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The Greatest Thing by Modern Marauders

Format: Novella
Chapters: 16
Word Count: 40,098

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Strong Violence, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Romance, Action, Humor, Drama
Characters: Dumbledore, James, Lily, OC, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, Snape, Voldemort, Lucius, Peter Pettigrew, M. McGonagall
Pairings: James/Lily

First Published: 09/04/2005
Last Chapter: 12/10/2005
Last Updated: 03/21/2006

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I'd like to once again thank Potterholic for another OUTSTANDING banner!! THE SEQUEL TO "A DIFFERENT ANSWER"! 10 long years have passed since they last spoke to him. They were all happy, with jobs and each other. But when he came back into their lives, everything changed; especially hers. This is a story about friendship, bravery and above all things, love. "The Greatest Thing You'll ever Learn, is Just to Love, and be Loved in Return." Over 14,600 reads!! This story is finally COMPLETED!! yay!!

Chapter 1: Just Breathe
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Well, here it is. The not so long awaited sequel to "A Different Answer". If anyone reconizes the tagline for this story it is because it is from the movie Moulin Rouge. And that line is basically the main line of that movie, so I do not own that besides not owning Lily, James, Sirius, Remus, etc.

So, enjoy the first chapter!

"...I'm sorry for how I treated you." He didn't respond. He stood there. As blank as a piece of parchment. Just how he was everytime her mind made her relive the horrible memory of the last time she spoke to James Potter. It seemed that her mind was determined to tell her something, or to try and get her to figure something out that was extremely important. She watched as her crying self fled the Quidditch stadium and woke up with a jolt, just as she did three nights every week.

Lily Evans' breathing was ragged. Her face was drenched in the tears that she shed in her sleep as she watched the scene, her long silky red hair was lying in a messy clump on her back, sticking to her face; her sparkling emerald eyes filled with sorrow. She groaned slightly as she flipped her sheets off her and swung her long legs over the side of the bed and onto the floor.

She propped her elbows on her knees and cradled her head in her hands. Sighing sadly to herself, she stood up and wandered over to her bathroom to start the day.

Lily flipped on the light switch and hunkered over to the shower at the far end of the spacious bathroom that she shared with her roommate and friend Li Murphy. She bent down and turned the water on up to the hottest it would go without burning her flesh. When the water was ready, Lily pulled off her pajamas and stepped delicately into the shower and closed the flower studded shower curtain behind her.

As the water rushed over her body, she could feel the cold sweat that had enveloped her washing down the drain. She emptied the last of her shampoo into her hand before scrubbing it fiercely into her hair; her nails digging into her scalp.

After a lot of soap and scrubbing, Lily felt like she was all clean and turned off the shower and stepped out onto the warm, fluffy rug that was placed right next to the bathtub. She grabbed her wand from the white marble counter and did a quick drying spell on herself before slipping her white bathrobe on and stepping out into the long hallway that seperated their rooms from the rest of the apartment.

The pictures that lined the walls smiled and waved at Lily as she passed them on her way to the kitchen. She pushed open the stained wood door and slumped down into a chair at their kitchen table.

"Morning Li." Lily mumbled in greeting to Li; who was sitting across from her still in her pajamas and reading the Daily Prophet.

"Morning Lil," Li looked up from her paper and stared worringly at Lily with her bright hazel eyes. "You look like hell." She stated.

"Yeah well, I was just there." Lily remarked running her hands through her hair and slamming her face onto the wood table.

"You had that dream again?"

"More like a nightmare, actually." Lily corrected.

"Why do you think you're having that nightmare?" Li questioned, tucking a loose strand of black hair behind her ear.

"What are you, a psychologist?" Lily remakred, bringing her head up.

"Sorry. I'm just trying to help," Li snapped offended before she got up and made her way towards the door. She stopped in front of the door and turned around. "By the way, we're meeting Sirius, Remus and Bri today at 1:00 before we have to go meet Dumbledore." With that she walked out of the kitchen and towards her room.

Lily sat in the comfortable silence for awhile after Li left, simply staring at the grains on the table and thinking about how her life was so far.

She had currently recieved her Healer's degree and had gotten a job at St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries as a part time Healer. The pay was decent and her fellow workers where kind towards her, she couldn't see a downside to the job; not even when James Potter was weekly admitted for Quidditch injuries. Good thing she was never assigned to him.

'Don't think of him!' Her mind scolded her. 'All he did was cause you heartache after heartache. Thinking of him will only make it worse.'

''Well at least I never have to see him." Lily muttered out loud.

'Still. Thinking of him will only make it worse.'

"No it won't. I got over him 10 years ago."

'Sure. Of course you did.'

"You know I-"

"Lil?" Li's voice came from behind her. Lily immediately turned around and blushed, embarassed that she was caught talking to herself. "You coming to get dressed? We're meeting them in a half an hour."

"Yeah. I'm coming." She stood up and followed the now dressed Li out of the kitchen door and down the hallway towards their rooms. Lily shut the door and walked over to her maghony dresser and pulled out a pair of loose jeans, a plain red shirt, and her brown robes. When she was all dressed, she walked into the bathroom and pulled a brush through her long tangled red locks.

"Ready Lil?" Lily turned her head to find Li's head sticking through the slightly opened door.

"Yeah. I'm almost ready." Li nodded and walked down the hallway to wait for Lily in the living room.

Five minutes later, Lily joined Li and the two of them apparted to the Leaky Cauldron; the entrance to Diagon Alley.

"Good aftr'noon," Tom the barmaid shouted over the sounds of the pub to the two girls as they made their way towards the back. "Wha'll it be today?"

"Nothing today, Tom. We're on our way to Diagon Alley. Maybe some other time." Lily called back to him as Li held the back door open for her to come through. Li pulled put her wand and tapped the bricks three up and two across before the entire wall began to shake and reshape itself into the stone archway that led towards Diagon Alley.

"Let's go." Li said as they walked through the archway and into the crowded streets that seperated the shops on each side.

"Where did they say they where going to meet us?" Lily asked as they came up to Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlor.

"Here. They're probably waiting inside." They walked through the glass doors that led to the main part of the parlor and soon found their friends Brianna Wickham, Remus Lupin and Sirius Black sitting at a table in the far back.

"Hey! Over here!" Bri called to Li and Lily once she spotted them come through the door. Li and Lily made their way between the tables towards their friends and sat down with them.

"Hiya Lily, Li." Sirius said nodding his head towards each of them in turn; his long black hair brushing against his face everytime he moved his head.

"Hello Bri. Sirius, Remus." Lily said smiling at each of her friends.

"Bri, Sirius." Li said; her greeting to Remus was giving him a quick kiss on the lips.

"Don't I get a kiss too?" Sirius asked jokingly.

"Unless you want your best mate to get mad at you for kissing his girlfriend, then you can." Remus remarked; his tired blue eyes filled with happiness.

"Uh, no thaks. I think I'll stick with my own girlfriend." Sirius said putting his arm around Bri's shoulders. Remus rolled his eyes and smiled at the two of them. The group sat in silence for awhile after that. Simply enjoying the fact that they where all together again for the first time in three months.

"So Lily," Bri said breaking the silence and leaning forward in her chair to speak with her friend. "How's St. Mungo's?"

"Oh, um, it's, it's, great, actually. The people that work there are very nice and the pay and hours are great. What about your job? You still working at the Three Broomsticks?"

"Nope. I just got the job of Astronomy teacher at Hogwarts." Bri said happily, her sea blue eyes shinning.

"Congratulations. That's great for you. You always wanted that job."

"Yeah. Congrats," Li said. "Professor Wickham. Somehow I'm never going to get used to hearing it."

"Oh shut up, Li. What about you? Still in Auror training?"

"Just graduated last month. I start work in the field next week."

"Cool. What about you Remus?" Bri asked.

"Oh, I think I'm getting a job at the Leaky Cauldron. Tom said he had an opening."

"That's great, mate. You can get us free drinks." Sirius said, punching Remus in the arm.

"How about you Sirius?" Lily asked.

"Me? I'm working in the Department of Magical Games and Sports."

"And how's that going?"

"Great. Except when the Player Reports come in. Then I have to...." Sirius trailed off and never finished. He didn't have to. They all knew who he was talking about. And they had all sworn never to mention his name again. It was like a curse to them. A curse from their past that they never wanted to come back.

"So," Li started, changing the subject. "What do you think Dumbledore wants to talk to us for?"

"No idea. He probably wants us to help Bri teach her class." Sirius joked.

"It might have something to do with Voldemort," Lily muttered. Everyone looked over at her. "What?" She asked innocently. "It is highly likely. I mean this is Dumbledore. He won't stand for this. He never has."

Silence greeted the end of Lily's conclusion. Everyone looked at the table, thinking over the past events that had haunted them since they left school.

Voldemort was the rising power in Britain. He killed Muggles, Muggleborns, and anyone who defied him. Already, several people close to those friends where taken. Lily had lost her mother and father, Li lost her brother, and Bri her grandfather. Neither of the girls was really ever the same after their deaths, and had taken comfort in each other for a long period of time.

"We better get going. He have to meet Dumbledore in a few minutes." Remus said glancing at his wrist watch. They all nodded and made their way out of the parlor and onto the busy streets.

"Where are we meeting him?" Li asked as they made their way towards the Leaky Cauldron.

"Hogwarts. Are we going by Floo?" Remus asked when they walked near the fireplace.

"That would be the best idea." Lily said as Remus pulled the bag of Floo powder off the handle that held it to the fireplace. Bri took a handfull of it and walked into the fireplace and shouted, "Dumbledore's office!" before she threw the Floo powder onto the fireplace and disappeared. Sirius went next, then Li, then Remus, until finally only Lily remained.

Taking the Floo powder, she gingerly stepped into the ash covered fireplace and coughed out the words "Dumbledore's office." Before feeling the dizzying sensation as she traveled through the many fireplaces until she stumbled out of one that brought back her memories of long ago.

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Chapter 2: Fool of Everyone
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Well, I hope everyone liked the first chapter. Now, we take a peak into James' life!

James Potter shot up in his bed, his breathing hard, and his face scared. He had once again seen through another's eyes at the moment when Lily yelled at him at his house on Christmas morning. His mind made him relive the worst possible moment in his life over and over; to make him realize what an ass he truly was.

'Why would I talk to a rich cheating bastard like you?!' Her hurt voice echoed through his head as he sadly rubbed his temples.

"James? Honey, are you alright?" He turned over to find his girlfriend of three years, an Amercian witch named Ari Walker looking at him sleepily.

''Yeah, I'm fine. Go back to sleep." He murmered softly to her as she smiled gratefully before shutting her eyes.

But sleep could not reclaim James so he got up and left their bedroom, headed down the hall towards the kitchen. He turned the knob and walked into the spacious room that would make even the richest person on Earth be in shock.

He shuffled over to the stainless steel sink, that matched all the other appliences, grabbed a glass from the drying rack and let the tap water fill up the glass. He brought the cold water to his lips and took a long drink until the glass was half empty.

Holding the glass in his hand, James walked up to the wall that housed all of his and Ari's Quidditch trophies, awards and medals. He took another sip of water and glanced over at the few pictures that where mounted on the wall next to his fifth Player of the Year trophy.

It was a picture of him, Sirius, Remus, Bri, Li and Lily all sitting happily together right before they left for Christmas vacation. It was the only picture that he could find of all of them together, happy, from that year. He smiled slightly as he remembered Bri protesting that she didn't like her picture taken, and Sirius offering to hold her down; which she agreed to. Lily was sitting in between him and Li, her arms around his waist, smiling brightly. Little did she know that a few weeks from then that smile would never show itself on her face again. James sighed unhappily and turned around to reenter the kitchen when he spotted Ari leaning up against the door frame with her arms crossed across her chest, a small smile on her face.

"Still staring at that picture?" She asked.

"Yeah." James muttered before pushing past her and dumping the rest of the water down the sink drain.

"What happened?" Came her voice from behind him.

"Something about a lifetime ago." He turned to face her and noticed that she was staring at him with a certin look in her chocolate brown eyes. "What?"

"Nothing. You just, don't talk about what you did at school, or who you're friends where."

"You'll probably meet them soon."

"Why?" Ari inquired, her eyes filled with curiousity.

"We're meeting with Dumbledore today, you know, my old Headmaster, so he probably has contacted them too, and they might be there."

"Oh right, the meeting, I completely forgot," Ari slapped her forehead with her palm as if to try and get her mind to remember. "What time do we have to be there?"

"I think around 11:00, why?"

"Oh no reason, just wondering," Ari replied giving James a light kiss on the lips before walking towards the bathroom. "I'm going to go take a shower, then I have to go to Diagon Alley to get some more broom polish and a new twig clipper, Dana broke my other one last week." She finished as the bathroom door swung shut behind her. He sighed as his feet led him over to the wrap-around porch that surrounded almost the entire outside of their spacious, roomy penthouse. The sliding glass door magically vanished for him to walk through and into the fresh morning breeze that so many people envied him for.

He had moved out of his parents mansion right after school ended, he couldn't bear to walk back into that house that haunted his dreams. He couldn't and wouldn't go to the first door on the right and especially the last door on the left. The one where he lost the love of his life that Christmas morning.

James rested his elbows on the solid concrete balcony as his hazel eyes scanned the pink and orange horizon for some kind of sign that this day would be a good one. One that would not involve him constantly dwelling on the past events of his life, when he was a stupid prat, and one that would not involve the one and only Lily Evans.

It had been ten years since he last spoke to her. He should be over that small event that happened all those years ago. But alas, he was not. He did not like to be alone, when he could think about when he was Seventeen, when everything he had dreamed of had come true.

He liked to think of Ari, she was the one that had made him happy again, she was the one that he truly loved, Lily was just a girl that he dated for a short period of time. But, if he loved Ari, why hadn't he asked her to marry him? Was it because of that constant nagging feeling in his gut that told him that Lily Evans was the one he still truly loved?

Her hair, as red as the sunrise, her eyes, as green as the grasslands that surrounded his home far as the eye could see. He narrowed his eyes in the kind of thoughtful way that the blokes in those weird American muggle movies (that Ari made him watch) did.

"James Potter thinking," He turned around and smiled at the now showered Ari walking towards him; with nothing but her bathrobe on. She leaned her back against the balcony and faced him with an amused expression on her face. "So, what are you thinking about?"

"The past."

"Tell me." James looked over at his girlfriend's expression, it was of curiousity and kindness; one that she looked at him a lot with. He smiled slightly, took a deep breath, faced the almost fully risen sun and started his story.

"To make a long story short, I had a crush on this girl at Hogwarts from the first moment I saw her. Her name was Lily, Lily Evans. The most beautiful girl that I had ever seen. Hair like fire, eyes like emeralds- anyway, she hated me. I mean really hated me. Not one drop of likeness towards me in her. She hated that I pranked almost everyone with my friends Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew, but he was usually in the Hospital Wing so he really didn't do as much.

"She hated me for about six years, then in our Seventh and last year, everything changed. I found out that she liked me, so we started dating. She came to my house for Christmas, and we broke up then."

"Why?" Ari asked shocked. "You liked her for such a long time, and then when you finally got her, you break up with her?"

"It was for a stupid reason, she got mad at me for something, and we broke up."

"What did she get mad at you for?"

"I can't remember. Something about she thought that I was cheating on her, I don't know."

"You know. You remember, I know you do," Ari muttered putting her hand under his chin and gently pulling his face to face hers. "Please tell me." She whispered when a breath span was keeping their faces apart.

James put his hand to the side of her face and pushed a stray piece of brown hair behind her ear. Sighing, he brought his hand down and stepped back from her and resumed looking over at the grasslands that reminded him of the person that he had once called his own.

"I think I'm going to take a shower. We have to meet Dumbledore soon." He muttered casting one last look at the now fully risen sun before walking into the house.

Ari just stood on the balcony and watched her boyfriend's retreating back, her vison blurry with tears of hurt coming down her cheeks. She took a deep breath before following James' invisible footsteps into the house.

An hour later, James was sitting imaptiently on their couch waiting for Ari to find her broom that she claimed she left somewhere in their closet. He tapped his fingers against the side of the couch, heaved a sigh as he looked again at his watch. 10:38. There was no way that they where going to get to Diagon Alley, buy the polish and broom clipper, then get into the Leaky Cauldron and then floo to Dumbledore's office.

It sounded like a few simple steps, but actually getting into the Quiddtich store was a hassle and the Leaky Cauldron was always full of (sometimes drunk) people that never moved.

"Ari! You ready yet?" James called out to the empty air in front of him.

"I'm coming right now!" Her voice came just as she appeared at the end of the hallway, broom in hand. "Ready?" She asked him in a slightly out of breath voice as they pulled out their wands and apparated to Diagon Alley.
"Thanks for coming with me James." Ari smiled twenty minutes later as they rushed through the crowded streets of Diagon Alley, making their way towards the Leaky Cauldron.

Just as they where rounding a corner, James stopped suddenly, causing Ari to bump into him.

"James, what's wrong?" Came her muffled voice from his large overcoat. "What happened? What do you see?"

What James saw, was something that he never thought he would ever see again. His eyes had caught sight of a woman with bunch of red hair talking to another woman that sported long black hair slightly streaked with blue walking into the ice cream shop.

"Nothing. Just thought I saw something. We should be going, Dumbledore might not be happy if we're late." With that, he pulled his girlfriend the rest of the way to the pub and hurridly pushed her into the fireplace, anxiously waiting to get to the place that was once home, where the girl that haunted his dreams, hopefully, didn't follow.

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Chapter 3: The Order of the Phoenix
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James' POV

James and Ari calmly came out of the fireplace and looked around the spacious and colorful office where some of James' favorite memories where and were one of Ari's would begin. The room was filled with an eerie silence, the loud snoring of the passed heads the only sound occupying the room. There was a sound of muffled footsteps before Professor Dumbledore appeared at the top of the small staircase in the back of the room.

"It is nice to see you again, Mr. Potter." Dumbledore smiled as the ascended the steps towards them; his long white hair just barely touching the ground.

"It's good to see you again too, Professor. This is Ari, Ari Walker.'' James added quickly, taking Ari's hand as he lead her over to where Dumbledore seemed to be waiting for them.

"Ms. Walker, I have heard so much about you from Madison Mafilgiono."

"You have?" Ari asked in awe. "She hated me when I was her pupil, she claimed that I didn't have the proper technique for Charms."

"Quite the opposite, but let us not dwell on past times, we have much more important matters to attend to." He turned around and started back towards the stairs at which he entered.

"If you both would follow me up here? It is more private." They nodded and followed in the old man's wake up to the top of the stairs that James had seen during his many visits to the office, but never found out what lay up there; now he had that chance.

It basically looked like a large Astronomy tower- there was a large telescope, a gold seat in front of the telescope and different star and planet charts where plastered along the walls. James and Ari surveyed the room slowly, with interest, until a little polite cough came from the old man that was seated behind a small desk that was hidden behind part of the telescope.

"I do not mean to rush both of you, but I have another meeting shortly after this that I cannot be late too."

"Sorry, Professor." James muttered, practically jumping into one of the chairs that was seated across from Dumbledore; Ari following suit.

"Well, as you both know, Voldemort is the rising power in Britain, and no one has so far stood up against him. There is a group of people who have already formed against him, and they call themselves the 'Order of the Phoenix'. I am asking you both if you would like to devote yourselves to the cause of bringing down Voldemort, and everyone with him."

"So, you all fight against him and the Death Eaters?" Ari questioned, placing her hand on James' and squeezing it tightly .

"I will not judge you both if you say no. But I am hoping that you will say yes, and help the world." Dumbledore's eyes grew solemn as he stared at two very special people that would play a very important part in history.

"I'll do it, Professor. He killed my uncle; I don't want his death to mean nothing." James announced, gripping Ari's hand even tighter.

"Me too. I'm with James all the way." Ari added, her face showing signs of pure fear. Dumbledore gave them both sad but happy smiles.

"I hope that you have made the right decision. The first meeting is in a couple of days, I will contact you before it." Taking it as their signal to leave, Ari and James stood up and walked over to the stairs to begin to ascend.

"Wait, could you both use the fireplace over there? I'm expecting some more people from the Order coming in through the other one." Dumbledore pointed over to a small fireplace in the far right corner of the astronomy room where a bag of Floo powder was waiting for them.

Ari went in first after a quick "nice to meet you" to Dumbledore, but just as James was about to follow, a thought crossed his mind.

"Professor? Did you ask Lily and the others to join?" Dumbledore turned around to face James and sighed sadly.

"You will find out soon enough."

"Professor, I would like to know now, if you don't mind." James stood his ground determindly in front of the fireplace; he had to know now if he would ever see her again.

"James, I have met many different people in my time. People who make a decision, then stick to it. People who will start wars over the most ridiculious things. But somehow fighting for love makes more sense than all the rest, although, love is a battle all on its own. Either both win or lose. Love is not something that people find noble anymore." Dumbledore's statement confused James more than his start of term speaches did, and just as he was about to leave, Dumbledore added one last piece of wisdom,

"If you truly love someone, life finds a way to get together again."
Lily's POV

When Lily stumbled out of the fireplace and onto the carpeted floor, she felt strong arms help her to her feet. Looking up she saw Sirius holding her arm, bringing her to her feet.

"Thanks Sirius." She smiled as they joined Li, Bri and Remus in the wood chairs that crowded the front of Professor Albus Dumbledore's wood desk. As Lily surveyed the room that she had been in only once before, she noted that nothing had changed in the slightest.

All the old headmasters and mistresses' portraits where still covering the back wall and all of Dumbledore's odd gadgets and gizmos still where sitting and spinning rapidly on the tables.

"I am sorry to have kept you waiting. I just came from another meeting." The four friends looked up at the staircase at the back of the office and smiled. Their old headmaster was slowly walking down the stairs; his violet robes trailing behind him. He walked over to them and smiled; his blue eyes twinkling behind his half-moon spectacles.

"I am sorry but we will have to wait a little longer. It seems that Ms.- ah, here she is." Lily turned around and saw, to her great surprise, Jessica Bloom, Gryffindor's old seeker, rushing into the office, forgetting to close the door behind her.

"I'm so sorry that I'm late. I had to-"

"No need for excuses, Ms. Bloom, you're here now. Please take a seat." Dumbledore indicated to the last chair on the end, which Jessica took a seat in gratefully.

"Now that you are all here. I would like to say that I am extremely happy to see you all again," Dumbledore paused for a moment and his eyes suddenly clouded over. "I have asked you all here to ask you all something that I am positive will have a large impact on your lives." Everyone looked at each other questionably before setting their eyes and attention back on Dumbledore.

"As you know, Voldemort," There was a shiver that went around at the sound of his name. "Has taken power over almost all of Britain, and as you must have guessed, I will not stand for it. I asked you here to propose something to you all. I would like all of you to join the Order of the Phoenix."

"And what exactly is the Order of the Phoenix?" Li whispered slightly frightened.

"It is a secret organization that is made up of people who want to stop Voldemort before he kills all the muggles and muggleborns in the world."

"What does the Order do?" Lily asked softly.

"We fight against Voldemort. Other than that, I cannot say. Not until you are in the Order." Dumbledore surveyed them over the top of his half-moon spectacles. "You do not have to do this. I am simply asking you if you want to risk your lives to stop him."

"I'll do it." Lily stood up immediately, with no second thought about her decision. "Voldemort killed my parents. I want to see him rot in hell."

"Me too." Bri stood up next to Lily. "He killed my grandfather. He might have been crazy, but he was still my grandfather." Lily grabbed her friend's hand in thanks and support.

"Me three." Li announced. "He killed my brother, there's nothing I won't do to get revenge."

"Count us in." Sirius stood up alongside Remus; both of them looking grim but determined. After that, all eyes where on Jessica. Finally she sighed and stood up.

"I guess I'll do it too. Anything to try and protect Will." Dumbledore nodded to the six determined looking adults that he had seen grown up. The ones that felt almost like his family.

"Very well. I hope that you all made the right decisions. Our first meeting will be in a couple of days. I will contact you all before it. You may all go; except Lily? I was wondering if you would stay back for a moment?" Lily nodded to her friends to wait outside for her and sat back down in the seat in front of Dumbledore.

"I was wondering, how is your life, Ms. Evans?" Shocked by his question, Lily stayed slient for a few moments to try and figure out how to describe it since she left school.

"Not bad, Professor. I have a wonderful job at St. Mungo's, I have wonderful friends and I have a lovely apartment with Li. I don't want anything else."

"Nothing at all."

"No sir, nothing." Dumbledore stared down at his desk for awhile, pondering something in his head. When he looked up, Lily saw saddness in his eyes.

"What's wrong, Professor?" She questioned, she hadn't seen him like this since......

"Have you spoken to Mr. Potter?"

"No sir, not since school. I mean, I see him sometimes when he gets admitted to St. Mungo's weekly, but I haven't had to tend to him. Why do you ask?"

"Nothing. I just have a feeling that you all will be seeing James Potter again soon. You should be getting back to your friends, I am guessing that they are anxious for you to get back." Lily smiled at him once more before walking out of the office, shuting the door behind her.

"Minerva?" Dumbledore called out to thin air. Then suddenly, Professor Minerva McGonagall appeared next to his desk, holding a silvery cloak in her hand.

"Albus, you're making another mistake. You cannot toy with their emotions anymore, they are not children. They have lives, they have gotten over each other. Potter has a girlfriend." She complained, sitting down sadly in the chair that was just occupied by Remus.

"Minerva, there still is something there, I know there is, and once they see each other again, we will know."

"Know what?"

"That good things come to good people. And that true love is never forgotten."
"So, what did Dumbledore want?" Bri asked Lily when she stepped off the moving staircase that led to his office.

"He wanted to know if I spoke to James." She answered simply before turning to Jessica. "It's so good to see you again! You got out of Hogwarts a few years ago, right?"

"Yeah, and now I'm in the real world. And engaged!" She held up her left hand to show off a diamond ring that must have weighed a ton.

"Who are you engaged too?" Li asked in fales cheeriness; she had never really gotten along with Jessica.

"A famous muggle actor named Will Kroenert." She squealed.

"Huh, never heard of him." Sirius said sarcastically. Jessica rolled her eyes at him before continuing.

"I met him when he came to drop off his dog at my Veternarian practice-"

"What's a veter-whatever?" Sirius asked "Muggle things always confuse me."

"It's a person that takes care of animals." Li stated.

"Anyway, I also work for Gladrag's Wizard Wear on the weekends."

"Sounds like you have a pretty cool life." Bri added before grabbing Lily and Li's arms and dragging them away from that ''annoyingly loud-blonde-haired-seeker' as she used to put it when they where in school.

"We have to go meet my parents for dinner!" Bri shouted back to Jessica as she continued pulling her friends away from her. "My mum's not happy when we're late! Coming Sirius? Remus?" They both nodded their heads before running after the girls with confused looks plastered on both of their faces.

"It was nice talking to you!" Jessica shouted to them, confused.

"Nice talking to you too!" Lily shouted back as Bri retched open the door and finally let go of her strong hold on Li and Lily.

"Thank god we're away from her." Bri breathed, wiping imaginary sweat off her forehead with the back of her hand.

"Oh come on guys, she's not that bad." Lily protested. They all looked at her with disbeliving looks on their faces. "She's nice, and she was a very talented seeker. And I barely knew her and I like her!"

"Exactly, you didn't know her! She is such a pain in the-" Bri was cut off her rant suddenly by Remus.

"Are we apparating out of Hogsmeade or taking the Knight Bus?" He asked; knowing that once you got Bri started, she wouldn't stop.

"Apparating. There is no way that I am going through that again." Li shook her head vigorisly before disappearing with a loud 'pop'; Remus following after her, then Sirius. Before leaving Bri said,

"We agreed to meet back at your place when you where still with Dumbledore." Then she too disappeared. Lily sighed and followed her friends; they had some very important things to discuss.

Alright, Dumbledore has proposed the Order to them, and they all have agreed. So, what happens at the first Order meeting? Well, that's for the next chapter, which I am writing as you read this now!

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Chapter 4: What a Small World
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Three days passed in a slowly moving cycle until on a cold and gray Sunday night, the letter came. Lily was sitting at her kitchen table with Li and Bri, discussing the many possible ways to use werewolf hair for healing potions, when the small strip of parchment materialized out of thin air on the table. It shocked the three of them so much that Li spilled almost all of her tea on the table; some of it landing on Bri's lap.

"So, when do we have to be there?" Li asked in interest as Lily held the parchment under the light. Lily looked up and replied,

"Now." A second later, they where lying on the floor of a beautiful mansion that triggered something in Lily's memory.

"Welcome girls, to the headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix." Came a soft female voice from above.
For James and Ari, it wasn't much of a shock as Ari found it lying on the cabnet in the dining room when she went in to find some more olive oil for the dinner that she was making.

"James." She called out nervously, holding the paper with shaky hands. Thinking something serious was wrong, James sprinted into the room, wand drawn, causing several trophies to fall off their shelves.

"What... is... it? What's... wrong?" He sputtered out between deep breaths. She silently passed him the small note which James read in great interest.

The first Order of the Phoenix meeting is scheduled for October 28 at 6:00.

"That's in half an hour." Ari breathed before they too where wisked to the beautiful mansion that James was as shocked to see as the person in front of him.

"Welcome to the Order of the Phoenix headquarters, James." said Joelle Potter; her hazel eyes sad but showed hints of happiness.

"Mum?" James stood up confused. "Why are we at the house? Are you in the Order? What about Dad? Why didn't you-"

"All will be explained in due time, James," Joelle chuckled, "Ari, how are you?" Although Joelle was a very kind woman and she thought that Ari was a very nice girl, Joelle Potter knew that there was only one girl for his son; and she was not Ari Walker.

"I'm good Mrs. Potter, you?" Ari replied, giving her a small polite smile.

"I'm fine. Now, could the both of you follow me? The meeting's about to start." Joelle beckoned to her son and his girlfriend as she started off down a brightly lit hallway at the far back of the mansion.

She stopped in front of one of the fireplaces and lifted one of the fire pokers out of the metal basket; triggering the latch that opened at secret door in the back of the fireplace. They continued down the dark corridor that started after they crawled into the small opening. James looked at the fireplace and the secret passageway in awe; he had lived in that house for almost eighteen years and had never seen it.

"How came I was never told about this place?" He demanded. The things we could have done with Sirius in here; the fun they would have had.

"Somethings are better unnoticed." Came Joelle's muffled voice from somewhere in front of them. "Where is that latch, ah, here it is." The passageway was suddenly filled with light; temporarily blinding James and Ari.

When they finally gained their sight back, James and Ari noticed that Joelle was standing in front wood door that was slightly ajar. She inclined her head towards the door and James and Ari followed her into a room that resembled a much smaller and danker Great Hall.

There was a long wooden table that stretched from one end of the room to the other; at which a number of men and woman of all ages where seated. There was a shortage of light in the room; the only illumination coming from the torches placed in the four corners of the room. The walls and floor were made of a dark stone that resembled the ones in Medieval castles' dungeons.

"Mr. Potter, Ms. Walker could you kindly take a seat?" Dumbldore asked them from the head of the table. They walked to the only empty seats; the ones across from a red haired girl that James' arrival did not go unnoticed to.

"Well, now that everyone is here, I would like to thank all of you for excepting my offer to be in the Order. I am glad that all of you are willing to do this for the wizarding and muggle worlds. I know that this might sound a little odd, but I feel that we should simply go around the table and say our names just so everyone knows each other." He inclined his head towards the short, stubby man that was seated on his right to start.

"Peter Pettigrew." The man squeaked.

"Rachel Wisteria." A woman around Lily's age with bleach blonde hair said.

"Joelle Potter."

"Jeff Potter."

"Ari Walker."

"James Potter."

The list went on, there was Alastor Moody, a strange man with an electric blue eye, Dedaluis Diggle, a man that looked too happy for his own good, Marlene McKinnon, a young woman with a thick Irish accent, Frank and Alice Longbottom, both had very round faces and kind eyes, Emmeline Vance, a quiet woman that looked to be one of the oldest of the group, Benjy Fenwick, a man whose blonde hair resembled a dog's, Edgar Bones, an overly serious looking man, Sturgis Podmore, a man whose hair had a bad dye job, Caradoc Dearborn, a quiet man that sat in the far corner of the table, Elphias Doge, a young man wearing a hat that resembled a large tornado, Gideon and Fabian Prewett, determined looking twin brothers, Aberforth Dumbledore, a crazy looking man that had Albus' long hair and beard, Dorcas Meadows, a happy looking woman that was well known as a famous Auror, Molly and Arthur Weasley, a happy couple both with flaming red hair; and Ruebus Hagrid, a man that seemed far too big to be human. Then it came up to Jessica, Remus, Sirius, Bri, Li and Lily to say their names.

"Jessica Bloom."

"Remus Lupin."

"Brianna Wickham."

"Sirius Black."

"Li Murphy."

"Lily Evans." James tried to not let his mouth drop at the sight of his ex-girlfriend. She didn't look in the least bit different since they left school. Just as beautiful, the same attitude around strangers. He saw Li lean into Lily and whisper something in her ear, making them both smirk a little.
"Potter's staring at you again." Li breathed in Lily's ear, causing them both to smirk slightly. Lily looked up slightly at James and found him instead looking up at Dumbledore who had just stood up. James hadn't changed in the slightest. His hair might have gotten a tad shorter, but his hazel eyes still remained happy and his glass where still wire rimmed.

"Now that we all know each other, it is time to discuss what we are here for," Dumbledore started, but stopped and surveyed the group of brave people before continuing, "We have had some reports from a couple of members that Voldemort has a hideout somewhere in the forests of Canterbury. He have reason to believe that he has plans of important nature there. We are pretty sure of the hideout's location, but we are still double checking to make sure that our information is correct. Until that time, we must figure out who is going on the mission and what our plan is. Alastor," Dumbledore turned his head towards the creepy looking man, "Would you care to tell us your plans?" Alastor nodded and stood up wobbly, his wooden leg making slight noises on the rock.

"Now," he gruffed, "I don't know any of your talents, so I am guessing by the looks of you. I want Pettigrew, Wisteria, Dearborn, Diggle, Hagrid, Walker, Joelle, Aberforth and Doge to stay back at headquarters to help assist any people who are sent back and to guard the mansion. Podmore, Bones, Fenwick, Jeff, Murphy, Lupin, Black, Wickham and Bloom are to stay guard around the hideout while Prewett, Prewett, Frank, Alice, Evans, Potter, Arthur, Molly, Meadows, Vance, Albus, McKinnon and myself search the building. Once we get more information, I'll have a more organized plan." He sat down quickly, shoving the piece of paper he read their names off of in his trench coat pocket.

"Does anyone have any questions?" Dumbledore asked the troubled looking group; they all shook their heads silently. "Good. To conclude this meeting, I will tell you all that the next meeting shall be when we get more information." Then, one by one, single people or groups began to exit the room, all taking in quiet voices ot each other.

"You guys ready to go?" Bri asked the group once Dumbledore left.

"Yeah." Lily shrugged as they all got up and made their way towards the door. On her way there, the thoughts that came to Lily's head about the meeting clouded her mind; making her loose sense of where she was going; and before she knew it, Lily was lying on the floor on top of a man with a tangled mess of black hair.
As James lay on the floor, he was surprised to see that Lily Evans was on top of him.

"Lily?" He whispered. She lifted her head and looked into the eyes of the man she hadn't spoken to in ten years. Standing up she whispered back,

"James?" They stared at each other for a long time; Ari standing confused next to James and Bri, Li, Remus, Jessica and Sirius standing behind Lily. An uncomfortable silence came over the group, one that none of them wanted to be caught in. Until finally, Ari broke the silence.

"Hello. I'm Ari Walker. You must be Lily." She stuck out her hand in Lily's direction, who took it somewhat cautiously.

"Nice to meet you. This is Bri, Li, Remus, Jessica and Sirius. I'm sure you've heard all about us." Lily replied, not taking her piercing gaze off James.

"I have. Even about the misunderstanding in Seventh Year." Lily finally tore her eyes off James and looked questionably at Ari.

"Misunderstanding?" She choked, "It seems he left somethings out." She finished looking at James with the upmost contempt.

"Oh, well then we have to go out to dinner, all of us. James doesn't tell me stories about his school days, and I'd love to hear some. What do you think James?"

"Sorry, oh, um, it's a um, great idea." He answered still looking at Lily.

"Excellent. What about you all?" Ari turned expectantly towards the rest of them.

"Sure." Bri responded sharply.

"Sounds fine." Remus muttered.

"Awesome. How about dinner at our place, um, Wednesday, at lets say, six?"

"That's fine." Lily said quickly.

"Okay, here's our address, and we'll see you all on Wednesday." Smiling she handed Lily a slip of parchment before taking James' arm and leading him out to the passageway where they soon disappeared from sight; leaving Lily, Li, Remus, Bri, Jessica and Sirius standing there perplexed.

"Why did you invite them?" James asked once they had climbed out of the fireplace.

"Why shouldn't I have? James, you deserve to see your friends again, and I'd like to meet them. Besides, I'd like to hear the whole story about Seventh Year." Ari answered curtily before she apparated away. Sighing, James relucantly followed behind her.
"What are we doing again?" Sirius asked once he was sure that James and Ari where out of earshot.

"Going to dinner at their house." Bri said unbelievingly. "Why are we doing this?" She asked them all, turning towards her friends.

"It'll be nice to see James again. Don't you think?" Jessica said as she started to walk through the tunnel. "What?" She asked once she noticed that they where all staring at her.

"Nothing." Lily responded striding past her and into the tunnel; everyone following her still shocked.

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Chapter 5: Old Feelings, Dress Robes and Sour Milk
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"What should I wear?!" Bri shouted in frustration as she threw another dress robe from out of her walk in cloest and onto the floor.

"You really should stop fussing about this, Bri," Lily said, stepping carefully around a dark pink colored robe that covered the entrance to the door. "It's only dinner." She finshed, plopping down on Bri's queen sized bed.

"Yeah, I know. But we should at least look nice." Bri called from somewhere behind a fluffy purple dress robe. Coming out of the closet, she held two different robes in her hands.

"Which one?" She asked. "The blue or the gold?"

"The gold makes you look like Cleopatra. And the blue is okay." Lily replied distractically, flipping through a random magazine. Bri rolled her eyes in frustration.

"Wow, thanks for the great help, Lil." With that, she dove back into the closet.

"How about this one?" Lily called picking up a tealish robe made out of what felt like silk. Bri poked her head out and her eyes widened.

"Where did you find that?" She asked walking out of the closet and pulling the robes on over her normal clothes; and admiring herself in the mirror.

"Where you find all your clothes." Lily replied simply, looking around the room in which the floor was not visible through the heaps and heaps of either dirty or clean laundry. Bri looked around at her friend and shot her a mock glare before returning to checking herself in the mirror.

"So what about you, Lil? What are you wearing tonight?" Bri asked, pulling the robes off herself.

"Something green."

"I'm going to wear this, good choice." Bri smiled before repacing the robes on the floor and dropping down on the bed next to Lily.

"What do you think will happen tonight?" Bri asked curiously.

"I don't know, nor do I really care."

"Do you think that it will come back?"

"Do I think what will come back?" Lily repeated cautiously.

"The feelings." Bri answered simply.

"You mean the feelings that I had for James?" Lily asked amused. "No, no chance in the world."

"Why won't they?"

"Well he has a girlfriend, and it would be most inconvient since I've sworn to loath him for all eternity." Lily said like it was no big deal as she inspected her nails.

"That was beautiful," Bri breathed. Shaking her head she added, "No idea what you just said." Lily chuckled to herself as Bri walked up to her vanity chair and sat down in it.

"So," Bri started as she applied some mascara to her eyes, "Do you want me to do your makeup for you?"

"Since when have you been able to do makeup?" Lily asked in amusement.

"Since I was bored one day and tried to put some on and it turned out very nicely, thank you very much." Bri scoffed applying a thin layer of blush. "So you want me to do your makeup or not?"

"No, I'm fine with my real skin thanks." Lily replied pulling off her long coat and placing it on the bed.
"Suit yourself. Wait," Bri swung around sharply in her seat as her jaw dropped about two feet to the floor.

"What?" Lily asked concerned at her friend's sudden change of behavior.

" are basically asking for it." Bri finished as she finally got her words together.

"What do you mean?" Lily replied, looking carefully over her new dress robes that where made of velvet in every shade of green. "Do you think this is too much?"

"Lily, if he doesn't fall back in love with you tonight, he must be thicker than I thought." Bri announced getting up and bringing her dress robes behind her changing screen.

"Bri, come on. He's not going to fall back in love with me; nor do I want him to. He has a girlfriend and-" The doorbell suddenly rang, causing Lily to stop mid-exclaimation.

"Could you grab the door, Lil?" Bri called from behind the curtain. "It's probably Sirius, Remus and Li."

"What about Jessica?" Lily asked.

"Oh, she's meeting us there. Don't worry, she has the address too." Bri called out. "The door please, Lil." She rushed out of the room and opened the front door that led into the small apartment. Sure enough, Li, Remus and Sirius where standing there; all dressed in their best.

"Oh my gosh, Lil, you look wonderful!" Li squealed as she ran up to her friend and hugged her.

"You look beautiful, too." Lily gasped amazed at Li's expensive looking deep purple robes.

"You like them? Remus got them for me for my birthday."

"Nice choice there, Remus." Lily grinned at her friend who was wearing navy blue dress robes that made his skin look like the full moon against the night sky.

"Sirius, what are you wearing?" Lily asked shocked once she caught sight of him, for it looked like he had gotten dressed in the dark. His robes where on backwards, his hair was in disarray and he had a dazed expression on his face.

"What? You don't like my look?"

"Don't you ever use your head?" Lily said despertely.

"What exactally do you mean by 'head'?" Sirius asked confused, ruffling his hair up even more that made him seem uncanily like one of the people that they where to see that night.

"She means that lump that's three feet above your ass." Came Bri's voice from behind Lily as she walked towards the group that stood together in her entrance room.

"Oh that thing," Sirius said like he finally understood, "Yeah, occasionally." Lily and Remus rolled their eyes in exasperation, smiling at their friend.

"We ready to go yet?" Li asked the group once Sirius had straightened his robes and fixed his hair. Everyone nodded before Remus took out a bag of floo powder.

"No way, Remus," Bri said shaking her head, "These are new robes, that powder is just going to make them all dusty and gross. I'm apparating, let me see that address." Grabbing the slip of paper from Remus, she looked at it carefully before handing it back to him with a quick ''see you" before apparating.

"You know, Bri has the right idea." Sirius said, repeating Bri's goodbye before too apparating away. Lily, Li and Remus just stood there in the entrance way trying to contain their smiles.

"When will they realize that you just don't do that?" Li asked the three of them before walking over to the fireplace, stepping in and shouting "Number 28 Ashwood, Apartment J3!"

"After you." Remus said to Lily as she took a small handful of floo powder and climbed into the small and cramped marble fireplace. Coughing hysterically, she managed to choke out "28 Ashwood, apartment J3" before throwing down more powder and disappearing in a flash of emerald flames.

The normal dizziness that came with going past the many fireplaces was no surprise as she felt the stone sides banging painfully into her sides before she was pushed out of what seemed a random one and into the strong arms of none other than James Potter.

"Nice of you to drop in Lily." James joked as she struggled to stand up straight. When she finally got her bearings, Lily noticed that James was still holding onto her waist; rather tightly.

"You can let go of me now James." She said uncomfortably as he let go of her so fast that you would think that he thought of her as toxic. After he had let go, the room suddnely seemed much colder and emptier. Brushing it off as a side effect of the floo powder, Lily started walking in the direction of the dining room.

"Sorry." He mumbled, walking into the dining room where Ari, Sirius, Li, Remus and Bri where already seated at the long elegantly carved wood table. Lily sat down gracefully in the high backed chair in between Li and Bri.

"Do you know where Jessica is? I said that she could bring her fiance, and I told her the time when I saw her at Gladrag's yesterday." Ari said worridly.

"Oh don't worry about her, Ari. Jessica has no sense of time." Bri remarked just as a loud knock came from the outside of the door.

"Speaking of Jessica." Li muttered as Ari opened the door to reveal Jessica dressed in lavender dress robes standing next to an extremely handsome man with shoulder length, curly dark brown hair and brown eyes.

"Hi, sorry we're late. We got a little lost." Jessica announced after Ari had closed the door and all three of them where sitting at the table.

"It's fine, don't worry about it. I'm going to get the soup." Ari shook her head smiling as she disappeared into the kitchen.

"This is Will, everyone." Jessica announced; showing off the man on her right arm. "Will this is Li, Lily, Brianna, Remus, Sirius and James. Guys, this is him!" Jessica squealed. The group all nodded their heads in response to Will; if Jessica liked him, than who knows what that guy would be like.

The group sat in silence; no one willing to say what was on all their minds, what they ought to be talking about. Lily became interested at her napkin, Bri became interested in her nails, Jessica and Will became interested in each other; and Remus, Sirius and James left to talk in the living room.
The three old friends sat down in the three armchairs that incircled the marble fireplace; looking into the fire's depths intently, waiting for someone to speak first.

"So, you going to ask Evans' out tonight, Prongs?" Came Sirius' voice out of their quiet moment.

"What?" James asked puzzled.

"Sorry, I couldn't resist mate." Sirius shrugged smiling; which James returned. It was almost like the old days, except for the fact that they had 10 years of their lives to catch up on.

"Ari seems nice." Remus added after another moment of silence.

"Yeah, she is." James said in the type or voice that he had only used once before; the voice that he had only used when he was talking about a girl who was sitting a mere 10 feet away from him.

"Do you love her?" Sirius asked interested.

"Yeah I do. Very much."

"You engaged?"

"No," James looked up at his friend and added in a teasing manner, "My my, Padfoot. What's with all these questions?"

"Just wanted to see what my best mate's been up to for the past 10 years of his life."

"Nothing really," James muttered, wanting to get the subject off himself. "What about you two?"

"Tom gave me a job in the Leaky Cauldron." Remus said.

"I work in the Deptartment of Magical Games and Sports." Sirius said smugly.

"Really?" James asked shocked. "What do you do?"

"The Player Reports and stuff like that. Paperwork, really."

"What about Bri? And Li?"

"Bri's the Astronomy teacher at Hogwarts-" Remus said.

"Always knew she would get that job." James chuckled softly.

"-and Li just finished Auror training." Sirius finished.

"Li, an Auror? I always pictured her as the writer or teacher type."

"She's got a dark side, you know." Remus remarked.

"Yeah, Moony should know; he's dating her." Sirius joked.

"So you finally got together?" James asked. "It's about time."

"Yeah, about a year ago, actually." Remus muttered; blushing profusely.

"You guys coming in to eat or what?" Ari had poked her head around from the other side of the door and was staring at them teasingly.

"We're coming. Hold on." James joked as she smiled at them before shutting the door behind her.

"So," James said after a few moments of silence. "We friends again?"

"We always were." Sirius reassured him by clapping him on the back in the manner that he used to. Sharing a happy smile, the three reunited friends walked back into the dining room and joined the ladies who where listening ''intently'' to Jessica's fiance.

"Yes, of course the profits of the movie go to me; as I am the one who is staring, writing, producing and directing it. It is all extremely hard work, as the people never seem to agree with you-."

"Sounds like a nightmare." Bri remarked, taking a small sip of her drink to hide her smile.

"- but in the end, when I get the Oscar, it will have all been worth it." Will continued as if Bri had never even spoken. Everyone secretly rolled their eyes; their dislike for Will was obivious any onlooker at the moment.

The room became filled with the sweet sound of silence; only Sirius' loud slurping of his soup and the soft sound of breathing was heard.

James stole a glance at Lily; his heart beating as fast as it did after Quidditch practice. He shook himself mentally; he was with Ari now. He loved, no loves Ari, not Lily Evans. She was just another girl, another short girlfriend. But while his mind was telling him no, his heart was beginning to send a completely different message.

"It's much too quiet." Sirius' voice broke suddenly through the silence.

"I agree." Bri murmered. It wasn't until after another lapse of silence that someone spoke again.

"Does anyone remember that time when Lily pulled that prank on James?" Li asked the group; everyone looking up shocked at her.

"Yeah, that was the funniest thing I had ever seen!" Jessica shouted; breaking into a quiet fit of laughter.

"What happened?" Ari asked them all interested.

"James was fighting with Remus-" Bri started to explain.

"We where not! We where just joking around!" James jokingly protested.

"Anyway, I got mad at the two of them and so I cast a couple of charms on James. Nothing really." Lily finished; shrugging her shoulders as if it was no big deal. But inside, she was shaking with laughter.

"What did you do?" Will asked in a tone that made it seem that he felt like he had to ask.

"I changed his hair color to neon pink and green, and then I charmed some very humorous muggle clothes on him. It was the funniest thing in the universe!" Lily finally lost control and the laughter that she had been surpressing broke out of her mouth; her laugh like a chain reaction with everyone following after her.

"Do you all remember what happened right after Halloween to Lily in third year?" James shouted suddenly over the roars of laughter. Everyone immediately stopped and waited for James to continue.

"Yeah, with the ink pellets, right?" Bri asked; Lily shooting her a warning glare.

"What happened?" Jessica asked; her face still red from laughing.

"Just an immature prank." Lily muttered; her face turning slowly red as she stared intently at her soup dish.

"A really funny immature prank! Lily was walking out of the Great Hall and by accident, Peeves the poltergist, dropped the bang of ink pellets on her that we had intended to use on the Slytherins. She was mad at us for a month!" James laughed; his eyes twinkling at the memory.

"That's because that was perment ink, and it wouldn't come out until Madam Pompfrey had to charm it all off!" Lily shouted back offended. He was still such a git! That was one of her most embarassing moments; he had no right to repeat that one or any others for that matter.

"Oh, and remember after the exams in fourth year?" But James still continued on, he was on a roll embarassing Lily. After all, she deserved it; after retelling everyone about what she did to him, the most humilating thing that ever happened to him.

"No, what did you two do?" Sirius asked, tipping his bowl towards him to slurp up the rest of the soup noisely.

"Lily got mad at me again-" James started.

"For hitting on me when I had already told you no!" Lily interupted, seething with anger now.

"-and she was walking away when she tripped and landed face first in the lake!" James broke into more roars of laughter with the rest of the group, who seemed to be enjoying these recaps of their pasts.

"May I speak with you for a moment?" Lily stood up suddenly; glaring daggers in James' direction. He got up slowly and cautiously to follow her into the kitchen where she was waiting for him with her hands placed firmly on her hips.

"What do you think gives you the right to say those things about me?!" She demanded angrily.

"Oh come on, Lil. I just joking." He replied trying to get her to calm down; her temper was not something he wanted to resort to after ten years.

"You are unbelieveable." Lily sighed.

"Oh, I'm unbelieveable?" James asked, his voice rising slowly in anger. "You seemed to have the time of your life telling everyone of the time when you humilated ME in front of EVERYONE!"

"You wheren't enjoying it? Cause everyone else was." Lily responded in a deathly calm tone.

"You are still as self-centered and clueless as you where ten years ago." James remarked, walking towards the counter and leaning up against it casually.

"Excuse me, I'M self centered? What about all those times you hexed people in the corridors just because you could and the times that you always hit on me, after I had already told you NO about TEN TIMES THAT DAY!?!" Lily yelled; he had pushed her far enough, she exploded.

"You gave into it, though. You had a crush on me-" He tried to point out.

"But you blew it."

"You still gave in and I bet that those feelings are still in there for me." James teased, trying to lighten up the mood.

"Get this straight, Potter: there is never going to be an 'us' again, never! Can your thick head grasp that concept?" She sneered.

"The concept is grasped! I have a wonderful girlfriend and like I would still be interested in a spoiled brat like you!" James yelled back in her face; regretting his words the moment they left his mouth. And flaming with unseen anger, Lily picked up a random bottle of milk that was sitting on the counter and dumped its contents over James' head before storming out.
"It seems that her and James are getting along well." Bri said as the group listened intently to James and Lily's loud row.

"What does she mean by 'he blew it'?" Ari asked after Lily's mad voice shook the vases positioned around the room. Bri, Li, Remus and Sirius looked at each other before Li responded.

"While Lily was dating James, he was having an affair with her enemy." She explained gravely. "That's why we haven't spoken in so long, what happened in Seventh Year divided us all."

"He failed to mention that." Ari looked shocked at the kitchen door that was just being swung open by a red haired women with a face to match.

Straightening her robes, Lily looked over at Ari and said calmly, "Ari, thank you for dinner, but I must be going." With that, she apparated out of the apartment back to hers, went to her room and fell into a sleep that haunted her of the memories of her past life.

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Chapter 6: Haunted Dreams
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The air was thick with fog, the ground covered in an icy sheet of dead leaves that crunched softly under the light footsteps of a hooded figure walking towards a large house surrounded by trees. Bright lights shone from every window in the two story home; and a glimpse of red hair could be seen running up a flight of stairs through the glass front door.

The figure stopped in front of the door, pulled out its wand, muttered 'Alohomora' and quietly pushed it open. It walked into the entrance way, only to face a black haired man with round glasses who was holding his wand in front of him.

"Leave us alone." The man growled, his hazel eyes seething anger; yet a slight flicker of fear could be dectected among the bravery and selflessness. The figure let out a high pitched laugh and pointing his wand at the man, they begun a duel.

The man's constant curses that he threw at the figure seemed to be wearing him out, not the enemy. The figure laughed joyfully before a jet of green light shot from his wand and into the heart of the man; who crumpled lifelessly to the floor.

The figure smirked at the body before continuing up the stairs and into a yellow room where the woman was standing holding a tiny baby boy. Her face was of pure terror as he entered the room and stopped a mere six feet away from her.

"Hand over the boy." The figure hissed.

"No! Please take me instead, take me not Harry! PLEASE!" A flash of green light spout out of his now raised wand towards the helpless mother who had placed her son on the cradle safely before falling on the ground.
"LILY!" Bri shot up in bed, drenched in sweat; her breathing shallow. Her night clothes where stuck to her body like glue, the sheets twisted around her forming a type of wrinkled mess.

"Bri?" She looked up slightly to the doorway where Sirius was standing in a pair of jeans and a loose shirt. His face was filled with concern as he walked over to the bed and sat down next to her.

"What's wrong?" He asked tenderly, placing his hand on her face which was now covered with tear stains.

"I keep seeing terrible things happening." She breathed frightened. It was true, for a week she had been having nightmares about the ones she loved dying horrible deaths. First it was Dumbledore, his body flying like paper in the wind off a tower; then it was Sirius, who was falling through what resembled a veil; and she had just seen what she believed to be Lily and James' deaths.

"It's alright, it was just a nightmare, nothing more. It's not real, nothing bad is going to happen to us." He reassured her, running his hands through her hair soothingly.

A week had passed since the 'dairy dinner' as Sirius had come to call it; and James and Lily hadn't spoken. Sure he was spending a lot of his time with Remus and Sirius, who encouraged him to at least have a civil conversation with her, but the constant thoughts that where interupting his daily life disturbed and confused him in a number of ways.

Lily, who had spoken nothing of the ordeal to anyone, refused to even be in his presense; the likewise thoughts of James troubling her. It wasn't until another week passed, when Bri apparated over to Lily's apartment, that she shared her thoughts and feelings.

"Look Bri, I don't know what's happening, okay! Things that I haven't felt in ten years are coming back and it's scaring me!" Lily shouted in exasperation.

"So, you still have feelings for him then?" Bri asked from her seat on the kitchen table.

"I don't know." Lily sighed, pacing in front of her friend. "I guess, but it doesn't matter anyway. He obviously doesn't feel the same about me and he has a girlfriend, so it's probably just the after affects of seeing him again."

"Lily, listen to me, I know with my heart and soul that he still loves you. You have to have faith in him and you have to believe in yourself." Bri reminded her softly, her hands clutching the white coffee mug despertely; the fact that she knew how the woman in front of her is going to die was eating her up inside.

"There is no such thing as happily ever after in the real world!" Lily shot back angrily, turning away from Bri and facing the wall on the opposite side of the cramped kitchen.

"Lily, I've seen your fate!" Bri burst out, she couldn't take it anymore; a little bit of the future never hurt anyone.

"What?" Lily asked confused, turning around her arms crossed across her chest.

"I've seen what happens to you." Bri responded calmly.

"What are you talking about? What does this have to do with James?"

"Everything. Lily, he's your match." Bri tried to explain.

"What do you mean?" Lily asked cautiously

"He-you-your son's name will be Harry....Harry Potter." Lily's eyes widened in shock as she stepped back towards the counter and gripped the top of it like her life depended on it.

"But, it can't be. He's dating Ari..and..I don't love him anymore." She breathed shaking her head constantly in disbelieving surprise.

"You positive about that?" Bri asked. Lily looked up at her friend and sat down beside her at the table.

"But I don't want that right now. I want a normal life, free of any emotion complications." Lily mumbled from under her hands that where placed over her face.

"That's not exactally what most people would call 'normal' there, Lil." Bri teased, trying to lighten the mood. "Look, I heard this in a song once, love is a game that everyone plays."

"And who usually wins?"

"Mostly women."

"If love is a game that girls always win, why am I always losing?" Lily asked desperately, bringing her hands away from her face.

"I'm saying this because you two never finished your game. It's still going on but you both keep missing your turns. You where in love once, there must be something there still." Bri explained softly.

"Bri, this is James Potter we're talking about. He doesn't have feelings, he has the world but yet me seems so miserable." Lily retorted.

"And do you have any notion as to why he might be so miserable?" Bri shot back, looking at her with the 'you-know-I'm-right' face.

Just as Lily was about to respond, Li burst through the door holding a strip of parchment; her face filled with mixed emotions of shock, wonder and fear.

"What's wrong, Li?" Bri asked concerned. She wordlessly handed them the bit of parchment; although they didn't need to know who sent it, because as soon as it was handed to them, they where off to the headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix.
They landed this time not in the house, but in the underground chamber itself; the rock slimy and cold under their skin. They stood up quickly to find the entire Order already sitting at the table; waiting for them. Embarassed about their late entry, the three women took the only empty seats at the table and waited for Dumbledore to start.

"We are going tonight. Our spies have confirmed that they won't be at that peticular headquarters tonight, so we're set to go in." Dumbledore explained from the head of the table; the eager electricity flowing throughout the room.

"The groups that Alastor put you in last meeting are going to be in affect tonight. So, if you would all not mind getting ready? We would like to get there as soon as possible." He finished, breaking off to go into a deep conversation with Moody.

Everyone broke off into their groups, all shaking with anticipation and anxiety. Lily stood in the group with James and a bunch of older more experienced people who looked not in the least bit frightened.

"It's alright to be scared, dear." Lily turned around nervously to see Alice Longbottom smiling kindly at her.

"Are you scared?"

"Every time. But don't worry, I've heard a lot about you and I know that you can handle it."

"Thank you. That's very kind of you." Lily replied smiling weakly.

"Alice!" Her husband yelled from the other side of the group, waving her over to him and Moody.

"It was nice talking with you, Lily. I hope that we can do it again sometime." Alice gave her once last warm smile before joining her husband.

"Nice talking to you too." Lily called back. Sighing, she crossed her arms over her chest and surveyed the room full of people all fighting for the same hopeless cause.

"My, my if it isn't Lily Evans." Came an annoying high pitched voice from behind Lily that she had wanted to be rid of everyday during her years at Hogwarts. Forcing a smile, she turned around to come face to face with none other than Rachel Wisteria.

"Rachel, how wonderful it is to see you again."

"Same to you. How's your life been?" Rachel asked in a conversational tone.

"Fine, you?"

"Great actually. I read about you in the Prophet. Healing all those people must have been hard to do, huh?" Rachel asked with her normal hint of a sneer weaved in there.

"Thanks. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to be getting back to the group. I believe the Moody is trying to speak to us. But it was nice talking with you." Lily added hurridly, rushing away from one of the people that Lily would like nothing better than to punch at that moment.

When she returned to the group, she found that Moody had already started lecturing them all about what to and what not to do.

"Nice of you to join us, Ms. Evans." He remarked, thrusting a long sheet of paper on the table while and pointing to various places while explaining who was supposed to go where and where their positions where after.

"Rachel being a bitch again?" A voice whispered in Lily's ear. A tingling sensation swept through her body as she turned around to the smirking James. Smiling back, she whispered,

"You have no idea."

"Alright, everyone understand what you're supposed to do? Good, let's go." Moody shouted, everyone all stimutanisly apparating to the headquarters to meet with fate.
The smell of the air was full of decay and death, causing shivers of apprehention to run through everyone's minds. The Order broke off into their squads and started their mission towards the stone building that stood at the far end of the field that they had come into.

The grass crunched slightly under the weight of so many feet that where all trying to be the quietest they could be. When the "Search Squad" as Moody called it came to the entrance of the building, they all realized what they where really getting into.

"It's not a building, it's a tomb." Dorcas Meadows voiced out loud as everyone gazed transfized on the staircase that led into the dark depths in front of them.

"Alright, who wants to go down the creepy tunnel inside the tomb first?" James asked in a desperate way to get everyone in high spirits.

"This is no time for humor, Potter." Moody growled angrily at him, shooting him a warning glare. "If they hear us, we'll all be sorry." He remarked lighting his wand and making his way down the stairs before disappearing into darkness.

"Sorry." James mumbled following him and the rest of the group inside the tomb, stumbling over loose rocks and dead mice. Lily followed him smirking, trust Potter to try and lighten the mood.

The path became full of sharp turns, sudden drops and dead ends. An eerie glow soon became visable behind a stone archway after what seemed hours later of brusises and cuts; stopping them all in their tracks.

"What is that?" Molly Wealsey asked frightened, standing next to her husband.

"Only one way to find out." Fabain Prewett answered, striding forwards with his brother and entering the archway with their wands drawn. Dorcas followed after them cautiously, then Lily and James.

When they passed the arch, a circular room became visable and in the far side was a small desk littered with papers; with a thick white envelope placed on top.

"Dorcas!" Gideon whispered harashly. "Go back and tell Moody that we found them." She nodded in response and ran out of the room. Silence consumed the Prewetts, Lily and James while they waited patiently for Dorcas to return. Ten minutes passed, then twenty and it wasn't until thirty minutes after that someone spoke.

"Where are they?!" Fabain asked his brother urgently. A loud popping noise was heard from outside the room and Emmeline Vance ran into the room.

" found it." She gasped between breaths. "Grab...documents......get back to headquarters." The four of them looked at each other with frightened expressions before Lily ran over to the desk and grabbed the sealed envelope that was lying in the center.

"Let's go." Gideon shouted apparating away, his brother following after him. Lily, Emmeline and James nodded at each other and where about to leave when they felt a sudden shake from under them.

"What was that?" Lily asked cautiously, clutching the documents tighter in her hand.

"I don't know, nor do I care." Emmeline replied hurridly, apparating away. The floor gave another sudden lurch, making a crack form through the center of the floor; causing Lily to loose her balence and drop the papers. She grabbed frantically for a hold as she slid down the ramp that the floor had made from the lurches.

"James!" Lily shouted desperately across the room towards his shaking form.

"Lily!" He shouted back, sliding down the rock ramp and grabbing her hand just as she was about to fall off the ledge.

"Grab my hand." James called to her dropping himself down lower to bring her closer to safety.

"The documents." She whispered urgently as she spotted them slowly coming closer to the edge.

"Do you trust me?" James asked looking back at her.

"Yes." Lily said urgently as James let her go at the precise moment as she landed on a little piece of rock that came out slightly from the wall.

"Lily, grab them!" He shouted at her as he also lost his footing and dropped them in her direction. James fell through the gap in the rock that had developed under his weight.

"Oh my god, James! Hold on!" Lily yelled towards him as he struggled to stay alive. "Here! Grab this!" James looked up and saw a rope that fell right in front of him. Grabbing it, he felt magic begin to pull him out of the hole and towards a ledge higher up where Lily was now standing.

"If we ever get through this, remind me to thank you." James said breathlessly as he reached the top of the ledge.

"You can thank me later." Lily smiled reassuringly at him before getting serious again. "We should get back to headquarters." She finished, apparating away.

"These better be worth it." He muttered before too apparating away; into the depths of hell.
When Lily and James reached the Potter mansion, they found it to be in complete havoc; most of it was on fire and the other half was filled with Order members and Death Eaters locked in heated duels. There seemed to be no one dead yet, much to their happiness, so Lily and James ran straight into battle.

"AAAHHHH!" James turned around and saw Lily sprawled out on the floor staring at a man's body in horror who looked like an older version of James.

"Dad?" James muttered as a sudden wave of shock spread over his body; causing him to shut down temporarily.

"JAMES! LOOK OUT!" Came Joelle Potter's voice from next her son as the sound of the killing curse was heard from directly behind James. He turned around, expecting to face death, but instead was faced with the dead body of his mother; staring up sadly at him.

Breaking the gaze with his mother, James looked up at her killer; who had revealed himself to be none other than Lucius Malfoy.

"Malfoy." James growled at him; bringing his wand up under the man's chin.

"I missed you this time Potter, luckily I still got one blood traitor. Next time there won't be anyone there to save you, or her." He sneered spotting Lily who had just stood up shakily.

"One day I will look down on your corpse and smile." James hissed back before Lucius apparated away with the rest of the Death Eaters. He stood his ground for a moment or two to try and collect himself when he felt Lily's soft hand on his shoulder. Turning around, he faced her relucantly; he didn't want anyone to see his tears, especially not her.

"I'm so sorry." She whispered, throwing her arms around James' shoulders. "They felt like my parents, too." Feeling suddenly comforted, James put his arms around her small and fragile looking body. They stood there for a moment, crying silently into each other; the past vanished from their minds, they felt like they where seventeen again.

"How many did we loose, Albus?" They heard Moody's gruff voice from not far off. Breaking away from the embrace, Lily and James looked with the rest of the Order at the saddened faces of Dumbledore and Moody.

"Three." Dumbledore responded gravely.

"Three?" Bri breathed shocked from under Sirius' arm.

"Joelle, Jeff and Dorcas." Dumbledore finished.

"They killed Dorcas?" Fabian asked shocked from the left side of his brother. "How?"

"How do you think?" Gideon snapped at him; shooting daggers at him.

"We should get a new headquarters immediately." Moody remarked suddenly surveying the practically burned down mansion. "They know we're here." Dumbledore nodded slowly in agreement before speaking.

"Everyone, I suggest that you go home and try and get some sleep. You will be notified of the next meeting and the funerals if you wish to attend." Everyone apparated away; the fates of all of them taking a complete turn.

"Here Professor." Lily said, handing him the documents that had been tucked away safely in her coat pocket. He took them without a word as she apparated away.
Although everyone had left, Bri and Sirius remained at the mansion; he wanted her to tell Dumbledore about her dreams.

"Professor!" Bri called to him as he walked away from where he made his speech. He turned around and faced her sadly.

"Yes, Ms. Wickham?"

"I need to tell you something very important." She responded urgently.

"What is it?" Dumbledore asked interested.

"I think something's wrong with me."

"What do you mean?" He asked cautiously and she launched into the tale of her dreams; and explained what happened in them. After she had finished, Dumbldore's face changed from confused to understanding and shock.

"That would explain it." He mutttered under his breath.

"Explain what?" Sirius asked.

"Ms. Wickham, your name is mentioned in the documents that Ms. Evans and Mr. Potter brought back from the hideout. It confused me at first, but now it has become apparent as to why."

"Why what?" Bri asked confused.

"Why he wants you." Dumbledore answered simply.

"Wants me for what?"

"Your powers. I believe that you have the ability to see the future. And you can be very valuable to Voldemort. He'll either want you dead or alive. He'll do anything to get you."

"So what do we do?" Sirius asked scared; holding onto his girlfriend's hand tightly.

"I suggest sending her somewhere to hide. Somewhere safe and secure, where he will never find you."

"And where would this place be?" Bri asked nervously.

"I was thinking America. But if you do not want to go all the way there, then I'm sure something can be arranged around here." Dumbledore responded throughtfully.

"But why America?" Sirius asked; it was obivious that he didn't want to be that far away from her.

"Because Voldemort's rein has not yet affected the American magical community. They are all perfectly safe and even if you do deside to go there, simply change your voice and no one will know that it is you." Dumbledore explained; his sad blue eyes fixed on Bri, awaiting her answer. After a few minutes of silence, she made her decision.

"Okay, I'll do it." She whispered.

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Chapter 7: Remarks and Replies
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Winter slowly descended upon England, bringing mounds of snow, rain and hail down on its residents; showering them with the cold realization that the time of sleigh bells and warm coats would be needed.

James was perched on the iron railing of the balcony outside his apartment on one such afternoons pondering over the battle at what was once his home.

It had been almost two months since his parent's deaths; and the shock had not passed over him. His body couldn't function right anymore and his speech was limited. His Quidditch coach had even given him an extended vacation and trusted that Ari would take care of him.

There also hadn't been an Order meeting since (although Dumbledore had sent out letters with the dates and times of the funerals.), which James was incredibly thankful for. He hadn't spoken to anyone except Ari and didn't want to start now.

"James?" Her soft voice carried over to him as he turned slightly. "You ready to go?" He nodded his head and took Ari's hand as she lead him over to the fireplace.

Taking some floo powder, he threw it angrily into the fire shouting "Graveyard, Florin street!" He banged into almost every fireplace on purpose, maybe if he was bruised enough physically, the mental bruises might go away; before he landed on the floor of the entrance room of the graveyard where almost the entire Order was standing, waiting for him to arrive.

He looked around at the assmebled, troubled faces of the members as he stood up, clenching his fists in the wool pockets of his coat. The priest giving the ceremony looked at James before opening the door and setting out across the frozen grass towards the three silver coffins that laid next to the mounds of upturned earth. As he followed the priest he saw various glances shot at him followed by whispers that barely reached his ears.

He felt Ari's hand slip into his and squeeze it for reassurence as they stood at the back of the group that had formed around the graves that where just being filled in.

James blocked out the priest's speech about his parents. That man never even knew his parents, he knew nothing of their great accomplishments and hardships. Of their good and bad qualities and how they always saw the good in everybody. As the final bit of dirt was placed upon the graves, he felt a pair of eyes on him. He looked up and saw Lily staring at him in a way that made him slightly uncomfortable as he stared back at her defiently; not bringing his guard down. She finally looked away as Li nudged her and whispered something in her ear.
"You going to talk with James or what?"

"Yeah, right after this is over." Lily whispered back; taking her eyes off James.

"Should we go up to him and give our 'respects' or whatever it's called?" Bri turned around, asking them.

"No, he wants to be alone. It will only make him feel worse." Lily answered suddenly; putting her eyes on him.

"We're going. You coming?" Sirius asked the girls.

"Yeah. Lily?" Bri asked walking towards Remus and Sirius with Li.

"I'll meet you back at the building." Lily answered as she walked slowly towards the bent over figure of James standing in front of his parent's graves.
"Do you want me to stay with you?" Ari asked James as they stood in front of the gray, bleak graves.

"No. I'd like to be alone." She nodded sadly and apparated away without another word said.

He stood in slience before a female's voice came from behind him.

"How does it feel to loose someone you love dear?" James turned around to see Lily standing there, her hands shoved in the pockets of her black coat.

"Shut it. I'm not in the mood now." He grumbled turning back towards the graves.

"Now the war's affecting you too; now you know what it feels like when your heart is ripped to shreds and the pieces never come back." Lily remarked, walking closer to James until she was standing a mere foot behind him.

"What is your problem? I just lost some people that where very important to me." James snapped turning to face her again.

"Oh and I haven't? My parents where killed five years ago James! I still haven't gotten over it; and your parents where practically my parents too! Your mother told me that she thought of me as a daughter, even if we wheren't together." She shot at him angrily.

"She said that?" He asked shocked.

"Do you really think that I would make that up?" Lily sneered walking away towards the safety of the entrance building, leaving James to stand blankly after her.
When Lily returned to the building, she saw that Remus, Li, Bri and Sirius stood there waiting for her.

"You all ready to go?" Lily asked the group.

"Yeah, we just want to talk about something. Is James with you?" Li explained.

"No. He's still back at the graves."

"We'll get him. Come on Sirius." Remus beckoned his friend and they made their way towards the missing member of their group.
"Hey mate." Sirius said when they reached James.

"How are you doing?" Remus asked concerned as he came up next to him.

"I'm fine." James grumbled turning away from them fully; tears becoming apparent on his face.

"It doesn't seem that way." Remus remarked softly. The anger and saddness that had been slowly bulilding up throughout the day exploded; bringing James to show his emotions as he never had before.

"I'm just so mad! I could hit something!" He shouted, his tears falling rapidly down his face like a cascading waterfall.

"Here, hit this." Remus suggested, grabbing Sirius and thrusting him in front of James like an offering.

"Get off of me!" Sirius shouted in mock offence.

"It'll make you feel better! Come on, hit it nice and hard." Remus said branshing Sirius closer to James' range.

"You are a pig from hell!" Sirius shouted, his voice no longer joking. James stood by them, his tears finished, wearing a small smile as he watched the interlude between his best friends.

"He needs to feel better! You would have done it to me!" Remus argued, his voice dripping with amusement.

"You know what, let's just drop it and head back to the building, the girls are there waiting for us." Turning towards James, Sirius asked, "You want to come back to Li and Lily's apartment? We're sort of getting together to just talk."

Nodding his head quickly, James answered, "Sure. I'll come. It would do me good to get away from all this for awhile. I'll just tell Ari that I won't be back for awhile." Pulling out his wand, he apparated away with a loud pop before returning less than a minute later; his expression confused.

"Something wrong with Ari?" Sirius asked.

"Huh? No, nothing. Nothing at all." He mumbled almost to himself as he started off towards the building; Sirius and Remus sharing a look before jogging off after him.
"There you are!" Li exclaimed when the three guys walked through the doors, heads bowed. "We where getting worried."

"Everything alright now?" Lily asked keeping her gaze focused on James; who ignored her eyes uncomfortably.

"Um, yeah...yeah, everything's..alright now." He muttered, pulling at the back of his neck with his hand nervously. "We going back or what?"

"Yeah, just waiting for you three." Bri said obviously before apparating away; Lily, Li, Sirius, Remus and then finally James following after her.
When James arrived at Lily and Li's small but homy apartment he felt a surprising pang of jelaousy; he loved Ari, but she wasn't exactally the 'home is where the heart is' type person. She never cared about it, just the expensive items it contained. What he wanted for his apartment, for a home, was what those two girls had created here in this small, not so cramped space: a place to sit and relax.

"You coming to sit or would you prefer standing?" He was jerked out of his thoughts by Li's voice and everyone's (except Lily) teasing stares.

"No, I think I'll sit." He replied mockingly, taking a seat on the couch next to Sirius. A comfortable silence came over them as they all realized that for the first time in ten years, they where sitting down as friends again; ready to talk about something, hopefully, friendly and normal.

"Does anyone want any butterbeer?" Lily asked them; everyone nodded their heads eagerly as she stood up smiling and headed towards the kitchen. She returned less than two minutes later with six bottles of opened butterbeer, which she passed out to everyone after a group 'thank you'.

As everyone sipped their drinks happily, the need for talk was fairly gone; as they simply started to enjoy being in each other's company.

"When are you leaving, Bri?" Lily asked suddenly, everyone staring at her confused.

"What?" Bri asked back.

"When are you leaving?" She repeated.

"Leaving? What is she talking about?" James said looking around at everyone questionably.

"When are you leaving for America, Bri?" Li took over, staring her friend straight in the eye.

"How do you know?" Bri demanded, a slight hint of anger heard .

"Sirius." Lily, Remus and Li answered automatically as everyone's focus turned towards Sirius; who was whistling one of those "I'm innocent" tunes while he looked around.

"Sirius! You wheren't supposed to tell anyone!" Bri hissed at him before wacking him over the head.

"Ow! I'm sorry, but I thought that they should know." He responded innocently.

"Who else did you tell?" She growled.

"Just Peter. Oh come on Bri, it's not like Peter's a spy for Voldemort." Sirius complained, taking a large swig of butterbeer.

"Whatever. Anyway, I'm leaving sometime in the middle of January." Bri said, rolling her eyes.

"Why?" James asked.

"Dumbledore wants me to stay for the holidays." She explained, twisting the mug akwardly in her hands.
That was the last meeting that they had had in over almost a month. January was quickly approaching, making everyone around Bri nervous that she wasn't going to live to see another day. Li and Lily had started to brainstorm ideas for a secret going away party for Bri, but had little success as Sirius was too depressed to talk about the subject and the full moon was approaching; so that left Remus out. Finally, Lily, Li and Sirius came up with the perfect party idea set for New Years Eve.

Sirius brought Bri there without her knowing the real reason for going to her friends' so late at night. After Sirius opened the door, Bri screamed in delight and shock when she saw Lily, Li, Remus and surprisingly, James standing there; all waiting for the party to begin. The party had started off great, until somehow a subject that both Lily and James where touchy about came up and they started yelling at each other in Lily's kitchen.

"Ugh! You are completely impossible!" James shouted in frustration, throwing his arms up in surrender. It was later that night during Bri's party and Lily and James where engaged in a very heated arguement about something that they had long forgotten about.

"How, how am I impossible?" She shot back; her eyes glowing.

"Yes, I know that it is hard for perfect Lily Evans to realize that she can actually make mistakes!" He replied sarcastically.

"I am well aware that I have made mistakes; but if you are referring to us, then I made no mistakes in that relationship!"

"Yes you did."

"Oh really? What did I do?" Lily asked, walking closer to him, her hair seeming to cackle softly with fire.

"You never came after me, you never-"

"Did you really expect me to? James, we where seventeen and just experiencing for the first time what real love was like; we didn't know any better. I was hurt about what you did. You had told me that you loved me." She said slightly hurt.

"I did."

"Not anymore?" Lily questioned sadly.

"Lily, back then, I did somethings that I'm not proud of and my choices wheren't always the best."

"You're actually being honest about yourself and it seems that you just realized what an ass you really are."

"Watch it alright! Why is it then whenever we seem to be having a normal, civil conversation you blow up at me?!" He shouted

"Because the only way to hear me over your shouting is if I talk louder than you." She pointed out.
"See? This is the reason why I cannot stand you! Because you are constantly making excuses to bring the blame off yourself!" James turned away from her so he could try and get his anger to subside a little.

"You bastard! Are you blaming me for the reason why we broke up? Because if I remember correctly, it was you that was sleeping with someone! Not me."

"I told you before, I'm not proud of some of the choices that I made. But you could have at least listened to me explain-" He tried desperately.

"Ugh! Did you know that from the first moment I met you your arragonce made me realize that you where the last man on earth that I could ever marry."

"Why are you bringing marriage into this? We where seventeen when we where dating."

"You brought it up, if I remember correctly right before we left for your house for Christmas. I loved you, but your big head got in the way. Your love for girls that are willing to do anything with you got in the way of the, if I may quote, 'greatest thing that ever happened to you'!" Her voice grew steadly louder, with more tears slowly filling up her eyes.


"Don't say a thing. Because you know what? I think that being aquantencies will be better for both of us. So I will see you at the next Order meeting. Have a nice life." Lily remarked, opening the kitchen door, surprisingly where most of their fights take place, and came face to face with a pissed off Bri.

"Bri! Oh I'm so sorry for-"

"We are all sick of the two of you fighting all the time! So you know what," She paused, grabbed both of them and threw them into the coat closet. "The both of you are going to be in this closet until you become friends again." She shouted, slamming the door shut and locking it. Lily tried the doorknob desperately, as both her and James had left their wands in the living room. She groaned and hit her back on the wall before sliding down it and onto the floor across from James' cramped form also on the floor.

"So.." Lily said after a few minutes of slience. "How did you meet Ari?" James looked up shocked.

"Excuse me?" He asked.

"Just trying to start a civil conversation." She said offended, rolling her eyes slightly.

"Quidditch tryouts for Ireland. She was trying out for the other Chaser position. And we started talking and, well, everything just kind of took off from there." He replied after another lapse of silence.

"How long have you been together?" Lily asked, pretending to be interested.

"Three years."

"You engaged yet?"


"Wait, you mean to tell me that you've been dating her for three years and you never popped the question?" She asked unbelievingly

"No. Something always held me back." James said, looking up at her slightly.

"Do you love her?" Lily asked suddenly.

"What?" He said, caught off guard.

"Do you love Ari?" She repeated.

"Why are you asking me this?"

"It's a simple question: do you love her or do you not?"

"Yes, yes I do."

"Well then I'm happy for you." She said stiffly, turning her head toward the door.

"You two being civil or what? Because neither of you are coming out until you're friends!" Came Sirius' voice from outside the door. The two of them stood up and faced each other.

"Friends?" Lily asked, holding out her hand.

"Why not." James replied, grasping her hand in his.
It was the night of January 13th while Lily and Li where sitting in their apartment watching television when a slip of parchment found its way onto their coffee table in between the chocolate frog wrappers and bertie botts bags. Sighing, they both grabbed the paper and branced themseleves for some very disturbing news.

When they landed, it was not in the cool, dank dungeons of what was Potter mansion, but in a dank and dreary entranceway covered in cobwebs and decaying pictures. They looked around confused, as if in a dream, before Sirius appeared by the stairs.

"Sirius. Where are we?" Li gasped shocked at his sudden appearence.

"New headquarters." He replied grumpily.

"Yes we know that already; but where are we?" Lily asked annoyed.

"That, Lily Evans, is classified information. The meeting's already started, follow me." He beckoned them with a sharp intake of his head before walking down one of the many corridors that branched off from were they where standing.

As they progressed, the air became colder and the object of light seemed a fragment of their imagination. When Sirius finally stopped at a door on the far right after what seemed hours, maybe even days of walking, he knocked in a complex pattern before it opened of its own accord. Lily and Li followed cautiously behind Sirius as they got a more revealing look at the room that looked just like a real dungeon (cells and all) before being ushered through the cells and into a well lit room where the Order members where seated around a large, wooden circular table. They sat down as Dumbledore stood up and prepared to address them.

"I would like to thank you all for coming to this emergency meeting on such short notice." He started.

"Anything for our dear Professor." Sirius remarked suddenly, smiling slightly.

"Thank you very much Mister Black and now we should get to the point. Several of us have figured out the meaning of most of the writings that where concealed in the enevelope. They seem to be plans of who and when they are going to attack.....and some other plans of a different sort." Dumbledore explained gravely.

"What kind of plans?" Rachel asked, her brain was simply too small to be able to process such big words as 'concealed' and 'enevelope'.

"They seem to be about extrememly dark magical devices known as horocruxes. I trust that most of you know what they are? It seems that Voldemort wants to make various horocruxes and we have found what seem some of his plans to do it." Whispers went around the table as everyone exchanged frightened looks.

"But Albus, it takes a very long time, horocruxes do, and the skill aquared to make them is-" Frank Longbottom objected.

"Yes they need great skill; but everyone knows the unlimited amount of his power. He may do as he wishes, nothing can stand in his way." Dumbledore pointed out.

"Except for us." James called out.

"Yes, except us." Dumbledore repeated; his face then grew very solem and sad as he continued. "I also have some very disturbing news. Bits of Benjy Fenwick's body was found yesterday after he didn't return from a mission and Edgar Bones was killed along with his entire family. Their funerals are scheduled to be in middle February, if anyone here wishes to attend. To conclude this meeting, I will require some volunteers to please gather some more information on horocruxes so we may be able to figure out how to stop him. Does anyone- ah yes, Ms. Evans and Mr. Potter. Excellent. You both may start research as soon as possible." He finished in a rushed manner before quickly exiting the room followed closely by Moody.

Everyone sat quietly for a few moments after Dumbledore left, until Lily sprang up and ran out the door.

"Professor!" Lily called down the corridor towards the violet clad man at the other end.

"Yes Ms. Evans?" Dumbledore asked once she had ran up next to him.

"I was wondering if there was-

"A library, yes?"

"Yes and if I could use it."

"Be my guest. The library is at your disposile." He smiled before pointing at the door directly across from them. "The doors to knowledge, a truly wonderful place." He finished walking back in the direction of the meeting room.

Sighing, Lily pushed open the doors that revealed the biggest, dustiest library, no, room that she had ever seen. Looking around carefully, she carefully sat herself down on one of the chairs that was placed around the slightly crumbling table, pulled out a piece of parchment from the container in the middle and set to work on finding out about horocruxes.
When Dumbledore reentered the room, James stood up and ran to meet the headmaster at the front door.

"The library's the last door on your left." Dumbledore spoke just as James opened his mouth.

"Thank you." He said hurridly, walking out the door towards the last one on the left; and while he walked, he had a certain feeling that he wouldn't be alone doing research.

And sure enough, when he opened the doors and came around the first line of shelves, he saw none other than Lily Evans sitting cramped in one of the rickedy chairs. James waited patiently leaned up against the shelf until she looked up a minute later.

"Ah!" She shreiked when her eyes caught sight of him.

"Lily." He nodded simply plopping himself down in the chair acrosse from her.

"What are you doing here?" She asked slightly angry.

"I came here to do research on the horocruxes." He replied, looking up at her slightly before grabbing one of the books that she had been working with.

"Well I'm not leaving, I was here first. Besides, I'm almost done anyway." Lily remarked, taking the book back forcefully.

"You can stay, you can go. It makes no difference to me." James stated closing his eyes and leaning back in his chair. The two of them sat in silence; James pretending to sleep, but secretly looking at Lily; and Lily writing down notes furiously, but secretly getting quick glimpses of James.

"What?" He asked in pretend annoyence after he caught her looking at him.

"What?" She replied innocently.

"What are you looking at?"

"Well you looked first."

"Yeah I looked."

"So I look too, alright." Lily said looking up at him over the top of her book. Smirking slightly, he got up and sat down in the chair next to her.

"Come near me, I'll kill you." She threatened pointing her wand at him.

"So nervous." James teased, taking her wand out of her hand and placing it on the table.

"Oh, you are so arragont. If you think that I am still interested in you then-" She was cut off by his lips being placed gently on hers. It seemed like a half a second they where like that before James broke away and stared at her intently.

"Nothing?" He asked quietly.

"No sorry." She said with a bit of attitude thrown in. Breaking out of his phase, James went right back in her face with a retort.

"Well that kiss ment nothing to me either, so sorry to get your hopes up."

"Well I'm not surprised if that's the best you can kiss." Lily remarked, shocked at her own daring.

"Oh you want to see the best I can kiss." He fired back.

"As a matter of fact, I-" They felt fireworks and sparks fly through both of their bodies as their lips connected, only for a longer period of time. When Lily broke off, it took all of James' might to not grab her head and snog her senseless.

"See, nothing." She said breathlessly.

"Same here nothing." He replied in the same tone.

"Really?" Her smirk coming back onto her face as she watched his expression change as he was debating something in his head.

"Lily, I-" James started.

"There you guys are! Li! Remus! Bri! They're in here!" They both broke far apart from each other as they saw Sirius, Li, Remus and Bri's bodies come in view from behind the door.

"I told you that they where in here!" Bri retorted before punching Sirius in the arm.

"Dumbledore wants to know what you two have." Remus said. "And Ari's looking for you, James."

"Okay, I'll see you all later then, I guess." He replied, exiting the room to meet up with his girlfriend; his short time with Lily playing over in his mind.
January had seemed to quickly melt away with Bri leaving; and February seemed to be the least bit of loving as on Valentine's Day was the date scheduled for the funeral. Lily, distraught over her friend and about her several encounters with James, had her head pressed against the window on that day; staring impassively at the just melting snowflakes.

When Li came into the room, dressed in all black for the funeral, she stared curiously at her best friend.

"You coming Lil?" She called out.

"No." Lily mumbled sadly.

"Why not? We should be there. They where very nice people, not to mention that they where fighting for a good-"

"I can't stand anymore deaths, Li! I fear that if more people close to me die then I won't survive. I fear that I'm not going to live to see the end of this war." Lily turned around to face her friend fully as Li came up and sat next to her on the window seat.

"Hey, it's going to be alright. You're going to be alright, and you will see the end of this, I promise you that. I'll just tell them that you're sick." Li smiled slightly at her before getting up and quickly exiting.

"Thanks Li." Lily returned the smile.

"What are friends for?"
"Where's Lily?" James whispered as the priest crossed the graves as they where being lowered into the earth.

"She didn't feel well." Li lied quickly.

"I know you're lying."

"She didn't want to come. Bri leaving and all these deaths became too much for her." At the sound of Bri's name, Sirius automatically started walking away; his friends staring helplessly after him.

"He hasn't gotten over her leaving?" Li asked sadly. James and Remus shook their heads no together.

"Well, at least she'll be safe there, right?"
"Pettigrew! Wisteria! Report!"

"Fenwick and all the Bones are dead, My Lord." Peter mumbled.

"Excellent. Wisteria, what news on the seer?"

"Once we tell Dumbledore about the 'documents' he'll bring her straight back from America. You can kill her then." Rachel announced proudly.

"You both have pleased me greatly. Five down, only a few more to go." Voldemort smiled evilly as his plan was slowly taking shape.

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Chapter 8: Colors in the Wind
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Hours turned to days, days to weeks and weeks to months until finally, on a unusually cold day in May, a chance came for the Order to strike once again.

"You see Professor, I was in the Potter mansion with Peter cleaning up and we found this among the ruins of the old headquarters." Rachel said calmly, handing Dumbledore a wrinkled piece of slightly burned paper. She cast a quick glance at Peter, who was standing timidly behind her, before continuing. "We believe that it fell out of the enevelope that Lily and James brought back for you."

"Well...I'd like to thank both of you for finding this and bringing it to my attention. I will look at this right away." He nodded slightly to dismiss them before carefully opening the paper as the door swung shut behind them.

"So....which side are we on?" Peter whispered to Rachel as they descended the stone steps towards the meeting room.

"What do you mean?"

"During this fight, should they find out?" He wimpered.

"Find out what?" She asked, deeply annoyed.

"Should we reveal ourselves to the Order?"

"They'll all be dead before they realize that we where the spies." She hissed, opening the door and taking her place at the round table with the rest of the recently arriving Order.
When Lily, Li, Remus and Sirius had gotten the piece of parchment while at lunch, it surprised them all since Dumbledore said that he wouldn't call forth another meeting unless it was absoutely needed. They grabbed the paper and where whisked off to the cobwebbed room where their fellow members bore the same confused looks as them.

"Please everyone, take a seat. The meeting will begin shortly." Dumbledore announced loudly as the talk quieted to a near minium. "We are waiting for one more member." Everyone's faces became even more confused as they looked around the room, the entire Order was here, who could they be missing? Suddenly, it clicked as the stone fireplace in the corner turned an emerald green and a tall figure with wavy brown hair emerged.

"You rang, Professor?" Bri asked walking towards her jaw dropped friends who where staring at her with happy eyes.

"Miss me?" She asked as she sat down next to Lily. They all nodded, their mouths forming smiles of joy. Smiling back, Bri looked around the room at everyone; happy to be back.

"It is great to see you again, Miss. Wickham and in one piece." Dumbledore smiled.

"It's good to be back."

"Well, now I'd like to explain to you all why you are here, now, at this present time." Dumbledore stated, looking around at the esembled faces. "Ms. Wisteria and Mr. Pettgirew found another sheet of great importance to us while they where searching through the remains of Potter mansion." He paused for a moment as everyone's glances turned towards Rachel and Peter; sitting smugly. "The parchment tells us of another headquarters that belongs to Voldemort somewhere in Greenwich, one that they use more often. We've decided to go there tonight and see if any more useful information is around there somewhere. Alastor?" Moody hobled up to the front of the room and unfolded a piece of parchment before squinting at it with his normal eye, while the other electric blue one roamed freely around the room.

"Staying here are Arthur, Aberforth, Hagrid, Doge, Diggle, Podmore, Vance and Molly. Lookouts are Bloom, Pettigrew, Wisteria, Walker, Dearborn, Fabian, McKinnon and Murphy. Raiding the hideout is Black, Wickham, Lupin, Gideon, Frank, Alice, Albus, Potter, Evans and myself. Everyone get it?" He recited, his gruff voice echoed throughout the room as everyone shook their heads silently. Nodding in Dumbledore's direction, Moody slumped back down onto his chair.

"Excellent. We'll leave as soon as we hear from our guards for the 'okay'." Just as he finished speaking, two cloaked figures emerged from the again emerald fireplace; nodding their black hoods slowly before departing. The Order looked up at Dumbledore, who stood with a sudden air as he gazed at all of them before whispering, "You know what to do."

As Lily and her friends got up to split up into their groups, a question was voiced that they all had been wondering about.

"Don't you think it's weird?" Lily stated; Li, Bri, Remus, Sirius and James all turning around to stare at her.

"What is?" Bri asked confused.

"That Rachel and Peter just happened to be searching the remains of your home; and they just happened to find that bit of parchment." She continued.

"Wait, what are you saying?" James shot back questionably.

"It's just....strange. I think there's more to the story." She finished lamely but before any of them had a chance to respond, Moody had growled at them; sending them into trances of courage and fear.

The 'Guarding Group' watched sadly as the 'Search Squad' and 'Hideout Hoppers' apparated away to a distant place where they knew death might certainly await them.
Lord Voldemort waited patiently in his chair deep underground where his headquarters was located; where the foolish Order was about to walk into a head on trap. His two spies, Pettigrew and Wisteria, where late to report; and he did not except tardiness.

The two of them rushed in not a moment later, pulling their masks and black hoods up frantically.

"You're late." He hissed. "I do not appreciate waiting."

"We are sorry, My Lord." Pettigrew whimpered. "The old fool took too long, and we had to get away."

"I do not except apologies." He growled, leaning forward.

"But My Lord, he has brought her back. The Seer, she is coming here, tonight, with the rest of them." Wisteria interupted. Leaning back against the high back, he smirked and said,

"Excellent." His head shot up slightly as the sound of pattering footsteps could be heard down the corridor. His smirk turned into a full smile, "Let the fun begin."
"Are you sure we're in the right place?"

"Oh course, Alice. Stop talking, we have to be quiet." Frank hissed slightly at his wife as the group made their way along the stone corridors.

"Sorry." She replied back, holding her illuminated wand tip out more in front of her.

"Did you hear that?" Bri said suddenly stopping in her tracks.

"It's the wind." Moody replied gruffly. "It gets very windy down here."

"No, it wasn't the wind. It was human. It sounded like a scream." She muttered, almost half to herself as she shook it off and ran to catch up with the group. Dripping water and the soft squeaks of mice were heard only for a moment before a much louder sound practically punctured their hearing.

"DEATH EATERS!!!! RUN!!! GET YOURS-" Lily cast a frightened glance at James before the entire group set off in a sprint back towards the surface where the rest of the Order desperately needed their help.
Screams where the only thing heard for miles around; but there was no one else around to here the Order members and Death Eaters alike scream out in agony as green lights drove the life from their bodies.

Curses where flying madly around, obscuring everyone's vision from the person in front of them.

"Stupefy!" Jessica shouted blindly at the nearest Death Eater, one who was about to cast the killing curse on Lily; who smiled in apprecation when she realized what had almost happened.

"Crucio!" Came a sound like nails on chalkboard before Jessica felt a thousand knives piercing her body as her rolled around on the ground in suffering, pure torment. And just as suddenly as it came, it was off.

"How's your filthy muggle husband?" Bellatrix Lestrange asked mockingly from above Jessica's head. "Did you really think that your degrading marriage to someone like him would go unnoticed to the Dark Lord? I think it's going to be fun torturing you."

"One day," Jessica gasped, knowing that these might be her last words. "You will get your comupence, and I'll be smiling down at you in pure joy."

"Say goodbye to that filthy muggle, you'll be seeing him again soon." And the pain came back, never stopping, never leaving; until nothing made the slightest sense anymore.
"Jessica!" Alice shouted as she saw the young girl hit the ground; running towards her, she pointed her wand out and yelled, "Expelliarmus!" Shooting Bellatrix into a tree. But the damge had been done; it was evident in the blonde's eyes.

"Longbottom. How..very..rude of you mess up my all my fun." Bellatrix gasped from her slumping position on the ground.

"Silenco. Petrificus totalus." Alice shouted, watching as her enemy became as stiff as a board. Satisfied, she put down her wand and ran over to help anyone else in their desperate fight.
While Alice was running around, Gideon and Fabian Prewett where near to death. Three Death Eaters already had them practically surrounded, and two more where coming their way.




"STUPEFY!" The brother's hard curses where starting to wear thin as more and more Death Eaters came.

"AVADA KEDAVRA!" One yelled, that hit Gideon straight on in the back. His scream tore through the night like a piece of glass, as Fabain turned around in anguish at the helpless sight of his brother's body.

His face, turned purple with rage, stared up at the Death Eater who had done the terrible dead and made a mental note that he was short and chubby.


"AVADA KEDAVRA!" Another yelled, hitting Fabain as his promise to avenge his brother's killer was broken.
Li was nervous, she had never been in this situation before. It was pitch black, she was lost in the woods and she couldn't remember the spell to light up her wand.

"Need a little light?" Came a mencing voice from behind her as Bellatrix's face was illuminated for a moment before they where brought out into a full length duel.

"You can't beat me, Murphy." Bellatrix taunted after twentty minutes of nonstop curses.

"Well I guess we're stuck then." Li gasped back. "Because you can't beat me either."

"We'll see about that. My Lord needs to use someone for an experiment. Care to be a volunteer?"

"No I think I'll pass."

"Oh I'm not so sure about that. You see, I think you'll be the perfect test speciman. AVECCHIO!" She shouted catching Li off-guard with the new curse.

She fell to the ground and could feel her body changing, looking at her hands she saw that they had started becoming smaller; and soon became covered in wrinkles. She touched her face to find that it matched her hands. She stared up at the tall form of Bellatrix.

"There, I guess we're not so even anymore, huh grandma?"

"Now we are, stupefy!" Remus shouted from behind the Death Eater. Purposely stepping on her stunned body, he crouched down by his girlfriend.

"Remus," She gasped, her voice wheezy. "What happened to me?"
Bri ran around the field in confusion. She had been in the safeness of America for so long that she had forgotten what being out in the field was like. As she fired back curses and dodged them, she looked aroud the field desperately for some sign of her friends.

"Welcome back." Came a low hissing voice from in front of her. Getting her bearings, she gazed into the unmasked pale white face that shone in the moonlight.

"Malfoy." She growled.

"How was it living among muggles and such filth? Must have been a joy to be where you truly belong."

"Have you visited St. Mungo's recently, Lucius? Because I hear they just opened a ward for mentally insane people; and there's a door reserved especially for you."

"How dare you speak to me that way! Crucio!" He watched in joy as she writhed around on the floor, but taking the curse off a moment later.

"Is that the best you have, Lucius? As Voldemort's right-hand man I expected better." She taunted, if she was to be Voldemort's key to the downfall of the Order, she would rather die.

"Crucio!" He screamed again, it was working.

"My grandfather can do better than you and that's saying a lot since he's dead."

"You try my patience. Crucio!" His face had begun to turn blue and his eyes seemed to be glowing an evil red of hatred.

"You couldn't kill me, your master wants to do it himself." Bri growled.

"CRUCIO!" He had lost it, her plan had worked.

"AAAHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!" Her scream that was louder than blood curling, filled with more anguish than any other scream in history, and seemed to stop time that night as the fighting stopped to stare at the broken girl falling back onto the grass.

Blood poured from the insides of her ears, making the cries and shouts muffled. She could feel her eyes watering as her vision slid in and out of focus. She knew she was dying; and nothing could change her fate. She had seen everyone elses, except hers.

She felt warm hands pick her head up gently and place in on its knees. His black hair was clinging to his face, drentched in sweat.

"Sirius." She murmured, her voice barely audible.

"I'm here." He replied softly, his tears falling slowly onto her skin.

"Tell Lily and James to be careful."

"No, no, you're going to tell them. I'm going to save you." Sirius whispered, placing his hand on her forehead and brushing away the stray bits of hair.

"Tell Remus and Li that I will miss them with all my heart." Bri continued.


"Tell Sirius that he has to learn to let go. He has to let me go. He won't be happy until he does." And just as suddenly as she had spoken, the world had gone black.
Lily stood in the far corner of the field after she had just stopped a Death Eater from escaping. She watched in horror as her best friend slowly withered and died in her true love's arms. She fell to the ground, certain that no one would find her there crying her heart out; leaving her hollow.

"What is this? A mudbloood, with no one to protect her."

"Get away from me you flith!" She screamed out as she turned around to face him; pulling out her wand.

"Oh, I'm flith now am I? Well, I beg to differ. Stupefy." Malfoy sneered, picking up her limp body and throwing it over his shoulder; careful to not let her touch any part of his exposed skin.

James ran around the field, on which the fighting had started again, looking frantically for Lily. As he turned his head towards the forest, he noticed her red head sticking out of bushes; her limp body thrown onto Lucius Malfoy's shoulders.

"Lily!" He shouted as Lucius turned around and smirked happily at him.

"Too late." He called as he winked and apparated away.
"Is there any more lost, Albus?" Alice asked desperately that night after the survivors managed to return to the headquarters.

"Jessica was tortured to insanity, she'll have to remain at St. Mungo's forever. We lost Marlene, Caradoc,and Brianna....and we believe Lily to be dead too." He replied grimly, casting a saddened glance around the room; his eyes lingering on the stiffed forms of James Potter and Sirius Black.

"What do you mean 'believe'?" She asked frightened.

"They took her." He finished solemly. Detatching himself from the group and rushing out the door as the tears that had formed in his eyes threatened to fall. He found the first opened door, slammed it shut behind him and collapsed down on the chair. ''It wasn't supposed to be like this, they wheren't supposed to die so young. What have I done?'' He whispered.

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Chapter 9: Li's Choice
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When Lily awoke, she found herself chained down to a hard stone floor that was covered in muck, slime and what seemed to be blood. She was still dazed from the stunning and barely resisted when two pairs of hands picked her up roughly from her underarms and dragged her out of the room and up a flight of stairs. She was thrown onto another stone floor; in front of a large, marble throne.

"Welcome mudblood. Do you know who I am?" Came a low hissing voice from above her. Looking up slightly, her eyes where able to register the dark form glaring at her with blood red eyes.

"You're a filthy, bloody bastard." She rasped back; her voice much braver than she felt.

"Tisk, tisk, tisk. You should know how to speak with respect; don't muggles take pride in being respectful to their peers?" Voldemort said mockingly.

"Yes, as a matter of fact they do, just not how to handle an asshole like you." Lily spat; he killed her friend, he killed her family, he killed her life. There was nothing left of her for him to scare now.

"I'm warning you, mudblood. You do not want to get on my bad side, my mercy has limits." He growled getting up from the throne and coming to stand in front of her.

"Bite me." She stood up shaking to reach his height; spitting in his face.

"Crucio!" He shouted, bringing out his wand and pointing it mencingly at her. Letting up the curse, he barked an order towards a figure standing in the back, "You have insulted me for the last time. Lucius!''

"Yes master?" Lucius replied, stepping forward slightly.

"Bring her down to the cells, I'll play with my toy later. It'll be so much fun to watch her loose strength before I torture her." Voldemort said calmly over his shoulder as he resumed his place on the throne. Lucius bowed his head in response and with the help of another Death Eater, brought the wounded Lily back down the stairs and threw her on the floor.

"Uuhhhh." Was the only sound omited from her mouth as she lay almost motionless on the floor.

"Your complaining will soon end, mudblood. You're likely to be dead in the morning." Lucius hissed.

"I'd like to see you try." She replied, lifting her head slightly to stare defintely into his eyes.

"Oh don't worry. I won't be doing this, but I can show you who will." He said smiling happily as another Death Eater entered the cell; pulling down her hood.

"Remember me, Lily?" Rachel asked mockingly.

"Rachel." Her eyes widned in shock and surprise.

"That's right. Wow, I can't express how great it is to see the perfect Lily Evans like this. Did you know that it was actually my idea to bring to you here? My Lord thought it was brilliant, kidnapping mudbloods, torturing them and then killing them slowly; physically and mentally. Now that Bri's finally taken care of and soon you will be too, there won't be much standing in our way. You know, I thought that you would give up after you saw James kissing me, well it was actually Lucius, but I guess mudbloods don't get the hint, do they?"

"What are you talking about?"

"Don't you know? Oh, this is too good to be true! Well, before your detention with James, Lucius, Severus and Bellatrix all took some polyjuice potion to make themselves James, Sirius and you. So you saw really me and Lucius kissing and James saw Bellatrix and Severus; it was the perfect plan back then. Well, I can't tell you everything now, I have to save some for tomorrow, bye-bye!" Rachel finished, smiling and sauntering out the door with Lucius; their cold laughter echoing throughout the walls.

Lily leaned her back gently against the wall, and closed her eyes. Everything was falling apart and it all started when she had that stupid crush on James. And using her last bit of strength, she cried herself into an uneasy sleep.
As Sirius sat slumped down in his chair at the meeting table, he let his mind wander back to the easier days when everything was sunny and happy; and the most troublesome thing was when they where taking their N.E.W.T.s. He thought mostly of Bri, her perfect eyes like the sea after a storm, her hair like the phony kind you saw in ads and her Quidditch ability. Nothing in the world could get past her; not a quaffle, not a person, nothing; she is, was perfect. And now she was gone.

He needed someone to yell at. Not Remus because he was worried about Li, not Li because she was in what the Healers called a 'coma' and not James; as he was slowly dying secretly inside because of Lily. Sirius saw Dumbledore leave the room in a hurry, and he knew exactally who he should take out his anger to.

Getting up, he left the room and followed his old Professor down the corridor and into a musty room where Sirius stopped outside the door to give Dumbledore a little time before he blew up at him. He watched the old man sitting with his head in his hands on the rickedy chair and slowly eased open the door and slipped inside. Sirius took a seat in the chair opposite him and waited patiently for Dumbledore to aknowledge his presense.

"How are you Mr. Black?" He asked, lifting his head slowly out of his hands.

"I'm...I'm.....I'm......HOW COULD YOU HAVE FELL FOR THAT?" He exploded finally.


"SHE WOULD STILL BE ALIVE IF YOU HADN'T FALLEN FOR THAT STUPID, BLOODY LIE!" He continued, his face and tone reminding him bitterly of his own parent's.

''Sirius, please-" Dumbledore tried again.


"Sirius, I understand if you want to put the entire fault on me, which it is; so I am not offended by your actions." He rushed, wanting to get all his words in. Overcome by grief, Sirius slid down to the floor and let the tears fall like a cascading waterfall. He felt a wrinkled hand on his shoulder and looked surprised at the older man who was kneeling down to his level.

"The ones we love never really leave us," He said, putting his hand on Sirius' heart he coninued. "You can always find them in here."

"I miss her." He replied through tears.

"You will see her again. Death cannot stop true love, it only delays it awhile." Dumbledore reassured him, smiling slightly; and Sirius actually smiled back.
Li had never before been tortured, she had never before gone through so much pain; this was a first for her. A very painful first. So she lay sleeping until the pain would go away, causing worry to become the only factor in Remus' life.

When James saw his friend once again residing in his now wizened girlfriend's room, he decided to try and give him some fresh air. Finally getting him up, James and Remus explored the headquarters while making small talk about various topics.

"What happened to Li?" James ventured out to ask, he hadn't really heard the entire story.

"Bellatrix got her with some sort of curse." Remus explained softly.

"What happened to her? Is she going to be alright?"

"Yes, she's perfectly alright, it's just..." Remus stopped and looked straight at the floor.

"What?" James questioned.

"The curse sped up her aging process by about 50 years."
"I'm going to ask you one more time, WHERE IS THE HEADQUARTERS OF THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX!" Voldemort bellowed for what seemed the hundreth time; not that he minded, he was getting to torture the girl and she was just about to break.

"You'll kill me before I tell you." She gasped painfully, her right arm felt broken and the bone in her left leg was threatening to break through her skin.

Putting down his wand, he nodded to Lucius and Rachel. "Put her back in the cell. I'll give her some time to think over her choices before I bring her out again tomorrow." Bowing their heads in response, they picked up the shell of what used to be Lily Evans.
It was almost a week and a half after the battle before Li finally decided the pain had subsided enough to wake up. She was surprised to find her loyal boyfriend's head lying next to her on the bed; his body slumped over in a chair.

"Remus? Wake up." She said softly. His head shot up and he looked at her in pure joy.

"Li, are you alright?" He asked desperately, gripping her hand tighter.

"Does it look like I'm okay? I'm trapped inside an eighty year old woman's body, god damnit!" She yelled as the memory of what happened came rushing back to her. She was going to kill Bellatrix Black before her time was done.

"You okay now?" He asked taken back.

"Yeah, I'm fine now. Where's Lily? I really want to see her." She asked slightly joyful, more calmed down.

"Li, there's something you should know-" He started wearing a face of pure dread.

"Where is she?!" Li questioned, sitting up in her bed.

"They took her. Malfoy apparated away before I could do anything." She turned her head towards the sound of the voice, his voice. The saddened tone of none other than James Potter.

"What do you mean you couldn't get to her? You don't care! You don't give a damn whether she dies or not." She practically screeched, large tears rolling down her cheeks, getting caught in the wrinkles.

"Ms. Murphy, I suggest you lie down." Dumbledore said from the doorway; he had heard some shouting and had come to investigate. She flopped back down on the bed.

"I want to sleep." She muttered, reminding herself of a young child. Remus nodded, kissed her forehead and left along with Dumbledore and James.

"James?" He stopped and stared at her. "I want to talk with you." He nodded and sat down in the chair that Remus had just occupied.

"I'm sorry James. I shouldn't have said that." She started, looking down at her hands ashamed.

"It's alright."

"Promise me you'll get her back." Li said, tears welling up in her eyes again.

"I lost her once, I am not going to loose her again." James promised, looking her straight in the eye.

"Thank you." She smiled.
Later that night, when everyone was asleep in the rooms that Dumbledore gave them, Li decided to get up and try to walk around in her new state. She slowly slid out of the creaking bed and walked in the direction she remembered the kitchen to be in; she felt like she was actually dying of thirst.

When she arrived in the kitchen, she saw that she would not be alone; for she saw Remus sitting at the table drinking a small glass filled with water.

"Remus?" She said. He looked up and his expression changed to worry when he saw her standing in the doorway.

"Li? What are you doing out of bed? Here, let me help you get back." He rushed, getting up out of his chair and grabbing her arm.

"No, I'm fine, really. I just really need to talk to you." She explained; no time was as good as the present.

"Sure, what about?"

"Us." She answered simply.

"Maybe you should sit down." Remus suggested, pulling out a chair for her across from his own.

"Remus, I...I really, really like you, no, I love you but...somehow, in someway-" Li stopped, hurting Remus' feelings was the last thing she wanted to do; and as she looked up into his eyes she noticed a sense of relief.

"This isn't going to work out. Yeah, I was going to propose the same thing as soon as you got better." He explained with a small, guilty smile.

"Thank you for understanding, it's just-"

"It's not just because of your condition, it's because of mine too." He interupted sadly.


"If we stayed together, and you walked in on me during a full moon....and I bit you......I would never forgive myself." He looked up at her gave her questioning look at the expression plastered upon her face. "Li? You still there?" He asked.

"It's just my imagination running away with me again." She said smiling slightly.

"What where you thinking about?"

"I was just thinking about what our lives would be like if Lily and James had stayed together, if there was no Voldemort, if Bri was still alive; if everything that is so screwed up now was fixed." She replied wipping imanginary but soon to fall tears from her eyes.

Taking her hand in his, he looked into her eyes and said, "I feel the same."

"Remus! Li!" Came an urgent voice from the door.

"What is it Frank?" Remus asked him, getting up; while Li followed him.

"Dumbledore's heard something about where they might have Lily."

"What?!" Li screeched, fully getting up from her chair, she ran as fast as an old woman could down the corridor and pushed herself headlong into the meeting room where James was already standing with Dumbledore, who had his face near the fireplace and seemed deep in conversation.

"Yes...I understand....yes, thank you very much." He brought his head out of the fireplace and opened his mouth to address the Order. "It seems we have a lead as to where they are keeping Ms. Evans." Dumbledore called out to the group, standing fully up and sitting down in his chair.

"Where?" James asked urgently, sliding his chair forward to be closer to Dumbledore's.

"They believe somewhere near London,-."

"I'll go." James responded at once; not seeing the slight look of hurt and surprise coming from Ari.

"Mr. Potter-?" Dumbledore started.

"I'll go too. The boy can't go alone, not trained enough." Moody replied gruffly, fixing his blue eye.

"Then, you two should prepare to leave soon." Dumbledore sighed. He left the table, leaving James and Moody to talk about there plans.

"One question about your businees boy or there's no use going. This girl, how far are you willing to go to save her?" He asked James.

"I'd die for her."

"Oh, good. No worries then." Moody clasped James on the back and walked over to a chair. As James stood there, he notcied Dumbledore walking slowly towards him.

"Is there anyone out there looking for her Professor?" James blurted out as soon as Dumbledore approached him.

"We didn't even know where to begin."

"We should at least have had a few people out there looking for her!" His voice rising.

"Mr. Potter, please-"

"Professor, I'm going out to find her whether anyone likes it or not. I'm leaving." James interupted.


"I have to find her. I don't think that I can live unless I know that she is safe and happy."

"James, this task-"


"But you did not let me finish, this task was appointed to you and if you do not find a way, no one will. So, good luck." Dumbledore finished, gently placing his hand on James' shoulder before too leaving the room.
"You are trying my patience, mudblood. Now tell me, WHERE IS THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX?!" Voldemort shouted, a curse sprouting out of his wand. She writhed on the floor in pain and torment. 'Death is better than this, please, please kill me now.'

"I....don't........know." She gasped through her tears and pain. This had been the drill for the past two weeks and no one had come; her small bit of hope was growing thin.

"Fine, since you are of no use to me, AVAD-"

"My Lord. She could be of use to us." Rachel interupted.

"What do you mean?"

"The Order wants her back, so we'll give her back; if they promise to break up the Order and let us have our war."

"Excellent, Wisteria. You are proving to be of use now. Throw her back down in the cell." Voldemort ordered and resumed his seat in his throne like he did everyday.

Lily could feel her strength giving in, she could feel her life slipping away; and she was going down, unable to fight or stop it. She was thrown once again onto the hard floor, her bones bending in even more unusual and uneeded positions as she tried to think back to when life wasn't so complicated; when the world made sense. But yet, no thoughts came.

As she lie there, she heard quiet footsteps coming around the side of the cell; the opposite side that the Death Eaters came from. Between a mixture of curiousity and worry, she tried to lift her head even the tiniest millimeter to try and see who or what was coming her way.

From the thin beam of light that had managed to squeeze through one of the cracks, she saw a mess of black hair and wire rimmed glasses.

"James?" She whispered, her voice barely audbile.

"Lily." She felt him rush over and gasp at the sight of her. "What did they do to you?"

"I'm sorry." She gasped.

"For what?" He asked shocked.

"For everything that I've put you through over the years. For....what I said at the funeral. I'm so sorry James."

"It's alright. Everything's alright now, Lily. We're going to get you out of here." And she fainted, with one last hope that maybe, just maybe, those words could become true.
As Ari sat in the meeting room during the early hours of the morning for the third night in a row waiting for her boyfriend to come back, she was struck with an unusual thought. 'Why is he so worried about Lily? I mean, I know that they're friends and everything, but he seems to care about her too much. Just the way he looks at her, acts arouns her, speaks to her is so incredibly different to me.'

She was jerked out of her thoughts by the fireplace turning emerald green and three bodies falling out of it; two covered in soot, the other covered in blood.

"DUMBLEDORE!" James yelled, picking up what Ari realized as Lily in his arms. As she was about to get up, the entire Order ran into the room and crowded around James and Lily; trying to decide what to do.

"Frank, get your friend, Hannah, she'll know what to do about her bones. Alice, some warm and cold water please? Remus, Sirius, some sheets in the best available bed. Quickly now, come on!" Dumbledore shouted; leaving the room with James behind him.

He never even aknowledged her presense.
It took another week for visable signs of Lily's recovery to take place; and it wasn't until another week later that she showed any signs of motion. For two weeks, James ate when he had to, slept when Remus cursed him into it and talked when Remus, Sirius or Ari forced him. Other than that, he sat in his chair looking intently at Lily for any signs of improvement.

One day, maybe almost three weeks since she was found, Lily found the strength to open her eyes. She saw James sitting in a chair, eyes closed, snoring slightly.

"James." She said groggily.

"Lily! Oh, thank god you're all right." He responded hugging her loosly to not injure her more. "What did they do to you?" He held her at arms length, looking straight into her eyes with so much worry, so much care; it partly caused Lily to cry her heart out.

"He tourtured me. He wanted me to tell him things that...I didn't even know to begin with." She whispered, leaning up against him. He wrapped his arms around her in a comforting and protective way; not knowing that while he was helping someone, another person's heart was breaking.
That night, James sat with the rest of the members and ate dinner with them happily for Lily had finally woken up and most of his worries had faded. He had failed to notice Ari watching him the entire time, waiting for him to say something to her. Fed up with his behavior, she stood up from her chair and stood behind his own.

"Can I speak with you?" She asked roughly.

"Can it wait, I-" He gestured towards his food.

"Now." She interupted, glaring at him.

"Sure." He got up and followed her out of the room and into the library down the corridor.

"What's up?" James asked once she had closed the door behind them.

"What's up? What's up? What do you think is up?" She started angrily.

"I don't know, good question."

"Don't try and humor me James, because it's not going to work this time." She spat.

"What's wrong?" He asked clearly very confused now.

"James I saw you."

"Saw me what?"

"I saw you with her!" She cried out.

"With who?"

"With Lily!"

"What about Lily?" He cautiously asked.

"I saw you two. Hugging and-"

"What's wrong with that? Why don't you like her?"

"I do. You told me that you don't love her anymore." She said, finally calmed down.

"Ari, she's my friend. She has just been through a lot and she needs someone there for her."

"Then let Li comfort her." She grumbled.

"In case you haven't noticed, Li isn't exactally in the right state either. I'm the only one she has left, Ari!" James yelled; really ticked off now.

"You know what, if she needs you that much, then maybe there shouldn't be an 'us' anymore."

"You're overreacting. Friends comfort one another. I have no feelings for Lily other than friendship and I know that she feels like wise." He explained.

"You sure?"


"I'm sorry, then." She mumbled.

"It's alright. We all do this once in awhile." James reassured her, hugging her close to him.
Later that night, James sat in his seat next to Lily's bed watching her while she stared up at the ceiling.

"It was Rachel." She said out of the blue.

"What?" He asked.

"Rachel, she's a Death Eater."

"Rachel. As in Rachel Wisteria?" He repeated unbelieveably.

"She was going to......going to......kill me." She paused and closed her eyes for a second, as if trying to remember what had happened. "I heard everything.... everything, all the things I didn't want to know. I heard it."

"What do you mean?"

"Rachel was the one that killed my parents." She whispered, tears starting to slide down her now fixed and clean cheeks.


"And her, Malfoy, Snape, and Bellatrix where part of the reason why we never got back together." She continued as if he hadn't spoken.

"What do you mean?"

"They used polyjuice potion. They made themselves us, after our detention. You saw Snape and Bellatrix. I saw Malfoy and her." James sat back in his chair in silence, 'That would explain a lot.'
As Li lay in her bed on the same night that Lily and James where talking, she was filled with a wonderful sense of joy and happiness. Lily was alive, she was alright. She would live and be able to do whatever she wanted.

"Ms. Murphy?" She looked up at the door and saw Dumbledore standing there with a grim expression on his face.

"Professor." She nodded towards him as he walked forward and sat down in the chair that was usually Remus'.

"How are you feeling?"

"Alright. Not bad, not better." She muttered, looking away from him at the dark wall opposite them.

"That's good news."

"I trust that you did not come here to simply ask me how I was feeling?" Li asked.

"No, I came here to speak with you about your condition. You have a choice, Li. You can either remain this way, or...we can give you a potion-" Dumbledore stopped.

"That will kill me." She finished gravely.

"Yes. The choice is yours Li."

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Chapter 10: Mutual Understanding
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"We remember Brianna Wickham, her loyalty, bravery and selflessness. Rest in peace." The priest crossed the mound of earth where the tombstone was being magically set in place over the silver coffin that would be Bri's home until the end of the world.

The crowd started to desperse in either groups or pairs, the mood gloomy and hopeless, until only Sirius, Remus, James and Lily remained.

Sirius had stood slightly apart from the rest of the group during the funeral, not wanting anyone to see the tears that had fallen from his gray eyes onto the earth. He had now situated himself directly in front of the bleak grave like a statue; barely breathing.

James and Remus stood behind him, their tears carefully concealed by their black umbrellas.

Lily was standing facing the opposite side of Bri's grave, instead looking at the millions of other graves from over the ages. A choke escaped her lips as the tears that she had hidden during the funeral started to fall.

She felt a comforting hand on her shoulder; knowing who it was, she decided to speak up.

"It's not fair. She shouldn't have died. None of this should have happened."

"She wouldn't want you to be like this. She always counted on you to be strong." James replied softly, turning her around to face him.

"I don't know if I can anymore. I feel hollow....dead." She explained, looking deeply into his eyes; pouring out her soul.

"I have been dead for ten years." He said.

"At least you're alive." She pointed out. "I'm not well. I lost everything, I have nothing left to loose. I wish he had killed me."

"Everyone has nothing now. Everyone has been affected someway in this war. I have nothing, Sirius has nothing, Remus has nothing, Li has nothing. All we have is each other."

"You have everything and still the world holds no joy."

"No I don't."

"Do you have anything at all you hold dear?" Lily asked him.

"I did."


"I had someone I held dear, not anymore, though." James explained, staring her straight in the eyes; realization dawning on her.

"You have Ari. Why would you want me?"

"Because." He stated turning away from her.

"Because why, James?" She demanded, going up to him and turning him around; her grip firm on his arm.

"Because she's not you!" He shouted in exasperation. Without knowing what possed him to do it, he started leaning forward toward the beautiful woman standing across from him.

"Please don't do this." Lily whispered, his face an inch from hers.

"Why?" He responded in the same tone, leaning forward more.

"Because you have a girlfriend." She said, leaning away from him.

"That's not the reason why, I know it." James put his hand on her cheek, making sure she was looking at him.

"I'm afraid to love you."

"Why?" He asked shocked.

"Because I'm afraid of loosing." She finished tears falling slowly down her cheeks as she apparated back to the headquarters.
Li was angry, but at the same time confused. Her choice, to live, had been bugging her since her conversation with Dumbledore a couple days ago. She was angry about the fact that she wasn't alowed to go to one of her best friend's funeral all because of her stupid condition. 'Maybe I should just die, there I'll be away from all this fighting, I'll be in a peace, and I'll be with Bri.' She huffed loudly as she heard a loud 'POP' come from the corridor and hysterical sobbing.

Curiously, she eased herself out of bed and glided across the room to the door. Li put her hand on the doorknob and quietly opened it until she saw the figure of her alive best friend leaning against the wall; her face glistening brightly.

"Lily?" She looked up and hurridly wiped her tears off.

"Li, hi. Are you feeling better?"

"Lil, stop asking me that; I'm fine. but what about you? I mean, the only times I have ever seen you cry like this was in Seventh Year, when-" She stopped as her old mind figured out the puzzle. "What did he do?" She demanded.


"Don't act stupid."

"Sorry, he just....told me somethings and...I.....I don't know what to do." Lily answered, standing up by herself now.

"What did he say?"

"That...he....still....loves me." She muttered.

"HE WHAT?" Lily winced slightly at the sound of Li's temper coming back. "AFTER ALL THIS! NOW HE FINALLY DECIDES TO TELL YOU?! OOHH, HE IS-"

"LI, CALM DOWN! Look, he didn't come right out and say it....and neither did I."

"Wait, do you mean to tell me that you STILL love him? After all that he did to you? After everything that you both went through?"

"I don't really know. I mean, I could just be responding to the effects of being around him, I could be sensing the wrong I really might just love him as a brother....or maybe I just think of him as a friend-"

"Lil, you're babbling." Li pointed out placing her hand gently on Lily's shoulder.

"Right, sorry." She aplogised, smiling guiltily.

"No problem. Look, I think that you should talk to him more and-"

"What do you mean? Last time we talked about 'us', he tried to kiss me. And he has a girlfriend!"

"No, I mean just talk with him. Like a normal conversation." Li explained.

"And what makes you think that this will actually work?" Lily questioned.

"Trust me on this one, okay?"

James' eyes stayed fixed on the spot that Lily had been in only a few moments before. Mentally slapping himself, his head shouted at him, 'Great job, Potter. Now she's going to hate you forever. Way to ruin a perfectly good friendship!' He dragged his feet away and back towards Remus; who was trying desperately to get Sirius to talk or move.

"Sirius, please. We should be going. Please, let's go. She's still with us."

"Sirius, mate, we all know what it's like to loose someone. We have to find a way to live without them, no matter how painful it is." James said comfortingly, coming to stand on the other side of Sirius.

"The ones who love us never really leave us," He mumbled, crouching down so his face was level with the top of the grave. "You'll always be in my heart." He whisped, placing his hand lightly on the picture of Bri smiling brightly that lay on the ground in front of the grave. He stood up, eyes shining brightly with tears, and faced his two best friends.

"I think I'm ready now." He said. James and Remus smiled at him, and he was able to smile back.
"The seer is dead, My Lord. Just as you requested." Lucius bowed.

"And you are the one that killed her?" Voldemort sneered.

"Yes, My Lord."

"Fool. Crucio." He responded simply, watching tiredly as Lucius rolled around painfully on the floor. He let up the curse and continued. "I wanted her alive, you disobeyed my orders."

"My wasn't my intentions.....I.....she.....made me kill her. She spoke bad of you." Lucius gasped.

"Let her. I want to hear it for myself. It makes it even more enjoyable to torture her. Leave." Lucius greatfully stood up, bowed slightly and left the room in a hurry.

Voldemort dropped his head in thought. There where just somethings you had to do yourself. And breaking up this Order was defintely one of them.
Later that night, James was leaning his elbows up against the railing outside his apartment. He let the cool spring air blow through his hair, ruffling it even more then it usually was. He smiled slightly at the feeling, his feeling to get up on his broom again becoming stronger. 'Oh what the heck.' He thought, running inside, grabbing his broom and apparating over to the Quidditch pitch where his team practiced. He swung his leg over the side of his broom and flew off into the air; enjoying the feeling of being in the air again. He wasn't ment for the ground, defying gravity was much more exciting.

As he flew he felt his problems going away, everything was normal. He was in love with Lily, no, Ari, yes ARI! James froze in midair as his problems returned. He didn't love Ari. He was and will always will be in love with Lily; no one else.

Feeling strangely excited he grounded himself and apparated back to the apartment; clueless about his situation.
Ari sat home alone that night; flipping through the newest Quidditch magazine trying to find a new broom since Dana had crashed it during practice. She sighed heavily and closed the magazine; she wasn't in the mood to look for a new broom. She heard a tapping at the window and saw an owl hovering with a letter clutched in its beak.

Ari ran over to the window, threw it open, and took the letter eagerly from the owl before it flew away. It had an offical looking Quidditch seal, and it was addressed to her and James. She hurridly ripped open the letter and read it, smiling hugely and jumping up and down.

Ms. Walker and Mr. Potter,

We are please to inform the both of you that you have been chosen to be two of Ireland's new chasers for the upcoming season. If you could please send back your answer by owl and be at our field on July 23rd at 5:00 sharp to start practice.

Congratulations again.

Timothy O'Connell,
Ireland Coach

She stopped as she heard a pop outside and saw her boyfriend appear on the balcony. Her previse thoughts came back and she decided to do something that she should have done ever since she became aquainted with Lily Evans. Summing her courage, she met him at the door.

"Hello James. This just came."

"What is it?" He asked.

"Quidditch, for Ireland. We got excepted." She replied smiling.

"What?! That's great." he said with little enthusium.

"You don't sound so happy. How are you?"

"Fine." James said distractcally, trying to get past her and inside.

"How was your talk with Lily?"

"What? I thought you had left." He stopped and turned around.

"I decided to stay. I saw you two talking. She feeling better?"


"James, I noticed something different about you lately. You don't act like you used to. You don't talk to me." She said, walking towards him.

"I'm talking to you now." He pointed out.

"What I mean is that you talk to Lily more than you talk to me." She paused for a moment. "Do you still love her?" The question came suddenly, something he didn't expect, like rain in a storm, and it struck James like a bolt of lightning that usually came with that storm.


"Do you still love her?" Ari repeated, tears in her eyes now.

"Yes." He whispered after a moment of silence. She walked over to him and pressed her lips against his for the last time. When she pulled away James could see tears flowing rapidly down her perfectly tanned cheeks.

"Go to her James-" She started.


"-she needs you." Ari finished.

"What about you?" James asked concerned.

"Oh, don't worry about me. I can find my way home." She replied smiling, waiting for him to leave. When he didn't she continued, "James, you can still play quidditch, just tell her how you feel. Quidditch is only for a while, love lasts forever." He returned her smile before kissing her briefly and apparating away.

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Chapter 11: Everytime We Say Goodbye
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Lily trudged up the winding metal staicase that led to her apartment. When she reached the landing she placed the small key into the lock and turned it slowly; the funeral hadn't really gotten through her yet; the feeling the Bri was really gone hadn't come to her attention.

She walked through the door and locked it silently behind her. She heard a brief rustling from somewhere in the room and all her senses immediately came alert. She pulled out her wand and started circling the room until she felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned swiftly around to come face to face with none other than James Potter.

"Aahh, James. What are you...what are you doing here?" Lily asked shocked as she pocketed her wand.

"After school, I felt like I could never love again. My heart was in shreds, I didn't have a soul. I was like that for three years. THREE YEARS, Lily. Then I met Ari. I fell in love again. I was happy for the first time since I was with you. And then you come back and everything that I once knew is coming back to haunt me. You're coming back to haunt me." He blurted out, startling her slightly.

"Excuse me?" She asked breathlessly.

"Look, Lily, I'm....I am....I'minlovewithyou." He finished in a rush, few words actually making sense.

"What about your girlfriend?"

"We came to a mutual understanding."

"Oh, okay." She pushed a loose strand of hair behind her ear and walked away towards the couch; where she started to straighten pillows.

"I also wanted to tell you that I'm leaving for Ireland to play Quidditch." He turned around on the spot and called to her bent over back.

"That's wonderful for you."

"I won't go, I'll stay with the Arrows if you ask me to." James said walking over to her, turning her around to face him, his hands gripping her forearms lightly.

"No, no, you go. This is a really big deal for you." She said trying to pull out of his grasp.

"Lily- please. I'll stay here if you don't want me to leave. I love you and I'll do anything you want me to." He practically begged. She put her head down, removed his hands and walked over to the window.

"You'd think that people have had enough of silly love stories." Lily muttered, her forehead pressed up against the glass.

"Love isn't silly." He replied coming up behind her. She turned around and looked him straight in the eye; her face inches from his.

"Yes it is. It always was and is. I'm going back to the Order, leave me alone." She whispered before walking away from him and out her apartment door. Back to the life that she had chosen. The one that made her live without emotional complications; leaving James and the life she once had and wanted behind.
James just stood where Lily had left him. Life suddenly seemed to have no meaning as he apparated back to his apartment where Ari was packing up both of their things to leave. She turned around with a smile on her face; which was immediately wiped off once she saw him.

"What happened?" She asked shocked.

"Nothing, nothing at all. I think I'm going to go get some air." He a little too calmly for Ari's liking as she watched him pick up his broom from the floor and apparate away where he believed his problems could never follow him.

She sighed and closed her eyes. What had happened would affect all of them. She had given him up to a woman who had no idea how lucky she truly was.
Remus and Sirius sat in the kitchen in the headquarters with mugs of hot coffee in their hands waiting patiently for either Lily or James to return; as no one had seen or heard from them since Lily left after her talk with Li.

"What do you think happened to them?" Remus asked suddenly, breaking the silence.

"They're fine. Probably talking or arguing about each other." Sirius replied absentmindly; spinning the contents of the mug with a spoon. Remus nodded and took a small sip of his coffee.

"Have Lily or James come back yet?" Li asked, poking her head around the wall to stare at Remus and Sirius. They both shook their heads no and she sighed sadly coming and sitting with them.

"You don't think that Death Eaters got to them, do you?" She asked worridly.

"Of course not. Look, I'll go check at her apartment and I tell you, she's there." Sirius reassured them before apparating away. When he returned several minutes later he was wearing an expression of confusion.

"Okay, maybe I was wrong. She's not there, but that doesn't mean she's in trouble." He added looking at Li's distressed face. "She's probably out eating dinner or visiting her friends or maybe she came here."

"We would have heard her." Li pointed out. "All her friends are here, and she would never go out and eat dinner when there's danger like this." They all looked at each other with frightened eyes as the possibilities came to them as they heard a loud 'POP' from the next room over.
The sky was pitch black and Lily had started to get scared. She had just went out for a walk in the park and had ended up staying there for much longer then she intended. The wind that rustled in the trees made eerie noises and began to send shivers down her spine although it was practically summer. She glanced behind her and swore that a black figure had just ducked behind the mailbox on the corner.

Lily turned back around and picked up her walking pace, not wanting to get caught out here in the darkness. She pulled out her wand discreetly and glanced behind her again; catching a glimpse of a hooded figure that she believed to be a Death Eater.

She side-stepped and vanished behind a large tree and waited patiently for the Death Eater to come by. It seemed confused as it passed, looking around wildly for her.

"Hey." She called out. "Stupefy." She said once it had turned around. Lily walked over to him and pulled his mask off. Severus Snape. She grinted her teeth and got up to leave but stopped once she heard several pops coming from around her. She looked up slowly and into the eyes of Lucius Malfoy.

"Hello mudblood."
James had gotten bored of flying around after awhile and had instead went to the park by his apartment to sit and sulk. His problems where something he had avoided since he was seventeen; but now he decided he wanted to try and face them once and for all. He got up and started to walk back to the apartment and help Ari pack up for their trip to Ireland.

As he walked along the pathway the air seemed to suddenly drop about twenty degrees and the wind picked up a little. He looked around slightly until he spoted a curtain of red hair walking and a black mass following her. James pulled out his wand and set off quietly and carefully after them.

He stopped behind a mailbox when he saw Lily's hair disappear. He peered out from the crack and saw her stun the man and smiled slightly; which went away soon as he saw the other Death Eater's apparating all around her.

James got up slowly and crouched down in the shadows as he glided towards the group. He stopped at a tree and pointed his wand at Malfoy. "Stupefy." He whispered, sending the spell at him, knocking him to the ground and starting a battle.
As soon as Lily realized that James was hiding behind the tree, she sprung into action; firing off random spells to any Death Eater that got in her way.

"Stupefy! Stupefy! Stupefy!" She shouted automatically as each spell hit their mark. She smiled at her acuracy and turned around to come face to face with Rachel Wisteria.

"Lily Evans. Still alive?" She hissed.

"Rachel, still got your old nose?" Lily replied calmly, smiling.

"Watch who you insult, mudblood. I have more power then you can ever dream of."

"I'd like to see you try." Lily said, bringing her wand up; Rachel following suit.

"I'll let you see then. Stupefy!"
James' wand lay forgotten on the ground as he brought down a rather strong Death Eater with a final punch to his jaw. He stood up and saw Lily struggling to stand up straight while fighting a loosing battle aginst someone who he reconized to be Rachel. He grabbed his wand and ran across the sidewalk jumping over the fallen bodies and towards the two dueling girls.

"You know what?," Rachel taunted, pointing her wand at Lily's heart. "I think-

"Well I think that if you want to kill someone, kill them. Don't just stand there talking about it," James yelled. "Stupefy!" Rachel fell down beside the panting Lily; who looked like she too was going to pass out.

He crouched down next to her and gently slid his hands under her back and picked her up off the ground; her head lolling against his chest. He looked at her one last time before taking her back to the headquarters.
Li, Remus and Sirius rushed into the meeting room after they heard the loud 'pop' and saw James cradling a limp Lily in his arms. Li hurried up to him worridly.

"James, what happened?" She asked.

"Death Eaters." He mumbled, walking swiftly out of the room and into the bedroom where he placed Lily on a bed.


"Attacked her first. I was walking by and helped her." He finished; apparating away.

Remus and Sirius walked into the room and came by the bed where Li was sitting next to her sleeping friend. As they all stared at Lily, they didn't notice Dumbledore walk in quickly.

"What happened?" He demanded in a calm manner. "Where is Mr. Potter?"

"James is fine. He brought her here and left." Remus said.

"What happened to her?"

"Death Eaters. Attacked Lily first and James was walking by and came. They where fighting and she got stunned. He finished them off and brought her here." Li answered quietly before exiting the room.
James returned to their apartment and saw the Ari had fallen asleep on the couch while putting away pictures. He walked over to her and placed a blanket over her sleeping form and saw a piece of parchment clutched in one of her hands. Curiousity got the better of him as he took it away from her grasp and unfolded it carefully.

Dear Mr. Potter,

We regret to inform you that the chaser that we had chosen for your position has decided to take our offer. We are extremely sorry for the lateness of this letter and wish you the best of luck on your current team.

Sorry again,

Timothy O'Connell
Ireland Coach

James put the letter away from his eyes slowly. Just his luck, Ari makes the team but he was second choice. He grinted his teeth and walked out of the room and into his bedroom where he fell face first onto his bed and screamed into the mattress.

His life couldn't have been worse at the moment; everything and everyone that he loved had turned their backs on him. Quidditch was gone; no other team was having tryouts anytime soon; and Lily had turned him down; not wanting to see his face ever again.

He groaned and punched his pillow, hoping that it would help him vent out his anger; but having no such luck. So he punched the pillow in every which way that he could before he fell asleep; dreaming of a perfect life.

One with him and Lily, happily married, with no Voldemort. They lived in Potter mansion and Sirius and Bri, and Remus and Li where also happily married and everything was perfect, wonderful. And as he drifted farther into sleep he wondered, 'Why couldn't the world be that way?'
Being an old woman, Li's attention span was not what it used to be and her time spent watching Lily came to a max of about 5 minutes. That made her angry and whenever she tried to stay longer, that odd feeling you get when you're doing something you don't want to built up inside of her and all she wanted to do was scream.

Remus and Sirius reconized her feelings and tried to stop her from getting too bored. So they sat with her and chatted while she stared. It had started to help immensly, and it made Li able to sit next to Lily for about an hour just listening to the two of them talk.

One day, while they thought they where alone in the headquarters, talking about absoutely nothing in Lily's room; they heard what they all believed to be an apparating sound from the kitchen.

Remus and Sirius pulled out their wands, just to be safe, and slowly made their way down the corridor. The sound of shuffling feet was heard as they neared the entrance, but they dropped their wands at the sight of Dumbledore sitting at the table.

"How are you, Professor?" Remus asked, sitting opposite the old man. "I thought you had an interview today?"

"I did. With Sybill Trelawney." Dumbledore muttered.

"How did it go?" Sirius asked.

"Mr. Black, Mr. Lupin, if you don't mind I would prefer to be by myself for a moment. I just had some very interesting news brought to my attention." Remus silently nodded and got up; pushing Sirius out of the kitchen wiht his hand.

"Wow, who knew that picking a teacher for a position could be such hard work." Sirius joked as they walked down the corridor.

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Chapter 12: Serious Sirius
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James shuffled around his new, much smaller apartment that he had bought nearer to the Arrow's Qudditch pitch. It had one bedroom, one bathroom and a small, connected kitchen and living room; perfect for a now single man. His furniture had been arriving for the past few days and was now completely in place and all the muggle kitchen tools had been properly installed; an oven, television and refridge-something.

The walls were white and bare; except for the few pictures hanging around with himself, Remus and Sirius from their carefree days at Hogwarts. He had left the others wrapped up in a box that was shoved under his bed; where it had been gathering dust and dirt.

He sighed and walked into the kitchen to get a glass of water; but ended up looking at the fading light of the sky and seeing her hair first and then her face; smiling down at him. James shook his head and walked away to sit down at the small table. The glass of water shook as he started to hit his head upon the surface of the table; all the while thinking, 'All this time I was running away from my problems; they finally caught up with me'.
Li had too many feelings and emotions locked up inside her; so many in fact that she felt as though she would explode. One of her best friends was dead, her other best friend almost died and she was eighty-something years old.

She shuffled quietly into the kitchen and sat down slowly onto one of the wooden chairs. She cupped her chin in her hand and propped her elbow on the table as she stared at the doorway; as if waiting for someone to come.

"What are you doing?" She jerked her head up and saw a slightly amused Sirius leaning against the archway connecting the rooms.


''At what?" He came over and sat across from her.

"The door."
"What's so great about the door?"

"It can't die. It can't live, it can't get hurt. Nothing can happen to it." Li mumbled. She stopped and heard Sirius sigh slightly.

"Li?" She couldn't and wouldn't look up. He tried again, "Li, please look at me." She brought her eyes over to his face somewhat relucantly but was able to stare him straight on in the eye.


"Li, we are all still hurting about what happened, and-"

"And you think that I can just let go."

"I never said that. I still cannot let go."

"I have, though. I'm worried about Lily, if you wanted to know. I have gotten over Bri's death and I know that although she might not be here with us physically, she's here spiritually." She got up shakily and hobbled over towards the door. She stopped in the archway and turned around. "And Sirius? Please talk to her."

"Why? Who?" He asked confused.


"Li, how can I talk with her after everything that I am going through?" He replied.

"Because she could be making the biggest mistake of her life."

"Then why don't you talk with her?"

"Because the two of you are going through almost the exact same thing." She smiled sadly and left the room; leaving Sirius there to ponder over his newfound task.
Lily regained consciousness the next day in a foul mood. She refused to talk and wouldn't listen to what anyone had to say to her. She just sat grumpily and angry in her bed with her head against the headboard and her small arms folded across her chest.

Sirius had finally had enough with her moping, and knowing how to handle it, and what he had to do; he went into her room, sat down in the chair next to her bed and waited.

"Aren't you going to yell at me or something?" She asked after a long lapse of silence.

"Not until you tell me what's bothering you." He answered defientely.

"It's James," She started after another period of silence. "He told me that he still loves me." Sirius' head shot up and he looked at her shocked.

"So why aren't you with him snogging him senseless?" He demanded. Lily smiled slightly at his serious manner and spoke.

"I told him that...that....that I wanted him to leave me alone." She mumbled; bringing her knees close to her body in a childlike way and resting her throbbing head on them.

"And why didn't you tell him that you love him?" Sirius demanded once again.

"Because......because.....I'm not....ready." Lily's voice came out muffled through her pajama pants.

"Not ready for what?" He questioned slightly angry.

"For another relationship and then have my heart broken again."

"Lily, you haven't dated a guy since James; and if a guy tells you that he still loves you after ten years and after all the things you've done to him, I think that's saying something," He paused for a moment to have her think over his words before he added, "You know Lily, you are the smartest girl I have ever met. But you are certainly not the wisest."

"And what exactally is that supposed to mean?" She demanded; her head shooting up.

"You are so lucky, you know that?"

"How am I lucky? I just lost my best friend, I lost my entire family." She exclaimed hysterically.

"You still have the one you love alive, and willing to be with you. Me, I didn't realize how lucky I was to have her until she was gone." Sirius sighed sadly and put his head in his hands.

"Sirius?" Lily asked, he brought his head up and rested his elbows on his knees. "I'm scared. I want to be with him, but.....what if.....what if Voldemort does something to him? Or me? Just because he's in love with a muggleborn." She pointed out, tears falling down her face silently.

"Lily, always follow your heart. It will lead you where you should be."

"But I don't know what to do now. I wish you had told me that sooner. I wish that I had realized that sooner. I lost my chance to be with the one I really love. And now I'm really confused because I don't know what to do and what to decide." She babbled in exasperation through her tears. Her shinging red face shaking almost uncontrollably.

"All you have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to you."

"What time, Sirius? He's gone now, he's going to Ireland to play Quidditch. I'll never see him again," She whispered, her small chin resting on her knees. "Everything could have been different if......if we had only been less stubborn. If we had talked. He's been a fool, but then so have I."

"We are all fools in love." He reassured her, placing a comforting hand on her shoulder.

"I still love him. After all these years, I still get the same wonderful, frightening feeling inside whenever he looks at me. After all these years apart, I still love him," She brought her head up and crumpled several clumps of hair in her fists. "But he drives me insane! Sometimes, I just want to take his head and...urrrggghhh!" She turned around and screamed louder into her pillow.

"The one man you cannot stand might be the one that you won't be able to resist." Sirius said calmly after all her anger had been taken out on what used to be a pillow. He placed his hand under her chin and brought her face up to his level. "And Lil? Don't worry. There is always time to do the things that you want. There is no time when love is involoved. Time stops until you find the one that you are ment to be with." He smiled at Lily and she smiled back at him brightly through her tears.

"Thank you." She whispered. He leaned over and gave her what some people would call a 'brotherly hug' and it was just the thing that she needed right now. He let go of her, smiled, and got off the chair to leave.

As he was about to go through the doorframe, she called him back. "Sirius?" He stopped.

"Yeah?" He called back, not turning around.

"How can you do it?" She asked seriously.

"Do what?"

"Be able talk to me like this after......after....." Lily trailed off, not able to finish her sentence.

Sirius turned around and looked her straight in the eye. "I learned to let go. Just as she requested." He stated simply before leaving the room altogether; emerging as a changed man.
Li sat at the rounded kitchen table with Remus and an impassive look on her face. She stirred her tea absentmindely while staring at a small hole in the beige painted wall. They heard a door close from down the corridor and looked at each other curiously. She stopped stiring, got up and walked to the doorframe. She saw Sirius with a smug look on his face emerge from Lily's room. He saw her and winked; and Li smiled back.

''Finally.'' She muttered as she sat back down and sipped her tea happily. ''The rest is up to Lily.''

"What?" Remus asked confused. She looked at him and smiled hugely as she shook her head, taking another large sip.

"I think," She started, "That Sirius has just become serious." And Remus smiled in understanding; chuckling quietly to himself.

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Chapter 13: The Greatest Thing You'll Ever Learn...
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"What's this all about, Albus?" Frank questioned as he and his wife entered the room and took a seat alongside a few Order members all staring at Dumbledore expectantly.

"It seems we have a big problem, Frank," Dumbledore explained. "There was a prophechy made that concerns Voldemort and it may just hold the key to his downfall." He stated sadly yet slightly hopeful. He surveyed the Order members that had answered his call of an emergency meeting; sadly several people were absent for his important piece of news.

"So what do we do?" Sirius asked interested. "I mean, what did this prophecy contain? And what will lead to his downfall?"

"That is information that even I am not sure of. All I am sure of though is that it concerns Voldemort and a person whose birthday is on the 31st of July." Everyone just looked around silently at each other; all hoping for the same thing: If this person, whoever it was, could bring down Voldemort, they had a good chance of maybe winning this war.
She just sat in the same position after Sirius left. The affect of the things that he had explained to her were no where near starting to make sense. Lily just sighed and folded her arms across her chest.

It was weird and slightly confusing to her. She had known Sirius since she was eleven and never, never had he acted like had with her; just how he had then. So serious and mature; it was almost as if he was a completely different person. He was just one of those people; the kind that you could know forever, but somehow, they could still surprise you.

Lily smiled sadly at that thought, thinking about someone else who fit that description, and sank back into the feathery softness of her pillows to try and figure out the mystery of James Potter.

She had screwed up, that much was certain; although she hadn't noticed it until she had arrived back at headquarters and his words had really sunk in. She remembered hating herself for what she had done, she still did. Nothing could change the past, what was done was done. It was just like Sirius had said to her, she was smart but certainly not wise; and she had won the prize for rotten judgement.

Lily sighed angrily and pressed her face hard into her hands. 'What have I done?'
Sometimes when you look at the sky it can tell a story; not a specific kind, but a story. Sometimes, when you look at the rising sun you see a person's hair flowing down around you from the sun's rays; the stars can sparkle like your loved one's eyes and you might even be able to see the smiling face of your loved one on the full moon's surface. Other times, it can simply bring you saddness; and other such feelings that confuse you so much that all you want to do is lie down and wait patiently for the world to end.

Tonight the sky brought James Potter two feelings that he had kept harbored for almost ten years: guilt and depression, well, mostly depression; his guilt had been long overcome, but it still liked to linger and remind him of his mistakes. He stood on the roof of his new apartment, as they do in so many muggle films, and stared down at the rushing traffic of muggle transportation; feeling slightly dizzy from the height and the many sounds and lights.

His face was set in pure anguish and hurt, his hazel eyes closed with guards around them; and his hair surprisingly lying somehow flat and kind of tidy upon his head as he leaned against the cement ledge on his elbows. He could feel a surprising amount of pain in his elbows as he felt them turning red and felt skin peeling off from all the weight.

James squinted in the night air, causing it to sting his eyes, as he saw a blurry shape come toward him. As it flew closer and closer he reconized it to be Ari's owl, Gizmo. He looked at the tiny Elf owl confused as it landed on the ledge and held her right leg out towards him; on which a roll of parchment was tied.

"What do you have for me girl?" He asked softly, sliding the parchment off and unrolling it carefully. It was short for Ari's usual long letters and looked like it was written in a hurry and she was extremely happy as the words where all written close together.


I just spoke with the Ireland coach, Timothy O'Connell, and he said that they'll need a backup chaser if one of us is sick or something like that. I told him that you still wanted to play, so.....what do you think? You can still play and stuff. Just write me back as soon as you get this, it would be really, really cool if you would consider coming!!


He put the letter down and sighed. It was a tempting offer. It wasn't regular chaser, but he would still be on the team, would still get to practice and would get to play if something bad happened to one of them. He considered his options before conjuring a small pot of ink and a quill. He flipped the parchment over and raised the quill above the top; thinking over the ways to write it. Making up his mind he scribbled down his response.


I'll do it. Just tell me when and where to go. I need to get out of England, this place gives me too many memories.


He retied the letter to Gizmo's leg, gave her a quick pat, and watched her fly off and become invisible in all the city's lights. The cool night breezes swirled around him in a protective fashion, making him feel as if he was being wrapped up in a blanket of coldness. James sighed angrily and walked back over to the hatch that led to his apartment. He slid down the steps back into the darkness that he had gotten himself stuck in and had begun to realize that it was there to stay, and would never leave him. But maybe, hopefully, it would leave when he went to Ireland, and stay here, with all his other problems.
Sirius and Remus sat in front of the fire in the meeting room for what seemed hours after the recent Order meeting had ended. The news about the prophecy was surprising to everyone, not to mention it could be a turning point in the war in their favor if they could somehow find this person. Everyone had gotten the feeling that Dumbledore knew what the rest of the prophecy contained, his facial expression said it all; but no one dared question the old man further, for fear of disappointment.

Sirius glanced over at his friend whose face was white and tired looking as the full moon was quickly approaching. "Do you think we should go find Prongs?" He asked suddenly, breaking Remus out of this thought train.

"What?" Remus asked confused and surprised by the use of James' old nickname.

"He wasn't at the meeting so....I just figured that we should probably find him."

"He probably doesn't want to talk to anyone right now." Remus reasoned sitting back in the armchair and resting his head against the warm fabric.

"You're probably right Moony, as usual. But he might really need some good old male advice after being turned down-"

"Sirius, we're not in Hogwarts anymore. We can't just go see him, talk about this problem and then we'll forget it. I don't think that this problem is to be taken lightly."

"So....what are you saying?" Sirius questioned.

"That Lily does something first. If not, we'll intervene....if we absoutely have to." He answered simply, settling into his chair comfortably before closing his eyes. Sirius just sighed in response and prayed silently that Lily did something quick; and did what they all wanted and wished she had done years ago.
When Lily finally decided to retreat from her room, it had been almost three days since Sirius had spoken with her. Her red hair looked like a fuzzy ball of fire and her eyes resembled worn out emeralds from a piece of old jewelry. She shuffled sadly into the kitchen where Li was once again sitting; sipping her tea and staring at the crowd of whispering Order members absentmindly.

Lily slumped down into the chair next to her friend and put her head face first onto her folded elbows. She grunted as she felt Li's mug come back onto the table; making her ears hurt slightly from the newfound noise that she wasn't accustomed to at the moment.

"How are you?" Li asked in a conversational tone, staring expectantly at Lily; her gray hair pulled back into a loose bun and her skin, if possible, even more wrinkly.

"You mean, how's the life of a complete idiot and fool treating me?" Lily grumbled back in response; her hair shifting and falling completely over her face, hiding it from view behind a fuzz ball.

"Yeah, basically."

"It sucks." She answered with another grumble.

"Well it should. After what you did." Li said smugly. She sipped her tea and waited paitently for her clueless friend to say something.

"I feel so miserable." Lily groaned desperately, lifting her head up and crumpling clumps of hair into her hands.

"I can tell."

"Li, I don't know what I did, I was so stupid!" She yelled frustrated, slamming her fists on the table; causing about a quarter of Li's tea to slop over the rim of the mug.

"Everyone has moments like that." Li tried to reassure her while wiping up the spilt tea with her robe sleeve.

"Sorry. But Li, please don't joke," Lily stopped and a sudden look of realization came onto her face. She brushed the fuzzy hair out of her face and fixed her friend with a piercing emerald stare. "Do you know if he left for Ireland yet?"

"I don't think he did." Li answered cautiously, slightly faultering under the gaze.

"I've got to go find him." Lily smiled, jumped up immediately and raced out the door; leaving Li sitting there with a look of mixed perplextion and happiness.

"That's my girl." She whispered as she saw Lily run back out of her room and down the corridor, wand and coat in hand.
Sirius and Remus where about to leave the meeting room after their long stay from in front of the fire when they felt a rush of wind come past them as Lily ran along the corridor, pulling on her coat over her pajamas recklessly. They stared at each other quizzidly before glancing back down the corridor to see nothing, she had apparated away somewhere. They looked towards the other end and saw Li's head looped around the corner of the kitchen doorframe with a look of pure happiness plastered on her face.

"Oi, Li!" Sirius shouted at her as she turned to go back into the room. She stopped and waited for him and Remus to run up to her.

"Yeah?" She said.

"Where's Lily going?" Sirius asked curiously.

Li rolled her eyes in response, smiled at them brightly and asked "Where do you think?" She smiled mysteriously and looked expectiantly at them; waiting for the answer to come.

Sirius' eyes suddenly became so large Li feared they would pop before he said, "You mean..."


"She's going to....."

"That's right."

Sirius turned around to Remus and clapped him on the back. "We got lucky Moony. Lily finally decided to get her head out of her arse. Now James won't have to go through one of your talks."

"You mean yours, right? It was your idea."

"Whatever. Now he won't have to suffer through one and we don't have to make one up. Funny old world, isn't it?" Sirius stated with a smile on his face.

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Chapter 14: Just to Love...
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She was clueless as to where to start to look first, and no time was as good as the present; but she had absoutely no idea where to look first. Lily stopped in the middle of the sidewalk to ponder her options; there was his and Ari's apartment, the Quidditch pitch and.....absoutely nothing. She sighed and apparated away to the Arrow's Quidditch pitch; where she knew she somehow had to find him.

Lily found it empty and sighed sadly as she apparated away to the park by his apartment; also empty. She groaned at the failed attempt and looked up at the light that came from his apartment. She smiled and mentally smacked herself for not checking the first most obvious place before running towards the building where she hoped he was.
Sirius and Remus sat with Li in her bedroom the night that Lily left and told her all about the Order meeting. Her eyes started off narrowed and confused, but then slowly grew and grew as their explaination progressed. When they had finally finished, she was momentarily speechless.

"So...there's a prophecy, and.......uh, might be the only way to defeat him?" She pieced together after her long period of silence.

"That's right." Remus nodded sadly.

"And.....Dumbledore has no idea what else is going on?"

"That's what he said to us," Sirius said, "But he knows."

"So, when's the person's birthday supposed to be?"

"July 31st."

"Sirius?" Li asked suddenly.


"You knew about Bri right? That she could see the future?"

"Of course. What's your point?"

"Did.....did she ever.....ever all?"

Sirius' gray eyes got a look of realization as he stared at Li with a slightly glazed look on his face as he was thinking it over. "She mentioned a baby, a baby with great importance."

"Can you elaborate on that?" Remus urged interested.

"It was something contained......a hair, she said. And a lightning shaped scar on his forehead."

"Well that's easy. Now all we have to do is track down all the people born in July with black hair and a lightning shaped scar." Li remarked sarcastically.

"Li, don't forget, it has to be a boy, and he's just a baby."

"Or maybe," Sirius started thoughtfully, "He's not alive yet." Li and Remus looked at him as if he off his rocker. He glanced up at them and explained, "Well, come on. She did say that she saw Lily and James' deaths and that they where together, so...."

"So you're saying that the boy is going to be Lily and James' son?" Li asked carefully.

"It could be. We never know."
Ari waited up patiently for Gizmo to bring James' answer back to her. She was nervous that he would say no and miss out on something that he loved, but somehow hoped that he would say yes and join her. She saw her beloved owl's brown feathers from far off as it swooped down and landed gracefully on the open window ledge; with a piece of parchment tied to her leg.

"Hey girl. Is this from James?" She asked softly, untying the letter and unrolling it cautiously.


I'll do it. Just tell me when and where to go. I need to get out of England, this place gives me too many memories.


She sighed and walked over to her armchair by the fire. She should have figured, he only wanted to go so he could get out of England. 'Maybe leaving will make him feel better.' She thought sadly as the doorbell rang.
Deciding it was somehow strangely more polite to knock on their door rather then to apparate in and scare them, Lily ran up the several flights of stairs towards the apartment. She stopped once she reached the landing and let out some very ragged breaths before she summed enough air and courage to knock on the door.

She waited a few minutes until the door swung open revealing a slightly sad looking Ari.

"Lily?" She asked shocked.

"Ari." Lily stated, breathing in deeply. "I thought you left for Ireland?"

"No not yet. Next week. I'm just packing up a few of James' things."

"Isn't he here with you?" She asked confused.


"Did he leave already?"

"No, he's leaving next month. He was rejected but he's going to be backup chaser." Ari explained.


"He was second pick. I'm leaving tomorrow, though."

"Oh, do you know where I can find him?" Lily asked urgently.

"You rejected him."

"I know, I made a huge mistake and I'm trying to find him."

"You better hurry, because once love like the kind he has for you is rejected, it usually never comes back. He'll be at his new apartment on 23 April Avenue, D8 ." Ari said quickly.

"Thank you Ari. For everything." Lily smiled greatfully and aparated away to find him, and not let him go this time.
Lily knocked on the door to his apartment and waited for about ten minutes before she decided that opening the door with magic wasn't techincally 'breaking and entering'. She pointed her wand at the lock and turned the knob to open the door. It slid open without a sound and led into a pitch black room.

"Lumos." She whispered, immediately able to see her way around. There where no lights on, so she figured that he must be sleeping. She dimmed the light a bit and walked over towards what she figured was the bedroom door. It was open and she saw that it was empty as she neared it.

Lily sighed and stood in the middle of the hallway sadly. She was lost. She had looked everywhere and she couldn't find him. A cool draft of air brushed past the side of her face and she looked up curiously. Moonlight was coming through a roof hatch a little bit down the hallway that was proped open. She smiled and began her climb up the unfolded metal stairs.
James was still overly tired, although he had had an extremely long nap, his eyes felt heavy and his legs like lead. His mother used to say that good old night air was always a good way to clear a clouded head, so he slid off the bed and shuffled towards the roof hatch.

He breathed in the clean, cool air as he climbed carefully out of the hatch and walked across the bumpy cement and towards the leadge where he leaned against it in his usual fashion and closed his eyes.

He barely had time to think before his eyes shot open as he heard a clicking sound from behind him. He turned around quickly while wiping his wand out to see none other than Lily Evans standing by the closed hatch.
She felt like a nervous, giggly seventeen year old when she saw him leaning on the ledge of the roof. She stepped carefully out of the hatch and closed it quietly; but somehow not quietly enough, for as soon as he heard the sound, James swung around, wand out.

Lily felt her next breath catch in her throat at the sight of his sunken eyes, mangled eyes and down right dreary apperence; but she figured she couldn't have looked much better then him. His eyes became much larger at the sight of her and his facial expression seemed to be in between anger, hurt and surprise.

"Hello James." Was all she was able to manage, in a whisper barely audible. He simply nodded in return, pocketed his wand and turned his back on her; something that they where both very good at doing.

Lily just stood nervously behind him, waiting for him to say something; or waiting for her courage to come back. She squeezed her eyes shut and prayed silently 'Heart don't fail me now, courage don't desert me.' She opened her eyes, now full of courage and love, and walked over to him until she was standing right next to him.

He didn't even blink an eye as she put her hand on his shoulder and turned him to face her. She searched his facial features for some clue that he still loved her, anything. She didn't say anything and neither did he; words had a weird way of complicating things. James avoided her eyes and had his eyes cast across the far off horizon.

"I changed my mind." She said simply. He finally looked up at her with a hopeful eye. She smiled at him, praying that he would understand. "Sorry it took so long for me to realize it."

A large smile made its way across his face as he swooped down and kissed her happily.

They got together! I hope that everyone's happy about that! lol.

And Lily's thoughts, 'Heart don't fail me now, courage don't desert me.' is from the animated movie 'Anastasia'. thanks to Riddle Killer for the tip!

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Chapter 15: ...And be Loved in Return
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Okay, this is the last chapter; and I just came up with an idea for an epliouge, so I'm working on that right now. And sorry it took so long to update, I promise the epliouge will be finished sooner!!

The sun rose that morning; brighter then it had for the past few days. That was woke up Lily as she sat up groggily and placed her hand on her hard pillow. She looked around confused and realized that she was on the apartment of a roof; lying next to none other than James Potter. She smiled down at him as the memories of last night came in mind.

"James." She whispered, poking him gently in the side. He turned towards her sleepily as he opened his eyes slowly. "Morning James, sleep well?"

"Morning Lily. And no, this concrete was killing me. Luckily you were with me." He replied cheekily, smiling gently at her before kissing her on the cheek.

Returning his smile, she replied, "How sweet." She smiled again and hugged him tightly. "I'm sorry it took me so long."

James pulled Lily away from him and looked her straight in the eye. "Lily, you did nothing wrong. I shouldn't have made that mistake 10 years ago. If I hadn't, then we'd probably be married." He admitted truthly, looking downcast. "Do you want to go back to headquarters, or stay here?"

"Well," She trailed off, pretending to be thinking, "I don't really fancy being stuck up on this cement roof all day, and I think that Li, Sirius and Remus are waiting for us, right?"

"Yeah probably."

"You ready to return?"

"Ready when you are." James smiled brightly and kissed her again.
Li watched Remus and Sirius closely as the two of them paced in front of the fireplace in the living room while waiting anxiously for Lily and James to return.

"Oh stop pacing!" She scolded, "You're making me nervous. Besides, we all know that they're fine."

Just as Remus was about to say something, the fire that sparkled in the fireplace glowed an emerald green color. Remus and Sirius pulled out their wands and waited for the people to emerge. They dropped their wands and got huge grins on their faces when out stepped James and Lily; hand in hand and practically glowing.

"Ah!! They're here!!" Li screamed turning around in her chair and jumping up to hug her friend.

"Hi." Lily replied happily.

"So, you engaged yet?" Li asked hopefully.

"There's going to be a wedding?!" Sirius repeated shocked. Suddenly a huge grin came onto his face as he shouted, "I LOVE weddings! Drinks all around!" And ran into the kitchen to get bottles of butterbeer.

"Sirius, calm down. I haven't asked her that yet." James said laughing slightly.

"So, you plan on it then?" Remus asked.

"Maybe, if she'll have me." James answered turning fully towards Lily and looked at her with questioning eyes.

"Of course." She smiled and pulled him into another deep, long kiss.

******** 3 Months later ********

The church was beautiful. Nothing could compare to the detail and intricate artwork that adorned the ceiling, walls and pews of it. The wood seemed to sparkle like glass and the gold shinned with the power of the sun. The maghongany pews were filled with hordes of people, all smiling and happy; and all gazing at the red haired bride and black haired groom.

The old preist finally closed his book and addressed the room, "If anyone here objects to these two being wed, speak now or forever hold your peace." The room stayed deathly silent, so only the sounds of quiet sniffles and soft breathing was heard. The preist finally looked over at the groom and said, "James, you may kiss the bride." James smiled and slowly lifted off the veil and saw the face of his beloved; smiling back at him before he bent down and kissed her.

The room errupted into applause and a few people whistled, well, Sirius whistled. Lily and James broke apart smiling and walked down the asile and out the huge doors, with the bridesmaids and groomsmen following behind them.

There was a white carriage waiting for the two newlyweds to take them to the reception hall and James helped Lily into it like a perfect gentleman as the guests from the wedding stood on the church steps and waved to them excitingly. Then the carriage took off, taking them off into the sunset, just like every happily ever after should.
"Lily!" The smiling bride turned around and saw an old woman coming towards her, hobbling on her cane.

"Li!" Lily yelled back, throwing her arms around her friend and squeezing her tight.

"Congratulations." Li said, releasing her friend and holding her by her shoulders to get a good look at her.

"Thank you." Lily smiled even more, if that was even possible.

"You look so happy."

"I know, I feel it. I can't believe I waited ten years for this to happen."

"Well, now it has," Li said putting her withered hand on Lily's right cheek. "Bri would be happy for you."

Lily looked up into her friend's eyes and responded, "I wish she was here."

"She is." Li answered simply before giving her friend another huge hug and smiling at her one last time before they both saw the photographer arrived.

Pictures look forever before the reception started, as the photographer had wanted everyone in at least one picture and after a while, Sirius started to complain that he was smiling too much and that his mouth hurt.

"I mean," He complained during one of the breaks from between pictures, "I never, never had to even smile this much to get a girl at Hogwarts." Remus, Lily and James just smiled and rolled their eyes at him; laughing hysterically inside.

When they were finally let free, there was much dancing and food and joyful talk. People talked with everyone and danced wildly, until the band asked everyone to leave the dancefloor so the bride and groom could have their first dance as a couple. Everyone applauded loudly as Lily picked up the long train from her beautiful white dress and slung it over her arm as her and James came to the dancefloor.

The band struck up a beautiful tune and then the first dance that Lily and James would ever have as husband and wive started.

"You know," James started as he twirled his wive around, her red hair wiping around her face. "I never thought that I would have to wait so long to finally be able to do this."

"Do what?" Lily asked curiously.

"Dance with you." He stated simply, smiling at her.

The ballroom where the reception was held soon became a blur as the couple had eyes only for each other. Sirius and Remus stood off to the side with Li and looked happily at their two best friends.

"You know, I'm happy they finally got their heads out of the clouds and realized that they couldn't live without each other." Remus remarked.

"Me too." Li agreed. Sirius then took that moment to look over at his other friends who he saw where looking at Lily and James with faces of mixed expressions; but the most prominent expression was one Sirius often felt when he looked at Lily and James: envy.

They had each other and where lucky enough to find each other again after all that time apart. Whereas Sirius, his one true love was lost and for Remus and Li, they had each other, but not exactally in the way that they hoped.

Sirius looked away and back towards the couple who looked and where completely oblivious to the rest of the people now coming out to join them on the dancefloor. He felt his heart start to slowly break more and more as he watched all the happy people leade their loved ones out onto the dancefloor. Children with their parents or grandparents, husbands and wives and soon-to-be-married couples danced close to each other smiling, their joy filling up the room.

Sirius finally took his eyes off the other people and directed his attention once more to Lily and James, who now had stopped dancing and where standing in the middle of the floor, holding one another and smiling. He smiled himself as he realized that they where destined for great things together and he, Remus and Li had other parts to fill on the road of life. He listened to the fading words of the song carfeully and took them to heart.

Say you'll share with
me one love, one lifetime
say the word and I will follow you

Share each day with me,
each night, each morning . . .

Anywhere you go let me go too
Love me that's all I ask
of you

The song ended and the guests applauded loudly. "I love you." James whispered in her ear.

"I know." Lily whispered back as they walked over to their seats on the raised dais in the front of the room.

Sirius watched the two of them come back and muttered to Remus, "I have to go do something, be right back." Before walking over towards the raised dais where Lily and James where now just getting comfortable in their seats again.

When they sat down, Sirius whispered something in James' ear before he stood up, glass of champagne in hand. He cleared his throat, causing all talk to stop suddenly. He smiled and opened his mouth to speak. "Well, as I am Best Man I feel as if it is my duty to say a little something about our newlyweds. Lily, James, I said this already and I will say it again: We all have waited for over a decade for the two of you to get your heads out of your arses and realize that you both love each other to death. We are all very happy for you and Bri would be very proud and happy for both of you; she always wanted to see you two get together. So, to conclude this speech all I have to say is: the greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return."

Well? What did you all think? Sorry the ending chapter was a little short, but I just wanted this one to have them happy, for once in these stories, right? lol.

The bits of song I used are from the song "All I Ask of You" from Phantom of the Opera, so I don't own that. And if you reconize any lines they're from Pirates of the Caribbean or Moulin Rouge.

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Chapter 16: Epliouge: Goodbye Doesn't Mean Forever
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Alright, here it is, the epliouge to this story. I am extremely sad that this story is now ending and and I am sorry for another sad ending.

When the air is cold and the wind is blowing with no sound and a lonely man is standing atop a grass covered hill, something is wrong with the world. Although, that day, the world was the happiest it could have ever been, as the threat that had killed and frightened so many people was now gone, forever.

So it was a shock to the wizards that happened to pass by that hill that night to see one of their own so depressed. But then they remembered the same thing: Those where his friends. The ones that had died, the one that had betrayed everyone. The ones that had sacrificed themselves for the saving of mankind and the one that had as good as killed all three of them.

Remus Lupin was the lonely man standing on that hill, waiting patiently for the last surviving member to arrive and speak with him. He gazed out at the horizon and watched the rest of the sun set behind the clouds making it the first night with them gone; making it the night of November 1st.

He heard a shuffling behind him and saw Li Murphy hobbling on her gnarled and worn out cane towards him. The smile that would have usually grazed his features at the sight of her was absent and the same went for her.

"Remus." She breathed, tears already forming in her eyes.

"Li." He nodded in return. "When did you find out?"

"I was on my way over. I had bought a gift for Harry and when I got there...." She trailed off and looked at the ground intently. "They didn't deserve it." She whispered at the ground.

"They knew it might have been coming. But no one deserves a death like that. What will happen to Harry?"

"Dumbledore's sending him off to live with....with.....with her sister." Li couldn't even bring herself to say her dearest friend's name.


"I told him that you and me and..." She stopped and looked around, "Where is Sirius?"

Remus was now the one to advert his gaze to the ground and when he looked up he asked, "You haven't heard?"

"Heard what?"

"Sirius killed Peter."

"What?" Li gasped shocked.

"Yes, and it is said that he betrayed them to Voldemort."

"Sirius? Our Sirius? Sirius Black?" Li repeated shocked and confused. "But where is he?"

"In Azkaban. The Ministry brought him in right after he killed Peter and 12 Muggles." He explained gravely.

"That's a lie. He would never do that."

"Then how did Voldemort find them, Li?"

Li opened and then closed her mouth, lost for words. "I don't know," She finally gasped out. "Maybe someone else knew, but he wouldn't do it! He just wouldn't."

"I know, but what other explaination is there? No one else knew where they where except for Sirius and Dumbledore. That's it. Sirius was their Secret Keeper." Remus snapped angrily, sitting forcefully down on a rock, rested his elbows on his knees and placed his face in his hands.

The howling wind and darkening sky blocked everything out from the small hill, leaving the two depressed and shocked friends in utter silence. Li snuck a glimpse at Remus, who was staring impassively at the little town that was nestled just below the ridge of the mountain there.

"And Voldemort?" She started tentively, not wanting him to blow some unwanted anger her way. "Are the rumors true? Is he gone for good?"

"Yes." He nodded in return, "But Dumbledore reckons that there are ways that he can still come back."

"Leave it to Dumbledore to always expect the worst." Li said, trying to lighten the mood. "And is it true about Frank and Alice?"

"What about Frank and Alice?"

"I heard they where tortured, badly. The paper said that they would have to remain in St. Mungo's forever." Li said gravely.

"Does the Ministry have any idea who did it?"

"There was a hearing with the people accused, Bellatrix Lestrange was one of them."

"I hate that woman." Remus muttered darkly under his breath.

"And Mr. Crouch's son."

"You mean Crouch sent his own son to Azkaban?"

"Yes, he's going to even more drastic measures to round up all of Voldemort's followers and have them rot in Azkaban for the rest of their lives." She pasued. "Everything's going to change now, isn't it?" She whispered suddenly, walking slightly apart from Remus.

He looked at her retreating back before getting up slowly and walking up next to her. "Everything's going to be alright again." He responded, "So yes, everything is going to change." He turned around to face her fully and saw that tears had slowly been making their way down the folds in her skin.

"Li?" He asked gently, turning her towards him and wiping away some of the stray tears.

"I never got to say goodbye, to any of them." She choked, leaning into Remus' patched and frayed cloak and started sobbing into it. "I'll never be nagged by her again to stop acting like I'm still 30. I'll never be able to laugh at those two guys for playing pranks or for letting Harry play with their wands again. I'll never be myself again, everything in the world is going to change, but I won't be able to change with it. I want everything to stay the same, I don't want to forget them.... but then I do, I want to forget everything so that all the pain of not being able to see them again will go away," She paused and looked up at Remus in the eye. "I don't think we should see each other anymore." Li finished, breaking away from him.

"What do you mean?" He asked confused. "You mean, not even write to each other? Just pretend as if we died along with James and Lily?"

"I think this is the end," She responded. "I don't want to remember the past, and just seeing you..... I remember what life used to be like, what I used to be like; beautiful and young. And... and......"

"Li, just forgetting everything? Leaving the past behind? That.... that's silly. Running away from everything won't make this go away. Besides, you're not acting like yourself-"

"I don't feel like myself!" She shouted deliriously, her voice coming out wheezy and rasped. "I don't want to be myself, I miss them, Remus, and-"

"And you think I don't?" He asked, walking forwards and grabbing her shoulders. "If you think that you are the only one who's affected by their deaths, you're wrong. McGonagall is affected, Hagrid's extremely upset, even Dumbledore. He's a wreck, I went to see him today, he just keeps saying that if only they had been more careful with the charms and spells that they still might be alive and worrying about what he had to do about Harry."

"Like I said, he said she had to go live with those Muggles, couldn't be raised be us. He said something about 'better protection' but he was mumbling pretty profusely so I couldn't hear him very well." She walked back towards the rock and sat down upon it; breathing heavily and wiping dried tears from her face with the back of her hand.

"I should be going." She said quietly, getting up slowly and hobbling away.

"Li, wait!" Remus called after her, running to catch up. "Please don't go yet."

"Why not? Like I said, I don't want anythig to do with the past, and you're part of the past." She remarked.

"Please don't cut me off completely, we're the only ones left. All we have is each other, we need each other."

"No we don't."

"And why not?"

"Because, the world isn't dangerous anymore. We don't need to be frightened of walking out of our homes or going out with friends or fighting for what be believe in." Li said with authority in her voice, turning her back on her former boyfriend and friend, but was turned swiftly back around towards him.

"Let go of me." She demanded quietly, trying to pull her arm out of his grasp.

"We still need each other. Horrible things will change us and we won't be able to move on without them if we don't stick together." Remus pointed out. "If you want to never see me again, fine, let that be. But don't break contact with me completely. At least keep on writing letters."

Li seemed to ponder this over in her head before finally prying his hand off her. "I'll think about it." She said, walking off.

"Where are you going?" Remus yelled to her as he saw her pulling out her wand.

"To see the house." She said, apparating away with Remus soon following after her. The squeezing through a rubber tube sensation that he felt whenever he apparated seemed to hurt twice as much as it normally did as he followed Li to Godric's Hollow.

When he arrived at the ruin he could still see a faint outline of where the Dark Mark had been only hours before. He spoted Li immediately walking slowly and cautiously through the shattered pieces of glass from the windows sticking up at odd angles and the splintered pieces of wood from the walls jutting out at every corner. Remus quickly caught up with her and watched her carefully as she ascented the stairs and walked towards what had once been Harry's nursery.

The yellow wallpaper with moving animals was practically all burned off, his wooden crib with charms of protection carved on the outside was on its side, several bars broken. The toy broom that Sirius had given Harry for a first birthday present only months ago was broken in half and the twigs where still smoking slightly. The blankets and sheets from the various pieces of furniture around the room lay either ripped or thrown over the dressers or the changing table.

Li looked around the room sadly, tears welling up in her eyes, and she put all her weight onto her cane as she slowly fell toward the ground. Remus rushed over to help her get up, but she waved him away like an annoying fly. The tears that she hadn't shed on the hill came forward in a rush, staining the blue carpet with something other than wood and paint. She moved her hands up to her neck and pulled off a necklace that Remus reckonized to be a locket that Lily had given Li as a thirteenth birthday present. She opened the necklace and gazed longily at the moving picture of the happy, smiling three thirteen year old girls in that picture that where completely oblivious about what was going to happen to them in the future.

Just as she was about to place the necklace on the floor, Remus took her hand gently and whispered, "I know a better place for that." Before apparating them away to a place where he hoped they would both be able to say goodbye.

When they arrived at the graveyard that Remus and Li had visited too many times to count this year she stopped and refused to move another inch. "Come on, don't worry, it'll be alright." He reassured her, taking her hand just like they used to, and lead her over towards the graves.

The gray headstones that marked Lily and James' grave didn't fit the personality of most of the occupants of that peticular graveyard; and it didn't fit in with theirs either.

Lily Marie Evans Potter
Born April 4, 1952
Died October 31, 1981

James Edward Potter
Born January 17, 1952
Died October 31, 1981
The Greatest Thing that Could have Ever Happened to Each Other

The last part was one that Remus had heard Sirius say about the two of them constantly, so he had decided to add it on. He brought Li up to the headstone and nudged her with his hand to place the locket there.

"It'll serve better use here then it that house."

"It could get stolen."

"Then put a charm on it. That's what I'm doing." He said, pulling a gold ring from his pocket and placed it on top of the stone and setting a protective charm on it.

"What is that?" Li asked.

"James' wedding ring. I found it on the ground in the entrance way by the stairs." Remus answered, stepping back from the stone and gazing at it from afar.

Li stared at him a little longer before too placing the locket on the top of the stone and putting a charm on it. She then leaned in closer towards the side of the stone that belonged to Lily and placed her hand on her friend's name.

"I'll miss you very much, I do already. But then, how could somebody not miss you? You where perfect. There was nothing about you that none of us didn't like. You where just occasionaly oblivious about your feelings, though. But it all worked out in the end, for however short a time. I'll probably come to see you everyday, until I can learn to let things go and except the fact that you won't be talking me to anymore; I hope that you don't mind. And I probably look stupid now, talking to a gravestone. But I need to, and I need to tell you that I will never forget you, Lily Evans, and I don't want you to forget about me while you're up there. And I hope that you and Bri are taking good care of each other." Li whispered, more tears falling, landing on the stone and ground quietly. She took a deep breath and hobbled slowly over to where Remus was waiting for her.

"You alright?" He asked.


"You still want to go seperate ways, then?" He asked uncertainly.

"Only if you want to." She said, looking up at him.

"Not yet.... did you say goodbye?" Remus asked her, facing her completely.

"Yes, but you know Remus, goodbye doesn't mean forever." Li pointed out as they apparated away to start their new lives and live once more without dying themselves as they both realized that they both had an important part to play in the outcome of the world and they didn't want to miss out on it.

As for Lily and James, they didn't really die, as they can always be found in the one place that holds the greatest thing: love.

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