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Love square by zenny boy

Format: Short story
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 0
Status: Abandoned

Rating: 12+
Warnings: No Warnings

Pairings: Others

First Published: 11/18/2002
Last Chapter: 11/18/2002
Last Updated: 11/18/2002

harry likes cho but cho likes ron but ron likes hermione but hermione likes harry

Chapter 1: Hogwarts express
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Chapter 1

As 15 year old Harry Potter entered Platform 9 and 3/4.He spotted Hermione,Ron and surprisingly Cho.He walked over to them and gestured.Hermione ran up and hugged him tightly.Harry blushed,he quicly moved away as he didn't want Cho to think he liked Hermione or even date her.Harry had considered Hermione but he thought Cho was better,then it struck him that Cedric had died and he believed it was partially his fault.He remembered how bitterly Cho had cried when he had returned with Cedric's body.So he sweared not to date Cho unless she asked him.

Harry had stayed with the Dursleys as Dumbledore had instructed and Hagrid had brought him to Diagon Alley the day before to buy his things and let him stay there.

Harry,Cho,Ron and Hermione had board the Hogwarts Express and suprisingly Cho had sat with them.Cho had sat opposite Ron while Hermione sat opposite Harry.Harry asked Cho why she was in the same carriage as them.Cho said that Voldemort had attacked her family which only had 3 people so they were unable to defeated Voldemorts minions.Luckily Dumbledore had arrive and save them.So Cho's family was sentto the Weasleys and Dumbledore wanted Ron,him and Hermione to seat in the same carriage as her.But little did Harry,Ron or Hermione know that Cho liked Ron.

As 12pm drew nearer,Draco Malfoy and his minions Crabbe and Goyle entered their carriage.Draco teased Harry for having another "little bodyguard"to protect him from Voldemort,and ened up having leeks sprouting out of his nostrils and mouth.The Hogwarts Express finnally came to a stop and Harry,Hermione,Ron and Cho got off it.They sat together in a carriage and was driven to the castle.

As they entered the castle Proffesor Mcgonagall was waiting for Cho.Harry strongly believed it was for cursing Malfoy.Harry,Ron and Hermione went reluctently to the great hall as Proffesor Mcgonagall had ushered them away.

As the sorting ceremony was taking place(proffesor sprout had taken over),there was aloud bang and in came a hooded figure.