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I Guess It's Gonna Have To Hurt by lovinrain

Format: Short story
Chapters: 6
Word Count: 8,307
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Mild Language, Scenes of a Sexual Nature

Genres: Romance, Action/Adventure
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Draco, Ginny, OC
Pairings: Draco/Hermione

First Published: 01/29/2006
Last Chapter: 06/21/2006
Last Updated: 06/21/2006

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Draco is a wizard pirate, working for neither the Order nor Voldemort. What happens when a ship that Hermione was taking over for the Order with some valuable information is taken over by Draco and his pirates? Will Draco evenutally be forced to take sides? Will Hermione be able to give the Order the information that may be the only way to end this horrible war that they are in?

Chapter 1: Storm
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The winds blew relentlessly against the waters. Waves rolled and crashed around the ocean, chasing away most ships from the water. A large dark ship went came over a large wave and back down again. I was tosses to and fro by the dark waves. The fierce waves that pounded urgently against its hull occasionally crashed over the boat sending the sailors scrambling for their nearest hold. The caption of the ship stood by the wheel watching was one of his crew handled the ships coarse.

The wind blew against him ruthlessly and his blonde hair waved in his storm grey eyes. They narrowed as he caught sight of another ship bobbing through the waves. The flag was drenched, but he could still make out the phoenix that was on it.

“A ship for the Order just off the port,” Draco roared to his men. A gleam caught in their eyes and they all patted their pockets to make sure they had their wands. They were wizard pirates of the sea. They worked for neither the Order nor the Dark Lord; instead they plundered from each side for their own profit.

“Takes us west Riley,” Draco told the man at the wheel.

“Yes caption,” he replied and spun the wheel around.

Draco watched as the unsuspecting ship rocked to and fro, bobbing up and down on the iron grey water. A smirk lit his features as he remembered the first time he had seen a ship. It had been in his fourth year at Hogwarts, but that was his past, something he didn’t want to remember.

“Hoist the flag!” Draco’s voice boomed out over the deck. The blood red flag that had a symbol of a dragon on it was raised into the air and fought against the wind. They drew closer to the ship and Draco could feel the excitement in the air. “Boarders ready!” The men who boarded the ship set the wands at the ready. They drew up almost right next to the ship. “Now!”

The men shot tight ropes from their wands and secured them to the Order’s ship. All together they overwhelmed the ship, Draco boarded with them. Spells were shot in every direction, curses, jinxes and much more. Soon they had taken the ship and all of its crew was bond and gagged in the middle, there seemed like a small amount for such a ship.

“Who is the caption?” Draco asked one of the crew who they had taken for questioning.

“Our caption wasn’t taken,” the man spat out at Draco. Draco bent down in looked into the man’s eyes.

“Answer my question, and maybe we’ll spare your life,” Draco hissed dangerously.

“Never,” the man said spitting into Draco’s face. He wiped it off and stood up.

“Dispose of him and find me another one,” Draco said. His men began to lift the man in the air when a voice rang out from a dark corner.

“Unhand him this instant,” Draco spun around and looked at the source of the voice.

“And who would you be to tell me that?” Draco asked eyeing the woman who stood in front of him. Her beautiful curly brown hair tumbled down her back and fierce honey brown eyes looked up at him. She looked oddly familiar.

“I’m the caption,” she said, some surprise seemed to show on her face when Draco stepped into the light, but she quickly hid it.

“Well, we have all your crew tied up, I think that you should surrender,” the woman laughed.

“You think that is all my crew?” Draco’s eyes narrowed, he knew that there was too few crew.

“But we have you, and your crew seem awful loyal to their caption. I don’t think that they would want any harm done to you,” Draco smirked triumphantly.

“That would work,” the woman admitted to Draco’s surprise. “But there is one problem, you haven’t captured me yet,” with that she shot stunning spells at the men and bonded over them.

“Get her!” Draco shouted and ran after her out the door.

The woman ran out onto the deck where part of her crew was being kept. With a flash of her wand she undid the ropes and her crew jumped to there feet and grabbed their wands from the pile where Draco’s men had thrown them earlier.

Everyone separated into different groups, pairing up to fight again. Draco scoured the crowd looking for the woman who had started the whole thing over again. Finally he caught sight of her and made his way through the crowd until he was in front of her.

“Shall we end this?” he asked, eyes glinting. Rain began to pour down from the dark sky and the boat swayed in the waves. It was too bad that he couldn’t use magic to control nature, otherwise being a pirate would be a lot easier, Draco reflected to himself.

Her wand was up in seconds and Draco watched as something gleamed in her eyes. If he had been any other man, he would have run in the other direction, but Draco was a Malfoy and stood up tall. The fight began.

Two separate curses whizzed by each other both Draco and the woman casually sidestepped them. The first curse had been thrown to start this long tedious duel for the ship. Draco sent one curse that missed its mark, but sent another almost instantly after it. The woman stumbled to the ground and Draco grinned in victory, but it was just a feign and a curse hit him in the chest sending him flying back.

Her lip was bleeding and Draco felt blood trickle down the side of his face. The rain was making the deck slippery and the woman was having a tough time standing up. Draco on the other hand took advantage of having a mast next to him and he hooked one arm around the riggings near by it.

“Give up,” he snarled and her lip curled into a smirk.

“Never,” was her answer before she began flinging curses again. By the time they were both tiered the sea had grown restless and was tossing both ships that were adjoined by roped to and fro. One wave washed over, almost tipping over the ship and the woman slipped and began to fall. Draco reached out and grabbed her before she tumbled into the water below. Her wand had fallen out of her hand and Draco picked it up and pocketed it.

“Stop fighting! I have your caption!” Draco shouted triumphantly and the woman’s crew all dropped their wands.

Draco smirked down at the woman and SMACK! He was hit right in the side of the face. For some reason that felt familiar…

“Let go of me ferret,” at her words Draco nearly did let go of her.

“Granger?” Draco asked before some of his crew took her form him and tied her up to put her with the other prisoners.

“Once you’ve tied her up, put her in my cabin,” Draco said. He turned and walked back onto his ship to change. Was it really Granger?

Chapter 2: Harbor Lights
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Hermione tumbled into a dark cabin, he hands bond behind her back. Within a few short minutes she had the bonds undone and was inspecting the room with interest. She had wondered where Malfoy had gone after Hogwarts, and here was her answer. He had become a wizard pirate, and he didn’t realize that he had just struck the jackpot. If he ever found out what information they were bringing back to the Order, well, she didn’t want to think about it.

Suddenly the door flew open and the devil himself walked in, a deep frown creasing his lips. He looked thoughtfully at her before closing the door behind him.

“Granger, long time no see,” he said a smirk playing across his features.

“It should’ve been longer,” Hermione muttered and he narrowed his eyes.

“What did you say?” He hissed and Hermione bit back her fear. She straightened her back out and looked him straight in the eye. This was no time for cowardice.

“I said, it should’ve been longer,” his eyes glinted dangerously before he relaxed and smirked again.

“Yes, who would’ve thought that you would be my prisoner,” he was clearly trying to bait her. It seemed nothing had changed since school.

“Who thought you’d become the scum of the ocean,” Hermione retorted viciously.

“Something interesting has been brought to my attention, and I’m afraid I’ll need you assistance. You see, before we sunk your ship we searched for whatever object that you had been bringing over for the Order. I’m afraid we couldn’t find it. Where is it?” He asked curtly and Hermione glared at him.

“We weren’t bringing over an object for the Order; we were taking something from the Order somewhere else. You happened to catch us on our return trip, empty handed,” this time Hermione smirked.

“Maybe I’ll just have to question your crew,” he threatened, for Hermione knew that if he questioned her crew they would be hurt.

“Don’t touch them,” he laughed and leaned back against the wall.

“I don’t think that you are in a position to tell me what to do Granger,” a sudden knock at the door made him stand up straight.

“Yes?” Draco asked and a pirate came in.

“Caption, Rick was shot with a curse, I’m afraid he’s dead, sir.” Draco’s face paled. Rick was the healer, if they didn’t have a healer on board then what would they do?

“Thank you, you may leave now,” the man left and Draco turned angrily to Hermione.

“Do you have a healer amongst your crew?” Hermione, who had been watching on the scene, realized that Rick must have been their healer.

“Yes, but they won’t help you,” Draco snarled at her answer.

“If you tell them to they will,” his eyes glinted dangerously against the candle light coming from the corner of his desk.

“That won’t help either,” it was her turn to smirk. It drove Draco insane that she smirked, it was his smirk. She had no right smirking. “I’m the healer.”

“Great just my luck,” he muttered.

“What did you say?” Hermione asked, enjoying the fact that the power had now tipped in her favor.

“I can’t believe I’m saying this but, Granger, will you help my men,” he looked like it was killing him to ask for help, but Hermione didn’t take control of that. No she was fighting her own private war, and the promise she had spoken before rebounded across her head. I will use my healing skills to help whoever asks for it.

Pain filled her eyes as she stood there in silence and Draco wondered what was wrong. He didn’t know that at that moment she remembered blank staring eyes, he didn’t know about her promise, or the past that haunted her every night.

“Yes,” she replied curtly and Draco looked at her surprised, but no emotion showed in her face.

“Ok, well we usually drop all of the prisoners off at the next harbor and let them go on their own from there. We’ll get a new healer there and you and your men can get off the ship,” Hermione looked at him surprised. “What? Did you think I killed my prisoners? No, I just le them go, but they have to find their way back on their own.”

“Ok, who is injured?” Hermione snapped wearily. She was not going to like this.

Draco led Hermione into the make shift sick room, where a line of pirates waited bandaged up. Hermione looked around at the supplies and snorted.

“I will need some rags, strips of cloth and some water. The magic tends to work better if you don’t clean the wound magically,” Draco nodded and within seconds a few of his men came in with the needed supplies.

Draco leaned back against the wall and watched as Hermione got to work. For the healings they had given her, her wand back. She seemed to love healing people, even if they were pirates. Her eyes shone with light that wasn’t there before and she bit her lip as she concentrated. She looked beautiful, Draco thought to himself. No, this is the bucked tooth, bushy hair Granger we’re taking about. The only problem was that she wasn’t bucked tooth any more and her hair now lay down her back in soft curls. Draco shook his head and continued to watch her heal.

When the last person was healed Hermione stood up and began to clean everything. Draco rolled his eyes in annoyance, and waited until she had finished stacking everything neatly into a corner.

“Come on Granger, I’ll show you to your room. Since you are the only girl on the ship, we figured you might want some privacy.” Draco led her to a room right next to his own. He was a light sleeper and would be able to here is she got up in the middle of the night to do anything.

“Thank you,” she said forcibly before slamming the door shut in his face. Draco scowled ad made his way up to the wheel. Morning was there and the storm had ceased, Draco wasn’t in the best of moods and couldn’t wait until they got to the next harbor to get rid of Hermione.

Just as Draco was about to reach the wheel he saw lights drift slowly on by. Hurriedly he ran up to the wheel. His gaze fell angrily on Riley.

“Did we just pass a harbor?” He asked, trying to keep his voice calm.

“Yes sir,” Riley said nervously, he had seen the tension in Draco’s eyes.

“Next harbor we stop, you here me? We need to get rid of this crew as quickly as possible,” Riley just nodded mutely.

Anger glinted in Draco’s eyes, but he wouldn’t take it out on his crew. After all, it wasn’t their fault that he was stuck with Granger.

Chapter 3: Winged News
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Hermione couldn’t believe her luck! Malfoy had just told her that they had passed the harbor! That meant that she was stuck on this bloody ship for a whole week! She lay face down on the hammock that had been put up for her use. It was just her luck wasn’t it? To be stuck on a ship with the amazing bouncing ferret, who she hadn’t seen in about two years. She had wished it had been longer.

A sudden tap at her window made her look up. Hedwig! When she opened the window a flash of white whirled into the room, hooting softly. Hermione put a finger to her lips and Hedwig stopped hooting. Carefully Hermione untied the letter attached to Hedwig’s leg and unrolled it.


If this letter reaches you, use the blank piece of paper and the quill I have placed inside the envelope for emergency uses. When your ship didn’t get back, we feared that the ship had sunk. Then we received word that there had been wizard pirates spotted in you area. I knew that you must have been taken
We hope that you are alright, and if you are in any trouble we will help. The pirate ship spotted was that of the dreaded Dragon, he is the most feared wizard pirate around. Be careful Hermione.


Hermione took out the quill and parchment and began to scrawl down a hasty answer.


My ship was taken by wizard pirates. They do not know what cargo I was carrying, and they sunk the ship. I have the information, but I can’t put it down onto this, incase the owl gets intercepted. I only hope that you receive this message.
We have been taken by the dreaded Dragon, but there is something you should know. The Dragon is an old ‘friend’ of ours, the one ad only Draco Malfoy. He has recognized me, but they lost their healer and I must heal for them until we get to the next harbor. Malfoy says that they will let us off, but I’m not sure. If I am not back within a week, please come look for me.


Hermione attached the letter to Hedwig and smiled as she flew out the window. The sea was calm and cool. Wind blew in the fragrance that Hermione had come to associate with the ocean. She loved it. The sea was where she belonged, not that confining land.

As Hermione closed the window the door burst open and Draco came into the room. Hermione scowled at him and he scowled back. His blond hair hung in his eyes a bit, like it had when they were at school. It was back in a small pony tail, just reaching to the base of his neck. His stormy eyes looked around the room and landed on Hermione.

“One of my men cut his hand while gutting some fish. We are in need of a healer,” his words were softer then his appearance.

“What if I had been changing?” Hermione asked angrily. “Don’t you think you should at least knock?” Draco scowled.

This was the problem with having a woman on board. First you had to knock, and then you would have to start washing up for dinner. Soon she would have you cleaning up the ship and laying out table clothes, everything nice neat and ordered. Draco hated order and neatness.

“Follow me,” he said, not unkindly and grabbed her arm and pulled her out of the room.

Hermione glared at the back of his head. Then sighing she remembered the promise she had made to herself. The words haunted her mind and she knew that she had to help. Finally they reached the healing room and Hermione got to work

“When did this happen?” Hermione asked inspecting the long gash across the sailor’s palm.

“Yesterday,” he said and Hermione looked at him square in the eyes.

“If you had left this another half an hour longer, you would never have been able to use this hand again. Next time come straight to me, you’re lucky. The infection wasn’t spreading as rapidly as it usually does.” At her words the sailor whitened and nodded. Hermione was sure he would never leave an injury until later again.

Slowly Hermione wrapped up his hand and prodded it with her wand. She looked at her handiwork for a few minutes before announcing that it would be healed within the day. He would have to keep the bandage on though. Hermione knew that muggle healing mixed with wizard healing was the best type of healing. She had learned that a long time ago, and was thankful for it.

“You don’t have to stay and watch,” Hermione said, turning around to see a scowling Draco.

“Yes I do, I don’t know if you are going to heal them or poison them. I want to be here at all times,” he said and pushed her out the door with a little more force then needed.

“Am I allowed to see my crew?” Hermione asked, after a few minutes of silence.

“No,” he said, not looking at her as he kept on walking.

“Why not? How do I know that they are being treated fairly? How do I know if they are even alive?” Hermione asked, causing Draco to stop turn around and look at her, as if he were seeing her for the first time.

“Is that what you think?” He asked, and Hermione was surprised by the uncertainty in his voice.

“What do you…?” But Hermione was cut off by one of Draco’s crew.

“Captain, a boat has been seen. It has a neutral flag,” the man said and Draco nodded.

“Get the men ready, tell the boarders to get into position,” Draco said and the man nodded and turned away. “I trust you know your way back to the healing room, I think that you will be needed in a moments time,” with that he disappeared and Hermione made her way back to the healing room confused. What had he meant?

a/n Ok, next chapter: you get to go with Draco on the raid; it will be some what violent, but very exciting. Hermione is going to have to do some more healing, and she learns things from the crew. And, someone important gets hurt….

Chapter 4: Am I a Monster?
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a/n Ok, here is my action packed, dramatic chapter that will keep you at the edge of your seat. You’ll find about Hermione’s promise, learn more about the past, go on a raid with Draco, see some healing with Hermione and… Someone important will get hurt. Can’t wait can you? ;-)

Draco raced through the hallway below the deck. He roused his crew as he ran along. By his judgment, they should be on the ship soon and everyone needed to get ready. He flew past empty cots, his storm grey eyes searching for his sword. A lot of the times wizard pirates kept swords incase their wands were taken from them. These swords had a spell deflector on them and had a fine blade.

Finally his eyes fell on the blade, leaning against the door by the kitchen. He always was leaving it there when he went for a midnight snack. Draco picked it up and attached it to his belt. The handle was silver, Draco found gold hard to maintain and bother some. The handle magically fitted his hand when he put it in, but would loosen up so if his sword got caught his hand wouldn’t. There was a dark green dragon in emeralds with a ruby for an eye. It was simple, but it was him.

Shouts could be heard from above deck and Draco ran up to join his crew. They needed this ship to make up for the disappointment Hermione’s ship had brought. Though they did get supplies off of it, Draco was looking for something of a different nature.

“Boarders ready?” Draco asked as he made his way next to the Riley, who was at the wheel.

“Aye captain,” the men roared and Draco looked up at the neutral flag they were flying. The other ship was getting closer by the second, the men quieted down and Draco smirked.

“Hoist the flag!” The dragon fought against the wind as it ascended up the flag poll and past the crow’s nest. Draco could feel his adrenaline begin to pump. He loved the thrill of a raid and he noticed the anticipation in his crews’ eyes.

“On my signal then,” Draco said and a dead silence filled the air. His heart beat sounded in his ear. One… Draco thought to himself as the ship drew closer. Two… the other ship began to panic, they had seen the flag, but they couldn’t get away they were too close. Three… silence…

“NOW!” Draco yelled and the boarders’ wands shot out spells that attached the ship to theirs. Heart still thumping loudly, Draco added his yell to his crews and they boarded.

Spells shot in all directions and shouts filled the air. Draco smirked to himself and found a member of the opposing crew to duel with. Duel after duel, Draco fought alongside his crew. Killing those who wouldn’t give up and capturing those who valued their own life.

Draco must have been tiring, though he didn’t feel tiered. His movements must have been a little more sluggish and his feet must have dragged. That is what he thought, that was the only reason he could think of for what happened next. A red flash flew towards him and hit him in the right shoulder.

A terrible moan flew from his mouth and he fell to the ground. He lay there for a few moments dazed. Everything seemed to belong to another world. People whizzed by him in slow motion, people cried out in anguish. Suddenly everything sped up and Draco got up looking around for the person who threw the spell, but no one was there.

So Draco blamed it on himself, thinking that he must have been tired, but it was more. It was much more then mere tiredness or chance; it was fate, though he didn’t know at the time.

He lurched forward and his world spun causing him to stagger. They had taken the ship; he could hear his crews’ cries of glee. Then suddenly they looked at him worriedly and Draco felt himself picked up and carried away.

What Hermione did during this time:

Hermione waited patiently in the healing room. All of a sudden she heard the roaring of the crew and she ran to the window. She watched in horror as they attacked the neutral ship, spells flew in all different directions. Silently Hermione sat down and waited for the injured people to start coming in.

Soon Hermione was bandaging up cuts and healing scratches. Nothing was too bad and she walked amongst the crew, who seemed to have some new respect for her. They smiled at her and she smiled back before going on with her healing duties.

Then they brought a distorted Draco into the room. He was bleeding profusely and miraculously he was still conscious, but didn’t seem to know what was going. Hermione quickly went over to her kit and took out a claming potion and a pain dulling potion. He drank it and soon was sitting on a chair, wide eyed.

“I don’t need to be bandaged up,” he scowled at her. “I don’t feel any pain.”

“That is because I gave you a pain dulling potion,” Hermione said coolly. Sensing the hostile atmosphere the rest of the crew made their way to their bunks. It was getting late and suddenly they were very tired. Soon Hermione and Draco were all alone.

“Take off your shirt,” Hermione ordered. Draco smirked at her and she rolled her eyes.

“Well if you want to see me shirtless that bad Granger,” Draco said and if he hadn’t been injured Hermione would have hit him.

“I need to see the wound,” Hermione said and Draco took off his shirt. Hermione had to admit that he had a well toned chest, before she mentally slapped herself and put her mind onto her work.

“Ouch, that hurts,” Draco complained, but he was smirking.

“I haven’t touched you yet!” Hermione said indignantly and Draco smirked again.

“I know I was just practicing.”

“Why did you attack the neutral ship?” Hermione asked, involuntarily shivering at the memory of her past.

“We are pirates, we attack every ship. Hey, how do I know you aren’t poisoning me or something?” Draco said, changing the topic.

“You don’t have to worry about that,” Hermione said before turning around to get some water for the cut.

“Why not?” Draco pressed on foolishly. Hermione’s shoulder’s sagged in defeat and she turned around with a sigh.

“Well I wasn’t always a background worker for the Order. I used to be out there fighting. Then…” Her voice failed and she shut her eyes and took a deep breath before continuing. “Then, I killed someone. I couldn’t do it any more, I saw the person’s eyes and I just couldn’t hurt another person. I promised myself that I would help anyone who needed healing if they asked. That is why you don’t have to worry about me poisoning you.” Hermione subsided into silence and Draco looked at the wall with knew understanding.

“I guess I should be thankful for that,” Draco said. Hermione didn’t say anything; she just kept her eyes to the floor on continued on healing Draco.

“So why do you attack neutral ships?” Hermione asked again after a while.

“To make it fair,” Draco said shrugging. He winced in pain; maybe shrugging wasn’t a good idea.

“To make it fair?!” Hermione said anger in her voice. ‘You kill people, how is that fair?”

“We only kill them if they don’t give up,” Draco said with equal anger.

“They wouldn’t have to give up if you didn’t attack them??!! You don’t need the money, we both know that, but does your crew? Do they know who you are? Do they know that they are killing people for things that you could get easily??!!” Hermione asked standing up in anger.

“You think me a monster?” Draco asked coldly looking Hermione in the eyes. “You think that I kill because I like it? I kill to protect myself and my crew. Yes, we put ourselves in that danger. There is no choice though, the only way I can touch my family’s money is if I become a death eater. That I refuse to do. I’m no monster Hermione,” with that he grabbed his shirt and left.

Hermione collapsed onto the bed in confusion. What had she done?

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Chapter 5: Tears of Pain
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Hermione and Draco hadn’t talked since that night of the raid. Three days had gone by and Hermione knew that they were drawing near a port. She had never fully healed Draco’s cut, so it continued to bleed. Soon he had lost a lot of blood and Hermione knew that if she didn’t clean it up soon he would feint.

His stupid pride got in the way though. Hermione never understood men’s pride, but she thought of it as big headedness. Harry and Ron never went to her for help unless the absolutely needed it, and even when they did need it badly sometimes they wouldn’t ask. That was what was happening now, but with Draco.

His crew knew that he needed help, but no, he wouldn’t go and ask for help. Hermione had a sinking feeling that it was because of what she had said that night. Of course she had thought of him as a monster that night, but she had not known all the facts. Now, even though she thought that they could do without the killing, she knew he wasn’t a monster.

Hermione didn’t have much to do, except the occasional healing for a cut or a broken bone. Nothing major occurred, but Hermione was waiting for Draco to feint. She placed a few blood replenishing potions in the corner and the necessary needs as well. She would be prepared for when he either gave up on this childish game he was playing, or h feinted.

TAP, TAP, TAP. Hermione looked up to see Hedwig sitting out on the ledge of her window. Quickly Hermione opened the letter from Harry and began to read.


We are coming to get you as soon as possible. Don’t do anything rash to get yourself hurt. Everyone is worried sick about you and hope you are well. When I get there, I’ll give Malfoy a good kick up the… Hermione? This is Ginny; I stopped Harry from using such foul language in a letter to a lady. I hope you are well and miss you greatly. Oh and good news, Harry proposed, finally, we’ll wait for you for the wedding!-Ginny. Ok, it will take us some time to track the ship, but we’ll get you out of there Hermione. I promise.



Hermione sent out a letter writing back to them. She told them congratulations and said that she was fine. Hedwig soared out of the open window and across the ocean. Hermione took in a deep breath, she couldn’t wait to get back home for Ginny’s and Harry’s wedding.

Draco was feeling light headed. He leaned up against the railing and some of his crew looked at him worriedly. Jake, his right hand man came up to his side and grimaced slightly at the blood.

“Draco, you lost a lot of blood, you should really go see Hermione,” he whispered in his ear.

“I’m your captain,” he said through clenched teeth, “don’t you trust my judgment?”

“As your crew member yes, as your friend, no. Draco stop this foolish game of pride, you need help,” Jake hissed angrily in his ear.

“She called me a monster,” Draco said, well it was some what the truth.

“Well I don’t blame her, she probably has never been on a pirate ship before and not to mention you didn’t give her all the facts.” Jake said he had been having a few long talks with Hermione. Draco of course didn’t know this and Jake thought it best if he didn’t find out.

“Fine,” Draco said getting up, but he immediately feinted against the wall. The last he remembered was the crew bringing him to the Healing room and an angel looking down on him.

Hermione looked down at Draco worriedly. He wasn’t looking too good. She healed the cut quickly, not caring I he had a scar, he needed the cut sealed fast. Then she had Jake help her give him some blood replenishing potion before sitting back to watch her patient.

By midnight all of the crew had disappeared to do whatever it was they did. Hermione had no clue what they did actually. She made a mental note to find out about each crew member and find out what she could about what Draco had been doing these past years.

Finally Hermione could stay awake no longer and fell asleep in the chair next to Draco’s sleeping form.

The sun’s early morning rays shone in through the open window and played across Draco’s eye lids. He opened his eyes and looked at the ceiling blinking back the light. Moaning slightly he turned over to see Hermione sleeping gently in the chair across from him.

She had changed a lot sense they had gone to school together. Her bushy hair was soft curls down her back and her face was that of an angel. Draco wondered when she had become a woman, and if Harry and Ron had even noticed the beautiful creature that was in their midst. Surely not, or she would be happily married to one of them by now. Then he shook his head ridding it of the deceiving thoughts. It was probably the pain meds making him think that way, he thought.

Sighing he rested his head back against the pillow and closed his eyes. A day of rest was exactly what he needed. When he awoke again the sun was higher in the sky and Hermione was writing something on a piece of parchment before tying it to a snow white owl’s leg and watching it fly off.

He knew immediately that she was in contact with Harry. That meant that he would come looking for her. Draco was thankful that he had made the ship unplottable; Harry would never be able to find them. Any way, Hermione would be long gone by that time; they were only a day away from the nearest harbor.

He sighed and closed his eyes again letting the rocking of the boat send him off to sleep. When he awoke for the third time it was dark out and a candle was burning brightly as Hermione dozed in the chair next to him.

Draco sat up slowly and Hermione’s eyes snapped opened. She yawned slightly and blinked a few times at him. Pain shot through his shoulder and she must have seen the pain flash through his eyes.

“Here, some pain medication,” she said putting a cup into his hands. He nodded and downed it quickly. Soon the pain dulled to a numbing feeling and he sighed.

“Thank you,” he said awkwardly, he did not have to say that a lot.

“Welcome,” she said coolly, her back turned to him as she cleaned up her bottles. Draco had a feeling that something was wrong, and he could bet anything that it had something to do with that letter.

“Is something wrong?” He asked nonchalantly staring avidly at her back.

“What makes you think there is?” She asked her voice wobbling a little.

“I can tell,” Draco said simply. She said nothing and kept her back to him. Draco stood up slowly and painfully and walked over to her. He didn’t know why he felt the sudden urge to comfort her; he blamed it on the pain medication. The only thing that mattered was that he knew she was upset and he had to find out why.

“You shouldn’t be standing,” she said quietly and Draco could see that silent tears were running down the side of her face.

“I’m fine,” he said indifferently.

“Sit down,” she said stiffly, but Draco didn’t listen.

“What is wrong?” He pressed again and he could see more tears leek out from her eyes. She turned her head away from him.

“You are just hurting yourself further, sit down Draco,” she said, but he was captain of the ship and he wasn’t going to be told what to do.

“No, tell me what is wrong,” he said placing a hand on her shoulder lightly. She broke down.

“She’s dead,” she whispered more tears falling down her face. “They knew I knew something, so they killed her. My sister, she’s dead,” Hermione whispered and Draco pulled her to him. He hid her face in his good shoulder and cried.

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Chapter 6: Brings Out the Worse
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Hermione didn’t know when she had fallen asleep, crying into Draco’s shoulder, but the next thing she knew she was in her room on the ship and the sun was filtering in through the open window. A salty smell attacked her nose and Hermione sighed contently. That was before the events of the night before came crashing back down on her. Then silent tears began to form in her eyes. She wiped them away hastily, what good would they be? Her sister was dead and it was her fault.

Hermione and her sister had never been close, nor have the perfect relationship. They always knew that the other would be there for them though. Yeah they fought, but in the end they managed to make it through. The last time Hermione had seen her sister Cassandra they had had a small fight, it wasn’t something big, but Hermione found herself wishing that she hadn’t been so stubborn. She would have liked her last memory of her sister to have been a nice one, but it hung over Hermione’s head… She never got to say she was sorry.

Today should have been a happy day, but it wasn’t for Hermione. She should have been glad that she and her crew would be leaving in a few hours time, but she wasn’t. Something was making her feel horrible, besides the fact that her sister was dead. For some reason, she just didn’t want to leave the ship. Half because she had grown used to it and the other half was Draco.

She felt that they had the beginning of a friendship going and truth be told, Hermione found him interesting. For one, Hermione wanted to know how he got into being a pirate, or what he had been doing for the past few years. If she wanted to know that, she couldn’t leave, but she couldn’t stay. What was she to do?

Draco paced his room, scratching his chin in thought. Granger, bloody Granger! He thought furiously. Why had he comforted her? It was so unlike him, it was such a friend like gesture to make. He blamed the pain medication, but deep down he knew differently. She had somehow touched what he had tried to keep hidden for such a long time… His heart. No, he didn’t love her, he snorted at the thought. Like that was ever going to happen! He didn’t even like, no instead it was some sort of deep respect. It was a dangerous feeling though. If he wasn’t careful he could actually start to like her as a friend. God help him if that ever happened! No Hermione would have to get off the ship as soon as possible.

Draco left quickly; he needed to clear a few things up with her. He didn’t want her thinking that he was soft or interested in forming a friendship. A treacherous voice whispered to him in the back of his head that he did want a friendship, but he ignored it.

In a few minutes he was outside her room and he opened the door swiftly, greeted by her scowl.

“Ever think of knocking Malfoy?” She scowled before turning her attention back to the window.

“Not on my ship Granger,” Draco scowled angrily.

“Hmmm,” she said thoughtfully, but Draco ignored it.

“I just wanted to clear a few things up,” Draco said, his anger at his own actions the night before grabbing hold of him. “Last night I was under the influence of the pain meds. If I hadn’t taken them, I wouldn’t have acted the way I did, so don’t get ideas that we could be friends,” he spat out the word friend with disgust.

Hermione’s eyes darkened slightly as she turned and stared at him.

“I know how you Gryffindorks get,” he continued nastily.

“I’m not the same person I was in school Malfoy,” Hermione scowled, though she secretly chided herself for thinking that Draco Malfoy could change. “I grew up, though obviously you haven’t, not if your still play pirate,” she spat out angrily.

“I’m not playing pirate, I am a pirate, and I am the Dragon!” He roared at her. “If you haven’t noticed, people are afraid of me. Your precious Order friends cringe at the thought of me, I’m the most feared pirate on this sea,” he said anger swelling up inside of him he advanced towards her.

“There are very few pirates left; people are moving on to bigger and better things. You’ll be stuck here in your little wooden boat, the Dragon will become a myth people tell to their children for bed time stories. Pirates won’t exist for much longer,” Hermione shouted at him and his eyes flashed with anger that should have been her warning sign, he was so close to her know she could feel his breath on her face.

“You lie Granger,” Draco hissed.

“I don’t lie Malfoy,” Hermione said coolly.

“You don’t have a clue about pirates; you don’t know what it is like to be one. This is no silly game, it is rougher then life,” Draco growled.

“It isn’t life Malfoy, it is death,” Hermione spat out angrily. This angered Draco, god it made his blood boil. This was his life and she was labeling it like it was some stupid book. Right and wrong, no in-between. Out of anger he raised his arm suddenly and Hermione flinched. That was what clamed him down that was what shook him out of his anger.

Draco lowered his hand suddenly wide-eyed; he stumbled back and fled from her frightened form. It was her fault; she had gotten him so riled up. She brought out the worse in him… That was what Draco told himself as he ran back to his room.

There was a soft tap on the window and Hermione looked around to see Hedwig looking down at her. With shaking fingers she unrolled the letter, reading it twice over to make sure she had read correctly.

Opening the door, Draco quickly stepped out into the salty breeze. He had always loved the ocean, ever since he was a little boy. Draco was lost in thought and never noticed Jake walk up behind him.

“Captain?” Jake asked softly and Draco almost jumped.

“What is it?” He asked, a little more harshly then he meant to. His tone didn’t affect Jake though; he was used to dealing with Draco as a captain and a friend.

“There is a slight problem,” he said warily. He usually was the one to bring bad news to Draco; no one else could, in fear of his rage.

“What?” Draco growled.

“Hermione… she locked herself in her room. No one can get in and no one was willing to try magic without your permission,” Jake said edging slightly away from Draco incase he blew up.

“Silly girl!” Draco scowled anger glinting in his eyes. “She is lucky that I don’t send her down with the rest of her crew. I’ll deal with her.”

Draco stalked off scowling all the way. As he neared Hermione’s door, he noticed that his crew was edging away from him. This made Draco’s scowl deepen. Had his crew no backbone?

“Granger! Open up!” Draco roared hammering on the door.

“No!” Hermione’s voice came out muffled.

“Granger,” he said warningly.

“I want to see my crew,” she said suddenly and Draco looked at the door confused. What a silly thing to ask for, but she had been asking every chance she got. What could she possibly need her crew for? “And I want my wand back,” yeah right, like they’d give it back to her. They only give it to her when she needed to heal someone.

“Granger,” Draco said warningly.

“Crew and wand,” Hermione demanded. Rolling his eyes, Draco did a quick spell and opened up the door. His wand hung limply in his hand as he saw the room. She wasn’t in there…

Hermione hid behind the door, watching as Draco went to the center of the room. A little closer and…. She quickly jumped out and grabbed his wand and flew out the door, slamming it closed behind her with a quick locking spell. It wasn’t that strong, but then again, it wasn’t her wand.

The crew had already gone back to their duties and Hermione ran past them unnoticed. Draco’s shouts would soon draw attention and Hermione needed to be quick. This wasn’t an attempt to break free, though that was probably what Draco thought, she had given up on befriending him since what he had said in the afternoon. This was merely a distraction; she was doing exactly what Harry had told her to do in the letter… She would have to follow it exactly if they wanted to capture the infamous Dragon.

With a quick spell, Hermione managed to unlock all of the locks that held her crew captive. She only had a few minutes and quickly told them what it was they had to do, if only she could buy Harry and Ron enough time…

Draco ran towards the dungeons of the ship, anger glinting in his eyes. She had stolen his wand and was probably letting out her crew. Then what, Draco had no idea.

“Granger,” Draco cried angrily as he saw her coming up the stairs. “My wand.”

“My wand first,” Hermione said pointing to his other hand, which held her own wand. “Accio wand!!” Her wand went flying out of his hand and he cursed his stupidity.

“Now my wand,” Draco growled, knowing full well that she wouldn’t give it to him.

“I think not. You guys find your wands?” Hermione shouted down the stairs.

“Yes Captain,” someone shouted up and Hermione grinned.

“Why are you doing this? You would be free in a matter of hours,” Draco gritted his teeth. Couldn’t she ever just follow directions?

“Yes, but then we wouldn’t be able to capture the Dragon now would we? Hands up Malfoy and tell your crew to drop their wands, or your dead,” she threatened.

“You wouldn’t kill me Granger, you promised you wouldn’t. Remember that promise that you made yourself?” He asked grinning.

“I might not kill you, but my crew will,” Hermione spat back as one of her crew aimed his wand directly at Draco’s heart.

“Don’t listen to her,” Draco growled to his men, who were standing uneasily behind him, wands half raised. “Fight with or with out me!”

Hermione tapped her foot. Only a few more hours and Harry and Ron would be there to rescue her and capture Malfoy. Only a few more hours…

“Death Eater ship headed this way Captain,” one of Draco’s men shouted. “They look like their ready to board; we still have the Dragon flag flying!”

“Granger, give me my wand, or we are all going to die,” Draco yelled to her. Hermione hesitated, could she trust him? “Granger,” Draco called out more worriedly. “Hermione please…” He said and Hermione looked at him and nodded.

Relief shown in his face as she tossed him his wand. She then turned towards her men and away from him.

“We fight the Death Eaters first,” Hermione growled to her men and the nodded. “Good, now let’s get through this and we’ll be home soon.”

Hermione stood next to Draco as all the men prepared themselves for the oncoming ship. Everyone tensed, waiting. The Death Eater ship drew closer and Hermione took a deep breath… When she looked towards the ship, she gasped in surprise. There, at the bow of the ship was…

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