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Harry Potter and the Final Prophecy by Modern Marauders

Format: Short story
Chapters: 9
Word Count: 15,947
Status: WIP

Rating: 12+
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence

Genres: Action, General
Characters: Draco, Ginny, Harry, Dumbledore, Hermione, Neville, OC, Remus Lupin, Ron, Snape, Voldemort, Fred/George, Tonks, Luna, M. McGonagall

First Published: 05/24/2005
Last Chapter: 06/19/2005
Last Updated: 01/06/2006

It's Harry's sixth year at Hogwarts, and things couldn't get wierder. First, there's a new girl who seems to be worse than Malfoy, but somehow connected to Harry. A new prophecy that connects Harry and the new girl. A year full of new relationships, excitement, and mystery, by the end of it , Harry will have had no idea what hit him. Please read and review! my first fanfic, so it might not be that good. Over 1000 reads!

Chapter 1: Chapter 1: Reunited with the Order
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The rain that had fallen over Little Whinging for the past week had so far shown no signs of decreasing. Unlike last summer, the residents of Privet Drive had so much water in their lawns, that they had to build trenches to keep the water from flooding. All the residents were inside their homes, with not a care in the world, happily watching television and sipping thier tea with their loved ones. But on the top floor of 4 Privet Drive, one could see a teenage boy's face staring impassively out the window.

For the 3 weeks that Harry Potter had been forced to reside at the Dursley home, he had stayed locked up in his room (much to the Dursley's happiness), and had only come out when he was starving or when he had to use the bathroom. The death of his godfather, Sirius Black, had hit Harry hard, especially since he believed that he was the one to blame. If only Harry hadn't believed Voldemort's stupid, fake visions of Sirius being tortured, then Harry wouldn't have thought to play the hero, and had fallen into Voldemort's trap. Then Sirius and some of the Order came to help Harry and his friends, and then Sirius was hit by a spell by his deatheater cousin, Bellatrix Lestrange, and then fallen through the veil to never be seen again. It was all Voldemort's fault, although Harry would never admit it.

Voldemort. His name was feared by many, but hated by more. It was his fault that Harry was an orphan and had to live with his aunt, uncle, and cousin who hated him. It was his fault that Harry could never be a normal teenager. It was his fault that Harry had to be a murderer or be murdered, and it was his fault that good and innocent people had to die because of their backround. Harry's train of thought stopped suddenly as he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror that hung crookedly above his dresser.

A depressed and pale looking 15 almost 16 year old stared back at him with piercing emerald green eyes behind wire rimmed glasses. His unruly black hair was messier and longer than ever, and was concealing his lighting bolt shaped scar on his forehead rather well.

As Harry's eyes traveled up to his forehead, his expression changed to a scowl. He hated that scar, he absoultely hated it! He angrily got up and kicked his dresser as hard as he could, later regretting it because of the pain in his foot. While muttering a few choice swear words, and rubbing his foot, Harry sat down on his bed and surveyed his small and messy bedroom.

It had the normal things that a bedroom required: a bed, dresser, closet, and desk. But what made his room most unusual was the open trunk at the end of the bed exposing black robes, assorcited spellbooks, a broomstick, and a cauldron. His desk was littered with pieces of parchment, quills, ink bottles, a rather messy cage that belonged to his owl Hedwig, and Harry's O.W.L. scores.

When his scores arrived, just yesterday, Harry had believed that he had failed them and was expecting a letter saying that he had failed and had to take his fifth year over. But when he opened them up, Harry was happily shocked to see his scores:

Defense Against the Dark Arts: O
Transfiguration: EE
Charms: EE
Care of Magical Creatures: O
Divination: D
Astronomy: A
Potions: O
History of Magic: D

Harry couldn't wait to go back to Hogwarts and see the look on Snape's face when he came into his classroom. But his O in potions was the least of his happiness. His dreams of being an auror skyrocketed when he found out that the claases he passed were the ones he needed to become one.

Suddenly tired, Harry lay back in his bed hoping for a "Sirius-free" nap. Just as sleep was coming on, the doorbell rang and Uncle Vernon's shouts could be heard.

" WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? GET OUT OF MY HOUSE! BOY, GET DOWN HERE NOW!" Harry angrily sighed and trudged down the stairs to the front door. Standing in front of the open door was Uncle Vernon and assorcited members of the Order: Lupin, Tonks, Moody, Kingsley, Fred, and George.

" Harry!" Fred and George said happily and walked over to him. " How you doing old chap? Simply splended to see you-" Fred said before George cut him off. " Lovely to see you. Had to come and get you, for old times sake." Harry gave Fred and George Weasley a fake smile and looked around at the other memebers.

" Alright Harry?" Lupin asked giving Harry a weary smile.

" Yeah. I'll just go get my stuff." He walked upstairs to his room, and packed up the few belongings that he had taken out of his trunk. Five minutes later, Harry was back downstarirs and ready to go.

" I think we'll take it from here Mr. Dursley. Do you mind if I could borrow a kitchen appliance?" Lupin calmly asked Uncle Vernon. Uncle Vernon looked like he certinly did mind, but went into the kitchen and got Lupin a fork.

" Thank you. Now Harry, you'll be traveling by portkey, and we'll apparate and see you at Grimmauld Place. Got it?" Harry nodded to show that he understood.
Lupin muttered a spell, and tapped the fork lightly with his wand before handing it over to Harry. " Bye then." Harry said to Uncle Vernon who didn't even aknowledge his presense as Harry felt the familiar tug behind his navel, and landed on the floor of 12 Grimmauld Place.

Chapter 2: Chapter 2: Searching for Comfort
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Standing up from the hard floor of Grimmauld Place, Harry shook his head to get rid of the familiar after feeling of traveling by portkey. He sighed and surveyed the room he was in. Harry looked around the enteranceway expecting to see Sirius greeting him.

"Harry!" He turned around to find the person that had shouted his name, and saw the bushy head of Hermione before he was envolped into a hug that reminded him of one of Mrs. Weasley's. "Are you alright? How are you coping?" she asked letting go of him. "Are you feeling alright? Have the Dursleys been-"

" Hermione, let him get a word in." Harry looked behind Hermione, and saw a smiling Ron leaning against the doorframe. "How are you mate?"

"Not bad, you?" Harry lied giving Ron a brotherly hug.

"Good. Look, Harry. Before you blow up at us, we really tried this time to get Dumbledore to cave in about the whole letter thing. So, don't get mad at us, okay?"

"I'm not mad. Really, not at all." Harry put on an extremely fake smile, and Ron smiled back at him.

"Great. Come on, let's go put your stuff in our room. There's an Order meeting in the kitchen, Ginny listening to it right now through the Extendable Ears in her room." Ron started walking up the stairs expecting Harry and Hermione to follow. As Harry was walking up the stairs, he noticed Hermione was staring at him oddly.

"What?" He asked, annoyed after about five minutes of staring.

"You can't fool me, Harry. What's wrong?" Hermione asked concerned.

"Noth-" Harry stopped when he saw Hermione give him the "don't-say-nothing-because-I-know-something's-wrong" look. "I'll tell you when we get to the room." Seeming satisfied with his answer, Hermione started walking a little faster to catch up with Ron.

The rest of the way up to the bedroom was in a comfortable silence between the three friends. When they finally got there, Harry put his stuff in front of his bed, and sat down on it. Ron and Hermione sat down on Ron's bed looking at him expectingly.

"Well, what is it?" Ron asked. Hermione angrily elbowed him in the ribs. "Ow! What was that for? You told me that he was going to-"

"Yes I did, but you don't have to ask him right away, he'll tell us when he's ready." Hermione snapped. Before Ron could fire back another retort Harry spoke up.

"Ron's right, I said I would tell you." Harry sighed, ready to tell them about the prophecy that had been in his thoughts all summer. "Remember when I went into Dumbledore's office, right after the Department of Mysteries?" The two of them nodded confused. "Well, Dumbledore told me about this prophecy." Harry paused looking up at Ron and Hermione, who where glued to their seats waiting to hear what Harry had to say next, he put his head down and recieted the prophecy. "It basicly said that, I have the power to defeat Voldemort, and-" He paused and looked up at his friends. "And that neither can live while the other survives. It's either muder or be murdered." Harry looked up at his two best friends to see blank expressions of their faces; as if the information hadn't fully registered with them yet. It took a few moments of silence until Hermione's eyes widened, and her mouth let out a small gasp.

"Oh, Harry." Hermione got up and threw her arms around him and started to cry into his shoulder. "I won't leave you during this fight, Harry. You can count on it. I'll always be by your side."

"Yeah, me too." The information had seemed to click with Ron, who got up and gave Harry a brotherly hug. "You can always count on us. We'll be there with you till the very end."

"Thanks." The three teens where sitting on Harry's bed, in a big group hug, when Ginny opened the door.

"Oh, sorry to interupt, but mum wanted me to tell you that dinner's-Harry!" Ginny exclaimed as Hermione and Ron pulled away from him. "It's great to see you! How are you? Why is everybody crying?"

"I'm alright, thanks. I think you might want Ron to tell you about that. I'm going downstairs to see everybody." Harry quickly hugged Ginny on his way out the door. After Harry closed the door, he breathed in deeply, happy to get that off his chest. Instead of going downstairs though, he went to Sirius' old room.

When Harry got there, he sat down on Sirius' old bed looking around the room. He leaned back in the pillows and stared up at the ceiling. Although Harry had told Ron and Hermione,(and now Ginny knew also) he didn't feel as happy as he thought he would have. Harry hadn't told Ron and Hermione how he felt about it; it felt too personal to share with even his best friends.

'What I really need', Harry thought, 'is someone who understands me. Someone who I can talk to about everything. Who though?' As Harry lay pondering this for about a half hour, he realized that everyone might be looking for him. Harry got off the bed, and walked out of the room towards the kitchen.

When he entered, the room was dark, and he couldn't see a thing. When he flipped on the lightswitch, though, Harry got one of the best surprises of his life.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HARRY!" Everyone yelled. Harry opened his mouth in shock as he looked around and saw almost the entire Order, (minus Dumbledore, McGonagall, and Snape) the entire Weasley family, (except Percy) and Hermione.

"What's this?" Harry managed to gasp out.

"It's your birthday, have you forgotten?" Fred said in mock seriousness.

"No, I didn't, but what's all this?"

"You deserve a proper birthday for once." Mrs.Weasley said giving Harry a hug that beat all her others out by a mile.

"Thank you." He managed to gasp out through Mrs.Weasley's hug.

"Mum, let him breathe." Bill said laughing.

Mrs.Weasley let Harry go and he smiled at everyone. Everyone smiled back at him. Everyone looked as if there was no war going on, everyone looked so happy.

"Come on, lets open your presents." Mrs. Weasley said as she pushed Harry toward a table that looked like it would collaspe under the amount of weight that was on it.

"Here, this one's from us." Fred pushed an odd shaped parcil into his hands.

Cautiously, Harry opened the present finding samples of things that the twins sold in their joke shop: Ton-Tongue Toffees, a Portable Swamp, Skiving Snackboxes, Wildfire Whiz-Bangs, and much more.

"Wow. Thanks."

"We thought that they might come in handy." Fred said winking.

As Harry opened more of his presents he found out that he had gotten new books for the term, books to read for fun, quidditch things, a Weasley sweater, and many pictures. When Harry had opened all his presents, Mrs.Weasley brought out a cake that was litterly, almost bigger than Harry himself. Everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to him, and dug in to eat their cake.

Surprisingly, that day, Harry found the comfort that he had been looking for the whole summer.

Chapter 3: Chapter 3: On the Hogwarts Express
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The month and a half that Harry spent at Grimmauld Place seemed to go by quicker than he imagined. Although he spent most of his time thinking about Sirius, he also finished up his homework, (with much pestering by Hermione) and played some Quidditch with Fred, George, Ron, and Ginny. Soon, though, it was time for the trio and Ginny to go back to Hogwarts.

The day that they left was busy, and everyone was utterly confused. Hermione was double, and triple checking her things, Ron kept loosing his prefect's badge, among other things, and Ginny and Harry somehow missplaced their brooms. When everyone found what they needed, and became less confused, Remus, Tonks, Moody, Kingsley, Mr. and Mrs.Weasley, Bill, Fred, and George escorted Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny to Kings Cross station.

"Come on! You'll miss the train!" Mrs. Weasley yelled as everyone got to Kings Cross. "Let's go! Ron stop walking, and start running! Fred, George, what are you doing? No, don't answer that. Hermione dear, you have everything, so stop worring. Here we are. Come on everyone, through the barrier." Mr. and Mrs.Weasley went through the barrier with Ginny, Bill, Fred, and George went through with Ron, Tonks and Kingsley went through with Hermione, and finally, Remus, and Tonks went through with Harry.

When Harry was through the barrier, he smiled. Seeing that scarlet steam engine again made him feel happy. He was going back to Hogwarts, away from his thoughts. He would be so busy this year that he wouldn't be able to think of Sirius.

"Come on, Harry. Let's get your stuff on the train." Harry turned around and saw Lupin levitating his things from the trolloy onto the train. During the time that Remus was at Grimmauld Place, Harry had rarely spoken to him. He realized that Lupin must be feeling the same way as himself, and just wanted to be left alone.

"Thanks, Professor. I can take it from here." Harry said taking his levitating luggage away from Lupin.

"Remus, Harry. Or Moony, if you perfer." He said grinning. Harry grinned back, one of his few real ones all summer.

"Thanks, Remus. So, I guess I'll see you around?" Harry said uneasily as the train whistle started to blow.

"Two right you will, Harry. Good luck at school. Be careful." Remus said pulling Harry into a fatherly embrace.

"I will." He waved at Lupin as he got on the train just as it was starting to move. Harry started walking down the asile looking for Ron, Hermione, or any of his friends. Finally, at the back of the train, he found Ron, Hermione, and Ginny leaving their compartment for the prefect meeting.

"Harry! We were wondering where you got to. Just put your stuff in there, we'll be back soon." Ginny said smiling at him. Harry felt his knees become a little weak at Ginny's smile.

Shaking off the weird feeling, Harry walked into the now empty compartment and put his things away. He ploped himself down on the seat by the window and stared out at the passing scenery.

Looking at the scenery, Harry's thoughts traveled back to Sirius and the Deptartment of Mysteries disaster. He pressed his forehead against the window to try and stop thinking about it, but the memories just came forward stronger. They came rushing forward, flooding his memory like water rushing along a river bend. First, Ron getting attacked by the brain, then, Hermione almost dying, then seeing Sirius falling through the veil, and finally, watching Dumbledore fighting with Voldemort.

"Look who it is, Scar-Head. No mudblood or weasels to keep you company?" Harry grinted his teeth together, hard, as he turned around to find Draco Malfoy and his two large croonies standing at the enertance to the compartment.

"Better then you. I pity you Malfoy, having two big gorillas as your only friends." Harry remarked smirking.

Malfoy laughed and sneered at Harry. "Better watch your back Potter, you'll never know who'll be behind it." He raised his eyebrows at him, and walked away with his croonies to another compartment. Harry continued glaring at the door confused. 'What did Malfoy mean?' He thought, 'Another spy of Voldemort's in the school? Again?'

"What's wrong Harry?" Hermione said, as Ron, and Ginny followed her into the compartment, looking at Harry confused.



" So, anyone fancy a game of Exploding Snap or Wizard's Chess?" Ron asked rubbing his hands together and sitting down in the seat across from Harry.

"I'll play Wizard's Chess with you, Ron." Harry said. While Ron got out his chess set and started to set up the pieces Harry asked "How was the prefect meeting?"

"Same as normal." Hermione answered without looking up from behind her new book, "So You Want To Be A Healer". "Oh, Harry you might find this interesting. Cho's the new Head Girl."

"What a surprise." He muttered rolling his eyes. Harry quite frankly didn't care if Cho became Headmistress, he just didn't want to talk about her anymore.

He found it rather diffucult to concentrate on the chess game, and kept looking over at Ginny; who was staring out the window with a blank expression on her face. 'She's so pretty when she's thinking. Wait, where did that come from? Ginny, pretty, what's wrong with me?'

"Harry, Harry, HARRY!" Ron started snapping his fingers in front of Harry's face to try and get his attention.

"Stop doing that! What Ron?"

"Your move."

"Sorry." He said sheepishly. Harry looked one more time at Ginny before quickly loosing the game to Ron.

After loosing about four more games to him, Hermione decided it was time for them to change into their robes. After getting changed, they felt the train come to a hault at the Hogsmeade station. The four Gryffindors hurried out of the train to get a carriage.

"Look at those first years. Where we really even that tiny?" Ron asked as they walked past an excited group of first years who were gaping at Harry.

"Guess so." Harry mumbled, annoyed that they were staring at him like he was a god.

"Come on Harry, just ignore them." Ginny said taking his arm and leading him into the empty carraige that Hermione and Ron had found. Harry helped Ginny into the carriage, earning a thankful smile, before getting in himself. When he went in and had closed the carriage door, Harry saw that Neville and Luna were sitting next to Ron on the seat across from him, Ginny, and Hermione.

"Hiya, Harry." Neville said, smiling from ear to ear.

"Hello, Neville. How's your nose?" Ever since the Department of Mysteries, Neville, Luna, and Ginny had became some of Harry, Ron, and Hermione's closest, and most trusted friends.

"Alright, Gran wasn't too happy about my wand though. But, she ended up getting over it. I got a new one by the way." Reaching into his robes, Neville pulled out a brand new, shiny wand. "Eight inches, oak, with the hair of a centaur." He said, smiling proudly.

"That's a nice wand, Neville. It'll do you good." Ron said smiling.

"Thanks. Harry are you doing the DA this year?" Neville asked, hope plastered on his face. "I got an O on my O.W.L.s because of the DA. I would really like to do it again."

"I, don't, know, Neville. I haven't really thought about it." Just as Harry finished speaking, the spark in Neville's eyes vanished, and was replaced with sorrow.

"Oh, okay Harry. Let me know when you change your mind." Neville nodded sadly before looking out the carriage window. "We're here!" Neville flung the door open and jumped out onto the soil. Luna, Ginny, Hermione, and Ron followed after until Harry was the only one left in the carriage.

When Harry jumped out, what he saw was the thing he always wanted, and he had come to it: home.

Chapter 4: Chapter 4: A girl named Catherine
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The candles in the Great Hall were shinning unusually bright the night that Harry came back to Hogwarts. Everyone was rather happy as they walked into the Great Hall, laughing and talking about their summers, people that they wanted to ask out, and so on.

Harry didn't pay attention to the conversation that Hermione, Ron, and Ginny were having when the sat down at the Gryffindor table. His eyes were scanning the teacher's table looking for any new faces. He saw no one new for the whole length of the table until he came to the very end.

Sitting, barely visible in the right hand corner of the table, was a very small woman. She was sitting hunched over, seeming very interested in the wood of the table. Her old, wrinkly hands laid flat on the wood surface, and her long, white hair hung limply around her face, hiding it from view. She wore purple robes that seemed like they had been repaired many times, but they looked like nice robes compared to Lupin's.

"Harry, you okay?" A sweet and caring voice brought his eyes back to the table and onto Ginny, who was the one that had spoken.

"Yeah, just looking at that new teacher." Harry replied nodding over at the woman's direction.

"Speaking of teachers, where's Dumbledore?" Ron asked peering up and down the teacher's table.

Harry whipped his head around, and sure enough, Dumbledore was not in his normal seat in the middle of the table. " Dunno, maybe he had to do something for the Order." Harry suggested.

" Or, maybe something really bad happened to him." Ron said shaking at the very thought.

"Oh, honestly Ron. What do you think happened to Dumbledore? Voldemort killed him?" Hermione said sarcasticly.

"It could happen." Ron muttered. "And don't say his name!" He hissed.

"Oh, honestly-" Hermione was cut off by the great doors at the front of the hall opening, and seeing Professor McGongall and the many tiny first years following her in her wake. When they reached the front, Professor Flitwick brought out a three-legged stool on which a old battered hat was placed.
The brim of the hat opened wide, and began its song:
Over a thousand years ago,
ancient pacts were made,
some better than others,
but each one all the same.
Some made friendships
to help the weak,
others made friends to
reach their peak.
But, only four of them
so little it may seem,
made one for the good
that could be seen.
These friends four,
they each had their names,
and they each had one common goal,
and that was to teach the world
all their magical games.
One of them was Gryffindor, fearless,
proud, and strong,
another was Ravenclaw, who vowed
to be never wrong.
Yet another one was Hufflepuff, whose loyalty
went far beyond the rest,
and the last was Slytherin, who wanted to be
the very best.
These friends here they formed a school,
which you are now standing in,
but slowly, their pact decesed.
Each one left, one by one,
to never come back,
each one leaving something
behind that should have never
left its track.
So, I told you last year,
and I'll tell you again.
Never let their pact fool you,
do not let that happen again.

Around of applause followed the sorting hat's song, along with much whispering and discussions that slowly found their way along the four house tables.

"What the bloody hell was that all about?" Ron muttered to Harry as McGonagall got ready to speak. Harry just shrugged his shoulders, ever since last year, he had thought that hat to be a little crazy, and he never really cared what it said.

"Now when I call your name," Professor McGonagall started, picking up the sorting hat. "You will come forth, I will place the sorting hat on your head, and you will be sorted into your houses. Accosta, Michael." Unrolling a long piece of parchment, McGonagall read off the name of the first new student to be sorted; a small boy with long blonde hair that reached his shoulders. After a few moments, the hat shouted, "SLYTHERIN!" The Slytherin table clapped loudly, as the Michael Accosta came to sit at their table.

The sorting seemed to go one forever, and by the time that the hat sorted its last student, (Zebiack, Taylor into Ravenclaw) Harry and Ron's facial expressions, as they stared at their plates, matched Dudley's perfectly. The doors in the Great Hall suddenly opened with a loud BANG and everyone turned around to see who was the one who had entered late.

Professor Dumbledore strode into the Great Hall, in long, flowing emerald green robes, his bright blue eyes twinkling behind his half-moon spectales. A girl that couldn't be a year older than Ginny looked around the hall with a blank and bored expression on her face, as she followed Dumbledore into the hall.

She had medium length brown hair that was pulled back into a tight braid, skin as pale as alabastor, and piercing emerald eyes that reminded Harry a lot of his own. She wore plain black robes that were two sizes too big, and hung off her like clothes would hang off a hanger. She had a thick black leather bracelet on her left wrist, and wore beat up brown boots. She followed Dumbledore to the front of the teacher's table, where the sorting hat lay waiting for her on the stool. She sat down on it warily, her hair hitting the light as she did.

Dumbledore walked to his seat at the teacher's table, and sat down in his seat calmly, watching this girl get sorted over the tops of his spectacles. McGonagall picked up the hat said the girl's name, "Parker, Catherine." and placed the sorting hat on her head.

Harry watched this girl getting sorted with much interest, his stomach hunger completely forgotten. He was amazed at her eyes, they were just like his, and looked as if they held a great secret, one that could mean life and death if it was told, but she wanted to tell someone. He saw her close her eyes tightly, and move her mouth as if talking or arguing with the sorting hat. After about two minutes, the sorting hat made its decision: "SLYTHERIN!"

The girl shut her eyes again tightly, took a deep breath, opened her eyes and walked towards the clapping Slytherin table. Harry watched her sit on the very end, where no one was and stare down at her gleaming gold plate. Harry looked over at Dumbledore, whose expression was in what some people would say, extremely surprising.

Dumbledore looked between a mixture of anger and fright. His eyes showed saddness, and anger, while his facial expressions seemed scared stiff. Harry looked at Dumbledore confused, until he stood up to begin the start of term speech.

"Welcome, everyone to another year at Hogwarts! To the new faces, welcome, to the old, welcome back! I would like to welcome our new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, Professor L. E. Murphy. Good luck, professor." The old woman stood up, and gave the students a small wave as they gave a polite applause. "As you know, the Forbidden Forest is off-limits to every student, and I believe that our caretaker, Mr.Filch, has a list of about four hundred items that are not allowed in the school. You can view the list of the items, if you wish, in his office. As you also know, Lord Voldemort has returned to the wizarding world, and I must ask each and every one of you to remain cautious. There will be more security measures, and such and such that you don't want to hear about now, so tuck in." Dumbledore sat down, his eyes no longer twinkling as the platers and platers of food came to each house table.

Harry looked around. Kidney stew, salad, chicken, mashed potatos, lamb, and much more filled the tables and brought delicious smells to everyone's noses. Ron quickly grabbed all the food within his reach, ploped it onto his plate, and started to shovel it into his mouth. Hermione was calmly and slowly eating some mashed potatoes, chicken, and salad, and occasionly giving Ron disgusted looks. Harry was about to take some kidney stew when something new caught his eye.

"What's that?" He asked pointing to a large bowl filled with pasta, cheese, and some kind of red sauce.

"Baked Ziti." Hermione answered. "I have a cousin who lives in Italy, she makes it all the time. It's really good." Hearing the word 'good' having to do with food, Ron took a large spoonful of the baked ziti and started shoveling it into his mouth.

" Mione's righ. This is goo stuuff." Ron said to Harry, his mouth full. Harry picked up the spoon and put some on his plate next to his mashed potatoes and chicken. He brought a spoonful to his mouth and tasted it. 'Surprisingly good' He thought as he ate more of it.

A little while later, the main course disappeared and the dessert came. Cakes, trecale tarts, fudge, scones, and many more sweets filled the tables where the hot food had been just a few moments before. Ron, once again, loded his plate with all of his favorites, and again started shoveling them into his mouth.

"Ron, were you ever taught table manners?" Hermione asked disgusted.

"No." Small bits of treacle tart came flying out of his mouth as he said this, landing on Hermione's face.

"Ron!" She spat angrily, wipping bits of the dessert from her nose, and under her eyes with her pointer finger.


Hermione let out a small growl and rolled her eyes as she continued eating her dessert. Ron looked over at Harry and raised his eyebrows at him. Harry just shrugged his shoulders in response, it was scary sometimes how oblivious Ron could be.

Some time later, the dessets were cleared, and the students were happily full and sleepy. Dumbledore stood up and let everyone go up to their dorms for the night.

Ron, Hermione, and Ginny went up to the Gryffindor tower sleepy, full, and talking about the new term. Harry walked slowly up to the tower a long way behind his friends. He was thinking about the new girl, Catherine. The coincidence that her eyes were exactly like his, was just too creepy. Either she was a unknown relative, or it was just a crazy coincidence. "Better watch your back Potter, you'll never know who'll be behind it" Malfoy's words echoed in his head. 'Is she who Malfoy was talking about?' Harry quickly shook this thought from his head figuring that he would think about it when he actually had met the girl. When Harry got to Gryffindor tower, Ginny, Hermione, and Ron had already gone to their dorms, and he felt that he should do the same.

When he found the door marked 'Sixth Years', Harry opened the door and went to his bed. He quickly changed into his pajamas, and got into bed. He was so happy to be home, that sleep over came him quickly. Just as Harry closed his eyes though, a strange vision came into his head.
"Harry, I'm not leaving." A girl with blood stained robes said. Harry couldn't see the girl's face, and he didn't reconize her voice.
"You have to go, they'll be here soon. You have to get yourself out." Harry grabbed the girl's arms and tried to push her out a big oak door.
"I can't leave you. You know what I have to do, I have to do it. I can't watch you die, I-"
"Well, well, well. Look who has come for a visit." Harry turned around and saw the smiling face of Voldemort before he woke up screaming.

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Chapter 5: Chapter 5: First Day
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"Harry, HARRY!" Harry could hear his name being called in a desperate attempt by Ron, who was failing terribly. "Dean, go get McGonagall, Hurry!" Harry was thrashing around in his bed, screaming, his scar on fire.

"Mr.Weasley, what is the- Potter! What's wrong?" Professor McGonagall ran over to Harry's bed, her gray hair falling around her face. Seeing that she could not get Harry's attention by simply talking, she conjured up a bucket of cold water and dumped it on his head. He stopped screaming when the cold water hit his head.

"Sorry, Potter." McGonagall said drying his hair with a flick of her wand.

"That's alright, Professor. I need to see Professor Dumbledore, now." Harry said urgently staring McGonagall in the eye. She nodded and beckoned him to follow her. He jumped out of his bed and followed her to the common, where about the whole Gryffindor tower was standing, and staring at Harry.

"Alright, back to bed you lot!" McGonagall started to shoo away the students who seemed keen on finding out why Harry was screaming. He followed his Professor down the familiar corridors to Dumbledore's office.

When they finally came to the stone gargoyle, McGonagall said the password ("Chocolate Frogs"), and the two of them went on to the slowly moving staircase that would bring them to Dumbledore's office.

When they came near the office, Harry could hear faint voices coming from inside the room. One was Dumbledore's, and the other was an American voice that Harry didn't reconize.

"You know my story. That's why I'm in Slytherin. Look, I'm happy about it. It doesn't matter anyway, I'd rather be in Slytherin then Gryffindor."

"The hat simply made a mistake. I'll talk to him. He must have a reasonable answer-"

"I know you wanted me to be in Gryffindor to meet Potter. This is better. It will make me less suspicious-" McGonagall cut off the speaker's last words as she rapped on the door with her old knuckles.

"We'll discuss this later. Enter." McGonagall opened the door, allowing Harry in first. He was surprised to find out that the other person in the room was the new girl, Catherine. She was staring at him with a blank expression, showing no emotion. 'Wow, she's good at that, I wish I could hide my emotion.' Harry thought.

"I'm well practiced." He stared at the girl confused.

"Harry, this is Catherine Parker. Catherine, Harry Potter." Dumbledore introduced the two of them. Catherine stuck out her hand.

"It's Cat. Pleasure." She spat, looking at him with malace and hate.

"You too." Harry shook Cat's hand, disliking her already.

"Harry, Catherine is a transfer student from the Salem Instute of Witchcraft and Wizardry in America. Seems that her school couldn't teach her anymore. The American magic is much less advanced then ours is. Cat'll be in your year. Is there something I can help you with?"

"Professor, Mr.Thomas ran to inform me that Potter was screaming and was muttering odd things in his sleep, again. I came to get him and he said that he needed to see you." McGonagall answered before Harry could. He felt his face growing red, he didn't like this girl knowing about his dreams, especially since she was a Slytherin.

"Well then, Harry we need to talk about this. Minerva, could you please escort Catherine back to the Slytherin common room?" She nodded and quickly led Cat out of the room and towards the staircase. When they left, Dumbledore turned to Harry. "Now Harry, please sit down and tell me about your dream."

"Well sir, it was more of a vision." Harry started as he launched into the full details about his vision. When he was done, Dumbledore looked troubled.

"So, you never got a look at her face?"

"No sir, there was sort of a black shadow over it. If I heard her voice again I know I could place it."

"Alright, Harry. I trust you can go back to your dormitory without a teacher's assitance?"

"Yeah." Harry got up from the chair and made his way to the door.

"Oh, and Harry." Dumbledore said. Harry paused in front of the door and turned around to look at Dumbledore. "If you reconize her voice, please tell me." He nodded and left the office.

When he was on the staircase going back down, Harry didn't regret his decision about not telling Dumbledore. He most certinly did know who spoke, and he wanted to figure out what he was doing with her for himself.
The next morning, Harry woke up to sunlight streaming in through the large window by his bed. He rubbed his eyes sleepily and got out of bed. He looked over at Ron's bed and saw a mess of sheets and pillows lying in a big lump. Harry put on his robes slowly, tried to tame his hair, grabbed his bag, and went down to the Great Hall.

When Harry walked into the Great Hall, he saw that the sky today was rather gray and cloudy, not a day to be going out. 'I hope I don't have Care of Magical Creatures today.' He quickly found Ron, Hermione, and Ginny sitting in the middle of the table, eating breakfast quietly.

"Hi, Harry. Over here!" Ginny smiled and waved Harry over to the group. He sat down next to Ron and across from Hermione.

"Morning, mate. Sleep well?" Ron asked, pieces of scrambled egg hanging off his chin.

"Alright. You?"

"It's the first day of school. How do you think I slept?"

"Ron, you are unbelieveable." Hermione said, barely looking over the top of her book. "Here, Harry. It's your timetable." Hermione handed the piece of parchment over to Harry with her eyes still fixed on the page.

"Thanks. Damn, double potions with the Slytherins first thing in the morning."

"Ha, I dropped it. Got an A instead of an O. I have Charms this period. Sorry, mate. Guess you have to stick it out with Hermione then." Ron gave a Harry a symphatic pat on the back as he said this.

"Come, on. We should get going." Ginny said standing up and exiting the Great Hall.

"She's right, come on Harry." Hermione slung her bag over her shoulder and followed Ginny out of the Great Hall.

"Good luck." Ron called to Harry as he started walking towards the dungeons.

When Harry arrived, there were very few students from other houses standing at the dungeon doors. Of course, the magority of them were Slytherins, a handful of Hufflepuffs, ten Ravenclaws, and two Gryffindors.

"Potter. You actually got into this class?" Malfoy drawled as he walked up with his croonies in tow. Before Harry could fire back a retort, a voice from the shadows spoke up.

"No, Dumbledore had to bribe the O.W.L. test scorers to raise his grade up from an A to an O." Cat stepped out from the shadows, her arms crossed over her chest, with a smug look on her face. "Isn't that right, Potter?"

"You wish, Parker." Harry said, this voice deathly low. His emerald eyes glared into hers, with anger and embaressment. Her eyes were blank, again, showing no emotion what so ever.

"It's not good to show that I made you angry, Potter. Good Aurors never show emotion." The Slytherins were howling with laughter from her two retorts, and hadn't stopped when Snape came around the corner.

"Settle, down now class." Snape opened the door as the students rushed in to get the seats they wanted most. Harry slid into the bench in the very last row, as far away from the Slytherins as possible.

"Just ignore them." Hermione whispered in his ear.

The class went by far too slow for Harry's liking. His Sneezing potion was messed up when Cat walked by and "accidently" dropped a dragon claw in, causing the potion to erupt and set several tables on fire, costing Gryffindor 30 points. Snape then kept asking Harry useless questions that made no sense, loosing Gryffindore another 15 points. Their homework was then to write a three parchment essay about the history of the potion, and what its main uses were today. He walked out of the class tired, angry, and grumpy, and Hemione's constant lecturing didn't make him feel any better. When they came to the Great Hall for lunch, Ron looked just as mad as Harry was.

"I can't do the bloody spell, and he asks me to do it in front of the class! Then I mess up on it, loosing 5 points because I accidently hit Dean with the spell, and now we have to write a three parchment essay on it!"

"What was the charm, Ron?" Hermione asked impatiently

"Bione Notte."

"Oh, Ron. The Sleeping Charm? That's easy. Bione Notte." Hermione pointed her wand at Ron, and his head dropped right onto the table loudly. "Bione Ginore." Hermione said the awakinging spell, and his head came right back up.

"Don't do that Hermione! Stop showing off! I'm going to Potions." Ron huffed as he grabbed his bag rather focefully, and marched out of the Great Hall.

"Wonder what's wrong with him." Hermione said confused. Harry rolled his eyes, for a brilliant girl, Hermione could also be a little blind.
After lunch, Harry and Hermione went to Charms class. Professor Flitwick had them practicing the same spell that Ron had told them about. Of course, Hermione had already mastered it, and almost the whole class mastered it by the time class was over. Harry felt rather proud of himself, for the first time, he had mastered a spell during class, and didn't have to practice it for homework. Unfortunately, they still had to write an essay, but Professor Flitwick shortened it to a two parchments.

By the time dinner came around, Harry was so hungry he could eat a hippogriff. He ate as much as he could (almost beating Ron) and when dinner was over, he climbed into bed hoping for an untroubled sleep.

Harry was screaming in pain. He could feel his life slipping away. He had to fight, he had to get away.
"Very good, Potter. You have been taught well. GOYLE! Bring her out."
"Let her GO!"
"Now, you see Potter. I can't do that. Much to your misfortune. Yes, Potter I know about you and her. I'll make a deal with you. Your life for hers. Do you except?"

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Chapter 6: Chapter 6: Two Mysteries
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He sat up in his bed, panting and sweating very profusely. Harry grabbed his glasses and rubbed his temple. 'What does Voldemort want? Is that the same girl as before?' Extremely confused, Harry got out of bed and sat on the window seat that overlooked the lake. The sun was just beginning to rise, and cast a pinkish glow over the glass-like water.

He leaned his head against the cool window pane. 'Now I REALLY need someone to share my thoughts with' he thought. Ron was too oblivious, Hermione was overly caring, but Ginny....

She had changed over the summer. In a good way, too. The odd feelings that he was starting having for her were making sense now. She was beautiful, smart, funny, and a great Quidditch player. How could he not like her? 'Too bad she's still with Dean.' A voice in his head said to him. 'She probably isn't even interested in me anymore.' Harry brought his head away from the window when a loud grunt that sounded very much like Uncle Vernon's came from behind him. He saw Ron fall out of his bed and land flat on his face with his blankets and pillows coming down with him. Harry rolled his eyes and silently laughed to himself at Ron's still sleeping form. Ron could fall asleep on a rock and never notice.

Suddenly, a movement outside the window caught his attention. Harry squinted his eyes to see a lone figure running along the grounds towards the forbbiden forest. Curious, he went to his trunk and pulled out the Marauder's Map.

"I solemnly swear that I am up to no good." The many lines and figures that made up the map suddenly appeared. He scanned the grounds part of the map quickly, looking for a living form. He saw Hagrid, Fang, and C.P.? Harry's head shot up as he grabbed his invisiblity cloak from his trunk and his wand from his nightstand before dashing out the door. As he ran, Harry struggled to put on his cloak. He ran the whole way down to the entrance hall, keeping a close lookout for teachers.

When he was out on the grounds, Harry checked the map again to see where she was. He also noticed another figure moving in and out of the boundries of the map. He followed the map into the forrest until he became so deep in it that the sunlight didn't shine in this part; and everything looked like a creature, ready to eat you. Up ahead of him, Harry heard muffled voices. As he came closer, he saw Cat talking quietly with a much taller figure.

Her face was red, and she seemed very angry. The figure in front of her was dressed in all black, and was wearing a hood over its face. The figure's hand pulled back the hood to reveal the last person Harry would expect. He widened his eyes, and ran as fast as he could back towards the castle.

When he was safe inside the enterance hall, Harry laid his head against the wall and closed his eyes. 'Why would the two of them be out there?' He didn't even realize why he even ran away from them. He should have stayed. It would have been good information to listen to. His eyes shot open as his invisiblity cloak was ripped off him by a girl crouching in front of him.

"Why were you in the forrest?" Cat spat. "Are you incapable of keeping out of everyone's business?"

"Why were you there?" Harry shot back, staring her straight in the eye. Seeming taken back, Cat stood up and said,

"It's none of your business."

"Yes it is."

"If it was any of your business, you would know."

"He's my friend! I want to know what he would be doing with a Slytherin like you!" Eyes burning with hate, Cat stormed off, giving him a very rude sign with her finger as she rounded the corner. Muttering angrily, Harry stomped all the way back up to the Gryffindor tower.

When he came through the portrait hole, sitting on the couch in front of the fire was none other then Ginny, reading a book. Barely noticing her, Harry sat down next to her angrily. Looking up from her book, Ginny said teasingly, "What happened? Cat got your tongue?"

"It's not funny, Ginny." Harry snapped, his temper flaring. A hurt expression came onto Ginny's face. Getting up she said,

"Fine, whatever Harry. Just wanted to help."

"Wait, Ginny. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to take out my anger on you." Sitting back down, much closer this time, Ginny asked,

"So, what's bothering you?" Harry launched into the whole story of what had just happened, what he had heard in Dumbledore's office, and all the dreams he was having. When he finished, Ginny was silent for a moment.

"So you've had to carry all that on your shoulders? I'm so sorry, Harry." She put her arms around his neck and rested her head on his shoulder. "I'm happy that you finally decided to talk to someone."

"Thanks, Ginny. I'm glad I did too." Ginny brought her head up from his shoulder and looked him in the eye. Harry's breath was caught in his throat as he looked into her chocolate-brown eyes.

"Ginny, wouldyouliketogotohogsmeadewithme?" Harry asked in one breath.

"Sorry, didn't catch that." Harry took a deep breath and asked again.

"Would you like to go to Hogsmeade with me?" A smile lit up Ginny's face.

"I would love to." Surprised by her reaction, he couldn't help but ask,

"Aren't you with Dean?"

"No, we broke up during the summer. He told me that he liked someone else." She shrugged her shoulders as if to say that it didn't matter.

"So, you really want to go to Hogsmeade with me?" Harry asked unbelievingly.

"Yes, Harry I want to go to Hogsmeade with you." Ginny said laughing. He smiled back, it was one of the few moments in his life when he was truly happy.
The weeks that passed before the Hogsmeade visit, Harry became very nervous. He had already told Ron that he was taking Ginny to Hogsmeade, and Ron couldn't have been happier.
"Harry!" Ron had yelled. "I'm happy you finally came to your senses to ask her out! Now, I want to know. Where are you taking her? What are you planning on doing?"
"I haven't really planned anything. Whatever Ginny wants to do, I guess."
"Good, because Hermione and I were just going to-"
"Wait, you and Hermione? You asked her out?"
"Yeah, yesterday. It kinda slipped out." Ron had said, grinning sheepishly, his face a dark scarlet color.
He smiled slightly at the memory of Ron's face, and how embarassed he looked. Today was finally the day that they would be going to Hogsmeade, October 31st. Harry was both nervous and excited about his date with Ginny. They had agreed to meet in the Great Hall at the Gryffindor table.

He was sitting there, waiting patiently with Ron for her and Hermione. Ron's leg was moving up and down in worry, his hands and face all sweaty. Harry was completely calm and was eating part of a muffin.

"Hi guys." Standing in front of them was Hermione and Ginny.

"Hi, Ginny, ready to go?" Harry asked standing up and giving her a light kiss on the cheek.

"Yeah, coming Mione, Ron?"

"Coming. Come on, Ron." Hermione took Ron's hand and pulled him up from his seat; which his butt seemed to be glued to.

"You-you...l,loook...very..pretty Hermione." Ron stuttered staring at her as if in a trance.

"Thanks, Ron. You don't look so bad yourself." She smiled at him, causing a large smile to come onto his face.

The four friends walked down to Hogsmeade, the couples holding hands. Each were deep in their own conversations. Harry and Ginny were arguing about who the best teams were for the World Cup.

"Look, Ginny, I know you like the Cannons, but they have no chance. It'll be the Arrows and either the Harpies or France. What? France is surprisingly good this year."

"Oh, please Harry." Ginny sighed, waving her hand in front of her face. "The Arrows' keeper can't stop one quaffle, he's like how Ron was last year." She said pointing at Ron.

"I heard that!"

"Anyway, the Harpies are going to lose to China in the semi-finals, its going to be the the Cannons and Ireland."

"What Ginny said!"

"Oh, shut up Ron. Go kiss Hermione." Ginny and Harry said at the same time, they looked at each other and started to laugh.

"That's not funny!" Ron yelled, his ears turning pink. "Come on, Hermione, we're leaving." He grabbed Hermione's hand, who was shaking with surpressed giggles, and drug her away towards Honeydukes. Harry and Ginny continued to laugh until they came up to the Three Broomsticks pub in Hogsmeade.

"Want to go in?" Harry asked when they both had finally calmed down.

"No thanks, lets walk around for awhile." He nodded and the two of them set off towards Honeydukes. After their money bags were considerbly lighter, their stomachs full of sweets, and their pockets full of new Zonkos merchandise, the couple made their way to the Shrieking Shack.

Harry leaned against the fence that protected it and looked out at the vast mountains behind it. Ginny caught him looking and asked him,

"Harry, you okay?"

"Just thinking."


"Everything that happened in there."

"Oh. You want to talk about it?"

"Well, well, well, look who we have here." A cold drawling voice came from behind them. Harry spun around to see Malfoy, Crabbe, Goyle, and Cat standing in a large pile of dead leaves.

"What do you want?" Harry asked impatiently.

"To see what you and your pathetic girlfriend were doing." Cat sneered. "Sorry Potter, Padfoot and Prongs aren't here anymore." Angry, Harry drew his wand and pointed it at her face.

"Watch your mouth Parker." Cat simply looked down at his wand without interest; a bored expression on her face. She stepped closer to him, a small smile on her face.

"What are you going to do, Potter? Levitate me?" Malfoy and his croonies started laughing hysterically.

"Stupfey." Harry yelled. The spell coming straight at Cat, she simply stuck out her hand, the spell hitting it, bouncing off the hitting Goyle in the chest. She had a calm expression on her face, as if she reflected magic off her hand everyday.

"Come on, Harry. Lets get out of here." Ginny whispered. She took his hand, and together, they walked away from the Slytherins.
"How can she do that?" Harry asked unbelievingly when they were sitting at a table in the back of the Three Broomsticks.

"Do what?" Hermione asked curiously. Her and Ron had met up with Harry and Ginny outside.

"I'll tell her. Harry and me were at the Shrieking Shack, when Malfoy, Crabbe, Goyle, and Cat came. Harry and her started fighting, and then he sent the stunning spell at her, when she lifted up her hand, the spell hit it, bounced off, and hit Goyle in the chest."

"Who hit Goyle in the chest?" Ron asked, coming back to the table with four mugs of butterbeer.

"Cat." Harry answered.

"She's in Slytherin though."

"I'll tell you Ron." Hermione said, telling the story to Ron who seemed mildly interested in it until the part came when Goyle got hit with the spell.

"She hit him in the chest! That's great!"

"That's not the point, Ron." Hermione rolled her eyes at him and flicked his ear. "The point is that Cat can do something odd with her hands."

"So she can magic with her hands. Doesn't matter." Ron shrugged his shoulders, taking a deep gulp of his butterbeer.

"But Ron, we can't really even do it. Sometimes, though. Only very advanced wizards and witches can do magic with their hands when they want to. And she's younger than us."

"She's a genius though, Hermione." Harry said.

"How do you know that?" Harry told the story of what he heard in Dumbledore's office the night that he had the nightmare.

"How come you didn't tell us before?" Ron asked, a little offended.

"I told Ginny a couple of weeks ago, but I guess it just slipped my mind."

"We're your best friends-" Ron protested.

"And Ginny is his girlfriend." Hermione finished for him. "You would tell me something before you told Harry, right Ron?"

"Um," Hermione rolled her eyes and the whole table started laughing. After more jokes exchanged (mostly about Ron), the two couples made their way back up to the castle for the Halloween feast. They made their way to the Great Hall just as the feast was beginning to start. The hall was decorated with the usual bats fluttering about, and the jack-o-lanterns taking the place of the levatating candles.

Immediatly, Ron dug in to the bowls of cupcakes and the candy apples. Harry had started eating a large piece of chocolate cake, while Hermione and Ginny had started on the carrot cake. The only talk that went on between the students that night was about their days at Hogsmeade. The feast seemed to be only filled with mindless chatter and sugary food; little did everyone know, that a dark cloud was about to come to rest on Hogwarts.
After the feast, when the Gryffindors were making their way up to their dormitories, something stopped them in their path. When Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny arrived, the onlookers had grown to Ravenclaws and some Hufflepuffs. Harry pushed his way through the crowd until he came to the front.

There, in front of the portrait of the Fat Lady, was a young Gryffindor first year hanging by his neck from a rope suspened in the air by magic. Behind him, in words written in what looked like blood was: MUDBLOODS UNWANTED, LEAVE NOW. Harry heard Hermione gasp from behind him and he turned around to see Ron holding her while she sobbed.

"Move! The headmaster's here! MOVE!" Filch shouted as the students parted to make a pathway for Dumbledore to walk through. He took one look at the hanging student before shouting,

"All students other than Gryffindors, go back to your house towers! Ms. Minigione." Dumbledore addressed a tall, second year girl with long and bushy hair. "Go get Madame Pomfrey immediatly." The girl nodded before running off towards the hospital wing. "Gryffindors, go into your common rooms." Dumbledore ushered the Gryffindors into the common room before walking quickly towards his office.

"Who could have done this?" Harry asked Ron, Hermione, and Ginny as they sat in their favorite seats by the fire.

"No idea. Probably a Slytherin, though." Ron said angrily.

"Don't be daft, Ron. Even a Slytherin wouldn't go that far." Ginny replied.

"Oh, I don't know. What about that new girl? Dog, or whatever her name is."


"Who cares! Anyway, she seems like a dirty rotten snitch to me. I mean, stunning people in her own house, reading minds, mysterious meetings in the forrest, doing magic with her hands. She seems to be up to something." Harry had to agree with Ron, she was weird, and who knew what she was capable of doing?

Chapter 7: Chapter 7: Professor Murphy
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A couple of weeks had passed since the incident, and it was now mid-November; when the trees were just starting to look like skeletons, and the autumn wind was turning into winter wind. The day when the wind was at its worst was the day that Harry, Ron, and Hermione had to go to their Care of Magical Creatures class with Hagrid.

The whole way down the slopping grounds from the castle to Hagrid's hut was a long and slow one. Hermione kept slipping from the amount of her books (also because the sight of seeing that first year hung still had a very strong affect on her), Ron stopped every time she slipped to help her up, and Harry waited for them every time. By the time they reached the hut, the class had already assembled at the shadowy entrance to the Forbidden Forrest.

"Listen up, yer' lot." Hagrid boomed. His hair seemed to be a more tangled mess then it usually was, and his face seemed extremely grief-stricken. "Follow me, and turn your books to page 23." He turned around and bounded off deeper into the forrest.

"Better look after your girlfriend, Weasley." Cat whispered as she walked past with Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle. "Don't want a rope around her neck, now do you?" Malfoy and his croonies started sniggering as they walked ahead to catch up with the rest of the class. Harry could feel his temper on its last nerve, and was about to pull out his wand to curse Cat into oblivation, but Hermione put her hand on his arm.

"Harry, just ignore them. That'll never happen to me, I promise." She smiled reassuringly at both Ron and Harry, although there was fear etched in her eyes. They walked up to the class and stayed in the far back.

"Now, this here animal is called a Chimaera. Can anyone tell me, besides Hermione, what a Chimaera is?" Hermione's hand had shot in the air, but had come down sadly when Hagrid had started speaking. "Yes, you, Slytherin."

"A Chimaera is a rare Greek monster with a lion's head, a goat's body, and a dragon's tail. It is vicious and bloodthirsty, making it extremely dangerous." Everyone turned around, to see who had spoken. Cat's head was held up proudly as she spoke. Immediatly, everyone started whispering about her.

"How can a Slytheirn know that much?"

"I thought Hermione was the only know-it-all."

Harry, Ron, and Hermione were all staring at each other, until Hermione remembered. "Remeber what you told us Harry? She's transfered here from America because she was too smart for that school, and she's younger than us and in our year."

" Er, correct. 10 points to Slytherin. Now, yer all goin' to be observing this Chimaera here. Now, he's perfectly trained so you don't have to worry 'bout him. So, I want yer to observe what he looks like, how he eats, how he moves, and the sounds he makes. After yer done with that, write a 36 inch report with your notes. Each topic one paragraph. Understand? Good, start working." Everyone got into groups with their friends, and started talking while they took their notes.

"I'm surprised it took Hagrid this long to get an animal this dangerous. I mean, the last one was two years ago." Harry said jotting down his observations.

"What animal two years ago?" Ron asked.

"The Blast-Ended Skrewts."

"Oh, right. Can you believe what that girl said to us before?"

"She's a Slytherin, Ron. And, besides she's hanging out with Malfoy." Harry said. "I'll bet you she's only going to get worse. You alright, Hermione?" Hermione's head shot up from her notes which she had been working on rapidly, ignoring Harry and Ron's conversation.

"What? Oh, sorry, Harry. What did you say?"

"He asked if you were alright, Mione. You've been really quiet lately."

"Oh, um, I'm, okay. Don't worry. Oh look, we're going." Hermione jumped up, packed her books up really fast and rushed away from them towards the castle.

"What's wrong with her?" Ron asked worridly as he and Harry walked back up toward the castle.

"It's probably the hanging. Did you hear what happened to that kid?" Harry asked as they sat down for lunch.

"Yeah, he was sent home. He's alright though. His parents just don't want him in Hogwarts anymore. Where's Hermione?" Ron asked looking around the Great Hall.

"Hey, guys. Who are you looking for?" Ginny asked as she came to sit next to Harry. She gave him a quick peck on the cheek before getting some food.

"Ginny, did you see Hermione anywhere?" Harry asked.

"No. Why, what happened?"

"That Cat girl scared her." Ron muttered angrily.

"What did she say to Hermione?"

"She told us to look out for Hermione, and if we didn't there might be a rope around her neck too." Harry said angrily.

"Why would she say that?" Ginny asked, concerned.

"Why do you think, Ginny?" Ron said sarcastically. "And people call me thick." He muttered as an after thought. Ginny rolled her eyes at him

"Maybe she'll come later." She said. But Ginny was wrong, Hermione never showed up to lunch, and got Ron and Harry nervous.

"What if the Slytherins did something to her?" Ron asked shakily.

"They couldn't have Ron. We saw Malfoy and Cat in the Great Hall the entire time. I'm sure she's just fine." Harry reassured Ron, although he never managed to convince himself.

When they came to the door of their Defense Against the Dark Arts class, Harry and Ron saw Hermione standing there, waiting for them.

"I was wondering when you two would come." She said before going into the classroom. Confused, Harry and Ron followed her in. They took seats in the front, hoping that their real teacher would at least show up to this class. For their first five classes, they had been taught by Snape, and he had made sure to make their life their a living hell.

Five minutes after class was supposed to begin, the door opened. A crinkly, withered hand pushed the door open slowly. A small, hunched figure walked through the door wearing a long tattered red robe that dragged along the floor.

"Please be quiet, class. I am Professor Murphy, your Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. Oh, Mr. Thomas, Mr. Finnigan, put that away before I start my lesson." Everyone turned to look at Seamus and Dean, who were looking at some sort of Quidditch magazine under Seamus's desk. "Now, can anyone tell me what your last Professor was teaching you?" She reached up, and pulled back her hood, revealing long, white hair that fell gracefully behind her back, and a face that looked as if a face of a thirty year old was put on her. Her skin was as pale and as clear as sand, and she had beautiful hazel eyes that moved around the room constantly. "Yes, Ms.Granger."

"Our last Professor, Professor Umbridge, was having us read each chapter in our textbook." Hermione answered promptly.

"And? Is that all?" Propfessor Murphy inquired, her arms folded across her chest.


"Tisk, tisk, tisk. Not what I expected from a room full of O or EE O.W.L. scorers. Alright, lets start off on something easy today, shall we? Now, the spell that I am going to have you master is the Fire Spell. Now, there are other fire spells, but, this one is specifically used for fighting your enemys. The incantation is Rosi Carne. Repeat after me, Rosi Carne."

"Rosi Carne."

"Very good, lets try it again."

"Rosi Carne."

"Excellent. Now, you are going to get one or two partners, and start practicing the spell. The fire won't burn the ground, just make sure that it doesn't touch your partners. The fire'll die down eventually. Begin." The sounds of spell practicing was heard around the room, and dancing flames soon consumed the floor.

"Rosi Carne." Ron muttered. His wand simply sputtered ashes. He growled and tried again "Rosi Carne." Only ashes came out. Getting angrier, he said it again, this time more forcefully. "ROSI CARNE!" Flames erupted from the end of his wand, and a large grin came onto his face.

"Excellent, Mr. Weasley. 5 points to Gryffindor." Professor Murphy said as she passed by. "Come on, Mr.Potter, your turn." Harry got up from the desk he had been sitting on with Hermione and walked in front of the professor.

"Rosi Carne." Harry said simply, and large flames came from out of his wand. Professor Murphy smiled.

"I would expect nothing else, Harry. Lily and James were exceptional in this class. CLASS DISMISSED!" She shouted, walking towards her office, leaving Harry shocked by her comment.

"How does she know your parents?" Ron asked.

"No, idea. Come on, let's get to dinner." Harry breathed, picking up his bag and following Ron and Hermione out of the classroom towards the Great Hall.
"You gonna eat that, Harry?" Ron asked him as Harry stared off into space.

"No, here Ron." Eagerly, Ron grabbed Harry's unfinsished chicken leg and started devouring it.

"Ron, you are disgusting." Ginny spat as she watched her brother eat like he had never eaten before.

"What?" He asked, pieces of chicken coming out of his mouth.

"Ugh." Ginny rolled her eyes and got up. "I'm going back to the common room. Coming Harry?"

"Coming. See you guys in the common room." Harry went to get up and follow Ginny, but Ron grabbed his arm.

"Harry, don't you dare try anything with my sister up there. If you do, you'll never see the light of day again." Harry laughed at Ron's over-protectiveness.

"Don't worry, Ron. Nothing will happen. I swear." Seeming satisfied, Ron let go of Harry and he went back to eatting. When Harry finally arrived at the common room, he saw Ginny sitting patiently on the couch.

"Hi, Harry. What kept you?"


"What did he say?" Ginny narrowed her eyes, an angry look coming onto her face.
"He told me not to try anything with you, unless I never want to see the light of day again." Her eyes seemed to be electrified, they were so full of anger.

"I HATE when he does this! He does this with every guy I go out with!"

"Calm down, Ginny. He's just worried about you. He doesn't want anything to happen to you." Harry sat down next to her and put his arm around her shoulders.

"I just wish that he would stop."

"He can't, it's his job." The two of them sat in a comfortable silence for awhile, staring into the fire, each of them wrapped in their own thoughts.

"Oh, Harry. I almost forgot. Did Ron tell you that we might be going to Grimmauld Place for Christmas?"

"No, it must have slipped his mind. What do you mean "might be going"?"

"Mum isn't sure about it yet. The Order's not sure if it's safe to go."


"Yeah, Harry."

"Something odd happened today."

"What is it?" Ginny sat up and turned around to face him.

"When we were in Defense Against the Dark Arts, Professor Murphy said to me that she expected nothing but the best from me. Because my parents were really good in that subject. Do you think she was their teacher?"

"I don't know. We could look in the Room of Requirement. If we ask for the records of the teachers and students that went here, I'm sure we'll find her."

"That's a great idea, Ginny. Will you go with me now?" Harry asked excitiedly.

"Sure. We should take the Marauder's Map and your invisiblity cloak, though."

"Good idea. I'll be right back." He jumped up from off the couch and ran to get the map and cloak. When he came down, Ginny was waiting for him at the portrait hole. He threw the invisiblity cloak over them and they walked out of the portrait. They soon came to the corridor where the room was located and Harry walked past it thinking carefully of what they needed. 'We need a place where there is all the records of all the students and teachers that were ever at Hogwarts'. After the third time of walking past the wall, Ginny shouted.

"Harry! The door's here!" She pulled open the door, and inside was the biggest libaray that Harry had ever seen. There was wall to wall bookshelves filled with all the records of the students and teachers at Hogwarts. There was also two large wooden tables, with chairs to sit down in.

"We should look for teachers in the 70's, first." Harry suggested. They walked over to the bookshelves, and found the records of the students and teachers from the 70's. Harry started on the book of teachers, and Ginny started on the record of students.

"Wow, McGonagall was here in the 70's. So was Flitwick and Dumbledore was the headmaster!" Harry exclaimed, he looked through the entire book, but he couldn't find a Professor Murphy.

"Uh, Harry. I think you should take a look at this." Ginny said shakily. He rushed over to where she was sitting, and looked where she was pointing.
Gryffindor Seventh Year:
Sirius Black
Lily Evans
Remus Lupin
Li-Emy Murphy
Peter Pettigrew
James Potter
Brianna Wickham
Rachel Wisteria

Harry stared at the page in shock, his eyes as wide as his forehead.

"Harry, Professor Murphy was in Gryffindor with your parents." Ginny breathed, just as confused as he was.

Chapter 8: Chapter 8: Quidditch Tryouts
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When Ginny and Harry came back to Gryffindor tower, they found Ron and Hermione waiting for them in the common room. When they were spotted, Ron's face turned purple, with a mixture of anger and worry in his eyes.



"Well, you should have left us a note or something." Ron grumbled. "Sorry, mate. Didn't know, brother's first instincts."

"No problem. Night." Harry walked up to the boy's dormitories, Ron and Hermione's yelling voices quickly fading. He lay down on his four poster, his eyes traveling the length of the ceiling. His thoughts traveled back to the information he and Ginny had just discovered. 'How could she have been in Gryffindor with my parents?' Harry thought. 'She's so much older than they would be. Was she a friend of my mum's? Or dad's?' These thoughts brought him into a deep and troubling sleep.
"This is it. The end of everything, the start of nothing." Hermione said sadly, resting her head on Ron's shoulder.
"It's alright, Hermione. We won. Everything'll be alright. They're in another adventure. Like Dumbledore said..-"
"Death is but the next great adventure." She finished.
"Right. Come on, Mione. Let's go home." Ron smiled sadly at her and they turned away, their hands intertwined.
Harry sat up, it must have been well past midnight, because the stars were starting to fade. He blinked his eyes several times to get ride of the picture of Ron and Hermione looking so miserable. 'Who's grave were they at?' He thought. He looked over at Ron's bed to find him sleeping soundly in it. Harry crawled out of bed and decided to go for a walk. He threw on a shirt and jeans, pocketed his wand, and grabbed his invisibility cloak and the Marauder's map before exiting the common room.

The hallways were pleasently quiet at 4 a.m. in the morning at Hogwarts. Harry roamed all over the school, looking at the paintings, and thinking about all his troubles. After an hour of walking, his feet began to grow tired. He slowly made his way to the Room of Requirement, figuring he could think more there. When the corridor in which the room was located came into view, Harry walked past it until he saw a door appear.

He walked in and closed the door behind him softly. The room had a couch, a table, and a rug that covered the floor. Harry tugged off the cloak and laid down on the couch. He closed his eyes to reflect all that had happened to him so far in the year. He had gotten a girlfriend and a new enemy, and more visions had started coming. Harry also thought about the upcoming Quidditch season (McGonagall had told him after one of her classes that he was the new captain).

He need new players, and had decided to hold Quidditch practice tomorrow night, Wednesday. Ron would still be keeper, Ginny would love to be chaser, and his ban was lifted, so he would be seeker. He would have to talk to Ron about this, and get the notice up. Harry couldn't wait until he would be able to feel the wind in his hair again and the excitement of the game. He was going to get a really good team, a team with talent, a team that would blow the Slytherins out of the water. With that good thought in his head, Harry got up and returned back to the dormitories.
Ron was already up when Harry returned, and he wondered how long he had been wandering the castle. When Ron caught sight of Harry walking through the doors, he ran up to him and gripped his shoulders, hard.

"Where have you been? Are you alright?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. Listen. I was thinking about holding Quidditch tryouts tomorrow night. What do you think?"

"That's a great idea, but there's one problem. You have to book the pitch a lot in advance or else you never get it."

"I'll go to the pitch tonight and see when we can have tryouts. Sound good?"

"Sounds great. Um, Harry?" Ron asked nervously.
"Do I have to tryout too?"

"No, only you and Ginny don't."

"Why doesn't Ginny have to?" Ron asked, raising an eyebrow knowingly.

"Because I've seen her play as chaser, and she's really good at it. Not because I'm dating her."

"Right." Ron said in a slow voice, pronoucing every letter. Harry rolled his eyes and they went down to the Great Hall to eat breakfast.
The day pasted very slowly for the trio. Their classes went on forever, and the homework kept pilling up. Unusually, Hermione wasn't the one who got picked in class that day for all the answers; Cat was. She was just like Hermione, maybe even smarter. By lunch, a lot of rumors were going around; some were that she had stolen Hermione's brain, she had bribed the teachers to give her the answers, and that she could read the teacher's minds. They were all ridiclous, except for the last one (from Harry's experience), could be true. By the time dinner was over, even more rumors had started, and the sixth years' homework was worse then last years'. After dinner ended, Harry made his way to the pitch to try and book it for tomorrow night.

When he arrived at the pitch, he saw the Slytherins practicing. He saw Malfoy in mid-air on his broom, shouting at everyone. He smirked when he saw that his beaters could barely hit the bludgers, that his keeper was worse then Ron, and that his chasers couldn't handle the quaffle. His smile disappeared when he saw who his new seeker was. Cat was flying around, following the snitch like a real cat. She made an amazing catch, one that Harry had never done before.

"Good, Cat. Very good." Malfoy said to her as she flew over to him. "You'll give Potter a run for his money." Malfoy leaned in to kiss her, but she flew away and let the snitch go. 'She's really good.' Harry thought looking at her. Cat's head shot up from the snitch, and looked in his direction. His eyes went wide and he quickly checked the schedule before booking it for the next night. He looked one more time at the team before walking away from the setting sun towards the castle.
Harry found Ron, Hermione, and Ginny talking in front of the fire in the common room, waiting for him. He sat down next to Ginny who jumped up a little when he sat down.

"Hi, Harry. So, did you book it?" Ginny asked.

"Yeah. Tomorrow night. I'm going to put up the notice right now." He flicked his wand and the notice appeared on the bulletin board. With a satisfied nod, Harry turned back to his friends. "Ginny, you want to be chaser?"

"Yeah. Of course."

"Great. Do you guys know anyone who might like to tryout?"

"I think some kids in the third and second years might want to try out, I heard them talking about it." Ginny said thoughtfully. She yawned and got up. "I'm off to bed. Night Harry." Ginny gave him a kiss on the lips before walking up to her dormitory.

"I'm going to turn in, too. Night, you guys." Hermione gave Harry and Ron a small wave before following Ginny upstairs.

"How come I don't get a kiss?" Ron muttered after Hermione had gone upstairs. Harry leaned back on the couch and smiled.

"Dunno, Ron. You should talk to Hermione about it. I'm going up too. You coming?"

"Yeah." Ron jumped up and he and Harry walked up to their dormitory.

They could hear Neville's usual snores coming from his bed, and Dean's rustling of his sheets. They quietly changed into their pajamas, and got into bed.
"Night, Harry." Ron yawned before his snores came into beat with Neville's

"Night, Ron." Harry placed his glasses on his nightstand, and drifted off to sleep. Waiting to see what the next day would bring.
Wednesday dawned warm and humid; and the day stayed the same. The Gryffindors who were trying out for the team where impatient for classes to end. When dinner was over, all the Gryffindors rushed back to their dorms to get their brooms and get to the pitch first.

Harry was shocked at how many people had shown up for tryouts. He seperated the Gryffindors into two groups: chasers and beaters. He tried out the beaters first. So many of the kids couldn't even hit the bludger. Until finally, two second year twins, Meaghan and Liam Synder were able to hit the bludgers almost as good as Fred and George. Harry then moved onto the chasers. He had Ginny throw the quaffle to them and they had to try and score a goal. Almost every kid got it through Ron, and it was tough to decide which two were the best. He finally decided on the second year Dana Minigione, and a fifth year named Ryan Hynes. When he had seen everyone, Harry brought everyone together.

"Tonight I have seen a lot of talent. You were all really, really great. But, only four more of you can be on the team. For beaters, I have chosen Meaghan and Liam Synder. And for chasers, I have chosen Dana Minigione and Ryan Hynes. Thank you all for coming." The kids who didn't make the team stalked away, grumbling things about Harry and how stupid Quidditch was the whole way. Harry looked over his new team and a sense of pride came over him.

"Alright, the first practice is tomorrow. And we have a game on Sunday against Slytherin. So, be ready. Go to bed, I'll see you tomorrow." They walked up to the common room and parted ways. All of them going to sleep happily.

Chapter 9: Chapter 9: Professor Murphy's Tale
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We know that this is kind of slow. But we're trying here! It'll get better! Please read and review! Also, we fixed our first three chapters a little bit, so they're a bit more realistic!

"Great, potions first thing in the morning." Harry grumbled as he ate his toast at the Great Hall on Thursday morning.

"Oh, come on, Harry. It could be worse." Ginny said. Harry looked at her with a "want-to-bet" look, and she immediately changed her mind. "No, that is bad. Never mind."

"You're such a great help, Ginny." Harry said sarcasticly. Ginny gave him a look and stormed out of the Great Hall, muttering under her breath. Harry looked up, confused at Ginny's reaction.

"What did I do?" He asked.

"It's a girl thing Harry. I don't even get why she left. There should be a book for guys about why girls act the way they do, and all that kind of stuff." Ron said, pieces of scrambled egg spraying Harry in the face. Annoyed, Harry wipped the pieces off his face while glaring at Ron. "Sorry mate."

"You have one thing to look forward too, Harry." Hermione looked up from her Daily Prophet.

"Oh yeah? What's that?"

"Well, actually two." She said looking back down at the paper.

"What are they?"

"One, we have Defense Against the Dark Arts today, you can talk to Professor Murphy about your parents. And two, Wormtail was caught."

"WHAT?!" Harry launched himself over the table and grabbed the paper away from Hermione's grasp. He read through the article, shocked.


Just last night, at the old Riddle House in Little Hangleton,
Peter Pettigrew was found by a small group of Aurors who were searching
the area for any signs of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.
Apparently, he had in his possession a list of all the muggleborns, and towns that
He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named wanted to attack and kill.
Pettigrew, who was said to have been killed by Sirius Black almost fifteen years ago, put up a
rather large fight with the Aurors, before they finally got him into custody. He was then taken to the
Ministry of Magic, where he is now being questioned. Please read the next issue for more updates.

Harry stared at the picture that they had used of the traitor. He was scared, and shaking, with many Aurors behind him. He glared at the picture. 'This should have happened three years ago. Not now.' Harry thought. He shoved the paper back into Hermione's hands and left the Great Hall.

When he was a safe distance from the Hall, Harry sat down and leaned against the wall. A million thoughts rushed through his head, all his other senses shutting down. He thought about him and Ginny; how they had never really kissed, and why she was mad at him. He thought about Wormtail being captured, and the happiness he felt about it. And he thought about Professor Murphy, and the connection that she might have to his parents. He glanced at his watch, and immediatly jumped up, realising that he might be late for Potions.

Harry reached the dungeon door panting profusely, and using his last bit of strength, opened the heavy door as quietly as possible, and slipped into a seat inbetween Hermione and Ron in the back.

"Where were you?" Hermione asked him out of the corner of her mouth as Snape walked into the room.

"Thinking." He answered as Snape began his usual morning torture.

If Potions class had ever been bad before, this time it was terrible. This class had to have set a record for most points Gryffindor had ever lost in one class: 100. Cat had made him loose 50 by first spilling his potion, then making a drawing of Snape and handing it into him, saying that Harry made it. Ron lost 40 points by putting three wrong ingredients into his potion, causing it to melt his caulderon into a liquid metal. Hermione, surprisingly, lost 10 points for trying to help Ron get his caulderon back together, after Snape had told her twice not to. The sixth year Gryffindors felt beaten and angry as they trudged up the stairs to get to their Defense Against the Dark Arts class.

Ron slammed his books on his desk when they entered the room, causing Professor Murphy to jump slightly in her seat. Harry slumped down in the desk next to Ron's, muttering curses about Snape under his breath.

"Well, I can see that you just had Potions class." Professor Murphy stood up from behind her desk and walked to the front of the class. She surveyed the students carefully. The most of the Gryffindors, Ravenclaws,and Hufflepuffs had their face of anger plastered on, but the Slytherins had a look of upmost happiness. "What did old Snivellus do to you?" Harry, Ron, and Hermione's heads shot up at the sound of the Marauder's nickname for Snape. Ron and Hermione looked at Harry, their faces both saying the same thing: "Talk with her."

Defense Against the Dark Arts usually went quickly for Harry, as favorite classes usually do, but today, it went slower than he could have ever imagined. He kept glancing at his watch inpatiently, waiting for class to be over so he could talk with the Professor. By the time that class had ended, Harry was at his wits end, trying to wait for the time when he could speak with her. He jumped out of his seat as soon as she dismissed the class, and walked nervously up to her desk.

"What is it Harry?" She asked him, not looking up from a paper she was grading as he opened his mouth to speak.

"I was wondering, if you knew my parents." He asked uncertinly. Professor Murphy's eagle feather quill stopped in mid correction, she sighed as she placed it flat on the desk and looked up at Harry. A small smile came onto her face.

"I was wondering how long it would take you to ask me that. Would, you like me to tell you a story?" Harry nodded his head as fast as it would go, eager to learn about his father and mother. He sat down immediately in the chair in front of her desk. She let out a small smile at his eagerness. "Alright. Now, where do I begin? Alright, here it goes. I met Lily on our first train ride to Hogwarts. She was sitting in a compartment with another one of my best friends: Brianna Wickham. We also met another girl on the train ride, Rachel Wisteria." Her eyes got an angry look in them as she said Rachel's name. "We met the Marauders on the train, also. Lily hated James from the moment he walked through the compartment door. We all got sorted into Gryffindor, much to all our happiness, of course. Nothing exciting happened to us in any of our years. It was pretty much the same every year, Lily and James' constant fighting was the only highlight. Then, Seventh Year came around. Your Mum and Dad where Head Boy and Girl together; that got Lily pretty mad. Then, on the third day of school, she told me her greatest secret: she really liked James. We told Brianna the next day, but not Rachel. James had asked her out and she said yes, so we didn't really like her. Their relationship only lasted one date, though. We went to Hogsmeade a couple weeks later, and that's when Lily told him."

"Told him what?" Harry asked, taking on every word she said like a sponge would take up water.

"Told him that she liked him. Your mum got so scared! She would barely talk to anyone for almost a month! Me, Brianna, and the rest of the Quidditch team had to come up with a plan to get them together. We got Lily to come to our practice, and then, we would leave her and James alone. It worked perfectly. They were together before the first star came into the sky. Their relationship only lasted for about a month, though."

"Why what happened?" Harry asked alarmed.

"Well, let's see. Why did they...? Oh, yes, now I remember. James invited Lily over to his house for Christmas. You probably knew that Sirius ran away from his own family, and he was staying at the Potters, right? Well, Sirius had started to date Rachel, and he made James invite her too. So, it was Christmas morning, and Lily couldn't find James, and Sirius couldn't find Rachel. So she goes looking for them and guess what she finds, your dad and Rachel in bed together. Lily ran out of the room, and when Sirius caught her, she told him everything. The good thing for Lily was that they were going back to Hogwarts in two days. She stayed in her room, and wouldn't come out. James made so many attempts to talk to her, until he finally gave up. Sirius was also heartbroken, he wouldn't talk to James at all. I think the only person that he would talk to was Lily, and she him. When I saw them get on the train, you could tell immediately that something really bad happened. It was like a thick, heavy, black rain cloud had come over the train, and wasn't going to leave. James never even came by the compartment, it was just me, Brianna, Sirius, Remus, and Lily. She and Sirius told us everything that had happened. And from then on, we never said a word to James again; his only friend was Rachel and Peter, when he wasn't in the hospital wing. We graduated, and Sirius and Lily had gotten together right after they came back from Christmas holiday, no one blamed them one bit. I had an apartment with Lily and Brianna, and Remus and Sirius lived together in an apartment down the hall. Ten years after we graduated, Lily ran into James. He had broken up with Rachel six years ago, and was now single. Your mum and Sirius had broken up about a year after we left Hogwarts, both saying that it felt like they were dating their sibling. James kept trying to get together with Lily, she turned him down about 5 times before she said that she would go have lunch with him as a friend. After that, they were back together. Then, it started all over again. Rachel came back, and the same thing happened. Except this time, your mum actually made him think about what he did. I was there when she talked some common sense into him, and when he proposed to her. She said to him that every time they said goodbye, part of her died. And after everything that he did to her, she still loved him. He proposed after she finished. They were married by the end of the year, and well, you know the rest." Professor Murphy let out a shaky breath, trying to hold back tears.

"Professor, how did you, what I mean is, how did you become so old-looking?" Harry asked, confused.

"Oh, about that. I was in the Order, with your parents and everyone else. We were fighting the death eaters one night, and Bellatrix Lestrange hit me with an aging spell. I became aged 50 more years. I've been like this since I was 28. If I hadn't been hit, I would be about 44, I think. So, now you know."

Harry sat in the chair, paralized. His green eyes were vacant, and his face showed no emotion. He couldn't believe he had just learned everything about his parents, their life seemed so dramatic, like those Soap Operas that Aunt Petunia would sometimes watch on weekday afternoons. As he pictured them, one part of their lives didn't fit. "What about Snape?" He asked suddenly.

Shocked by another question, she asked, "About who?"

"Snape. I know my dad didn't like him."

"Oh, Serverus. Well, that's true. He hated, no, loathed your dad and Sirius. In our Seventh Year, James didn't really prank him at all. We kind of missed it, to tell you the truth. Although, James did prank him at the Seventh Year ball. It was pretty funny, even Lily was smiling a little."

"Professor, thank you very much. For everything." Harry started to get up, his shoulder collapsing under the weight of his bag.

"You alright, Harry?"

"Now? I think so."