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P.S. I'm Always Watching over you... by candy_shop

Format: One-shot
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 1,586

Rating: 12+
Warnings: Mild Language, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Romance, Angst, Drama
Characters: Ginny, Harry, Hermione, OC, Ron

First Published: 08/05/2005
Last Chapter: 08/05/2005
Last Updated: 08/05/2005

Please R/R Clip from story~I love Ronald Weasly…’ Ron stared and let another tear fall out of his eye, he was going to be with her once again… CAUTION sad!

Chapter 1: Diary Of Secrets
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P.S. I’m Always Watching over you…

Ron was in the church, a church that was placed in the middle of a muggle town. He knew why he went here, and the reason was to see who he had always wanted to see. She never even knew that he would always be watching her, always protecting her, and always waiting for her to come to him. He never said what he felt and that was why he was in a church. Only if he told her… maybe he could have been there, with her…

Hermione came down in her huge white wedding dress, walking down with blood red roses in her hand. He saw the huge droplets of water on the roses, and when he looked up to see the woman that he had always wanted to hold as a lover, she was crying. Not tears of joy but tears of pain and sorrow. It killed him to see her cry… especially on her wedding day. Her brown curls framed her face, hiding some tears. The rest of her chocolate hair was in an elegant bun, it looked so much like the bun she wore for the Yule Ball. Her white gloved hand started to wipe her tears hastily, hoping no-one could notice, and she smiled, trying to make them tears of joy.

Her dress dragged along the wooden floor board while 2 small girls in cream dresses came down throwing roses everywhere. She had finally reached the man she was going to marry. They started to say their vows… Ron had no idea who the man was… probably a muggle. Ron looked down, and saw the chair… he turned his head upwards as he heard the priest say…

“Hermione Jane Granger, do you take Robert to be your wedded husband to live together in marriage. Do you promise to love, comfort, honor and keep him, For better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health. And forsaking all others, be faithful only to him so long as you both shall live?" He finished, Ron looked into her eyes, they twinkled brightly and she looked at the last row, where Ron was sitting. He knew she couldn’t see him, no-one could, not even Nearly Headless Nick. He was further then a ghost, he was what most people like to call, dead.

Ron died in the war, 3 years ago… He had died saving Hermione, his one and only. He never said what he had felt, but saved her life instead. He would never take that back, he loved her, she may never know but he does. Ron was given 2 hours to look back at his loved ones… he had seen Harry, he had 2 kids already with Ginny and they were happy. He had seen his family, all a bit sad still, but they were doing great. His last place to go was Hermione, he knew she was getting married, but he wanted to see her do it.

Ron looked at her, he was invisible, and still she looked at that spot until she turned her head away, and shaking her head softly. Then saying “I do”.

“You may kiss the bride…” Ron choked and tried to hold his tear. He saw him place his hands around her face and pull her towards him, Ron never got to do that…

The after party came soon after that, Ron came along wanting to see her have some fun… that’s all he ever wanted for her. He saw Hermione run off to the toilets, as she pulled out something long and wooden. He immediately followed, and heard her say where she wanted to apparate, you never would say it but she did. He went with her and saw that she was in her bedroom. She picked the ends of her dress and ran to the bed, and started to cry continually. She clutched the bed sheets and sobbed into them heavily. She wiped her eyes and looked around the room, she saw a light blue book. Ron thought it looked just the right colour for his eyes.

She fumbled with the small book and the quill. Flipping through the pages, Ron saw something she wrote in Hogwarts. This must have been her diary, one entry said ‘Ron has once again, well I cant believe Lavender! I thought we were friends… Why cant he just let me be… I want to live with my heart! He has taken it away and still has it…’ He read quickly as she kept flipping until she got to a blank page. He saw the page before it, it was all stained, tear stained. She gulped for a moment, then turned back one and she started to read what she had wrote 3 years ago…

‘I do not know how to start… I cant bring myself to say it… I am dieing… sickly, painfully dieing… The one I love has died… died saving me!!! Diary! CAN YOU HEAR ME!!! HE DIED SAVING ME!!!’ She let another tear slip. ‘I cant write anymore… not like this… I’m going to die… but he wouldn’t want me to die… but then I would be with him! I could be with him! I never told him what I felt toward him… my love… my heart that he stole… and he took it to his grave.’ She turned the page away… breathing heavily… trying to take it all in.

Ron couldn’t stand this… Hermione started to write, but it didn’t seem like her writing, this writing was all messy but read able… it actually looked like his sort of writing. She started to read out loud what she wrote…

‘Diary… Once again I turn to you to talk to… you know that 3 years ago he died, saving me. I cant live… I have done the worst thing possible, I have got married with someone I don’t even know. I made him love me so I could forget Ron… Maybe I could forget him, but no… it never worked. I even miss when Ron use to tease me… or kiss Lavender.’ Hermione sobbed hugely before continuing her entry. ‘I even miss how she called him ‘Won Won’. He was just like my Won Won, but he didn’t know that. If my heart could be shown to the world, it would be black… dead… I am what I like to call, dead. I am dead! I HATE THIS WORLD!!! RON I HATE YOU!!! WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME! YOU STUPID GIT!!!’

She screamed as she wrote, she even made a hole in the page as she dug the quill harder and harder, ‘I HATE ROBERT! I HATE MARRIAGE!!! I HATE VOLDERMORT!!! I HATE YOU!!! RON!!! CAN YOU HEAR ME!!! LISTEN!!! IF YOU CAN!!! IF U CAN LISTEN!!! THESE WORDS I HAVE BEEN WAITING TO SAY FOR YEARS!!!’ She breathed in, as she yelled. Her tears slid down her cheeks… she gulped and looked around the room. ‘Ron… if you can hear me… If you can see my writing… if you can listen for once… and just… look… hear me… I love you…’ She cried… Ron’s tear he had tried to hold fell, and travelled down his freckled cheek and off his chin onto her book. He was surprised as the tear actually showed itself to her. She opened her eyes and blinked, she shot her head directly up and saw nothing. She started to cry into her pillow again. He took out a quill from his jacket and wrote on her diary, seeing if she could see it at all.

‘Hermione… I love you too…

Love always, Ron

P.S. I’m always watching over you.’ He etched into the book, it shown. The black ink shown brightly against the light and then went dull. Ron had just told her what he felt… What he had been trying to hide for years. She sniffed and went to write some more but she was shocked. She blinked and clutched the diary to her chest. Smiling, and Ron gave a watery smile… his Hermione was happy. She started to cry her first tears of joy that day. They poured out, Ron couldn’t help but give a chuckle.

Out of all the tears there was one that just looked different, it had like a different meaning somehow. She started to frown… and look at the paper, then got her quill once again and started to write.

‘Diary, out of all the magic in the world couldn’t compete to what I have just experienced. I have had a note from him… He somehow wrote to me… somehow… He said that he loved me too… and that he is always watching over me… You don’t know how that made me happy… but now I think of it… I’m still not happy, I’m worse. I cant stand this world, I cant stand the word Death! I need to leave… To be with the man that really does love me! These are my last words to you Diary… You have been a best friend through day one of year one of Hogwarts, and you know how much Ron meant to me… Harry and Ginny will find this… I love them both, in different ways and hope that they have a great life. Diary, I know I have said this so many times but…

I love Ronald Weasly…’ Ron stared and let another tear fall out of his eye, he was going to be with her once again…

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