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Patented Daydreams by Box_Of_Souls

Format: Short story
Chapters: 3
Word Count: 5,960

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Romance, General
Characters: Draco, Hermione
Pairings: Draco/Hermione

First Published: 01/30/2006
Last Chapter: 07/06/2006
Last Updated: 07/06/2006

'How do they work, what sort of magic is it?’ ‘I don’t know myself but mostly they just follow the normal adolescent girl's daydream.‘ But Hermione isn't a normal adolescent girl. 'And you always pucker your lips before asking a question, too.’ ‘Yes – What?’ Malfoy kidnapping Hermione? Only in her worst Daydreams.
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Chapter 1: Lurking Monsters
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For those who have seen my hints about writing a new story here it is, it took me a while more to edit and type than I thought. The validation process is also taking a while. Due to copyright reasons I have had to take out a large amount of my first chapter. I have left some in because it is necessary in this story. Lets just hope its not too much.

This story is set in the HBP book Pg 114 of 'Draco's Detour", Pg's 296-298 of "The Unbreakable Vow" and the bottom of Pg 308 and top of Pg 309 of "A Very Frosty Christmas".

For the full version and feel of this story I suggest you read the above mentioned Pg's 296-298. The quotes have been outlined with 2 stars each, to show I do know what is mine and what is J.K Rowling's.....

I do not own Harry Potter and the 6 quotes in my first chapter.

Now finally on with the story! Enjoy!

Lurking Monsters

‘And then,’ droned on McLaggen to a disgruntled Hermione Granger, ‘She swoops up to me –and she’s got this really bad grip, it’s the way she holds it, its more of a – but anyway, I could tell she was about to drop it, so naturally she’d aim for the closest hoop and I –if you don’t mind me bragging-’

‘That’s really interesting Cormac,’ cut in Hermione. ‘But I think I should get drinks.’

McLaggen looked down at the almost full goblet in his hand.

‘But I’ve still-’

‘You need more.’ She cut in again.

‘Ok, but hurry, I still haven’t finished telling you about my save against Demelza. ‘And,’ he pointed to the mistletoe decorating Slughorn’s ceiling. ‘You don’t want to miss out on any treats.’ He winked suggestively and she raised her eyebrows.

‘Er…no… of course not…’

Without another word she slipped off into the crowd at Slughorn’s party.

She breathed a sigh of relief, but next second someone behind her called out.

**‘Hermione! Hermione!’

She tensed ready to spring back into the crowd but then realised the voice didn’t belong to Cormac McLaggen at all.

‘Harry! There you are, thank goodness!’**

She said hello to Luna who was standing next to him wearing a set of silver spangled robes and was obviously his date.

**‘What’s happened to you?’ Asked Harry**, looking at her as though she had Doxy’s in her hair.

**‘Oh I’ve just escaped – I mean I’ve just left Cormac,’ she said ‘Under the mistletoe,’ she added in explanation, as Harry continued to look questioningly at her.

‘Serves you right for coming with him,’ he told her severely.

‘I thought he’d annoy Ron most,’ said Hermione dispassionately ‘I debated for a while about Zacharias Smith, but I thought, on the whole-’

‘You considered Smith?’ said Harry sounding revolted.**

Hermione winced inside at his tone.

**‘Yes, I did, and I’m starting to wish I’d chosen him, McLaggen makes Grawp look like a gentleman. Let’s go this way, we’ll be able to see him coming, he’s so tall…’

The three of them made their way to the other side of the room, realising too late that Professor Trelawney was standing there alone.**

Luna said hello to the mad Professor but Hermione ignored them. At least Trelawney wasn’t raving on about Harry and death.

**Harry gripped Hermione’s arm and drew her closer and said in a slightly accusing tone, ‘Let’s get something straight. Are you planning to tell Ron that you interfered at Keeper tryouts?’

Hermione raised her eyebrows.

‘Do you really think I’d stoop that low?’

Harry looked at her shrewdly.

‘Hermione, if you can ask out McLaggen-’ **

Hermione sighed as she explained to Harry that there was a difference and of course she wouldn’t tell Ron that she interfered with Keeper tryouts.

**‘Good,’ said Harry fervently. ‘Because he’ll just fall apart again and we’ll lose the next match-’

‘Quidditch!’ said Hermione. ‘Is that all boys care about? Cormac hasn’t asked me one single question about myself, no, I’ve just been treated to A Hundred Great Saves Made by Cormac McLaggen non-stop, ever since – oh no, here he comes!’**

Hermione moved as fast as she could, she dashed between two guffawing witches and glanced behind her.

She could just see McLaggen squeezing his way towards Harry.

She didn’t wait around to see wether Harry was mad enough at her to give away her position but dived into the crowd.

She spotted Ginny and walked towards her.

‘Hi, Ginny.’

‘Oh, hi, where’s McLaggen?’

‘Under the mistletoe. Where’s Ron?’

‘With Lavender, I think I heard them mention something about going to the Astronomy Tower. He’s being such a hypocrite.’

‘He didn’t mention anything about McLaggen, did he?’

Ginny’s face fell, ‘Er… no, sorry. I haven’t heard him say anything, sorry.’

‘Oh, no!’ Without any explanation to Ginny, she fled again seeing her dates tall frame nearby.

Hermione glanced around the room for Harry but he seemed to have disappeared. Hermione dodged McLaggen for a whole ten minutes until she found herself on one edge of the room.

To her horror the crowd parted to reveal McLaggen, she was close now to the door of Slughorn’s office and there weren’t many people or anything to hide behind.

She looked around frantically for another escape but saw only the door.

She shot outside fast as a Firebolt.

She ran behind a tapestry and waited for a moment and then withdrew back inside.
Hermione emerged from the tapestry and sighed.

There was no real point going back in, she had only really spent her time running from Cormac and Ron hadn’t even seen them together. He didn’t seem to mind and was still snogging Lavender. She decided she needed someone worse to make Ron jealous. A Slytherin would be best but there was really no chance of that happening.

Next moment while Hermione was still lost in thought, Malfoy walked around a corner looking livid and mumbling to himself.

‘Need help! Do I need help? I’m perfectly capable-’

He fell short when he saw Hermione.

‘What are you doing out this late Malfoy? I don’t remember you getting an invitation to Slughorn’s party.’ She said this last thing with a sneer. ‘Before you even ask I, unlike you, do have an invitation.’

Malfoy’s face became a nasty shade of red.

‘I don’t care if you got an invitation. And as for what I’m doing out this late Granger, it’s none of your business. You see Mudblood; some people take risks once in a while, break a rule or two. You should try it sometime Granger. Without saving the world at the same time.’

‘I’ve broken rules! But breaking them just for the fun of it is wrong Malfoy. Then again you wouldn’t know right from wrong, look where your father ended up.’

Malfoy hissed and took a step towards her, apparently trying to be menacing however Hermione didn’t even flinch.

‘Don’t you mention my father, you filthy, dirty Muggle-born. It’s you, your precious Potter and your blood traitor boyfriend’s fault!’

Hermione glared at him. ‘He got what he deserved… Besides Ron Weasley is not my boyfriend. He’s going out with Lavender Brown.’

Malfoy’s face became blank and Hermione noticed he had uncharacteristic bags under his eyes and a greyish tinge to his already pale skin.

‘Not your boyfriend?’


Hermione stared at him, he looked relieved and he seemed to have forgotten that he was in a towering rage.

‘Malfoy,’ she said in a cold voice. ‘This really is late for a little boy like you. You don’t want to get in trouble. Besides there are monsters, lurking in the dark at midnight.’

Malfoy shot her a look that could wither even Devil’s Snare.

‘As I said Granger, some people break rules every now and then, without having to save the world to make up for it. Some people disobey Filch and Dumbledore, Right under, their noses.’

He lent towards her and whispered in her ear,

‘You should try it sometime Miss Prefect.’

He whipped around and stormed off swearing and cursing, he turned and flew open a tapestry into a shortcut and ripped the tapestry right off the wall.

Hermione winced and muttered, ‘Reparo.’ Pointing her wand and the tapestry re- attached itself.

Malfoy had been gatecrashing and she knew it, he was mad because he didn’t get in.

Hermione half grinned and half let out an exasperated sigh at the thought of how Harry would be able to turn Malfoy’s words and his rage into evidence about his Malfoy-Is-A-Death-Eater theory and she decided that she wouldn’t tell him, there was no need, really.

Hermione shook her head and trudged up to Gryffindor tower, thinking of ways she could make Ron jealous.

She decided that even a Slytherin was going to far and it would further enrage Harry, who hadn’t done anything wrong.

There wasn’t much point trying to attract the attention of a Slytherin anyway because Hermione couldn’t get any of the Slytherin’s even if she tried… even if she was madly in love with one of them… She was muggle-born.

‘Baubles,’ she said sullenly to the Fat Lady who swung open and she climbed inside.

Hermione thanked her lucky stars that Ron and Lavender were still in the Astronomy Tower and not on the common-room couch sharing a moment.

Everyone else was either in bed or at Slughorn’s party. Hermione decided that she would finish her packing for the Christmas Holidays now.

As Hermione was passing the couch there was a crunching sound at her feet and she looked down.

She had trodden on a box. She knelt down and picked it up.

It looked as if someone had tried to stash it under the red cushions of the lounge and as she read the label she knew why.

It was one of Fred and George’s banned products.

On the box was a highly coloured picture of a handsome youth and a swooning girl standing on the ramparts of an old castle.

‘Patented Daydream Charms,’ she read. ‘One simple incantation and you will enter a top quality, highly realistic thirty-minute daydream, easy to fit into the average school lesson and virtually undetectable (side effects include vacant expressions and minor drooling). Not for sale to under sixteens.’

Hermione realised with a shock that Fred had given one of these to her for free, when they had visited Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes (except in the picture they were standing on a pirate ship) and it now lay forgotten in the bottom of her trunk.

Hermione opened the box and a piece of paper fell out. She stared at it for a moment.

It was a page from some sort of textbook. A page from a textbook? Was this some sort of joke?

She turned it over and saw with wonder that the words were switching into each other, melting and swapping until the entire page was filled with the same incantation, over and over again.

Not a joke just undetectable.

She smiled, not only if it worked would it be a very clever bit of magic but also if a teacher told you to turn out your pockets, it would just look like a page from the textbook. Hermione guessed the idea was that you put it over the top of the page you were supposed to be reading and no one would realise.

Hermione scorned for a moment thinking that people were skipping classes this way but then paused and grinned. She wasn’t in a class so she wasn’t missing out on anything or skipping for that matter. She still had her Patented Daydream Charm upstairs so she could swap it back and of course she did ever so much want to see if the Weasley twins magic really worked.

Secretly she wanted to prove Malfoy wrong and she was annoyed at Harry and Ron, she wanted to break a rule without them for once.

It wouldn’t do any harm, if anyone asked she had just confiscated it…. Besides it could actually be fun.

She took a deep breath, looked down at the paper and read the incantation.

‘Diem Delirio Somnium Perfectio Mentis Adduco.’

For a moment nothing happened and Hermione felt like she was floating in fog and then her vision cleared.

She was sitting in a dining room of what looked like a very, old castle.

Chapter 2: Puckered Lips
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A/N: More D/Hr in this chap...Well this is a much shorter authors note.

I own nothing except the plot.

Puckered Lips

How did I, get here?

There was a man on one side of her who had messy black hair, spectacles and green eyes, Hermione couldn’t help but think that this boy looked a lot like Harry, though he had no lightning bolt scar on his forehead but a scar above his right eye which looked oddly like a broomstick.

On her other side was a boy with slightly long red hair and blonde streaks, he looked slightly mean and tactless.

He looked like Ron Weasley.

‘Excuse me,’ she said tentatively, ‘Who-’ but she didn’t need to finish her question. These were people in her daydream and although she couldn’t remember anything about them, the magic seemed to fill in the blanks and she knew who they were.

The Ron look alike turned to her for a moment and when she did not continue, he addressed the other boy.

‘Now Harry,’ again her unexplained knowledge came to her. This wasn’t really Harry Potter but a close replica. A very close replica. ‘What are we going to do about the invasion?’

Hermione realised with a slight sinking feeling, as the red haired man waited for an answer, that this was probably an old muggle castle with no magic at all.

‘There's not much we can do but wait with wands at the ready.’

She smiled. Then again Fred and George would know nothing about old muggles.

‘We should do something to protect Hermione.’

The great oak door opened and a girl walked in carrying a tray of grapes and cheese.

‘Heres your lunch,’ she said laying it down.

Ronald stood up.

‘Thank you Lavender.’ He gave her a long, wet kiss and then she departed.

Hermione scowled, even in her Daydreams Ron was a tactless-


Someone had just Apparated inside the room.


There was a second person and-


Harry and Ron leapt to their feet drawing wands from inside their olden style puffy shirts.

Hermione went to reach inside her robes and looked down to find no robes but an old blue corset type dress.

‘Oh, no.’ She whispered and stood up searching frantically for her wand but she could not find it.

‘Are they Lord Mort’s men or the Council of Magic’s men?’ Ron shouted loudly to Harry.

‘I’m not sure. But they aren’t going to be friendly!’ He called back and curses and hexes began to be thrown around the room.

Red sparks flew past her shoulder and she felt a tingling where it had just missed.

‘Hermione get down!’ yelled Harry as a he reflected a curse.

Hermione looked about and saw the door.


There was a chorus of ringing voices saying various spells and incantations.

Another curse rushed past her but this time missed her head by a foot.

‘Hermione get down!’ Harry yelled again, as he sent his opponent tap-dancing across the room.

Hermione turned around and ducked with her arms over her head, just in time as blue flames flew towards her, this time they would have been right on course.

Hermione stood again and began to sprint across the hall, lifting her skirts as she ran.

She ducked again having to crouch on the floor to escape an odd silver curse.


Hermione stood again and sprinted as fast as she could hands over her head, almost tripping on her dress.

She reached the door and kidded to wobbly halt.

Before she could even reach out to open it, someone gripped her shoulder and they Disapparated with another loud crack.

Hermione blinked. The sensation wasn’t anything like what Harry had described his experience with side along Apparition to be like.

Then again it was probably just that this wasn’t real but a daydream.

There was another loud crack and she and the person gripping her arm reappeared.

They were standing in a library, a very old library, a very big, very old library that was bigger than the Hogwarts library and was filled with many old books.

The hands let go and she span around.


There indeed was standing a platinum blonde with a pointy face, though he seemed slightly taller and more handsome than the real Draco Malfoy.

‘Yes, Granger,’ he said in a tired voice ‘And no Granger, I will not let you go.’

‘Where am I?’ she asked.

‘Lord Mort’s library and don’t even try Apparating away. It won’t work.’


‘Before you even ask Granger, you are here because you are part of the Plan.’

“The Plan” right, well, if you don’t mind, I’ll be going now.’

She pushed past Malfoy and headed towards the door.

‘Do you really think that's going to work, Granger?’ he hollered from behind.

‘Worth a try,’ she called over her shoulder.

The door was a big wooden one. First she tried opening it. Just as she suspected it was locked.

Hermione recalled with a jolt that she had no wand.

‘Give me your wand, Malfoy.’

‘Yeah right, Granger.’

‘Well, you said yourself I won’t be able to open the door anyway.’

‘Yes, Granger, but you would be able to curse me. Me wandless you armed. I don’t like the odds.’

Her arm tingled annoyingly.

Malfoy paused for a moment.

‘Come here Granger.’

Her arm tingled again.


‘Granger,’ he said angrily. ‘Let me see your arm.’

‘Why Malfoy?’

He rolled his eyes and pointed his wand at her. For a split second she thought he was going to use the Imperius curse on her but instead he said;

‘Accio dress.’

Hermione, being attached to the dress was pulled backwards as if on a magnet, towards Malfoy.

Before she could wrench her arm away, Malfoy reached for it and tore the shoulder off of her pretty blue dress.

‘Malfoy!’ she cried indignantly, her eyes widening. ‘How dare you! You have no right to-’

‘Really Granger, take a look at your shoulder.’

She peered over her shoulder and saw with a gasp what Malfoy’s excuse for his inexcusable behaviour was.

She had a large gash in her shoulder, which was apparently what the spell that had missed her was. It obviously hadn’t missed her.

‘Now will you let me look?’ Malfoy asked impatiently.

Hermione nodded faintly.

Malfoy ripped her sleeve open more to get a better look.

Malfoy conjured a strip of cloth out of thin air.

‘Why don’t you just use your wand?’ she asked.

He glared at her. ‘It’s not that easy Granger. This isn’t just any old cursed cut, its dark magic.’

Hermione decided not to argue and watched as he conjured another wet cloth with his wand and placed it gently on her arm.

‘Your handling this pretty well, Granger.’

Hermione thought so too, it was rather odd, she had a deep bleeding gash in her arm but it only tingled.

She guessed it was part of the magic of the Daydream; you weren’t after all, supposed to feel pain in a daydream.

She winced however as Malfoy moved the cloth even though she couldn’t feel anything.

‘Why are you still here with me Malfoy?’ She asked as he began to wrap the bandage around her arm gently.

‘I was asked to watch over you, Granger. Trust me, I’m not happy with this arrangement. I’ve got much better things to do, than baby-sit a Mudblood. There. I’m done.’

He let go of her arm and she felt a pang of loss, she hated to admit it but it had felt nice having him touch her so gently.

‘That should make it feel better. I’m just glad I didn’t have to touch any of your dirty blood.’

Have I gone mad? Miss his slimy touch! I think not!

Hermione was sure Malfoy seemed to have the same feeling of loss and although she felt cruel doing it she decided to take this opportunity to escape.

She had to escape after all.

Without warning, she lunged at his wand and snatched it from his breast pocket.

For a moment he looked back and forth between her and his wand.

She took this moment and sprinted towards the door.

Malfoy roared and charged after her.

‘Alohomora!’ she screamed, pointing Malfoy’s wand at the door.

Wether it had worked or not she did not know, for next second Malfoy came tumbling down on her.

He reached for his wand and she pulled back.

He began tackling her for the wand, normally Hermione would be able to push him off her but it was as though she had taken some sort of Strength Draining potion.

After a minute of struggling, kicking and pushing he managed with difficulty, to pull the wand out of her hand and collapsed on top of her gasping for breath.

‘You Granger,’ he panted. ‘You are stronger than you look.’

‘Trust me Malfoy,’ she said in a muffled voice beneath him. ‘If I was my normal self, I would be out that door by now.’

‘I have that much effect on you do I Granger?’

She rolled her eyes.

‘Yeah right, get off me Malfoy.’

‘Say please.’

‘Get off me Malfoy.’

‘No I don’t think I will. You’ve worn me out so much Granger, I think I’ll stay here a bit longer.’

‘Get off me Malfoy or I’ll think your enjoying this.’

‘What if I am? I’m really quite comfortable here.’

She growled. ‘Get off me, before I grab your wand and turn you into a ferret.’

Malfoy sighed, got to his feet and sent her a glare.

‘Don’t try and steal my wand again. I’ve been ordered to keep you here and I’m not going to mess up.’

‘That's not going to stop me from escaping.’ Hermione said getting to her feet also.

‘What do I have to do, Granger? Petrificus Totalas? Stupefy? Incarneious? Imperius?’

‘Oh, you could,’ she said cunningly. ‘But I don’t think that would look very good if anyone came to fetch you… you can’t even keep a Muggle-born like myself contained even for an hour without immobilising her. I mean, you could. Nothing’s stopping you. Then you could just sit her with all these books for company. Nothing else, I’m sure you’ll find that fun.’

He glared at her and reluctantly agreed she was right.

‘Your clever you know that Granger?’

‘Yes, I'm aware of that Malfoy.’

‘And you have an annoying knack of being right, all the time. You know that too?’

‘Yes, I'm aware of that as well.’

‘Did you know that you never shut up?’

‘So I’m told.’

‘You’re a filthy Mudblood.’


‘You have bushy hair, too.’

‘Yes, Malfoy. So you keep telling me.’

‘And you always pucker your lips before asking a question, too.’

‘Yes – What?’

Malfoy blinked and then cursed under his breath.

‘I do not!’ she said indignantly.

Hermione found herself puckering her lips before she asked; ‘Why did you say that anyway?’

Her mouth fell open and she stared at him.

‘Oh, Merlin. I do pucker my lips before asking a question.’

‘Yes, Mudblood, you do.’

She put her head in her hands.

‘I – how did you – you noticed this?’

He glowered at her and looked rather like an angry deer caught in the spotlight.

‘It’s rather hard not to, seeing as you spend most of your time asking questions.’

‘I think your lying.’

‘I think your stupid.’

‘Oh, very mature, Malfoy.’

‘Do you want to know the truth Granger?’

‘Yes, I do.’

‘Fine. If you must know-’

There was a knock on the door and Malfoy seized Hermione’s arm just before the door flew open.

There standing was a tall dark boy with slanting eyes and forehead.

‘We’re ready for the Mudblood now Malfoy.’

He outstretched his arms waiting.

‘Are you sure?’

‘Yes, hand her to me.’

Malfoy hesitated. ‘Can’t – can’t it wait until later like we planned?’

‘No, he wants her now. Give her to me.’

Malfoy still didn’t move and Zabini glared at him, Malfoy glared back and for a moment Hermione simply looked between them.

Before anything more could be said, Gregory Goyle burst in.

‘Malfoy you – Zabini what are you doing here?’ He asked suddenly noticing the dark boy standing next to him arms still outstretched.

He lowered his arms quickly. ‘I was er … fetching the Mudblood.’

‘But you were just there you heard what Our Lord just said.’ He turned to Malfoy. ‘Speaking of which Malfoy, Potter and Weasley are attempting a rescue mission. You are supposed to keep Granger here until I – not Zabini here – come to fetch you.’

He shot Zabini a look and then walked out with him, closing the door as he went.

‘I knew I shouldn’t have trusted him.’ Malfoy said angrily, as soon as there footsteps died away. ‘He likes you as well, you see.’

‘He what?’ Hermione asked disbelieving.

‘He likes you as well.’

‘Zabini likes - As well as who?’

Malfoy flushed and let go of her arm.

‘No one.’

‘Your lying again, Malfoy.’

‘Be quiet, Granger.’

‘No I will not. I know your lying. As well as who?’ Hermione was paying attention now. What was he trying to hide?

‘I’m warning you Granger. Stop asking me that question.’

‘As well as who, Malfoy?’


‘As well as who?’


‘As well, as who?’

Malfoy put a hand over her mouth.

‘Shut up Granger.’

Hermione bit the hand.

Malfoy drew it back in surprise.

She grinned mischievously and stepped back.

‘Why thank you Malfoy.’

‘For what?’ he asked in surprise, looking at her questioningly.

‘Well, for not handing me over to Zabini who is quite scary and I’ve no idea why he wanted me to go with him, even against his Masters orders.’

She had her hands behind her back in a business like manor.

‘And also, for this.’ She pulled his wand cleverly out from behind her back.

‘Give it back, Granger.’ Malfoy sighed.

She laughed, still stepping backwards.

‘No, I think I’ll-’

Hermione shrieked, she had stumbled on a pile of books on the floor and was flying backwards.

Malfoy lunged forward and grabbed her around the waist just before she hit the ground.

Hermione stared at him in surprise.

‘You caught me?’

‘Yes, Granger, I caught you.’

Malfoy pulled her back to her feet, arm still around her waist.

Hermione puckered her lips for a moment.

‘Why?’ she asked curiously.

Malfoy gazed at her for a moment, thinking up an answer and then sighed seeming to decide on something.

He looked her in the eyes and half smiled.

‘Well, you see Granger, even though I know you’re an annoying Know-It-All Mudblood, who never breaks the rules, hangs around with Saint Potter and one of the biggest blood traitors - I – I can’t help but like you…’

Hermione stared incredulously at him.

No way.

Did Draco Malfoy just admit he liked her?!

No way.


But he just had, he had just bluntly admitted to liking her.

Did she like him back?



‘Can I kiss you?’


And that was how it happened.

Hermione had no idea what made her say yes but there she found herself in the most romantic kiss.

She could hardly believe she was standing in the most beautiful library she had ever seen, kissing a boy who seemed to get more handsome with every passing moment.

They broke apart and she stared at him, her arms around his neck and asked him.

‘Did we just kiss Draco Malfoy?’

‘Yes, Hermione Granger, we did.’

‘I can’t believe it.’

‘I was nice though wasn’t it?’

She nodded faintly.

There was a comfortable silence, that neither wanted to break.

All of a sudden Hermione felt like time was trying to speed itself up for something.

Things started to happen in a calm blur.

There was scraping outside the door and Malfoy glanced at it worriedly.

‘There coming for you. I’m not letting them get you.’


‘We’ve got to escape.’


‘Accio brooms.’ There was a silence and two brooms flew through the window.

‘Have you gone mad? Are you seriously trying to help me escape.’


‘Are you sure about this?’

Malfoy glared at her.

‘Get on the broom Hermione. We’ve got to escape.’

It was too late and the door burst open.

There were standing Harry and Ron, wands in front of them, staring at Hermione in their enemy’s arms.

Ron turned a nasty shade of red and his face contorted with jealousy.

‘What's going on?!’ he demanded angrily.

Hermione opened her mouth to reply but an odd sensation came over her, it was like she was falling through fog, wondering what on earth was going on she shouted into the grey but no sound came out.

Chapter 3: Platinum Illusion
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I've never had so much trouble validating a story before...

And now for the last chapter which ties everything together....

I do not own the star quotes!

Platinum Illusion

‘Hermione? Are you ok Hermione?’

She blinked and found Neville Longbottom standing over her on the couch, waving his hands in front of her face.

She sat staring at him, wondering how on earth she had got to be back in the Gryffindor common-room and then realised with cold shock that it had all been a daydream.

An illusion.

She wasn’t in olden times. She hadn’t been kidnapped.

She hadn’t kissed Draco Malfoy.

‘Oh, Merlin.’ She breathed.

Neville sighed in relief.

‘Thank god your ok Hermione, you’ve been sitting there for five minutes, without moving, ever since I came in.’

He lowered his voice. ‘It was like you’d been possessed or petrified.’

‘It’s ok Neville, I’m fine.’ She hesitated and then asked him. ‘I didn’t say anything did I?’

‘No. You just had this dreamy expression. You looked like you were going to start drooling to tell the truth.’

‘Oh. Well I’m really tired Neville, I think I’m going to bed.’

She bid Neville goodnight and went to her dormitory.

She glanced at her trunk were her Patented Daydream Charm lay and sighed as she lay on her bed.

She lay but did not sleep.

Of course Fred and George’s daydream charm had been extraordinary piece of magic but something had gone wrong.

She guessed now that the reason Malfoy had been stronger than her was that charm had been made that way.

It had been so real and she had been convinced that she was really kissing Malfoy.


Of all people, her daydream had involved her kissing him.

Something had gone terribly wrong.


And yet secretly Hermione couldn’t say the daydream had been bad.

It was at this precise moment that a memory lost in the back of her mind; of a conversation she had heard, surfaced.

It had been between two of Fred and George’s customers, a boy and girl with black hair and the blonde assistant, Felicity.

‘How do they work, the daydream charms I mean?’

‘Well, you read the incantation inside the box-’

‘No, I mean what sort of magic is it?’

‘You’d have to ask the Mr. Weasley’s, I don’t know myself.’

The boy held up the box. ‘But surely not everyone would like the same daydream.’

‘Well, of course you choose the different locations,’ she motioned to the variety of pictures on each different box in the Patented Daydreams stand. ‘But between you and me,’ Felicity lowered her voice and the boy and girl leaned in. ‘The daydreams alter depending on the person, how sober they are and they’re mood at the time. I mean, you can’t very well have a boy daydreaming about a handsome knight – unless, well you know…

‘We’ve had few people say their daydreams weren’t like the picture on the box or that they involved people resembling and named the same as people they already knew but mostly they follow the normal adolescent girl – or boys – daydreams.’

The girl with the black hair held up the box and asked in surprise.

‘Why ever don’t they just get a refund?’

‘Well, you see, however the Weasley’s magic works, the daydreams alter themselves just enough that even if its different to the packages, our customers are still satisfied or,’ again she lowered her voice and again the boy and girl with black hair, leaned in. ‘Or just too embarrassed to admit what they daydreamed about.’

The boy laughed and the girl nodded in understanding and then she glanced at a display entitled “WonderWitch”.

‘Now about the Love potions delivery-’

Hermione realised with a jolt that it was her own mind, which had guided Fred and George’s magic.

Could that possibly mean she liked Malfoy or was it just the fact that Malfoy would make Ron the most jealous? Or was it both?

Hermione smiled, feeling a pang of satisfaction at the look on Ron’s face in her Daydream, the way it had turned red with jealousy when he saw her on the broom, in the arms of Malfoy.

There was no way she could complain to the twins that their product was faulty for that would mean she would have to admit that she had Daydreamed about Malfoy.

No, she decided, she would never tell anyone about it.

She definitely had to credit the Weasley twins a bit, she had forgotten after a while completely while she was in the daydream, that the daydream had not been real and she guessed it was all part of the magic the way she hadn’t felt the great gash on her arm, that she had no wand and that Malfoy had been stronger than her.

That Malfoy had just bluntly admitted to liking her.

That Malfoy had kissed her.

But still, Malfoy of all people.

She had kissed Malfoy. Even if it was in a daydream, she had kissed Malfoy.

She had kissed Malfoy.

And liked it.


The next morning Hermione was tired having spend half the night reliving her daydream and had also completely forgotten to finish packing.

She woke up early and threw everything into her trunk for the holidays and hurried down to breakfast.

She grabbed two pieces of toast and hurried out to the entrance hall when Harry came hurrying towards her.

‘Happy Christmas, Hermione. Look, Ron and I have to go right now but I’ve got some really important news to tell you when we get back from the holidays.’

**Hermione vaguely heard him because Lavender and Ron had just joined them, saying a thoroughly non-verbal goodbye behind Harry.**

In a moment they were lost in the mad crowd, all waiting to go back to their homes for Christmas.

Hermione had a shrewd suspicion that what Harry had to tell her involved Malfoy.

Hermione’s heart skipped a beat thinking about the night before. Thinking about a certain Slytherin.

Grey eyes caught her own and her heart skipped a second beat, there was the blonde in person, though not as handsome as her Daydream but looking at her and thoroughly real all the same.

He turned away slowly and even amidst all the students and over the loud chorus of friends wishing each other goodbye, Hermione could have sworn she heard him mumble something to himself.

Something that made her freeze.

‘Even though I know you’re an annoying Know-It-All Mudblood, who never breaks the rules, hangs around with Saint Potter and the biggest blood traitor ever - I can’t help but have a thing for you…’