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Say, what? by prosgal

Format: Novel
Chapters: 23
Word Count: 66,465

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Drama, Humor, Romance
Characters: Lupin, Snape, Sirius, Lily, James, Lucius, Pettigrew, OC
Pairings: Sirius/OC, James/Lily, Remus/OC

First Published: 08/24/2005
Last Chapter: 03/18/2008
Last Updated: 07/06/2008

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The slightly confused Paige Springer is absolutely positively perfectly fine going through Hogwarts with just her best friend Amy by her side. But her not so normal life is about to get even more unusual when seventh year begins differently and soon the marauders become part of their lives. Now Paige has to deal with matchmaking, one extremely fiery redhead, and the attentions of people she never expected.

Chapter 1: Men in green, Nerd lovers and Magic Shoes
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Chapter 1: Men in green, Nerd lovers and Magic Shoes

I wish I could say my dreams were the only place in my life that weird things happen. Of course being me, and a witch to bout; everything always ends up being less than normal. Despite my constant experience with the strange and odd, I’m usually surprised and confused every time. Like right now with these leprechauns that keep scaring the heck out of me.

“How do you do?” a little green man asked me as he crawled out of my cupboard where the glasses were usually stored. I didn’t want to be rude but it was starting to get annoying.

“I’m okay, but I’d feel better if I was wearing pants” I answered him with forced politeness. Three more crawled out and in their hurry to get to the rainbow on the other side of my kitchen, they knocked me over.

“ARGH!!!!!! How many bloody leprechauns are going to jump out of this bloody cupboard?????” I shouted after landing with a thud.

I opened my eyes. I was sitting on the floor of a Hogwarts train compartment. So it definitely was a dream….this time anyways.

Still groggy I looked up at the fuzzy image of my best friend, hell my only friend Amy Davidson. She glanced at me with an amused smile and went back to reading her copy of Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them. Only a real loon would actually want to go looking for magical creatures.

“I’m alright” I muttered to know one.

I rubbed my sore arm “Did I miss anything interesting?” I asked her sweetly. When I got on the train earlier I had immediately collapsed on the seat and fallen asleep.

She put down her book and grinned at me. “You’ll never guess who came into our compartment while you were catching up on your beauty sleep”

I crossed my arms and narrowed my eyes “Much needed rest you mean, you know I got about two minutes of sleep yesterday.”

“Sorry” she tried to look sympathetic but she still had a small smile.

I sighed with a smile of my own. “Okay then, wow me with your exciting tale of the visitor who came to our compartment”

She giggled, Amy Davidson giggled! I’m not sure if I actually woke up yet because this girl cannot be the long time friend I thought I knew. She wasn’t answering so my attention wandered I looked out the window. Great, it was raining my shoes would be soaked from the grass. I grabbed an elastic to put up my hair and noticed that Amy remained sitting there, smiling expectantly without saying anything. It finally dawned on me.

“Say did Remus by any chance stop by?”

She blushed crimson even though it was no secret to me about her not so tiny crush

“Yeah, him and Sirius Black poked in looking for James” she said excitedly and then her face fell a little “but Remus didn’t say anything, he just sort of stood out in the hall, but he nodded at me when they left, so acknowledgement, that’s good right?”

“In his realm, you are existing” I agreed hesitantly.

I sat up and looked at Amy trying to figure it out. She was a stunner as my Dad would say. It was hard to ignore her wavy dark brown long hair our her numerous piercings, three in one ear, two in the other and of course the one in her eyebrow that she knew would set her mom off (and it did). She was bold, easily distracted, not mention a little crazy (qualities we both share). She also wasn’t schoolwork’s biggest fan but she was no idiot. Boys liked her. Boys asked her to Hogsmeade.

And yet she had been harboring a little crush on the rule abiding, smart, quiet, prefect Lupin for 2 years. And when I say a little crush I actually mean she becomes a 12 year old, boy obsessed, giggly, shy girl whenever he so much as walks by. Her infatuation began when she let her off for coming in late after curfew in fifth year. Of course he has never noticed that she likes him, not very perceptive that Mr. Lupin.

“And there is something else” she said her devious smile returning, “When he saw you, Sirius Black took a double take and asked your name”

There could have been many reactions for a girl to have when they find out Mr. King of Hogwarts acknowledged them while they were sleeping.

1. Freak out and ask if she was drooling
2. Giggle like mad
3. Overanalyze and ask what EXACTLY happened

Or you could be me and yawn and ask if the food trolley went by, I mean what girl isn’t looked over as a prospect by that boy, its not exactly exciting news. And then another realization dawned on me and I crossed my arms.

“What is it, mad I didn’t wake you up” Amy asked me

“We’ve going to school with him for years, we’re in the same house, same YEAR and he doesn’t even know our names, some people are just….oh I don’t know self involved I guess” I replied to her. I tried to remember if we had ever spoken in the past. I may not be Miss popularity but it’s a little insulting.

“How do you know he didn’t know my name?” Amy asked defensively.

I smirked “Well did he?”

She looked guilty “Well not exactly, he called me Anna so I guess he thought he knew until I corrected him.”

She looked at my triumphant face (I love being right about people) and stuck her tongue out at me.

“Well it least he didn’t think I was a guy” she shot back.

“What?” I exclaimed. He thought I was a boy!

“He heard your snoring in the hall and thought it was James, your face was turned and with your short hair so I guess he naturally assumed” she said laughing. “Now you don’t have to worry about him fancying you then”

My face turned pink, “My hair isn’t that short” I whined. A shoe hit my arm and fell to the ground. I glared at my friend who sometimes had a habit of throwing things.
At me usually.

“Oh get over it, as soon as you turned over in your sleep he realized his mistake and got all embarrassed”

“Well it doesn’t change the fact I apparently snore like a man”

“I live in the same dorm as you, don’t worry its rare”

I smiled gratefully at Amy and reached up to tussle my new do. I had recently cut my long light brown hair after years of complaining how annoying it was. It was a refreshing change but I sort of miss it. Amy’s is longer than ever but I was always a little jealous of it to begin with.

We may have had similar tastes and personalities but we certainly looked different. I was covered in freckles and had brown eyes (hers were hazel). I was also unfortunately taller than half the boys in my year and didn’t have the supermodel body to go with it. Of course modeling would be out of the question if I did because I tend to trip over everything from tree roots to thin air.

“I just had the best idea, you should totally have something Sirius” Amy said from no where. She looked pleased with herself.

I raised an eyebrow “Why? I totally don’t want to”

“Well neither of you seem big on relationships anyways so it wouldn’t have to be long”

I caught on “You mean it would be neat if you had a reason to talk to and be near Lupin instead of just having a staring contest with the back of his head in Charms?”

She didn’t take my remark well; I dodged another shoe aimed at my head “Must you be so violent with your footwear? Surely there is a better use for shoes besides tossing them at my head, on your feet possibly.”

I tossed them back to her before continuing “and FYI, I do not have just have “things” with people, I may be inexperienced with the whole relationships stuff but I don’t shun them”

It was true though, there had been a few boys during the summer over the years but it was just innocent kisses and fun memories, nothing real. I wouldn’t mind a relationship, its just I haven’t met anyone to make me consider it. When I meet the boy who makes me feel the good old clichéd weak in the knees then maybe I’ll try it. Providing he is interested of course. I don’t want to drool after someone like Amy. I have the utmost respect for her aside from her crush by the way.

She laughed at my protests and I smiled and looked off to the window at the sky, which was now getting darker, we would be arriving soon I thought, forgetting our conversation. I was hoping for an exciting year with my friend.

Even though Amy and I preferred not to hang out in big groups, we always managed to have fun; we have been best friends ever since her mom turned down her nose at me and my dad at some wizard charity when I was 10. As soon as she knew her mom disapproved, she’d struck up a friendship with me and we’ve practically been joined at the hip since. I introduced her to muggle music and she taught me how to lie properly and effortlessly among other things. Our summers were spent doing as many things as possible to keep from being bored. Everything from those bizarre self taught polka lessons to one eventful night a few weeks ago when we unsuccessfully tried to sneak into a club and trust me we tried almost everything. Those bouncers must have had magical shields or something despite being non-magical.

I sighed, thinking about the summer again, it was great until the end and soon I became lost in thought about the night before. So much had happened at once and I was hanging on to the hope that everything would work out by Christmas.

“And now you’re day dreaming right in the middle of our conversation, geez girl you certainly make me feel special.”

I looked over at Amy and understood she was teasing me like we were usually did, but she also had a concerned look on her face. I had briefly filled her in about last nights events when we first reached the platform and promised to tell her more later as I needed some extra Z’s.

“We’ll talk tonight” I told her reassuringly “After the ahem ladies and Lily are asleep.”

As if on cue “the ladies” we share a dorm with walked by our compartment and stopped, only because Lily Evans opened the door.

“Hello Paige, Amy, how was your summer?” she asked, rather nervously as our other dorm mates stood around looking bored. That girl may be too perfect for words but she’s always been nice to us and made an effort to talk to us for some reason, so that makes her alright in our books. When she asked that question we exchanged knowing looks and grins, both recalling our uhh.. interesting summer.

“Same as always, got bored, found something to do, you?” I answered her and earned a very undeserving glare from Kimberly Roberts, a girl who was probably backstabbing before she even knew what it meant.

Lily shifted uncomfortably and said “It was okay, I…..” but she was interrupted by a nudge from Kimberly “Well I guess we better get back into our compartment” She said turning away.

“Man we should get her away from them” Amy commented. I felt a bit guilty. When we both first came to Hogwarts we had stuck together and basically ignored everyone else. Last year I got the impression that maybe it was our fault she hung out with those girls all the time in the first place. Or maybe I’m crazy, that’s always a likely answer to everyone.

Our other roommates, well to sum it up quickly, they are the type who enjoy being noticed and adored. Amy and I prefer living in our strange but fun little world and it has proved to be just fine over the last 6 years but it seems to give them a reason to look down at us. Also it might be because we constantly make fun of them and trash our dorm room during crazy dance sessions to AC/DC. But who knows.

As they walked away I heard one of them say eagerly “Ohhhhh Lily, look its James” and a groan was her answer. I shut the door, she may be polite to everyone else but there was something about that boy that set her off. It’s a huge mystery, although it might have been that fact that he was practically stalking her. He actually wasn’t too bad of a guy from what I’ve seen, asides from toning down his advances they only other thing that he probably needed to do was comb his hair, it looks like he just woke up all the time.

“Why does she hang out with them anyhow?” Amy asked still looking out of the compartment “Sometimes I think she would rather just chill with us then go on with that little posse”

“Just cause she’s friendly to us doesn’t mean she wants to be best buds” I said, grabbing my robes out of my trunk. I ignored my earlier thought. If she wanted to hang out with us we wouldn’t have stopped her in the past.

“Well who wouldn’t, I mean we are pretty fantastic” she laughed.

“Regular witty and charming belles of the ball” I replied sarcastically “I mean I got ogled at by Hogwarts prime male today, I’m practically A-list material”

“You weren’t being ogled”

“For my ego, I’m going to pretend that I was. Now where the hell are my damn shoes?”


The carriage ride was pretty uneventful. We shared it with second year boys who spent it trading chocolate frog cards. They ignored us until Amy accidentally kicked over a pile and they got angry and made big deal about “organizing them for 10 minutes.”

“Merlin,” Amy said as we walked to the great hall “I thought these little buggers were supposed to be afraid of us seventh years.”

“Well they looked pretty frightened when you threatened to throw them out of the carriage” I told her.

She sighed “Yah but they should be scared of us as soon as we’re within 6 feet of them, then I don’t have to waste time making them petrified, the moment we walked in the room…err…. carriage we should have been feared and respected”

“Well you took care of that” I replied, “Now come on, move your butt, I’m starved because someone didn’t buy me any food off the trolley”

“Hey, you could stand to go out with eating for a while” she said poking my side before going through her bag.

A few moments later my shoe, which was now soggy from the wet grass, flew at her mysteriously. For some reason Amy didn’t believe that the Hogwarts grounds avenged her insult towards me on its own. I mean they are magical ground, anything is possible.

We almost missed the feast on account of we had a bit of….. well to make a long and complicated story short, she tackled me and we had a bit of a tussle that ended up with us trying to remember an effective drying spell.

Ahhhhhhhh our seventh year was starting off good.

“Hey you started this whole thing with the shoe” she said laughing as I dusted off clinging wet grass from my robes.

“Need I remind you, I was inspired by your methods of attack” I replied.

We reached the great hall, and could only see a few spare spots, besides the end of the table which I assume was reserved for first years. Still concentrating on the lawn particles that wouldn’t go away, I squeezed in between two people and Amy sat across from me. We were just in time for the sorting, and after waiting veryyyyyyy patiently through Dumbledore’s speech, the food finally arrived. I sighed happily and dug in.

Mmmmmmm I had missed this grub. Although my concentration remained on the delicious roast I was eating I had a funny feeling someone was looking at me. I realized Amy was snorting into her drink, which I caught my reflection in. There was a dandelion in my hair and I was probably getting a lot of weird looks. I shrugged and picked it out but I still had that weird feeling.

After stuffing our faces I realized that even though I had slept all day, I was still beat. Luckily Amy signaled she was done eating and we got up to go.


“Wow” Amy said after I told her all about what happened the night before in the common room. “Heavy stuff”

“It’ll work out and whatever, I’m fine” I said nonchalantly. I snuck a look at her; she didn’t believe me for a second but I could tell she wasn’t going to push it.

“Do you want to know why I was laughing at dinner?” Amy asked me after some time had passed.

“Because you love seeing me being stared at oddly by my classmates?” I said to her as we got up to go to bed.

“No” she smiled “because HE was looking at you funny.”

She paused for my reaction but I was half asleep and heading up the stairs.

“You sat right beside him you know” she continued. “You didn’t even notice, I think that unsettled him a little.”

I didn’t ask who she meant. Mostly because I knew where she was going with it and all I wanted was to go back to sleep.


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Chapter 2: Flying Objective
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Chapter 2: Flying Objective

Thankfully my dreams were void of dozens of little men that night. Instead I learned how to ride a flying caterpillar, which was much less frightening and much more interesting to say the least.

Because of my nap on the train I woke up very early the next morning. Nothing like waking up of your own violation and fully rested to boot.

I stretched out, fully rested and comfortable. These beds were ten times better than mine at home, if I wasn’t careful a spring might poke out any day now and I may lose an eye. I’ve always thought eye patches were quite unappealing.

Another good thing about being awake early is you get all hot water in the showers. I made my shower long and steamy and hoped I used up most of it. I’d just like to add, that man I love having shorter hair, less time to dry and less effort into brushing, When I finished getting dressed in the good old school uniform, and added this and that, I was finished in no time flat.

I went down to the common room and found Lily sitting on the couch reading a book. I hadn’t even noticed her bed empty but clearly she’d been up before me, that girl made morning people look lazy. I cleared my throat and she looked up.

“Oh I didn’t hear you come down, I’m just waiting for the others to get up and get ready.” She explained. It sounded if she was used to this. She could make James Potter eat out of her hands if she wanted to, I would have thought her the type who waits for no one.

I looked at her curiously; maybe Amy was right yesterday, I mean we couldn’t be the only ones who tired of our roommates after thirty seconds. .I started to walk to the portrait but thought about all the soundly sleeping people I left behind and that fact that they would probably sleep in as late as possible. I turned around and took a deep breath. I can do this, reach out beyond my Amy orbit and pull in someone new.

“Say Lils, you want to grab breakfast with me, I don’t think the others will be up for a bit.” I tried to look like a person who would be fun to have breakfast with.

She looked surprised but recovered with a smile “Alright.” She put her book in her bag and stood up to join me.

“Excellent, hey head girl, congrats” I remarked, noticing her badge as we made our way down the stairs. Not that I was astonished or anything, I mean come on, its Lily Evans.

She beamed “Thanks my parents were so proud they bought me a new owl.”

An owl? Lucky duck I should’ve sorted out my priorities when I was younger. I could use one of those and the school ones aren’t always reliable or fast.

“You better of given he or she a clever name, not like Fluffy or Spot.” I warned her in a friendly way.

My response was a chuckle “Her name is Babs and don’t blame me, my mother named her Barbara and once and animal likes a name, you can only shorten it but never change it.”

“Barbara or Babs is not so bad, very unique.” I said reassuringly. After a moment of silence I enquired as to who got the head boy position.

Lily made a face “James Potter, and he has been gloating about our mutual honour since the train, I can’t believe I have to share all those privileges, like the special bathroom with him.”

“Bed head boy! Doesn’t he, like hold the record for most detentions in the history of Hogwarts, how on earth did he get that title?” I exclaimed.

She sighed “Good at school, and I guess has qualities of a good leader as well or he wouldn’t have been picked.”

“Yah” I agreed, the teachers in this school may be some of the looniest birds I’ve ever met but they know this kind of stuff, usually.

I let her rag on about Potter for a bit until we came to the great hall, which was practically empty as it was so early in the morning. As we sat down I actually found myself having a conversation with her, with topics ranging from the uselessness of divination (a class Aimes swears by) to muggle music. I had never known she was a muggleborn and she must have found that surprising but she covered it really well. Amy and I have never really bothered to get to know our classmates very well. We aren’t snobs or anything, more space headed and closed off.

Soon the conversation turned over to me. I was a half blood, my dad is a muggle and my mother is a witch. I’d grown up more muggle like though, mostly because my mom left us when I was 7. I told Lily about this when she asked about my family and she gave me a sympathetic look. I left out the part that my mom did return, two nights ago. We certainly weren’t ready for that discussion this early in our sort of friendship.

After quite a bit of time, the hall began to fill up and Amy made her way over , soon followed by Kimberly and our dorm mates, I decided to leave this talk on a good note, said goodbye to Lily and we moved down the table a bit. No doubt Kim would sit with Lily and I wasn’t feeling that friendly today. Unfortunately although we were in a new position we could still hear their meaningless chatter.

“Oh there’s that Rita tramp from Ravenclaw” One of them hissed “I heard she threw herself at Sirius every chance she could get over the summer, that’s probably why he went out with her so he could get a break from her popping up everywhere he went.” Man, these gals were vicious.

Another one sighed “If only I could get him to look at me, I mean really look at me, I’d be in heaven.”

Amy couldn’t help but make fun of me and whispered “Try sleeping on public transport, or getting weeds stuck in your hair, I know for a fact that it’s effective.” She thought for a moment “But the weed thing may mean he thinks you’re weird, but he’s definitely noticed you” Damn, I knew she was going to bring this whole thing up again somehow. I gave her a look that said “Just drop it.”

To make up for it she leaned over to the other girls “Just be true to yourself and the rewards will be plentiful” she told them sweetly.

Some of the girls looked at her disgusted and a little bemused that she actually spoke to them. “Whatever” announced Kimberly that gave the girls the cue to ignore us and continue with their Rita bashing, and maybe us as well. I didn’t find out because we decided moved down the table a little more. I saw Lily roll her eyes as they talked and look over at us quickly like she wished she could come before turning back to her friends.

“I knew she was cool” Amy remarked as we settled down.


“Lily, you idiot”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean you have to be somewhat interesting to keep your attention for a bit”

“Shut it Davidson, but you are right about the redhead. We should stage a rescue mission or something. I remember them being more pleasant when they were younger, she probably got stuck sometimes then.”

Amy grinned and dug into her oatmeal before starting again “I reckon her and James are going to eventually end up going out.”

I stared at her “After what I just listened to, he’d be lucky if she signed his yearbook.”

“We don’t have yearbooks, you know that”

“It’s an expression”

“No its not”

“Just because you take stupid divination doesn’t mean you know everything”

“It has nothing to do with that class, although it is extremely useful and not stupid,” She argued “I’m using sheer perception for this prediction, open your eyes for once, study the clues.”

“What clues? She hates him and he wants what he can’t have, key word being CAN’T.”

“Paige Paige Paige, not everyone is as clueless as you, even her friends know it’s going to happen.”

“Shut it Davidson”

“You can’t fight destiny” she sighed dreamily.

I snorted “You can beat it with a stick”

“Destiny is a concept, not an object”

“Well it can concept my arse” I told her before shoving a nice big spoonful of oatmeal in my mouth and grinning at her. She looked at me in disbelief.

“I honestly don’t even know how you’ve even passed your classes”

“I find the combination of galleons and lap dances had professors in my favour”

“Thanks for the image”


First class of the day was double Potions and we managed to earn an A on our potion but mostly because we followed exactly what the Slytherins beside us did, of course our teacher was biased though and they received and E for theirs. Class was momentarily interrupted by the exploding of two marauders’ potion, which happened conveniently while they were on the other side of the room and Serverus Snape was passing their cauldron to hand in his perfect potion.

I’ll admit I laughed with the rest. I do love the comedic misery of others. Slytherin and otherwise.

On our way to Charms, while recalling last class’s incident, I tripped and knocked into some younger male students. One yelled out “WATCH IT!” and looked like he was going to say more but caught sight of Amy.

“That’s her” he stated nervously to his friends and they exchanged looks and scurried off, calling back “Sorry!”

“Now that’s the fear and respect for elders I was talking about!” Amy triumphantly declared and I laughed. I was looking forward to more of that.

Charms was less interesting as we were doing review first, so I passed Amy a note teasing her about her “casual” glances at Lupin, which I received back with some very nasty language written on it. Unfortunately Flitwick saw this and took the note and placed it on his desk.

“If this note is as entertaining as it seems to you two young ladies than I will read it at the end of class so everyone can enjoy it also” he lectured. Crap. I hate it when teachers do that. I think I hate it more than I hate it when they do extremely long and boring reviews.

Amy had meanwhile gone pale, causing me to immediately feel bad, so when our dear teacher had his back turned I took out my wand and whispered softly “Accio note.”


There must have been a lot of bored people that day because as soon as I whispered the incantation, dozens of notes flew towards me. I screamed and fell off my chair as I was pelted with paper and earned myself 3 paper cuts and a punishment essay of the past year in review by next week.

Amy picked out the note from the pile and ripped it up with a pleased look on her face. I scowled; glad I could be such a great friend and make these great sacrifices.

At lunch she finally thanked me and we cleaned up my battle wounds. I was approached by several students all demanding their notes back, one of them even called me “Penny” to Amy’s amusement. Of course I always save the best for last, and when Kimberly Roberts graced us with her presence to retrieve her note, I pretended I didn’t have it. Not because I was actually interested in the note, I just wanted to see her ticked off face to cheer me up.

“Must of left it in the charms room, - sorry.”

She looked down at me like I was a child with muddy hands reaching up for her and I guess that made her decide to remind us of our place.

“Just because Lily takes pity on you for your pathetic ness doesn’t mean you have control.” And with that she spun around and left us puzzled at her idiot logic.

“Control of what?” I asked my best mate as she left, “the sacred art of note keeping?”

My friend gave me a solemn look “A holy position to keep, right up there with protector of shiny lipgloss”

I tapped her in the head lightly “And you say I’m a nut”

Next was Defence Against the Dark Arts and I was entertained through another boring review with Amy’s doodle of Kimberly’s head swelled up and an X ray proving that brain size didn’t cause it’s largeness. She’s quite talented. We kept adding embarrassing features to the drawing until the bell rang; I love our immaturity, never gets old.

We got up to leave for our final class and I wished Amy good luck, she had Care of Magical Creatures and there had been numerous causalities from that class, I’m positive Hogwarts just covered it all up.

I used to be in that class but after O.W.L.S I was thrilled to leave it behind. I had had enough of bites, scratches and stepping in turd. Amy is an animal/creature/beast lover and gets along with the teacher for a change as well as the Hogwarts gamekeeper Hagrid, who is known for his dangerous critter love. After reading Fantastic Beasts I consider myself scarred for life.

I headed upstairs to Ancient Runes, a class where for once I didn’t always need someone to talk to. I wanted to go off traveling when I graduated and study meanings of ancient artifacts or visit old temples and stuff. Yeah I’m pretty surprised myself that I have some sort of post Hogwarts plan. Unfortunately it also involves having to continue with History of Magic.

I think the fire was purposely set to off Binns and he avenged himself on all students by coming back as a ghost. It’s a theory I’ve been working on for some time. Amy agrees that he does give off an unsettling aura. She knows her auras.


At the end of our first week back, we actually participated in the tradition of going outside to relax and moan about having classes again. I eyed the ground suspiciously before seeing if it was dry while my amigo plopped down and began humming. No sooner than we sat down, a boy with spiked out hair and many piercings wandered over with the apparent intent to talk to Amy.

“Hey Amy, I was wondering if I could…..”

I tuned out quickly; I was used to Amy sometimes attracting the attention of Hogwart’s more edgy crowd. She was very pretty and over the past two years I have noticed her being glanced by many boys but they stayed away from her mainly because I think they are afraid of her. She had a standoffish appearance and seemed to give out a vibe that she would kick your ass. I know she’s a big softy though. Unless provoked. That’s why I find her choice in crush a little insane.

People like this guy didn’t stand back though; they must felt she was part of their “element”. In truth, I thought she was too original to be categorized, she simply liked what she liked, and didn’t like to portray some sort of image. Although the ticking off of her mother may contribute her fashion choices just a tiny bit. As they chatted I started my punishment Charms essay and didn’t notice when Gerald or Greg whatever left. But I did feel the death grip on my arm that threatened to cut off my circulation.

I glanced up and saw Lupin walk by, nose in a book. If that had been me I probably might of tripped, who am I kidding, I’m pretty sure that sort of thing has happened before, and probably without the book to distract me. I looked over at my friend expecting some sort of giggle but instead she looked upset.

“How come I can talk to Garth like it aint-no-thang, but when this guy goes by I freeze like a…. oh I don’t know anymore.” She mumbled this in a way that made my stomach sink. I hated seeing her like this.

My eyes followed her crush as he sat down with his friends, the marauders (what is with naming your group of friends). What has he done to my dear Amy? For goodness sakes, she inspires fear into smart-assed younger boys, she speaks her mind constantly, she truly works hard at ticking her mother off, she actually burnt down that stupid…..uh....oh never mind I’ve made my point.

“Why?” I asked, knowing she would figure out quickly what I was talking about.

Her eyes got all misty “He’s so kind and smart and dangerously handsome while being so innocent at the same time” she went on.

“Innocent?” I questioned. “You have noticed who he hangs out with, there’s no doubt your golden boy has been corrupted”

“I’m a stickler for the corrupted innocent”

“That sounds like a campaign slogan”

“I’ll remember that when I run for minister”

“A vote for Amy is a vote for happiness, bunnies and sunshine”

She only smiled sadly and sighed.

Alright time for measures that could be considered desperate. I was tired of my confident friend becoming shy and miserable about this so I decided to do something drastic.

What to do what to do. Must remember the lessons I’ve been taught. Crime never pays. Violence is the answer, or was that never the answer? Time flies when you’re having fun.

Oh a book.

I picked up her Care of Magical Creatures textbook and threw it at her. Okay okay, not at her, I threw it over her head but it was in that general direction. As I had hoped, it soared over to where Remus, Sirius Black, James Potter and Peter Pettigrew were sitting and when it landed with a large “thud”, they looked up alarmed. I would have thought they were used to people throwing heavy objects in their general direction. I assume they make many enemies on their daily basis.

Oh they’re looking this way. I gave them a friendly wave. This appeared to cause them to look more alarmed.

Amy turned to me, confusion and shock all over her face.

“Aimster, you are either going to love me or hate me for this!” I said smirking and leapt up and made my way over to them, leaving my stunned best friend sitting there.

I was heading towards my doom.

Haha just kidding, I could totally take them.


A/N: I know there was a lot of Amy praising but she’s a cool gal, and kind of based on someone I know, who has an “out there” look but remain as friendly and cool as she always has been. Paige is a lot like her but to a lesser extent and can be more pessimistic. But usually they’re happy gals. Anyways I always had this ending planned for my 2nd chapter, the trouble was when I got to it, the chapter wasn’t as long as I hoped. So I added the charms incident and was able to make it longer, I hope people like it. Actually I hope someone is actually reading my story or I will feel silly for writing all this out. I also plan on making the next chapter even longer, the ideas in my head are soaring like a majestic textbook.

Chapter 3: Awkward Leads to Friendship
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Chapter 3: Awkward leads to Friendship

It was Friday afternoon, classes were over for the week, the sun was shining, students were frolicking about and one girl was in the middle of a last minute potentially stupid plan.

That’s me I’m talking about by the way. Whenever I mention a girl and a stupid plan I’ll probably almost always be referring to myself in the third person. I never said anything about being normal.

I plastered a fake grin on my face as I approached the Marauders, victory goes to the confident.

Lupin had picked up the previously airborne textbook. He looked at me warily “Uhhh is this yours?” he asked.

“Nope, its hers” I cheerfully told him while pointing at Amy, who was staring at me mouth open, but when they turned to look at her she snapped her mouth shut and concentrated on a section of the grass like she was watching it grow.

That was about it for my plan. Maybe I should have thought about it some more.

I stood there for a few excruciating seconds. Alright it looks as if I’m going to have to wing this one.

“We were having a bit of a disagreement.” I explained.

“So you threw a textbook at her?” Sirius asked, trying to remain cool but clearly a little freaked by this psycho chick in front of him.

“Well, not quite, I wasn’t aiming right at her and I sort of just meant it as a threat but then whoops…. annd it flew out of my hands, and away it went” I rambled and gave a nervous laugh.

I stood there a little longer shifting from foot to foot. They were starting to look annoyed. Maybe I should walk away and stop grinning like and idiot. Finally James spoke up “Well okay, we’ll trust that’s what happened, is there anything else you can help me with”

I almost moved but realized for once I wasn’t being the stupid one and I could use it to my advantage. “I’m still waiting for my friend's textbook” I said impatiently. Remus quickly handed it to me. Damn I couldn’t leave just yet. They weren’t very conversational towards strangers. It was very rude. No wonder Lily wouldn’t date James.

Then it dawned on me, Lily, I could totally use somebody’s not so little crush to my advantage.

Making a bigger idiot of myself, I trained my eyes on James curiously. He looked a little off put by this.

“Errr..what?” he asked finally.

I squinted my eyes at him “Nothing, It’s just something Lily said, but I don’t see it” His eyes widened. Before he could say anything I shrugged my shoulders and walked away.

I had always wanted to do that cool countdown thing people always do in the movies when they have totally gotten control of a situation




“STOP, what did Lily say?”

Damn I didn’t get to one. Oh well, the idea still worked. Instead of turning back I walked back to Amy but before I sat down I found myself being spun around by Potter, who moved very fast I might add.

“Why do you care?” I asked him curiously. Oh boy, I was enjoying this now.

“Come on, you know James swoons if Lily mentions him, even if it is bad.” Sirius said as he casually strolled over, probably assuming James wouldn’t be coming back until he had answers. Peter and Remus were right behind him.

I sat down calmly and flipped a Paige in Amy’s book, pretending to be interested in its contents. “Well than maybe I shouldn’t say anything, because if he swoons when it’s bad, he might have a heart attack if it’s good.”

James sat down and grabbed my arm again “Tell me please” he pleaded. His hold in my arm was quite tight.

I pretended to think about for a moment before finally answering “She said that despite your annoying qualities you have surprisingly nice eyes” He did actually I have to admit, if he confronted Lily than she’d probably just think he was delusional and he would think she denied it only because she didn’t want to admit to saying it.

My occasional cleverness can be quite satisfying.

James sat next to me, eyes glazed over. “She thinks I have nice eyes” he said dreamily. A moment later he looked determined again.

“What else did she say anything else?”

“Errr…yeah” I answered.

“Well…What?, What did she say?”

“Umm, when I asked why on earth you were made head boy – “Amy and Remus laughed, then she blushed and looked down again. “- she said that you were smart and a good leader.”

Lover boy broke out in a huge grin and yelled “YES, I knew she admired my brains and leader qualities.”

“Thanks a lot, now he will be talking about this forever.” Remus groaned.

“Who are you?” I looked over at the before silent Peter who had asked the blunt question.

“Paige Springer” Sirius told him in an annoyed voice, answering before I could, “Sheesh Peter, you should know the names of the people in your year, let alone house.”


Amy burst out laughing. “You only learned on the train what Paige’s name was, mine as well and I’m sure I could point out a few other people you’d have no clue as to what to call’em.” She pointed out. Awww she broke her silence, I’m so good.

Sirius grinned sheepishly at her “Maybe, but I know your names now and I won’t forget them, I have an excellent memory”

“A memory that took seven years to kick in”

“Hey! I was close when I guessed yours.”

Amy rolled her eyes “Yeah you called me Anna, you got the first letter congrats.”

He chuckled “Alright, I hereby swear to never forget any name introduced to me again”

This wasn’t going how I intended, Amy was talking, but she was bantering with Sirius not Remus.

Sirius jabbed the daydreaming James and stood up “Love to stay and continue chatting but we have private business to attend to, business we were discussing until we were rudely interrupted by a 20 pound textbook aimed at our heads.”

I gave him a playful glare. “Keep talking and the next one will hit it” Shouldn’t be too hard I thought with a smile.

They walked off towards Hogwarts but Remus abruptly stopped and turned around, “You’re Paige” he said confirming it, “Amy right?” he said looking at her.

To my delight she managed to keep calm and answer him normally “Yeah, it’s Amy, Amy Davidson.”

His lips turned up slightly “I’m Remus Lupin” he said politely and caught up to his friends. I could still hear James talking about Lily as they got further away.

“Like you didn’t already know his name” I commented to my pal who was still staring in their direction.

“He definitely knows who I am” she said, a goofy smile coming across her face.

I leaned back against the tree and closed my eyes. I’d gotten all the thanks I nee –

“Mind you that was one of the dumbest plans I’ve ever seen and they probably think you are bonkers” My thoughts were interrupted by her ungrateful opinion.

I feel so underappreciated.


“Where on earth did you get that?” Amy asked me. As soon as Monday’s Potions ended I had pulled out a juice box.

“Muggle studies” I answered while trying to poke a straw in the little sealed hole. “Professor Harris always brings us muggle snacks on Mondays, want one, I snuck two?”

She rolled her eyes “Like you haven’t seen one before, you cheater, you were practically raised in an all muggle environment”

“And I still have so much to learn”

“You just want the easy O”

“It’s a big big world outside the wizarding community, we must embrace it not ignore it”

She rolled her eyes. Its true, take away the wand and all you have to do is punch your opponent in the face. It’s much more macho then using a wand anyways.

“Loo” she announced and instead of exiting the dungeons we routed the bathrooms.

“Ew, I’m not going in the gross dungeon bathrooms, almost as bad as Moaning Myrtle’s place”

Amy rolled her eyes again “It’s just drafty, the toilets and sinks are clean” she reasoned.

I remained standing, shaking my head so she went in with out me. I had my juice anyways.

“You’re completely worthless” a voice angrily said from around the corner. I sipped my juice nervously. I hope some bad tempered Slytherins weren’t approaching.

Instead the people who rounded the corner were Sirius Black and a younger boy who looked similar to him. I didn’t really want to overhear their argument but there wasn’t really anywhere else to go.

“Look, just tell them to stop sending me their ridiculous letters of scorn, I DON”T CARE!” he shouted at his mini version of himself.

The boy scowled but than a mean looking smirk crossed his features. “If you don’t care then why do you read them, why don’t you just throw them in the fire as soon as you get them?”

Sirius’s face grew angrier. Man this little shit was getting to him. I think the kid knew when to go out triumphantly so he turned around and left.

The older one remained standing. He didn’t seem to notice me. Until I ran out of juice and my straw made a small slurping noise. Unfortunately, combined with the silence, the noise actually turned out to be quite loud.

He spun his head in my direction, face ready to challenge whoever had made the noise. His anger briefly left and a look of surprise crossed his face.

I awkwardly took another sip that made a surprise again. Anything to keep my mouth from leaving the straw and making awkward small talk.

His surprise was again replaced by anger “Do you often make it a habit of eavesdropping?” he glared.

“Do you often have private conversations in public where people have no choice but to overhear?” I retorted defensively.

I felt bad quickly. I didn’t really want to start an argument or anything, he seemed rightfully mad. I reached into my bag.

“Err, you want some juice” I offered, holding it out.

“Do I what?” he asked, his brow furrowed in confusion.

“Juice…it has vitamins and…its apple..and tastes pretty good, although its in a quite small little box so it doesn’t hold much”

He blinked a few times, brow still furrowed in confusion. I guess he has never before had a juice proposition in a dark dungeon by a girl who threw a textbook at him the week previously. Some people need to get out and live life a little more.

“Uhh no, I’m good” he finally answered.

Amy came out of the bathroom a moment later, speaking as she did. “Okay you’re right, I’ll never use the dungeon bathrooms again, the sinks run brown water for about a minute until its clear.”

“I thank you for ability to admit you were wrong” We began leaving the dungeons, Sirius was already gone.


Ah another glorious week of school is before. It was Wednesday and we all sat in Defence Against the Dark Arts eager to learn from our enthusiastic admirable professor. Okay I think you get it.

We sat around bored out of our mind while our cruel professor handed out a pop quiz on last years review, which he apparently covered in our first class last week.

"This is to see how much you paid attention last week" he announced and Amy and I exchanged looks, instantly regretting our doodling session from the week before. I hate surprise quizzes.

"You have 20 minutes and those of you who fail will stay after class, I will read out those names after I finish marking at the end of class."

Many groans followed this but I smiled, professors, there's always a loophole in their methods. I leaned over and whispered to Amy. He totally deserved my sneaky plan, reading out people who failed is just mean.

Tests fluttered to our desks. I leaned on my hand so my head wasn’t facing our professor and closed my eyes for a quick nap.

Exactly 20 minutes later his voice boomed “Times up students!” I grinned at Amy.

He took out his wand and spoke “Accio tests!” summoning all the parchment towards him but they landed neatly in a pile on the corner of his desk instead of rabidly attacking him like they did with me, proving I still had a lot to learn.

"Take out your textbooks and read silently" he said not looking up.


"Golly, this table is certainly void of Gryffindor seventh years" I observed as we made our way over to Lily, who was sitting alone. Apparently, her brains haven’t rubbed off on her friends.

She looked up as we sat down and congratulated us on passing.

"Don't you want to congratulate us too, Evans?" James said as he plopped down next to her and she moved away a bit. Sirius sat down on his other side and Remus sat down next to me.

"Certainly is lonely being a genius" Sirius sighed.

"Well it was until you guys arrived" Amy remarked, Lily and I chuckled.

"Even me?" Remus asked pretending to be hurt.

Amy went slightly pink mumbled "No uh I guess not." And the table went silent for a bit. That was until…

"You're an ASS! All of us looked over and I recognized the speaker as Rita something from Ravenclaw, Sirius’s girlfriend who the girls had been talking about before. She was looking very PO'd.

Sirius looked at her for a moment and said "Oh alright."

She snarled and stomped off but just before she left she gave a hopeful glance back to see if she was being followed and when she realized she wasn’t a scowl came across her face and she marched off again.

"What did you do this time?" Remus asked exasperatedly.

Sirius answered while stuffing his face "i grunno i'b bguess fshe dovint sike my firting"

Some unknown substance flew out of his mouth while he was talking and landed on the side of my cheek. I made a face and picked it off and threw it into his goblet.

"Learn some manners" I said. He looked up at me curiously and our eyes met, Oh right the juice thing. And the accidentally overhearing not eavesdropping thing. I wonder if he was still mad about that.

Instead of telling me I was a horrible snoop he inquired something else "How on earth did you two pass that quiz, you spent last week's class drawing and laughing."

Every face turned to us, also curious. "We didn't pass it" I said in a nonchalant voice ignoring the nudge Amy gave me about his observation of us. It was no secret; Professor Darwin had reprimanded us several times that day.

Lily looked at us surprised "Then why didn't the professor call your names?"

Amy let her famous devious smirk spread across her face and pulled out our wrinkled up tests from her bag. "You can't fail a test that doesn't get marked" They all looked at us blankly.

"We held on to our tests in our fists when he summoned them, he didn’t mark them so he couldn’t announce that we failed. It’s not like it was for real marks or anything, just a chance for him to use his authority to be a jerk." I explained hastily, a little worried about the shocked expression on Lily's face. I recalled the strong pull of his spell and how I accidentally ended up punching the back of the kid in front of me.

The guys grinned. I kept looking at Lily to see if she would exercise her head girl rights of punishment on us, hopefully she wasn’t too rule abiding.

Finally she sighed, “Well I guess that was pretty clever, but a little risky.”

“Aw what’s wrong with a little risk hun?” James questioned smoothly putting his arm around her.

She slapped his arm away “As usual I’ve lost my appetite” and she stood up and walked away like Rita had before.

Amy and I followed saying a quick goodbye as the guys fell into a conversation about Quidditch, which we watched on game days but couldn’t play or fully understand for the life of us.

When we reached the great hall I called up ahead to Lily and she spun around and waited. When we got closer she asked “Since when have you two been buddies with the Marauders?” She looked somewhere between angry and a little upset.

I looked at her baffled “I don’t know we’re not buddies….. they just sat with us.”

“I don’t know why either I mean we are really odd and not the type of girls they would probably want to hang with” Aimes pondered out loud.

Lily exhaled “You guys are different, it’s interesting and you two always seem to be having a good time, some people just want to be friends with you.”

She sounded like it maybe wasn’t the Marauders she was talking about.

“Lily, do you want us to consider each other friends?” I asked her with a grin “Are you in need of a good time” I added suggestively.

Amy pinched my side “No propositioning potential allies”

I think this made Lily need a moment to think before answering. Probably a good idea, we can be hazardous to one’s sanity.

She broke a smile of her own. “Yes I do, I really like you guys.”

“Well, good now I’m up to two.” I stated and gave her a grin which I received in return. She said goodbye and left for the library.

“So wait we’re not freaks anymore, we’re interesting?” Amy asked me.


Something really weird happened. Out of the ordinary weird.

For the weeks following, all of a sudden we did find ourselves being some kind of “buddies” with the marauders. Amy one day gave advice to James about his one true love/obsession and suddenly they were co-conspirators in the Lily cause. I discovered Remus was in my Ancient Runes class when one day he simply sat with me. We actually started having actual conversations about the class. Intellectual conversations, ME! I’m as surprised as anyone. That led to Aimes actually talking to him a little more.

They also all started sitting with us once in awhile. It took some getting used to. Also occasionally we swallowed our pride, put away our dignities and shut off our brains and sat with Lils and our roommates although we weren’t received with much happiness. This more than one friend thing could be hard sometimes.

But we were sitting with the guys the day, a week before Halloween, when I got a letter from my mother.

Her beautifully groomed owl floated down to us and handed me a lovely envelope with my name and house written in calligraphy. I knew it was from her. Who else would decorate a letter so richly? She had said she would write once she got settled back at home but I had forgotten about it figuring she had forgotten as well. I hated that owl, it was nothing like the happy one she owned when I was a kid, this one was much too well groomed. I opened the letter slowly and read it.

It was just like a letter from a mother should sound like. Asked me about my classes and how are my friends doing, if I was getting into any trouble and if my marks were okay. Told some silly stories about home and ended it with I miss you sweetie love mom.

I threw it down in disgust. How could she act like a perfect and normal mother when I hadn’t even seen her for nearly a decade?

I must have looked pretty upset because when I looked up I was met with concerned faces.

“Who was the letter from?” asked Peter quietly. He barely ever spoke and I was always startled when he did.

“My mother, I‘m not hungry anymore” I answered and got up and left.

As I sulked in the common room I felt a hand on my shoulder but it wasn’t Amy like I suspected, it was Sirius.

“You gotta case of the crappy mom?” He asked and sat down on the couch next to me. I couldn’t tell if he was joking but I gave him a glare anyway.

“You should meet mine; I’m literally a son of a bitch, moved out last year” He said in a nearly expressionless voice but I could sense some resentment.

“Did she abandon you for 10 years and suddenly show up and pretend she can make up for it with apologies. She only married my Dad to get back at my wealthy snob grandparents, and when she couldn’t handle the life of a middle class muggle family she just left.” I found myself saying bitterly and unwillingly sharing something that only my best friend knew.

“No, not really but she is into the pureblood mania and never gave up the chance to rag on me for my blood traitor friends and what a disappointment I am.” Sirius grumbled and then his voice softened “You sort of witnessed my dislike on Monday.”

I cringed. I was wondering when that would come up.

“You gonna be alright and all that? I don’t know if we can handle a sad Paige, the strong, oddball one is much more fun to laugh at.”

I managed a smile and nodded just as Amy came through the portrait, ready to listen to my troubles. “You know Black” I said as I got up to go greet her. “That was a little mushy, even for you.”

He laughed, did that always sound like a bark?


As life returned to normal, days later I noticed something extremely unusual as I went up to bed after supper.

Sirius and Serverus Snape talking……together…..without wands pointed at each other…..and nobody was hitting.

Hmmmmmmmmmmm? I quickly went in a different direction, no more accidentally listening to stuff for me! I think Sirius was embarrassed about opening up to me; he was kind of awkward for the last few days.

I didn’t know that the effects of their speaking would trickle in to the next day so significantly.

“So Runes has been more fun with Remus around” I told Amy the next morning. “He seems very surprised how much I rock at translating. I had been telling her as much about Remus as I could but lately she seemed to not receive any info very enthusiastically. She merely nodded at my words and changed the subject.

Today was Halloween (Mmm feast) but when Amy and I reached the Great Hall for breakfast we couldn’t help but notice Peter and Remus sitting significantly apart from James and Sirius with angry looks on their faces. Lupin actually looked a little sickish and tired as well. I sat down across from Sirius to ask what was happening but James gave me a “Don’t ask” look so I started eating my oatmeal. After too long of a silence I looked up at Sirius. He was just staring at his cereal and seemed so upset and disheveled. I suddenly had the urge to give him a hug.

Stop, what? Wait a minute! My brain started yelling loudly and I felt a large portion of sugary oatmeal get lodged in my throat and I began choking. I have never had the urge to give a hug before. Not even to kittens.

I stood up coughing and hacking as Amy hit my back, very hard I might add. Well I guess hitting soft wouldn’t help. Suddenly I felt strong arms around my waist and I was lifted up as they hit my stomach. The clump of oatmeal soared through the air and hit some Hufflepuffs who screamed rather girlishly for teenage males.

“Cough…er…thanks Remus” I managed to say to my rescuer.

“No problem, I’ll walk you to History of magic” he answered ignoring Sirius and James. I definitely didn’t trust my oatmeal anymore so I followed him pushing that strange thought I had out of my mind.


“Oh man Runes was such a pain today, we got twice the work we usually do, and Remus said the funniest thing…” I trailed off catching Amy’s sudden angry look as we sat down in Charms.

“Oh do go on, what did Remus say that has you so, so….. into him.” She bitterly spat and proceeded to ignore a very confuzzled me. It hit me soon after, I hadn’t actually told her I talked about Remus all the time for her benefit; I just assumed she thought so. Opps. I tried to explain it to her but she continued to ignore me.

Fine if she wants to be like that, two can play this game.

So after a very quiet class I broke first and wrote her a note instead of speaking:

WHAT ARE YOU CRAZY MAN! Me and him, sorry but we’re just friends…..friends hey I have 3 friends now, maybe even more. Any how I know you majorly love him so the thought of more than friends has never crossed my mind

I practically shoved it in her face and after some prodding she read it and paused before answering back.

I know I’m being stupid, I’m sorry, its just that you two are so comfortable around each other and when he was all knight in shining armour this morning I guess I felt a little jealous

I laughed and wrote back.

Well maybe we should cook up a life or death situation involving you

I meant to pass it to her but for the second time in charms, note passing went dangerously wrong as she blew some dust off her book and accidentally also blew the paper out of my hand and right on the desk of the person who sits in front of us. Three guesses as to who it was. More good luck happened when the bell rang and Remus gathered up the papers on his desk before I could get it back.

“Please tell me that I only died and was sent to hell and that was the devil’s idea of a good opening joke and now I’m being sent off to the torture pit and this really didn’t happen” she moaned and put her head on the desk.

“Never again will we write anything to each other on paper, from now on verbal communication only.” I said trying to be of comfort.

“Well?” she asked lifting her head up and poking me “What’s your plan?”

“What are you talking about?” I exclaimed

“You always have a plan to make things right, they don’t always work but they’re at least a chance”

“Do I always have to save your butt?”

“YOU’RE the one getting my butt into trouble?”

“What about the time when – “

“HELLO we are in an emergency here! No time for arguments, think Paige”

I crossed my arms and sat down and did just that.

“Well we could pay a visit to the boys dorm while they’re at supper, I doubt Lupin will have started his homework before then.”


“But we’ll miss the feast!”

“Will you miss me when I die of sheer embarrassment?”


“Uhhh excuse me ladies?” We looked up at Professor Flitwick standing at the doorway “Class was dismissed a little while ago, could you two please leave?”


Author time: So I packed a lot into this chapter, I know, I hope it wasn’t too much and you all enjoyed it.

THANK YOU to all the reviewers, you guys made me want to write this story even more. Sorry if I don't reply to all the reviews quickly but know that each one is very much appreciated and encouraging.

Chapter 4: Non Thieves
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Chapter 4: Non Thieves

We raced back to the common room and sat on the couch nervously being impatient as we waited for all the Gryffindors to leave for the Halloween feast. I tried to make a run for it several times but Amy grabbed my robe and pulled me back on to the sofa. Finally the inhabitants of the room we were planning to invade came down the stairs, separately because I guess they were still a bit angry with each other. They didn’t notice us because we ducked down and the sofa back was facing them, thus shielding us from view.

“Let’s move it Prongs I’m starved” we heard as the portrait closed, Prongs? What was that about? I’m beginning to think these blokes are nutters.

Even though the common room was deserted, for some reason we tiptoed as quietly as possible over to the boy’s dormitory and scurried upstairs. We found the door marked 7th Year Male Students easily. I pushed it open and cautiously looked in.

“Are we sure about this?” I asked Amy “Once we go in here, we may learn things we cannot forget, our memories could be scarred forever, our dreams could eternally be haunted.” I would have gone on more but she rolled her eyes and shoved me into the room.

So this was the boy’s dorm. Sort of like the girls only guy stuff was everywhere instead of girl stuff.

“Which one is his?” Amy whispered as we looked over identical beds and trunks, no sign indicating who owned what. So we split up after deciding to search each one.

“Ugh, this must be James’s” I said picking up a muddy Quidditch robe that looked like it hadn’t been washed in days. How hygienic. Some papers were scattered on his bed with Lily’s initials in a heart. This boy was border lining creepy. I felt a little disappointed his Quidditch robes were all gross and what not, I have a secret ambition to try on the Gryffindor uniform and strut around even though I have no clue how to play.

“Ew, you don’t even want to know what’s in Peter’s trunk” Amy called out from across the room.

“Why are you looking in his trunk?” I called back, I was now going through a bag with such messy writing, that I knew it couldn’t be Mr. Prefects. Who the heck was Padfoot?

“I didn’t know it was his until I read the name on the inside, and you were right, I’ve learned something I don’t think I’m likely to forget no matter how hard I try.”

I continued rummaging through the same trunk because I felt intrigued. I lifted a mirror and snorted. This had to be Sirius’s then. Reluctantly I moved on after confirming it wasn’t Remus’s, curiously would have to wait.

After merely opening the next one I triumphantly found Remus’s bag, and VOILA, squeezed in between some papers and hopefully unread was the incriminating note.

“Jackpot! Lets get the heck outta here Aimes, the feast should be ending and everyone will be back soon with their stupid satisfied stomachs.”

“Whoa, Paige come here, you have to see this.”

I glanced over and saw her staring at a piece of parchment that was lying on top of one of the trunks.

“What is it, the answers to our next potions test?” I asked hopefully.

When I came closer I saw that it was some sort of map with dots moving around. Then I realized it was a map of Hogwarts. And the dots were people. And it showed secret passage ways. And……oh my giddy god, it showed the location to THE KITCHENS!

“Amy!” I shrieked, “The kitchens, there is bound to be some left over Halloween feast food.”

I snatched the map up and started towards the door. She wasn’t following me; I turned around and tapped my foot impatiently. “I saved you, now you must save me from the anger of my stomach”

Amy hesitated “Maybe we shouldn’t steal this”

Now she decided to be respectful of other people’s privacy. “We’re borrowing it for a little bit, that’s all” I told her distractedly as I was still staring at this wonderful treasure.

She remained standing for a bit and suddenly we both heard her stomach growl. I grinned; this was definitely a win for me.

“Alright, let’s get going already” She said passing me.

As soon as we reached the common room people began pouring in, I held the map behind my back when I saw the owners enter.

“Top of the morning to yah” I greeted cheerfully and side stepped by them.

“Err, I hope you guys had a good meal” Amy told them as I awkwardly walked backwards with a large grin plastered on my face.

“Uh, you too” James spoke for them, his eyebrows raised.

“Oh we will” I whispered to my friend as we stepped out of the entrance.

We navigated the hallways, ignoring the teachers telling everyone to return to their houses. Finally we stopped at a painting of fruit.

“Argh the kitchen entrance is right here, what do we do?” I whined.

Amy hit it, pulled the frame and yelled some confusing words at it, but the painting wouldn’t budge.

I looked down at the map again and realized it was changing.

Mr. Wormtail would like to suggest that the angry ladies tickle a fruit to get in

Well that was annoying and slightly creepy. I looked at Amy and we had a quick match of rock paper scissors. Damn, she always beats my rock with that infuriating paper.

I reached out slowly and tickled the apple. Once again nothing happened, except I’m sure I was looking very stupid tickling a painting. The map changed again.

Mr. Prongs would like to add that the lovely ladies should more specifically tickle the pear

Prongs, that was the name I heard Sirius call James before they left the common room. I wondered if they actually created this map instead of buying it from some joke shop, but my thoughts were interrupted by the opening now in front of me from Amy impatiently tickling the pear while I was thinking.

We walked in unsure and were met by a breathtaking sight.


“More hot cocoa Miss Springer?” A house elf asked me.

“Oh yes Dodger, please and the turkey was divine!” I replied and he or maybe it was a she gave an excited squeak and in seconds I had a refill.

Amy leaned back in her chair, “Oh man I have never been so happily stuffed, kudos to you for suggesting borrowing this map”

I sipped my hot chocolate, which was just the right temperature and smiled.

“We should be heading back though, it’s after hours”

“Alright” She sighed and got up and stretched before rubbing her stomach.

“Ugh don’t get sick on me, you kept us up all night last time you ate too much”

“I’m fine” she muttered but I thought she was starting to look a little pale. “Let’s go, we can slip the map under the door or something”

I was a little disappointed; I wanted to keep it for a little while longer. Which is way the entire way back I tried to persuade her into my way of thinking. She is much more honorable than I.

We were almost back at the fat lady’s portrait when we heard a familiar voice.

“What are you two doing out here” To our relief it was Lily but maybe that wasn’t so good. I heard she even gave prefects detentions when they were out after hours while off duty. What’s the point in having power if you can’t get away with things yourself? Well I’m sure there is a point that doesn’t register with slackers like me.

I gave her my innocent face but she crossed her arms.

“Don’t expect me to go easy on you because we are friends, you guys are still out of bed after hours.” She scolded.

I gasped, “Is it actually after hours? We had no clue.”

She chuckled a little “Alright, get your behinds into bed though” Amy almost left but stopped and said “Don’t worry Potter already told us to go back to bed, he is doing some patrolling.”

“Really” Lily asked “Doing extra patrolling, how very…Head Boy of him.” And with a thoughtful look on her face, she turned and went downstairs.

“You have to let this go” I told her sternly as we made our way to the boy’s dorm, unsure of how we would slip that map back. As we reached their door, loud voices could be heard.

My friend looked at me conflicted, “should we?”

“Its human nature to be curious” I answered her and we leaned on the door with our ears pressed firmly against it.

“Come on Mooney, its got to be here somewhere” We heard Sirius say tiredly.

Amy and I exchanged looks. Mooney, I did not want to know where that nickname came from, although it may have been a funny story

“Are you sure, Padfoot? Maybe you just gave it to Snape, we all know how you love sharing secrets with him.” Remus shouted at him. Harsh. Who would tell Snape a secret? I flashed back to seeing them talking together in the hallway. What was this all about?

“Lay off him Mooney! He said he was sorry” I heard James yell. Hmmm I wonder if he is Prongs, poor Peter has got to be Wormtail. The quietest ones always get the worst of the nicknames.

Remus sounded even more upset. “Of course you would take his side; I can’t listen to you two anymore!” Before we could react the door flew open and we shrieked and fell into the room.

The boys stared at us, once again mystified at our tendency to get into weird situations. Oh well, one day they’ll get used to it. I don’t know how they survived Hogwarts without one of us getting tangled up in their path.

“Haha, well Amy what do you know, this isn’t the girls dorm it’s the boys!” I tried to be smooth, standing up and dusting myself off.

“How much did you hear?” James asked accusingly, we couldn’t tell if he was still upset from before or just majorly pissed at us. Please be the other one.

“Just some shouting and really weird nicknames” Amy grumbled still on the floor, Remus walked over and helped her up, and then they all noticed the parchment in her hand. Oh this isn’t going to turn out well.

Sirius walked over and snatched it, “What, you two stole this from us?” he asked with a little bit of shock and anger in his voice. He turned to me “First you eavesdrop in the dungeons and now your stealing our stuff, what is it with you two”

Excuse me! So he’s bringing that up again.

“To be fair we only borrowed it and besides we were only up here in the first place because Lupin stole something from us and I wasn’t eavesdropping” I found myself saying defensively and rather loudly.

Remus looked at us confused and said “I never took anything of yours.”

I found myself going slightly pink and trying to explain “Well you didn’t really steal it on purpose, it was sort of involuntarily and we came to get it back and the map was there, and well what would you have done?”

“We were very hungry” Amy agreed. She was looking a little green too. Uh oh.

Peter took the chance to speak up and startled me once again “We probably would have taken it, and there may have been a chance we wouldn’t have given it back, so it’s nice that you guys did.”

I beamed at him. With out a doubt he was now my favourite Marauder.

“You are my favourite Marauder” I told him, vocalizing my thoughts. He smiled back at me. I turned and narrowed my eyes at Sirius “You are my least favourite”

He looked at me like I was crazy.

“Wait, so am I second or third?” James asked, seemingly forgetting to be mad. I put my hand to my chin and thought. “I guess you are my third”


“Remus saved me from choking, life saving puts you high up there”

“This is ridiculous” Sirius interjected. I bet he was just mad that I liked him least. Or he had some maturity.

“Hush number four” I scolded him.

“Don’t call me number four!” he shot back. I tried starring him down and slowly raised my hand with four fingers sticking up.

“I’m going to curse those bloody fingers off if you don’t put them down” he threatened. I tried to hold it in but a small laugh escaped from my mouth, I covered my lips with my fingers to hold back a smile. He bit his lip slightly to hold back his own laugh.

“You are slightly mad, you do know that” he told me. Ha! Says the boy who was just threatening me with physical violence for giving him a four fingered hand gesture.

“So I’m told” I answered and straightened my robe absentmindedly.

It was time for us to make a quick exit I decided, but I was interrupted by Amy throwing up all over the floor.

“Knew I shouldn’t have tried the tofu turkey” She grimaced.

Noticing that she looked faint as well as sick I yelled “Remus catch her” as she swayed a bit and fell back. He caught her and Sirius came over to give him a hand and each of them put one of her arms over their shoulders.

The four of us then made our way to the hospital wing. If she had been conscious, she may have died of happiness when she found out who caught her. I guess our life and death situation worked, only not in a very classy way.


“You know that was my first time ever in the hospital wing” I supplied as we left the room, assured by the nurse that Amy would be fine after a night of rest and a few potions.

They both laughed. “We spend half our lives in there” Sirius said fondly.

It didn’t take long for it to be awkward again as the two realized they had been fighting not too long ago. Well if Amy could meddlein matchmaking I could dabble in friendship healing.

“You guys should make up; I mean Sirius really seems to be upset and sorry for whatever he did.” I said trying to break the tension.

“I am buddy.” He said to agreeing with me and thankfully not asking me to butt out.

Remus sighed “I know I don’t like there being conflict between us.”

We continued walking quietly but something terrible seemed to have gone away.

“Yeah, conflict is bad” I announced, for some reason needing to point out the obvious.

HEY, boys shouldn’t be allowed to smack girls in the head. Even if it is lightly.


The next morning Aimstar was still in the hospital wing and it was up to me to bring her homework to her. Of course I never stop my genius planning and decided I needed to continue my own little match making game I had started earlier on in the year. Hey if she can get Lily to think well of James (She was polite to him at breakfast) then I can certainly do this. Plus I have less of a challenge since she is completely wonderful and Remus would be an idiot to not want her.

As soon as class was over, I took my chance.

“Remus, would you mind taking Amy her homework for me? I have to get to the library really quickly to find a book and I know she would want her homework right away” I lied.

“Sure thing” he said taking the books out of my hand but I wasn’t finished yet.

“Also do you think you could bring her something, you know to cheer her up, she hates being sick.” I pleaded with big eyes.

He smiled “Of course, I don’t much like being sick myself.”

Muhahaha I walked down the hall with a huge grin on my face. Unfortunately my grin slowly faded as I saw Kimberly Roberts walking down the hall in my direction, two of her little friends behind her. She was laughing at something while seductively licking the pudding off her spoon to the delight of the various boys in the hallway. When she saw me she immediately headed toward me with a look of determination on her face.

She seemed to be very pissed with me these days. I don’t know what an innocent girl like me does to deserve this kind of treatment.

She stopped with a bit of distance, like I would give her some sort of contagious disease if she got too close. Sheesh, more like the other way around.

“So” was her opening statement. We stood there for a bit. I didn’t know if I was supposed to respond or not. I checked my watch after a bit, how long was this going to take? I was rather hungry at the moment.

“So” she repeated before finally adding some words to the conversation “The loser twins have somehow managed to become friends with Lily Evans and the Marauders and now you both think you’re on top of the school”

I didn’t answer her. I had a feeling I was about to be threatened and making fun of her lack of speaking skills wouldn’t help me.

“You two must be great actors,” she continued “I mean you must have had to pretend to be pretty interesting for them to like you freaks.”

“Seriously Kimberly, what have I ever done to you besides laugh at you behind your back, steal your friend and totally become best buds with your crushes” I told her. Oh dear this “being the big man” and walking away thing clearly wasn’t me.

“Well you guys better remember what its like to being all alone because it won’t last”

“What? Our friendship or your waist size without surgery” I snarked at her and indicated to her pudding. Alright I lied; making fun of her did help, even if my insult was extremely petty and hypocritical since I eat mountains of pudding on a daily basis.

She moved towards me, erasing the distance between us.

“Freak” she spat.

“Slag” I fired back.

OW, she slapped me across the face. Really hard too. I can’t believe how disgusted I am, a slap? That is so cliché. So low. So childish. So……..girly.

“You cow!” I yelled at her. I do not like being slapped. And you know what she did right after? She shoved me. She reached out with her perfect little manicured hands and shoved me then took out her wand, to ensure I didn’t whip out mine to hex her. Remember when I said muggles could be more macho without the use of wands? Well there was just enough space for arm reach.

So I punched her in the nose. That’s how we real women do it.




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Chapter 5: Punishments and Rewards
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Chapter 5: Punishments and Rewards

“Dated her” Sirius yawned after turning down another one of my suggestions.

“You know they say things are always better the second time around” I enlightened him. “Maybe she’s picked up some new tricks”

“Can we move on? You’ve been pimping the girls of Hogwarts to me for fifteen minutes now”

I ignored him. I was bored after all.

“What about her, she has a whole mysterious thing going on?” I asked him again while pointing out a Slytherin girl with her face shrouded by her dark hair.

We were currently taking a well deserved break from our detention duties. He was relaxing by lying on a table, arms behind his head and his eyes closed while I was staring out the window trying to pick out a new girl of the moment for him as they walked towards Hogsmeade. A trip to Hogsmeade was a privilege that we weren’t able to partake in today because of my recent bit of violence and Black’s small problem of hexing fowl mouthed Syltherins. So here we are, stuck inside on a perfectly nice day.

Amy had promised to get me some sweets while she was there, her and her family may not get along well but she is never without money and is always willing to share a bit with me. One day I was going to have to pay her back for all the things she’s got for me all these years. A part of me secretly thinks she buys me stuff to shut me up; I used to tease her about being a spoiled rich girl.

Right now Sirius and I were supposed to be cleaning out an empty classroom that had been neglected over the years, and unfortunately for whoever actually cared about this, it was still being neglected now.

Unlike the others, he didn’t even open his eyes when I asked him about the girl. Instead he just gave another loud yawn.

“Remind me once more, why are you trying to find me a girlfriend again?” He asked exasperatedly.

“Because you picky prat, I’m bored” I responded, eyes now on some third years, hmmm, nahh too young. “Plus you haven’t had one in like a couple weeks, it isn’t normal and we are running out of taunting material for during meals.”

It was true, his last little number was a girl named Cecilia, who was way too clingy but provided us with much ammunition when she came up with an amusing cute nickname for him. Siri Bear was probably my favourite.

He sighed “Maybe I’ll try this bachelor thing for awhile, I don’t really need a girlfriend right now, and I especially don’t need you guys bugging me.” At his words I dropped my dust rag feigning shock.

“Hear that?” I whispered conspicuously at him. He opened his eyes and looked at me questioningly.

“No, what the heck did you hear?”

“That was the sound of hearts of half the girls in Hogwarts breaking into thousands of tiny little pieces”

“Only half? I was absolutely sure there would be more.”

I threw a dust rag at him and hoisted myself up onto the table next to him and crossed my legs all guru like.

“I can’t believe I’m actually in detention, especially Saturday detention” I moaned.

“And I can’t believe you or Amy haven’t had detention before.”

“We’re very sneaky little critters” I informed him and he laughed at me. Why did his louder laughs always sound so dog like? I would have asked but I didn’t want to upset him. When I first asked as to why his hair length was so long, and referred to it as “slightly girlish”, he looked like he might shed tears and got very protective. Then he threw mashed potatoes in my hair. I didn’t realize this until hours later of course.

“You weren’t very sneaky when you beat up Kimberly Roberts in the hallway” He pointed out.

“I didn’t beat her up” I cried “I just popped her one and I was teaching a lesson, no one slaps Paige Springer”

“I wish no one would slap Sirius Black”

“Stop cheating on your girlfriends and your cheek will feel a lot better” I retorted. I uncrossed my legs and mimicked him by lying on my back on the opposite side of the table, remembering the incident from a few days ago.

McGonagall had really screamed at me as Kimberly freaked out about her bloody, now off center nose. I was paying attention to her lecture, I really was but when she started talking (yelling) about how I needed to grow up I tuned her out a bit. No one is taking away my immaturity while I was still in school. Sometimes it was all I had.

“Amy was right you do daze off a lot” Sirius said, his voice bringing me back to the present I turned my head to the right, it was lined up with his and I still hasn’t heard him.

“Hullo there, what was it you were saying?” I asked him sweetly.

“I was just saying, I don’t cheat on my girlfriends, I have been known to possess a wandering eye, and a natural tendency for flirting but I don’t cheat”

“Good to know” I feigned relief.

He grinned “Yes so when we eventually hook up you can rest at ease”

I made a face “Ew”

“Please, you think about it” He put his hands behind his head confidently, almost hitting me with an elbow.

“Fine, whatever keeps your ego afloat”

“When you say afloat, so you mean water wise or airborne?”

“THIS DOESN”T APPEAR TO BE CLEANING!” A voice boomed, one that could only belong to our dear deputy headmistress. I nearly fell off our table in shock.

“Might I remind you two, your wands will not be returned until this room is spotless, and Miss Springer, I thought you might appreciate doing this the muggle way since you appear to enjoy their methods of dueling” She scolded further.

I groaned, I had a feeling this was meant to be some kind of ironic punishment. I hate it when teachers make punishments related to the crime. It’s so damn smart and annoying.

“I will be back to check on your progress in an hour and there had better be a difference” She warned us and stormed out of the room.

Sirius slid of his table and gave me his trademarked cheeky grin. “Let’s get to it Miss Springer”

If only I had something heavier to throw than another dust rag.

“At least you don’t have to write a letter of apology after this” I complained, not moving from my spot.

He continued smirking at me “Come on, tell me it was a little worth it.”

I grinned back at him. “Are you kidding, Amy told me all about the horrible ordeal Kimberly had to go through to fix her nose when she was taken to the hospital wing, it was one hundred percent totally worth it.” I proudly looked at my still bruised knuckles.

All right time to get to work.

“You reckon we can get away with nicking some of this stuff?” I asked Sirius while dusting a mirror

“You’d actually want any of this?”

“Sure, I think collecting dusty book ends is my calling”


“Sorry you had to hang at Hogsmeade alone” I apologized later to my best friend as she bombarded me with sweets from Honey dukes at breakfast in the great hall the next day. (Chocolate was so much better to start a day on than oatmeal, no matter how much brown sugar I add)

We hadn’t finished cleaning up the classroom until late last night and then I had me an apology letter to write. This understandably took a long time since I wasn’t sorry at all. I tossed it on Kimberly’s bed before I left for breakfast.

“I wasn’t alone, I went with Lily, Remus and James” She said without the faintest blush, she was getting better at this. “And of course I forgive you, here I was recovering from sickness and humiliation when my crush walks in to give me my homework, because someone was busy. To top it off, the girl I hate walks in with a bloody messed up nose, you are so my best friend.”

I stuffed some chocolate into my mouth and gave her a toothy brown grin “I know, wait Lily went with you, willingly”

“Yeah, James is an excellent pupil, she didn’t storm off once, I’ve taught him well”

“Hmm where is Lily anyhow?”

Lily not being here this morning was definitely strange. In fact I hadn’t seen her a dinner either. I also had the feeling that she was avoiding me. I wondered if she was mad about this whole thing punching thing and I was surprised that I was actually upset at the possibility of losing her friendship but at the same time I was a little ticked that she seemed to be taking our angry roommate’s side.

I pushed her out of my mind and turned to Amy “So….Hogsmeade with Lily, James and Remus” Ah, there was that famous blush.

Speak of the devil, he and his friends came into our view which stopped our conversation as they settled down with us.

“How are those hard working arms” Sirius asked teasingly, gripping my left arm.

“They never want to scrub floors again” I grimaced remembering how sore I was, I still couldn’t resist a bragging flex of my arms though. I’ve probably got amazing arm strength now. It’s be good for when I need to lift cars off of babies or something.

“Mmmm sweets” James drooled and reached over to my stash, I slapped his arms away. I must hog all my candy.

“Better watch it” I threatened lightly, “I’ve graduated from throwing badly aimed textbooks to right in the noggin punches, and I’m a pretty tough chick now.”

He decided to call it a bluff and snatched a chocolate frog. He lives dangerously that one. I’ll let him off because I admire that in a man.

Amy picked up a goblet and looked at her reflection to wipe away the chocolate on the corners of her mouth. Afterwards she held its gaze for awhile. “Maybe I should get my nose pierced” she mused “My face needs something a little more interesting.”

I was about to object, I actually wanted to see her on Christmas break, not have her grounded for the entire time, but someone beat me to the punch.

“You’re face is interesting the way it is” Remus calmly stated as he ate, then he paused for a moment and went red as he realized he’d said that out loud. James hastily started a conversation about the upcoming Quidditch match against Slytherin, now that’s some good friendship.

I couldn’t help it. As much as I prided myself with my self control I actually let out a small giggle at Lupin’s comment and Amy’s happily shocked face. Until now he had never shown anything more than friendly interest. This was a serious win for my temporary matchmaking career.

Oh good god please don’t tell me that deep down I’m one of those sappy romantics at heart. Cause my reputation with……well, myself could seriously be ruined.


After breakfast I thought about Lily again. With a quick goodbye to the others I headed to the library hoping she would be there and not off discussing revenge plans with Kimmy and the gang. When I got there I saw her in the back concentrating hard on some homework. I took a deep breath, Lils was so much different than Amy and I didn’t know quite how to handle her but I had to try.

“Hey stranger” I said, hopefully with no resentment in my voice.

She looked up startled and blushed “I guess I have been avoiding you guys” She mumbled.

“Look I’m sorry I hit your friend”

“Really?” she asked skeptically

“Well, no I’m not, she really deserved it” I explained quickly, I was already feeling sort of guilty but I wasn’t going to pretend I regretted what I did.

Lily sighed “I know, it has been tough with her and the others wanting me to take sides, I’ve been avoiding them as well”

“You could take my side” I suggested “Then you only have to avoid them” I gave her an awkward yet innocent smile of encouragement.

She sighed again and looked out the window before speaking once more. This time she seemed to be talking to herself “If I did that then I would always be around him, and now with all these new….oh I don’t know what to call it, developments…”

“Wait a second, what developments?” I asked, knowing very well who “him” was.

I sat down and looked at her seriously “Lily, don’t tell me the boy you hate with every fiber of your being is growing on you.”

She looked down “I don’t know, lately just when I’m around him I’ve been feeling more at ease and I’m realizing he’s not as bad as I once thought.” Whoa I thought, Amy is so much better at this matchmaking thing than I am. And here I thought I was the brains of the friendship.

I stood up and took a deep breath “Well maybe that’s not a bad thing, I mean you know I have excellent taste” she smiled “and I wouldn’t be friends with someone who wasn’t the slightest bit okay”

I watched her think and decided it was time I left. I can’t believe I’ve jumped on the Lily/James train. If everyone pairs up then I’ll be alone unless I date Sirius or Peter and that would just be weird.

I laughed the thought as I walked through the hallways. I’d probably fit better with a crazy Azkaban prisoner. Like that one they sent there for one year last month for broom theft. Nothing like a little stubble and crazed raving about the Comet Company’s alleged crimes against bats to get a girl going.

Okay no more fantasizing about felons.

As I went back to the common room I was also thinking, why was I feeling all this stuff about so many people these days? Before I only had one person to worry about and that had been just fine. When I walked through the portrait, I found Amy and the marauders lounging about. I interrupted their conversation without waiting for them to finish.

“Argh what have you guys done to us?” I exclaimed pointing to Amy and myself.

Before they could say a word I continued my on the spot rant “Since we’ve been friends with you guys I’ve experienced very many first time things, like my first sort of catfight and detention, and nothing will ever take away the horrible experience of being the boy’s dormitory” I reminded them, “Now when I enter a room, girls eye me suspiciously and stop talking instead of gush about you guys and ignore me.” I inhaled “I find myself suddenly entangled in your crazy love lives and actually convincing Lily to give her crazy stalker a chance and now all of a sudden I have more people to worry about and not to mention what a pain in the butt its going to be to get Christmas presents for people other than my dad and Amy and I’ll have to hold myself back from sending a crazy fan letter to the Broomstick thief and well…..I think that’s all for right now ” I gasped for breath.

I dropped on the couch exhausted; I really needed to just let that out.

James tossed me cupcake “But knowing us did lead you to discover the kitchens” he argued.

I munched the cupcake silently. He brought up a good point.

“Broomstick thief” Sirius was raising an eyebrow and everyone was looking at me questioningly as I turned red.

“I uh err”

“Oh Merlin Paige, I thought you’d forgotten about him” Amy sighed.


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Chapter 6: Potter's Got Game
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Chapter 6: Potter’s Got Game

The first Quidditch game of the season. The weeks leading up to it are filled with anticipation, house spirit and of course, house rivalry.

Normally Amy and I don’t get into the whole pre game competitiveness mania that everyone else was so into, but this year was different. We were friends with two members of Gryffindor team, one being the captain. It was our duty to look out for them and the other team members. Besides if Sirius has taught us anything, hexing Slytherins was just plain fun.

I never realized how much the Gryffindor team went through trying to protect themselves around game time. As the days got closer, their rivals became more ruthless. James, the biggest target, being captain and all, was forced to start having meals in the kitchens when everyone was at the great hall after a nasty incident with his food being poisoned. Luckily it was the wrong goblet and Peter should have the correct amount of fingers by next week.

“Are you done with your copy of Witch Weekly?” Amy asked from two rows behind, and bit to the left as she put down the Daily Prophet.

“Yeah, make sure you read page twenty two” I told her as we exchanged reading materials by tossing them.

“I don’t even know why you guys came” Peter complained from a row ahead of me, turning his head. Remus looked guilty as he put away his book while sitting a few rows behind him and to my right.

I don’t know if this is obvious but we’d agreed to attend a Quidditch practice on the eve of game day as moral support. As we were the only ones in this box, we had spread out a bit.

“I’ve been watching a bit” I lied as I eyed an article on that new band, the Weird Sisters. “It’s just practices are so repetitive, Amy and I get really geared up and excited for the matches.” Wow that was a whopped of a fib.

“Right” Peter responded disbelievingly and turned back to the players flying about tossing a ball and whatnot. I smiled as I saw out of the corner of my eye that Remus had picked up his book again.

After another thirty minutes of constant attention and support, James’s loud voice telling everyone to dismount signaled the end of practice. We made our way to the field and waited outside the changing room.

“Good show” I greeted Sirius as he and the rest of his teammates came out freshly showered.

“Yes, you were utterly smashing” Amy agreed.

“I’m surprised you noticed” he laughed. Peter looked at us disapprovingly.

“Where’s James?” Amy asked, noticing before I did that everyone had exited the change room but him.

“He usually stays a practices a bit longer, says managing us gives less time for him to work on things himself” Sirius rolled his eyes. “He flies practically as much as we do”

“Should we wait for him?” I asked, hoping for a no answer since my stomach was growling.

“Nah, he said to go grab lunch and he’ll get something from the kitchens”

“Whoopee” Amy and I cheered together.

“Well I’m going to say goodbye to James first” Remus spoke up. Damn him, always ruining our hunger needs with his good friendship. We followed him reluctantly; I don’t think James would be that hurt if we didn’t say good-

Oh my!

“Whoa” Amy said and we stopped in our tracks.

I tilted my head to one side. “Suddenly I’m not hungry for food anymore” I announced.

I guess practice can get quite warm. Warm enough for removing ones shirt and Damn did James look good all sweaty and without his shirt.

Amy tilted her head as well and sigh wistfully “Lily Evans, you are a moron”

“Forget convicted felons, Quidditch captains are my new vice” I voiced. The sun was practically gleaming off him as he jogged across the field to grab that big ball that was resting next to the large hoop thing.

“He’s not a Greek God” Sirius exclaimed. Apparently he doesn’t realize how mushy a girl’s brains can get over pretty boys sometimes.

“They don’t make them this good in Greece” I answered him, transfixed and still continuously starring at the wonder that is James Potter

“Let’s skip saying goodbye, he looks rather busy” Remus suggested anxiously.

“What kind of friends would that make us?” Amy asked him accusingly.

James noticed us watching him practice and waved happily. We giggled and waved back.

“And birds say us blokes have a one track mind” Sirius noted as he roughly grabbed both our arms and dragged our reluctant selves along.

“But I wanna watch Quidditchhhhh” Amy whined. I began to pout.

He ignored out protests all the way to the Great Hall.


Tonight, still on the eve of game day Amy insisted that we all ate with James in the kitchens to get away from all the attempts on her life. A good plan but she failed to show up herself.

“Where’s Amy?” Remus asked as we were finishing up dessert.

I swallowed my cake. “No clue, she said she would be here soon.”

But more time passed and she still didn't manage to make an appearance

“You guys nervous?” I asked Sirius and James. I gave James a big flirty smile that seemed to make him uneasy.

“Why have they both been doing that all day?” he whispered to Sirius worriedly and I happened to overhear.

Sirius shrugged as he finished his pudding “I think they are planning to kill you mate”

“My question needs answering” I reminded them.

“Of course we’re not nervous, we’re the best players in the school” Sirius bragged while spraying out food everywhere as he talked. I really had to teach him to speak with his mouth closed before he makes me throw up one day.

Moments later we heard the entrance open and a gasp.

“The Hogwarts kitchen, wow” came Lily’s voice and we turned around and saw Amy leading her in. James sat up straight and wiped the ice cream from his mouth. Sigh, I would totally date the hell out of that boy based on what I’d seen today, Amy’s right Lily’s a moron for resisting this long. Perhaps we need to make her tag along to the next practice

Amy winked at me as she sat down and Lily looked around amazed. “Yeah, just a little discovery James showed us, he’s such a great friend” she cooed. Then she proceeded to ogle him for a moment before sighing dreamily.

James stood up and puffed his chest out as he strolled over to Lily. Oh boy this was going to be painful to watch. Or entertaining. Depends on how you look at it.


I was in shock; they talked, had a conversation, spoke, to each other, civilly, nicely, maybe even friendly and then left to go patrol or something. James didn’t make an ass out of himself and Lily didn’t do that thing where she gets all red in the face and crazy. Three jaws were on the ground, which would explain all the silence.

Amy leaned back in her chair with a satisfied smile “Just call me the lurrvee doctor.” She bragged.

I think there was a simultaneous eye roll from all of us.

“Alright ready for us to escort you back to the common room?” I asked Sirius in a sweet voice “We don’t want those Slytherin girls to try and lure you into a trap again” I teased.

He cringed remembering, if we hadn’t been near by, than the team would definitely be missing a player.

We headed back with only a few curses thrown at us but other than that we remained unbothered. That was until some crazily pale blond dude stepped in front of us. Behind him was Severus Snape, sneering but that was sort of normal.

“Shouldn’t you guys be hurrying off to bed, big day tomorrow and Black, I wouldn’t want you to be asleep when we destroy your team."

“Shove off Malfoy, I don’t feel like dealing with you tonight.” He replied with gritted teeth.

“Nor do I, I detest entangling myself with this kind of filth”

“Funny, I was thinking the exact same thing” Sirius spat with pure hatred in his voice.

I looked back and forth between them feeling slightly worried. But the Slytherins thankfully turned away and we did the same.

“Oh by the way Miss Springer” his voice drawled, I turned around, surprised that Blondie even knew my name. I raised an eyebrow in question.

“Congratulations on the return of your mother” he said with fake warmth.

“Err, right” I answered but he was already walking away, Snape trailing behind him giving Remus and Sirius a nasty look.

I stayed motionless as soon as his information set in, what in Godric’s name? How the heck did he know who I was? More importantly how does he know details of my personal life?

“Care to enlighten us as to what just happened?” Amy asked me.

“I have no clue” I replied quietly and turned to the guys and asked “Who the hell was that?

“Lucius Malfoy, major arrogant, prissy, and manipulative jackass” grumbled Remus. There was clear hatred in his voice as well as Sirius’s before.

"Good description" Amy commented. They both nodded angrily.

We headed back to the common room after that and Amy quickly changed the subject, but I was having a hard time putting what happened out of my head.


“Holy cow is it ever crowded!” Amy exclaimed after giving the evil eye to some younger students in the first row that made them scamper and cleared us some space. I sat down next to some kid with a Gryffindor flag and a major Quidditch fan ensemble. He looked at me suspiciously and I stared right back at him.

“Don’t you two usually sit in the back and read a magazine during the game” he said in a some what accusing tone.

Remus threw back his head and laughed “Oh I see, so when you said you guys were always excited to be watching the school games, I guess you may have exaggerated.”

“Uhhh…..of course we are huge Quidditch buffs” I said enthusiastically and yelled “GO GRIFFENDOR TEAM!” Everyone looked over at me and I realized no one was out in the pitch yet.

“So, big fan eh” I casually said to the crazy guy next to me, trying to be friendly. Big mistake, somehow I made the impression I wanted to hear predictions, quality of each player and a history of the Gryffindor vs. Slytherin games.

At long last I heard the voice of the announcer and the players started flying out. Everyone stood up and screamed while Amy and I just sat there. We looked at each other unsure of how to act. Finally we just shrugged our shoulders, jumped up and joined in.

30 minutes later

“WHOSE WINNING?” Amy screamed at me.

“NO ONE, NOBODY’S SCORED YET!” yelled Marv (the crazy fan guy).

45 minutes after that

The game was actually getting extra exciting, the players were ruthless on both sides. The Slytherins lost a beater to an….unfortunate misdirection of the bat on our beater's part but our keeper was flying a little oddly after a bludger to the back of his head.

“So wait, that’s a foul?” Amy questioned Marv who looked irritated at her lack of knowledge about the sport. Like we’ve had time to read the Quidditch rule book from front to back like he obviously has. We were able to talk normally now because through all the screaming seemed to have worn down due to people’s voices growing more horse.

After her question was answered, my best friend nudged me and we watched Lily watch the game, trying not to look too fascinated by Jame's flying. It was probably a difficult job because that guy was a master at it. Too bad about the uniform covering him up.

Also, from my observations and according to the giggling chit chatty girls behind me, Black wasn’t too bad either.

Wait, I was giggling chit chatter. Damn.

……..and 10 more minutes later

“FOUL, HE STOLE THE BALL RIGHT FROM HER HANDS!” I shrieked, sincerely outraged and oblivious to the fact that you are allowed to steal the Quaffle in that way.

Even Amy rolled her eyes at me. I think dear Marvin also started crying but I’m pretty sure it was out of joy not exasperation because the yelling started up again and got even louder since our team’s seeker had caught the snitch.

Go us. Whoo Whoo.


“I’M GOING TO GO PATROLLING!” Lily yelled over the cheering and shouting of the Gryffindor house.

“I’LL JOIN YOU” I yelled back. As much happy as I was for our team winning, there is only so much my ears could take. I looked for Amy but she and that fan kid who sat next to me during the game were chanting out some cheer they just made up.

We got outside the portrait and could still dimly hear the ongoing celebration. I was amused to see the fat lady with earmuffs on. It was doubtful anyone was out of bed to be scolded at so we fell into chat about the Quidditch game.

Lily actually had some knowledge about the fact and filled me in on some of the rules. I must never admit to the guys that I find Quidditch a little bit more interesting now or I’ll probably have to hear as much as I did for crazy Marc.

Those Slytherins must be sneaky as the snake that represents them because neither of us heard them approaching.

“Ahhh the goody mudblood and her irritating little half blood friend” a voice sneered from behind us.

We spun and faced Lucius Malfoy, the guy who I had never even spoken to before but seems to know who I am. It was disturbing to know that he knew facts about me.

“Didn’t you like, lose today, badly?” I asked. No need to start a conversation on a good note, he only had one friend with him so I doubted they’d be starting up a random duel with Hogwarts’ greatest Charms student right next to me.

I looked over at Lily, her fists were clenched. I could tell she really wanted to rag on him for being out after hours but he would probably challenge me being out there as well.

“Miss Spinger, I’ve been meaning to talk to you” he greeted me. He knew he’d already gotten to me earlier and was probably here to entertain himself with playing mind games. I wasn’t going to stand here an cater to his whim.

“Look I know you’re upset that you team sucks and everything but we were having a conversation so you can just slither away or whatever you guys do.” I told him in a bored voice.

He smiled before opening his big stupid ugly mouth again. I’m sorry I know I’m petty but this is our first chat and I really don’t like this guy.

“It’s too bad your silly mother fancied herself a poor muggle husband, or else you could have been born into respectable pureblood family, although since she up and left both of you I must rehash my comment of her being silly, more like temporarily insane.”

He was so going to push me over the edge. Has he not heard what happened to Kimberly Roberts? His nose seems to need a little rearranging. Or better yet boils all over his body.

“Lily” I said with my teeth gritted together “hand me your damn wand so I can teach this boy the meaning of go away

She looked at me worriedly, like I was going to blow any minute. Actually it was extremely surprising I had enough restraint to not be pummeling this scum by now. It was one thing to insult my mother but my dad was kind among dads.

He watched my reaction and laughed “But I hope you don’t think she returned because of you and your father, more likely because of another member of the family.”

I stopped and looked at him confused for a moment and wondered again about how did this idiot know so much about me? Also, the way he said those words, like he knew something I didn’t.

I was conflicted, part of me felt like grabbing a reluctant Lily’s wand and blasting him inside out while the other part wanted to ask him what he was talking about. I stayed silent and let my anger boil but before I could react, he gave another cruel laugh and walked away. For the best, my cursing isn’t actually up to par.

I stared after him wondering, what I should do?

“Paige?” Lily asked “Are you alright? You shouldn’t listen to that git, he is just spreading his brand of hatred and feeding you lies to mess with your head”

I gave her cheery smile. “Of course, but he mustn’t go unpunished for this, I have a feeling if we mention what he called you to James, we’ll just have to sit back and watch as our revenge plays out.”

She turned pink.

I started to make my way to the common room with Lily behind me, I headed straight for James as soon as I got there, told him part of what happened and left him already brewing with ideas. I managed to sneak up to the girl's dormitory unnoticed so I could have some time to myself.

I had an important letter to write.


A/N: Wow I think that was the longest time ever that it took for me to update. School started a few weeks ago so I can put some of the blame on that. Now that I’m back in the swing of things, I’ll try to keep the chapters coming faster. I know this one is short but my next couple should be a lot longer. The reviews have been great and encouraging, so thanks once again.

Chapter 7: Traumatizing Christmas Tradition
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Chapter 7: Traumatizing Christmas Tradition

I’m sick of oatmeal for breakfast. I’m tired of Malfoy looking at me like he know my entire life story. I’m also tired of the pitying looks my friends are giving me because they know I’ve been pissed off for over a week. Lastly, I hate how owl post is so slow. One day they are going to invent an instant way of delivering letters and I’m going to sign up for it right away.

These were my thoughts as I wandered down to breakfast that morning. I almost didn’t hear McGonagall calling my name as I walked further and further away from her. I was too busy being as pessimistic as possible.

“Miss Springer will you stop walking for a moment please and step into my office for a quick talk.”

I looked at her confused, I hadn’t done anything wrong had I? Besides a bit of hexing in the corridors before the Quidditch match but I was sure no teachers saw me. She couldn’t get me in trouble, lots of other people were doing it too. I thought about pretending that I still couldn’t hear her but she caught my eye. Darn that evil glare of hers. I cautiously went towards her office.


Quick talk my ass.

“Where’ve you been?” Amy asked as I sat down, everyone else was already here and were looking a less scared that I was going to blow up for once. I looked down at my bowl and saw why. A letter was sitting beside it. My reply had finally come. I may have gotten a bit short with people while waiting for it. That is to say I may have yelled a lot and undeservedly insulted people.

I picked it up slowly, ignoring the conspicuous glances at me. Even though I had been anticipating this letter for so long I knew now wasn’t that time to read it. To everyone’s surprise I grudgingly put it into my bag. Then I turned to my best friend to answer her question.

“McGonagall wanted to talk to me about my recent behaviour changes.”

“Behaviour changes? You don’t seem much different” Peter commented.

I rolled my eyes “She thinks that, and I quote that new external influences are around me these days and I’m starting to act irrationally”

“So in other words, hanging around with us is slowly corrupting you and causing you to attack pretty girls” Sirius translated. Pretty? Kimberly? I looked over at her. I guess if you go for the whole super model perfect thing. I quickly looked back at Sirius to continue our conversation.

“Pretty much” I sighed “I was such a shy innocent girl who was eager to please and now look at me, you guys totally spun me out of control”

“More like McGonagall hasn’t noticed the crazy in you before” Amy bravely stated. I considered continuing being bitchy to people who didn’t deserve it but instead I gave her an encouraging chuckle. I could feel the built up tension dissolve around me and all of a sudden everything seemed back to normal.

“We’ll she’ll forget all about how terrible you’ve become when she’s distracted this month.” James announced causing us to look at the guys curiously.

“Ah yes, I forgot tomorrow marked the start of the second week of December” Remus said.

“What’s so special that will have her distracted this month?” I inquired.

Sirius looked at me eyes wide.

“Don’t tell me you two are so out of the loop you don’t know about our tradition of Christmas pranking until the last week before break?” He asked while he and the others mocked shock.

He tilted his head towards Lily as she joined us “Even Lils here knows about our annual pranks, she spends enough time telling us off for it.”

She scowled at him “You need to grow up if you are still considering performing cruel jokes on innocent people again this year.”

“I think it sounds fun, we should join in Lily, with our brains we could get people good.” Amy said encouragingly and I snorted. They looked at me with raised eyebrows.

“Well I’m not saying you guys are stupid, I just think you two aren’t really joke pulling kinda people and would probably lack the ability to pull off a really funny prank with out backing out at the last second” I said defending my snort.

Bad idea, I awakened the competitiveness streak in both of them. Unfortunately I was oblivious to the fact I had inadvertently declared war.

Lily looked at me “It is so on” she declared.

Beside me, James looked relieved that now he would be able to participate in his little prank fest without Lily getting angry at him.

I gave them a teasing grin and excused myself and went early to my first class so I could read my letter.

Paige, hun I understand you are still confused and upset over your mother’s return but she seems to be sincere about re-establishing a bond with you. I know it is difficult and it will take some getting used to but this Christmas we will have lots of time to reconnect and be together. I truly believe your mother was in a hard place and made a regretful decision because of pressure from her family and our difficult lie. I assure you that what that boy was telling you was just to cause trouble, your mother has no ulterior motive for returning. She is trying to make things right again and I only ask you give her the chance to do so. Keep up your studies and I hope not to hear about anymore trouble from your teachers.

Love your father

My poor naïve Dad, he can always believe the best of people. Maybe he’s right, I don’t know. But how can I learn to trust in someone I barely even know.

Remus sat down next to me as I went over that letter.

“I think you have awaken the rebel in Lily, her and Amy spent the rest of breakfast discussing how they could get you” he told me.

“I notice you haven’t mentioned me awakening anything in Amy” I noted without a hint of subtlety.

“Well she always had that rebel part out there, she doesn’t really try to hide it.” he stated.

“And you like that”

He coughed, embarrassed at my forward remark. I leaned my head on my hand and hid a grin. I was enjoying this.

After a bit of silence I saw his eyes move to my letter, which I covered. Then he got that concerned look on his face.

“You better now?” he asked.

I gave him my best everything-is-cool face and said “I’m just dandy, now lets crack these runes”


I should have anticipated this. I woke up the next morning and my two female friends were already up with big smiles on their faces. I shrugged it off and got ready but when I came out of the bathroom they were still there with their big smiles.

“Are you guys coming down or are you going to continue practicing for your toothpaste commercial audition?” I asked them exasperatedly.

“You go on, we just have to discuss something” Lily said sweetly, a little too sweetly now that I recall. Of course I was still acting as dumb as a bag of hammers and turned to leave without any suspicion on my mind. On my way out I thought I heard a low whisper but I ignored it and didn’t realize that they were following me at a distance.

The first thing that happened to me when I was walking down the stair was a bunch of boys who looked to be in their 4th or 5th year started whispering and looking over in my direction. I stopped momentarily confused and finally one was nudged forward towards me.

He smiled kind of sheepishly and got up on his toes and pecked me on the cheek before going back to his friends.

What the hell!?

I started walking backwards and ran into some guy I recognized who was on the Gryffindor team. He looked at me and smiled then to my surprise said:

“I have a girlfriend, but I can’t get in the way of a Christmas custom, so just a peck” and leaned down and kissed me quickly on the forehead before strolling off.


I was extremely confused and frightened and quickly made sure there wasn’t a “kick me” sign on my back that everyone was reading wrong.

I made it down the stairs determined to react before the next idiot tried to smooch these lips when I heard a voice

“Well you are sorta cute for a half blood so I’ll go with the flow” and before I could do anything I was being spun around as someone planted a kiss on my LIPS!


I struggled and smacked whoever did it. That’s how frazzled I was, I slapped instead of punched.

I was looking at a now ticked off Slytherin 7th year and I thanked the gods it wasn’t Malfoy. It didn’t make it any less traumatizing though.

And then to make matters so much better, my old pal Kimberly and the gals of our dorm started coming my way.

“A little desperate aren’t you?” she sneered as she passed me. Whew, I was worried she would try to kiss me too. The Slytherin gave my nasty look mumbled something and stormed away.

I was almost to the great hall when I saw another courageous young student coming toward me with a familiar look in his eye. I stopped in my place and this time I took action.

“NEXT PERSON WHO DARES TO PUT THEIR MOUTH ON ME GETS IT CUT OFF” I bellowed. I was hoping my voice would travel through the school.

As soon as I said it I sensed someone behind me. I turned around and was facing Black, who had been standing behind me for some reason and he suddenly went a light shade of pink. Oh god he hadn’t been planning to try something, had he?

He recovered and looked like his normal self and I figured if he was just embarrassed about my outburst.

Then I heard the laughter and it suddenly became clear.

“YOU LITTLE……..” and a bunch of nice fluffy adjectives flew out of my mouth as I stomped towards Lily and Amy, who were trying not to fall down from laughing so hard.

“Oh….my……should have seen yourself when that Slytherin kissed you” Amy managed to say as tears went down her eyes.

“What did you do?” I practically screamed at them and was answered by two fingers pointing above me. I looked up and there, floating about a foot from the top of my head was a giant mistletoe. I grumbled and took out my wand.

“Incendio “ I said lazily setting it on fire but to my horror and my friend’s delight, it just became a flaming mistletoe that didn’t burn away. This was all I needed.

“What did you do?” I asked again. I figured it had only been a simple hover charm but I had forgotten Lily was a master in charms she probably figured I would try something like that.

“Relax, I just did that in case you discovered it before anything funny happened” Lily told me. She pointed her wand at it and simply said “Evanesco” and it vanished.

“I’ve learned my lesson in underestimating you” I told them, “but it is so on.”

We entered the Great hall and were met with roaring laughter. I looked up again paranoid but nothing was there and then I realized the laughs weren’t directed at us, but at the Slytherin table. Malfoy, Snape and a bunch of others were sporting goldi-lockish curls complete with rosy cheeks and long dark eyelashes. I grinned at Sirius and he smiled back.

“Must be using a new kind of shampoo” He said calmly and gave James a high five as we sat down.

Amy fingered her hair “I’d kill for those gorgeous locks” she said seriously.


The next day Lily and Amy spent the entire day with red noses. And trust me, when I say red noses I don’t mean it looked like they had a bit of a cold. I mean they had bright red Rudolph glowing noses that they couldn’t undo. Unfortunately I didn’t know how to reverse the spell either, but it slowly wore off over the course of the next week.

They were well compensated though when I started spontaneously singing Christmas carols everywhere. Including during class. McGonagall’s class. In the middle of her lecture. It was Little Drummer Boy if anyone cares. I was beyond mortified and received my second ever detention for my “cheek”. I couldn’t tell her that it was a spell because Sirius kindly put a silencing spell on me to put my out of my misery after my millionth pa rum pum pum pum. Or it may have been to put everyone else’s ears out of their misery.

“Are you sure its over?” I whined at breakfast the next morning. They told me it was only for 48 hours but I was mistrustful.

Lily sighed “yes I told you the book said….“

We were interrupted as a bunch of girls started screaming when the holly that decorated the tables started turning into mice. I watched one scamper by my oatmeal and hit James, who was the closest male, in the arm.

“Thanks a lot now I’ve lost my appetite” I snarled at the guys and James rubbed his sore arm.

My mood lifted as Kimberly began shrieking because a mouse had run into her lap. As I watched her dancing around mad and terrified I got a dopey smile on my face and hugged James who flinched because he thought I was going to attack him again.

“I love you guys” I gushed.

Sirius sighed “And that was the last of our Christmas pranks, it always depresses me when the last week arrives, but we have to let everyone have some time to enjoy school before the holidays”

“How considerate” Lily said sarcastically. “Glad you have a conscience after raising hell for the school this year, it was worse then all the other years.”

James chuckled “We wanted to impress Amy and Paige this year since we failed to get them to notice all those other years.”

“Well you did” Amy confirmed “I’m never going to get the image of Dumbledore with antlers out of my head”

“So what is everyone’s plans for the break?” Lily asked, obviously trying to change the subject.

Amy slumped in her seat, put her head on the table and loudly groaned before answering “Going on brilliantly exciting holiday dinners with my family as we enjoy the company of snobby rich wizards.”

Being forced to bond with an absentee mother I thought but answered “Watching cheesy Christmas specials on TV while getting fat by eating lots of turkey and yams.”

“What’s TV?” James asked.

“Spending it at James place because an empty pad during Christmas is very depressing” Sirius answered briskly.

Remus dug into his oatmeal without answering.

“What’s a cheesy Christmas special?” James asked.

“I’m spending it at my grandmothers” Peter said while making a face.

“Answer me what’s TV???!!!!” James asked loudly.

“It bad and turns young minds into mush if they watch it all the time like she does” Lily answered.

“Oh” said James

“Hey” said me.

“Hey!” said Amy while raising her head quickly. but she said it like she had come up with an idea, not like she’d just been insulted. We looked at her expectantly.

“What?” I finally asked.

“Sirius has an empty flat” she told us triumphantly.

Our faces probably all said “Yes, and……”

“Honestly you guys are so thick, Black is the most popular guy in school, he is totally throwing the most awesome raging new years party”

“Since when do you and I go to raging parties?” (me)

“Since when has it ever seemed like I would enjoy a raging party” (Lily)

“Since when has it ever seemed like I would enjoy a raging party” (Remus)

“Since when do you decide when I throw raging parties?” (Sirius)

“Since I said so and I wanted to have some fun and it will probably be the only time I can see you guys over break and I will make sure this happens whether you all like it or not and if you don’t do it than you are a bunch of big bores.” (Amy)

“Alright” (everyone)


Author time: okay, okay I did the whole new year party thing. I promise it won’t be lame. Its more of a useful setting for a whole story related thing. On the bright side aren’t you guys proud I got this chapter out so fast?

More happy news (I hope) I’ve begun a new story, a story involving the Weasley twins because DAMMIT I love those boys. I wish my new character could be a version of me but “sigh” I’m not that kind of writer. Unfortunately every time I say my new person’s name I have to type _______. so if any nice people want to suggest a name, that would be cool. I like Gretchen or Morgan so far.

Chapter 8: Spreading the Joy
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Chapter 8: Spreading the Joy

“This was a stupid idea” I expressed out loud as I was being squeezed to death by Amy and Peter. For some reason the seven of us decided it would be perfectly fine to be neatly packed in one train compartment.

“Yah” Amy agreed “I liked it better when it was just you and me, more leg room”

“And we liked it better when didn’t have whiney girls to listen to” Sirius let us know from the other side of Peter.

“He is alone when he says that” James said to a very tense looking Lily who was sitting between him and Remus across from us.

“So this new years thing at your house, that’s definitely happening?” I asked, a little part of me hoping that it wasn’t. I’m not really a party person.

Sirius nodded. “I couldn’t stop it if I tried, even though nobody said anything, somehow word got out and now I have to learn a good spell to keep my flat silent from my neighbours.”

I slumped a little in my seat and Amy pinched me in the arm really hard.

“Don’t ruin this” she whispered in my ear. “Everyone knows what happens at midnight at a new year’s party.”

“Oh” my brain kicked in as she tilted her head towards James and Lily. Then I broke out into a huge grin and subtly gestured towards Remus. She went red as a cherry.


After what seemed like year we finally reached infamous platform 9 ¾. Why do wizards have to be so damn silly sometimes?

Amy gave me a bone crushing hug when we got onto the platform “I can’t believe I won’t see you until New years” she complained. “We’ve never been apart for so long.”

“Maybe we’ll realize we’re better off and live happily ever after” I told her but after seeing the actual worried look on her face I gave her another hug. “Don’t worry Aimes, we literally can’t survive without one another to keep us on track” I told her affectionately.

“Oh James how can I survive being apart from you, please never forget me” Sirius cried out dramatically and grabbed his best friend.

“I never will, you’ll always be here with me in my heart” James fake sobbed into his shoulder.

Amy scowled “You two are spending the entire break together at Potter’s house.”

They looked up. “Alright then, lets go mate” Sirius chirped and with a wave and two *cracks* they were gone.

“Boys, they are emotionless gits” Lily observed while fiddling with her trunk.

Remus chuckled “I’ll see you guys on New Years.”

“Yah see yah” Peter chimed in and in moments they were gone as well.

“Well my parents probably came to pick me up so I’ll see you two” Lily said from behind us and started to walk away.

We looked at each other and then at Lily before deciding to jump on her for a proper goodbye.

“Bye Lils don’t miss us too much” I said hugging her tightly. She laughed and hugged back. After we let go she walked to the barrier, waved and went through.

I looked at Amy. “Count of three?” she suggested and I nodded.





And I was on my doorstep. I could already smell hamburgers, my favourite since I was 5 years old. She was trying I’ll give her that. After a few deep breaths I rested my hand on the doorknob and twisted it.

And twisted it again

Than jiggled it with frustration until it dawned on me. The door was probably locked.

Immediately after my realization the door swung open and Layla Elizabeth Fraydon Springer stood on the other side of it, a wand in her hand. I guess when someone is jiggling you doorknob you don’t think it’s your dumb daughter forgetting that in this day and age, doors are usually locked. Her tense face relaxed a little and she gave me a nervous smile. She opened the door wider and moved for me to get in by her. I came in and dropped my trunk handle before turning to face her, wondering what to say. It was she who spoke first.

“Hi sweetie I’ve made you favourite”


And that’s how the rest of my holidays were.

“Sweetie your favourite Christmas program is on”

“So dear, how is school and how are your professors?”

“Oh look a card from your Aunt Jennifer, isn’t that nice hun?”

I was bombarded with cute nicknames, delicious home cooked meals and sugary smiles and attitudes. To top it off, my dad was busy at the company he worked at and wasn’t going to be around a lot for the holidays. Somehow I think he didn’t feel bad about working so much on the holidays as it is gave my mother and I more “bonding” time.

I had been worried about his sudden forgiveness of her but when I realized that they weren’t getting back together or anything I felt better. He just wanted for us to have a connection again. I loved him so much more for that.

But no matter how many random facts she remembered about my childhood or how much she attempted to “get to know me” I was still suspicious. That git Malfoy had planted doubt in my head and every comment made by her was over analyzed in my mind.

On Christmas morning it was awkward. Dad and I had gotten each other the perfect gifts, I got him some movies for his growing collection and he got me the newest ACDC record. I had to get my mother’s gift at last minute. She said she loved it, but who were we kidding I didn’t know what she liked and probably vice versa as well. At first I thought she hadn’t gotten me anything and I was a little blown at feeling little hurt but she told me to sit down and she would explain her gift to me. Her present was a little different.

“While I was gone I put some money away and added to it every year as sort of a trust fund for you, I’ve recently transferred the money to Gringotts bank.” She revealed and paused, waiting for my reaction. I was pretty stunned and it took a little time before I could reply.

“Thank you” I said softly looking down. I didn’t know what else to say. I suddenly felt different.

She smiled and lifted up my chin in her hands “Of course I wouldn’t be a responsible mother if I just threw galleons at you, there is a condition.”

“What?” I asked hesitantly.

“Just that when your key comes, that you hand it over to me and your father, its not that I don’t trust you, but I want you to wait to have your money until after you graduate so you can start your new life with it.”

I felt a hint of happiness. It wasn’t because I had some money now, but the fact she had thought about me and my future over the years. Maybe she did actually care.

After a few moments I found myself actually returning her smile “That’s pretty motherly of you, mum.”

She laughed and pulled me into a hug “Mum, I’ve missed that name”

I hadn’t had a hug from my mother in so long, I felt young again. Then I remembered the years of waiting for her, wishing she would just come home and put her arms around me. I finally gave up when I set off to attend Hogwarts for my first year and there was still no word from her. I pulled back with watery eyes.

She looked at me and I couldn’t read her face. “It’ll take time honey, I know”


I wanted this to work I really did, but I still had this nagging feeling. So that might explain why days after Christmas I found myself out and about Diagon Alley during the afternoons. Actually to be more specific, I was wondering the seedy streets of Knockturn Alley, and I was waiting for someone. Finally, on my third day, New Years day to be exact, I was pleased to see a gang of Slytherin teenagers going into a dodgy little shop. They were being led by my favourite blond male.

“Lovely day Malfoy” I called out through the crowd.

He whipped around and his eyes scanned the crowd suspiciously until he saw me. Then with a smirk he waved his little gang on and stalked over to me. I moved back so we were out of the crowd’s view.

“Now we can be alone Miss Springer”

Big mistake buddy.

I grabbed his cloak and rammed him against the wall, catching him off guard and had my wand pointing in his face before he could say a word.

“Like it?” I asked smugly. “Its Hawthorne, 8 inches, dragon heart string core, my pride and joy.”

He growled and I shoved it closer before continuing “Now I have some questions and I don’t want your elusive hints, I want the straight answers.”

I heard footsteps, and creepy looking lady holding a mangy grey cat walked by us without a word or a glance. I smiled; this was my kind of alley.

“What” he spat trying to maintain some dignity as his eyes darted towards the shop where his friends were. Unfortunately we were way too far out of view for them to notice us. I was now prepared to ask my questions.

“What did you mean by my mother being back because of another member of the family, and how do you know anything about me in the first place?”

He was silent “Answer me you scum or I’ll cast Furnunculus on your sorry ass” I threatened.

That did it; he winced and took a deep breath. “The Malfoys have always been friendly associates of the Fraydons, I picked up things from overhearing my parents and your grandparents talk.”

I had already figured as much, the Fraydons, (my mother’s family) as I was led to believe were pure blooded rich snobs, so of course they would associate with the people like the Malfoys. I prodded him with my wand to get him to continue.

“It started when your great grandmother was put in St. Mungos hospital, she had been very healthy up until last summer when she began to fall ill. Unfortunately ever since your great grandfather died, the entire estate and wealth has been tied to her.”


“So, she has had a little falling out with the rest of the family, she was always quick to anger and left them only the estate but not the money, they figured it would blow over, it always did, but that was before she got ill and could barely speak let alone change the contents of her will.”

“And what does this have to do with my mother returning?” I asked with a bad feeling in my stomach.

He laughed “Every time she got in one of her angry rants she would yell the same thing.”

“And what was that?”

He smiled and let out a crude imitation of an angry old lady “I can’t trust or love anyone in this cursed family, I might as well leave my fortune to the only member I haven’t met!”

“But she was just rambling right?”

“That’s what everyone thought until she started dying and it was discovered she had changed her will, and left everything to the one person who shares her blood but she has never even seen or known much about”

“Me.” I was her heir. I was rich. A crazy old lady gave me all her money just to spite her family. I was now connected to that very family that I wanted no part of. As I contemplated this he spoke again.

“And just a few weeks ago your great granny finally bit the dust and once everything is in order, the key and vault number to which your fortune lies will be delivered to your home and into your greedy mother’s hands.”

that when your key comes, that you hand it over to me and your father I remembered what she said. She knew my dad didn’t understand wizard money and all that and that he would probably let her take care of the key. Then she could take the fortune and do as she pleased. She probably could have put a small portion into the account as a trust fund. Or put nothing at all and just take off again. She didn’t care, she never did.

I wordlessly put down my wand. I contemplated hexing him to take out my sudden anger and hurt but I couldn’t so I walked away and left him there. I didn’t expect an attack; he knew he’d already delivered a devastating blow.

“Happy New Year Paige” he seethed from behind me as I walked away and I felt more anger rise in me.

I stopped on the spot and spun around with my wand raised. Okay maybe just a few boils for this jerk. They may say don’t shoot the messenger but I’m sure exceptions can be made if they are being an abnormally huge git.


Author: I was planning on having this out days earlier but computers are evil as you know. So sorry I’m about that. So this is the mother thing, grrrrrrrr Paige’s evil mom. I’ll start chapter 9 soon, I already have it sort of mapped out in my head. I've also realized I've been using the Canadian spelling for words so don't think i'm an idiot when i type "favourite" or "colour", etc. thats how we spell it here and i'm too used to it to change! Although you are free to think i'm an idiot for other reasons :)

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Chapter 9: Jumping Isn't Dancing
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Chapter 9: Jumping isn’t Dancing

So here I am again back at my front door, not knowing what to expect when I open it. I looked at my watch, it was 8:44pm, they were probably just finishing up getting ready to go to a new year’s party that some old friends of theirs were throwing.

I took out my key, took a deep breath and put on my game face. Then I opened the door with such force that it hit the wall on the other side.

“Paige, watch how hard you open that thing” My dad scolded me as he fastened on his tie in the living room.

I gave him a stone look that immediately told him something was wrong and our eyes moved to my mom who came out of the bathroom. She was to busy concentrating on getting her silver earrings through her ears that she didn’t notice me yet.

“We should be going soon the Smiths are expecting….” she trailed off and stopped when she saw my dad’s curious look and my angry glare.

I took another key out of my pocket and placed it on the counter in front of her and put a piece of paper beside it. Than I stepped back and resumed my glare at her.

“What’s that?” she asked uncertainly.

“Your new vault number and key for Gringotts” I said quietly and briskly.

Dad looked even more confused. Mom went a little pale and looked as if she wanted to start defending herself but I cut her off.

“Sorry you won’t get all the money you had planned on, I only told them to move one third of my trust fund to another account.”

At the words trust fund I held up my fingers and made an exaggerated quotation gesture. I studied her face at the same time, it wasn’t a face of someone who had no idea what was going on, it was the face of someone who knew they had been caught. My stomach sank a little; I hadn’t known a part of me had been hoping this was all one big mistake.

“Don’t be too disappointed, that amount of money still makes you a very rich lady.” I spat as bitterly as I could.

Dad walked over to me and put a hand on my shoulder. “Honey what exactly is going on?”

Right there in front of her I explained what Malfoy had told me and my mother stood in the background with her back turned, silent.

“So I went to Gringotts after” I said after I told him about the alley “and I told them who I was and they accommodated me after I gave them sufficient proof, I was lucky they hadn’t sent out my key and vault number yet.”

I looked at my mother again, still silent.

“Anyways, mother be sure to tell the rest of your family that they aren’t poor either, I opened another account for them and put another third of my fortune, but only under the condition that they never talk to me again, which coincidently is your condition as well.”

She turned and looked at me. I could see anger, surprise and frustration in her face, and maybe a little guilt as well, but only a little.

“I’ll pack my things” She finally declared. Of course she didn’t even hesitate and grabbed the key and the combination first. Not an apology or anything, she was disappointed that she wasn’t as rich as she had thought she would soon be.

As soon as she left the room I glanced at my Dad, and he looked livid. He glanced over at me and his face softened a bit and he came over and gave me a hug and whispered “Your mother and I are going to have a talk before she goes, and don’t worry I’ll make sure she never comes here again.”

I reached in my other pocket and took out another key and piece of paper.

“I want you to hold onto this until I graduate and become all responsible or something, it’s my inheritance minus two thirds” I told him, holding out my hand.

He reached out and closed my hand “It’s yours now, there is probably enough for you not to worry about how much you spend.”

“I’ll try to be sensible about it” I promised him.

He chuckled and reached out and ruffled my hair “That’s going to be tough for you” he teased and added “but if you want to splurge and buy me a few nice things, feel free.”

I gave him the best resemblance of a smile and went to my room. I turned my ACDC record on as loud as possible and lay on my bed, and somehow instantly fell asleep.


I looked at my watch and stood at a door uncertainly for the second time that night.


Crap. I may be a bit late for Sirius’s little bash.

I had slept for so long and my Dad thought I needed the rest and hadn’t woken me up. When I did wake, I made the tough decision to go, the only way I was going to forget about this was if I was distracted. Unfortunately I had to rely on directions Sirius owled over instead of apparating since I had never been here before.

I reached out to knock but the door swung open and two girls laughing walked out and down the hall. They barely saw me and I had to move sideways quickly. I poked my head into the doorframe and saw a HUGE crowd of people packed into the room.

They were also all dressed to the nines in what looked like was the hippest clothing they owned. I looked down at myself, jeans and a T-Shirt Amy got me last year. It was what I had been wearing all day and hadn’t bothered to change. For some reason at that moment I actually cared that I looked crappy and tried to smooth the wrinkles in my shirt.

“Today sucks” I said to myself and walked in.

I looked across the room, over all the heads while feeling lucky that I was at least tall. I spotted Amy pretty quickly, she was sitting on a couch talking to Lily. James was sitting on the couch arm while Remus was standing near by. I wanted to walk over to them, I really did but instead I panicked at seeing familiar people and went to find the bathroom.

There was a huge line but as soon as the door opened I pushed through and shut it quickly which sort of droned out the sound of annoyed “heys” from the people I had cut in front of.

I looked in the mirror and saw that I was slightly sweating.

Okay, breathe deep. So what if you just found out your mother is an evil money hungry backstabber? “GET OVER IT!” I furiously thought at myself.

I don’t know how long I was in there; I amused myself with looking through cupboards and washing my face every 30 seconds. While sitting on the bathtub’s edge, I was startled by a fist banging on the door.

“Hey other people at this party are waiting to use this place!” an angry voice called on the other side that I recognized.

I opened the door and Sirius was standing there, looking very pissed off. His face changed to surprise when he saw it was me.

“Well I’m here” I announced.

“Merlin Paige, where’ve you been?” He asked worriedly while reaching out and moving me out of the door frame as people pushed to get in the bathroom.

I gave him the best sly smile I could and answered “Nowhere special.”

He relaxed a little and we started over to where I knew the others were but the song playing changed and there was a chorus of “OH MY GOD, I LOVE THIS SONG” from dozens of people and suddenly we were in the middle of a crazy dance fest. I wondered how the heck we were supposed to get through this and looked at Black for answers.

Sirius held out his hand “Need a guide?” he asked.

I laughed and put mine into his and he began weaving us through the crowd, which was quite difficult because of the crazy dance moves and the crazy girls trying to get him to dance to this crazy song with them.

Suddenly I stopped and let go of his hand. My hand instantly felt the air and I found myself missing its partner. But that didn’t matter now.

When he realized I wasn’t attached to him anymore Sirius stopped and made his way back to me, who was standing doing nothing. The song picked up its beat. I started spinning around and then did a combination of jumping while spinning in a circle.

“What the hell are you doing?” He seemed pretty dismayed by my actions.

“Dancing, I think” I answered him, not stopping my movement, which was very tiresome.

“Looks more like jumping” he commented.

I continued spinning but alternated jumping on one foot at a time.

“That’s still jumping”

“For your information jumping is a form of dancing”

“No jumping is just jumping”

My comeback was to continue what I was doing. After awhile I stopped stop spinning and I concentrated on my feet while trying to attempt some sort of jig.

“May I question as to why you trying to dance?”

“I’m blending”

“By dancing very badly?”

“Do you see anyone else with pop star moves?”

“Good point.”

I gave up on my little jig and went back to jump spinning this but this time I tried waving my arms to the music. I was wearing myself out soon but I didn’t want to stop. After a bit, unexpected hands grabbed mine and Sirius twirled me around and then held me in place.

He put his hands on my shoulders to steady my heavy breathing and told me with a stern voice “Enough you’re going to faint if you keep it up” and started to lead me back.

“NO” I practically screamed and ripped my hand away. He looked at me alarmed.

And then there they were. Those damn tears I had been holding back all day, and it wasn’t just a few, billions of water droplets shot down my face. I wanted to stop them, wipe them away but instead I just stood, slightly swaying in my spot and closed my eyes. The countdown for the brand new year started up.

10, 9…..

I heard a familiar voice call my name and a new hand began guiding me. This hand was taking me away from the other side and towards the door. I liked this hand.

2, 1…. “HAPPY NEW YEAR!” everyone around me yelled happily.

I felt myself being lead into the hall and the front door closing, shutting in the noises and keeping the people away. I nervously opened my eyes to see the only person I wanted to see standing there, my best friend Amy.

“I’m glad its you” I told her and she wrapped me in a huge hug. I sobbed in her shoulder while spewing out sentences that made no sense.

“She didn’t come for me, she came for herself, I’m part of them now, I have what they want and I don’t know if I want it” I rambled.

I was sure she couldn’t understand but she didn’t ask me to explain. Instead she let go of me and gave me her sweater to wipe my face.

“New plan, we’re ditching this party and ordering pizza at my home, you know my mum will be pissed to find empty muggle pizza boxes all over the mansion tomorrow morning” she whispered mischievously.

I let out something that could be interpreted as a laugh from her sweater that my face was still nestled in.

“Okay” I whispered in reply

I handed her a sweater and she grabbed my hand again, we were about to apparate but I felt the need to speak.

“You know I’m rich now” I informed her. I let it sink in. I had money, no more feeling guilty when Dad had to change all that hard earned cash into galleons he couldn’t use or having to let Amy buy me things to get buy at school. Never again did I have to give up buying something so wonderful just so I could afford second hand books.

“You have quite a story to tell me don’t you?” She asked me and I nodded.

We counted to three and apparated at the same time leaving a loud *crack* in the hallway.


Author: So sorry, I wanted to get this out sooner but I was so busy for the last little while. I’m definitely wary with this chapter and its kind of low on the humour front, but I mostly happy with it and hope you found it readable.

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Chapter 10: Fiery Redheads Solve Everything
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Chapter 10: Fiery Redheads Solve Everything

I woke to the sound of screeching in the hallway


I put the blankets over my mouth to keep from laughing, looks like we succeeded in ticking off Mrs. Davidson.

A few minutes later I heard a door slam and Amy casually strolled into the guest room.

“Good sleep?” She asked with a hint of a smile.

“Yes, it was very peaceful” I replied.

She sat at the edge of my bed “Better get up and get dressed, she’ll only be gone for around an hour and we should be gone by then.” She told me and tried to pull back the covers but I resisted and pulled them over my head.

“Noooooooo, bed is safe and nice and not humiliating” I whined.

“You have nothing to be ashamed over, it was just a moment of weakness, we all have them.” Amy comfortingly told me.

“Oh god I just remembered, the midnight thing” I groaned as a realization dawned on me.

“What midnight thing?”

“You and Remus, the whole kiss at the stroke of midnight thing, I completely ruined it” I said as I poked my eyes out from under the blankets to see her reaction.

She sat still for a before replying “If it wasn’t for you, he wouldn’t even know I existed”

As we sat a silence she took the opportunity to grab the covers and ran out of the room.

“HEY” I called after her “What if I had decided to sleep in my birthday suit and one of you billions of servants saw me?”

“You’re the rich girl now” she called back “They can sue you instead of me for blinding them.”

I laid back against my pillows (fully clothed) and felt glad that she wasn’t walking on eggshells around me. After telling her what happened I didn’t feel like a pity party.

“Your dad sent an owl over, he wants you to come home as soon as you can” Amy told me as she walked back in the room. I’d sent an owl to him to tell him where I was. I looked mournfully at me bandaged finger, the Davidson family owl didn’t take too kindly to being woken up so late.

I went to collect my things and smelled waffles. They were extremely mouth watering.

“Now that I have the moolah, I’m going to have to get me one of these cooks”

“Are you going to tell them?” She asked.

I kept my back turned. My hope that we were going to forget all this was dashed.

“No” I answered her, keeping my back turned.

“You’ll come around.”

She sounded so sure of herself and I didn’t feel like picking a fight right now so I didn’t reply.


“You are being stupid” Amy point blank told me as we settled into our compartment all the way at the end of the train.

We hadn’t seen each other since New Year’s Day, she being grounded and I was spending time with my Dad. When we finally met on the train she was disappointed to learn I hadn’t changed my mind about sharing what had happened.

I ignored her and locked the door. I may be comfortable around her after the whole mother incident but I didn’t feel like dealing with my other friends.

“You have to see them sometime, they are your friends, tell them what happened, they’re understand and we can try to go back to normal.” She tried to reason. I don’t know why though, I have a history of not responding well to reason and commonsense.

“How about we just constantly avoid them until they give up or forget about us and then it can be me and you, just like old times” I suggested.

She made a face “Now you’re just being selfish, I don’t want to avoid them, and with the exception of staying holed up back here, I don’t plan on it.”

“Fine, leave me all alone and go hang with you super cool friends and be normal” I said dramatically and flopped down on the seat, lay on my back and closed my eyes.

After a short time, I heard her get up and unlock the door but instead of protesting I just made an annoyed groan before continuing my impression of a Shakespearean corpse.

Minutes of silence droned by and I was beginning to doze off when the sound I was dreading came, the door sliding open and the shuffle of people entering.

“I’m having déjà vu” male voice said.

“Is she okay?” asked girl voice.

“If we’re talking mentally, definitely not” Amy said bitterly.

“I think she meant emotionally” another male voice said.

I could almost feel my best friend scowling “I know, I just wanted to get the fact that she is behaving like a crazy out there.”

“I’m okay, I’m rich and the rich never have problems” I sarcastically spoke, breaking my brief internal vow of not speaking. I finally opened my eyes to see Lily, James, Sirius, Remus and Peter all squeezed into the compartment. They all had the look on their face, concern with a hint of unsure on how to act. I made a point of counting the number of people and the amount of seating room.

“Looks like seven’s a crowd” I noted when I finished and got up to leave.

No sooner then I stepped outside, I heard the words “Locomotor Mortis” and I fell over as my legs were binded. I sat up and glared at the only person with their wand out, my oldest and truest friend.

“Now you bonehead, are you going to grow up and-“but she didn’t finish because in a flash I had my wand out and said “Engorgio”

As soon as I uttered the words she was ready and yelled “RICTUSEMPRA” I hit her first, the left ear and it began to swell in size. But her spell had its effect also and I began laughing uncontrollably. Soon tears slid down my face and I was rolling around shrieking manically from laughter.

“I hope you don’t break a rib” Amy spat as she finally managed to stop her left ear from growing but it had already reached the size of a grapefruit.

“Did you ever think it’s not the spell and you just look really hilarious?” I giggled, failing at sounding as menacing as I could.

“ENOUGH, FINITE INCANTATUM” yelled Lily and I stopped laughing as my legs separated from their bind. Remus turned to Amy and said “Reducio” and her ear began to shrink again. She smiled at him gratefully.

We looked at Lily, whose eyes were looking particularly fiery. “Amy, its Paige’s decision whether or not she tells us what happened” I smirked at Amy as Lily lectured her but then she turned her attention to me “And Paige, we are your friends, you can’t just ditch us without a good reason, and no, embarrassment isn’t a good reason. So what, you got upset and cried, we all do it doesn’t mean you are weak or girly.”

Wow. I noticed James was looking at her dreamily. I suddenly understood why he thought her anger was attractive. If I were boy or swung the other way, I think red heads would be my type. We all sat uncomfortably for a little longer, Amy and I each refusing to look at each other.

“I’d just like to point out, not all of us in the compartment cry when we are upset” Sirius said, breaking to the tension.

James coughed “ahem Julie Fellows.”

“I was 10, and it wasn’t crying, I had something in my eye and that was supposed to remain a secret under penalty of death” exclaimed Sirius and he tackled his friend to the ground.

My eyes locked with Amy and we shared a grin

“I can’t believe you called me bonehead” I told her with a smile. Just like that, all was right again in our strange friendship.

“Are you going to tell us what was wrong?” asked the always quiet Peter.

I turned to him and took a deep breath “Let’s just say I briefly left and rejoined the My-Mother-Sucks club over the break” I disclosed.

“Welcome back” Sirius sympathized.

“Yah, we have buttons now” Amy told me.


The adjustments to classes were much less difficult then it had been after the summer break. Soon it was February and the Hogwarts student’s conversations changed from missing being on holidays to excitement about Valentines Day and who they would go with to hogsmeade.

I received one letter from my mother. I wasn’t going to get any hopes up our dragged back in so I instantly tossed it out. No more came after that. I guess the Fraydons took the threat of me cutting them off if they contacted me seriously, so I happily heard nothing from them. Malfoy however didn’t feel the same way about forgetting the holidays as me and Amy insisted I was with at least one person at all times. Meanwhile, schoolwork was piling up.

With Lily now by our side we had someone to finally help us with our home work who actually knew what they were talking about. Of course that came with the added pressure she put on us about studying for our N.E.W.T.S exams.

“This is vital for our post Hogwarts career” she lectured. “This is what helps us achieve our dreams of the future” I suddenly felt like we were in transfiguration listening to McGonagall.

“Dreams shmeems” Amy moaned with her head resting on a pile of books.

“I think Amy and I will just be rich snobby trophy wives” I joked.

“This money is starting to go to your head” Remus remarked teasingly.

“You’re just mad because I got it after I bought your Christmas present” I teased back and started packing up my books.

“As much fun as I’m having, I need a break and this stuff isn’t due until next week, see you guys later”

As I walked away, I checked to see if the librarian was occupied before calling over my shoulder “And Lils, make sure you don’t leave them alone or they’ll start macking all over each other in a disgusting manner of PDA.”

I almost laughed out loud at their embarrassed faces as I strolled out of the library. Remus had gotten the courage to ask her to the V-day hogsmeade trip and I used every opportunity to make them turn pink about it. Hey, I never said I was the perfect friend.

I walked through the halls feeling slightly joyful, I knew for a fact the Lily was also thinking about saying yes to a certain stalker of hers when he asked.

I forgot about Amy’s buddy rule as I walked down the empty corridors. Sure enough, when I was least expecting it, everyone’s favourite blond and his little gang stepped in my path. My smile faded, only a little though because I caught site of red marks on Malfoy’s face. What was left of the boils was my guess.

“Well Barbie, I see you’re taking advantage of this lovely day to go for a walk, I won’t bother you” I told him sweetly. 98% of my brain told me this wasn’t going to work but I’m a bit of a risk taker, so I had to try. Plus, Barbie, this was my A-material.

“I’ve been waiting to get you alone” he seethed. I wonder if he was above hexing girls. I doubt it.

“Her answer’s final, she doesn’t want to go to hogsmeade with you.”

Sirius suddenly appeared at my side and I breathed a sigh of relief.

Malfoy looked like he might retaliate, but the voices of two teachers in conversation came from the corner. He glared at us as they came our way and he and his followers slinked in the opposite direction.

“I think that boy may not like you” Sirius concluded as he watched them go.

“And usually I’m so popular with everyone” I sighed.

And there was that bark laugh that I was growing used to. “Yes, envied by all for your many talents” he remarked.

“Exactly” I agreed. “Adored for being……..err…adorable.”

He looked at me strangely.

“What is it?” I worriedly asked, I didn’t recognize this look.

“You are adorable”

And then he leaned his head towards me

And the most desired lips of every girl in school

Were aiming straight for mine


Author’s Note: I think I better start the next chapter soon.

p.s I heart my awesome reviewers, so please don’t be mad at the cliff ending :)

Chapter 11: You always physically hurt the ones who love you and other annoying people too
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Chapter 11: You always physically hurt the ones who love you and other annoying people too

This was not supposed to be this way. I get back from vacation and slowly everything goes back to normal and I’m enjoying Hogwarts, friends and generally life. But now everything is all backwards and messed up and someone who I thought was a friend just might not think of me the same way.

And now here I am pacing back and forth.

I am feeling troubled, conflicted, and confused. What I need now is an understanding and trusting friend to talk to.

“Merlin you are annoying Paige.”

There she is. The one and only.

“I can’t believe you said that in the library with him there, granted you’ve been sending coy remarks ever since he asked me out, but that was thoroughly embarrassing for both of us.”

Amy had just walked into our dorm room, busy fiddling with a loose thread on her robe so she didn’t notice my incessant pacing. When she did she stopped talking and moving, then sort of watched me for a little while. I guess it was kind of interesting to watch.

First I was going back and forth and then around in circles. Finally I would walk, stop, think, make a strange gesture, throw my hands in the air and walk more again.

“Aren’t you going to ask me why I’m freak pacing?” I finally asked.

“I prefer observing” she told me.

Lily came in the door next with a pile of books. When she put them down and caught sight of me, she went and stood next to Amy.

“What is she doing?” she whispered to her. She should be asking me!

“No, that’s what she wants us to ask, I think she might blow up our something, so lets keep watching, but I am pretty curious as to why she has a cut on her cheek” Amy whispered back.

I stopped, raised my hand to the cut and winced at the slight pain. Then I took the longest, deepest breath I have ever taken. Then I took another one, and another one just in case.

“Black, Sirius Black…..he tried to kiss me” I said very slowly.


“On the lips” I added.

“WHAT!” shrieked Amy and all of a sudden she was pushing me to the bed and sitting me down while Lily looked on in shock.

“I knew he liked you, ever since the train in September and then when he watched you at the first supper but after we all started hanging out, then I thought he liked you just as friends but then new years he was really upset when you didn’t come and wouldn’t dance with any of the other girls and I suspected and oh my god you have to tell me exactly what happened, each detail and why did you say tried? Do you mean you stopped it before it happened or just as it happened?”

She said this really fast while still slightly shrieking.

“Say, uhhh….what?” I managed to spit out.

Lily joined us sitting the bed. “Spill, now” she clarified.

I cleared my throat “Well I ran into Malfoy….”

Amy growled “That stupid git I bet…ignore that, keep going”

I began again “And then he came-“

Amy interjected again “OH MY GOD he saved you didn’t he, that is so freaking romantic I can’t believe he saved you.”

“He didn’t save me, some teachers came and they slithered off.”


“Anyway, and then they left and then we were joking and all of a sudden I’m adorable and then he’s leaning.”

Leaning” repeated Amy “Oh leaning is good, did he kiss you, what happened?”

I blushed really red “Well I sorta…well”

“What?” they both intently leaned forward.

I sighed “I flinched.”

“Flinched” repeated Lily.

“FLINCHED” shrieked Amy.

“And then” Lily prodded me to go on.

“Well then he went kinda pink and I was sure I was red as an apple and then he said sorry really fast and looked all worried and then I made a weird noise with my throat I think I was trying to say its okay but it came out Guh and then I backed up hit the wall and then he asked if I was okay and I blinked a couple of times and walked away, kinda speed walked actually.”

They were looking at me in a really weird way.

I fell down and buried my head in my pillow “I can’t believe that happened, I had no clue he liked me”

“Do you like him?” Lily asked quietly.

I lifted my head. “I didn’t think so but know I’m all confused, I think he just threw me for the loop.”

“Maybe you need some time to sort it all out, what happened after you left, did you come straight here?” Lily asked me kindly.

“Oh crap I have my third detention ever tonight.” I groaned pushing my head further into the pillow.

I looked up again at more curious stares. I felt I better explain the second half of my story.

“While I was speed walking I crashed into Kimberly and she thought I was starting a fight and long story short we both have detention for the hogsmeade trip on the 14th.”

“So she cut your cheek” Amy confirmed.

“With her abnormally sharp fingernails” I complained. Then I smiled blissfully remembering her eye, which should be a nice shade of purple in the morning.

“So what are you going to do?”

“Huh, about what?” I asked snapping out of my haze.

Amy rolled her eyes exasperatedly “Are you going to confront Sirius about this and his feelings?”

“Uh I don’t do well with confrontation” I stammered. Talking about this with Black was the last thing I wanted to do.

“What are you talking about? Like 5 seconds after that happened you had a confrontation with Kimberly!” She exclaimed, she was border lining shrieking again.

“That wasn’t a confrontation” I explained “That was a slight misunderstanding leading to physical violence.”

I wondered if she was going to strangle me out of pure annoyance.

“It’s late and you are impossible and I’m going to bed” Amy sighed and got up from my bed.


Now I am sitting here in class, silently frustrated.

I skipped breakfast, I waited until I was sure everyone left the common room and headed to my first class with my stomach rumbling. Amy joined me with only a slight scowl and said nothing about yesterday was mentioned during the meal but there was an awkward silence that signified everyone in our group knew what happened.

And then THEY (The inseparable duo) HAD THE GULL to come to class late. Guess which were the only seats available? The ones right in front of us. I fortunately had my head down almost the entire time concentrating on my quill. Which is quite worn out, I’ll need a new one. Damn! That’s another thing I could have done on that hogsmeade trip, this boy has totally thrown my life out of wack!

I wrote all this to Amy in a note and she just rolled her eyes again. I hope they get stuck back there next time. I wished Lily was sitting here, she would say something that made total sense and class would have been bearable. Instead I was stuck with Miss Revolving pupils.

“Hey Prongs, got any extra parchment?” he asks his friend. Damn him and those dumb nicknames and his stupid parchment that he didn’t bring because he is so irresponsible.

So now I was angrily staring at the back of his stupid head. Which is probably really big because of his giant ego, and his many hair products. I know I’m being petty again.

Anyways I was getting angrier and angrier at the back of his head for reasons I didn’t even know anymore when somehow in a jerking motion I whipped my quill at his head.

The “Ouch” and hand immediately touching the spot where I hit confirmed that he felt it.

Before Sirius turned around I snatched Amy’s quill and hastily began writing while watching out of the corner of my eye.

She looked rather surprised at first but then gave Sirus a “Whoopsie” smile. “Sorry, I uh lost control of my quill” She told him kind of unconvincingly. Oh well, she went out to bat for me and I appreciate it. I waited for him to answer.

“It’s okay.”

IT’S OKAY! What kind of answer is that?

Alright I’ll admit I’m grasping at straws.

Amy passed me a note and I thought she finally she was offering me some support.

It read: you always hurt the ones you love and at the end there was a big happy smiley face. HA! Shows how much she knows, I’ve inflicted pain on many people (Kimberly), some that like me and some that don’t like me (Kimberly) and I don’t love any of them.

Especially Sirius Black. So there, I win for now. I spent the rest of class actually trying to do my work and disregarded everyone. It was pretty tough with Amy poking me constantly.

Finally class ended and it was time for Ancient Runes.

I don’t think I’ve ever gone to a class so fast but I was the first one there. Sigh good old Runes, free of everyone and I could just-

“Hey Paige”

Crap, I forgot Remus had this class too. I decided that it would be best if I didn’t say anything at all and pretended he wasn’t there. In other words, ignore him. It proved to be difficult with him right next to me constantly repeating my name and telling me to stop ignoring him. Why can’t people let me be? Where was the professor anyway?

I got my answer when Dumbledore himself walked into the room.

“I’m sorry but your professor has fallen ill, and because of short notice your class has been cancelled, please take this time for some recreational activity.”

I picked up my books and rushed out of the room. I made it to the Gryffindor common room and breathed a sigh a relief. Then I heard the portrait door open and yelped when I saw who it was. I tried to run to the girl’s dorm but Lupin’s hand caught my arm.

“Not so fast” he told me light-heartedly.

“You want to know how loud I can scream or how hard I can bite” I threatened him.

When I said the word bite he flinched a little, but it didn’t seem to be in fear of me, the mere mention of the word seemed to bother him. For some reason I suddenly felt bad and I stopped trying to get away.

“Alright I’m here, what do you want?” I asked exasperatedly.

He let go of my arm. “To talk” he put it simply.

“About what?” I asked, slightly hoping it had something to do with Quidditch or Potions or maybe Amy.

He narrowed his eyes at me “About one of my best friends.”


We heard the sound of a portrait door opening and some other students came in and settled themselves on the sofa.

“Does it have to be here?” I whined

He sighed “Alright, get your coat, hat, mitts and whatever and meet me back here, nobody will disturb us outside.”

I groaned but he did that scary eye narrowing thing again.

“Fine” I said, and feeling completely defeated I made my way upstairs to get my stuff.


Authors note: awww she flinched and she hit him with a quill. Poor Sirius is not feeling the love in this chapter. Anyways I’m glad I got this out before my trip, I won't be gone for very long and hopefully I will be able to start chapter 11 right away when i get back.

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here is a quick summary: (may change)

~~Delia Moore has quite a few problems, her frustrating family, her newly friendless existence, her goalless future and of course her hopeless and life consuming crush on a werewolf classmate of hers. Equipped with an unshakable and annoying sidekick in her 7th year, things finally begin to start looking up for Delia as she attempts to vent out how she really feels about life in a common teenager way.~~

whew, there it is, the common teenager way is a journal for anyone who might wonder, the whole story won't be journal formatted though. Like Paige she is slightly sarcastic like, but she will be less crazy and more shy. Plus she'll have a big family and obviously won't be interested in Sirius like Paige possibly might be (tee hee I love to tease you guys). After my trip i'll try and finish the first chapter and get it out

Chapter 12: Winter fun and frozen treats
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Chapter 12: Winter fun and frozen treats

As soon as the doors opened we were hit with a huge gust of icy cold air.

“You are so mean” I informed Remus as I crossed my arms, shivering to keep warm out in the cold. It hadn’t looked that cold out but I think the universe is plotting against me.

He didn’t answer and we kept walking along quietly, me grumbling as my shoes became soaking wet from the snow.

“Are we going to have a conversation or what?” I grumbled.

“Sooooo, Sirius tried to kiss you and you rejected him” he started. Well that was right to the point.

“Not rejected” I told him abruptly “just recoiled a little, and I know that sounds rude but I don’t mean it that way.”

He raised his eyebrows questionably. “Did you recoil a little out of surprise or did you just really not want to kiss him?” he asked.

“That’s a hard question” I answered honestly. I knew I couldn’t answer it with explaining something long and complicated that in the end he wouldn’t understand.

Out of mental frustration I dropped to my knees and flopped on my back down in the snow. This was a mistake because the snow was wet and cold and I didn’t have a hat on. I could already feel it in my ears but I was now too lazy to get back up. He stood over me, looking down as if I was crazy.

“What are you doing?”

“Making a snow angel”

“You’re not moving”

“It’s a dead snow angel”

“That’s pretty morbid”

“I’m going through a dark phase”

My face grew colder as snow was kicked in my face. I spluttered and wiped it off and fumed at the smile he had on his face.

“You’re being immature about the situation, you can’t avoid this, or him forever” he informed me. Like kicking snow at me was mature.

I sat up and glared at him “Stop talking about it or I’ll tell Amy not to like you.” I threatened. He gave me a “yeah-right” smile.

He reached out his hand and I took it “Do you really thing you have the much pull over her?” he asked while helping me to my feet.

I made a face at him but he was right. “Probably not, you can’t just tell a girl to stop liking a guy they’ve like for years,” I said absentmindedly as we dusted snow off me.

Suddenly his hand stopped dusting and there was silence.

“Years, she’s liked me for years?” he asked quietly in a voice that said he didn’t really believe it.

I realized what I had just said and panicked. “OH MY GOD! “ I yelled and smacked myself in the head. I had just given away my best friend’s biggest secret. “Don’t tell her; oh please don’t tell her you know” I begged him. Oh god I was the worst best friend in the history of best friends.

He didn’t give me the confirmation I needed; instead he looked off in a different direction. I followed his gaze and to my horror I could see people in the distance and I remembered that Amy had Care of Magical Creatures class right at this moment.

I saw the strange looked in his eyes; he was planning on confronting Amy! I couldn’t let him embarrass her; especially if it was my fault. The least I could do was tell her first and beg her to forgive me.

After that quick decision I acted fast, before he could move I scooped up some snow and threw it in his face. “Wha, ah Paige what are you doing?” he shouted, a little miffed and disoriented.

“Protecting my friend you creep!” I cried out as bravely as I could and tackled him to the ground, and then I leapt up and made my way over to her class by running as fast as I could. I was exhausted after 20 seconds.

This is why muggle’s have gym class so when they need to run a short distance they don’t feel like collapsing like us wizards do.

As I got near I started screaming “AMY AMY AMY.” Everyone’s heads turned towards me but I didn’t see her among their faces. I quickly looked behind me and I saw Remus had recovered and was running at a fast pace to catch up. How the hell was he running so fast? The most strenuous activity I’ve ever seen him do was carry a large load of books.

When I turned my head back around “SMACK” I ran into a person and accidentally took them out and landed on right on top of them. “Sorry!” I said quickly and saw that just my luck, the person I had tackled was Sirius. “YOU” I shouted in surprised. “WHAT” he shouted back at me in a bewildered voice.

“Paige, what the hell are you doing?” I looked up and Amy was standing in front of us, staring at me very confused.

“Amy, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to say and but it just came out I know I’m the worst friend ever and you’ll probably never forgive me but it was an accident” I rambled manically at her. I was quite hysterical really, close to tears.

She looked like she was going to ask what the hell I was talking about next but Remus arrived. He bent over and put his hands on his knees as he tried to catch his breath.

“Paige, are you insane?” he shouted at me when he caught his breath. The entire class was staring at in amazement. Amy looked between us and suddenly got a look on her face that made her figure out what I was apologizing for. For a second she looked like she was going to throw up but at that moment Remus caught his breath, walked calmly right up to Amy and kissed her. It wasn’t a soft sweet kiss, he grabbed her by the arms and did a movie style passionate kiss. Most of the girls watching looked on a little wistfully. Amy reacted a little surprised at first but she kissed him right back, both ignoring the dozens of stares. I watched them with my jaw open. Then I realized some of the stares were being directed at me and I looked down a remembered I was still on top of Black. He was also watching them with his jaw open but when he realized I was looking at him, his eyes turned to look at me. We both went red and I stood up quickly.

“Well now that that’s settled I best be on my way” I announced and walked out of the circle of students and made my way to the castle.


“I can’t believe you tried to stop him” Amy told me later in the girl’s dorm, her face still flushed, proving she was too happy to be seriously mad.

“I thought he was going to humiliate you in front of everyone! You should be thanking me” I defended myself.

“Since when has Remus ever strike you as the type of guy who would do that?” Lily asked me with her eyebrows raised.

“Ummm good point, but Amy you did look panicked for a second.”

“Only a second” she sighed dreamily. “I’m so glad we skipped the steps leading up to kissing so we can just snog whenever now.”

“Glad I won’t be there for Valentines day.” I commented.

Suddenly Amy stood up and began gliding around the room, humming lightly. She had been randomly doing that for the past hour. When she finished she turned and gave us a big grin.

“One of us down, two more to go” she sang and ducked to avoid the pillows we threw.


“Thanks to you I had to turn down plenty of hogsmeade offers to wash these stupid suits of Armour” Kimberly whined at me.

It was February the fourteenth and while love was in the air, Kimberly and I were serving our detention. I personally think it was stupid of them to leave us alone when the sole reason for our punishment was that we couldn’t stop hitting each other.

I was still avoiding Sirius like the plague; Amy was still trying to play matchmaker, only succeeding with James and Lily getting closer and Remus and Amy were still going strong. It was weird to see them walk down the halls hand in hand. Now they were all off on some triple date at hogsmeade. Amy informed me Sirius was bringing someone and as soon as she said it she looked for jealousy in my face. She was disappointed not to find any because first of all I DO NOT like him in that way and second, I know he doesn’t give two cents about whoever he’s taking. Not that I’m happy that he doesn’t care because I care because I totally don’t. Confusing I know. The girls of Hogwarts are extremely hopeful that he has started dating again after a few months absence and even though it is winter some of them are wearing the thinnest of clothing around him. More proof that liking Black is bad; it makes you freeze your butt off for a little attention.

I ignored Kimberly for the rest of our punishment; I was getting sick of detentions and was working very hard at restraining myself from attacking her. That didn’t stop her from blabbing on but after awhile I managed to tune it out.

“I mean this year you think you are so hot just because for some reason the marauders like your friends, they probably think of you as one of the guys you know, that’s why none of them like you” she rambled.

Alright maybe I didn’t quite manage to tune her out.

“Kimmy, shut it” I snapped and finished off my last knight. I smiled at her; she still had four more to do. I was out of there before she could make another whiney comment.

With everyone gone I couldn’t think of much to do but finish my potions homework in the common room. I was concentrating on a particular tricky question, okay okay I mean a particular drawing of our potions master when an ice cream cone stacked with chocolate scoops was suddenly thrust into my vision. I vowed to love whoever was holding onto it but I jumped when I saw it was Sirius.

Without a word I grabbed my books and tried to make a getaway, which was tough because my eyes were still on the ice cream. I had been avoiding familiar haunts of the marauders and the kitchens had been one of them.

He cocked his head and gave me a small grin. “You are free to leave but the ice cream stays here.”

Damn he’s a crafty one. And by crafty I mean completely evil.

“So this is like blackmail?” I tried to ask in an indifferent voice but my eyes kept darting to those soft creamy looking scoops of chocolate.

“Try bribery, I have to get you to stay in the same room as me besides classes some how, now just sit and listen to what I have to say” he ordered me.

I was struggling hard, awkward confrontation or icecreamless existence? In the end I decided to comply. I sat back down.

“Okay you win, but ice cream first”

He laughed “I can’t believe that actually worked, only you could be bribed by frozen treats in the middle of winter”

I smiled despite myself.


Authors note: tee hee Remus & Amy finally together now.

Ha-ha and Sirius really knows how to keep Paige’s attention. That’s something Paige and I have in common, we can’t resist ice cream.

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Chapter 13: Ur-ine Pain
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Chapter 13: Ur-ine Pain

“I don’t know if you have noticed but I like you, or as some younger students like to say, I like like you” He started off.

I cringed, I know he was trying to make it funny but it was still way too awkward.

“Anyways” he continued “I know it was kind of stupid of me to take another girl to hogsmeade when I like you. Maybe I wanted a reaction, I don’t really know but Amy informed me that you didn’t have one and I can be okay with that”

I began licking my ice cream and nodded to avoid saying anything.

“Are you going to say anything, it might make this a little easier”

I opened my mouth, but nothing was coming out. I had no idea what to say to him. We heard the sound of the portrait door opening and Amy’s laughter filled the room. Our friends entered and all of them stopped short when they saw Sirius and I were in close range of each other.

“Well thanks for the ice cream” I said brightly and tore my way out of there, pushing past everyone and glaring at them as if daring them to try and follow me. As the portrait door closed behind me I sighed. “You are such a bitch” I said to myself.

“Yeah, you just might be”

Damn him, he followed me out.

“We weren’t finished”

Now how can I get away from him while using a logical explanation.

Wait a tick, I’m Paige Springer, since when do I need logic? “What’s that?” I exclaimed pointing behind him and the git actually fell for it! I tore off running and managed to jump onto a moving staircase, giving me significant headway as he waited for the next one to come along.

As I ran through the corridors I frantically looked for a place to hide, it was way after hours and practically every door was locked. Finally I stopped in my tracks as I found the right door. He’ll never think to look for me in here.

I hurried into the boys bathroom and looked around, urinals, stalls, and sinks. Stalls would be my best but I doubted he’d think I would hide here anyway. I crouched on the toilet. Okay now what do I do?

5 minutes went by,

5 more,

Soon I’d been in there for about half an hour. Just when I thought I was in the clear I heard the door open. Every muscle tensed as I listened to the foot steps cautiously walk in and I finally relaxed when I heard the door close again. I had had enough of this stall and its slight odour that seemed to be getting stronger. I leapt out triumphantly but my face fell when I saw Sirius leaning on the wall by the door, arms crossed and a big grin on his face.

“Hello Paige, good hiding spot”

“Obviously not”

He began walking towards me “Why don’t you like me the way I like you?” he asked, but not pleadingly, the confident grin was still there. It seemed as if he knew something that I didn’t.

“Uhh I like you more as a friend” I stuttered, it sounded like a flimsy excuse. He took another step towards me and I stepped back as my that object in my chest started doing this annoying thing where it beat too much.

He shook his head “No, I think that you actually do like me, but its so out of the norm for you that you’re repressing your feelings”

I managed to laugh a little while taking another step back the wall was getting closer. “Well that’s a bit far fetched, maybe you can’t handle that for once, a girl doesn’t feel the same way”

He cleared his throat “If you wanted to stay friends, than why avoid me constantly and get freaked out when I’m around instead of just telling me right of the bat that nothing was going to happen?”

I gulped, was he always this….sly? My hand reached behind me to steady myself on what I thought was a sink. Unfortunately it was a urinal behind me and when I reached, my hand went lower then I expected and I ended up falling. And hitting my head very hard. I groaned when I realized that suddenly there were two Sirius Blacks in front of me.

“Paige are you alright?” he attitude went from smug to concern. I reached to touch my head where it hurt and winced at the size of the bump I felt.

“Sirius look what you made me do!” I exclaimed after taking the situation in.

“What? You fell on your own!”

“That’s cause you were cornering me and talking crazy”

After my remark I stood up and began stomping away. He followed me silently and thankfully knew that it wasn’t the time for a chat. When we reached the common room, five heads anxiously turned toward us, hopeful expressions on their faces. We just stood there for a bit.

“Sooooo” Amy pestered “How’d it go?”

I glared at her “I hit my head off a urinal” and with that I had my somewhat logical explanation to leave and go to my room, which I did.


“It hurts every time I touch it” I whined the next morning.

“Than don’t touch it” Lily rationalized

“I can’t not touch it, its like telling a five year old not to pick his scab, cause he’s gonna pick it no matter what”

Amy threw a pillow at me “First of all, for the record, EWW, and second of all you do realize you just compared yourself to a five year old, which coincidently is how you’re acting”

“You used to be like me” I faked scowled

She laughed “Well now I have a mature boyfriend and a rational head girl as a friend”

“Oh yeah” I challenged “Well what if I were to tell you they were seeing each other behind your back” They both rolled their eyes at me.

“ITS TRUE” I yelled dramatically as I swung open the door and ran downstairs “LILY EVANS IS A WHORE” I screamed. When I reached the bottom a very shocked Remus and James were standing in the middle of the room. I narrowed my eyes at Remus, causing him to look more alarmed “How could you?” I accused viciously and jogged back upstairs.

The three of us made our way down a few minutes later and the boys were still waiting. I gave them a friendly smile. “I’m going to have to ask Sirius how hard you hit your head” Remus told me. We began walking to the Great Hall but slowly it divided into the couples walking together and I was somewhere in between. It kind of felt sucky but if this is the Universe’s way of telling me I should be with Sirius then forget it.

Speak of the devil, he has not so subtly strolled up and started walking next to me. I touched my bump and glared at him.

“Still mad about that eh?”



“You’re supposed to go away now”

“Don’t much feel like it”

“OOOOOO look at Paigey and Blackie, squabbling like a real couple” Amy cooed. My icy glare turned to her. “Thought you were mature now” I accused and she laughed.

“I lied”


All week I tried to rid myself of Black but he had developed a new tactic, one that involved him always being around me. In other words, stalking. My friends were no help, they would always tell him where I was no matter how much I…. begged them not to.

“Paige, wait up!”

I immediately sped up when I heard his voice and tried to lose him in the corridors and finally I went down in the dungeons but I could still his calling.

I heard voices and peered around the corner, Malfoy and his troopers were talking about some uninteresting thing but then he turned and said the word “Serpent” and they entered what appeared to be the entrance to the Slytherin common room.


I scampered in behind them just as Sirius came in to view. I gave him a cocky grin and a rude hand gesture as the walls closed and separated us. He looked so confused and defeated, it was actually kind of cute. At that thought I angrily hit my head, hurting my bump. Breathe Paige breathe, just cause you think he’s cute doesn’t mean you like him.

The laughter and chatter began to fade as Malfoy and the others went up to their dorms, thankfully not noticing me. I wandered around absentmindedly taking in the sites. It was very green, and dark and cold. Reading a book and sitting on an armchair by the fire was a first year, he looked up at me alarmed.

“What are you doing here?” he asked in a rather rude tone for an eleven year old. I ignored him and stared fascinated and a grisly painting on the wall.

“I’m going to tell the professor” he threatened

“I wouldn’t if I were you” I told him calmly, my eyes still on the painting “I happen to be very good friends with Amy Davidson” I gave a side glance when I said the last part and felt inner glee as he winced at her name. Looks like the children of all houses feared my best friend.

I walked over an plopped on the sofa and took out my books. “What are you doing” the kid asked me.

“I’ve got like 3 essays all due tomorrow and I haven’t started any of them” I answered clearly as if it was perfectly normal. I took out a roll of parchment and I began to write but had another thought.

“Hey kid, where’s the girls dorm?”

He wordlessly pointed to my right and I went upstairs and entered the room marked 7th years. When I came down his eyes widened in shock, I was wearing some chicks spare Slytherin robes and had a bandana tied around my head, hiding all but a few strands of my hair. I narrowed my eyes at the boy “Just in case, any body else is as nosy as you, now go back to your book” I told him. He sat there gaping at me for a little longer so I decided to ignore him and concentrate on my first essay. Finally some peace and quiet.

People came in and out and barely noticed me, except to raise an eyebrow at my bandana, other then that I was left alone. After a few hours I stretched out my arms, stood up, ruffled the boys hair (he didn’t dare leave the entire time, probably in fear I’d think he was ratting me out). A girl who was now sitting across from us looked at him questioningly as I made my way out, satisfied in my calm afternoon.

“Nice robes” I stopped short at the dungeon steps as Sirius came out of the shadows. Stupid eerie stalker.

Wait, did he wait out here for hours for me? I repeated my question out loud and he smiled. “How else am I going to prove that I’m a good guy, the bandana looks ridiculous by the way”

I tore at off immediately and surprised myself by flushing a little. Thank god it was dark.

“So “ I said, trying to gain some ground in our little war “Do you meet a lot of girls in the dark depths of the dungeons? Or is the Astronomy tower your preferred place?” His immediate guilty look made me think HA!

“Is that why?” he asked, not bothering to be specific but I knew what he meant. He had somehow gotten closer and I began to get nervous

“Kind of” I told him. Dear god I’m a complete liar, I don’t even think his so called reputation came up in my thoughts against dating him. Which is odd because one would think that would be the main reason, wait, what is my reason?

He sighed, interrupting my thoughts and turned and went upstairs. I watched him sadly. We both knew that he wasn’t really that guy anymore. I stood still for awhile and my mind made a decision. I ran up the dungeon steps.

“Sirius” I yelled across the hall.

He turned around “What?” he yelled back.

“Come here” I yelled at him again.

“You want to talk to me, you come here” he yelled back at me again.

I stomped over to him “You are annoying” I said point blank when I got there.

“Is that all you wanted to say?” he asked with a smile.

“Noooooo” I mumbled. He laughed a little

“Well then what.”

I hesitated. “Give me a second I’ve never really down something like this before.”

We stood there for a little bit longer. He took a deep breath “Okay what is this all-“

He was momentarily forced to shut up because I threw my arms around him and planted a kiss. As quickly as my lips touched his, I removed them seconds after and found myself a bit pleased and frightened at his shock stricken face. I tried to remain bold and kept my arms around him to see what he would do.

“-about” he finished. Then he kissed me back. Only this time longer and more fiercely. My mind went blank I couldn’t think of anything to do or say but to stay there in his arms and let him kiss the hell out of me.

Footsteps started coming near us and I suddenly tensed. He sensed this and parted his lips from mine slowly, each of us were breathing heavily. “I knew you liked me” he whispered smugly. I let out a sigh of relief as the sound of footsteps drifted down another corridor instead of coming our way.

“Maybe a little”


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Chapter 14: Paige Holly Springer is not a hopelessly-in-love wimp
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Chapter 14: Paige Holly Springer is not a hopelessly-in-love wimp

I must have stood outside my dorm room for hours. Or 5 minutes but it seemed like I was there a really long time. I knew everyone else was in there because I could hear their chatter as they got ready for bed.

There was a reason I wasn’t going in and that’s because I was afraid that as soon as I entered everyone would know. They would see some sort of sign written all over my face that would say

I, Paige Springer, just snogged Sirius Black for the better part of an hour...and it was damn good!

It still felt a little strange I just remember us trying to get back to the common room before some prefect caught us but every few steps we just resumed snogging. It was a little embarrassing when he had to help me up the stairs because I was so dazed and my damn knees were so damn weak like some damn cliché.

Then….err…..we entered the common room and it happened to be empty and, well the sofa was just there and everything and before we knew it (more like before I knew it), our snog fest turned horizontal. Eventually I managed to get words out and tell him I had to go up to bed and he just smiled and walked me to the stairs, giving me a nice long kiss goodnight. Should of made a run for it but in my defence, he’s bloody gorgeous and incredibly seductive.

Anyways here I was preparing to go in. I bit my lip to hide my smile that wouldn’t go away and shoved open the door.

The girls in the room barely looked up and continued chatting. Amy was already in her bed sleeping and Lily was reading. Lily looked up and said hello but remained completely engrossed in her book. Okay, so maybe I didn’t have to put on a cover after all.


“Paige wake up now, your weird grin is creeping me out” Amy hollered at me.

Any drowsiness I had immediately vanished and I sat up alarmed “I’m not grinning” I protested.

“Whatever” she said rolling her eyes. “Come on I want to eat breakfast with Remus, unless you’re still being an idiot and avoiding Sirius, than you can stay up here and starve”

“I’m coming” I groaned as I felt my stomach growl.

After I was ready and started heading down with Amy I grew nervous. What the hell was going to happen today? Would he kiss me hello? Pretend it never happened? I didn’t exactly know which one I preferred at the moment.

“HELLO, Paigeeeeeeee” Amy called in my ear. “You’re behaving stranger than normal, what’s up?”

“Nothing” I answered inconvincibly and she rolled her eyes again. “Oh I know what this is about”

I looked at curiously, surely she couldn’t know.

“Well fine then, if you’re that insistent you don’t like Sirius I’ll stop telling him where you are at all times and make sure he leaves you alone, but you’re really annoying, I mean so many girls would love to be in your place butttttt nooooo you have to be single.”

“Uhhh” I answered, I wanted to tell her about me and Sirius, I really did but something inside me didn’t want to deal with the I-told-you-so’s just yet and besides I didn’t even know if there was a me and Sirius yet.

We reached the Great Hall and all five of our friends were there already eating. I sat down and made sure not to meet Sirius’s eyes.

“Sirius I need to talk to you” Amy announced to him as soon as we sat down. I went bright red instantly. I couldn’t believe she was going to do this now.

I heard him answer “Alright” and listened them get up and leave.

“What’s that all about?” Peter asked, with his mouth full I might add.

“I have absolutely idea” I answered absentmindedly and stole a glance at the two.

It looked like she was trying to let him down nicely about how I didn’t feel the same way as he did. Unfortunately for her he had a bit of a smile like he knew otherwise. His eyes met mine during the conversation and I gulped and looked down at my oatmeal. They came back a few minutes later and Amy quickly whispered to me “There it’s done, I hope you’re happy”

I ignored her and concentrated on my oatmeal but I could feel his smug grin on me all throughout breakfast.

And through the entire day for that matter. He went through with Amy’s instructions and didn’t follow me anywhere but I could feel his smirk all day in every class we shared and at every meal.

We were all heading to the common room that night when I heard a whisper in my ear “I know you want me” I was very proud of the fact that I didn’t turn around and look at him but at the same time I was ashamed at the blush on my cheeks. I looked over at everyone else but no one seemed to notice what had just taken place.

I rushed up the stairs while everyone said goodnight to each other and hurried to get changed for bed.

Unfortunately when they came up, Amy and Lily had both decided that today was the day to feel bad about forcing Sirius on me and they were trying to make up for it.

“I mean it would be weird if there were three couples in our group” Amy theorized.

“Not to mention that Black isn’t really boyfriend material” Lily added. “I mean when I think about how many girls have talked about their encounters with him, I really think you’re better off”

“Do you really think it’s been a lot of girls, I mean a lot a lot?” I tried to ask casually while masking an emotion that I prayed wasn’t jealously.

“Oh yeah, definitely” Amy agreed. Little did she know this wasn’t making me feel better and long after they went to bed I was still awake.

Wait a second, what the hell was I doing? I’m not a stupid insecure hopelessly in love little girl, I’m Paige Holly Springer. I have hexed Lucius Malfoy, punched Kimberly Roberts and tackled Remus Lupin, I’m not a wimp, I’m a kick ass female that Sirius would be lucky to date the hell out of.

With my sudden burst of energy I threw off my covers and silently made my way out of the room and down to the empty common room. Then I went up the stairs to the boy’s dormitory and entered the 7th year boy’s room. I was met with snores and after tripping over a broom and cursing out loud; I realized I didn’t have to worry about being too quiet when none of them stirred at my noise.

I found Sirius’s bed and poked him in the arm and whispered his name. He gave a low growl that caused me to jump back a little while he remained sleeping. Okay…that was a little disturbing. I took a good look at the sleeping Sirius, who had his mouth opened and his sheets were sprawled all over the place.

Must be a mobile sleeper, not that I…uh….really cared about the sort of information.

He did look quite cute though, which was why I felt kind of bad about picking up a shirt of the floor and whipping him in the face with it.

“Grua wha?” He said sitting up and I shushed him. “What are you doing here?” he asked while rubbing his eyes then his grin appeared on his face “Oh” he whispered mischievously and pulled me onto the bed “I like your PJ’s” he whispered oh-so-sexily. I really don't know why, I was wearing sweatpants and a faded ACDC T-shirt, this boy was possibly mental.

“NO” I hissed “That’s not it”

He gave me a look of mock sadness and I crawled off of him and positioned myself cross legged at a little bit of a distance. He gave me a sheepish smile “Can’t blame a guy for trying” he told me as he sat up and the sheet moved downwards giving me a good look at his bare torso.

I couldn’t help I stared. “Paige, hello????” he whispered while waving a hand in my face.

“Just a sec” I answered, still a little transfixed.

Finally I moved my eyes to his face. “Okay now we can get down to business” I instructed.

He raised an eyebrow suggestively “And what do you want to talk about in my dorm room in the middle of the night while surrounded by three other guys”

I raised an eyebrow just as suggestively and decided to fight back “Well I didn’t know you were into group things but I must admit, the four of you is a very tempting offer”

“OH no no NO” he exclaimed in a loud whisper and put his hands to his face while falling back onto his pillow and I laughed lightly.

“I wanted to talk about…..umm what exactly is hmm” I said trying to start a conversation that I knew was going to be a very awkward one.

He sat up again grinning “You want to know if you’re like all the others, which leads me to believe that you don’t want to be, which makes me know for sure that you really like me”

I glared at him “Shuttup” but we both knew he was completely right.

He moved towards me “From the moment I tried to kiss you the first time I knew for sure I liked you more than other girls, and when you rejected me, I knew it more than ever”

“So you’re saying….” I said trailing off. He leaned in close “I want this, us, to be completely serious”

“Well I think it should be a little Paige too” I couldn’t resist saying.

He gave a slight groan “You think I haven’t heard every single pun that has to do with my name”

I grinned at him and gave him a quick peck on the lips. “Well get used to it, I love puns and I’ll do anything for a chuckle”

He laughed and kissed me back, unfortunately I underestimated his strength and my head flew back and it hit the wall. Right where my bump from the urinal was. And if the thump of my head hitting the wall wasn’t loud enough to wake up the other guys in the room, the extremely loud “BLOODY HELL” that escaped my mouth did.

As I scrambled out of Sirius bed I was met with three very tired but very shocked faces.

We all stood gaping at each other, it was James who spoke first “You, and…him, in bed…his shirt” I looked down at the shirt I was till holding and that’s all it took for me to yell “Bye” and run out of the room. I ran back to my room and threw open the door in haste, and that’s when things got worse, the door slammed shut behind me and like an opposite domino effect, each girl popped up.

They all started grumbling and I heard Amy’s voice distinctively “Paige you stupid freak what the bloody hell is wrong with you?” She climbed out of her bed and glared at me. I tired to resist but my eyes met hers and through the grumbling of the others we were silent and I knew that somehow she was guessing exactly what was going on by my guilty face.


“NO” I screamed “It’s not like that” I tried to explain but her eyes were full of fury. So I did what all good friends would do in this type of situation, I ran away so she wouldn’t be tried for my murder like she surely would be if I did stay.

I made it down the stairs but she jumped on my back and we both went down. We rolled over and she managed to pin me down. A strand of her hair fell in my face and I grabbed it with my mouth and jerked my head to left. She let out a screech and I managed to wiggle free. By now all the 7th year Gryffindors that had been woken up were downstairs watching us with confusion and more shock. As Amy grabbed my ankle again and this time I attempted to fight back arms intercepted and soon James was holding Amy back and Sirius me. After a few minutes of struggle Amy went limp and stopped trying to fight James off and I followed suit.

“You can let us go now” Amy told them in a commanding tone and they complied.

She crawled over to my while taking deep breaths from exhaustion. I was doing the same thing.

“So, you and Sirius?”

“We’re not shagging”

“But you guys are kind of an item now aren’t you?”


“How long?”


“Well, I told you so”

“I know”




“I can’t believe we just did that”

“Yeah just like those bimbo girls in that movie we saw”

“I feel dirty”

“We need to stop trying to sort out our issues through violence”

“I agree, I’m tired also”

“Yeah me too, let’s got to bed”

And with that we both stood up and set off to bed. Before we entered our room I distinctly heard Sirius’s voice back in the common room.

“Moony, what have we gotten ourselves into?”


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Chapter 15: Curiousity Breaks Hearts
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Chapter 15: Curiousity Breaks Hearts

“Paige, this is what boyfriends and girlfriends do when they walk down the halls” Sirius tried to reason with me. Our first little disagreement had started when he tried to clasp my hand as we walked to classes and I had pulled it away.

“Forget it, I like have a free hand while carrying my books and it feels weird to be attached to someone for no reason” I told him.

“We’re dating, that’s a reason” he stated

“I know we’re dating, you know, our friends know and eventually all of Hogwarts will, so there’s no point in parading it around anyway”

He sighed “I think you are going to be the strangest girlfriend I’ve ever had”

I smiled at him “You knew that going in, you’ve made you bed and now you have to lie in it”

“Bed eh? I like the direction this conversation is going”

"Yeah, you and the conversation can go wherever, I'm going to class"

Just then Amy jogged up beside me grinning “Sirius, didn’t she tell you, Paige is saving herself for marriage” she informed him. At his suddenly horrified face she burst into laughter.

“I need to borrow Paige for minute” she said, still laughing and pulled me back a bit.

“Do we kiss goodbye, or perhaps poetically state how sorrowful our parting will be until we glance upon each other once again?” I asked innocently.

“Very funny” he told me and leaned over and kissed my cheek “Until next time”

I grinned as I watched him go and still felt his lips on my cheek. I’m such a girl. I turned to Amy and took a few steps back at the look on her face. It was some kind of demonic happiness.

“This is so perfect” she said excitedly as Sirius disappeared into the classroom.

“Well you’re certainly jolly this morning” I noted. Her grin spread even wider. “Of course I am, now that you two are finally dating, you can ask him something I’ve been dying to know forever”

“What?” I asked suspiciously. She looked around and spoke in a low voice “Every once in awhile, for a few nights, all four of the guys sneak out at night and go somewhere and the next morning are more tired than usual”

I rolled my eyes “They’re always sneaking out to pull pranks and crap” She gave me an exasperated look. “Yeah I know, but they usually brag about what they did the next day, only sometimes they don’t and look all exhausted” she whispered “and Remus won’t tell me” she added.

“Oh” I said suddenly “Now it’s suddenly clear, you think Sirius will tell me”

“Of course, Remus is an excellent secret keeper because he’s very noble, but Sirius on the other hand won’t be able to resist you if you ask him ever so sweetly with those batted eyelashes of yours”

“Anything else you want me to seduce out of my new boyfriend” I asked sarcastically.

“The nicknames, don’t even try to tell me you don’t want to know what they mean”

“Noble Remus won’t tell you that either?”

“Nooooo, and shut up”

The bell rang as we were talking and we scrambled into the classroom. After convincing the teacher we had in fact been on time we took our seats, which were conveniently located on each side of Sirius and Remus.

After a few minutes a piece of paper landed in front of me. Talking was death in this class but notes usually went unnoticed.


I looked up at her face full of urgency

“Now?” I mouthed to her and she nodded vigorously. I wrote something back on the paper.

How long have you been wanting to know this anyway?

I shoved the paper back at her and she gave me an irritated look before scribbling something hastily.

A VERY long time now ask him or I’ll spread nasty rumours about you

Alright, I was kind of uncomfortable about doing this so early in our already very weird relationship but Amy was my friend. Plus I didn’t think she was joking about the rumours thing.

I took out a fresh piece of parchment and thought over my words carefully before writing.

So Sirius, I have been wondering about something for a little while now

I nudged him and passed him the note. I can’t believe I’m actually doing this, I looked over his shoulder as he wrote a reply.

Well I don’t know the exact measurements but I cou

I yanked the parchment away from him before he could write anything else. He gave me wicked grin.

Not that you wanker, I was wondering where you guys go sometimes at night that make you so drained the next morning and also what do you’re nicknames mean?

I could see his brow furrow out of the corner of my eye as he watched as I wrote this. He looked over at Amy who was watching us expectantly and she quickly looked at the teacher. Finally he picked up his quill and wrote a quick reply.

The usual Slytherin sabotage, and the we got the nicknames form some dumb book a few years ago, nothing really top secret

He passed it to me and I knew it was a complete lie. He began writing on a separate piece of paper but kept the contents of it shielded from me. When he was finished he rolled it up and flicked it over to Remus, which caught him off guard because he was actually paying attention.

Amy gave me a confused look and I shrugged my shoulders at her. I studied Remus as he read the wrinkled paper. When he finished, he gave his attention back to our professor and most noticeably, moved his chair away from Amy, creating a significant gap.

This can’t be good.


So the good news is, no one is pissed at me

The bad news is Amy wasn’t quite clear with me on exactly how much she’d pestered Remus about his secrets or the fact that it was a very sore subject.

And what a sore subject it is, he is beyond angry with her. Unfortunately that has peaked my curiosity and I suspect Lily’s too. We haven’t asked the guys about it but we are being supportive friends to Amy and now its girls sitting with girls and boys sitting with boys in class and at mealtimes.

So this isn’t too great, now I’m curious but I have to keep that to myself. This sucks because if they’re so upset, it must be a really good secret. I wonder if she’s figured out how much James really loves her and is willing to take her chance on asking him.

“Why am I so stupid, why do I have to no everything?” Amy yelled and threw a pillow across the room before collapsing on her bed in defeat. I sat down next to her and patted her head.

“I’m sure if you just apologize again and wait it out, it will be fine” Lily comforted while retrieving the pillow.

“I could apologise until the horses come home and it wouldn’t matter” she said glumly.


“What is it Paige?”

“Uh never mind” I stammered.

“Whatever it is, get it out” she moaned.

“Well it’s just that you’re supposed to say until the cows come home not horses” I told her in a small voice.

Lily looked at me in shock and I began to panic. Amy sat up and looked me blankly.

I sat looking at her while feeling very tense “Sorry that was stupid I know”

Tears ran down her face and she moved toward me. I flinched a little until I realized she was hugging me and sobbing in my shoulder. I hugged her back, it’s what a best friend does.

Only an hour later she was sound asleep and Lily and I made small talk until finally giving in and discussing our boyfriends and their secrets.

Suddenly out of nowhere Lily stood up. “HE wanted sooo badly to have a relationship with me and now he wants to hide things, what does he think I’m not trustworthy!” she shouted.

“Uhh” Obviously Amy hasn’t been the only one wondering about their after hours activities for awhile now.

“Well I won’t stand for it” and with that she left the room, after hours, to go to the boys dormitory


“Where’s she going?” Amy said groggily as Lily’s figure disappeared from the room.

“And why was she yelling at this time of night, Miss Head girl should know better” another girl in our dorm whined.

“Shut it” I said briskly to whomever that was and followed the redhead.


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Chapter 16: Having it all
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Chapter 16: Having it all

Lily had already disappeared up to the boy’s dorm by the time I reached the common room. I hesitated at the steps and went over to the couch. Maybe this wasn’t something I shouldn’t witness.

Besides, I soon realized that I could hear everything just fine from down here.






Hmm I wonder what secrets Lily has, and why did she share them with Potter.

“Lovely night for sleeping” Amy commented as she walked downstairs scrunching her eyes. “Kimberly is complaining about missing beauty sleep and whatnot”

“I would make a joke about that but it feels like a cheap shot” I said to her and followed up with a yawn.

She sat down next to me on the couch and we listened to some more shouting and then stomping footsteps came down the stairs.

“I bet you three knuts its Lily”

“Only three knuts, I thought you were a rich girl now you cheapskate”

Lily stormed across the room and sat on the couch with her arms crossed, her face almost as red as her hair.

“Hello Lily, were you and James having a spat or something, cause I thought I may have heard some raised voices” I greeted her.

“BOYS” she spat venomously. Her eyes were even blazing.

“Hypocrites” Amy muttered in disgust as she threw a pillow across the room.

“I see you’ve moved from sadness to anger” I noted.

“Why shouldn’t I? I mean everything Lily just said was true, I shouldn’t be punished for just wanting to know what my boyfriend was up to”

“Dammit, so are all you guys broken up now? If so this really sucks”

“I don’t know” Lily grumbled.

Amy slid onto the floor and rested her head on the sofa cushion “At least on have us has something good going”

I took it she meant me. “I guess so” I said quietly

I slumped down until I was almost off the couch along with her. What was I supposed to do now that I was the only girl in a normal intact relationship?

Wow there’s something I thought would never happen.


Breakfast was awkward, instead of getting up super early and waiting for whomever to come sit with me, I decided to grab a few extra Z’s and arrived last to the Great Hall.

One side, my new boyfriend, the other side, my two closest friends.

After contemplating for a bit I decided that I better go with the classic feminist strategy, chicks before di-…Well you know what I mean.

I gave a self-conscious wave to Sirius who seemed to let out a sigh as I walked past the guys.

“Morning ladies” I said as cheerfully as possible. I received two simultaneous grunts. Lovely. I watched enviously as the Marauders began laughing at something.

Maybe I could talk to Remus in Ancient Runes today, get him to see Amy’s side and then he will tell her his secret, then James will follow suit and tell Lily and they’ll make up and everything will be hunky dory. Of course if I happen to learn the secret myself than that will just be an added bonus.

“Better get to class early” I sing songed and got up, ignoring the questioning stares. They couldn’t just break up over some silly secret and I was going to make everything right. There was no way I was going to be the only girl half of a couple in my year.

When I arrived early got another weird look, this time from my professor but I ignored it, found a good seat and pulled out the chair next to me. I impatiently tapped my foot as other students came into the room. It was only a matter of time and everything would be right again.

Unfortunately Remus is a bonehead and messed with my plans. I had the chair next to me pulled and everything, and he just WALKS BY IT to the front of the room. As he took out his books I threw my quill at his head. This time it wasn’t an accidental twitch.

He turned around looking pretty annoyed. OH he’s annoyed, big deal I’m the one being shunned here.

“Oy Blockhead” I called. “What the heck did I do?”

“Nothing, besides call me a blockhead and throwing your writing utensil at me”

“Well that was just now, I meant just before just now”

He sighed, defeated and gathered his things and sat next to me. “I thought girls stuck together in this sort of thing” he told me as our professor walked to the front of the room to begin the class.

“We do, which is why I’m going to tell you to stop being an arse and make up with Amy already” I whispered.

“I can’t trust her”

“She can’t trust you; you guys are a perfect match”

“It’s not that simple”


“MISS SPRINGER” my professor bellowed. “For you’re disregard of classroom policy I feel you need to stay after class for some extra work. I groaned. Remus chuckled and moved his seat away from mine; oh he was so not getting away with this. When he turned and started copying the symbols off the board I reached into his bag and pulled out his runes homework. Then I proceeded to copy it, because I hadn’t done it in the first place and when I finished, I carefully tucked his away in my bag.

It was my turn to laugh when the professor came around and he couldn’t find it. After another minute of searching I decided to speak up. “Professor, I feel that this is a disregard of the rules as well, I mean pretending you did the homework but can’t find it, the absolute oldest trick in the book.” I noted and gave my best scholar smile.

“Remus you will stay after class as well.”

I stuck my tongue out at him as our teacher checked over my homework and nodded in approval.

I enjoy having the mentality of a first year.


“And now I’m going to be late for my second class because of you” Remus complained after we stayed after class, and received an extra assignment as well.

“Boo freaking hoo, my friend is sad because you’re a big baby, I win”

“Shouldn’t you two be in class” an authoritative voice said from behind us and we both jumped. I turned around and found myself grinning at the laughing figure leaning against the wall.

Remus grumbled and began walking down the corridor on our right “Later Padfoot” was all he said before disappearing.

“And what are you doing out of class?” I asked him. All of a sudden for some reason I had a weird feeling in my stomach.

“Essay due today, thought I’d hand it in Monday instead, you?” Sirius replied.

“Disregarded a few rules, kept after class, brought another man down with me, that sort of thing”

He walked over and took my hand into his. “Well since we both aren’t where we’re supposed to be, let’s enjoy ourselves”

“And what do you suggest we do with our not-so-spare time?”

“Stroll the grounds, romantic dinner in the kitchens, skinny dipping in the lake”

“The lake? Sirius it’s the middle of the day”

“Well if you prefer to do it at night I can wait”

A part of me wanted to spend the rest of my Friday morning just being with Sirius but the strange feeling in my stomach won out and I decided against it.

“I don’t know I was thinking I’d go find Amy, she should be done her classes for the day”

He mocked pouting. “Alright well I’ll see you at dinner”

“See you” I smiled and waved, feeling guilty inside as I walked away.


“What does the R stand for Amy” Lily asked, she was holding a freshly cleaned monogrammed towel that was folded on her bed. It read A.R.D in fancy cursive writing; Amy’s mother gave it to her as a gift for Christmas in our second year. Honestly I’m not even kidding she gave her own daughter monogrammed towels as a gift.

Amy looked up sharply and narrowed her eyes at me “Don’t you dare”

Ohhhh I had almost forgotten, my face lit up “I know what it stands for” I grinned evilly.

“What?” Lily asked

“Oh Merlin you just had to get her started” Amy complained.


“That’s not a bad name Amy”

You don't have to wear that dress tonight

“I never minded it until she started singing that bloody song every time middle names were brought up, including the time she first me my mother”

You don't care if it's wrong or if it's right

“I guess I can see what you mean, so have you talked to Remus lately?”

“No, it’s starting to really bug me what a prick he’s being, have you talked or yelled at James lately?

I loved you since I knew you

“Mostly I’ve given him the cold shoulder, I at least thought he would have come to apologize or try and make up with me but he probably doesn’t even think he has done anything wrong.”

“Boys are so thick”

I have you to tell just how I feel; I won't share you with another boy

“Wow she isn’t the least bit shy about how awful she is at singing”


“Paige has always been tone deaf”

“Shut it Roxy” I retorted, feeling my throat getting a little sore I stopped singing. Not that it wasn’t an amazing performance despite their disagreements.

Amy winced “Are you quite finished?”

“I suppose”

“Excellent, I’m starved lets go to dinner”

“Always full of good ideas, that Amy of mine” I cooed and patted her on the head.

I then linked my arms with my two favourite dorm mates and tugged them along. Food always cheers people up.

Of course Murphy’s Law had the marauders come down the steps from the boy’s dorm and the same time as us, no doubt heading for the Great Hall as well. Amy and Lily began to match my hastened pace and we walked ahead of them.

“Oy girlfriend” Sirius called to me, I turned my head around but was now a victim of my own arm linkage and was unable to stop or slow down due to the ladies next to me.

“Yes what is it?” I called back

“Fancy a walk after dinner?”

“Err I have a lot of homework I probably should be doing, maybe later” I answered meekly.

He looked disappointed “We’ve actually got something planned for tonight, tomorrow?” he replied mysteriously.

“Oh well I guess we’ll see” I answered. “Lots of homework you know” Then I began to concentrate on keeping up with my friends without being dragged along.

This was actually true; I did have a lot of homework so it wasn’t like I was making up some lame excuse. Still, I could feel Amy’s stare nonetheless.

When we sat at our table she flicked me in the head.


“A lot of homework?” She questioned mockingly. “You twit if you are brushing of Sirius for the reason I think you are I’m going to flick you in the head every 5 minutes for the rest of the year”

I shielded my head protectively “And what reason do you think I have for brushing off Sirius which I certainly am not doing.”

She sighed “I admire your loyalty but sabotaging your relationship because mine went up in flames is not necessary”

“I am not sabotaging my relationship” I cried

“Maybe you don’t realize it consciously, but you totally are, I’m you best friend I can see these things, I’m unhappy and subconsciously you are trying to make yourself unhappy as well”

“I am definitely not doing that! You are completely wrong “

“Oh look Shepard’s pie, Yum!” Amy said, ignoring me. I narrowed my eyes at her.

I wasn’t ruining my relationship with him, was I?

“Well if you are serious about doing homework, I’m going to the library to work on my Astronomy if you’d like to join me” Lily informed me.

“Actually….I was..” I looked over at Amy smirking “going to as well, of course I will join you” Amy sighed and flicked me in the head again.

“Hey, I’m not allowed to be concerned with my studies you know N.E.W.T.S are just around the corner missy and I know you have DADA essay to write on dangerous creatures”

“Ugh thanks for the reminder Miss Ravenclaw” Amy moaned and pushed her food away, “definitely lost my appetite”

“Good” I said sitting up, “let’s move out girls”

We walked past the boys again and I pretended to check my watch. This was probably very stupid looking seeing as I wasn’t wearing a watch. I really don’t know how I get by every day.

The library was practically empty so we had our pick of tables to sit at. Lily immediately got to work, I slowly looked over my extra Ancient Ruins assignment and Amy leaned back in her chair looking bored as she read through her DADA book.

“I’ll probably never be in contact with half these dangerous creatures anyways” she complained.

“Less complaining more writing” I said in a stern voice. Ugh I really was Miss Ravenclaw.

Amy grumbled but took out her quill and began to write, still leaning back in her chair. I grew bored after a few minutes of translating and looked over at Lily’s astronomy homework which involved drawing the moon’s different stages.

“I wish I was drawing moons” I said enviously

“Its very complicated actually I need to be able to predict and sketch which phase the moon will be in every day for the next month”

“Quick test then, which is it tonight?” I asked her.

“Easy, full, will be tomorrow and the day after as well” she answered with a smile

“Alright what about-“ I was interrupted with a crash.

Amy had fallen out of her chair and into a bookcase.

I looked around for our mad in the head librarian but she was nowhere to be seen.

“Geez, I thought I was the clumsy one” I remarked as I started picking up fallen books. She got up slowly, looking very pale.

“Oh my god, it can’t be possible” She whispered.

“What can’t be possible?” Lily asked.

“It fits perfectly, I mean its all right here in the book, it all fits but that’s so crazy” She said, talking to herself.

“I think you are the one who is starting to sound crazy” I joked but she continued to ignore us and mutter to herself. Okay now I was getting a little concerned.

“I have to go” she announced suddenly and packed her books quickly and ran out of the room.

Lily and I watched her disappear through the library entrance.

“What was that about” Lily asked me. I may be Amy’s best friend but even I couldn’t figure that out.

“I really don’t know, but I half suspect it was a ruse to get out of finishing her assignment” I joked.

Lily raised an eyebrow at me.

“Kidding, we’ll find out later probably, that girl can’t keep anything to herself for more than five minutes.”

“Alright” Lily said but she still looked worried as she began her sketching again.

It was probably no big deal anyways. Probably something to do with Remus and she has a big plan to get back with him and everything will go back to being alright like I hoped.

I wasn’t worried at all.


Okay I’m a giant liar I was a little worried, but now I’m very very worried. It was way past curfew and Amy hadn’t come back to our room. I managed to convince Lily she would be back soon and she went to sleep but I stayed up hoping she would return with good news. An hour went by and I knew it was past midnight. This was getting scary, I needed to find her.

I took a chance and checked the boy’s dorm and was only slightly bemused to find they were missing as well. They could be off pranking but deep down I knew this might be all connected. I guess it was time for some after hours corridor roaming.

“You shouldn’t be awake” The fat lady yawned as I exited the portrait.

“Well Hogwarts shouldn’t have annoying talking portraits as entrances to its houses” I muttered.

“I heard that young lady”

I raced down the staircase as quietly as possible. No time to argue with the local overweight one women peanut gallery.

Now where to first? My first choice would be the dungeons, that’s where the Slytherins were and maybe Amy made up with everyone and they were down there right now setting off dung bombs. Or fireworks. Hopefully they were up to something and this wasn’t just an easy lie I was telling myself.

As I went down the stairs I ran into my first problem, I could hear lone footsteps coming up towards me, I darted back trying at the same time to have speed and silent footsteps in the echoing corridor. I finally reached a floor with a rug going across the hall and was able to sprint down the hall and around the corner which led me to the doors leading out to the Hogwarts grounds, and there was a new problem. The doors were opening.

I moved into the shadows and braced myself for a professor or possibly even Hagrid the gamekeeper to enter.

But it wasn’t a professor or Hagrid, it was nobody, but how had the doors opened? I was confused until I heard a voice that sounded exactly like Sirius’s say “Okay its clear come on guys”

That’s when I noticed legs and feet appearing and disappearing near the ground. They must be all under the invisibility clock and it wasn’t covering them properly. They also probably hadn’t noticed me in the shadows. Relief flooded over me, I was in the clear and I could get some help looking for Amy if she wasn’t under there with them.

I took a few steps forward “Guys, it’s me Paige, you have no idea how glad I am to see…uhh.. well know you guys are here“

The footstep noises ceased, I guessed they had come to a halt.

“Paige?” Sirius whispered quietly.

“Yeah I said it was me” I whispered as I began walking towards the direction I had last seen a pant leg. Something was wrong though; shouldn’t they have uncovered themselves by now? I pulled out my wand and whispered “Lumos” as I looked around for them.

“Come on guys show yourselves, I need your help, Amy is missing” I said to the darkness.

“No, she’s here” a voice identical to Peter’s piped up

“PETER!” a simultaneous harsh but quiet hiss came from both James and Sirius.

“Amy thank god, um Lily was so um worried about you” I exclaimed and reached my arms out trying to find them, why hadn’t she spoken yet and why were they still invisible?

“Paige you need to leave” Sirius said urgently but his words were too late I had managed to grip the smooth cloth of the invisibility clock, pull it off as my lit wand helped me see what they had been hiding from me. My mouth opened to shout but Sirius acted fast, his left hand covered my mouth and his other arm restrained me from running forward.

“You guys take her to the infirmary, remember the falling down stairs story I’ll get Paige back to her room” he ordered as I struggled against him.

This wasn't happening, this definitely couldn't be real. If it was why wouldn't he let me go?

I was thrashing wildly, my legs were kicking everywhere. I was attempting to yell as my boyfriend dragged me up the stairs and I was forced to watch as Peter and James carried off my best friend, who was unconscious, bleeding and covered in bruises.


A/N: a bit of a cliff ending, what a mean author I am, I don’t update for ages and I give a cliffy. Well I won’t let this stay open ended as I hope to update soon. Thank you all for being so patient with me.

Chapter 17: Reveals, rambling, and the psychological states of trees
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Chapter 17: Reveals, rambling, and the psychological states of trees

So let’s do a quick recap shall we? One year ago Amy and I were happy, actually now that I think about it, I think it was this time a year ago that Amy went through that skull faze and I was too afraid to tell her that she was overdoing it and that skull socks were not bad ass, they were actually kind of adorable. When I finally did say something, she told me that my pigtail thing I had going on for the last month wasn’t cute anymore. Anyways we made up after a day of ignoring that proved to be annoying because we didn’t really talk to anyone else and just never discussed it again. Where was I? Right, so a year ago we were generally good and then this year happened and granted it had its good moments but it had been kind of a pain in the butt lately with boy troubles. Now we come to the scene where we left off. My friend is hurt and my may or may not be boyfriend is for some reason restraining me. Being upset also has me on a rambling role. Even in my mind. Not that I don’t ramble on other occasions, upsetting times just bring out the extra rambling.

Right where were we?


I continued to struggle even though Sirius has the strength of someone who should be in a circus lifting lions. His hand was also stopping me from yelling a string of very bad words and death threats.

“Paige please stop, I’ll explain everything I swear, we just need to get out of here before someone comes” he begged, trying to reason with me.

I responded by biting his hand as hard as I possibly could.

“OW” he hissed loudly. I don’t care, I can’t care, I have to get to her. That was MY Amy they were taking away, the only person on this planet who gets me and the only one I can’t do without.

He managed to get me to the top of the staircase; but inspiration came when we got close to a wall. In a quick burst of thought I position my legs against it, bending, ready to spring. He may have been able to contain my thrashing about but he wouldn’t be expecting the sudden force pushing against him. “ARGH” I yelled and used all the energy I could muster in my legs to push him back.

One small problem, I had forgotten the many dangers of staircases. I especially forgot the fact that people being pushed backwards towards staircases usually don’t remain steady on their feet. Also people they are currently carrying usually fall down with them.

I landed on him, which cushioned my fall but we were separated after that. I had gripped the railing and managed to stop myself from falling but he had let go of me and tumbled down the stairs.

“SIRIUS” I shouted, long past caring about the dangers of getting caught. He was unmoving at the bottom of the stairs, oh crap oh crap I think every girl in this school is going to kill me if this is fatal. I ran down the steps miraculously not tripping, and I was relieved to see he was breathing when I got up close, I managed to turn him over and there was a nasty gash at the top of his head but no limbs looked out of place or anything. He let out a moan and opened his eyes. His eyelids flickered before focusing on me.

“Good you’re alive” I breathed.

“Am I?” he asked wincing and his hand slowly touched his injury on his head. “Bloody hell Paige next time why don’t you just hit me with a bludger’s bat”

“My best friend looks like she was hit by a truck and you want sympathy!” I exclaimed. Oh that was the end of his pity party.

“Help me up” he asked, not mentioning Amy at all. I grudgingly complied and slung one of his arms over my shoulders; I guess I’ll have to help him to the hospital wing seeing how it looks like he won’t be able to walk straight for a little while.

“Stupid Marauders doing dangerous pranks and getting innocents involved” I grumbled.

“We were hardly recruiting”

“Well what were you doing?”


“Oh shut up”


The nurse did not look pleased at having to admit another patient. I practically threw Sirius at James and rushed over to where a curtain was drawn back.

“AMY” I yelled as I ran over “YOU HAVE TO WAKE UP”

“Bloody hell Paige will you keep it down” an annoyed voice called out as a hand appeared from behind the curtain and pulled it aside to reveal my best friend. She was bandaged and bruised but looked very much alive. Her eyes widened, she was looking behind me. I turned my head around. The nurse was fussing over Sirius’s head wound. That actually looked like a nasty gash I had inadvertently given him. I looked back at Amy feeling slightly guilty.

“Merlin Paige what did you do to the bloke?” she asked incredulously.

This wasn’t making a whole lot of sense. Shouldn’t she be, well not worried about the state of my…boy..male companion possibly ex. She should be woefully telling me a story that would justify his pain, such as the marauders getting her into some sort of trouble. Then I would heroically revenge her and well, we’d go one with our lives. Maybe we’d go to a concert and meet some new boys. Hopefully ones that are good snoggers, Sirius does this thing with his tongue that…

“PAIGE” Amy hollered to get my attention. “Are you going to tell me what happened?”

I tried giving her my best innocent smile. I practically was innocent anyways; he was completely violating my rights earlier.

“The boy is a walking disaster, tripped and fell down the stairs.” I informed her. “Now more importantly my dear friend, are YOU going to tell me what happened that has you in the hospital looking a lot worse than twinkle toes over there?”

She bit her lip and looked down “I’m fine, I’ve just been a bit stupid”


She took a deep breath “I decided to follow the boys so I hid in the common room and followed them, which wasn’t very hard even though they were invisible because blimey they are a noisy bunch”

“I may have noticed once or twice in class”

“Anyways they went over to the Whomping Willow and a mouse crawled out of the air which I assume was the cloak and climbed into the roots. The roots parted into some sort of entrance and I guessed they went in and followed. It was a passage that led to what I think was the shrieking shack of all places and then I peeked into the door and they all saw me and I ran and when I got out of the passage I was attacked-“

“WHO ATTACKED YOU?” I interjected

He face got a little pink and she starting twirling her hair “It was Whomping Willow” she said finally.


“You got beat up by a tree?” I said blankly.

“Well it’s a very big tree and if you haven’t noticed it’s a bit insane”

“but still, it’s…it’s a…..tree Amy”

“Paige it’s not your regular tree”

“I mean younger students cower at the sight of you, better not let it get out that you’re susceptible to insane trees”

“Well if I recall you’ve walked into loads of trees and they were completely sane” she retorted huffily.

I blinked a few times “Err, Amy, trees don’t have personalities that allow themselves to be classified as sane or insane”

She crossed her arms and glared at me. “Don’t you want to know what I saw?” she asked with a slight eyebrow raise to let me know I hadn’t heard the most intriguing part.

We both looked around. The nurse had quickly patched up Sirius during our conversation and everyone had left the hospital wing.

She leaned forward as if someone could still hear and whispered “Remus is a werewolf”

“A shwhat?”

“I figured it out in the library earlier, I just wanted to confirm it so badly so I followed them. I looked through a crack in a doorway at the end of the passage and there were four animals in the room, one was Remus, who was gnawing on a bedpost, he didn’t see me but the others did.

“Hold up, four animals?”

“Oh that’s right” she exclaimed “There was a stag and a dog and that mouse I saw earlier, or it could have been a rat. I can only suspect that it was Sirius, James and Peter and that they had managed an animagus transformation somehow”

Whoa. Changing into animals….a werewolf…evil trees. This is a lot of information to process.

“Wow I had no idea…though the nicknames were always a little suspicious”

Amy suddenly groaned and buried her head in the covers and I heard a mumbled “hesgonnahatesme”

“Say what now Miss Sam Spade?”

She brought her head back up, her eyes were watery. “I said he’s going to hate me, I’m pretty sure he didn’t want it advertised about his condition”

“Well its not exactly front page on the Daily Prophet” I noted.

“Still, I don’t know if you picked up on this but he was kind of sensitive about his secret, like break up with his girlfriend sensitive” She buried her head again. “Now that I know my feelings for him are even stronger, it’s so brave to of him to live with a secret like this”

“I know, it was also pretty awesome of the guys to become animagus too” I agreed. The guilt factor over Sirius’s accident was rising.

It took awhile of convincing but eventually I got her down from the idea that Remus was going to despise her to the idea that he would be a little more rational. Then I had to explain why I referred her to as Sam Spade and exactly who he was. Oh those non muggleborns and their naïve ways. Knowing she needed her rest I grudgingly left her afterwards in the hospital wing and returned to the dormitories.

I was about to head up to the girls dorms but I sat down on the couch instead. There was much to ponder. So Remus was a werewolf. That…well that really sucks. I wondered how long he had been one and tried to remember if I ever saw him eat garlic, then tried to remember if it was werewolves that were vehemently opposed to garlic. Man I could go from some garlic bread right now. Maybe used as a side to a nice plate of spaghetti and meatballs. Mmmmm and some tomato sauce. Okay back to the issue at hand. This is what I knew but still remained confused about:

1. Remus has lycanthropy, how long? Does it hurt? Does his clothes transform? Or does his werewolf form fit into his clothes?
2. The rest of the Marauders are animagus…and one is a rat. I hope its not Sirius…..oh right which leads to number 3
3. Status with before mentioned person
4. Garlic and which creature it applies to ohhhhh I remember now it’s vampires . Though now that I think of it that is kind of the lamest weakness ever. Hi I’m Dracula, I have super strength, bat transforming abilities and seductiveness skills but uh oh I didn’t order these mushrooms to be sautéed with……..ooooohhhh help me I’m dying from the agony of the spice known as garlic. Like I said, lame.
5. Also Potions
6. Annnnnddd just about everything else.

I wonder if the boys are upstairs and if help me figure out this little problem I have of understanding life the universe and everything. I leapt up and headed for the boys staircase. Now I actually wonder if they would be accepting to my presence. Well its lot like I would leave if they weren’t. I decided against knocking and opened the door, peering in. My eyes scanned the area. Only Sirius was in the room and he was sleeping. I went over and sat on his bed.

“Psssst Black wake up” He didn’t move. His gash from the fall earlier had been bandaged up quite nicely though.

I poked him a little. He stirred a bit and I could of sworn his eyes opened a smidge but shut again. Oh he better not be faking. I was going to be relentless now.

“Sirius I need to talk to you”

Still nothing.

“There’s a flubberworm on you”

Nadda. Git.

I sighed and thought if this doesn’t get him than I’m out of ideas that don’t involve physical harm. I took off my shirt and tossed it on the floor.

“I’m no longer wearing the oppressive clothing material referred to as a shirt”

His eyes flew open. Boys are so easy.

“AHA caught you” I exclaimed and yanked his arm to get him to sit up.

I looked him in the eyes. He looked back, and occasionally down at my green bra. My eyes occasionally went down to his ch-ahem I mean my eyes were deadlocked on his. This was a serious situation and I, as a serious female, was not going to drool over his perfectly formed body.

It was kind of silent for awhile. After all that had happened tonight it was kind of hard to know where to start.

“Hi” I finally said. “Umm you’re not the rat one are you?”


A/N: See I told you all Amy would be alright. Thank you all for your wonderful reviews after such a long period of absence.

Side note (with possible interesting fact about this story): I just received the hilarious show clone high on dvd, which includes a very funny episode that involves the phrase “say, what” which as you know is the title of this story. I remember when I started writing this I was picturing Paige giving someone a blank look and uttering those words. So there’s the story behind the title. Good or not, it still makes me laugh.

P.S Next chapter will be longer. Also, I’m starting to get to the end of this story. I MAY do a possible sequel set a few years later. I don’t know. I would definitely want to finish one of my other stories first.

Chapter 18: Take One for the Team
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Chapter 18: Take One For The Team

I waited patiently for him to answer my very serious question. Finally I was rewarded when he gave a little chuckle.

“No, Peter turns into the rat, I can transform into a dog”

“A dog eh? Well I guess that’s better, still it would be way cooler if you were the stag”

“Hey!” He cried indigenously “What’s so cool about a stag?”

I rolled my eyes, “Antlers are wicked, obviously” He could be so thick sometimes.

“How’s Amy?” he asked.

“Good, how’s your head?”

“So far it seems there is no major damage”

I patted his leg awkwardly “Well that’s good.” I wondered if I should apologize next. I mean knocking someone down a flight of stairs usually warrants that kind of thing. At least I think so anyways. I was in severe berserker mode at the time.

I didn’t have to apologize though, a moment later he sighed and motioned for me to come closer. I crawled over and he pulled me towards him so I was resting next to him with his arm around me. I would never say it out loud but I liked the feel of his bare skin against mine.

“I didn’t like seeing you so upset” he said quietly. I could feel him lightly tugging at my hair. It had grown pretty fast over the year and now reached my shoulders.

“I was really scared” I admitted after a moment.

“You remember New Years?” he asked. I cringed, how could I forget my big emotional relapse in the middle of dancing fiends. Right in front of Sirius too.

He continued “I never wanted to see you like that again; it was so different from the Paige I knew, the one that I had been developing a slight crush on recently. After things cleared up and I saw you again, I knew that my crush was a bit more than a slight fascination”

I breathed heavily, unsure of what to say. Never having a boyfriend before, I wasn’t used to all that heavy stuff that came with it. I slipped my arms around his torso and moved in closer. I didn’t know if I could be open with anyone else besides Amy but it was nice slash scary to know that maybe I was heading towards that with Sirius.

“It was about your mom wasn’t it?”

I finally spoke. “Yeah”

“Amy mentioned it once, but wouldn’t go into details; you don’t have to tell me or anything right now"


“It’s fine but I would like to hear it someday”

My mom, it’s been awhile since of I'd thought of her with everything else happening. I felt a slight pain, is it wrong to still miss and care for her when I never want to see her again at the same time? I sort of wanted to tell Sirius but I wasn’t ready yet.

But I could be one day. I wondered if our relationship would ever be normal. Then I wondered if normal was a good thing. I had an idea though.

“Hey Sirius”


“Wanna go to the last Hogsmeade visit this weekend with me”


“So after you guys chit chatted then what happened” Amy asked me.

I was sitting on the edge of her bed the next morning. Amy was going to be in the hospital for a few more days but luckily she got permission to go to Hogsmeade village this weekend.

“We made out then I fell asleep”

“While making out?”

“No I said, this is cool and all but it’s like 2 AM and I’m tired, and then I went to our dorm”

“Paige you didn’t”


“Paige honestly-“

“Kidding we didn’t actually make out, we just fell asleep I thought it would be more exciting if I ended the story like that”

“What about in the morning?” she prodded further.

I reacted with mild disgust “Ew, snogging with morning breath?”

“No I meant how did you leave things in the morning?”

“He woke me up and said morning and then I said morning and we went and had a shower, not together by the way”

“Good to know of your continuous moral virtue”


Amy did something unexpected next. Her eyes got all watery and she threw her arms around me and hugged me tight until I made fake suffocating noises. That girl with her hugs.

“What was that for?” I asked when she finally freed me.

She wiped her eyes “It’s just nice to see you and Sirius get so close, I was worried you weren’t really that into it and that he was going to be satisfied the chase was over but I was obviously over thinking it."

“We are the ultimate super couple” I agreed. “Soon we shall finish each other’s sentences and get matching jogging suits.”

She laughed but still looked a little sad. I knew she was thinking about Remus, who hadn’t come to visit at all today. It was only the afternoon so there was hope but she was still convinced he hated her. If I couldn’t knock sense into Remus, I could give her my best advice.

I cleared my throat and sat up important like. “You know what I recently discovered to be successful is-“

“I’m not taking my shirt off in his presence Paige” she said rolling her eyes.

I pouted at her. “Fine, but you can’t argue with my positive results”


So Amy was slightly better, I think. I was all responsible today and got her notes and homework for her. It was exhausting work. I was going to visit her after a quick re-fuelling so I hurried down to the hall since I was already late for dinner.

I smiled my biggest smile when I sat down to a yummy looking supper at the Gryffindor table. Everyone was looking slightly glum. Lily wasn’t there so I would have to face the Marauders alone today.

“Hi everyone” I said cheerfully. So a big secret was revealed and everyone could be in a lot of trouble if more people found out. Dessert was pudding today; things were obviously looking up already.

Remus was picking at his dinner and only nodded at me. James gave a small smile along with Peter and Sirius shoved a filled plate towards me with a grin.

“Figured you’d show up, you were practically salivating the apples we were transfiguring today”

“Fganks” I said, mouth already full of food. I swallowed. “I hope you are this chivalrous on our fabulous upcoming first date”

James snorted his pumpkin juice “Date? You guys are going on a date” he asked laughing.

“What’s so funny?” I demanded.

“I’m just trying you picture you on a date”

I was not amused when Remus and Peter started sniggering along with him. Even Sirius had an amused look.

“What do you mean” I asked. What was so funny about me on a date?

“It’s just; you don’t seem like the sort of girl who goes on dates and gets excited about them” James clarified.

“I am sweet” I cried.

That sent them all into fits of laughter. Well good to see everyone all cheered up at my expense.

“So I’m a little scruffy and unromantic, I can totally be the perfect date” I argued.

They did not listen and started making jokes about me punching the barmaid and chewing with my mouth open. Even one about me eating a flower given at the start of the date although I don’t know how that came into the conversation or why it was even remotely funny to them. I’ve never mentioned to anyone that I used to eat daisies as a child and those days are long behind me anyways.

I stood up and cleared my throat. “That’s it!” I declared.

Sirius stopped laughing for a moment and grab my arm “We were just having fun, don’t go cancelling on me now love”

I gave him my evilest grin “Oh I wasn’t thinking of cancelling”

He stopped grinning and looked at my face with slight panic “Err, what then?” he asked hesitantly.

“You’ll see Saturday, I’ll give you such a date that you’ll be begging for me to punch the barmaid”

He paled.



“Paige” Amy asked with concern in her voice. The glorious Saturday had finally arrived.

“Yes” I answered as a rifled through a trunk for clothes.

“Why are you going through Annabelle’s things?”

Ah Annabelle, that was her name. She was one of the girls who shared a dorm with us and I had chosen her trunk for a very special reason.

“Looking for something to wear on my big date” I replied cheerfully. I had noticed a particular style she had going for her and today I was going to emulate it.

“Since when do you like things that are pink, and girly”

I didn’t reply, I had hit the jackpot with a pink frilly shirt/dress combo, puffy sleeves and all. Excellent.

“Oh god that’s hideous, not to mention the property of someone who isn’t you”

“A small insignificant detail”

I pulled it over my head and slipped it on. A bit snug, Annie certainly was a dainty creature.

“Okay when I saw you had curled your hair this morning I was slightly worried, now I am terrified”

I flicked one of my curls proudly; I could give Shirley Temple a run for her money. Okay next was make up. I made my way over to Kimberly’s side table and began to cake myself in blush, mascara, etc. Amy stopped speaking and just starred at me.

Lily came out of the bathroom after having getting ready herself and did the same.

Perfect. Now for the shoes. I didn’t have the heart to subject my feet to any torture so I just put on my white trainers that I hadn’t scoffed up yet. For an added measure I took a tube of lipstick and drew a heart on the toe of my right shoe.

“Bye girls, I’m going to Hogsmeade with Sirius Black” I giggled and skipped out the door. I took a moment on the steps to laugh my ass off at what I had said. Good thing I used them as a practice run. I resumed my delightful skipping.

Each Marauder was in the common room conversing so they didn’t see me enter. Good the more shock the better. I ran over to Sirius and hugged him tightly.

“Siri I’m so excited, this is going to be the bestest date ever!” I exclaimed, still giggling.

Everyone looked at me in horror as I masked my laughter with gleeful giggles. This was going to be fun.

Two arms grabbed me and dragged me upstairs. “HEY” I protested loudly. Drats, they were going to ruin everything.

When Lily and Amy finished dragging me, Lily muttered a charm that bound my arms and legs in rope.

“This is your first ever date” Amy lectured and she attacked my face with a wet cloth.

“You are not going to ruin it” Lily told me sternly as she placed my beautiful beautiful curled hair into a pony tail. She then got to work getting the heart off my shoes while Amy started rooting around her trunk.

Lily undid the bounding and I sat on my bed scowling with my arms crossed.

“Fine, ruin my fun” I muttered.

Amy held up a A nicely patterned short sleeved shirt and a simple black skirt and threw them at me. I scoffed and ignored them.

“Stop that, this is inappropriate!” I yelled undignified. When I refused to put on the outfit they yanked my dress off and started to put it on for me.

After wrestling me into the clothes they stood back triumphantly.

“Perfect” my best friend grinned and yanked my by the arm to drag me downstairs.

The boys looked relieved when I appeared again, this time looking normal.

“I can’t believe you guys stripped me” I complained.

I ignored the amused and curious looks on the faces of the males in the room. Perverts.

James coughed “Well?” he gestured to Lily..

Lily had agreed to a date with him. They really hadn’t had much to fight about to begin with so making up hadn’t took long. In the end it had been James begging, he couldn’t stand to be apart from Lily once any longer.

They left the room holding hands. I glared at Sirius. Amy and Remus didn’t look at each other. Finally she threw her hands in the air and left as well. Remus went upstairs. I crossed my arms and pretended I wasn’t alone with Sirius.

Sirius took my by the arms and positioned me in facing him. “Okay, I get it, I’m sorry for making fun of you a dinner, just please don’t change into that dress or act like that again”



“After we go to Madame Puddyfoot’s” I told to him darkly.

He groaned. Haha, being the ladies man that he was, I expected he had made frequent unpleasant trips there in the past. He must have thought it was behind him with me but he forgot that I was evil and slightly off balanced in the head.

The first step is always admitting what you are.


“Oh don’t you two look sweet, hello Mister Black” Madame Puddyfoot herself greeted us.

Sirius cringed. I raised my eyebrow at him “Just how many times have you been here to be on first name basis?” I questioned teasingly.

After having a relatively good time talking in the carriage on the way over, he had been under the impression I changed my mind. This was a mistake as I never back down, and besides, I was very curious.

“We have quite a few tables left” she told us “What would you prefer?”

I squeezed Sirius’s hand affectionately “Your most romantic and frilliest” I replied cheerfully.

“How lovely” she beamed and led the way to our table. I giggled as I looked around me.

Pink Pink Pink. Lace. Flowers. Hearts. Cupids. Couples snogging, couples looking uncomfortable. This was the best idea ever. I need to come back here one Valentine’s day to see if I would overdose on all the pink lace.

“Come on this is fun” I whispered to Sirius “I promise I won’t eat all the pretty flowers”

He smiled slightly as we sat at our table. A waitress in (obviously) a frilled pink apron came over.

“Cake” I said immediately. I had heard of their famous goodies and was excited to try them. The waitress looked at me as if I was a cavewomen before her quill scribbled cake on the parchment she was holding.

“I’ll have a slice of cake as well, and we’ll both have some tea” Sirius told her politely.

“Pft, what’s so good about full sentences anyways” I said as she left.

Sirius responded by putting his head in his hands “I can’t believe I have to be in the place again”

I sighed. I guess it was time to be a good girlfriend “Soooo” I brought up “Tell me about the upcoming Quidditch match….”


Okay Okay, Quidditch isn’t that boring. I managed to pay attention and learning about the follies of the Ravenclaw team wasn’t so bad. I couldn’t wait to see the captain Jeffery Frost and sneeze. Apparently he’s a Germ-a-phobe or whatever so all the Gryffindors pretend to be really sick when the Ravenclaw versus Gryffindor match comes up.

After tea and cake we wandered into Honeyduke’s where I bought some sugar quills. I was always meaning to get some to munch on in class inconspicuously. Sirius bought Remus some chocolate and some Bertie Bott’s Every Flavoured Beans for himself. He was nice enough to give me all the chocolate flavoured ones.

“Where to next?” he asked me after we left the Quidditch supply store so I could try out brooms. I now had the urge to fly around since he gave me an things Qudditch talk. I could never afford a broom before so it was weird to wig out at the prices before realizing I could easily afford one. In the end Sirius advised me to wait because a newer model of the Comet brand was coming in this summer.

"Where to next?" he asked

“Bookstore, then the Three Broomsticks” I answered happily. Today was turning out to be really good.

“Bookstore eh?” he said questioningly.

“I want to get Amy a divination book to cheer her up, it’s her favourite subject” I explained.

He took my hand and smiled “What’s your favourite subject”

I didn’t hesitate “Runes” I replied. “I kick ass at Runes, just ask Remus”

“I’ll take your word for it” he replied, pushing open the door for me.

“I’ll be over in the Cursing section” he told me and we parted way. I suppose I should be concerned about that but I’m not.

I headed for a section titled “Telling the Future” and easily picked out the perfect book entitled Enough Omens, See the Good Tidings on Your Horizan. If Amy needed anything it was good tidings.

I was about to take my book to the register when a display caught my eye. A sign read Travel. I didn’t know Wizards made travel guide books. I walked over to the display and read the titles curiously, before picking up a few and reading their synopsis. The best one I found was the book Have Magic, Will travel. It listed not only interesting Wizard sites but a lot of muggle ones too. Some of them even had wizarding influence that was unbeknownst to muggles, who wrote in their history books that the origins remained “unknown”.

After putting it back I picked it up again and tucked it under Amy’s book before heading to the register. After paying for both of them I found Sirius intently reading a book on Cursing.

“Let’s go before you get any bad ideas” I said. He was startled from me coming up behind him but grinned and put the book back.

“It’s too late M’dear” he said throwing an arm around me and steering me towards the door. “On to the Three Broomsticks”

“Mmm butterbeer”

I was about to tell Sirius about the other book I bought, but for some reason I hesitated. I didn’t know why but I shrugged it off.

We chatted lightly on the way, each enjoying our seemingly successful date. It was only when we entered the Broomstick’s that my face fell. Amy was sitting by herself looking pretty depressed.

I turned my eyes to Sirius biting my lip.

“Let’s end it while it’s going well” he said kindly “I’ll buy you both a round and see you at the castle”

“You are some kind of awesome” I told him and wrapped my arms around him, giving him a kiss.

“I know” he agreed cheekily and kissed me back before heading to the bar.

I sat down next to Amy who began mumbling grumpily “Stupid couples, everywhere today”

“We are getting a round of butterbeer, and I got you a book” I told her meekly and took the book out of the bag.

She stopped looking annoyed for a moment to go over it but by the time the butterbeers had arrived she was in a tiff again.

“This should by stronger” she stated after taking a sip.

“Yes” I agreed. Agreeing with everything she said right now seemed to be a good option.

“All these couples need to learn what too much PDA means”

“Definitely” I said and look around. Two couple were holding hands on top of a table and another boy had his arm around a girl but that was it.

“I can’t believe he didn’t say anything this morning to me”

“Me neither”

“And he came to the hospital wing for 3 seconds and then just left after asking how I was feeling”


“I want firewhiskey”

“Yea—err actually do you think that’s a good idea?”

“Yes, not here though” she said with a disgusted face. “Hogshead” she said happily.

Personally I would have made the disgusted face at the idea of Hogshead but before I could she was alrighty out of her seat, eyes gleaming.

“Wait” I called but she kept walked.

I tried to tell her how bad her idea was the whole way there but it fell on deaf ears. Before I knew it we were sitting at the bar and Amy was demanding a shot of firewhiskey.

“Please Amy, this is mighty stupid” I pleaded with her. She ignored me and sat giddily. “Hush, this is exactly what I need”

The Bartender placed a small glass with the drink in front of her “I’ll start you a tab” he said gruffly and moved to take care of another patient.

As she reached for the cup I did something that was extra idiotic. I snatched the glass and chugged it all in one gulp. My throat burned and I gagged slightly. Ew, this stuff was truly heinous.

Amy swatted my arm “Paige, that’s very noble of you but I’m determined” she told me quite seriously. “Two more” she called to the bartender. “Now I have to make up for the one you drank”

As soon as he placed two more in front of her I grabbed one and chugged it again. It was much harder this time since I already knew the taste. I thought this would shock Amy enough to stop her but she grabbed the second glass before I could.

“Aimes, I’m only trying to help you, stop it before I get drunk too” Being a non drinker who had just downed her very first two shots, I was already feeling slightly odd.

Amy turned her head away from me “Two more!” she called.


A/N: Uh oh. This never ends well.

I’m taking one less class and not doing any extra stuff this term besides my part time job, so I should have a bit more time on my hands for updating. Getting close to the end with this one, I’m pretty sure I’ll be stopping at 21 or 22 chapters, but no worries, I have a spin off in mind.

Chapter 19: The Classiest Girls in Hogwarts
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Chapter 19: The Classiest Girls in Hogwarts

The left side of my face is freezing cold. There is a disgusting taste residing in my mouth. I can smell a foul odour in the air and I can faintly hear the sound of someone losing their lunch, or dinner, what time is it?

I’m a little scared to open my eyes seeing as how my other four senses are dealing with enough already. Who knows what kind of visuals will appear?

I briefly wonder why I’m here and in seconds a recall Amy dragging me to Hogshead. Other memories flash quickly through my mind.

“Amy?” I called out. The last thing I remember is falling off a stool and we both thought it was the most hilarious thing in the world. I think I landed on my arm because I can feel it throbbing slightly with pain.

I heard a groan. I finally relented and slowly opened my eyes. A fuzzy but quick analysis let me know that I was in a bathroom and judging by the state of it, it was probably the bathroom of esteemed Hogshead establishment.

“Gross!” I cried and immediately sat up. The added dizziness made me put it all together. I was drunk. And judging by my memory lapse from between falling off the stool and my current location, I was formally completely and utterly hammered. Unfortunately this must have been very recent, I still feel tipsy, proof I had definitely not recovered yet.

“I tried to tell you how disgusting the floor was but you kept saying how sleepy you were” a voice came from behind me.

I turned slowly, palms on the floor to steady myself. Amy was sitting on her knees with her shaking arms wrapped around the toilet. She was breathing heavily but moved away from the toilet for a bit to push a glass of water towards me.

“You got sleepy right after you hurled” she said simply.

“I threw up?” I asked wearily. The taste in my mouth should have given it away.

“Yeah” she answered “Right after your air guitar solo, I think all the head banging did it”

I cringed before picking up the glass of water and stumbling towards the sink. I gargled the water until the glass was empty.

“Are you going to throw up?” I asked her when I finished. She certainly looked as if she might. “Should I get you a glass of water?”

“I’ve been dry heaving since I brought you in here, about an hour now; the barman has been banging on the door every 5 minutes yelling”

“Yipes” I replied. I gave myself a moment to look myself over. I didn’t have anything strange on me except an unknown stain that soon revealed to be alcoholic after I sniffed it.

A loud bang on the door sounded a moment later. It scared me so much I shrank against the wall.

“This is yer last warning ladies” a voice roared.

Amy stood up and wobbled a little. “Come on” she said “I’ll just have to do my best when the time comes.” She held her belly moaning.

As soon as we came out of the bathroom, the entire room cheered. I was so startled/still intoxicated, that I fell over, which only seemed to entertain them more. I could even hear a couple of wolf whistles. I stood up with a red face and as I brushed myself off I whispered to Amy “Please tell me I didn’t flash my ta tas”

Amy sighed. “You sang, you laughed extremely loud and inappropriately, challenged the burliest guy in the room to a fight but no, you did not flash your womanly parts” she told me in an annoyed voice.

“Thank god” I breathed “Everything else is just normal compared to that”

Amy rolled her eyes and pushed open the door with great effort. “Well whatever, the carriages are leaving soon and when we get back, we have to act sober or whatever professor in charge won’t be happy”

I immediately ran into a student as soon as I walked outside. “OY you little wanker, watch it” I yelled at the terrified kid. Amy held me back as I made a lunge for him.

“No attacking children” she scolded.

“Mphbollacks” I rambled. Shit Paige, you know how to talk. I don’t think I can successfully pull off acting sober. Isn’t fresh air supposed to help? Oh look at the squirrel. Stupid animals and their nuts. Man, have trees always been this tall?

I was interrupted from my important pondering by Amy collapsing in a bush and me yet again falling when she unintentionally tripped me. The sound of retching came again but this time I could tell it certainly wasn’t dry.

I crawled close to her and pulled back her hair. Awkwardly I felt around for my hair tie and set loose my now not so bouncy curls. As carefully as I could I put her hair up with it. I didn’t know what else to do so I just used my hand to rub her back soothingly in small circles as I concentrated on seeing only one of everything instead of two. I was more distracted than I was successful.

“Okay I think I’m done” she said quietly and we helped each other to stand up. Luckily the carriages were close and we only had to walk for a minutes longer before grabbing the last one.

“Melin it’s like, early” I mumbled as I felt sleepy again. “Getting drunk in the afternoon, how classy” I added. I can’t believe it only took a few hours to get us this messed up.

Amy just held her stomach and moaned as the carriage started to move, and not smoothly either.

“It didn’t do me any good at all” she complained.

“The drinking?” I asked.

“I just sat there and lamented to whoever was near about how miserable I am” she said “And you went ahead and had all the fun”

“Sorry” I apologized and moved across so I was sitting next to her. I put my arm around Amy and rested my head on her shoulder “Next time you have fun and I’ll lament” I offered.

She leaned her head on my resting one “How about next time we just get ice cream”

I yawned. “Deal”

The carriage’s sudden stop when it arrived snapped us out of our semi sleep.

“Paige this time try not to-“

I was unsuccessful at not falling when getting out.


I stood up hazily. How the hell were we going to convince the professor we didn’t just down have the firewhiskey in Europe?

“Here stand straight and look at me” Amy directed and took out her wand.

“Soraflora” she muttered with her wand pointing at me. Nothing happened.

She tried again. “Florasora” Nothing again.



Fascinated, I just watched for awhile before finally asking “What spell are you trying to do”

She shook her wand, clearly frustrated “That spell that gives you that all consuming scent of your favourite fruit”

“Oh” I answered and raised my wand to her “You mean Sephoria”

Dust emitted from my wand and fluttered about her. I hadn’t smelt any alcohol before but I had probably built up a temporary tolerance to it after my tenth drink. Now she had the light scent of strawberries. She breathed in and out and I finally saw a smile on her face.

“Mmm” she mused and raised her wand to me “Sephoria” she said.

Even the taste in my mouth changed, I felt as if I had just taken a bite of pineapple.

“Now all that’s left is the ability to walk straight” I said worriedly. Just because we smelled lovely didn’t mean we couldn’t show the tell tale signs.

“Put your arms around me and we’ll support each other, tell the professor on duty that I’m really sick.” She instructed.

It was a good idea but I still gulped when Professor Flitwick came into view.

He looked curious. “Bad crab, I’ll get her to the infirmary” I told him cheerfully. Thankfully I’m not a hiccup-er. He nodded politely “See that you do” he confirmed and I gave him a mock salute but refrained from saying yes sir.

As soon as he was out of sight we both collapsed laughing.

“Why is this so funny?” she asked me wiping a tear from her eye.

I meant to giggle but it came out a loud snort. Which we only found funnier.

“Let’s steal that weird map again!” Amy suggested suddenly.


We giggled as we ran up the stairs and more as we darted through the common room and up to the boy’s dorm.

The room was empty, we were lucky they were at dinner.

Instead of looking for the map Amy walked rather hurriedly to the bathroom. Uh oh. She locked the door behind her so I couldn’t follow.

I knocked on the door awkwardly “Err you need anything” I asked.

“I’m fine! Get the map” she called out.

“Oky doky” I said to myself. I spent about five minutes poking around before I got bored. Ohhhhh, James’s quidditch gear. I always wondered what I’d look like as a Quidditch player.

As I clumsily fashioned on some doohicky to my wrist I heard the sound of a shower starting. I wonder why she wanted to take a shower. Oh well.

Finishing up by slipping into dear old James’s boots I put my hands on my hips and starred proudly in a nearby mirror. I looked pretty bad ass. Then I spotted some out of place looking parchment above a pile of graded essays. All E’s and O’s, all belonging to a Mister Lupin but it was the out of place parchment I reached for.

Aha! The infamous marauders map. It was hard to find them amongst all the dots in the Great Hall and with my still slightly blurry vision but I did. I traced my finger along the Sirius Black one affectionately. Then I jabbed at the Remus Lupin one muttering “take that”

Amy came out of the washroom, hair wet and wearing a robe with the initials S.B. on it.

“I got some in my hair and I felt icky, plus I’ve always wanted to know what its like to use boy’s shampoo”

Hmmm now I’m curious. I eyed the initials “You know this means you’ve had more contact with Sirius’s naked body than I have” I informed her.

“I doubt he uses it, he seems more like a towel kind of guy. Nice outfit.”

“Thanks, but he’s probably used it at least once”

“Fine, wear Remus’s underwear then”


She laughed and ran to his trunk, picking up a pair of boxers by the waistband. “Wear it!” she ordered.

“No” I yelled but she lunged at me. I narrowly avoided her and dashed over the James bed. I picked up his broom that was poking out from underneath, settled myself on it and flew upwards. The ceiling was high enough for me to be out of reach.

“You can’t get me” I taunted. “I’m a Quidditch rock star”

She responded by throwing them at me and laughing. They landed on the broom.

“Ahh infiltration” I yelled in terror and began flying in circles.

“How about Peter’s?” she cackled evilly. I stopped going in circles and my head turned to her, she was grabbing a pair of Peter’s boxers from his trunk.

“Nooooo” I called out but it was too late. I narrowly avoided them but she had taken out her wand and was now charming every piece of clothing in sight to attack me. I tried my best but pretty soon I was getting hit with about three things at once. My tipping point came when I bashed my head on the ceiling and felt even more dizzy.

“Stop! I surrender” I shouted between heavy breaths. I lowered myself and she ceased fire with a goofy grin on her face. I grinned equally goofily back at her.

“I found the map” I informed her and pointed it out to her. She looked at it with a smile.

“Awww look at all the wittle dotsies” she cooed. Suddenly her face paled.

“Four little dots labelled with the same names of the occupants of this room just entered the Gryffindor common room” she said with panic in her voice. We each surveyed the room quickly and then each other. Me in Quidditch wear and her in the bathrobe that may or may not have housed his naked body.

“OPEN THE WINDOW” I cried out. She took my meaning immediately and rushed over to it. As soon as she heaved it open she ran behind me and climbed onto the broom. I let it lift a little shakily and moved towards to open window.

“Faster” she urged me.

“I don’t want any part of us to hit the frame” I told her. Luckily we made it through unscathed but before any more movement we both heard the door opened and I flinched.

“What the-” someone trailed off. We both looked behind us. The four boys had each stopped upon entering the room and were looking at us shocked.

“Geronimo!” I yelled and pulled the broom into a dive. Amy screamed and clung to me.

“Don’t you think we should go to the 7th year girl’s room?” she asked testily. Oh right. I think riding made her queasy.

I turned the broom around and flew to the other tower shakily. I could fly but I was certainly not going to make the Gryffindor Quidditch team anytime soon. After peering in a few windows we recognized our own by way of spotting Lily. Oh wonderful Lily. I rapped on the glass. She calmly walked over and opened the window for us. We toppled in and both fell off the broom. Amy landed softly on the bed to our left while I landed with a painful thud on my already sore arm on the right side, plus hitting my head again.

Lily raised an eyebrow at us but barely looked that shocked. Was she used to us by now? Impossible.

A throat cleared. I rolled over onto my back and looked to my left. The Marauders were standing on the other side of the room. They had beaten us here. They did not look impressed. Not too angry, a little more mildly confused and blank.

I could hear Amy bring up her lunch again but I was still looking in their direction. I did feel a bit of brief satisfaction that I knew that bed belonged to Kimberly. She just had to have the bed closest to the window.

James spoke first “Uhh can I have my things back and can you not take them again” he sounded kind of annoyed. I felt bad.

Uh oh. Sirius was giving me a disapproving look. It made my head hurt more. Well not really but I felt ashamed.


He spoke with a slightly raised voice “You got drunk by yourselves in a dingy bar!”

How did he know? And is he implying I can’t take care of myself. I sat up and moved so I was sitting against the wall. I leaned my head on it briefly but it hurt.

“Are you implying we can’t take care of ourselves?” Amy accused, verbalizing my thoughts.

“Well that much is obvious” Remus commented with a frown. “Not to mention you tore apart our room”

Amy was glaring at him, red with anger. “That was just for fun, and as you can see we are both fine, so yes I’d say we can take care of ourselves” she directed this at all of them.

“Well sorry if I don’t believe that when you’re so careless with my expensive equipment.” James told her. He probably should have directed that to me. He should also stop multiplying but I think that might be in my mind.

Lily was biting her lip; she looked like she wanted to come to both sides defence but didn’t know what to say. I watched all of it wide eyes, trying to ignore the pain in the back of my head and my increasing dizziness.

Amy turned into a one man arguing machine, yelling at all of them. They argued back. She looked so silly wearing a bathrobe. I was having trouble keeping up with the fight.

Now she was yelling that they don’t take us seriously and Remus was saying how could they? James made a comment about how all women do something, Lily got in then. Amy was getting her feelings out pretty well. I had never realized how hurt she was by how they all treated her after her break up with Remus.

My eyes got misty; what could I do but sit here quietly.

And then something really good happened. No my friends didn’t stop arguing; instead I heard a low coo behind me.

My eyes met yellow ones, with large white eyebrows covering them. It was a small brown owl, covered in white speckles, known a Little Owl.

It was standing on the windowsill, calm and still. I noticed a letter attached to its leg. The letter had my name on it in a familiar script.

I knew who it was from and I knew that the owl was for me.

“Hullo Quinn” I greeted it softly. I had always known what I would name my owl as soon as I owned one.

It hooted quietly in response. I smiled and leaned forward “It’s a bit noisy here, meet me in the 7th year boys dorm” I whispered to it. It spun around on its tiny feet and flew off.

I crawled across the room and snuck out the door. Suddenly I felt much better, my head still throbbed but it wasn’t anything serious. I removed James’s gear on the way and placed it all neatly next to his bed when I got there. It was nice to be in my original date outfit again.

The boy’s window was still open; Quinn flew over and stood at the end of the bed, its feet on the frame. I removed the letter; a little parcel was hidden behind it.

“First thing’s first” I told it “Girl?” I asked while pointing to myself “or Boy?” and I pointed at a pair of boxer’s on the floor next to the bed. The entire room looked like a tornado had swept through it. The owl made a little motion that directed itself to my right.

“Boy” I said smiling.

We regarded each other carefully. I sat down on the bed and began to open the letter.

So my mom had broken my rules I set out to never contact me again. She knew I wouldn’t fall for any sort of ploy to gain my inheritance so I felt it to be sincere, along with a little hope.

I flashed back to my mother crying one day when I was a little girl. Her owl, Cato, a similar and slightly larger one like Quinn, had passed on after many years. We couldn’t afford a new one and she told me she had wanted to give it to me before I set off to Hogwarts.

I can never forgive my mother for what she has done but I can see how it hurt her to not be well off. I wish she had been stronger but I can’t hate her and I can’t reject this wonderful gift. I loved Cato and I already knew I would love Quinn.

The letter was nice. It was very simple; she gave me a brief background on Quinn. Told me that she had hoped I was enjoying the rest of her school year. She mentioned where she was living right now and described the area. I liked that she wasn’t pushing for my forgiveness or filling the letter with apologies, correctly assuming I probably wouldn’t be sending one back. But she did give her address, and wrote that she would probably be settling there for awhile. I knew it was a hint of an offer to visit in the future. Whether I would or not was still up in the air.

I opened the small package. Inside it was a tiny stuffed animal. A Griffin. A little note was attached to it that read Formatted to properly grow with incantation

I was glad I brought my wand with me. I enlarged the stuffed toy. It was very soft with beady eyes.

I felt sleepy again and like a child, I lay down on the bed, clutching the stuffed animal and drifted off to sleep.


The next time I opened my eyes I could hear breathing that was not my own. I sat up, curled up next to me was Amy, sleeping soundly. At the foot of the bed, Lily was sleeping in a little ball. I raised my eyebrows and looked around, suppressing a laugh.

Sleeping head to foot on Remus’s bed was the bed’s owner and James. I wonder how that agreement came about.

“Hullo there” Sirius said from his bed. I looked at him and smiled. He was playing with my new pet and feeding him treat. I carefully climbed over Amy and slipped the griffin into her arms before making my way to Sirius’s bed.

“Here we are again” I said as I crawled on his bed. I stoked the owl’s feathers.

“What’s his name?” Sirius asked me.

“Quinn” I answered not bothering to ask him how he figured out the gender. He can be very intelligent I’ve noticed.

He took a breath “Soooo”

“Soooo” I replied.

“I take it you see we’ve all calmed down a bit”

“Yeah I noticed the sleep over party we’ve got going on”

“We weren’t really angry, we were worried”

I grinned at him “I guess your angry faces confused us”

He tousled his hair, holding back a smile. Quinn hooted a little and flew to the windowsill.

“Spoon me” I ordered.

He laughed and we made ourselves comfortable. “What happened after I left?” I asked.

He kissed the back of my neck lightly. “You mean when you disappeared without saying anything, causing us to worry more”

“Drama Queens, I didn’t go far”

“Well Amy was pretty furious but she had a lot of good points, and it was probably healthy that she and Remus finally had a conversation, even if it involved raised voices. In the end after Lily noticed you gone and we all eventually made it back here, Amy just crawled into bed with you and Lily followed. No one said much of anything but I think nobody really felt angry anymore.”

“Well that’s good” I felt like saying sorry and I think he might of as well. It was better just to pretend we did it psychically rather then say it out load because we both knew how each other felt.

“You looked like a dork clutching your stuffed animal”

“As long as I looked cute also, I can take that”

“The drool was a bit off a turn off”

“Says the snorer” I lied.

“Liar” He’s so smart.


A/N: So that was a bit of a roller coaster ride. I didn’t intend for it to get more serious at the end but that’s how it went when I was writing. Sorry I didn’t include any scenes with them really drunk. I thought the aftermath would be easier to write and understand, as this would be in Paige’s head and it would be cheating if the whole chapter read: gsjfjkl;gjuifsajfijvfklhjg



I’d like some feedback for this, when I end this story, I don’t really want it to be the end of Paige and Amy so I’ve got thought bubbles on a new story set in the future. I’ve got a main character planned out, and a connection that will involve Paige and Amy being in her universe. Buuttttttt, my main character is going to need a male protagonist and I’m a little clueless about where I should go with that

How do people feel about Oliver Wood, or possibly Roger Davies, or maybe I should just create an OC character? I’d really like to know what your thoughts are!

Chapter 20: Man's Best Friend
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Chapter 20: Man’s Best Friend

I don’t think I’ve ever spent as much time in the library as I have since I met Lily Evans. I always questioned her supreme power over James but here I am, another Saturday, another study session. I guess our finals being only a month away encourages this extreme attention to schoolwork as well.

Wait why am I complaining when I haven’t even touched my school books. Bad Paige bad.

“I’m glad to see you really concentrating on your “N.E.W.T.S” Lily beamed at me between two towering columns of books on either side of her.

Way to make me feel guiltier universe!

“Yes, you’ve been pretty productive today” Remus agreed. I think there was a hint of suspicion in his tone.

“Err…yeah, really want to get some O’s” I replied nervously. I felt a bit shamefaced since what I was studying wasn’t really part of the Hogwarts curriculum.

I don’t care about N.E.W.T.S. They supposed to be useful for getting a job right out of Hogwarts. For getting your life into order, for growing up. The thing is I can’t help but feel seventeen is a little young for growing up. At least in my case.

McGonagall keeps telling me at our post academic sessions about looking into applying to the Translating Department at the Ministry of Magic. I nod my head and tell her it’s a good idea, and say that I’ll definitely check it out and all but really, I have zero interest at being stuffed up in an office when I could be somewhere south translating writings on the walls of ancient tombs. Or at least carving my initials on ancient relics for a good laugh. Nothing makes me laugh more than the idea of someone looking at an old sarcophagus only to read the words


The Z instead of an S should really make them angry. Proper people hate it when us youngin’s misspell things on purpose.

So yeah my lack of ambition may be a problem since no one really seems to know about it. I bet Amy suspects though. Figures just when things get good again obstacles come up.

Well its not like things are entirely good; Remus and Amy are still not really on the road to friendship or anything. At least they don’t yell at each other. Also I think Kimberly has been stealing my sweets from my hiding place under my bed. I have to admit subtle retaliation that I have no proof of is quite clever.

And I’m not even sure if this is even an obstacle to begin with.

Except for the part where I’ve been reading this wizarding traveling guide for the past three hours. I’ve even made notes on it. Places to stop by, tips for not offending the locals (which I may do that opposite if I get bored). See that? Hypothetical fun ideas are popping into my head.

And every one of those ideas seems to be occurring while I’m still young.

The problem is that the boys all have Auror stars in their eyes. They haven’t mentioned it but I know they are taking to required classes and I assume their hero complexes are pushing them down that path. The thing is Auror training is local. The rest of the world is not.

Sometimes I wish Hogwarts had a few more years for us to go through. That we could just stick like this.

Sirius and Amy joined us a moment later. They’ve just been to Divination extra review session. If I hadn’t of known that already it would be obvious from the glow of admiration on Amy’s face and the laughter it looked like Sirius was containing.

Amy’s glow faded as she sat down nervously across from Remus, both avoiding each other’s eyes. I know Amy’s not trying to talk to him either but I choose to blame Lupin out of best friend loyalty. I tried to send psychic messages to him to man up but he wasn’t getting it so I gave up.

Sirius meanwhile moved my chair around to face him.

“Alright I’ve left you alone for most of the day but its Saturday and I’m a chronic attention seeker who’s been neglected long enough”

“Poor puppy” I cooed with pouty face. He hates it when I call him that. Is it wrong to enjoy how funny you boyfriend looks when he cringes. I laughed and shoved my books quickly into my bag.

“Okay take me away” I told him in a fluttery voice. I leaned on him for support as we left the library, what’s a damsel to do but lean on her big strong man.

“Snow’s all melted” he commented.

“Oh let’s go behind the Quidditch stands” I said excitedly. There’s something I’ve been meaning to ask him.

“Yes Mam’n” he replied smoothly but with a hint of equal excitement. Oh silly boy, he thought he was getting nooky. I’ll let him live the dream a little longer.

We raced across the grounds until we were out of view from all eyes of Hogwarts

I grinned at him all devil like “There’s something I’ve wanted you to do for a little while now” I told him.

He got all suave and moved towards me. My heart beat a little faster but I was going to have to save my snog anticipation for later.

“Can you turn into a dog and run after a stick” I blurted right before he kissed me.

“What?” He stopped awkwardly close to my face with surprised eyes.

“I mean fetch I’ve always wanted to play fetch, our neighbours had this great big happy dog but I never had the nerve to ask them if I could play with it, mind you they were nutters so I was afraid they might have rubbed off on the dog as well”

He was starring at me perplexedly. This was a familiar feeling. To my relief instead of running away he just shook his head and laughed.

“Do you remember when we first met, I mean when we officially met and conversed, at the beginning of seventh year”

I thought back to the textbook incident “I do believe I recall”

“And then when you overheard me in the hall, you were drinking that little box thing, it had juice in it”

My face started to get pink. I had forgotten about propositioning him with juice after overhearing him have a fight with his brother. “Oh right, my apple juice, you passed up some good stuff”

He laughed again. “I like that no matter how much time we spend together; you still have the ability to throw me off balance like that”

I glared a little “Well I’m glad you enjoy a girlfriend who’s a predictable yet unpredictable nutter” I commented.

He wrapped his arms around me affectionately and kissed my forehead. “Makes knowing you a lot more exciting then normal”

“Plus my crazy eyes are just so pretty” I urged. Every girl wants to be told they have pretty eyes.

“They are nice to look at I’ll admit” he agreed.

“I threw that textbook on purpose at you guys so I could have a reason to talk to you and hook up Amy and Remus” I blurted out. Okay if I get ride of a few of my secrets, maybe I won’t feel so bad at keep others.

He smiled “That actually makes sense” then he took a few steps back. I clapped my hands pretending to be an excited child when I figured out what he was about to do.

Rather quickly his posture changed and his features molded into canine shapes. In a matter of seconds he had turned into a large shaggy black dog.

“Brilliant!” I exclaimed out loud and searched the ground for a nearby stick as Sirius the dog ran circles around me, occasionally giving an excited bark. Now I had also solved the mystery of his odd laugh.

After tossing a random stick about for awhile I felt I had fulfilled my inner child enough for the day and motioned for him to come over as I settled myself on the grass.

He showed off a little more with his doggy tricks and joined me, transforming back effortlessly.

“Frig that’s amazing” I commented “I can’t believe you all managed to do that”

“I was the first” he bragged, sitting up next to me. I was going to point out that the others had much more difficult animals to turn into but he does look rather handsome when his ego is inflated. Instead I leaned my head on his shoulder.

“What are you going to do after Hogwarts?” I asked. Although I had guessed I figured I should confirm it.

“Auror Training” he answered immediately “Me and James both are”

Thought so. I’m a tiny bit jealous but I don’t have the skills for that sort of thing. My dueling is pretty sub par and I prefer muggle methods anyways.

“Sounds adventurous and exciting” was all I could say.

“Should be, they’ll probably need lots of new recruits, with all this dark lord stuff and all”

Right, that Voldemort seems like a right jerk. I’m not too worried thought. We have some brilliant wizards like Dumbledore all about, I’m sure they can take him down easily if he tries anything big.

“You?” he asked after a bit of silence.

“No clue yet” I lied. “Maybe after the summer I’ll get a job somewhere”

“You like Runes, you could work at the Ministry, and they have a specific department for that”

Just like McGonagall had suggested, working in an office still sounded very unappealing, even coming from him. “Maybe” I answered.

To distract him from any more post Hogwarts talk I decided to fall back on my feminie wiles. I moved my head up and kissed him. I got a good and enthusiastic response. It only took a moment to wipe my guilty feelings away.

It was after a few minutes of bliss did I realize how little we had done the snogging thing in our relationship. Further proof towards my insanity, Sirius is a most excellent kisser.

“We don’t do this enough” he said between kisses, reading my mind.

“Then we’ll have to make up for it here” I grinned and pushed him to his back. He pulled me on top of him and we resumed.

Before we knew, the sun had fully gone down, it may have been spring but there was still a chill in the air and I began shivering. Sirius took note of this and stopped.

He sighed, a very manly sigh I may add, and pulled away “Alright, I hate to say it but its time to go in”

“And make out on the common room sofa” I asked hopefully. I had really been enjoying myself and was planning on moving onto undoing his shirt buttons. And I know for a fact he did didn’t want to stop either, his hands had been lingering on the clasp of my bra on my back.

“People are still up” he reasoned.

I used my own reasoning “They’ll go away, it will probably get too awkward for them”

Laughing he stood up and pulled me towards him, we began walking back with his arm around my shoulders.

“How’s Quinn?” he asked.

“Wonderful, quick too, I ran out of people to send letters to so I sent an anniversary card to Amy’s parents” They should be pleasantly surprised to receive that. And by pleasant I mean insanely suspicious.

“Is it even their anniversary?”

“Yes but the fact that you asked that proves you know me all too well”


When we reached the common room, it was pretty crowded. I assumed my idea was off when we joined our friends instead of furious and passionately snogging in front of everyone.

Amy and Remus were sitting far apart again. This was getting on my nerves. Well since I was getting an action at the moment I might as well right things needing righting. Make good of the situation.

“Remus!” I said calmly.

He looked at me bewildered. I may have actually shouted his name and pointed at him threateningly as opposed to calmly calling him over but we’ll never know for sure.

“Yes Paige?”

“Come with me, we are going to go have a secret talk about homework outside the common room” I ordered him sternly.

Everyone starred at me blankly. I rolled my eyes “Well obviously I’m lying but its not like I’m taking him out for quick shag” With my intentions clear I yanked on his arm and dragged him out of the room.

When we were at the top of the stairs I crossed my arms and glared at him.

“What?” he asked exasperatedly.

I narrowed my eyes “Oh I think you know”

“Actually I don’t” hr crossed his arms as well and leaned against the railing.

Fine I’ll make things clear, and threaten him to make sure he does it. “If you don’t talk to Amy I’m kicking you out of Gryffindor for being a coward”

“You can’t do that” he said calmly, raising his eyebrow as he did.

“Please, I’m good friends with the head girl”

“Well she can’t do that and besides James would be on my side”

“Correction, James would be on Lily’s side, who would be on my side”

“Well it would be Dumbledore who would decide anyways”

“Well with both heads on my side to influence him, I doubt you’ll have a chance”

“I can’t believe we are discussing me being kicked out of Gryffindor if I don’t follow your orders”

“And why wouldn’t you talk to Amy”

That shut him up. My persuasive arguments rule, I would have been king of the Romans for this stuff, they loved a good debater. Well I would be king if they actually decided not to get rid of kings and bring on the republic. Okay no more discussing what I watch on the history channel.

“Look I want to discuss things” he said.

“Then do it, wait until everyone goes to bed and ask her to stay”

He thought for a moment. “Fine, that’s actually good idea”

Ha. Today must be my day.


I paced around the dorm room while everyone else slept.

What was bloody taking so long? Amy should have been back up here ages ago, telling me that her and Remus had walked everything out and were friends again and we could all now hang out without any awkwardness.

They better not be fighting. Or Remus better not of said anything dumb. Or both.

I should go down there. Just take a peek to see how things are going. Kill Remus if he is in any way making her upset.

I opened the door quietly, hearing nothing I preceded. Maybe they went for a walk, Or maybe they were all made up and Remus went to bed and Amy was stu-


Or maybe they were snogging furiously on the couch. This is what I was supposed to be doing tonight. Damn them.

Ugh I should have known Remus Lupin would disappoint me somehow. Well on the bright side at least they aren’t fighting or ignoring each other.

Okay I’m going to stop watching because this is just creepy. Although I’d like to point out that technically he isn’t talking to Amy like I told him to. This means I could still kick him out of Gryffindor if I wanted to.

I’m just saying.


A/N: Holy smokes you guys made good with the feedback. After thinking about it, although there was overwhelming support for Oliver Wood, people were still interested in an OC so I’m using both and see how that goes. Furthermore before I start it, I’m going to do a short story, maybe 5 chapters long, that chronicles Paige’s life leading up to my new character’s story (which Paige will be greatly involved in also). So I’ve put Involuntary Laughter on Hiatus so I can finish this and Things are Looking Up before getting on with all new stuff.

Thank you all again for your feedback

Chapter 21: Time Stamp
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Chapter 21: Time Stamp

It’s completely aggravating when your best friend doesn’t confide in you. Especially if you already know what she is supposed to confide.

“What is up with you” Amy asked, clearly annoyed. To be fair, I’ve have been staring at her expectantly all day and I can see how that could be annoying. Still, she’s had ample opportunity to tell us about her and Remus.

“Are you going to tell me the truth about last night?”

She didn’t look up from her cereal. “I told you, we talked it over and we’ve decided to be friends”

Liar. I saw them snogging all over the Gryffindor’s precious couch and who knows where that went. Ew, now I’m wondering what that couch has had to endure over the years. Gross, let’s move on.

“Anything else?”

“No, now can you leave me alone?”

Well there’s only one thing to do now. I snatched Lily’s copy of the Daily Prophet out of her and, rolled it up and whacked Amy in the head with it.

“What the bloody hell is wrong with you”

“When I kept snogging Sirius a secret, you got to attack me so now it’s my turn”

“What the-“

“I saw you” I pointed the paper at her accusingly. Guilt immediately crossed her features and lingered long enough for Lily to look interested. And when you have Lily Evans interested in something besides reading then you know you’ve got a story.

Well she’s not actually reading since I stole her paper. But that’s one of them trivial details.

She rested a head on her hand, trying to look cool and collected “You saw what exactly?”

“Insane snogging all over our precious common room sofa” I answered while gesturing my arms dramatically for Lily’s entertainment.

“You two are back together” Lily exclaimed excitedly.

Amy didn’t respond and looked at me with an irritated face. “Here’s what I’d like to know, what in Godric’s name were you doing watching us snog?”

“I wanted to see if you’d made up, I figured it was a yes” I winked. She needs to stop giving me a look that says “Perv”; I had a right to check on them since I organized the whole thing.

“Finally you two make up” Lily sighed happily. Another closet romantic emerges.

Amy’s face fell a little at her comment “Well not exactly, we did agree to be friends though”

“With benefits?” I interjected.

“No, this was after we snogged. We just want to see how it goes but aren’t diving into anything right now”

“That’s very mature” Lily told her, although looking a little disappointed.

I disagreed. “Yeah if mature means thick, what are you going to do when you need a little late night action and no lover but a friend?”

“I suppose I’ll head on down the grimiest bar in town and pick up a feller” Amy joked. At least she didn’t seem completely broken up or anything.

“Maybe after you settle into your jobs and get everything in order you two can date again” Lily suggested. I knew she wanted them together just as much as me.

Amy groaned and thumped her head on the table “That’s all people talk about, jobs careers, and making babies”

Lily looked frazzled “You don’t want that, Merlin I’m excited for all of it” Then she blushed.

“That’s because you were born the dream girl, Aimstar and I are social experiments gone wrong” I informed her.

“So you don’t want a job either?” she asked me.

Amy seemed curious as well. “Hey, I thought you were always telling McGonagall about working at the Ministry” she reminded me.

My eyes got shifty. “Well I’ve haven’t exactly been known as a chronic truth teller”

“Well, what are you planning?” Amy prodded. “Wild lion tamer?”

I blanched a little. I knew this was coming; I could not get away with lying about this to Amy without significant practice. I should have come up with a cool cover ages ago but now it was too late.

“Um, you know England right?” I started off slowly.

Simultaneous eye roll “We may have heard of it, possibly lived there all our lives” Amy said sarcastically.

Probably not a good way to start, let’s see hmm, they are looking at me quite expectantly.

“Well I was thinking about leaving it……to go, well everywhere basically. Around the time when school ends. ”

“WHAT?” they cried in unison. Amy picked up the paper and started swatting me with it repeatedly.

“School ends in a few weeks, you do realize this?” Lily cried.

“When were you planning on, oh I don’t know, TELLING US?” Amy shouted between hits.


“OW, sorry sorry sorry sorry” I apologized repeatedly and shielded myself for a few more minutes until she calmed down.

“You were just going to leave me here and wait to the last minute to tell me” she accused. Correctly I might add.

Then I had a sudden perfect idea. The exact thing my trip had been missing. The thing that suddenly moved away a lot more hesitation I had in leaving. I turned to Amy and looked at her hopefully.

“Come with me”

She paused, giving me opportunity to bombard her with what I had been researching. All throughout she remained silent. When I finished I’m pretty sure I was glowing as I starred at her hoping for a yes answer. Of course my trip would be ten times as amazing with Amy by my side; I can’t believe I’d never thought of it before.

She crossed her arms thinking, and I could see a slight smile of anticipation.

I grinned at her and her smile grew wider.

Then Lily burst in to tears. Oh shit, I should have invited Lily.

“I’m going to miss you guys so much” she sobbed “You had better write, and be careful, and pack for anything”

Amy hugged her tightly and I reached across the table and took her hands “Of course write and all that”

Amy met my eyes, I’m pretty sure we could only honestly make the promise to write.


Of course there were still other things to consider. I had told my closest friends and now they were insisting I tell my boyfriend. This was going to be considerably a lot harder since I went from telling Amy to her joining me and I don’t think that’s what’s going happen with Sirius.

So I turned into a coward. At least that’s what Amy says, since I’ve decided to write him a heartfelt letter instead.

Dear Sirius

You are too hot for me to handle so I’m releasing you into the wild to be ravaged by beautiful women while I search the Earth to find out where I went wrong



“See” I showed Amy “This one not only compliments him but it also puts the idea of being ravaged by sexy ladies into his head and therefore he won’t be angry”

“I can’t figure out if you joking or not and I think that’s a bad thing” Am deadpanned.

I crumpled up the parchment up and threw it on my bed.

This writing Sirius a letter thing was hard. Maybe I should shag him then tell him. I voiced my thoughts to my friend.

“You can’t use having sex as a tool”

“Whhhhyyyy, other chicks do it all the time”

“Well for one thing, you have to be ready”

I was about to agree with her when a weird realization came to me “I am ready” I said out loud, feeling a bit surprised. I hadn’t really thought about “home base” when it came to Sirius but I was oddly comfortable with the idea with a mix of I think is slight anticipation.

Amy was looking a bit surprised “Well this conversation just went in a whole new direction, are you really?”

I nodded “Yeah, weird huh? But you’re right I should tell him first and maybe a letter isn’t the best way.” I’ll have to deal with my realization later.

“Finally some sense”

I turned and gave my excited little pet a sad face “Sorry Quinn, I guess I don’t need you right now”

She hooted happily and flew over to my bed.

And things got bad

She randomly picked a letter up with her small talons and flew out the open window, leaving Amy and I with out jaws on the floor.

“She’s just joking right” Amy asked me horrified. “I mean she wouldn’t actually deliver one of those idiotic things you wrote”

“I don’t think owls joke” I replied quietly.

We faced each other with slight panic on our faces and looked back at the open window.

“But who knows, haha, maybe she’s making a nest”

Amy gave an uneasy laugh “Yeah, maybe”

“But just in case I should hire an eagle to go and eat her”

“I think I’ll go to the boys’ room and you know, make sure anything that gets there is intercepted” Amy suggested

“I think that is a great idea, and I’ll wait at this window for Quinn, then jump out if she I find out she delivered the “beautiful ladies” letter”

We nodded at each other and Amy left. We were being surprisingly calm about this.



What I need now is a lucky red shirt. The one that got me free ice cream once at Diagon Alley.

I tore open my trunk and searched through but had no luck so I spent the next five minutes scrounging under my bed. Somehow my clothes always ended up there.

I sighed in relief when I heard footsteps. Good all was well. But seriously, where was that shirt?

“Hey Amy, do you have any clue where I put my red T shirt, the one with the tiny hole in it?” I called out.

A voice cleared. It was much manlier than Aimes so I assumed it was someone else. Or maybe she had a cold. Please Merlin let her have a cold.

I rolled out from under the bed and saw that it was in fact, Sirius. However before any happy greetings I obviously realized his face was not one of happiness.

“Hullo” I welcomed him carefully. Maybe I can convince him this is all a wacky misunderstanding.

“Mind telling me what this is?” he asked, holding up the letter. Oh shite, worst nightmare had come true, the bloody owl wasn’t playing a joke on me and had delivered the thing. Pretty quickly too so she gets points for that at least.

“Oh, uh that wasn’t supposed to actually be delivered” I stammered.

Dear Sirius” he read “Well it’s been fun but I’m off to discover the mysteries of the world after school ends. I hope there is no hard feelings. Got this while studying in the common room, right after Amy ran up to what I’m guessing was my dorm in a panic and I thought I might check it out”

I winced. “Err yeah, I wrote it much more kindly in these” I gestured to the pile of papers on my bed.

“Well its good to know you basically broke up with me in a much kinder way” he sounded quite sarcastic.

“I wasn’t breaking up with you” I exclaimed. Which was wrong, I guess I hadn’t really thought of it that way. Quinn rejoined us a moment later and hooted happily, at what she must have thought, at a job well done.

“Oh gee, how could I have been so mistaken” He responded with loads of angry sarcasm in his voice.

He made a disgruntled noise and began to pace angrily. “I don’t even know how to deal with this!”

Crap, this is getting a bit intense. Well at least I know how to make it better. The next time I was in view he stopped pacing abruptly and smacked his head, looking away.

“Paige you can’t just take your shirt off every time we have a problem”

“I can’t?”


“Okay fine” I picked the shirt off the floor and fit my arms through the sleeves.

“No wait…” he ran over and stopped me, I let the shirt fall to the floor.

“What?” I asked him, confused. Was he going to ravage me in a manly angry passion? That sounded better that arguing.

“… well you better keep it off in case the argument ends well”

Boys are so mind bogglingly simple yet complicated sometimes.

The door opened and Amy ran into the room “He’s not in his room and I haven’t seen Quinn.” When she saw us and my owl perched in the window ledge she stopped short, rolled her eyes and walked back out of the room with the words “Please solve this like an adult Paige”

Says the girl who makes friendships through tonguing. Still, she had somewhat of a point. I picked my shirt up again and pulled it over my head.

“Look you aren’t just some bloke I entertained myself with” I told him honestly. “I fancy the damn pants off you, figuratively and hopefully one day literally” Also an honest statement, as well as serving for some nice imagery.

“It’s been so weird but awesome at the same time to have you in my life, someone to be close to besides Amy and I will probably miss you more than anyone”

I paused; he seemed to be calming down so I continued.

“But, I’m not meant to be here, to grow up and get it all sorted out right after graduating”

“You need to go” he repeated softly as if trying to understand. I felt my eyes stinging.

“I need to go be immature on every continent and offend every local” I tried to joke to keep my tears in but my eyes were not cooperating. I rubbed at them and turned my head away.

“I’m not crying” I announced. So much for breaking away clean. I felt an arm around me. Stupid Sirius being so decent and making me sad for leaving.

“I fancy the pants off you too, hopefully literally one day as well”

I did a sort of choke laugh. “Perv” I giggled and wiped my eyes.

“You dames and your tears, get me every time”

I stood up “Please understand though, don’t feel bad because I’m all weepy”

He sighed and put his head in his hands “Fuck, this is hard, everything’s been going well and all of a sudden it’s going to end”

I was trapped between feeling guilty about what I was doing and flattered at how much I meant to him.

Then he said something I didn’t really like. “I guess we have to end it now, I don’t think its best if we were in a relationship with an expiry date”

WHAT? What about my late night action needs? This was truly sucking. He was totally dumping me.

“Fine, well don’t expect a goodbye shag from me, try the sixth year Hufflepuff’s, they’ll be great for getting over me” I crossed my arms and turned away snootily.

He put his hands on my shoulders. “I’m not going to go out immediately and get a new girlfriend” he comforted “I think we should stay friends for the rest of the year, I just don’t want to get even closer if there is going to be no “us” anymore after school ends”

He had a point but this still really sucks. We both stood up awkwardly.

“Well we better be getting down to dinner” I suggested. He nodded but had a sudden wild look in his eyes

He took my face in his hands and leaned down quickly, giving me one of those smoldering kissed I always hear about. Just as quickly, he let go and left the room.

Then I made an immediate decision that jeopardized our break up.

If he meant that to be one last kiss than he shouldn’t have made it so good, I plan on scoring me another one of those before I’m gone.


A/N: ahhhhhh don’t hate me. This had to be written, but don’t worry, there is still some Paige/Sirius stuff in the next chapter that may get you happy again.

And it looks like the next chapter will be the last one, not including the epilogue. I’ve already got a short story following Paige in the works as well as an OC Hogwarts Era story involving Paige, Amy, Oliver Wood, and an OC male character that I just can’t seem to name yet.

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Chapter 22: Boys and Waffles
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Chapter 22: Boys and Waffles

Well it’s finally here, the day we leave this place forever. I feel like I’ve only just gotten into my groove and now I’m leaving. Thankfully I’ll be far away where I can avoid seeing the results of my NEWTS exams. Those did not go over well. Oh well, there’s more to life than NEWTS and thankfully my Dad barely understands the way my school marks our exams.

I don’t know how the boys finished packing before we did but there they were, outside enjoying their last day fooling around on the Hogwarts grounds while we’re still scrambling.

“Paige, will you stop starring out the window and finish packing, the carriages are going to be here in an half an hour” Amy reminded me.

“Yeah sure” I answered her distantly but continued watching the people outside. I heard her give a frustrated sigh but she didn’t ask me again. Despite her and Remus declaring themselves “friends” it seems every other minute they’re snogging in some empty corridor while Sirius and I make with the awkward friendship. She doesn’t brag or anything but she comes back to our dorm with that glow on her face that she can’t hide from her best friend.

James tackled Remus and suddenly he’s chasing him out of my view and the other two follow. I sighed slightly; I don’t know when I’ll get to see such a playful sight again.

Kimberly brushed by me on her way to the bathroom and hissed “Pathetic” in a low voice. She knows if Amy heard her she’d probably be ending her school year with a broken arm.

Besides she’s completely right. I’ve been mooning over my ex for weeks now. It’s like now that he isn’t available, my self control is being sorely tested. It’s hard not to jump that boy in the middle of breakfast. That’s like combing the two best things in life, waffles and man action, how can a girl resist? Well apparently I can, although barely.

He’s been painstakingly nice to me and kept his word about not going off with some slag. Not that they haven’t tried anything. Girls have been vying for a rebound position since the day after we’d broken up. Of course even though I know he wouldn’t hurt me, I’m completely jealous when they hit on him and feel a sick satisfaction when they get no where.

I never said I was the perfect ex girlfriend.

Spitting on Kimmy’s wand as it waited for her return briefly cheered me up. Lily raised an eyebrow but was kind enough to hold back a repulsed face. Amy laughed, walked over to Kimberly’s trunk, opened it up and tossed an unwrapped chocolate frog inside. We grinned wickedly at each other for our own special little method of saying goodbye to the thorn in our side.

“Are you guys leaving right away after you get home?” Lily asked as she neatly folded her remaining clothes inside her trunk.

Amy grunted as she sat on her own trunk to close it. I could see various items poking out. “Not for a few days” she answered her between strains.

I on the other hand had begun shrinking some of my things, fully taking advantage of my learnin’. “Yeah, my Dad and I are going to have some father daughter time, you know ice cream and cheesy musicals” Pops and I love watching people dancing around and singing for no real reason.

Lily looked at me oddly. “I’m not surprised you’re a fan, but your Dad?”

I nodded solemnly. “Don’t tell anyone but he once played Singing in the Rain endlessly when he’d thought I’d gone to Amy’s for the day; I was actually hiding in my room all day”

“Why were you hiding in your room?” she asked curiously.

I went pink, and Amy laughed, “Go on, tell her”

I looked down and mumbled “I was reading a book”

“What sort of book were you reading Paige” Amy pushed me smiling. Lily looked interested.

“One of them books…that..uh…I was too embarrassed he might walk in…see we sort of get awkward about talking about…well girl things about growing up and such”

Amy fell on her bed laughing. I don’t see how her mother sitting her down and telling her everything in a monotone voice while their house elf cleaned the room was any better.

Lily looked at me, suppressing a laugh herself “Awe, I got a book too, every time an awkward subject came up, a book would be on my dresser a few days later”

Amy sat up abruptly and stopped laughing “Hey why did you all get the book and I had to spend an hour wanting to die while my mom went on about feminine hygiene”

“You are all disgusting” Kimberly noted as she returned from the bathroom. We all watched out of the corner of our eyes as she picked up her wand, dropping it again in disgust. We all went back to our business as if nothing was wrong so I don’t know what sort of glare she might have given us.

I swear I’m going to miss her. Without Kimmy, Lily wouldn’t have been driven insane by boredom and crossed over to the dark side to chill with Amy and I. Without Kimmy I would never have any detention stories (As Sirius says, anyone who is anyone has probably had detention). Let’s not also forget her broken nose brought my best friend cheer as she recuperated in the infirmary last fall.

Life just wouldn’t be the same without Kimberly Roberts. Maybe I should give her a quick hug. Nah, the court would probably let her off in the murder that would ensue because everyone would believe I had been committing a hostile act. Even Amy probably.

“Ready?” Lily asked, her trunk was levitating behind her. Being a witch truly rocks.

“All set” I chirped.

“Ready like Freddy” Amy chimed in and we followed Lily out the door gradually; seriously though, seven years bunking here was too short.

As we rambled down the staircase and walked through the halls silently, the goodbyes of the school’s portraits managed to fill the void of noise. I had never found them particularly chatty but there they were; shouting out parting words and random snippets of wisdom.

“Now that schools done with, you can spend some time working on that waistline of yours”

“OI” I yelled at a medieval lady grinning at me through her frame. Lily and Amy had to drag me away. “She yells rude things all the time; she’s a very insecure painting” Lily told me.

“Don’t defend me carrot top” she called after us “By the way, you were the worst Head Girl Hogwarts has ever seen”

Lily pursed her lips but continued walking. I may of heard the word “Slag” mumbled angrily though.

“Please, you totally rocked Head Girl status” Amy waved her hand dismissively and charged up to the doors leading outside.

“This is supposed to be an epic moment in our lives, where we leave our comfortable digs and go on to embrace a new world of change and whatnot” she informed somberly us and rested her hands on the right and left door. I rested mine on the right and Lily on the left. Amy counted to three.

The doors burst open the obvious light made us squint.

“The new world hurts my eyes” I whined.

“Let’s catch up with the guys” Amy tried to suggest calmly but we could both detect anxious excitement in her voice.

I held a hand up “Wait” Something important needed to be done. I walked over to the wall of Hogwarts and opened my arms wide. Yes, I was hugging my school; I think it was a very nice gesture.

“Bye School, thanks for feeding, schooling and housing us for seven years” I told Hogwarts affectionately. I heard a thump next to me; it looked like Amy had run into the school with her arms open, also for hugging.

“Thanks for everything” she bellowed out, her eyes were slightly watery, same as mine.

“Come on Lily; show how much you love Hogwarts”

I turned my head in Lily’s direction and she looked very apprehensive. Well I guess this area was pretty dirty, not to mention all the moss growing around here. With a deep breath she walked over and awkwardly patted the wall. “Err..goodbye” she said.

“Are you lot coming or are you going to molest the school all day?” A voice called out from behind us.

“Please don’t even pretend you weren’t thinking about it” I told Sirius. Inwardly I cursed the sun for shining on him so perfectly.

“We’re coming” Lily answered him and hurried away from the wall. Amy and I looked at our clothes; there was a thick layer of dirt on them. I shrugged my shoulders. I doubt my dad will be surprised.

“What are you guys going to do with the map” Amy asked the boys as we joined them.

“Left it somewhere special” James winked at her.

Amy looked shocked “No way! For some lucky little scamp to find? You could have made mad galleons if you sold it.”

“I’m sure the next owners will be very deserving” Remus assured her. Amy just grumbled.

We separated into two groups for carriages; our trunks were practically people themselves. The way to the Hogwarts Express was oddly silent. Everyone seemed lost in thought.

When we got on to the train, we’d lost track of the guys and opted for a compartment to ourselves. Lily and Amy immediately fell into conversation about working at the Ministry while I starred off through the window.

“I don’t like this” I announced suddenly.

They stopped talking and looked over at me. “Don’t like what?” Amy asked.

I took a deep breath “I don’t want to leave this train without talking to Sirius, alone.”

Amy wiggled her eyebrows “I’m sure you just want to talk to Sirius”

I groaned a slumped into my seat “Of course I don’t want to just talk but what am I supposed to do, run into their compartment and demand he snog me one last time”

“Seduce him” Amy suggested playfully “Walk in there with swinging hips, bat your eyes…..”

I coughed but smiled a little “Yeah, except I don’t the first thing about luring a boy with feminine wiles”

“True” she agreed.

“That’s why you are going to do exactly what I say” Our heads turned suspiciously to Lily, who had been silent up until now.

She leaned forward, her eyes dancing “I read a lot of books” she explained.



The plan was in motion ten minutes later and let me just say this; I need to get my hands on some of the books Lily has been reading. Making friends with her was probably one of the best things that happened this year. Right up there with finding the kitchens.

Amy led me down the corridor, peering into each compartment. Finally we stopped at open one where we could hear the familiar voices of the marauders.

“Ready?” she whispered and turned around.

“I hope so” I whispered back nervously.

Amy cast a disillusionment charm on me. I closed my eyes and shivered; when I opened them she had already entered their compartment. I could hear her perfectly from outside.

“Hey guys, Lils just went to the end of the train to confront some Slytherins who were harassing first years, I thought she might need back up”

It was simple and to the point. All we needed was them out of there.

I heard them all get up. “Isn’t harassing younger students your job” Sirius asked jokingly. The compartment door open and I made myself flat against the wall.

“Ha ha” Amy said, exiting first, and stood in front of me just in case. The boys followed her out and headed in the opposite direction towards the end of the train.

“I was hoping we could fit in some Slytherin fun before we left” James proclaimed while rubbing his hands together. I don’t think Lily will like that but I think I’ll keep it a secret. They may have not earned their comeuppance today but they certainly have in the past.

Amy turned around as they faded out of sight. “Alright, even when they find out Lily isn’t there they’ll probably end up sticking around for some sort of altercation”

“Thanks” I smiled gratefully at her even though she couldn’t see. She felt for me and gave me a tight hug. I love this girl so much.

“Tell me everything later, I’m positive it will work out for you” she whispered and squeezed me once more before hurrying away.

I watched her leave for a few second then hustled into their compartment. I immediately located Sirius’s trunk and found what I needed seconds after opening it.

I bit my lip and smiled, I can’t believe this was Lily’s idea. What a saucy little sexpot she secretly is.

As soon as I was ready I made myself comfortable by lounging on one of the seats. My heart was pounding like mad but I resolved to keep my cool when they came. If that meant a little hyperventilating now so be it.

They weren’t long; I had only been waiting for five minutes when I heard their voices.

“Man I’m glad Lily wasn’t there to see that” James howled with laughter in the hallway.

“I do believe that was a fine ending to our term here” Remus commented, laughing as well. Okay, it’s show time.

James opened the compartment door and was inside before he saw me but when he did he stopped short, Remus bumped into him and I could see part of Peter now held up outside, where Sirius no doubt was.

They both starred in shock at little old me. Remus turned red and twisted around with his back facing me. James politely covered his eyes with hands. Such gentlemen.

“PAIGE!” he shouted. “Where are your trousers?”

“WHAT?” Sirius voice hollered from outside. Peter was pulled back and Remus after him.

Lily’s idea was all kinds of perfect. I didn’t have any sexy lingerie but she informed me although she had yet to try it herself (I’m totally positive she will) that apparently to some men, nothing is more attractive then a girl wearing their shirt over nothing but her undergarments. “Mess up your hair a little and you could be a cross dressing Charlie Chaplin and Sirius will still be tempted” I somehow doubt Charlie could get his motor running but I took her advice anyways.

I moved from my lounging position with shy smile and sat with my legs crossed, arms spread out on the seats next to me. This was quite comfortable, I could go pants-less more often.

“Uh, any reason you’re in our compartment uhh.. lacking clothes, is that my shirt?” Sirius stammered. Okay bonus points to Lily, he actually stammered I don’t think I’ve ever done that to a dude amidst trying to be alluring.

“I lost my pants” I answered him innocently “So I figured I’d get into yours”

I enjoyed the stunned silence that followed. With one last action I smiled daringly at Sirius.

It happened rather quickly. He shoved James out of the way, pulled me up and kissed me so hard we stumbled backwards and hit the wall.

Sirius parted his lips but kept his head close “Good line” he breathed.

“This is OUR compartment” James complained but we were barely listening, or caring.

“You’re welcome to stay” I offered as I started undoing the buttons on Sirius’s shirt “But I’m doing this whether you’re here or not”

The door slammed shut seconds later. We continued vigorous clothing removal.

“Seat or floor” Sirius asked as he started tugging at his shirt that I was wearing while kissing my neck lightly.

I snaked an arm behind his neck and grinned “More space on the floor.” Then I pulled his head back to mine.


“Chocolate?” Sirius offered me from Remus’s stash as we rested on the floor of the compartment, both sharing his robe as a make shift blanket.

“Mmm, chocolate and one on one time with Sirius Black, what more could a girl ask?” I said happily as I adjusted myself under his arm.

“I don’t think there’s ever been a better combination” He agreed.


I nibbled on a Honeyduke’s bar, everyone once in awhile looking at him and smiling. Our eyes met eventually and his kissed my forehead.

“So I heard about this invention called a postcard” he started.

“Oh really?” I gave him an interested look.

He nodded “Yeah I might think about starting up a collection”

“Everybody needs a hobby”

“Of course it would be ludicrous if I went out and purchased them myself, someone would have to send them to me.”

“Sounds exciting” I pondered with a finger on my chin. He laughed lightly and closed his eyes. His finger stroked my arm almost casually.

I don’t know why a few weeks ago I thought everything would be so final. I’ve got years, hell I’ve got decades to sort myself out. And everybody will be here when I get back. They won’t be exactly the same but they’ll still be the people I fell in with at school. Who knows, maybe I would come back quicker then I thought. Maybe I’ll actually get over myself and go see my mother. Maybe I’ll get trapped in an underground tunnel. At least I’ve made a pretty good time of it so far.

One thing’s for sure, next time I shag someone it’ll be in a proper bed. train floors, while they give off exciting vibrations, aren’t exactly soft.

I envisioned the rest of my day, we’ll pull in. Each girl will probably bawl their eyes out (me included) as we hug each other goodbye, the boys will pretend they have something in their eye and we'll pretend they're still manly.

Amy and I will wait for everyone to be gone and count to three before apparating. I’ll be happy to be home but still sad at the same time. Dad and I will head to the video store. I’ll ask him about Mum. He’ll tell me a story from my younger years like always. He can ever say anything bad about anyone, which I love.

I was pulled out of thought by movement next to me. Sirius stretched bit and sat up “Ow my back” he complained. Awe, him too I guess I should show my sympathy.

“What are you, eighty?”

Or not

“Funny.” He did a strange motion with his torso and I heard soft crack. Stretching his arms again he laid back down next to me.

“Just don’t snore” he warned, slipping an arm around my shoulders while closing his eyes, already somehow nodding off.

I suppressed a grin and closed my own eyes. Maybe it wasn’t that uncomfortable down here. I could spend hours sleeping somewhere worse. The steady vibrations were nice and at least it wasn’t bumpy. It seemed perfectly nap worthy.

As long as those bloody naked leprechauns stay out of my dreams this time.



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Chapter 23: Dear Stud
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Once again Melissa, Jenny and Sarah walked down Jenny’s street and passed the apartment building where he lived.

They had first noticed him on their way home from school when they had been discussing the latest important news; two boys from their year had accepted an invitation to go swimming at Sarah’s house a bit later on in the afternoon.

There was much to discuss, what bathing suits should they where and whether or not they should risk going underwater and getting their hair wet. Melissa felt this shouldn’t be a problem but Sarah felt her own hair looked absolutely disgusting when wet and was trying to convince the girls that theirs would as well.

The girls, recently turned thirteen, passed an apartment building on Jenny’s street and couldn’t help but notice him.


Sirius Black had decided to make his motorbike fly. Muggles had the right idea and all inventing such a vehicle but it could still be improved in greatly.

Firstly it had to be in working order before any sort of spell was performed. So on the concrete drive way of the complex, he had decided it was a nice enough day to do some mechanical work and after about thirty minutes found it a warm enough day to do mechanical work without a shirt.


The girls had been stunned. The only kinds of people who rented flats from this building had been the kinds of people who were much too old and (in their opinion) strange to take notice of.

They were in fact so awed, that they later walked the same route back down Jenny’s street instead of their usual short cut through Jenny’s neighbour’s yard to get to Sarah’s street.


Sirius Black wiped his forehead and once again glanced at the manual beside him, cursing muggles while at the same time admiring them for doing this sort of thing everyday. Really, manuals were such a nuisance, he couldn’t fathom how they used it all the time without giving in to complete frustration.


After a let down at Sarah’s (The boys had eaten all their snacks in minutes and rough housed all afternoon, ignoring the girls except to make fun of them for keeping their hair dry), the girls were once again excited as they passed the mysterious black haired boy again.

Each scowled as a glowing middle aged Mrs. Patterson in a tiny sundress handed him a glass off water and cooed at his work before going inside with a flirtatious “If you need anything, let me know” before she went.

They hadn’t even learned to leave a boy with a flirtatious goodbye yet! They ignored the fact that he didn’t really notice the women's efforts by calling the older lady by the same names they had heard their mothers call her without really knowing what it all meant.


As he began to finish, he started to slow down. Most of the hard stuff seemed to be done. He relaxed a bit, deciding to take a break and pulled an envelope from his back pocket. He had already read it quickly early on but couldn’t help glancing at the letter again.

Dear Stud

Still rocking the world like I rocked yours (insert wink)

A flying motorbike eh? The most dangerous vehicle on land is going to be in the sky too, how very like you.

So we’re not welcome back in the great city of Paris (There are limits to what you can do while visiting the Eiffel tower it seems). I’m not too broken up about it, I speak terrible French anyways.

Quinn can only deliver so many letters in one trip so I’m counting on you to give Lily and James our congratulations on their engagement. Amy has also requested that credit is given to her for her part in hooking them up but feel free to leave that out and cite true love and fate as their reason for getting together. Give us a date and we’ll drop in for the wedding.

You may have detected this already but I included a picture in this letter. You’ll observe how mature and grown up I’ve become.

We’re going to Egypt tomorrow; there may be a job opportunity there for me and Amy is getting homesick. Hope I don’t bugger it up.

Give Remus and Peter manly hugs for us and cheers to R rated humour

Love Paige

He smiled after finishing the latter. As the days were getting darker from Voldemort’s growing influence, things could seem pretty bleak at times. Luckily he could always count on some random word from Paige to find him and make things seem better. He and the rest of his friends didn’t have the heart to write to them about the happenings here. The girls had to be back soon anyways. They might even consider joining the order; each had their own valuable talents despite what they claimed.

A moment later he looked up and waved at the girls, who were still standing across the street. They panicked at being actually seen by him and walked rather quickly home without waving back. He shook his head in amusement and again glanced at the picture Paige included.

Slightly pondering who had taken the picture in such a remote location he gazed at the two girls fondly. One of them was leaning against a large stone that was shaped like a head. She had a picture perfect smile on her face, squinting slightly from what he could only assume was from the sunlight. Her hair was blowing in her face from a breeze and her hands were moving to keep it out of her eyes. He noticed she had removed the piercing in her right eyebrow.

The other girl had her hand placed in its nose and looked as if she was about to wet herself laughing. She seemed to be having the time of her life in the picture. He felt a slight pang, he missed feeling childish and silly.

At one point she blew a kiss and winked at the camera and he smiled again.


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