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The Qudditch Team and the Couple (and the Potter People!) by ronronchukpatty

Format: Short story
Chapters: 3
Word Count: 5,801
Status: Abandoned

Rating: 12+
Warnings: Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: General
Characters: Draco, Ginny, Harry, Cho, Dumbledore, Hermione, James, Lily, Neville, OC, Remus Lupin, Ron, Sirius Black, Snape, Voldemort, Fred/George

First Published: 10/03/2003
Last Chapter: 11/28/2003
Last Updated: 05/16/2004

I left for a while & now I'm back. I'm rewriting and editing my story, I will update as much as possible.

Chapter 1: Qudditch is Back!!!
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The flames crackled as Ron and Harry sat by the fire lost in thought. Ron was thinking about money; his family didn't have much. Harry was thinking about the Triwizard Tournament that took place the previous year. He had won and met Lord Voldemort face-to-face for the fourth time. Harry had given all his winnings to Fred and George for they wanted to start a joke shop but their mum wouldn't allow it.

"Shut up, Pig!" came Ron's annoyed voice. Pig was pecking Ron's shoulder and screeching because he had brought mail from Ron's Mum. Ron finally came back to earth and noticed the red envelope in Pig's talons.

"Oh, what did I do wrong this time?" Ron groaned. Ron and Harry recognized the red envelope as a Howler. Ron had gotten one the second year for flying his dad's car to school because they had missed the Hogwarts Express.

Ron quickly opened the Howler before it literally exploded. It exploded anyway, with yelling.

"RONALD WEASLEY!" it screamed. "DO NOT LEAVE ANOTHER DUNGBOMB UNDER YOUR SISTER'S PILLOW OR YOU WILL GET EXPELLED AND GROUNDED FOR FIVE YEARS!!!" Harry remembered the previous night when they snuck a dungbomb into the girl's dormitory and put it carefully under Ginny's pillow. This woke Hermione up and they had to beg her not to tell. Just this morning, all the girls ran out screaming because of the awful smell.


At breakfast in the Great Hall, Hermione finally caught up with Ron and Harry.

"Where've you been?" Ron asked accusingly. "Back to the library I suppose."

"No, I was just... I was... I was... just... um. I just overslept, that's all." Hermione stuttered.

"Yeah, sure." Ron whispered under his hand to Harry. Hermione glared at them as if they were something evil.

"What are you two whispering about?" she asked. They told her it was nothing, but she looked suspicious.

For breakfast, they ate scrambled eggs and french toast. They finished early and had free time so they went down to visit Hagrid.

"'Ello 'Arry, Ron, 'Ermione. What brings you out 'ere so early?" Hagrid questioned.

"Just visiting. We had a bit of an early breakfast." Hermione explained.

"Come on in." Hagrid grunted. He opened the door wide enough for the three of them to walk in together, side by side. Ron sat next to Fang, then was Hermione, then Harry. "Would ya like some rock cakes? They're fresh outta the oven." Hagrid asked.

"No, thanks." Harry decided. "Has anything exciting happened lately?"

"Quidditch is comin' up again this year. Besides that, there's nothin' excitin' happenin'." Hagrid explained.

"I think I might join." Ron stated.

"Who's going to be the captain now that Oliver's gone?" Hermione spoke up.

"Well I s'pose they migh' ask 'Arry. Why'd ya ask that, 'Ermione?" came Hagrid's gruff voice.

"I was just asking since Oliver's not here anymore and they didn't decide last year because..." Her voice trailed off.

Knock! Knock! Knock! Hermione stopped abruptly, and Hagrid got up to answer it. The teapot that Hagrid had put on started to whistle. He turned around to get it.

"Go answer the door, I'll get it." Ron assured. Hagrid nodded and opened the door. Ron fixed the tea and put 4 cups full of it on the table.

"Ah, 'ello Dumbledore... uh-huh... uh-huh... yes... 'e's 'ere, yes... all right." Either Dumbledore was whispering or Hagrid was talking loud because that was all they heard. Hagrid move aside and in stepped short (compared to Hagrid), long bearded and haired Professor Dumbledore.

"Hello Mr. Potter, Mr. Weasley, Miss Granger. May I have a word with you, Mr. Potter?" Dumbledore greeted, his blue eyes twinkling beneath his half-moon spectacles. Harry looked worried as he slowly stepped towards Dumbledore. "Do not worry, you are not in any trouble and nothing bad has happened." he added as they went outside towards the forbidden forest. "Good morning, Harry! By the looks of you, your cousin has treated you fairly." Harry didn't answer. "Anyways, we have chosen both Fred and George to be the captains of the Gryffindor Quidditch team. Not because you are not good enough, I assure you, you are, but because this
is their last year at Hogwarts and they have never been chosen as Quidditch captains and most of the others have. Also, I think Snuffles would like to speak to you."

Harry just stared at Proffesor Dumbledore until he heard a gruff voice from behind him.

"Hello, Harry! Long time, no see."

"Sirius!" Harry exclaimed. He had completely forgot about calling Sirius "Snuffles" as he had told him to do in his third year when he had met his godfather that happened to be an unregistered Animagus and could turn into a dog.

"Shh! People could be eavesdropping! I just came to see you since I haven't been able to owl you all summer. Albus, is it okay if Harry and I meet here to catch up at, let's say about eleven? I mean, I am his godfather and all. Is that all right?" Sirius pleaded.

"All right, as long as Harry is back in the castle by midnight. I will tell the other professors that I gave you permission to be out of your dormitory so you do not get into any trouble." Dumbledore explained.

"Thank you!!" Sirius and Harry yelled together. They looked at each other and smiled. "See you at 11:00 then!" Harry added. Sirius went deeper into the forest as Dumbledore took Harry back to Hagrid's cabin to pick up his friends.

"What happened?" Ron immediately asked.

"Professor Dumbledore told me Fred and George are the captains of the Quidditch team and... huh?" Harry stopped. Hermione was rushing towards the castle as if she were in a race. Ron and Harry kept talking as Dumbledore stared blankly ahead, twiddling his thumbs and whistling a merry tune. They made their way towards the castle like this not worrying about Hermione while doing so.


At their first class, Harry whispered to Ron, "What was up with Hermione this morning," Harry looked across the room at her. "and why does she have that dazed look on her face?" Ron looked at her too and shrugged. They finished Potions, trying hard not to get in trouble, and met up with Hermione in the hall.

"Why did you run off like that this morning?" Ron asked accusingly.

"Nothing... it was nothing... I just felt like... um... yes... I just felt like running... nothing like a good run to get you started for the day, eh?" Hermione said. Harry and Ron looked at each other with the same looks on their faces; the ones that say "Yeah, right... we know you're up to something."

"Nothing like getting to class on time, either, eh? C'mon let's go!" Ron yelled impatiently. Harry and Ron ran to their dormitories and quickly got their things for Care of Magical Creatures. When they got downstairs, they found Hermione about to leave for Hagrid's hut.

"Wait up! We're here!" Harry yelled after her. Hermione ignored them and briskly walked towards the Fat Lady to leave. Harry and Ron just followed her to the grounds and to Hagrids hut without saying a word to each other. When they got there, the Slytherins were already there impatiently waitinig for the Gryffindors to arrive so the class could start.

"Great. Two classes in a row with the stinkin' Slytherins. Hey--that's a good name. Stinkin' Slytherins. It fits them perfectly. Doesn't it Harry? Or maybe the Stupid Slytherins. Hmm... which one is better? What do you think Harry? Harry?" Ron was so busy talking that he didn't notice that Harry had run ahead of him and was beating up Malfoy. Wait a minute. Harry--beating up Malfoy. Oh no! That can't be good!

"Harry, stop!" Hermione yelled from behind Ron. Apparently she had taken the long way round. They ran towards the fight along with Hagrid. Harry broke Malfoy's nose. Malfoy gave Harry a black eye. Malfoy got hit in the stomach, knocking the breath out of him. The fight ended when Malfoy kicked Harry in the shin and Hagrid stuck a gigantic foot between the two of them. Malfoy was on the ground gasping for breath while Harry was standing with his fists raised. Ron and Hermione finally caught up with them. Malfoy and Harry were severely bruised and they both had blood on their robes shining in the sunlight. Hagrid looked ferocious like never before. Ron and Hermione stood, jaws dropped.

"'Arry! What were you thinkin'?" Hagrid roared. "You coulda gotten hurt VERY severely!! Ron, 'Ermione," they closed their mouths and straightened up. "take 'Arry to the hospital wing. Crabbe, Goyle," they stood up straight like soldiers and whimpered slightly. "take Malfoy. Don't walk together. We don't want another fight stirring up. I'll have a word with you two later... seperately." Ron and Hermione dragged Harry towards the castle very slowly so they wouldn't catch up with the Slytherins.

"What were you thinking?!" Hermione squealed.

"He was calling Hagrid an oaf and other nasty things AND was about to attack Hagrid with other Slytherins!" Harry exclaimed.

"Well you could've at least disarmed them." Ron protested. Hermione shot a warning look at Ron and he immediately shut up.

"There were too many. And my main target was Malfoy." Harry responded.

"I can't believe you would do that, Harry. Look at yourself, you're a mess!" Hermione exclaimed. They went a little faster so Harry's blood wouldn't make such a thick trail and Filch wouldn't catch them. When they reached the hospital wing, they were relieved to see that Malfoy wasn't there yet.

"Oh dear... what happened to you this time?" Madame Pomfrey questioned.

"Harry got into a fight with Malfoy." Ron and Hermione responded together.

"Oh that nasty little bugger... ooh I just wanna... ugh..." her voice trailed off as she went to get Quentin Henry's Quik-Healing medicine. Harry, Ron and Hermione all looked at each other.

"Well..." they all started together, laughing. "I suppose Madame Pomfrey would want us to leave so you can heal." Hermione finished, smiling at Ron.

"Yeah." Harry said. "Bye, then."


At 11:00, Harry went out on the grounds to the forbidden forest. On the way Professor McGonagall, Professor Trelawney, Filch, and his cat, Mrs. Norris passed. Even Snape passed and he didn't even look at Harry. Harry saw Snuffles and headed towards him. The relatives talked for a while. Then, Sirius asked, "Have you heard about the newest Quidditch members, Harry?"

"No. How do you know all of this stuff anyways?" Harry questioned.

"Albus keeps me notified. Anyways, the newest members are Ron and Hermione." Sirius advised.

"Hermione?!" Harry exclaimed.


Meanwhile, at the castle, Hermione was still helping Ron with his homework.

"So, as you see here, Arithmancy isn't all that hard. Do you get it?" Hermione finished.

"No." Without thinking, Ron leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. She gasped and her face turned a deep scarlet. She ran upstairs to the girls dormitory, crying. Nobody knew this happened until the next morning at breakfast.


Owls poured into the Great Hall as Harry and Ron sat down at the Gryffindor table for breakfast.

"Anyone seen Hermione lately?" Harry asked.

Neville immediately answered, "Lavender and Parvati said she wouldn't come down for breakfast. They said she's been up in their dormitory all night, crying. They wouldn't tell me what happened... that's all I got out of them."

Pig came down on Ron's shoulder holding another Howler. "Great! This is just great!" Ron expected this Howler to be from his mum about the bad marks he got in Herbology the other day. Ron was usually good in Herbology and Fred and George must've owled her. But instead of his mum's voice, there was a familiar, gruff, accented voice.


"Oh..." Harry said in a small voice as Ron turned a deep scarlet as Hermione had done the night before and ran up to the Gryffindor common room, into the boys dormitory.


Whew.... done editing... time for the second chapter... I hope y'all like it... this is my third year working on it, amlost my fourth. I'm going to start working on it more. My goal is to get it finished by the end of this year.


Chapter 2: Cheating
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Ron stayed in the dormitory for about a week, crying. He didn't stay in there during Quidditch practice, though. The first game was the very next day and he wanted to make a good impression.

The next day, the day of the Quidditch match, Ron had cleaned up and hadn't cried the day before or any day after that. He straightened up the moment he awoke and realized, as he looked in the mirror, that his face wasn't blotched with red spots. He then changed into his scarlet Quidditch robes, grabbed his brand-new Firebolt 2 and headed off towards the field, the match being the first thing on everyone's schedule.

Ron had gotten the Firebolt 2 in the owl post a few days ago. It was sent by "Anonymous". As he walked across the dew laden grass, he thought about who this "Anonymous" could be. Couldn't be Harry... definately not a Slytherin... maybe Sirius...

"Crap!" Ron yelled. He wasn't looking where he was going, due to staring at the glistening grass. A tall, skinny man was laying on the ground, now wet from the dew. He had jet-black hair, deep brown eyes, and a very goofy smile. He looked very familiar, yet Ron just couldn't figure who he looked like. Then he figured it out. Harry! This man looked just like Harry. But it couldn't be Harry... Harry was in the locker room already...

"Hello young man," he greeted as Ron helped him up. "I'm Gary, Gary Potter." Gary held out a hand for Ron to shake. Potter? Maybe he's a relative of Harry! No, he couldn't be... his name couldn't be Potter... maybe Ron had misheard him... maybe it was Potty or something... yeah, that was it... he had heard Potter, but his real name was Potty.

"Young man? Hello? Are you okay? My name is Gary." he repeated.

"I'm sorry... thinking... hello Gary Potty, nice to meet you. I'm Ron Weasley." Ron replied, looking stupider than the hick himself.

"Potter. My name is Gary Potter." Gary replied. Ron suddenly gasped and almost fell to a dead faint.

"Um... arebyyouchanceanyHarryrelatedPotterto?" Ron was so nervous, meeting someone that might be related to Harry, he couldn't speak correctly.

"Pardon me, WHAT?" the hick asked.

"Are... you... by... any... chance... related... to... Harry... Potter?" Ron had to speak slowly so he didn't mess up again.

"Why, yes. I am Harry's uncle. It's nice to meet you, Ron. I have been hiding away for all these years. I wasn't able to find Harry, much less his parents, since he was born. Yes, my brother, a good, strong man. Married a very nice woman. Yes, yes... she was beautiful. I really missed The Marauders when they left Hogwarts. They always got me out of trouble and themselves into trouble." Gary explained. "And are you, by chance, one of Harry's brilliant friends? I like to use vivid verbs, by the way. So, are you one of his charming friends?" Gary still had that stupid, goofy smile.

"Nice to meet you, too. Yeah, I'm one of Harry's two friends. Don't be surprised... a lot of things that he does makes him less and less popular. We're about to have our first Quidditch match if you'd like to watch." Ron requested.

"As a matter of fact, I'm not only watching the match, I'm refereeing it! Also, I'm your new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher! Huzzah! Utterly brilliant, eh?" Gary and Ron walked to the locker room together, talking while Gary answered questions and asked questions with that stupid smile.

When they reached the locker room, they said "Bye" to each other and headed off in different directions. Ron went into the locker room while Gary went his "special spot" singing a song about vivid verbs that goes something like this "My name is Vivid and I love to use verbs! Verbs! Verbs! Verbs! Verbs are good, verbs are great. But only when Vivid sings them you can call them great!" Heh... interesting song... Ron thought.

Everyone was in the locker room, Fred, George, Harry, Hermione, Angelina Johnson and Katie Bell.

The game went smoothly, except the Slytherins cheated. But, that's normal. Harry caught the Snitch, of course, but the "Stinkin'/Stupid Slytherins" won.

Everyone thinks they're dirty, nasty creatures. Except for themselves and Snape, of course. Hideous, greasy-haired Snape. No one calls him that out loud, although everyone thinks it.

After the match, Ron caught up with Harry.

"I want you to meet someone, Harry." Ron panted, catching his breath. Harry looked puzzled, but followed Ron anyways. They made way through the departing crowd, towrads Gary Potter. When they got there, Ron introduced them for each other.

"Yes, Harry, I am your long-lost uncle. I don't think your father ever knew about me. I was adopted before I could meet my own brother, you know... " his voice trailed off.

There was a tug on Ron's shoulder and he was pulled up to the Gryffindor common room.

Finally in light, he saw that it was Hermione that had pulled him up there.

"What's going on?" Ron asked.

"Ron, I have something to tell you... I've been trying to get it off my chest for so long..."


It was beautiful. The waves splashing the horse's hooves gently as they rode along the shore. Ron was on a big, black mustang; Hermione was on a pure white Arabian.

They rode towrads a big, empty space on the beach. There were wedding bells ringing around a huge arch with a preacher under it. Then, a whole bunch of guests, men wearing tuxedos, women in white, suddenly appeared. Hermione was now wearing a beautiful white gown, the wind blowing it freely. Ron was wearing a tuxedo.

Then, an enormous group of Death Eaters wearing black came flying in all on black horses, over the guests like a big, black cloud of Crebian from Dunland. In the lead, without a mask, was Krum. Viktor Krum.

Krum jumped over on Ron and Hermione, nearly missing Ron, and landing fully on Hermione. Hermione was now dead... Ron couldn't believe it... Hermione... dead...


Ron woke up sweating, no, crying. He was so wet he couldn't tell which.

He opened the hangings around his four-poster to find Harry's already opened without him there. He might be out visiting Hagrid or down in the Great Hall eating breakfast.

But when Ron looked, Harry wasn't in the Great Hall eating breakfast, visiting Hagrid, nor anywhere in the castle.

So, Ron did something forbidden for once without Harry. Ron went into the Dark Forest, despite the fact Aragog and all of his sons and daughters were probably still in there. In the forest, Ron saw glimpses of all kinds of creatures. Unicorns, birds, pheonixes, squirrels, centaurs, and he even saw his dad's old car.

Deep in the forest, he came to a big field. In the field, Harry and Cho Chang, Harry's crush, were sitting in a corner petting a unicorn. The unicorn was only a foal, and as he watched the couple and the unicorn, he remembered what Hagrid had said during a Care of Magical Creatures lesson. "The littler ones are a bi' easier ter catch than the full-grown ones." Hagrid had also said that the foals don't mind the man's touch.

Ron edged along the trees and bushes, out of sight. When he got to the end of the field, there was a field seperated by a clump of trees. Ron, still out of sight, walked into the clump of trees to see Hermione on the opposite side of the field. She was sitting alone when a brown barn owl swooped down to hand her a letter. Hermione looked at the envelope to see who it was from. She then slowly opened it and started reading it. She put it in the pocket of her robes and tears started swelling in her eyes. Ron felt so bad that he silently slipped out of his hiding place asking her what was wrong.

"Viktor doesn't like me anymore." she answered choking on her tears.

"Well it's almost Christmas... I bet that's the worst gift you've ever gotten." Ron sat down and put an arm around her. They talked for a while, joking and playing and comforting each other when they remembered sad things that happened in the past. "So you were sending a letter to Krum the first day of school and you were asking Madame Hooch to be on the Quidditch team that morning?" Ron went over things that she told him.

"Yes... and I sent you the Firebolt 2." Hermione responded, tears now silently streaming down her face.

"Why are you crying now?" Ron asked.

"Well... you're sort of the reason Viktor left me... I've liked you for a long time, Ron... Viktor was... he didn't know... he thought that I only liked him... but I've always loved you..." Hermione responded quietly. "I knew you liked me... the way you always treated me... I just... couldn't say anything... until now..." They talked for about five more minutes when Hermione finally checked her watch. "Oh no! We're late for Potions! Snape's going to kill us!"

"What do you mean, us? This was your idea! I only came to look for Harry! So you have to take all the blame!" Ron joked.

They walked back to the castle joking and laughing. As they came out of the Dark Forest, they noticed it was very quiet... Harry and Cho had already left.

When they reached the dungeon where Potions takes place, Snape unexpectedly yelled, "Where have you been?!"

"We were-" they started.

"Uh, uh, uh. I didn't ask you to answer me, did I? Thirty points from Gryffindor each and I will figure out your detentions later! Now sit!" Hermione and Ron along with the rest of the Gryffindors jumped at least five inches.

"Ooh, harsh." Harry whispered as Ron and Hermione sat down next to him. The rest of the class period went on like this with Snape yelling non-stop.


That's kinda a weird and stupid chapter..... oh well.....time for the third chapter! YAY! Or Huzzah! (as Gary says)

Chapter 3: Voldemort... AT SCHOOL!
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"Weasley and Granger... hmm... what shall I do with you... late for class..." Snape was pacing up and down the room behind his desk.

"Maybe we could just scrub the floors?" Ron asked in a small voice.

"NO! That would be too... fun." Snape yelled, flinching at the word "fun". "Let's see... you can... help inventory and tidy up the Quidditch supplies..."

"Ah... that shouldn't be too bad." Ron sighed.

"... with Professor Gary." Snape finished. Ron and Hermione's jaws dropped.

"You mean... we have to deal with the Quidditch supplies and that STUPID old bloke?!" Snape unexpectedly chortled and then stopped abruptly and cleared his throat. "Off with you then!" Snape shouted, but still had a slight grin upon his face.

"Was that Snape back there that just... laughed?" Hermione questioned as they slowly reached a spot in the corridor that was out of earshot from Snape, who was now doubled up with laughter as far as they could hear. He was also yelling "Stupid old bloke! Ha ha ha! Stupid old bloke!"

"I think someone has taken a Polyjuice Potion." Ron suggested.

"I'm not sure... come on, we need to see Harry's map." Hermione grabbed Ron's hand and pulled him to the Gryffindor commmon room to the large, round table where Harry was sitting polishing his Firebolt.

"Can we- may we see your map? Please?" Hermione panted.

"What map?" Harry asked.

"The-Marauders-Map." Ron panted from behind Hermione.

"Oh! The Marauders Map!" Harry exclaimed stupidly with the same goofy smile as Gary. Ron smacked himself on his forehead and groaned, "Oh, no... not another Gary!"

"What?" Harry looked completely puzzled.

"Nothing. Just go get the map." Ron said. Harry went to the boy's dorm and came back fifteen minutes later with a bit of old, battered parchment in his hand. He had that stupid smile cracked upon his cheeks again.

"Ugh! Open it up already!" Ron urged. As he did, the map had already shown. "Oh! That's what took you so long! You were trying to figure out how to bring up the map!"

"Yeah... sure..." Harry said.

"Calm down!" Hermione screamed. Ron was so frusterated, he was banging his head on the wall like Dobby.

They all looked at the map after Hermione got Ron to settle down. In Snape's office, there was a little dot with the name "Tom M. Riddle" by it. There was a little voice bubble next to it that said "Stupid old bloke! Ha! Stupid bloke!". In a nearby broom cupboard, there was a dot that said next to it, "Severus Snape".

"Why's Snape in the wardrobe?" Harry stupidly questioned.

"AAARRRGGGHHH!!!" Ron pounced on Harry. "You stupid GIT!!!"

"Ron! Get off Harry! Ron!" Hermione yelled, "RON!!!!!" Suddenly, everyone in the common room dropped everything and looked at Hermione. "Stop!"

"Sorry... I was just so frusterated. Pick up your things, everyone! Go back to what you were doing! Sorry." he kissed Hermione on the cheek, put on his red and yellow striped scarf, grabbed Hermione's and they headed towards Gary's office. On the way, they tried to avoid not running into Voldemort.

When they reached his office, they tried hard not to accuse Gary of making Harry stupid.

"What are you two young... students doing in here?" he asked, probably about to say "young men" instead of "students".

"Snape made us have detention with you. We have to 'inventory and tidy up the Quidditch supplies' as he puts it, so we better get started." Hermione told him.

"What better way to have detention than to tidy Quidditch supplies with me?" Gary asked just like Lockhart in their second year. "Oh! It is you Ron... you look a little flustered... maybe I should sing a song to help cheer you up!"

"No, please, NO-" Ron pleaded.

"My name is Vivid and I love to use verbs! Verbs! Verbs! Verbs! Verbs are good, verbs are great! But only when Vivid sings them, you can call them great! Verbs! Verbs! Verbs!" Gary sang. "Anyway, who's this young lady?"

"This is Hermione. Come on, this might take a while..." Ron ushered them out of the door with an exasperated sigh.


"How'd it go? Where'd ya go, while we're on the subject?" Harry, the neice of the Hick he's turning into asked.

"We were at detention and that stupid GIT made us polish the Shooting Stars over five times." Hermione tried sounding nice, but she still sounded annoyed.

"Oh, my gosh! I've just figured it out! I saw Malfoy by the Gryffindor table today... he could've put DUMB potion in Harry's pumpkin juice at lunch!" Ron suddenly yelled.

"I know a potion to cure it! Hold on..." Hermione dug in her bag and pulled out potion ingredients. She then got her cauldron and whipped up a potion in two seconds flat. "Okay, Harry, drink this." she stuffed the potion down his throat and Harry told them that he "dreamed" he was stupid. "That really did happen... Malfoy gave you the DUMB potion. I just cured you."

"Oh... that potion was nasty... what did you put in it?" Harry questioned.

"Just some beetle eyes, leeches, fluxweed, unicorn hair and centaur droppings." Hermione answered casually.

"Centaur droppings?!" Harry yelled, "I can't believe I drank that!"

"At least it's over. You don't have to drink anymore of it." Ron piped up.

"Anyways, You-Know-Who must've taken a very strong Polyjuice potion because anyone could be fooled by him. Harry, he's after you. I know it. Harry, you have to watch out. You two better not say anything to anyone that You-Know-Who is here. While he is here, anything can happen." Hermione warned.

"Alright then." Ron assured.

"Anyone have a plan?" Hermione asked.

"We could stay near him a lot to see if the potion ears off the slightest bit."Harry suggested.

"It depends. If we have nothing to do, we could walk back and forth in front of Snape's office and pretend at first going to to the library and then we 'forgot' something each time we go back." Ron said.

"Hermione, will you pinch me?" Harry questioned.

"What for?"

"I want to make sure this isn't a dream. You would normally tell someone that Voldemort is in school right now." Harry responded. "Ouch! Not that hard!"

"Back to the plan. I think Ron's idea was pretty good. And Haarry, if we stayed around him, wouldn't your scar hurt?"

"Well, yeah, but..." Harry said.

"I think Ron's idea was okay, but instead of pretending to forget something, we could have parchment and be running 'errands'. Do you two think that will work?" Hermione explained.

"Yeah."Harry and Ron responded. So they each went to their dormitories and got their book bags and carried bits of parchment. They met back in the common room.

"Do we have everything?" Hermione asked.

"Hermione, all we need is our book bags and parchment. It's not like we need quills and ink and out books. Calm down." Harry replied.

Hermione just frowned and walked towards the portrait hole while Ron and Harry followed.

"Wait." Ron stopped them. "Do we all know the password?"

"Yes, Ron. We don't have to worry about that." Harry answered. Secretly, Hermione had forgotten the password. She didn't say anything, though because she didn't wan't to sound like Neville.

They set off through the portrait hole, hoping "Snape" wasn't there. Smartly, since they were all thinking the same thing, Harry pulled out the Marauder's Map.

"Good thinking, Harry." Hermione complimented. Harry put the tip of his wand to the center of the battered parchment and muttered, "I solemly swear I am up to no good"and the map appeared.

"Oof." Ron grunted. Harry quickly mixed the map with the other parchment and as he looked up, he saw Gary.

"What are you youngins doin' out here when you could be outside enjoying the sun?" He asked.

"We're just running small errands." Hermione chuckled.

"Like what? Ya'll doin' stuff for teachers?" Gary questioned stupidly.

"Yeah. Just delivering notes and messages. We just turned in a book for Professor McGonagall." Ron answered.

"Yeah, we're just about to see if Professor Flitwick needs anything." Harry explained.

"All right, see you later... I guess." Gary answered.

"Goodbye." They all said at once. They left for Professor Flitwick's office and passed Snape's office on the way.

Ron looked quickly into the office and saw that "Snape's" hands were a bit wrinkly. When they were out of Voldemort's earshot, Ron practically exploded. "Did you see? His hands were... he... he..." Ron kept stuttering.

"Calm down, Ron. One thing at a time." Hermione patted him on the back. "Calm down."

"You-Know-Who, or Snape, his hands were..." Ron stopped to calm down a bit more. "They were... a bit... wrinkly." he said as he fainted.

"Oh, my gosh!" Hermione gasped. Hermione and Harry tried to catch him, but missed. Thud!

"Oops..." Harry said. They tried to carry him to the hospital wing, but they couldn't, so they dragged him.

"All he needs is a little rest and some chocolate." Madame Pomfrey assured once they got there.


About one hour later, Ron finally woke up. He couldn't see very well, but he could make out the blurred image of Harry and Hermione.

"What happened?" Ron asked groggily. "Whaa! Oof." Ron had fallen off the bed and then- "Oow!!!" He sat and hit his head on the bedside table.

"Are you alright?" Hermione asked.

"Yeah..." Ron answered. "I've just thought of something! Harry, let me see that map from when you were being stupid."

"What? Oh, that map! I made that with my wand! Kind of like crayons in the Muggle world!"

"Harry... I am going to KILL YOU!!!" Ron yelled. He jumped on Harry and started tackling him.

"What can I say? I was stupid!" Harry yelled over the ruckus.

"I'm going to the common room to finish my homework." Hermione chuckled and walked out of the hospital wing with the fight still going on.

As Hermione approached the portrait of the Fat Lady, she remembered she had forgotten the password.


The next chapter is kind of stupid... oh well... I couldn't come up with anything the night I was writing it so... yeah... Is "smartly" a word??? I wonder... Are you enjoying this so far? It's okay if you're not... I like this chapter because there's something from Ron's point of view, too... If you look in my favorites, there's a lot of good and funny stories... okay... gotta write!