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Ever After by Beatzz

Format: One-shot
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 1,819

Rating: 12+
Warnings: No Warnings

Genres: Romance
Characters: Harry, Ginny
Pairings: Harry/Ginny

First Published: 06/05/2005
Last Chapter: 06/05/2005
Last Updated: 06/05/2005

~one-shot ~Post Hogwarts: Harry is on his way to King’s Cross Station when he chances upon a song that makes him relive his most memorable moments with Ginny. A/N: This is my first fic so pls. be gentle.

Chapter 1: Ever After
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Disclaimer: Neither the characters nor the song/lyrics contained within this fanfiction belong to me.


It was a sunny morning and Ron and Hermione were cuddling in the backseat of the Ministry car sitting next to Harry. Who was at the time gazing out of the window, only half-listening to the advertisement for a car dealership playing on the radio.

Mr. Weasley, who was driving, changed the radio station saying “Whoa, it’s real quiet in here.”

Harry hearing what he had said attempted to break the silence. “So, Mrs. Weasley, now that all your children are out of Hogwarts what do you think it’ll be like at The Burrow?”

With just a hint of a smile Mrs. Weasley who was sitting in the passenger seat replied, “Quiet I guess, but I’ll have Hermione to keep me company while you and Ronald train. Bill and Fleur have settled down in Egypt and told us that they’ll visit as often as they can. Charlie’s still in Romania, looking after his precious dragons. Percy, well Percy, he’s still on honeymoon with Penelope and won’t be back for a few weeks. The twins have been busy with their joke shop but stop by often to see me anyway.” Harry and Ron had just been accepted in the Auror training program. Hermione wanted to work at St. Mungo’s as a Healer but was waiting for her confirmation in the training program.

Trying to encourage his mother, Ron said comfortingly. “Don’t worry, Mum. It’s going to be okay. It’s not like you’ll be alone all the time. Ginny still hasn’t applied for the Healer training program, so you have time together. Like you said, you’ll still have Hermione until she’s not yet sure on Healer training program.”

The silence hung over them once more as Mrs. Weasley suddenly found the floral prints on her handkerchief interesting and Ron and Hermione went back to whispering sweet nothings into each other’s ears.

Then an upbeat tune came on the radio.

3 years ago my journey began,
Chasing down this cure no plan in hand.
Just your pulse, my racing guide in the dark.
Just knowing with conviction from the start.

Harry suddenly thought of the time when he and Ginny were separated before his 7th year. She, Luna and Hermione had been kidnapped in Diagon Alley. Harry was so worried and had followed the Death Eaters who were led by Peter Pettigrew and Bellatrix Lestrange. He was able to stun Bellatrix and Luna, Hermione and Ginny helped him take down the other Death Eaters till there was only Wormtail left. He had grabbed Ginny and was pointed his wand at Ginny’s head. As Wormtail was about to put an Unforgivable Curse on Ginny, Lupin who Ron gotten help from burst onto the scene with Tonks and Moody. Lupin and Wormtail had a showdown and finally Wormtail got caught with a stunning spell to the chest. When they got back to The Burrow with the members of the Order, Ginny had cried into Harry’s shoulder the whole of the night, frightened that something could’ve happened to them and grateful that nothing did.

The moment your eyes made an introduction,
I felt my second violent breath of life.
Flawless to the point of being godly,
Yet I fell hard for your imperfections.

Then Harry thought back to the summer after his 5th year. He was at The Burrow and happier than he had been in months, though still grieving for Sirius' death. He and Ginny had just gotten together and Mrs. Weasley couldn't help but grin whenever she saw Harry and Ginny holding hands. Ginny had been the one that helped him sort out all his feelings. She even put up with him screaming at her when he had his emotional breakdowns early on that summer. She told Harry that everything was going to be okay as she stroked his hair. Harry was even brought to tears once as he finally let go of Sirius. Ginny was the only one that came near him and was the only one that accepted him completely despite his efforts to push everyone away. She had given him another reason to live and start anew.

Now, we're slightly weathered, we're slightly worn.
Our hands gripped together, eye to eye through the storm.
Yeah, I still believe in ever after with you, yeah.
Coz' life is a pleasure with you by my side.
And there ain't no current in this river we can't ride.
I still believe in ever after with you.

It was Ginny, Harry and Hermione left standing at the last battle when Lord Voldemort had put Cruciatus Curses on Neville, Luna and Ron. Hermione who stood before Ron’s body protecting her boyfriend from further injury that got hit next with a stunning spell right between her eyes. Harry outraged sent several stunning spells at Voldemort all of which he dodged vanishing into thin air then reappearing again. He disappeared for what was a second though it felt like an eternity. “Come out, wherever you are, Voldemort”, Harry spat. Then Ginny was hit with a Cruciatus Curse from behind and Harry enraged finally shouted “AVADA KEDAVRA”. Just then at that moment a bright red flash came from Voldemort’s wand hitting his shoulder as Voldemort fell over on his back not stirring. The hood that obscured his face for much of the battle fell off to reveal the face of Tom Riddle. Blood was trickling from his mouth and Harry had an overwhelming feeling of sickness. He fell to the ground.

Nothing compares to the good times,
Feels like we're floating when the rest have to climb.
You made me believe in love and not the perfect kind,
A real messy beautiful, twisted sunshine.

Harry saw a vision of a red as his eyes opened; Ginny was the first sight he saw after the battle. He suddenly shot up in his bed realizing that it was all over, he had killed Voldemort. He had fulfilled the prophecy. Looking around the room he didn’t see anyone but Ginny who’s hand clutched his as she dozed off at his bedside. Looking at her tired face he saw a great light emanating from around from her face. They could live they’re life together now, Harry thought. It was the summer after his 7th year and he wondered how long he had slept in St. Mungo’s. He smiled as Ginny stirred and looked up into his face, her smile brightening her face even more.

Emotions, volcanic eruptions,
We both took care so we're still alive.
Eternal vision, determination,
I want you, I want to make it right.

Harry sat up in the chair by the fireplace in Grimmauld Place. He had owned the house since the summer after his 5th year. Sirius had left it to him in his will. Staring into the fire, Ginny looked up into Harry’s eyes and said, “I’m going back to Hogwarts, Harry. Are you coming with us to King’s Cross Station to send me and Luna off?” Harry nodded and slid down to the carpeted floor next to her and wrapped his arm around her waist. Cuddling her, he replied, “Of course, why wouldn’t I?” She looked up at him shocked and said, “Your not invincible you know. You still haven’t fully recovered.” Poking him in the ribs where he had bandages for his bruised ribs.

You are my twisted sunshine,
You are my twisted sunshine...

Harry sent Ginny and Luna off on Hogwarts Express at Platform 9 ¾ with Ron who was on crutches, Hermione whose speech was still slurred at that point and Neville who was the only one who had fully healed. Luna had bandages wrapped around her head and left wrist. While Ginny still had some bruises all over her arms and legs. The 6 of them looked like they had been in some tragic car crash or something. But in truth, they had defeated the Dark Lord. Harry had attributed his success to his friends who fought at his side fearlessly. Deep in his heart though, Harry knew it was when he saw Voldemort hurt Ginny that he really felt true hatred and need for revenge. Ginny was the sunshine in his life those moments when he was lost the most, he could turn to her and find motivation.

Then there was an interlude and the upbeat music filled the atmosphere. The chorus played over for a few times. And there ain't no current in this river we can't ride. I still believe in ever after with you. Then Mr. Weasley pulled up to King’s Cross Station. Harry got off after Hermione and Ron. Mrs. Weasley let the way with Mr. Weasley staying behind the pack.

Harry felt nervous as the Hogwarts Express pulled up into Platform 9 ¾. He was back here again, he thought. A few familiar faces came off the train Colin Creevey and his brother, Dennis, Luna who was greeted by Neville who hugged her tightly being eyed by Luna’s dad and then he saw her, Ginny. She looked as beautiful as ever, her bright red hair falling over her glowing face. She was dragging her trunk behind her when she spotted Harry who was advancing towards her.

Her brother, Ron, was carrying on a conversation with Neville, Luna and Hermione as she got off the train. She looked around searchingly. Her parents were looking around for her when she waved at them. Then looking to her left she saw him, wearing black robes with his wand poking out his right-hand pocket. He had a huge smile on his face coming towards her.

He took Ginny in his arms possessively and kissed her deeply. She looked at him not needing to say a word as she blushed, hugging him tightly her eyes shut enjoying the moment. Then he broke their embrace. Stunned, Ginny opened her eyes to see Harry down on one knee. She gasped as Harry announced in a loud voice “Ginny, I love you. I want to make it right and give you the ever after you deserve. Ginerva Weasley, will you please do me the honor of being my wife.” Getting down on her knees, Ginny embraced Harry once more. Looking deep into Harry’s emerald eyes, tears started streaming down her face, as she whispered into his ear “Yes, yes, Harry, I would want that more than anything in the world.”

Now, we're slightly weathered, we're slightly worn.
Our hands gripped together, eye to eye through the storm.
Yeah, I still believe in ever after with you, yeah
Coz' life is a pleasure with you by my side.
And there ain't no current in this river we can't ride.
I still believe in ever after with you.

A/N: The song contained in this fic is "Ever After" by Bonnie Baylie which can be found in the CD Hed Kandi: Beach House 04.04. REVIEWS are appreciated.