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The unwritten tales - part 2 by Lizzy Marquez

Format: Novella
Chapters: 2
Word Count: 2,713
Status: WIP

Rating: 12+
Warnings: No Warnings

Genres: Romance, Angst
Characters: OC, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black
Pairings: Others

First Published: 09/09/2005
Last Chapter: 09/20/2005
Last Updated: 09/20/2005


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banner by kira_riddle. Fourteen years ago Linda Black ran away with her daughter, leaving behind everything that reminded her that she was once married to a Death Eater named Sirius Black. Now, the Order of The Phoenix is regrouping and to Remus surprise, Linda isn’t the only ex-member coming back. Sequel to The unwritten Tales, but you don’t have to read it to understand this one. CHAPTER 2 IS UP.

Chapter 1: Old memories bring back old feelings
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A/N: This is a completely different writing style for me, I’m used to write humour (can’t help it). But I think this works best here; hope it turns out ok :) This is a sequel to the Unwritten Tales, but you don’t have to read it to understand this. But if you want to have a little background on Linda and Evy’s character you should definitely read it :) This is set on the beginning of OOTP.

Old memories bring back old feelings

The sun was setting down in Hastings, a small Muggle town in the coast of Australia. A woman stood near a window, gazing at the red and orange flames in the sky. Her eyes were swollen and red, a result of several hours of crying and sobbing; her hand tightly held a photograph that was clearly taken many years ago. It showed a young woman (herself) lying in a bed, sweat all over her face, holding a small baby, cuddled in a pink blanket, in her arms. The handsome wizard right next to her was kissing the baby’s forehead with an apparent look of pride in his eyes.

Her eyes fell to the photograph and another tear rolled down her cheek, but was quickly removed with the back of her hand.

She looked outside once more and saw her daughter playing Quidditch, her black hair floating in the wind when she made a quick turn.

The woman, Linda, smiled bitterly as she continued to observe her. Her resemblance to her father was striking… the same dark hair, the same mischievous grin. Not to mention the ability to cause utter confusion at school. But lately Quidditch was the only thing that gained her daughter’s interest. Her laugh used to fill the house like nothing else, but two years ago that same laugh had been silenced.

Linda looked down at the picture again and caressed her little baby. Everything she had done was for her own good. But maybe she should have told her the truth from the beginning. She made her grow up thinking that her father was a hero; a brave man that died during the war against Lord Voldemort. Every night the little girl would beg her mother to tell her stories about her father and his school days at Hogwarts. And so she did during twelve years.

One day everything changed. That same face that still haunted her nights, the same one her daughter kissed in that picture every night before going to sleep appeared on the newspaper. Linda knew she couldn’t continue to hide it now that Sirius Black had escaped from Azkaban.

She still remembered the hurt look on her 15 year old daughter when she told her the true story… the story of her father’s betrayal.

Linda sighed loudly and sat on the bed’s edge, staring absently to the wall. Old memories always brought old feelings back, but she did no effort to push those memories away.

She placed the picture on her nightstand where a letter was lying open. The blots of ink clearly showed the signs of several tears dropped, but the missive was still readable.

Dear Linda

Fourteen years ago, when you left, you asked us to forget about your existence and to let you live your life away from here. Reluctantly, we agreed and kept our part of the promise. However, due to recent events, I am forced to break the promise that was once made.
Lord Voldemort is back, Linda. We all knew this was going to happen, sooner or later, so it’s not a big surprise.
The reason why I’m writing to you is because we’re regrouping the Order of the Phoenix and we need you on our side. A place for your daughter can be easily arranged at Hogwarts, so she can continue her studies, and we can also arrange for a transfer from your work in the Ministry of Australia to our Ministry here; several of our members work there.
We need you Linda. There are very few of us left and we can’t afford not having you with us. I trust you will make the right decision.

There is also something else you should know… He’s innocent.

Yours truly
Remus Lupin

Reading the last line of Remus letter made Linda remember of that August night, a year ago. Back then they lived in Jamaica but the next week they moved to Australia. That night Linda was in the living room, reading, despite the lateness of the hour. She heard a cracking noise coming from the backyard, and prepared her wand to attack any possible intruder. She entered the kitchen and through the window she saw the causer of the noise: a tall man, with long black hair, and wrinkles that made him look older than he actually was.
She felt a lump in her throat; she was afraid this might happened, ever since he escaped from Azkaban. He slowly stepped closer to the window, his eyes fixed upon hers. He did not talk, but she knew that he was asking her to let him come in with that look. Linda didn’t move, every muscle of her body was frozen. She knew he could force his entrance if he wanted too, but apparently that wasn’t his intention. She shivered as he stepped a little closer and leaned his forehead in the window glass. He spoke softly but the house was so silent that she was still able to listen to his muttering. “Please Linda… I didn’t have the chance to explain it too you thirteen years ago, don’t deny me that chance now… I’m innocent… please Linda, please…” Her eyes filled with tears as she shook her head in a silent no.
A few moments later she saw him kneeling slowly and placing something on the floor. “I’ll leave this here. Please read it. That’s all I’m asking you.”
He gave a few steps back without braking eye contact with her and with a flick of his cloak he disapparated.

Linda still kept that letter that he left in her doorstep a year ago. She slowly opened one of her nightstand drawers and picked up a piece of parchment.

My dear Linda

I know that you still have some kind of hope in me if you’re reading this. All I ever wanted was a chance to explain you how it all happened, and now that I have that chance I can’t find the words to do it.
There is something that I never told you… we never told anyone, James and I… The secret keeper wasn’t me... it was Peter. We thought it was the perfect plan, making everyone believe that I was the one that kept the secret. There wasn’t a single day that I wouldn’t regret not telling you this. He was the traitor all along, and then he did that little act of his making everyone believe he was dead, when he was really living among other rats. You’re probably thinking this is a farfetched story… but it’s the truth. You knew me better than anyone Linda. Deep down you know I would never do that to James and Lily. You know I would rather die than join forces with lord Voldemort. It’s up to you if you believe me or not.
I just want you to know that I never stopped loving you

Always yours

Linda had read that letter over and over again and knew it by heart now. Part of her wanted to believe in it and another part told her to be rational, that all evidences were against Sirius after all.

“Mum, are you listening to me?”

“What?” Linda turned her head and saw her daughter standing at the door, with a raised eyebrow, emphasizing her resemblance to Sirius.

“I asked you if you want me to start cooking dinner.”

Linda pondered for a few seconds, but her thoughts were miles away from tonight’s dinner. Finally she spoke slowly, as if she was choosing her words carefully.

“Would you like to attend Hogwarts for your seventh year?”

She stared at her mother, during the few seconds that took the words to sink in. She had grew up listening to stories about Hogwarts, the four houses, Hagrid the gamekeeper, Filch the cat-lover and the Giant Squid on the lake. She always dreamed of going to Hogwarts. When she was little, she used to take her mother’s old Quidditch robes (that were actually twice her size) and fly around pretending she was a Gryffindor chaser.

“Are we… are we going back then?” She asked in the same slow and quiet tone her mother had used.

“Sit down Erica. We need to talk.”

A/N: To those who are trying to figure Erica’s age, she’s two years older than Harry, same age as the twins. And yes, there will be a little romance there, but only in the third part of the story ;)
This one will be really short, just 3 or 4 chapters, focusing on the regrouping of the Order and Family reunion.
The sequel to this one will focus on the school year.

Chapter 2: Some feelings should be forgotten
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Chapter 2: Some feelings should be forgotten.

“Are they here yet, Mum?”

“No, Ron, how many times do I have to tell you? Don’t worry, as soon as the Advance Guard arrives with Harry I’ll let you know.”

Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger sat at the empty table in Grimmauld place number 12. It had been an hour since the Advance guard left Headquarters and they weren’t back yet. They were anxious to see Harry again and tell him everything that happened during the last month, especially the regrouping of the Order of the Phoenix. They looked at each other, knowing they were feeling the same way and sighed.

Suddenly the door opened once more and a wave of red hair appeared.

“Are they here yet mum? “ Three voices asked at the same time.

“No, no and no. And it’s already annoying when Fred and George talk at the same time; the last thing we need is you joining them Ginny. And I don’t want you lot staring at me while I cook dinner. Go find something to do.”

Reluctantly they all left the kitchen and headed upstairs. They had a long wait ahead of them.


Molly Weasley heard a noise from the Entrance Hall and she was preparing herself to give the twins a lecture for trying to eavesdrop once more, when she realised Harry Potter standing in the threshold.

“Oh, Harry, it’s lovely to see you!” she muttered as she hugged the boy that she considered as a son of her own.

She turned to the Advance Guard and whispered urgently “He’s just arrived. The meeting is starting. Ron and Hermione are upstairs. “she said turning to Harry once more “They’ll fill you in.”

“But, what’s going…”

“Please Harry, Ron and Hermione will explain it to you.”

As soon as Harry was on his way upstairs they all entered the kitchen for another meeting of the Order of the Phoenix. The kitchen was badly illuminated, with wizards and witches so different from each other sitting at the table that it made it look even more crowded.

“Now that we’re all here, I would like to get started. I don’t have much time, so I would like this meeting to be as quickly as possible.” said professor Dumbledore, as soon as everyone was settled down. “Kingsley, how are things at the ministry? What’s Fudge up to?”

“He’s still denying it all... trying to silence the rumours about Diggory’s boy.” Kingsley Shacklebolt replied, shaking his head slightly.

Mad-Eye Moody, sitting across him made a loud growl, showing his dislike of Fudge. And although the others kept silent, they all shared the same opinion as Moody.

“Well, I couldn’t expect another thing from Fudge I guess. How about the Guard duty? Arthur?”

Arthur Weasley was the member in charge of keeping track on the prophecy, making sure it had a guard every day. He took off his glasses and rubbed his swollen eyes, which showed signs of the lack of sleep. “Everything is fine Dumbledore. We’ve been changing shifts every night, and so far we had no incidents.”

“Good… let’s keep it that way. I reckon you all know that we’re expecting the arrival of a new member in a few days.”

Everyone instantly looked at Sirius, who was suddenly very interested in the wall behind Dumbledore. Dumbledore gave him a quick glance over his half-moon spectacles before continuing.

“Linda was an Unspeakable in the Ministry of Australia. We managed to transfer her to our own ministry, but they seem reluctant to give her the same job, at least for now. Hopefully, as soon as she gains their trust, she’ll have direct access to the Department of Mysteries and we’ll be able to keep a better track of the prophecy.”

Sirius Black stared determinedly to his hands. He still remembered the last time those hands held his giggling daughter while he twirled her around in the air. He would give anything to turn back time and change everything. He bit his lip as he remembered the letter that Linda addressed to him two days ago, with only one sentence:

We’re arriving on Wednesday.

Two days… two more days and he would see them again. He looked at his left side and Remus gave him a reassuring smile before turning his attention to the Headmaster once more.

“Now, the last issue of our meeting today…”Dumbledore continued “I have a proposal of a new member for our Order. She’s a very talented witch and I have complete trust in her. She was also a member of the old Order too, but we had some trouble tracking her down. We were able to spot her in France though, where she works as a Healer.” He made a small pause as he looked to the faces surrounding him “You can all imagine the advantage of having a Healer in the Order. If someone receives some kind of injury it would draw to much attention in St Mungus. All those in favour of accepting Evelyn Crewson as a member of the Order of The Phoenix?

All hands rose in the air except one… Remus Lupin was staring at Dumbledore completely astonished. He hadn’t heard about her ever since James and Lily’s funeral. He slowly raised his hand too, as an image of Evy crying silently in front of James and Lily’s graves came to his mind.

Evy was coming back


The meeting was over and all members were saying their farewells and going to the Entrance Hall. But Remus Lupin stayed frozen in his seat. His eyes were directed to Molly as she settled down the table for dinner, but his mind was miles away…She was coming back… he knew it was just a matter of time until Dumbledore suggested Evelyn’s recruiting, but he never thought it would be so soon.

Not that he didn’t want to see her… but the thought of meeting her again was a dangerous threat to his resolution made years ago…

He still remembered how it all happened. That night it had been a full moon. Sirius and James took turns to keep him company once a month, and that night it was James turn. But he was late. Lily was pregnant, and she wasn’t feeling well; James arrived five minutes after the moon rising.

Five minutes…

Five minutes had been enough for the werewolf sense the presence of a human near him and attack her… Luckily James arrived just in time to stop him from biting Evy, but Remus couldn’t bear knowing that he almost bit her.

The next morning he did the only thing he could do. The only thing he could do to protect the only woman he ever loved. He couldn’t continue with this relationship… he couldn’t submit her to such a danger.

And then there was Agnes… sweet little Agnes, Evy’s niece. Evy had adopted her when her brother and his wife died during the war. Remus couldn’t even think what might have happened if he had gotten to Agnes that night…

Remus tried to move away those memories, and he offered himself to help Molly. Some feelings were better forgotten.