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Because of You by danish_pastry

Format: Novella
Chapters: 15
Word Count: 18,617
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature,

Genres: Drama, Horror/Dark, Romance
Characters: Snape, Lucius, Voldemort, OC
Pairings: Other Pairing

First Published: 10/01/2005
Last Chapter: 04/13/2007
Last Updated: 04/13/2007

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THANKS TO LadyGryffindor FOR THE AMAZING BANNER!!!! Tom Riddle broke your heart. He pulled you into his schemes to change the world and in the process he forgot about you. You married someone else and died a good mother and wife in the end. So who would be more surprised than you to wake from the ground returned to your sixteen year old form with the same Tom Riddle you remember staring at you? Why has he brought you back from death? You/Tom Riddle.

Chapter 1: What Went Wrong?
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A/N: okay, so this was a challenge from Fire-blossom by the AMAZING author Mari !!!!! go and thank her! here is the Full summery from her boards:

Tom Riddle broke your heart. He pulled you into his schemes to change the world and in the process he forgot about you. He only cared about himself and never saw your pain. You married someone else and died a good mother and wife in the end. So who would be more surprised than you to wake from the ground returned to your sixteen year old form with the same Tom Riddle you remember staring at you? Why has he brought you back from death? Does he have a plan for you or...did he just miss you? Maybe it's all just a dream.

soooo.... hope you enjoy this! I love it, and the people over at fire-blossom seem to too!


*~Chapter 1: What Went wrong?~*

“Lucius… Have you done what I have asked?”

“Yes Master…” Lucius Malfoy said with a deep bow at both of your feet.

“Good…” Tom said. Or, was Tom. He changed his name to… Lord Voldicourt or something… You couldn’t really remember.

“Is there anything you need Miss?” Lucius asked with a smirk. You were considerably nicer to Tom’s followers. SO, in turn, they were nicer to you.. Or, so you hoped. It was totally possible that Tom had forced him to.

“No thanks Lucius… and How many times do I have to tell you? Just call me Charlie!” you insisted. Tom frowned at your nickname. He only wanted it for himself, like everything else.

“Lucius, just call her Miss.”

“T-” you tried

“Lord or Master, Charlie.” he cut you off. Once again you frowned.

“Fine! I am going upstairs!” you replied. Tom looked at you and so did Lucius.

“Merlin!… I am not bowing to my own boyfriend! And I refuse to call you LORD BECAUSE YOUR NAME IS-” but you were cut off as Tom’s hand flew to your mouth. HE obviously didn’t want his name spreading around! Gods! You screamed into his hand and flew up the stairs. Laying back on your pillow, you lifted up your sleeve, reveling the Dark Mark, that Tom had INSISTED that you get.

The tears slowly crept down your cheeks as you touched the spot. It felt like a fresh bruise really. You still couldn’t understand what happened to him. After Dumbledore had defeated the other Dark Wizard, Grindlewald, he got that stupid idea in his head. The idea that he wanted to be a Dark lord too. He managed to get some into you too, but that had left long ago. He used to be so sweet to you, and he would call you, “His Slytherin Princess” when no one was around. He was the most powerful wizard in school. And you were the most powerful witch. So everyone knew you would get together. And you did.

You always wondered why he cared so much about being a pureblood when he wasn’t even one himself. You were, but your Parents had disappeared, making you move in with Tom. You had a feeling what had happened that day, but you always pushed it to the back of your head, trying to find some closure to the dark hole that your life had turned into.

So lately, you cried yourself to sleep. Everything you knew was gone. Your friends, your family and now the Tom Marvollo Riddle you once knew seven years ago. But it wasn’t even like Tom noticed. He was never at home lately, forcing you to sleep with your Teddy Bear again, because you were so lonely. When you were done, you would hide it under a floorboard in the room you shared with him. If Tom found it, and he checked everyone’s room daily, he would destroy it, saying it was a sign of weakness or something.

You let all that you had been trying to contain for seven long years slowly release from you system. You cried and squeezed the bear until you couldn’t anymore. Tears streaked down your face, as you tried to contain the screams of anguish that had built up inside you. Why had Tom done this to you? All he wanted was your powers. Your talents. Your Knowledge. All he wanted to do was achieve his goal. And he didn’t want anything to come in the way. Including you.

“Charlie?” Tom poked his head inside the door. “Are you awake?” You quickly wiped the tears from your face and hide your bear behind your back as you sat up.
“Yes?” you asked.

“You need to call me Lord or Master in front of my followers. You know that.” He stated.

“Tom, I will not. I refuse! You are my boyfriend! I am not your follower!”

“At least call me Voldemort…” Tom said. You stared at him, dumbfounded. He really wasn’t the same. He would never make you call him Voldemort. Always Tom. Or at least in private…

But that was 7 years ago….

“Tom! Enough!” You yelled at him. He just looked at you, emotionless.

“What happened to you Tom?” you asked.

“Voldemort.” he replied curtly. That was it. You couldn’t take it anymore.

“Fine. Voldemort. What happened to the Tom I knew in seventh year? The sweet guy that walked me to classes and talked to me for hours on end? I never talk to you anymore! I don’t even remember the last time you kissed me!”

He didn’t answer. Typical. Tom trying to hide his own weaknesses. You were like that once too, but that was before you graduated.

“Well, Tom. We have been together for almost ten years! And you haven’t even proposed, or…. ANYTHING! You are killing me Tom… slowly killing me. You have taken everything I know away. I am leaving before you shatter what is left of me.” You said. Tom just stood there, hiding his emotions.


“You know I can’t do that Charlie. Emotion is weakness. It makes you vulnerable.” He replied.

“No, I don’t know Tom. What happened to you? You would never hear that come out of your mouth 8 years ago!”

“Things change.”

“Yes, apparently they do. Take it off.” You said, rolling up your sleeve.

“What?” he asked.

“TAKE THE EFFING THING OFF!” you screamed, pointing at the Dark Mark.

“I can’t…”

“Then atleast take the effects off.”


“DO IT!” You yelled. You raised your wand to his chest. “Now.”

He wordlessly raised his wand and muttered a counter. You could feel the bruise heal into a scar, no longer tender to the touch.

“Thank you…” You replied. He just stood their again.
“Well, I am leaving. Goodbye Tom. Forever.” You grabbed your cloak and started towards the door, past him.

“I think you will need this more than I do.” you stated as you shoved your bear in his arms. You continued down the stairs and put your hand on the knob, trunk in hand.

You turned around, back towards the stairs. And of course, there was Tom at the top, clutching your bear, not even trying to stop you.

“I love you Tom… I will always love you…Good Bye.” You said as you turned the knob and flung the door open.


You felt like your brain split in two as you screamed in pain. You fell to the floor in a tangled heap. It subsided after about two seconds, but you felt weak and barely there.

“WHAT THE HELL DID YOU JUST DO??!!” you screamed at Tom, who had now hid his wand behind his back. He still had the Teddy Bear though….

“I BETTER NOT DIE IN THREE DAYS!” You screamed as you slammed the door in his face, and all the other death eaters present.

‘Ha! How are you going to be all high and mighty to your precious death eaters now that that your girlfriend walked out on you? Huh?’ you asked inside your head.

You heard a loud thump on the door, like he threw a rock at it or something.

“AND DON’T EVER TRY TO GET IN MY HEAD AGAIN!” you yelled at the house. You smirked, which slowly turned into a frown. You had left him… but you loved him… but he was never there…

You felt a single tear slide down your check as you apperated to just outside the muggle airport, where you had decided to flee the country.

‘He will never find me there….’ You reasoned. ‘Never.’

~Tom’s POV~

I tapped the head of the Teddy Bear that I now held, letting the thing that I had extracted from Charlie rest within it.

“I BETTER NOT DIE IN THREE DAYS!” she screamed at me, but I would never let her know. Emotion is a weakness. But she was killing me. I just…didn’t understand. She slammed the door and all of my followers looked at me, expecting a reaction. But I closed my eyes… Trying to read…

‘Ha! How are you going to be all high and mighty to your precious death eaters now that that your girlfriend walked out on you? Huh?’ she thought. I narrowed my eyes. Fine! If that was the way she wanted it…

I took the tiny box that I had carried with me for 7 years and hurled it at the door with all my might, letting it clatter to the floor. I heard a muffled yell, but I decided to drown it out..

“AHHHHH!” I yelled in frustration. I loved her! Couldn’t she see? I loved her!

“Avery!” I barked.

“Yes Master?”

“Tail her.”

“Yes Master.” Avery apparated out of the Riddle House without a question asked. He didn’t even ask where she was going! The moron..

“Black!” I barked.

“Yes Master?”

“Go to the Leaky Caldron and tell Avery that she went to the muggle airport. Then, tell him not to be such an idiot all the time.”

“Yes Master.” She quickly apparated to where I had asked.

“Well? What are you all doing standing around for? GET A MOVE ON!” I yelled at the wandering Death eaters, who immediately scrambled to their posts. I smiled to myself. Atleast someone followed orders.

That night, I crept downstairs to the main hall. Their, in the dim candle light, I saw the box glittering on the floor. I grabbed it and along with the Stuffed Bear, I hide in under the loose floorboard in my room… Our room once. But that would all be forgotten in a few years…

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Chapter 2: What the...?
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*~Chapter 2:What the....?~*

“MoooooOOOOooooomy!” Sarah whined.

“Mommy is sleeping honey!” you said calmly, rolling over.

“But I am hungry!” your little four year old whimpered.

“Okay okay! I am coming!” you groaned, sitting up. You quickly rubbed your face to get rid of any tear stains and stood up.

“Good morning baby!” you said sweetly as you leaned over and kissed your husband of 19 years.

“Morning…” he grunted as he sat up slowly. You quickly rushed out of your room to the kitchen as you got some cereal for your toddler. You had two other children, out of college, but you had somehow managed to have another one.

You looked at the calendar. It was 21 years ago today that you had fled England. You now lived a complete muggle life, locking out all things of your past. You locked up your wand, and put bars on your windows to keep out owls. There was only two people in this country that knew you were a witch. The custom’s officer who you got to change your passport to a squib, and whoever ran the database at the American Ministry. Your husband didn’t know, and neither did your kids. Of course, you had to keep close watch with their powers, but they were growing weaker with ever year not used, so both you and your children would eventually turn to full squibs.

‘This is what you wanted, to be free.’ you told yourself as you popped in your medication. You could feel your powers draining, but you could also feel something else leave as well. You were always lite headed, and you couldn’t walk very far without growing tired. The doctors thought it was old age, you being almost 45, but you knew better. Whatever spell Tom had said, it was effecting you.

Ever since that day, you had become very paranoid and jumpy. You always managed to see a cloaked figure in the shadows. You were still surprised that you had even met someone and trusted them. But Jordan was amazing, and loved you so much.

‘I could never love anyone more than HIM though…’ That was true. Jordan was there, it seemed, and you took him. You still doubted if you truly loved him. So sometimes, when you woke up in the middle of the night, you rolled over to see him there, and you cried. You were leading him on, like this.

‘I could never love anyone like I did Tom… never…’ you gasped, feelng a sudden pain in your chest.

“Mommy?” You were suddenly on the tile of the kitchen, gribbing your chest.

“Mommy??” Sarah asked more urgently.

“Get…. Daddy…” you managed to gasp as your breathing became more rapid. You heard tiny footsteps rushing up the stairs as you slipped in and out of consicousness.

“(your name)??? (YOUR NAME)!” Jordan said, rushing over to you.

“Jordan… I need to tell you something….”

“Shhh no! Save your strangth!” you could hear sarah crying.

“No! I am dying… I am going to die now!” you said.

“D-Don’t say that….” A tear slid down his check, landing on your sweaty face. You took a deep breath. You knew this was coming, just not this soon. But now, you had the chance to tell him the truth.

“Jordan, there is a key around my neck…” you said as you took it out of your night shirt. “Take it, and open the locked drawer in our closet….”u coughed, “In there, you will find some things form my former life. Jordan… I am… a witch.” he looked at you strangely.

“No, your are not! You are a kind, giving-”

“Yes, I am… but I am a witch. You have to listen to me.” You could feel the tightness in your chest become more intense.

“In the drawer is my wand. Be careful with it. I am sure Sarah will want to use it when she is of age. I need you to send someone a message…. Albus Dumbledore…. Just write a message to him, saying that I died. He will know what to do. His address is in there also. He should come and visit, and you both can deiced what to do. I know you may not want to, but Sarah will have to become one too…. I can already see her powers… at such a young age to! Just like me…” you gasped again as Jordan held your hand. You could hear your daughter’s muffled tears in the corner.

“You have got to believe me, Jordan. If you don’t do this… I don’t know what will happen. They have been tailing us for a long time…. I just wanted to say-” But you couldn’t finish, because the pains in your chest grew greater.

“I-I love you Mommy!” Sarah cried as she crawled over to you and rested her head on your chest.

“I love you to Sarah… never forget it. None of this is your fault. Never blame yourself or anyone else. Be good at Hogwarts.” you managed to wheeze out between your own tears. Your daughter nodded silently, tears streaming down her cheeks. You smiled as you cupped her face and gave her a kiss on her forhead.

“I love you.” Jordan whispered.

“I Love you too… send my love to all! And don‘t forget to write to Albus Dumbledore. I love you.” He bent down to kiss you as he also started to cry. He smiled lovingly back at you.

And with one final breath, you were gone.

You yawned as you stepped out of bed, your feet hitting the hardwood floor.

‘Hardwood? We have carpet… o well… I bet Jordan is doing another DIY on our house.’ you thought as you stumbled into the bathroom, more to the right then you remembered.

‘Strange… I thought the door was over… O I am being silly! I wonder why Sarah hasn’t woken me up yet… I bet Jordan took her out… how nice, letting me sleep!’ you went to the bathroom, and once again the toilet was on the other side of the room.

‘I must be hallucinating….’ you thought as you finished up. You made your way to the sink and washed your hands. You splashed some water onto your face and blurry vision. You looked up in the mirror…

‘This isn’t our mirror… it looks like… no…. I am just tired, I mean.. my eyes are all-”

“AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” you screamed as you backed away from the mirror. You starred at your image… your 16 year-old image. You stepped forward cautiously, lifting a hand to your face. Your premature wrinkles were gone, your hair was it’s original brunette before you had dyed it, and you looked like you were even a little taller.

“Holy shit….” you whispered as you looked at yourself. You looked down, where your motherly fat from three kids had disappeared, and your usual flannel PJs were replaced with the ones you used to wear in school… and when you lived with….

“Holy shit…”you said again as you looked around the bathroom. Your OLD bathroom. The one you shared with…

“Like your old body? I went with 16... We were so innocent back then…”


“Welcome Back.”

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Chapter 3: Oh My God
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*~Chapter 3: Oh My God~*

“I…You…. But…uhh… I…. Sixteen… O my god….” You stuttered as you stared at the much younger Tom in front of you.

“I missed you to…” he smirked as he open his arms…. Most likely for a hug. But, you ran past him and made your way to all the different rooms of the house, with Tom following behind you. You looked in Your bedroom…the same. The Library… the same. The many spare bedrooms… still occupied. The Study…. Untouched. The…. O god… you were back in the Riddle House. The last place you thought you would ever come back to. You were back. You hoped against hope that it wasn’t true.

‘What happened to being DEAD! I AM DEAD! How can I be BACK?!?!’ you kept yelling at yourself as you made your way to the last place you haven’t checked… the kitchen.

You burst in moments later, to see that it to, was exactly how you remembered it. Cold and Dark. The way you liked it…. Once.

But, there was something different about it. There were two people sitting at the kitchen table, looking like they were enjoying a good drink. And when they turned around, your heart just about stopped.

Because there, at the kitchen table, was Lucius Malfoy and Severus Snape. Except, they looked much older than you remembered, and for once, you were the youngest in the room.

“Holy Shit…” you whispered as you stared at their smirking faces. Wait… you haven’t said that in twenty years! ‘What the hell is wrong with me…’ you thought angrily.

“Hello Miss” said a much deeper sounding Lucius.

“Welcome Back (your name)” Severus nodded to you. You stood there, speechless. How in the world had they gotten older than YOU? You were at least ten years older! How did they become 20 years older?

“I see you have talked to our old followers Charlie. We have all missed you, you know.” Tom said as he leaned against the door way. Your heart warmed at your old nickname. You hadn’t heard THAT in twenty years…

You looked back and forth between the three. Being confused was an understatement. Your head was swimming with possibilities.

“When did I die?” you asked suddenly.

“1987.” Tom answered. You were afraid to ask.

“What… What year is it now?”

“1991.” He answered again.

“So… I have been dead…”

“For almost five years? Yes.”

“O… Okay.” You said as your eyes rolled into the back of your head.

You were unconscious by the time you hit the floor.

You were afraid to open your eyes. Afraid that you weren’t dead, even as hard as you wished you were really alive, and that it wasn’t a dream.

“It is not a dream Charlie.” you cracked your eyes open, and Tom was sitting on the side of the bed, holding your hand. You jerked it away.

“What is going on?” you asked, scared of an answer.

“I made a Horocrux of you….”

“You WHAT?”

“A horocrux.” He repeated again.


“Wow… you are turning into such a little Hufflepuff, aren’t you?”

“I would… never mind. But you SPLIT MY SOUL? Without ASKING?”

“Ya… feeling weak lately?”

“Ya…. How did you know?”

“Side affect. Charlie… I missed you.”

“Bullshit… you didn’t care about me for the longest time.”

“That isn’t true. I cared about you. I still care about you.” Your heart warmed a little at these words, but you quickly shifted back into your questioning.

“So how did you pull this off? Last time I heard, you were dead too.”

“I came back to.”

“You were always one to think ahead.”

“I still am.” You were silent for a while, trying to process the information. It was then that you remembered. You slowly lifted up your sleeve, and their, staring back at you, was a fresh dark-mark.

“Did you put this back on me?” you asked icily.

“No…That was one when you were 15, remember?”

“O…” Silence again.

“Well… I will have to let you get some rest. You are probably tired from being alive again.” He smirked a little as he got up.

“Okay…” You smiled back. You opened your mouth to say something else, but closed it again. Tom left and closed the door, with one last smile to you.

“I am really glad you are back…” he said as he closed the door.

‘I think I am too Tom’ you thought to yourself as you closed your eyes and leaned back on the pillows. And , for the first time in at least 30 years, you feel asleep with a smile on your face. Not that you were complaining.

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Chapter 4: My little Slytherin Princess
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*~Chapter 4: My Little Slytherin Princess ~*

You woke up again, and this time Sun shown brightly around the drawn curtains. You sat up and rubbed your eyes, looking around your old room. It was exactly like you had remembered it. Dark mahogany furniture and forest green walls. It was all so dark, and you didn’t really like it anymore. 17 years with Jordan had made you like more warm and bright colors. It made you laugh a little when you remembered you were the one to pick the colors.

You looked back, back to the 8 years you lived here. At first, it was wonderful. You and Tom, together. Doing what normal people do… well, normal couples do. Except for the whole killing people thing, you to were truly happy. He protected you, comforted you after the death of both of your parents.

‘Why can’t it be like that again? Why did he have to change? Why did I have to change?' you thought silently as you crawled from bed. You got ready quickly, and pulled on some old clothes that you hadn’t seen in years. They were all decades old, nothing like your kids were.

“My Kids… Sarah…. Jordan….” you felt sad again as you thought of the people you had left behind.

“There are all fine. Jordan moved the family to England, where he mysteriously got promoted” *Cough* “Sarah will be going to Hogwarts next year, Jessica had twins, and Samantha got married to a John Marconi. She is pregnant, and is naming her daughter after you. All of them are witches, well, except for the twins, they are wizards. We have been watching them for sometime now. All under the order not to harm anyone at all.”

You turned around to see Tom leaning in the doorway again. You smiled a little at him. He was exactly the same too. Well, physically that is…

“Thanks Tom.” You smiled back.

“I was a little surprised though that you told your twit husband to write Dumbledore! Of all people! Now the all have Aurors following them around too. And I think that Marconi fellow IS an Auror….”

“Well, good. Then they will be safe.”

“From me?”

“Yes, I didn’t want you to kidnap and use them as ransom or something, or worse, made them an heir.”

“I would never do something like that!”

“Course you would. You NEED one remember? You were always asking me…. ‘Can we have a kid? How bout a Boy? I have always wanted a little boy… So I could… play quiditch with he!’ I wasn’t stupid Tom, you know that. I am still not stupid. Scared Shitless, yes, but not stupid.” You answered him icily.

“No, you don’t understand Charlie.”

“I think I do….” You said as you started to move past him. But he caught your wrist.

“Wanting an Heir was only part of it. I- I I like…. You” He said, avoiding direct eye contact. You stared hard at him.

“You could never say it! Never!” You said shrilly as you tried to pull your wrist from his grasp.

“I-I can’t…”

“You Can! Your still young enough! It won’t hurt your older being!”

“I can’t….”

“I know you want to Tom.” You said as you stopped resisting.

“I know you feel it…” You said as you got closer to him. You lifted up a hand and stroked his cheek.

“Just say it…. It’s so easy.” You stood on tip-toes as you whispered it in his ear. He shivered a little, something that you have never seen in a long time. ‘I have never seen him so vulnerable…’ you thought, knowing Tom wouldn’t go into your head at a time like this.

“Why would you bring me back… Why?” You stood back on your heels as you put on the most seductive face you could muster

“Because I missed you.” He answered, his eyes growing softer.

“But Why Tom? After so many years?” You whispered as you started to back away again, sad that he didn’t open up. You turned around again and started to go downstairs, until his voice called you back.

“Because I-I Love You, Charlie. I love you.”

You turned around, the smile growing on your face as you practically jumped on him, giving him a hug to make up for all the things he has missed.

“I love you too Tom Riddle!” You said as you kissed his cheek. You jumped down from him, and saw that he too was smiling.

“I missed your smile…” You trailed of as you stared into his eyes again.

“My little Slytherin Princess…” he said as he paused again. At hearing the old pet name, the warmth of it all was coming back. They years with him… the years you had missed.

But then, out of the blue, you felt yourself getting pressed against the wall, and Tom’s lips hungrily pushing against yours.

And even if it was hard to say it, you couldn’t help yourself from thinking :‘This is the happiest moment of my life.’ You didn’t even think of marrying Jordan, or having your children. This was the happiest by far. And no matter how guilty you were supposed to feel at losing your family, and basically cheating on your Husband, you felt no remorse whatsoever. Your Slytherin personality was coming back, and you were welcoming it with open arms.

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Chapter 5: Avada Kadavra
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*~Chapter 5: Avada Kadavra~*

The next day, you woke up to light filtering through the blinds.

“Yuck… the sun…” You said out loud as you rubbed your eyes. Yes, the sun was once again your enemy… like the good old days. You had spent the night talking with him, trying to catch up. You had missed a lot, in twenty years….

You even had your old personality back. The Dark arts were your best friends again, and you even had the urge to Avada Kadavra some birds that had flown by the window.

You hadn’t even thought of Jordan since last night… until… now. Even Sarah. She would be ten, you supposed. She was about to turn 5 when you died, so she should…

“About to be going to…. Hogwarts. This year.”

You quickly ran to the window, and threw the curtains aside. The tiny village lay in the valley below the house, and the mountains seemed to be covered in dry, brittle grass. It was summer.

You avoided asking Tom why he had lied to you about Sarah’s age for the whole day. One, you supposed it was a mistake, and two, he had been out the whole day. You still hadn’t seen him, and it was almost two. You had busied yourself by exploring the mansion and reading some dark-arts books in the Library.

You were currently drinking some coffee in the kitchen, a book laid out before you on a page explaining the curse on how to put someone’s insides on the outside, when you heard the door click close. Your head whipped around and you smiled broadly.

“Hey Tom!” You practically sighed, closing the book shut and jumping up.

“Hey Charlie.” He said, taking off his cloak and sitting down next to your now-empty seat.

“What’s wrong?” You asked innocently, nibbling on his ear a bit from behind.

“I just went on a raid and I… felt something. Remorse.” He said disgustedly.

“I am sure it was just a fluke.” You said between nibbles, you kissing growing more desperate for missing his skin.

“I am sure it was…” He said, grabbing your waist and pulling you on his lap.

“Oh, Tom…” You couldn’t help but giggle out while he started kissing your neck. He stopped and rested his forehead on yours for a minute and took a deep breath.

“Come with me?”

“What? Go where?” You asked back confused.

“On a raid! Come on! It will be great! I know the perfect place…. They got in my way this morning…now it’s their turn.” He answered you, getting very excited about going to kill more people.

“Tom…..” You groaned, getting off and putting your mug in the sink, “That’s all you think about! Can’t we just… stay here? Alone…?” You asked, smiling sweetly at him. He quickly averted his eyes, and you frowned slightly.

“No… maybe after. This needs to get done now.” He said, getting up and taking his cloak off the rack. He threw it around himself and grabbed hold of the door handle before turning around to look at you again.

“You coming or not?”

“Coming…” You answered defeated as you took his hand. Hey… at least you would be able to kill someone…. Ya?

You both apparated to a little village where there were scarcely any lights on in the little houses that lined the street. A lone road-lamp shone brightly at the end of the road, making Tom’s face wonderfully orange. He turned to you and gave a light smile. You smiled back and blushed a little, looking down at the pavement. He started walking, and you had to jog a bit to catch up.

“Who is it?” You whispered, looking up into his determined face. He turned to look at you and smirked.

“A family of five. The husband tried to help his friend… almost messed me up. Now it’s his turn… bloody sqiub.”

“Well… we will get him back… won’t we?”

“I will…. You get the wife and kids.”


You continued to walk, the lights seeming to grow dimmer and dimmer. He finally stopped in front of a yellow, picketed fenced house, with a small garden lining the front walk. You couldn’t help but smile… it looked like your house with Jordan…

Wait… what am I doing? I am on a raid…. With Tom…. No time to be thinking of him now…’ You shook your head, trying to clear your head of the thought.

“Hoods up.” Tom said, throwing his up and then turning to you. He smirked a bit, and leaned down to kiss you. His tongue licked your lip, and you readily opened your mouth, letting him in. You couldn’t help but groan a bit into his mouth as he pulled you closer.

“Masks…” He said smirking, pulling away and handing you a white, phantom of the opera like mask as he put one on himself. You pouted a bit for his teasing, but put on the mask all the same.

He turned and opened the gate, walking briskly and silently up the brick path as you quickly followed.

“Alohomora!” He said, blowing the door aside as he stepped into the house. You heard a some laughter coming from the back to stop immediately, and you smiled. You couldn’t help but imagine the tears at this families funeral.

You glanced around at the light blue walls, covered with pictures of a family of four, at the beach, at the playground, at the circus… everywhere. There were even a couple of pictures of a little baby, not even a year old. You couldn’t help but smile.

“WHO ARE YOU! GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!” You heard a man bellow.

“No one gets in the way of Lord Voldemort and lives to tell the tale. Now your whole family will pay.”

You quietly stepped into the living room, where a man and a woman where clutching there children behind there backs, who where now whimpering. Tom stood before them, wand at the ready. You quickly pulled out your wand, cursing yourself for being so foolish.

“What are you going to do with those? Hit us with them?” The woman scoffed, stepping forward.

“Foolish Woman! Obviously, your idiot for a husband realize what these are! Crucio!” Tom yelled, cursing the woman who screamed out in pain, falling in a heap on the ground. The children started sobbing as the man dragged his wife next to him by her foot, at the same time trying to cover the rest of his family with his body.

“Take me…. But leave my family alone!” The man yelled at you both, stepping backward.

“As you wish… Avada Kadavra!” Tom yelled, causing a bolt of green light to fill the room, before going back to the original light, now revealing the blank expression of the man on the floor.

“ROBERT!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!” The woman screamed, throwing herself on the lifeless body of the man.


“That we are…..” You said, stepping forward. “Crucio!” You yelled, this time pointing at the youngest child, a girl of about 8.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING???? YOU SAID YOU WOULD LEAVE US ALONE!” The woman yelled at you, trying to sooth the screaming child.

“Well…. We do try.” Tom said, pointing it at the woman. “Crucio!” He yelled again, aiming it at the woman once again. She screamed again, her oldest son rushing over, trying to be brave, and covering both his sister’s and his mother’s bodies with his.

“Get the baby….” Tom said, turning to you, “I changed my mind. I will take them.” You nodded silently as you swished your cloak and walked calmly up the stairs.

You entered the nursery quietly, and walked slowly to the white cradle that contained another baby girl. You noticed she had a small nose, and blonde hair. She looked…. like Sarah.

You gasped as you stepped backward. You closed your eyes and took a deep breath. Then, you stepped closer and looked down once again at the sleeping baby. Her little chest was rising slowly up and down.

‘How can I kill someone that looks so much like my daughter?’ You asked yourself silently, lowering your wand.

“Kill her Charlie. Do it now.” Tom said, stepping through the doorway.

You raised your wand slowly, pointing it at the little girl.

“Now Charlie.”

“Avada….. Avada Kadavra!” You said finally, as forcefully as you could muster. There was another flash of green light, and the little girl gave the world her last breath. You shut your eyes quickly, trying to stop the threatening tears from escaping your eyes.

“Don’t let it happen again Charlie. Never.” Tom said, apparating back to the mansion.

You couldn’t help but sigh again as you gave one last look at the baby, and did the same.

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Chapter 6: Revisited
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*~Chapter 6: Revisited~*

You let out a long breath as you apparated back, remorse laced into your thoughts. You just… didn’t understand. Were you going back? You hoped not. It had only been two days, and you felt right at home.

Tom took a deep breath as well as he hung up his cloak. You were ashamed. How could you ever waver? It should have been instant… no questions asked.

Tom quickly made his way to the next room, and you silently followed. You peered around the door, and he just sat there, smirking at you.

“There’s…. one way that you could help me forgive you.”

“O really?” You said as you sauntered over to him, and sitting down in his lap.

“O yes… many ways in fact.”

“Should I… guess?”

“You could do that….” He said as he started to play with the hem of your shirt.

Slowly and carefully, so unlike your personality change, you kissed him.

Aggressive and Dark Lordish, so like him, he took advantage of you being too slow, and quickly deepened the kiss. It was like all of those Slytherin after-parties, where you and Tom would just sit there and make out for two hours. Ah…. The good old times.

You let him take advantage off you, as you let his tongue dart in and out of your mouth, almost snakelike. You smiled into his mouth as you grabbed the back of his neck, pulling the two of you closer.

Suddenly, he picked you up, your tongues still dancing, and carried you towards the stairs. You eagerly let him. It had been so long, way too long. You couldn’t even wait this long in school…

You giggled into his mouth, a little too girlishly for your so called age of forty something, and he smirked into your mouth as he continued to carry you up the stairs.

The door slammed and locked.

You stared up at the ceiling, wide awake. You couldn’t understand it. It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

You looked over at the window. It was thrown open to the summer heat, and the half moon let in plenty of light across the hardwood floor, casting an eerie glow over everything as the curtains blew lazily in the light breeze. You shivered. It wasn’t supposed to be like this, either.

Your eyes moved across the room, resting finally on your love’s form, his chest moving slowly with his breath. How easy, it would be. To take your wand and end it. Two words, and everything would be over. It didn’t have to be this way. It was… unnatural.

Your feet touched the ground silently, and you wrapped your robe closer to your body. You walked quietly as you crossed the room, your hand outstretched towards your wand. It laid there, waiting. You took a faster step, more anxious, but then, a floorboard creaked beneath your foot, and you froze immediately.

Your head snapped towards Tom. He didn’t seem to notice, because all he did was roll over. You sighed inwardly as you looked down at the stupid floorboard which had caused the creak. And gasped.

It was your floorboard. The one that…. It was your secret….

You crouched down quickly, and silently pried open the wood. It creaked again, and you stopped, breathing hard from your excitement. Once again, Tom didn’t notice, and you continued to pry the board from the floor.

‘I wonder if it is still there…’ You asked yourself, as your breathing became more shallow. You placed the plank silently next to you, as your smile grew. Because, untouched for many years, were your treasures. All of them.

The first that you picked up was a photo album. As you leafed through the pages on the floor, you realized that it was empty. Or, at least, most of it was. You looked at it, saddened. Wondering where all of your pictures have gone. Then, as if it hit you, you remembered. You had burned most of them, in a rage on day. Not a mean rage, but a sad rage. It was the day you realized that your old friends where terrified of you. The day you moved in with Tom.

You stopped suddenly, on one of the last pages. It was a picture of all of your old friends. The whole group was waving up at you, on what seemed to be on the Hogwarts Express in 6th year. Olive was fixing her already manicured nails. Elaine was writing a letter. Kate was looking out the window. Jason was trying to fix his broken zipper with his wand. Brent and Candace where making out, a promise ring on her finger. And there you and Tom where. You still continued to wave and smile with Tom’s arm thrown lazily across your shoulders. He seemed to be eyeing everyone rudely, as if wondering why they where disturbing the two of you. The picture Tom suddenly took your picture waist, and turned the picture you around again. He seemed to say something, and you both immediately started to fondle and make out with each other, while the others seemed to look on in mock disgust and laughter.

A tear fell on the page, narrowly missing the picture. The figures of the teenagers sighed in relief, and continued on with whatever they were doing.

You started to cry, not because of how happy you were to see that you were once happy, but cried because of the people in it. Because, everyone of them was dead.

You dabbed your eyes as you looked at Tom to see if you had disturbed him. You hadn’t.

You turned the page again, this time, to see just two people. One had tear streaks down her eyes, the other was trying desperately to clean the other up with a rag. The one that was crying was trying her hardest to push the other away, as if she didn’t appreciate it. She was also trying to smile, realizing that there was a picture being taken. She had failed though, and continued to cry, telling the other what happened.

You remembered it as if it was yesterday. Olive and you had been especially mean, and for once in your life, you felt bad about it. It was a strange feeling, remorse. One that you had never felt before.

“Myrtle?” You asked, knocking quietly on the door.

“Go away! I know you just want to make fun of me again!” She sobbed.

You sighed, “Please Myrtle…. I ….I…. Want to…. A-apologize.”

The door flew open, Myrtle on the toilet, tears streaming down her face. “What did you want to say?” She sniffed, suddenly all ears.

“Apologize. I- I crossed the line.”

“I would say you more than crossed the line. Pulling down my skirt in front of everyone in the Great Hall is more than crossing the line.”

“You didn’t have to wear granny underwear today!”

“And I thought you were actually going to apologize!” She cried, slamming the door again.

“Myrtle! I didn’t mean it like that! I just wanted to say-”

“If you are going to say it, then say it!”

“I… I… I am sorry! Alright? I said it!” You said, starting to stalk out of the bathroom.

“Wait!” You stopped, and slowly turned around.

“What?” You put your hands on your hips and turned around, “I don’t have time for your constant mudblood blubbering!”

“No one has ever apologized before…” She said, ignoring your comment, “Why you? What makes you so different?”

“Because-” You said stiffly, a smile tugging at your lips, “I am different.”

You shook your head of the thought, returning to the present. Myrtle and you had gotten close, despite the differences. For a few weeks in 6th year, you were the one that had comforted her in the bathroom everyday. Your friends, you remembered, where mad that you were even talking to a mudblood, and seemed to make more fun of her than usual.

You were the one to find the body. Tom had held you back after Olive had called her a, “stupid, mudblood Hufflepuff that will die a virgin,” and you didn’t get to her for ten more minutes then you had intended too. Yet, it was too late. She was gone.

You shivered and shut your eyes to the tears, desperate to not become another Myrtle.

You turned the page quickly, arriving on your parents beaming faces. The looked so happy. So-

You slammed the book shut, and put it back in the hole. It wasn’t fair. Everyone that loved you was dead.

‘That isn’t true…’ you heard a voice in your head say, ‘Tom loves you.’

You took a look at him again, then turned your attention back to your secret compartment. There where some letters, an a Pumpkin Pasty wrapper. You grimaced at how disgusting that was, it must have been there for decades, and lifted up your jewelry box. Again, nothing special.

Your fingers danced at the bottom, wondering. ‘Is it still there? After so many years?”

Yet, you didn’t find something fluffy, like you had expected. But what you found, however, was a box.

‘Now what do we have here?’ Your fingers clamped around it, and you slowly pulled it out of the black hole. You bit your lip, wondering what it was. In the little light, you could tell. It was black velvet and small, but for the life of you, you couldn’t open it. You frowned, but gave up, putting it back.

Your hand once again groped the darkness, and closed around what you were looking for, surprised, that it was that far under the floor.

You pulled out your bear, moth eaten and threadbare with age. You hugged it childishly, and then stopped in mid hug. It felt warm. Wonderful, actually, to be hugging it. But differently than what you would usually expected from hugging a bear. You looked down into it’s beady black eyes, and gasped. There was something in them, so power…

“Life…” You said, out loud. You quickly looked towards Tom, who just rolled over again and sighing, you looked back into it’s eyes. It was impossible, for eyes to look so real. You half expected it to jump up and start singing, or something.

You stuffed it back into the floor, freightened slightly. What in the world could make it so life like?

‘I have to get rid of it…’ You said, swiping it quickly again, standing up. ‘It can’t stay in this house…’

You rushed out of the room, and down the staircase, still clutching the bear. You threw your black cloak over your robe, the hood over your hair and eyes. You stepped out into the front yard, not to sure of what to do.

“Should I burry it?” You asked yourself, hurrying down the road so you wouldn’t be seen. “Should I-”

You stopped, an idea in your head. You quickly looked back at the Riddle house, which was now a good distance away.

With a crack, you were gone.

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Chapter 7: Blue
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*~Chapter Seven: Blue~*

You didn’t mean to apparate there. Well, maybe you did, but that just wasn’t acceptable. You hadn’t even been there before.

It was something you would expect from Jordan. No apartment building, no condo. Just a small house for him and his daughter. A few guest rooms for a possible visit from his grandchildren and older daughters.

From what you could see from the window, he hadn’t really changed since your death. He seemed to be getting some gray on the top of his head, but he was still as lean and handsome as ever. It was kind of creepy, you, a now young 16 or so year old, finding this middle-aged man handsome. You felt like you had never met him… but in a way, you had. In the past, and in your bodies future. Creepy.

You saw Sarah as well. She was now setting the table, looking back at her father once in a while to laugh at something he had said. Like you used to do. She looked a lot like you… it was uncanny. Her hair had darkened, more your color with Jordan’s lightly curly texture.

You looked down at the forgotten bear, it’s eye’s twinkling in the faint moonlight. Something was in there. Was this place any safer?

You looked around you, wondering if Tom really had someone here, looking over them. Most likely. In case you came along. You wondered if Tom was here yet. Most likely.

Where could you put it? You though over your options - Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, London,- no… all where too dangerous for you to go to. All weren’t safe enough for your bear.

It hit you like a brick.


“Wait for her here if she comes back. If not, don’t return to the mansion for at least two hours. That’s an order, Malfoy. Don‘t come to help her, like last time.”


You stepped through the wreckage gingerly, surprised it was still here. Most likely under an unplotable curse, thankfully made by Tom to not be seen by muggles.

Old, dried out now-black roses sat on the old doorstep, tied to a wooden beam. The petals blew tiredly with the wind. You stepped over them and opened the only thing left standing, the front door. You always found that somewhat ironic.

You went through where you remembered the foyer to be, the kitchen, the antique dinning room, your parents’ room, your stillborn sisters’ room… your room.

You picked up a piece of plaster, it still had your wallpaper on it. Green. You remembered writing home to tell your parents when you got into Slytherin. They wrote you back that your room had been remodeled accordingly. You also remembered, that it was once yellow. Your favorite color. Until, of course, 1st year.

Maybe you were meant to be a Hufflepuff all along. With Mrytle. Drowing your sorrows in the local Girl’s toilets.

You picked up a piece of burnt mattress and kneeled down beside it. You nestled the bear into the worn wood, and covered it again. Taking a deep breath and backing up, you turned on your heel.

And gasped.

“Home. Now.”


“I am so sorry Tom. I wasn’t thinking.”

“That’s just the thing. You WERE thinking!” Tom screamed at you. You flinched and moved farther away from him and towards the window.

“Tom I… I just wanted to get out of this town! I didn’t really realize what I thought of before I was even there-”

He slapped you hard and fast, your head turned violently to the right before your knees buckled in shock and you were on the floor.

“ALL ANYONE HAS EVER DONE BEFORE ME IS LIE! AND NOW I HAVE THE POWER TO SEE THROUGH IT!” He screamed, the whites off his eyes starting to go pink.

“Tom… please…” you pleaded, tears welling up in your eyes.

“SILENCE!” He roared, sending you whimpering into the corner. You covered your head and hugged your knees, flashes of the past rolling beneath your clenched eyelids.

“Don’t look at him like that Charlie!”

“What are you doing? Trying to look like a slut?”

“Change your skirt! Now!”

“All you do is cry and complain Charlie!”

“Why don’t you just become a Hufflepuff!”

“Come on… just sleep with me. We will be each other’s first.”

“Just do it. Listen to what I have to say!”


It was all too much… all too much.





A death eater walking just outside the door fell silently, you cried out and started to cry harder, crawling your way towards the door.

“Charlie… Charlie stop…”

You stopped crawling and hugged your knees again, choking down another sob and rocking back and forth.

“No…No…No… I won’t do it anymore…. No… please…. Stop….”

“Charlie… calm down. Stop crying.”

You tried to suck up your tears, desperate not to get hit again.

“I told you… I’m going to take care of it.”

“Take care of it?” You whispered, finally looking up into his face, “All you ever do it ruin it. Everything.”

“Never again… I promise.” He kneeled down next to you and hugged you, letting him nuzzle his head into your neck. You clenched your eyes again, trying to not let yourself cry again.

“Am I really pregnant Tom?”

“Maybe. Want to find out?”

You were about to nod your head no, but his wand was already at your stomach. He said a silent spell, and withdrew his wand, like a memory. It was blue.

“Excellent. Now I can teach the little one to fly.”

You knew it wasn’t the truth. That he didn’t want to teach his son how to fly.

Maybe take over the world, but most defiantly not to fly.

Chapter 8: Good Punishment?
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Chapter Eight: Good Punishment?

You sat at the kitchen table, a mug of coffee clutched in your hand. Your hair was wild, unkept. You had reverted from talking to anyone, or even leave the house. You where too scared.

“Hello Darling…” Tom said, sweeping down the stairs. He did a lot of that lately. You hadn’t even shown any signs of being pregnant, and he was sweeping. It would disgust you if you weren’t so fond of the idea of him acting normal.

“Well, I just thought of an idea… you have been cooped up way too long… we hadn’t been on a raid in a week…”

NO!” You yelled, cutting him off, “I mean…. no, that’s not necessary. I’m perfectly fine staying here.”

“No, this will teach you some self control…”

“I have enough, thank you.” You said, starting to stand.

“Sit.” He snapped, causing you to hit the back of your chair with a thud.

“What?” You hissed, slightly embarrassed as Severus came through the kitchen.

“You are going to go back to Hogwarts….”

“WHAT!?” You screamed, “NO! OH NO NO NO NO!”

“Oh, come now. I know you want to go back….”

“I do not!”

“Well, anyway, you are going. But first, I want you to join the new ambassador program…”

“That silly thing? The one that teaches Muggle-borns the ropes before stepping on the train? That has been out of circulation for years-”

“Your husband doesn’t know that now does he?”

You were silent, staring into his glinting eyes. “No. Something is bound to go wrong…”

“Nothing will go wrong. My plan is foolproof.”

“You know how much I can be a fool Tom…”

You flinched as his hand reached up to cup your cheek, “Ah, but you’re my fool…”

You stood with your cloak on, rolling on your heels. You really weren’t all that happy… Tom was making you start tonight, and you really could use some more preparation. What in the world were you going to say when he opened the door?

“Don’t worry Charlie…” Tom said, passing you and walking out the door. “Now, hurry up. Your going to be late. I sent the message yesterday.”

“Nothing good can come from this…” You said, shaking your head as you obediently followed.

You had trouble apparting because of how nervous you were, and you ended up side-apparating with Tom.

You both arrived in front of the house where you had gone to a week ago… and it was exactly the same. For some reason, you had thought that there would be something drastically different about it. Like it was set on fire, or something. You wouldn’t put it against Tom, at any rate…

“Well… have fun…” He kissed you passionately, but seeing as you weren’t really in the mood, he waved and apparated back to the mansion. You blew a strand of hair out of your face and marched up to the door. You raised your hand to knock, but stopped. Was this really the best idea? Tom left… you could run… no… he has someone watching. No use turning back now. You loved Tom… why would he try to hurt you?

You knocked, and heard a mumble from inside, stomping and then finally, finally the door opened.

And there was Jordan.

You choked up. You felt your tears swell, and you had to blink to keep the tears at bay. It took all you could to restrain yourself from reaching out to touch his face.

“May I ….help you?” He asked kindly, looking down at you with a funny face. You must look so familiar…

You pinched yourself, “Oh, um, yes actually. I’m here for the Hogwarts Ambassador Program to help-”

“Oh… yes… that… well, I’m sorry but-”

“I’m not going to Hogwarts.” A young voice called from within the house. A few stomps later, a girl about 11 stomped out from the Kitchen to stand next to her father. “I’m never going.”

“Sarah, be polite-”

“No Dad! I am tired of these stupid, crazy, weird people trying to get me to go to this stupid, crazy, weird school! I’m NOT going!”

Sarah turned to you, a softer expression coming over her face, “I am terribly sorry, but I am not going to the infernal, bloody school. Sorry to waste your time. But I would much prefer to be know as a muggleborn.” She stopped to stare into your eyes, tilting her head the way you always seemed to do. She was so... beautiful. Just the way you imagined. Your baby girl...

“Do I know you from somewhere? School, maybe?”

“Oh no…” You said quickly, “I have never been to Muggle School. My parents would have never heard of it…”

“Oh, well, never mind then. See you.” She took the handle, closing the door slowly in your face. You prepared to let out a sigh, but a hand stopped it.

“Will you come in for a cup of tea?”


“No Sarah, she’s fine. It’s okay. She’s safe.”

“What do you-”

“Come in, won’t you? You look terribly familiar to me as well, and I must know where I have meet you…”

You bit your lip and turned around quickly, fleetingly seeing a shadow dart away in the distance.

“Sounds like fun.” You said, holding back as much as you could as you gingerly stepped over the doorstep.

“So… your wife died?”

“Yes, I’m afraid. Many years ago… we have been able to cope.”

“I see…”

“She was a lovely woman…. Gave me three wonderful daughters…” He said, turning for a moment towards Sarah. She smiled back and stared intently into her cup. You could tell she would rather not have you there at the moment. You once again had to choke back tears.

“My parents died too, Sarah. Both of them… you should be lucky to have your Dad…”

“I am!” She snapped back.

“I know.” You said. You turned back to Jordan. “Hogwarts is a wonderful school Mr. Peters. Sarah would do really well there, she would meet new people… she may even be more protected from the outside world…”

Or Tom…

“Anyway, I think it’s a really good idea you write back to the Proffsor and tell him… I know Sarah doesn’t want to but-”

“It would be for the best.” He finished your sentence, his eyes glazing over.

You nodded your head and continued, “As you told me, your daughters went to the Witch Adult Program in London after they found out… from what you have told me, they love it. Isn’t your son-in-law a wizard?”

Jordan looked up sharply, as did Sarah, “Yes, yes he is…”

“Sarah would benefit greatly…. But, well. I will let you sleep on it. Mind if I come back next week? We can talk more… you do have a couple of weeks to make your final decision.”

“Thank you again… o goodness, how impolite! I never got your name…”

“Charlie.” You answered with a smile, “Just call me Charlie.”

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Chapter 9: Happy Days
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Chapter Nine: Happy Days

Finally things were back to the way they used to be. Like after you woke up from the dead.


Now, you could finally say that you were happy to be curled up in Tom’s embrace as he read the Daily Prophet. Things were normal. Or, as normal as an evil dictator-hopeful and his girlfreind curled up reading the Daily Prophet could be…

So, all in all, pretty much normal.

“Oh, I forgot to tell you, the next meeting is Thursday…”

“Mmmhhhmm…. Okay…” You murmered, breathing in the fire that was currently burning in the fireplace.

“Why are you so happy today?” He asked into your hair, turning the page to the editorials.


You could sense him smiling, “What else? I shouldn’t have even asked…”

“No… you shouldn’t have…” You said. You bent back and kissed him quickly on the lips, then returned to resting your head on his arm.

“You know… I have a surprise for you…”

You immediately perked up, “Really?”

“Of course. A wonderful surprise…” He stood up and took you with him, all in a single movement.

“Come with me?” he asked, looking down, a loving glaze in his eyes.

“To the ends of the earth…” You breathed, before you side-apparated away.

“Where are we?”

“A childhood memory…”

“A cliff? Why are you taking me to a cliff?”

“I want to show you something…”

“What? Rocks?”

“Um… no.”

He took your hand and pulled you away from the entrance, towards the cliff.

“I wanted to show you the sunset.”
The sun, from your perspective, seemed to be about a foot above the water line, bouncing gently in a cradle of gold. Colors fanned out from the top, mostly yellow, pink and purple, slowly fading into a deep, midnight blue. “Oh, Tom!” You sighed, hugging him without taking your eyes away from the horizon.

“Come here…” He said, pulling you closer to the edge. He sat you down, using his strong arms to gently push you down. He sat down next to you, causally pulling you closer to him.

“We are going to have this soon…” He whispered in your ear.

“What do you mean?” You asked softly, nuzzling into his neck.

“Someday, we are going to OWN it…”

“You can’t own the sun, Tom…” You asked, giggling, “WE can’t own the sun.”

“Of course we can. We have magic on our side, don’t we? We are going to own the sun.” He asked, sounding deadly serious. You couldn’t help but laugh.

“Fine, Tom. But can I have Neptune to keep my hairclips on?”

“Anything for you Charlie.” You could feel the smile radiating from his face.

“Anything, eh?” You asked, “Will you buy me the Indian Ocean?”

“I’m not going to buy it for you. We will already own it….”

“Tom, are you really-”

“Look at this, Charlie! All of this! Soon… soon it’s all going to be ours!”

“Tom… you can’t own the world.”

“Well… you are going to own it with me, are you not? Along with the little one-” He gently placed his hand on your stomach. You look down at his hand, and placed your own on top of his.

“Tom… your scaring me…” You said softly, glancing up at his face. You noticed his eyes had once again taken a red sheen.

“Nothing to be scared about, Charlie… nothing at all…” His grasp on you tightened, and you were no longer able to look at him. His words did disturb you. But as much as you wanted to do or say the right thing, you pushed your words to the back of your mind. You wanted to have a good time.

“So…” you said, trying to change the subject, “Any new raids?”

“So, we wrote the Professor… he was very happy to accept Sarah back into the program.”

“Excellent! I’m going to assume he mailed you the list of supplies?”

“Oh… yes… right here…” Jordan pulled out a crinkled piece of paper and handed it to you. It had a rip down the middle, messily taped up.

“Sarah,” Jordan said, as if it was obvious, “Isn’t exactly thrilled.”

You offered a small smile, “I can tell. Now… I’m going to assume that you don’t know where Diagon Alley is?”

“Well… my pther daughters know…”

You had to bite your lip from gasping in horror, “I’ll take her! It would be my pleasure! She could even meet some of my friends!”

Every second with Sarah counted.

“Oh… that would be great.!”

“I’ll pick her up tomorrow… how’s 1 o’clock?”

“Excellent. I’ll go tell her.”

“Okay… see you tomorrow Mr. Peters!”


“Jordan. See you tomorrow…”

He gave you a smile and a nod as he walked up the stairs, where Sarah was doing some Muggle homework in her room. It reminded you so much of your other children. You would have given anything to go walking up the stairs too.

You gave a small and sad smirk, and walked out the door.

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Chapter 10: Diagon Alley Part One
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Chapter 10: Diagon Alley: Part One

“Your taking her WHERE?!”

“Diagon Alley… I thought that-”

“Oh NO!” Tom said, taking the cloak you were about to throw on and throwing it on the table instead, “The only two places YOU are aloud is here, and your…. The Peter’s!”

“But Tom-”

“No! What if someone recognizes you? What if-”

“Tom…” You said, trying to lay a sympathetic hand on his elbow, “It will be fine. Everyone from our year is what… 50? And the teachers… well, it will just look like coincidence… and I won’t talk to anyone unless absolutely necessary-”

“Fine.” He snipped, “But someone is going with you-”

“WHAT!? No WAY!”


You wanted to say you wanted to spend time with your daughter, ALONE, but you held your tongue. How would that go over with Tom? Not very well, after you thought about it for a minute. He would think you were using him, or something twisted like that. Which you weren’t. You just wanted to spend some time with Sarah. Time that you had missed.

“Fine… but they can’t come NEAR us…. And no direct following… just… sneaking.”

Tom quirked an eyebrow, “Sneaking?”

You nodded, “Yes, sneaking.”

“How is sneaking different from following?”

“Um… no one has their hood drawn up, and looks suspicious, and stays behind us atleast-”

Tom sighed then, seeming to give up. You smiled in victory, “It’s settled then! I’ll see you later…”

You leaned up to give a peck on Tom’s rather tall cheek, and turned to go, but an arm stopped you. You sighed in frustration, intending to give Tom a piece of your mind, when you turned around, and saw his eyes. They were filled with concern, worry, and… fear.

“Tom-” You started, asking him why he was acting so… caring. In public! You knew Severus was just behind the-

“Just promise me you’ll be careful… will you, Charlie? Please?”

You smiled warmly, “Of course!” You pecked him on the cheek once again, and quickly disaperated.

“Severus, you can come out now!” Tom said, his demeanor changing as quickly as it had come.

“Yes, my lord?”

“You know what to do… go ahead.”

“Put, sir… I thought that Malfoy-”

“Well, Malfoy doesn’t feel the need to eavesdrop, now does he?”

Severus stayed silent.

“You’re the one who is going to do it… and that’s that. Now GO.”

You had apparated in the woods across the street, and silently made your way up the paved road. It was so peculiar, to be out in direct sunlight again. You sighed and breathed in the scent of daisies and sunflowers and wildflowers strewn about the quiet neighborhood.

You raised your hand out, paused to catch your breath, and knocked on the door.

It swung open almost immediately, revealing Jordan with a harried look on his face.

“Sorry, Charlie…” He said, sighing, “Sarah is proving rather-”

A door slammed upstairs, making the old house rattle with the amount of power behind it.

Jordan sighed again and finally finished his sentence, “Difficult. Come in, won’t you? Maybe some cofee or tea before you go?”

“Tea’s fine…” You answered, sitting down in the dinning room as Jordan went off to the kitchen. You could hear some stomping upstairs…

“So…” Jordan said, coming in a few minutes later with two cups of tea, “I wanted to talk to you about how we know each other, before you leave…”

You managed a thin smile, and tried to remember everything that you had told him when you were married, “Sure…”

“Okay, well… what school did your mother go to?”

“My… my mother?” You asked, trying to think why in the world he would ask about your-


“Yes.. I mean, you just look so… so familiar… and I thought-”

“My Mum went to an all-girls prepatory school in…” You wracked your brain for a place where Jordan had never been, “In Latvia. She met my father and moved here after they got married, and lived in a Wizarding community… so it is highly unlikely you have ever-”

“Oh… well, yes. So maybe not. I bet you just resemble someone I knew once, or something-”

You hated to lie, but when Jordan excepted in as fact, you couldn’t help but let out a deep breath, “I bet that’s It-”

“Okay…” Sara appeared in the doorway, a frown on her face, “I’m ready to go...”

You looked up and instantly scrunched your nose.

“You are not going out like that!” You said, almost disgusted. Another voice joined you.

“What is wrong with this, dad?” She asked, ignoring your side of the comment entirely.

“Your giving a bad name to muggles!” You said, biting your lip, “Couldn’t you… I don’t know…”

“What?” She asked, turning to you, “Do wizards dress in paper bags?”

“Merlin no!” You cried, “Wizards dress respectfully for their age!” Your mind wandered back to when you would wear practically the same thing during your break times. “At least where a jumper, and not a tank! As a general rule for fashion when going to a new place…” You continued, getting up and grabbing the lacy material of her barely-there shirt, “The fabric should at least go up to your clavicle.”

She tilted her head, “What?”

Here…” You grabbed her sash that she was using for a belt, and wrapped in around your wand, then flicked it twice and muttered something under your breath. Unwrapping the, ‘sash,’ it was then apparent that it had transfigured into a Tee-Shirt. Your quickly ironed out the wrinkle’s with your wand, and through it back to Sarah, “Throw that on, will you? I want to get moving…”

She started to put it on, somewhat skeptically, “I thought you weren’t aloud to do magic until your 17...”

You just smiled.

You had figured out, a few days after you, ‘woke up,’ that your magic was too old, so the laws about your age simply didn’t apply.

“Now…” You said, pulling some floo powder out of your pocket, “Hold your hands out.”

Chapter 11: Diagon Alley, Part Two: The Giant
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*~Chapter 11: Diagon Alley, Part Two: The Giant~*

You had managed to get Sarah to hold your hand while you walked the busy streets of the Alley. She was against it for a little while before she meet the crowds… then she was more then willing to latch on. You could tell she was trying her best not to be amazed, but her eyes told the whole story.

“What’s that?” She asked pointing to a broom display, her new wand clutched tightly in her hand. 

You smiled, “We can go look at the Quiditch stuff later. I really just want to walk up and down the street a few times to get you situated before we go buying anything else.”


You smiled again, “Daunting, isn’t it? Don’t worry, it will get easier…”

“I… how do you know?”

You turned back to her to see her petrified face. “I’ve gone through it before. Believe me. How‘s your wand feeling?”

“I-” She started to answer you before stopping dead in her tracks and looking up.

“What?” You asked, looking at her and laughing a bit at her expression “Did you see another flock of owls or wh-”

“Do I know ye’?”

You took a sharp intake of breath as you turned around and looked up.

“I… no…” Came Sarah’s answer to the huge man towering over her… and everyone else, “I-I’m a new s-student…”

The man shook his head kindly before laughing in a low rumble, “I s‘pose I’ll be seeing ye a lot then in September! I’m keeper o’ keys over at Hogwarts…. That’s were yer going…?”

“Y-yes… My name is S-Sarah.” She stuttered back.

Your legs started to shake violently under your robes, ‘This can NOT be happening… this can NOT be-’

“Well, not to be rude an all but I was actually talkin’ to this miss next to ye…” He turned his face to you in a warm, inviting smile. You felt sick.

“Mr. Hagrid sir!” You managed to spit out after a few seconds, “Good to see you after the summer!”

He laughed again, obviously thinking you were a student, “Good to see ye’ too… now… I’m sorry to say that I don’t remember yer name….”

You were about to say, ‘Charlie’, but then remembered that he would catch you.

“(your name).” You told him smoothly. His eyes seemed confused but he still smiled. You let yourself relax a bit, hoping he wouldn’t bring the subject up of you not attending in that generation, let alone decade….

Rubeus had always been… well, different. He was huge, for one. Nothing could make you laugh in 6th year like Hagrid hitting his head on the ceiling beams.

And then… his ‘pet’ killed Myrtle.

Now… you had always… well, LIKED Rubeus enough… until THAT happened. You could remember, when he was expelled…. His last day at school… you remembered, because before he was caught, you had managed to talk to him about Myrtle. They were friends…. Or, well, they knew each other. They were both outcasts…. Well, except for Hagrid. His Gryffindor friends had tolerated him enough…. Well, okay, maybe you were being too harsh. MOST of Gryffindor House liked him. Until he killed Myrtle, obviously. People were a little wary after that.

Sarah couldn’t go to Hogwarts! She was going to be killed!

“Sarah… I would actually like to introduce ye to another new student…” Hagrid moved to the side to reveal a boy with black hair behind him. He too looked oddly familiar…

“This is Harry Potter…” Hagrid had to move over even more before you could get the whole view of him… he seemed petrified.

You smiled. Well, better this kid then your daughter…

“Hello Harry…” You stuck your hand out, “My name is (your name).”

He tentatively stuck out his hand, but you both were forced to jump back after the huge shock that went up both of your arms. You yelped out, but Harry seemed to have a worse reaction.

Harry almost dropped his owl cage as his hand went up to his forehead, clutching it in pain. Hagrid grabbed the cage before it hit the ground, but the owl was still having it’s own little hissy fit.

“Oh Merlin, I’m so sorry!” You said, eyes wide. What else had you done?

“N-no…” Harry said, quietly but painfully, “It’s nothing. I’m okay. Must have touched too many of the scarves for sale, or something…”

“Okay…” You said slowly. You didn’t want to challenge his awful lie and make the poor kid any more uncomfortable then he already was.

You had forgotten Hagrid before he spoke again, “Why don’t we all go and get an ice cream?”

You had no idea where THAT came from, or why it was a good idea… it was actually a bad idea, come to think of it. He might recognize you if you spent anymore time with him…

“Could we?” You were surprised when Sarah addressed this question to you with a sweet, respectful manner.

You looked over to tell her that now wasn’t the time… but Sarah was ogling Harry.

‘Well, his hair could use work… but I don’t disapprove…’

You winced internally as you voiced your answer “That would be fun, I think… Thank you very much!” You hated the way you sounded… couldn’t you even TRY to sound over 25, like you really were?

Hagrid lead the way before you could correct yourself, followed by Harry, you and then finally Sarah. She suddenly became latched to your side. You wondered if it was because of the cute boy she saw or the fact that Diagon Alley was a crazy, giant filled place that scared her to death. You decided on a combo of both.

“Do you think he’s cute?” You asked Sarah out of the side of your mouth, “You know, Harry?”

Sarah looked at you, scandalized and petrified at the same time, “I- of course not!”

You smirked at her, “Just remember to be yourself. And try not to be shy!”

Her eyes widened and she opened her mouth to whisper something back, but you all had finally arrived at Florean Fortescue's. You just ordered a plain Chocolate for Sarah, not wanting her to try some wizard flavor’s right off. You were sure her tongue changing different patterns would not be very reassuring. To be easy, you got the same thing. You paid Fortescue and then went to a large table in the corner, waiting for Hagrid and Harry. You were thinking about waiting, to help Hagrid, but thought better of it. He was here with the kid…. So he was Hagrid’s responsibility.

“Did you notice?”

The question surprised you, “What?”

“The scar? Did you see it?” Sarah asked, impatient after you had misunderstood.

“What scar?” You asked, confused.

“Harry had a scar on his forehead,” Sarah took a lick of her ice cream, “It was a squiggly thing.”

“I… no, I didn’t.”

“Oh.” She answered, unfazed, “Do a lot of Wizard’s have weird markings?”

You gave her a look, “We aren’t dogs.”

She scowled at you, “That’s not what I meant.”

You revised your answer, “No, not usually. Maybe he was running with some sewing needles, or something.”

Sarah grimaced, “No! Ew…. It didn’t look like that. It looked like… like a lightening bolt.”

You shrugged, “No idea. That‘s a cool scar shape though, isn‘t it?”

She frowned at you, “I’m not like that. I don’t like boys for their war scars-”

You smirked again without helping it, “Liar!”

“Don’t call me a lair!”

“But you did notice it, did you not?”

She blushed and turned away.

You took another lick of your ice cream, satisfied. You were the same with Sarah’s sisters… more of a friend, but a disciplinarian when need be. You had been an easy-going mother…. As long as your daughters showed respect and didn’t get in trouble…

Hagrid’s voice shook you out of your reminiscing, “Harry went to the loo, should be right back…” He sat down next to you, placing Harry’s thing’s carefully on the floor.

You couldn’t help but grin at Sarah’s beaming face. You had been that way with Tom, you realized. Boring your eyes into the boy you liked seemed to work very well for your family. You were proud in a twisted sort of way.

“So (your name)... What house did ye say yer in?” Hagrid asked, gazing down at you.

“Slytherin.” You said, without missing a beat. Hagrid almost dropped his spoon.

You had realized what you had done and quickly tried to correct yourself, “It’s a funny thing really, Mr. Hagrid. I don’t care for my house at all. I usually associate with the Hufflepuff’s in my year when I can. I find them much more agreeable.”

Well, it wasn’t a TOTAL lie, but close enough.

Hagrid seemed to accept that.

“And Sarah, what house are ye looking for er spot in?”

“I-I’m not sure, Sir. Ch-”

It was then you realized that Sarah still called you Charlie. That Sarah had heard your real name.

Is she smart enough to figure it out?

I hope not.

You cut her off, “I’m afraid I haven’t properly explained them to her, Mr. Hagrid sir.”

“Oh… well, I’d be delighted to lend me hand…” Hagrid said, beaming at the little girl.

Sarah shot you a look as if to tell you she had noticed your blunder, and that she wanted answers. You chose to ignore it.

Because at that moment, Severus Snape had entered the warm shop and made a beeline straight for you.

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Chapter 12: The Imposter and The Traitor
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~*Chapter 12: The Imposter and The Traitor~*


It wasn’t as if Severus was running towards you in a maddened panic. He was actually strolling lazily towards you. But it WAS towards you, all the same…

You weren’t sure if you should be scared or apprehensive. This wasn’t in the plan. Was he just going to walk past you? Was he going to speak to you?

You started to tap your feet silently on the stone floor, nervous. Hagrid, meanwhile, hadn’t noticed. He continued to plow through the houses, Sarah now much more interested in what he had to say than in you.


You all looked up, surprised that Severus had somehow managed to make it to your table while you were thinking.

“Professor Snape! Never thought I’d see ya in Fortescue's…”

“It’s not a habit, I can assure you.”

His face was stone as he turned a shrewd eye on you.

“And who is this?”

You couldn’t help but let your eyes bug out a bit. Who is this? Your lips grew into a thin line.

“This is (your name).” He said, smiling. He hadn’t, thankfully, caught the interaction.

“I see. Nice to meet you.”

You nodded, not taking your eyes off of him.

He opened his mouth to speak to Hagrid, but his head did a slow double take.

Time slowed.

“Do I know you?”

You opened and closed your mouth, “I… I don’t believe so.”

His face didn’t change. Even his eyes seemed to be dull and bland.

Now the sound seemed to go.

“Are you sure?”


His stare increased.

“You look awfully like someone I used to know…”

Your head was racing. Why is he doing this?

“I bet t-that’s very p-possible. I get that a lot.”

His face came in close to you, staring you in the face. “Hagrid… I believe we have someone disguised as… our old friend Charlie. Would you mind getting someone, please?”

Everything seemed to zoom in and speed up as your breath caught in your throat. It was the last thing you had expected, the last thing that had come to mind. You were frozen to your seat.

“What are ya talking bout Professor?” Hagrid said, a nervous laugh enveloping his features.

Snape’s face didn’t turn as he continued to speak to him, “Don’t you remember, Rubeus? Charlie, Tom’s girlfriend?”

Hagrid’s face grew cold, “You can’t be serious, Professor. She‘s just a student.”

“She was. Before she ran away with Tom, do you remember? The year after he had your wand taken away. The year after-”

Hagrid’s hand slammed loudly on the table, “It’s not her’!”

Now the whole place seemed to grow quiet and focus on you. Sarah’s hand seemed to find yours under the table, and you unconsciously grabbed it. She must have been scared… you were sure she had no idea what was going on.

“It’s seems someone was sick enough to take a piece of her hair and save it for all these years. Polyjuice potion, to be sure. Now will you get someone, Rubeus?”

Hagrid didn’t move.

“I’m afraid you are mistaken!” Your voice seemed to be unnaturally high, cracking in the middle of your sentence.

His lips curved upwards as yours quivered.

‘I’m afraid I’m not.”

“How… how dare you!” You stood up, pulling Sarah with you, “You’re a professor! You are supposed to trust us! This is going straight to Dippet!”

Unknown to Hagrid, Snape smiled, “Behind on the times, are we?”

You tried to act disgusted, but you were failing miserably, “We are leaving!”

You started to pull Sarah towards the entrance, but were forced back.

“I can’t allow you to leave. Especially with an innocent bystander.”

Snape had grabbed Sarah’s arm, Hagrid behind him, unmoving.

You started to cry, tears slipping down your face, “Let her go!”

“I can’t. And you must come with us, into custody. What you are doing is very illegal.”

Sarah stared up at you in fear.

“No…” You whispered, looking back and forth from all three of them, “No, I won’t do it.”

“Let go of her before we are have to use force.”

What came out of your mouth next surprised you.


Your scream silenced everyone who hadn’t been watching you before.

Your arm dropped… Sarah had let go.

You choked back a sob, stepping back. This couldn’t be happening…


Hagrid’s question caught you off guard, making you let out an uncontrolled sob.

You shook your head, stepping back further.

And before you knew it, you were in your apparition turn. You weren’t sure as to where you would go until the last minute. Riddle Manor. It was the only place left to go.

As you turned, you managed to see a lone figure by the door, the only one who didn’t seem to be in awe over what was happening.

Lucius Malfoy was cool and collected as he watched you go as you escaped. From everything.

Chapter 13: The Long Lost Dreams: Part One
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.:Chapter Thirteen: The Long Lost Dreams: Part One:.

You burst into your room, sobs shaking your frame.

This can’t be happening!

You slammed the door and locked it with shaky fingers, your forehead leaning on the cool wood of the door as you did so. You stood still for a moment, breathing deeply as tears poured down your face.


You whipped around, “Leave me alone Tom!” Your tone was low and dangerous, but Tom’s smile was hard to hide.

“What’s wrong?”

“You know p-perfectly well what’s w-wrong!”

Tom watched you as you flung yourself onto your bed, crawling under the covers. A pressure on the side of the bed alerted you to Tom, but he said nothing.

“Everything is r-ruined,”

A hand rested on your back, “What do you mean?”

“I-I… it’s all your f-fault! Severus would n-never do anything like t-that!”

“It had to be done.”

You flung the covers off of you, “No it didn’t! I’ve lost my d-daughter because of y-you!”


“What? W-what could you say that could p-possibly make what you did any better?!”

“It’s better this way.” He said simply, sitting up straighter.

“How is it p-possibly-”

“Think about it, Charlie! You’re here with me now and everything is going to be alright…”

“How Tom? How?”

“Well…” He stood up and pretended to be in deep thought, “What happened today could have easily happened later. It’s good that it happened now, when there won’t be as many-”

“How dare you!” You shrieked at him, “How could you do this to me! She was my daughter! I thought you loved me!”

Tom was silent, and you took your chance to laugh at him.

“Oh, so it’s that, is it? You can’t be vulnerable, and apparently, neither can I. My happiness doesn’t matter. I belong to you, not a silly girl that has half of me in each and everyone one of her cells-”

“YOU SHOULD BE HAPPY WITH ME!” Tom roared at you, making you flinch back in surprise. His eyes took a pinkish tinge again. You looked down.

“I am happy with you.” It came out as a whisper, “I love you… that’s the only thing you love about me. Is that I love you. It’s the only weakness I’m aloud to have. Because you know I’ll always be there for you… high or low water, I’m always available to come walking out of the grave, just for you.”

He smiled, but didn’t try to contradict you, “Now, Charlie. Don’t get all worked up now…” He sat back down next to you, “We are going to be together forever. Do you want to taint it with a silly fight?”

You sighed, “No, I don’t.”

He put his arm around your shoulder, and you let him. A calm fell over you, and you leaned into him, content.

“Now that’s more like it…”

The thought came to you that it was a spell, a trap… yours eyes sprung open… when were they closed?

“Now Charlie…” His fingers lifted your chin up, “Don’t fight it.”

“What did you do to me… this time?” You asked, dreams already tugging at the corners of your subconscious.

“Your just need to calm down, think things over in a non-stressful way…” You looked up at him, the drowsiness masking your angry face, “You’ll thank me later, believe me…”

“But Tom-”

He cut you off with a kiss, a searing, heart restoring and heart breaking kiss. It burned with passion, and you fell into it easily. His hand trailed up your back as he lowered you to the bed, his other hand playing with the hem of your shirt. You were too sleepy now to enjoy it, but you did your best when his tongue slipped easily into your mouth. It was bliss.

And then it was over. 


You turned your head- Myrtle and Rubeus Hagrid were bouncing towards you… well, Rubeus wasn’t. He was pounding towards you.

You smiled genuinely. “Hello guys.”

“I’m glad we caught you…” Myrtle said, sitting down next to you in the grass.

Rubeus followed, “Tom ain’t around is he?”

You shook your head, a tight laugh escaping your lips. But you knew, as well as everyone else, that Tom was much too protective for his own good.

“No, he had some homework he needed to finish. I just went for a walk.”

You looked back towards the lake as Myrtle spoke again, “Charlie… we are worried about you.”

You laughed again, your blank eyes never leaving their stare, “And why is that?”

“Well…” Rubeus started, “We aren’t worried for you… we’re scared for ya, Charlie.”

Your head snapped towards them both, a smile on your face that never reached your eyes, “Why?”

“It’s… it’s Tom, Charlie.”

“He’s… different.” Rubeus finished for Myrtle, solemnly.

“He’s very involved in his work-”

“That’s not what we meant, Charlie.” Myrtle sighed, her knees coming up to her chest, “He’s…. changed you. You’re a different-”

I am not,” you snapped, “A different person. I am the same person I ever was,”

“Were did your friends go then, hm?”

You stared back out resolutely towards the lake.

“That’s wha we thought,” Rubeus answered for you, a huge hand coming to rest on your shoulder. You shrugged it off as if it was on fire.

“Don’t you dare touch me, halfbreed!”

“You don’t mean tha, Charlie.”

“I do!” You stood up, screeching, “Don’t you get it? I hate you! I hate both of you!”

Tears started rolling down your cheeks, “Stupid Halfbreed and Mudblood, trying to comfort me, how sweet! I think I may puke!”

“Charlie-” Myrtle stood up, “What happened to you? What did he do to you?”

“Nothing! He did nothing to me! Don’t you see!? This is me, this is Charlie!”

“No it’s not…” Rubeus said, standing up behind Myrtle, “The Charlie we know loves us, the Charlie we know secretly misses her old, long lost friends… her family. Her parents. Us. Don’t ye see? He’s the one whose taken it all erway!”


Myrtle shook her head, “You know it’s true… but we came back.”

“Yer not lost, Charlie. We found you. We want to help ye get it all back. There‘s still time for ye, Charlie.”

Sobs wracked your body, your whole frame dangerously leaning back and forth. Myrtle was there first, but Rubeus was the one who really caught you. It was a hug among hugs… one that you would never forget.

The scene changed. 

“Oh dear Myrtle, I never thought that you would go as far as to ask him if he would go out with you. How pathetic!” Olive snorted at Myrtle as if she were the scum on the bottom of her shoe.

“I was trying,” She said back, defensively, bottom lip quivering, “To take the reins for once, Olive!”

“Ew, gross Myrtle. I don’t want to know that your into that kind of thing!”

Myrtle stomped her foot as you looked on, your face a stone… there was nothing you could do. Myrtle had learned to not get any help from you during a fight. It was the day after her and Hagrid had approached you, and you still felt awkward. You hadn’t given them an answer yet.

“I’m not! I’m not I’m not I’m not! I don’t DO that sort of thing!”

‘Please Myrtle… don’t get worked up… please…’

Everyone laughed at her.  The sound hurt your ears.

“Oh please, Myrtle. Like you would do anything with a boy! You’re a stupid, mudblood Hufflepuff, and you are going to die a virgin.”

Everyone was laughing again at Myrtle’s retreating figure as she ran down the hall, loud, sloppy tears coming out of her eyes like a river. She dashed down the corner and out of sight as the rest of the group turned back to the common room while you seemed glued to the spot, the corner where Myrtle turned seemingly drifting closer.

A hand snaked around your waist. “Where are you going?” Tom always seemed to pop out of nowhere.

You stopped in mid-stride, never realizing until then that you were moving. “Going to comfort Myrtle, poor dear… pathetic thing, really…” You leaned in to whisper the next part, “And Olive really crossed the line… that was a bad one.”

“Myrtle can handle herself.”

It was no secret to you that Tom hated the girl. She was needy, a mudblood and took you away from him constantly.

“Tom… you and I both know she can’t-”

He cut you off, his face in a deep frown. “Myrtle needs some tough discipline, Charlie. She’ll never learn if you keep babying her like this.”

You frowned, but knew he was right.

“Give her fifteen minutes, okay?”

You nodded, and the scene changed again.


The bathroom was oddly quiet. You took a step, and splashed in some shallow water. You lifted your shoe up, and looked around for any leaks. There weren’t any… odd. It didn’t seem to be coming anywhere, either.

You had managed to slip away from Tom when he was talking to a first year about how the passwords worked.


No sniffs, no sobs… wasn’t she always in here?

You stepped towards the stalls, your heels kicking up the water as you went. “Myrtle?”

Your eyes squinted. There was a foot on the floor coming from underneath a stall… Myrtle’s stall.

“…Myrtle?” It came out as a whisper. You opened the door... It swung open easily.

And then you screamed.



Chapter 14: The Long Lost Dreams: Part Two
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.:Chapter Fourteen: The Long Lost Dreams: Part Two:. 

Tom Riddle took another long, deep, fuming breath from low in his chest.

“Would you care to explain why it isn’t working again to me, Severus?”

Snape took a breath too, but with much more patience, “I’ve told you, sir. Someone-”

“No more excuses.” he said, darkly, “I’ve had enough of excuses. You’ve messed up, no one else can hold that blame.”

“But sir-”

Tom shot the man a glare, “If it would please your conscious, then be my guest, Severus. I’m sure Lucius would love to hear, now that he is about to join us.”

And it was true. Lucius slunk into the room, taking in the view around him as he leaned next to the door. There was the Dark Lord, a young Dark Lord, standing over his bed, his face contorted into bottled rage. Snape stood a few feet away, looking into the empty vial with a cold expression on his face. And then there was Charlie, curled up on the bed, eyes moving fast behind her eyelids, convulsions happening every few seconds.

“I would love to hear, my lord.” He said quietly, unlike his usual manner. He hadn’t spoken in this tone since Draco was a baby, and it had become an unseemly habit these last few months.

“Severus?” Tom asked smugly. Snape looked back, his eyes a black stone.

“Someone- I mixed the potion incorrectly. Instead of nice memories of his lordship and herself, she is now experiencing her… worst memories, and the such. It won’t go on for long, just a few more hours until I can get the antidote mixed up properly. I had one ready, but of course, that was for the last mixture. It won’t get very far, but she is going to at least go through a few years of school- mostly ones without his lordship.”

“So, you managed to get just about everything wrong?”

Charlie let out an ear-piercing scream, and Tom turned his glare onto her for a split second, “If you have ruined this, Severus, there will be severe repercussions.”

“Charlie? Is that you?” Elaine, a former friend with whom you hadn’t spoken directly to for more then a year, was the first to come.

“Oh Merlin… Charlie! What happened? Is that… is that Mo- Myrtle?”

You couldn’t speak, the sobs were to much to overcome. You had Myrtle propped up, and you were clutching her to your chest. Her hair was still wet from the floor, and your clothes had the stain of splashed water all up and down the front.

“I… Merlin… Charlie, you need to.. You need to put her down, Charlie… we need to go get help.”

“She’s dead!” You managed to choke out, “She’s dead! She’s dead! We can’t save her! We can’t save her!”

It was obvious Elaine wasn’t speaking exclusively for Myrtle, but she was taken aback all the same, “Will you stay put?”

You hugged Myrtle and stroked her hair gently, nodding. 

Tom looked down at you, his hand gripping your own.

“Is there anything I can do, my lord?” Lucius asked Tom politely. Severus had already fled the room, the antidote would be coming shortly.

“Now that Severus is gone, I would love it for you to tell me… to tell me everything you saw.”

You tuned everything out, voices got louder and hands pried you away, stood you on your feet.

And when you woke up, a day or so later, a 2nd year lying next to you in the Infirmary told you what had happened.

Myrtle really was dead.
And your boyfriend had caught who did it.

“Who did it?” You asked the girl, fire springing up in your eyes, “Who killed Myrtle?”

The girls’ eyes went wide, “I’m surprised. I thought you would at least know that-”

“Well, I don’t! Who was it!?”

“C-Charlie… it was… that Hagrid kid. Rubeus Hagrid. His pet killed it… his wand was snapped yesterday.”


“I said, ‘His wand was sna-”

“No, not that!” You snapped back, “I don’t- where is he?”

“I bet your boyfriend is in the common room-”

“Not him!” You almost screeched, being impatient, “Hagrid! Where the bloody hell is he?”

She leaned in closer, as if it were a big secret, “In the north tower.”

Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlor was crawling with Aurors. Hagrid had long since taken Harry home.

And Sarah was so confused. And angry. How could that woman…no, that girl, be her bloody mother!?

Well… she supposed she should really say… how DARE she impersonate her mother?!

Well, it was a little better…

“Miss Peters?”

She didn’t answer.

“Miss Peters?” The speaker repeated, “Can you tell us which one of these woman took you here today?”

Sarah looked down at the moving picture with mild surprise… but then again, nothing could surprise her today. Her life was slowly taking the shape of a downward spiral.

“That one.” She pointed to a girl in the lower right, who waved to her fondly. She was sitting in what looked like a train compartment with a half dozen or so other people. She, herself, was sitting next to a handsome boy that now had his steely gaze trained on her. She had to look away.

“Thank you, Miss Peters… now, I can take you home now. I need to talk to your father.”

She nodded again, and with the prompt from the auror, grabbed his hand.

You pulled your hood closer down over your face, sprinting down the next part of the corridor. If you already knew that you were alive, you would think that you were turning into a Dementor. You just seemed like… a vortex of doom.

Was it just coincidence that everyone you touched… everyone you had contact with just…-?

But now it wasn’t the time… you could see the staircase just up ahead.

Footsteps started down the corridor, and you pressed yourself further into the wall. If someone caught you… well, you didn’t want to think about that…

The footsteps faded away, and you took the chance to slink to the staircase across the hall. Very quietly, very practiced, you made your way up without a sound.

“Oh my God!” Jordan rushed down the path and enveloped his daughter in a hug as she looked over his shoulder, eyes vacant.

He pulled her back at arms length, “Where were you? I’ve been-”

“Mr. Peters? Hello, my name is Edward Collins, I’m an Auror from the Ministry of Magic.”

Jordan looked up uncertainly, but shook the mans hand anyway, “Nice to meet you… but um… Where is Charlie?”

Collins sighed, “She told you his name was Charlie?”

“Yes… why? Is that a bad-?”

“Oh, no… it’s just that-”


Collins turned, to see another wizard, coming down the garden path. This wizard, unlike Collins, looked unsure of herself and antsy.

He sighed, “Excuse me.”

Jordan watched Collins march over to the other auror before looking down at Sarah, expecting an answer.

“I’m fine, Dad.” She said, brushing a piece of hair from her face, “Really. They took good care of me, and I’m fine. See? No scrapes or cuts, or even any mental stuff. You don’t have to worry about me.”

Jordan smiled at his daughter, “You’re just like your mother.” 

You stared through the bars at the lump in the corner.

He was crying.

“And then she disaperated.” Lucius finished, “And as soon as she was gone, I left.”

Tom fumed silently, “And Potter saw everything?”

“I’m afraid so, My lord. He had just come out-”

“I don’t need to know about that, Malfoy.” Tom snapped, but then his voice went soft, “Everything?”


His eyes narrowed as you, once again, cringed on the bed, “Then I suppose we will have to make it work to our advantage, won’t we?” 

Sarah tuned out the conversation between the adults, staring off into the woods across the street instead. It was funny, in a way. These types of things just seemed to… follow her.


Her unemotional gaze shifted towards the woman, “yes?”

“We um… the ministry did some recon at your… mother’s old house.”

Sarah wondered why this would interest her, but she paid attention none-the-less.

The auror plunged on, “We didn’t… find anything. Literally, actually. Your grandparents house was um… leveled. We didn’t… find anything of interest…”

Collins looked at the woman with impatience, “Martha?”

“Oh… yes…. Right. We didn’t find anything, of interest to this case… but the only thing that wasn’t destroyed, the one thing we were sure your mother would have wanted you to have…”

Another look from Collins hurried Martha up, “Is this.”

Sarah took the ratty teddy bear from Martha’s outstretched arms with a cross between disinterest and anger. Like something like this would actually make her feel any better! She wasn’t a 3 year old anymore… she wasn’t the same girl she was… how in the world was this supposed too-

And then Sarah looked into it’s eyes.

You couldn’t bear to look at him anymore, hunched over in the corner like that. He didn’t fit. He had the size of a criminal… but the sobbing showed what he really was. A scared, Gryffindor crying, 3rd year mess.


For someone with that size and height, you would never have thought that they could have moved as fast as Hagrid had just done. He was at the bars before his name was finished being called.

“Who is it?” He asked, his eyes darting frantically, “I told you everythin I know! Aragog didn’t do it!”

“Hagrid, calm down…” You soothed, laying a hand over his, “It’s me, Charlie.”

“Charlie? You came back! Charlie, you gotter tell em! I would never kill Myrtle! She wasn’t my friend, but I didn’t hate ‘er! She was nice ter me!”

As if you could have possibly held him there, your grip tightened, trying to hold him in place, “Just tell me the truth.”

“But I did! It is the truth! It wasn’t me, and it wasn’t Aragog?”

“Who the bloody hell is Aragog?”

“My… pet.”

“I’m not going to even ask, but… Rubeus, that’s what everyone thinks. It’s in the paper, and your wand was snapped… you’re a criminal!”

“But I’m not, Charlie! I’m not!”

“How can I believe you with all of that against you, Rubeus? How can I possibly believe you?”

“Because you’re my friend. And I’m your friend. And I’m a Gryffindor.”

You couldn’t help but squirm, “That’s what scares me.”

“Please, Charlie! I didn’t do it! I’m innocent! You’ve gotta help me!”

You placed another hand on the bars… you had to tell him the truth, now. You had to… there was only one way to fix this…

You gave the bars another squeezed, prepared yourself, and opened your mouth to speak--

But then it was over.


Chapter 15: The Awakening
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.:Chapter Fifteen: The Awakening:. 

Your eyes shot open and you sat straight up in bed, gasping.

“Charlie! You’re awake!”

Tom’s squeezed your hand as he sat down next to you, “How are you feeling?”


Tom’s hand wiping the sweat-plastered hair from your face distracted you.

“Did you have a nice rest? Clear your head?”

It was then that you saw Tom’s wand next to his hand on the bed where he was resting it.

Blank wall. White. Nothing.
You smiled, “Yes, actually.”

You didn’t miss the nod Tom made behind you and your eyes crinkled.

“Who-” You asked him as you turned around, “…are you- SNAPE!?”

“Cha- My ladyship. It is good to see that you are feeling better.”

Your eyes shot fire, “Leave this room before I-”

“Now Charlie…” Tom said, turning you back towards him, “It’s safe now. Don’t worry about him.”

You sighed, frustrated, “Fine. But I still want him out of my sight before I do something I regret.”

Tom nodded again, and you could hear Snape’s footfalls going down the hallway.

“Charlie… I’m sorry. Will you ever forgive me?”

You smiled again, “Of course. I’ve done it before, haven’t I?”

“Now Charlie…”

You stood up, letting only your anger through the carefully drawn curtain on your mind, “Don’t you dare start with me, Tom. I’ve… I’ve had it up to here!”

“How housewife of you, darling. Did you make the bed for me too?”

“What is wrong with you NOW?!” You almost screamed at him. You’re bottled anger was slowly bubbly over the top.

Tom smiled, “Nothing, Charlie. Nothing at all. Now, come over here next to me and calm down.”

You made sure the curtain was still drawn in your head. You couldn’t afford Tom seeing what you dreamt of. You then sat down, but made sure there was no contact. Tom, however, seemed to fix that, his hand gliding smoothly over to lay over your own. The picture in your mind seemed to rustle in a mild breeze, but you made sure to keep it tight.

You felt so stressed all of a sudden- the weight of all that had happened came thundering down on your head. You had been with Tom through so much… and then he did the imaginable. He pushed you away, and you did what was expected, you pushed back. You left. You got married. You had children… and then you died.

… and now Tom wanted it all back? Why? What was the reason? …Were there any reasons at all?

None, as far as you were concerned.

Then… why were you here at all? He said it was love… but you had a hard time believing that. There had to be something special. An added bonus to having you by his side…


His voice jerked you out of your train of thought.

“Yes Tom?”

“Maybe you should go to bed now… in the morning, we can sort everything out.” he said, noticing your lines of frustration… but for the wrong reasons. You were happy for the nice distraction, nodding your head in agreement.

He pulled you down next to him in a loving manner, holding you in his arms. It reminded you of old times, and with that you went into the old feeling of being completely safe. The bed felt soft… much softer then before. Much more forgiving. Your breathing slowed, and you finally relaxed, truly, for the first time that night.

“Sweet Dreams, my Slytherin princess.” Tom said it softly, almost in a whisper. He leaned and pulled the hair off of your face before kissing your forehead.

Maybe you were wrong… you had to be wrong… yes, you were wrong. Completely wrong. 

Sarah sat in her room, cross legged on her bed. Aurors were positioned outside of the house, waiting. Jordan had been asleep for hours now, but Sarah still sat on her bed, waiting. She wasn’t waiting for her… no, she was waiting for something else. She was waiting for a plan… but she was having a hard time thinking of one.

She looked down at the bear, the swirling eyes mesmerizing her. It was as if it was whispering to her, but it was still too quiet to hear. She fell back onto her bed, hugging the bear closer to her chest.

Apart of her wanted to know the truth. She wanted to find that girl and ask her questions. Did she even know her mother? If so… what was she like? Why did she do that? What was the point? What had she done to that Hagrid man?

She wanted to talk to her, but she didn’t know how… or where. Every place she could think of would be protected, watched… and even if she could think of a place, how could she leave the house without being caught? It was impossible.

… Then again, it was also impossible that her mother would rise up from the dead, wasn’t it?

For the second time that night, your eyes shot open. Your skin was damp, and your breathing short… but for the life of you, you couldn’t remember what you had dreamt about.

It was late… it must have been at least 2:30 or three in the morning. Tom lay beside you, his breathing slow and calm… completely asleep. The house, for once in a long time, was completely quiet.

You looked over to Tom, as if checking for yourself that his eyes were closed. They were, and you turned your attention back on the ceiling and regaining your breath.

You didn’t feel the same as you had a few hours ago… you were scared again. But most of all… you missed your daughter. You missed Sarah.

Now… what were you going to do about it?