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Headmistress Hermione by rowlinghermione

Format: Short story collection
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 703
Status: Abandoned

Rating: 12+
Warnings: Mild Language

Genres: General, Horror/Dark
Characters: Hermione, OC
Pairings: Harry/Hermione, OC/OC

First Published: 01/24/2006
Last Chapter: 01/24/2006
Last Updated: 03/05/2006


Years down the line, Hermione Granger is the headmistress of Hogwarts- and her triplets reign the school.  A prophecy states that one will turn and become the next "Voldemort."  Flight or fight?

Chapter 1: Children
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Chapter 1: Childhood

“Hermione, we’ve spoken about this before,” a man’s deep voice soothingly spoke. “You knew I’d have to leave when you married me a year ago.”

“Yes, but…” A nineteen year old Hermione started, but was interrupted.

“Take care of Jenna and Mandy. Don’t let them out of your site. We can’t risk them with Him still lurking around killing and capturing. You know the escape plan, right?” He didn’t wait for her answer, but swiftly continued, “I’ll be back soon, and take good care of Hogwarts for me, my Deputy Headmistress. Goodbye.” With a kiss, he disapparated.

~Six years later~

(Hermione is 25)
“Mommy? Where are you?” Jenna cried.

“I’m right here, Honey.” Hermione walked into the kitchen with Mandy on her hip.

“I’m hungwy,” Jenna wined, forgetting to pronounce the r. A few minutes later, while Hermione cooked breakfast, Jenna and Mandy fought over the remote.

“Cartoons are best,” Mandy said as she snatched the remote.

“No, the Wizard’s News Connection is better,” Jenna fought for the remote and switched the channel.

“The Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is now discussing a matter over You-Know-Who with the Minister of Magic. He…” The announcer broke off as Mandy switched the channel, “Ahhh… Pow… You’ll never win, Slade!” Robin yelled to Slade as Starfire attacked .

“Turn the channel back to the WNC!” Hermione ordered Mandy.

Without a thought, Mandy changed the channel, and the announcer continued, “The alert for You-Know-Who is still high. Mr. Potter has been half a step behind You-Know-Who, and has fought Him twice, both times ending with You-Know-Who disapparating. You-Know-Who has been moving swiftly leaving few traces for Mr. Potter to follow.” With that, Hermione turned the television off with a flick of her wand, murmured something about ‘Voldemort being the only thing on the news,’ and called the twins to lunch.


~Five years later~

(Hermione is 30 and the twins are 11)

“Mommy, guess what today is?” Jenna exclaimed.

“What, little one?”

“It’s our birthday!” Jenna said as she hugged Mandy.

“Are we having a party, mummy?” Mandy asked while she grabbed a waffle.

“Are Ron, Samantha, Brianna, and Ginny coming?” Jenna questioned.

“Of course, sweetie,” Hermione answered.

“Who’s Brianna?” Mandy asked.

“She’s about your age. Remember? She’s Ron and Samantha’s daughter.”

“You mean that prat from Christmas?” Mandy asked again.

“She isn’t a prat. You are,” Jenna told Mandy.

“Kids, it’s your birthday, so please don’t argue,”Hermione jumped up as the doorbell rang. “They’re here! Come and greet your guests!” She opened the door and hugged Ron, Samantha, and Brianna.

“Hey, Brianna! What’s up?” Jenna ran up to Brianna and halted right before she ran into her.

“Nothin’ but the ceiling,” Brianna replied the usual. “What’s up with you?”

“Guess what today is!” Jenna forgot her usual line.

“What?” Brianna asked.

“It’s my birthday!” Jenna announced.

“I knew I forgot something,” Brianna walked over to her parents. “Here’s your present. Guess what it is!” The present was two feet high, and three feet wide covered in light blue paper.

“Mommy, kin I open it?” Jenna begged, “Please?”

“Okay, sweetie. Open it,” Hermione sat down on the living room sofa. “Mandy, go get your present.” Hermione glanced at Ron, who was holding a small one foot by two feet present with light pink wrapping paper.

“Brianna? Thanks… what should we name her?” Jenna asked her friend.

“Mommy, look at what she gave me,” Mandy’s eyes glittered as she exclaimed this.

“Wow. Ron? A snowy owl for Brianna, and a ginger cat for Mandy? You really shouldn’t have… Mandy? Say thank you.” Hermione smiled at Ron and Samantha as she said this.

“Thank you,” Mandy whispered.

“Well, dinner should be ready,” Hermione informed them.

All of a sudden, there was a big crash, and a window broke all over the kitchen floor. An owl flew in and dropped three letters on the table, and then flew back out.

“Are those what the school letters look like, mummy?” Jenna was the first to recover.



Hermione: Deputy Headmistress at Hogwarts
Jenna: Hermione’s knowledgeable daughter
Mandy: Hermione’s laidback daughter
Husband: Headmaster of Hogwarts
Ron: Father of Brianna
Samantha: Wife of Ron
Brianna: Daughter of Ron and Samantha; Jenna’s best friend