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Crystal Tears by Crystaltears

Format: One-shot
Chapters: 2
Word Count: 6,575
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Strong Language

Genres: Romance
Characters: Draco, Harry, OC
Pairings: Others

First Published: 11/20/2005
Last Chapter: 08/22/2007
Last Updated: 08/22/2007

Twin sisters, Crystal and Diamond have to move to england after being thrown out of the salem witches institute and being disowned by their parents.What will Diamond make of Harry potter? What is the cause of Crystals tears and will she find comfort in a certain slytherin?

Chapter 1: A New Start
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Disclaimer:- All i own is the twins, kati and the plot.

Chapter 1
A New Begining

Many heads turned as the Montreal sisters walked through kings cross station. Diamond was at the front, she walked with confidence, flashing smiles at all the males who were eying her with curiosity. She had beautiful shoulder length brunette hair, deep brown eyes, and a beautiful smile. She was slim and wearing a short skirt, high heels and a VERY low cut top. Behind trailed Crystal, she had glittering long blonde hair that came to the small of her back, her face was hollowed as if she had suffered something terrible but it made her look more beautiful and her big blue eyes showed pain but made you think that she shouldn’t be crossed. She dressed very different from her sister, she wore baggy jeans, a tight tee and skate shoes she had found in a muggle shop. She didn’t agree with her sisters saying ‘if you’ve got it, flaunt it.’
They walked up to the barrier that separated platform nine and three quarters from the muggle world, waited till no one was looking and slipped through it, just as tom, the barman where they had been staying, had told them too.
They approached the train and Crystal started coughing. Diamond giggled quietly as she heard her sister muster something like ‘stupid trains’ under her breath. Diamond really hoped that being at a school again would bring Crystal back out of her shell; she had hardly talked at all since the incident back home in America.
They boarded the train and went in search of a cabin. Nearly every one was packed with students. About half way down the came across one wit three first years in.
Diamond opened the door. ‘Hey midgets, out. Now’ she shot them a death stare and they grabbed their luggage, fleeing the compartment. Diamond laughed but Crystals face just remained impassive as always. They lifted their luggage into the rack with little difficulty and each spread out on one of the seats.
Diamond talked at her sister for about five minutes then gave up because Crystal was clearly ignoring her.
‘I don’t have to be here you know’ Diamond reminded her.
Crystal stared at her for a few moments. ‘I didn’t force you to come, you wanted to. Don’t try and guilt trip me it won’t work; you can go home if you want.’ She looked hurt and went back to staring at the ceiling.
‘You know I wouldn’t let you come on your own, plus it would be boring at home with no one but Ruby to talk to.’
Crystal smirked. Ruby was their younger sister and their parents favorite, she knew it as well which made her intolerable.
Crystal looked back to her sister. ‘I’m sorry, I just don’t feel like talking at the moment. I’m having cravings’ she sat up ‘can’t I just do one bit? Just to keep me going?’
Diamond looked at her with sympathy. ‘You can’t do any dark magic, not till your strengths back up. You have to be careful, Dumbledore will be watching you, he knows what happened.’
Crystal sighed and lay back down resuming her inspection of the ceiling.
A woman’s voice rang through the train ‘we will be leaving kings cross station in five minutes, please ensure you are in you compartments as soon as possible.’
Suddenly the compartment door sprang open and four boys and a girl stood in the doorway.
‘What are you doing in our compartment?’ the blonde boy at the front asked eying them suspiciously.
Diamond smirked and raised an eyebrow. ‘Your compartment?’
‘Yes our compartment, we sit here every year. Who are you? I don’t recognize you, your not Griffindors are you?’ he looked disgusted at the thought.
‘Well seeing as you asked so nicely’ Diamond said sarcastically ‘I’m Diamond Montreal and this is my twin sister Crystal, were new.’
The boy studied Crystal, he thought she had a haunting look that he thought was very attractive. ‘Aren’t twins meant to look the same?’
‘Were non-identical’ she rolled her eyes, this boy, though he was gorgeous, seemed very slow.
Doesn’t she talk?’ he motioned towards Crystal Who was sending death stares to the girl at the back.
‘Not much. She used to be loud but since the incident…’ she trailed off glancing at Crystal who had sat up and was looking at the boy with interest.
He was just about to ask about the incident when the train started to move, causing him to lurch forward, landing in Crystals lap. She let out a small gasp of shock as he landed on her and Diamonds eyes grew wide.
Crystal smirked at the boy, which greatly shocked her sister as she never showed anyone emotion anymore.
‘I don’t know you and you feel the need to sit on my lap?’ She was still smirking.
Diamond looked at her sister in disbelief, Crystal had only spoken to her since they left America. The boy stood up. ‘I’m sorry.’ He smiled a rare true smile. ‘I’m Draco Malfoy.’
‘And who are your friends?’ asked Diamond who was now looking at the dark haired boy nearest to her with a glint in her eye.
Draco followed her gaze and smirked. ‘That’s Blaise Zabini’ he nodded at the boy Diamond was looking at. He then motioned to a broad tall muscled boy ‘That’s Vincent Crabbe’ next he pointed to a short fat boy ‘That’s Gregory Goyle’ Then finally motioned towards the girl whom Crystal had started glaring at again. ‘and that is Pansy Parkinson’
Pansy smirked. ‘His girlfriend.’
Draco whirled around. ‘How many times do I have to tell you, you throwing yourself at me does not count as you being my girlfriend.’ He snapped.
Pansy looked as though she’d been slapped. Diamond laughed loudly and Crystal quietly giggled under her breathe.
‘Are you going to sit down or would you rather stand there all day?’ Diamond smirked.
The boys all sat down, Blaise and Gregory next to Diamond and Draco and Crabbe next to Diamond. Pansy was left standing in the doorway.
‘Where am I meant to sit?’ she asked no one in particular.
‘I’m sure there is space in another compartment.’ Diamond put on a large fake smile.
Pansy ignored her and walked over to Draco. She sat on his lap causing him to look at her in disgust. He pushed her off. ‘What are you doing? Go sit in Montages compartment.’
She frowned and walked to the door.
‘Oh Pansy?’ She turned around at Diamonds voice. ‘1993 called, they want their hairstyle back.’
Pansy’s jaw dropped and she stormed from the compartment slamming the door behind her.
Crystal snorted with laughter. Diamonds eyes widened then she started laughing as well. She couldn’t remember the last time she heard Crystal laugh. The four boys looked at the girls strangely then they started laughing as well.
Some time later they stopped laughing and Crystal slipped back into her quiet shell.
Gregory looked at the girls with a confused look on his face. ‘You look too old to be first years.’ He stated.
‘That’s because were sixth years dumbass.’ Diamond smirked. ‘We transferred from the Salem witches institute. Well, I say transferred we got kicked out.’
‘oh. Why did you get thrown out?’ he asked.
Diamond smiled ‘not for me to say.’ She looked at Crystal. ‘Maybe one day Crystal will tell you.’
The rest of the journey was spent with Diamond flirting with Blaise, Vincent, Gregory and Draco talking what they were going to do when they got to the castle and slagging down potter and co’ and Crystal just sat in a peaceful silence, looking out the window or occasionally listening to the boys conversation.
When they were five minutes away from the station, Diamond and Crystal went to the bathroom to change into their uniforms. Crystal put on her uniform, slung her cloak around her shoulders straightened her hair out and was ready to go, but she had to wait for Diamond to coat another layer of make up on her face.
‘Will you hurry up, the trains already stopped.’ Crystal snapped, pacing the bathroom. She was nervous. This would be the first time she was in a room full of hundreds of people since she was at the institute.
‘Ok, ok I’m coming.’ She checked her appearance in the mirror once more before gliding out of the bathroom, Crystal close behind.
They stepped off the train and walked straight into a giant bearded man. Diamond let out a small scream. The man chuckled. ‘You’re the new sixth years I suppose, wait here; you’ve got to come with me. I jus’ got to round up the first years. FIRST YEARS THIS WAY! I’m Hagrid by the way.’
Once all the first years had been found, they walked along a long path surrounded by trees.
‘Now in a sec’ you’ll get your first glimpse of the castle.’ Hagrid announced.
When they turned the corner the first years let out a gasp. Crystal looked at Diamond and raised an eyebrow at the kids’ reactions.
‘Now if you’ll get in the boats we’ll go up to the castle.’ Hagrid instructed, motioning towards the small fleet of boats at the edge of the vast lake.
Diamond and Crystal looked at the boat they had to get in disgustedly before getting in. Once they got to the school an elderly witch called professor McGonagall met them. She led them up a flight of steps and told them to wait. She returned a shot time later holding a stool and a battered hat.
‘You two,’ McGonagall pointed at the twins. ‘will be sorted first, come to the front and everyone follow me.’
They went to the front like she told them and followed into the great hall. Crystal almost froze when she saw the amount of people in the hall. She felt hundreds of eyes on her. She glanced at Diamond who was flashing smiles at all the males she caught eye contact with. Crystal glanced at the table laden with green and silver. She caught eye contact with Draco, the boy from the train, who gave her a reassuring smile.
McGonagall’s voice rang out through the hall, causing silence. ‘We will now begin the sorting. This year we have to sixth year students who have transferred from the Salem witches institute. I hope you will all make them welcome. Crystal Montreal.’
Crystal nervously walked up to the stool and sat on it. McGonagall placed the hat on her head.
‘Oh you’re an easy one to place.’ The hat whispered in her ear. ‘SLYTHERIN’ It shouted to the room.
Crystal took the hat off and handed it to McGonagall as the green table erupted with cheers. She walked over and sat by Draco who had made a space for her.
‘Thanks’ she whispered.
She turned to watch her sister being sorted. It took a while but eventually it shouted ‘RAVENCLAW’
Diamond walked confidently up to the Ravenclaw table and sat down next to a black haired seventh year.
‘At least she’s not a Gryffindor, the muggle loving fools’ Draco whispered in her ear.
Crystal giggled. ‘God forbid, were pure bloods for crying out loud!’
Draco smiled, she seemed more talkative when her sister wasn’t around. They watched the rest of the sorting in silence, getting bored quickly. After what seemed hours, the last first year ran to the Hufflepuff table. Dumbledore stood up.
‘Welcome students’ old and new, time to eat.’ He smiled at the students as the tables filled with food.
Crystal glanced at her sister who was talking animatedly with the boy next to her whilst filling her plate. Crystal looked at the food in front of her but didn’t take any. Instead she sipped slowly from her goblet of pumpkin juice.
‘Not hungry, eh?’ Draco whispered into her ear.
‘No.’ She leant back in her chair. ‘I just want to get out of this hall, people keep looking at me.’
‘That’s because your pretty’ he smiled.
‘and that’s all people see. My sister may be content with living off her looks but I’m not.’
‘I know about people only seeing what’s on the outside.’


Diamond walked up to the Ravenclaw common room with a girl named Kati she had made friends with at dinner. She didn’t usually get on with girls but she seemed cool. When they got in the common room Diamond noticed the boy who she’d been talking to at dinner sitting on a sofa near the fire. She went and sat next to him.
‘Hey Joe’ she smiled at him. She was about to move closer to him when someone dragged her off the sofa by her hair. ‘What on earth do you think you are doing?’ she asked, looking the Chinese girl who had dragged her up and down.
‘Stay away from my boyfriend bitch!’ she shouted.
‘Cho she didn’t know!’ Kati cut in.
‘He’s mine!’ Cho spat.
‘Do I really look like I care?’ Diamond smirked.
Cho slapped her around the face.
‘You did not just slap me you little whore!’ Diamond punched Cho in the face and she fell to the floor. Diamond lent over her. ‘Stay out of my way. Come on Kati.’
Diamond walked into their dormitory and collapsed on a bed, Kati lay down next to her.
‘What a bitch, I was only talking to him. How was I supposed to know, he seemed interested.’ Diamond mused.
‘She’s really overprotecting of her boyfriends. You should have seen her with Cedric Diggory, she was like a leech and she’d slap you if you even looked at him.’
‘Is that why he finished with her?’
‘No, he died just over a year ago, at the end of fourth year, by he who must not be named.’
‘Oh that Dark Lord bloke with the death eater thingy’s? You don’t hear much about him in America but he’s known. What was Diggory like?’
‘He was gorgeous. He was a Hufflepuff and they’re usually a waste of time but he was just..’ Kati sighed remembering Cedric.
Diamond yawned. ‘I’m really tired, I think I’ll go to bed.’ She walked over to her trunk and got out her small silk nightdress. She got changed and neatly place her uniform on top of her trunk.
‘Night Kati’ Diamond yawned as she got in to bed.
‘Night’ she replied as she got changed.
Diamond pulled the blue hangings around her bed shut and fell straight to sleep.


Crystal walked down to the Slytherin common room with Draco and Blaise, they were the only ones she had talked to.
Once they were in the common room Draco and Blaise headed straight for the two chairs near the fire.
‘I’m going to bed guys, I’m really tired.’ Crystal told them. They both got up and gave her a hug.
‘Night’ they said in Unisom.
She went into the sixth year girls dormitory and got changed into her pajamas. She was about to get into bed but when she turned around Pansy was right nest to her.
‘Stay away from Draco, he’s mine.’ She snapped.
‘Of course he is,’ Crystal replied raising an eyebrow. ‘he made it quite clear on the train that he’s not yours, and though I admit he is quite hot, I’m not interested, I don’t need a significant other at the moment, I have enough to deal with.’
Pansy seemed satisfied and walked out the room. Crystal sighed, she was too tired to even be bothered about Pansy. She crawled into bed and pulled the curtains shut before falling straight to sleep.

Chapter 2: Getting into the rhythm
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A/N . Hey, My first update in 2 years or something lol Well I kind of forgot where this story was going so i had to read the first chapter a few times to get me back on track. I know snape seems a little ooc here, but its shes from his house so i think he would act differently, especially when no one else is there.

Crystal woke up cold. It was early and none of her dorm mates had yet awoken. She got out of bed and walked into the bathroom that adjoined their dormitory. Crystal took a shower, washing her long blonde hair then just letting the water trickle over her body, a look of anguish on her face. She turned the knob so that the water ran cold and seemed to relish in the harshness of it. After a short while she turned the shower off, wrapping a towel around her body before brushing her teeth. She then walked back into the dorm, using her hair to magically dry her hair and beginning to get dressed.

She found the uniform to be odd, not what she was used to. At Salem’s you could wear what you wanted, there weren’t many rules concerning uniform, but this uniform seemed restricting. There was a grey pleated skirt, a white shirt with a green and silver tie a grey tank top with green edging and her house logo on the left breast and an over robe that was black and green. Back home Crystal would have been sweating with all the layers but here it barely protected her from the cold.

Crystal’s dorm mates were still asleep so she decided to go to breakfast alone. She walked swiftly through the common room, which was empty, and out of the door. She started walking in the direction that she thought the great hall was in before realising that she had no clue where she was going. She hadn't really been paying attention the previous night, though she now wished she had. She was lost in the maze that was the dungeons. Fortunately for Crystal, she happened to be near to where the entrance to professor Snape's personal quarters were located and he was just on his way to breakfast.

The professor looked upon the new girl with a knowing smirk and said ‘‘lost?'' obviously amused.
Crystal tried her best to look offended "Certainly not, I was just exploring." she replied. "Sir" she added as an after thought.
"Of course you were." Snape replied still smirking. "Well if you are done exploring would you like to escort me to the great hall for breakfast?"
"Why not, I'll finish looking around later on." She knew that he knew she was lost, but there was no need for either of them to acknowledge the fact.
They walked up to the great hall in a companionable silence and parted as the walked through the doors.

The Slytherin table was relatively empty, only a few first years were scattered around the bottom end of the table. She sat as far away from the first years as was possible and examined the food that was laid out in front of her. She didn't find any of it particularly appetising, but she hadn't got much of an appetite lately. She nibbled at the corner of a piece of toast but almost instantly put it back down on her plate looking at in disgust. It tasted like ash in her mouth and she knew it was because she was going cold turkey. She was almost at the worst part, she knew the cold sweats, shaking fits and sickness would come soon. She hadn’t done any black magic since they had left America four days ago, Diamond wouldn't let her. It was Diamonds fault that she was addicted in the first place. They were at a party last year and Diamond told Crystal to just try a bit. Diamond had done bits here and there but she didn't have an addictive personality whereas crystal did.

Crystal’s fingers were itching. She was dying to do some, even just a little bit to get her through. She looked up to the head table. Dumbledore was looking at her and she gave him a pleading look but he jus shook is head and turned to his plate. She instead turned her pleading gaze onto professor Snape, who was also watching her but he also just turned away. Crystal was starting to shake and jumped up from the table, walking straight out through the entrance hall and into the grounds. She spotted a tree that stood next to a large bolder next to the lake. She quickly walked over and sat on the ground behind the rock as the shakes started to take over. She tried to get her wand from her robes but dropped it on the ground. "Shit!" she cried, a tear gliding down her cheek. She curled up into a ball on the cold hard ground as the shakes completely took over. Some one knelt down beside her.

"Miss. Montreal." said Professor Snape softly, but he got no reply apart from the soft sobs that echoed from the shaking girl. He tried again "Miss. Montreal? Crystal? Please, I'm going to help you, you need to take this potion."
Crystal lifted her head from the ground but the shakes were so violent that she couldn't take the potion herself so Professor Snape had to hold her head and pour the potion down her throat. After a few seconds she stopped shaking.
Crystal sat up and wiped the tears from her face and picked her wand up from the floor placing it back in her robe. "What was that?" she asked her head of house softly.
"It was a calming potion but with some Dark magic mixed in, it’s meant for people who are weaning themselves off the dark magic and you gradually lower the dose. Dumbledore didn't want you to have it, he felt you should do it without help to teach you a lesson, but he has never had to go cold turkey so he doesn't really have room to comment." Professor Snape stood up and brushed himself off.
"Thank you." said Crystal sincerely. She already knew he would be her favourite teacher.
"It's no problem, really. Well, I have to get inside, I need to give out these time tables" He produced a wad of timetables from inside his robe, shuffled through them and handed one to crystal. "Here. Are you coming inside?"
"No, I think ill give myself a moment to calm down, I don’t want people to know I've been crying." She smiled, her eyes red and cheeks blotchy.
"Ok." he said softly before turning back to teacher mode. "Don’t be late to potions."
She placed her hand to her head in a salute and said "No Sir!”

Diamond was aware that she was being shaken, and she didn't like it.
" gerroff!" she grunted, trying to roll over.
Kati sighed. "Get up you great sleepy moose you!"
Diamond sat up bolt straight. "Moose?" She cried feeling her head. "I don’t have antlers do I?"
Kati laughed. "No you Muppet but you need to get up or we will be late to our first lesson.
Ten minutes later they were walking into the Great hall as everyone else was walking out and the food was disappearing. Diamond looked aghast.
"The food!" She exclaimed pointing at the empty table.
Kati sighed. "Well if you had woken up we wouldn’t have this problem, would we?"
Diamond pouted while they went to get their timetables and all the way down to herbology.

Crystal got to potions just as the bell went and everyone else had already found their seats. She was planning to sit next to Draco but there wasn't a single seat left on the Slytherin side of the room. Draco shrugged apologetically. There was one seat left on the Gryffindor side of the room and whilst she was contemplating what to do Professor Snape walked into the room.

"Please sit down Miss. Montreal, we don’t have time to waste."
Crystal quickly sat in the vacant seat in between a round-faced boy called Neville Longbottom and a cute Irish boy called Seamus Finnigan.
"Today," The Professor started looking around the room " we will be brewing a potion to induce a passionate love of yourself to whomever drinks it. This is an advanced potion so I hope you haven't been slacking over the holidays. The instructions are on the board or on page 61 of you books begin." Professor Snape glided to his seat and sat down, observing the class.

Crystal got her potions kit and book from her bag and lit the fire beneath her cauldron of plain solution before seeing what she would need for the potion. She got her supplies and laid them out in the order she would need them, cutting or dicing them where necessary, whilst her solution boiled. As she started to make her potion she started to hear whispers, and realised that they were instructions that were being directed to the boy Neville beside her, whose potion had already started to go wrong. Crystal tried to ignore the whispers but after ten minutes she couldn't take it any more.
"Will you please shut the hell up?!? Some of us are trying to work!"
Everyone looked at Crystal in shock and the girl in front of her turned around looking angry.
"Is there a problem Miss. Montreal?" asked professor Snape smoothly from his desk.
"Yes actually," She said as she added a handful of some sort of blue root that she had diced. "She will not stop whispering instructions to him next to me and it’s doing my nut in. I can't concentrate! And does she think that she is helping him? Because I'm presuming that she does this every lesson and he will never learn if she just tells him what to do. If she doesn't shut up I swear I will end up punching her in the face." Crystal took a breath, stirring her potion six times clockwise and four times anti clockwise.
"We'll we cant have that can we? Miss Granger, thirty points from Gryffindor for distracting other students." Snape smirked as Granger huffed. "But Miss Montreal, as you have also distracted the class, who's potions are likely to blow up in the next five minutes if they don’t get back to work," at this most of the class quickly turned back to their potions although they were still listening to the conversation. "I feel that I should give you a little project which will stop this from happening again."
"What?" Crystal asked nervously whilst bottling her now complete potion.
"As you are the only person who has successfully completed today’s potion," around the class most of the potions were a muddy colour due to the neglect they received during the exchanging of words opposed to the bright rosy red colour of Crystal’s potion. "I think that it is only fitting that you be the one that teaches Neville Longbottom Potions." Professor Snape Smirked and right on queue Neville’s cauldron exploded.
"Dammit" Crystal muttered as they all filed out the room to visit the hospital wing.

Diamond was sitting in history of magic, half asleep. Herbology had been ok but there wasn't much male talent in her year in the houses Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw, apparently most of the hotties were in Slytherin or Gryffindor. She hadn’t seen Crystal yet today and was wondering how she was doing. To be honest, she had mainly came with her because she had been fed up of going to an all girl’s school. Girls didn't really like her usually, because she was a bit of a bitch, but she got on surprisingly well with Kati, who she was already calling Kitty Kat.

Diamond was doodling on her notepaper. It was a picture of a vast building with flames ebbing away at one end.
"What’s that?" Kati whispered pointing her quill at the picture.
Diamond debated whether to tell her or not and decided to, although it wasn’t her secret to tell, Crystal would never find out. "That’s why my sister got kicked out of Salem’s Witch Academy, she set fire to the west wing. Ha! That cost my Dad a pretty penny I'll tell you. Then she got herself disowned and I thought I'd come with her for a change of scene."
"Oh Wow! What a story!" Kati excitedly whispered. "How did she set it on fire?"
"Well,” Diamond whispered back energetically, getting into telling the story, "She’s an addict and she was out of her head."
"Oh! She’s addicted to the black?!" Kati asked, shocked.
"Yes, but don't tell anyone."
"Girls at the back be quiet." Professor Binns voice droned and they fell quiet.

Crystal was not talking to Draco. All through transfiguration he had been teasing her about having to tutor Longbottom. She found it very unfair that from now on, every Tuesday and Thursday after dinner she would have to teach some dunderhead how to brew potions. The worst thing was, it started tonight.

It was lunchtime, and crystal was sitting by Blaise who she was talking to about the Quidditch trials.
"So you gonna' try out?" he asked nudging her in the ribs.
"Ow you idiot! You have pointy elbows! I don’t know, I used to play at the academy but had to leave the team for personal reasons. I haven’t flown in a while, I have my broom with me though." She answered pushing the eggs around her plate. She wasn't hungry. Again.
"What broom you got?" Blaise asked picking an apple from a basket in the middle of the table.
"Firebolt" she simply replied.
"Noooooooooooooo!" Shouted Draco who was sitting opposite them. "that’s soo unfair! I’m going to write to my father!"
"OH shut up you prune head!" She shouted back at him throwing a buttered piece of bread at him, which hit him on the side of the face leaving a buttery smudge. Draco looked at her, appalled that she had messed up his face and he shot a disgusted look at Blaise who was laughing so hard he nearly fell from his seat.
Crystal looked around the hall whilst Draco cleaned his face with a tissue. She caught her sisters eye who looked guiltily away at Kati who was whispering in someone’s ear.
"Bitch!" Crystal hissed turning back to the table. Draco and Blaise looked puzzled but Crystal just started to stab her egg as the whispers began to get louder and she could feel people beginning to stare.

By the time the story got to Draco and Blaise it had changed considerably, so god knows what story the Gryffindors got. According to the Hogwarts gossip Crystal was addicted to alcohol as well as black magic and she had held he head teacher hostage and blown up the school because no one would give her a drink. She quickly told Blaise and Draco what had really happened, (she had fallen asleep with a candle when she was reading and it set fire to the carpet), and they thankfully believed her, but most of the people in the hall were looking at her with fear in their eyes and one person in particular looked incredibly scared. Longbottom.

Crystal put her head in her hands and took a deep breath. She was angry, very angry. She stood up and walked over to the Ravenclaw table where her sister was sitting.
"May I have a word with you Diamond?" she asked tightly grabbing her elbow and leading her out of the hall. As soon as they were out of the hall she pushed Diamond and pointed her wand at her.
"How dare you! That was my secret, not yours! You had no right to tell anyone! I had a chance at a new start and you just had to come along and ruin it didn't you? It doesn’t matter that you got me into this mess in the first place does it?" Crystal was shouting and her eyes had gone fully black. She didn't notice the crowd growing around them. Her wand was starting to crackle. "You have ruined my life and I Hate You! Just try a bit of black Crys, it does no harm! You idiot! you pushed and you pushed and I went along like a sheep! I will not let you ruin my life again!"
"Crys calm down now. You’re over exaggerating." Diamond said nervously.
"Don’t be so patronising" Crystal spat. most of the school was watching now. "You got me addicted because you wanted everyone to think you were better than me, but that wasn't enough was it? Because even when I was up to my eyeballs in it, I was still better. You know it wouldn't surprise me if you were the one who set fire to the school, just to make me look bad and then you had to follow me here and ruin this for me as well."
Crystal’s head snapped up as she heard Dumbledore's voice. "please lower you wand Miss Montreal."
Crystal noticed that her wand was crackling, as was the air surrounding her. If she didn't calm down her magic would explode. She took a deep breath and dropped her wand on the floor and looked at her sister who was smirking. Crystal grabbed her and punched her in the face before walking out of the front doors, shouting at some Hufflepuff's to get out of her way.
Crystal walked up to the Quidditch pitch and walked up to sit in the stands. She took a shuddering breath before collapsing into tears.
After a few minutes she felt someone sit either side of her. It was the headmaster and her head of house. She brought her knees to her chest and tried to stop her sobs. "you're going to send me away aren’t you?" She asked quietly.
"No my dear, we won't be sending you away, I can understand you anger but you need to control it, which is why you will be getting lessons from Professor Snape. You are excused from the rest of the day’s lessons. As I understand it, you are a very talented witch, although you seem to have been mislead in some areas."
"Thank you sir, it means a lot that your not sending me away, I know lots of people would." She said softly.
"I have something that will cheer you up Miss Montreal." said professor Snape, amusement evident in his voice.
"What?" Crystal asked him.
"You still have your lesson with Longbottom to look forward to." Snape smirked.
"What! The boys terrified of me, Did you see his face earlier?" Crystal exclaimed.
"Yes, which is why I will be supervising, I want to see that expression again."

Crystal had avoided everyone for the rest of the day, only returning to the common room to drop off her bag and get changed out of her uniform and into black jeans and a black t-shirt with a long sleeved white t-shirt underneath. She spent most of her day hiding in the back of the library trying to think of ways to help Longbottom to keep her mind off what had happened that morning. She had decided that she would make him do a basic potion first so that she could see how he went about making potions.

Crystal walked down to the dungeons whilst everyone was still at dinner. Her eyes were still puffy. She sat down in Professor Snape’s chair whist she waited for them to get there. She was spinning around when Professor Snape walked in.
"Having fun are we?" He asked amused.
"Loads" She answered sarcastically getting out of the chair so that he could sit down.
Neville Longbottom walked through the door looking as though he had been sentenced to death.
Crystal sighed and decided to use his first name to try and gain some trust. "Neville, please, don't be scared of me. I haven’t done anything, don't judge me before you know me."
Neville seemed to relax a little bit but still looked like a rabbit caught in the headlights.
"Right, firstly, I want to observe how you go about making potions so I am going to give you a first year potion to do" Crystal heard Professor Snape snort in the background and shot him a dirty look. "I’m not doing it because I think that’s all your capable of so please don't be offended. Here. Please, start when you’re ready."
She went and sat on the edge of Snape’s desk, earning her a raised eyebrow from owner of said desk. She just stuck her tongue out at him. She watched Neville brew his potion. He was very unorganised, not cutting up his ingredients before hand and repeatedly having to run back to the storeroom to get things he had forgotten.
"See what I have to put up with?" Snape muttered under his breath.
"Is he like this in all his lessons?" Whispered Crystal.
"No! He is actually really good at herbology and decent in most of his other lessons." Snape whispered back.
"I’m finished" Called Neville nervously.
Crystal examined it. It was ok, and it would work, but it wasn't good enough for someone Neville’s age.
"Neville it’s not good. You're not at all organised. I want you to make this potion again, but before you start, I want you to read the instructions twice then take them with you to the store room so you don’t forget anything then come back and light your cauldron. Then I want you to take the items you got from the store room and lay them out in the order you need them. This will save time. Also, whilst the solution is boiling, I want you to cut or dice where applicable so that you’re not rushing to do it whilst you’re brewing. Most importantly Neville, I want you to stay calm. Ok?" Crystal looked at him sympathetically as he took notes on what she said.
"Ok, I'll try again."
Crystal went back to the desk and sat back down to observe Neville. He did everything she had asked and the improvement was amazing. at the end there stood a perfect potion and Neville looked relaxed.
The second time that Crystal examined Neville’s potion she was smiling broadly. "Neville this is perfect. I want you to use my advice with every potion you make and bring those notes to every potions lesson. You won't be brilliant straight away but I have confidence in you Neville."
Neville smiled and said goodbye on his way to the door.
"What do you think?" She asked Professor Snape.
"I think that you look shattered. Go to bed." he replied.
Crystal smiled and said ''night'' on her way out.
As she ran through the common room she noticed Draco and Blaise trying to make their way over to her but she ran up the stairs before they could get to her and went straight to bed.