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It Started With Hate, It Ended With Death by Cassandra Trelawney

Format: Novella
Chapters: 9
Word Count: 35,589
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence,

Genres: Fluff, Romance, Angst
Characters: Dumbledore, Lupin, McGonagall, Sirius, Lily, James, Lucius, Pettigrew, OC
Pairings: James/Lily

First Published: 12/08/2005
Last Chapter: 04/27/2006
Last Updated: 04/27/2006


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Chapter 1: Love's Enemy
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It Started with Hate, It Ended with Death
Chapter 01 ~ Love’s Enemy

A young man in his early twenties paced in front of a roaring fireplace, the scarlet and yellow-orange flames lit up his whole left side of his body; the flames dancing off his wired-rimmed glasses. An unsure frown was set upon his lips; his brows were furrowed in confusion; and his jet-black (already untidy) hair was ruffled from him raking his hand through it in frustration.

A giggle interrupted his thoughts, and he looked backwards, where a window lie open. He walked slowly towards it; outside, he saw, was a woman about the same age, with long, brilliantly red hair. She was beckoning towards a child of just about fifteen months. The young man smiled; it seemed to be the only person or thing to make him smile nowadays.

The baby laughed and ran towards the woman, falling two steps in front of her. The woman reached forward and sat him upright and took a step backward. The young man watched intently as the baby’s eye found his. The baby gurgled and pointed at him, the young man smiled and the baby took another step forward and wobbled back and forth before falling back onto his diaper again.

The young man laughed to himself, his thoughts about before disappeared, that is until he heard a whooshing sound come behind him.

“James,” the voice panted, as he heard someone land in his fireplace.

The young man, James Potter, turned around to face his best friend, Remus Lupin. Lupin’s face looked tired and worn. Scratches graced his face, and James knew, secretly that they also fell upon his body in places. James knew the full moon was almost amongst them. His light brown hair fell disheveled and they hung in front of his light blue eyes that clouded with the full moon slowly approaching, his body heaved with every breath

“Moony, what is it? What’s wrong?” James asked frantically, walking towards his friend.

“James! You and Lily, get out of here now!” Moony said sternly. “Go!”

“Moony, but why? What happened?” James asked, walking towards his best friend. “Moon, what happened?” James asked sternly.

“James, you don’t have long. The Order is holding him up. Peter peached, James, get Lily and Harry and go! Now!” Moony yelled at him. “Lily!” Moony yelled out the window.

The woman turned around, her brilliant emerald green color eyes met James’ hazel ones, then traveled to Remus’ worried blue ones. She grabbed the baby, Harry, and ran into the house. James heard the soft clicks of the locks as she bolted the locks with magic.

“Remus, what is it?” she asked the man. “Does Dumbledore need us?”

“No, Lily, you and James and Harry need to flee now! Peter peached! I don’t have enough time, the Order needs me! Go, now!” Moony said, and then he turned on his heel and left with a loud, shrieking CRACK! that echoed throughout the house.

Lily turned to James. “James…” she whispered. “James, what now...?” she asked, tears brimming her eyes, as she held the baby close to herself.

“We must go,” James said hurriedly, gathering his wand from the nearby table.

“But where, James? Where? There is no where to go!” Lily cried out to him. The baby looked at his mother, as tears spilled down her face, he looked towards his father who had a pained look set upon his unflawed face.

“Lily… we must g-,” James stopped abruptly. A soft click echoed through the house. James stared at Lily. Another click echoed throughout the house. Lily stared back. Another soft click echoed throughout the house.

“Lily, run!” James whispered harshly. “Go, take Harry! Go!” he whispered.


James rushed to Lily’s side and kissed her passionately on the mouth. “I love you,” he whispered to her. “Go, please,” he begged of her. Another two clicks sounded.

“I love you, too,” she whispered, rushing up the stairs.

She heard the front door creak open and a hissing voice flow up the steps.

“Leave now!” she heard James yell sternly, in a way she had never heard.

She couldn’t hear what he was whispering, but she knew who it was.

“Oh, dear God…” Lily whispered as she rushed up the stairwells, looking for a fireplace.

“Avada Kedavra!” A bright, emerald green light enveloped the house in a sickly color. Lily had heard that perfectly, and had seen the death of light perfectly. She stopped. She had felt the coldness come from his voice. She then heard a sickening thud as she heard her husband fall to the ground.

“James!” she cried out in agony, leaning over the banister, staring down. Her husband was sprawled out on the floor, his glasses laid askew on the floor, his body twisted in a sickening way. “Oh, James…” she cried out, as she heard Voldemort ascending the steps.

She rushed into a room and slammed it. She placed Harry in his crib. “Harry, Harry, don’t cry, please,” she said, as the child started to bawl. She scooped him up in his arms, and just as she was getting ready to rush into the fireplace, she heard the doorknob turn and the door open.

She stared into the darkened hood of a murderer. She cowered into a corner as he descended upon her.

“Move aside,” he hissed. “This was not meant for you,” the voice said, jerking his wand to left, “move!”

“No!” Lily screamed. “He’s a poor defenseless baby! What do you have against him?” she yelled out, tears pouring down her face. Harry began to cry fiercer now, his bawls coming out in shrieks.

“Are you going to bow to death too, Lily, like your husband? Very well,” the voice snarled. “Avada Kedavra!” the voice yelled out. The coldness left his wand and went directly into Lily’s heart, seizing her heart and pushing it to death instantly.

“Harry!” she yelled out as the green light seized her final breaths…

Author's Note: I do hope you liked the first chapter. I have chapters two and three done and they will be sent in at random intervals. Anyway, I would like to know what you think so far, just some of your thoughts :) From here we'll be going backwards!

Chapter 2: Changing Adolescence
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It Stared with Hate, It Ended with Death
Chapter 02 ~ Changing Adolescence

“But, James, you know that we cannot continue our legacy with you being Head Boy!” Sirius Black stated as the two boys roamed Flourish and Blotts.

James picked up a book on Quidditch techniques and flipped through it. “Padfoot, it’s not like we can’t continue our ‘legacy.’ I’m Head Boy not Headmaster,” James said, sticking the book under his arm.

“And how are you going to do your Head Boy duties, your Quidditch Captain duties, and still pull pranks with the rest of us?” Sirius asked, picking up “The Standard Book of Spells, Year 7.”

James picked up the same book and sighed. “Padfoot, I do my Head duties at night,” James said, “not during the day! I’ll hold Quidditch practices on Wednesday’s and I’ll put our legacy first,” James said, picking up a Defense Against the Dark Arts book.

Sirius cocked his brow at James. “Whatever, James, but I still think this is a bad idea…”

“There had to of been a reason for the Head Boy that was originally picked to not take his duties…” James said with a sigh.

“Yeah… damn good one, too,” Sirius whispered to himself.

Lily paced back and forth in her house on Privet Drive. Her yellow walls beckoned for her to stop, and her friend, Marla McKinnon, just sat there with a bored look set up upon her face.

“Lily, please, stop,” Marla said in exasperation. “You’ve been pacing for forty-five minutes as of now, and you’re making me dizzy!”

Lily sighed and flopped down on the floor in front of Marla. “I’m sorry,” she said, “but I’ve been so upset with all of this Head Girl stuff…”

Marla nodded her head in sympathy, even though she still had no idea what Lily was talking about. “What say this? How about the two of us go into Diagon Ally and get our school supplies? You’ve always liked that!” Marla said, her light Scottish accent ringing.

Lily smiled. “Don’t make fun of my studies, you know how important they are to me… and plus, I don’t feel like going into Diagon Ally at the moment…,” Lily said to Marla, looking towards her pretty friend.

Marla smirked. “Scared of running into James are you?” Marla asked, a smirk setting widely on her lips.

“No!” Lily exclaimed, jumping up. She could feel warmness floating into her cheeks, and she knew that they were turning red.

“Fine then, deny it, Lily, you always do,” Marla said, sitting up and brushing herself off as well. “But I’d like to get my books before the train comes tomorrow… and I do believe that’s what your mum promised mine before she left for some business meeting in Spain.”

Lily sighed, hoping her cheeks would seem less red. “Alright, alright! We’ll go… No tricks, Marla!”

“And why would I trick you?” Marla asked, grabbing her change purse and settling it into a pocket inside of her midnight black robes.

“You very well know. I know you’ve been in communication with Potter!” Lily accused, doing the same as Marla.

“Snoop,” Marla said with a smirk. “And being friends with him does not mean that I am betraying you nor playing some joke on you – that’s James’ job,” Marla said with a widening smirk.

Lily sighed. Will I ever shake James Potter off of my mind…?

James walked towards The Leaky Cauldron with Sirius Black in tow, there packages under there arms.

“I still don’t know how you’re going to snag it this year,” Sirius said to James, jabbering on.

James looked up. “Snag what?” James asked, looking at Sirius, stopping in the middle of the miles of pedestrian traffic.

“I said, ‘I still don’t know how you’re going to snag it this year.’” Sirius looked at James oddly. “Why? What’d you think I said?” Sirius asked James, James cheeks turning slightly red; a rare occurrence.

James shook his head. He thought he had clearly heard Sirius said “her” instead of “it.” James said, “I – I just didn’t hear you that’s all,” James said above the clamor and talking. James began to move on.

As they entered The Leaky Cauldron a bright redness caught his eye. He turned towards the doorway, but there was nothing there. Nothing at all.

“I’ll see you later, mum,” James said to his mum and dad as he gathered in between platforms and nine and ten.

“Yeah, thanks a lot for the stay, Mrs. And Mr. Potter,” Sirius said to them, a toothy grin set upon his lips.

“Your welcome anytime, Sirius,” Mrs. Potter said kindly, hugging him too. “You’re like family,” she said warmly. She turned towards her son and said, “Now, James, I want no owls from Professor McGonagall this year – you’re Head Boy, you need to set an example for the younger children,” Mrs. Potter said kindly.

“I will, mum, don’t worry. I’ll set an example -” James said with a smirk, pushing his cart through the barrier and waited for Sirius to come through nonchalantly, “-an example to prank correctly,” James finished as Sirius entered platform nine and three quarters.

Sirius chuckled. “This is going to be a hell of a year, James, one hell of a year,” Sirius said scanning the platform for any hot girls. “Now, it’s seventh year, I wonder who matured over the summer…,” he said, still scanning the crowd. “How about you, ol’ Prongs? Anyone in mind?”

“I suppose,” James said, pushing his trolley through the crowd towards the large train. He scanned the crowd for a particular person.

“Lily Evans does not count,” Sirius said, almost reading his mind, his own mind not off the crowd.

James jumped at the sound of Lily’s name. “Where?” he whispered, he quickly covered, “I meant, and why not?”

“’Cause you’ve been after that girl since you pushed her into the Black Lake on the first night here,” Sirius said with a laugh, “although, that was hilarious.” He sent a charming smile towards a cluster of girls.

James smiled. “Don’t care what you say, Padfoot, she’ll be mine this year… and I mean it,” he added with a whisper, “with all my heart she’ll be mine…”

Lily parted with her friends and hurried into the Head’s compartment on the train. It was luxurious – and all in Gryffindor scarlet and gold colours.

“That’s odd…” Lily said to herself, sitting down on one of the sides. “I hope it is Remus that got the job…” She shrugged and took out a book, knowing well that she was a half an hour early.

“I’ve got to go, Padfoot,” James said as they put their trunks on the back of the train. James glanced at the clock. “The train leaves in two minutes, and I need to get to the Head’s Compartment,” James said to him.

Sirius shrugged and smiled at a few girls passing by. “Ok, James, have fun in your little Head’s compartment,” Sirius said. “I’ll be with Wormtail and Moony in our usual compartment.”

“Sirius,” James said warningly. “This job will not affect out friendship nor our pranking days.”

“Fine, fine, Prongs… I’ll see you later,” Sirius said, as they got on the train just as it was moving.

James sighed and watched as Sirius went the opposite way. James sighed and knew that he had a five minute walk ahead of him; reluctantly, he started.

Lily marked her page that she had stopped just as she heard a popping sound; Professor McGonagall appeared in front of us.

“Good morning, Professor,” Lily said with a smile, her happiness overwhelming her.

“Good morning to you, Ms. Evans. I see our Head Boy has not arrived yet,” Professor McGonagall said with a sigh.

“Yes, it’s very unlike Remus to come late…” Lily said confused by Remus’ odd behavior.

Professor McGonagall’s severe features frowned even more. “Why, Ms. Evans, Mr. Lupin did not receive the position.”

Lily looked up at the Professor. “Remus didn’t get the position? He wanted this job so much, and I thought he would have gotten it… Well, then, who?” she asked, curiosity getting the best of her.

“Mr. -,” Professor McGonagall stopped in mid-sentence as the compartment door opened. “Why, Mr. Potter, so nice of you to join us,” Professor McGonagall said tartly, her eyebrows raised at him.

James smiled meekly. “Sorry, Professor,” he said, his eyes now falling on Lily.

Lily’s mouth received a bitter taste and she felt herself fighting to shout. This is not possible! She said to herself.

James’ eyes lingered on Lily for a second. Lily Evans, Head Girl… how did I not see this?, James said to himself.

Professor McGonagall looked from each one of them. “Uh, Mr. Potter, if you would kindly take a seat, I’d like to give the two of you your directions for the year.”

“Professor,” Lily said abruptly, “is there a mistake? I mean, James Potter as Head Boy?”

Professor McGonagall straightened herself. “Ms. Evans, I know it doesn’t seem plausible to you but it is in my book – I know there is animosity between you and Mr. Potter here, but you two must oversee that as you will have to live with each other for the rest of this year and will therefore have to put up with each other,” Professor McGonagall said fiercely.

Oh yeah, this will definitely be one hell of a year… James said to himself.

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Chapter 3: Humiliation
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It Started with Hate, It Ended with Death
Chapter 03 ~ Humiliation

Lily stared icily at the book. She had to of been looking at the same page, word, and sentence for an hour or so now, or maybe even longer, considering that it was now getting darker, and dusk was setting itself up for a clear night. The lanterns had magically lit up and they cast an eerie shadow and glow in the luxurious compartment.

Lily closed the book and sighed, she hadn’t moved yet from her seat to go join her friends, but they probably thought that she was still being lectured. She looked up at James, who was surprisingly reading; the lantern lights danced off the lens of his glasses and his unruly hair stuck up in odd places, and fell into his eyes, where every now and then he’d brush it away.

Lily coughed dryly– James glanced up at her. “You ok?” he asked her, pausing from his reading.

“I’m fine,” she said shortly. She glanced at the book; she wanted to know what he was reading, just to prove that he was as egotistical about Quidditch as she thought he was. “What are you reading? A Quidditch book, no doubt?” Lily said airily.

“Actually, I’m reading Hogwarts, A History,” James said closing the book and showing her the scarlet red covering of Hogwarts, A History. “My mom gave it to me, so, I thought I should read it… it’s pretty interesting, actually. But it’s my last year so I should learn more about Hogwarts of course,” James said with a shrug.

Lily raised an eyebrow, James Potter reading Hogwarts, A History? That was a new one. Lily searched her mind frantically to accuse James of something. “I got to go,” she said suddenly, grabbing her bag and running out of the room.

James barely was able to say a word as Lily fled from the compartment and shut the door with a loud clatter. James shook his head and looked towards the ground where he saw a purple velvet book lying on the ground. He didn’t need to turn it over to know that it was Lily’s diary. He had seen a display of them in Flourish and Blott’s over the summer. It was programmed by your wand to open it. James turned it around and around, looking for any indication that maybe, just maybe, she had left it for him.

“Oh, c’mon, James!” Sirius exclaimed, a half hour later. “Where’s your sense of mischief?” Sirius asked him, turning over the purple velvet book.

“Sirius, I’m not going to snoop into someone’s diary,” James said, eyeing Remus for help.

“James,” Sirius began, taking out his wand, “all you have to do is use a simple cutting charm, or a simple unlocking charm! Use that head of yours!” Sirius said, tapping James’ head with his wand.

James shook his head. “Sirius, I wouldn’t if I were you… it has a security device.”

“No, it does not. It would show some sign!” Sirius said, placing his wand in front of the diary, ready to poke it in the hole that opened it. “Watch and learn, mate.” Sirius placed the tip of his wand inside the hole and twisted it this way and that.

Miraculously, the book opened to the front page. “Ahah! I knew I could do it,” Sirius said, a wide grin set upon his lips. Sirius turned back to the book; he was about to turn the page when it jumped up into the hair and a tongue popped out. “Uh,” Sirius said, just as the tongue started to spit milky black ink onto his face.

James started to laugh as the tongue poured ink onto Sirius’ befuddled face. The tongue spat a bit more ink onto Sirius’ face and than plopped onto the ground, locking the diary once more. James, Remus, and Peter’s laughs rang throughout the cabin.

Sirius turned an ink strewn face to James, a frown playing hauntingly on his lips.

Lily entered her cabin where her friends were laughing at a joke, most likely told by Marla.

“Lily!” Marla said, as Lily show the cabin door. “How was your meeting?”

“Ok, I guess,” Lily said, taking the seat next to Marla. Lily looked to each of her friends. Nova was sitting directly in front of her. Nova was more of the tomboy, although she did have a fashion sense. Her raven color hair hung in long layers down her back; it had an odd purple sheen to it when it hit the sunlight, which matched her dazzling purple eyes perfectly. (After all, her eyes were how they nicknamed her Nova, for the dazzling eyes matched a supernova of a star perfectly.) She had a temper, but had a mad wit as well.

“Now, Lily,” Nova said, “you’ve been after this job for years, and you’re not as giddy as you sounded in that owl you sent… for Merlin’s sakes, I thought the Owl was going to wet itself, it looked just as excited as your letter read!”

Lily raised her eyebrow at Nova, but before she could respond her friend Genevieve spoke. “Yeah, I got the same letter, most likely the same Owl too!” Genevieve said in agreement. Genevieve was a pretty girl, with shoulder-length caramel color hair, her flickering hazel eyes, and her witty attitude.

Lily rolled her own emerald-color eyes. “Yes, well, maybe I’m over the shock by now,” Lily suggested, opening up her sling-over bag for a chocolate frog.

“Uh huh,” Nova said. “And who made Head Boy? Somebody cute I hope, I wouldn’t mind then, stopping into your Dorm,” Nova said, smiling at her own fantasy.

“Yeah, Lily, who made Head Boy,” Marla spoke up. Not that Marla would be going out with anyone this year for a bit, as she and Gideon Prewett were in a heated relationship. And Marla deserved him – Marla, the one with the good looks, it was no denying that she was beautiful, with a small nose, long blonde hair and dazzling sky blue eyes to match it.

Lily flickered up and shook her head but glanced back down into her bag. She should have five things in there: a package of chocolate frogs, her book she was reading, a quill, a bottle of ever-changing ink and of course her diary. “Oh my Merlin,” Lily said in shock.

“What is it?” Nova asked her.

“My diary – it’s gone!” Lily said in exasperation. “Someone took my diary!”

“Well who on world would take that thing? You’ve only been one spot, and that’s that Head’s cabin,” Nova said.

“Oh, maybe your Head Boy took it,” Genevieve said with a grin. “That would make for an interesting set up, wouldn’t it?”

Lily frowned at all of them as they began to talk tediously about the situation that may be at hand, but Lily wasn’t going to allow. “If he stole it, I’ll kill him,” Lily said through clenched teeth.

All of them stopped talking and looked up at Lily. “Who is he?” Marla asked finally.

Lily didn’t even respond, she grabbed her bag and she opened up the door. She knew exactly where Potter would be, they were in the same cabin every year. She went four cabins down, her friends in tow. She banged open the door and stared icily at James Potter. It took only one look at the ink-ruined towels at James’ feet to confirm her suspicions.

“I knew you would’ve taken it!” Lily exclaimed in an icy sarcastic way. “It’s just like you, Potter! It’s just like you!”

James looked up at Lily, clearly amazed at how she had come in, voluntarily to say the least. “Taken what?” James asked her, a puzzled look entering his face.

“Don’t play stupid, Potter, I want my diary back!” Lily said, her hand out in front of her.

“Wait,” said a voice behind Lily, “James made Head Boy?”

Lily turned her head around. “Of course the prat did, Genevieve, why else would I be in his cabin?”

“I didn’t steal your diary,” James said innocently.

Lily reeled back around. “You didn’t steal my diary? Then why are towels full of ink sitting at your feet?” Lily crossed her arms and dared him to lie to her.

“Because Sirius tried to open it,” he said simply. “If you don’t believe me, you can ask him when he gets back.”

Lily laughed. “Of course, Black isn’t here to make the story plausible anyway. And plus how would he have gotten my diary?” she asked him.

“It fell out of your bag when you went flying out of the cabin. I picked it up to bring back to you, but Sirius was on his way to the Head’s cabin to come get me and see what was taking so long. He saw the diary and he immediately wanted to know the contents, he took it out of my hands and tried to open it. I swear to you, I didn’t take it,” James said to her, raising his own eyebrows.

“Oh yes, Potter, that makes loads of sense,” she said. “Then, again, you make no sense.”

“Lily, I have to say, he is right,” Remus Lupin finally spoke up. His eyes had dark circles under them, from his lack of his sleep; his face was paler than usual; and his hands were shaking a bit. Yet, his voice had been firm.

“Remus, don’t come to his defense, you do it entirely too often,” she said to him, sending him an icy glare.

“Now, why would four ladies, as fine as yourselves, be sitting in the doorway of our cabin?” said a voice from behind them. Nonetheless, it was Sirius Black, whose face looked slightly pink, as if it had been rubbed raw.

Sirius’ eyes met Lily’s and instantly, Lily abhorred the grey eyes. “Lily! I have your diary. The bloody thing sprayed ink all over my face, but I’ve got it here. I was going to give it to you after I left the loo, but your cabin was empty,” Sirius said, dropping the purple diary into her hands as he stepped by the girls and sat down next to James.

Lily stared hard at the book. So it hadn’t been Potter at all? He had only been guilty of picking it up to return it to her. Lily looked up and met James dancing hazel eyes. “Don’t touch my belongings again, Potter, or else I will curse you to hell!” she said, moving past her friends and went four cabins down where she sat by the window and stewed in her anger… or was it humiliation?

Author's Note: I want to start off with a thank you to the people who have taken the time to review the story! Thank you so much! You're reviews are very encouraging!

Also, you now notice the tension between James and Lily, and you notice a change in James. Now, we cannot say that he's Out of Character, because we don't know how James actually is. But, I will let you know this now: You do find out why he's acting in this tone.

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Chapter 4: Changing Maturity
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It Started with Hate, It Ended with Death
Chapter 04 ~ Changing Maturity

The rest of the train ride had been uneventful, except for the rain that had decided to fall and drench the world in water and dark clouds. Her friends had returned mere minutes before the train stopped to finish dressing. It was amazing how they were all in different houses, yet, they were the best of friends. The inner-house unity was amazing as the years had progressed; it seemed as if nothing would ever stop them.

When the train had stopped, she knew that she needed to direct people to carriages and the First Years to Hagrid. But all the while, she couldn’t help but glance over at James, who was, surprisingly, helping the younger ones without a prank or a pull of his wand. She raised her eyebrows and directed a little boy who was nearly in tears since he couldn’t find the boats.

Once she had led the boy to Hagrid, who had taken the boy into his own boat (which seemed to scare the boy even more) she had gotten into a carriage. She was all alone and she rested against the plush seating. Her head hurt and her feet were wet from the puddles.

“Oh sorry,” said a voice from the entrance of the carriage. Lily opened her eyes to only be directed to James Potter’s hazel ones. “I thought this carriage was empty. I can’t seem too find the others,” he said to her.

Lily just raised her eyebrows. James Potter wasn’t saying something taunting to her or tugging on his wand for, what he’d call, a harmless prank. He seemed to stare back to her as if asking her silently is he could join her.

“It’s raining and freezing out, Potter, I cannot do the duties alone with you in the Hospital Wing, now can I?” she asked him, not letting her voice turn from its fierce scathing tone.

James smiled thankfully and stepped in. Instantly, as he stepped in, the carriage jolted to life and began to go forward towards the illuminated castle. The castle looked like an evil lair of some kind, the castle glowing with the millions of candles lit, the lashing rain scourging the sides of the castle, and the carriages easily making their way up the slope towards the castle and the boats just now making their way across the pitch black, rippling waters of the Black Lake. Almost like a battle was to begin, but secretly one was.

James jumped off of the train just as it was stopping. He began to open the doors with his wand, Lily doing the opposite side. First Years poured out with the others, but they were the easiest to spot as their eyes were widened and some of them looked as if they were about to run back into the train or cry.

“First Years, please go over to Hagrid and the boats!” James yelled to them. Several of them looked at the boats and then back to James as if he was crazy.

“Who’s Hagrid?” a little girl asked.

“The tall guy over there holding the lantern,” said James, pointing to the young Hagrid.

“Is he a…” the girl said, her eyes widened.

“A Giant? Just half, I believe, now go on over and get into a boat,” James said, walking over to a few Fifth Years who were looking as if they were going to start a hexing match.

“Thank you,” the girl said sweetly, smiling and giggling.

James patted her shoulder then walked over to the two. “This year is going to be a tough one…” James said to himself as he arrived at the two boys.

James made sure no First Year was wandering around, or in any of the carriages and made sure everyone had a carriage, yet he couldn’t even find his own friends’ carriage. There was one all the way in the back, which looked deserted. He walked over to it and peered inside.

“Oh sorry,” James said, as he noticed Lily Evans sitting in there, her eyes closed. “I thought this carriage was empty. I can’t seem too find the others,” he said to her.

“It’s raining and freezing out, Potter, I cannot do the duties alone with you in the Hospital Wing, now can I?” she asked him, not letting her voice turn from its fierce, scathing tone.

James smiled thankfully but was surprised that she even spoke to him and invited him to sit with her. True, her voice was snappy, but all girls had there times, James knew.

He ran a hand through his jet-black, unruly locks, which were wet from the rain. He sighed and sat back. Just that bit of work had taken so much out of him; he had no idea how he was going to juggle Quidditch, his schoolwork, and his Head duties. He should have told Dumbledore no, but of course, his mum saw the badge even before he could reply!

James looked ahead and noticed that Lily had been staring at him. He looked back, he really didn’t dare look at her, but her eyes were so enticing and they seemed to lure him in deeper and deeper.

“What?” James finally asked; his eyes still locked on hers.

Lily glanced away and looked outside. “Nothing, Potter, absolutely nothing.”

The next day was the first of classes. Lily’s mind kept going back to the night before, where she had entered her Dorm, the Head’s Dorm. The Dorm was magnificent, embellished in Gryffindor colors, Scarlet and Gold, and attended to their every need: shelves upon shelves of book; drawers of parchment, ink, and quills; a large fireplace which housed a burning fire; and a room for each which housed their wardrobe, a four-poster bed, and a desk.

She knew that today she would begin classes, but she also had to find Sirius to shovel an answer out of him about James Potter. She knew that James had left earlier before her, and so she knew that the four sets of stairs she had to walk down (the Dorm was situated next to Dumbledore’s office, in case of any emergency) she would not bump into Sirius, or if she did it would most likely be with his little friends.

Lily entered the Great Hall and the noticed that it was quiet, yet there were many people present, slowly bringing spoons to mouths or goblets to lips. Apparently, the summer vacation had taken a toll on all of them, and many had yet to realize how early they had to wake. Lily yawned herself and plopped down next to Nova and Genevieve, also next to them was Alice Jewel. Of course, Alice took her Prefect job way to seriously (surprisingly more serious than Lily) and hadn’t been in the compartment, but had been patrolling the compartments to make sure nothing broke out. She was quiet, yes, but she had a hold on the rules and had a large mouth when it came to violating any of them.

“Good morning, Alice,” Lily said, smiling over at her. She didn’t look to happy and Lily was regretting receiving the job and missing out a chance to Dorm with the three.

“Morning, Lil. How’s that Dorm of yours? I’ve heard its majestic,” Alice said, tucking a lock of blonde hair behind her ear.

“Oh, it is!” Lily bubbled, a springing feeling had enveloped her body and she told her friend’s every detail of the Dorm that she had received along with her Head badge. “Everything’s perfect, except for that fact that Potter is in…” Lily said to them, taking a glance three seats down where Potter and his friends who were huddled together over some piece of parchment.

Lily shook her head and helped herself to some bacon and eggs and nibbled at them. She was eagerly awaiting her Timetable from Professor McGonagall; she had been waiting for this since she had chosen her job career over the summer. “Where’s Marla?” Lily asked suddenly, noticing that it was a bit too quiet.

“Where else do you think?” Nova asked. “Over with Sir Lancelot,” Nova answered for her with a roll of her eyes.

Lily smiled and stole a glance at the Ravenclaw table where Marla was leaning into to Fabian Prewett, looking at something – most likely the Daily Prophet. She had a content look on her face and as always she looked marvelous.

“Now, come on, Nova,” Lily said, “we didn’t all get on your tail when you had that heated relationship with Fabe’s brother,” Lily said with a smirk.

Nova frowned and went back to her kippers, muttering under her breath, “It’s a surprise they don’t announce their engagement anytime soon…”

“Here you are, Ms. Evans, please remember the conversation we had last year,” Professor McGonagall said, her chin pointed and her lips pursed, her eyes piercing into Lily’s.

“I will, Professor,” Lily said to her, taking the Timetable from her, a little too eagerly.

Professor McGonagall’s air of strictness and look of a scathing mother, gave many people the idea that she was mean and that she wasn’t one to ‘beat around the bush’ in other terms. But over the years Lily had befriended the strict teacher and she had come to liking her and usually went to her. Of course, she remembered talking to Professor McGonagall about her classes. Professor McGonagall’s comment still haunted her.

“Remember, Ms. Evans… being an Unspeakable isn’t as easy as it looks, reads, nor sounds. It’s very inveterate work and it’s not to be taken as a laid back job. Being an Unspeakable comes with risks and can, most of the time, jeopardize your life in many ways, shapes and forms. Including death, I’m afraid.”

The way she had said it, without an air of strictness or the look of a scathing mother, had given Lily chills down her spine. It had sounded as if Professor McGonagall was worried about her taking this job. But Lily knew what the job required and she knew that it took a person to be accepted, academically of course. But Lily knew that the job was a challenge, and since when she ever let down a challenge?

She looked down at her list of classes: Potions, Charms, Transfiguration, Care of Magical Creatures, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Arithmancy, and Divination. Lily sighed; of course they were all advanced and of course this all led to her final challenge, to make this job, to find out what the Ministry was up too, and to find out what the Ministry was hiding, why deaths seemed so unexpected all of a sudden.

After her double Potions, Lily made sure to dart to the Gryffindor commonroom. It was a long run, yes, but she had made it just as Sirius was coming out with a Gryffindor girl. Lily rolled her eyes as she approached him, his hand was snaked around her tiny waist and his eyes didn’t seem to leave her chest.

“Black,” Lily said coldly, stepping into the steps he wouldn’t be able to take. Sirius looked up, and his large smile wiped from his face. “We need to talk,” Lily said to him, looking at the girl.

“I’ll talk to you later, Cleo,” he said with a smile and a kiss on her cheek. “I need to talk to Ms. Head Girl here,” he said to her. The girl’s face became smug and she went down the steps in an elegant manner, meeting her friends at the bottom, who all started to talk garrulously with glances at Sirius.

“What is it, Lily?” Sirius then asked, his voice sounding tired. “Whatever it is, I didn’t do it. I was with Cleo all afternoon, I swear.”

Lily’s eyebrows rose. “Those details I do not want to know!” Lily said to him. “It’s not about what you did,” Lily said testily, looking at him suspiciously now, “it’s about someone else.”

Sirius furrowed his brow. “Then… what’s this about? I know we might be friends, but you’ve never cornered me like this,” Sirius said with a smile. “Have you finally lamented into me?” he asked with a smirk.

”Black! No!” Lily said disgustedly. “You pervert!”

Sirius laughed. “Only the best,” he said with a shining off his knuckles, which made Lily want to gag.

“No, Black, I have a question about…” Lily looked around and pulled Sirius behind a statue. “What’s up with Potter?” she blurted out as they stood behind a statue of a wizard, whose long wand was getting ready to do an incantation.

Sirius’ eyebrows raised and he smiled smugly. “Fallen for him, Lily dear?” he asked.

“Never call me that again, Black! And no! He’s acting… oddly quiet, not spontaneous… I thought he’d have a field day when he found out that we were sharing a Dormitory,” Lily said, her eyes wandering, making sure no one was watching.

“You know, Lily, there are other things on his mind besides snogging you and pranking,” Sirius said, his tone serious. Lily looked at him now. Sirius sighed and shook his head. “Don’t tell him that I’m telling you this, but his family are all Auror’s, it’s like a family thing, you know?

“Well, over the summer his grandfather was murdered on the job. By who, they don’t know as of yet. But there’s some activity going on in the Wizarding World. And I don’t mean sexually.” - Lily sent him a disgusted look, which made Sirius smile and go on – “Anyway, James was crushed, he was really close to his grandfather. His parents are top notch, sort of secret; Auror’s and they weren’t home much as he was a child, so he became close to his grandfather who wasn’t as top notch as his parents,” Sirius paused for a breath and shook his head. “I think that death took a toll on him.”

“Oh my Merlin…” Lily said her mind spinning.

“Yea, James tried to get his parents to retire. I don’t know if you ever saw his parents, but they were late bloomers in the department of having children, James was rather unexpected when they found out. And they should have retired a year or two ago, but the Ministry was noticing some suspicious behavior. James is a family person, if you didn’t know; when it comes to family he’s huge,” Sirius said, his tone serious and his face looked as if it were pained. “I’ll let you know now, Lily… I don’t know how much James is going to be of himself. He may act like he’s in a pranking mood or he’s happy and such, but I know he’s worried about his parents. I try not to pry or take it to hard, but I guess that’s what I get for having a callous family, huh?”

Author's Note: Well, another chapter up and read! Some plots were twisted some new ones have come to the surface. Now, you all know why James is acting (quote, unquote) Out of Character. He does get... a bit better, but only because he knows he has won his prize that he's been fighting for for years ;) *cough*hint*cough*

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Chapter 5: Emotions Run High
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It Started with Hate, It Ended with Death
Chapter 05 ~ Emotions Run High

The week went by unexpectedly fast, and by the end of the week, Lily had a mound of homework that she thought even she wouldn’t be able to tackle. Her night patrolling consisted of the hours from eleven at night until two in the morning, nonetheless it was with James Potter, but they usually split at a corridor. Of course, she didn’t have anything directly in the morning, so she was able to sleep a bit, and actually look presentable.

When Lily woke up on Saturday, a Daily Prophet owl was hovering by her bed, its leg stretched out. Lily yawned and grabbed the Knuts off the bedside table and placed them in the pouch, she gave the owl a treat, and it flew out the window it had opened. Lily picked up her wand and closed it. She didn’t feel like getting out of bed, it was finally the weekend and she wanted to sleep and relax a bit more. She unrolled the paper and the headline nearly made her jump out of her bed.


In a call to the Ministry late Friday night, the Ministry found the neighbors of the Grend family dead in their house. After an investigation, the Ministry found odd chains around their neck. An aunt to the young girls and a sister to the now deceased mother told the Ministry, “The girls had bought them in Diagon Ally. Their mother and father bought them because an old lady was selling them and told them that it was a good luck charm as Dark times arose…”

What’s the Ministry hiding from us, the Wizarding World, their people? Turn to page 3B – 9A to find out more on this case and what might be arising in our, what we thought was a, protected world.

Lily held her head up; it was spinning so fast that she thought that it might spin right off. More deaths? These were the fourth ones since the summer… what was happening to the quiet and quaint Wizarding World?

Lily pulled her cloak around her shoulders as she was just about to walk into the corridors for her nightly duties. She was still shivering from this morning’s news and her friends had noticed and wanted to cheer her up. But it was raining outside and they ended up hanging out in the Gryffindor commonroom, doing homework and talking.

Lily stepped out of the portrait of a Wizard drinking a cup of tea and looking at a piece of parchment, when she stepped out, she nearly ran right into James Potter.

“Potter!” Lily stammered, setting herself right. “You might not want to stand directly in front of the portrait hole like that!” she snapped at him, staring directly into his eyes. Instantly, she felt horrible. His eyes looked pained in a way. This was not the James she knew. “Potter, what is wrong with you?” Lily blurted.

“What do you mean?” James asked her, beginning to walk.

“You’re quiet, you don’t taunt the others, and I haven’t seen you hex one Slytherin… You’re being very odd lately,” she said to him, catching up to his long strides.

“Apparently, you’re blind to the world around you, Lily Evans,” James said.

Lily stopped in her steps. Not only had he just insulted her, but he called her by her first name. He hadn’t done that since the first day of classes, in their First Year. It seemed completely foreign to her ears and it the echo that had reverberated off the walls had been completely odd.

James, not hearing her slight clicking of her heels stopped and turned around. He looked at her oddly. “What?” he asked her. “I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to lash out at you…”

“It’s… It’s not that,” Lily whispered.

“Well then, what?” James asked, completely oblivious to his own comment he had made.

“Nothing, Potter… absolutely nothing,” she whispered, “I’m going this way,” she told him and took off down the corridor, her heels clicking against the stone floor.

Lily’s heels clicked down the hall, it was the only thing that was keeping her from being lonely. She sat down on a bench. The moon outside was flooding the shallow corridor with eerie yellow cast light, and the moon was large, almost a full moon. Lily sniffed, she had made a deal with herself to be at least a little bit nicer to James this year. After what had happened with her and Amos Diggory last year, she wasn’t sure she ever wanted to go out with anyone, but… Marla had told her that James really liked her, which she had just laughed and said, “Yea, that’s not obvious, now is it?” Of course, she hadn’t realized that she liked him until she had seen him again on the train ride here.

She let tears cascade down her cheek; it wasn’t that she didn’t want to like anyone else. She just didn’t want her heart to be broken again, like what had happened with Amos. She had thought that she loved him, and she had felt that tingly feeling and had felt her heart accelerate every time she talked to him or he gave her something. Then, he had to break her heart, didn’t he? She closed her eyes, how could she forget that heart wrenching moment?

“Lily, we really need to talk,” Amos said, as the two walked down the streets of Hogsmeade.

Lily tightened her arm, which was locked with Amos’. “Sure, Amos, what do you want to talk about?” Lily asked, breathing in the warm spring day. The snow had melted and the grass was poking through the brown earth and the flowers were budding, several of them starting to show their inner glory.

“Lily, it’s been a good year, hasn’t it?” Amos asked, smiling down at her.

Lily smiled, of course it had been! Lily grimaced inside. Where was this heading? “It has, Amos, it has. You mean a lot to me,” Lily said, her smile wavering.

Amos stopped in the alleyway of a shop and turned Lily to face him. “Lily, as much as I like you…” Amos stopped and sighed. “I’m not going to beat around the bush, Lil…”

“Amos, you can be truthful and honest with me, you know that. What do you want to say? You know I love you, I’ll listen to anything,” Lily said to him, setting her hand on his shoulder for support. She had no idea where this was heading. All that was racing through her mind was, ‘Does he want to sleep with me? I know he’s like that… but not with me… surely not me.’

Amos raked his hand through his straw colored hair and sighed. “Lil, to be truthful, I really think it would be best if we went separate ways,” Amos said, his voice sounded reluctant, and his eyes wandered from side to side.

Lily stared at him wide eyed. “You’re… you’re breaking up with me?” Lily said her voice barely a whisper.

Amos sighed. “I’m sorry, Lily, I just don’t feel anything between us anymore.” Amos looked at Lily and tried to put his hand on her shoulder, but Lily ripped it away and took off as fast as she could run. Amos was in Hufflepuff, he wouldn’t be able to get into the Gryffindor commonroom. She ran past Honeydukes and The Three Broomsticks, and out of the village and up through the gates of Hogwarts. She passed couple as she ran and it only made the tears only come faster. They hurt as they fell down her cheeks, burning her cheeks and her hands. She ran up the Grand Staircase, she didn’t care what impression she left, her heart was surging with sadness and it was barely pumping the blood through her veins, it was an odd feeling, almost as if her own heart had been pulled from it’s placement and the only thing left were the arteries, which were pumping shallowly from it’s lack of organ.

Lily sobbed the password, and the Fat Lady let her in, muttering above teenage love nowadays. She ripped past her friend and up the Girl’s Staircase.

“Lily, wait!” Nova called, apologizing to Sirius, and taking off up the staircase. Lily slammed the door, the room was empty, and she threw open her hangings and she sat on her bed, sobs raking her body of its function. “Lily, it’s ok, it’s ok,” Nova said, cradling Lily, knowing what had just happened. “Come on, Lily,” Nova said to her, pulling the tendrils of red hair from her face.

“He told me he loved me, Nova, he told me…,” Lily said to her, her voice quivering. “He lied to me, and I was stupid enough to believe him, I can’t believe I did that… I will never love anyone again, Nova, never,” Lily said to her friend, a sob escaping her mouth, tears still pouring from her eyes.

“No, you will, Amos is stupid. It’s ok, Lils,” Nova said soothingly.

“It hurts too much, Nova, my hearts been pulled out… it hurts so much,” Lily said, leaning into Nova, wiping tears from her eyes – her green eyes as clear as emeralds, her eyes glassy and bright red, contrasting off her red tendrils and the emeralds set in them.

Her heart still heart, the pain hadn’t gone away. As swiftly as she had given her heart to Amos, it had been ripped out. She wiped a tear from underneath her eye; as much of an impression that she had given this “tough girl” act, she was still able to cry. She sniffed slightly and stood up; she couldn’t understand why her horrid memories would ruin her evening and make her mad. Perhaps her remembering her personal vow to herself had made her bitter.

James kicked the air as Lily’s heels ceased to click on the stone floor. “God, James, you can be such an idiot!” James said harshly to himself. “Why don’t you just kiss her?”

“You know, mate, that’s not a bad idea,” said a voice from behind a statue. Sirius Black came out from behind the statue, the Marauders Map sticking out of his robes pocket and his arms crossed, his mouth twisted into a smirk. “I have to remember this day… the day that James was not smooth talking to a girl!” Sirius sat there, his eyes cast towards the ceiling, that smug look still set on his lips.

“Shut up, Sirius,” James said bitterly. “I’m not in the mood.”

“C’mon, mate! Lily is a great girl, but you’ve yet to show her! You know, I think she likes you,” Sirius said to James, strolling over to him.

“Shut up, Sirius, she might hear you,” James said, beginning to walk in the opposite direction, the direction towards the Gryffindor tower.

“No, actually she’s…” Sirius took out the map and unfolded a few sections. “She’s a few floors down,” Sirius said, not noting that by the time they got to the Gryffindor tower, if Lily came up the stairs, they would meet.

James blew air out of his mouth and took a sidelong glance at Sirius. Count on Sirius to catch him in his blowup with Lily. Who hasn’t gone out with Sirius? His chiseled features sat on his face, but fit him perfectly; his charcoal colored eyes were as weather-like as the weather itself; and his brilliant wit and charming smile. He looked ahead of him, and cast glances along the halls, where he knew the shadows would be cast. Of course, being a Marauder you had to know everything about Hogwarts, and Sirius had been his first friend… even before Hogwarts! The two met in Madame Malkin’s and had ever since been friends.

“You know, we need to unwind from this week,” Sirius said, disrupting James’ thoughts. “We need to do a prank.”

James raised his eyebrow. He had been thinking them up with his fellow Marauder’s, but they hadn’t one anything. “Anything in mind, Padfoot?” James asked, as they ascended up to the sixth floor.

“Mm, yes, of course! When am I not thinking of pranking?” Sirius asked, looking at James, his smile set upon his lips.

“When you’re thinking about girls,” James said, smiling too, for the first time that night.

Sirius laughed. “How true that is, how true.” Sirius sighed and began his plan to James, “Now, I was thinking of a prank on the Slytherin…”

“Good choice,” James said with a smug voice. “Does it concern a certain family group?”

“Who in Slytherin am I not related to?” Sirius asked him. “Of course, particularly Narcissa and Bella – now, I’ve been thinking this carefully – and I think that we should do something to make them thoroughly pissed off. I mean, Prongs, we always do this little stuff to them, but we don’t do something that is… everlasting,” Sirius ended.

By now, the two had walked up the steps and had come to the seventh floor corridor. It was a few minutes walk to the Gryffindor corridor, and James felt like it was old times – the two doing their nightly midnight strolls, playing tricks on the Head’s and planting odd little tricks and pranks. The statues all stood still as always, along the walls. The moonlight (the moon almost a full moon) casting a long glow on the silver coats of armor, which didn’t once move as the two boys walked past them and down the corridor. James felt like it was old times, and he was reminiscing at the times where they would poke the Prefects and the Heads and drive them mad. He chuckled at the thought.

“I knew you would think it was a good idea!” Sirius said happily, as they walked down the corridor leading to the Gryffindor commonroom portrait.

“Uh, yeah, it’s pure brilliance, Padfoot, pure brilliance!” James said, smiling widely and patting him on the shoulder.

“I thought so too, but I wanted to run it by you, our chief pranker,” Sirius said, looking at James.

James smiled reassuringly. “I’ve taught you well, mate, I’ve taught you well.”

“Password?” the Fat Lady said, one eye opened and her expression that of pure annoyance.

“Yea yea – so, I’ll meet you Monday morning by the staircase?” Sirius asked him.

“Uhh…,” James said, unsure of how to answer.

“Password?” the Fat Lady asked more loudly this time.

“On the fourth floor staircase,” Sirius said, “leading to the Grand Staircase.”

“Password?” the Fat Lady said again, rudely and even more loudly.

“What is going on?” said Lily Evans’ voice a few feet away. The moonlight cast a ray of light on her back, and it silhouetted her whole body perfectly. Her hair was flowing past her shoulders, her hands on her hips, her body curving down to her legs.

“James was escorting me back to the Gryffindor tower,” Sirius answered for James.

Lily walked up a few feet, you could now make out her facial features, they didn’t look to happy at all. Her lips were in a frown and her eyes looked slightly downcast. She raised her eyebrows at James and said, “Potter escorted you back to the tower?” Lily asked. “For some odd reason I find that completely hard to believe,” she said, sarcasm dripping off her words.

James noticed a slight crease in her robes, almost as if she had been sitting down. “Why, Evans? I’m completely capable of following the rules,” James said, his voice arched.

“Well, Potter, you don’t seem like the type of person who would follow the rules – you haven’t for the past six,” Lily said to him, her jaw clenching.

“I didn’t want Sirius to get into trouble!” James exclaimed to her, pointing to his friend. “It would be depressing if he was in detention and I wasn’t with him!”

“If you want a date with your little friend, I’ll easily fill out a slip,” Lily said her voice half outraged, half sarcastic.

“PASSWORD?!” exclaimed the Fat Lady, her body scrunched up to the front of the portrait, her face set in a disgusted manner.

“Lion pride!” Sirius shouted at her. She sat back down, apparently pleased, and opened the door. “You two lovebirds have fun, I’m going to bed, see you tomorrow, James. Good night, Lily,” Sirius said, and he disappeared behind the portrait hole and into the pitch blackness of the Gryffindor commonroom.

Sirius stepped into the commonroom, he pointed his wand at the fireplace and muttered an incantation, and the embers grew with orange/white flames. He opened up the Map, which he never cleared, and he opened a few sections. “Where’d you two go?” Sirius asked himself, looking at the map. “Aha, you two walk bloody fast,” Sirius said, as he watched Lily’s figure move faster than James’.

James looked at them intently. “C’mon, James! Get closer to her!” Sirius said.

James seemed to of stopped and Lily seemed to be walking a bit slower now. “Damnit, James, apparently you don’t realize how to go after women! Yet, you’ve only been galloping after them for years now! You need to get over things!” Sirius said, taking out his wand. “Mischief Managed!” Sirius yelled angrily.

Lily stormed off just as the portrait shut with a loud thump and the Fat Lady made it a point that she was sleeping by snoring obnoxiously loud.

James sighed and ran a hand through his jet-black locks. “For heaven’s sakes, Evans, you can be so moody,” James said quietly to himself. “Evans! Wait!” James yelled running over to Lily, who was walking at two strides a pace. “What the hell is your problem?” James asked her.

“You – you’re my problem!” Lily said, without even turning around. Her red hair whipped from side to side as she walked and her arms planted themselves to her sides.

“I am not your problem, apparently you have another problem,” James said, his eyebrows raised at Lily, who was starting to slow down a bit.

“You’re right. Sirius Black, he’s my other problem. Thanks, Potter, for pointing that out!” Lily said; sarcasm heavily coated on each word.

“You know, Lily, you need to cool your red-head off,” James said, stopping in the hallway of the seventh floor.

Lily stopped several paces ahead of him. She turned directly on her heel and looked at James, an expression on her face of confusion and angriness. “Excuse me?” she asked, in a whisper, her voice in outrage.

“You’re always whipping around and always yelling at me. Sirius was walking around so I took him back to the commonroom. I’m not stupid you know,” James said, trying to keep a straight face while he lied directly to Lily.

“Oh yea, Potter… whatever,” Lily said, her face blushed bright red. “I’m neither the egotistical one nor the one that asks me out every bloody day!” Lily said.

“I haven’t yet,” James said, tilting his head slightly.

“Yea, I’ve noticed. Thank Merlin too, I might just have to castrate you if you ask me again!” Lily said throwing her arms up.

James smirked. “You’ve given me a few swift kicks which are supposed to keep me from having children,” James said with a smug smirk.

“That was when I was younge-“

“And a few good slaps that I can hardly feel my cheek anymore,” James said, his smirk growing, having fun with this.

“Well, now I’ll have to smack the other side, won’t I?” Lily asked, her eyebrows raised, ready to play his little game.

“I’ll remember to turn my cheek,” James said high-spirited.

“Very funny, Potter,” Lily said angrily.

Lily turned on her heel, ready to go back to their Dorm. “I’m dead hilarious, Evans, and you know it,” James said smugly.

Lily turned on her heel again. If I keep doing this, my heel will very much wear down… I could kill Potter, Lily thought to herself. “Of course… along with egotistical, being the biggest prick, and have I forgotten, being an idiot.”

“I am not an idiot. If I was, I wouldn’t have gotten away with my pranking all of these years,” James answered, his arms now folded in front of him.

What the hell changed his mood? Lily asked herself. “Whatever, Potter, you only got away because of something – and I swear, I am going to find out what it is! And I’m going to bust your sorry ass!” Lily said angrily, through clenched teeth and walked off towards the Heads Dorm.

The next morning Lily awoke with a bitter taste setting in her mouth and she tried desperately to cleanse her mouth of it with some mouthwash. She spit the foamy spray from her mouth and looked into the mirror. Her hair hung lank and her eyes seemed downcast and her face looked tired. She ignored her looks and got into the shower and dressed. It was Sunday and she had a mission to achieve before the days end. She pulled her red hair into a ponytail and walked out of the Heads Dorm and to the right where she stepped in front of the gargoyles.

“Jelly Slugs,” Lily said, with a hope in her heart that Professor Dumbledore hadn’t lied to her at all about the password. Just as she began to pray, the gargoyles leapt to life and started upwards to the Headmaster’s office. Lily started her way up the stone steps and hugged her arms to herself. She didn’t know if the coldness was radiating off of the gray stones or coming from within.

She reached he brown, plywood door and she stopped reluctantly. Would he be awake? Was she intruding on something? Should she have sent an owl?

If anything at all comes up, please, go to Professor Dumbledore’s office. You’re always welcome there.

Professor McGonagall’s voice rang in her head. She swallowed the saliva that had accumulated in her mouth and she knocked reluctantly.

“Come in,” Professor Dumbledore said lightly, from behind the wood door. Lily grasped the brass handle and twisted it to the right and opened the door a bit to show Professor Dumbledore that it was her. “Am I intruding?” she asked innocently.

Professor Dumbledore looked up from the parchment on his desk and shook his head. “Of course not,” he answered her. His auburn hair was splashed with sprits of grey and his beard was mimicking the same style. His face looked weary, yet his crystal blue eyes shone.

Lily walked in and shut the door behind her. She stood at the door, her fingers intertwining themselves. “I’m really sorry not to of informed you, Sir, but I have a… concern,” Lily said to Professor Dumbledore, who set down his navy blue quill.

“Would you like to sit, Ms. Evans?” Professor Dumbledore asked her.

“No, Sir, this won’t take long,” Lily answered him. “I… Lately, the Prophet has been telling us about some clandestine deaths, and I’m worried, Sir. In all of Wizarding History, there’s never been this great of deaths in such a short period of time.”

Professor Dumbledore nodded his head and peered over his half-moon spectacles at Lily. Lily felt uneasy, his eyes almost pierced through her, and she felt as if he were reading her soul. “You are very smart, Ms. Evans. Not many students would have taken the liberty to research that nor would they have taken the deaths into consideration.”

“Thank you, Sir,” Lily said to his compliment. “But, I’m unsure of these deaths. They’re out in London, near Diagon Alley. What’s going on? The Prophet isn’t telling us anything.”

Professor Dumbledore nodded again and sighed. “Ms. Evans, dark times are falling I’m afraid.”

“What do you mean ‘dark times’? Are you saying that the Wizarding World is having a war?” Lily asked, confused at the aging mans vagueness.

“Ms. Evans, when you went to Primary School, did you learn about your countries history?” Professor Dumbledore asked her.

“Well, yes. Although, my mum taught me at home, I learned about the history, yes.”

“There were Wars involved, no?” Professor Dumbledore asked.

“There were, many actually,” Lily said to him, confusion stirring in her brain.

“People like power, Ms. Evans. That’s what it all comes down to: power and greed. And that’s what is simply happening here in our World. Power and green has overtaken a man, who is very smart in spells and dark arts. He actually came to me a few years back and asked for a teaching position in Defense Against the Dark Arts, but I refused. You see, I know this man and I know what he’s capable of. I will not have Hogwarts students turn into men like him. Even if that’s harshness in saying,” Professor Dumbledore said, with a wave of his hand.

Lily’s mind tried to comprehend this all at once. “So, there’s a Dark Wizard running around killing people?” Lily asked. “Why can’t you stop him?”

“Because,” Professor Dumbledore said to her, “not every magical thing can be stopped.”

That night Lily mulled her thoughts over about the discussion she had had earlier with Professor Dumbledore. She had been unable to focus clearly on her homework and her shift had ended in merciless hassle. She had been in bed for nearly an hour now and her mind was still buzzing with the conversation. Why would anyone let someone, like this man, wander around killing people?

She rolled over and looked outside. The Wizarding World was lathered in such beautiful and magical things that she couldn’t see how anyone would want to go around and stomp all over it. Yet, Professor Dumbledore’s word still haunted her memory, Not every magical thing can be stopped.

The nest morning Lily was walking down stairs to the Great Hall, she had her messenger bag slipped over her shoulder. Her eyes seemed to want to shut and go back to sleep, but she knew she had to stay awake. Even though she had slept a few extra minutes, she still felt like she was lagging by five seconds or so. She was walking down the steps when she heard voices, too familiar. She rounded the corner to the next flight of steps and Lily stopped short.

“How did I not know that your four were up to something?” Lily asked the people in front of her, suddenly wide awake and more alert. In front of her stood Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew, and James Potter.

“Good morning, Lily,” Remus Lupin said tiredly, his image mimicked his voice with tiredness and he was looking very pale.

“Morning, Remus,” she said with a nod to him and a glare at the group. She looked up at the ceiling and to both sides of her. “What are you doing?” she asked, squinting from side to side to see if anything was being set up. She had been through so many years of this that she wasn’t going to take one chance.

“Nothing,” Peter Pettigrew squeaked, his brown, thin hair sticking up and his chubby body seemed to be shaking.

Lily looked at him then to the others. “What are you harassing him to do now? He’s not your scapegoat you know, tell me now what you four are up too and I might just spare you,” Lily said, cocking her head at the four and daring them to lie.

“We’re waiting for Sirius’ cousins,” James said, “no harm in that, now is there?”

“His cousins are in Slytherin… Gryffindor hates Slytherin. So, why would you be meeting a bunch of Slytherins?” Lily looked from side to side then to her watch, she was going to be late.

“She stole something of mine and I want it back,” Sirius said promptly.

Lily massaged the sides of her head. It wasn’t even eight in the morning and she already had a headache. “Okay, Black, whatever. I really find that hard to believe, but I hope a teacher catches you,” she said. She heard the bell ring and thousands of footsteps filled the hall.

She heard feet stomping up the steps and she saw a group of Slytherins, including Sirius’ cousins, walking up the steps. “Good morning, my fine family,” Sirius said with a grin at them.

They pointedly ignored them; their chins raised in the air they began their way up the steps. A few steps up, Bellatrix fell head first onto the ground. Lily glared at James, who was only laughing with the others. She looked to the side to only see that Bellatrix’s foot was suck in the ground and didn’t seem to be able to get it out herself.

She looked from side to side, her long white-blonde hair becoming jostled. “Well, don’t just stand there, Rodolphus, help me up!” shrieked at a man next to her. He put his hands underneath her arms and he began to lift her up. This wasn’t helping at all and she looked to her left. “Lucius, you ass, help him!” Bellatrix shrieked, jerking her head to Rodolphus. A man with matching white-blonde hair began to help her and instantly she was taken from the step, which seemed to almost have swallowed her foot.

Her face seemed tinted pink with embarrassment. “I’ll get you, Black. I’ll be damned if I don’t!” she said to him through clenched teeth. She looked towards Lily and said, “Did you see that at all?”

Lily felt herself grow warm. She knew that the Black’s were powerful. “Bug off, Bella,” Sirius said to Bellatrix. “She just got here. If you weren’t on the floor then you would have seen that.”

Bellatrix looked at her with hatred and rushed up the next flight of steps. Her Slytherin posse followed and the crowd dissipated. “Thanks, Black, but you well know that I could have handled that. I could write you up now!” Lily said to him.

“Lily, you don’t know if we did it or not, you didn’t see us,” Remus said slowly.

“Remus, I’ve been telling you for two years and more now, to stop coming to their aide! You’re too nice.”

Remus shrugged and picked up his bag. “I’d skip that step if I were you. It’s terminal,” he said to her and headed down the hall.

Lily fumed in her anger. “Peter, tell me now if they did it, or else I will personally make you an appointment with the Headmaster,” Lily said to Peter, who was shaking noticeably now.

“Uh, uh…” Peter said, looking from Sirius and James. “I have to get to class!” He began to curry off down the hall, his legs moving in short paces.

Lily turned to the two and scowled, she lifted her messenger bag up more on her shoulder and began to Potions. She was going to get James one day, she very well would. She heard footsteps behind her and she turned, James was walking in her direction and she said, “What do you want, Potter?”

“I have Potions first too,” he said, his long strides catching up to her. She looked up at him; he had grown over the summer. At least two to three inches, or more if that. His jaw was squared and his eyes glinted off of his simple frames.

She realized that she had been staring at him and she looked away. She felt her cheeks warm up and she didn’t realize why she was perspiring. She had looked James all the time in the face, and not once had she felt her heart accelerate or her body perspire from the mere thought of him.

“Evans, you know the first week in October is the first Hogsmeade trip. Want to go?” he asked her, without even looking at her, without even saying it around others, nor without saying it in a tone that have her the thought that he merely wanted to kiss her breathless.

Lily stopped in her steps and stared. It wasn’t until James turned around that she swallowed and answered.

Author's Note: Ah, heart wrenching moments, angry outbursts, James and Lily nagging one another, playful jokes, and the invention of that step that Neville seems to can't keep his foot out of... oh, and the yells of all of my readers from the nasty cliffhanger I left -- ahh, life is beautiful...

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Chapter 6: Answers and Questions
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It Started with Hate, It Ended with Death
Chapter 06 ~ Answers and Questions

“What did you say?” Lily stuttered out, her feet planted firmly on the stone floor. She didn’t know how to feel – her mind was buzzing with feelings, but she couldn’t seem to grasp one and hold onto it long enough to feel it. She felt resentment, because James had just asked her out, yet again; she felt longing, because of how long she’s wanted to say ‘yes’ to his proposals of a date.

“I said –“

“I know what you said!” Lily snapped at him. “I just can’t believe that you would ask me such a thing, after that one night I told you how mature you’ve been being! It’s just like you, isn’t it, Potter? I’m one of the girls you haven’t gone out with yet, so you need just one more, don’t you?”

James looked at her odd. He opened his mouth to say something, but then closed it. Lily spoke for him; “Potter, what is wrong with you? Can’t you just stand some distance from a girl? For heaven’s sakes, that came out of the blue!” Lily talked aimlessly. She didn’t know what to say; too many emotions were clogging her throat. “Never mind,” she said to him and started down towards the dungeons.

“Well, I need an answer,” James said to her quietly as they began down the grand staircase.


She ripped open the door leading to the dungeons and James opened the door leading to the Potions classroom. “Thank you,” Lily said to him tightly, as she walked in.

“Ah, now where have you two Heads been?” a large man with a twitching mustache asked.

“I’m sorry, Professor Slughorn, there was some commotion in the hallways,” Lily answered the man,

“It’s quite all right!” the professor said with a chortle. “Come in, Lily and James! Since you two are late you’ll have to pair up for the potion that we’re making! You’ll have all class to make it, then I’ll check with five minutes of class left!” he said happily, breezing by the desk, setting potion ingredients in front of them. “Instructions are on the board.” He waved a hand towards the black board.

Lily glanced at the board: Befuddlement Draughts. If only she could use one on James at the moment. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to slip a vile or two or three into his dinner pumpkin juice, Lily thought to herself.

“So why won’t you go with me?” James whispered to her, turning his back to the desk adjacent to them, but face forward to Lily.

“Potter, shut-up and light the cauldron,” Lily said to him, grabbing scurvy-grass and handing it to him. “Take this and cut it up. In long slender pieces, evenly,” she said, pointing her wand towards the black board, which was scribed with instructions. She thrust the grass into his hands; briefly their hands met and Lily felt a surge go down her spine. Quickly she pulled her hand away.

“I can read,” he said to her, setting to the task as she grabbed the sneezewort. He too, had felt that surge and wondered if Lily felt the same. She put the mask over her nose and began to mince it. “Now, answer me,” he said to her.

“I said no. There’s no discussing it,” she said to him, taking another sneezewort and mincing it as the same. She focused on cutting up the reluctant ingredient, which released the white sneezing powder as she cut and minced. She focused on the little lines zigzagging the plant and the way it was split into quarters like garlic.

“There will be discussing. We have just about an hour or so in here, and I’ll bug you to insanity. Tell me and I’ll leave you alone,” James said to her, a fixed look of determination set upon his face.

Lily scooped the minced sneezewort on a board and dropped it into the cauldron where it bubbled. She measured out the Salamander blood and poured it in, turning to James. “Bug me; see if I care, Potter. But I don’t want to go to Hogsmeade with you. Finish the scurvy-grass, and I said cut it even, Potter!”

James disregarded the latter comment. “But I want to know why, Evans, that’s all,” James said to her sincerely. “If you tell me why, I’ll shut-up.”

Lily felt herself grow rigid. He didn’t know about Amos… or did he? Amos wasn’t in Potions; he decided not to take it, she guessed. She didn’t know what he wanted to do as a career. Her friends were on the opposite side of the classroom, poor Nova stuck with Sirius, Alice with some Hufflepuff, and Marla stuck with her infatuated boyfriend. But her mind turned back to the matter at hand: Who would’ve told him about her and Amos?

Or is he that much of a stalker that he does know about Amos and I…? Lily thought to herself. She picked up a unicorn hair strand, she measured the length for twelve and a quarter inches exactly, and then gently she dropped it into the potion. She started to stir it thirty-two times clockwise whilst James finished with the scurvy-grass, thankfully quietly.

I didn’t do anything to him, nor have I asked him out… so why must he still come to me? Wouldn’t he have stopped after the times I’ve embarrassed him in front of the entire school and the times I’ve called him names? Wouldn’t he have figured out to just shut his mouth and go after another girl? Lily told herself. She stopped stirring at thirty-one, and did it once more and stopped altogether. Wouldn’t he have stopped after all of those times if…? Lily shook her head gently. James does not like me, she scolded herself fiercely. She picked up a few porcupine quills and fiddled with them, taking her knife to crush them into a powder.

Why in Merlin's name would this guy like me of all people? I do not radiate anything for him to be attracted to,> she told herself. Yet, Lily was wrong. She radiated many things, and most of that was beauty and something else that James could not ascertain about her.

She crushed the quills sternly, venting her anger. She quills went easily and succumbed to the edge of the knife easily. In a way it reflected such visions.

James took a sly look to Lily and studied her. She was stirring the potion with precision; her mind was somewhere off where James wished he could understand or be. He liked her so much that he just wanted to be with her, think her thoughts, hold her in his arms… understand her. He just wanted one chance – one chance to get it right, one chance to be with her… one chance for her to accept him. She was stirring almost sub-consciously, her slender arms moving in a graceful motion as she stirred the small potion. Her almond-shaped eyes were looking down towards the potion as it mixed and fused together to create the small concoction.

James went back to slicing the last of the scurvy-grass, slicing it down the middle, where the chloroplast ran up to the tip, distributing the chlorophyll so that the plant would come out green.

Not as green as her eyes, James thought to himself as he slowly made his way down the rough grass. He pulled the rest apart and picked up all the sliced pieces, he emptied the scurvy-grass into the cauldron just as Lily stopped stirring.

Just as the scurvy-grass dissolved into the potion, the potion turned a deep royal purple color and Lily looked up at the board.

After putting in the fifty blades of scurvy-grass, your Draught should be that of a deep purple color. A perfect color will be that of a royal purple.

When the above is done make sure that you lower your cauldron to a slight simmer and wait for me to come around.

Lily sat down on her bench and sighed. “Fifteen minutes, everyone, until I come around!” chortled Professor Slughorn, who had emerged from his side room, pineapple crystals apparent on his twitching mustache. He chortled and they fell to the floor, as he had been walking past a Ravenclaw, whose potion was sputtering a distasteful substance of blue. “Too much salamander blood in your potion, Mr. Gresh!” Professor Slughorn said to the boy who looked as if he was about to have a nervous breakdown.

Lily smiled, happy that her potion was perfect and that Potter hadn’t messed up. She brought the flame down, so that the potion was simmering in its royal purple color.

A shadow passed over Lily and she groaned inwardly. “You have fifteen minutes, Evans, to explain,” James whispered to her, sitting on his stool, turning towards Lily.

“Did it ever occur to you that my personal life is none of your business?” Lily snapped at him.

“You’re very contentious, Evans,” James said with a grin set upon his lips.

“I am not!” Lily sputtered out at him. “If anyone’s being contentious, it’s you! Why must you fight with me? Just take the damn answer!” Lily said to him fiercely, sending him a glaring look.

James just smiled at her. “I fight with you so that you’ll talk to me; I also find it highly amusing. You’re face gets all red and you get so upset; it’s amusing in a way.”

Lily felt herself blush and her face drop down in an embarrassed frown. “My face does not get red. And if you want to hear me talk, try being intellectual for a change,” Lily said to him.

“Oh, but you’re face does get red,” James said with a content smirk. “It is right now,” he said smugly.

“Potion ingredients down and all utensils are on the desk!” Professor Slughorn announced to the room.

“You better stop looking at me, Potter,” she whispered to him.

“Ms. Evans, since you seem to be the chatty one this morning, lets have a look at yours and Mr. Potter’s potion,” Professor Slughorn said, coming to the back of the classroom.

Lily gulped nervously and sent James a scathing look. James only continued to look amused and folded his arms. Ooh, Potter is so dead, Lily boiled to herself.

Professor Slughorn stood in front of the abnormal long desk and peered into Lily’s cauldron. Lily held her breath. She hated this part of every potion lesson, it always made her nervous and she always felt jittery.

Professor Slughorn looked up into Lily’s face and nodded his head. “Excellent, Ms. Evans, excellent!” he exclaimed, his face breaking into a smile. “As always, your talent for Potions never fades! The exact color of purple is here! You and Mr. Potter are my winners for today!”

Lily let the breath she was holding exhale and she allowed herself to smile. “Thank-you, Sir!” she said to him.

“One-hundred points a piece to Gryffindor!” he said jubilantly. “You should all learn from Ms. Evans here! Her and Mr. Potter make a fine team, as well! Class dismissed,” Professor Slughorn said, reaching into his desk for a handful of pineapple crystals.

Lily pointed her wand at her cauldron and muttered, “Evanesco” and put the cauldron into her bag, rushing out of the classroom.

“Nova, lets go,” Lily said, grabbing Nova’s hand and hurrying out of the classroom, Alice in tail. “We have to get to Charms, now.”

“What’s your problem, Lily? We have five minutes to get to Charms. I have no intentions to rush,” she said to Lily, her hand still in Lily’s though.

“Yea, Lily, what’s up?” Alice asked breathily as she came to Lily’s side.

Lily looked backwards as Potter was muttering to Sirius, a smirk set upon his lips. Marla and Fabian were in back of them, hand in hand, talking to each other. Lily turned to her friends. “Nothing is up. I just happen to want to look over my homework,” Lily said to them.

“We had homework?” Nova asked, perking up. “On what?” she said nervously. Nova was never nervous, but she was studious.

Lily shook her head and said, “Only the more reason to get to class!”

Lily pushed the peas around on her plate. She wasn’t hungry. The chicken didn’t look right and the mashed potatoes looked unappetizing. Her mind kept rewinding to lunch when she had received a note from Professor Dumbledore. The aging Headmaster had also not been at lunch, which upset Lily even more. Her stomach twisted in knots.

She sighed and dropped her fork onto the plate and pushed it away. “What does he want?” Lily asked aloud. She looked over at her friends who only stared at her as if she were mad.

“Calm down, Lily. For heavens sakes, you’re making too little a deal a big one!” Alice said to her, reaching for a pumpkin juice. She swallowed the sweet juice and said, “You have fifteen minutes, I’m sure you can wait.” Alice smiled reassuringly, her plump cheeks rosy red.

Lily looked at her watch. Indeed it was a quarter till seven, yet her second hand seemed as if it wasn’t moving at all. She tapped the face, but it seemed to move sluggishly.

“I’m just going to go now, I’m just too nervous,” Lily said to the others. She stood up and waved to her friends, walking out of the Great Hall before they could dissuade her to stay and eat something. She walked up the empty staircases, her hand sliding up the stone rail. Her clicking heels and the soft lull of her hand going up the rail were her only companion’s right then. She couldn’t understand why she was so nervous. But she had a feeling in her stomach, and she didn’t know why, but she almost felt like she was foreseeing something past tonight and past tomorrow.

Lily knocked on the door to Dumbledore’s office, and she waited for the muffled, “Come in.” She opened the door, vividly remembering her last encounter there, with Dumbledore, and how she had expressed her fear and distress over the sudden deaths.

Surprisingly, she heard voices as she entered, and she didn’t dare look behind the chair that sat in front of her.

“Ah, Ms. Evans, early as usual, I see. You weren’t the only curious one,” Dumbledore said with a smile, gesturing towards the chair in front of him. “Mr. Potter here has was here, mere minutes before you walked in. Of course, I thought it was you, but I was surprised that he wasn’t late for a change!” Dumbledore said with a glowing smile.

“I see,” Lily said, trying not to sound sarcastic or bitter. She took a seat to the right of James’ chair and stared at Dumbledore, not allowing her eyes to roam to her left, where she knew eyes were watching her, wanting her to look at that pair.

“Now,” Dumbledore said suddenly, ‘causing Lily to jump slightly. “Ms. Evans, you came to me in curiosity of the sudden deaths in our world, correct?” Dumbledore asked, looking at her. Lily nodded, and Dumbledore continued; “Well, I have taken this into consideration. I have a school of children learning magic. Many know how to do curses and charms, so don’t even know how to hold a wand, but still we teach them. As Headmaster, it is my duty to watch over them and protect them.

“As you both know, the first Hogsmeade is coming up in the first Saturday in November. As it would be completely grotesque for me to go to Hogsmeade, and watch over my students, I had to think up a plan. It would be too obvious if we had Auror’s out there. We do have staff, but even the staff needs to relax on such a weekend. So, I finally came up with a plan.” Dumbledore looked at them intently, looking from one to the other, his sky blue eyes twinkling, his hands folded serenely on his desk.

“I am putting you two in charge of the Hogsmeade trip. I want you two to moderate the trip. I don’t want either of you to think of this as a punishment in any sort of way, I would rather you two moderate than anyone else.”

Lily squirmed slightly, she hoped that this didn’t mean what she thought it meant… not after this afternoon… not after her debating thoughts… not after her mangled heart…

Dumbledore cleared his throat and he finished, “So, it is upon my deepest regret that I ask you two to stick together. Feel free to do whatever you need to do: Shop, grab a butterbeer – whatever teenagers like to do down there,” he said with a smile.

“Guess who?” said a voice from behind Lily, hands covering and blacking her vision to her porridge.

“Alice, I’m not in the mood,” Lily said with a sigh. The hands lifted from Lily’s face and she felt Alice plop down next to her. “Ah, Lily, it’s not so bad! James is nice, I bet you’ll have a great time,” Alice said to her, helping herself to some kippers.

Nova looked up from a book and nodded in agreement. “Yea, Lils, you’ll be fine. It’s not like you’ll die or anything,” she said with a smile.

Lily shrugged and took a spoonful of her porridge. “Yea, I guess. I mean, I share a Dorm with him… what could be so bad about spending just a few hours with him in Hogsmeade? I also have about two months, right?” Lily said aloud, mostly to console herself. But she was blind to her friends glancing at one another with smug smiles.

Lily sat outside on the steps leading into Hogwarts. It was the end of Tuesday, and she just wanted to see how fall was progressing. She loved fall immensely, she didn’t know why – maybe it was because her appearance matched the changes of the appearance of the world at this point. Her green eyes and red hair blended in with turning colors of the leaves and the way the world situated itself for the upcoming winter.

She lifted her small upturned nose to the air, as a gentle breeze rifled through the trees and her long red hair. She inhaled deeply taking in the smell of the drying leaves and the sweet scent of the remaining pollen in the dying flowers. The grass tilted to the west and the trees followed in unison.

The sun warmed the earth with its remaining minutes, as it slipped into its dreamlike state, allowing the orange ball to blend in with the beginning of fall.

Lily’s eyes closed as she let herself unwind from the latter day’s news. Of course, it seemed churlish to act like this; it was only James, right? Couldn’t she put up with him for a few hours? Couldn’t she allow James to bask in her presence for just a bit? Mayhap then he would leave her alone, and give her the peace she needed and wanted for her to study and read.

She banged her knee with her hand. She hated this. Why was her mind bringing her these questions, these thoughts? She wished she could talk to her mum at the moment, but she knew that that wasn’t possible – her mum was in the Muggle world, a Muggle herself. Her mum knew about these types of stuff, but Lily didn’t want to talk to her mum… she didn’t know who she wanted to talk to.

She sighed and mused on the matter. What exactly was the matter? She didn’t like James, if that’s what she thought. It wasn’t logical… it just wasn’t. Her and James had a past of strong animosity towards each other.

Or was that only you?

Lily shook her head. No! Of course not! James had contributed, too! He had… he had… What had he done? Besides ask her out, besides profess his love for her in front of the whole entire school, besides stalk her… besides just try to go out with her? He had only been fueling her fire to create that web of animosity.

She heard the sound of the front doors open, but she didn’t turn around. The gentle clicks of a woman’s shoes told her that it wasn’t a male, specifically James Potter. “I thought I would find you out here,” Nova said to Lily. “I just came back from visiting Genevieve in the Hospital Wing, her flu is going down.”

Lily looked up. “Genevieve has the flu?” she asked Nova, this being news to her.

“Yes… I tried to tell you last night, but you were to upset about the meeting with Dumbledore.” Lily nodded and looked back out into the lands of Hogwarts. Nova pulled her legs to her body and laid her head down on top of her knees, facing Lily. “What’s wrong, Lil?” Nova asked her solemnly.

Lily sighed. “I don’t know, Nova…. I’m all confused inside. It feels like I’m numb. I can’t feel anything,” Lily said with a sigh.

“It’s just your body and such, Lily, it’s all changing. So, you’re feelings change, too,” Nova explained. She patted Lily’s back. “You’ll be fine, Lily.”

Lily shook her head. “No, I won’t. I can’t feel anything, Nova,” Lily said, a tear cascading down her face. “It’s like my heart hasn’t been replaced since last year.”

“No, no, Lily, that’s not it,” Nova said soothingly, “you’re all confused, hun. You’ve got your heart; it’s just that you’re protecting it more because you don’t want it taken again.”

“I don’t know, Nova.”

Nova scooted closer to Lily and embraced her tightly. “You’re fine, Lil, you’re fine. You will be fine, too. You have to let the scabs fade, that’s all.”

Lily let the tears soak into Nova’s cloak. “It’s like I have the answers; but I have too many questions. They’re overtaking. I don’t know how to answer my own questions.”

“You will in time,” Nova soothed, rubbing her friends back.

“I don’t know, Nova… the questions are too hard, and my answer is even harder.”

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Chapter 7: Midnight Rendezvous’
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It Started with Hate, It Ended with Death
Chapter 07 ~ Midnight Rendezvous’

Just as Lily had hoped, Friday brought the leaves, who had tinged themselves with reds and browns, some turning purple and yellow. Who doesn’t love autumn? Lily asked herself, as she carried her Care of Magical Creatures textbook with her, on her way to the class. She had lost Nova and Alice was behind her, with Frank Longbottom; Marla and Genevieve having a free period.

She cornered to where Professor Grubbly-Plank was and smile. “Good afternoon, Professor,” Lily beamed. She was in an insightful good mood, and she didn’t want to spoil it.

“Good afternoon to you, Ms. Evans,” Professor Grubbly-Plank said to her, looking at a clipboard as she marked off students who were arriving. Lily backtracked to Alice and Frank, who were looking around aimlessly.

“Frank, how are you? I haven’t talked to you since summer,” Lily said, silently reprimanding herself for not talking to him start of term.

Frank cleared his throat slightly. “I’m good, I’m good. I was just, uh, talking to Alice here, that’s all,” he said to her, his brown locks blowing in the breeze.

Lily smiled. “I’ll let you two talk, then,” she said, nudging Alice. She turned and went over to Nova, who was sitting on the ground on a tree stump. “Room for two?” asked Lily as she approached.

Nova looked up and nodded her head. “Of course, Lily!” she said, sliding over. “How are you feeling today?” she asked her, as Lily sat down.

The sides of Lily’s mouth dropped slightly. “Still confused,” she confessed to her friend. Her eyes to seemed to find James Potter, but she couldn’t keep her eyes away. “More or so, I feel insane.” Lily had spilled her milk by telling Nova everything. How she thinks she likes James Potter, and how she has no idea what to think anymore, and everything that she couldn’t construe.

Nova laughed, her purple eyes finding James. “Yea, well, it’s a big step. I mean, you like your arch enemy,” Nova half-whispered.

“Don’t remind me,” Lily said to her, her eyes not wanting to move. His square jaw was positioned in a smug smile, as he talked to Remus and Sirius, Peter out of sight. You could make out the muscles on his arms, from years on the Quidditch team. Her eyes lingered on the side of his face as he positioned his glasses up farther on his nose, not geek-like or haphazardly, but more so softly and gently.

“… but I can tell you whatever, Lily, but I can’t force you,” Nova said, snapping Lily out of her stupor. Nova turned her purple eyes to Lily’s green ones. “You know, I think you and James would make a good couple.” Not a smile was on Nova’s face nor was she saying it in any smug way.

“Everyone gather around. This will be a short lesson,” Professor Grubbly-Plank saved Lily. Lily felt relieved that she wouldn’t have to answer Nova, she walked over with Nova to where Professor Grubbly-Plank was standing.

“Now! I want everyone to pay attention!” the professor said, her stern face showing every aged wrinkle. She was tall and skinny and her short, chestnut brown hair was streaked with gray. Her appearance gave her the look of being a sister to Professor McGonagall. “Our next lesson will revolve around an animal that only comes out once a month and at midnight on a full moon,” Professor Grubbly-Plank informed them.

Nova and Lily exchanged glances at each other. “Sunday night is a full moon,” Professor Grubbly-Plank announced. “At eleven forty-five at night, on Sunday night, I’m asking all of you to meet me n the Great Hall. You will have permission from the teachers, but you are not to leave your commonrooms until our Head Boy and Girl come to retrieve you.”

“Great,” Lily muttered to Nova. “Now, I will have to put up with Potter some more."

Everyday glanced around looking for Lily and James. Lily felt her cheeks grow red and she looked over at Nova who was smirking. Professor Grubbly-Plank cleared her throat to pause the commotion. “I am allowing you all to go for today. I will see you at eleven forty-five in the Great Hall. Class dismissed,” she said, with a wave of your hand.

James stood off to the side of the crowd as Professor Grubbly-Plank spoke. He had had a natural high all week knowing that Lily would be with him the whole Hogsmeade trip. But then, he also had a small bit of despair. It seemed like Lily really didn’t want to be with him. All in all, that hurt him deeply. His heart may be beating, but it wasn’t red, rather purple, bruised with rejection.

“Sunday night is a full moon,” Professor Grubbly-Plank announced. James was snapped out of his semi-conscious state. “At eleven forty-five at night, on Sunday night, I’m asking all of you to meet me n the Great Hall. You will have permission from the teachers, but you are not to leave your commonrooms until our Head Boy and Girl come to retrieve you.”

James felt Professor Grubbly-Planks small eyes found James as she said “Head Boy.” James also felt eyes on the back of his head. James took a look back to Lily, but she wasn’t looking towards him, instead her small hand was covering her mouth as she leaned towards Nova and said something to her.

“Class dismissed!” Professor Grubbly-Plank said, her slightly wrinkled hand waving them away.

James turned, and he and Sirius waited for the vast amount of people to pass. “Shit, how are we going to do this?” Sirius asked James, looking up at him as they began to walk back upwards towards the castle.

“He’ll have Peter,” James said, his own mind not knowing what they’re going to do.

Sirius looked at James as if he was crazy. “James! Are you there aware of what you just said?” James nodded his head. “I haven’t seen much of Peter lately, the boy is up to something, and although I want to know what, it’s not like he’s been a huge part of our group.”

James nodded, this was true. Peter hadn’t been around a lot lately, now that Sirius mentioned it, he was curious too. “I don’t know, mate, but I can’t get out of it. I have to go pick up all of them,” James said, gesturing towards the people walking in front of him.

“We can’t leave Remus,” Sirius said, they’re feet finally touching the walk that led to the front of the building. “I mean, it’s sort of like a tradition. We’ve been doing this since fifth year, James; none of us have missed a full moon.”

James gritted his teeth as they walked up the stairs and entered the warming castle. The pungent smells of pumpkin pie and burning leaves filled his nose, autumn smells.

“I don’t know, Sirius. We can’t miss it, didn’t you hear her? The animal only comes out at midnight on a full moon!” James and Sirius ascended the steps to meet their friends in the commonroom. “I mean, if I were to ask her to postpone it, then it would be next month on the next full moon,” James said, mostly to himself.

Sirius sighed loudly and looked at James. “We’re cornering that boy when we get upstairs to the commonroom,” Sirius said lackadaisically.

James nodded and the pair commenced on up to the Gryffindor commonroom, where they would take Peter to the Dorm that he shared with Remus and Sirius. “Lion Pride,” James sighed, as they approached the portrait of the Fat Lady. She grunted; it seemed she still had a grudge against them since that night, and she opened up for them to enter.

The two entered and they looked around the room. Remus and Peter were both sitting at a table starting their weekend homework. Sirius walked over and literally picked Peter up. “Peter, James and I need to talk to you,” he said, pulling him towards the boy’s dormitory.

Remus looked up. “Why do you need to talk to Peter?” he asked, looking confused.

“We just have to,” James said, running his hand through his locks. “We’ll only be a few minutes; you’ll have your study partner back.”

Remus raised his eyebrow at James. “I am not eating nor drinking anything that the two of you concocted,” he said tiredly, yet he found a way to plaster an amused smile on his face.

James laughed. “Ok then, Moony, that won’t be done!”

Remus still didn’t believe them. “What exactly are you three up to?” he asked suspiciously.

“Birthday gift!” Sirius said suddenly.

Remus’ face scrunched in confusion. “My birthday isn’t until February,” he said to them.

“The earlier we start the better present we get!” Sirius said, tugging on Peter.

Remus looked at the three one last time and went back to him homework, reluctantly, too tired to throw bandy words around with the two. Sirius led Peter up the steps, James in back to ensure that he wouldn’t run. They opened up the door to the too-familiar Dorm room and settled Peter on the bed.

“Peter, where’ve you been off to?” Sirius blurted before James had any time to close the door.

Peter shook slightly. “Wh-what do you mean?” he stuttered out, twisting his chubby fingers.

Sirius looked baffled. “What do I mean? I mean, where’ve you been scampering off to? You’re never around here anymore,” Sirius said to him in an outrage.

“Sirius, quiet will you? Do you want Remus to come up here?” James asked, pushing Sirius back a little, and taking in for him.

“Peter, tell us or I’ll file a report,” he said in his Head Boy voice, which caused Peter’s eyes to grow as large as galleons.

“I’ve, uh… been to… remedial Transfiguration and Charms,” Peter said slowly, his beady and watery black eyes turning towards each of the two.

Sirius couldn’t help himself, he laughed out loud. “You’re with Flitwick and McGonagall for extended hours? Oh man!” Sirius said through bursts of laughter. “Merlin, Peter, I knew you sucked at both subjects, but I didn’t know you were that bad! For heavens sakes, you can turn into a rat illegally!”

“Is that all you wanted to know?” he asked, mustering up some dignity.

“No,” Sirius said sternly, his laughter stopping abruptly.

“Wormtail, Sirius and I have a midnight class on Sunday,” James began, looking at Sirius. “So, we need you to be with Remus on Sunday. And no dashing off, if you do, I’ll report you for being out after hours,” James ended, cocking his eyebrow at Peter.

“Ok, ok, fine,” Peter said, standing up tentatively.

“I mean, it Peter,” James said stiffly. “You know how he can get.” Just as James ended, the door opened and Remus walked in.

“Ok, now I know you are all up to something,” he said, closing the door. “And it’s no birthday present because you get me candy and some prank every year.” His eyebrows were raised at the three.

“We’re getting you an animal, and we wanted Peter’s opinion,” Sirius said the first thing that came to mind. “Although, he’s no help.”

“Uh huh,” Remus said, “that’s such a lie, it’s not even funny.” His eyes danced with amusement.

James sighed. “We can’t make our little, er, meeting on Sunday… so we’re threatening Peter,” James admitted, shrugging to Sirius. He was going to find out sooner or later, right?

“God, guys, what’s wrong with you?” Remus asked, looking at Sirius and James. “I like to partake in that too.”

Sirius smiled. “Sorry, we finished with him, mate. If there’s a next time, you’re more than willing to though!”

“Hey!” Peter squeaked. “I’m still here you know! I am not fun to make fun of, either!” he said, playing with his hands, his face starting to perspire.

Sirius just laughed. “Oh, I am going to miss Hogwarts after this year,” he said with a nervous laugh at the end.

The foursome looked at each other, and even though they had weak smiles on, they knew that the statement that Sirius had just said was showing them there Hogwarts hourglass. There time was dwindling and it the grains of sand weren’t stopping anytime soon.

Lily tapped her foot impatiently. Half of the Ravenclaw’s were not even ready yet. If they didn’t hurry they were going to be late for the lesson that Professor Grubbly-Plank had planned for them that night.

“We’re all here now,” said a boy, after two girls appeared at the end of the crowd. She did a quick head count, even though she only needed seven of them, and then nodded her head.

She led them out of their tower and down the steps. None of the students talked; it was late, and most of them were tired and looked like they wanted to kill Lily for waking them up and dragging them out of the castle.

Her thoughts drifted as she made her way down the steps, her hand sliding against the stone. It reminded her of many a times when James would follow behind her; her hand sliding up the rail and his endless chatter lulling her into madness. Her cheeks grew red as she thought of him.

Why can’t he stay out of my mind? Lily asked herself. She mulled over this at once. She didn’t’ want to believe her heart and she didn’t want to believe Nova either. But how could she not? Both were right; and for Lily, that was a hard thing to come to terms too. Honestly, you cannot just simply start going out with your enemy.

“Got them all?” said a male voice from her left side. Lily felt herself snap to reality and her mind focused in on James Potter. She felt her cheeks grow warm.

“Yes,” she said breathlessly.

He ran a hand through his hair and smiled. “Lets go people, we’re going to be late,” he said, waving his hand for them to process forward. His hair stuck up at jagged ends and the back seemed to not heed his comb. “Evans!” said his voice, snapping her to reality once more. “Get up here!”

Lily nodded, suddenly putting on a hostile face. “I’m coming, Potter! Can’t you wait two minutes for me to get to the front?” she asked him

“Actually, I can’t wait for a lot of things from you,” he whispered to her as she came up to the front, somewhat reluctantly to his right side.

Lily sent him a glare. James opened the door and they led the students out onto the grounds. The moon was a stunning yellow color and it was huge. As if someone had lassoed it closer to the Earth. Lily stopped in her steps. Everything was colored in the lusty color, but it didn’t look a bit eerie at all.

She started to take the steps forward, so that she was in front of James this time. She didn’t care what he said; she didn’t want anymore thoughts intruding into her mind. At the far end of the Hogwarts she saw Professor Grubbly-Plank, but she looked so far.

Lily dashed in front of James. He raised an eyebrow at this gesture. What has gotten into her? he asked himself, watching as her robes billowed out around her. He couldn’t help but stare. He felt like his eyes were glued to her. He jumped suddenly, as he felt a tap on his shoulder and turned to see Sirius rubbing at his eyes.

“Watching her ass, mate, is not going to make her go out with you,” Sirius said, his voice tinged with a laugh.

James peeled his eyes from Lily’s rear end, realizing now that he had indeed been staring.

“I was not staring at her butt,” James said, looking down at Sirius. Sirius raised an eyebrow at him, a smug look on his face. “I wasn’t!” James said to him.

James felt a tap to his right and he reared to the right. “What?” he asked Nova, Lily’s best friend.

Nova looked at him oddly. “Don’t have a cow. I was just coming up to say hi. Merlin’s beard,” she said, rolling her eyes.

“Sorry,” he said to her. He sent her a small smile and said, “What’s up?”

“Nothing,” Nova sighed. “But, I did hear you asked Lily to Hogsmeade.” Nova looked up at him, he nodded and sighed. “Well, I’ll let you know, if you want to win Lily’s heart, I’d stop acting like an idiot around her and show her some maturity before you do it again,” she said to him.

“I’ve been mature! She’s just stubborn!” James said, throwing his hands up.

Nova raised an eyebrow at him. “James, what the hell is wrong with you? Don’t you see anything through another persons eyes? Apparently not,” she answered for him. “Just last year you were hexing Slytherin’s and setting off pranks this way and that. It’s the second weekend in the school term. You have till the first Saturday in November. Act yourself. Win her heart someway,” she said, striding off in front of him, without giving him time to speak.

James gaped at Nova, who was jogging in front, coming to Lily’s side. “What did she mean by that?” James asked Sirius. He was being oddly quiet, and James didn’t like that.

“I don’t know, mate, but I like her. She’s feisty,” he said with a devilish grin. Sirius looked up at James. “I like them feisty.”

James broke into a fit of laughter. Either Sirius knew how to make him laugh, or he was dead serious (but hilarious, too). “Sirius, no, down boy,” James said to him, trying to keep a straight face.

“Oh, ha ha,” Sirius said to him sarcastically, the corners of his mouth curving down.

“In a hurry, Lily?” Nova asked as she came up besides her best friend.

Lily looked backwards. James glasses seemed to glint off the moon and she forced herself to look forward again. “Yes,” she said to her friend. She pulled her cloak around her tighter, her body adjusting to the warmth it brought.

“Lily, can I ask you a question?” Nova asked her friend. She looked at Lily, a serious plastered on her face.

Lily looked at Nova oddly. “Of course you can, Nova, you know you can ask me anything,” Lily said sincerely.

Nova nodded and looked up into the emeralds of Lily’s eyes. “Do you like James Potter?”

Sirius looked towards the Whomping Willow as they forwarded towards the Forbidden Forest, where Professor Grubbly-Plank was standing. “You think he’ll be alright?”

“Who, Remus?” James asked, his eyes looking towards the gnarled tree. “I hope. I hated to leave him there without us there. It’s rough on him, we all know it.”

“If Peter does something stupid, he’ll have a nice shoe way up his ass,” Sirius said, bitterness tingeing his voice.

Sirius sighed. “I don’t even want to think about this. I’m gonna go up and see if Nova will go with me to Hogsmeade,” Sirius said to James.

“You have, like, two months,” James said to him, a confused look spreading upon his face.

Sirius walked backwards, his hands up in a shrug. “Does it hurt to plan in advance?” he asked, turning around and walking towards Lily and Nova, who were slowing down in front of Professor Grubbly-Plank.

Sirius checked his breath and rubbed his dragonskin gloves together and placed them in his pockets, pulling his cloak closer to his body. He approached quietly as he planned out a quick strategy.

“Do you like James Potter?” Nova’s voice asked. She sounded upset for some reason. He inched to the side, so that he was covered by some foliage hanging off of the trees. That’s all he needed, was for them to see him; then, Lily would never answer.

“What does that mean?” Lily whispered to Nova. “Nova, we’ve been over this,” Lily said, her voice cracking slightly.

Nova sighed. “Lily, you haven’t been the same. You’re making yourself ill, please, admit to yourself whether you do or you don’t.” Nova’s voice sounded stressed, she seemed upset in a sense.

Lily sighed. Her small black-gloved hand wiped underneath her eyes. Sirius couldn’t tell if she was crying or not. Her eyes closed momentarily and her breathing seemed shallow. “Nova, I don’t know.”

“Ok, then,” Nova said quietly. “Then, think about this; do you have feelings for him?” Nova asked. “And I mean positive feelings.” Lily’s eyes shot open. “No lying, Lil, I’ve told you plenty of secrets, your turn to dish up.”

Students started to pile in around them, and Sirius came out from behind the foliage, and walked by just as Lily uttered; “I have feelings, and they’re growing stronger, Nova.”

“Now, for the lesson you were supposed to learn on Friday, we will begin right now. I only have a few minutes, and we must be quick and quiet!” Professor Grubbly-Plank whispered sternly.

“The animal that I was talking about the other day was a Mooncalf. Can anyone tell me what a Mooncalf is?” Lily’s hand shot up into the air. “Ms. Evans?”

Lily breathed in shallowly, then said quietly but loudly for them all to hear; “A Mooncalf is an animal that only come out on a full moon. They dance in an isolated area that is lit with moonlight.” Lily smiled at herself. She had a feeling they would be learning about Mooncalf’s this year. “If there feces is collected afterwards, it is very valuable, because it is silver and also because it is very fertile. But it cannot be exposed to sunlight.”

Professor Grubbly-Plank nodded curtly. “Excellent, Ms. Evans, fifteen points to Gryffindor. Now, last month I search on a full moon for this animal, hoping to find one on Hogwarts grounds. There’s a little clearing right through this foliage. We must hurry and no talking or else we won’t be able to see this fascinating creature.” Professor Grubbly-Plank turned and began into the Forbidden Forest, followed by the other students.

Only about twenty or thirty feet in, a large clearing that was exposed to the moon, came into view.

Professor Grubbly-Planked turned around and whispered so low that people had to lean in to hear. “Everyone sit down, I’m going to set an Invisible Charm so the poor beast won’t get frightened and run off.” The students obliged and sat down on the grass, huddled in groups to keep warm in the cold night. Professor Grubbly-Plank waved her wand over the students and her mouth moved with an incantation. She turned around and stood beside the body and they waited.

Finally, after mere minutes of the charm being cast, Lily saw a pale and grey head come out of a small hole. The beast’s eyes sat perched on top of its head, the black eyes bulging from its sockets, round and watery. Two spindly legs came out of the hole and the animal hoisted itself out of the hole and it sat on the four flat-footed legs. It looked up towards the moon and it stood on its hind legs. The pale grey skin seemed smooth in the moonlight, and it glowed with a white covering.

The Mooncalf twirled around and it beat its hooves on the ground. It walked back and forth, and twirled. The small group of students watched in fascination as the animal danced. Never had they seen something so breathtaking. The beast was hoisting its front legs into the air and coming back down, its legs going back and forth. It almost looked an Indian ritual that her mum had shown her.

Its bulging eyes never left the moon as the Earth rotated; the moon began to hide behind the surrounding trees. Yet, the animal didn’t give up its dance. Its grey body began to dance a bit faster, the dust picking up around them. The students suppressed the urge to cough, not wanting the animal to stop dancing. The spindly legs walked in back of each other as the animal seemed to be retracing its dance steps. The animal’s front legs came down in suave motions as it made motions towards the moon; its legs doing an odd movement that looked like it was hopping and skipped at the same time.

Lily gaped at the animal. It was so enticing, it was luring into itself, wanting her to watch. Though, she did clandestinely. She was fascinated by its grey skin and how the moonlight illuminated the skin and how its flat feet stomped the ground and worshiped the moon.

Lily didn’t know how long they had all been sitting there, but the moon had vanished behind the trees. No longer was the clearing enveloped in the silky white of the moonlight. The Mooncalf bowed towards the hiding moon and then eased itself carefully into the hole it had come out of earlier. The students didn’t utter a word even though Mooncalf ceased in front of them. Instead they were staring at the intricate design that it had left for them to enjoy. The lines in the dirt crisscrossed each other and they intertwined in the oddest ways and the circles and the shapes all meant something to someone. From the moonlight that was still present, were little droppings of silver dung. It made the picture even more pretty.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” said Professor Grubbly-Plank, her voice free of sternness. “That was a male that we saw. It’s ashamed you’re not here in August. When I discovered this one, he and his partner were doing a mating dance. The females don’t come out during the fall or winter; only in May through August, they hibernate now.”

Lily was still looking at the patterns, as were the others. Professor Grubbly-Plank cleared her throat and the students looked at her, their eyes glistened over and their faces gaping. “I have little glass boxes for you all to collect some of its remains. Don’t worry; it’s odorless and surprisingly clean. But, don’t let it touch sunlight, it have the sparkling beauty that it has. Line up and grab a box. There’s more than enough for everyone.”

Everyone stood up and grabbed a small box and walked out, stepping over the lines and shapes. Lily walked over to the shining round object and used the lid to scoop it into the box. Her face curled into disgust, but still, hadn’t she heard about this stuff? How valuable it was, too. She stared at it, it fascinated her, it wasn’t like it was just some dung left behind by an animal, it was magical and worthwhile.

“So, Lils, going to experiment on this, too?” asked Nova, who had hers in her hand.

Lily smiled. “Not now, at least,” Lily said to her friend.

The class began to ascend up towards the castle. Garrulous chatter arose as they neared the castle. Excitement at what they had just seen, some of the girls talking about how Professor Grubbly-Plank is unclean, and some of them droning on about how they’ve missed sleep.

James looked at Sirius. “Ready, mate?” James asked Sirius, who only nodded. James walked up towards Professor Grubbly-Plank and said, “Professor, I left my bag down there. Don’t worry about me, I have rounds anyway,” James said to the professor.

“Ok, Mr. Potter, but don’t dwindle out here, you never know what’s going to happen,” Professor Grubbly-Plank said, looking towards the moon.

“Yes, ma’am,” James said respectively. And headed back down towards the Forbidden Forest, his hands were in his pockets, but he was warm all over. “Ready to change?” he asked Sirius as he heard the castle doors shut.

Sirius looked to make sure there weren’t any wanderers. “Yes, let me immobilize the tree,” Sirius said, whipping out his wand. He waved it thrice times and the tree ceased movement.

James stared hard at the tree and then he closed his eyes. He put himself in a white room (in his mind) and saw the stag that he was to become; him on one end, the stag on the other end. He moved the stag slowly to the side where he was at, allowing the stag to envelop his body. James felt a numb feeling overtake his body, the ends of his fingers and toes tingling with an extremely hot feeling. He felt himself shrink just the slightest bit and he saw that the stag in his mind had completely overtaken his, he opened his eyes. James smiled, even though it felt like a long process, it was really on a few seconds.

James looked down at the dog on his side and he nodded his head. Sirius barked and the two ran into the trunk of the immobilized tree.

Lily shut the castle doors. The students had begun to disperse to their commonrooms, and Lily sighed. She still had to check the halls, and then she could finally go to bed. She noticed that she was missing someone; she looked around the crowd to see if she could find the unruly locks of James’ head.

“Professor, where did Potter go?” Lily asked the Professor. “I can’t seem to find him.”

“Oh, don’t worry, Ms. Evans, he went to get his bag. He left it down there by accident. He’ll be back,” Professor Grubbly-Plank said reassuringly. “Now, I have to plan my third year lesson for tomorrow, I must go. Good night, Ms. Evans.”

Professor Grubbly-Plank started up the grand staircase and Lily felt herself grow warm, from fury no less. “The prat,” she said under her breath. Could he be any more irresponsible? What the hell was going through Dumbledore’s mind when he picked James? Lily asked herself.

She began up the stairs and walked throughout the first floor corridor. But all the while she couldn’t help thinking; I wonder what type of escapade James is up to. She couldn’t seem to shake him off, and this wasn’t the first time.

“Hogsmeade shall be interesting,” she said to herself out loud. She looked towards the window and saw the full moon; she walked forward and looked out onto the grounds. She recoiled slightly when she saw a deer and a dog run straight into the Whomping Willow. “What in Merlin’s name…” Lily said, looking closer. The Whomping Willow wasn’t moving and she was pretty sure that it had been immobilized. But only a Wizard could do that. She looked throughout the halls; so many secrets were embedded in them. She looked back out, who was out on the Hogwarts grounds?

Her mind slipped suddenly. It cannot be James and Sirius… she told herself. She ran straight to her dormitory that she shared with James. “James Potter!” she yelled. Her voice only reverberated his name. She listened shrewdly. James Potter. She began towards the staircase that led to his room. She knew it was against the rules, but she couldn’t help herself, she turned the knob to the right and she heard it click open.

“Potter?” she asked the darkness. “Lumos,” she said. The room enveloped in light and she looked about. His room was scarlet with gold sheets, just like hers, except that he had Quidditch techniques taped onto the walls; some robes were strewn on the floor; and several candles adorned the desk were he had books open, parchments filtering throughout books, new and broken quills laying about, and ink opened and some spilling out. Lily looked around, she didn’t see him anywhere. His wardrobe was open and she could see the scarlet and gold Quidditch robes that were hanging there, she walked over and she touched them, the smoothness of the fabric welcomed her hand. Other robes were hanging there, along with several Gryffindor ties and oxford shirts. Pants were folded on the bottom shelf of the wardrobe and several pairs of shoes under them.

She looked over to the other side of the room where he had a pile of dirty robes and street clothes for the House Elfs to take away. Lily smile silently to herself. Just how I’d pictured it, she said to herself, acknowledging the mess and the disorganization.

The clock on the wall chimed one-thirty and Lily looked at it. It wasn’t an ordinary clock, well it was, but it was beautiful. The cherry wood was rimmed in shining gold and the face of the clock was an aged pearl-like back; the hands of the clock swirled in different ways, creating beautiful patterns, and the numbers were roman numerals. The chimes that hung down were small, but they had made an angelic noise. Why would he have something so beautiful in here? she asked herself.

“Uh, Evans, why are you in my room?” James asked Lily, his outline standing in the doorway.

Lily jumped away from the clock and she turned her wand towards James, who recoiled from the light. “Potter, where have you been?” she asked, her voice cracking slightly from embarrassment.

“I think the better question is why you are in my room?” James said, folding his arms, a smug smile on his face.

Lily noticed that his right hand had a cut on it and his face seemed tired. Lily straightened her back. “I was looking for you,” she said to him, “and where were you?” Lily shot back.

“In the castle; I took Sirius up to the Dormitory then walked downwards. Then, I came into here and I find you, snooping through my stuff,” James said, walking in and lighting a candle with his wand.

“I wasn’t snooping,” Lily said defensively. “I was… I told you already, I was looking for you.”

James raised an eyebrow at her. “The door is on the other side of the room,” he said, nodding his head. Lily’s eyes found the door and she felt beaten. “The clock is my mothers. She gave to me when she got sick,” James said, walking to his wardrobe and took out a pair of long underwear and a t-shirt.

Lily shuffled slightly. She hadn’t expected that. “Oh. I’m sorry,” she said to him.

“It’s fine,” he said to her, his back still turned.

“Uhm, I think I’ll go,” she said to him, walking towards the door. She saw James start to undress as she turned to close the door. His back was muscular, she could see, and his muscles constricted as he threw the shirt to the floor.

Lily walked out of the dormitory. She felt her cheeks grow warm. She had seen guys so many times without shirts on, why was he making her blush and feel warm? She tossed her feet lightly so that she wouldn’t disturb anyone, or bring attention to herself.

“What are you doing out of bed?” came a growling voice as she edged towards the end of the sixth floor.

“Shit,” Lily muttered under her breath. She turned around and faced Mr. Filch. “I’m Head Girl,” she said, pointing to the badge on her chest. “I have rounds, now I need to finish them,” she said to him.

He grumbled, hoping that he’d be able to punish a child tonight. His long, brown hair was straggly and it looked like it hadn’t been washed in forever; his clothes were wrinkled and filthy; and he had a smudge of dirt on his right cheek. “Fine,” he said, going down the steps, the stupid kitten following after him.

“Idiot,” she said quietly to him as his footsteps ceased. She began down the seventh floor corridor. She snapped her fingers at the portrait. “Lion pride,” Lily said impatiently. She snapped her fingers at the portrait again; the Fat Lady finally woke up and grunted. “Lion pride,” Lily said again.

“Sure, in you go,” she said, opening up the portrait. Lily stepped in, she looked around the commonroom, Black had to be awake he was always awake.

“Black, come here,” Lily said to him, who was sitting next to Peter, doing their homework.

Sirius turned around. What was Lily doing here? “Uh, why?” asked Sirius. “I’ve been a good boy. I’ve been here since James dropped me off, I swear,” he said sarcastically.

Lily rolled her eyes at him. “Come here, I have to ask you a question,” she said to him, her patience running low.

“Fine, fine,” Sirius said, screeching the chair as he pushed it back. He walked over to her and followed her out of the portrait hole. “What do you what, Lily?” he asked tiredly.

“What’s wrong with Potter’s mom?” Lily sputtered out.

Sirius raised an eyebrow. “I’m not your bank of information for James,” Sirius said with a sigh. “Why do you want to know?”

“Because I was in his room –“

“James didn’t tell me that you and he –“

Sirius Black! You pervert! No! I was looking for him!” Lily said in an outrage. She knew she had to keep her cool; to keep Sirius there, but her patience were growing thinner.

Sirius sighed with laughter. “All right, all right, I’ll tell you.” Sirius sighed and began, “I told you. James was a late child to Mr. and Mrs. Potter. You know, too many beers you go home, and there you go, James was made,” Sirius said. Lily shot him a look of disgust.

“I don’t need the physical details, Black,” she said to him.

Sirius laughed. “I wasn’t going to. Anyway, Mr. and Mrs. Potter were about forty-seven when they conceived James, and had him when she was forty-eight. How? I have no clue. But anyway, Mrs. Potter is pretty old, and she’s still working. Well, was. Over the summer, she got really sick. It’s just old age, you know? So, that’s all that’s wrong. She’s just elderly and sick.”

Lily nodded. She couldn’t understand how James could be so youthful, and his parents not. Her own parents were only forty now. “Ok, thank you, Black.”

Sirius saluted her. “Anytime, Lily dear,” Sirius said. Lily shot him a glance and he disappeared into the portrait hole, laughing. Lily started down the steps; her whole mind was confused greatly.

“You know, Evans, you could have just asked me,” said a voice behind Lily.

“Jesus Christ, Potter, stop doing that!” Lily said, her face becoming exceedingly warm. Lily turned around, there was James; except, he was dressed in his Hogwarts attire.

“Sorry,” James said, walking down the steps towards her. “I came to apologize; I didn’t want you to think I was rude, scolding you like I’m your mum.”

“No, I had no right to be in your room,” Lily said to him.

“You know, Sirius knows a lot about my family. He knows certain subjects are touchy and he knows some need to be kept quiet,” James said quietly.

“I’m sorry if he wasn’t supposed to tell me.”

“No, you most likely would’ve hexed him until he said something,” James said with a soft laugh.

Lily felt herself grow warm. His laugh echoed in her ears. “Most likely… I can be nosy sometimes, I’m sorry,” she said to him.

“No, no… but why didn’t you just ask me?” James asked her.

“I don’t know, I didn’t want to sound rude,” Lily said to him.

Lily realized that they had stopped walking and they were turned towards each other. “Wow, we had a civilized conversation.”

Lily turned. “I’ve got to go,” Lily said to him quietly, running off down the steps and into her dormitory. She stopped in her Dormitory and up at James’ door. Why did she keep on running? “Can’t my heart just stop?” she asked herself out loud, feeling her face grow warm with feelings and wet with tears.

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Chapter 8: Misconceptions and Revelations about Love
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Reader Questions:
Elixir asked: Does James see Lily as an infatuation, adoration, or is he really starting to believe that he's in love?
Answer: You see; James has always lived the good life. He was smart, popular, good-looking, had a nice family, etc. He meets this girl (Lily) and he is attracted to her, even at a young age (you know men!) and so he just bugs her as we all know. It’s not until his seventh year that everything starts to change. His parents are gravely ill and possibly dying, things are happening that never happened before, and in a sense, it scares him. Yea, he still has the popularity, the intelligence, but I think it gets to a point where James is actually thinking about reality. He knows he likes (or perhaps) loves this girl, and he wants a chance before the rest of his so-calm-and-perfect-life begins to change drastically. So, James is changing his ways, I think it’s more of a I’m-in-adoration-of-Lily-Evans-and-I-may-just-love-her sense. I think it’s just a slight infatuation though… but… lets find out… there are so many twists and turns!! (Brilliant question!!)

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It Started with Hate, It Ended with Death
Chapter 08 ~ Misconceptions and Revelations about Love

Nova walked swiftly down the halls. If she could hurry she would be able to be in Great Hall as dinner was starting, so it did not look like anything out of the ordinary was occurring. She turned into the Hospital Wing and slipped behind Marla McKinnon’s curtain.

“Hey, Nova,” Marla said, setting down her quill and opening her arms for a hug from her friend. “Merlin, you have no idea how much I miss you guys,” she said to her friend, embracing her tightly.

“Yea, we miss you too, girl, you better get well soon!” Nova let go and sat down, looking at her friend, even though she was sick, she still looked radiant. “How’ve you been feeling?” she asked her.

“I can’t describe how I have been feeling. I can barely eat, my stomach hurts, I feel nauseous all the time, and I’m always tired. My nose is still stuffy and I’m coughing and sneezing like crazy,” Marla complained to her friend. “Well, actually, that’s pretty descriptive,” Marla laughed.

“Maybe you have mono,” Nova said with a smile.

“Oh ha ha, I see you haven’t lost your wit,” Marla said, screwing the lid to the ink on so that she wouldn’t spill it. “No, I have the flu, according to Madame Pomfrey.” Marla looked towards the curtain and whispered, “She’s one hell of a new nurse. She’s almost like Madame Pince, well, she’s nice and all to talk to. But she’s obsessed with who comes in and out to visit you.” Marla leaned back against her pillow and sighed. “I cannot wait to get out of here, Nova, you have no idea.”

“Well, Fabe hasn’t been snogging anyone else,” Nova said airily. “I mean, if he was, I would give him a nice swift kick, you know?” Nova paused. “Oh God, I’ve been around Lily too long.” Marla raised her eyebrows, a frown settling on her lips. “Anyway, that’s why I’ve come to talk to you, Marla. It’s Lily. I swear; Lily’s a wreck! I don’t know what she’s so upset about, but I think she’s heartsick,” Nova said worriedly.

Marla nodded knowingly. “Well, that Amos situation last year was really hard for her. She thought he was going to propose to her at graduation,” Marla said, “he just totally ruined her life. I thought we were never going to get her out of bed…”

“I don’t know what to do. I warned James, though. And when they do get together – oh yes, they will get together - I will warn James with my whole entire being. I swear, if he hurts her… he’ll wish he never lived,” Nova said to Marla, taking out a pack of chocolate frogs for her friend.

Marla took one and thanked Nova. “How are you so sure that they’ll get together?” Marla asked, opening the box and looking at the picture of Rowena Ravenclaw. “I mean, Lily hates him with all her being, Nova.”

Nova fiddled with her chocolate. “Marla, I don’t think that’s bothering me as much as how upset Lily has been… I mean, she’s depressed. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Lily depressed,” Nova said, a worried expression overtaking her features.

“Ok, let’s put get Lily and James together plan going, then,” Marla said, sticking a frog leg in her mouth and chewing thoughtfully. When she finished she said, “And I know exactly how to get this going,” she smiled.

Nova walked into the Great Hall after her meeting with Marla. The smells of pumpkin and ham nestled into her nose. October was finally setting in. She walked down the Gryffindor long table and plopped down next to Lily. She pulled the mashed potatoes towards her and she scooped a large pile onto her plate.

“Nova, is that all you ever eat?” Alice asked Nova.

Nova nodded. “Yes, of course it is!” Nova took a spoonful of the lumpy bunch. She swallowed and said, “You know, in only three weeks to the day that we go to Hogsmeade, can you believe it?” Nova asked. “This year is already flying by.”

Lily shifted in her seat and continued to look at a paper that was in front of her. She was picking up a pea at a time and popping it into her mother with her index finger and her thumb. She would chew slowly and then repeat the whole process again.

Nova’s eyes shifted to Alice who shrugged. “I went and visited Marla,” Nova said aloud, reaching for her glass of pumpkin juice. “She said she’ll be out by Saturday.” Nova sipped her juice and her eyes bulged as she saw James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew walk in.

Alice looked at what Nova was looking at and stood up. “I think – I think I’ll go look for Frank,” she said to Nova, grabbing her bag and dashing past James who looked at her as she ran out. Nova watched James’ eyes linger on Lily who was still reading the parchment. Nova’s eyes caught Sirius’ who looked at her with a smile. His curly, black hair seemed ruffled and his cheeks and the tip of his nose were red with windburn.

Just as Nova was praying that they wouldn’t come down this way, Sirius began towards her, the others in tow. Her plopped down in front of her on the opposite side of her.

“Lily dear, how are you doing?” Sirius asked, his eyes still on Nova, who commenced on eating her mashed potatoes.

Lily looked up at him with a glare. “Black, I’ve told you for seven years to stop calling me ‘dear’,” she said to him icily. She rolled her eyes and looked back down at her paper.

“You’re doing well, then!” he said to her cheerfully. James sat down next to Sirius (across from Lily), Remus and Peter settling next to Sirius. Peter grabbed greedily for the ham and plopped two large pieces on his plate with a large dose of mashed potatoes. Remus seemed to have an appetite since he took a serving of everything. He looked much better than he had a few days ago, color had seeped back into his skin and he seemed more energetic. James was cutting a piece of ham slowly, his eyes glancing over at Lily ever so often, over his glasses. Sirius grabbed a roll and buttered it and looked at Nova. “So, Nova dear, who are you going to Hogsmeade with?” he asked her nonchalantly, spreading the butter cleanly across the roll.

Nova looked up, her long hair falling into her eyes. “What’s it to you?” she asked with a raised eyebrow. She tucked her hair behind her ear and took another spoonful of mashed potatoes.

Sirius laughed. “It’s up to me, ‘cause I want to see if you’re free,” he said to her, taking a bite of the bread. He chewed thoughtfully and then said, “Because, I wanted to see if you wanted to go with me.” He leaned in and smiled charmingly at her. Nova stared at him; his chiseled features cast shallow shadows across the depths of his face; the fathomless of his gray eyes twirled in swirls of tornados; his curly black hair fell against his face in an elegant fashion; his lips twisted into a charming, smirk-like smile; his cheeks a rosy-red from the cold, the tip of his nose dotted with small freckles only seen by her.

Lily looked up, intrigued by this offer offered to Nova. Nova glanced her purple eyes towards Lily, whose hand was holding back her hair to look at Nova. Nova begged with her eyes for help. Lily tucked the strand behind her ear. “Black, will you be a dear for me?” Lily asked him, taking Nova’s begging to heart.

Sirius turned his gray eyes towards her. “Of course, Lily, what do you need?” he asked.

“Don’t ask Nova out,” she said her voice straining.

Sirius laughed. “Now, Lily dear, because you turned James down does not mean I can’t ask someone out.” Sirius turned his eyes to Nova. “What do you say?”

Nova smirked somewhat. “If Lily goes with James, then I’ll go with you,” she said, turning her eyes to Lily. Remus and Peter, who had been quiet, stopped what they were doing and looked at Lily. Lily’s eyes focused on Nova’s with a hardcore look as her smirk enveloped her face. She felt an icy cold breeze pass through her and she bit the inside of her lip.

“I-I have remedial Transfiguration,” Peter said, grabbing three rolls and darting out of his seat and scurrying across the aisles to the entrance of the Great Hall, where he ripped through a bunch of Ravenclaw’s who were entering for dinner.

“Now, there’s something I haven’t heard,” Remus said aloud. “This’ll be quite interesting.”

Lily shot him a glare. “Remus, do not take their sides!” Lily said to him.

Remus shrugged. “C’mon, Lily, can’t you just give in? It’s been almost seven years,” he said tiredly, poking his peas around on his plate.

Lily gritted her teeth, keeping her eyes from James’. “Remus, have you been sick lately? Honestly, you’re acting strange lately,” Lily said to him. “I will not go out with him!” she said, rising and pointing at James. She gathered her belongings and turned to James. “I swear, Potter, you follow me to the dormitory, I’ll kill you,” she said through gritted teeth.

She stalked out of the Great Hall and out of site. “Well, sorry, mate. I tried, and apparently Nova did, too,” Sirius said, turning his grey eyes on her. “So, my offer still stands.”

Nova smirked. “As does mine; no date unless Lily and James go together,” she said to him.

“They’re already going together, though!” Sirius protested.

“No. Dumbledore told them they had to go together,” Nova informed him, picking up her spoon. “Lily apparently doesn’t want to…”

Remus sighed. “James, why do you want to go out with Lily so badly?”

James looked up, a questionable expression set upon his features. “I don’t know, Remus, I just don’t know.”

Lily clutched the sides of her book as she heard the portrait hole open. The fable’s words blended as her eyes didn’t focus and her ears became sharper. James had just entered and he had walked into the bathroom. Lily peered over the top of her book, she felt foolish, but she didn’t want it to seem to obvious that she had left.

Should she go upstairs, in the privacy of her bedroom? Or should she stay put…?

Lily heard the flushing of the toilet, seconds left in her decision. The sink went on and Lily felt a slight prickle of perspiration gather at her hairline. She saw the knob twist and she righted the book so that you couldn’t see her face. Her knuckles turned white as she heard him close the door behind him. Lily’s eyebrow cocked as she heard the chair of the desk brush against the stone floor and she heard him sit down.

Why the bloody hell is sitting down? Down here, too! Can’t he leave me alone? She asked herself.

She peered over the book’s top again, only to see James sitting there, staring at her, his arms folded across his chest. Lily dropped the book and stared icily at him.

“That good of a book, eh?” he asked her with smirk.

“What do you want, Potter?” she asked, marking her page and setting it right. She stared at him, her face set in stone, his in a smirk.

“A review on the book,” he said to her, tilting his head to one side.

“Potter,” Lily growled at him. She tucked her legs under her body grabbed the book threateningly.

“Fine. An explanation would be nice, I suppose,” he said, his smirk not budging.

“You’re testing my patience, Potter, and if you don’t leave, I’ll throw the book at your overly-inflated head!” Lily said to him, her face growing warm.

James laughed. “I told you in Potions the other day that your face gets red when you’re mad. And if I recall correctly, you’re very contentious – you’re the one flourishing the book at my head,” he said, looking at her over his glasses.

“You’re the one who sat there!” Lily countered.

“You’re the one who started this whole thing. I was merely just sitting here,” James said to her.

“It’s annoying when you’re staring at me.”

“You’re the one who looked.” James sat upright his elbows resting on his knees. “You know, I really didn’t do anything. I sat down here and you looked at me and throw your patience on the floor.”

Lily raised her eyebrow. “What do you really want, Potter?” Lily asked him, some of her iciness shaved off.

“I told you, an explanation would be nice,” James said nonchalantly to her.

Lily grinded her teeth and breathed out. “Potter, it’s a bloody book. A Muggle book, mind you. Why would you want to know what the book is about?” Lily asked him, her eyes settling on his figure.

“How do you know I meant the book?” James countered, his eyes settling on hers.

“Fine. The book is my favorite Muggle book. It’s a classic fairytale about a girl who must live with a beast in a castle, so that her father wouldn’t have to. She hates it there and she hates the beast. Eventually, they get to know each other and they fall in love,” Lily said to him, hoping he wouldn’t press the other matter further.

James shook his head and stood up, little bits of laughter ringing out of his mouth. “And where are you going now,” Lily asked, her fury igniting. “You cannot just simply come in here and interrogate me about – about a book! Then, just leave!” she said to him, watching his body move towards the portrait hole.

James grabbed something behind a chair and turned around. “Quidditch practice,” he said with a smile. Then, he walked out of the portrait hole, his Nimbus 1000 swinging behind him.

“Argh!” Lily screamed when the portrait hole shut. “James Potter, you are such a prat!”

“James, where the bloody hell have you been,” Sirius Black said just as James came out of his office, his Quidditch Robes on and his broomstick in one hand, a chart in the next.

“Yea, James, we’ve been waiting for ten minutes now!” Nova bellowed; her own Nimbus resting beside her.

“I’m sorry, guys; I was going over some plans,” James said to them, using his wand and going over to the chalkboard. “Nova, when you see that snitch, you really have to fly,” James said to her, looking at her. “Really. You catch that and we can win. If we’re down, but a lot, try to keep the other Seekers attention the opposite side until it disappears.”

“Ok,” Nova said nodding, taking in the information. Being a Seeker was not that hard. You didn’t have to memorize plans and plays at least.

James turned to a boys next to her. “Alex, I need you to stick with the plans I came up for us three last year. Those were perfect. We need to score more though,” he said to the blonde-haired boy and Sirius. “Have you practiced over the summer the plays I owled you?” James asked.

Alex nodded. “We tried to go over each others houses as much as possible. But we think we got them down pat. Especially when we worked with you the few times,” Ken said to him.

“Ken and I worked on this move, though,” Sirius said looking at James. “I dive and fake throw it to you and then, I pass it to Ken, who should be in front of the opposing team,” Sirius said to James. He shrugged, “It worked pretty well at practice.”

James nodded. “It sounds reasonable. We’ll try it out. We can always alternate plans,” James said approvingly.

“Yes, we can alternate parts, too. So, the opposing teams don’t follow the pattern. ‘Cause then they’ll only block Sirius or me,” Alex added.

“Exactly,” he said. “Excellent plan, guys.”

James turned to a girl behind Nova who was polishing her broom handle. “Jen, I need you to just keep the balls out of the hoops,” James said to her. He looked at the broom and smiled. “I’m glad you got the Nimbus for your birthday. You won’t regret it, I swear,” James said to her.

The girl looked up. “Yea, I’m glad I got it, too. Thank goodness I got rid of my Comet 140,” she said with a laugh. “I was the slowest one on the team. Now those two are,” she said with a laugh.

“Hey!” Ken said offensively.

James laughed. “Alright, guys, lets start practice!”

Nova stood up, pulling her long hair back into a ponytail. “Hey, Potter, wait up!” she said, as the others began out, talking amicably towards one another.

James stopped and waited for Nova to catch, her putting the last twist on the band, tying it securely. “Yea?” he asked her.

“That discussion at dinner last night…” Nova began as they walked out. “Sorry. I think it’s my fault that I had Lily flip out at you,” Nova said with a smirk. “But I tried.”

James laughed. “Yea, she’s a stubborn one.”

Nova raised her eyebrows. “And I’m not stubborn? Geez, James, you need to open you eyes.”

“You are pretty stubborn… especially when it comes to Quidditch,” James said to her.

Nov shrugged. “I may be a girl, but I know what I like.” She glanced up at James who was mounting his broom. “I’ll let you know now, James, Lily’s not taking this lightly. There’s a lot you don’t know about her and she doesn’t want you to know about her. For some odd reason she’s harvesting a grudge against you,” she said with a smile. “Well, it’s not so odd,” she said.

James smiled. “Thanks, Nova. But lets hope this “grudge” is over by the weekend we go to Hogsmeade,” James said to her.

Nova looked at Jen in the sky, practicing with the other Chasers. “If I were you, I wouldn’t let Jen interfere with you and Lily,” she said to him.

James didn’t dare glance up at the sky. “I know. But it’s not like that’s what Lily is holding a grudge against me for,” James reasoned.

Nova shook her head. “James, do you not get it? You have to keep your focuses on Lily. Don’t go around looking at other girls,” Nova said.

“Well that’s sort of hard, wouldn’t you say? It’s not like this school is just boys.”

“James, don’t be smart with me,” Nova said to him, her eyes flashing. “Lily is my best friend. I nearly killed Amos after he broke up with Lily. I will not have you hurting her either, you hear? If you do get together, you’re under my radar,” Nova said to him.

“I won’t do anything stupid… but that’s a hard thing to do, being me.”

Nova raised her eyebrows. “Then, don’t piss her off. It’s simple, Potter, plain simple.” Nova let the struggling Snitch go and she kicked off the ground, her words lingering in James’ mind.

“What did Ms. Feisty want?” Sirius asked James, as the two walked up the slopes from Quidditch practice.

“Padfoot, stop calling Nova ‘feisty’ it’s sounds really wrong,” James said, running a hand through his damp locks, making it clump together and stand up. He shook his head slightly and breathed in the chilling air of autumn.

“What? She is! Now, answer me,” Sirius said, switching the broomstick from his left to his right and grabbing a small brown bag from his pocket. He pulled out a small red pill-shaped object. He popped it in his mouth and smiled. “Feistiness goes together,” Sirius said, sucking on the candy.

James laughed and grabbed several of the candies. “Pepper Imps are hot, not feisty, Sirius,” James said, popping two into his mouth.

Sirius shook the bag and said, “I need a refill. Thank Merlin we’re going into Hogsmeade in about two weeks,” Sirius said, pocketing the bag. “Plus, what’d she say?”

“Nova?” James asked, getting a nod from Sirius. “She told me not to break Lily’s heart if we get together… or else she’d hurt me. Basically, she threatened me,” James laughed.

“Didn’t you see what she did to Amos Diggory?” Sirius asked seriously.

“Apparently not…”

“He was in the hospital wing for a week or so,” Sirius said. “Hexes, charms, and little but of physical contact kept him in there,” Sirius laughed. “That girl is definitely my type.”

“Ok, Padfoot, then why don’t you ask her out?” James asked him.

“Because she won’t go with me unless Lily goes with you!” Sirius said. “Wanting to go with you, of course; not forced by the Headmaster,” Sirius added.

“Yea, well, Padfoot, don’t get your hopes on going out with Nova anytime soon.”

“Why not?” Sirius asked.

“Because I don’t think Lily’s going to be going out with me anytime soon,” James said looking at Sirius.

The two weeks passed painfully slow for the upper years. For some, it felt like the time for them to go to Hogsmeade would never come. But October dawned on and the 31st of October (a Friday) soon dawned, causing the whole school to be filled with giddiness and glee. Students passed out candy sent from home and cakes and pies were stored in their trunks for late night eating.

Halloween morning was a bright one, pumpkin spice permeating throughout the school. Lily exited out of the Head’s Dorm, and entering the Great Hall. Hagrid hadn’t upset them this year; the pumpkins seemed twice as large than last year and the smaller ones grinned at them wickedly. The First Years’ eyes bulged out of their sockets when they saw the difference in the Great Hall and sat down to a pumpkin spice-filled breakfast.

Lily sat down in between Alice and Nova and helped herself to some hot cider. She buttered a slice of pumpkin spice toast and bit into it.

“I could get used to this,” Nova said, grabbing a handful of roasted pumpkin seeds and munching on them. “Have you ever noticed that Halloween is almost like a day long feast?” she asked after chewing.

Lily finished chewing her toast and said, “I don’t think I could eat pumpkin spiced food all year long.” She wrinkled her nose. “The smell would become aggravating, and I wouldn’t love autumn as much,” she said.

“Ok, Ms. Pessimistic,” Alice said, drinking her hot cider.

A sudden whoosh of wings filled the air and Lily looked up for her Owl, Caramel. Her mum and dad sent something every Halloween, since it was one of Lily’s favorite holidays. Nova’s sleek black SCOPS owl settled in front of her. Lily admired Nova’s owl, it was so small and so cute.

Nova patted her head. “Thank you, Jinx,” she said to the owl, giving the owl a drink of her pumpkin juice, which the owl drank gratefully. Nova tore off the paper and smiled as she opened the box inside. “Pumpkin pasties and Pepper Imps, my parents know me well,” Nova laughed. She took out a small leather pouch and jiggled it. “Aha, Galleons… my mum rocks,” she said with a smile. She took out an envelope and began to read the rather lengthy note.

Lily was laughing as her own owl stooped in front of her as Jinx was leaving for some well-deserved rest in the Owlery.

“Hello, Carm,” she said, detaching a package and a letter. Lily set aside the box and opened up the letter. It was rather short and it seemed rushed.

October 29th

Lily dear,

I hope your year is still going wonderfully. Your grades are excellent, darling, don’t worry yourself so much. I’m sure your hard work and dedication will get you into the job you speak so much of.

I don’t have a lot of time, but your Aunt May is very sick. She had a heart attack last night. Your father and I will be leaving immediately for a twelve o’clock flight. She’s not in very good condition according to your Uncle Jim. But don’t worry, hun, we’ll pray for the best.

Don’t worry about us. Have fun in the village this weekend.

If you need anything, send a letter to Petunia and Vernon.


Mum and Dad

Lily gasped. “Oh my God,” Lily said, standing up abruptly. “I have to go respond to this,” she said, grabbing her school bag and dashing out of the Great Hall re-reading the letter, and not noticing that she had elbowed James on her way out.

James sat down where Lily had been, Sirius on his opposite. “I haven’t been in the Great Hall for a minute and she runs?” James asked, cocking an eyebrow at Nova.

“No, something happened,” she said. “She was reading a note from home.” Nova picked up the package that Lily had left and finished off her juice. “I’m going to go make sure she’s alright,” she said, eyeing James. “And no, do not go after her, either,” Nova said, concerned about the tears in Lily’s eyes.

Nova headed out of the Great Hall, making her way up the steps leading to the Owlery. She opened up the door to the Owlery and was hit with a breeze of cold air. She brought her arms instinctively to her body and shivered slightly. She saw Lily over in the corner, leaning on the wall and writing feverishly.

“Lily?” Nova asked. “Is everything alright?” Nova asked, edging towards her.

Lily turned towards Nova, her eyes threatening to spill with floods of tears. “I’m fine,” she said, turning back to her letter.

“What happened? Tell me, please,” Nova said, putting the package on the windowsill, and sitting next to it, watching as Lily’s neat, slanted, and cursive writing spilled across the parchment.

“My aunt May, who happens to be my favorite aunt, had a heart attack… she might die, Nova,” Lily said to her.

“Oh, Lily, I’m so, so, so sorry,” Nova said to her, her heart going out to her friend. “Is that the one that stayed at your house during the summer that I stayed?” Nova asked out loud.

Lily nodded and folded the parchment, calling for a barn owl, giving her own owl some sleep and rest. The owl stuck out its foot and Lily tied it neatly around the leg and giving the owl the address, she turned around put the slender package in her messenger bag, which she swung over her shoulder.

“Come on, Nova, lets go to class,” Lily said, walking towards the door.

Nova stopped her. “Lily, are you alright? I’ll tell Professor McGonagall. She’ll understand,” Nova said, reaching up and wiping her friend’s tears from her eyes and cheeks.

Lily shook her head. “There’s no point in waiting around, Nova. Can we go, please? The day will go by faster.”

Reluctantly, Nova opened the door and the two walked into the hall. Clapping shoes told them of other presences and came face-to-face with Alice and Marla.

Marla enveloped her friend in a hug, her tight curls bouncing. “Oh, Lily! I heard that you were distraught, are you ok?” she asked, pulling away and looking at Lily.

“My aunt is just very, very sick,” Lily answered, allowing Alice to hug her, too. “I’m fine, guys; I just really want to go to class so that the day goes by faster.”

Marla laughed. “It’s just like you, Lily – when in doubt, go to class.”

The four of them laughed and linked arms and walked off just as the bell rang for their first lesson.

Lily stared out the window and watched as the huge lakes of snow drifted down from the sky and littering the Earth. Only this morning had it been sunny, not foretelling any signs of snow.

A snowy Halloween… that’s a new one, she said to herself. She watched as the flakes hit the ground and layered the Wizarding World in whiteness. It was amazing at how fast the world had coated itself. She considered going outside to walk in it, since this was her last class.

“Mr. Black, will you please stop poking your rat and pay attention,” Professor McGonagall’s voice said sternly, bringing Lily abruptly from her thoughts.

Sirius looked up, trying to conceal his hearty grin. “Sorry, Professor,” he said, releasing the end of his wand from the rats side.

James and Sirius laughed silently as McGonagall went on to discuss the hardness of transforming a rat into a small cub. They looked over at Peter who was sitting behind them, who was wearing scowl. Remus laughed silently beside Peter, looking at his own rat, which look like Peter when he transformed.

A small first year walked in, looking scared to death of entering a seventh year classroom.

“What is it, Mr. Glinkon?” Professor McGonagall said; her back turned to the class. Sirius made a frightening look to the boy, who took a step backward. The class erupted into fits of laughter. “That’s enough!” Professor McGonagall said to the class.

“Th-the Headmaster would-would like to see Lily Ev-Evans,” the boy stuttered out, his eyes round.

“Thank you, Mr. Glinkon,” she said. She didn’t have to excuse him, for he ran out of the class quickly. The class erupted into laughter as Lily stood and collected her belongings.

“Ms. Evans, please get your notes from one of your friends later,” Professor McGonagall said tiredly, rubbing her temples.

“Yes, Professor,” she said, exiting the class and walking towards the door, taking one last glance at the snow. Snow. It symbolized purity, maybe something purifying was going to happen. Like taking James away from my side for tomorrow, Lily thought acidly.

Lily walked up the steps and taking a step back as Nearly Headless Nick passed. “Good evening, Ms Evans,” he said cheerfully as he passed.

“Good evening,” she said as she approached the Headmasters’ office. She stopped and thought. “Shit, the password,” she thought to herself. “Uhm, Pumpkin Pasties, right?” she asked. The gargoyle nodded and jumped to life, allowing her entrance to the secret stairwell. “In light of Halloween, of course,” she said to herself as she stepped on and took the ride up, the cylinder staircase riding up, painfully slow for Lily.

Lily took her step off and straightened her skirt and smoothed her robes. She approached the door and knocked hollowly. She waited for Dumbledore to answer.

“Enter, Ms. Evans,” came Professor Dumbledore’s voice on the other side. Lily grasped the brass doorknob, which was chilled. She turned it and entered the Headmaster’s office, which was just as cluttered with knick-knacks as last time. He smiled over the parchment he was reading. His eyes seemed saddened and his face seemed torn. “Ms. Evans, good evening,” he said to her.

“Good evening, Professor Dumbledore,” she said, closing the door behind herself.

“Please, Ms. Evans, sit. I have to tell you something,” he said sadly.

Lily felt a cold spell overcome her. She sat down coldly as she was told. Her eyes drifted towards the window, where the snow seemed to come down even more heavily, the clouds in the sky a tremendous dark grey; the sky, greyer.

“The snow came suddenly, didn’t it?” Professor Dumbledore asked her, his own crystal blue eyes glancing at the weather.

“Yes, it did,” she said, her eyes mesmerized by the fast flurries. “But it’s a pretty site… the world covered in white.”

“I agree, Ms. Evans. It’s quite a pretty site. Odd for the snow to come this early – but it has happened before.”

Lily’s eyes traveled to Professor Dumbledore’s and she licked her lips. “You wanted to speak with me, Sir?” she asked him. She nearly kicked herself for asking such a question. Her heart already hurt, and she didn’t even know what he was going to tell her. Yet, she had a hunch, and she begged the present to prove her wrong.

Professor Dumbledore leaned in forward and he smiled sadly at her. “Ms. Evans… Lily. I received a note from London this afternoon,” Dumbledore began, picking up the parchment again, reading through his half-moon spectacles.

Lily shook her head slightly. “What would London want with me?” she asked Dumbledore. “Is there a Wizarding community there, too?” she asked.

“There are Wizarding communities everywhere, Ms. Evan, including London,” Dumbledore said slowly.

“Ms. Evans, there was an attack in London this afternoon. Do you remember the attacks I was telling you about?” Dumbledore asked, receiving a gentle nod from Lily. “Well, the same man is doing these attacks. He’s trying to make a point, a powerful point.”

Lily shook her head at Dumbledore and looked at him curiously. “Why would you tell me about these and not tell Po-James about it?” Lily asked, stuttering on James’ name.

“The man, whose name is Tom Riddle, attacked a hospital.”

“But why-,” Lily asked, quickly stopping herself. Her hand rose to her mouth. “My parents,” she said, looking up at Dumbledore. Lily leaned against the desk, tears threatening to spill. “Please tell me that there are survivors, Professor Dumbledore, please,” Lily said, her eyes locked with Dumbledore’s.

“I’m sorry, Ms. Evans… this is the hardest part about my job. When a family member dies and then I have to inform them,” Professor Dumbledore said to her. “I’m deeply sorry, Ms. Evans.”

Lily looked up, tears slowly making their way down her cheeks. “Both of them?” she asked tearfully. Dumbledore nodded mournfully. “I have to go,” she said, getting up quickly.

“I will inform your teachers, Ms. Evans,” Professor Dumbledore said, rising. He watched as the door closed and heard the clicking of her heels hitting the stone steps hollowly.

Dumbledore sat down at his desk and he rubbed his temples. He walked over to a closet and extracted a memory, from his past, and slipped it into a basin, where silver strands glowed earnestly in the cabinet.

“Professor Dumbledore?” said a voice from the door.

Dumbledore turned around. “Minerva, aren’t you in a class?” Dumbledore asked the professor.

“Yes, well, you know seventh years,” Professor McGonagall said with a wave of her hand. “Anyway, Albus, I just saw Ms. Evans in the hall and she was in tears. Albus, what happened?” Professor McGonagall asked him.

Dumbledore sighed. “The hardest part about my job, Minerva; the telling of mourn.”

“Oh, that poor girl,” Professor McGonagall said, looking backwards. “Who was it?” she asked.

“Both her parents and a sick aunt – all thrice Muggles,” Dumbledore said with a shake of his head. “The poor people. They have nothing to do with this world and they have to suffer from our debts.”

”What debts, Albus?” McGonagall asked, her eyes wide with fear.

Professor Dumbledore stood up and walked over to the window, where the snow was still falling. “Debts of a boy denied love, Minerva… love catches up with us again,” he said, turning to her. “I will need Ms. Evans’ friends; Mr. Black, Mr. Lupin, Ms. Vance, Ms. McKinnon and Ms. Jewel.” He clasped his hands together behind his back and turned to look back out onto the snow dusted landscape – Professor McGonagall leaving quietly.

Lily didn’t feel like going back to her Dorm. How could she? All the things that reminded her of home – her parents – were scattered there. She clutched the strap to her bag in her hands, her knuckles turning white, and turned to the front doors. If she didn’t want to go to her Dorm, she might as well go where no one would venture for awhile. She opened the heavy wooden doors and took a step into the pure snow. Her footsteps leading to a bench were the only dents in the perfect scenery.

She took out her wand and she melted the snow away, leaving the bench dry and embracing her as she sat down. Her bag plopped onto the snow, quills scattering out. Lily didn’t care, why would she have to care? Her heart ached physically, her stomach felt as if someone had punched it in. Tears were pricking at her eyes, and they begged her to blink.

Lily leaned forward, her head sinking into her hands. The tears pooled out, collecting in her hands and running down her arm, the coldness pricking it and making it stick to her; tears edged into the side of her mouth, the saltiness of the tears causing a bitter taste to enter her mouth. Her hair stuck to her hand and arms, and her nose and cheeks became blotchy red as the news finally hit her with another punch to the stomach. Lily sat on the bench and cried silently, her whole body shook with the silent sobs that escaped as little breaths of air, yet the feeling was still there. The hotness of the tears cascaded down her cheeks and onto the snow, the snow falling from the sky growing steady and lighter.

Lily felt herself as she had never felt herself before; alone. Alone and lost. She was only sixteen years old, turning seventeen quite soon – but yet, she had no mother and she had no father, and that simple thought brought on another bout of tears, the scalding hotness rushing down her cheeks and branding her with an everlasting feeling that sunk into the fathoms of her heart.

She felt someone sit next to her, but she didn’t move. The tears collected into her hands, as her sobs racked her body. “I know how hard it is,” the voice said.

Lily didn’t bother to move her hands. She took in a breath of the chilling air and whispered, “Go away, Potter.” Her voice faltering at the end, the shallowness of her voice catching in the wind. How could she feel so alone, yet her heart lifted, a hormone spreading through her body.

“I don’t think that I can do that,” he said to her.

Lily shot up, pushing the fiery strands of hair from her face, her hands shaking. “What the hell do you mean by that? I asked you to go away. You have no bloody clue how I feel right now, Potter, no clue at all,” she said.

James had jumped slightly, at the fact that she could chastise him so, yet be so upset at the same time. “I do have a clue. I feel it everyday.”

“Who have you lost? No one, Potter! I lost my family! My parents,” she said, her voice catching at the end.

“I thought you have a sister,” he asked her.

“I do. But she’s a total bitch. She doesn’t even like me. It’s all became I’m a witch,” she said. “My sister wouldn’t take me if her life depended on it. She’s rather die in the fires of hell,” Lily said, wiping the tears from her face.

“Wow,” James said, he looked over at her, even though she was looking out at the whitened fields. “I never knew you could curse or degrade someone in such a way,” James said to her, a little laugh escaping from his mouth.

“There are a lot of things you don’t know about me.”

“Yea, well, I learned two today: you can curse and you hate your sister with a vengeance.”

Lily smiled slightly and looked at him. Suddenly, she jumped up. “This is your entire fault!” she said suddenly to him.

“How’s it my fault?” he asked, cocking an eyebrow at her.

“Your parents! Your family! They are all Aurors! And not one of them has caught this man that’s going around and killing people! Not one person has! Who is, Potter? Who’s going to stop this man from killing another person, like he killed my parents!” she asked him, tears cascading slowly down her cheeks; lines of tears reforming on her face.

James nodded, suddenly understanding. He stood up and faced her, gripping her shoulders in his hands, holding her firmly in his square line of vision. “Blame everyone, Lily Evans, but it’s no one’s fault except that man’s fault. He’s the one killing him. He’s the one using the Unforgivable Curse.”

Lily stiffened with his feel. The hormone shot through her body and she felt herself tense, yet relax in his grip at the same time. The tears came faster and hotter, mixed with feelings and sadness. Out of no where, Lily flew out of his arms and punched his stomach once, right in the gut, then flung her arms around him and embraced him tightly. Her head rested in the middle of his chest, her tears coming faster and more furiously than before. The sobs racked her body again, her breathing became shallow and hoarse as sobs escaped her mouth and entered the James’ clothing.

Lily felt James fasten his arms around her waist and embrace her slightly, allowing Lily to mourn in the waking of his arms.

Nova, Alice and Marla walked together towards the front of the school. Lily had not been in the library nor her Dorm. Figuring she’d be outside, they walked towards the front doors of Hogwarts, the three all worried for Lily. There faces adorned in mourning and sorrow.

Nova opened up the doors, the metal squeaking loudly and the wood grunting in old age. The three girls instantly brought their cloaks more tightly wrapped around themselves, their scarves hiding their mouths. The snow was slowing down, leaving a foot or two of snow on the ground, littering the world in pure whiteness.

“I’m going this way, guys, you two go that way,” Nova said pointing them in directions, Nova taking the path with footprints leading to a path that was known to be filled with benches. Nova turned the corner and stopped cold. There in the middle of the path was Lily, in the arms of James Potter who looked both confused and hurt. How the hell had he found her first? What was going on?

James face met Nova’s and he stepped back slightly, Lily releasing her arms, her face blotchy red with tear trickling down in fast paces. Her body shook, even under her heavy cloak, her face was distorted, her red hair sticking to her cheeks, her eyes clashing horribly with the greenness of them.

“Oh shit,” Lily said, her eyes drifting to James, who looked like a puppy caught in a bad deed. “Oh bloody hell…,” Lily cursed herself, wiping her cheeks fervently. “Thanks, Potter, for the…,” Lily said incoherently, running past Nova, her eyes threatening to spill again.

Nova’s eyes caught James. “Look what you did,” she said, glaring at him.

“I didn’t do anything!” James said. “She came at me! I came out here to comfort her! Then, she starts punches me and then hugs me! I did not do anything to her!” James said, reminiscing the previous moments.

Nova stared hard. “God help you, James. I swear…,” she said to him, starting backwards towards the castle. “She’s vulnerable. You have to watch,” she hissed. Turning around and running back up to the castle.

James dropped his arms and sat down. “Why is this so hard?” he asked out loud to no one in particular. “Why can’t I just hold her in my arms for more than a few seconds, without her crying…?”

Nova ran into the Heads Dorm, practically spitting the password at the portrait. She entered Lily’s Dorm room, taking the steps two at a time and opening the door, which was cracked.

Lily lay on her bed, curled in a fetal position. Nova walked over and sat down on her bed, pushing the hair out of Lily’s face. Lily looked up and sniffed. “I can’t do this anymore, Nova. My heart cannot hurt because of two problems. It cannot mourn and yearn at the same time,” Lily said, her voice high-pitched. A sob racked her body and Nova held her. “I can’t do it, Nova, I can’t do this anymore.”

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Chapter 9: Just Not For Me
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It Started with Hate, It Ended with Death
Chapter 09 ~ Just Not For Me

Lily rolled over in her bed, towards the sunlight that was poking through her windows in her Dorm. She opened one eye and glanced towards the clock which read nine forty-two in the morning. She sighed and curled herself up more and breathed into her sheets. Her eyes hurt and her nose was sore from crying and blowing her nose all night. She glanced down towards the ground where Nova was on a sleeping bag, curled away from the sunlight. Nova and Lily had stayed up most of the night; Lily crying, Nova soothing her.

Lily shut her eyes tightly; all night she had hoped that it was some ruthless nightmare that invaded her mind, and had made her ultimate nightmare, become the reality that no one wanted to live or be entangled in; and that when she woke up the next morning, her owl would be sitting on her bed, a fat letter perched on its leg and then, Lily would write her mum and tell her of the nightmare, and receive a letter soothing Lily of the nightmare. But none of that was going to happen because her parents were dead, her nightmare had won. The ruthless, cold fingers of reality had grabbed her heart and had squeezed it, causing pain and numbness.

Lily rolled herself into a fetal position, and grasped her sheets tightly. “Lily?” said a tired voice from below. “Lily, wake up.”

Lily wiped her nose on the sheet and looked over the edge of her own sheets. “Hey,” Lily said to her friend who was facing Lily’s bed, her body still scrunched.

“Did you sleep alright?” Nova asked her, her face falling into a sympathy smile.

Lily nodded. “Come on, we have to get dressed for Hogsmeade,” Lily said, sitting up, and getting out of bed.

“Lil, you don’t have to go to Hogsmeade today… I’m sure Professor McGonagall and Professor Dumbledore wouldn’t care,” Nova said, sitting up and leaning over to a bag that she had brought with her, retrieving a pair jeans and a purple sweater.

Lily opened up her own wardrobe and picked up a pair of faded jeans and turned towards Nova. “I have responsibilities, Nova, I can’t just let them down because of my personal life,” Lily said softly, turning back and looking at the shirts folded neatly in their cubby holes.

She heard Nova get out of the sleeping bag and approach her. “Are you sure you want to go, Lily? I’m sure James will do fine,” Nova asked her.

Lily nodded her head affirmatively. “I need some fresh air.”

Nova nodded understandingly and pointed to a sweater on the shelf. “Wear the green one; it brings out your eyes.”

Lily smiled. “Thanks. You shower first; I’m going to do something real fast.”

“You sure?” Nova asked her.

“Yea, go ahead.”

Nova walked off with her clothes and shut Lily’s door behind herself. Lily placed her clothes out on her bed and she walked over to her desk and sat down to write a letter to her sister.

Lily and Nova left the Heads Dormitory and made their way to the Entrance Hall. Lily averted her eyes from the students in the corridor – Lily knew that the Daily Prophet probably had an evening edition go out last night, to bring the news to the people.

Nova and Lily rounded a corner and Lily came to a stop, looking at the Grand Staircase.

If I go down those steps, I will face everything I never wanted to face before, Lily said to herself.

“Come on, Lily, I’ll make sure no one says anything to you,” Nova said, grabbing Lily’s hand and leading the way down the steps. Lily tried to swallow, but something the size of the galleons in her pocket, was forming there. The two girls made their way down the steps, the hollow sounds of their feet making Lily feel nauseous.

“Lets hope that Zonko’s have gotten some good stuff over the summer… hopefully some new products as well,” Sirius said going down a list, as James kept his eyes pinned to the stairs.

“Yea, let’s hope,” James muttered, running his hands through his hair.

“Do we need more Dung Bombs? I forgot to check…” Sirius asked, more to himself than to James. “I think I have another pack. Whatever, we’ll just buy another pack… oh, and I need some sugar quills, not to mention real ones as well,” Sirius added on.

“Yea, so do I,” James said half-heartedly. His eyes leapt at the site of a girl in jeans and a green sweater, her hair half-up half-down, the curls slightly wet.

“Let’s go find tweedle dum and tweedle doo,” Sirius said to him, sticking the list in his pocket. He twirled on his heel and skimmed the crowd, branching off into it.

“James,” a voice cooed from behind James. James spun around, his eyes falling on a girl with long blonde hair and sky blue eyes. “Are you going with anyone to Hogsmeade?” she asked, sidling up to his side.

“Uh, Jen…,” James said, rubbing the back of his neck. “I’m going with the Head Girl,” he said quickly.

“That Evans girl?” Jen asked, her nose wrinkling. “You’re still after her? James dear, get over her…,” Jen said, her eyelashes gracing her cheeks as she blinked seductively.

“Jen, that was a fling last year,” James said, his eye gracing the staircase, as Lily and Nova stood there, talking to Professor McGonagall.

“But you gave me the Keeper position on the team,” she pouted playfully.

“Because you have talent,” James said, his eyebrows furrowing in confusion.

“Well,” Jen said, running her fingers down his chest. “I have more talent than just Quidditch,” she said with a smirk.

“Jen, no,” James said, grabbing her hand and pushing it away.

Jen straightened and frowned. “You’re not the same, James, and it’s a shame…,” she said to him, turning her back and walking towards a group of Hufflepuff boys.

James sighed and shook his head, glancing back over to the stairs, where Lily’s eyes had watched the entire time…

Lily sighed as she sat at the last step of the stairs, Nova next to her, as they both watched Professor McGonagall approach them, a scornful look on her lips. “Great,” Lily muttered under her breath, incoherent to Nova.

“Ms. Evans,” Professor McGonagall said a few steps from Lily and Nova. “I’m so sorry about your parents.”

“Thanks,” Lily replied solemnly, her eyes averting to the crowd. They found the head of a tousled, black-haired boy, whose eyes were lingering longingly on a girl with waist-length, wavy blonde hair.

“You know, Ms. Evans, if there’s anything you need…,” Professor McGonagall said to her, her eyes softening with sympathy.

“Thanks, Professor, I’ll…” Lily stopped and looked at James oddly as the girl ran her fingernail down James’ chest, his red sweater stretching with the muscles in his arms. She saw them go rigid, and his jaw clench. “I’ll do that,” Lily finished, her eyes flashing back to Professor McGonagall.

Professor McGonagall’s eyes softened with sympathy, as she thought that Lily stopped to compose herself. “If you need a few days off for class…,” she said to her.

“It’s alright, Professor, Professor Dumbledore told me that my parents’ funeral is on Friday, I’ll leave on Thursday night. I should be fine, Professor, honestly. My studies should not be put on hold,” Lily said, holding back tears as the thought of her parents’ funeral entered her mind.

Lily looked over at James again; his eyes were linked onto hers the light reflecting off of his glasses, obscuring her from seeing the emotion in his eyes. “That asshole,” Lily whispered to herself.

“I didn’t catch that, Ms. Evans?” Professor McGonagall said; her face twisted into confusion.

“Oh,” Lily said, her eyes disconnecting from James’. “I was just thinking of that man… the man who had mur-murdered my parents,” Lily said, her voice catching.

Professor McGonagall nodded knowingly, tears clinging to her eyes, underneath her spectacles. “I’ll let you go find Mr. Potter. I know Professor Dumbledore wanted the two of you to accompany the other students into Hogsmeade. After all, Ms. Evans, you two are at the top of the class.” Professor McGonagall sighed, wiping at the mist that had accumulated in her eyes, as she made her way to the front of the crowd.

Lily sighed herself and said, “That’s my job.”

“It’ll be alright, Lil,” Nova said, who had been uncannily quiet this whole time.

“I know,” Lily said, her body sighing. “That’s what everyone tells me… It's what anyone ever tells me nowadays.”

“Shit,” James muttered to himself as Lily focused her eyes on Professor McGonagall again.

“James, where the hell have you been?”

“Uh, what?” James asked confused, turning around to look into Sirius’ eyes. “What do you mean?”

“I thought you were behind me when I wondered off to go look for Remus and rat boy,” Sirius said to him.

“Oh, I got distracted – sorry, Padfoot. Did you find them?” he asked him, his eyes flashing to the staircase, but Lily was already gone.

“No. Don’t know where the hell they are,” Sirius said, his eyes gracing the room once more. “But no matter, they’ll find us. They always do.”

“Yea, that’s true.”

“Can I have your attention, please,” Professor McGonagall’s voice rang with sternness. It seemed that she had composed herself in that short while from the staircase to the Main Entrance. “Now that we have gathered your names and the Third Years’ permission slips, we can all leave. But, there are rules. First off, do not do anything to embarrass this school, Hogsmeade is a privilege and it can be taken away,” Professor McGonagall said sternly, her eyes resting on Sirius’.

“That’s never stopped us,” Sirius whispered to James, who couldn’t help but smile.

“Also, if there are any problems, our Head Boy and Girl will be traveling together. If you need them, you can find them. Ms. Evans, Mr. Potter, if you could please come forward,” Professor McGonagall said with a wave of her hand.

Lily felt her cheeks warm when she heard Professor McGonagall call her voice. “Go, Lily, I’ll meet you when we go out,” Nova said, pushing Lily.

“Yea, go,” Alice and Marla said simultaneously, which the two had just found the group moments beforehand.

Lily felt the jolt of Nova’s push, and she knew that she could not go – everyone’s eyes were on her, and she could make out James’ head traveling to the front as well. Lily took a deep breath and walked toward the front.

When she got to the front, Professor McGonagall gave the two the floor and she looked at James who just stared at her. She could feel her face warming up and she turned towards the group of students, who were all staring at her and James.

“We will walk out and into the village,” Lily said, her confidence rising. She had always loved to speak publicly. “If you’re in trouble at all, please don’t hesitate to find either of us,” she announced, then waved her arm to show that they were leaving.

The chatter began once the group hit the outside. The snow was still on the ground, casting a glimmer onto the castle and into people’s eyes. They cast their hands to above their eyes, some sticking sunglasses upon the bridge of their noses. The wind cast a cold chill onto people and everyone immediately bundled up more, bringing their scarf’s more up on their necks and chins.

Lily glanced sideways at James. He had always been a flirt, per say – at least, he had always been with one girl or another. He and his “new girl of the week or month” was always the topic of everyone’s chats, at least once or twice a day. She didn’t know him well, but she knew that he played with Nova on the Quidditch team and he was always boasting on end about his skills. He was good, she had to admit, but it was his egotistical mind that just plain pissed her off.

It wasn’t until last year that he really started to mature, in his ways. He stayed with a girl for more than a week or two; he didn’t kiss in public, or even boast about his scoring or skills on the Quidditch Team. Nope, instead he turned to Lily, much to her dislike. He started to show his “love” for her even more, and then, him and Lily became the topics of people’s conversations.

“Won’t they be a cute couple” or “There children would be adorable. What? With James’ eyes and Lily’s hair color? Or the other way around!” or “If James has the right genes, that kid will just be a damn good Quidditch player! Smart, nonetheless, like Lily as well!” Of course, Lily would just roll her eyes and pretend that she didn’t hear them, it was disturbing. Her in bed with James? Like that would ever happen!

Lily’s eyes followed to the front, where the town of Hogsmeade loomed threateningly. It was never possible; not in the entire world would she and James ever be able to get together. It just wasn’t possible at all. And even if it was, Lily was determined to halt that possibility at a standstill.

James smiled as he entered the town of Hogsmeade. Lily was at his side – in all the times he had asked her, she would always say no. Of course, this was sort of forced by the Headmaster, but in his opinion, Dumbledore was brilliant… in an old sort of way. He had made dreams come true for James, even if Lily was as happy as a girl with the intense animosity for him as her…

“So,” he said to Lily, as the students behind him dispersed into stores and to the Leaky Cauldron. “Do you want to walk up and down the village or do you need stuff?” he asked her, hoping that she would shiver in a way that would cause the two into the Leaky Cauldron.

Lily stayed silent for a moment. “I need quills. I’ve broken a few of mine,” Lily said vaguely, hoping that that was all she needed.

“Well, I need some parchment, and I believe quills. So, I guess we’re headed off to Scrivenshafts,” James said, with a sideways glance to Lily, who looked entirely worn out. Of course, how could she not? Who could lose both of their parents in one go and still hold it together?

Lily sighed. She really was not in the mood for all of this. James Potter, the completely egotistical prat whom had made her life miserable since her first few minutes at Hogwarts when he tipped over her boat in the black lake, was standing right beside her as they passed Zonko’s on their way to Scrivenshafts. Could her life get any worse than it already was? Lily honestly did not like James Potter - actually, she despised him with all her being, but what could she do about that?

“So, how long till Lily cracks?” Nova asked, as she popped some Bertie Bott’s into her mouth. “I mean, James Potter… for about six hours has to make her crack sometime,” she said, as she wrinkled her nose at the flavor.

“I don’t know…,” Marla answered her, as the three girls peered into the Scrivenshafts window, watching Lily and James.

“Guys, this is so wrong,” Alice said to them. “Lily trusts us, and here we are watching her, not to mention betting on ow much longer until she cracks,” Alice said, as her curiosity took to her and she peered in too.

“Alice, stop being such a worrywart. Honestly, it’s harmless… fun,” Marla said with a shrug. She turned to Nova. "Two hours."

“Look at her,” Nova said a few minutes later. “She looks so…” Nova contemplated for a few minutes. The other two girls turned to her, looking at her expectantly. “… so, annoyed,” Nova said finally.

“Oh shoot, they’re coming out,” Alice said, ducking into the alleyway, leaving the other two.

Marla shook her head. “She’s such a worrywart!” The bell dinged above Marla and Nova’s head as Lily and James walked out. “Or maybe she’s right all the time,” Marla whispered.

Lily glanced over. Stalkers, she thought, as she eyed the two hovered by the window. “What are you guys doing here?” Lily asked, hoping that James didn’t think that she had staked him out.

“Um, nothing, looking at the new quills,” Nova said, pointing to the bright purple feather in the window. “Perfect for me, huh?”

Lily looked in the window. “Yea, perfect, Nova, why don’t you go buy it. It’s ninety-five galleons,” Lily said with a smirk as she folded her arms across her chest.

Nova glanced back in the window. Ninety-five galleons for a quill? Couldn’t be right… but Lily had been right, of course. “I can admire, can’t I?” Nova asked innocently.

James looked between the girls – from Nova’s false innocent smile, to Marla’s smiling face, to Lily’s smirk. “Um, Nova, why would you pay ninety-five galleons for a quill?” James asked, confused in the matter.

“Because, it’s a perfect view,” Lily answered for her.

“Sight. I think you meant ‘sight’, Lily,” Nova answered.

“No, I did mean view.” Lily fiddled with the handles on her bag, as a gust of chilly air blew by them, Lily’s hair waving frantically in the wind, and bustling her cheeks with redness.

“Should we gp?” James asked, after an awkward silence. “We’ve been a long time down here, students rarely come down this way,” he lied, just to move on and away from Lily’s friends, even though he liked their company, he just wanted one moment to be with his “dream” girl.

Lily’s face fell. She really didn’t want to be alone with James. “I –"

“Yes! Go on! We didn’t mean to keep you,” Marla said, a little too perky. She turned to Nova and grabbed her hand, “Lets go look at that quill!” she said, smirking hard at Lily.

They won, Lily thought to herself. Of course, they get the last word…

The bell dinged merrily as the two entered the store, leaving an icy silence in the air, and tension rose with unwanted company. James gestured for the two to continue and said, “Are you cold, Evans? We can get, uh, a butterbeer…?”

Lily sighed. She really didn’t want to be alone with Potter, not one bit. But she was cold, freezing in fact, and she just wanted something to warm her. “Fine,” she said throwing in the towel. She turned to James and said, “And if you try anything, Potter, I swear to Merlin, you will jinxed so much, your knickers will be twisted in a knot that not even the brightest or smartest Healer will be able to fix. You hear, Potter?” Lily asked, her anger bubbling.

“Yes, ma’am,” James said, saluting to her mockingly.

Lily made a sour face at him and twirled around fast as the two made their way down the street of Hogsmeade, Lily walking as fast as her legs would carry her. Of course, James was either directly next to her or one step ahead. He didn’t even have to walk fast, he was tall and she was, well, five foot three. She glared up at his tall, looming figure and sighed.

Students around them ran buy, laughing and chatting, as if the world was perfect. What Lily could not understand was how they all got by day by day – when, in her world, the world had simply stopped revolving, gravity evaporating, giving her the unpleasant feeling of walking on air.

A bell rang chillingly as it snapped Lily out of her sub-conscious mind, and to the face of James Potter who was waiting for her to walk in, holding open the door. She walked in, scared of what people would think. But as she walked in, no one looked at her, everyone was huddled over there glasses of butterbeer, the steam pouring out of the tops of their cups as they sipped their drinks.

“Do you drink butterbeer?” James asked her, grabbing a booth in the corner.

“Of course I do,” she said, grabbing her purse, as James shook his hand out she answered sourly, “Potter, we’re not on a date, and I will not give you this satisfaction.” She handed James a few coins and looked away.

James shrugged and walked up, putting in the order, for the young Madame Rosmerta. She looked at the cracking wood, which was dark with age. She couldn’t help but think about her house at home. What would become of it? What would become of her parents belongings?

The clinking of glass against wood made Lily jump as the eyes of James came into loom. Now, that’s a nice site to see, Lily said to herself sarcastically.

“Are you ok?” James asked, sliding a glass to her. “You seem, out of it…”

“Do I now, Potter?” Lily asked in a clip voice. She wrapped her numb fingers around the glass, willing the warm to whisk away the coldness.

“Yea, you do,” James said, running a hand through his hair, nervously.

“Well, considering the circumstances I seem to have a reason, do I not?” she asked him, her face warming. “Merlin, Potter, you can be very shallow-minded!”

“Hey, James,” said a voice from behind Lily. “Well, well, what do we have here?”

Lily’s eyes flashed as she turned, to meet the grey eyes of Sirius Black. “Black, I swear to Merlin – if you do not leave right now, I will curse you then stick you in detention for next Saturday, all day long, with Professor McGonagall.”

“But next Saturday is Gryffindor’s first game of the year!” Sirius rebuked, his face falling.

“Well move!” she said to him, pointing her finger towards the door.

“Fine,” he said, looking at James. “I just wanted to let you know, that when you’re done with hothead, here, that we found Snape and we’re following him and flicking bits of paper into his head, to see how many we get to stick.”

Lily stood up and glared at him. “BLACK! GO!”

Sirius held up his hands. “Jesus, fine.” He backed out, sending James a glance.

Lily sat back down, putting her head in her hands. “Uh, sorry about that,” James said tentatively, after a few minutes.

Lily looked up. “I don’t know what your problem is, or why you’re shallow-minded, but the world does not revolve around you,” Lily said, her face bright red, clashing with her hair horribly.

James looked quizzically at her. “What do you mean? Padfoot just said all of those things. It’s not like I asked you out or anything.”

“But that’s the point, Potter! You didn’t ask me out!”

“I’m confused…,” James said, looking quite confused, his brow furrowed.

“Potter! You don’t understand! You’re just not for me! Get it through your head!” Lily said, leaning into the table.

James looked down. “Fine, I’ll leave you alone then,” James said, getting up. “I tried, but I guess that wasn’t enough, was it?” he asked her, slipping her coins from the butterbeer onto the table. “See you later, Evans.”

Lily looked down at the coins, glittering through her glass of butterbeer, and back up at the looming head of Jesus’ messy locks.

“Potter, wait!” she yelled at him. But the door had shut, leaving behind a gusty, cool wind, causing only Lily to shiver.

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