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The Qiao sister's @ Hogwarts by AnnienMystickbff

Format: Short story
Chapters: 6
Word Count: 8,268
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Romance, Action, Humor
Characters: Draco, Ginny, Harry, Dumbledore, Hermione, OC, Remus Lupin, Ron, Sirius Black, M. McGonagall
Pairings: Others

First Published: 05/12/2005
Last Chapter: 11/15/2005
Last Updated: 11/15/2005

(please if you know how to make banners can you please make me one????pretty please???? *puppy dog face*) This is actually written by me and my friend. What happens when two girls find two anchient tiara's that belonged to the legendary Xiao Qiao and Da Qiao? Will it change their lives forever? Read to find out!

Chapter 1: Waking up Different
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Disclaimer:: I don't own anything of J.K.R.'s....i don't own Da Qiao or Xiao Qiao and i don't own Crystale but i do own Melinda lol....^_^;;;

The Qiao Sister’s at Hogwarts

Melinda and Crystale were the very best of friends, in middle school they got the nickname “The Giggle Sister’s” there because they were constantly giggling about something. And now that they were in different high schools it was harder for them to see each other but they still managed to be friend and better then friends they were still and forever would be the Giggle Sisters, they were always there for each other no matter what and for some reason they had a big sister little sister bond. Melinda was a year and ½ older then Crystale, Melinda was 16 and Crystale was 15 turning 16 in 8 months. They both hated the drama in life.

One day they were both out front of Melinda’s house gardening when all the sudden they both dug up something. Both of the objects were tiara’s Crystale’s had a crescent moon well that’s what it looked like, it was chipped, Melinda’s was a narrow oval with a mix of purple and pink “they’re so pretty and for some reason I feel I should put it on” Crystale said “Yeah I feel like I should put this on too” Melinda said “we should put them on then!” Crystale said hyperly “What are you nuts?! What about germs?” Melinda complained “oh come on please?” Crystale begged with puppy eyes “fine but if I get sick I’m blaming you” Melinda said giving in “Let’s do it at the same time” Crystale said “Okay” Melinda agreed “one…two…three…” Crystale counted as they both placed the tiara’s on their head’s. And all the sudden they both blacked out.

***Madame Pomfrey’s P.O.V.***

I was taking care of some student’s when Albus and Hagrid came in with two girls levitating on stretcher’s. They were defiantly teenagers. “Who are they Albus?” I asked “Well I’m not entirely sure Hagrid found them on the grounds” Albus said as Hagrid took the girls one by one and placed them each on a bed. “Poppy when they wake up please inform me” Albus said and I nodded these girls would be my first priority.

The day’s passed very quickly and soon it was two weeks since the girls came. Neither of them had done anything that would show that they would wake up soon, I was worried. Albus came into the room he had a frown on his face, something was wrong. “What’s wrong Albus?” I asked worriedly “The ministry said that if they don’t wake up soon we’ll have to transfer them to St. Mango’s” he answered When all the sudden we heard a light moan.

***Melinda’s P.O.V.***

I was surrounded by complete darkness when I started to see pictures it was of a girl with beautiful short dark brown hair that was in braided pigtails, she had big brown eyes and she looked around 17... ‘whoa’ I thought it was Da Qiao from Dynasty Warriors ‘this is so strange I have to wake up’ I thought it just had to be a dream.. But this place was just so dark it seemed like a real room of memories that were lost over time… no it couldn’t be… ‘was I Da Qiao in the past?’ I thought to myself when all the sudden I opened my eyes and let out a moan. Colors were all blurry for a minute, there were three other people in the room one was on a hospital bed like me and the other two wee staring at me…I was frightened…I never seen these people in my life. “wh- where am I? And where’s my friend?” I asked “My dear you are at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and now that I’ve cleared that up what’s your name?” an old man answered “My name is Melinda…but you still didn’t answer the other half of my question, where is my friend?” I asked a little annoyed “Isn’t that your friend dear?” a lady that looked like a nurse asked as she pointed to the other person that was on a hospital bed. It was a girl she had a light golden brown hair color, that defiantly wasn’t Crystale or was it? “ can I see a mirror?” I asked awkwardly “Um, sure” the nurse answered as she took a packet mirror from a bed side table and gave it to me and I looked into it, “AHHH!!!” I screamed the girl staring back at me was the beauty , Da Qiao “What’s wrong dear?” the nurse asked “it-it’s just that…never mind, its nothing really” I lied “it’s okay you can tell us…I just so you can trust us a little more my name is Albus Dumbledore and the nurse with me is Madame Pomfrey” the old man said “um, well I uh looked different before” I said “How strange” Dumbledore said, I looked over to the girl on the other bed, it was Crystale she turned into Xiao Qiao, then I heard her moan.

***Crystale’s P.O.V.***

‘I hate the dark…’ I thought as I looked around the room I was in; all it simply was, was darkness when all the sudden I seen what seemed like someone’s memories it had a girl with light golden brown hair and hazel eyes she was a very hyper girl by the looks of it ‘just like me’ I thought and most of the time she was with a guy with long dark brown hair ‘she has good taste in guys’ I thought ‘wait a second that’s Xiao Qiao!’ I thought I looked at Xiao Qiao again ‘amazing we have so much in common…maybe I was her in a past life’ I thought when all the sudden I woke up I moaned and rubbed my eyes I seen two people and a teenager with dark brown hair and big brown eyes she was wearing the tiara Melinda found “Hey give that tiara to me right now! It’s not yours” I yelled at the girl. The girl let out a sigh and looked at me with sincere eyes and said “ Crystale it is me…and look at yourself and you’ll know” she got up from her bed and walked over to me and handed me a small mirror as I looked in it I couldn’t believe my eyes so I sat there with my eyes wide I even stopped breathing “Um Crystale? You okay?” Melinda asked I didn’t respond I was way too shocked I looked just like Xiao Qiao, I was so pretty, I’ve never seen such beauty in my life…finally I looked over to Melinda there stood the living image of Da Qiao “holy crap!!!” I yelled a lady that looked like a nurse said “watch your language” and an old guy simply chuckled.

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Chapter 2: Running Around Hogwarts
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***Melinda's POV***
I was truly happy that Crystale was up and alive at that. "Crystale should we go by Da Qiao and Xiao Qiao now?" I asked her" I uh don't know...I look like Xiao Qiao but, I trully don't know" she answered " neither do I" I said "We'll leave you girls to chat but I'll be back later to see what we can do with you, oh and Crystale i'm Albus Dumbledore I don't think you knew that yet" Dumbledore said. Madame Pomfrey left the room with Dumbledore. As soon as they left I got out of bed, Crystale did the same. "Want to explore?" I asked her with a smirk "er...okay, sounds fun!" she agreed "Hey your outfits different!" I said she was wearing Xiao Qiao's orange and yellow outfit (in DW5 its her 2nd one sorry it wasn't described) "Hey yours is too!" She exclaimed at me, it was Da Qiao's red outfit (her first one in DW5) "This is so cool!" we said in unison "well lets go explore!" Crystlae exclaimed happily, she skipped out of the hospital wing while I walked out calmly as I smiled to myself, for once in my life I felt truly beautiful. 'Wow this place is huge' I thought as I excited the room "What way should we go?" Crystale asked excitedly "Er...just follow me Xi- Crystale, I'm so sorry I don't know where that came from" I was strange how I almost called her Xiao Qiao "it oh-kay" she said as if not knowing what I was apologizing for. I led myself and Crystale through the halls, even though i didn't know where I was ging my feet were leading me, though my feet seemed to have a good sense of direction, we seen how beautiful this place was. "Look sissy were in a castle again it's been so long!...holy shit, I have no idea where that came you think Xiao Qiao and Da Qiao are inside us now?" Crystale asked "Well I
never thought about it but it's possible" I answered "that'd be so freaky!" Crystale said "Ahem, shouldn't you girls be in class?" we heard a voice ask "um class? What class?" Crystale asked "Oh, that's right this is a magic school, whopsie" I said remembering what Dumbledore said, I looked at the lady she had cat eyes and spiked gray hair "don't play mind games with me you know you should be in class" the lady said strickly "er...hasn't Dumbledore told you about us yet?" I asked nervously "What do you mean?" the lady asked annoyed "You know that that well he found us on the schools grounds unconscious" I said "no, he didn't and if it WAS truehe would of told us staff members" the lady argued, we both knew we were telling the truth but this lady wasn't going to give in so we looked at each other with a look that said we better take a run for it, Crystale was counting on her fingers, one-two-three. We both sprinted away from the lady, we heard her shout "Get back here this instant!" but we kept running not even knowing where we were going until we got to a flight of stairs we looked up the gigantic staircase some of the stairs were moving I looked at Crystale "should we?" I asked she took another glance at the stairs "okay" she said, we ran up a lot of the stairs until we found ourselves in a hallway with a portrait of a fat lady in a pink dress, we were standing in front of it staring at it until it said "Are you going to say the password or what?" "e-excuse me?" I asked "Mel I think we've gone insane, the portrait just talked" Crystale said "er, yeah she kinda does that a lot" a voice said from behind us, we turned around to see a girl with bushy brown hair, she was looking at us like WE were crazy "Are you new or something?" she asked "No, we were fo-" she was caught off by me placing my hand over her mouth Yeah,were new" I said the girl gave me a curious look but said "oh, well welcome to Hogwarts" "thanks" I said smiling weakly
the girl smiled and said "your welcome" "well we uh better go back to Dumbldore's" I said "okay, bye" the girl said Crystale and I took off like bolts of lightening down the same path we came or at least we tried. Pretty soon we were looking face to face with a boy with pale blonde hair and blue eyes.

***Crystale's POV***
'Wow...' I thought as I looked at the boy in front of us..."'Allo" I said with a smile. He looked at me with a frown, "So...I heard you are new?" a grin spread across his face as the held out his hand. I could sense that Mel was already annoyed with's that sisterly connection we have. I took his hand and he squeezed it, "I'm Draco Malfoy" he grined at me. For some reason I caught myself heat up with the rise of a blush. "Alright, Crystale let's go." Mel took my hand and we started to run around the school again, but before we turned a sharp corner I took a glance at him. As we ran like hell, through the halls, we ran into a couple of other teachers and hall monitors and we ran right by them all as we giggled and whooped through those huge halls. 'This is sooooo fun! I don't want this to ever end!' I thought.

***Mel's POV***
'I know it's not right for me to judge on first impression but I really didn't like the way he grinned and I could fell him
mocking us' I thought as we we came back to the fat lady, again. "How did we get back here?" I asked as we looked for a secret button or something or for something to happen "Yeah, I know, we took different eays on stairs and stuff!" We were both giggling again "Ahem!" came a voice from behind us. We both looked at each other, counting to three 'one-two--" "Don't even think of it" The voice was more stern. I turned around slowly and saw an old woman with blue eyes with brown graying hair that was in a tight bun. "um, are we in trouble?" Crystale asked sweetly "Of course you are, wondering around the school when you don't belong here! Where did you come from anyway?" the lady asked angrilly "Well Dumbledore took us to the hospital wing with some Hagrid person and we were nursed back to health there" I explained "If that was true Dumbledore would of told all of the staff members" the lady argued. Crystale and I exchanged worried looks the lady gave us a very stern look and said "If you don't leave the schoolat once I will have to notify Dumbledore immedietly" "That won't be necessary Minerva" Dumbledore's voice said Crystale and I smiled we were thankful that he came
(end chapter 2)

Chapter 3: Getting Sorted
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Re-Cap:: "If you don't leave the school at once I will have to notify Dumbledore immediately" "That won't be necessary Minerva" Dumbledore's voice said Crystale and I smiled we were thankful that he came

Start: (this is still in Melinda’s POV) “Albus, these girls were roaming the castle, who are they?” Minerva asked

“Well their names are Crystale and Melinda, Hagrid found them on the grounds unconscious and Hagrid and I brought them to the Hospital Wing to recover and as you can see they are both fine, though they say they are in different bodies now” he explained, we both nodded

“why didn’t you tell us Albus?” Minerva asked

“Because no one could know about them for the fear of the students finding out” Dumbledore explained

“Uh-Oh um we kind of ran into two students on our reckless adventure” I said

“Don’t worry you’ll be joining the school starting tomorrow anyway” Dumbledore said

“Ooh, you mean I’ll be at school with that cute boy” Crystale said, I burst out laughing and Dumbledore chuckled

“You’re going to sort them into houses?” Minerva asked

“Yes, I think it’d be best and it’s obvious that they have some kind of magic power, we just have to find out what exactly it is” he said

“Ooh, can we start now ? I really want to see that boy again” Crystale said sweetly

“Okay then, Let’s go get you sorted and Minerva, can you go get me two uniforms?” Dumbledore asked Minerva nodded and took out a stick and said some incantation, Crystale tilted her head and stared blankly at Minerva

“What just happened?” I asked

“I took your sizes” Minerva said as she then turned her heels and walked away

“Follow me girls” Dumbledore said. We both followed him through the hallway always 7 steps behind him.

We soon arrived at a stone gargoyle statue.

“Berty Botts Every flavor beans” Dumbledore said I was about to ask what he meant but then the statue moved and A door appeared the door lead to a staircase.

We walked up the staircase and we got to another door and they walked through it.

They were in an office “take a seat” Dumbledore said

We both took a seat in front of a desk and Dumbledore took an old tattered hat from a shelf .

“This hat will be placed on your head, it will tell you which school house you will be in” Dumbledore explained

“er, okay” I said “Who wants to go first?” Dumbledore asked Crystale and I exchanged nervous looks
“I will” I said trying to be brave Dumbledore placed the hat on my head

“Ah, Da Qiao has chosen you to take her place, to take care of her little sister everyone of her responsibilities are now yours and way…” the hat said wisely ’what do you mean? and wowie you can talk!’ I thought “Yes I can talk now lets get you sorted, Ah you are very brave and loyal and will always fight for those you love, but you’re very smart though no one ever notices, you’re very mature too, I think it better be”

“GRYFFINDOR!” the hat shouted “er, cool?” I questioned

**Crystale’s POV**
‘Melinda got a house called Gryffindor, I wonder if I’ll get it too?’ I thought.

The hat was placed on my head ’ew’ I thought

“ Ah, you like to keep you feelings inside. Always depending on you older sister and husband…” whispered the sorting hat in my ear. ‘husband? Older sister?’ I thought, worried. “Oh, yes, a thirst to make your life worth fighting for, constantly searching for something that isn’t there…Ah, and you only have courage when friends and family are around. I also see that the lovely younger sister of Da Qiao, Xiao Qiao had chosen you of all people” the sorting hat chuckled “Yes and I see why, ;but you wil find out why soon. But where to put you? Hmm …should be…HUFFLEPUFF!” shouted the sorting hat.

“Oh, bloody brilliant” I said

“ where did you get that from?” Melinda asked “I heard it from one of the students” I answered

***Melinda’s POV***

‘Me and Crystale are in different houses how strange’ I thought as Minerva entered the room

“Ah, Minerva would you take Crystale to the Hufflepuff dorms and add Melinda to your list of Gryffindors but under the name of Da Qiao and tell Sprout to put Crystale under the name of Xiao Qiao” Dumbledore said to Minerva, she nodded “follow me” Minerva said to Crystale, she followed Minerva out of the room.

I was upset that Crystale and I weren’t in the same house but it didn’t bother me to much, I knew we’d still see each other

“ Well Melinda I think I’ll take you to your house dormitory” Dumbledore said I nodded as he led me out of his office, we went to the seventh floor, I counted this time and we ended up in front of the fat lady in pink AGAIN.

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Chapter 4: Dormitory Time and New Friends
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Disclaimer:: I ADMIT IT I DON’T OWN ANYONE NOT EVEN MYSELF!!! WAHHHHH ;_; Just kidding well I own Melinda but that’s it I swear (unless you count the plot well whatever)

Re-cap:: I was upset that Crystale and I weren’t in the same house but it didn’t bother me to much, I knew we’d still see each other

“ Well Melinda I think I’ll take you to your house dormitory” Dumbledore said I nodded as he led me out of his office, we went to the seventh floor, I counted this time and we ended up in front of the fat lady in pink AGAIN.

(still Melinda’s P.O.V)

“Wow I certainly run into you a lot” I said to the portrait

The fat lady in pink looked at me wide eyed and asked “password?”

“Mermaid” Dumbledore said

The portrait opened

‘wow’ I thought this place was so awesome with the moving stairs, talking portraits that open up as doors, hats that talk that seem to know you better then yourself and tons more

I followed Dumbledore into the doorway that the portrait opened

We entered a room decorated completely with red and gold

“it’s so pretty” I said amazed at the rooms beauty

“I’m glad you like it” Dumbledore said with a twinkle in his eyes

I looked over and seen a fireplace with a couch in front of it and on that couch was the most gorgeous guy I had ever seen, he had emerald green eyes and messy jet black hair that made him look so cute.

He looked over to Dumbledore and I.

“Hello Harry” Dumbledore said to the boy “hello Professor” the boy named Harry said

Dumbledore looked to me and smiled “Harry this is Da Qiao, she will be joining us for the rest of the year, I was wondering if you could show her around?”

“Sure Professor” Harry said looking at me with a smile ‘wow such a gorgeous smile to, he’s so cute’ I thought

“Okay, I will be off , oh and before I leave Da Qiao, you and your sister will be getting your wands this weekend, until then you can just hang out around the school, or go to your classes to check them out, but whatever you choose is alright, just don’t go into the forest that’s outside the grounds, well I think that’s it, have fun” Dumbledore said, I nodded in understanding

Dumbledore left and I looked at Harry “um this may sound funny but, what day is it?” I asked

“Thursday the 12th of October” he answered “Really! I was unconscious that long?! I can’t believe it!” I said shocked

“How about I show you around now” Harry said, I nodded

****Crystale’s POV****

I followed Minerva through twist and turns of the school day-dreaming the whole way there.

“We’re here now, Ms. Qiao” Minerva said

I snapped out of my day-dream and looked around there was a portrait of a lady wearing a yellow dress

“password?” the portrait asked

“hippogriff” Mcgonagal said.

I looked at Minerva, confused. “What’s a hippo-uh… brift?” I asked.

Minerva looked at me blankly as the portrait opened to reveal a room full of yellow and black curtains and walls, “Wow!” I exclaimed. “I’ve never seen such a beautiful sight in my lives!” Minerva looked at me and that’s when I noticed that I had said something weird.

‘How could I have said lives? Am I really her? Or is she really me? Or…? Uh…’ I huffed about as Minerva frowned, “What is your problem?!”. I stopped in my little hop I was doing ((I was on one foot while the other was in the air)),

“I am getting myself so confused!!” I huffed out.

“Your room is up there” she pointed up some stairs, ignoring my attitude. Then said that the dorm. Was on the left hand side and the boys was the right. I went up stairs and opened the door to find more stairs.

‘Geezeez! Don’t they think that they have enough stairs?? Sheesh!’ I wondered as I walked up the stairs. I opened the door at the top to reveal a huge room full of beds. I walked over to the bed that had my stuff on it and picked up the tiara Mel and I had placed upon our heads. ‘How long has it been? How long were we blacked out for?’ I pondered on these questions and many more, as I heard a soft voice from behind me.

“Hullo, er… who are you?… Are you new?”

I turned around to face a girl with freckles and bright red hair. I stared at her; not saying a word.

“What’s your name?” the girl asked. I continued to stare blankly at her.

“My name is Susan…” she introduced. I blinked a couple of times… I was being stubborn.

“Well, … er… are you gonna talk?” she asked.

“Yea…” I said.

“Well, are you gonna introduce yourself?” she repeated.

I looked down at the tiara I picked up earlier and said, “I would if only I knew.” I seriously didn’t know what to think of myself. I was scared that I didn’t know who I was. “Um… what’s today??” I suddenly said, with such enthusiasm that it frightened me.

Susan looked at me and smiled, “It’s Thursday the 12th of October.”

My eyes went big as I said, “WHOA!!!!! It’s been two weeks!!! Wow!!”

Susan giggled, “So are you new?”

I looked at her and smirked, “Yea, new to this…” I motioned to myself as she looked at me with curious eyes.

“Where are you from?” She asked me.

I smile and replied, “I don’t know!” I laughed.

*Mel’s P.O.V.*

“Oh wait! Before we go, mind if I check out my dormitory? And do you mind telling me which way I go?” I asked

“Um sure the girl’s dormitory is the one on the left” Harry answered

I nodded and ran to the left door and when I entered there we’re more stairs ‘oh my really how many stairs can a place have this is totally barbaric’ I thought

I entered the dormitory and found a bed with my tiara I found on it, I looked at it curiously ‘how did this get us here? It did do this right?’ I thought I ran my index finger across the jewel, it glowed a really bright red ‘whoa this thing is strange with a capital S’ I thought amazed

I placed the tiara on the right of my bed post table. And went back down the stairs so Harry didn’t have to wait for me

“Thanks for waiting” I said to him as I came down the stairs, I noticed that now there was the girl Crystale and I ran into earlier and a boy with flaming red hair.

“Your welcome, oh and this is Ron and Hermione” he said gesturing to each of them.

“nice to meet you I’m Da Qiao” I introduced feeling strange calling myself Da Qiao because it really wasn’t who I am, or is it?

Harry, Ron, Hermione and myself walked out of the Gryffindor Common Room

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Chapter 5: Sibling Rivalry
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Disclaimer:: lets see…I own Melinda, Mystick613_Annie2 owns Crystale, we both own the plot…and that’s about all we own

Re-cap::“Your welcome, oh and this is Ron and Hermione” he said gesturing to each of them.

“nice to meet you I’m Da Qiao” I introduced feeling strange calling myself Da Qiao because it really isn’t who I am, or is it?

Harry, Ron, Hermione and myself walked out of the Gryffindor Common Room


*Crystale’s P.O.V.*

Susan smiled at me and asked, “Would you like to have a look ‘round? And… maybe meet my friends?”

I got real gleeful and said, “Yea!!!”

We both laughed.

We ended up in a room that was called the Great Hall and hung out for a while

Well, it was fun for a little while, until I saw that cute boy with the piercing blue-gray eyes and pale colored hair… Then it was really exciting!! I giggled for a little while. Then I said ‘hi’

He looked at Susan in disgust “mudblood lover” he said in disgust

Susan glared at him “shut up Malfoy” she said

I looked over to the entrance to the Great Hall and seen Melinda walk in with three other people there was the girl from earlier, with the bushy brown hair, a boy with flaming red hair and another boy with jet black hair.

***Melinda’s POV***

As we left the common room we went down the moving stairs, ‘at least this time we’re going down instead of up’ I thought

Soon we entered two big double doors.

I almost immediately spotted Crystale, and I spotted her with the piercing blue-gray eyes and pale hair boy from earlier ‘Great, she’s with him’ I thought miserably as I walked over to her, followed by Hermione, Harry and Ron

“Hey Da Qiao” Crystale greeted when I made my way over to her.

Instead of saying hi back I just glared at the boy as to hoping I could kill him with my eyes
What made me more furious after I glared at him was that he glared back

“the nerve of you” I said angrily to Draco

“The nerve of me? You’re the bloody one that glared at me first! I never did a thing to you!” Draco said angrily in return

“I know you’re an awful person just by looking at you! And you never ever going to be aloud by my sister on my watch again!” I retorted angrily

Harry, Ron and Hermione were all watching in bewilderment and so was the girl Crystale was with

***Crystale PoV***

I was becoming very irritated by Draco and Mel’s bickering. But once she said that I’m ‘never ever’ aloud near him again, I just lost it.

“what makes you think that you can control who is around me?! Or who I talk to?! And you’re the one who told me to never judge someone by the cover! But foremost…you can never control whom I like and don’t like!” I screamed at Mel. I was so loud that the whole Great Hall grew quiet. I was so frustrated that my eyes started welling up with tears, and I stormed out of there.

‘who does she think she is?!’ I thought furiously . I bit my lower lip so I wouldn’t start crying. While running up some stairs I tripped.

“Are you okay?” I heard a sweet, slightly high pitched and tranquil voice ask

I slowly regained my composure, “I’m fine” I said with a slight hint of anger in my voice, I looked up to see a girl with flaming red hair.

“well that’s good well anyway my name’s Ginny, what’s yours?” the girl introduced

“My name’s Xiao Qiao” I answered without emotion

“That’s a cute name” Ginny said sweetly

***Melinda’s PoV**

‘Uh-oh that’s not good’ I thought as I watched Crystale storm out of the Great Hall

“Look what you did, you made your little sister cry” the girl the was with Crystale said

“I-I didn’t mean to, I just lost it” I said truthfully

“I think you should go after her before she gets even more madder, trust me I have tons of siblings, I know this stuff” Ron said knowledgeably

“wow, Ronald that’s the smartest thing you’ve ever said” Hermione said

“Yeah, that was surprising, Ron” Harry agreed

“I’ll go after her” I said

I walked out of the Great Hall

‘She has to be somewhere around here’ I thought miserably

When I finally saw her with a red head girl.

I walked over slowly, she glared at me

“Look I’m sorry” I said sincerely

She glared at me for a little while, but finally she said, “I accept. BUT under one condition.”

“What?” I said, afraid of what she’d say

She smirked and yelled out, “It’s a boy!” we both burst out in fits of laughter. The girl with red hair looked at us in huge confusion.

I looked over to the girl with red hair “My name’s Da Qiao” I introduced kindly

“I’m Ginny nice to meet you, so you two are sisters?” She asked

“Yep!” Crystale and I said in unison

I looked back to Crystale and said, “I am sorry though I shouldn’t have judged him… it’s just that, well, he looks evil… and his aura was all foggy and strong with hatred.”

“Who?” Ginny asked sweetly

“Draco Malfoy.” crystale said, just a little too brightly for my taste

Ginny’s smile faded instantly, and her eyes went wide.

I looked at her curiously “what?” I asked

“Draco Malfoy??? The Draco as in the biggest prick second to his father Draco??? The son of the guy that put Voldemort’s diary into my heap of books and made it poses me?? Just a hint of advice Xiao don’t go by him…his family is nothing but trouble trust me on this I know him, and I’ve known his family since before I can remember” Ginny said

“So he really is a bad guy then?” I asked

“Bad doesn’t even come close to what he is” Ginny said

Crystale looked at Ginny disbelievingly “Your wrong” she said

I gave Crystale a sympathetic look

“no… I believe that I am right…ask anyone in Hufflepuff or Gryffindor” Ginny said

“It doesn’t matter to me what they think! It doesn’t matter to me what anyone says…As long as I believe he’s good isn’t that enough?” Crystale argued

“You have a point as long as you think he’s good that is all that matters” I said agreeing with her

Ginny slowly nodded

‘this is going to be a very long year’ I thought

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Chapter 6: A Crush on a Teacher?
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“It doesn’t matter to me what they think! It doesn’t matter to me what anyone says…As long as I believe he’s good isn’t that enough?” Crystale argued

“You have a point as long as you think he’s good that is all that matters” I said agreeing with her

Ginny slowly nodded

‘this is going to be a very long year’ I thought


***Crystale’s POV***

“Well Mel and I got over our little sibling feud thingy and then I learned more about Draco… Y’know, the cute pale haired boy that was with us? Well I learned that his father is a real mean and …. Mean , uh, man” I explained to Susan over some tea.

We were sitting down in the Hufflepuff common room, watching the fire burn out, slowly. The orange flames licked up the sides of the chimney. Susan stood up and started to walk up to the dorms, then turned around.

“Well, y’know, Draco isn’t a good match for you. He’s mean, nasty, and ruthless. And you’re nice, pretty, and caring. If you ask me, Your sister’s right. I’m going to bed good-night.” She said and walked up the stairs.

“G’night Susan.” I said. I turned back to the fire and stared into its eternal flames thoughtfully.

‘Maybe Melinda’s right? Maybe he’s a lost cause? But what if I can turn him good? I mean I like him and all… right?’ I thought longingly.

When the flames died to a cinder I got up to walk to the dorms but I heard a voice. A soft but strong voice.

“Xiao please come back… I need you here. We need you here.” it sounded like a boys voice but in a way it sounded like a man’s. I looked around the room but no soul was there to stir.

“Had that been a memory? Or…” I mumbled to myself, trailing off.

“Uh, I’ll have to tell Mel tomorrow when I see her in class.” I promised myself, walking up to go to bed.

I saw the tiara on the bed and picked it up, examining it once more before putting it on the bedside table. Getting into bed, and looking up at the stars on the ceiling. I looked back over at the tiara.

“You really messed our lives up you and your sister… W-W-Why did you pick us? Why not someone else? …. I miss my mom.” I said quietly. After counting a couple of the stars, I fell asleep.

***Melinda’s POV***

I was sitting in the common room on the big red couch ‘ha ha ha big red couch’ I thought

The fire was burning strongly and I could tell that Hermione was getting very drowsy

“ I’m glad your sister isn’t mad at you anymore” Hermione said

“I am too, well of course I am, she’s my sister!” I said smiling brightly

“Well I’m going to bed, I have my favorite class tomorrow, Arithmancy”

“Night” I said to her as she went up the girl’s staircase

‘I think I should let Crystale date this Malfoy boy, maybe he can change or maybe he really is good deep, deep, deep down inside’ I thought as the fire began to get weak

‘I think I should get to bed’ I thought as I let out a yawn

Then all the sudden I heard an energetic and strong voice say
“Da, please come back, I feel so, so weak without you, you always made me feel so strong…I need you…no we need you here, your presence is needed” I looked around but not a soul was to be found

‘Okay I think I’m really and I mean REALLY tired…ha ha hearing voices…such a good sign of sanity’ I thought to myself

‘Tomorrow I have to talk to Xi- wow I mean Crystale’ I thought

I yawned and went up the girl’s staircase and into the girl’s dormitory

I Looked over to my bed side table and there was the tiara, I picked it up.

“You’re the reason I’m where I am right now this whole predicament is your fault, I just want to go home and see my dad” I whispered angrily to the tiara

‘Now I really am insane…talking to jewelry, what’s next?’ I thought

I put the tiara back on the bed side table and laid down and quickly fell asleep

~~~~~~~~the next morning still Melinda’s POV~~~~~~~

I woke up to someone shaking me and saying “Da, get up! Classes start soon and I just have to let you see my Arithmancy class!”

“Alright, Alright! Hold your horses will you?” I asked her as I sat up and started rubbing my eyes

“Oh and Professor McGonagall dropped off your robes today they’re in your trunk” Hermione informed me

“My trunk? I have a trunk? Uh okay” I said

“Well…you do now…” Hermione said

As soon as my eyes started to focus, I looked at the end of my bed, there was a trunk that had Hogwarts written on it

I got out of my bed and took the robes out and quickly got ready for class.

Harry, Hermione, Ron and I all walked down to the Great Hall together.

When we got to the doors I heard Crystale exclaim “Hey wait up!”

I stopped in my tracks and waited a couple seconds for her.

“We need to talk, some thing happened to me, last night!!” We both said in unison

We stared at each other wide- eyed.

“Okay I guess we have a lot of things to talk about” I said

“yep” Crystale said

“Later though, I want to check out some of the classes and Hermione wants to show me her Arithmancy class” I said

“Yeah Susan wants to show me her Biology class…or something like that…” Crystale said

“It’s Herbology “ Hermione corrected

“Whatever” Crystale said glaring slightly at Hermione for correcting her

“Anyway, what class is first?” I asked

“Defense Against the Dark Arts…and lucky for you two, with Hufflepuff” Harry said

“Yay!” Crystale and I exclaimed in unison

Susan walked up to Crystale

“Ready for class?…Though lucky for you two…you get to observe the class and not actually have to do any work” Susan said

“Yeah, as ready as I’ll ever be” I said nervously

“Don’t worry your starting out with a cool teacher, Professor Lupin” Harry informed

“Uh, kewl?” Crystale said with a questioning look

I shrugged.

Crystale and I followed Harry, Susan, Ron and Hermione to the Defense Against the Dark Arts class room.

***Crystale’s POV***

‘What the hell is that???’ I thought to myself, as I looked at the red and white creature.

“It’s a Capprikar” Hermione whispered over to me, as though she were reading my mind. I gave her a look of confusion and curiosity.

“Bloody hell Hermione… I swear you know everything!” The boy with flaming red hair and freckles exclaimed.

The boy with the messy black hair snorted.

“Oh, Ronald… look in a book sometime, and you’ll know that the name of it is right there.” she pointed to the picture of the Capprikar in one of their books.

“And she looked like she was going to scream if she didn’t find out what it was” She pronounced

“Yeah, that is true.” said Mel bluntly

“Hey it’s not my fault that that Capricorn thing is scary looking” I retorted, still looking at the creature’s long red tail, that looked as if it had the chance, it would whip someone‘s finger off. Its eyes were pure white, as if it were blind, but ever watching. Its face looked as if it were smelling something putrid.

“It’s Capprikar” Hermione corrected.

I glared at her a slight more fiercely than the last. ‘I’m getting annoyed of her now…’

“What-ever” I said, a bit too snobbishly than I meant.

As Melinda started to laugh, a man rushed into the room, holding a lot of parchment. Another man stood in the doorway

‘Awaiting to be announced I’m sure’ I thought, a little excited. He has wavy black hair that just barely covers his blue eyes. My stomach kind-of fluttered the way it did when I first saw Draco.

The man that had rushed in just moments before started talking, but I wasn’t really paying any attention to him. Then the man with the black hair looked over at me. I flushed and turned away. Then he introduced himself.

“My name is Sirius Black!” He exclaimed, quite loudly. He started walking into the classroom at somewhat of a strut. A lot of the girls goggled at him, but I pretended not to notice him.

*****Melinda’s POV*****

“Yes Sirius, I was getting to you.” Said the man with sandy brown hair; I noticed his scars when he rushed into the room. He announced his name as ‘Professor Remus J. Lupin’. He was actually quite cute besides the fact that his face was all gashed up. His blue eyes were enticing, in a way.

‘He reminds me of someone…. But I don’t know who…’ I thought deeply. When Professor Lupin looked up, I was still deep in thought. When I came out, I noticed that we were having a sort of staring contest, I blushed BIG-TIME and looked away.

“Pssst! Melin- I mean Da- I mean… ugh! What ever your friggin’ name is!” Crystale whispered over to me, in a kind of hissing sound.

I looked over and she was about as red as me! I was guessing that she liked the man with the black hair, who was now strutting into the room… ‘How pathetic…’ I thought to myself.

I regained my posture and Crystale tried to follow, the only thing was that she was still pink in the cheeks. At that attempt, I chuckled slightly.

“What’s wrong?” Hermione asked. I just realized that we were still in the room, with other people, and I became even more red. When I didn’t answer, both Harry and Ron looked over at me. “This class is gonna be REAL fun!’ I thought, sarcastically. I sighed.

“Nothing, I’m fine… really, I’m fine.” I whispered to them.

“Yea… just peachy.” Crystale suddenly chimed in.

I looked over to her and her face was screwed with terror. Susan and the others noticed, too. I looked in the direction that she was staring at and saw the reason. I sighed in relief.

“Xiao, it’s not going to hurt you, okay? Professor Lupin won’t let that happen, will he?” I looked around for some support, they all shook their heads.

“Well, there is sti-” Hermione cut off as she saw the glare that Ron was giving her.

“Nope, not harmful to us.” Hermione corrected herself, in quite a hurry too.

“Can we please get on with the class, students?” Professor Lupin called over to our table. I blushed again.

“Yes, Professor, sorry.” Harry said sweetly and apologetically.

Harry winked at me, and smiled. I smiled back.

*************Crystale’s POV*************

The lesson went by quicker than I would have thought, and now we were on our own; Doing some research, of course.

“I swear that thing looks like it’s out to get me.” I said to no one in particular.

“According to this:: The Capprikar is one of the most widely used dark arts creatures… and it’s supposed to look intimidating to its opponents.” Susan said.

“Well, it sure as heck got that down.” I mumbled.

Everyone chuckled and laughed.

The teacher was coming around to our table. He looked at us in awe.

“Yes?” I said a little too snobbishly than I meant. He looked at me and Mel.

“May I ask what your names are?” he said staring intently at us. I have to say …. I was a little intimidated by him. That ‘Serious’ man strolled over to the table with a curious look on his face.

“My name is … uh… Xiao Qiao and this is my sister… Da Qiao” I introduced us, because Mel was so caught up in blushing. I kind of snickered at the sight of her looking at the teacher, and me being reminded of when she talks to Harry. She shot me a warning look but without taking her eyes off of the teacher. ‘freaky’ I thought…

“Well, nice to meet you but where are your supplies?” The teacher asked.

Mel and I exchanged looks and then she looked at Harry, Ron, and Hermione. I looked at Susan…

“Er… They’re going to be getting their supplies over the weekend… they’re new here.” Harry finally said.

“Uh… yea… what he said” Mel said, kind of with a nervous laugh. I couldn’t help but snort. I mean she was falling for a teacher when she had a boy RIGHT there!! But mostly because she was falling for a teacher.

“Nerd…” I said under my breath. ‘I don’t think she heard me… That’s a good thing…’ I thought smiling. Harry smirked at me and started to write something down on his parchment. ‘scary boy’ I thought to myself, watching him write. Then I looked back at the ‘Serious’ teacher/person and I blushed.

‘I should NOT be blushing!! Ugh!!! And I’m laughing at Mel for falling for someone way older!!’ I beat myself up with my own words… ‘stupid’ Then I banged my head down on the book that was now in front of me…

“Owwie!!!” I exclaimed, I quickly jerked my head upward and started rubbing my head. Everyone looked at me.

“Er… would you like to go to the hospital wing?” the ‘serious’ guy asked me. I blushed slightly. Then the guy turned on the teacher.

“I told you that books are going to be the death of these students, Remus.” the teacher glared but soon laughed.

“Yea… I suppose you’re right.” The teacher replied.

“Do you still want to go to the hospital wing?” The teacher asked.

“No, don’t worry about her… she’s just hard-headed.” Mel said jokingly.

I glared playfully at her..

“I resent that.” I replied.

Ron started laughing… then everyone else started laughing… and then Ron laughed harder, I swear it looked as if he were going to choke! Then I started laughing and everyone in the rest of the classroom was looking at us curiously. Then, Ron fell backwards out of his chair and EVERYONE started laughing… Harry laughed harder than he already was and almost fell off his own chair. But then Mel grabbed his arm so he wouldn’t … ‘she ruins all the fun…’ I thought, still laughing.

***Mel’s POV***

When I noticed that I was holding Harry’s hand I blushed like crazy , when he was back in his chair our faces were so close I could feel his breath on my face, thus I blushed more, but then we backed away from each other, and I noticed that he was blushing too.

“Thanks” he said smiling

“Anytime…” I said smiling back.

We just had a staring contest for about five minutes until we both realized we were missing the lesson.

I looked over at Crystale she was staring intently at Sirius and I smirked at her…it was kind of cute really…in a strange abnormal way.

I looked over at Professor Lupin…I really admired his charisma, it was amazing.

But then I looked over to Harry…he was everything a girl could hope for in a guy…really he was…‘maybe someday he will be my perfect guy…wait what am I thinking?’ I thought as my heart started to race.

Harry looked over to me and caught me staring at him…I blushed and looked away ‘I’m so stupid…I should know not to stare’ I thought punishing myself

The class went on with no further exciting things well unless you count learning about the Capprikar which was pretty interesting.

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