzing around me on Sunday, the last day I would be allowed to rest before my bizarre plan went to full-time action.
As I figured, there weren’t much people in Mdm Pudifoots’. It was rather empty, except for a couple of people in their mid-thirties.
By the time we finished lunch I was getting tired.
Ah! It’s back, I thought dramatically, The miserable parasites had found their way back into my body! I would suffer for all eternity! Bounded to sickness and to die alone, a lone girl stripped from her rights but brought to heaven on an angel's arms... I was starting to feel feverish again so I stopped with my dramatic(and sadistic) thoughts and said to Draco, “I’m not feeling too well. I think I’ll head back to the castle now.”
He stood up and followed me out. (Obviously he paid. What kind of gentleman made the lady pay?) By the time I reached my dorm, I was half-asleep. Draco led me to my room and I threw myself on the covers. He tucked me in and actually sat by me while I slept.
Maybe being together with him was so torturous after all.
Still, my goal was set.
I would make Ron feel as much pain as he made me.
Mr. Weasley had better watch out…


Sliver eyes in the night

of shining armour is my knight

descended straight from heaven bright

and sense of welcoming, warmth and light.

Candles lit upon pools of love

and soaring high

the flight of a dove.

Somehow, somewhere

he is there;

of sliver eyes in the night

and shining armour is my knight.


Chapter 3: The Sonata and The Championship
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Say hello to chapter 3!! C’mon! Don’t be shy~!! Wahahaha…. And here, Draco gets romantic~! But not in a really, really, REALLY romantic way... Argh, I don’t know how to explain… Just read on and ignore me… *sniffs* SO, thank you to the people who reviewed~!!

|^*~~] (“’\/’”) [~~*^|

~The Sonata and the Championship.

|^*~~] (“’\/’”) [~~*^|

“Did you see who she was with? Did you? Did you??”
“I knooow!! And they were living together for like, only two months!”
“But they hate each other!”
“So? They’re together aren’t they?”
“I can’t believe he sunk so low!!”
“Hey! She isn’t low okay! She’s the brightest witch here!”
“Really? Then why is she with Malfoy?!”

By the time Sunday came, some people already knew of our “little secret”. Word had spread like a wild bonfire, cackling happily in our faces. Although, not much people were actually happy… Still, I must put on a brave face to all the little uh, whisperings around me.

To tell you the truth, they aren’t little at all. Pansy had come ashen-faced to me, practically breathing fire down my neck. Draco had to personally come to “shoo her away. Then there was the whole band of Slytherins, Gryffindors, Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws. My gosh, I could’ve died in the stampede. Hoards of them came charging into my room and started bombarding me with questions. Of course, the Slytherins didn’t touch me. They were too busy yelling at Draco. I couldn’t help but feel a little nervous. If the Slytherins had managed to convince Draco that I was low blood (not meaning that I was a Muggleborn. Meaning that he was too superior for me), my plan would crush and fail in the blink of an eye. Still I had to stay calm. Calm…
Breathe in, breathe out….

Everyone, and I mean everyone was glaring at Draco and I during breakfast. Good heavens, I wonder why this stupid rivalry between houses even started!! I was seated alone at the Gryffindor table and Draco was alone as well. I barely ate a bite when whisperings came alive again. Fingers pointed at me, accompanied by glares and stares. Appetite disturbed, I grabbed my bag and stalked out of the hall.
Lessons would only start twenty minutes later so I went up to the Astronomy Tower. I sat there, thinking about what had been happening these few days and what I had lost. I seemed to have gained nothing these two horrible days… in fact, I practically lost everything, friends, trust and Ron.

Yet I still had this… this seemingly crazy plan. What would I gain? Satisfaction? That Ron was hurt?

The more I thought about it, the more silly it became. I lost a whole bunch of things just because I wanted Ron to feel hurt… jealous…
Was I nuts??
What was I thinking?!

I sighed miserably and started to shake uncontrollably. Tears escaped my already-puffy eyes and slid down my cheeks in a straight path. I was so stupid. So blinded by revenge that I had lost practically everything in the process. Now I wished I hadn’t been so ignorant.

I rested my head in my hands, trying to cry all my tears away, but they came in an endless flow. Like a never-ending storm washing away all the happiness I had ever felt, replacing it all with utmost sadness and despair….
Suddenly, two pairs of strong arms came around me and held on tight. Blinking back tears, I saw Draco hugging me, trying to soothe me as he had once before. I didn’t know how I felt then. Frustrated that he was kissed me in the first place, making me come up with this stupid plan or glad that he kissed me in the first place, making me feel… wanted.

|^*~~] (“’\/’”) [~~*^|

His warm hands were stroking my back, telling me to ignore the stupid whispers, to ignore the silly rumors. He was whispering very softly in my ear; I could hear him tell me that he would always, always be there for me… that he’d share my sorrows, my troubles and problems with me.
I didn’t know why I felt that way, but suddenly, a huge weight had been lifted from my heart. I was able to breathe properly, able to carefully consider what he had just said. Was he saying that he’d always stay by my side? That he’d never leave me alone? I was feeling touched and elated, even though I didn’t really know why. The tears came and went, leaving me both physically and mentally alone with Draco. He seemed to sense that too.
Slowly, he released me from the hug but his hands were on my arms now. He went on with his habit, staring at me. I didn’t know why he’d always do that, but I hadn’t had much time to ponder on the question because his lips just descended on mine again. I had no intension of pulling away, nor of asking him if he had a mental problem. I just went right along, pushing myself against him, savoring the taste of his lips and while my hands were hooked on his neck, his hands were on the base of my head.
The very sad thing was, I had cried for a good fifteen minutes so we had around three minutes to dash up to class number one, potions.
We were both panting by the time we reached the classroom. Professor Snape had also just entered the classroom. He saw me first, but before he could say something nasty, no doubt, Draco stepped into the limelight. Instantly, Professor Snape’s face fell. He’d obviously wanted to punish “Know-It-All Granger” for being late but his favorite student was standing beside me, so unless he wanted to punish Draco and take away points from his house, he’d have to let me pass too. He was cornered and he knew it.
Grimly, he glared at me and motioned for Draco and me to be seated. Momentarily, I was celebrating, but after that moment, I was dunked headfirst to the pools of misery again. Half the Gryffindors were glaring at Draco and me. The other half, along with nearly all the Slytherins, were giving us the cold-shoulder. I sank miserably into a seat, way back in the class. Draco was right beside me and he seemed unaffected. He swung his bag onto the table and sat with utmost ease, staring ahead, looking extremely bored with the ongoing. I sighed and pulled my book from my bag, trying to look almost innocent and carefree but failing miserably.

|^*~~] (“’\/’”) [~~*^|

I threw myself on the sofa in the Heads’ common room, trying to rid my mind of the stupid whispers.
“This cannot do,” I thought to myself.
“I can’t stand this. If only I hadn’t been so stupid…. So… ignorant…. How? How did I smart girl like me, do something so incredibly stupid??”
Sub-consciously, I looked around the room. It was decked in gold and sliver with red and green drapes all around. The common room was large and circular. Two staircases were on either side of a fireplace, which was at the front of the room. Furniture was placed in a circular way. One large semi-circle sofa (which I was resting upon), two green armchairs on either side of it and two squashy red bean bags at the side. A grand glass table with gold patterns along the edge and sliver talons as the leg of it rested in the middle and a marvelous, gold candelabrum sat in the middle of the table’s sliver and gold splendor.
I sighed as I looked around. Hogwarts, the only other place I called home was now icy cold to me. No one, other then Draco, had smiled, waved or spoken to me today. I wasn’t used to it at all… and it was all thanks to Ron.
I felt rage boil inside me. Because of Ron, I was hurt. Because of Ron, I was alone. Because of Ron, I’ll never be able to love again.
It’s all thanks to him.
I’m hurt, alone, unable to love but with a twisted scheme inside me.
Hermione Granger is and will never be like that. Hermione Granger is never stupid, blind or ignorant. Hermione Granger is wise, kind and smart…
Hermione Granger is…

… not what I’ve become.

|^*~~] (“’\/’”) [~~*^|

“Mione… Mione!”
“Wake up!”
“Hermione! Wake up!!”
I angrily smacked him on the shoulder. I was happily asleep when he just HAD to wake me up. Can’t he see that I’m dying of depression right now?? Sleep is the only thing that can cure me!!
Still, he wasn’t keen on giving up.

“Mione! Come on… get up. Look, I know you’re troubled and depressed, so.. I’m treating you for dinner tonight.”
At these words, I instantly shot up.
“Really?? Where to? Oh! But… its Monday today… we can’t go anywhere…”
“So we’ll just stay here.”
“Ahh… here?”

The splendid table in our common room was even more splendid when I saw it. Draco had ushered me into my room and made me change into fine dining clothes. When I was done, Draco called me down and I nearly died of shock. The room was dark, illuminated by only some candles on the candelabra and fine food was spread on the glass table. Draco offered me his arm and I tool it while he led me to the table.

The scene was pure romantic. I sighed contentedly and he smiled.
As I was about to help myself to the food, he presented before me, a fine red rose, full in bloom and fragrance. I gasped at the beauty of it. It was pure red, with darker shades at the bottom and deep green leaves. I made a mental note to cast an everlasting spell on it later.

Soon enough, dinner was done. I was smiling all over. I couldn’t stop myself. It was just too… perfect.
No, scratch that, its going to get better, I could tell.

Draco had just offered me his arm once more and he led me to his room. Instinctively, I withdrew. I mean, you can’t really trust boys, can you?
Draco sensed what I was thinking and he smirked.

“Not tonight.”

I was shocked at how relaxed he sounded. “Not tonight”? Meaning other nights?? I could’ve died. Instead, he, again, gave me his arm and proceeded to his room. Curious, I followed suit.

It was dark.
Darkness covered everything. I couldn’t see a thing. He withdrew his arm from mine and suddenly, I felt alone, frightened and vulnerable.
No response.

Cold dread filled my every nerve. Where was he? And where was I? Sure, its his room, but with all the darkness around, it sure didn’t look or feel like a room.
Then out of the blue, I heard the swishing of a curtain. Turning wildly on the spot, I saw a thin thread of light and half-ran towards it. Light! I must reach it!
Suddenly, a hand grabbed my arm and before I could scream, another covered my mouth. I tried to squirm but before I could, the curtain opened a tiny fraction again. Surprised, I blinked. It opened some more. It wasn’t long before the curtain fully opened and looking out, I saw a balcony. A large balcony, overlooking the silent night of lush greenery and twinkling stars. My eyes widened and my “captor” withdrew his hands from my mouth. Turning around, I saw Draco Malfoy grinning at me.

“What the hell do you think you were doing?? I was scared out of my wits!! Why were you so silent? What were you thinking?”
“Hey, you were too nervous, I had to relax you.”
“Relax me? By grabbing me??”
“But you gotta admit, you’re much more talkative now.”

I blushed. True, I hadn’t spoken much during dinner. It was just too romantic and I couldn’t think of anything to say. Much too perfect, as I had mentioned earlier.
Before I could think of a comeback to counter his remark, he grabbed my hand and let me out to the balcony. I wasn’t sure on what he wanted to do but as we stepped out, music began playing from nowhere. He held one of my hands and the other went round my waist. Without wasting a second, I tucked my head on his shoulder and my other hand on his other shoulder. It was an extremely slow song and he was taking advantage of it. His arm was snaking around my waist and as much as I felt awkward, I felt safe in his arms.

Who would’ve thought Draco Malfoy was capable of romantics as much as the next boy?

|^*~~] (“’\/’”) [~~*^|

Bright sunshine was pouring onto the bed and I sat up, rubbing my tired eyes. Running a hair through my oh-so messy hair, I drank in my surroundings.
Green walls, silk sliver drapes. A large regal oak wood desk, two humongous mahogany wardrobes, a large clear glass door leading to the balcony and a majestic green bed with black embroidery.

Draco’s room.

My eyes widened and I tried to move away but something was stopping me. Something like…
an arm…?
Draco’s arm?!

I took a sharp intake of breath and glanced to my right.
A sleeping Draco was there, an arm around my waist and the other at his side. I had tensed up for a minute, but after staring at his face, I sort of relaxed…

He looked extremely… harmless…. Just his hair falling down on one side of his face and his face neither pulled into a smirk nor a scowl (or his most recent one, smiling). At first, I found comfort in looking at his face, I found peace and warmth but my brain was all like, “Stupid! Stop looking at him!! Turn your head!! Look at the balcony! The birds! The trees!!” So I obeyed my mind (as weird as that sounds) and reluctantly pulled away from him. As his arm lost its “support”, it fell with a light “thump” on the bed and his head rolled to one side and his eyes blinked open. He was unwilling to awake, I thought, because as soon as his eyes opened, they snapped shut again. But what he said next surprised me.

“I must be in Heaven.”

I was in shock when his eyes opened again. He smiled at me and I blushed back. Gah, I think I’m falling for him!

No, no, I’m not.
I’m just….
Cluttered up.
Yes, yes... that’s it….

Anyway, I managed to drag the lazy blonde to the hall where Dumbledore, much to my delight, had placed two chairs on the staff table for us. I smiled widely and headed towards the table, Draco at my heels. Some of the people in the great hall were looking at us while the others continued with their chat and laughter. There weren’t many glares, just stares.

I guess the Hogwarts population is accepting the fact slowly.
All for the best…
I can’t take another day of glares and insults.

Dumbledore was smiling warmly at us from the staff table and I shot a grateful one back. As Draco and I were seated and about to eat, he stood up.

|^*~~] (“’\/’”) [~~*^|

I could barely contain my excitement. We’re going to Beauxbatons!! There was going to be a Quidditch championship soon. Beauxbatons was chosen as they have three Quidditch pitches. Hogwarts, Beauxbatons and Drumstrang are competing. Of course, I would be able to see Viktor again but hey, we’re just friends. Ron had come in before he did… but he betrayed me and well, you know the rest. The Heads, two prefects from each house and the Quiddtich players were going. The rest would be able to go to Beauxbatons to watch each tournament but they were to return to Hogwarts after each match. Those who get to stay till the end of the championship were to take classes in Beauxbatons.

In all, the prefects going are:
Ron (much to my distaste),
Ginny (she made prefect, isn’t that great??),
Adelaide (she’s in the same year as Ginny),
Blaise and

Oh, my blood stats to boil whenever I think of her. The little bitch thinks that Draco is all hers. My gosh, I can’t wait for me to be of age. Then I’d be able to hex her hair off.

But back to being happy: Draco and I were still to share rooms!
I don’t know why I’m happy over that…
I must be mad.

|^*~~] (“’\/’”) [~~*^|

Mid-September came by and we were set to go. The first match was to take place three days later, Gryffindor versus Ravenclaw on pitch one and Beauxbatons and Drumstrang occupy pitches two and three. I really couldn’t wait. I was practically hopping with excitement. On the train, I was completely worn out. I fell asleep in Draco’s arms while the train zoomed passed the country scenery; bring us closer to our tournament…

|^*~~] (“’\/’”) [~~*^|

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Chapter 4: The Malfoy Look-alike
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~The Malfoy Look-alike.


Beauxbatons was a wonder.
It was as if the whole thing was made out of gems, precious stones, crystals and diamonds. It gleamed, shined and gave off a breathtakingly beautiful glow and when the setting sun hit it at the perfect spot, the whole castle turned into something more like that of a marvel. The rays would streak off the castle walls, adding a sliver shimmering tint to the glinting crystal walls. The gems on the walls would sparkle and almost seemed like it was smiling at us.

While I was gaping at the sight before me, Draco was staring off into space. Suddenly his eyes widened and his face scrunched up in disgust. Whipping my head around, I saw a long row of Drumstrang students. Wondering what Draco had got against them, I nudged him lightly in the shoulder and he snapped his attention back to me. He glanced back at the crowd and put an arm protectively around my waist and glared at someone in the Drumstrang population. Feeling slightly annoyed that he was communicating with someone I could not see; I dragged up to the front of the Hogwarts line of students, where, much to my distaste, Ron was standing.

I tried my best to ignore him. I really did. Unfortunately, Ginny and Harry were desperately trying to engage us in a conversation. All I said were “Yes”, “No” or I simply didn’t reply at all. Draco seemed to have forgotten about the person in the Drumstrang crowd and was smirking like an idiot at Ron, whose ears were burning bright red.


The first matches would be the battle between school houses. Meaning a house from Hogwarts versus another house from Hogwarts, a house from Beauxbatons versus another house from Beauxbatons and so on.

Hogwarts’ was Hufflepuff against Gryffindor.
It was a definite shoo-in for the Gryffindors, and I knew for sure that I was right.








A large number of “BOOOO!!”s were heard from the Hufflepuff side as Jordan said that. The Gryffindors were refraining from laughing though. It was already stated as a fact that the Weasley twins and Lee Jordan were particularly sour to the Hufflepuffs after match in Harry’s 3rd year where they won the match thanks to a little dementor problem.



Gryffindor bagged the winning title for today’s match and Draco was left sulking over the fact. Obviously he knew the Gryffindors were going to win their way to the championship between the schools. I didn’t really comfort him, really. I mean, what was I to say?
Don’t worry the Slytherins will win the final match?
Now that’s just false hope.
Plus I’d be siding my own house’s opponent.

The happy thing about such a short match is that you get to see other matches. Which I did.

While the rest of the school retired back to the castle to explore, Draco and I headed off towards the Drumstrang pitch. I wanted to see the Drumstrang’s style of Quidditch and also to see Viktor. Draco was a little unwilling.

I wonder what’s his problem.
He seemed to glare at the Drumstrang crowd a tad too much.

The Drumstrang pitch was… unbelievable.
The players were flying like crazy all over the place it really was too fast for anyone to see properly. And that’s why many of the people had omiculous in their hands. It was fascinating, really. The players were zooming around at the speed of light and all you could see was a blur. It was much faster than Hogwarts. Which also meant that it would be hard to clinch the 1st place…

Amongst the blurs, I saw flashes of sliver-blond. Much like that of Draco’s hair. In fact, much too alike Draco’s. I turned at stared at Draco’s hair before turning back. The likeliness was so uncanny that it was creepy. The player whom possessed the sliver-blond hair was the fastest next to Viktor (he was playing in Drumstrangs match). I couldn’t see his face properly and my eyes just followed his blurry shape. At one point, he hovered above everyone else and circled the pitch –which could only mean that he was a seeker. A seeker who was against Viktor- and for a split-second, his eyes focused on mine and I saw…
I blinked and he resumed being the blurry, pale shade he was.
A boy with sliver eyes, sliver-blond hair and pale skin.
It was a pure Malfoy trademark.
To my right, I heard Draco mutter angrily, “Roy…


Who the heck was Roy?!

I stared questioningly at him and he glared at the pitch before turning and stalking off.
Casting one glance back at the pitch, I hurried in after him.

“Draco! Hey! Wait! I SAID WAIT!!” I thrust a hand out and grabbed the back of his robe, bending down and slightly panting a little.
“Hey, Draco, what’s your problem? It’s not like the Drumstrang students ever did anything to you, you know. So what’s with the black face? The students seemed to get offended everytime you glare at them and yet you sti-“

“Stay away from them.”

“Huh?” I asked, slightly taken-aback.
“Why? What did they do? Why must I stay away? Hey! Wait! Stop!!”
And that’s how it was all the way to the dining hall. Me trying to catch up to him and him telling me to avoid the Drumstrang students.
Christ, what’s his problem?


Of course the Beauxbatons dining hall was a wonder. Crystal doves rested on perches of white gold. Some could even swoop down and eat off the gold plates of exquisite French food. Of course, no one touched the snails. Now, those were just disgusting. No offence to the French people of course… that was just my personal opinion. I mean, who eats these?

The Beauxbatons, apparently. They came down to our table and asked if we still wanted the snails.
Like we wanted them in the first place.

Dinner was great, aside the snails. They served soufflés for dessert. The soufflés were wonderful. They were light and puffy. Definitely delicious.

After dinner, it was bed. Draco and I shared a room but there were two beds, on opposite ends of the room. My bed was a delicate shade of pink, with white satin sheets and black linings. His was green, silver sheets and black lining. My mind was running with all the shields I could put around my bed but Draco had dunked himself on his bed and nothing more was said.
He seems strange, somehow. He doesn’t smirk or smile anymore. He usually has this scary blank expression on his face was his eyes aren’t as nice as before. They were sort of hard, stony and gray.
It was like he was expecting something bad to happen.


The early morning rays cast upon my face and I smiled wildly. I just loved it when the warmth of the sun woke me up. It makes the whole day happier somehow. I skipped over to the washroom to freshen up and threw on pink shorts and a white tank top and donned a pair of pink-stripped sport shoes and left for breakfast. Draco had left already. He had a match with the Ravenclaws later this afternoon and was out for practice. I practically had the whole morning to myself, without having to follow him to keep the rumors down. I passed a couple of classrooms on my way. Each one was large and spacious, with red plush carpets and regal oak wood chairs. It was like this place was meant for royalty, not for students.
It wasn’t until I was about a hundred metres from my room before I had a strange feeling of someone following me. The hairs on my neck and arms stood on their ends as I half-ran towards the dining hall. I couldn’t hear anyone but I felt the presence. Someone was DEFINITELY following me.

My heart gave a leap of joy as I saw the entrance to the dining hall. I quickened my pace and just as I did, two arms went round my waist and pulled me back. I gave a yelp of fright and I fought to free myself but before I could even squirm, I was pulled into a dark classroom. My captor withdrew his arms and suddenly, this scene was all too familiar.
Wasn’t this what Draco did to me last time?

Feeling slightly smug that I could tell it was Draco, I said into the darkness, “Alight Draco, you had your fun, but can you please show me the way out? I need to eat you know! And haven’t you got practice?”


“Draco? Look, I know its you alright, just show me the way out. Draco?”
“Wrong answer.”

At these words, I immediately shut up. That wasn’t Draco’s voice. It didn’t have that much British in it.
But it was… sexy, I must admit. Very sexy…

“Who are you?”


“Who are you? Hello? I’m hungry here!” I surprised at my own confidence. I was terrified to pieces inside.
I felt hands on my arms, gently pushing me back, against the wall and my brain immediately registered what was going to happen next. I twisted my head sharply to one side but unfortunately, my captor knew of my plans. He grabbed my wrists in one hand and brought them above my head. His lower body was pressing into my hips and legs so they were of no use either. With his free hand, he forced my head back, facing him but he didn’t snog me. He was staring at me.

Peeking under one lash, I saw silver again.
His eyes were relaxed but alight with mischievous intelligence. They were silver. Just like Draco’s. His hair was platinum blond, again, just like Draco’s. They were like twins! They even had the same style of surprising people! The only difference is his voice and his eyes. This guy’s voice was much more sexier and his eyes… they make Draco’s seem dull.
He was smiling at me now. Blushing, I turned my head back one side and his smile broadened.

I emitted a tiny squeak when his lips came down on my neck. He rested it there for a moment before brushing my ear, saying, “I like hard-to-gets… especially one like you.”

Oh my god, did this guy have the same style of seducing too??
My insides were turning into goo.
Why, oh why do I fall for these kind of seducing?!

My head pounded on the millions things I could do.
Wrench my hand down and grab my wand.
Bring both my hands down and start hitting him.
Free my leg and kick him.
Turn my head and push him back.

But somehow, as my brain screamed each one of these instructions, my body stayed between the wall and him, hands still above my head and legs still pinned by his legs.
He had withdraw his lips from my neck but now, his eyes are staring at my face. I looked at myself long enough to know that I have high cheekbones, hazel-brown eyes and a certain pink tinge to my cheeks. But as I observe carefully, I can tell that he is studying my lips.

My lips!!

Who the heck DOES that?

Oh right, Draco does that.
Does this guy do EVERYTHING in such a Draco-like way?!

Before my brain processed anything, he and forced his lips down on mine and his tongue was licking my lips… in a very seductive way. I found my lips parting and his tongue went into my mouth. Surprisingly, I was enjoying it. I pushed my body against his and he was finding it much more fun too. His hand had released my wrists but both were snaking up my arms, pulling my tank top down. I wasn’t taking much notice, though. With my hands busy pulling his robe down and my head screaming for me to stop, how could I take notice of that?


It was barely five minutes before I was on the floor, panting heavily with my anonymous “friend”, both shirtless but I still had my inside clothes on. I’m not THAT crooked! He did try to unbuckle them a couple of times to, but I knew my place. Besides, I was on extra-alert after I found out that he had taken off my top without my knowledge.

He was grinning broadly at me now. Then he pushed himself near me and brought his hands around my back. He was whispering something soft into my ear but it was much too soft for me to hear his voice.
I found myself really addicted to his voice.
It was like some kind of drug, making me hormones run and me light-headed with lust.
I had strained my ears but suddenly, I heard a tiny “click” behind my back and I knew what he was trying to do. Slapping his hands away, I straightened my back and buckled them. He almost took my bra off. The little prick was playing on my weakness.

He was pouting when I pulled my top over my head. He looks absolutely ridiculous, lying on the floor, shirtless and pouting.
I bit my lip to hide my laughter while he got up. He turned his back to me and pulled his shirt back into place. While doing so, I quietly walked towards the door, in hopes that he could not hear me but just as I put one foot forward, he wrapped his arms around my waist and buried his head in my hair, whispering, “I’ll definitely see you later, seniorita…”

He turned sharply and walked out of the door, leaving me speechless on both what he just said and what he just called me.
Even his Spanish was sexy.
There is no end to this guy… unpredictable, sexy and good-looking.
There was one problem, however…

Who WAS he?


I had headed over to the pitch without eating breakfast. Suddenly, I hadn’t felt much like eating so I headed off towards the pitch and I saw Draco and the rest of the team practicing. He spotted me and signaled for a time-out, and Marcus stopped the practice. Draco lowered to ground level and dropped cleanly on the ground. As I neared him, I had his unexplainable sense of guilt circling around me.
Didn’t I just do what Ron did to me?

Suddenly, I felt really dirty and small inside so I made a mental vow to never go near that guy ever again. Even if Malfoy was just a rebound, it wasn’t fair for me to two-time him.
Then again, it wasn’t fair for me to lead him on, now was it?

Before I could get my thoughts straight, Draco had stalked over to me and greeted me with a slight smile. I cringed at the thought of that guy who had the same smile… but his was somehow more…. genuine.

“Hermione...? Are you alright?”
“Y-Yes, I am. Erm… I’ll just go up to the stands, won’t I?”
“Is something wrong?”

Why can’t he just let the subject drop??
“Yes, yes, I am. Now go back to practice. I’ll hope for the best!” and I mustered the best smile I could.
He was still frowning though.
“I’m fine! Really! Now go back to practice!!”

Finally, finally, he resumed practice and I staggered over to the stands. It was awhile before the rest of the Hogwarts population came. As the Slytherin and Ravenclaw teams mounted their brooms, the commentary started and I tried my best to concentrate. However, barely ten minutes later, a flash of sliver-blond caught my eye. Turning my head, I saw a bunch of Drumstrang students gathered at the bottom of the stands. This meant that they’re home match must have finished. Now, all of them were staring and pointing at Draco. All, that is, except one.
The anonymous boy from earlier on was looking at me with a warm smile. He is heading up to where I am now…

A couple of the girls in front of me are whispering madly.
I caught bits of what they said, like, “He looks like Malfoy!!’
“He’s drop-dead gorgeous!!”
“I know!! Look! Look! He’s coming up now!!”
“OOH!! Do you think he wants to talk to us?”
“Oooh… I hope so!!”

Unfortunately for them, that Draco-look-alike came and seated next to me, saying, “Told you I’d see you again!”
The two girls were blushing furiously and as he turned to look at them, they bombarded him with questions like, “Are you a Malfoy?”
“Are you Draco’s twin brother?
“Are you from Hogwarts?”
“Are you single??”
“Who are your friends?”
“You KNOW Hermione?”

And stuff like that.
He was chuckling slightly now. I was really amazed by his easy-going nature. He seemed like such a cold-person.
He stopped chuckling and greeted the two starry-eyed girls, who are currently goggling at him.
“I’m from Drumstrang, not from Hogwarts. I am single and yes, I know Hermione. My friends will introduce themselves to you later and no, I’m not Draco’s twin but I am a Malfoy. I’m his cousin.”

I could’ve died as he said that.


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Chapter 5: Keeping to the plan
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Chapter 5!! Yays… the introduction of the Malfoy look-alike!! The song is by Stacie Orrico, title: (There’s gotta be) More to life. I had typed down the lyrics of her first song, hadn’t I? It was in chapter… 3? No wait, chapter 2 (I just checked)!! That song was Stuck. Now this is More to Life… hmm… among those two, I like Stuck better. Strange though… “More to Life” seemed like a bigger hit... ah well…

~ Keeping to the plan


I sat frozen on my seat, overwhelmed by utter shock and devastation.

No way.
There was no way.
There really was no way.

Did I just… just kiss Draco’s cousin?
His cousin?
Backstabbing Malfoy was one thing but backstabbing him with his COUSIN was another. And –ohmygod- what if he tells Draco what I did with him?! The school would know me as a... a- a slut!!

I cast a sidelong glance at... Draco’s cousin (I still didn’t know his name) and he smiled at me… it wasn’t a mocking one or a fake smile… just warm and friendly.
Maybe I had a chance of NOT embarrassing myself while NOT having to ask him to keep mum.

He focused on the match while I focused on him. He was alike Draco in so many ways and yet… he was still so different.
My head was spinning.
I’m with Draco so as to make Ron jealous and here I am fooling around with Draco’s cousin!!
There is something wrong with me.

There really is.


The match ended with a Slytherin victory. The Slytherins were hooting and acting like idiots and wild barbarians. The cousin smiled and got up and with me at his heels; he headed off to where Draco was. Draco was shouting and sweating and he was sort of glowing. That put Slytherin against Gryffindor and Hufflepuff with Ravenclaw. From a distance, he still couldn’t see us. From a distance, I was safe but as his cousin walked confidently towards Draco, I was suddenly afraid that he would tell Draco of the happenings. Or perhaps Draco came up with this plan in the first place!
What am I going to do??

As he approached, I hurried ahead and flashed him one of my smiles.
“Now, now, what’s the rush of seeing your cousin? Can’t it wait till later?”
Oh god… please work, please work!!

“Sorry, my cousin just won a match, I’ve to go congratulate him.” He said as he flashed me one of THOSE smiles.
My insides melted to a puddle of goo as he lightly brushed past me and headed of towards his cousin. People were taking notice of him, as he was the exact replica of a certain Malfoy. They cleared off and gave him a direct path to Draco and held their breath, waiting for what Draco would do.
As the look-alike neared him and gave him a reassuring pat on the shoulder, Draco whipped around and his eyes widened and a single question escaped his lips.

“What are you doing here?”


I managed to pull both of them into our room because the people were really too nosy. And if the cousin wanted to tell Draco of what I did, it would be a whole lot better if the whole school doesn’t hear it.

“Very good performance out there, Draco! Improved quite a bit since I last saw you.”
“Why did you go to the match?”
“Why? To see you play of course! You think I wouldn’t do that? Come off it! We grew up together! We’re as bonded as real brothers!”
“Bonded my eye.”
“Oh, come on! You still haven’t matured. Why are you constantly treating me like the enemy?”

Draco was glaring at the sofa in the corner while the cousin kept pestering him. He got up, sighed and glared at his cousin.
“Listen Roy, stay the hell away from me and don’t even think about touching Hermione. I am warning you. More of your funny business and you’ll really regret it.”

He cast Roy one of those quiet fuming glances before turning to me, kissing my cheek a fraction of a second longer than necessary and retired for the night. Roy was watching him amusedly and chuckled a little when he looked at me.

“Draco’s girlfriend, yes?”

I fidgeted slightly. Damn.

“Well, yes…”
“And what did you do with me in that room?”
“You know what? I’m really tired. You should go now.”

Roy stood and chuckled a bit.
As he headed towards the door, he turned around and faced me.
“Girlfriend or not, you’re still my sénorita. Still and always.”

He took my hand and kissed it lightly, and when he looked up, his eyes were filled with determination. He held my hand for a while before finally disappearing into the darkness. I felt my heart hammering.
How could a simple plan to make Ron jealous turn out to be so complex?!


I slowly headed towards our room. Through the darkness, I saw Draco’s back and I could hear his breathing. It was way too loud to mean that he was sleeping. I quietly sneaked up to his bed and snuggled myself beside him. He tensed up as I slipped my arms around him but after a while, he turned around and faced me.

“What ever happens, promise that you’ll stay by my side.”


Morning awoke me from my peaceful slumber and I found myself in a tangled mess. One arm under Draco, his arm on my waist, the bed sheet twisted around my body in a very messy way and his lips lust a millimeter away from mine. Deciding that I really liked the position I was in, I closed my eyes and rested for a moment. I felt Draco stirring a little and my eyes opened again. He was shifting slightly and I felt him pulling away a little. My natural instinct burst in and I closed that tiny distance between us and his eyes flew open with surprise. It took a moment for him to properly register what was happening and when he did, he closed his eyes again. He managed to pull my shirt up by a centimeter before my guilt came flooding back and I hastily pulled away. He took it as though I wasn’t ready so he smiled. “Well, that’s a really nice way to wake me up.” He said.
Butterflies launched like rockets in my stomach as his smiled. I was getting used to his smiles. Roy’s smile was like his. But Draco’s eyes sparked when he smiled. Roy’s more or less remained the same. Not that his eyes were dull in the first place. Like I said, they were brighter than Draco’s…
Oh crap.
Am I comparing Draco to Roy?
What’s gotten into me??

Draco is my rebound.
Ron is to feel pain.
That’s it. End of story. Finish. Finato.
Roy is NOT part of my plans. AT ALL.


Ive got it all, but I feel so deprived
I go up I come down and I'm emptier inside
Tell me what is this thing that I feel like Im missing
And why can't I let it go

Theres gotta be more to life
Than chasing down every temporary high to satisfy me
Cause the more that Im
Tripping out thinking there must be more to life
Well its life but I'm sure there's gotta be more
Than wanting more

Ive got the time and Im wasting it slowly
Here in this moment Im half way out the door
Onto the next thing Im searching for something thats missing

Theres gotta be more to life
Than chasing down every temporary high to satisfy me
Cause the more that Im
Tripping out thinking there must be more to life
Well its life but Im sure theres gotta be more
Than wanting more

Im wanting more
I'm always waiting on something other than this
Why am I feelin like there's something I missed

Theres gotta be more to life
Than chasing down every temporary high to satisfy me
Cause the more that Im
Tripping out thinking there must be more to life
Well its life but Im sure theres gotta be more
Than wanting more
Theres gotta be more to life
Than chasing down every temporary high to satisfy me
Cause the more that Im
Tripping out thinking there must be more to life
Well its life but I'm sure theres gotta be more
Than wanting more


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Chapter 6: The reason to live
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~The reason to live


Draco had untangled himself from the mess of bed sheets and had left to get showered. I was observing him the whole time. His usual enthusiasm was gone. No longer was he staring at me. No longer was he waiting for an opportunity to pounce.
He was very quiet and withdrawn. He’d stop showering me with neither love nor praise…

And heck, what am I thinking?
Roy wasn’t part of my plan and neither was falling for Draco!

Why do these plans have so many flaws?

During breakfast, the situation made no signs of improvement. Draco was staring into space and I was smiling meekly, shoving food onto his plate – which he did not eat at all. From the other side of the hall, Roy sat with the Quiddtch players. Their table was directly opposite the Prefectorial Table. He winked at me and grinned while Draco, who obviously saw that, tensed up and began gobbling up his food, eyes fierce and menacing on Roy.

Roy, meanwhile, was happily talking to his friends, pointing at me every so often. His friends seemed excited and their mouths began to animatedly open and close, close and open. Roy was basking in the attention, waving a lazy hand, assuring them. All this while, I had been wishing that I had bought some Extendable Ears from Fred and George.


“Stop it.”
“Stop staring at her.”
“And why should I do that? She’s not a puppet you know. She can do whatsoever she pleases and so can I”
“She’s my girlfriend, you bloody prat, so keep your eyes and your hands off her.”
“What’s makes you think I’d want to touch her?”
“You always do. You’re always pouncing on my women. Take this as a warning. You do that one more time, I’ll roast you alive. Literally.

Then, releasing the other boy’s shirt, he stalked out of the classroom door.

Roy smiled at Draco’s retreating back.
“Of course you’d do that… “your” women are always picking me over you, aren’t they? Will see just what you’d do when your father finds out you have a mudblood for a girlfriend…”
Then as the brightness and mischievousness faded, replaced by coldness and emptiness, his eyes dimmed and he walked out through the door, in search of that particular girl which would be the object of his cousin’s broken heart.


“Hermione! Hey, over here.”
That sexy voice caught my attention and I turned, facing the bright silver eyes again.
“Roy! Hey, what were you discussing with your friends just now? You kept pointing at me and…”
“Hey, no worries, just introducing you… and yeah, do you mind going in for awhile? I need to tell you something.” He gestured towards a vacant classroom.
Desperately looking for an interruption but failing miserably, I fidgeted for a bit before asking, “Can we not go in?”
Smirking a little, he pulled me in, despite my slight protests. To be honest, I was a little petrified on what he’d do.

He had cornered me and since he was much taller, he bent down and nuzzled my neck slightly. Blush crept on my cheeks and my hair on the back of my neck stood on its end.
“Uh, Roy? What- What was it you wanted t-to tell me…?” I stammered.
“Nothing, really… but I like this… don’t you?”

Then, at that time, I could find the right words. He was just too… intoxicating.
I felt him smirk and he brushed his lips against my neck. I just stared straight into space while my mind was screaming the words “NOT PART OF MY PLAN!!” over and over in my head. He tilted my head up and descended his lips on my own. It was just like the last time we met. Afraid that my hormones would take over my common sense, I withdrew my head but he grabbed my waist and the kiss deepened. By that time, I was willing to allow myself to follow suit but there was still a flicker of control in my head. While panicking, I had accidentally bitten down on his lip. Immediately, he withdrew his head and wiped his bottom lip, grimacing as he did so.

“You didn’t have to do that, y’know.”
Seizing this opportunity, I said, “Sorry! I’m sorry! I’ll just grab a tissue and clean it…” saying so, I pushed my way past him and tried to reach the door but-
“It’s okay,” he grabbed my arm again, “I don’t mind…”
Damn, damn, damn!!

He drew closer to me again but I held my place.
This nonsense had to stop.

“You know, Roy, you’re a great guy but… can we stop all this? It’s NOT fun and neither is it exciting. You probably just take this as some sort of game, some sort of activity to blow some time on, but, well, you know, I’m really not the sort who’d do this… and, Draco’s, well... you know…”
He didn’t take any of my words in though. He rammed his lips on mine and pulled me into yet another breathtaking kiss.
So much for stopping the nonsense…

Suddenly, footsteps echoed through the hallway. Alarmed, I started fidgeting about but Roy’s grip remained tight. His eyes were shut tight and he was almost kissing me brutally now. It was almost as if it was part of his plan.
The footsteps were getting louder…

Why, oh why didn’t I scream when I had the chance?
Now I couldn’t even fight him off.

As the steps grew louder with every passing minute, my heart pumped faster. My mind was coming up with all sorts of escape excuses but my brain seemed to freeze there. I began thrashing about, insanely and wildly, ignoring the fact that I was hitting Roy. His lips were still firmly pressed on mine and he wasn’t letting me go. It was only a few seconds later when I heard the a fist slam onto the door (it was ajar- Roy had left it open) and a familiar voice yelled, “WHAT THE FUCK! GET YOUR HANDS OFF HER!!”
My eyes widened.

Roy finally tore his lips from mine and smiled at his cousin.
“Didn’t I tell you I would always be better than you?”

Then, everything was a blur to my eyes. I felt a hand grab my arm and it pulled me roughly aside before a flash of red light blinded my eyes. A split second later, the light faded into the blackness and through the darkness, I saw blood.
It dripped from Roy’s neck and shoulder. The gashes were deep and long and the cut on his neck was particularly deep. Roy had his eyes closed and his head was tilted to one side, breathing heavily.
Slowly opening his eyes, he cast an extremely nasty glare to Draco.

“You’re gonna pay for this. You’d never be able to return home after I get payback.”

Saying so, he pushed his way past us and out the door, blood still dripping from his open wound, cursing and swearing all the way. As he turned the corner and disappeared from sight, I turned to Draco.
“What did you do to him? What was that- that… That red thing??” I asked frantically.

He just gave me those quiet, fuming looks and said, “Guess you do care a lot about him, huh..”
“NO! But, I mean… that could get you stripped off your position on the Quidditch team! You may even be expelled, for God’s sake!”
“I don’t care about any of that! He was practically attacking you! He always does!”

For a moment, I had frozen when he uttered the last three words. Did it mean that he knew about Roy and I---?
I decided to play dumb and asked, “Always does? As in…?”

“He’s always pouncing on my women. Always and forever. It has been like that since we were young. He’d go after the girls I like and they’d like him because he’s the possessor of “The Malfoy Charm”. Didn’t you realize that his eyes were brighter then mine? And that he smiles more often even though he’s a Malfoy? He was born that way. A devil in an angel’s costume. I’ll bet his “payback” is something just as bad as him...”


Draco had been called down to Madame Maxine’s office during breakfast and he never came back after that. I sat alone in the common room, wondering where the heck he went and what happened to him. He sent to messages, no letters, nothing. I was getting much too worried when Dumbledore turned up.
Leaping up from my chair, I half-ran towards him.

“Professor, professor!! Do you know where Draco went??”
Professor Dumbledore gave me a grim look before saying, “Mr Malfoy has been found unconscious in the Malfoy Manor. Seems there was a struggle of some sort and neighbours saw flashes of light through the windows. They had contacted the ministry and they found Mr Malfoy sprawled out on the floor, wand in hand. His father was not found in the house and his mother is in America. The aurors who brought him there claimed he was calling you, Miss Granger. Apparently, the first thing he said when he opened his eyes was your name. He blacked out yet again and healers are not clear as to what was used on him and neither do they know what they should do about him. Therefore, I have given you permission to visit him but you are to return to the Beautxbatons castle before the next sunset. After all, Mr Malfoy, though unconscious, wouldn’t mind some company.”
With that, he smiled, a little too grim to be warm, and led me to the Heads’ fireplace, where he passed me some floo power and with a final nod of his head, I threw the golden dust into the fire, watching it turn emerald, thinking of a certain blonde who’d most probably dueled with Draco.


It was a dream.
Draco is alive.
There is no blood.
There wasn’t any one who died.

And yet… a sickening feeling twisted in my stomach. What was it?
Why do I feel like I’m falling off a-


I was sleeping on a chair? What was I sleeping on a chair for? Was I stupid? I had a bed, for goodness sake!

As soon as my train of thoughts ended, last night’s events hit me like a bullet to the stomach.
I shot up from my crouching position on the floor and I saw Draco in the exact same position he was in since a few hours ago when I arrived. Pale but relaxed, emotionless and limp, hands crossed over each other and the only sign, which proves him alive, is the occasional rising and falling of his chest. Although its obvious he’s still alive, I was still very much terrified that he’d stop breathing altogether. Seeing him expressionless and motionless made me very uneasy…

Although I do wonder, when was it since I stared caring about him? I thought his only existence in my plan was to be a rebound.
Could it be that I have fallen for the ferret?
That Ron is no longer of any importance to me?

As I mulled over these matters, Draco’s fingers twitched.
At first, I thought it was just my imagination.
Then his whole hand shook.
Surprised, I knelt down and grabbed his hand, my Gryffindor pride dispersing for the moment. I rubbed the back of his hand, whispering comforting words to myself, hoping that he’d awake, smile and apologize for making me worried. That he’d awake and tell me nothing’s wrong.

But it didn’t happen. After his hand shook, he returned to his normal posture, limp and lifeless, expressionless and emotionless.

I felt a single tear escape my eyes.
Why though?

Had I really fallen for Draco?
Did I really care if he was awake or not?
What’s happening to me?

As the clock struck twelve, and the shadows shrunk back into nothingness, I felt that my whole world had ended…

That there was no reason for me to live anymore.


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Chapter 7: Falling
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~ Falling


As the sun rose, I was still by Draco’s bedside, wondering if he would ever wake up. Tonight, I was to return to Beautxbatons, regardless if he woke up or not. My cheeks were tear-stained and eyes were red and puffy.
Draco had been motionless for more than ten hours. The healers had assured me that the Avada Kedavra curse was not used on him yet he was so lifeless, it seemed as though it had. Only seven more hours before the sun would set and I would be preparing to go back to Beauxbatons.
Draco hadn’t moved at all after his hand shook late that night. I was gripping his hand so hard, my own knuckles were turning white.
A sudden beep from the corner of the room caught my attention and I tensed up, only to see an oval flying machinery of some sort fly over to Draco.
While the flying machine, which came in every two hours to do a scan on him, was zooming about beeping and whirling, it suddenly gave a shrill cry. Surprised, I covered my ears, yelling for the healer to get the annoying bug out. Footsteps thundered outside and the door flew open and the Master Healer rushed in. Relieved, I opened my mouth to complain about the noise the silly machine was making when he shoved me out of the way and hurried over to Draco. Grabbing a potion, he tipped its entire contents down Draco’s throat. Picking up his wand, he muttered something completely incoherent and again, Draco’s fingers started twitching.
Hope gripped my heart as I saw his chest rise and fall faster. The healer then grabbed yet another potion and forced the slimy liquid into Draco’s open mouth. The Head Boy seemed to wince slightly and his breathing came out in gasps. The Master Healer then flicked his wand and made whishing movements.
Draco’s breathing leveled again and everything was still. At first, my heart fell. He wasn’t waking up. He wasn’t coming back to Beautxbatons with me tonight. My eyelids began burning with tears again.
I turned my back on Draco’s sleeping form and tried to stop my tears from flowing. It’s stupid to cry for a Malfoy, I chided myself. It’s one of the dumbest things a person can do. Heck, I don’t even like him…
Do I?

From the other side of the room, I heard the Master Healer say, “Ah, Mister Malfoy. How good of you to be awake.”
Shocked, I spun around, only to find myself face to face with Draco, rubbing his bleary eyes. I couldn’t be more relieved at that moment. I practically threw myself on him, screaming in delight.

The problem?

His eyes grew wide and he ducked out of the way, making me land on his pillow. He had scrambled out of the bed and was now staring at me like I was some mad lunatic.
Shocked beyond all reason, I stammered, “Draco…? What’s wrong?”
He surveyed me for a moment before finally opening his mouth.

“Who are you?”


The sun shone brightly and the birds chirped in Muggle London as Albus Dumbledore made his way to the Leaky Cauldron. Entering the shop, he waved to the toothy Tom before proceeding to the back and tapping on the brick wall three times. The wall arched and twisted, twisted and turned and finally, a hole appeared in the middle to reveal Albus to the busy Diagon Alley.
Dumbledore wasn’t here for sherbet shopping. St Mungo’s had called him up; apparently, two of his students were “not okay” as the master healer had put it.

Pushing the gleaming golden doors open, he walked calmly to the reception and waved his wand. Immediately, his name appeared in the register and he greeted the witch with a smile before proceeding to ward five hundred and forty eight.

Inside, he saw the handpicked Head Boy in a corner picking at his clothes and glancing at the window every so often.
Hermione Granger was seated on a chair in the far corner of the room sobbing silently yet crying her eyes out. Walking silently up to her, he handed a silver spoon he produced from inside his robes and whispered, “Portus”.
He dropped the spoon on her hand as it glowed and in a split second, her sobbing figure faded into nothingness as Draco perked up and craned his neck to see what was going on.

“Hey. Where’d that crying girl go?”
“I’ve sent her back to Beauxbatons. The academy’s nurse will take care of her.
Now, Mr. Malfoy, what happened to her, exactly?”

Draco didn’t reply. He continued staring off into space and when the silence got to him, he realized that Dumbledore was speaking to him. Staring blankly at the headmaster, he asked, “Who’s Malfoy?”

Albus stared down at Draco, eyebrows raised high in surprise then nodded in understanding.
The boy suffered major internal damages and it seemed that St Mungo’s wasn’t able to heal this Head Boy’s memory problem.


Who are you.
Who are you.

Those were the first words he said to me.
Who are you…

His face appeared in my brain as the tears leaked out of the corners of my eyes.

Who are you…
I shut my eyes tight…
The tears won’t fall… The tears aren’t supposed to fall…
They can’t fall…
If they did…
Who are you…
…that would mean that I really had fallen for a Death Eater…
Who are you…
Harry’s enemy…
Who are you…
My enemy…

Who are you?
“Miss Granger! Please! There are other patients in the room as well!”

I stifled my sobs and ducked my head under the covers. The harder I tried to stop, the faster the tears came.

I’m Hermone…
How could you have forgotten me?

I fell for you.
I really have fallen for you.

So how can you forget me now?
Why must you forget me?


Dumbledore had a hard time getting Draco to return to Beauxbatons. In the end, the confused Head Boy stumbled into the fireplace, kicking ashes and soot up to his face on accident. Sneezing, he gasped, “Bea-Beauxbatons!” The flames roared and Draco disappeared in ember fires. Dumbledore sighed and apparated to the Beauxbatons grounds.

Draco was wandering around Dumbledore’s chambers when Albus arrived. He gestured Draco to sit and then proceeded to peer at Draco over his half-moon spectacles. Feeling slightly uncomfortable, the Head Boy fidgeted and then stared at the Dumbledore too. The two remained like that for some time until Dumblebore sighed.

“Looks like we have no choice but to hope that you will somehow be able to regain your memory. All you have to know now is that your name is Draco Malfoy and you are supposed to be Head Boy but now all you can do is to rest, given that you can’t remember anything. You are to stay in your room to recuperate until your memory shows signs of improvement. Meanwhile, there will be a girl who would say, tutor you on homework everyday. She is the girl who visited you a few hours ago in St Mungo’s. No, I don’t think I’d be forcing you to learn the girl’s name. I don’t think I should force you to remember anything else, seeing that you have some difficulty in remembering your own name.” Dumbledore said, looking at Draco with amused eyes. He was repeatedly muttering his name and it eventually came out as “Dracome Alfoy”.
Dumbledore chuckled and spelt out Draco’s name on a spare piece of parchment.
“Here you go. And I would suggest you go straight to your dormitory now. Just exit this room, head straight until you see a tapestry of The Three Monks then turn left and repeat the word, “Glorious” to the painting of the white wolf. Meanwhile, I really have to get back to work. The girl whom will be helping you should probably meet you in about an hour’s time. You two will be excused from classes today”
Draco emitted a slight “Oh.” Before leaving the Headmaster’s chambers. Exiting the room, he glanced around. The corridors were empty, given that classes had started. Glancing to the right, he saw a long spiral staircase, snaking everywhere with dangerous twists and turns. Curiosity got the better of him and he approached it with caution. The staircase was a good stretch down, with funny angles and strange turns here and there. Draco put a foot on the first step of the seemingly rickety staircase and then another. Running a fine pale hand on the railing, he started going down the staircase, wondering where it lead.
Then as his right foot was about to step onto the next landing, his ankle caught one of the sharp angles and his heart gave a frightened leap as he yelled and plummeted face-first onto the staircase steps.


I was still huddled under the covers, wallowing in self-pity.
My head hurt and only a single sentence came to my head.

How could you forget me?

Then something clicked in my brain.
How did you forget me?

Sure you dueled but who-?


Realization hit me like a ball to the gut. Eyes wide with determination and anger I flung the covers off of me, grabbed my robe and threw it over my shoulders.

With that single name in mind, I marched off to the Drumstrang’s chambers, eyes giving off an unearthly glint, teeth gritted together and the school patron yelling after me.

Being Head Girl of one of the three schools, I was given access to every room, every dormitory, every chamber. Storming over to the painting of the Red Knight, I yelled out the password in frustration and every single Drumstrang head turned towards me, the angry girl with Hogwarts robes.

Breathing heavily, I approached the blond boy who was seated –no, slouched- in the center of the Drumstrang chambers –which had gone deathly quiet-, a band of girls and boys surrounding him. He looked up with lazy eyes to meet my narrowed ones.

“What did you do… to Draco?” I hissed.
He cocked an eyebrow and rolled his eyes.
“Nothing. Like I’d give a damn about that wannabe.”
“Nothing?” I repeated, “Nothing?! He’s got memory loss, you prat! You had something to do with all this! I promise you, if you were the one who had-”
“Relax, my sénorita,” I flinched as he addressed me in that fashion. “I didn’t obliviate him, if you must know. What made you think someone as innocent as me used the memory charm on his own, dear cousin?” He asked in mock-surprise.
“You did do it! You- You called him to the Malfoy Manor! You dueled with him!”
“As if. You can ask anybody. I was here, at Beauxbatons, all throughout these two days. That idiot probably tripped on the stairs or something.”

Even though I didn’t want to believe it, I could tell he was speaking the truth. I did see him with his idiotic friends on my way to Dumbledore’s office… But…

“Then what’s with the threat?”
“What threat?”
“You know, the one you made after Draco used that- that funny red curse on you.”
“Oh. You mean the curse which gave me this?” He pointed at the scar on his right cheek, “Yeah, I made the threat but I can assure you, I did not duel with him.” He glanced to his right and avoid my piercing stare.

He was hiding something.
I knew it.
He just was.

But surprisingly, I also knew that he was speaking the truth when he said he didn’t duel with Draco.

I was getting angrier by the second.
If Roy hadn’t done it, who did?

I stood there, glaring at Roy, as if I could get the answers to my questions if I stared hard enough at him. He replied by giving me a blank look.
Frustrated, I threw up my hands and marched out of the Drumstrang chambers, a look of utter fury attached to my face.


“I can assure you, I did not duel with him,” I mimicked him in a high-pitched voice. “Assure my eye! So he didn’t duel with Draco and he’s still hiding something! Merlin, it’s as if I was talking to a wall!”

I was in the dorm I shared with Draco, lying belly-down on the couch and muttering to myself.

“That idiot probably tripped down the stairs? Puh-lease. Who’s the real idiot, the real stupid, irritating, annoying, selfish, ignorant, bigheaded little git? Who was the one who started this bloody game? Big-mouthed prat, stupid, abusing-”

“What’s up with you Granger?

I spun around and froze.

Draco was standing at the doorway; his arms, head and hands were full of scratches, bruises and- wait.

Did he just call my name?


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