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Padfoot's Mutt by MrsMoony

Format: Short story
Chapters: 6
Word Count: 18,736
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Romance, Humor, General, AU
Characters: Harry, Dumbledore, Hermione, James, Lily, OC, Remus Lupin, Ron, Sirius Black, Snape, Voldemort, Lucius, Peter Pettigrew, M. McGonagall
Pairings: Others

First Published: 01/05/2006
Last Chapter: 07/05/2006
Last Updated: 07/05/2006

For her own protection, Dumbledore makes Gwen Soon to be Black go into hiding after her finace is sent to Azkaban. 13 years later her weekly note from Dumbledore tells her that she's going to go live with a now free Sirius along with Remus and Harry. Harry doesn't even know about her, and Sirius and Remus think she's dead. How will they react when they see her in their door way?

Chapter 1: Reunited
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Chapter 1- Reunited

After thirteen years in hiding, I don’t know how they’re going to react to me just showing up. Albus Dumbledore thought it wiser that I go in hiding after that dreadful Halloween night which meant that I couldn’t tell any one and it also meant leaving my love. We are… were engaged to be married. I knew that he was innocent. We were practically joined at the bloody hip. When Voldemort learned of my dreams, Dumbledore knew I wasn’t safe. Remus and Sirius both knew about them. So did James and Lily. Peter… bloody rat. It’s his fault that I had to leave Remus by himself. Remus was all alone for 12 years. Thinking that I was dead and my death, along with James’ and Lily’s, was at the fault of his best friend Sirius. I’ve gotten quite used to being in hiding. My house elf Pepper has kept me great company. Luckily for us, Dumbledore allowed us to use magic. If he didn’t then I probably wouldn’t have lived to gotten this owl. This bloody owl. I don’t know if I should be happy about it, nervous, excited, or bloody pissed off about it.
Mutt, (The nickname I had inherited from the Marauders. Now everyone calls me that instead of Gwen. It doesn’t even have anything to do with my Animagus form which is a black panther.)
He has escaped, but we know that he is innocent. Flower (Whenever Dumbledore and I communicated we referred to Voldemort as ‘Flower’) has risen to power once again. We need your help. We shall meet same time same place and then we shall talk about your new living arrangements with your old friends. (He obviously meant that now I would be living with Remus and Sirius)
Until then,
Whitey (Sirius and I always referred to Albus as Whitey in our school days)

We met and discussed things. We decided that I would show up unannounced. Well, not entirely, for they would know that some one was coming. They would know that a person who is an ex Auror was going to be staying indefinitely at number 12 Grimmauld Place and would be rejoining the Order of the Phoenix. So they had some clues as to who it might be. They just had to be smart and think of all possibilities… but of course they would always overlook me as a possibility. I was always overlooked because of the way I dressed and the way I acted. I always wore my hair up in a bun using my wand whenever I wasn’t using it. I wore giant feather earrings that I had mad from owl feathers that the owls had plucked from themselves when I asked for them. I also had a really pretty snowy owl feather crown. I always had drawings all up my left arm. Instead of the school skirts, I wore the slacks. I wore small half moon reading glasses that were plastic rimmed. Okay, so maybe I wasn’t overlooked per say. I was more of a… oh bloody hell. I was a full fledged nerd. Then the summer before 7th, my mum decided it was time I become more… dare I say it- girly. She took me to a muggle salon where they preformed the most ancient Chinese torture rituals on me. They waxed my eyebrows and they cut my beautiful thick gorgeous brown hair to my shoulders. After that had happened, I decided on revenge on my cruel mother. I streaked my brown hair with purple, blue, red, black and orange. With hair like that I was still a nerd and luckily for me people continued to not talk to me. Sadly I was a prefect but I had managed my nerdy reputation until I shoved Malfoy’s wand up his nose when he called Remus a monster.

They didn’t know that I had known he was a werewolf. I always knew. I had a dream about it in 3rd year and I kept a close eye on him. Not only was my dream confirmed, but I got to know a great group of guys who did just about anything for each other. We didn’t become friends until I took place of Lily as prefect during our 7th and final year at Hogwarts. Remus was the male 7th year prefect and James was Head Boy to Lily’s Head Girl. Sirius and I became very close and we started going out after the Christmas Ball. He had asked me to marry him a few weeks before James and Lily had to go into hiding. We did want a long engagement. I guess if he still wanted to marry me then we got what we wanted. I kept the ring on a charm bracelet that he got me for Christmas in 7th year. The bracelet had a stag, dog, wolf, panther (I never helped with full moon’s because it was another one of their ‘guy’ things), my ring, a wand, a moon which changed along with the real moon, and a broken link. The broken link had a rat on it, but after going into hiding I ripped it off and threw it in the fire.

In hiding I had done a lot of thinking. I thought about the pain and torture that Sirius must have been going through. I’d think of the pain and torture that Remus had to go through. Sometimes I’d even think about the pain and torture and abuse that Harry must have been going through living with his aunt and uncle, not knowing that out there in the world so close to his own were people who cared for him so much. You see, Arabella Figg was not the only magical person living close to Harry. The only way Whitey could get me to go into hiding in the first place was that I had Pepper with me and that I lived close enough to Harry so that I could watch him grow and keep an eye on him. Not only was that immensely satisfying, but it was an antagonizing pain. Passing him on the streets and only being able to reply his courteous ‘Hello’s and ‘Good day’s. Hearing his aunt and uncle yell at him when I was just down the street. The closest I ever got to being able to have a decent conversation with him was when Petunia invited me to dinner because I ‘saved’ her poor whale of a son from drowning in his kiddy pool. I never got to talk to him, just smile apologetically as he cleared my dishes from the table and waited on his so-called family hand and foot. I think, though, that the most painful and rewarding thing at the same time was the similitude to James. When I got near enough, I was displeased to see James’ unruly mop of hair but extremely happy to see the loving and familiar green eyes that belonged to his mother, Lily.

That was another thing that pained me. When I got there, who was to say that he would accept me? After all those times when I saw him being punished by his relatives and didn’t step in to help. Oh, how I wanted to. I almost couldn’t keep my wand in my purse when I found out that most of those years of living with them they made him sleep in a bloody closet. How was he going to react to finding out that I had been a witch this whole time and I never told him anything? Not only that, but how the bloody hell would he be able to look me in the eye or even stand to be in the same room as them when he learned that Lily and I were best friends and that I had been really good friends with the Marauder’s? If he was at least half of what Whitey has told me about and nothing like what the Daily Prophet said then he might forgive me… in time.

I stop thinking. If I think anymore then I will most likely go against Whitey’s wishes and I would stay in my house on Privet Drive. I had to get out of this house. I packed my old school trunk and Pepper gave me her little suitcase of clothes. I told Pepper that I expected more of camaraderie from her than servitude. She accepted clothes from me but she said that she would stay and be my friend as well as serving me and she refused any pay. I put her suitcase in my trunk as well. I had lot’s of room because I shrunk all my school stuff (books, school robes, two way mirror in that Sirius, James and I actually made three way mirrors, my photo album of 7th year, etc) and had put them in a shoe box. There was another shoe box that I had forgotten what was in it. When I opened them it revealed Gryffindor colors. I pulled it out, and there they were. James’, Sirius’ and my Quidditch robes. I stole them from them at the end of the year. I took something that was extremely important or a big part of a person’s life and I was making a time capsule. I remember that Sirius not only gave me his uniform, but James’ as well, telling me that Quidditch, James and I were the most important things in his life. I smelled them out of habit of smelling clothes and quickly pushed them away. Leave it to Sirius to forget to wash the bloody Quidditch robes before they give them to me. I folded them and put them back in the box.

This just made me wonder. I wonder what Remus, Lily, James and I put in the capsule. So before I was even done packing I was pulling everything out again. I found another little box which said Captain my Captain on it. I opened up the little square box and in it lay James’ snitch. The one that he had nicked in 5th year. He engraved Lily’s initials in a heart and he also engraved a dog, rat, wolf and a panther on it. I remember how happy I was when I received that for the capsule with the panther on it because I didn’t think that I was that important in his life. “That’s bloody nonsense Mutt. Just because I haven’t known you as long as them it doesn’t mean that you’re not an important part of my life.” His response to me questioning the panther played through my mind. I put the snitch back in its hidden spot in my trunk and went searching for another box. The next one I pulled out wasn’t wrapped. It was a diary. I looked inside the cover and read ‘This belongs to Lily Evans Potter but you can only read it with the permission of Mutt, the noble capsule keeper’. I smiled as I remembered the last day of school they had all ‘christened’ me the capsule keeper. I decided to read through it later, not wanting to take any longer packing then was absolutely needed. I put the diary back in its place, so to find Remus’ addition to the capsule. I found another journal. The quite ones were the more sensible at least. These didn’t smell like constant sweat every time I open them. When I did open the book, it was full of poems. Nice beautiful poems. Note to self: If they accept you back, tease Remus with poems. I put his journal back in its spot and went to find my contribution to the capsule. There I found it. Lying in the bottom of the trunk was my contribution. I picked up the flimsy tattered photo and saw five 17 year olds smiling and waving back at you. Actually three out of the five were waving. Two of them were snogging each other senseless. I smiled at my younger self with Sirius. Every once in a while the two of us would come up for air but then we’d be right back at it again. I put the photo back in its spot and Pepper came in.

“Mutt!” She picked up the nickname somehow too. “Mutt should be packed and ready. Professor Dumbledore will be here shortly to direct us where to go.” Pepper began packing the things neater than they were even before they were sprawled all over the floor again.

“I’m sorry Pep; I just got caught up in the old times.” I told her as you put on your long black cloak over your deep purple robes. I looked in the mirror and smiled. I looked pretty good for 33 years old, yet I was only somewhat recognizable. I still had gotten rid of the colors in my hair except for the purple. I kept my hair thick shoulder length brown with streaks of purple in it. You could basically only see the purple in the light. We heard a *crack* downstairs. I shrunk the completely packed trunk and put in it my pocket along with my wand as Pepper put on her little black cloak. We went downstairs and saw Dumbledore in his lavender robes. I was putting your hair in two low pig tails and I put a snowy owl feather in the left one.

“Hey Whitey.” He smiled at his nickname. “Oh wait. Safety measures first. What is my motto?”

“I believe you were always caught saying ‘Fatigue makes cowards of us all’ but that was during your school days. I think I am correct in saying that your motto it ‘Don’t throw away your old bucket until you’re sure the new one holds water’.” He smiled as I nodded.

“Although, I’m starting to enjoy my old school motto. I haven’t eaten all day and I’m a giant coward right now.” He smiled again as Pepper went to quickly get me something to eat.

“Now it is my question. What is the best way to get out of my detentions?”

“That’s easy Whitey. When somebody gives you a hug it’s easy to slide yourself out of suspension.” Pepper came back and gave me some toast with apricot jam on it.

“Right, I should work on toughening up a bit shouldn’t I? Well onto the reason I am here. We are going to do a side along apparition and then we will walk. Here is the address, memorize it and burn it.” He gave me a piece of paper that said 12 Grimmauld Place. I said it over and over again in my mind and then snapped my fingers. The piece of paper immediately went up in flames. Once I was finished with my toast I felt calmer and felt more ready to face the three most important guys in my life. Whitey, Pepper and I did a side along apparition and walked for what seemed to be forever. I pulled the hood over my head so that when I walked into the room I’d have a heads start and I’d be more ready then them. Whitey stopped in front of number 11 and 13.

“Think of the address.” I did and out of nowhere a building started growing from in between the two houses and was pushing them aside. Whitey walked up the steps and unlocked the door. “I’m afraid I must leave you. I will see you later on tomorrow evening possibly. Just go in and follow his laugh.” I nodded and he walked away. I made sure that Pep was with me and I opened the door and went inside. I heard his laughter and followed it. My hood was still up as I walked into the drawing room where I unmistakably saw Remus, Sirius and Harry. Remus looked up and noticed me standing in the doorway. Sirius and Harry looked up as well, and the rest of the people (red heads and a bushy haired girl) followed suit.

“Are you the person Dumbledore told us to expect?” Remus asked. Harry narrowed his eyes.

“Hang on. You look familiar, well at least from what I can see.” Harry said. Sirius came up to me and before he got too close to me I fell to the floor crying. Well actually I was sobbing hysterically.

“I’m so sorry. I’m so, so sorry.” I kept on repeating.

“Who are you?” Sirius asked as he and Remus knelt beside me. Remus pulled the cloak back but even though my hair looked recognizable they still couldn’t tell who I was. I covered my face with my hands and the sleeves went down a bit and Remus saw part of the gold bracelet.

“You’re that lady who’s friends with Mrs. Figg on my street. You saved Dudley, by accident I’m sure, and my aunt invited you to dinner. You’re the lady who used to have streaks of purple and blue and orange and red and every other imaginable color in your hair. Are you another person who Dumbledore had stationed at Privet Drive to make sure I was safe?” Harry said. I just kept nodding until that question and I shook my head.

“Bloody Hell. Mutt?” Remus pulled my hands away from my face. I looked at Remus and nodded. Sirius took my hand that had the bracelet that he gave me on it and laughed.

“You tore off the bloody rat.” I nodded, still not able to speak and I moved it around a bit and showed Sirius the engagement ring he gave me. I looked at him in the eyes for the first time that night. For the first time in 13 years. “You kept it? After all this time?”

“There wasn’t much I could do hiding from Voldemort. The one thing that I made sure I did was stay loyal to you.” I said, speaking in this house for the first time in that house.

“Mutt, what is that?” Remus pointed to a black lump that was hugging my leg and shaking. I laughed.

“Come on Pepper, don’t you want to finally meet my three favorite men?” I said looking at Sirius, Remus and then Harry. They all smiled, but Harry’s didn’t quite reach his eyes.

“I have a question for you three.” Harry said and the youngest male red head and the bushy haired girl flinched obviously knowing what would come next.

“Shoot Harry.” Sirius said.


“Harry, when I was finally free from all charges and free to walk around in broad daylight without the chance of getting sent to Azkaban, Dumbledore told Remus and me that under no circumstances were we to tell anyone about Mutt.” Sirius said still calmly.

“Maybe we should all leave Harry, Sirius, Remus and this lady and let’s all go up to bed.” The mother of the red head’s said. Reluctantly everyone went to bed and Sirius helped you up off the floor as you all, including Pepper, went to sit down.

“Can I know about her now?” I nodded my head.

“Whitey,” Sirius laughed at your old nickname for him, “said that I could answer all your questions. I’ll answer questions from you all, since I feel it crucial that you all know what you’ve been left out of for the past 13 years.”

“First maybe it would be nice knowing who exactly you are.” Harry said.

“My real name is Gwyneth-” Sirius cut you off.

“Soon to be Black if she still wants to.” Remus rolled his eyes. I smiled and nodded and Sirius pulled the ring off of my bracelet and put it back on my ring finer as I continued.

“Everyone, even Whitey calls me Mutt though. I went to school with these buffoons and your parents and dare I say it, the bloody rat. Although sadly I didn’t become friends with them until 7th year.” This time Remus interrupted you.

“She was quite the nerd. Not even I would have been seen with her.” I rolled your eyes.

“Even though it was because of Remus that I became friends with them.” We laughed. “I took Lily’s place as 7th year female Gryffindor prefect as she moved on to be Head Girl. That is how I became friends with Remmy here and then James and Lily and last but certainly not least Sirius.”

“So, you guy’s are engaged?” Harry asked.

“I asked her a few weeks before you and your parents had to go into hiding.” Sirius said. Harry’s eyes widened.

“Does that mean that you’re my… god mother?” I swallowed hard. I knew he wouldn’t want a stranger for a god mother.

“Lily and James appointed me your god mother yes, but…” Harry surprised all three of us by knocking me off my chair and enveloping me in a giant hug.

“Ever since I had the hope of having a home with Sirius and Remus I always secretly hoped that I had a secret godmother out there somewhere.” He said getting off of me and helping me back up, only to be swept off my feet again by a giant dog.

“Oof.” As I landed back on the floor. Padfoot came up to me and started licking my face. I turned into my panther and started playing with Padfoot.

“Maybe we should go up to bed Harry and let them… catch up. You can ask Mutt more questions tomorrow.” Remus and Harry and Pepper went up to bed while Padfoot and I played a little more. We both stopped and turned back into ourselves.

“I can’t believe you’re back Mutt. When I got out of Azkaban and I first got a one on one talk with Whitey the first thing I asked was where you were and how you were doing. I almost killed myself after he told me you died. Then Harry came riding on a hippogriff and saved my life, and I realized that I owed it to him to stay alive. When Whitey told us an ex Auror and a member of the old Order was coming to stay, I secretly hoped that it was you.” He told me while lying on top of me while we were still on the ground.

“I almost killed myself plenty of times in hiding. I mean sure I was allowed to walk outside and such, but whenever I saw Harry the only thing I could do was reply to his ‘hello’s’ when we passed on the street. I actually told him once when he was five that I was his godmother and that he was a wizard and I took him. I had him for a week before Whitey came and did a memory charm on him and brought him back to his aunt and uncle’s.” Sirius laughed at me.

“Remus and I always talked about you in the kitchen whenever we were absolutely sure that everyone else was sleeping. The other night we actually talked about how we would react if we suddenly saw you again. My first reaction was to snog you senseless and I had every intention to do just that. I didn’t expect for you to be wearing a hood and then just suddenly break down and cry.” He laughed and I blushed.

“I would have accepted that snog. When I broke down I was just extremely scared that you , Remus and Harry would hate me because I had to live in hiding this whole time, especially when I lived just a few houses away from Harry the whole time. I never expected that you’d want to continue the engagement let alone snog me.”

“I love you so much Mutt. When Harry was talking about you being a crazy lady with crazy hair color I felt a part of me come back, a part of me that left when Whitey told me you were dead. I never want to lose you again, and if you didn’t have to continue in hiding from Voldemort I’d insist that we elope right this second if not 30 minutes ago.”

“I was so hoping that’s what you wanted, because that’s exactly what I had wanted too… except for the whole eloping thing, I’d rather wait until I’m out of hiding and we’re able to have a real wedding.” I laughed and Sirius did what we had both been deprived of. He kissed me gently at first but then I granted him entrance into my mouth and he gave it his all. 13 years of love, devotion, deprivation and waiting was planted in that kiss and it reminded me of the first time we had kissed… so many years ago. 15 years to be exact.

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Chapter 2: What’s Her Name?
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Chapter 2- What’s Her Name?

“Wake up honey. Today we’re going to have a woman’s day out!” My mother said in her ‘only I can be this awake and happy at seven in the morning’ voice as she so delicately ripped the sheets from my grasp and pried my curtains apart.

“Bloody sun.” I mumbled as I got out of bed and headed to the bathroom.

“Watch your language Gwyneth. Hurry up; I want to be out of this house by nine.” She said as she pulled out my most hideous cloths and pushed them in my face. I looked at what she gave me to wear. A skirt that she gave me for my birthday despite my constant ‘I don’t wear skirts’ and a matching shirt that was a little to revealing for my taste. I put them back in the closet. I pulled out my favorite pair of jeans that were ripped everywhere and a green t-shirt that was tight enough that my mother bought it for me.

“How come you’re not wearing what I gave you? You never wear that skirt.” She told me as I went down to eat breakfast 45 minutes later after I took a shower and did my minimum make up and brushed my long brown hair.

“I didn’t feel like it today. I’ll wear them when I get to school.” I lied. I actually wouldn’t. I’ll probably sell them to some girl in Black’s fan club.

“Okay. Well, hurry up and eat your breakfast. We have a lot to do today.” I finished my breakfast and she drove us downtown. We walked up to a muggle building but I stopped before entering now that I was well aware what my mother was now implying as a ‘woman’s day out’. I looked inside and saw noxious gas clouds looming over people’s heads and women with layers upon layers of paint on their faces. Most of them didn’t even have real eyebrows.

“Come on dear, it won’t hurt one bit. You’re going into your 7th year now. You’re a prefect this year which means you won’t be coming home for the breaks and when you come back at the end of the year you’ll be moving into your own apartment. Just do this one thing for me today and I promise when we’re done here we’ll do whatever you want.” Oh great, the bloody guilt trip.

“Anything?” I asked, raising one of my un-groomed, un-plucked eyebrows.

“Yes dear, anything.” She answered. I nodded, reluctantly mind you, and she still had to practically drag me into that, that… prison.

“What’ll it be for you ladies today?” The lady behind the counter asked smacking her gum. She was quite big and she actually looked more like a man who had plastic surgery than a lady… sounded like it too.

“Well my daughter here will be getting the deluxe while I’m just here for a small trim.” I looked at my mother in horror and read the sign.

‘Deluxe-Hair cut, Eye brows, legs, manicure, pedicure, face…’

The list went on and on. Another lady came up to me and looked me up and down.

“Oh dear, Sheila! Get the pink room ready! We’re desperately going to need it.” I opened my eyes wide in horror. The pink room? Already this sounded worse than one of Professor Slughorn’s stupid parties, but now a room entitled pink? I looked over at my mother who already wasn’t paying attention as she relaxed while the hair stylist washed her hair.

“Come on hunny, follow us.” Five of the ugliest women popped out of nowhere and were dragging me to the dreaded room. As we passed several doors, I heard many screams of pain and this did less to calm me. I never shaved my legs, and they plan to wax them?

“Sit.” I did as the told me and the ripped my pants off. I was scared out of my bloody mind. I tried my hardest to not pay attention to what they were doing to me out of sheer terror. Instead, I tried to figure out what would piss off my mom the most since she said I good to anything I wanted when we were done.

“How do you want your hair cut dahling?” One of the ladies with a really deep voice asked me.

“Cut? I’m afraid you must me mistaken, I don’t want to cut my hair at all.” I told the lady.

“Her mother said that she wanted it at least to her shoulders.” Then pain beyond pain was inflicted on my face and I couldn’t help but drop a few tears. First this torture and now my mother wanted my beloved hair cut off? The hair that has grown to my butt and I have grown to love and cherish. It’s the main thing that keeps people from talking to me.

Then I heard the worst sound in the world to me. ‘Snip’. I felt a great weight drop and I looked in the mirror and I saw 1 ½ feet of my hair fall to the ground. Mind you it may not sound like much, but I’m short. I’m only 5’ 2”, but my hair is my life especially when it’s the main thing that helps me be a solitary person. The rest of my mind went blank as the ladies continued to ‘groom’ me. When they were done, it pained me to say that I looked positively hot. I could now pass as one of the hottest girls in school and that scared me. Boys would start to look at me differently, like they actually wanted to be seen in my presence. I couldn’t let that happen.

“Gwyneth Jones, you look so adorable. I’m really glad that you decided to do this.” More like ‘Gwyneth Jones, you finally look like the girly girl that I always wanted for a daughter. I’m really glad that I forced you to do this.’ I smiled because I knew what I could do that would make her eat her words.

“Let’s go to the hair products store down there mom. There’s some stuff I’d like to get for my hair that I think will add a nice touch to my look.” She smiled and she we walked passed a couple buildings.

“Right, you go get your stuff and meet me here. Remember now, you can get anything you want.” I smiled. That was exactly what I wanted to hear her say. I went down the aisle with all the hair dye.

“Let’s see… blue, orange, red, purple, green and the bleach for the streaks to show up.” I said out loud while I piled the boxes in my basket. I went back to my mom and she looked into my basket and her smile was instantly wiped off her face. She replaced it with a false one and she bought the stuff.

“Tada!” I looked in the mirror when I was done and I felt extremely satisfied. Sure I looked extremely hot, but now people would be so amazed by my difference that they still wouldn’t want anything to do with me.

I woke up two day’s later. Today I was going to Diagon Ally and then tomorrow I was going back to Hogwarts. I got dressed in my only pair of ‘girly’ blue jeans and a Quidditch shirt. I loved Quidditch. I was a really good at chaser but I never tried out for the team because I had to keep my reputation as a nerd.

After I got some money out of Gringotts I went to Madam Malkin’s robe shop. I bought some new robes and got some more slacks because of my bloody diet that my mother made me go on actually worked a little. I now weighed 115 pounds. As I walked to the bookstore to get my school books I heard some people talking… boys.

“Who’s that girl? Moony, do you know who that girl is?”

“No I don’t Padfoot. You think she’s a transfer from Beaxbatons maybe?”

“It’s possible, she’s really pretty and I think that we would have remembered her.”

I looked in the mirror to my side a little and noticed that they were talking about me. It was my entire bloody mother’s fault. Now I had the three most popular boys talking about how pretty I was.

“You do know that it’s not nice to talk about a person behind their backs, even though you may think it’s a compliment.” I told them and turned around to face them. Black, Lupin and Potter were part of a group called the Marauders. They were the most popular boys in school. Lupin was the most sensible one. He was quieter and more studious than the others. Black was a player. He changed girlfriends more than people change their toilet paper. Potter was Head Boy this year and he is also Quidditch captain. He could get any girl he wants, but instead he fell hard for the one girl who won’t have him. Pettigrew was the other Marauder, and nobody knew why. He was a lost cause and nobody knew what the others were thinking when they befriended him.

“Sorry, we didn’t know that you were listening.” Lupin said. The three boys walked towards me.

“So then now that we’re talking, maybe you can answer our questions.” Potter said.

“I’m not a transfer; I’ve been going to Hogwarts since 1st year. I’m going into my 7th year.”

“Really? How come we’ve never noticed you before? You’re not a Slytherin are you?” I laughed.

“No, I’m the exact opposite of a Slytherin. I’m in Gryffindor.”

“Well, how come we’ve never noticed you before?”

“I didn’t want to be noticed. I never needed friends. It came pretty easily to not be noticed. My bloody mother made me made me get rid of my nerdy style. I died my hair to get back at her. I can see now that it’s not going to be so incredibly easy to go unnoticed this year, especially becoming prefect.” I told them as I continued searching for my books; they followed me and got their books as well.

“You’re prefect this year? That means Evans is Head Girl!” James said.

“I’m a prefect too, so you’ll be working with me this year.” I smiled at Remus.

“Do you like Quidditch? I noticed your shirt.” I raised my eyebrow at Sirius; it said the word Quidditch across my chest.

“Yes I do.”

“Can you play? We need people to try out; we lost a lot of people this year.” James asked me.

“I can play as a chaser, but I don’t know if I’d like to try out.”

“Why not?” Sirius asked.

“I got to go unnoticed this year. If I tried out for the team, then more people would get to know me.”

“You know, now that you know us and we you, we’re not going to leave you alone anymore.” James smiled.

“I figured as much.” We went and bought our books.

“Hang out with us today. You’ll see that having friends is a lot better then what you seem to think.” Remus said.

“I’m sorry, I have to get home.”

“Come on; at least come with us to get a quick ice cream.” James offered.

“No, I’d better not. I have to start dinner because my mum is working late tonight.”

“Well, since you’re not hanging out with us today we’re going to save you a seat on the train. After you have you’re prefect meeting and you patrol the halls Remus is going to drag you to our compartment and then you’re going to eat dinner with us.” Sirius said. I thought of my choices. If I hang out with them, people will notice me with the most popular boys in school and they’ll want to know who I am. Not to mention, I wouldn’t have dinner ready and mother would yell at me. If I don’t, then I’ll have to sit with them on the train (less people would see that) and then I’d have to eat dinner with them (if I didn’t talk to them at dinner then people wouldn’t know that they wanted me to sit there).

“I’ll go with the train ride, thanks.” I told them. They smiled. Oh, no, wrong choice.

“We were hoping you would say that.”

“Yes, well… have a nice day boys.” I turned and headed to the Leaky Cauldron.

“Wait, what’s you’re name?” I smiled; they still don’t know my name.

“That’s for me to know and you to find out.”

“Then we’ll just have to come up with a nickname for you, and mind you, it won’t be a pretty, girly name either.” James said.

“Good, nothing girly.” Then I went and Floo’d home.

Chapter 3: Tell Us Your Secrets
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“Wake up darling. You’re going to Hogwarts today!” My mother did her morning ritual of throwing off my covers and opening my curtains as I just got up. I went to my already packed trunk and picked up my clothes for today. I put on the uniform minus the robe because I didn’t feel like having to change on the train. The noxious gasses that formed in the muggle salon also always found their way in the girl’s bathroom on the train.

“Gwen, you got an owl this morning. I don’t know who it’s from, but the handwriting looked like a boys.” I groaned. I forgot that I had to sit with those three on the train today. They really weren’t going to leave me alone. I took a shower and put my hair in a bun using my wand to hold it up. I put on a little make up and looked at my eyebrows. There were a couple rouge hairs that decided to grow back so I plucked them just so I wouldn’t look entirely foolish. I put on my snowy owl feather earrings and put another snowy owl feather in my bun.

I went downstairs and started eating my breakfast and I just stared at the owl and its letter. It was a brown owl with bright yellow eyes. It flew over and landed beside my plate. I gave it a piece of fruit and took its letter seeing how it was going to stay here until I read it.


Well, we don’t really know your name yet but we’ll know it soon. We just wanted to make sure that you didn’t forget that you were sitting with us on the train tonight. We forgot to tell you that you’ll be riding in the carriage with us up to the castle. Ok, no we didn’t forget to tell you that. Peter told us that he was riding in the carriage with his girlfriend so we’ll have an empty space and who better to use that space then you? We also wanted to tell you that we thought of a nickname for you. We don’t know why but we thought that it was perfect for you. Your name now is- I’m sorry we must cut this short for James’ mother is calling us down to breakfast. We will see you soon.
The Marauders minus Peter

Then the owl took off and I continued with my breakfast. When I was done my mother took my plate to the kitchen and I went up and got my prefect badge out from the top of my trunk and put it in my pocket. I closed my trunk and brought it downstairs.

Then before we even got in the car, my mother had to give me her ‘now before you get there’ speech that she’s given me for the past 6 years now. And finally we’re in the car and off to the train station. I kissed my mother good bye and went through the barrier to get to platform 9 ¾.

“Mutt!” I heard yelling. Somebody obviously lost their dog.

“Mutt, wait!” More yelling.

“Sirius, you did write in the letter that her nickname was Mutt right?” James’ voice.

“Uh… no. Your mom was calling us to breakfast at that point.” They finally got to me.

“Bloody hell Sirius, that should have been the first thing on the letter.” Remus said.

“How are you doing?” Sirius asked me.

“Just fine.” James took my trunk.

“Here, you and Remus need to go to the prefect compartment. We’ll see you later.” Sirius took Remus’ trunk and Remus and I went to the prefect compartment. When everyone got there, James being fashionably late of course, Lily started off the meeting.

“So first off everyone, Gwen here took my place as 7th year female Gryffindor prefect.” I banged my head on the side of the compartment. Now James and Remus knew my name.

“Now here is the list for who patrol’s the halls when.” James handed out the lists.

“This next one is the list for who needs to stay at Hogwarts on Hogsmeade days.” Lily handed those ones out.

“This last paper is the different activities that we’ll be doing this year. The big one is a Christmas ball, and there will also be a graduation ball. The 7th year prefects will be decorating and working on the Christmas one, but the rest of you need to do the Graduation ball, seeing how 7th year’s will be the only ones going to that.” James handed the papers out.

“Now, go get your robes on with your badges. 7th years patrol the corridors first, then the 6th years, then the 5th years. The times to change are on that first piece of parchment.” Now go, go, go!” Lily said. Remus and James dragged me to the compartment. I got my robe with the badge on it out and was about to leave when Sirius and James sat me back down.

“So now Remus and I know your name now.” I banged my head against the window. Before I could cause too much damage to me or the window Sirius put his hand in between.

“Well, care to tell me?” Sirius said.

“My name is Gwyneth Jones. I will kill you if you actually call me Gwyneth though.” I told them.

“So then you’ll enjoy your nickname, which is the only thing we will call you.” James said.

“Your nickname is Mutt.” I raised one of my eyebrows.

“Mutt? What kind of a name is Mutt?” I asked them.

“Would you rather we call you Gwen?” I cringed at the name that caused me pain, pain because whenever my mother wanted to me to do something girly she called me that.

“No, I like the nickname; I’m just wondering were you came up with it.” I asked them.

“It just came to us.” James said.

“Now come on Mutt, we have to patrol the corridors.” Remus said. We got up and walked around, making sure that the students were in their compartments.

“I have to go to the bathroom so I’ll meet up with you in a bit.” Remus ran off in the opposite direction. Then as I was walking, I ran into somebody I had always hoped I’d be able to steer clear of. Malfoy.

“Well look who we have here. You’re obviously one of the Marauders new sluts.” He sneered. “Why are you hanging around them?”

“It’s none of your business who I hang around Malfoy. Now seeing as you’re not a prefect, kindly go back to your compartment with all your groupies.”

“You know, I wouldn’t get too close to them. Potter and his arrogance. Black and his new whore every week. Pettigrew couldn’t even count to twenty if he didn’t have his toes. Of course you can’t forget Lupin. No, nobody could forget a monster.” That struck my last nerve. I didn’t care that he called me a slut because I knew I wasn’t one. I did care that he called Remus a monster. Remus is a werewolf, but he is one of the kindest guys I know. I pulled my wand out of my hair and pointed it at him.

“What are you going to do? Hex me?” He smirked. Then I felt somebody push my arm down. Remus was next to me holding the owl feather that dropped out of my hair. He looked a little more pale then usual, probably from being called a monster.

“No, you’re not worth my energy.” Remus and I pushed past him and carried on patrolling.

“That’s right, listen to the stupid monster.” I turned around and totally forgot that I was a witch. I had my wand in my hand so I shoved it up his nose. I pulled it out and wiped it on Malfoy’s robes.

“Gross, excuse me while I wipe all the troll bogeys off my wand.” I turned back to Remus and he was staring at me wide eyed and open mouthed.

“What? You’re not a monster, and it was making me bloody mad that he was calling you one.” Remus paled a little more and after casting the cleaning spell on my wand he grabbed my hand and we ran back to the compartment.

James and Sirius were sitting playing Wizards Chess when we came in.

“What happened? You two should still be patrolling for ten more minutes.”

“Well, Remus went to the bathroom and I had a run in with Malfoy. He started calling me a slut and was telling me what terrible people you were. Then I was going to hex him but Remus showed up and made me lower my wand. We were about to walk away when he called Remus a monster so I… um…” I stopped talking and put my hair back in a bun with my wand. Remus gave me the owl feather and as I stuck it in my hair he finished the story.

“She shoved her wand up his nose. Then she told me that I wasn’t a monster and it was pissing her off having to listen to what a monster I was.” James and Sirius looked at me the same way as Remus did.

“What? All I did was inflict pain on a bloody Slytherin.” I waited for a while but they continued to stare at me so I got up and got halfway through the door when Remus pulled me back in.

“Do you… know…?” Remus asked in a whisper.

“Do I know… what?” I asked.

“Do you know… what he is?” Sirius asked.

“Oh! You mean a werewolf? Yes I know.”

“How? When? You haven’t told anybody have you?” Remus asked.

“Well, I can’t tell you how because I don’t really trust you guys right now, I figured it out in 3rd year and of course I haven’t told anybody. Even if I wanted to tell somebody who would I tell?” I asked them. They all gained more color in their faces.

“If we get you to trust us, will you tell us how you found out?” James asked.

“Sure, I guess so. I mean, the only person who knows is Dumbledore.” I told them.

“You’re not a Seer are you?” Sirius asked.

“No, thank Merlin. I don’t know how I could live being a Seer.” We laughed. When we got to Hogsmeade station we all got into a horseless carriage and rode up to the castle. We sat down at the Gryffindor table. I sat down next to Sirius, Remus across from me and then James next to Remus.

“Excuse me, girl, but I believe that you’re in my seat.” I looked up and saw James and Remus laughing and I heard Sirius groan. When I looked at the girl who was talking to me I could tell she was part of Sirius’ fan club.

“I’m sorry, but I didn’t get the memo saying that this seat was reserved. Unless,” I stood up and checked the seat then sat back down, “no, I don’t see your name carved on the seat here either. I guess you’ll just have to run here faster next time.” She glared at me then left.

“I can’t believe you just did that!” Sirius said. James and Remus were still laughing. I looked at Sirius to show him that I didn’t understand what he was saying.

“No other girl I know would stand up to the leader of that bloody club.” He said laughing.

“Well, we’ve already figured out that we have a unique girl on our hands here. I mean, do you know any kind of person who would shove their wand up Malfoy’s nose?” James said. We simmered down enough to pretend to pay attention to the sorting and to Dumbledore’s speech and then we started eating.

“As much as I like the guy, Whitey needs to keep his speeches to a minimum, especially on the first night.” The boys looked at me weird.

“Who’s Whitey?”

“Dumbledore is.” I told them and continued eating. They just shrugged and went back to their food. When everyone was full we got up and followed James who was directing the first years to the Gryffindor common room.

“Come on you midgets, keep up. Today’s Friday so you have the whole weekend to talk to the paintings.” He yelled.

“Potter! Don’t call the first year’s midgets!” Lily yelled.

“I’m just calling it like I see it.” When we got to the common room I bid the boys good night and went up to my dorm. As I was lying in my bed waiting for sleep to come I thought about the past few days.

“Maybe having friends isn’t as bad as I thought.” I said and then was consumed with sleep. When I woke up the next morning, I was the only one up. I always wondered why I slept in at home but not at Hogwarts. It was 5:30. I took a shower and got dressed. I put my hair in my wand bun and wore my brown owl feather earrings. I put on a little make up and then brought my school bag downstairs. I took out my ink and my quill and started to draw every little thing on my arm. When my left arm was full of quick little doodles from my wrist to my elbow it was 6:15 amazingly and still nobody was up. I brought my bag back up to my room and I took out my broom and went to the Quidditch field. I took out the quaffle and started to play my own little game.

*Back in the common room*

Lily went down the stairs just to be bombarded with questions about somebody named Mutt.

“What are you guy’s on about?” She asked them.

“Is Mutt upstairs?” James asked her.

“Who’s Mutt?” She asked them.

“He means is Gwen upstairs in the dorm? See, we’d like to talk to her before we go off to breakfast.” Remus asked.

“Oh, I don’t know. Let me go back up and see.” She ran up the stairs and looked in the dorm. Gwen wasn’t there, just her school bag and her broom was absent from beside her bed. She went back to the boys.

“Is she there?” Sirius asked. Lily shook her head.

“No, but if it’s important, you might want to check the Quidditch pitch. Her broom is gone and I always remember her going there to fly sometimes early in the morning.” Lily told them. The three boys left the common room and headed to the pitch. Sure enough, a girl with feather earrings was flying around playing with the quaffle. They sat in the stands for a while just watching her.

“Bloody hell James, she’s really good. She’s better than the chasers on our team last year… well besides you of course.” Sirius said.

“We have to get her to try out. If we want to win the cup this year we’re going to need her on the team.” James told them.

*Back to me*

After half an hour of playing I heard clapping and cheering. I stopped and looked around the stands and saw three boys. James, Sirius and Remus to be exact. I flew over to them and hopped off my broom into the stands. As soon as I put my feet down James jumped over and hugged my knees.

“Mutt will you please try out for the team. Please, Mutt, we really, really need you on that team.” James begged. I looked up at Sirius and Remus who were staring at James like he had gone crazy. Sirius looked up and knew instantly what I was thinking.

“No, he has never begged before in his life.” He told me. I nodded.

“Please Mutt! I know you have this whole life goal to remain friendless and solitary but I’ll cry if you don’t try out for the team.” James said and he put on a puppy face. He stopped for a second and looked at Sirius.

“Sirius you’re better at the sad puppy face, and she already knows about Remus… do it. Besides you’re a beater and you should know as well as I do that unless we have her on our team then we’re going to loose that cup.” Sirius nodded.

“You’re next though.” Sirius said before he changed into a big black dog. He tucked his tail in between his legs and sat on the ground. Then he used his front paws to scoot forward towards me. He had the most adorably sad puppy face in the world. My heart melted and I felt something that never in all my life I had felt, but I knew exactly what it was. I was starting to like Sirius as more then a friend. I couldn’t let that happen. He would dump me after a week. I shook my head and turned to James.

“If you show me what your animagus form is then yes, I will try out for the team.” James hugged me quickly and then turned into the most beautiful stag. They both changed back. I smiled at them, opened my mouth but then decided against telling them and I started to go head down the stand.

“Wait, wait, wait. You were going to tell us something, and I also think that you should trust us enough to tell us how you knew about Remus.” James said. I turned around and walked back to them.

“Yes you’re right. Now, you can’t tell anyone about either one of the things that you’re going to find out about me. First off, I knew about Remus because I am kind of, sort of like a Seer but not really. I have dreams about what is happening in the present. I had a dream the Remus turned into a werewolf and that you guy’s turned into your Animagus forms in third year. I tracked the full moon and I saw you all leaving during a couple of full moons so I figured it out.”

“So you already knew that we were Animagus?” Sirius asked. I nodded.


“Prove it.” James said.

“Peter is a rat and he pushes a knot on the Whomping Willow which freezes it and it takes you guys to the Shrieking Shack which isn’t really haunted.” I told them.

“Wow. Well then what is your other thing?” Sirius asked again.

“Well in my first year I was reading a book about Animagi and I didn’t really understand that it was illegal to be unregistered.” James raised his eyebrow.

“So, what? Are you and Animagus too?” I nodded and the boys looked at me excited.

“Show us!” Remus said. I changed into my Animagus form.

“Bloody hell.” James said.

“Mutt’s a panther!” Remus laughed. Sirius scratched behind my ear and I leaned into it and purred. They laughed again.

“You’re a really pretty panther Mutt.” Sirius said. I rose what would be an eyebrow. “I… uh… I mean…” He blushed and I changed back into my human form. I checked James’ watch.

“It’s 7:15 boys. What are we going to do today?” I asked them. They looked at each other and then back at me.

“I think we should show you our secrets.” James said. I rose my eyebrow again but Sirius and Remus each took one of my hands and ran with James in front.

“Guys…” I panted. “I may be good at Quidditch, but I don’t think I’m as fit as you.” I told them as we ran past breakfast at the great hall. They were practically dragging me away. I whimpered and the smell of a delicious breakfast caught my line of smell.

“Don’t worry; we’ll get something to eat. You just need to know our secrets first.” Remus said.

“They better be worth it.” I huffed. When we got to their dorm we all sat on the floor as James went through his trunk. He threw a giant piece of parchment near us and then pulled out a liquid looking cloak.

“This is my invisibility cloak.” He showed me the cloak and how it works.

“This is the Marauder’s Map. It’s a map of the castle. It shows us all the secret passage ways and it shows us where everybody is.” I looked at them like they were crazy. The parchment was blank.

“Oh sorry. You have to tap it with your wand and say ‘I solemnly swear I am up to no good’.” Remus demonstrated and I picked it up and read:

Messrs. Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs
Purveyors of Aids to Magical Mischief Makers
Are proud to present
The Marauder’s Map

“Wow, and you guy’s made this?” I looked up and saw them nod.

“When you’re done with it you put your wand to it again and say ‘Mischief managed’. Or else anyone could read it.” Remus did so and everything was clear again.

“Let’s see what our 14 year old self think of you. Put your wand tip to it and say ‘Reveal your secrets’.” Sirius told me. I did as he said and writing showed up.

‘Mr. Moony would like to say that Ms. Jones has a wonderful group of friends and she should trust them more than does.”

“Do you still not trust us?” James asked me.

“With a map like this and an invisibility cloak? What do you think?” I told him.

“Point taken.”

“Mr. Prongs agrees with Mr. Moony and would like to add that her hair and her owl feather jewelry shows her unique character.”

“Hoe do you make your owl feather jewelry anyway?” Remus asked me.

“Ah, if I told you then I would have to kill you.”” I laughed.

“Mr. Padfoot would like to add that not only is she a pretty panther, but she is a very beautiful girl.”

“Oh god, I hate myself.” We laughed.

“Mr. Wormtail bids Ms. Jones good day and advises her to stay a few feet away from Mr. Padfoot until he has time to take a cold shower.” I laughed and handed Sirius the parchment so he could read the last part. He looked down a bit to convince himself he didn’t need one.

“Stupid rat.” We laughed some more.

“So, who’s up for food?” James said and we went to the kitchen and got our well deserved breakfast.

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Chapter 4: Chapter 4- Him, Them, Everyone
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Chapter 4- Him, Them, Everyone

After a few weeks I got to trust the Marauders more. We hung out a lot and sometimes when I needed to clear my mind and think, James and Sirius would accompany me on my nighttime runs in our Animagus forms. I did try out for the chaser position on the Quidditch team like James and Sirius… begged me to and I did indeed get the position. I still managed to keep somewhat solitary but Lily and the other girls in our dorm included me in their ‘girl talks’ every now and then. I declined a lot-most of the time- because all they talked about were boys and such and that stuff just wasn’t my thing to talk about.

One day in History of Magic-the boys persuaded me to not pay attention in that class- James, Sirius, Remus and I were passing notes to each other.

-So who’s up for a nighttime run tonight?- James wrote.

-I’m up, I’ve learned too much and I need to freshen up a bit- I wrote back.

-I’ll leave you guys to it… seeing as I’ll only ever have two legs except during my time of the month.- Remus wrote.

-I’ll join you as well. I haven’t let Padfoot out since Moony’s time of month.- Sirius wrote.

-Let’s play hide and seek again. That was a good idea Mutt.- James wrote.

-I agree!- Sirius wrote.

-I guess so. So on to a subject in which Remus can partake.- I wrote.

-Yes, please…- Remus wrote.

-I think we should visit the kitchens after this class.- Sirius wrote.

-Yea!- James wrote.

-No. I’ve never ditched a class and just because I’m friends with you guys now doesn’t mean I’m going to start.- I wrote.

-I agree with Mutt. Besides, we have DADA next. It’s a good class.- Remus wrote.

-Fine.- James wrote.

-Party poopers.- Sirius wrote.

-How far are you to wooing Lily, James?- I asked.

-Pretty close.- James wrote.

-Yea, if you consider 3 Quidditch pitches close…- Sirius wrote.

-Or twice the size of the Forbidden Forest close…- Remus added.

-Ha-ha. Just because I’m closer to wooing Lily than Sirius is to wooing M- James managed to write before Sirius took the parchment away.

-That isn’t something we have to discuss here in public Prongsie.- Sirius wrote.

-So… Remus what did you get on the Transfiguration essay?- I wrote trying to switch the subject. I felt sad that Sirius was trying to ‘woo’ another girl. I wanted to be that girl.

-Pretty good. Considering the topic was the difference between Animagi and Werewolves…- he wrote.

-When’s the next Hogsmeade visit?- I asked. Pretty random yes but it needed to be asked.

-This Saturday actually. Who are you guys going with?- James wrote.

-I was going to ask this Ravenclaw girl.- Remus wrote.

-I wanted to ask somebody.- Sirius asked. Somebody? He was going to ask someone.

-Who were you going to ask Sirius?- I asked.

-None of your business Mutt.- He wrote.

-Sorry. I was just making polite conversation. Perhaps you’ve never heard of it before.- I wrote.

-Hey now children. Play nice. Who were you going with Mutt? I’m going to ask Lily to go with me.- James wrote.

-No one.-

-Why? Don’t tell me you’re going by yourself.- Remus asked.

-Who said I was even going?- I wrote.

-You should go Mutt. You could go with James when he gets turned down by Lily.- Remus wrote.

-Yea you… HEY!- James wrote.

-I’ll think about it.- I wrote. Then the bell rang, signaling the end of the class period and the beginning of lunch. I packed my things away along with the parchment we were writing on and we walked down to the Great Hall. My bag split when we were walking down and I told them to go ahead.

“I’ll catch up with you guys later. Don’t worry.” I told them as I swatted away Sirius’ help.

“You sure you don’t need any help?” Remus asked.

“If I’m not there in 10 minutes- send a search party.” I said sarcastically. They nodded obviously skipping over the sarcastic part. When they were out of site and my things were back in my bag with the split magically repaired I heard a voice.

“Well, well, if it isn’t the little Mudblood loving slut.” I looked up and saw Malfoy, amazingly without his usual cronies.

“Well, it sounds as if you’re nose has healed well. No doubt a 12 inch wand up your nose caused a little pain, even for a strong Slytherin such as yourself.” I told him.

“Sit and eat lunch with me Jones- or should I say Mutt. That is what your boyfriends call you. Why don’t I join the trend?” He said.

“I would sit and eat lunch with you but it would be quite pointless. Every time I would look up and see your face my lunch would come and revisit me.” I told him.

“Watch yourself. You wouldn’t want to make enemies with me. Why don’t you want to trust me like you have come to trust the famous Potter and his boyfriends?” He asked.

“Basically because I had a choice. Even if I didn’t have a choice I would rather sleep in the lake with the giant squid then become friends with you.” I turned to leave but Malfoy grabbed my wrist.

“Come on. Just one day with me. What could go bad?” He asked.

“A lot of things. Besides, wouldn’t your friends laugh at you for hanging out with a-what did you call me again? Oh that’s right- a Mudblood loving slut.”

“Mutt?” Wow, they actually took me seriously.

“Mutt? Where are you?” Remus asked.

“Oh look Jones. Your boyfriends have come to rescue you.” He sneered. “You wouldn’t have been able to handle me without them.”

“I beg to differ Malfoy. I do believe it was me who shoved my wand up your nose the last time we met.” And then with one swift movement and spell said underneath my breath, Malfoy was laying on his back with giant boils all over his face.

“There you are Mutt- what happened?” James asked.

“Malfoy decided he’d abduct me and try to get me to hang out with him.” I told them.

“Well, I guess you can handle him pretty well.” Sirius laughed.

“Of course, did you have any doubts?” I asked them. They all shook their heads abruptly.

“Right well… I think we can leave him here and we’ll continue with lunch.” We got down to the Great Hall and I had just sat down and had started to pile food on my plate when somebody tapped me on my shoulder. I turned around and Daniel Willis, the 7th year Gryffindor beater, was standing behind me looking quite nervous. I turned back around and figured it was because Sirius and James were glaring at him.

“Hey, um, Gwen,” I flinched.

“Please call me anything but Gwen.”

“Um, ok, how about Belle?” He asked. I’m not stupid, I know that Belle is French for beautiful but in my opinion it’s better than Gwen.

“Sure. Was there something I could help you with?” I asked him.

“Actually, could I, um, talk to you for a moment? Outside the Great Hall, please?” I nodded and I led the way to the Entrance Hall.

“What did you want to talk about Daniel?”

“You can call me Dan.”

“Ok… what did you want to talk about… Dan?” I asked again.

“Well I was wondering if you were going to Hogsmeade with anybody.” I shook my head. “Well, um, would you like to go with me?” He asked. He rubbed the back of his neck and looked down at his feet. He was a pretty good looking guy. Short brown hair, brown eyes, some freckles underneath his eyes and across his nose. He also had the build of a good beater. I wasn’t planning on going to Hogsmeade, but it’s not like anybody else was going to ask me. I also didn’t really have anything to do Saturday so I would just be reading and I can do that anytime.

“Sure.” I told him.

“As a… um, date?” He asked. Wow, a date. This would be my first date ever. I guess I did like Dan. He was funny and I had gotten along with him during Quidditch practices. He was nice too. He helped me sometimes with my homework whenever the boys were gone doing Merlin knows what.

“Of course.” I smiled. He looked up and smiled at me too.

“Great! I’ll meet you in the common room at 10:00 then.” I smiled and nodded and he went back to the Great Hall. I walked back in and sat down in my spot next to Remus and started to eat again. I guess I was smiling really big because the boys were looking at me weird.

“What did he want?” Sirius asked.

“Honestly Padfoot, can’t you tell?” Remus smiled knowingly.

“Obviously not, otherwise I wouldn’t have asked her.” He asked. I just continued eating, well aware of the conversation that was taking place.

“He asked her out.”

“Wow, Mutt’s got a date!” James smiled at me. Sirius’ face darkened a bit before he put on a fake smile.

“Congratulations Mutt. We’re happy for you.” Remus said giving a pointed look at Sirius.

“Uh, yea. You’ll have a good time. Dan’s a good guy.” He said plainly. I didn’t take notice though. He’d find a date. He was after all, Sirius Black.

The morning of the Hogsmeade trip, Lily and I were getting ready together because she actually said yes to James only if they double dated with Dan and I. I wore a knee length green skirt that I attached different colored brown and green ribbons to it. I wore a short sleeved green shirt with a black long sleeved shirt underneath and I wore these muggle shoes called Converse that were all black. I wore my make up with natural colors and I put my hair up in a bun with my wand holding it together. I wore my brown owl feather earrings and I put a large snowy owl in my bun.

Lily wore some jean pants and a black blouse. She did her make up with natural colors as well and she borrowed some of my small black owl earrings. When 10:00 rolled around we walked down the stairs. Dan and James were standing there along with Sirius and Peter. Remus had gone to meet his date. Dan and James had giant goofy grins on their faces. Sirius was eyeing Dan with a look of pure hatred and Peter was just standing there.

“Hey, Belle, you look… wow.” Dan managed to say. I smiled at him and waited for him to start a conversation. When he didn’t talk I turned to Sirius behind him.

“Where is your lovely date for today Sirius?” He looked away from Dan, finally noticing me. He had wide eyes and he stammered when he answered me.

“Oh… well she had already gotten asked so Petey and I are going stag today.” He smiled at me. Dan tried to take my attention back.

“So, do you want to go down now?” He looked to James for confirmation instead of actually asking me.

“Sure.” I told him. He held out his arm so I looped my arm around his and we all went down. We shared a carriage with James and Lily. James and Lily were having a nice conversation whereas Dan just stared at my chest or my legs and then smiling at me.

“This is going to be a great date.” I mumbled and the only one who seemed to hear me was James who looked at me sympathetically.

“Where would you lovely ladies like to go first?” James asked seeing how Dan was content with just staring at my body. Lily and I looked at each other with a similar face and when we were both thinking the same thing we voiced our opinions.

“Honeydukes!” We both exclaimed. We walked in there and I was looking at the sugar quills because I had recently used my last one in class. I picked up a few that I was planning on purchasing when I heard someone behind me.

“So, are you having a wonderful date Mutt?” I looked behind me and Sirius was standing there.

“Yea, right.” I mumbled. “This is the best date I’ve ever been on. It’s actually the only date I’ve ever been on, but I didn’t expect it to be this… boring.” I told him.

“Well, it’s not supposed to be boring, and I’m sorry that your first ever date is sucking.” He said as he took the sugar quills from my hand and went to buy them for me.

“Me too. I actually was kind of interested in him. He was funny but now we’re on a date all he’s doing is staring at my body. He’s making me feel so bloody dirty.” I told him. He gave me the already paid for sugar quills and I thanked him.

“You know, we could both ditch our dates and then we could hang out.” He offered. I thought about it. I could stay with Dan who was boring me to death and staring at my body or I could leave him and hang out with a guy who’s my friend and he actually has conversations.

“Sure, but let’s tell James so that he and Lily can ditch him as well.” I told him. We told James who left conveniently right after Sirius and I left. Sirius and I went to the 3 Broomsticks.

“So, you never told me. Who was your date?” I asked Sirius.

“Oh, it was Peter.” I looked at him quizzically.

“Oh,” It felt like my heart dropped to the bottom of my stomach. “I didn’t know you rolled that way.” Then he looked at me quizzically. Then he looked at me wide eyed and shook his head vigorously.

“No, no, no, no! I don’t, I’m straight! I’m like, as straight as straight can be!” He said. My heart lifted and I laughed.

“Ok, that’s good.” He smiled.

“Why is that good?” I stammered and blushed.

“No reason. It’s just good to know which way your friends swing is all.” I told him. He laughed.

“It’s ok. I’ll go get us a couple of butter beers.” He left and went to the bar. When he came back he handed me my butter beer and he sat down with his. We talked and laughed for the rest of the time and then we caught a carriage back up to the castle.

“Hey, are you hungry?” He asked. I hadn’t eaten anything since breakfast and it was past three in the afternoon. I nodded.

“Let’s have a picnic.” He grabbed my hand and ran out of the pub. He continued to drag me to the Shrieking Shack. I was laughing the whole way because I would have lost him or fallen if he wasn’t holding my hand. We stopped beside a tree and with a wave of his wand a blanket and a picnic basket appeared on the ground.

“Um, Sirius,” He looked at me. “You’re still holding my hand.” He blushed and let go of my hand. We sat down and I picked up the basket. “Let’s see what the lovely house elves have given us to eat.” I looked through the basket and saw some biscuits and some sandwiches and some butter beers.

“Yum!” Sirius said as he and I both picked up a sandwich.

“So why did you ditch Peter?” I asked him.

“He’s boring. He’s not any fun when it’s just you and him. I found a lonely 7th year girl and hooked them up.” I smiled.

“How sweet.” He laughed. We continued eating and laughing until it was around dinner time, and time for us to go back to the carriages. There was one left so we got on and guess who was in the carriage. Non other than Severus Snape and Malfoy.

“Well, look here, Severus. It’s the two mudblood loving fools.” They laughed. I took my wand from my hair and tapped it on Malfoy’s nose as I sat across from him.

“You know, the tip of my wand rather misses your pathetic brain. Why should we deny them the chance to meet again?” I sneered. He paled but then put on a smirk.

“Do you know what I overheard today? Willis was talking with one of his friends about how you’d be an easy catch for their dare. It’s a shame he lost it. I put in 5 galleons on that one.” He laughed. I was starting to cry but I wouldn’t give Snape, Malfoy or even Sirius the pleasure of seeing that. I never cried in front of anyone. Instead, I punched him in his nose and jumped out of the moving carriage. I ran the way up to the castle.

“MUTT!” Sirius was following me but I was crying hard now. This was exactly the reason why I didn’t want friends in the first place. They just end up backstabbing you. I ran past the open Great Hall doors with everybody eating dinner.

“MUTT WAIT!” Sirius continued calling. I kept running. One good thing had come from this year. Quidditch practices kept me in shape. I ran to the portrait of the fat lady but she wasn’t there so I kept running. Finally I stopped at corridor with a tapestry with trolls on it. I paced in front of the open wall just thinking that I needed a place where I could hang out for a while and possibly spend the night. I heard a pop and a door appeared. I just shrugged and opened the door. I locked the door.

“MUTT? Where are you?” Sirius called. I looked around the room. It looked like my room at home. Black carpet with purple walls that had those muggle glow-in-the-dark stars stuck all over the ceiling. There was a fire place with a fire in it and my bed that had a dark purple comforter on it. I lay on the bed and just cried. I didn’t even hear that Sirius had opened the door and relocked it. He also cast a silencing charm on it. I didn’t notice him until he sat on the edge of my queen sized bed and rubbed my back as I cried into my pillow.

“This is exactly why I didn’t want friends. Stuff like this always happens. I was perfectly content with not having friends, I couldn’t be bothered. But you just had to push your way into my life. Look what good it did!” I sat up and glared at him. He just had a shocked look on his face. For once, Sirius Black was speechless.

“Mutt,” He began but I cut him off.

“NO! This is all yours and Potters faults. I HATE YOU! JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!” I went back to my pillow.

“Come on, Mutt, you don’t mean that.” He said as he got up off the bed and looked at me. I looked up at him again.

“Does it look like I’m bloody joking Black? I’ve never opened up myself to anyone. ANYONE! And as soon as I did, I not only went against my promises to myself but I ended up hurt, just like I knew I would be. Just leave me alone. If I ever see you or talk to you again, it will be way to bloody soon.” He just stared at his feet.

“But what about…” I cut him off again knowing exactly what he was going to bring up.

“I’ll stay on the team, I’ll come to practices, but only because Gryffindor deserves to win. I won’t tell anyone about your guy’s bloody secrets so you don’t have to worry about that either. Now just please leave me now.” I got underneath the covers of my bed and turned away from him. He went to the door and opened it.

“I just want you to know, that we didn’t want this to happen… We’ll miss you Mutt.” He turned and left.

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Chapter 5: HIT THE BALL!
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Chapter 5- HIT THE BALL!

They did leave me alone… reluctantly. They kept my secrets and I kept theirs. I still talk to Lily, but usually only in between classes so we’re luckily not that close. I can tell that the boys are having a really hard time to keep from speaking to me. After potions, I have a free period so I go up to the library. One day while I was there, writing poetry in my book I felt like someone was watching me. I looked up and looked around but there was no one there. I just went back to my poetry. A delicately folded paper crane flew its way to my desk. It said ‘Open Me’.

“I know what your handwriting looks like Black.” I said out loud and smashed the crane. I went back to my poetry. Then three more cranes flew to my desk, all sporting the same words on the back. I smashed them and went back to my poetry. Then more came, got smashed, then more-smash-reinforcements came yet again, this time twenty came. Some were bigger than others some really small. I smashed them all and then left the library. I heard feet after me so I ran outside to the beech tree beside the lake. I started to write my poetry again. I heard grass crunching behind my so I turned the page so that he couldn’t read what I was writing. Another bloody crane came but this one said ‘Just hear me out’. It wasn’t Black’s writing this time. This was Lupin’s writing. Reluctantly I took it and opened it.

Dear Mutt-

We didn’t know that something like this was going to you. And I know that you have a hard time believing us, but what did happen to you was really something that we ourselves would never do to anyone under any circumstance. Just hear us out and if you still don’t want friends, then we’ll understand, but remember- our dorm is always open to you, for good reasons and even for the bad ones.

Remus and the Marauders

I set it down on the grass beside me. I might hear them out. Probably not. Even though it’s killing me inside not being able to laugh with them anymore or to talk with them, I am a very stubborn girl. What was killing me even more was the look on Sirius’ face every time he tried to sit beside me in class or in the common room and I just turned away from him or ignored him continually. I didn’t REALLY want to be the cause of that face, but after the whole Willis incident, it was hard to trust people.

I got a piece of parchment and wrote ‘I don’t think so’ and folded it into an origami rabbit. I set it on the ground and enchanted it to hop to Remus-wherever he may be. I got up and walked to my next class.

I sat in the front row of Transfiguration right by the teacher’s desk. The only Marauder who would dare sit that close to the teacher was Lupin but I doubt he will after the note. Everybody settled in the class and a gray tabby cat came into the classroom. McGonagall transfigured back into her normal self when she reached her desk. She took a look at the students. When she noticed that I wasn’t sitting by the Marauders she raised an eyebrow but dismissed it. It was only then did I notice the person sitting next to me.

“Well look here, it’s the Marauders ex whore. Who’s the rich man now?” Malfoy sneered. I looked at his face and almost burst out laughing. I was having a hard time holding in my sniggers. His nose was bandaged and his eye was black.

“Lovely make up you got on there Malfoy, and oh look, did you get a nose job? You must give me the name of your Healer. I’ve been wanting mine done for ages.” I turned back to the board in which McGonagall wrote the instructions on the board. I took out my Transfiguration book and started reading the pages she instructed to. In the middle of my reading Malfoy passed me a piece of paper that had several boys names, mainly from Slytherin, and different dates. I looked at the top of the page and it read:

Need a good time or a one time stand? Why go out searching when you’ve got your Hogwarts go to girl- Gwyneth Jones. Write your name and a date that’s good for you and she’ll find ya!

Before I got too rash I started reading the names. All were Slytherins except one. The one name being Willis’. I crumbled up the paper and put it in my bag. I started to cry but just kept my nose in my book. When the class was done I was the first one out of the class. I started running when the Slytherin guys started whistling at me. When I got in the common room Dan was there.

“Oh what’s wrong? Did you not get enough money from your last client?” I just sniffled and tried to go up to my dorm but he blocked my way.

“Please get out of my way. I don’t want any trouble.” I told him trying to keep my anger.

“Too bad, because that’s exactly what I do want.” He pushed me and I fell to the ground. My bag fell off my shoulder and I heard an ink well break and the note that was passed around fell out of it. I tried to get back up but he just got on top of me. “You’re not going anywhere Jones.” He got up and he pulled me up. Nobody was in the common room so nobody could help me. He pushed me against the wall and started to kiss me. I was just frozen. I wasn’t kissing him back but I couldn’t move.

After what seemed like hours, but in reality was only a minute and a half, the portrait hole opened and in popped the Marauders. Their eyes just bugged out of their heads. They thought that I was willingly doing this. Willis stopped and looked at them.

“Can we help you?” He asked innocently.

“What, what… what?” Sirius just sputtered.

“What’s going on here?” James asked.

“We’re just snogging, what does it look like?” Willis answered. That was it. I pushed him away from me.

“Don’t EVER do that to me again.” I turned to the Marauders and glared at them. “I don’t have to explain to anybody what happens to me.” I picked up my bag, accidentally leaving the note, and went up to my dorm.

“Get out of here Willis.” James spat as Sirius picked up the note. Dan left and Sirius opened the note. He read it and reread it.

“Guys, look at this. It looks like Gwen has expanded.” He sneered. Remus took the note and read it with James read it over his shoulder. Remus frowned and James glared.

“What the bloody hell is wrong with her? I can’t believe her. She’s gone from a nobody to a whore.” He spat. Remus just shook his head.

“No, guys, this makes no sense. Mutt wouldn’t do something like this. Besides didn’t you see her in Transfiguration? She was crying after Malfoy put a note on her desk. This is probably what the note was.” He said. Sirius took the note again. He pointed to Dan’s name.

“Then how can you explain this and what she was doing when we got in here?” Sirius asked.

“Dan is a bloody ass hole.” James agreed. “You weren’t on that double date, the way she reacted from him just looking at her. She would never do something like this.”

“Ok, so you explained that. But what about what we caught them doing just a few minutes ago?” Sirius asked.

“Well, didn’t you hear her? She still looked like she was crying and she pushed him off of her when he wasn’t paying attention to him and told him to ‘never do that to her again’.” Remus pointed out. Then he looked to where the note was found and saw a puddle of ink.

“Look at the ink.” Remus said. James and Sirius shrugged.

“So? What does ink have to do with Gwen?” Sirius asked.

“That’s where her bag was and I noticed an ink blot on her bag. Moony, do you think he pushed her down and then forced her against the wall?” James asked wide-eyed.

“It’s a possibility. It’s also most likely what happened.” Remus said. James nodded. Sirius just frowned and sat on the couch in front of the fire just staring at the burning embers. I skipped dinner and just cried in my dorm. I fell asleep and woke up around two in the morning. I couldn’t get back to sleep so I picked up my fiction book ‘Spare Me or Bite Me- The Tragedy of Two Werewolves’. Usually reading made me tired so I went downstairs and sat on one of the chairs with my back against one of the arms and my legs hanging over the opposite arm. I started reading.

“What are you doing?” I jumped and then turned to see Black standing at the bottom of the boy’s staircase.

“What does it look like? I’d rather not be bothered.” I told him plainly and then went back to my book.

“So how do you think you did on your potion today?” He asked. I ignored him and kept on reading.

“Yeah, it was hard.” He said talking to himself. He just stared at me while I continued to read. He sighed and ran his hand through his hair. He sat down on the couch next to my chair.

“So, James kicked Dan off the team.” Silence.

“We’re going to have Quidditch try outs on Saturday.” More silence.

“And after that we’re going to throw a party in the common room.” This time I answered.

“I’ll be sure to remember about the party.” He smiled.

“So you’re turning around then?” I kept my eyes on my book so I wouldn’t have to see the disappointment on his face.

“No, I’ll be sure to be else where during the party.” Sirius turned from me to the fire and he slumped down in his seat.

“Oh.” Silence from both of us. I put my book down and started to look at random stuff. Something drew me to look at the bottom of the boy’s stair case. Willis was there.

“I’m going up to bed now.” I went to pick up my book.

“No, don’t leave on account of me.” Dan said. Sirius glared at him, just now noticing him.

“She doesn’t have to listen to you. If she’s tired she can go back up to her dorm if she wants to.” Sirius growled.

“She doesn’t really look tired to me. Does she look tired to you Sirius?” Sirius turned to look back at me, I had wide eyes and I looked scared out of my mind. I looked into Sirius’ eyes. ‘Help me’ I said in my mind. I swear I saw Sirius nod his head slightly before he turned back to Willis.

“She looks exhausted to me.” Sirius told him.

“Well, you’re really stupid if you think that.” Dan told him. They continued to converse without sparing me a single glance. I took that as my chance. I quietly walked towards the steps to my dormitory. When I got to the top I glanced back down and noticed my book lay there, forgotten. I shrugged, I’d get it tomorrow. I went to my dorm and fell asleep.

When I woke up, my first thoughts were, ‘Ah, Saturday!’ but then I remembered this morning and that I wasn’t speaking to the Marauders and that I had Quidditch try outs today. I looked at my watch. 7:13.

I got up and got dressed in jean Capri’s and wore a tan tank top. I wore my real ballet slippers from when my mother insisted that I took up ballet to become more graceful and I put my hair in a bun using my wand and wore brown owl feather earrings and wore my giant thumb ring that had a cat’s eye gem in the middle along with lot’s of Gaelic writing all over it. My older brother bought it for me before he left to live in Australia with my dad. That was over 3 years ago and I haven’t seen them since. I never really wear the ring, but it’s really pretty. ‘I should wear this more often’. I told myself and I nodded in agreement.

I went down for breakfast and I sat by myself. I smiled, remembering all the times before I met the Marauders. I was never this unhappy. ‘Or maybe it was that I was never happy before I met the Marauders.’ I shook my head making the thoughts go away. When I had finished, the Marauders were just coming in, half of them wearing their uniforms.

“Gwen, you should get your uniform on soon.” James told me.

“It’s in the dressing room, and I’m heading there now.” I told him and made my way to the Gryffindor dressing room for Quidditch. I got dressed slowly knowing that they would take forever to get dressed. I looked at my ring before taking it off. I was instantly flooded with my last memory with my brother, Austin.

“Gwen, your father and your brother have a surprise for you!” I went downstairs and saw them. They looked like they were ready to travel.

“Hey Wen.” My brother said in a sad voice. Something was wrong, but I’m only 14 and they would never tell me what it was.

“Sweetie, your brother and I are going to be traveling for a little while.” I glared at my father.

“You don’t have to sugar coat anything for me father. I think I’m old enough to know the real reason why you’re leaving.” I cried. My brother, who was 18, took me to our astronomy room.

“Wen, if we thought that telling you the real reason for leaving was going to benefit you in anyway, then we would.” He said softly. I nodded, letting the tears that got caught in my eyelashes fall.

“Where are you going?” I asked. He smiled.

“Dad and I are going to Australia.” I nodded again.

“For how long?” He grimaced and didn’t answer. I started to cry more.

“When are you coming back?” I asked more loudly this time. He got on his knees in front of me and held my arms.

“We don’t know how long it will take us to do what we need to do. I just want you to know that when we are able to come home, you will be the first to know.” I smiled a sad smile and nodded once again.

“I’m going to miss you Austin.” I hugged him and he hugged back almost instantly.

“I’m going to miss you too. More than you could know.” He stood back up and reached into his pocket. He pulled out a ring box. “I got you something.” He opened the box. I pulled out the ring.

“It’s really pretty.” I smiled.

“I thought that you would like it. Now listen. Every time you look at the stone, I want you to remember me.” He said in a stern yet loving voice.

“Of course.” I pulled him to the middle of the room where the ceiling was glass so that you could star gaze. I pointed to the brightest star.

“See that start Tin?” I asked using his nickname. He nodded. “It’s called Sirius, the dog star. Every time you look at it, remember that I’ll be looking at the same star.” He ruffled my hair.

“Because you will be!” I nodded and smiled. We hugged again and we went back to the front room where our parents were. My father smiled and hugged me.

“I’m going to miss you Star.” He told me, using his nickname for me.

“I’m going to miss you more.”

“Not possible.” He smiled.

“Promise me something dad.” He looked at me and nodded. “Just come home soon, both of you.” He patted me on my back.

“Of course.” He smiled and kissed my mother. “We should be on our way now. I love you both.”

“Remember the star thing ok, Wen?” I nodded. They apparated with their stuff and that was the last time I saw them.

“Gwen? Are you ok?” James asked. I looked around, remembering where I was.

“I’m fine.” I told him as I got up and put my ring with my stuff.

“Are you sure? You’re crying.” I wiped my face and nodded.

“I’ll be fine. Let’s go.” I said and left with my broom. There were lots of people trying out, since there was only one position. First they had to volley the two bludgers with Sirius. Then they had to protect Jen Lee, our seeker. Then James, John Bell and I flew around and they had to protect us. It felt so good to be up and flying again. All of my previous worries were gone for now and all I felt was the wind through my hair. In the background I heard their voices but it didn’t matter to me.

“Hit the ball, hit the ball. HIT THE BLOODY BALL!” I heard James yell. I tried to snap out of my reverie, but I couldn’t.

“MUTT! MOVE TO THE SIDE!” Sirius yelled. All of a sudden I felt white hot pain in my leg and then in my stomach. I fell off of my broom and finally came out of my daydream. The only thing I saw though was Sirius’ look of pure horror and James flying forward to catch me, because after that I hit the ground and passed out.

I woke up and the first thing I saw was blackness. I heard people talking and was about to make my presence known when I heard my name.

“Pomfrey said that she’s going to be fine. Mutt had some internal bleeding, but she was able to stop it. She gave her some blood replenishing potions as well. Pomfrey said that Mutt’s leg will have to heal on its own though because the spell would have masked the one for her bleeding. She’ll have to use crutches.”

“She’ll have a hard time getting around, unless she’ll allow us to help her.”

“She might. I really hope she will. She was crying when I went to get her from the dressing room earlier and I didn’t know why. She was staring at his really cool looking ring and just crying silently.”

“I wonder what that was about.” There was a murmur of agreements. Now that I knew what was wrong with me I decided to open my eyes and show them I was awake. I rubbed my eyes with my hand that wasn’t attached to the arm currently residing in a sling.

“You’re awake! It’s about time sleeping beauty.” James said.

“What happened?” I asked them.

“Well during the tryouts you kind of spaced out and just stopped flying. The kid who was trying out got nervous and couldn’t hit the ball and Sirius was too far away covering John and the ball hit you on the leg and then swooped back and hit you on your stomach.” James said.

“You fell on your arm. Your arm and leg are going to have to heal on their own because of,” I nodded at Remus.

“I know I heard you guys.” They looked at each other cautiously. “Don’t worry about it.” Sirius and James got on their knees and started begging. Remus stood behind them and shook his head.

“Please don’t be mad at us anymore Mutt.” Sirius said.

“We really didn’t want for any of that to happen.” James explained.

“We feel really bad about it, but we really just want to be your friends again.”

“It’s killing us all, seeing you like this.”

“We feel responsible for it! If you’ll just be our friend again though, we promise that nothing like that will ever happen again.”

“Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please…” They both chanted.

“I’d like to be your friend again.” I said quietly. Only Remus seemed to hear.

“…please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please…”

“Guys, you can stop now, she’s accepted.” Remus said.

“…please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please…”

“Guys! If you don’t stop I’ll take back what I said.” I told them sternly.”

“…please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please…”

“GUYS!” Remus yelled. They finally stopped and looked at him. He motioned towards me and they turned back to me.

“I’ve been thinking. For the time that I wasn’t talking with you guys has made me realize something. I had never been that unhappy, but that wasn’t it. When I was with you guys, I had never been so happy, and, well, I’ve come to the conclusion that having friends isn’t such a bad thing. Especially when they’re you guys.” Sirius and James jumped up and gave me a bone crushing hug.

“OW!” I cried.

“Merlin, Mutt, I’m so sorry!” Sirius said. Madam Pomfrey came out and noticed that I was awake.

“Your stuff is on the end of your bed, your crutches are beside you. When you have gotten dressed you can leave. Come back in a week and we’ll see how your leg is doing.” She said. I got dressed and put my ring on. Sirius took my other stuff and handed me the crutches and we left.

“So who is the new beater?” I asked. James and Sirius looked at each other.

“Well, see, we had to cut the tryouts short. We had to result in something we figured you wouldn’t very much like…” Sirius babbled.

“As much as I hated to do it, I had to let Willis back on the team.” I nodded solemnly.

“Well, I think I can handle him now that I’ve got you guys again.” I smiled. The boys all grinned at me. We are back in business.

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Chapter 6: Macaroni and Patty Cake
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Chapter 6

The Marauders had told me all about what had happened when I wasn’t friends with them and I told them what I did. At first it was really hard to get around using the crutches but I got somewhat used to it. By the third day I was using the crutches, we were returning from our DADA class and we had a break before lunch. I was getting so tired of using the crutches so I just stopped and dropped to the ground.

“MUTT! What’s wrong? Does it hurt?” Sirius tried helping me back up while blubbering random questions but I pulled away.

“Sirius, shut up. This is so incredibly redundant. My arms hurt from using the crutches and my other leg hurts from balancing on it all day.” Remus chuckled as he set my stuff and his stuff on the ground and sat next to me.

“So, what do you suggest we do then?” James winked at Sirius.

“Guys, I really don’t think you should do that.” Remus said. I caught on to what they were going to do so I picked up one of my crutches and whacked James and Sirius in the shins so they would sit down.

“I’m hungry.” I told them. Remus and Peter were the only ones capable of walking so they went to get food from the kitchens.

“Why did you hit us Mutt?” Sirius whined.

“Get over it Sirius. That’s not even half the pain I’m in right now.” I told them. James ‘secretly’ winked at Sirius.

“So Mutt, is there… anybody you’ve taken a fancy to?” James asked. I rolled my eyes.

“Oh yes James. I was wondering when you were going to figure it out.” I said sarcastically. He obviously didn’t figure it out so he continued to badger me.

“Who is it?” I chuckled inwardly before answering.

“You James.” His eyes went wide and he looked like a beet with his face so red. I started laughing so hard that I fell backwards and was now lying on my back. James looked at me weird.

“You do know that I fancy Lily, right?” I stopped laughing gradually and rolled my eyes.

“James, you’re extremely thick. You know that right?” James shook his head. “I was joking. I don’t ‘fancy anyone.”

Sirius snorted and patted my shoulder.

“Sure, Mutt. You can never not fancy someone.” I rolled my eyes.

“Maybe not you, but I’ve done it my whole life. Well, okay, I do fancy someone. I’m never going to tell you though so don’t bother me.” I told them. If that was how James acted when I told him I fancied him, then that was a slight indicator of how Sirius would act if I told him and I would never tell them.

“Who do you like Mutt?” Sirius asked.

“I’m not telling you who I like.” I told them. James started tickling me.

“Tell us!” He said over my laughing.

“NEVER!” I laughed back.

“Food’s here guys. You don’t have to resort to your cannibalistic ways anymore.” Remus said, putting down all the food.

“Yes! I love you Remmy. You got macaroni and cheese!” I exclaimed digging into the noodles and melted cheese.

“I figured someone as weird as you would like macaroni and cheese.” He laughed.

“Are you kidding me? I LOVE Mac and Cheese.” I took a sip of pumpkin juice and continued eating.

“So we have the rest of the day to ourselves. What are we going to do with the cripple?” I snorted.

“I think the correct term is gimp, Sir James.” I told him.

“Okay, what are we going to do with the gimp for the rest of the day?” I rolled my eyes.

“Well, we could always prank some Slytherins.” Sirius suggested.

“With a gimp? I don’t think so.” Remus said.

“We could hang out by the lake.” James said.

“But we’re on the 7th floor. I don’t want to crutch my way all the way down to the lake.” I whined.

“I’ll carry you.” Sirius said. I opened my eyes wide.

“Don’t you dare Sirius.” I said, but it was too late. He already picked me up. Remus cleared the mess up and picked up my bag and James got my crutches. We made our way down to the lake and I was so ready to jump out of Sirius’ arms. He was about to put me down when he swerved quickly and dropped me in Remus’ arms unreadily.

“Wait, we have to make the ground cleaner for the gimp.” Sirius said and took off his robe and dramatically placed it on the ground. Then he took me from Remus and set me gently on the ground.

“That was a bit awkward.” I mused and Remus nodded before sitting down. Sirius sat next to me and James and Peter sat in front of us. James took out his snitch and started playing with it.

“Do any of you know how to play Patty cake?” I asked them. They all shook their heads. “Pity.”

“Teach me! Unless it’s a study habit then I’m okay.” Sirius quickly cowered beneath his arms like an adult was beating a poor defenseless child.

“No, it’s a hand game. Look,” I took his hands and started clapping them together.

“What’s the point of this?” James asked.

“Well, as you get better and better at it you can do more complicated things.” I explained.

“But is this it? It’s just clapping hands together?” Remus asked as he sat forward as if he was truly interested. I stopped and looked at them all. They really were interested.

“Well, no. You also say some stuff too. Like for Patty cake you go like this. Patty cake, Patty cake, bakers man, bake me a cake as fast as you can, roll it and pat is and mark it with a ‘B’, then put it in the oven for baby and me.” I recited the words as I used Sirius’ hands as the example and did all the extra hand motions, thoroughly confusing Sirius in the process.

“Let me try.” So we did, I tried with all of them and the only one that completely got it was Remus.

“This is fun!” Remus said as he started again.

“Says you. It’s only fun for you because you can do it.” Sirius pouted. I frowned and then used my hands to make his frown a smile.

“Turn that frown upside down silly. Keep practicing and you’ll get it soon enough.” I encouraged him and he and James started practicing.

“Oh this is cute. A little muggle girl playing session. What’s next, a tea party?” Malfoy came to bother us. Remus, James and Sirius stood up in front of me and pulled out their wands.

“Get out of here Malfoy.” Sirius growled.

“Why? I had hoped that your mutt would teach me how to play.” He smirked.

“Well, bozo brain, I don’t teach my special game to losers. Do I have to shove my wand up your nose again to make you understand?” I asked innocently and he paled considerably. He bowed his head a bit and then backed away slowly.

“He’s scared of you. I think that’s really funny.” Remus laughed.

“How come all you have to do is shove your wand up his nose but we’ve been pranking that bastard for years and all he does is bug us more?” James asked. I shrugged.

“Call it a woman’s touch.” I said and went back to helping James and Sirius learn how to play.

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