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Getting Married: Proposing is Only Half the Battle by tinkerbell817

Format: Novella
Chapters: 13
Word Count: 16,273

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Substance Use or Abuse

Genres: Romance
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Molly, Ginny, OC
Pairings: Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione

First Published: 12/27/2005
Last Chapter: 02/13/2008
Last Updated: 02/13/2008


Harry finally proposes to Ginny at Ron and Hermione's wedding reception. Everything should fall into place after that. Right? As They find out things don't always turn out like they wish. Ginny goes to war with the wedding planner, getting ready for her big day. And Harry works overtime keeping her sane. Who knew that proposing was only half the battle? (A big thank you to the_tofuubeaver for my awesome banner. OVER 7000 READS!)

Chapter 1: Into the Garden
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They stepped out into the garden. As they did she closed the door behind them against the murmur of voices and clinking of glasses. When she turned to face him the breath caught in her throat. There he was down on one knee just as she'd seen him so many times in my day dreams. This sight quickly filled her eyes with happy tears.

Just looking at the garden she knew he'd spent time carefully planning this moment. Lights twinkled winding every which way through the blooming spring garden that was filled with her favorite flowers: daisies. She could hear their song being played softly in the background as well. After she'd had a moment to take all of this in she looked back at him, kneeling patiently there on the cold stone walk in his suit. She saw the question in his gorgeous green eyes before he said a word. And when he finally did speak she thought her heart would burst.

"Gin, marry me?" Harry asked completely forgetting the little speech he had planned.

This made Ginny chuckle and instead of delivering the dignified answer she'd meant to give she simply said, " Of course, silly." with that she dissolved into giggles while Harry started to laugh and fished the little diamond ring out of his pocket. It slipped so easily on to her finger that she suspected he'd already talked to her parents about this. They stopped laughing and she gazed at the little ring for a moment. Then she giggled again and told him, "Silly, you're getting your nice clothes all dirty."

He laughed again as he stood and brushed the dirt off of his knee. And so a happy couple went back into the house where a loud redheaded family cheered as they entered the house, Ginny blushing as Harry held her hand aloft showing off the little ring. Someone tapped their fork against a glass and the room went silent as they all looked expectantly at Ron who stood at the end of the table behind Hermione who was still in her wedding dress.

Ginny strongly suspected that Ron had know about the proposal too as he had the most peculiar smirk on his face and harry told Ron and Hermione everything. Ron congratulated them and as the family cheered again Harry was swept away into the den by the men who said they were going to prepare him for what they called “the ordeal” of wedding plans.

The women all moved into the kitchen to fawn over Ginny who was the baby so naturally they were all very interested in her engagement. Hermione who didn't like the attention that the wedding had brought on her was glad that her sister-in-law was now the center of attention. Aunt Muriel leaned over and told Mrs. Granger, who by the way was a little frightened of the floating tea pot, “Now we'll have to start planning all over again.” Mrs. Weasley crying, “My baby!” hugged her daughter tightly until Ginny protested that she couldn't breathe.

After a while the women settled down and they could hear raucous laughter issuing from the men's retreat. Ginny sat on a stool sipping tea and playing with the ruffled hem of her blue bridesmaid's dress silently until Hermione slipped onto the stool beside her. Hermione lifted up Ginny's hand to examine the ring and then as their eyes met she squeezed Ginny's hand with the exclamation, “Ginny, We're going to be sisters!”as if she'd only just discovered it.

That caused them to burst into hysterical laughter causing the women to smile and shake their heads knowingly and making the men to stick their heads in the kitchen and demand to know, "What the devil is going on?" Once they realized that they were causing such a fuss and making fools of themselves they quieted down. All too soon the reception for Ron and Hermione's wedding was over and the family left. Charlie with his wife Katrina and their sleeping son Owen, Bill and Fleur with their sleepy twin daughters Marie and Molly (who incidentally were as impossible to distinguish as Fred and George), Fred and George with Katie and Angelina. Ginny and Harry lingered in the kitchen as the rest of the Weasley clan said their goodbyes outside. They stood staring at each other until Harry remarked, “Nice night isn't it?” Laughing Ginny closed the distance between them and Harry held her tight. He tilted her chin up and they kissed. After a few minutes they heard someone clear their throat and they sprang apart both blushing at the sight of a bemused Ron in the doorway.

“I just came in to say goodnight. Hermione and I are leaving now.” Ron said then got a strange look on his face as if he still hadn't grasped the fact that he and Hermione were married. He wandered off muttering, "I'm married!?" in an awed voice.

Ginny and Harry laughed at Ron's retreating back, kissed once more, and went into the living room to say goodbye to Ron and Hermione who were going off on their honeymoon on the continent. After they left Harry said good night to Ginny and disapparated. Appearing in the bedroom of his small London flat Harry felt like the king himself. He fell into bed and thought of Ginny as he drifted off to sleep. At the same moment Ginny was back at the Burrow lying in her bed staring out the window thinking of Harry and their wedding which would be able to take place just as soon as she graduated from Hogwarts in June and then she too lapsed into sleep.

Chapter 2: Declaring War Against Dirt
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Mrs. Molly Weasley was a fairly dependable person when something out of the ordinary happened. She didn't go crazy and panic or throw things or cry or anything else that emotional females normally do when there's something strange going on; she cleaned things. It just so happened that her youngest daughter getting engaged was enough to set her off into war against the house, washing and scrubbing everything in sight. Even though Harry had asked them about Ginny's ring size Molly hadn't noticed because of all of the preparations for Ron and Hermione's wedding. Now all the hints like Harry actually taking part in the wedding plans and his nervousness all through the ceremony fit together and it was driving her bonkers. When Ginny woke in the morning a week after her brother's wedding she entered the kitchen to find her mother's cleaning campaign in full swing.

There were rags dusting, a broom sweeping, and dishes washing themselves as a sponge washed the windows while Mrs. Weasley supervised breakfast. Ginny smiled at the crusade going on against all dirt in the house which had been going on for a week now. She also knew that the cleaning might last for many more weeks. Still in her bathrobe Ginny made herself a cup of tea and sat down on a stool listening to her mother ramble on about starting to plan the wedding.

At this point most newly engaged young women would still be absorbing the fact that they were going to married. Ginny however was not your average young woman. She was sitting and seemingly contemplating the ring on her finger whereas in reality she was already plotting her wedding. She wanted a simple wedding with just her family and friends. These plans would have to be kept secret for a while though because Molly Weasley would most certainly object. With that resolve Ginny went back upstairs and dressed. After that she wrote an explanatory note to her father and Harry and put it on the counter as she tore her mother away from the house that was cleaning itself. The house didn't need it and Ginny knew that some serious shopping was in order.

Many hours later the charmed cleaning implements had finished their tasks and now sat immobile on the kitchen counter. The patriarch of the Weasley clan presently sat in the den waiting for Harry to show up. Mr. Weasley knew that Harry would be at the Burrow around four and he wanted to give him a stern talk just as he'd done when Harry and Ginny had started dating. Mr. Weasley knew Harry had no desire to hurt Ginny, after all Harry was practically a son to him. But he was Ginny's father and all fathers had trouble with the idea of giving up their little girl.

Harry showed up at four on the dot in the front hall of the Burrow. As he entered the kitchen he was surprised to find Mrs. Weasley missing. But reading Ginny's little note he chuckled to himself and glanced about the room. It glittered all over and smelled strongly of Mrs. Skower's All-Purpose Magical Mess Remover. A flickering light coming from the door leading to Mr. Weasley's den caught his eye.

Curious, Harry walked over to the open door and knocked on the door frame as he entered the cozy little room. He found Mr. Weasley sitting in an armchair examining a rubber duck in the firelight. “Ah, Hello Harry.” said Mr. Weasley when he saw Harry.

“Good afternoon, Mr. Weasley” was Harry's respectful reply.

“Harry, I wanted to talk to you about some thing. Have a seat.” Ginny's father began as Harry took the offered chair, “I know you have good intentions towards my daughter. You're like one of my sons as it is. But I want to warn you like I know my boys did when you and Ginny began dating. If you hurt her you'll have seven angry Weasley men to deal with.” Mr. Weasley asked more serious than Harry had ever seen him.

“Of course, sir. I would never hurt Ginny.” Harry answered truthfully, “Plus, I don't think that I'd want to deal with all of those angry Weasley's. Ginny herself has a nasty bat-bogey hex.” he said with a chuckle as he remembered the memorable occasion when she'd used it on Zachariah Smith and gotten invited to lunch by Professor Slughorn.

The conversation then lightened and turned to other things like Harry's auror training and quidditch. Ginny and Mrs. Weasley came home a couple of hours later to look in smiling and find the two locked into a spirited chess game. The men were surprised when they began to smell food and went into the kitchen to investigate and found both women wearing aprons, preparing dinner. Looking at Ginny as she merrily chopped vegetables and laughed at a story her mother had just told her, Harry couldn't help but notice how beautiful she looked despite the pink apron and mussed hair. Mr. Weasley greeted his wife and they chatted about their day as Harry rolled up his sleeves grabbed a knife and started to help Ginny cut up vegetables.

"Why thank you." Ginny said smiling up at him and wiping her hands, "I have to check the pie anyway."

"Don't I get a reward for helping?" Harry said pretending to pout since he didn't really mind to help out.

"Yes, you get salad, fried chicken, and a nice slice of pie." Ginny said as Harry looked slightly disappointed. Then she stood on her tip toes and gave him a quick kiss while her parents pretended not to look, causing them all to laugh. The food was soon ready and they all settled down to another one of Mrs. Weasley's delicious dinners.

It was strange for Ginny eating at the Burrow with out Ron. Her brother had never failed to be present when there was food about. Things would be different now that Ron was moving out to with Hermione in London. Ginny knew that as the last one at still at home she'd be spending more and more time alone.

After Harry and Ginny cleared away the plates they excused themselves and decide to take a stroll in the garden. They stopped about half way through and sat down on the small stone wall just off the walk. They didn't talk and when Ginny shivered Harry lovingly put his arms around her. After a while they knew it was getting late and that it was time for Harry to go home. They kissed and then Ginny remembered something. She asked Harry to come with her to Diagon Alley the next day to meet with the wedding planner she'd found earlier. Harry and Ginny went back into the house so that Harry could say goodnight and then with a pop he was gone. Ginny sighed to herself. How could anything go wrong now?

Chapter 3: Fighting with the Wedding Planner
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The next day found Ginny hurrying along Diagon Alley towards a small unnoticed shop next to Eeylops Owl Emporium. The display was full of flowers and showed a lacy wedding gown that Ginny disliked because of the big puffy skirt and low neckline. She felt so out of place as she entered the store wearing shorts and a sweatshirt of Harry's she'd taken possession of. The formal showroom and elegant displays seemed to mock her worn trainers and disheveled ponytail. No saleswomen rushed at her as they did the rich looking woman who came strutting in behind her.

With the Weasley temper rising inside her she barely managed to keep her tone civil as she marched up to a saleswoman standing behind the counter and said, “I believe I made an appointment to meet with Ms. Hamilton, your planner.”

The saleswoman gave her a look that clearly said, “You? You think you can afford to shop here?” what she really said as she opened the appointment ledger was, “I'll need your name and your fiancé's name.”

Ginny smiled sweetly at the ignorant saleswoman and said clearly, “Ginny Weasley and Harry Potter.” The twitter that broke out and the embarrassed look that followed her answer soothed her ruffled pride and suddenly the saleswoman became very attentive.

“One moment please, Miss Weasley. I'll get Mrs. Hamilton right away. Might I ask if Mr. Potter will be coming?” the woman asked.

“He should be here any moment.” Ginny replied looking toward the door. The flustered woman retreated to the back of the shop just as a bell tinkled and Harry walked in the door wearing jeans and a rumpled t-shirt. Ginny smiled when he spotted her and immediately came over.

Putting his arms around her and giving her a peck on the lips Harry commented, “I don't know how the in the world you found this place. I walked around for twenty minutes before I saw it.” Then he smiled, “Have I missed anything?”

“No dear. A rude lady just went to fetch the wedding planner.” Ginny replied. It was then that Harry noticed that his fiancée was a bit flushed. A sure sign that she'd been about to lose her temper. Before he could say anything a very skinny woman with blond hair and oddly shaped glasses appeared.

She held out her hand and shook both of their's saying, “Welcome! Come right this way we'll just step into my office and have a little chat.” Harry was unpleasantly reminded of Rita Skeeter the obnoxious journalist that had harassed him during his fourth year at Hogwarts.

The office she led them to was more like a waiting room. To the left there was a small desk along the wall piled high with magazines, parchment, and notebooks that looked a lot like the homework planners Hermione had given Harry and Ron years before. There were photos of young brides waving on the wall behind the unorganized desk. To their right were two plush, flowery couches facing each other with a large wooden coffee table, also strewn with bridal magazines, in between.

The woman ushered them in and yelled something out the door before firmly shutting it and facing them. Smiling warmly she offered them seats which they took nervously. Mrs. Hamilton took her own seat saying, “First of all, you can call me Melanie.” and after writing their names on the cover of a new notebook she asked, “ Now, what are you looking for in your wedding? What is it that you want?” She looked at them expectantly.

Glancing at Harry who just nodded at her Ginny began, “Well I really just wanted a simple wedding. Nothing fancy...” she trailed off as a harassed looking young woman stepped in the door shyly. Mrs. Hamilton turned and looked at the girl with annoyance.

“I thought I said no interruptions. What do you want?” The wedding planner asked impatiently.

“I wouldn't have come but we're having some trouble with a lady who keeps demanding to see you.” the girl answered nervously.

Turning back to Harry and Ginny she said, “Please excuse me this requires my attention. I'll be right back. Feel free to take a glance in these magazines.” with out waiting for a response she marched out of the room slamming the door behind her. Harry and Ginny sat there a moment not quite sure what was going on. Then Harry walked over to the windows and looking at the street below asked her, “What is it that you want for our wedding?”

Realizing that she hadn't discussed any of her plans with him Ginny started out, “ Like I said. I was thinking of something simple. I don't want a big event. I'd rather not have all of those reporters coming in to ruin our big day just because you're the famous Harry Potter.”

Chuckling Harry replied, “Love, I'd like to do something simple too. You know how I feel about all of the attention. But think of it. You're only going to do this once in your life and you can have anything you want. Are you sure about this?” He asked looking down at Ginny who was now standing near the window beside him.

Lightly biting her lip she looked up at him and smiled, “Of course. You have no idea how long I've been thinking about this. And I knew you wouldn't want much fuss so i decided just to have close friends and family.” Ginny answered.

“Everyone's expecting something huge and elaborate. After all you are marrying “The Boy Who Lived”.” then Harry said, looking as if Christmas has come early, “I can't wait to see their faces when only the family is invited.” Just then the harried looking Mrs. Hamilton came back into the room slightly disheveled but confident.

“Now, lets get back down to business shall we?” she asked cheerfully, “Where were we?”

“I believe I was telling you what I wanted in my wedding.” Ginny replied.

“Of course you'll want at least four bridesmaids besides the maid of honor, I was thinking maybe two flower girls since your brother has twins, and we'll need to book the biggest reception hall we can find.” began Melanie her eyes shining as she wrote down some notes and imagined the extravagant wedding she would create while the bewildered couple sat there stunned. Then she went on saying, “ I think that you'd look lovely with pink roses all around and...”

There Ginny regained the use of her tongue and shaking her head, Ginny broke in saying, “ I only want two bridesmaids and a matron of honor since my friend Hermione just got married, we don't need a very big reception hall since we're only inviting about seventy five people, and I hate pink. I don't really like roses either.” she added pausing to take a breath and it was Melanie's turn to be bewildered and speechless. She just stared as Ginny continued, “ I'd like to have daisies. My nephew Owen will do wonderfully as the ring bearer. Then we'll have two groomsmen and the best man to complete the wedding party.”

Melanie seeing her wonderful plans being dashed against the rocks argued, “But dear, this could be the wedding of the century. Just think of it; you'll only do this once and I know there's no want of money in your case.” she added this last with a quick glance at Harry.

“She's got a point, Love.” Harry observed, “Remember, I said about the same to you a moment ago. We'll do this only once. Are you sure about this? I just want you to be happy.” He said looking down into Ginny's big brown eyes.

“This is what I want. I've been thinking about this for ages.” Ginny answered decidedly and turned back to face a horrified wedding planner.

“But, dear...” Melanie began again and Ginny resigned herself to a nice long argument leaning back against Harry. If only things could go the way I planned, She thought, Life would be so much simpler. Then she paused taking a glance at Harry who was wearing a bemused smile, knowing full well what was coming. Then, putting her attention back on the unnerved Mrs. Hamilton, Ginny reminded herself, But not nearly as much fun.

Chapter 4: Back in the Swing of Things
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Sighing Ginny stretched out wearily wondering if she was ever going to get to sleep. It was the last night of the summer holiday. In the morning she'd go back to Hogwarts to finish out her last seventh and final year of schooling. Ginny had been lying awake for ages just thinking about all of the things she had to do. In one short year she had to plan her wedding, take her N.E.W.T.s, deal with being Quidditch captain, and figure out what she was going to do with her life.

Things were going to be hectic, but she was a Weasley; she could handle it. All of the advanced classes she'd signed up for would be worth it. The harder classes would prepare her for the big exams and help her later when it came to getting work. The responsibility of being Quidditch Captain for Gryffindor would be stressful, but she'd feel great just getting out playing Quidditch. A career could wait but planning her wedding to Harry could not. She'd get everything sorted out eventually and have the gorgeous wedding she'd always dreamed of.

With that comforting thought she rolled over and after a few moments was finally able to sleep.
The next morning Ginny woke to a completely silent house. Unlike the times when all of her brothers had to be woken, dressed, fed, and multiple trunks had to be packed into the car, she was the only one left going to Hogwarts. Dressing quickly she glanced about the room to see if she'd left anything. Ginny was uneasy at the quiet that would have normally been broken by her mother and brothers shouting and running up and down the stairs. She calmed her nerves by taking a couple of deep breath and tying up her hair skipped down the stairs leaving her trunk for her father to take care of.

An unusual sight met her eyes as she entered the kitchen with her mouth open preparing to ask her mother what was for breakfast. Her mother, Molly Weasley, was leaning against her counter face in apron, sobbing. Now it's true her mother was an emotional woman and had cried often in the last few months, but that was nothing compared to this. All of those times her mother had been able to continue her chores and blather distractedly. She was now so distraught that she'd even stooped cooking. Ginny quickly moved to her mother's side patting her on the back awkwardly.

“Mum, What's wrong? What's going on?” she asked anxiously.

Lifting her red blotchy face her mother managed to sputter, “My baby! ...last one... gone... married.”

Ginny knew what was going on after she heard this last speech. Her mother had broken down like this the day Bill and Fleur were married too. Then again when Charlie married Katrina, a girl he'd met in Romania. She'd also cried after she realized she was a grandmother, which was about three days after the twins were born. Now her mother was upset because her youngest child was about to start her last year at school and soon after that would be married. It was all too much at once and hit her mother hard.

Ginny quietly took her mother's hands and looking her square in the eye said, “Mum, stop being so silly. You're not losing me you're just... lending me to Harry. I'll be over here all the time. And it's not like I'm leaving now. I've got one year left at Hogwarts yet.”

Gaining strength from her daughter's words Mrs. Weasley sniffed a couple of times and drying her eyes agreed, “You're right. I have a year yet and I still get to help you plan the wedding.” With that cheerful comment Mrs. Weasley went back to cooking with a vengeance because now they were running a tad behind.

The rest of the morning passed without incident and they got to King's Cross Station about ten minutes before the train left. Hurrying her mother through the barrier onto Platform 9 ¾ Ginny was so distracted that at first she didn't notice the handsome young man who was standing there waiting for her. When she did see Harry standing there only a few feet away she had to smile and think about what a lucky girl she was. Her wonderful fiancé was there to tell her goodbye and had brought her flowers(daisies) as well.

She rushed over to him asking, “What are you doing here?”

“I came to see you, silly.” he said giving exactly the right answer and handing her the flowers. Ginny accepted them and stood on tiptoes to give him a peck on the lips. Mrs. Weasley who had stood back and let them greet each other cut in and hugged Harry and Ginny together.

Then she turned to her daughter and said, “Ginny dear, the train is about to leave.”

Taking the hint and finally sensing that everyone was staring Ginny said you're right Mum.” turning to Harry she kissed him and said, “I'll see you the first Hogsmeade weekend. If you don't owl me at least once a week, I'll have to strangle you.”

“I love you too, Ginny.” Harry answered laughing, “I'll see you in Hogsmeade, soonest.”

With that he kissed her again just to show off a little bit. This time their kiss was long and passionate drawing catcalls, whistles, and cheers from the students hanging out of the windows of the Hogwarts Express. Breaking apart Ginny and Harry smiled sheepishly and waved to the crowd. Ginny walked slowly to the train, hips swaying slightly, just in order to drive Harry mad.

Harry waited until the doors of the train closed and the crowd of parents began to disperse and then with a small pop he was gone.


Inside the Hogwarts Express Ginny was sitting in a compartment after the prefect meeting being bombarded by the questions of her curious friends. Everyone was chattering about the little display back on the platform. One girl, a transfer student named Nicola, leaned forward saying “That was quite a show back there. What's going on with you and Harry?”

But before Ginny could answer another girl jumped in squealing, “Oh my gosh!” then pulling Ginny's left hand toward her Kate asked, “He proposed? When? How did it happen?” Ginny blushed as all of the girls crowded toward her trying to get a look at the ring.

After they'd gotten a good look the four girls sat back and looked at her expectantly. When Ginny, unsure of how to begin, didn't begin talking the impatient one, Grace, egged her on saying, “Well come on, spill it. What happened?”

“Yes tell. I saw you two come out of the garden, but you never said what happened.” said Luna who had been at Ron and Hermione's wedding and witnessed the scene that occurred in the Weasley's kitchen.

The four girls stopped chattering and pulled close as Ginny blushing softly told them the story of how Harry had proposed. Of course after she'd finished there were exclamations including “How romantic!”, “Oh, Lovely!”, “Congratulations!”, and “Oh, Ginny!” Afterwards they settled down to gossip and discuss the wedding plans together until all too soon the Hogwarts Express stopped and they departed the train in Hogsmeade to begin their seventh and final year at Hogwarts.

Chapter 5: Surrender in Hogsmeade
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Everyone settled back into school life quickly. With piles of homework from the merciless teachers the five friends always in a rush to keep up. Ginny in particular felt this demand to hurry between studying for her N.E.W.T.S, conducting Gryffindor Quidditch practices, and Prefect patrols she had little time for anything else.

One glorious Sunday at the beginning of October Ginny, Nicola, and Kate sat down by the lake and for once they weren't studying. It was a warm day and they had finished much of that week's homework. Since it was a rare day when Ginny didn't have Quidditch, they were treating themselves to a happy hour of rest. They watched the wispy clouds float by, pushed along by the cool breeze coming off of the lake.

Suddenly Grace could be seen running towards them, strawberry blonde hair flying behind her, shouting, “Ginny! Nicola! Kate!” Luna followed behind at a slower pace and as usual could be heard humming some strange little tune.

Alarmed Ginny and Kate jumped up asking, “What's wrong? Is someone hurt?” as Grace almost tripped over a large root sticking up.

Nicola who had stayed sitting, leaning against a large looked up from her book as she commented, “Maybe her mum sent her another package from Honeydukes. That was the last time I saw her this excited.”

Looking at her Kate asked confusedly , “But wasn't that last week?”

“Yes it was.” confirmed Ginny sitting back down.

“Oh.” said Kate, still a little muddled, taking her former seat beside Ginny as Luna too moved to sit down.

Grace hopped from one foot to the other with impatience, almost falling over, as she asked, “Are you all quite finished? This is important.”

Nodding dreamily Luna agreed, “Ginny will be very happy to hear it.”

At once Ginny straightened back up and Grace continued after a dramatic pause, “They just put the date of the first Hogsmeade visit up on the notice board and I thought you all would be interested. It's next Saturday.”

This of course caused all sorts of excited twitters amongst the other girls and they immediately began to discuss plans as they made their way back up to the castle so that Ginny could owl Harry about the trip.

Saturday morning Ginny stood before the mirror in the dormitory as Kate and Nicola fussed over their appearances with Ginny assuring them that they looked lovely. They paused, considering Ginny as she revolved slowly in front of them asking, “How do I look?” She was wearing an old pair of jeans faded and worn at the knees, some comfortable shoes, and a soft new sweater. It was a shade of pale green that set off her dark red hair which she wore pulled back into a loose bun.

Kate scowled as she tried to figure out what was missing, tugging on a piece of her short brown hair. But after a moment or two of analysis Nicola's face lit up with sudden inspiration and dived into her own jewelry box crying, “I've got just the thing!” Ginny and Kate looked at each other, shaking their heads she always had just the thing, even though they knew that she normally turned out to be right.

Nicola came up from her search beaming with triumph and held out her hand saying, “ Voilà!” in her outstretched hand was a choker necklace. It was a wide ribbon a shade darker than the sweater with a sequined flower of the same color to decorate it.

Ginny had to admit that it along with the light brown coat she wore against the chill that had sprung up, completed her outfit. Nicola smiled with satisfaction as she surveyed yet another success while Kate tried to remember what she'd been doing. This was short lived though because just then a timid first year came in to tell them that Grace and Luna, who were Ravenclaws, were waiting just outside the portrait hole. Grace had also sent the excited message that if they didn't come soon she'd start hexing people. This of course caused the girls to hurry out of the room pulling on coats as they went and leaving their things strewn haphazardly about the dormitory.

Giggling the entire way to Hogsmeade the girls teased Ginny about her long awaited meeting with Harry and then later an appointment with Ms. Hamilton. Of course, Ginny had shared her first experience with the wedding planner with her friends who found the story very entertaining. They were also disappointed because it had revealed that Ginny wasn't going to have the huge lavish wedding that they expected. Their plan for that day was to do some shopping in the two hours before Harry was due. Then Ginny would go off to meet him and have some alone time. At around four they'd gather at the Three Broomsticks so they could all meet the infamous Wedding Planner and have a butterbeer.

Time passed quickly as the friends did their shopping and spent time rummaging around the bridal shop. Giggling they amused themselves by trying on dresses. When the time came the group left the shop, still laughing, and Ginny separated from the group and headed for her rendezvous with Harry and the rest of the group went to Honeydukes. Ginny made her way to the Three Broomsticks in a very good mood, she'd had a wonderful day with her friends and now she was meeting her fiancé to spend some quality time and do some more planning on her wedding.

She was standing outside the Three Broomsticks, turned away looking at the window next door when a pair of hands slipped over her eyes. The fingertips were rough and calloused from years of playing Quidditch Ginny didn't need to hear an oh-so familiar voice say, “Guess who?” to know who it was.

Smiling, Ginny turned around and said, “Hello Harry.” before she reached up, giving him a peck on the lips.

Also smiling, Harry protested, “What? That's it?”

Playing along Ginny grinned and wrapped her arms around him and gave him a real kiss that drew whistles and stares from passersby. Breaking apart Ginny said simply, “I missed you.”

“Really?” Harry asked sarcastically, “I never would have guessed.” Slipping his arm around her Harry led Ginny down the street so they could talk and look in all of the shop windows. They spent a happy two hours walking around town with occasional stops at a secluded spot or two where they could vent their pinned up emotions with a nice bout of kisses.

All too suddenly it was four o'clock and time to meet the wedding planner. This time they would be settling all the little matters regarding the wedding party like the number of bridesmaids and the colors of dresses, tuxedos, and flowers. This was why Ginny had wanted her friends to be there. They would, of course, be the ones wearing the dresses, after all.

Here we go again. Ginny thought walking into the Three Broomsticks spotting her friends and Ms. Hamilton chatting away at a large table in the corner, Another round with the Wedding Planner.


A few minutes later they all sat around the table sipping drinks. Glancing at Harry Ginny cleared her throat and said, “I've decided on just two bridesmaids. Well, one bridesmaid and a Matron of Honor.” she corrected herself

Ms. Hamilton, who had been deep in a discussion with Nicola about suitable dress colors, started and asked with dismay, “Two? But last time we spoke it was three. “

“Yes, it was.” Ginny agreed and explained, “I've decided to have Hermione as the Matron of Honor and Luna as my other bridesmaid.”

“Really?” asked Luna looking surprised, “Wow!”

Looking even more demoralized Ms. Hamilton asked, “What about your other friends here? Don't you want to include the? Will we at least be keeping the flower girls?”

“Yes Melanie, we'll still have Marie and Molly as flower girls. But I decided on only two bridesmaids. I want to keep things simple.” Ginny stressed looking at Harry for support. But he only shrugged with a look that said, Whatever you want, but you're on your own.

Ginny opened her mouth to continue, but there Nicola broke in saying, “But Ginny, this is the one and only time you'll do this. And I know you can have anything you desire.” with a glance at Harry who was trying to suppress a grin she pointed out, “The world is expecting you to be contrary and have a small wedding to defy them all. Wouldn't it be great if you baffle them all and had a huge banquet to celebrate your marriage?”

Kate nodded putting in, “You could even have it at Hogwarts if McGonagall will agree to it. Then your friends would all be there.”

“It would save everyone traveling and you'd have more help setting up.” Grace agreed bouncing in her seat with excitement.

Smiling at the girls and glad to have found support at last Ms. Hamilton encouraged her saying, “That would be brilliant and could be easily arranged. Everyone would be satisfied and your friends included.” Ginny looked like she was about to object when Melanie continued, “If we keep the plans a secret and make it look like you're still having a small wedding no one will ever suspect.”

When she paused to hear Ginny's reaction Harry finally offered an opinion saying, “I like the sound of it.” seeing that Ginny was getting agitated he added, “We don't have to do it if you don't want to, but think about it.”

Looking around the table she sighed saying, “Well, it looks like you're all against me.” Ginny looked back at Ms. Hamilton, surrendering, “If you think we can get all of this done by June, Melanie, than by all means, lets get started.” At which, her friends set up a boisterous cheer.

Chapter 6: A Romantic Rendezvous
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“I know McGonagall agreed to this little outing, but how on Earth do you expect her to agree to having our wedding at Hogwarts?” Ginny demanded of Harry, as they were waiting for their dinner at a little restaurant in Hogsmeade.

Taking a sip of his drink Harry paused and then answered with a grin, “I am the 'Boy-Who-Lived' after all. They owe me a favor or two.”

“But Harry, how are we going to get this all set up?” she argued, “I've scarcely had time to start planning the simple ceremony we were going for before. How in the world am I going to plan this monstrosity?”

“You're going to be able to do it with help from Melanie.” he responded, squeezing her hand reassuringly, “That's why we hired her in the first place, because we knew that you'd need help.”

Smiling at the waiter as he brought their food, Ginny confessed, “I'm just not sure about this, Harry. Although my family will be thrilled.”

“Of course, they will. And think how happy it will make your mother, it may take her mind off of things.” he added, more intent on his food than conversation just then.

They were eating dinner at a small restaurant in the middle of Hogsmeade. But Harry had reserved the whole restaurant for them for the night. It was filled with floating candles that cast a soft glow around the room and had daisies on every table. He'd just shrugged it off and grinned when Ginny scolded him for the extravagance. All the while she couldn't help but feel like a princess. She was so luck to have a man who would go to such lengths to have a romantic dinner with her.

Ginny, who only picked at her food, began to think about the many complications this added as she asked him, “Now I have four bridesmaids and a Matron of Honor. Ron will be your Best Man, but who will be your groomsmen?”

Swallowing a healthy bite of potato Harry thought a minute and then answered calmly, “Neville, Fred, George, and maybe Dean if that's fine with you.”

Nodding her head she said, “If that's what you want. I don't mind.”

The rest of the dinner passed smoothly with Ginny catching Harry up on things at school and Harry explaining as much as he could about his auror training. They passed a happy hour as dinner was eaten and a brownie topped with ice cream and hot fudge was shared between them. They were reluctant to leave but eventually the plates were cleared and the waiter brought the check all too soon.

Knowing that the night had to end but still being reluctant to go home Harry and Ginny got on Harry's Firebolt and started flying back to Hogwarts. Ginny was surprised that instead of taking her up to the castle Harry stopped down by the lake and got off. “What's up?” Ginny asked a little confused but glad that she wasn't going home so soon.

Sighing and looking out at the lake Harry replied, “I don't want to go home.”

Frowning a bit but feeling the same Ginny moved up behind him as she asked, “Why not?”

Harry turned back towards her and pulled her close as he explained, “I don't want to have to wait another month or so to see you.”

That made her feel good and she smiled as she pointed out, “Well, in a few months you'll be stuck with me forever.”

“Not stuck with you. I can't wait to have you around for the rest of my life.” He whispered kissing her deeply.

They stayed there by the lake, just holding each other until Ginny glancing at her watch said, “Harry? I don't mean to seem like I'm trying to run you off or anything, but if I don't get back to the castle soon I'm going to be in serious trouble. I am a Prefect after all.”

Looking at her with regret he sighed again saying, “You're right. Let's get you back.”


Minutes later they hovered at the window to the girls dormitory. Ginny said, “Good bye, Harry. I love you.”

“Goodnight, Gin. I love you, too.” Harry answered, and with a quick kiss, he was gone.

Ginny opened the window a little wider and it creaked as she climbed through trying not to wake anyone. But it was no use since as soon as she closed the window Kate set up a cry saying, “Nicola! She's back!”

Nicola sat up quickly blinking away sleep and pushing her curly back hair out of her face, but still teasing Ginny by asking, “Young lady, do you have any idea what time it is?”

“No, not really. Do you know what time it is?” Ginny asked yawning.

“I haven't the slightest idea.” answered Nicola with a giggle.

Kate ignored all of this asking, “So? What happened? Where did you go?”

Sitting on the end of Nicola's bed as Kate moved near, Ginny began a whispered account of her romantic dinner with Harry.

Chapter 7: The Chaos Begins
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For two months or so nothing eventful happened as Melanie contented herself with gathering books from which Ginny and Harry had to choose things and the only things Ginny had to worry about were homework and Quidditch practice. It was a week until Christmas vacation before Melanie called another meeting that just happened to coincide with the next Hogsmeade visit. Ginny was looking forward to going home for the holiday and finally beginning to plan the wedding she was going to have in the summer.

One thing did bother Ginny though and she vented about it to her friends the day of the appointment, “I'm not sure we'll have everything done in time there's so much to choose so many things to do. And thanks to these meetings I'm not getting to spend anytime with you guys.” At which the four rushed to assure her that she spent plenty of time with them and that everything would be done in time. They had about seven months left after all.


Just a week later Ginny sighed with contentment as she surveyed the familiar kitchen and warmed her bare toes in front of the fire. She had arrived from Hogwarts the previous night and now had the house all to herself. Her mother gone to help Fleur with the Twins who had the measles and her father was at work finishing up paper work so that he could take the rest of the holiday off without being burdened with work. So for now she was alone though she hope that Harry would drop in later. She'd made a few decisions about the wedding that she wanted to discuss.

Reminded of the wedding Ginny got up and put on socks and shoes. Chewing a slice of bacon she searched for a quill and parchment. Reclaiming her seat on one of the tall stools in the kitchen she wrote a quick note to her mother as she nibbled a piece of toast. Then putting on a heavy coat and knotting her scarf she flooed, with a flash of green flame, to the wedding shop Diagon Alley.


This time Ginny was well received at the little shop and the saleswomen rushed her back to Ms. Hamilton's office. "Miss Weasley, what an unexpected surprise!" Melanie gushed ushering Ginny to the seating area, "What can I do for you today?" she asked offering coffee.

"Well," began Ginny as she took the cup with a smile, "I've made a few decisions about the wedding. I thought that the best thing would be to come down and talk them through with you."

“Of course, dear.” said the wedding planner getting out the notebook with Harry and Ginny's names written on it, “Now tell me what you've decided.”

“Of course I'll have Hermione as my Matron of Honor, she's my best friend and my sister-in-law, only recently married. Then my friends Luna, Nicola, Kate, and Grace will be my bridesmaids. My friends are so different in coloring and style that I've had a hard time deciding what color to dress them in. But I've finally chosen pale green. I like the color and It'll look good on Harry since I want the men's tuxedo's to have a bit of color and match.” there she paused looking at Melanie for a reaction.

“Brilliant. I was thinking of either that or a pale blue since you don't like pink. The little girls will look adorable too.” Melanie said scribbling away.

Smiling Ginny said, “That's another thing I've decided. I love my nieces and nephew, but I want the attention on Harry and me. So, we'll have the children sit with their parents instead of standing during the ceremony. It'll be more comfortable for them as well.”

Melanie, frowned, though she simply nodded and then said, “Now, I have a lot of little things that you need to give the final say on. Why don't we get started?” With that she pulled out a file thick with booklets and samples.

Oh boy. Ginny thought, The chaos begins.


The next two weeks were a flurry of activity, all the family drifted back in from their various residences, returning home for their favorite holiday. Charlie, Katrina, and Owen came in from Romania. Bill, Fleur, Marie, and Molly (now cured of the measles) came from Paris. Ron and a very pregnant Hermione came from their new townhouse in Muggle London. Fred and George came in from their flat in Diagon Alley. Harry of course was already considered part of the family and he to popped in from London.

It was very lucky that Mr. Weasley had made enlargements to the Burrow when they'd remodeled it the year before. Weasleys were about to burst through the holes in the walls as it was.

The boys including Harry were all commissioned by their mother to go with their father and chop down a Christmas tree and set off early the day after everyone had arrived. They set off slowly with Fred and George telling jokes and everyone else in a good mood. “There.” said Mrs. Weasley frankly, “That ought to keep them out of our hair for a while. Lets get to work girls.”

After a shared laugh the women set to cleaning. All except for Hermione that is. Pregnancy had done strange things to her magic, not to mention her household cleaning spells. She'd once tried to wash dishes and melted them even as she set the tub of water on fire. So Hermione got to play games with the children. Ginny and Katrina got to scrub the upstairs as Mrs. Weasley and Fleur scoured the downstairs. Then they set to putting garlands of holly around the rooms and lit candles in each of the windows. They were just fixing the mistletoe in place when a group of happy voices could be heard getting louder as the men returned from their search singing Christmas carols.

They burst in the back door in a flurry of snow and clothing as they all took of the hats and coats they'd been wrapped up in. The tree was a six and a half foot evergreen full and beautiful. Unlike Muggle Christmas trees it wouldn't get brown or loose needles and it wouldn't have to be watered. There were charms that would automatically water it and prevent the tree from shedding. As soon as the great tree was installed in the living room, the children were let in on the fun and the family spent a cheery hour decorating the tree and drinking eggnog.

After this was accomplished and the presents stacked under and around the tree everyone cheerfully went to bed to dream of the Christmas morning to come.

Chapter 8: A Very Merry Christmas
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The next morning found all of the inhabitants of the Burrow awake at the uncommonly early hour of six o'clock. Everyone was woken up by the cries of the twins, Molly and Marie, impatient with their sleepy parents and anxious for the presents that awaited them under the Christmas tree. Once awake the entire Weasley clan and Harry shared their enthusiasm. All came eagerly into the hall pulling on dressing gowns and saying, “Merry Christmas!” heartily to each person they saw.

Fred and George carried their nieces downstairs, riding atop their shoulders, with all four singing gaily. Everyone joined in as they came downstairs and into the living room. Harry met Ginny at the bottom of the stairs and paused in the middle of the song to say, “Merry Christmas!” and give her a warm kiss. She simply smiled and pulled him into the room where everyone else was waiting impatiently.

Quickly the two had piles of presents pushed into their arms, as they tried to sit down on an empty couch. Mr. Weasley looked around and said, “Well? What are you all waiting for?” With a round of laughter the ripping of paper began punctuated by squeals of delight from the little girls as they unwrapped on treasure after another including two pygmy puffs, a gift from their favorite Uncles Fred and George.

Ginny was delighted by her own stack of gifts. She'd gotten the usual Weasley sweater knitted by her mother this time in pale green with a darker green stripe along with a gold watch with her first name engraved on the inside. There was a pretty pair of embroidered slippers from Paris from Bill and Fleur. A book on Quidditch teams was from Charlie and Katrina. A brand new firebolt appeared from Fred and George, “for our favorite little sister” they said. Ron and Hermione gave her a set of lavender scented bath salts and soaps. From Owen there was a model of a dragon he appeared to have chewed on. The twins gave her a small hand mirror with big pink roses on the back that they, “picked out special for Aunty Ginny”.

Harry surprisingly hadn't given her anything yet. She suspected that it would come later and so she didn't worry about it. Molly and Marie ran over to her with expressions of delight as they hugged her and clapped their hands over the functioning miniature set of Quidditch balls she'd given them complete with a little gold snitch that flew around their heads and soft, plush bludgers that butted them playfully. This was to go along with the toy broomsticks they'd been given by Harry. He was the next one they went to, hugging him and exclaiming over the little brooms that floated so that their toes skimmed the carpet. “Thank you, Uncle Harry.” they said dutifully and then ran back to explore the rest of their gifts.

They would've sat there for much longer talking and watching the little ones play if Hermione hadn't ran out of the room still struggling with morning sickness and Ron, who never missed a chance to eat, hadn't asked as his stomach gave a large growl, “Are you ever going to feed me, Mum?” causing all of the conversations to dissolve into laughter as they all got up and went back to their rooms to dress carrying their new things. Mrs. Weasley, was already dressed and went to start breakfast.

Back upstairs Harry asked Ginny to wait in the hall as he went in his room to retrieve her present. Instead she nipped into her own room to fetch his own gift. Coming back into the hall she found Harry standing in the hall holding a cardboard box with small holes in it. It was identical to the one she held in her own hands except the bow on one was pink and the other blue.

Quickly they traded boxes and Harry watched Ginny open hers to find a small gray kitten with a pink collar and a tag bearing the name, Annie. After hearing her own squeal of rapture Harry concentrated on the box in his hands that was wiggling and moving excitedly. Lifting open the top Harry's eyes teared up as he looked down at a black puppy bearing a blue collar and his own tag proclaiming his name to be Snuffles. The tears didn't last long though as the energetic little dog jumped up licking his new master's face and startling a laugh out of Harry as Ginny looked on smiling.

He didn't have too say anything as he looked over at her. The look in his eyes told her more than mere words ever could. Silently she kissed him, trying not to squash their new pets in the process, and Harry smiled as the two animals inspected each other. “Merry Christmas, Harry.” Ginny said again as she turned and they finally went to change for breakfast.


One of the first things that Mr. Weasley had done when the house was being remodeled was to enlarge the kitchen and purchase a larger table and more chairs for times like this when the whole clan was at home. In fact this was something that Mrs. Weasley had insisted on. It was a good thing she had because with the additions to the family every available chair was full. By the time everyone had out things away and managed to get dressed it was somewhere around ten thirty and closer to lunch time than breakfast. Mrs. Weasley was still in the kitchen when her now extended brood (minus Percy) came down to the table.

The table was piled high with everyone's favorite breakfast foods. Ron entertained everyone and distinguished himself by eating half a pound of bacon, four helpings of eggs, and an appalling amount of toast with his favorite marmalade. He ate as usual, like this was going to be his last meal. Hermione sat beside him, slightly green in color, with only a few nibble pieces of toast and a glass of milk. She scolded him weakly as he gulped down another large glass of fresh orange juice and he did slow down ever so slightly.


After breakfast everyone bundled up and went outside in to the snow that seemed to come just for that perfect Christmas morning. Of course, it wasn't long before a snowball fight broke out between the men and women. The men though they out numbered the females found themselves hard out to defend themselves against Ginny and Katrina's amazing abilities. Little Owen even tried to do his part patting down little snow balls until he got distracted by the piece of gingerbread he had tucked into his pocket.

The fun was dampened however when one of the men accidentally hit one of the little girls right in the face with a particularly well packed snowball. The game was pronounced a draw as everyone stopped to see if Marie was ok. Fleur quickly ran to pick her up and began soothing the poor child who cried more from the shock than the hurt. She soon let up and to atone for it the men set about making a magnificent snowman complete with charcoal eyes, button nose, and his own dilapidated broom.

Soon after Owen fell asleep in the snow and they all went in for hot coco and the warm chocolate chip cookies Mrs. Weasley was pulling out of the oven. The rest of the day passed quietly as everyone wandered about the house happily. The men started a chess tournament in Mr. Weasley's study as the women helped Mrs. Weasley to cook Christmas dinner and Hermione played with the children feeling much better than she had at breakfast. Of course they surpassed themselves with a spectacular dinner with all of the traditional trimmings.

More chairs were needed however as everyone made room for Lupin and Tonks who came to dinner together. They had a grand time swapping stories and everyone lingered over desert as though they didn't want the night to end. The eggnog just being finished off as everyone sat about in the parlor listening to the same Celestina Warbeck broadcast that they heard every year. This year though it was turned down so that the sleeping children wouldn't be disturbed. The singer finished her program with a trill as the clock struck midnight and the mirror above the mantle commented, “Shouldn't you all be in bed?”

And so sleepily everyone said goodnight and Lupin and Tonks flooed home. The others drifted upstairs worn out after what had turned out to be a very merry Christmas.

Chapter 9: And a Happy New Year
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New Years Day dawned bright and clear on the Burrow. The morning light streamed in through Ginny’s thin curtains, a beam shining directly in her face, causing her to stir. She sat up groggily, the remnants of the previous night’s celebration with her friends still clouding her mind. Blinking and yawning she tried to remember the party and how she’d come to be back in her own bed, blue flowery blanket and all, wearing her own thin cotton pajama’s. Running her fingers through her tousled red hair, Ginny began to recall what had happened. 

The party had been small, a gathering of friends. Just Luna, Kate, Grace, Nicola, and herself had been there at Nicola’s large family home Ginny remembered. Nicola’s parents weren’t home, they had a New Year’s Eve party to attend, but since she was almost an adult they trusted her to have a few friends over. It had started out innocently enough, listening to music and munching on the snacks laid out in Nicola’s room. Ginny paled as she recalled how the whole thing had spun rather out of control. Nicola had brought out a bottle of Ogden’s Best Firewhisky and suggested a game. It was a drinking game which no one was able to quite grasp the rules of. Then the worst thing of all happened, Nicola dared Ginny to play. Ginny was not obne to back down from a challenge. So despite their suspicions that Nicola happened to be making up the “rules” of the game as she went along, all of the girls joined in, including Luna who said, “I might as well, I’ve never tasted firewhisky before.” 

The game had started out as sort of a truth or dare type of thing and rapidly deteriorated into the girls taking turns telling stories and taking drinks from the bottle as it was passed around. Kate and Luna had fallen asleep and Grace giggling uncontrollably by the time midnight came around. Ginny and Nicola, as it seemed only took sips when their turn came around, and hadn’t drunk as much as the other three. Feeling slightly sleepy but otherwise fine, Ginny had helped Nicola to put Grace, Luna, and Kate into guest bedrooms and then they had gone back into Nicola’s room. They talked about the wedding as they finished off the snacks and put the bottle back into Nicola’s parent’s liquor cabinet. Ginny’s memory left her when it should have had her coming home, as her mother said, by one in the morning. 

Straining her memory Ginny still couldn’t recall how or when she’d gotten home. Looking around the room she shrugged and began getting dressed. As she picked up her earrings and necklace from the bedside table she came across a folded piece of paper. Her name was scrawled across the front in a familiar hand. Rubbing her eyes she opened the note to read: 

Nicola said that you fell asleep and she couldn’t get you to wake up. You know how soundly you sleep. Anyhow, Nic knew you had to be home, so she flooed me and I came to get you. I brought you home and put you to bed without your mother noticing. You did get home before one, just in case you wondered. I guess we’ll chat later.
I Love You,

Ginny slid to the edge of the bed and eased onto her fee. Immediately an intense pounding in her head alerted her that perhaps she’d had a bit more to drink than originally thought. Pulling on the pink dressing gown that hung from the bedpost, Ginny trudged downstairs towards the delicious aroma of freshly brewed coffee that was issuing from the kitchen. Slumping down at the battered and bruised kitchen table she groaned as her mother began to chatter animatedly. Soon, though, she had a steaming mug of coffee, some Pepperup Potion, and a hot plate piled high with eggs, toast, and sausage. After gulping down her mother’s remedy Ginny felt much better and thought to herself decisively, “I am NEVER doing that again.” 

She finished her breakfast quickly after that, practically inhaling her food. Then she raced back to her room, carrying a piece of toast and trailing crumbs behind her. Getting dressed she thought about going back to Hogwarts. As she pulled on a shirt of Harry’s with a pair of comfortably worn jeans and her newest Weasley sweater, a thought came to her mind. Today after a quick stop to check on her friends, who would, no doubt, be in worse shape than she’d been in, Ginny had a meeting with the wedding planner. And tomorrow she’d be going back to Hogwarts. 

Remembering the looks of the salespeople the first time she had visited Melanie’s shop, Ginny hesitated. Quickly she applied a bit of makeup and put in the diamond solitaire earrings that she’d gotten for her sixteenth birthday. The golden heart-shaped locket, given to her by Harry, was the finishing touch. Finally she was prepared. After a long talk with her mother about where she was going, who’d she be with, and when she would be home, Ginny finally made it out of the house. She swiftly apparated to Nicola’s house, armed with three vials of Pepperup Potion and a smile. 

A weary looking old house-elf answered the door and recognizing her as one of Nicola's friends was happy to lead her to Nicola's room. It was a quick trip through the mansion that once filled Ginny with envy, seeing all that her friend had and remembering how little she possessed herself. Now the surroundings held only passing interest for her, since she'd seen them so many times over the years. Pausing at the door where her friends lay sleeping, Ginny sent the little elf off with orders for a good breakfast to be brought up. Plastering a smile on her face she turned the knob, prepared to give her friends a wakeup call that they would not enjoy.

Chapter 10: Bridal Breakdown
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Peering into the room Ginny noted that all of the girls were now piled together in the floor. They must have snuck back in sometime after I left. She slid inside the room and shut the door quietly. Tiptoeing her way towards the window, she was sure to keep quiet. Years of training with revenge on her brothers gave her stealth and she made it to the other side of the room unnoticed.


Pulling out her wand and preparing for the screams to come, she gave her wand a flick. This sent the curtains flying back and the blankets draped over her friends to hover up to the ceiling. This brought an immediate reaction to her friends who howled at the sudden draft and blinding light in their eyes.


All of them sat up glaring murderously at Ginny, until they noticed the pounding in their heads and the defenseless form of a still sleeping Nicola. Smiling to each other they all gathered around their host. Several things happened at once. Luna and Grace began singing as loudly as they could, given their present headaches, and Kate held her down as Ginny tickled her awake.


This brought piercing screams from Nicola, who stopped as soon as the headache began. "Oh, my head!" she moaned, holding her head.


The other girls settled back down at this, nursing their own slight hangovers. Hearing a knock at the door, Ginny peeked outside. Then she turned back to her friends smiling, "Behold your cure."


In came two house elves carrying a large tray loaded with food, followed by a third elf with a steaming pot of freshly brewed coffee. They soon settled down to breakfast and Ginny was happy to distribute the Pepper-Up Potion once she got a promise from each of them that they’d never touch firewhisky again as long as they lived.


“Good,” Ginny concluded hearing the last promise, “Alcohol does funny things to your magic any way. You don’t want to end up like Nat Blake.” This made her friends laugh by reminding them of an incident in their second year.


A seventh year had been under the influence and consequently failed half of his exams, setting himself on fire and turning an examiner into a bright pink chicken in the process. The very thought of his punishment made them all shudder. They had been working much too hard to risk that now.


Noticing that it was getting late, Ginny left them to their breakfast. It was time for another skirmish with the wedding planner.




Melanie was sitting beside her, scribbling furiously as she flipped through a catalog with her free hand, Ginny commenting every so often. They had been at this for the last two hours deciding on all of the details about the wedding. Every item had been thought about, debated, and finally decided on by Ginny. She had never realized all of the elements that went into creating a wedding before she had sat down today, selecting colors, patterns, food, music, even candlesticks.


They had been at this for an hour now. How can she deal with all of this? Ginny wondered as Melanie took it all in stride. Already a little perturbed (because of all the pink things they kept showing her, no matter what she said about hating the color) and weary from looking at so many samples, she settled back down to work.




After numerous inquiries and false leads, Harry was finally able to locate Ginny. When he entered the little shop, he could tell that things were bad. All of the assistants were buzzing around, looking through boxes, catalogs, and sales racks. A short blond sales clerk, who just happened to be near enough to the door to hear the bell ring, paused long enough in her efforts to point him vaguely in the direction of the same little office he had visited at that first memorable appointment.


He strode quickly down the hall, stopping at the door that he hoped was the right one. Opening it, he turned out to be wrong. Inside was a woman being fitted for her wedding dress. Blushing, he apologized profusely and shut the door quickly.


Harry moved to the next door and took a deep breath before turning the knob slowly and opening it. He peeked in the door and his eyes met an interesting sight. Ginny was buried up to her eye balls in wedding catalogs and surrounded by chattering women. The messy ponytail and the flush that was spreading over her face told him that his fiancée was getting annoyed and frustrated.




Ginny’s head spun as she sat at the small table Melanie showing her pictures and what seemed like a thousand people all asking her, “What about this one Ms. Weasley?” The room whirled around her as she shut her eyes tightly. It was too much at once. Getting up to run out of the room Ginny almost tripped over yet another “helpful” assistant.


Heading for the door but not really looking at where she was going she ran straight into something very solid. For a moment she thought she’d run into the wall, which just made her want to cry. But then Ginny realized that it wasn’t flat enough and was much too warm to be the wall.


Opening her damp eyes she examined the surface in front of her. It was an orange Chudley Cannons t-shirt. Looking up she met the brilliant green eyes of her concerned fiancé. Throwing her arms around him, she let the tears flow.


Harry, bewildered, now had a crying woman on his hands and no idea how to deal with it. He cast a disparaging glance at the women in the room and whisked away his troubled fiancée so that he could figure out how to calm her down.




Ten minutes later, the couple was sitting outside Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlor, at a little table off to the side. Ginny had just stopped crying when the waiter stepped up beside them. Harry ordered ice creams for them both and turned to Ginny, still red eyed, and asked, “Now what’s wrong? I’ve never seen you cry like that.”


Ginny took a shaky deep breath of her own and began, “It’s just getting to be too much. There’s N.E.W.T.’s and Quidditch and Prefect duties to worry about. And then I have this huge wedding to plan…”


“Gin, you might have a bunch of stuff at school to deal with, but you can do it. You’ve done it before.” Harry alleged.


“But…” Ginny started to protest.


Harry cut her off, “You can! I promise!”


“Okay.” She agreed reluctantly.


“As for the wedding stuff,” He continued, “That’s why you hired Melanie in the first place. That stuff is a wedding planner’s job. She does the work.”


“But…” Ginny started to argue again.


“No, listen.” Harry commanded, “You’re supposed to give her an idea of what you want. Then she picks out everything.” The waiter brought their order at just that moment and he prepared to enjoy his, but Ginny remained motionless. Seeing the incredulous look on her face he added, “But you’re not letting some stranger have control of your wedding. You get last say in everything and if you don’t like something, she’ll fix it.”


“If you say so.” She replied, still skeptical but willing to believe him.


“I do.” Harry said, digging into the ice cream before him.


Ginny calmed down with his assurance and joked as she began eating, “You’re not supposed to say that until the wedding, Mr. Potter.”


Startled at the change, Harry let out a surprised chuckle and took another bite of his treat.

Chapter 11: Preparing for Battle
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Four and a half months later it was pandemonium.

Melanie had taken over the Great Hall.

The talented wedding planner and her army of "helpful" assistants, including half a dozen girls from the wedding shop and all of the seventh years, were making some amazing changes for the lavish wedding of the Wizarding world’s favorite couple. White roses and little fairy lights adorned every available space in the room elegantly. The long house tables had been replaced by row upon row of long wooden benches, much like the pews found in muggle churches.

All of this occurred two days before the ceremony forcing the students to be served meals in their Common Rooms for a few days. None of the young wizards and witches minded since it gave them all time to whisper and wonder about the great occasion. Ginny and her friends were constantly besieged with questions and worked had to dismiss the more outrageous rumors. Such as the ones that said they had borrowed the Beauxbatons carriage to carry them to their honeymoon, or there would be a bottle of Ogden’s Old Firewhisky for each guest, and that Harry had brought Dumbledore back to life to preside over the ceremony. All of which were completely untrue and unrealistic, but they made great jokes for the girls to laugh at later.

With two days to go until the wedding, Harry barely saw his fiancée or her friends. They were spending so much time arranging things and making sure that the set up was going according to plan that they had little time for anything else. It was that night, with two more until the wedding, at the rehearsal dinner that he was finally able to sit down with her, not that they were able to talk. All of Ginny’s various family and friends felt compelled to give speeches so all the happy couple could do was smile and say thank you.


A few hours later, the dinner was over, but Harry was still unable to talk to Ginny. It had been nearing ten o’clock when the guests began to trickle out, heading for their homes. And now, everyone was gone, but Ginny had fallen asleep on the little sofa in the den.

"Dear, sweet, Ginny." Harry thought as he pushed a lock of hair back from her face and covered her with the afghan lying on the back of the couch. He kissed her cheek and she stirred a little in her sleep and then was still. Taking one last look at her, Harry apparated home to his little flat, his own head full of wedding plans and a certain small redhead he loved.


"Ginny… Ginny darling, your friends are here." A voice said from far away.

Sleepily she opened her eyes basking in the warm ray of sun that came in from the window, and wondering why the world was so bright. "Huh?"

"Your friends are here for your hen party."

Her mind unfogging at last, she sprung up, "Here? Now?"

"Yes, dear, in the kitchen, they’re waiting for you." Her mother said as Ginny ran her hands through her hair.

"I’m not dressed!" Ginny exclaimed, looking down at the clothes that she’d worn the night before.

Chuckling at her frazzled daughter, "Go get ready, I’ll send them up in a moment."

"Thanks Mum!" Ginny shouted over her shoulder, sprinting for the stairs.


Ten minutes later, Nicola peaked into Ginny’s bedroom only to be hit by a flying yellow t-shirt. Pulling it from its position on her face Ginny’s bridesmaid commented wryly, "Well, I can tell someone’s having a bit of a wardrobe famine."

Ginny spun around, "I’m not ready!"

"We can tell, Gin." Hermione said dryly, looking about at the wreckage.

"I’ve got nothing to wear!" the nervous redhead lamented, moving piles of clothes around.

Puzzled, Kate asked, "But It looks like there are plenty of clothes to me."

Even Luna shook her head at this, pushing Kate and Grace into the room before her. The trio then settled on the bed, clearing small places out for them to sit. Fleur followed behind them, more gracefully, arm in arm with Charlie’s wife Katrina.

Bouncing a little with excitement, Grace exclaimed, "That’s ok we’ve got plenty of time, and besides, we’re going to rescue you."

"Rescue me?" Ginny inquired, pausing in her rummaging.

"Yes. We are." Hermione reassured Ginny, "It’s nothing too bad."

Fleur opened her bag briskly and said, "Let’s begin shall we?"

The girls forced Ginny into the shower, so that they could set up the room. Luna put away all of Ginny’s clothes, humming all the while, as Hermione conjured a chair like those used by hairdressers. Kate closed and locked the door while Grace helped Katrina unpack Fleur’s bag.

When Ginny stepped out of the shower she was ushered into a bathrobe and forced into Hermione’s new chair. Hurriedly the girls worked on Ginny doing her nails, hair, and makeup. When she was let up out of the chair to get dressed Ginny finally noticed how her friends were dressed. Tight, cleavage showing tops and skinny jeans. They were dressed for dancing.

Balking Ginny began, "Guys, I thought we were just going shopping?"

"We are, but we’re going dancing as well." Hermione answered, unfolding the outfit for Ginny.

Ginny protested, "But I don’t dance." Any further objections were silenced by the shirt that was unceremoniously shoved over her head.


Three hours later the girls walked into Enchantment, Wizarding London’s most popular night club, ready to dance. They’d spent most of the day at a spa in downtown London and now they felt refreshed and prepared to party just a little bit. In the corner they easily spotted the guys: all of Harry’s groomsmen, the groom himself, and the rest of Ginny’s brothers gathered around a table watching the door for their arrival.

Ginny flew over to the table and without preamble, hauled Harry out to the dance floor.

"Not one to waste words, our Ginny." Fred observed to his twin.

George nodded, "Doesn’t waste any time, that one."

"Perhaps we should follow her example, brother dear."

"I was having the same thought myself."

With that the twins barreled away with a laughing Grace and a very confused Kate. Shrugging at each other, Bill, Charlie, and Ron followed suit with their wives. This left Luna to promptly march over and sweep a very bewildered Neville out to join the others, leaving Nicola standing with Seamus and Dean.

"Let’s dance." She said decisively, taking both of their hands and dragging them off.

Only two hours later, Ginny called a stop to the dancing and reluctantly decided to head home. Although they were having a great time, her wedding was tomorrow, and she wanted to look her best. Feeling happy and hopeful, the whole party departed for Hogwarts at only 10 o’clock.


Opening her eyes Ginny thought, "This is it... I'm getting married today."

"She's getting married today." One room over a certain motther of seven was having similar thoughts.

Chapter 12: Victory.. or The Wedding
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A soft knock on the door broke Ginny from her reverie a few minutes later, “Ginny dear, I’ve brought you a cup of tea, it’s time to get up.”

“Oh Mum,” Ginny sighed accepting the steaming mug, “This is it isn’t it?”

Mrs. Weasley sat down on the edge of the bed and smoothed an errant curl away from her face as she replied, “It is, dear, it is. But that doesn’t mean that you aren’t the baby anymore. It just means that Harry’s an official member of the family. Not that he hasn’t been for years now, but you get the idea…” she trailed off, gazing at her only daughter, the youngest who was finally leaving the nest and tears formed in her eyes.

“Oh Mum.” Ginny reiterated hugging her mother tightly, “I love you.”

“I love you too, Ginny dear.” She replied hugging back, “Let’s go get you fed. Don’t want to get married on an empty stomach and you most likely won’t stop for the rest of the day.”


Mrs. Weasley’s words came from experience and so Ginny quickly found herself in the Entrance Hall at Hogwarts, inside a tent that had been erected to keep her out of sight. She could hear from the healthy thunder of conversation that filled the air that the Great Hall was full and it was only a matter of time before the wedding started.

Guests looked around in amazement at the elegant roses and white lights that decorated the Great Hall. The wedding started with the seating of the parents by the groomsmen, Neville, Seamus, Dean, Ron, and Bill, all looking especially sharp in their matching dress robes. Bill escorted his mother to her place of honor on the front row as the Mother of the Bride. Remus had objected at first, but Harry had insisted that he was the closest thing that Harry had to family; and so Ron followed behind with Tonks and Remus, to seat them in the place of Harry’s parents.

The three tolls of the bell told the time and the Great Hall went silent. Susan Bones, of Hufflepuff, sang, “Bless the Broken Road” in her strong soprano voice. Guests applauded her and then the lights dimmed, the little fairy lights illuminating the path along the aisle as the processional, “Canon in D” filled the air. The groomsmen filed in wearing tuxedos with gray patterned vests. First Dean came in, then Seamus, Bill, Neville and finally Ron with a vest and tie of a darker gray. An extremely nervous looking Harry was the last to enter, wearing his own tuxedo of the same pattern in black.

The big door at the back of the hall opened and the bridesmaids entered in dresses of sage green each carrying a single white rose. They proceeded down the aisle, first Grace, then Kate, then Nicola, and then Luna. Hermione, the Matron of Honor, came down the aisle wearing a matching dress in emerald green.

Teddy Lupin, Harry’s godson, was the ring bearer. He came down the aisle looking uncomfortable, as little boys are apt to be when dressed up. The serious look on his young face made a rash of laughter break out among the guests as he focused on his important task. He went presented the rings to Ron as he’d been told and his face lit up as he completed his job causing another round of laughter. He raced to his father and sat down as Molly and Marie, Ginny’s twin nieces, in their own little sage green dresses, skipped up the aisle scattering white rose petals in their path. The sweet little girls caused an “Awww!” to escape from the women in the audience. Fleur was forced to drag them to their seats after they ran out of rose petals and began waving at the audience.

Of course, the entrance of the bride was next.

The great door, which had closed as the little ones made their way up the aisle capturing everyone’s attention, now creaked open to reveal Ginny and her father. The old man wore his best new suit and a proud smile as he escorted his only daughter down the aisle. She though, wore her beautiful wedding dress with pride and happiness. It was a strapless full a-line dress with Alençon French lace on the bodice and appliqué work on the skirt. Her deep red hair was styled into an elegant bun adorned with flowers. The bouquet she carried was full of the white roses that were all around, but it also contained the traditional wizarding herbs. The eight herbs in the bouquet were: Amaranth for everlasting love, Dock for patience, Hyacinth for fertility, Sage for health, Edelweiss for courage and devotion, Ivy for fidelity, Marjoram for happiness, and Rue to protect from evil were included in every witch's bouquet.

Talking with Hermione later, Ron found out that at the beginning of the procession, before he saw Ginny, Harry, though pale and tense, was smiling and tearing up just a little bit. When he saw Ginny for the first time in her dress, however, to quote Hermione, “He just lit up. He had a huge smile on his face, and his green eyes just glowed. It was a perfect reaction.”

The lights brightened as Professor McGonagall, who was presiding over the service, asked who gave the bride away to be joined in holy matrimony. Mr. Weasley replied, “Her mother and I”, and with a small kiss, he gave her hand to Harry, and the bride and groom came together for the first time. Professor McGonagall then gave a few thoughts on love, marriage, and what it should be.

The vows were exchanged, and then another emotional moment occurred. Harry was first to pledge, and he made it through wonderfully. He was smiling, but could see that he wanted everything to be perfect, “I, Harry James Potter, do take thee, Ginerva Molly Weasley, to be my lawfully wedded wife. To honor, respect, and to hold thy needs before mine own. To keep you as my one true love as fate has ordained, for all of my life. This day I affirm before all witnesses my undying loyalty and pledge to forsake all others for you. To uphold you in sickness and health, to be your best friend, sharing in our happiness and sorrow, to always have compassion and love without reservation or reward. Though life may be rich or poor, to thee alone will I hold. To you this day before all I pledge this vow.”

When Ginny’s turn came to repeat the vows, she started strongly. Professor McGonagall repeated, “To be my lawfully wedded husband” and for a couple of seconds there was a deafening silence. Then, Ginny tearfully spoke perhaps the happiest words she had ever said in her life, “I, Ginerva Molly Weasley, do take thee, Harry James Potter, to be my lawfully wedded husband…”

The emotion charged behind the words was clearly evident; it was not simply a recitation. It was a heart pouring out words that meant more to her than simply speaking them could show. It struck the room most as one of the most powerful moments in the service; power in frailty. It truly was a beautiful thing.

Next, the rings were exchanged. Professor McGonagall again made some comments, this time about how rings were symbolic of eternity because they were circular and was made of precious metal that could never be altered. At this point, she lightened up the mood considerably by telling Harry that if he had “picked a good ring like we all hope you did”, it would not tarnish either.

Mrs. Weasley and Tonks then came up as the lights were dimmed and the song “Because You Loved Me” played in the background, and lit two smaller candles that represented the two families. The couple then took up these smaller candles and lit the unity candle, a huge white taper with pressed flower petals in it. This act was something Hermione and Grace had seen at the muggle weddings that they’d been to with their families.

Then the moment arrived. By the power of her authority as Headmistress and holder of the Order of Merlin 2nd Class, Professor McGonagall pronounced Harry and Ginny husband and wife. Harry kissed his bride, a deep passionate kiss, as the audience cheered and whistled, egging the couple on. Harry broke off the kiss a moment later, grinning sheepishly, as Professor McGonagall announced, “I now present to you: Mr. and Mrs. Harry James Potter”. The newlyweds gave each other identical smiles and then proceeded down the aisle to “This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)” by Natalie Cole as the Great Hall applauded them raucously.


“To you, Harry and Ginny, may your happiness never cease!” there was a great cheer of agreement as everyone toasted the newlyweds, drinking from a goblet of pumpkin juice.

“Hmmm…” Harry murmured, “Not a bad toast. I was expecting Ron’s speak to be worse than that, you know.”

Ginny smiled devilishly, “Well, I might have threatened his life if he ruined my wedding.”

“You? Never.” Harry went along, chuckling at his mischievous bride.

Strains of music were heard and Ginny grabbed Harry and pulled him towards the dance floor that had been erected in the middle of the Great Hall. The DJ, Lee Jordan, called out, “It’s time for the happy couple’s first dance!” The slow strains of “Greatest Story Ever Told” filled the room as Harry and Ginny made it to the center of the desearted dance floor. They held each other as the lights dimmed again, the spotlight resting firmly on them. No one joined them on the dance floor for this song, instead the guests, friends, and family just watched as the couple stared into each other’s eyes as if no one else was in the room. It was the second most romantic moment of the day.

Soon enough their dance was over and it was time for the Bride’s dance with her father. Giving his daughter a dashing formal bow, Mr. Weasly took Ginny’s hand from Harry and led her back out onto the dance floor. Tears filled Ginny’s eyes as she listened to the song her father had chosen. In true Arthur Weasley fashion, he’d settled on a muggle song called, “I Loved Her First”.

“Daddy,” she began trying to find words.

He smiled, knowing and replied, “I know, Pumpkin. I know.”

Other fathers and their daughters quickly joined in the special dance, smiling with the bond that only a father shares with his daughter.

The last special dance was a complete surprise. Harry nodded at Lee who cued up a new song and announced, “Now it’s time for the Groom’s dance with his mom.” Everyone looked confused except for Ginny who smiled as Harry bowed to her mother and took her hand pointing out, “You’ve always been a mom to me.” They danced slowly to the song that Harry had picked, “Thanks for Being a Perfect Mom”. Needless to say, Mrs. Weasley sobbed happily through the whole thing.

The real dancing got underway after that and Harry and Ginny’s wedding reception turned out to be quite the party. The children had a spot of trouble when Teddy lead Owen and the Twins in trying to open up the huge mountain of gifts that they were convinced belonged to them. Their parents weren’t too thrilled about this, but the only real incidents occurred when they shoved cake in each other’s faces after cutting the beautiful confection made lovingly by Mrs. Weasley and when Fred and George charmed the wedding party to look like chickens when the Chicken dance was played.

“Come on, Mrs. Potter.” Harry said with a grin, “It’s time to make our escape.”

“Oh, Mrs. Potter, doesn’t that sound nice.” Ginny sighed.

Nodding toward the exit hall, he replied, “It sounds just about perfect.”

Hermione caught them trying to edge towards the door and cried out, “Stop right there!” Everyone froze, looking toward Hermione as she carried little Rose, her new daughter, towards the couple, “Don’t think you’re getting away without hugs.” After this of course, everyone had to have a hug from Great Auntie Muriel down to little Teddy Lupin.

As the sun set, Harry and Ginny ran out of the entrance hall as the guests sprayed them with gold sparks instead of the traditional muggle rice. They raced down the front steps into the giant carriage that Madame Maxime had lent as her gift to the couple as family and friends shouted advice and good wishes. The giant winged horses quickly glided away up into the air, bearing them off to their honeymoon and a happy life.

Chapter 13: Epilogue
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A/N: This is just a cute little scene that popped into my head while I was finishing up the last chapter. I hope you like it. I think that it leaves the story on a good note, don’t you. Anyway, there will be no sequel I promise, this thing is already much, much longer than I had intended it to be. I am sad to see the story end. I have been writing this story for a couple of years now. It has been a long and drawn out process. There were lots of points when I just wanted to give up completely, only to have inspiration hit me at the last moment. Anyhow, it’s over now. Enough of my silly rambles. Enjoy!








A while before...


“Come on, Mrs. Potter.” Harry said with a grin, “It’s time to make our escape.”




“Oh, Mrs. Potter, doesn’t that sound nice.” Ginny sighed.




Nodding toward the exit hall, he replied, “It sounds just about perfect.”




Hermione caught them trying to edge towards the door and cried out, “Stop right there!” Everyone froze, looking toward Hermione as she carried little Rose, her new daughter, towards the couple, “Don’t think you’re getting away without hugs.” After this of course, everyone had to have a hug from Great Auntie Muriel down to little Teddy Lupin.



As the sun set, Harry and Ginny ran out of the entrance hall as the guests sprayed them with gold sparks instead of the traditional muggle rice. They raced down the front steps into the giant carriage that Madame Maxime had lent as her gift to the couple as family and friends shouted advice and good wishes. The giant winged horses quickly glided away up into the air, bearing them off to their honeymoon and a happy life.



The present...

She sighed, “It’s finally over isn’t it?”




“What is?” he asked, turning towards her, away from the carriage window.




“All of this wedding nonsense. It’s done. We’re married and now it’s finally over!”




He looked uncomfortable as he pointed out to her, “Gin, um, I think that you’re forgetting something rather important.”




“Forgetting what? We’re married now, there are no more plans to make, nothing left to do. Only our honeymoon to go on, right?” she asked innocently and unconcerned, concentrating on the ripped hem of her dress.




“Not exactly.” He answered, tugging at his tie and squirming a little in his suddenly uncomfortable seat by the window.




“Harry James, what do you mean ‘Not exactly’?” She questioned, her eyes narrowing suspiciously.




“Well, I don’t know much about weddings but I do know that you’re supposed to send thank you notes for the gifts that you receive.”




“So? That won’t take very long even with that mountain we received. Just wave a wand over the address book again and you're done, we did the same spell with the invitations…” she trailed off as his expression didn’t change to mirror her own relief.




“Your mother tells me that they’re supposed to be hand written and personalized. No magic.”


“No magic?”






















“Oh my.”