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The 10 signs of love by megs

Format: Novella
Chapters: 31
Word Count: 39,521

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Romance, Action/Adventure, Angst
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Lucius, Voldemort, Draco, Pansy, Fred/George, Ginny, OC
Pairings: Draco/Ginny, Harry/Hermione, Ron/OC

First Published: 08/19/2005
Last Chapter: 05/14/2006
Last Updated: 05/14/2006

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It had all started with some stupid letters. Neither of them knew who the other one was and then, as horrible as it was they met, and they couldn't seperate. Now... as if being told their love is wrong, Draco has been given a task from the dark lord. His task is to kill... the one he loves? (thanks Mahal_kita for the great banner) LAST CHAPTER UP!

Chapter 1: Malfoy's Problems
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A/N: Hi everyone, as you'll notice the first of this story is not quite as strong as the rest of it. Why? I wrote the first four or five chapters when I was 11 years old. Now, before you say anything, I am going to be getting them fixed up and just haven't got around to it. I hope you enjoy my story, and I'll now let you get lost in a world of not necessarily a good love.

The 10 signs of love!

It was a quiet summer evening and the Malfoy's mansion was silent as usual. Draco was sitting in his room staring out the window when he heard a knock on the door.

"Draco, mommy says it's time for Dinner," said a little girl on the other side of his door.

"Coming, Sylvie," said Draco, standing up to leave. He unlocked his door to find his seven-year-old sister smiling at him from behind a statue.

"Peek-a boo, Draco!" she exclaimed, flinging her arms around his waste.

"Hey squirt," he said, plastering a forced smile onto his face. "What's for dinner?"

"Mommy says daddy is coming home for dinner today so she made a real big fancy dinner!"

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah." Draco rounded the corner into the kitchen, where his mother Narcissa Malfoy was waiting for him.

"Draco, for Merlin's sake put something nice on. The one or two times your father comes home and your dressed like a scruff," she said, placing her hands on her hips.

"Yes, Mother," he said gloomily and began trudging back upstairs to his room. Sylvie followed. "Sylvie, go help mum set the table, okay?"

"Sure, Draco!" she said, hopping up and down and running to the kitchen to help her mother. Draco closed his room door and tugged on a robe over his jeans and T-shirt. He plastered his hair back with some gel just like his father instructed him to do when he was at school. He sighed and looked at himself in his mirror. He hated his father, especially when he was forced to do things he would rather not do.

"Don't look so glum, sonny. Straighten your posture and head downstairs. Your father is waiting for you!" screeched the mirror. Draco rolled his eyes. Even the mirrors in the house bossed him around. He looked up at the portrait of his father and shuddered. It felt as if the portrait followed him everywhere.

"Draco, your fathers here!" yelled Narcissa from the hallway.

"I told you.,” muttered the mirror. Draco stuck out his tongue and made his way down to the porch where his father was hanging up his travelling cloak.

"Your late again, boy." He sneered as Draco showed himself out of the shadows.

"Sorry Father, I was … umm, writing a letter."

"To whom?"


"Yes, he's a good boy," Lucious said, patting Draco on the shoulder. "He'll be a good wizard when he comes of age. Now, Draco, come and eat." Draco nodded and followed his father into the dinning room.

"Lucious! How are things at work?" asked Narcissa, giving her husband a kiss on the cheek and sitting down.

"Fine, fine," said Lucious, grinning. "Potter will get what's in store for him this year, I say."

"Why's that, dear?"

"The Dark Lord has regained his power. We have got the giants again and now we can move in for the war!"

"Daddy, Daddy I don't understand," said Sylvie, yanking at the hem of her father's robes.

"Get off of me, Sylvie, you are to young to understand. SIT DOWN!" he bellowed.

"Do what he tells you, Sylvie,” muttered Draco.

"Ok Draco," she said, sitting down next to her big brother. Draco looked down at his plate, eating slowly, knowing that if anyone finished before his father it would mean trouble because the meal would have not been 'accurately finished' according to Lucious. According to him, he would always be the first to stand at the table.

"Draco, have you thought about what I said?" asked Lucious.

"What would that be, Father?"

"About you becoming a death eater, of course," said Narcissa, eyeing him sharply.

"I'm surprised you couldn't remember, Draco. I thought you would know better. But yes, that is what I want to know."

"I've thought about it and still am thinking about it,” said Draco, his eyes not leaving his plate.

"Look at me when I’m talking to you, Draco," said Lucius. Draco turned up his head and looked at his father. "I think I’ll be going now. Thank you for dinner, Narcissa." And with that, he stood up and strode out to the porch.

"Draco, go up to your room. You need to learn how to treat your father respectfully. Sylvie, come with me. NOW, SYLVIE!" Sylvie jumped up from her seat and ran after her mother. Draco shook his head and walked slowly up to his room. He tugged off his cloak and ruffled his hair so it wasn't as slicked back anymore. He lay back down on his bed and stared at the ceiling. He could hear Sylvie playing around outside. He was miserable, lonely and mad.

His father. His life was so horrible because of his father.

He grabbed a piece of parchment off his desk. He sat up and grabbed a quill.

Dear _______,
I don't know who you are and where you are. I have to tell somebody about my life and I. I am miserable, sad, and angry, and feel like I am not good enough for anything in my family. I need someone to talk to. I don't know what to do and am in horrible need of a friend, whom I can trust. My father treats me as if I’m never going to be good enough and my mother agrees with him. My little sister is the only highlight in my life and she is eventually going to fall into my parents' shoes also. Pease reply, I need someone to talk to.
Your friend,
Lonely and Miserable.

Draco tied his letter to his owl's leg.

"Find someone, a girl, and I want her from our school. Give it to her and wait for a reply, okay?" he said.

His owl hooted affectionately and hopped off his arm and soared out the window in hope of finding this special girl. Draco crossed his arms and watched as the beautiful Owl soared into the sunset.

Chapter 2: The Letters
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It had been a day, a full day. The owl was still not back and Draco was feeling very mad.

“Where is that piece of shit that we call an owl!” he yelled picking up an antique and smashing it into the wall with all the strength he could muster. “What was I thinking writing that stupid letter?” He yelled.

“Draco, Draco why are you yelling?” asked a little voice from around the corner. Draco shook his head. What had he been doing yelling so loudly while his baby sister was in bed?

“I’m sorry Sylvie. Did my yelling wake you?”

“No, but you smashing that big bottle did.”

“You mean the vase.”

“Ya that’s what I meant.”

“Come sit down with me squirt.” Said Draco patting his silky green and silver bed. Sylvie tiptoed over in her dark green nightdress hugging her teddy bear as if she was frightened.

“I don’t want to wake mommy and daddy up.” Whispered Sylvie.

“Dad’s home?” said Draco rolling his eyes. “Don’t worry, him and mum will be up for sure.”

“Why do you say that?” asked Sylvie snuggling Draco’s arm, her bright blonde hair shining in the moonlight.

“Never you mind.” Draco said kissing her forehead.

There came a tapping on the window a few minutes later.

“Run off to bed now Sylvie.” Said Draco ruffling her hair and nudging her out the door. “Sweet dreams Sylvie.” He said to himself.

Then remembering why eh made her leave he turned and let in his owl.


Ginny Weasley lay stretched out on her bed, staring out the window. Little did she know that 2 days ago a letter had been sent and it was on her way to her. She gazed at the stars and sighed. Having 6 older brothers wasn't easy, they were fun and she could be herself with them but they were really overprotective. She wanted freedom; it was like being locked in a horrible cage.

Ginny placed her hand under her chin. She was freezing. She gave one last sigh and climbed under the old comforter. Hopefully she would get some sleep tonight. She had so much on her mind she couldn't sleep these days. She wrapped the blankets around her and closed her eyes, hoping for some real rest.

"Stop Fred, I’m sleeping.,” mumbled Ginny into her tattered Pillow. Instead of Fred (or perhaps George), there came a hoot of reply. Ginny was up in an instant. She wasn't used to getting mail and wanted to open it quick, although she'd never received mail by this black owl.

"Now whom could this be from?" she said loudly. A crash came from the attic and Ginny rolled her eyes. "I really wish that damn ghoul would keep it's mouth shut." she said, it wasn't her fault she'd swore, the ghoul was always right above her, keeping her awake.

She picked up the envelope and sliced open the cover, she was especially careful not to rip it. She might want to save it after all. The not was shakily written and full of depressing matters. Worse than what Ginny was going through.

"A Guy wrote this.,” she said to herself, and she smiled for the first time in a long time. On the letter a boy wrote of his feelings, weakness and his father.

"He sounds like me, only with my brothers." Ginny shook her head and picked up the quill to reply to whoever was writing to her. She wanted to write something short but sweet in reply, to take his hopes up.

Dear Lonely and Miserable,
Believe it or not, I know what your going through. At my home there's a lot of commotion lately.

"Ginny, Ginny. Get your little lazy but out of bed and--"Fred and George burst into her room not expecting to see her out of bed and writing at her desk.

"Get OUT!" yelled Ginny, fearful that they'd see the letter. She wanted this to be her own. Someone she could talk to.

"OOOHHH, Ginny! Who are you writing too so early? Your Boyfriend." said George laughing. Ginny scowled at him. "Ohh I’m scared,” He said laughing.

"How about we takes a little look and make sure she isn’t breaking any rules.,” said Fred, tearing both the letter and reply out of Ginny's hand. "Let's see what she wrote..."

"Give those back Fred, or I'll curse you until you weep!"

"Your not of age--"

"I don't care if I’m of age or not, Just give me the damn letter.” she screamed, stamping her foot on the ground. Now she'd done it she'd gone and started swearing against her brothers. Mum was going to be mad.

"Fine take the stupid thing, we were just teasing ya." Said Fred mockingly. He threw the letters on the floor and walked out the door.

"Now Mum will probably have a row about her swearing." said George pathetically.

"GET OUT GEORGE!!!!" Bellowed Ginny. With that he left and Ginny slammed the door closed and locked it tight. She didn't want any more visitors. Not Now. She kneeled on both knees and picked up her papers. They were scattered hastily during the twin’s departure. Ginny sighed and collapsed into her chair. She picked up her quill and began writing again.

Well here's an example of my house. Two of my brothers just came smashing into my room. There gone now. I need someone to talk to; I want you to be that person. I just want to know if you go to Hogwarts. Let's not give out any info on ourselves. (Mum won't let me anyway. Imagine my brothers storming into my room. WITHOUT KNOCKING! I'm miserable also. Life Sucks.
Downright Depressed.

Ginny tied the letter to the black owls let and watched him soar through the air.

There was someone knocking on the door, well at least they knocked this time.

"Ginny Weasley open this door, we need to have a chat about this language problem." yelled Mrs. Weasley.

"Here comes the row." Ginny muttered to herself sadly.

"What did you say Ginny?" yelled Mrs. Weasley furiously.

"I said that I’m coming mum."

Chapter 3: Letters
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Draco hastily wrote back to this girl. She felt the same as him. They were both trapped by their families.

Dear Downright Depressed,
Your letter really reached out to me. You know how I feel; you’re the one who I can tell everything too. I’m sure that I’d have been insane by now if it wasn’t for you and my little sister. She’s small and nothing gets to her like it gets to me. My father is verbally abusing her as much as me but it doesn’t seem to get her down. I don’t know what to do. Oh, I go to Hogwarts, do you?

Dear Grateful,
Things are looking bad for me. There’s a lot of sibling rivalry here. I have no sisters and my mom. Well you just can’t talk to her. I never had someone to talk to.

“Well I did in my 2nd year.” Ginny had said while writing this. “Better not put that in though.”

Someone who I could confide myself in… why did you/ or your owl want to find me? Your father abuses you! That’s horrible. I don’t understand adults, do you? Their views are totally different than ours. Yes I go to Hogwarts; I’m in my fifth year. When we get to Hogwarts this winter. Let’s keep writing. Ok?
Your friend,
Feeling Better

Dear Feeling Better,
I’m very pleased. (I’m not very good with comforting words.) That you are feeling better. I’m not. My father is home. He’s pressuring me more than ever. They’ve forced me to stay in my room until my decision is made. My little sister isn’t allowed to talk to me either. They think she’s affecting my decision. My parents want me to be… I can’t say. But I’m a great person inside and they don’t see that. So, anyway. I’m in my sixth year at Hogwarts; I’d love to keep writing. Do you realize it’s already August 7th! We’re leaving in a month. I’m so excited for it.
Your friend,
Waiting for a break

Dear waiting for a break,
Reading your letter made me feel really down. My family is cutting back on the yelling because I am so depressed but it really doesn’t help. The only think I look forward to is you’re letters. They help me so much and this may sound ridiculous coming from me, but I kind of think I like you. We haven’t met and I don’t even know your name but there’s a connection between us, it’s growing stronger and I’m becoming part of your world.
Your loving friend,

Dear Uncontrollable, (Draco)
I’m glad, so glad you feel that way. I feel the same and want to meet you but we can’t. It will ruin this. Did you know that to me, the most important thing in a relationship is to be able to tell one another everything? I really think I’m falling for you fast. Everyday I pace my room awaiting your letter, I know it’s stupid but now I don’t mind being in my room all the time. I just wait for you… I’ll always wait for you. You alone keep up my hope and I’ll forever be grateful that you wrote back to my first letter.
Feeling for you,

Dear Lost, (Ginny)
You know I cannot let you see me unfortunately but it is my greatest desire to do so! As the middle of august is here that means my trip to Diagon alley arrives soon. Then I will be going to school, as will you. Where I’ll wonder where you are, what you’re doing and if you are thinking of me anymore. The 2nd sign in a relationship is craving your touch, and that I am. I want your hand in mine, I want to be able to run my hand along your face and be held in your arms. I only want you.
Your someone very special

Dear my special someone,
I loved that letter; I’m also getting prepared for school. I know you are going to be waiting for you when we go to Hogwarts, as I will always be waiting for you somewhere. I’ve never been able to talk to anyone this way before and I’ll be honest that I love it. I can talk to you in a way I thought not possible. The 3rd sign of love in a relationship is being able to laugh with one another and carry out needs. You make me laugh. You make me happy. You have turned it all around.
I love you,
Forever yours

Dear forever mine,
School is starting soon. I’ll see you on the train, but I won’t know if it’s you. Everyday you strengthen my heart, you make me be able to have fun and think for myself. The 4th sign of love is to be able to accept our differences. I think we’ve done that well. Write back soon for the next time we’ll write we’ll be at Hogwarts hopefully. Mother and I had a row again. She thinks I’m not open enough. She says I don’t tell her anything anymore. I tell you, that’s why. I love you too and don’t forget it. I still have all of your letters.

Dear Confused, (Draco)
This letter will be short; I’m leaving for Diagon Alley with my father. Unfortunately I’ll probably end up in knockturn alley. The 5th sign of love is being there no matter what, and I’ll always be there for you. Remember that I will always need you, love you and want you.
My heart is yours,

Chapter 4: Ginny's Binder
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Ginny Weasley stared out the window, on the way to platform 9 ¾. Her things were in the trunk but she insisted on keeping a small yellow binder with her. In it she held the notes of a friend, someone very special whom she confided herself in. Someone she thought she was in love with.

“What’s in the binder Ginny?” asked Hermione who was coming with them. Harry was with Ron in a car up ahead.

“Oh… umm… nothing…just… never mind.” She said hugging the book to her chest.

“May I have a peek at it?” asked Mrs. Weasley holding out her hand for the binder.

“No, It’s very secret mum, it’s really not comfortable with you or Hermione reading it.” Said Ginny looking at her shoes. She would show them when she was ready, not now.

“Oh Ginny, you never tell me anything anymore, am I not important anymore?” asked Mrs. Weasley. She quickly wiped away her tears, hoping Ginny didn’t take notice of them.

“Please don’t cry mum, I just need my alone time lately, that’s all.” Said Ginny gently patting her mother’s shoulder. “Your not mad are you Hermione?”

“What! Of course not, I know you need to get through this, whatever it is. Alone.”

“Thanks Hermione.” Said Ginny, hugging the binder closer to her heart.

“We wouldn’t mind seeing it.” Said Fred and George from the front seat.

“Oh shut-up.” Ginny said staring at them evilly. “Why did you two come along anyway?”

“Now Ginny there’s not need for that kind of talk…”


Draco walked up the steps on Hogwarts express. He turned and waved warily to his father who stayed as serious as ever and just nodded his head in reply. He slung his backpack over his shoulder, inside were his notes.

He began walking through departments looking for Crabbe and Goylde. He peered around into a booth. Potter was there with his stinking friends, Granger and those two red headed Weasleys.

“So what are you gonna do this year Potter?” asked Draco stepping in their seat.

“Layoff Malfoy.” Snapped Ron getting to his feet. Draco rolled his eyes. He really liked Potter and all his friends but under his fathers orders he was to get them all as pissed as possible.

“Learn to keep that poorly fed mouth closed Weasley. Oxygen’s expensive, don’t wanna waste it.” Said Draco letting out a fake and mean laugh.

“Where’s you’re bodyguards Malfoy?” asked Hermione. “You might be needing them.” Just then Crabbe and Goyle came with their hands loaded from the trolley.

“Where have you two numskulls been?” asked Draco squinting his eyes at them.

“Sorry Draco.”

“Ya, we were… busy.”

“Doing what? Stuffing your faces!” said Draco with a sneer. He was surprised the Weasley girl wasn’t snapping at him, she usually did. “Later Potter.” Said Draco going to shut the door behind him. He held Ginny’s gaze and then left. “So what did you two do over the summer?” asked Draco once they were seated.

“Nothing much.” Grunted Goyle stuffing a cup cake into his mouth.

‘What about you Crabbe?”

“Same as you, sitting at home.” He said shoving a cookie in his mouth. Draco layed down on his seat, using the backpack of notes as a pillow.

“What ya got in the backpack?” asked Crabbe.

“Never mind!” Snapped Draco sitting up and adjusting the backpack more comfortably. He stared at the ceiling while listening to the sound of his friends eating in the background. It was going to be a long train ride to Hogwarts. How relaxing.

Chapter 5: Meeting's unexpected
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Ginny took her seat at the Gryffindor table and looked around. She looked up and down the table, wondering if he was in her house. He surely couldn’t be in Slytherin. This boy was too passionate. She didn’t think it was Ravenclaw either, they were too stuck-up, at least the ones she knew were. It could have been a Hufflepuff; they were very sweet and kind-hearted. Yes, it had to be a hufflepuff or maybe a Gryffindor. Dumbledore clapped his hands twice and peered at the sea of faces over his half moon spectacles.

“Come everyone, we must be quiet. The first years are anxious to be sorted. It’s bound to be another wonderful year at Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry. Now that Fred and George Weasley are gone, I doubt I have to be warning anyone except the first years of not going in the forbidden forest.” Said Dumbledore peering over the rim of his glasses and smiling at Harry, Hermione and Ron.

The sorting went on like it did every other year and Ginny couldn’t help but wonder who was her mystery man she loved so much. Then that idiot Malfoy stood up and caught her eye. He smirked and turned to say something to Crabbe. He was such an idiot anyway. Probably saying something nasty about Ginny anyway.


“Ginny, you coming to unpack your things?” asked one of the other girls.

“I’ll come up later, I have to go to the library.”


The library was empty. Of course it was, it was the first day of school after all. Ginny took her seat at one of the round tables and pulled out her binder. Inside were all her letters and she planned on writing back to this guy as quick as she could.

Dear confused,
Today I looked for you in the Hogwarts feast but I couldn’t figure out who you were. You’re such a mystery to me and I really want to know who you are. I’ve been waiting patiently but I need to see you. Maybe soon. Please… it would mean so much to me.

“What are you doing here?” snarled a voice from behind her. Ginny gasped and snapped the binder shut before turning around to face whomever it was.

“Malfoy!” she said, “What do you want?”

“Nothing, I was just seeing what you were doing here. Is it a curse to come to the library?”

“Most idiots… such as yourself. Don’t come to the library on the first night of school.”

“Well I’m not your normal idiot now am I?”

“Oh Shut-up Malfoy! Why the hell are you being so nice to me anyway? I’m surprised you haven’t cursed me down yet!”

“A red-head and a temper!” He said storming away. “Why am I surprised?”

Ginny sighed and turned back into her seat. There was something different about the way Malfoy was treating her. He seemed almost nice and he was doing something else here… he seemed different. He had a backpack on. She couldn’t help but wonder what was in it.

Looking over her letter one last time she tied it to the owls leg before shooing it away, just in time to see it perch itself higher than her. She rolled her eyes and headed back to the common room.

“Ginny, Ginny!” Yelled Hermione over the chatting people. “Would you please wait a minute?”

Ginny stopped and turned to watch Hermione come over to her slowly, she was smiling for some reason and she wasn’t disappointed about anything so it must’ve been good news.

“Did you hear?”

“About what?”

“There’s a meeting for the DA tomorrow, I thought I should tell you in advance, because Harry wants us to go early. Around eight I think.”

“Alright I’ll come, why was that so important anyway Hermione?”

“I just thought you should know.” And with that Hermione walked back down a flight of stairs and sat in front of the fireplace with Harry. It was odd Ron wasn’t with them… She wondered where he could be.

In her room she noticed that everyone was asleep, she didn’t realize that the night was quietly slipping away so quickly. She smiled and began to sift through her trunk, slipping on her pyjamas and pulling back her covers. She was about to climb in when she decided to go say goodnight to Hermione, after all Ginny had been quite rude before hand.

Ginny was in for quite a surprise though, when she was standing on the railing, looking down at the fireplace she saw that not only was Hermione there with a boy. That boy was Harry. Harry had an arm around her and was kissing her neck softly while Hermione ran her fingers through his hair smiling. Harry brought his face to hers and she giggled as they began a fiery make out session. Ginny who was quite shocked by the sudden surprise, went into her dorm room and lay on the bed staring at the canopy. Someday maybe she could meet her mystery man and they’d surprise someone as well.

Chapter 6: Midnight Mistakes
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Damn she was hot, but he wasn’t supposed to say that about the Weasley girl. She was untouchable from him, not that he would ever do that, and she was poor, unworthy of him and not a true pure blood. It was unacceptable.

He noticed one of the school owls pecking at the glass window of his room and suddenly smiled to himself, thinking of his mystery woman who he loved. He just prayed she wasn’t someone who he couldn’t be with.

He read the letter over quickly, his hands still shaking from the anticipation of it all and he quickly realized that he needed to meet this girl that maybe it was okay. She didn’t want to ruin their relationship though, and he was scared he’d have to hurt her. So he decided not to say anything of the great needy feeling he felt.

Dear Desperate,
I want to see you too. We can’t though, I’m scared it will ruin it, and to be honest it wouldn’t be a horrible and scary thing to do that. I love you but there is a reason that we cannot. You have no idea how much I want to meet you, but it will not happen, at least not for a while. Not until we absolutely have too. So please stop asking, you’re tearing my heart in two because I can’t do what you want. I love you and it comforts me knowing that you’re close by.

He sighed and tied it back onto the owl’s leg before shooing it away. He really wanted to meet her, but it was impossible to know if it would work. He was scared, there was no other way to say it, and he knew it. He was scared she’d be somebody like Granger, a mudblood who he could never ever be with.

He sat back down on his bed, staring at the ceiling, wondering if maybe she was doing the same in her room. If she was in his house, or if she was a Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff or possibly, a Gryffindor. He hoped not, that would be a disappointment to him. He could never face the school with a Gryffindor on his arm. Not because he wouldn’t love her, but because he knew that his father would find out, and that would be the end of her.


“Who is it?”


“Come on in.”

She did as he said and climbed over the mess of clothes on the floor until she was beside him bed smiling. In truth she sickened him but when she leant down and kissed him he couldn’t resist. It had been so long since he had a woman in his arms and the feelings he had been having were taking control of him.

“Draco, you have no idea how long it’s been?”

“Yes, trust me I do.”

She laughed and Draco grimaced against her neck. He hated that laugh but he’d put up with it for tonight. Trailing kisses up her neck he softly kissed her on the lips before pulling her nightgown over her head. All the while thinking of his mystery girl. He turned her over so she was on her back and kissed her, a little harder this time. Realizing what he was doing he started to pull back.

“Pansy I can’t.” he muttered, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

“Please Draco, Please, I want to.” She said softly, pulling him down to her lips. He let his body take control and soon the kisses were travelling all over her. Making her gasp in surprise. “Wow”

He grinned to himself and slipped off his shirt, Pansy’s hands traveled across his muscular chest, smiling as she did so. Her hands went to the hem of his jeans and she tugged at them. Opening the button and zipper as she did.

Clothes lay discarded on the floor as Pansy slept beside Draco. He took an arm away from her and sighed. He couldn’t help himself, he felt like he’d cheated the girl. And couldn’t help but feel all too guilty for making Pansy think that just by sleeping with him he would go out with her. Not this time. No, not this time. He had someone else in mind.

He picked up the boxers on the floor and slipped them back on before throwing on his jeans. He walked out of his room and looked around, wondering what had ever made him think he wanted to follow his father’s footsteps. He sat on the couch and stared out the window beside him. He was so screwed by all of this. He’s just slept with a girl he didn’t like and his father was forcing him into things he didn’t want to do. And yet all his thoughts drifted back to that girl in the letter and how she was just like him.

Chapter 7: Embarrasing Moments
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The news was buzzing everywhere when Ginny came into the great hall. Draco and Pansy were back together again. Not that she gave a shit but she almost felt a bit bad for him whenever they walked in together. The look of sadness in his eyes showed how much he didn’t love her. That was exactly what she didn’t want.

What she did want was her man to love her and hold her when she was sad. In his letter before he claimed they could not meet and Ginny was crushed. She loved him so much, and seeing Harry ad Hermione together made her ache to be with a man.

“You alright Ginny?”

“I’m fine Hermione.” She said. Ginny sat on the bench and helped herself to cereal. For some reason though she couldn’t keep her eyes from wandering to the Slytherin table. Pansy was ecstatic and obviously not afraid to show it. At one point she started to kiss Draco’s shoulder, only to be pushed away. He almost looked embarrassed and Ginny was quick to notice that his eyes were focusing everywhere except the Slythern table.

Then their eyes met, but only for a brief second. Ginny was quick though and caught the feeling in his eyes. Disgust. He was disgusted with himself.


The shade of the tree was relaxing and Ginny was so hot that she pulled off her robe. Everyone was still eating so she was alone to sun bathe. She didn’t want tan lines (understandable) so she pulled off her shirt exposing her flat stomach to the sun. If somebody came out, the embarrassment would be unbearable. She only had on her bra and underwear. She doubted anyone would though, it was blistering hot and everyone would stay in the cool castle.

Ginny fell asleep in the sun but an unwanted visitor awaked her.

Part 2 (Draco)

He hated her so much! She’d pressured him into it again so he’d left the great hall and went outside. He knew he’d be alone it was so hot that only crazy people would be outside. He walked with his head down and didn’t notice the sleeping Ginny in front of him.

She had stirred and then he noticed her, she rolled over and opened her eyes. Draco was ready to sprint but something kept him rooted to the spot. Maybe it was the sight of Ginny in her bra but either way he couldn’t leave.

Her cheeks turned very red, they almost matched her hair. Draco couldn’t help but laugh when she fumbled to get her robe on. She wasn’t very quick though and Draco got a good look. She had really long legs, longer than he remembered. Curvy hips, slim waist and her chest, were amazing. He had to close his eyes then, he was getting hard just watching her. She was still fumbling with her robe, trying to pull it over her hips.

“Need some help Weasley?”

“I can dress myself.” She said, finally pulling in on completely. She groaned and Draco kept down the urge to jump her right there.

“Do you… do you wanna go for a swim? I wouldn’t mind getting that robe off you again.”

He didn’t know what made her say yes, but before she knew it and before he realized. They were headed to the lake.

Chapter 8: Unexplainable feelings!
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Author's note: I'm going to tell you guys right now, I'm very nervous about posting this chapter. I'm scared i might have went to far with it, so please tell me and i hope you all like it, so far this story is going great but i'm extremely nervous. Need'in reviews! I hope it's okay, not hard to tell that I am nervous. Okay i'll shut up now, on with the story!


What was she doing? In a way it was all too obvious. She was walking to the lake with Draco Malfoy and going swimming. So why was it that she felt so guilty? Secretly she knew the answer though. He was the enemy but that wasn’t the only thing bothering her. She felt scared that she might be cheating on her man.

They were at the lake but Ginny’s feelings were gone. Now she was just feeling the cool blue water and was so tempted to run in. the sun beat down on her and the overwhelming temptation was calling her. What did it matter anyway? He’d already saw her sun bathing. Draco pulled off his robe and then his white muscle shirt. She’d never realized just how built he was. He had a really nice chest and she couldn’t tear her eyes away from it. Soon he was just in his boxers splashing into the water.

“Oh god! That’s nice.” He said grinning seductively. “I asked you to come to the lake. I was hoping you’d come swimming.”

She didn’t know what to do, he looked so hot in the water, and the water was so cool. She was dying to get in with him but it was all so wrong.

He stood up and walked toward her, she stepped back and watched him warily.

“I dunno Malfoy, I don’t think we should.”

“Why not?”

“Because it’s wrong.”

“No it’s not.” He said calmly. He reached out to her robe and opened the top button. Ginny didn’t’ and wouldn’t stop him, so he reached for the second button. Soon her robe was on the ground and she was shivering from his touch. If she’d known she was going to swim she would’ve worn something that wasn’t white. As soon as she got wet he’d see through all that was covering her. Not that it was a lot. “Are you coming?”

“Just vie me a minute!”

He grinned and she shuddered again. She was turned on by him. As horrible as it was. He waited for a few seconds before going behind her. An arm slid around her shoulders and another around her legs. She gasped when he picked her up in his arms and suddenly he started walking in the water. He was evil! His eyes glistened with a passionate excitement and Ginny couldn’t help but giggle at him. Soon her feeling’s disappeared and it didn’t matter that it was all so wrong.

“I don’t wanna go in!” She whispered in his ear, blowing on it gently.

“Too Late.” And with that he let her fall into the water. Ginny came up, cursing and shivering. The cold water had been such a shock to her hot body. She stood up and looked at him angrily, red hair all over her face and dripping wet.

“What the hell? Don’t you know how cold that is?” she said shivering, but it was from his touch, not the water.

“Yeah but I couldn’t resist.” Draco replied, twirling her red hair between his fingers. She tried to slap his fingers away but the look hi his eyes said that he needed her. So she walked into the water going until they were covered by it and he pulled her to him, nuzzling her neck affectionately.

Something has come over him though; he had figured out that it was wrong; he did have some common sense after all. “Ginny, this isn’t right.” He mumbled.

“Shhh, don’t ruin it now. After you worked so hard to convince me.” She whispered putting her finger to his lips.

She couldn’t figure out why he was resisting now and she was pressuring but she wanted to be held by someone and he would do.

Draco’s hands drifted through the water, reaching the small of her back, he pulled her to him. She grinned happily as her feet wrapped around his waist. Ginny was terrified by him, by what was happening and she wasn’t sure if she could stop it. Even if she wanted him too. His hands were on her stomach now and he was teasing her with the slow seductive movements of his thumbs.

“Oh god, you’re torturing me.”

He didn’t say anything, he just laughed and raised his hands before cupping her breasts. She gasped in delight as he started doing that thing with his thumb again, but now to her nipples.

“Oh god…”

He’d unclipped her bra and it was almost out of site, but she didn’t care, all that mattered now was the fact that Draco Malfoy was making her go crazy and she didn’t want it to stop.

“Draco? Where’d you go?”

“Oh shit! Pansy!” He whispered setting Ginny on the ground gently. “Holy Crap! What have we been doing?”

“Damn, oh god, this was so wrong Malfoy.” She stuttered. “Let’s forget it ever happened.”

“Damn right, you get out of the water and I’ll tell Pansy that I just went for a dip in the lake.”

Ginny nodded and rose out of the water. She couldn’t help notice that his eyes watched every move she made before slipping back on her bra and getting out of the water. She grabbed her stuff and sprinted away just as Pansy came into the clearing.


She was dry now, and night had finally come but her consciousness was killing her. She still hadn’t written back to his guy yet. So, to get her mind off what happened at the lake she picked up the quill.

Dear Sorry,
I understand and yet I am so hurt that you’d do this. Yes it is understandable. Did you know that the sixth sign of love is being able to be completely open with one another? Do you think that maybe someday we’ll be able to do that? Today’s been such an eventful day, full of surprised good and bad. I have to go though.

She folded the letter and tied it to the owl, before shooing it away, into the night sky.

Still Malfoy lingered on her mind though. What had she been thinking, who knows how far they would have gone if Pansy wouldn’t have come! For the first time in her life she was thankful for a Slythern.

No matter how hard she tried to forget it. The fact of what she’d done was still with the family enemy. The person she’d thought she’d despised.

What the hell had she done?

Chapter 9: Aftershock!
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Maybe he was crazy but something had changed in him since he started writing to her. He needed to be with someone so badly and when he'd been at the lake today with the Weasley girl, something had possessed him. He just wanted someone nice to hold.

When Pansy had come swimming he'd had no desire to touch her like he'd done with Ginny. Pansy however had different plans and once again Draco was feeling all too guilty for what he'd done.

She'd written to him again but Draco just stared at the note in his hands. He couldn't write to her. Not now, not after what he'd done. He was cheating on her, with two other women. What was his problem?

Pansy walked in, without knocking this time and Draco hastily put the letter in his drawer. She smiled and advanced towards him. He patted the bed beside him, pulling the cover back so she could lay with him.

He would not write back to her. He would just hurt her more, and he knew it. So he hid the letter under his desk and vowed to himself that he would not write, he was not good enough for her and he didn't even take into consideration that he would hurt her by doing this.

~*~ (Ginny)

She'd not heard from him in a week, and by god she was so sad! She thought she must have said something to scare him off. She went through the letter in her mind a thousand times, trying to think of why, why he would stop writing. The only solution was that he was too busy with school work.

Ginny sat on her bed, watching the snow fall silently, it was the first snowfall all winter and she couldn't say she was happy about it. She didn't like snow but she didn't like class either. That's why she was sitting in her room, waiting for Transfiguration. For now though she was skipping Trelawny's class because everything she said was bullshit anyway.

It was 10 more minutes until class and she still couldn't make herself stop thinking of him. Maybe if she read her book she could stop, but she knew that wouldn't work, books weren't her thing.


Transfiguration was great, it was definitely her favorite class. Not because of MacGonagall, but because she could be with her thoughts and just listen to the chatter around her. It helped that she was so good at it, she could do anything that they asked her too.



"Did you hear what I said?"

"Sorry professor, I'm having a bad day. What was the question?"

"If you are practising the art of transfiguration on an animal, what is the one thing you never do to it?"

"Hold it down, because you don't know what size it will be so it could injure you and the animal."

"Exactly, so this means that by..."

Ginny put her head in her hands and stared at the professor, it was funny how little work she put into this class. MacGonagall knew that too because she had once asked her if the class was moving too slowly. Ginny said it wasn't, she was enjoying the class and didn't want to go any faster.

Now though, she wasn't paying any attention. She was thinking of her problems, the swim with Malfoy a few weeks back, and how her mystery pen-pal had suddenly stopped writing. She didn't know if she should write to him. Maybe he just needed space. She didn't know though, seemed like she didn't know anything these days.

"Class dismissed."

Ginny rose from her seat and walked robotic like to the door. Still lost in her own thoughts she didn't notice Malfoy watching her from the other classroom. His head was up and he was alert, watching her like a hawk. She was too busy though, saddened by the thoughts of losing her love.

"You alright Ginny?" asked Jane, walking beside her. Jane was very pretty, she had black hair, and she had deep blue eyes. The kind you can get lost in.

"Fine, just a little distracted."

"Your sad because whoever it is you write too isn't responding anymore. That's it isn't it?"

"I don't write to anyone Jane." replied Ginny, she was worried, she thought nobody noticed her writing at night.

"It's okay Ginny, I understand. It must be hard to write to someone so often and then have them not reply." Ginny nodded in understanding. "Just remember that you can talk to me alright?"

"Can I show you something Jane? I've always loved having you for a friend and I trust you."

"You can trust me with anything."

Ginny opened the door on her right and beckoned for Jane to follow her in. It was one of the old empty class rooms and she thought it would be a safe place to tell Jane of everything that had happened to her.

She started with the letters, showing them to Jane one by one.

"So he mysteriously wrote to you with no explanation?"

"Well, he was lonely and sad and needed someone to talk to." Ginny explained.

"Okay, let me see the rest?"

Ginny showed them to her, reading each one like it was something precious to her heart and Jane could tell that she would have to find this guy and tell him that Ginny was heartbroken. Maybe she could track him down, find out some information and get them to meet or maybe she could just beat him senseless for destroying her friend's hope.

They had gone through all the letters but Ginny still had the urge to tell Jane about her and Malfoy. She didn't know if it was wise though, they'd not been friends for very long. Only a few years but she thought she could tell her. Only her. Make her swear to secrecy and keep it from everyone.

"Something strange happened the other day Jane." Ginny looked at her meekly and sat on top of the desk, hoping the legs wouldn't break under her. Jane stood up and moved to the window.

"I was tanning a few weeks ago after breakfast. I was in my bra and underwear and didn't think anyone would come out because it was so hot. Somebody came though and then next thing I know we were headed to the lake. I didn't say no because it was so hot and then the water was so cold. He picked me up and threw me in. The next thing I knew we were all over each other and I know if his girlfriend wouldn't have come we would have gone all the way. We didn't though." The look on Jane's face was pure shock. "I swear!" Ginny smiled and hoped she hadn't said it all to fast. It was just because she was so nervous.

Jane stood still for a few more minutes. Just watching the snow dance in the sky. She didn't know much about Ginny's past relationships and she wasn't sure if she was even a virgin. They didn't normally talk like this.

"I don't know what to say! Well, do you want me to know who it is? That's makes all the difference in what happened."

"You can't tell anyone! If anybody finds out I'll be out casted from my family forever!"

"I swear to you Ginny, I'll never tell another soul."


"What?" said Jane looking like she'd seen a ghost.

"You heard me. Draco Malfoy."

"He's the enemy Ginny..." she was talking very slow as if she was almost not upset at all. She was shocked into silence. Something that not many people can do with Jane. "What the hell were you thinking?"

"You don't think I asked myself the same thing?"

"How about you just forget it ever happened, go on with your life!" She commanded. Ginny smiled and stood up. Jane came over and embraced her in her arms, hugging her to her heart tightly. Ginny knew that she could always count on her to understand.

"Let's get out of here. I'm hungry." said Ginny smiling.

Ginny opened the door and they made their way to the great hall but something horrible happened along the way. Jane was chatting happily in her ear, oblivious to what Ginny was now feeling. Resentment. She shouldn't have ever told her what was happening, it was supposed to be her secret and she went and told somebody because of the moment.

"Watch where you're walking Weasley." said a voice in front of her. Ginny looked up quickly and saw that she'd bumped into Malfoy. Of all times! He didn't say it with the same hurtfulnes he usually did but he did say it.

"Get away from her Malfoy." said Jane threatingly, pushing Ginny behind her. Ginny pushed her out of the way and stood in front of Malfoy staring him down.

"What do you want?"

"I was just walking in the halls." he sneered.

"Going to try and take advantage of me again? That's what you did last time."

"Don't blame me Weasley, your the one who was so anxious."

"You're right, I was anxious and I regret it. So I'm sorry, not for you but for me." said Ginny staring at him. She didn't know why she was apologizing but she was going to be the bigger person.

"Ginny... I don't understand." Said Jane looking at her, her eyes filled with anger.

Draco brushed past her and slipped something in her hand. It was a piece of paper but for now she would wait to read it. Later on, after she explained it all to Jane, then she'd read it. For now though, it looked like there might be a row.

Chapter 10: Confused Words
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I don’t know why I’m asking you this but I’d like you to meet me in the library tonight. At eleven. I don’t know why, I think that we have some unresolved issues to work out. I’ll understand if you don’t come.
Draco Malfoy

Draco had written and re-written the letter many times because he had not known what to say. That morning he had watched her during transfiguration. She seemed in horrible shape. Almost depressed. Then that girl, the one with the black hair had intervened. He planned on giving her the note then. He had watched as they made their way to the great hall and managed to take a short cut. He was just quick enough to bump into her. The other girl was quick to yell at him. She obviously knew about them going swimming. It was Ginny though that made him smile. As soon as she’d seen him, she’d got rid of her depressing feelings and let her temper out on him. He liked her fiery temper. Everything about her was hot.

He wasn’t supposed to think like that though. She was his enemy and for some damn reason he was meeting her tonight. If she showed.

He was in his room now, besides Ginny the day had gone smoothly. He went to his classes and did his work. He never even said anything to Potter or Granger. He watched Weasley though. It was so strange how a beautiful girl like Ginny could come from a family of tall, clumsy fools. Ginny was none of those though, she was graceful and smart. No matter what he said he knew he had feelings for her.

The corner of an envelope stuck out of his drawer. He brought it out and stared at it shakily before undoing the seal. He hadn’t written to her for a week and he felt horrible about it but he didn’t want to hurt her anymore.

He picked up his quill and stared at his parchment. He’d write a letter and not send it until the time was right. His clock said 10.30 so he had time to do it.

Dear ???
That is exactly what you are to me. Something I question each passing minute. I am never sure if we’re right by writing and so I’ve come to a conclusion. This will be my last letter because we can never be together. You don’t just need love to have a relationship. There are a lot of other ingredients and we don’t have them. I have a girlfriend and I know I will never love her as I do you. Please remember I love you. The 7th sign of love is realizing the best for each other. This is really the best. I hope you understand.

He crossed his arms and looked at the letter. It had taken him 20 minutes to write it. He slipped it in the drawer to mail when he was ready. For now though, he had 10 minutes to get to the library.


Ginny pulled her hair into a high ponytail before slipping out of her room. Hoping that nobody would notice her sneaking off to be with Malfoy. She was unlucky though and somebody wanted to talk!

“Hey Ginny, what ya doin?”

“Hermione…Hey! Umm…. I’m going for a walk!”

“Oh really! Can I come?”

Ginny shifted her eyes uncomfortably and stuttered with her excuse. “I really need to be alone right now Hermione.”

“Oh…okay then. Talk to you later.”

Ginny nodded and slipped out, not noticing the hurt in Hermione’s eyes.

When Ginny finally did come into the library she met a wall of darkness. She didn’t see Malfoy anywhere until he leaned into the moonlight. She almost gasped by the look of him there. He looked so different, hot and sensual in the moonlight.

“I didn’t think you would come.” He said smiling. Ginny only nodded, unable to find the right words. “You don’t have to say anything Ginny, but right now I think we’ll go somewhere else, this isn’t the best of places to talk.” He opened the door and took her into the hall.

“This is risky Malfoy, we could be seen.” She said, watching around her.

“It’s no picnic for me either.” He said, sneaking up the flights of stairs. When they arrived on the seventh floor Ginny began to get nervous, her common room was here!

“Wherever we’re going, could you hurry?”

“Almost there.” He said, smiling and sneaking to the end of the corridor. She gasped when he stopped in front of the DA room. Walking back and forth a small white door appeared. He pushed her through, only to find a plain room. A little white couch and roaring fireplace.
Draco brushed past her and sat on the couch nervously. Ginny only stared, not sure what she should do but finally she got by it and sat on the floor by his knees. Resting her head on him.

“So what is it you wanted to talk about Draco?”

“There’s so little time, and so many words.”

“We have all night.”

“It will take more than that.”

Ginny sighed and looked into his eyes, they were hazy with confusion and denial but she stared into them anyway.

“I just don’t know where to begin.”

Chapter 11: Disagreements and Unspoken Love
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He hadn't said anything he wanted to say to her. They'd just sat, looking into the fire. Watching the flames reach dangerously close. The flames were like his feelings. Dangerous and strong. Ginny must have grown restless while she sat on the floor he hadn't said anything for a long time, besides the occasional sigh.

"What is it you wanted to say to me?"

"I don't know Ginny. It's hard, I'm confused."

"About what?" she asked. She looked up at him, caressing his knee slowly.

Draco met her eyes and suddenly Ginny looked away as if she were frightened. "I shouldn't be here Draco, this isn't right. Don't say I'm wrong." she said, her eyes pleading. "You're with Pansy."

"I'd leave Pansy in a heartbeat," he mumbled. "If I could have you."

"There's the fault in your plan. You can't have me." Ginny sighed as she'd stood up. Draco didn't understand. Ginny watched him intently and kissed him on the cheek before leaving Draco to sit, staring into the fire. Not understanding anything that had just happened.


The cieling in Draco's room had exactly 37 tiles. He was lying on his bed, depressed over what Ginny had said. She was right though. They could never be together.

He'd mailed his letter. Thinking that maybe he should just end his hope with all women.



"Why can't you love me?" asked Pansy, sitting on the foot of his bed. Draco rolled his eyes and rolled onto his stomach. Burying his face into his pillow. She just couldn't get it through her head that he didn't love her.

"I love someone else!"

Tears clouded Pansy's eyes and she wiped them away quickly. "After all we've been through-"

"It's over Pansy." said Draco, interupting her.

"If you ever change your mind-"

"I won't Pansy. Can you leave me now?"

Pansy stood, hands on her hips. All traces of disappoinment and sadness had fled from her eyes. Anger had filled them and she was breathing in a steady rage of fury.

"Who! Who is she?" she demanded, stepping towards him. Draco shrugged his shoulders and turned away. "What, now you say you odn't know? Who the hell is she?"

"Someone I cannot have."

"You were my first love Draco, I have you my all and now, now you end it!"

"You're right, you gave me your all Pansy. You should have saved yourself for someone who loved you."

Pansy's shoulders shook and she sobbed quietly to herself. "Are you saying you never loved me?"

"That's right."

Pansy shrieked and ran from the room. The door slammed behind her, quivering just as her body had done from the horrible words.

Draco started counting the cieling tiles again. Yep, 37. He closed his eyes and drifted into his only happy place. Sleep.


Ginny was pacing her room, partly because of her meeting with Malfoy but also because she'd just recieved a letter. The letter that had broke her heart, and she couldn't, wouldn't let that happen.

Dear You,
Why is it that you're so afraid? Is it because of me? The eighth sign of love is meeting one another's needs. I have a need. I need to meet you. Please, just this once. After that you can decide to never see me again but please, meet with me.
All of your's

Maybe he would finally agree to meet her. Ginny picked up her diary and turned to a new page.

Dec 12th
I don't understand guys. The mysterious man i keep writing to has told me he's ending it. I've asked to meet him before I go home for Christmas vacation. Then there's Malfoy. I don't know what to think about him. It would be best to just stay away I think.
Yours Truly,

"Hey Ginny!" said Hermione closing the door behind her. Ginny closed her diary and shoved it under her bed.

"Hermione! What's up?"

"Nothing, I just wanted to talk to another girl."

"Harry and Ron finally getting on your nerves?" asked Ginny smirking.

"No, Ron found out that Harry and I are an item."

Ginny tried to look surprised but she'd known since September.

"Don't look so surprised Ginny, I know that you know! Harry's down there reasoning with Ron right now."

"How's he taking it?"

"Hermione! Stop hiding and get down here. We need to talk." yelled Ron from the bottom of the stairs.

"Oh god Ginny, I don't want to face him, not right now!" exclaimed HErmione, hugging one of Ginny's pillows to her chest.

Ginny sighed and left to talk to Ron. "What do you want Ron?" asked Ginny at the top of the stairs. Ron's face was crimson red and he was standing at the bottom.

"I need to talk to Hermione!"

"You aren't going to upset her more Ron. Why's it so horrible for them to be together?"

"Because...I dunno! Because it is!"

"I think you need to go away and calm down."

Ron glared at her angrily and stalked away. Muttering to himself, angry still.

Shutting the door behind her, Ginny laid down in her bed beside Hermione.

"Thank you Ginny."

"No problem Hermione. Now if you don't mind I'm going to go to bed."

Ginny was asleep before Hermione left the room.

Chapter 12: "I can't do this!"
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Tonight, 11.30 in the astronomy tower. This is the only time. I love you.

It was simple and dangerous. Draco was nervous there was no doubting that, whenever he stepped into the shower that morning. He showered until the water turned cold, shocking his newly awakened senses and snapping into the reality that he was trying so hard to stay away from.

He was meeting her. The girl that made him think and love like he’d never felt before. So why was he so nervous? He should be happy but he wasn’t.


“Malfoy! Just the man I was looking for!” exclaimed Harry coming out of Transfiguration.

“What Potter?” he sneered. Showing as much hatred as he could.

“I saw you.”

“Saw what?”

“I saw you and Ginny talking the other night. Stay away from her.”

“What do you care anyway?” Draco asked, backing away. “I know about you and Granger.”

“That has nothing to do with this.” Whispered Harry advancing towards Malfoy. He pointed his finger into Draco’s chest. “You stay away. I’m watching you.”

Draco laughed and walked away. He’d always known something like this would happen.


Now sitting in herbology, Draco stared at the clock in disgust. There was only nine hours until he met his mystery girl.

He couldn’t help wonder what she’d look like. As he potted the newest plant he stared across the room at a brunette. Wondering if she would have brown hair, or maybe blonde. As long as it wasn’t black, black was too much like Pansy’s hair. Then there was that red, that blazing colour that could drive him senseless if it was in his hands. No, he hoped it wouldn’t be red, red hair was a reminder of what he couldn’t have. The Weasley.

“Mr. Malfoy. You seem to be paying attention. What’s the answer?”

“Sorry Professor, what was the question?” asked Draco, trying to be polite.

“Ten points from Slythern.” Said professor Sprout carelessly.


“No, Mr. Malfoy. I suggest you pay attention in my class.”

Draco merely nodded and packed his books as the bell rung. It was funny how the only thing he could think about was her.


Draco came off the Quidditch pitch in a mess that he didn’t know could exist. Mud had reached the unreachable places and rain had soaked his robes to his skin.

After his team mates left Draco stepped into the shower. He knew they wouldn’t beat Gryffindor, at least not this game. His team sucked. Including him but his father thought it would be best for him to play.

After an attempted drowning in the shower Draco raced to his room to get ready for the meeting.


He’d said 11.30 on the note but as Ginny sat on her bed she hadn’t even started to get ready. The clock rounded on eleven before Jane came in.

“Ginny! Why’re you still here? You said you were meeting him tonight!”

“I am, but I’m scared!” exclaimed Ginny, subconsciously playing with the silver chain around her neck.

“Come on!” stated Jane helping her up. “You go get showered while I get clothes and your make-up ready.”

“Ya, that sounds good. Thanks Jane.”

“No problem Ginny. Hurry up thought or you’ll be late.”

Ten minutes later Ginny was standing in front of the mirror. Jane had her hair done perfectly. It was thick and framing her face in soft curls. Ginny smiled nervously examining the casual outfit Jane had chose. It was anything but fancy.

The tank top was white and small, showing off her shoulder and a little bit of cleavage. She’d given her the low-rise jeans with a white sash to match. It was the outfit Ginny never wore.

“You look beautiful.” Giggled Jane. “Not your usual tom boyish look.”

“But I feel like such a girl.” Yelled Ginny fingering the sash. “And where the hell did this… thing come from.”

“The sash is mine Ginny. Now out of here and move that bubble butt. You got five minutes till you’re late.”


“Not buts! Just get out!” yelled Jane picking up a pillow. Ginny closed the door and heard the teddy bear hit it.

Ginny walked along the corridor, thinking to herself. Unsure if she should keep going and meet him or if she should just turn around and go back. She reached the Astronomy tower easily without any interruptions. She played with the doorknob fearfully and turned her back to it. Resting her back on the door she sighed, falling to the ground and resting.

“I can’t do this.” She whispered into her hands. Her curls tumbled out of the bobby pins and surrounded her.

She stood and turned to leave.

Chapter 13: It can never be!
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"Who's there?" a man asked stepping out of the staircase. Ginny gasped and sank into the shadows. "Who's there?"

"So you're the mystery man that I've been writing too." she said shakily.

"Who are you?" he asked.

"Let me see you, I want to know what you look like." she said shyly. It scared her how much his voice sounded familiar. Almost as if she already knew him.

"Let's just go up to the astronomy tower."

"No!" she exclaimed.

"Why not? It was your idea to come here in the first place." He said. His silhouette flickered against the wall and Ginny could feel herself becoming nervous as she watched him.

"Alright." she said meekly. He didn't wait for her, he just began walking up the stairs. She closed the door behind her and watched as he took two steps at a time up the stairs. He seemed tense, very nervous and not himself. She seemed to sense that, and yet she didn't even know who he was.
She watched him pause on the top stair, watching her curiously. She walked up slowly and stared out at the night sky. So beautiful. The moonlight shone a bean of light on his hair and she noticed the silvery light of his blond hair.


She backed away slowly. Standing in the shadows again. It couldn't be Malfoy... no... it couldn't be!! Was it possible? He didn't have that many feelings!

"What's wrong?" he asked slowly. "From the way you wrote I thought you were a happy person when you talked to me?"

"I am... but it's different now that I see you in person." She said, leaning over the wall of the castle. She rested on the side and felt the wind brush against her face. So soothing.

"How can it be different when you don't even know my name?"

That sounded more like the person she wrote too. "What's your name then, I'm dying to know who'm my mystery letters are coming from."

"I'm... I'm..."

She stepped into the moonlight and he gasped. His eyes went blank as he stared at her with shock. "Ginny?"

"Yes. I was shocked when I first realized it was you too."

"So... what are we going to do? I mean... I don't mean tonight." He looked away in embarrassment after the look on Ginny's face. "I mean, what are we going to do after finding out that you're the mystery girl I've loved all along."

"I don't know Draco. I really don't know."

He moved beside her on the wall and looked at her with curiosity. He stood the same way and watched her curiously. "You have so many personalities Ginny."

"What do you mean?" she asked smiling. She flipped her red hair back and Draco gasped as the golden rays ran through it. She was beautiful in the moonlight.

"What I mean is that, you're fiery with passion. And then you're romantic and smart."

"I have many personality's I guess."

"That's not all though, you have a way of driving men crazy." She looked at him as if he was joking as he kept talking. "I'm serious Ginny. Men want you, you have no idea how many of them look at you when you walk by. You're one of those people that draws attention to herself just by how they walk. You're proud and beautiful all at the same time. Everything a man wants."

Ginny stared at him in shock. It was the most meaningful thing anyone had ever said to her. When she was with Dean all he wanted was sex but she knew if she was with Draco then maybe it would be different. She thought it would be about sex but maybe... just maybe it would be about love after all. "I don't know what to say Draco."

"I know what you're thinking though Ginny. Or what you're going to be thinking. That we can't be open with our relationship. We're on two different sides in this war and even if I wanted on the good side it couldn't happen. If I switched over I'd be murdered."

She sighed and looked at the ground, a black mass of curling smoke. "It's not fair. We can't have a relationship Draco."

"Yes we can!" He exclaimed. He wrapped an arm around her waist and held her, trying his best to convince her that their relationship could work. "Nothing would happen if nobody knew."

"And if somebody did know, then what would happen?" She asked pulling away from him. "I'd be killed, and you would be too."

"Nobody would know though." he exclaimed throwing his arms into the air.

"But somebody will walk in on us somewhere when we're together, or they'll notice the chemistry between us."

"Who in this school would realize that?" he asked rolling his eyes.

"Hermione Granger that's who!"

"Oh ya..." he said thoughtfully. "She's to smart for her own good."

"And there's another reason why we can't be together."

"What's that?"

"You don't like my friends and I don't like yours. You're a slythern, I'm a gryffindor, our families and our lords are enemy's and we're fighting against each other in this war!" she yelled.

"Please Ginny, keep your voice down." he said placing a hand over her mouth softly.

"I'm sorry." she mumbled. "I'm just frustrated because I want you just as much as you want me."

He pulled her into a hug and they stood their for a few moments. "Draco?"

"Hmmm... ?"

"You have to let me go. I have to leave!" she exclaimed.

"Why Ginny?"

Ginny looked at him fearfully and fled down the stairs, she stopped at the bottom and stared at his silhouette. "I'm sorry Draco, but you know as well as I do that it can never happen!"

With those final words she left and didn't turn back. The tears clouded her eyes as she thought of everything she was missing out on.

Life wasn't fair, war wasn't fair.

Chapter 14: The gift of friendship
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"Weasley!" he yelled. She gave him one last look of apology and slammed the door behind her.

He was leaning on the wall with his arms crossed, he wasn't sure what to do now that his mystery woman had turned into Ginny Weasley.

It wasn't fair. He could never be with her. She was a Gryffindor and he was a Slythern. It was exactly what he'd feared.


"Where were you?" asked Pansy.

"It doesn't matter Pansy." said Draco pulling the covers on his bed back. She looked at him sadly and walked towards him. Her black hair was pulled into a ponytail and the square shape of her face was easily seen.

"Why can't you love me?" she pleaded. Her hands rested on his bare chest. He rolled his eyes and pushed her away.


"Is it the sex Draco?"


"Is it? I'll do anything you want Draco. Anything!" she ran a hand to the back of his neck and massaged him.

"No Pansy!" he exclaimed pushing her away.

"Well if it's not the sex than what is it?" she exclaimed throwing her hands into the air.

"I love someone else Pansy." he said softly.

"But you love me too!"

"No Pansy. I liked you but love is different."

"How Draco?" she asked, hands on her hips.

"Love is... I love her and I know because I feel like I can't live without her." he said.

"So where does that leave me?"

"In my past Pansy."

She stood in front of him and stared confidently. "I will NEVER be your past Draco."A stinging slap then came from her as she reddened his cheek. She turned angrily and opened the door. "You will realize soon enough that she isn't good enough for you. Then you'll wish you had me." She slammed the door, as Draco crawled into his bed. Crabbe and Goyle were never around anymore and everybody else were in the common room so as Draco turned off the lights he fell asleep with no disturbing sounds of the usual snoring.

1.52 am/ Dec. 15th

Draco woke with a start. He was sweating badly from the dream he'd had. Something was different in the room though. Everyone was in bed. A flutter of wings made him jump uneasily. His fathers owl was on his desk.

Draco untied the letter and opened it nervously. The open window let in a cool breeze as the small owl flew out.

Dear son,
You will be joining us for the Christmas holidays. You are to catch the train on the 16th of this month. We will see you then.
Your father,

Draco scowled at the letter and crumpled it in his fist. Some father he was. He shot for the garbage and it landed in perfectly.

He sighed and lay back on his pillow wondering if Ginny was going home for the holidays. He pulled ou a piece of parchment and started writing to her.

Dear Ginny,
I see now why we cannot be together. My greatest hope is that some change in events will happen and I can hold you. Unfortunately the odds are unlikely.
Are you going home for Christmas break? I am, and I won't see you for two weeks, that is not nearly as bad as not having you to write to though. So my Ginny. Will you continue to write?
Yours always,
Draco Malfoy


Ginny threw the oldest pair of jeans in her trunk before closing it tightly. She sighed and stared ahead quietly as everyone else packed. She was going home in one day and yet she couldn't stop thinking about Malfoy.

Ginny watched as Jane sorted through her many clothes. Most of them were very girlie. Ginny scowled. She hated pink with a passion.

That morning at breakfast she'd gotten a letter from Draco. He wanted to keep writing but Ginny didn't know if it would be a good idea. She still didn't trust him and the letters could be getting read for information by spies. For all she knew he was a spy.

"Hey Ginny!" exclaimed Jane, finally shutting her trunk.

"Hey." she replied, Ginny staring straight ahead. Jane sat beside her and looked at her curiously.

"Ummm.... Ginny? What ya lookin at?"


"You're staring at the picture of you and Harry again. Do you still fancy him?

Ginny's gaze broke and she began to pretend she was happy. "I'm sorry Jane! Just lost in space like usual."

Jane laughed and patted her on the back. "So what's up Ginny?"

"Nothing much, just getting ready to go home for the holidays."

"No.. I mean... so where were you the other night?"

Ginny gasped. She was sure no-one saw or heard her leaving. "I just went for a walk."

"Wow... you've never done that before."

"I coudn't sleep."

"Alright. Listen I wanna give you your Christmas present before we leave." she handed Ginny s small gold box and winked.

Ginny looked at her in surprise before pulling the light blue ribbon. Inside the small box was a something totally unpredictable... it was a pair of chandelier golden earrings. Ginny looked at her friend lovingly and embraced her in a tight hug.

"Why?" she asked, "And thank you."

"There's a dance coming up, and if I know you well enough than I know that you are going to have a date. And you don't have earrings so when I saw them I coulnd't resist. " She smiled and returned to her trunk.

Ginny put on the beautiful earrings, they were amazing. They hung to her chin, with webs of designs and small pearls and diamonds mixed in with them. She opened her trunk and pulled out Jane's gift.

"Jane... I feel like I'm giving you nothing now!" she exclaimed handing over the bulky package.

Jane smiled and opened the paper. Ginny had made her a scrap book of memory's since they'd arrived at Hogwarts. There were endless pages of pictures, notes that they'd sent back and forth in class, and even the first ticket that they'd received when they first went to a muggle movie together. Jane smiled and pulled Ginny into a tight hug. She stood with Ginny for a long time.

"Oh Ginny! Thank you so much! It's amazing and so thoughtful." Said Jane running her hands over the books cover.

Ginny smiled and winked at her. Her and Jane were friends forever. She knew that was true, she even told Jane her deepest secrets. Although this one about her and Draco was to remain secret.


Ginny sat in the compartment quietly. She was too tired and just wanted to be alone as she dozed into sleep. Unfortunately she soon was disturbed.

"Ginny?" said someone poking her gently. "Ginny, wake up."

Ginny's eyes fluttered open and she looked at the person in front of her. "Draco!" she exclaimed jumping back-wards. "What do you want?"

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Chapter 15: On The Way Home
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Chapter 17

“I just want to talk to you Ginny.” Said Draco sitting on the seat opposite of her.

“You CAN’T Draco…” she exclaimed, sitting up straight. “If somebody sees you in here they might get suspicious.”

“Just for a few minutes.” He said smiling weakly. “It will mean so much to me.”

“I want to talk too, but I can’t…”

“Why not?” he asked, putting an arm on the windowsill.

“It’s wrong.” She declared, pleading silently. “Go… please.”

Draco stood, and looked at her sadly. “Can you promise me something then Ginny?”


“Promise you’ll write to me.” He said, opening the door slightly.

“I don’t make promises that I don’t know if I can keep Draco.” She said, staring out the window sadly.

“Then I’ll write to you.” He said and slipped out, shutting the door softly behind him. Ginny sighed and picked up her book. It was the newest book that Hermione had asked her to read. Something about the muggle world, something that she didn’t want anything to do with but she’d promised Hermione she’d read it. That was a promise that she could keep.


She sat her book down impatiently. The book was just too complicated and to be honest she didn’t care if muggles were treated unfairly or not. They were just people that didn’t have the talents that they did.

Ginny rubbed her temples; her head was pounding from trying to stay awake. It was spitting rain and the sun had gone down a short while ago but she stood up anyways.

As she walked down the hall she couldn’t help but notice that everybody was asleep except Draco. He was in his compartment staring out the window as she had been doing, except Goyle and Crabbe were there too. She turned to go back to her cabin but Draco had seen her. He winked and stepped over the snoring body of his “friends.”

“Hey.” He whispered.

“Hey, listen… I’m sorry.” Said Ginny, placing a hand on his arm and smiling.

“It’s alright, I’m sorry too.”

Ginny started walking, not sure if he’d follow or not, but didn’t want to attract attention to herself standing in the hall. She felt his presence by her side and eventually made her way to the compartment she was in.

She opened the door, assuming that nobody was in there; she had been alone all night anyway.

“Ginny!” exclaimed Hermione. She seemed in a panic. Ginny gasped and waved at Draco, he nodded sadly and silently made his way down the hall, unnoticed by the sad Hermione.

“Her Mione, what’s wrong?” asked Ginny, letting herself into the compartment.

“Oh… Harry and Ron are fighting again.” She said, rolling her eyes. She sat on the bench and stared out the window. “I dunno Ginny, since Harry’s always going off to places it’s hard, very hard to have a relationship. I’m not sure if he loves me or not. Then there’s your brother Ginny.”

“What about my brother?” asked Ginny, sitting up in alarm.

“Oh Ginny… please don’t tell anyone what I’m about to say.” She exclaimed, leaning towards Ginny.

More damn promises… Ginny hated them because she never knew if she would be able to keep them or not. “He likes me Ginny. He won’t admit it, but I know it’s true. When Harry’s not there he acts different around me.”

Ginny groaned, this was not good. Harry, Hermione and Ron were a trio, the trio. They were not supposed to be split up over stupid problems over relationships. Not during times like these.

“He needs to find someone.” Said Ginny. Hermione bent her head to the side in confusion. “He needs a girlfriend.”

“Yes! That’s what he needs.” Said Hermione happily. She stood up and embraced Ginny in a tight hug. “You’re so quick on your feet Ginny.”

“Thanks…” said Ginny awkwardly. “There’s still a problem though Hermione.”


“Who would go out with Ron?”

“Loads of girls would.” Said Hermione sitting back down again.

Ginny raised her eyebrows in doubt. “Come on Hermione… tell yourself the truth.”

“Well... well…” muttered Hermione. She twirled a curl in her fingers. It was a bad habit she’d picked up when she was in danger.

“Let’s forget about it for now. Are you staying with us for all of Christmas Break?” asked Ginny.

“No, I’m coming after Christmas. My parents are having a special celebration this year and I promised to come home.” She said sadly.

“That sucks, it won’t be the same without you at the Burrow.” Ginny muttered into her sweater. She pulled it tighter around her; it was getting cool as the snow started to fall. The weather was so odd.

The door opened quickly, as two figures stood outside it. Harry and Ron fell into the compartment and closed the door behind them, taking no care to see just how loud they were.

“Hermione… I’m sorry.” Exclaimed Harry, jumping up and sitting beside her on the seat. Hermione nodded and looked out the window. “It’s just that, since I’m always gone it gets hard to stay with you all the time and not think of Voldemort and what’s happening right now.” He said, putting an arm around her shoulder. They continued to talk, in a whisper. Ginny couldn’t make out what they were saying though, but Hermione’s face looked strained, she seemed to be in a bad mood with him.

“Jane’s coming after Christmas.” Said Ginny, looking at Ron. She was sick of not talking to anybody.

“Jane?” he said, he was so clueless.

“She’s in my class, she has black hair, blue eyes.” Said Ginny, she watched him carefully waiting for his reaction. He nodded and looked out the window. Ginny tried to talk again. “She’s nice, I can’t believe you haven’t noticed her before.”

Ron turned and looked at Ginny carefully. “Oh I’ve noticed her Ginny.” He said. “I just don’t want her to know that.”

“Why not?” asked Ginny. “She’s perfectly nice.”

He moved closer to the wall, and stared at the falling snow. Ginny loved the snow; Ron however, just liked to hurt people with it. “I don’t know Ginny, I just... and she’s your best friend.”

The compartment door slid open again. “Hey!” said Jane. She closed the door and squeezed between Ginny and Ron. Not realizing that she was the topic of the conversation. “What’s going on in this cool place?”

Ginny smiled and watched as Ron looked out the window. Thank god it was dark, he was blushing like mad. “Nothing Jane. Just relaxing.”

Jane nodded and looked at Harry and Hermione, they were still in deep conversation so she turned to Ron. “Ron! My man! How are ya?” she asked, slapping him on the back playfully.

“Fine thanks.” He mumbled.

“Well aren’t we a little stiff.” She exclaimed, turning to Ginny. Ginny burst out laughing. There was no way that Ron hadn’t noticed Jane.

Ron looked at her back, staring at her sadly. Hermione sat across from him in Harry’s arms. He was supposed to move on right? If he couldn’t have Hermione, he didn’t want anybody else. Not even Jane. Or so he thought.

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Chapter 16: Mistletoe!
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“Ron! Give me back my diary you idiot!” exclaimed Ginny running down the stairs. Ron was sitting on the couch comfortably flipping through the pages of Ginny diary. He stopped on a page when something caught his eye. The words seemed to burn from the pages. ‘Draco Malfoy’. He stood up and left the room, locking himself in the kitchen. He ran his fingers over the word and flipped to the date it was written.

Dec 12th
I don't understand guys. The mysterious man I keep writing to has told me he's ending it. I've asked to meet him before I go home for Christmas vacation. Then there's Draco Malfoy. I don't know what to think about him. It would be best to just stay away I think.
Yours Truly,

Ron dropped the diary as Ginny came bursting in the kitchen door, wand at the ready. “Ron Weasley, who the hell do you think you are reading my diary?”

Ron stared at her angrily, picking the diary up and shoving it into her arms. “I suggest you go back and read the entry of December 12th Ginny darling.” He smiled angrily and stormed out of the room. Ginny, her hands shaking flipped through the pages and skimmed over them. It was about Malfoy…she screamed and threw the book across the room, her temper flying as she pushed the door open again. She ran up the stairs and stopped in front of Ron’s door before spinning around again. She ran back down and got her diary.

Standing in front of his door again she screamed loudly, her temper hadn’t cooled even a bit. She turned the handle and it didn’t open, she finally got in and looked at Ron lying on his bed staring at the ceiling. Harry was at his bed watching Ron curiously.

“Ronald Weasley, you little piece of scum. You’re not worth any of my time. I hate you! HATE YOU!” yelled Ginny holding up her diary. She turned on her heel and stormed out of the room. Leaning against the door that she slammed behind her. Her heartbeat was beating quickly and she looked around guiltily, glad that it was only three of them home.


How could she have left her diary to Ron’s curious eyes? She should have known better than to leave it on her bed, she should have hid it with all her other belonging’s.

She opened it and flipped through the pages until she found the end of her writing. She picked up her quill and began to write. It was almost Christmas and she still wasn’t it the mood, her mind was on other things.

December 20th

My stupid brother Ron got hold of my diary. How stupid could I be? It’s five days till Christmas and I still am not in the mood. The house is decorated beautifully though; mum put a lot of work into it. Everywhere I go there’s something red, green or white. It’s really beautiful. Last night I bumped into Harry. We were under the mistletoe.


Ginny Weasley walked out of the kitchen with a bowl of ice cream in her hand. She licked the spoon and didn’t bother to watch where she was going. It was a big mistake though. She kept walking, she knew the old house like the back of her hand but still it was late and she didn’t think anyone would be up. She took another bite and was surprised to bump into the hard chest of her ex-boyfriend.

“Hey Harry.” She said stupidly, she licked the spoon and tried to walk around. He placed a hand around her waist and smiled though. She blushed and followed his hand, he was pointing at the ceiling, and above them was a single batch of mistletoe. She blushed a little more as Harry leaned in for a kiss. He met her lips in a passion she hadn’t felt for a long time, she missed it as her ice cream bowl clattered to the floor. Her hands wrapped around his neck and she kissed him back. They stood like that for several minutes, bodies entwined in a soft kiss.

Then the light turned on. Hermione had arrived and was standing in the doorway, mouth open in surprise and horror as she watched her boyfriend kiss her best girl friend. She dropped her suitcase and walked back out the door.

“Oh shit Ginny.” Said Harry running a hand through his messy black hair.

Ginny smoothed her nightgown and smiled uneasily. “I’ll go talk to her.”

Harry nodded and sat on the couch. “When you’re done talking I’ll go see her.” He said.

Ginny opened the door softly and sat on the swing. She noticed Hermione was staring straight ahead and wasn’t speaking to her, just staring like nothing happened.

“I’m sorry Hermione, we were under the mistletoe.”

“You happened to be there at the exact same time?” she said turning to face Ginny.

“I was eating a bowl of ice-cream actually, and he came downstairs.”

Hermione sighed and looked at Ginny sadly. “It’s not you Ginny, it’s him.”

Ginny raised her eyebrows in surprise. “What do you mean Hermione?”

Hermione stared at the dark sky. It was a beautiful night; stars were seen by the thousands and Hermione’s tears shone in the moonlight, showing the true sadness on her face. “He’s cheated on me before Ginny.”

Ginny froze in shock and stared at her in disbelief. Harry? Harry would never cheat. “What do you mean? This is Harry we’re talking about.” Said Ginny trying to make the best of the situation.

“No Ginny. Harry’s somebody totally different. You don’t know the real Harry.”

“Hermione, who’d he cheat on you with?”

Hermione sniffed and wiped away another tear. Smiling through her pain. “I don’t know who she was Ginny. She was younger than me, younger than you.”

Ginny’s eyes widened in shock as Hermione said this. She couldn’t imagine Harry cheating on her with a younger… much younger girl… no it was a child to make it worse. “He wants to talk to you Hermione, I’m going to get him alright.” Said Ginny standing up. The swinging seat they sat on swung back and forth dangerously as she hugged Hermione close to her. Hermione sobbed and looked at Ginny gratefully.

Ginny closed the door behind her and walked into the living room where Harry was sitting. She watched him in the darkness for a few minutes and just cringed at the site of him. He was fiddling his thumbs.

“You Harry Potter, are not only amazing but you’re amazingly idiotic and selfish as well.” Said Ginny advancing towards him. “If I had my wand I’d curse to you hell.” She said pointing a finger at him. “How dare you cheat on her? Hermione! HERMIONE! HARRY!” she yelled angrily. She swung a fist out and hit him in the stomach; he buckled over but quickly recovered. She threw a quick look of disappointment before picking up Hermione’s suitcase. “You apologize to her Harry, make her the happiest woman you’ve ever been with.” Said Ginny turning on him.


Yes, diary, it’s true, Harry had been cheating on Hermione. I think that’s what upset Ron so much, why he loves Hermione. He wanted to protect her from Harry. It’s horrible to say but what Harry did was wrong. I got a letter from Draco, I haven’t answered him yet, not sure if I will. It’s too dangerous to write back and forth with the enemy. Jane’s coming on the 26th and I can’t wait!

She closed her diary and put it under the pillow. She sighed and picked up the trunk beside her bed. She had put all her Christmas presents in them and they needed to be wrapped. She pulled out the picture frame she’d gotten Hermione. It was bewitched to turn into any colour Hermione wanted. She slipped in a photo of the two of them and smiled as she bewitched the wrapping paper to wrap it.

She’d gotten everyone something but as she wrapped Harry’s gift she took back out the picture of the six of them. It was a great picture, Hermione and Harry were in each other’s arms, Ron was standing with an arm around Luna and Ginny was pretending to give Neville a kiss. They were in the common room around a table. It was one of her best memories of the year.


Hermione was sitting on Harry’s knee at the small table. Ron and Luna were sitting together and Neville was playfully tickling Ginny’s sides. They were talking like always and were having fun.

“Let’s play a game!” exclaimed Hermione jumping up and down on Harry’s knee.

Harry laughed and pulled her close, squeezing her sides playfully. She gasped and Ginny pulled out her new camera. She called Jane over and she took a picture of them, everyone posed dramatically, but no one noticed the young girl on the couch staring at Harry with a sad look in her eyes.


There was a girl sitting on the couch, looking at the six of them sadly, that was when Ginny realized who the girl was. She was the girl Harry had an affair with. It was obvious; the look of love in her eyes, and the way Harry looked self-conscious with her there.

Ginny flipped the photo over and started writing, she couldn’t help how she felt, and she needed to make him be sorry for what he’d done.

Dear Harry,

So this is what you want Hermione to believe? I know you love her. You should be happy to have such a woman in your arms. Not you though, you worthless piece of crap… that’s right Harry. Look closely at this picture and feel sorry for yourself, because I know the girl in the back is the same young girl you cheated on Hermione with. She’s 14 years old Harry… still young. Still young. And why would you want to hurt Hermione, who loves you with unconditional love?

She sighed and slipped the photo back in, wrapping it and leaving a small mental note to tell Harry to flip the photo over.

She picked up Draco’s letter and started to write, she needed someone who loved her unconditionally too. Everyone needs someone to love.

Chapter 17: Unexpected Guest
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“Ginny?” whispered a man quietly. “Ginny… are you awake?”

Ginny Weasley rolled over and pulled her pillow over her head, slamming it down around her ears… she grunted and turned away.


“Whaddya want?” she mumbled into her bead.

“To talk to you…” he mumbled, crouching beside her bed and running a hand along her arm. Ginny squeezed her eyes tighter, thinking of who it could be.

“MALFOY!” she yelled, sitting up in her bed and flipping over onto her back. “What are you doing here?” she asked in a panic.

“Shh… please keep down your voice.”

“Bloody HELL.” Said Ginny placing her hands on her head and shaking it. The red hair fell out of the bun and she looked at him, face askew in wonder. “What are you doing here?”

“Shh Ginny, it’s 3.00 in the morning and I needed to see you, I figured everyone was asleep.”

“How… why take the risk?”

“I came flew here Ginny… I didn’t want to be tracked.” He said standing up and cracking his knees. “And I took the risk because I love you.”

“No Malfoy, you don’t LOVE me… you have some weird fascination and daydream that we can be together, when you know that it’s not possible!” whispered Ginny pulling the blankets around her chest tighter.

He bowed his head, the blonde hair swaying in front of his eyes. “I wish it was only that Ginny… really I do.”

“Then leave Draco… and don’t think of coming back because you think you love me.”

“I do..”

“No!” she said sternly. “You don’t. Imagine if anybody came into my room right now, what if somebody heard us or seen you flying away.”

“I don’t care though.” He said sitting on the edge of her bed. It tipped to the right and sank a little as she adjusted herself so she could face him.

“If you care about either of us at all, then you will leave. If you want us to make it through the war… then you’ll leave.”

“Don’t you understand Ginny? That I need you.” He said pleading. She took his hands in hers and twiddled her fingers nervously.

“Sometimes you have to not feel anything… and learn to forget it.” She said wisely.

“You can’t ever forget what you feel.” He said smiling and running his finger over her smooth nails.

“Now you’re just twisting my words!” exclaimed Ginny grinning.

“I’m doing what I do best.” He exclaimed winking.

“You’re getting off topic again!” exclaimed Ginny pulling her hands away from him roughly. “Don’t you know the consequences of you being found here?”

“I’ll take any of those!” he exclaimed passionately.

“Your punishment would be… death Draco.” She squeezed his hand again, and continued. “Mine would be exile.” She breathed out, afraid of her own words.

“I’d take death Ginny, just to be with you.”

“STOP IT!” she yelled, quieting as she stood up, wrapping the sheets around her. “You have to STOP Draco, because you know as well as I do that we can never be together… so leave… please.”

He stood up, looking at her from the opposite side of the bed before picking up his broomstick. He carried around with him, never leaving her eyes and stood in front of her. She opened the window, letting the whistling wind blow the white curtains into her room. It seemed to chill the room and she shivered as he touched her chin gently, tipping it up so she would look at him.

She closed her eyes though, holding back the tears that were threatening to break loose. He kissed her forehead and pushed something into her hand.

“Just make sure you keep writing alright?” he said and stood in front of the window, throwing a sad smile back to her. She nodded and turned away as he jumped out of the window.

She opened her hand and felt the smooth curves of a small golden box.

“Ginny?” he said.

She spun around and held the box to her chest. “Yeah?”

“Don’t open it until Christmas.” He said smiling. She nodded as he flew away.

Ginny turned around and sat on the bed, she sighed as she fingered the small ribbon over it, the rectangular shape and the small sound it made inside. She held it to her face, running her cheek over the smooth paper.

Ginny turned off her lamp and pulled her sheets over her, leaving the small box in her dresser. She lay still for a while, thinking of what had happened. She wasn’t sure if she should regret it or not, it disturbed her to think of how much she really did like him.

Ginny’s night was restless from then on, she turned and tossed, unsure if anything she did anymore was right. One moment all she could think about was Draco and then she’d come to her senses and know it’s not right.


Draco crawled into his bedroom window, the moonlight illuminating him eerily. He threw his broom onto the bed and put a foot on the floor, lazily swinging his other leg into the room, he stretched and walked towards the bed.

His thoughts remained on Ginny, of the beautiful body she had and of how he wished to just hold her and not be afraid of the consequences. And yet he knew she was right, if anyone ever found out then they’d both pay with the worst.

If only he could think of a way to make it better, to make it so they could be together and not be caught. What were the chances of that happening though? He would only be able to see her at night and only if they were very careful… yes… it would never happen.

Draco opened his bedroom door and peeked into the long corridor, before tiptoeing to the bathroom, he threw water in his face and looked in the mirror. His reflection was of a tired boy, weary from travel and yet filled with angst of love that could not be satisfied, only by one person could it be filled.

“Where were you?” his mother asked. He spun around and saw her leaning against the doorway, the blonde hair falling around her face. “Where were you?” she asked again, crossing her arms over her chest.

“I was out.” He replied simply and walked past her, closing the bedroom door behind him tightly and sitting on the bed with his head in his hands.

She opened the door and peeked in. “Your father will be hearing of this.”

Draco scowled and crawled under his blankets, Ginny was right, what they felt could never become reality. It would be too easy to be found out.


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Chapter 18: Christmas Day!
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Christmas morning, there wasn’t a person who could possibly be sad or depressed because there was no way in hell’s way nobody didn’t like Christmas. Ginny thought that everybody loved Christmas, because not only was there lots of gifts, but family and friends were gathered together and everybody was in a good mood.

Ginny threw the sheets off her and stared at the ceiling, letting the reality of Christmas day sink in. Slowly, the feeling of delight, excitement and happiness crept through her, making it into her very bones. Looking at the edge of her bed, she squealed in delight.

Gifts! Gifts among gifts, among even more gifts. Small and large, bulky and smooth. Ginny ran her hands over each one, white fluffy bows were on some, and others were small.

She picked up the first package, obviously from her mum and opened yet another sweater. Nothing unusual there, she smiled and unfolded it before slipping it on. The next was from Hermione, and to Ginny’s surprise it wasn’t a book, but a small set of stationary paper. Thinking nothing of it Hermione continued opening presents. She received a rather cute teddy bear from Harry (and remembered her gift to him, raising her eyebrows in regret) and lots of chocolate from her brothers.

It wasn’t until she was at the end of the gifts did she remember the small golden box that she’d left on her nightstand. She played with the small ribbon, fingering it with curiosity. Ripping it open she closed her eyes and shook her head. He’d bought her a ring… it was a small and dainty gold ring. In it was a red jewel, and gold entwined a green jewel with it. It was truly beautiful and as Ginny slipped it on her finger she knew he was going to be forever forbidden.

“Ginny! It’s Christmas!” exclaimed Hermione opening the door and smiling. Ginny slipped the ring off and into her pocket, she didn’t know if she could wear it yet. They could ask questions, it might be suspicious!

Ginny bounded off her bed and hugged Hermione tightly. “Did you like it Hermione?”

“It’s beautiful!” she exclaimed holding up the necklace Ginny had given her. “Thank you.”

“You’re really like my sister Hermione.” Said Ginny smiling. For Christmas Ginny had given her a sister charm, because that was what suited her the best she thought. Hermione hugged her and winked.

“You know Ginny… I’d very much like to go see Harry. He’s been terrific after that… night.”

“Good Hermione… good.” Said Ginny. She took her hand and they walked down the stairs. The smell of a hefty breakfast waiting for them.


“Draco… Draco! Please wake up.” Said a little voice from behind him. He rolled over sleepily and was instantly prodded by his younger sister Sylvie. “Draco… it’s Christmas!”

He opened one eye and smirked at his little sister. She was standing in front of him in her little green nightgown. She smiled in glee and jumped into his bed, snuggling under the covers. “Hey squirt.” He mumbled, messing her blonde hair playfully.

“Draco! It’s Christmas! Guess what mommy and daddy got me?”


“Guess Draco!”

“Oh I dunno…. a new dress?”

“No silly! They got me a necklace box, and it’s got a little ballerina. I think daddy snuck this in though.” She said holding up the little book. It was covered with a black binding and obviously was very dark. Draco opened it up and turned on the lamp. It was about dark arts; already his father was trying to poison the mind of Sylvie.

“You know what?” he said.


“Don’t even look at this book. It’s bad, in fact I’m going to keep it.” Said Draco setting it on his dresser. Sylvie just smiled and cuddled into her big brothers chest.

“Aren’t you going to open your presents?” she asked staring at the presents on his bed excitedly.

“Well, I was going to wait until the sun came up… it’s only four you know?

“Please….” She asked looking up at him. He smiled and rolled his eyes before throwing the covers back.

“Alright, but remember to be quiet, you don’t want to wake dad up do you?”

The look of fear that entered her eyes angered Draco and he pulled her into a hug. She looked at him and smiled sadly. “I wish you didn’t go to school Draco.”

“You’re all right here though.” He said, nodding his head.

“Yeah…” she said reaching for one of the presents.

“Is there something you want to tell me Sylvie?” asked Draco tipping up her chin.

“No Draco, can I open this present?” she asked holding it up. She avoided his eye contact and when he said yes she opened the paper slowly, not as excited as she had been before.

She slowly opened every present, and as the sun came over the horizon she became happier, the fear left from her face and she didn’t seem so depressed.

“I have a present for you Sylvie, I wanted to give it to you this morning.” Said Draco getting up and pulling out a small box from the closet. He handed her the box and she smiled at him gratefully.

When she opened it her eye lit up, it was what she always wanted. Flying out of the bed she collapsed into Draco’s arms and cried. “Draco! Thank you so much, but Daddy said I wasn’t allowed to dance.”

“He doesn’t have to know, just practise and when I come home for break you’ll show me all that talent that’s just bursting to get out!” he said stroking her hair softly. She held up the ballerina slippers and pulled away from him. Sitting on the edge of her bed, she slipped them on and began to twirl. Draco smiled as he watched her. The blonde hair flying behind her, she looked so happy, in a world that was not. The sun filtered into the room, casting an orange ray across them.

The door opened slowly and Draco noticed it. He reached forward and stopped Sylvie; sitting her on the bed he tried his best to unlace the shoes before his father came in. Just as he shoved them under his bed, his father opened the door.

“Go to your room Sylvie.” He said staring at Draco.

“Why Daddy?”

“JUST GO!” he yelled angrily. The same fear lit in her eyes and she sneaked out from behind him. She rumbled the green bed sheet as she went, tears threatening to escape. As she walked by her father he slapped her in the face harshly.

“DON’T YOU TOUCH HER!” screamed Draco running forward and pulled Sylvie towards him. She shivered against him and broke free, running to the curtain and slipping to the ground. The green curtains grew darker as her tears soaked them.

“Don’t raise your voice to me boy.” His father said. “Where were you the other night?”

“That’s none of your business.” Said Draco stepping backwards.

Lucius’s hands twitched by his side dangerously. “Don’t do this to yourself boy.”

“Do what?” asked Draco.

“Dig your grave deeper.”

A petrified scream came from the corner where Sylvie lay sobbing. Draco stood in front of her, protecting her. Lucious looked at him and advanced forwards, fist held out in rage. He swung at Draco, landing it on his head. Everything went into swirls of colour as he spun on the spot but Draco remained standing, not realizing that his father was now headed for Sylvie.

Draco stepped in front of him again, and his father turned towards him. “You’re gonna be a dead boy.”

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Chapter 19: Dance For Me
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“What are you gonna do Lucius?” asked Draco glaring at him. “You can’t touch her, I’ll leave, and I’ll take her with me if you do!”

“Leave?” asked Lucius grinning at his only son. “I am a death eater, I am one of Voldemort’s followers and so are you. I can personally get Voldemort to hunt you down, and if I have to, he’ll kill you.”

A soft whimper came from the corner of the room, as Sylvie huddled behind the curtain. She looked at her father and wiped the tears away. “Don’t hurt Draco.” She said glancing away again.

“Don’t hurt Draco?” said Lucius stepping into the room a little more. “I won’t hurt you Sylvie, why? Narcissa would have a fit, but I can make it seem like you just disappeared, she’d never know the difference.”

Sylvie whimpered again and Draco stepped in front of his father. “Get out of my room. GET OUT!” he yelled pointing at the door. His father smiled calmly and raised his wand as he walked out. The door shut firmly behind him and after Lucius had finished walking down the hall, Draco pulled on the handle… it wouldn’t open.


“What is it Sylvie?” asked Draco collapsing on his bed. He buried his hands in his hair and looked at the young girl, her face was tear stricken with grief and she seemed almost happy to see her father leave.

“I want to leave now.”


She nodded and stood up. “You said you’d take me away.”

Draco shook his head and looked at her sorrowfully. “I can’t do that Sylvie.”

“Why not?”

“Where would we go?”


Christmas had been wonderful, and everyone was happy with the way it turned out. Dinner had involved everyone, the whole order had come for supper and nobody left with an empty stomach. There were presents passed around and all the Weasley’s were shocked by the amount of gifts they received.

One gift, meant the world to Ginny though, it was small and definitely beautiful. In it’s own way though, a ring. She had put it back on during dinner, but not on her finger as she would have liked, but on a gold chain that hung around her neck. That way it was tucked safely in her shirt.

She was now washing dishes with her mum, they were doing it the old fashion way. No magic that is… “Thanks for the sweater mum.” Said Ginny drying a glass. She put in the cupboard and closed the doors.

“It was nothing. What did you get from you’re friends?” she asked curiously. Ginny held up the gold chain, hiding the ring from her mother’s view.

“Hermione gave me this.”

“It’s beautiful.”

“Yes… it is.” She said staring at the ring instead.

Somebody knocked on the door, waited and then knocked again. Ginny, threw one of the plates in the air, Molly made a quick flip of her wand and brought it to her. Glaring at Ginny as she did. Ginny just smiled uneasily and ran to the door.

Flinging the door open, she laughed as she saw the smiling face of her best friend Jane, shocked but knowing it was her, Ginny flung her arms around Jane and messed up her hair.

Jane pushed her away and wiped the bubbles off her shirt. “It’s good to see you too!” she exclaimed setting down her bags. “Sorry I’m early.”

“Don’t worry about it!” exclaimed Ginny picking up one of the suitcases. “I’ll take this to my room. Jane nodded and picked up the other one. “Hey mum, Jane’s here!” yelled Ginny into the kitchen door.

“Make yourself at home dear.” Yelled Molly from the kitchen sink. Jane laughed heartily and headed up the stairs after Ginny. One creaked and she looked at it funnily, giggling. They reached Ginny’s room and Ginny threw open the door. As she did this, her chain came out of her shirt and hung around her neck loosely, the gold ring displayed for all to see.

Jane sat her suitcase down and looked at Ginny curiously. “What a beautiful ring Ginny!”

Ginny clasped at her neck and slowly nodded, then realizing that Jane knew her secret, breathed in relief. “You like it?”

“It’s amazing, who did you get it from?” she asked sitting on Ginny’s bed.

“Well… actually, I got it from… him.”


“Mystery man… Malfoy.” Whispered Ginny excitedly.

“You’re kidding!” exclaimed Jane holding the ring in her hand. She played over the stones curiously. “Gryffindor and Slythern… interesting.”

“What’s interesting?” asked Ron standing in the doorway. Jane let go of the necklace and Ginny put it in her shirt. His shadow loomed over them and his hands were on his hips. “What’s interesting?” he asked.

“RON!!! I’VE MISSED SEEING YOUR WACKY SENSE OF HUMOR!” screamed Jane jumping off the bed and running at him. She pulled him into a hug and his tight frown turned to a smile, patting her on the back he almost laughed.

“Hey Jane.” He said softly.

“We have some talking to do!” exclaimed Jane leading him away. She looked over her shoulder, giving Ginny the ‘You owe me’ look. Ginny smiled and played with the ring again.

Ron and Jane could be heard walking down the hall, and Ron’s voice seemed so much quieter, Jane was blocking him out, talking non stop and very quickly. Ginny giggled and stared at her ceiling. How she loved Christmas!


“I wanna leave…” said Sylvie tugging on her brother’s sleeve.

“I’m thinking Sylvie… hey, I have an idea, show me how good a dancer you are!” said Draco smiling at her.

She nodded happily and twirled, Draco looked at her sadly, watching her jump back and forth happily. She twirled again, raising a foot into the air and fell. He stood up and helped her, she rubbed her backside and groaned.

“This is hard.” She said smiling weakly. “I’ll keep trying though.”

Even if he wanted to escape, where would they go?

Chapter 20: Serving the Dark Lord
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Draco tied Sylvie’s winter cloak around her tighter and helped her pack away the last of her belongings. He sighed as he wrapped his arms around her, holding her against him tightly.

“Just stay with me alright?” he said, she nodded and smiled, showing the fear that she felt but also the excitement that she needed in her life.

With a pop they disappeared.

Sylvie shook her head and let go of Draco, obviously a little shocked that she’d just apparated with him. She rubbed her temples and looked at him in confusion. “Where are we Draco?”

“Far away, you’re going to stay here alright?” he said giving her a hug. She looked at him and nodded, she was brave and she knew it. They walked up to the huge house and knocked on the door, she looked at him and raised her eyebrows.

“This is where I’m staying?”

He nodded as one of the many redheads answered the door. “Malfoy? Bloody hell… what are you doing?” asked Fred holding his wand out in front of him.

“Put your wand down Fred, or are you George?”


“This is my sister Sylvie, can I come in, we need help?” asked Draco pushing open the door a little farther.

“You’re asking us for help?” scoffed Fred, his eyes closed in laughter.

“No, but I need you to help my sister,” he exclaimed pushing Fred aside and entering the house. The last time he’d been there he hadn’t seen the rest of the house. “Are you’re parents home?”

“Yeah, mum’s in the kitchen.” Said Fred sourly. As Draco walked, he couldn’t notice that Fred kept behind him, with his wand out the whole way.

Molly Weasley was bent over the table, obviously washing the dishes, as she turned around she gasped. Pressing her body against the counter. “What… why… how… What are you doing here?” she asked.

“I need a favour Mrs. Weasley.” Stated Draco pleadingly. He hoped to god that this would work; it was Sylvie’s only hope. “I really need help.”

“Sit down, you’re lucky my husband isn’t home Draco.” Said Mrs. Weasley drying her hands on the dishtowel. She pulled out a chair and watched as he sat down and the young girl sat on his knee. “Who is this?” she asked pointing to Sylvie.

“This is my sister.”

“I didn’t know you had a sister.” Said Molly stiffly, she smiled at the young girl but quickly turned to Draco again and waited for him to explain himself.

“I was wondering… please understand this Mrs. Weasley. I need to put Sylvie somewhere where I know she’ll be safe.”

“Why have you come here then, this war is going to affect everywhere.” Answered Molly.

“Not from the war Mrs. Weasley, but from our family.” Draco paused; he didn’t think this would be so hard. “I’m asking if you could take Sylvie, for only a little while. As soon as some things are sorted out I will come take her home, but I need her to be hidden.”

“Why should we help you, you’re the enemy.” Exclaimed Fred. Draco looked back at him; he’d forgotten he was in the room. “For all we know he could be using her as a trap.”

“Please Mrs. Weasley, please… I have to protect her. I thought that if anybody was kind enough than it would be you.”

“You know nothing about our family.” Said Molly standing up. “I’m very sorry Draco, but I can’t risk my family.”

“You won’t be… nobody has to know.”

The door of the kitchen swung open, and two girls entered. Ginny stared at him in shock and Jane, the other girl looked back and forth at them in wonder. Ginny’s hand immediately went to her necklace and she shook her head in wonder.

“What’s… what’s… What are you doing here?” she asked, making herself seem angry. Draco could see the panic in her eyes though. Jane was smiling, obviously amused.

“Nobody has to know Mrs. Weasley, and I promise it won’t be for long.” Said Draco setting Sylvie on the floor. She walked around the kitchen examining everything.

“You’re very pretty.” She said to Ginny. Ginny gasped, looked at Draco and smiled at the girl.

“So are you.” She said giving her a hug. Ginny stood up, gazing around the room at all the people, she wanted the girl to stay, and she was a sweetheart.

“Is this where I’m staying?” she asked leaning against her brother’s knee.

“That’s for them to decide.” He said stroking her hair sadly.

Molly was clearly fretting, her fingers were twiddling and she was looking around. “I don’t know what Arthur will say when he comes home and we have another child to feed.”

“Don’t worry about the money, I’ll send it to cover her.” Said Draco, he saw a glimmer of hope and couldn’t help but be thankful.

“What about you Draco? Aren’t you going to stay with me?” asked Sylvie looking up in concern.

“I wish I could kiddo, really I do.” He said standing up. She clung at his leg and he smiled sadly as he began to walk for the door. “Don’t worry Sylvie, I’ll come see you, but for now, you need to stay here.”

“Sylvie, would you like to help me make some cookies?” asked Molly holding up the bowl and smiling. Sylvie nodded, wiping away the tears.

Ginny caught up with Draco as he was heading out the door. “What’s this all about?” she asked leaning against the frame.

“I have to protect my sister Ginny, and I knew the safest place would be here.”

“No… not that, what about you Draco? Why are you going back there?” she asked holding back her feelings. She tried not to look too concerned, just in case anyone was watching.

“I have to, I promised duty to the dark lord Ginny.” He said. He looked ashamed as if he didn’t mean what he was saying.

“After everything we’ve been through, I thought you… of all people would come to our side.” Said Ginny reaching out and grabbing hold of his arm. He stared at her hand and sighed.

“I thought that you would understand Ginny, that the only way I can keep my sister safe is to serve him… I can’t lose her. If I switched to the good side they’d come after you, and they’d kill my sister.” He said staring at the place he’d apparated too.

“I can take care of myself Draco.” Said Ginny taking his chin and turning him towards her.

“I could never forgive myself if something happened to you Ginny.” He pried away her hand and took a step backwards. “I have no choice. See you in school, please take care of Sylvie.”

“I will, I’ll see you at school.” Said Ginny walking towards him. He nodded and titled her chin up, but he left her then, turning and walking away. His desire to kiss her was huge but he knew that if anybody saw they could never see one another again.

“If I come back Ginny, if I’m not there… please be patient. I’ll come back to you eventually.”

Ginny nodded, tears glistening in her eyes as he waved. He disappeared, and Ginny sat on the step watching the place he’d left her from. It wasn’t fair, but she knew he was right. No matter what happened, he had to serve Voldemort, and they’d forever be against each other in this war.

Ginny stood up; wiping her eyes of her tears and walked in the door. Jane stood at the bottom of the stairs, smiling and she pulled Ginny into a hug.

“It’s going to be okay Ginny… I promise.”

Jane broke her promise.


Draco apparated back to his room and collapsed on his bed, sighing he covered his face with a pillow and willed himself to suffocate now… he didn’t want to do this anymore.

“Draco… you’re father wants to see you.” Said Narcissa from the doorway.

“I’m coming… just wait a minute.” Said Draco quietly.

Narcissa opened the door softly. “Don’t keep him waiting to long Draco.” She almost smiled. “You know how he is.”

Draco nodded as he stood up and walked down the hall. His father’s office was huge, much bigger than it needed to be. Knocking on the door, he stepped in and looked at his father sitting in the big chair.

“Sit m’boy.” He stated pointing to a little wooden chair. Draco nodded and sat down quietly, afraid of what this was about. “Where did you take your sister?” he asked.

“Somewhere where she’ll be safe.” Said Draco bravely.

“You’ll bring her back son, or you’ll face the consequences.” Said his father leaning forward excitedly.

“What would you do?”

“Deatheaters have no problems with torturing one of their own for fun.” Said Lucius looking at him and smiling. He held out a hand for Draco and Draco took it, trying not to show the shivering excitement he felt.

They’d apparated into large field, and Draco let go of his father’s hand. Around him were many deatheaters, standing faithfully around Voldemort. Voldemort gazed down at him at smiled? It was more of a sneer though, the moment had come…

“Tonight… is the night you’ll become one of us.” Shouted Voldemort holding his hands into the air happily. The deatheaters cheered and Draco closed his eyes, this was what he was meant to do. “Hold out your arm for me and bow at my feet.”

Draco sat down on his knees and held up his left arm, the wand pointed at him, but Voldemort was silent. Suddenly Draco was experiencing pain he’d never felt before. His body writhed in it and suddenly he thought, that maybe… he was dying.

Chapter 21: To Kill the One You Love
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Death… and pain… they were things no one should have to experience so young. And yet, as the war Voldemort was causing kept raging on, the pain and death was growing higher and higher.

Draco’s body quivered as Voldemort pointed his wand somewhere else. His body remained hunched over on the spot. He softly cradled his arm and tried not to whimper. He would be killed if he whimpered, and that couldn’t happen yet.

His shadow fell over his arm as he pulled his sleeve up around his elbow. He carefully caressed the dark mark on his arm, it was evil and it stung. Was this the price he must pay for being a Malfoy?

“Stand!” exclaimed Voldemort rising before him. Draco’s knees quivered but he managed to stand, taking all his strength before him. He wavered on the spot, holding his head high and staring at Voldemort. “You are my servant Draco, and I need you at Hogwarts.”

“For what?” asked Draco weakly.

“You are strong, and I need you to spy for me,”

“On who?”

“DO NOT INTERRUPT YOUR MASTER!” he yelled pointing his wand at Draco’s chest. Draco bowed his head and waited for Voldemort to continue on. “You will be getting information for me now Draco, and you will use someone.”

Draco nodded, not wanting to speak again. “The Weasley girl Draco… you will gain her trust and then, when the time is right. You will finish her off, but make it an accident, you must keep your innocence at Hogwarts.”

Draco’s eyes watered as he bowed his head again. Ginny? Why her… had someone suspected their relationship?

“Do you understand Draco?” asked Voldemort. Draco raised his head and blinked, showing nothing but strength now.

“I will do as you say master,” He said and turned away, walking to stand beside his father. He breathed in and out deeply, trying to release the pressure that was building in his chest. The panic and unfairness was overpowering. His mission… was to kill the one he loved the most.

“Before we return, I have one mission for you, my faithful Deatheaters. We are bringing down a community tonight. Draco, you will return to Hogwarts later on. We leave now, for Godric’s Hollow.”


“Ginny, I miss Draco,” Said Sylvie sitting on Ginny’s bed. Ginny nodded and winked at her as she pulled a shirt out of her closet.

“I know you do darling. Brush that beautiful hair, we’re going to hogsmeade today, we have to get our school supplies.”

Sylvie nodded and picked up the brush. She ran it through her silvery blond locks so that they waved in and out. Ginny sighed as she stared at her. She wasn’t the only one who missed Draco. Sylvie jumped off the bed and went over to her dresser. She was sleeping in Ginny’s room as well. She pulled out a little green skirt. It flared around the knees and then a white shirt.

“Does this look good Ginny?” she asked holding them up to her small frame.

“It will look beautiful on you,” Said Ginny. She smiled happily, but inside she was confused about why her mother had let Sylvie stay with them.

“Are you girls ready yet?” asked Molly from the doorway. Sylvie’s eyes widened and she shook her head. Slipping out past Molly she ran to the bathroom and slipped under Fred’s legs, slamming the door in his face.

“What the frig!” he said turning the handle. He turned and looked at Molly, who just shrugged her shoulders and suppressed a giggle.

Ginny sighed and closed the door behind her. She pulled at the tight jeans and finally got the zipper up. It was strange how muggle clothes were so hard to wear sometimes. Pulling the gold shirt over her head she examined herself in the mirror. Her hair looked sort of frizzy so she collected it in her hand and pulled it into a high ponytail.

“Ginny! Did you see my shoes Draco gave me?” asked Sylvie standing in the doorway.

“Yes, but I put them away, they’re for dancing darling,” Said Ginny pointing to Sylvie’s dresser.

“Yeah… but they’re from my bruver, so I want to wear them,” She said marching over and pulling out the drawers, she found them and slipped them on. Tying them up her legs. Ginny giggled, watching the little girl parade around in dancer shoes was something that made her laugh because it was so cute!


Sylvie tugged on Ginny’s sleeve and pointed in the window. “Can we go in there Ginny?”

“Mum… we’re going in the joke shop for a few minutes,” Said Ginny yelling over her shoulder. Molly nodded and Ginny took Sylvie's hand in her own. It was so small and pale that she looked as if she were sick. Ginny knew better though, it was a Malfoy trait.

Opening the door, a bell rang and George came bounding over. “Where’s Fred? He said he’d come work when you guys came!” he exclaimed over the busy chatter.

“I dunno. Where are your new…” Ginny leant up and whispered something in George’s ear. He nodded and looked at Sylvie curiously but smiled. She blushed and giggled as he winked at her.

“Right this way my lovely ladies!” he said bowing, he held out a hand to Sylvie and she took it, her feet seemed to jump and she fidgeted as he threw her into the air and caught her. He pushed his way through the crowd and stopped at an assortment of pink things.

Sylvie looked at him and raised her eyebrows. “What are they?” she asked, Ginny stood on the other side of him and smiled as George picked one up.

“Ginny told me you want to dance,” He said opening up the little pink satchel. Sylvie nodded and watched the small figure fall out of the bag. It straightened its little blue skirt and posed like a dancer.

“Does it dance?” asked Sylvie staring at it with wonder.

“Just say the magic word,” Said George dropping the figure into her hand.

“Dance for me.” Whispered Sylvie. The ballerina immediately began dancing, pirouettes and glissades, she twirled around beautifully.

“She doesn’t just dance ballet either Sylvie, she’ll dance whatever you want her too,” Whispered Ginny, with her hand on her shoulder. Sylvie nodded as George whispered words to the dancer. She switched then from Ballet, to Tango, and on to Salsa. He pulled a little piece of paper from the satchel and handed it to her.

“Just say the words, you can change the dance, the outfit, and even her looks,” He said setting her down; she jumped up and down before dropping it into the satchel again.

“I love it!” she reached into her pocket and pulled out a galleon. “Will that pay for it?”

George shook his head and put the galleon back into her pocket. He winked and reached up into a higher shelf. Pulling down a blue satchel he handed it to her. “In this is a boy dancer, he’ll dance with the girl if you want them too, the instructions are inside too. You don’t have to pay, they’re a present from us,” He said.

“Thanks.” Whispered Ginny as Sylvie stared at the boy dancer in amazement.

“No problem, but I have to go,” He said turning away. Then as if forgetting something he turned around and kissed Sylvie on the cheek. “I’ll see you later squirt,” He said. She blushed and grabbed Ginny’s hand, hiding behind her in embarrassment. He stood up and smiled at Ginny. “She’s not to bad for a Malfoy.” He said turning around. Just then Fred came into the store. “Oi! Fred, where’ve you been mate?”

“Thanks Ginny,” Whispered Sylvie. Ginny smiled, said she was welcome and then, taking the little girl’s hand walked away from the joke shop. Unaware that this young girl’s brother, her lover, had a task. It was to kill her.

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Chapter 22: Fulfill your duty...
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Chapter 22
Fullfill your Duty

“I’m going to miss you!” exclaimed Ginny pulling Jane into a tight hug. Jane nodded and tried not to crack a smile.

“I’m going to see you in a few days Gin, we’re going back to school on Tuesday!”

“It’s still awhile you know,” said Ginny grinning. Jane nodded and headed out the door where her parents were waiting. Smiling, they apparated away from burrow and Ginny walked back up to her room. Closing the door softly behind her, she fell on her bed, wondering where Draco could be right now.

The door creaked open and Ginny looked at it curiously. No one was standing there. Then, a small blond head popped up at the end of her bed, Ginny laughed as Sylvie crawled up on the bed and jumped up and down.

“Careful, Molly might hear you,” said Ginny. Sylvie stopped hopping immediately as Hermione walked into the room. Hermione smiled at Sylvie warily as she grabbed a basket of clothes from the floor.

“Any laundry you want me to do?” she asked Ginny curiously. She shook her head and Hermione left. Ginny had seen less and less of the trio over the break. Ever since Sylvie came they stayed a little farther away. Ron had actually accused her of being a spy. He’d said Draco had just planted her there to find information about the order. Ginny knew the difference though.

“I don’t like her,” said Sylvie snuggling into Ginny’s lap.

“Who, Hermione?”

“Yeah… she doesn’t like me. I can tell. The boy with black hair doesn’t like me either,” She said laying her head on Ginny’s shoulder.

“Why do you think that?” asked Ginny squeezing her reassuringly. She was right though, Harry, Hermione and Ron all stayed clear of Sylvie. They didn’t have any trust for her. It was because she was a Malfoy.


“She’s a Malfoy Ginny,” said Harry pacing the living room. Hermione nodded in agreement as she sat on the sofa. “She’s Draco Malfoy’s brother!”

“He probably put her here to get information from us,” Said Hermione pulling Harry down beside her. There relationship had strengthened after the night Ginny found out about his cheating.

“No, I really don’t think he would do that,” said Ginny crossing her arms over her chest. “It’s his younger sister, wouldn’t you put me somewhere you thought was safe for me Ron?”

“Not at Malfoy’s!” said Ron raising his eyebrows in surprise.

“You just don’t get it guys,” exclaimed Ginny walking around. “He wants to protect her. I can tell!”

“How Ginny,” said Hermione leaning against Harry comfortably. “How would you possibly know?”

Ginny stood there, lost for words on what to say. She couldn’t tell them how she knew. She knew, because she’d been with Draco for a long time and she knew his feelings on the matter. Could she say that though? No… that was betrayal. She was with the enemy. “I just have a feeling. It doesn’t matter anyway, because she’s staying with me,”

“She can Ginny, but we won’t have anything to do with her,” said Harry standing up. He pulled at Hermione’s hand and she stood up beside him. The three left the room, Hermione tossing a sad glance over her shoulder on the way out.


“They don’t talk to me,” said Sylvie sadly. “That’s why I know they don’t like me.”

“They’re very busy people you know. They can’t help it if they have other stuff happening,” said Ginny stroking her hair softly. It reminded her of Draco’s.

“Everyone else is nice to me though Ginny,” she said sadly. Ginny tilted her head up so she could stare into the small child’s eyes. “Especially you, now I know why Draco likes you so much,”

Ginny sat in stunned silence as she watched the young girl crawl off her lap. Sylvie knew about her relationship with Draco. Was he really that trusting in his young sister? Sylvie was now playing with her dolls; she pulled out the little pieces of instruction papers and held them out to Ginny.

“I wanna change how the girl looks Ginny,” she said holding out the paper. Ginny shook her head and decided to think about it later.

“Sure what colour hair do you want her to have?” she asked.


“Auburn,” said Ginny. The small dancer’s hair changed to red and Ginny didn’t help notice that it was almost looking like her. Sylvie stared into Ginny’s eyes and smiled.

“I want her to have brown eyes like you Ginny,”

Ginny nodded and said the words. “What about the dress?”

“What’s your favourite colour Ginny?” asked the girl innocently. Ginny breathed in and out deeply.

“Gold,” she stated. The dress changed and Sylvie held it up for Ginny to stare at, it had moulded itself into the look of Ginny. Ginny only nodded though and smiled. Sylvie reached into the blue bag and pulled out the guy dancer. Its hair was dark brown. Soon Ginny had been asked to change the brown hair to blonde, the brown eyes were blue and his outfit was green.

“Will you watch them dance with me?” asked Sylvie setting them down on the table. Ginny nodded, dumbfounded as the small figures joined hands and twirled around, Sylvie periodically changed the dance and Ginny only watched.

“Why did you make them look like Draco and me, Sylvie?”

“You’re my favourite people, you really love me,” she exclaimed hugging Ginny’s waist. Ginny breathed deeply, eyes transfixed on the small figurines. “And besides, someday I want you and my bruver to get married so you can be my mommy Ginny.”

Ginny blinked, muttering something under her breath. She pushed the girl off her and said something about going to the bathroom. Walking down the hall, Ginny closed the doors behind her. She stared in the mirror and wondered just how much Draco had told his little sister. She seemed to know about them being together. Them dancing on that table looked scarily real and Ginny couldn’t seem to tear her eyes away from the sight. What if Sylvie told someone?

Ginny splashed some cold water on her face, before going back to the room. Sylvie was still on the floor watching them dance in circles. “I have to pack Sylvie. I’m going back to school tomorrow,”

“Why? Draco always has to go to school and leave me, why do you have too?” she asked looking at her sadly.

“I’ll write you lots of letters,” said Ginny playing with the ring Draco gave her. Sylvie was watching it curiously.

“Draco gave you that didn’t he?” she asked. Ginny sighed as she slipped it back under her shirt.

“Yes he did,” she said trying not to show any emotion.

“You love my bruver don’t you?” said Sylvie leaving the dancers on the table. They were forgotten in the heat of the moment. Ginny was shocked, children weren’t supposed to understand anything about love. “He loves you too,”

“He does?” asked Ginny in shock. Sylvie nodded her head and sat up on Ginny’s lap again.

“He told me not to tell anyone, but I know he won’t mind if you know,” Ginny nodded her head and lifted the girl off her knee.

“Come on, let’s pack for school. Remember not to tell anyone Sylvie. Not a soul,”

Sylvie nodded mysteriously as she began helping Ginny pack for Hogwarts.


The train’s engine rumbled loudly as Ginny opened her compartment door. Jane was staring out the window, smiling and giggling to herself about something.

“Hey,” said Ginny sitting down.

“Hey Ginny!” exclaimed Jane pulling her into a tight hug. “How was your whole day without me?”

“Spooky,” said Ginny raising her eyebrows and widening her eyes.

“Why’s that?”

“Sylvie knows about me and-“

“You and who Ginny?” asked Hermione standing in the doorway. Her arms were crossed over her chest and the look in her eyes was as if she suspected something.

“Jane and I, she knows about something we are doing Hermione.” Said Ginny, she’s almost blown it. She couldn’t risk that. Hermione nodded and turned around.

“Careful Ginny,” she said walking down the halls, no doubt was there that she was on her duties.

“That was close!” exclaimed Jane smiling. Jane loved a little bit of trouble. Ginny shook her head and closed her eyes. It was going to be a long ride. Already she’d seen that Draco wasn’t there. It was, as she feared.

“He’s not here,” said Ginny trying to be happy. Jane nodded and patted Ginny’s shoulder.

“I’m sure he’s fine.”

Jane lied again.


That night as Ginny lay in her bed, she couldn’t help but think about him. About Draco. Wondering what he was doing was going to be the death of her. She knew nothing of what he was doing, and yet she almost suspected he wouldn’t be returning to school. Her heart would be broken if he couldn’t return. He was now her everything.

At least she had Sylvie.


“Bring to me, your sister,” Said Voldemort holding his hands up high.

“What is it you need her for?” asked Draco in fear. This was what he was afraid of.

“You dare to question what I ask of?” asked Voldemort lowering his hands. Draco shook his head and apparated. Standing in front of the burrow now, Draco looked at it and began to cry. His tears mixed with the softly falling rain and he walked to the front door. Knocking softly he waited for an answer.

The door opened slowly and Fred held his wand at Draco, “What do you want?”

“I need my sister back now,” he said without any emotion. This was exactly what he didn’t want to happen. Fred nodded as he called for Sylvie. Draco was surprised when he gave her a kiss on the cheek. He watched as her face lit up, she came running and flew into his arms. Kissing him and hugging his like she hadn’t seen him in years.

“Are you taking me home now Draco?” she asked cuddling into his strong arms.

“Not quite kiddo,” he said walking to the end of their gate. He brushed away her hair and kissed her forehead gently. “I love you alright, and I won’t let you get hurt,”

“What are you talking abou-“ she started to say, but they’d apparated.

They landed in the middle of a circle of Deatheaters. Sylvie immediately clung to Draco but she was torn away by the hands of another man. “Draco! Draco! I want my bruver!” she screamed at the man. He pointed his wand at her mouth and she was silenced.

“It’s not that I believe you are weak Draco, but I must make sure your duty is filled out completely. It you don’t kill the Weasley, then your sister will pay the price of your actions. She’s going to remain with me until you finish this.”

Draco nodded his head. What was he going to do now? He couldn’t kill Ginny. He was in love with her. If he didn’t though, then he would pay the ultimate price, his sister would die, and so would he. He had to choose, between the love of his life, and the sister that mattered to him more than anyone ever had before.

How could he choose?


Back at the burrow, the figures of two dancers continued to sway in one another’s arms. They spun around and around, for everything was easy to them. Their love was shown in the simplest of forms, but real love has to be fought for. Sometimes death is the only way to get it.

Chapter 23: Not a Murderer
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Draco grabbed the clothes out of his closet, pushing them into his trunk. He didn’t care about having them folded. He just wanted to get away from the mansion. That was all that mattered any more.

Every time he sat down, memories seemed to rush past him. As his eyes closed he saw Sylvie being taken away, the screaming pitch of her voice, as she begged and pleaded with the man carrying her away.


Her blond hair seemed to go limp as she screamed at the man. That wasn’t what hurt Draco the most, it was the fear in her eyes, the feeling of utter and utmost hope being lost. The sight made him angry. Sylvie wasn’t supposed to be caught in this.

“She will be returned if you fulfill your task Draco.” Said Voldemort smirking at him. Draco nodded, avoiding Sylvie who was in the arms of a man he didn’t recognize. Draco turned around and stood beside his father, not saying anything as he tried his best to avoid Sylvie’s eyes.

“Draco…” she said quietly. His eyes darted up, and he realized he’d never felt and more guilty in his life. One of her hands was outstretched, the small hands that he’d held so often. On her feet were the ballet slippers that he’d given her, but she didn’t care about that anymore, all she cared about was going to her brother. “Draco…” she said again, squirming in the arms of the Death Eater.

“Shut up!” exclaimed the Death Eater sharply. Sylvie closed her blue eyes and held back the tears that were threatening to break through. As she opened them again she looked at her brother, was their any hope left in the world?

Draco’s heart seemed to break as she turned away from him; he hung his head low and looked at his father in disgust. How could he have let this happen? What kind of family was this?


Draco shook his head and grabbed his quills from his desk. Shoving them in the trunk he couldn’t help but wonder where Sylvie was. Hopefully she wasn’t hurt, if they even touched her Draco had sworn to kill her.

Then there was the other thing haunting his mind though, Ginny. God he missed her, but he didn’t want to see her again as well. Now that he knew his mission was… to kill her. When his mind wasn’t set on Sylvie and how she was doing, he was thinking of her. He missed her in so many ways, her flaming hair, her soft kiss, and even the sharp tone of her voice as she yelled at him.


“Shh…. Somebody will hear us!” exclaimed Ginny as Draco bumped into a desk. He swore loudly and Ginny threw a glance over her shoulder at him that was easily read.

“Sorry! Can’t see a damn thing!” said Draco brushing past the desk and feeling his way along the wall. “Lumos.” He finally said.

“Why didn’t you do that in the first place?” asked Ginny staring at him.

“Don’t get smart with me.” Said Draco sitting on the desk behind him.

“Smart? I wasn’t being smart, just stating the obvious, I thought.” Said Ginny walking towards him. Draco nodded and smiled as he jumped off the desk. Ginny scowled as he walked away. “Where are you going?” she asked, crossing her arms across her chest.

“What? Now I can’t even walk away from you? You must really want me!”

“You arrogant…”

Draco stepped forward smiling. He covered her mouth with his hand and smiled. “No need to tell me how sexy I am! I already understood that.”

Ginny’s eyes narrowed but Draco only smiled as he swooped his mouth down on hers, pressing together with as much passion as he could. Soon her lips loosened and she surrendered to him, he smiled to himself as he sat back against the desk. Running his hand through her hair, he couldn’t help but realize just how much he was starting to love her.


Draco fell backwards onto his bed, what had he gotten himself into? It wasn’t fair; did they not realize how hard it was for him to choose? The green sheets ruffled under him as his fists closed around the soft fabric.

Finally, he felt his eyelids start to droop and he fell into a sleep. Although, in his dreams were the grim reality of what he’d done only a few days before.


“Faithful Death Eaters. Tonight is the night that you will show me your loyalty. Draco is seventeen now, he can do as he pleases, but do not forget, that tonight you will show me what you have learned of cruelty.” Said Voldemort smiling. “Wreak havoc my fair followers, destroy it all.”

Draco’s head hung low, but he didn’t want to attract attention to himself. He, like all the other men ran forward. As he watched everyone burst into innocent people’s homes he stood in front of the door.

The door was white. Its edges were carved with the finest and steadiest hand. Draco studied it, he already felt guilty. He couldn’t kill. Nodding his head, and knowing what he had to do, he burst into the house, his wand held in front of him.

“Mommy! Wake up!” yelled someone standing in the doorway. Draco heard a bed creak and a young woman stood in the doorway; her brown hair tumbled around her shoulders as she scooped the small girl into her arms.

“What is it Elle?” she asked groggily. Elle pointed to the doorway where Draco stood. The woman’s eyes widened in horror as she began to shake, then turning around she ran into the other room, barring the door behind her.

Draco moved forward and after making his way through the door, he stopped, there sitting in the corner, was the young woman, her small daughter in her arms. Sitting beside her was another child of about six, he was holding a small baby and was crying. The mother rocked back and forth, whispering comforting words to her three children.

“Run.” Said Draco before he knew he’d said it. “Run, hurry, take only what you need. The other’s will get here soon, I can make it look like you are dead. GO!” bellowed Draco at the woman. She nodded but stood still.

“How can I trust you?” she asked shaking her head.

“Because I’m not a murderer.” Said Draco. “Hurry, the other Death Eaters will be here soon, then it will be too late.” The woman nodded again and ran past Draco. He could hear her scrambling up the stairs and was facing the three children now. They were alone. The boy was staring at him in fear.

“Where’s my dad?” he asked holding the small baby.

“I have no idea.” Said Draco staring at the girl named Elle, her bouncy brown curls were damp from her mother’s tears. The boy ran his fingers through his dark hair and Draco didn’t miss the worried expression cross his face.

“He left, he’s outside.” Said the boy shaking again. Draco shook his head. He’d already be dead by now.

Just then the mother burst through the door again. In her hands was a trunk, she looked at her three children in relief and then, as unexpected as Draco telling them to go, she stepped forward. Dropping the trunk to the ground she put her arms around Draco and whispered senseless things in his ear. Pulling away she grabbed the baby out of her son’s ear and ran out the back door, her other two children following.

Draco walked away from the house, and soon after it was afire, burning to the ground as he watched. Looking around him he was shocked to see how many houses had suffered the same as these ones. He had no doubt though, that the people inside had not gotten off so easily.


Draco sat up in bed and wiped the sweat from his brow. Although he knew what he’d done was right, he’d also ruined those people’s lives, and he knew for a fact that their father was dead.

Draco looked out his window, the sun was setting and all that remained was a soft glow. Sitting up again Draco threw in the remainder of his schoolbooks into his trunk.


“Where are you going Draco?” asked Narcissa as he walked by. His trunk was under his arm and he was determined to return to Hogwarts by the next morning.

“Going to school, where else?” he asked opening the front door. The white paint stared at him, and he thought plainly of the beautiful door, that in the end, he had burned down.

“Alright, just wait, you can’t go off by yourself.” She said drying her hands on the dishtowel. Draco nodded; he was very distant from his mother.

“Hurry. I want to get there tonight.” He said. Narcissa nodded as they left the house.


Ginny was nodding off into sleep as she thought about Draco. They’d begun their classes again and still she hadn’t seen, or even heard of where Draco was. She was beginning to get worried, it was only two days, but to her it seemed like two months.

“Stop worrying Ginny. He’ll get here soon.” Said Jane from her bed. Ginny smiled, Jane always knew if Ginny was upset.

“I hope so.” Said Ginny, her arms crossed behind her head. “You like Ron don’t you Jane?” asked Ginny smirking. She thought they might have been something going on between them.

“What do you mean, he’s your brother. He’s off limits.” Said Jane tensely.

“It’s alright, if you wanna date him go ahead. I heard you two talking at our house Jane, and you don’t need my permission.” Ginny smiled as she thought back to when she first realized that Jane and Ron were attracted to one another. It was as weird as her and Draco.

“Thanks Ginny… really, it means a lot to me.” Said Jane getting up and slipping a robe over her.

“Where are you going?” asked Ginny sitting up and looking at her curiously.

“To see Ron!” exclaimed Jane throwing open the door and running down the hall. Ginny laughed as she heard Ron shout out happily and could only imagine the look on his face. She wouldn’t see it though as she was suddenly distracted by the light tapping on her window. She didn’t want to get her hopes up, but there in the window was Draco’s owl.

She slipped out of bed and opened the window. It flew in and stuck its talon out. Ginny hastily grabbed for the letter, obviously not caring if the bird was hurt or not. It made a hoot of disapproval as it waited for Ginny to reply.

Entrance hall. NOW!

Ginny smiled and shooed away the owl, it wasn’t important that he get a reply, she’d be there before the owl got to Draco. She hastily pulled a pair of her robes on and brushed her hair.

Running down the stairs Ginny smiled as she bounded to the portrait door, taking no notice of anything else.

“Ginny! Wait up!” yelled Jane, Ginny stopped in her tracks as Jane looked at her in wonder.

“He’s back, I have to go meet him.” Said Ginny breathlessly. Jane nodded, she was smiling as she hugged Ginny. Ginny looked over at the fireplace where Harry and Hermione were sitting together and talking. Ron was looking at Jane hungrily and Ginny felt uncomfortable. The thought of anyone liking her brother was terrifying.

Breaking away from the hug, Ginny ran out the portrait door. It slammed behind her loudly but she took no notice, she was running as fast as she could. Several portraits yelled at her angrily, but she kept going.

Finally she arrived at the steps and looked down at the entrance hall, expecting to see Draco sitting there waiting for her. Her face, which had been filled with joy, seemed to die in seconds.

He wasn’t there.

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Chapter 24: Flames for Feelings
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Ginny’s body stiffened as she stood at the top of the stairs, she couldn’t move, no matter how much she struggled against it. The front doors opened, creaking earily as they did. Her eyes widened in desperation as two tall, blond figures stepped through the door.

“Bye Mum,” said Draco glancing around nervously.

“Goodbye Draco, stay out of trouble,” said Narcissa reaching up to hug her son. He nodded, whispering something in her ear and Ginny noticed she wiped a tear away slowly.

The doors closed after Narcissa left and Ginny felt herself released from the magical binding that held her there. She just stared though, she didn’t run down the stairs and into his arms, but she watched. Her heart seemed to break at the site, he was paler, and skinnier and somehow he seemed to have grown weaker since she’d last seen him.

He took a step forward, smiling awkwardly. “Ginny, god I’ve missed you,” he whispered holding a hand out for her.

Ginny’s feet moved automatically, taking one step at a time down the stairs. As she reached the last steps she ran, her arms held open, waiting for him to hug her. It didn’t come though, he grabbed her shoulders, holding her at arms length. His head was bowed as if he was in pain, and when he looked up; Ginny was surprised to see tears resting in his eyes.

“What’s wrong?”

Draco pulled her forward, holding her close to him. This wasn’t how she’d pictured them seeing one another again. His heart was beating quickly as he ran his fingers through her hair. He was whispering something that she couldn’t hear.

Something told her to pull away from him, and as she stepped back there was the unmistakable look in his eyes that said it all. Someone was hurt.

“What’s wrong?” she asked again, holding onto his hand tightly. He shook his head, pressing his fingers against her lips to quiet her.

“Let me be with you, Ginny. We have some catching up to do,” he said trying to smile again. Ginny nodded as he planted a slow kiss on her lips. He sighed happily; as if that had released something from his chest and Ginny felt her spirits lift. It had been so long since they’d even kissed that she’d almost forgotten how her body tingled to the way he touched her.


“Ginny we need to talk about some things, things that are important. Life threatening things,” said Draco. His head was bowed, and he held one of her hands in his softly.

“I don’t want to talk right now Draco,” muttered Ginny. She ran her finger along the wood of the desk and tucked her legs beneath her.

She carefully placed her cold fingers under his chin, and saw he shivered at her touch. Ginny closed her eyes and breathed deeply, pulling herself up until she was high enough to capture his lips with her own. It took him a few seconds for him to respond. Ginny knew something serious had happened.

Not only could she feel his pain through his kiss, but the way he looked at her now, the way his smile was forced, it all showed her just how horrible he was but she didn’t say anything.

Draco’s lips played against her skin softly. She arched her back rhythmically and sighed, she shuddered beneath him as her body tingled. His kisses became more intense as he moved up her jaw line. Finally he captured her mouth again.

Draco’s hands moved down Ginny’s back, softly resting against her. Lips clashed together in pure passion but in the back of Draco’s mind, what he had to tell Ginny was overpowering everything else.

He pulled away hastily, running his hand back through his hair as he grimaced. “Sorry Ginny. We really need to talk,” he exclaimed.

Ginny nodded, crossing her legs as she made herself comfortably on the desk. “Perhaps we should go somewhere else?” Ginny suggested.

“Where?” asked Draco rolling his eyes. Ginny raised her eyebrows and looked at her feet, it was just a suggestion. “Sorry, I’m just stressed. Where do you want to go?”

“I… don’t know,” said Ginny trying to not sound stupid. Draco smiled, for real this time and grabbed her hand. He almost marched her out the door, and as they walked onto the seventh floor, Ginny realised he was leading her to the room of requirements. She nodded her head, knowing perfectly well she should have thought of that before.

Draco’s hand rested against her hip as the oak door opened, not a sound was heard as they stepped into the cozy room. Walls of brown and red surrounded them. A small couch and fire were at the far end and the sight warmed Ginny’s heart.

She gently pulled away from Draco’s arm and bounded across the room, her hands placed on the white couch as she leapt over the back of it. She peeked over just enough so that Draco could see her eyes, and for the first time since she’d seen him come back he laughed.

Before she had realized he’d moved, he was standing in front of her again. This time with a grin plastered on his face, he lifted Ginny up easily and sat down where she’d been. Placing her hands on her hips, Ginny jumped down on top of him, squirming around until she was comfortable. Finally, she stopped, resting her hand on his chest as she gazed into the fire.

“So what do you want to talk about?” she asked dreamily.

“Sylvie,” said Draco looking at her guiltily.

“Mum said you came and took her home. How’d she deal with that,” asked Ginny, she was very carefree.

“She didn’t go home Ginny,” said Draco, his eyes were concentrated on the fire. His guilt was overpowering him again.

“Whaddya mean?” asked Ginny pushing herself up so she could look at him.

“V…Vold…Voldemort took her,” whispered Draco wrapping an arm around Ginny to stop her from jumping away from him.

She didn’t move though, just stared at him. Not a tear came, no signs of remorse, sadness or grief even filled her eyes. They were just shocked. “Why?”

Little did she know, that she was the reason. Draco stared deep into her eyes, how was he to tell her that the reason Sylvie was gone was because of her.

Ginny, Sylvie’s in Voldemort’s hands because I have to kill you or they’ll kill her. Do you get it, you need to die, or Sylvie will die. I don’t know what to do… hear me out Ginny… hear me out!

The thought screamed through his head as her eyes looked into his soul. “Voldemort gave me a task Ginny,”

Ginny nodded, looking hesitantly at his arm. Draco nodded, gripping his left arm so that she wouldn’t move back the sleeve. “What does he want you to do Draco? What does Sylvie have to do with it?”

“Voldemort, he’s gone and asked me to be with someone, someone that has information on your side. I… have to do something horrible to them,”

“What does that have to do with Sylvie though?” asked Ginny, Draco shook his head, holding back a damn of tears threatening to break loose.

Why don’t you understand Ginny, you’re the reason! YOU!

“They took Sylvie, threatening that if I don’t complete my mission, than she’ll die,” said Draco looking into the fire again. He felt his eyes burn from not only the heat, but the pain he felt inside.

“What is your task?”

Can’t you figure it out Ginny? Can’t you figure out that you’re my task!

“I have to kill someone Ginny,”

“WHO?” asked Ginny sitting up even more.

Figure it out! PLEASE!

“Who?” asked Ginny, a bit calmer now as she rested herself against Draco’s chest once more.

“It’s…” Draco started.

How do I say it?


Ginny stiffened and she sat backwards, unwinding his legs from hers. “What do you mean?” she asked backing away to the other side of the couch.

“My task… you are my task Ginny,”

Her eyes remained locked with his. Did that mean what she thought it meant?

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Chapter 25: A Plan is Beginning
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“Is this what it’s always been Draco? Were you just using me? Just hoping you’d get your information and you wouldn’t be hurt?” asked Ginny standing in front of the fire. Draco shook his head. He had remained on the couch, knowing that it would take her awhile. “Well?”

“NO! Ginny… I was never using you,”

“Then how the hell did they know about us?” yelled Ginny. Her fists were shaking by her sides. “HOW?”

“I don’t know, I’ve already told you,” Said Draco weakly. How many times would he have to say he didn’t know either.

“DAMN IT!” yelled Ginny spinning around and collapsing onto the couch. “How Draco… how did they find out?” she asked quietly. Her hands were shaking as she lowered her head into them.

“I already told you Ginny.”

“What exactly do you have to do?” asked Ginny sitting up and looking straight into his eyes. They glowed with such anger that he backed against the couch a little more. “Tell me everything,”

“I was told to convince you that I loved you so that you’d trust me,”

“So, how long have you been working on your plan? I bet you started writing those damn letters, knowing perfectly well who they were being sent to,”

“NO!” exclaimed Draco sitting up so he could speak more clearly. “I had never intended to trick you into trusting me,”

Ginny nodded, “What else did he say?”

“After I gain your trust, you were supposed to tell me where the order is and then… I was supposed to kill you,”

“Were you going too?” asked Ginny quietly. She clenched the fabric of the white couch quickly, knowing she had to keep her temper under control.

“I can’t,”


“I… I really love you,” said Draco looking at his hands shyly. He never thought he’d say that… let alone mean it.

“Trying to gain my trust?” asked Ginny unforgiving.

“I thought, you knew me better,” exclaimed Draco.

“I thought you weren’t trying to kill me,”

“Point taken,” said Draco in defeat. “Listen, I was supposed to make it look like you died in an accident, and then we’d keep going on as if nothing happened,”

“Are you going to kill me?” asked Ginny looking at him strongly.

“NO!” Exclaimed Draco in horror.

“Then what are we going to do Malfoy?”

“Why’d you just call me Malfoy?”

“What are we going to do?” asked Ginny again, ignoring what he’d said.

“We could hide you,”

“Voldemort will know,” said Ginny looking at him as if he was stupid. Draco nodded, trying to smile. It failed though and Ginny shot the look down in a matter of seconds. Despite the heat radiating from the fire, the room was very cold… Draco thought it must have been from the look in Ginny’s eyes.

“You’re right… but what do you want me to do?” asked Draco holding his hands out for her to hold. She didn’t move though, didn’t even glance at his hands.

“Stay away from me, far away,”

“What about Sylvie?” asked Draco, he knew how much she meant to the both of them.

“I’ll talk to the order, and we’ll figure something out,” said Ginny standing up. She brushed past Draco but he grabbed her arm.


“What now?” she asked coolly, pulling her arm away. Draco stood up, just enough so that they were inches apart. He didn’t touch her, but his breath slowly fell over her delicate skin.

“I wasn’t joking,”

“About what?” asked Ginny, determined not to make herself weaken.

“I really love you,”

Ginny nodded and backed up; afraid he’d kiss her. Afraid that he’d wake up the monster inside of her, the one that was telling her to screw the consequences and throw herself in his arms. “I loved you too,” she said.

She closed her eyes as he brushed his lips over hers in a soft and swift kiss. Her eyes became more pressured as she pushed down all feelings she had for him. “No,” she whispered to herself.

“I want to love you Ginny, and I want you to love me again too,” said Draco stroking her cheek. “Don’t lie yourself,”

“I don’t lie to myself,” said Ginny.

“I’m not going to kill you, because I have a plan… it just came to me!” exclaimed Draco. Ginny’s eyes flickered open, and she felt a small realm of hope circle around her.

“A plan?”

“Sit,” he demanded pulling at her arm. Ginny nodded, half smiling but not wanting to be too overjoyed. “We’re going to make this work Ginny. I can promise you that,”

Ginny nodded and sat down quickly, her legs overlapping hers as she waited for him to talk about his plan. This was what she’d been hoping for, proof that he loved her and really didn’t want her to die. She’d been grasping at the chances, and finally they were happening.

“I have a meeting with Voldemort and I’ll tell him fake information Ginny. Then we’ll have the order rescue Sylvie, on that same night I’ll be speaking with Voldemort again. When they get Sylvie, you take her and run,”

Ginny nodded and smiled. Maybe they could make this work. “I’ll stay behind and try and convince Voldemort you are dead and you must have passed me the wrong information,”

“What if he reads your mind?” asked Ginny realising the flaw again.

“We’ll … we’ll set something up so it appears as if I killed you, and I’ll concentrate on that memory. If we can make it believable it might work,”

“It won’t,”

“We have to try,” said Draco squeezing her hand. Ginny nodded and laid down beside him, resting her head against his chest as she thought about it.

His hands caressed her hair softly as he worried about what he was saying. “This means I’ll have to work with the order secretly,”

“You can’t know any of the information though Malfoy,” said Ginny shaking her head. There was a period of silence and Draco thought about it.

“Stop calling me Malfoy,” he said. Ginny smirked and looked up at him.


“It’s okay, I’m not proud of being a Malfoy though. Oh and I understand… I can’t know any information. We need to make it all up,”

Ginny smiled and leaned up to kiss his lips hungrily. If they could make this work then they might make it through this war. If not, then Draco would die, Sylvie would die and so would Ginny. They’d all be dead. They’d have to try though.

Ginny pulled away softly, “What happens if he realises your lying Draco?”

Draco pulled her close and caressed her back, “We don’t let him find out Ginny. I’m not going to leave you,”

“Promise me you won’t let him kill you?” asked Ginny wincing away the thought of Draco dying.

“I promise,” said Draco sadly. He didn’t know if he could keep it though. In his mind, the plan was different. The plan was for Sylvie and Ginny to be safe and far away. For himself though, he’d have to face Voldemort and hope for the best.

What would be the best though?

Chapter 26: Hooking up and Breaking up
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Chapter 26

As the sunlight crept into Ginny Weasley’s room, she tightened her eyes in frustration and rolled over, slamming a pillow on top of her head. She tried desperately to get back to sleep but now that she was awake her mind kept wandering to the night before.

She flipped back onto her stomach and stared at the dark red drapes hanging above her. She didn’t understand how it could be true. Why would Draco have to kill her? Did they really think she knew that much information?

You do though, they’ve told you everything.

Ginny nodded her head and looked over to Jane’s bed, she wasn’t there. Her fingers went to the chain that was usually held around her neck, but this time it wasn’t there. She then remembered what happened again, how she wished she hadn’t said what she did.


Ginny pushed herself off Draco’s chest and looked at him sadly. Her fingers caressed the wrinkled material of his black robes, “I’m sorry Draco,”

“What for?” he asked pulling at a strand of her red hair.

“For what I’m about to do,”

Draco nodded, his eyes said it all; he already knew what she was going to do. “Go on then,”

“I’m not saying forever Draco, but we just need to stay away for a little while. I need some space, to think. Don’t be mad… I just can’t be around you for a little while okay?” Draco nodded, pulling her back down onto his chest again.

“How long is a little while?” he asked sweetly caressing her back. He tilted her chin up and wiped away the tears that were gathering at the sides of her eyes.

“Until I can’t take being away from you any longer,” said Ginny reaching back and unclipping the gold chain around her neck. She let the ring and necklace fall into his hand as she swung her feet over the side of the white couch. He sat up, watching her as she left the room… the gold chain swimming through his fingers gracefully.


God it was crazy, she already missed him. The way their bodies fit together perfectly, how is lips lightly grazed hers as they sat in front of the fire. The door opened, as if someone was trying to do it quietly. Ginny sat up, letting the blanket fall off of her quickly. Jane was smiling and standing in the doorway.

Ginny scowled angrily and lay back down robotically. She didn’t want to move, let alone talk, “Can’t do this to Ginny, I need to know what’s going on,” said Jane sitting on the edge of her bed, “Come on, I know Draco came back last night, the least you can do is tell me how it went,”

“Why are you so happy anyway?” asked Ginny folding her arms over her chest.

“I’ll tell you later, but first, as your best friend, it’s my duty to listen to you rant and rave about whatever the hell is going on,” said Jane, her mouth still in an upturned smile.

Ginny sighed and poured her heart out to Jane, all the while she whispered soothing words and rubbed Ginny’s back. Thank god that Ginny had her. She wouldn’t get through it without her. After Ginny was done ranting Jane pulled her up by the arms and demanded she get ready for the day. Grumpily Ginny agreed and after a long hot shower, her hair was blown out and she felt much better.

“So what are you so happy about anyway?” she asked Jane questionably.

“What makes you think I’m happy?” asked Jane smirking as they headed down to the common room, “Maybe I’m just smiling,”

“I think something happened to you last night,” said Ginny cracking a smile, “Maybe even something good,”

Jane’s eyes twinkled as she pulled Ginny down onto the sofa. “Don’t tell anyone yet Ginny, but me and Ron… well you were right! We’re together. We just don’t want everyone to know yet okay?”

“YES! I knew it!” yelled Ginny, and covered her mouth, looking around to make sure no one important heard. A few first years were staring but other than that it was just the two of them. Jane nodded and flipped her hair behind her raven hair behind her shoulders.

“I know, I know! It’s great, and you can’t tell anyone okay?” she said holding Ginny’s hands.

Ginny nodded and stood up. They had classes and breakfast was already happening. She smiled at Jane before grabbing her book bag and running out the door.

Ron came out from the shadows and sat down beside Jane, wrapping his arms around her waist, “I wish you’d tell me what’s wrong with her,” he whispered kissing her cheek, “but if you really can’t I’ll believe you. I hope her knowing about us makes it better though,”

“So do I Ron. So do I,”


Ginny ran past the transfiguration room and peeked in to see Harry and Hermione speaking with Professor McGonagall, it looked serious so she didn’t say anything.

She slid around the corner and her book bag skidded down the hallway, not where she wanted to go. A tall figure came out of the room and kneeled over her books. She stopped dead in her tracks as Draco picked them up. He stood up and held them out to her, “Be more careful,”

Ginny nodded and snatched them from his hands, but he put a hand in front of her. She shook her head, looking around nervously and seeing quite a few of the kids in her year. Tearing away from his arms she ran down the hall and into the great hall.

The owls had begun to arrive and she recognised the one from home as she grabbed a piece of toast. It landed softly, it had been getting better lately, luckily it usually only embarrassed Ron. She untied the package, wondering what it could be.

The brown paper fell away from the objects enclosed in it, there was a blue and pink satchel and Ginny swallowed heavily. She suddenly choked on the toast as the two dancers started dancing again on the table. Tears came to her eyes as she remembered what Sylvie had said,

“Why did you make them look like Draco and me, Sylvie?”

“You’re my favorite people, you really love me,” she exclaimed hugging Ginny’s waist. Ginny breathed deeply, eyes transfixed on the small figurines. “And besides, someday I want you and my bruver to get married so you can be my mommy Ginny.”

Why would her mother have sent them to her? Shouldn’t she have sent them to Sylvie, even if she wasn’t at her home? Maybe Molly knew too, if Voldemort knew than maybe everyone did. Had they really been that obvious?

Ginny picked up the dancers and let them fall into her book bag, she had DADA but she didn’t care. She needed to find Draco. She had to show him this. He had to know.

She raced from her seat again, this time many people followed her as she ran from the hall, the bag swinging dangerously at her side. She ran to where he last was and looked around frantically, “Malfoy!” she yelled.

She saw his blond head stick out of a door down the hall and ran down beside him, “We have to talk!” she exclaimed pushing him back inside. She hadn’t realised he was in the middle of a class though and blushed to see the whole class staring at them. She backed out, but took him with her. Pulling him into the closest abandoned classroom she could find.

“What the hell? What do you want?” he asked looking at her as if she was mental.

“Sorry, it’s just… my mum sent me this, just now,” she said pulling the dancers out of her bag. Draco looked at her as if she was crazy, letting one of his blonde eyebrows shoot up in question.

“What is it?” he asked as if he were bored.

“Sylvie… when Sylvie was with her Fred and George bought her dancers,” she said thrusting them forward as if he were the mental one, “You can customize them to look like whatever you want and she told me that she made them into us because she wanted us to be… her parents,”

Draco’s face paled as she said this, this small amount of color he had, drained and he looked frightened, “But I don’t understand, I didn’t tell her about us,”

“Then how did she know?”

“She’s smart, she put two and two together. She knew I was writing to a girl, and I said I was taking her to a place where she’d be safe and with someone I trusted,” said Draco shrugging his shoulders, “like I said, she’s a smart one,”

“Too smart. What if my mum realises too?” said Ginny starting to pace, “This means that the order might know now too,”

“You can’t do anything about it Ginny. Let it be, it will all work out in the end,” said Draco putting an arm around her to stop the slightly annoying pacing.

“You don’t know that,” said Ginny sadly. She separated the girl and boy dancers and placed the small Ginny in Draco’s hands, “Keep it, you’ll need it,”

“For what?”

“To see me, because we still need time away from one another Draco,” said Ginny turning away from him. He shook his head, saying no to her quietly. His head tilted into hers slowly, his breath tickling her lips as he met her in a slow sensual bind that only they could create.

“Who’s there?” asked someone in the doorway. They broke their gaze and turned, terrified to look at the person that had walked in the door. It was…

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Chapter 27: The first Time
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“What in Merlin’s name are you doing?” yelled Hermione advancing towards the blushing Ginny. She’d immediately broke her contact from Draco and was standing nervously, her fingers twiddling below her.

“Hermione… please,” she muttered, unsure of what to say. She flattened the black robes and looked at her shyly, “You have to understand,”

“What is there to understand Ginny?” asked Hermione. Her face was flushed with anger and Ginny took a step backwards knowing perfectly well that she had to think of something, or that Draco would have to step in.

Draco laughed evilly and looked at Hermione with no care, “You think I would actually kiss her and pretend I wanted to Mudblood?” he asked stepping towards Hermione, “I had some business to take care of, and she just happened to be part of it,”

Hermione fumed as she took a step towards him as well, her wand twirling carelessly in her fingers. Ginny almost gasped as she saw a flicker of fear in Draco’s eyes but knew that he was lying.

“Were you forcing yourself on her Malfoy?” asked Hermione pointing her wand at him now. Draco smirked classically and laughed again.

“Why would I want to force myself onto someone that associates with the likes of know-it-all Granger and Potter?” he asked, obviously confused.

Ginny shook, he was digging himself deeper, making it looked like it was her forcing herself on him. Oh god she was confused now, she pulled at a lock of her hair and let her eyes fly back and forth between the arguing people. She anxiously awaited the next move.

“Now you’re denying it, the nerve!” exclaimed Hermione walking towards Ginny and taking her arm, “Are you alright Ginny?” she asked patting her back comfortably. Ginny nodded; afraid to say something that would jeopardize how well this seemed to be going.

Hermione shot another look back at Malfoy and he did a double take, obviously pretending to be scared. As they walked out Ginny looked back to see him leaning against the doorway sadly, his hand running through his hair.

She hated the way that everyone was against each other; it was as bad as being racist. If you were in one house, you were assumed a certain personality, but what Hermione and Harry, and even Ron didn’t realise was that even the people that seem the worst, are sometimes just the most confused.


Ron stared steadily into the fire as Jane slept on his shoulder. Ginny had gone to bed long ago, but she seemed a little off. He suspected it was from her brutal attack from Malfoy, she was lucky that he hadn’t gone and murdered him. If Jane wouldn’t have been there than he would have jinxed him until he wept.

It was the way that Hermione described the ‘episode’, as he called it. He couldn’t get the words out of his mind that she’d said.

“It was just… outrageous. I was walking to class, knowing perfectly well why I was late, but that couldn’t be helped,” Hermione blushed as she said this, glancing nervously at Harry, “I heard a ruckus in the room, almost like a desk being pushed away. Obviously as a prefect I was curious to know what it was. Thank god I came at the right time. Who knows how much farther Malfoy would have got on you Ginny!”

Ginny sat there, looking around nervously. Ron couldn’t help but notice Jane squeeze her hand and whisper something to her.

“It was nothing Hermione,”

“Nothing! You should have seen it! Just as I walked in he swooped down on her lips, holding onto her hips and pushing her backwards!”

“You’re not serious!” said Harry coming to the full realisation of what Hermione was saying. At this Ginny stood up angrily and marched up the stairs, yelling something that sounded like ‘I can take care of myself!’ from up above.

He shook his head and stared down at the black hair covering his shoulders. He carefully lifted himself out from underneath her and instead of prodding her awake carefully picked her up. Surprised by just how much she weighed, (she did run a lot though,) and carried her up the stairs. Standing at the edge of her door he realised that he couldn’t go in and lightly prodded her awake, allowing her to go in.


Ginny was pacing the entrance hall quickly. She didn’t know if what she was doing was right. She’d gotten his letter and come quickly, having to sneak past Ron and Jane.

Footsteps echoed loudly as Draco came out a door to her left, she put a hand to his chest as he tried to envelope her into a hug. She shook her head sadly and opened her mouth, trying to find the words.

“Hermione told them all Draco, it’s lucky you aren’t being hunted for right now,”

“It’s okay, I thought of something,” he said reaching out for her. She stepped back, flicking her fiery hair behind he shoulders.

“There’s too many problems Draco, we have to stop this now, we save Sylvie and that’s the end of it okay?” she sighed and finally allowed him to hug her, “I can’t keep living like this,”

“Like what?”

“Like a traitor,”

“You’re no traitor Ginny,” he said running his thumb over her cheek.

“Yes I am, we have tonight Draco, and that’s the end of it… after that we might meet to make up some information but we’re done… romantically at least,”

“If I only have you for one more night, then let’s go, I can’t bear to waste any time,” he said grinning. Ginny’s shoulders sagged as she begged him with her eyes. He smiled as they walked together, to the room of requirements.

She knew in her heart, that tonight, she’d give him her all. Her eyes didn’t break from his as he opened the door and pushed her inside. They both knew that now, nobody could interrupt them. They could just bask in each other’s presence. That was all that they needed.

He laid her down against the white bed and kissed her lips softly, letting the taste of her warm him. He let his tongue slip between her soft lips as his hands fell to her hips.

She wrapped her arms around his back and tugged at his shirt. She promised herself not to regret what she was going to do next. She was in love, but it would have to stop, hopefully this wouldn’t make it irresistible though… it didn’t seem fair to not make love at least once when you were in such a deep love as they were.

Their robes lay discarded on the floor as Draco pulled at the bra that he’d already removed once before. It slid off her as he tugged at the buttons of his pants, feeling passion that he’d felt with no girl before. He’d had sex with Pansy, but he didn’t know if Ginny was a virgin or not, to ask would be so embarrassing.

Even though Ginny was a virgin she didn’t care, because this night was going to be everything she’d longed for, for such a long time.

She was naked, and for some reason she wasn’t embarrassed, she thought that she’d be afraid of him to look at her. None of that mattered though, she was intent on what was happening that it didn’t seem to matter what he was thinking.

Ginny tensed herself for what was coming, but Draco pushed the hair out of her face and smiled at her, obviously wanting it to happen badly, “If you don’t want to Ginny… then we don’t have too,”

Ginny shook her head and kissed his lips again, “I’ve never wanted to more than this,”

He nodded and Ginny relaxed her muscles, knowing that this was the most important thing to her; that for once she didn’t care what the consequences were going to be.

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Chapter 28: By the Riverbank
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“Don’t leave,” he whispered as Ginny tried to slip out of the bed. The sun had woken her up and she realised that she had to get back to the common room before someone noticed she was gone.

“I have to leave,” she said bluntly, pulling away from his arms and searching for her clothes. He sat up and blinked his eyes quickly. He gazed at her longingly and reached out to her, but she pulled away. “Write to me, and we’ll make plans about Sylvie,”

“I love you Ginny,” he said, ignoring her comment.

“It doesn’t matter!” she exclaimed looking at him full of hurt. Her eyes quivered as he smiled at her but she backed away. She couldn’t do this… it wasn’t right.

“It does matter,”

“Why do you have to keep making me come back to you?” Ginny yelled in frustration, “Why can’t you accept that it isn’t going to happen?”

Draco watched her longingly as she left the small room and fell back onto his bed, he’d finally been with her, finally realised he was in love and then it was like that, he snapped his fingers and she was gone.


Ginny looked around her as she sat on the common room couch. It was still early, probably about seven. Nobody was awake yet except a few first year girls over in the corner. She sighed and lay down on the couch, her mind wandering back and forth of what was happening.

How was she supposed to go on when nothing seemed to be working for her anyway; she walks up the stairs, her arms and head hung low as she falls into her bed, she had an hour, one hour to just be depressed and wish she was still in the bed with Draco, the boy she wasn’t allowed to love.


Draco stirred his potion clockwise twice, watching the liquid turn a nasty shade of green, and stirred counter clockwise for four rounds, watching it turn to a mint colour. His eyes darted to the other side of the room, and he scowled when Granger gave him a look of anger. That morning Weasel and Potter had tried to jump him.

“Son of a,”

“Harry!” yelled Granger pulling on his arm, “Ginny said not to do anything,” Immediately Draco had thought she told her idiot friends what had happened between them.

“You… on top of my sister!” yelled Ron advancing towards him, Draco remained standing still, watching them and slightly laughing. Granger had obviously told the trio what had happened… he couldn’t help but wonder how Ginny was getting along with that.

“Actually she was on top Weasel,” said Draco and he walked into the room, hearing cursing come from behind him. He didn’t know why he’d even said it… just to get them mad really.

“If you’ll excuse me students, I will be back in a few minutes,” said the potions master as he left. They were only there alone for a few minutes when Draco felt someone staring at his back.

“Bastard,” whispered Harry from behind him. Draco rolled his eyes and turned, leaning his elbows on the dark table.

“Don’t worry Potter, she isn’t pregnant,” said Draco smirking.

What am I doing? He asked himself angrily. You’re just hurting Ginny you know.

Harry’s face turned a dark red and Draco smiled as he heard the door close behind the returning professor, slowly he turned back… knowing that Potter wouldn’t do anything anyway.

“Draco, if you’d come with me,” said the man quickly. Draco nodded and headed out the door, his footsteps echoing through the quiet room, with the exception of Harry, Ron and Hermione’s conversation. He stopped in his tracks when he saw his father standing there… he wasn’t planned to leave for another two days. He and Ginny hadn’t made up the information yet.

“Let’s go,” said his father smiling.

“Where too?” Draco asked nervously, turning back to go into class again.

“You’re meeting,” said his father stiffly, obviously referring to the dark lord.

Draco nodded and turned to follow his father, feeling the gaze of the potion master on his back. He knew he would have to make the information up when he got there, but for now… he’d have to hope for the best.


“DRACO!” screamed a voice to his side. Draco whirled around and dropped to his knees, opening his arms to the young girl running to him. She buried herself in his arms before a deatheater pulled her away again. She sobbed and Draco couldn’t help but notice how much skinnier she’d gotten. He stood up again; the dark surroundings weren’t something that he recognized. They’d come somewhere that he didn’t know of.

Voldemort wasn’t there, but in the distance he saw a large house looming over the hill. A small river gleamed beside it. Its water was black under the moonlight.

He followed his father, leaving Sylvie behind while she cried. It almost broke his heart but he couldn’t do anything else. As the large doors shut behind him, Draco looked around. The house was dark, and very silent.

Someone beckoned them forward and Draco couldn’t help but notice the paintings on the walls, fires, death and hell was easily seen in them… the statues were of people begging for mercy, their hands bound to their sides.

“It is time I see what you have accomplished young Malfoy,” said a voice in the shadows. Draco breathed deeply and nodded, watching for someone to step out.

The figure that stepped forward was indeed Voldemort and he smiled as his red eyes glittered behind him.

“Come forward,” he said holding his arms open wide, Draco nodded and walked towards him, bowing down onto one knee. Voldemort’s hands fell to his head and Draco’s eyes shot open… he hadn’t thought that this would happen.

His head rushed, and felt like it was about to explode. Memory’s came flying back to him, and slowly he chose which one he would show… for only certain ones were safe for view.

“I think I can trust you now Draco,” said Ginny smiling up at him. They were sitting quietly outside in the moonlight.

“I’m glad,” said Draco looking around at the surroundings. Ginny’s hand went to the ground and she glanced up at him, smiling. Draco lowered his head and kissed her slowly, pressing his lips to hers with a passion that he hoped would convince Voldemort that he was trying. The wet grass glittered on their bodies.

Ginny pulled back and lay down in the grass beside him, her hair glistened in the moonlight, “I think I love you Draco,”

Voldemort nodded and smiled at Draco as he stood up.

“Is this what you wanted master?”

“You are doing well Draco, keep her believing that you love her, and Sylvie will come back to you. Then, in the end… do not forget your task, she has to die. Or they will hunt you down,” Voldemort said.

Draco nodded and turned around to leave, the door swinging shut lightly behind him. He let out a sigh of relief, maybe… maybe things would turn out all right after all.

A jet of red light came out of nowhere, and Draco ducked nervously.

“Who’s there?”

“You’re a traitor!” somebody yelled in the darkness.

“Don’t be a coward, come out!” yelled Draco, praying that Voldemort wouldn’t walk out the door. He heard laughter coming from the darkness and heard a girl scream. He watched in horror as the man lit up his wand, and there he was, dangling Sylvie over the side of the riverbank.

Chapter 29: Brokenhearted
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The door behind Draco opened quietly, creaking in the midnight wind. His body was shaking as the cold hand pressed down on his shoulder, squeezing the bone painfully.

“You may let her go now,” spoke Voldemort from behind her. The man smiled cruelly as he dropped a sobbing Sylvie to the ground, “I’m sorry I had to do that young Malfoy, but I wasn’t sure if you were being true to me and it was the only thing that I knew would torture you enough if you hadn’t have convinced me of your loyalty. Remember though, that if you dare go behind my back then not only will Sylvie die, but so will every other person that you love.”

Draco’s chest rose up and down quickly as he ran to the small pile in the grass. Her breath was jagged and low but she was all right. He softly picked her up and looked around for his father, who was nowhere in sight.

Voldemort and the deatheater were gone but as he took Sylvie into the large building he felt as if someone was watching him… on the door was a note and as he unstuck in from the wood he felt scared for the first time in a long time. Not the usual type of nervousness he usually felt, but his body was rigid with fear, he was watchful and ready to jump anyone that was a threat to his sister.

“Draco I’m so cold,” whimpered Sylvie in his arms. He nodded and sat her down on the floor, pacing to unfold the note. His hands shook, but he wasn’t sure why, perhaps it was the fear of what had happened, or maybe it was because he didn’t know what was going to happen from this point on but he knew, that either way…. He was afraid.

He unfolded the note completely, watching as words formed on the paper. The black ink was clearly visible, written in a slanting form across the sheet.

Leave her here, go back to Hogwarts and continue your work. If you take her anywhere… we’ll kill her.

It didn’t make any sense to him… why would they even bother hanging her over the lake, why wouldn’t they have just taken Sylvie after they’d left, why make him leave her here in the building? Why would they bother at all?

It didn’t matter though, he had to do what they said… and he’d have to go through with that too.

“Are you leaving Draco?” asked Sylvie, curling her legs into her chest. Draco nodded soberly and knelt down beside her quivering body.

“Don’t worry Sylvie. I’ll get you out of here and we’ll be a family again,” he said running his fingers through her stringy hair.

“With Ginny?” asked Sylvie.

“Yes, with Ginny,” and with those final words Draco stood up and left. The door shut behind him and he left, back to Hogwarts… but not back to Ginny.

In the building, a man approached the girl from the dark shadows around them. Sylvie’s back curled down protectively as the man picked her up. She no longer struggled because she knew that if she did… the consequences would be great.

The man however was wondering what young Malfoy had meant. Sylvie knew something different about the Weasley girl. He would have to report to the dark lord immediately.


“Hey Hermione,” said Ginny sitting down on the couch. Small beads of sweat were making her red hair stick to her face, she’d just come back from running but it didn’t help. She was worrying about Draco… he was gone. “Where’s Ron and Harry?”

“I’m not sure, they left when you came in. Draco… he said some things to them,” said Hermione putting the book over her face.

“What did he say?” asked Ginny, her face paling.

“Just that you were on top, and not to worry about you becoming pregnant,” said Hermione, her face falling to the side as she blinked furiously. Ginny’s lips quivered as she thought of how Draco had betrayed her. Hermione was blinking furiously, obviously trying to concentrate on her book. Obviously it wasn’t working.

“Why would he say something like that?”

“I don’t know, you tell me.” Said Hermione as she got up and went up the stairs.


Ginny’s breath was laboured as she stumbled through the hallways. Her eyes were swollen and red, an obvious sign of the spilt tears. She’d spent the last two hours in a broom closet, not knowing what to do. She didn’t have anyone to talk too, and Draco wasn’t there to explain.

She stopped and rested against the wall, her arms carefully folded over herself. She didn’t even want to see what she looked like right now, her hair must have been disgusting, the way she’d plastered it back with her tears. She slowly let herself fall down the wall. Her body shuddering as she listened for approaching footsteps.

Luckily there were none, and once again she felt tears welling in her eyes. Her nose was raw from being rubbed and she couldn’t help but feel as if someone had ripped out her heart and spit in her face. Surely, she could never feel any worse than this. Then… everything went black.


“Are you okay?” asked a familiar voice as Ginny rolled over in the comfortable bed.

“What time is it?” she mumbled against the satin sheets.

“About two I’d say,”

Her head popped up and she pulled the sheets around her closer. She let her vision come into focus as Draco caressed her clammy hand. “Are you okay now?”

“Don’t touch me,” whispered Ginny pulling away from him.

”What’s wrong?”

“The same god damn thing that’s always wrong Draco!” she said, her voice quivering, “We’re not supposed to love one another and we always end up fighting over it… there’s no easy fix is there. One of us is always messing up the other person’s life,”

“I messed up your life?” he asked sadly.

“Why would you say that to Harry and Ron?” she asked, feeling the tears coming on again.

“Oh… that,” he bowed his head and sighed… he knew what he’d done was wrong, but he’d been so mad. He stood up and went to the door, unsure of what to say… slowly he let his body turn around, with one hand still resting on the door frame he whispered a sincere ‘Sorry’ and left.

Ginny buried her face in her hands, and the screams rang.

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Chapter 30: Dancing, Lovemaking, and Forgetting
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It was hard to believe a whole week had gone by since Ginny had woken up and found herself beside Draco. The last week had flown by with little incidents of nothing; she did her homework and tried as much as she could to lead a normal, Draco free life.

Something weighed on the back of her mind though. She found herself to be watching the small dancers more and more at night. The way they moved together on her nightstand was realistically real and she could feel herself in Draco’s arms as she watched.

Now she was going on a date with Dean to the dance for all of Hogwarts. Part of her knew she shouldn’t be going with him, who else would she go with?

Ginny walked down the stairs as the sun shone brightly through the window. Her red hair was piled on top of her head in a messy bun and she winced at the bright lights from the common room. A group of students were hustled around the bulletin board and she heard Ron exclaim, “Dates?”

Ginny pushed her way through, having several pieces of hair pulled at through this. She saw Jane slap Ron in the arm after his ‘comment’ knowing perfectly well that they would be each other’s dates.

The bulletin was very brief and didn’t explain much to the reader.

Hogwarts Students,
In recent events we’d like to have a small dance. This is to show our appreciation for all of the student body and how they are coping with the struggles our school is having.
Thank you!

Ginny knew what the troubles were of course, Voldemort. Students had been putting up with teacher’s leaving classes in hurry all year long and not having anyone to teach was a big problem. This was the reward, a dance. She’d have to find a date but who?

“Hey Ginny,” said Dean looking at the bulletin. “Who do you reckon you’re going with?”

“I’m not sure, if someone asks me I’ll go I suppose,”

“Would you come with me?”

“If you want to,”

“See ya there then!” said Dean smiling as he parted through the crowd. Ginny sighed and looked across the room. Maybe this wouldn’t be so hard.

Ginny rolled over under her covers and shut her eyes. The moonlight now gleaming over the dancing figures of Draco and herself.


Draco looked out at the starry night as Pansy talked endlessly. She wanted him to go with her to that damn dance.

“Will you go with me Draco? Or do you want to go with your ‘secret love’?” she asked, her eyes automatically swimming with tears.

“It wouldn’t be a secret if I went with her,” he said. He ran his fingers through his blonde hair and nodded to Pansy, “Yes, I’ll go with you. Only to the dance though,”

She smiled and leaped off the couch, planting a kiss on his lips quickly. He grimaced as he remembered how sweet Ginny’s were compared to hers. He walked slowly into his room, leaving her there wanting more. He turned off his light and crawled into the cool bed sheets, wishing that he had Ginny there to warm him up.


The next morning the sun rose early, shining over the foothills of the valleys. The river glistened with sparkles and the bugs shone as they whizzed by the open window.

Ginny stretched and looked out at the Mayflowers blooming. The school year was now coming to an end and the dance was going to be that night.

Hermione and Jane burst through the door, obviously excited for the upcoming dance. They were in their running clothes as they pushed some shorts into Ginny’s hands.

“We’re going running, and you’re not skipping out this time!” exclaimed Jane strapping on her wrist weights. She started to stretch as Hermione jogged in place.

“It’s such a beautiful day, you can’t stay in!”

“Where’s Ron and Harry, can’t you go with them?” asked Ginny pushing her feet out of bed.

“Nope, they’re out flying, so you get to come with us!” exclaimed Jane.

Ten minutes later the girls were running down the track, at a slow but steady pace. Beads of warm sweat were beginning to form on Ginny’s face and she felt herself getting strained. Her lungs were feeling the pressure and she doubled over from the stitch in her side.

She loved running with Jane and Hermione but they were not as aggressive as she was, Ginny had to be pushing herself hard!

Today was different though; she turned around and headed back into the school, receiving odd glances from Hermione and Jane who were still running.


Ginny jumped out of the shower, drying off her hair. She’d gone to her classes sweaty because Dean had held her up in the hall. They had confirmed what time they were meeting for the dance tonight.

Hermione and Jane were sitting on the bed whenever Ginny came out. They were getting ready for the dance together. Slowly they applied makeup and did their hair up. Ginny’s was in a delicate bun, with loose curls hanging down from it. Her eyes were bright with the brown eyeshadow and her cheeks rosy.

Since it was only semi-formal dance the girls decided on short dresses. Ginny went into the bathroom to change into it. The dress came to her knees, it was a shiny gold and very beautiful. The back was low and it was a halter, it came down in a triangle and complimented her back nicely. She slipped on the black Salsa shoes and came out to find Jane and Hermione dressed too.

Jane looked stunning in a knee length tube dress, which was in an emerald green. Her eyes were smoky and black.

Hermione was dressed in Red. Her dress crisscrossed all the way down her back and you could tell she felt awkward dressed like that.

The girls looked at each other, giggling at the feeling of going to another dance. They left the room and walked down the stairs where the three boys were meeting them. Ron’s eyes popped at the site of Jane as held out his arm for her. Harry grabbed Hermione’s hand and kissed her quickly, she pushed him away and yelled that he’d mess up her makeup.

Dean looked over Ginny awkwardly and she gave him her arm, they didn’t exchange words… or kisses. In fact, the whole way down to the dance they were silent, they didn’t talk to the other couples. They just walked. Their feet were synchronized as Ginny came down the stairs.

Pansy and Draco were going through the doors, and she felt the lump in her chest grow a bit bigger. It was him that she wanted to be with tonight.

Her and Dean walked into the dance together, but separated quickly, Ginny was looking around at the decorations; they were of all the house colours. She saw no one that she wanted to dance with and sat down by herself. Watching the crowd, secretly hoping to see the blonde hair walking towards her. Little did she know that Draco was sitting on a bench far away, wishing that he was dancing, or holding Ginny in his arms as well.

Ginny’s heart was heavy as Professor McGonnagall walked onto the platform; she tapped the microphone and spoke into it quietly. Everyone’s hands went to their ears as the microphone squeaked and Ginny could see a faint blush rise into the professor’s cheeks.

“Test, okay then. Well… the next dance should be two people from each house, if you are sitting get up,” The sitting students rose quietly, “Alright, now pair up with someone in a different house. It’s time to show some house unity!”

Ginny looked around for someone to pair up with. She didn’t really know any of the boys from Ravenclaw and the Hufflepuff ones in her year were all paired up. She looked through the parting crowd and saw Draco looking around for someone.

Their eyes met and Draco took a step forward, he hesitated and stepped back. Ginny did the same, she wanted so much to just run into his arms, but she’d not only promised herself, but she’d secretly promised Jane and all her friends she wouldn’t see him anymore. Not that anyone knew, but it was hurting them that she was becoming so distant.

She felt a hand push her forward and turned to see Jane eyeing Draco and giving her a nudge. It didn’t matter that Ginny was shaking her head no though, because MacGonnagall was matching people up all over the place and she’d taken Draco’s hand and pulled him over to Ginny.

Surprisingly he made no commotion and placed a hand on her waist like they’d done before. She found his other hand and the music started. They were gazing into each other’s eyes when she fluttered away to see Ron staring with his mouth open. Jane was pathetically trying to get him to look away. Draco started to steer them through the crowd so that they could be a little more alone. Ginny let her head fall into the crook of his neck and she felt him kiss her head lovingly. Her conscious started speaking to her, telling her that it wasn’t all right to do this here. She looked around, people were starting to stare at the couple, and she brought Draco’s attention to this. He nodded and the squeezed through the crowd.

Draco opened the Slytherin common room door and looked around, telling Ginny to follow him in. There was no one in sight as they sat down on the couch. No words were needed anymore, they both had finally realised that perhaps they’d have to be together no matter what the consequences.

Draco’s arm fell across her shoulders as he kissed the sides of her lips nervously; she turned her head and kissed him full on. He pressed her back until she was lying on the couch and she wrapped her free leg around his back. They kissed slowly at first, letting the thoughts of one another seep into their minds, slowly Draco’s hands found the strings of Ginny’s dress and with one pull he had them undone. He rolled her over onto his stomach as she pulled it off and lay back down onto him. She undid his buttons slowly, pushing the shirt away from his shoulders. His hands fumbled with the buttons of his pants for a few seconds before he pulled them down to his feet.

Ginny sighed as she lay underneath him again, her breath still steady as she waited for him to enter her. He smiled and kissed her on the lips, caressing her breasts lightly. She nipped at his bottom lip lightly, urging him to enter her… but he was a tease. He knelt down to kiss her neck, biting at the skin and trailing kisses to her neck.

Her hips arched against him and he obeyed… and slowly their love mounted to heights that only they could achieve with one another.


Ginny tightened the straps of her golden dress and tried to keep her tousled hair up in the bun that it had fallen out of during their lovemaking. She kissed Draco one more time and walked out of his common room. It was late, and most people were still dancing away in the great hall. Luckily she made it back to he room without running into anyone important.


Ginny awoke to a faint tapping on her window. An owl was hitting her window furiously. She opened it and it dropped the letter, screeching at her as she opened it. Her fingers tore at the paper and finally a piece of parchment came out.

Dearest Ginny,

You are now dead. That is what I am going to tell them, you and the order are to go to the Central Graveyard and stay hidden in the woods. Alert them now, and make sure you’re there at 4 this morning. When Voldemort gives me back Sylvie she is going to run into the woods and go to you. You take her and go immediately to safety. Don’t bother replying to this, I’ll already have left. Let the order do there work. I’ll meet you somewhere, and remember Gin…

The tenth sign of love is putting your own life in front of your loves.

Love you,

Ginny’s hands were shaking, she hadn’t realised that this was going to happen so soon. They hadn’t discussed a plan or anything! She quickly wrote a letter and mailed it off to her parents, then some to other members of the order… telling them when and where.

She got out of bed and changed into something comfy and easy to move in. Her school robes seemed to be the best for the situation. Already her eyes were clouding over with tears… and nothing had gone wrong yet. Draco and Sylvie were still alive… no one had died.

She quickly marched into the boy’s room and woke Ron and Harry, then she went to Hermione. Telling them briefly that they were going to fight Voldemort right now. Harry shook his head, exclaiming that Ginny was dreaming. She nodded, tears still in her eyes.

Harry saw how serious she was though, and the five of them. Ron, Jane, Hermione, Harry and Ginny walked to the edge of the schoolyard… apparated and hoped that no one would die. This was the time that Draco Malfoy’s life was depending on. No one knew… except for Ginny.

Chapter 31: The 10th and Last Sign
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And here it is, the final chapter... the end of "The 10 Signs of Love"


The order was slowly arriving at the place where Ginny had told them too. The full plans of what was happening had not reached the ears of everyone yet. Ginny was still thinking of a plan; she didn’t know whether to tell them everything.

“What’s going on Ginny?” asked Professor MacGonnagall standing before her. Ginny swallowed and slowly began to form her plan.

“Professor, I was breaking the rules last night, and I’m sorry. I was going for a walk. I’ve had some things weighing on my mind. In a dark corridor I heard voices, those of some people that I didn’t immediately recognize. I leant against the doorway, thinking that I might as well listen,”

“Get to the point Ms. Weasley,”

“Sorry. Well, it was Draco Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle. They were talking about how Voldemort was meeting them here tonight so that they’d give back Malfoy’s sister. They’d taken her so that he would complete a task. I don’t know, he was talking about everyone meeting here tonight and he didn’t want anyone to know,”

“I think we’ll have to tell the order to turn back Ms. Weasley,”

“What? Please… Professor!” yelled Ginny to the teacher who was walking away quickly. She was about two meters from the order when Ginny jumped in front of her.

“Ms. Weasley, please step aside. I can’t put the life of these people at risk because of your theory,”

“Professor, I lied,” Ginny’s mind raced, pulling her towards telling the truth or just stalling. No one was in the clearing yet though, “It started quite a while ago. I got a letter from an anonymous person. They were reaching out, and needed someone to talk too. Having so many older siblings isn’t easy Professor. Malfoy and I started getting some feeling’s to one another. We didn’t know it at the time, but we were writing the letters too. We eventually met, and the fact that we had written these letters made our love stronger.”

Professor McGonagalls face stayed still in shock, “Ms. Weasley, I’m sorry to say this but I think Mr. Malfoy has lured you here to finish us off.”

“It’s nothing like that, they stole his sister from him and gave him a task. The task was to get close to me for information on the order. We were already together when they gave the task though, so he told me everything. I gave him fake information… this morning he sent me an owl Professor. It came with this letter,” Ginny thrust the letter into the stunned Professor’s hands. Her eyes skimmed over it, absorbing the words.

“I’m not sure what to do Ms. Weasley,” she said handing it back to her. Her eyes were filled with intense worry. “I don’t want to risk ruining how far Mr. Potter has come, if this isn’t the appropriate time then we could lose everything we’ve worked for. I think it would be better to retreat and wait for a more obvious time. Mr. Potter has yet to complete the mission he’s been working on. That mission has to be completed for he-who-must-not-be-named to be defeated.”

Ginny shook her head, tears swarming in her eyes. Professor looked at her apologetically and turned back to the order telling them that it was a false alarm. She turned and looked at Ginny again, her hair wasn’t up and it hung loosely around her shoulders, the grey and black sticking out oddly. “It’s time to apparate back to headquarters Ginny, I trust you’ll come immediately.”

Ginny nodded slowly, unsure of what to do. There was popping all around her and she looked towards where the order had been, they’d all left and she was standing alone. She stepped to where they had previously been and closed her eyes.

Someone was yelling in the field. Amidst her confusion the Deatheaters had apparated into it, they were standing in a large circle. Ginny’s eyes were swimming with tears as she saw Sylvie in the arms of one of them. She wasn’t even struggling anymore, her clothes were ripped and she lay limp in the man’s arms.

A small figure was walking through the dark fog towards them; the mist lay on the ground, covering the men’s feet. It made it eerie, as if they were floating there.

The figure grew as it walked by Ginny and she saw the familiar hair of Draco. He looked into the woods for a split second and turned to walk towards them. Ginny was to far away to hear what they were saying but she could see the actions.

The deatheater was keeping a firm grip on Sylvie as Draco pleaded with Voldemort. She could see the strain in his actions as he was probably exclaimed that he had killed Ginny. She couldn’t see Voldemort’s face but he was nodding. She could see that much. They argued about what was happening for a very long time, or at least it seemed to be hours. Maybe it had only been a little while but she wasn’t sure, she’d been losing track of the time for quite a while.

She knelt down onto the branches; one snapping underneath her and the Deatheaters looked up, she hadn’t thought it to be that loud.

Draco was asking for their attention again, she could tell. Voldemort nodded, and the deatheater released the girl from him. Sylvie ran towards Draco, stubbing her toes on sticks in the grass, she fell forward into his arms, sobbing. Draco was hugging her, stroking her hair and whispering in her ear. She nodded and Ginny felt tears in her eyes. Perhaps things would be all right, maybe it would all work out. Then she saw Sylvie yell her name and she started running towards the woods. Ginny’s eyes swam with tears as Draco stood up, his head bowed… knowing that death might be coming if they realised that Ginny was watching all of this.

Deatheaters, no matter what you think, are not stupid. They started walking towards where Ginny was hiding. Before that though, a little blonde haired girl that she missed so much flew into her arms. She was sobbing and Ginny stroked the tangled hair… making soothing noises to comfort her. The Deatheaters were walking slowly towards them, or floating. She looked past them and stared at Voldemort who was standing with his hand on Draco’s head. He lowered his hood and that’s when she knew, that Voldemort knew what they had done.

She ran to a clear place to apparate but not without looking back once more, and in the clearing a green light shone. Outlining the incoming Deatheaters.

She closed her eyes, not wanting to cry out as she apparated. She felt herself land on a chair. Sylvie’s eyes were wide in the shock of what she’d just seen. Ginny closed her eyes, blinking back the threatening tears. Every time she closed her eyes though, she saw the body of Draco falling, falling to the earth, not moving.

Tears filled her eyes as the order entered the room, everyone looked worried but Ginny took no notice. She hugged the small girl closer to herself as she thought of the dancers still spinning on her bed in Hogwarts. This was the end of her love. Finally she let go, her face wet with tears as she let Sylvie drop to the ground. She brought her knees into her chest and rocked back and forth… his last words had been, “I love you”, at least she knew that much. Then it occurred to her, that Draco knew he would die all along.

The tenth sign of love proclaimed that. He had written, “The tenth sign of love is putting your own life in front of your loves.” Ginny had not taken it seriously though, and now he was gone. Her heart seemed to tear in two as she thought of all the times they’d spent together. The little things that really mattered most came rushing back.

She missed the fiery feeling’s she got from just holding his hand. The happiness she felt whenever she got a letter from him. Tears soaked the letter she now held in front of herself. She folded it up and put it in her pocket, knowing that she’d want it later on. A small hand was resting on her knee as she looked into Sylvie’s tear filled eyes.

“Is Draco gone to heaven Ginny?” she asked sadly.

Ginny nodded and picked the girl up in her arms, cradling her slowly. Ginny could feel the hot tears falling on her shoulder as the little girl started to weep for her older brother.

“I don’t want to go back to my Mommy and Daddy Ginny, I want Draco!” she yelled clinging to Ginny hopelessly.

Ginny sniffed back tears, her body rejecting everything she’d ever wanted. She nodded and hugged Sylvie closer to her body, “You’ll stay with me now Sylvie.”

It was hard to comprehend all these feelings, she was mad, sad, happy, but most of all she was depressed. Mad that Draco was dead, Sad that she’d never feel his arms wrap around her again, happy that Sylvie was alive but depressed that now she was never… ever… going to see him again. He was gone, and she couldn’t stop that any more.


Two months, eight days, and 13 hours. That was how long it was since Draco had died. Ginny had been in denial for a very long time. The order had not even recognized his death, no body was retrieved from the death area, and when they eventually did go investigate there was no body found.

Sylvie had been clinging to the hope that Draco had not actually died but Ginny knew that he was gone. She’d seen a green light. She’d seen Draco fall. He was dead, and they’d all have to realize that eventually.

Right now though, she was sitting on her bed. Sylvie was downstairs with Hermione. A package had just arrived from Hogwarts from her. She had let the things fall out of the brown paper bag. She pushed aside books and scribblers until she came to the binder with her letters in it. Tears dropped on the pages as she flipped through them and she put the last letter from Draco in the back. Carefully she closed the binder and set it under her pillow, a constant reminder of love that had gone.

Along with the binder came two small dancers. There forms perfect as they twirled across the bed. Ginny smiled as she watched the girl jump in the air. The boy caught her gracefully and set her down. For the first time she saw them kiss, just like her and Draco had at one point.

Ginny set them on the desk beside her bed and lay her head on the pillow. Her feet curled into her chest as she watched them twirl in front of her. Her eyes closed and she would finally go to a land where Draco was with her.


“You’re so beautiful,” he murmured into her hair. Ginny smiled as she kissed his lips lightly.

“If only we could be together Draco,” she said sadly. He nodded and lifted her chin up so that she’d look him in the eyes.

“God I love you,” and then they kissed.


Ginny’s head spun at what had happened to her. Once more tears filled her eyes as she watched the dancing figures and she remembered the love she’d felt for him. He’d given his life for Ginny and Sylvie. It was because of him that they were alive, and he wasn’t. She buried her head in her pillow and slowly the tears dried away. The healing process was beginning.

Ginny’s eyes closed and she slept, unaware of the little girl curling up beside her. Wishing that her big ‘bruver’ would come back home.