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Far From His Heart by falltopieces120

Format: Novel
Chapters: 6
Word Count: 5,825
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Violence, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Drama, Romance, Action/Adventure
Characters: Fred/George, Oliver, OC
Pairings: Other Pairing

First Published: 08/05/2005
Last Chapter: 07/11/2006
Last Updated: 07/11/2006


Thanks Moonys Animee for this wonderful banner! Gabby is a muggle, who has known Oliver from a distance as they grew up together. Once he started attending School, Gabby rarely saw them, and their distant friendship was lost. One nights sequence of events change their lives forever,when Gabby witnesses the return of Voldemorts Army, and is forced to live her life in his world, as his wife.

Chapter 1: Prologue
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Authors Note I've Rewritten my story. My apologizes if you all like my older version better than this one, but I wasn't satisfied with my previous work. This chapter is kind of slow, but its the prologe. It gets more exciting...I promise! Please comment and let me know what I can do to improve!

I'm watching you. Watching as you land your broomstick smoothly on the frosted green. Watching as you sit yourself on the old stone wall surrounding the school you love so much. Watching as you think bitterly about your future. Watching as you hate everything you know will happen. Watching as you hate me. All the while I'm sitting next to you, and you don't even notice I'm there.

--------- Flashback---------

If I would have known that following you that night, would have caused you so much pain in the future...I would have stayed behind. I couldn't understand what a proper boy like you was doing out past midnight, in the misty chilled air on the sixteenth of December, three months ago. I was caught up in my own curiosity, and left my front porch after you turned the corner, determined to see who you were destined to meet, or what you were out to do. When I was young, my mother was your house maid and as she cleaned your large castle- like stoned home, you and I would play. We were so young then, I doubt you even knew my name. Perhaps I was just the girl who you needed to free from the dragons as we played Knights of the Round Table. From the very beginning of our friendship, I knew that you were different from me...and everyone else our age I knew. You were so proper, so mature, even at your young age. You seemed to be able to mystify the world with the look in your eyes, and I used to believe that if you liked, you could turn me to gold with one touch. I never considered magic. No, magic was just a potion in a book and a spell on a princess. It wasn't real, just the poets dream and the worlds fantasy.

My father didn't care that I was out so late at night, alone, to his knowledge. Mum had died six years ago; a week before my eleventh birthday, and ever since her death, my father cared about nothing. He was constantly out working, or gambling with his friends. When he was home, he never failed to be wasted and angry. I followed you that night, because my life was a disaster, and I wondered what you were walking away from. Or more so, I wondered what you were walking towards. There was something about you that enchanted me. I was in love with you then, at my young age. You were the prince of my dreams and my lonely hearts silent valentine.

What happened that night proved to me why you were so enchanting and so beautifully mysterious. At the same time, it proved to me how little I knew of you and how much of a stranger, if not already, you would become to me. That night is so clear to me. I can feel the sensation of the cold air swallowing me, and I remember just how the dark sky died. My happiness and sadness turned to grief and sorrow and confusion and some feeling so strange and obscure I had no idea exactly what it was. I was still following you, so curious as to where you were off, but when that feeling overcame me, I stopped immediately feeling I could not go on. I noticed that you too stopped, reaching your hand into the pocket of your coat. I saw then, a face that was anonymous and dark I didn't dare look him in the eye. Words were exchanged, many of which I did not understand. I could go on forever about what I witnessed that night...but I'm terrified of it. I now know, that I witnessed the return of Voldemort's Army, the greatest and darkest wizards, of all time.
--- --- ----
I awoke to soft and gentle voices, finding myself in my own room. My father, your parents, and the strangest elderly man I had ever seen sitting around me.

"Darling, she's awake", your mum said to your dad, interrupting the conversation he was having with my father...who seemed bewildered and dazed.

"Let me talk to her" the elderly man said to your mum.

"Gabriella. My name is Albus Dumbledore", he said with a twinkle in his all knowing eyes.

"I know that must be, by far, the oddest name you've ever heard". I smiled a little, grateful for his sense of humor. "I see your shaken and terrified by what you saw just a few hours back. This may be confusing to you, but I assure you, in time you will understand this better. Myself, Oliver, and his parents, are just three of the thousands of Wizards who live in this world. You see, what you saw last night, was magic. Let me make it known, there are good, and bad, in our world, and we are undoubtly good. I promise we're not of the kind that are meant to scare children in your fantasies and tales. The reason, that you have not seen Oliver a lot in the past years, is because he is attending Hogwarts; School of Witchcraft and Wizardry..."

Dumbledore went on and on, explaining what I had seen, wizardry and witchcraft, the secrets of their world, muggles, and spells. He explained to me that what I had witnessed was unforgettable, and nothing could take this memory away from me...unless I was killed.

"We're no cold blooded killers" he said, "So it seems under circumstances so peculiar, your choices are as follows. You may come to live, at Hogwarts, until we have gained our full trust and respect...or, we can keep you in Azkaban." he said, reluctantly adding the ending.

I'd heard about Azkaban, sometime during his long lecture and I wanted nothing to do with it.

I was so overwhelmed, I couldn't believe it. This was all coming at me so fast.

"I guess, Hogwarts is my only realistic option-"

"No!" Oliver said stepping into the room. "Mother, you know this is not fair!" he said angrily.

"I have so much ahead of me. My last year at Hogwarts, and what am I to do after it if she must be with me? I don't intend to live in the Muggles World. What of Quidditch? Why can someone not make her forget! Dumbledore you know ever spell and potion known to us. You can make her forget." he said closer to Dumbledore now, begging him to say something in his agreement.

"Oliver" Dumbledore said, "I think it is wise to believe me when I say good thing can come from the unexpected".

Oliver's muscles tightened in his face and fists. "Yes Sir" he said in a low voice, not looking at me, or anyone in the room.

"I don't understand", I said naively.

"No...muggle...has ever been allowed to step foot into Hogwarts" Oliver's father said, choosing his words carefully and hesitantly.

"You see, unless they have relations and understand the wizarding world. You and Oliver must...meld".

"Excuse me?" I said feeling as if I would faint.

"You must...marry", he said speeding up his words.

"Just for one year, or I mean, at least until he's out of Hogwarts. Then you can stay in our world without a partner until your eighteen years of age. By then, it will be legal and appropriate for us to perform a memory erasing charm. Memory charms are very dangerous when used in this form for something so big as this, and it is not allowed for us to do anything more than small charms on muggles who are innocent and under-age. Your father, however, will forget. He's drunken either way, and we were able to erase anything he over-heard slightly from his memory. We've explained to him that you will be working through foreign- exchange, it seems a popular program for muggles your age in schools. He didn't have much to say, but he didn't argue either".

Chapter 2: Hogwarts
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"Gabby", Oliver said bringing her back to reality.

They had just boarded the Hogwarts Express and Gabby was full of wonder and excitement. Everyone knew what had happened. It had been in the Daily Prophet almost immediately after the whole thing had taken place. Looking at Oliver she could tell he was already irritated.

"I'm sorry", she said happily catching up to him with a smile bigger than life on her face.

Even though Oliver didn't like her the least bit at the moment, he was amused by her excitement and amazement as she began to taste magic. He smirked a little as she hurried to catch up with his fast paced walk. As they walked looking for a compartment Gabby laughed at first years who were so interested and nosy that their faces were pressed against the compartment windows in hopes of seeing the muggle who was Oliver.

Oliver found a compartment in which a boy who looked Oliver's age, was sitting, reading a newspaper which had moving pictures on the front page. Evidently, the Daily Prophet.

"Cole!", Oliver said ecstatically sitting down across from him.

Gabby sat down next to Oliver, and realizing she'd never been so close as to touch his arm against hers, she moved aside a bit.

"Hey Mate! It's been awhile!" Cole said returning Oliver's greeting.

Gabby tried to avoid the glances of Cole, not knowing what to say to him and feeling a little awkward.

"This is her, huh?", Cole said looking at Gabby.

"Oh, sorry about that. Yes, Cole this is Gabby...Gabby, this if my best mate, Cole".

"Hello," Gabby said giving him a sweet smile.

"You've got yourself a pretty one, haven't you!" Cole said. Gabby blushed. Oliver’s friend was the opposite of what Oliver seemed to be.

Oliver smirked but didn't reply to Cole's statement. Cole sighed obviously understanding that Oliver wanted nothing of the sort to do with this girl.

Oliver and Cole began to get into deep conversation and Gabby listened until she drifted off into her own daydreams. The ride to Hogwarts was a good four hours long, and Gabby was very tired from all the stress and packing she had done and gone through in the past few weeks. Slowly, her blue green eyes began to shut and within moments she was asleep leaning her head against the compartment window, using her bag as a pillow. Oliver looked at her, studying her figure and face. She was very pretty, like Cole had said earlier. Her figure was thin, her face, a milky white color which was a beautiful contrast with her dark brown long hair. He shook his head softly, feeling guilt spread through him...guilt that wasn't strong enough to replace his bitter feelings. Cole grinned at Oliver.

"Well mate, I have to admit...I don't think she's so bad. Muggle or not".

"Easy for you to say. Isn't it? You try getting married to someone you hardly know".

"You've known her for years!"

"You mean I knew her years ago. It's different now...I can't help but thinking about Melody. She loved me, you know".

"Did you love her?" Cole asked making a disgusted face and spitting out his Every Flavored Bean...which turned out to be Mud Pie.

Oliver didn't respond for a few minutes.

"I don't know", he said thoughtfully.

Cole and Oliver were silent after that, Cole finishing his Every Flavored Beans and then closing his eyes to rest for awhile.

Oliver watched the green flash by through the window for a long while, pondering everything. Then without even an attempt to keep his eyes open, fell asleep.

"Oliver". A soft voice whispered as someone gently shook him awake.

"Oliver we're here", Gabby said with a happy smile.

Oliver looked out the window to see they had stopped at the familiar place. Outside of the compartment students were busily moving about getting off the train. Gabby was standing up now and Oliver knew she was aching to see the school. Sighing he got up as well, noticing the Cole had already left, and let Gabby follow him off the train.

Once off the train Gabby bit her lip excitedly watching sweet magic take place before her. In the dark stood many black carriages, yet nothing to pull them. Students were piling in and one by one the carriages were leaving. Oliver shoved her in a carriage, perhaps too roughly, annoyed and completely embarrassed at her fascination with what seemed to him, the simplest things. As soon as they got in the carriage started to move.

Oliver sat across from her and leaned forward.

"Listen to me."

Gabby looked up at him innocently with her huge eyes that killed Oliver and flooded him once again with guilt.

"There will be a lot of people who don't like you the least bit".

"I know" Gabby said shrugging. "I won't cause problems for you, if that's what you're afraid of. I promise".

Oliver nodded and continued.

"Melody, won't like you the least bit."


"She used to be my girlfriend", he said looking at the school which was fast approaching now.

Gabby nodded awkwardly.

"I'm sorry." she said sincerely "You've had to give up so much for a mistake I made...and I haven't had to give up anything that really mattered to me".

Oliver shrugged and said "Welcome to Hogwarts", smiling at the school he longed for whenever he was away.

Chapter 3: Falling Through
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Oliver dropped his bags in his dorm and stretched out on his bed, relieved to be back. Gabby meanwhile, set her things down in the dorm she'd been assigned. None of the girls had been too keen in sharing a dorm with a muggle, but they didn't protest when she set her things down on the bed closest to the window. After unpacking for awhile with the other girls, she found that it would be harder than she thought to make friends.

When she couldn't bare the silence of the two girls she slipped out of the dorm and walked around the common room taking everything in. The gold and red were so deep and fulfilling that it nearly sent shivers down her spine. The common room was large, and full of students who could were talking happily and laughing. Gabby found herself sitting on a couch with a few girls who were just dying to know all about the muggle world.

"I've never been outside of the Wizarding World. My mum thinks its dangerous. You know, not to be rude, but muggles really don't understand anything ", one of the girls said in a matter-of-fact tone.

Gabby smiled and started to explain exactly what the muggles were like. She found herself having to explain telephones, slinkies and even football in detail which seemed to have taken forever. Once she was finished it seemed everyone had gathered around, listening. Embarrassed, when she realized the spot light was on her she tried to lighten the mood.

"You're not going to put a spell on me tonight, are you?". Everyone laughed, which was what Gabby had hoped. She felt more comfortable when she knew people weren't so bitter.

By the time dinner came along, Gabby found she was starving. Looking around for Oliver, she found him sitting on the arm of a chair, talking with Cole, and a few others she didn't know.

"Gabby, come on over", Cole said with a welcome warm voice. Smiling a little, she apologized and explained "Its alright, I was just going to go to supper".

"I'll come with you", Oliver said getting up and walking over to where she was standing. "Anyone else?"

Eagerly, nearly everyone followed and the group was off to dinner. Gabby felt out of place in her light blue jeans and Pink T-Shirt, while everyone around her was wearing long robes and ties to go with their house.

"I think this is all so romantic", she said to the girl who was walking beside her, one who had previously been talking to Oliver.

"Hogwarts? Yes, I suppose it is..." she said slowly, "I'm so used to it, but I love it so much. You really never know what’s around the corner".

Taking her seat next to Oliver, she couldn't believe all of the food. Piles and piles of anything you could ever wish to eat sitting right in front of her. It was all so unrealistic, but at the same time, it had to be realistic, because it was real. Watching Oliver laugh with his friends made her feel as if she had ruined him. She felt so guilty, it was hard to control. Oliver did have a lot going for him, and was she to ruin it all? She promised herself that she would let Oliver be whoever he wanted to be, and that she would not try to understand who exactly he was.

"Not even a day into Hogwarts and already there's threats and worries of Voldemort", a girl said firmly a few seats down.

"Look at this" she said handing around the Daily Prophet.

When it came to Oliver he began to read it out- loud.

"Death Eaters spotted at Quidditch World Cup. Nobody is sure who exactly lies under the masks and marks of the Dark Lord, but we all have our suspicions...".

Intrigued, Gabby listened to every world, but her attention was interrupted.

"Hello Oliver", somebody said from behind the two. Turning around, she saw a beautiful blonde, with the Ravenclaw tie and dark robes. She was taller than Gabby, and had a softer, fairer face.

"Melody", Oliver said in an awkward uncomfortable tone. "I don't know what to say"

"Neither do I. But I guess YOU could start with saying you were sorry for ruining us", she said looking at Gabby.

"I am sorry". Gabby said heartbroken.

"Well, its too late isn't it. Couldn't you just have stayed home? Stalkers always ruin peoples lives." She was about to cry, her eyes watering and her voice shaking.

"Melody..." Oliver said reaching out to her.

"Oh Oliver, don't you understand? She's ruined everything. I hate muggles. How can you stand her? You should of said no. You could of stopped this. Dumbledore favors you Oliver...why didn't you try harder?", and with that she turned and ran, crying.

Chapter 4: Will you ever love me
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Authors Note : I hope you enjoy. I'm so sorry this is so short!

The account with Melody left Gabby speechless through Supper. She felt so bad, she couldn't believe how much she had ruined with one mistake. Like her father had ruined everything with alcoholism. Their realtionship was ruined, his own life was ruined. She didn't know if he could live without a drink.
Oliver seemed to sense her feelings of guilt, and walked with her after supper. They were silent as they walked up the stone staircases, which to Gabbys suprise, began to move. Oliver laughed, which proved to be an ice-breaker for the silence.

"Melody's going to have a hard time. I mean, it's hard for all of us. It's better if you don't try to work things out. Melody's not like that really, she needs to figure it out on her own".

When they got to the common room, they found it empty.

"First day. Everyones probably out on the grounds", he said answering a question which had not been asked.

"You can come up with me, if you like" he said starting up the steps to the boys dorm, skipping three at a time. Gabby followed him into his dorm, which was already full of posters of Wizards on brooms flying around the sky. She sat down on his bed, watching him look through his wardrobe, searching for something. Gabby wondered what he was doing, since nobody else seemed to have changed.

As if reading her mind he said, "Quidditch today. I know it's early, but I'm going to push my team this year. We haven't won the last two years and McGonagall might remove me if she thinks I'm a bad captain. It's a lot of work, but being captain was all I ever wanted when I was a first year, and a second year too.".

"I think she was smart to pick you as captain. You like Quidditch a lot, don't you?" she said fondly.

"I love Quidditch. It's half my life when I'm at this school. I don't know how muggles can live without it"
"I don't know how you can live without a phone!", she said with a flirty smile.

"Found it" he said pulling a bright red and gold robe out of the closet.

"I feel like an idiot wearing this" he said laughing softly for a second, "It's too bright".

"I think you look great" Gabby said immediately.

He grinned at her and sat down beside her on the bed.

"Do you think, you'll ever love me?" She said looking at him. "You don't have to lie. We might as well talk about it, if we can't feel it".

Oliver shrugged. "I hope so. What about you?"

"Oliver I love you. I really do. You know I've always fancied you. I just have to fall in love with you. I know I'm not making much sense, it's hard to explain."

"I don't really understand anything girl's say when they're serious", he said smiling.
A knock on the door interupted their conversation.

"Come in" he said as a boy Gabby soon realized out was Harry Potter; walked in.

"Practice today then?" He said seeming out of breath.

"Yeah. A few minutes. How was your summer Potter?"

"Horrible until I went to the Burrow. The Dursleys didn't even seem so afraid of me this time, so threatening them was out of the question".

Oliver gave an adorable smirk and then said, "Oh...Sorry ...this is Gabby...."

"Wood. Gabby Wood?" Harry said obviously trying to tease Oliver, which worked since Oliver gave him an awful look.

"Hey" Gabby said openly.

"Come to watch us play then?" Harry asked Gabby.

"Uhm..." She said unsure.

"Sure she is" Oliver answered for her.

Chapter 5: Friends & Daydreams
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Gabby followed Oliver silently to the Quidditch field. Her heart was pounding. It couldn't be his pride which pushed her away at times, he had said he hoped he would love her. She knew now that he probably did not care the slightest bit for her...he didn't love her, like she did him. Everything had happened to fast, and nobody had enough time to reflect and adjust. So as Gabby sat on the bleachers that frosty morning watching Wizards and Witches whisk through the air, she lost herself in her thoughts once again.

Oliver would be graduated in one year, then what? She knew he loved Quidditch more than anything. She had been in his dorm, seen his walls covered with posters, Broomsticks lying around, newspaper headlines pinned above his bed. Perhaps he would go into Professional Quidditch. There wasn't much she knew about it, though she did know Oliver would be busy, always on the run- traveling and training and such. There was so much she had wanted to do, but she knew know she would be tied down to Oliver. Would he need her to clean house and cook, and be there for him when she got home like most wives did? Or could he flick his wand and within a blink of the eye clean the house, and cook supper. Would he even need her the tiniest bit? Would she even be with him. She knew it was supposed to be over when Hogwarts was out…but how would that happen? A divorce after a year of forced marriage? Would they part and never see each other again? She missed him even thinking about it. Just at that moment her wonders were interrupted by the sight of a rather odd looking creature hurrying up the bleachers to her. Big ears and big eyes took up most of this scrawny beings head, while it wore what looked like a pillowcase.

"Mrs.Wood?" It inquired slowly with a high voice, though Gabby knew this must be a male from his facial looks. She nodded slowly, knowing she was indeed Mrs. Wood.

"Dipsy at your service!" the little creature piped. "Does Master Wood request anything mistress? Shall I get him something to drink, Mistress. Oh Mistress, Master Wood is a fine Quidditch player. Dipsy is willing to do anything you want Mistress. What do you need?"

"I...ummm. Well you see, I'm not really-", Gabby stammered, confused and unsure of what was going on and what this thing was.

"Dipsy, Dumbledore would like to see you in the kitchen for a moment".

"Yes'm. Mistress Wood", Dipsy said turning and giving Gabby a full and elegant bow.

"Thank you", Gabby said relief shown through her sweet smile as she looked up to see a beautiful girl standing there.

She had long brown locks which rounded her creamy peach face. Her big brown eyes were sweet and innocent hidden beneath long dark lashes. She stood taller than Gabby did by a few inches and held herself nicely showing off her fine, lean figure.

"I'm Penelope, Clearwater", the girl said smiling and sitting down beside her.

"I'm Gabby...Wood", Gabby said smiling back.

"Ohh, you're the one everyone talks about. Don't worry they have nothing better to do. You're married to Oliver", Penelope said knowingly nodding her head as she looked at the Quidditch team.

Gabby nodded back at her and asked, "Do you know him well?"

"Who? Oliver? I guess you could say so. My best friend, Angela...her boyfriend is best friends with Oliver".

"Angela? I don't think I've met her". Gabby said trying to recall the name.

"Well you will soon, if you want to sit by us at lunch?"

"I'd love to", Gabby said looking at her with a grateful smile.

"That's good", Penelope said sincerely.

Gabby knew she wasn't a thing like Mary had been. She trusted Penelope.

"Who's her boyfriend? Perhaps I've met him?"

"Fred Weasley. Bright red hair, can't miss him. He's got a twin and the two are always cracking jokes on everybody. Awful funny they are. I'm dating his older brother. Percy...", Penelope said blushing...her voice trailing off.

"I've heard about the Weasleys. Oliver seems to like them very much. And I think I might have seen the youngest Weasley girl walking though the hall".

"She's hard to miss as well. They've all got brilliant red hair. I think its quiet beautiful really...".

"I love it". Gabby decided out loud.

Penelope smiled once again and sighed.

"It's so blistery and cold out here, but I promised Fred and George I'd watch them. They've taken to calling me Penelope Weasley". Penelope's face turned a deeper shade of crimson.

"Are you and Percy planning to marry?"

"I don't know. We're really so young, aren't we? I love him though, he mean's so much to me. I hope so!".

"Well I hope you do too then! I've been meaning to ask you...what was that...thing...", Gabby said referring to Dipsy.

"Dispy? Oh he's harmless really. He's just a house elf, have you heard of them?"

"No, I'm clueless here".

Penelope let a laugh ring out.

"Don't worry about it! Really it'll turn out fine. A house elf is sort of, well a servant I guess you could say. Unless they're freed. They work in the kitchens here at Hogwarts. Some Wizarding families have them at their homes. Dispy really won't be so much of a bother once he gets used to you. He's so excited. He's taken a very strong liking to Oliver...I guess that's why he's calling you his mistress, and Oliver his master. Even though really, he belongs to Hogwarts".

Gabby nodding smiling and shivered. "He seemed sweet. Very...excited I guess?"

"Defiantly", Penelope agreed.

After they had talked for a long period of time, those in the air landed and began to walk off. Walking down from the bleachers, as practice was clearly over, Penelope told Gabby she would see her at lunch and then she was off, Fred and George waiting for her.

"Are you too friends now?", Oliver said walking over.

"I think so. She's so sweet..."

Oliver smiled and nodded his head, then continued to walk forward to the castle.

Chapter 6: Conversations Overheard
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Lunch seemed to come slower that day, perhaps because Gabby was looking forward to it. Things we want always seem to come slower than everything else. Gabby made her way down to the Great Hall, unoccupanied by Oliver, who was at the time in deep concentration over a letter he had receieved and was walking almost unaware of his surroundings a ways behind her.

Gabby didn't dare look at it, it wasn't hers after all, and she didn't think Oliver would be happy to find that she had now found it her business to slip into his private life. His wife or not, Gabby felt totally discluded...but for some reason, she had been expecting nothing more. Thats not to say that Oliver wasn't nice to her, he was. Just a 'nice' that came with a cool breeze as well. There were times Gabby knew Oliver wanted to send her away to an island off somewhere but he was being so good to her, wasn't he? Gabby stopped at the staircase, waiting for it to move back so that she could walk down to the great hall, giving Oliver time to catch up to her. She noticed he was no longer holding the letter in his hand, but had stuffed it inside his robe pocket. Gabby watched him put it away, and as he looked up his eyes met hers. She couldn't understand them. They were so misty and mysterious...but at the same time they bore right through her.

She knew he wasn't going to tell her who sent the letter, maybe thats why his stare was so intense. When she couldn't take it any longer she broke away from his gaze and walked away towards the stars, two at a time, feeling like she would break down if he said anything to her...but something in her wouldn't let her go as she reached the first of three landings. She froze listening to Olivers shoes kick against the steps as he walked down. Her heart was pounding, she could feel it racing faster than it had ever in her life and her eyes were watering, she wanted him so badly...

She could feel him walk up right behind her and stop just short of bumping into her.

"Sorry' she apologized quickly under her breath as she started down the next flight of stairs. What was she doing? Why had she done that? She felt her face turn deep crimson from embarrasment as she shook her head to herself.
Gabby took a seat at lunch next to Oliver and waited for a minute before she put some food on her plate and began to eat. She wasn't feeling so hungrey. She was tired suddenly, and stressed out. She felt her head pounding and she placed her head in her hands breathing slowly and deeply.

"Are you alright?" Penelope asked worried sitting down across from her.

"Im fine...I just...feel a little sick all the sudden", Gabby said shaking her head slowly.

"Do you need to go to the hospital wing?" she asked still worried.

"I think I'm alright. Maybe I'm just hungrey" she said taking a spoonful of the stew which was in front of her.

Lunch was a lot brighter that day after she started to feel better. Penelope proved to be fun and sweet, and Gabby knew they would get a long well and become very good friends. She finally had gotten to meet Percy who seemed a little private and closed up but nice and polite all the same, and Fred and George who were just as Penelope said..." Tricks and treats all the time with them".

Lunch finished and Penelope promised to visit with her later that evening as they walked out of the great hall and said their goodbyes.

"Gabby" Oliver said.

"I've got to go to the dungeons for a second" he said walking in the other direction without another word. Gabby stood still hurt a little, and feeling abandoned. As if feeling guilt for leaving her there Oliver turned around just as he was about to walk around the corner.

"You can come if you like" he said starting to walk again. Gabby followed him at a distance yet still making her presense known to him.

The walk to the Dungeons was a little longer than Gabby had expected, and quite awkward as well - seeing as Oliver hadn't said a word to her, and Gabby hadn't tried to say anything to him. When they finally reached the large dungeon Gabby could hardly see through the musty darkness. She followed Oliver as he walked over to a desk and placed a paper on it. Gabby moved closer to see what he was signing and Oliver leaned down to write his name. As he came up his eyes met Gabbys once again, and the akward feeling grew stronger than it had ever been before, but she didn't break the gaze away. And neither did he.

"Oliver..." Gabby whispered partially confused. She watched in shock as he leaned closer, and then closed her eyes feeling his innocent kiss. She kissed him back , confused but not regretting. Oliver put his arms around her kissing her deeper than he had before. When he broke away he let her go quickly and backed off a bit. He stepped towards her again when two firmilar voices echoed down the hall towards the dungeon.

"C'm here" Oliver said quickly pulling Gabby behind a large shelf and getting behind it himself.

"Are you not allowed to be in here?" She whispered frightened by his quick reaction.

"Not in the dungeons...too much has happened here..." he said not feeling he needed to explain.

"Professor, I am simply saying, we need to be on our guard. There are some odd happenings. Three prisoners escaped from Askaban last night with the help of Voldemorts death eaters" Dumbledores said as he and McGonagal walked into the room.

"I'm afraid Dumbledore. What are we to do? Our students aren't safe here any longer, if our theory is correct. You are taking this all too lightly".

"I am well aware of the danger...perhaps you are correct...let us call a meeting tonight, for all the prefects. Can you spread the message to them?"

"Of course" she said as the voices began to face away.

"Oh, Minerva, it may be best if you bring Oliver along".

"Oliver? Wood?"

"Yes Minerva. There is much he needs to be aware of, there is much he needs to protect".