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Earth Shaker by InsaneLeprechaun

Format: Short story
Chapters: 4
Word Count: 7,630
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Romance, Action, General, Drama
Characters: Draco, Ginny, Harry, Cho, Dumbledore, Hermione, Neville, OC, Ron, Voldemort, Seamus, Peter Pettigrew, M. McGonagall
Pairings: Others

First Published: 05/02/2005
Last Chapter: 06/11/2005
Last Updated: 07/24/2005

*PRE HALF BLOOD PRINCE* Miranda Connelinne, not the most pretty girl ever, has just been transferred to Hogwarts from the Salem Witches Institute in the US. She meets Harry and the rest of "the gang", and is instanty befriended by them. But what they don't know, is that Miranda has a secret that could save them all. Now, if only she could use it without destroying herself.

Chapter 1: The Meeting of the Destined
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Far off in the mystic Appalachian mountains, a child was born to forest princess Myradell and her consort, a wizard named Samuel. On the eve of the child’s birth, a woman named Sibyll Trelawney awoke with a start. Seconds later, her voice became dark and raspy “Tonight the night of the harvest, a child is born. A child like no other, of the mists and of the Earth, only she, along with the Boy Who Lived have the power to vanquish the Dark Lord. As she fights, she will weaken. If she shall perish is known not by me nor any other. The child is born as the night fades.” The woman fainted and fell on to the bed. Hours later the child, was born. The poor princess was still young, so she delivered the child into the arms of her father, and made it so all he would remember would be that the child was his. And so the journey began.

“Why do these things always have to happen to me?” thought a depressed Miranda Connelynne, sitting in the small Hogwarts Express compartment. “I mean, isn’t it bad enough I was ‘blessed’ with these disturbing ‘abilities’, and the most awkward body in creation, so I’m gonna die alone, an old dried-up spinster that has never been kissed, alone in my dark corner of doom and darkness, with eight thousand cats and believing in strange leprechauns that invade my dreams and mind? But no, I get to be yanked a jillion miles away from my home, to go to this stupid boarding school, where I don’t know anybody, and to top it off, I’m in the same school as all the stuck-up British wizards. Great. Just lovely.”
Miranda was fourteen, almost fifteen. She had long hair the color of dark chocolate, golden brown eyes, and pale skin. She was not really skinny, but wasn’t like two hundred pounds or anything. Miranda also had a secret. A deep, powerful, and disturbing secret. But we’ll get to that later. Anyway, as Miranda sat, thinking of what she would do to be thin and popular, she heard voices outside her compartment. “Don’t be a prat, Neville, of course you won’t fail all the N.E.W.Ts, I mean, you’re really good at Herbology, and.. …um…..well…, you’re …. Charmwork isn’t that bad. So don’t worry!” Said a girl’s voice. The voice that answered sounded unhappy and sluggish as it mumbled “Yeah, okay, Ginny……” Before she knew what was happening, the girl rolled open the door, and stepped inside. She looked about fifteen, and the boy next to her looked about the same. “Excuse me,” she said “do you mind if we sit here? There’s nowhere else left.”
Miranda shook her head, and the girl and boy walked in. The girl was short, with red hair and kind brown eyes, and the boy had brown hair and a round face. “Hi” said the girl, introducing herself, “I’m Ginny, Ginny Weasley, and this is my friend Neville Longbottom.” Neville looked down at the floor. Miranda could relate; meeting new people always made her awkward and quiet. “Miranda Connelinne” she said quietly. “Sorry for invading, did we interrupt something?” asked Ginny cheerfully “My stupid brother won’t let me in his compartment, but then again, he never includes me in anything, even though I’m only one year younger. Anyway, Miranda, what house are you in?” continued Ginny briskly. Miranda flushed. “I dunno….” she mumbled Ginny lookd confused at this “But…. You’re not a first year are you? You look about fourteen, same as me!” Ginny exclaimed “Unless you’re a transfer student…. Are you?” Miranda flashed a small smile “I am fourteen. I just moved from the US, and I’m starting fifth year, so I don’t know what house I’m in” “Oh!” exclaimed Ginny “well in that case, you’re in my year, so…okay, cool!” smiled Ginny “I hope you get in Gryffindor, it’s really cool and we have the best Quidditch team.”
And so they talked for the rest of the train ride, with Miranda opening up to Ginny more and more. Ginny found out that Miranda, or Randy, as Ginny called her, had lived just outside of Asheville, North Carolina in America, and that she had attended the Salem Witches Institute (“Girls only, which totally sucks!”) in Massachusetts. She lived with her dad and her three cats, Milky, Luna, and Tom. Her friends and she kind of “fell between the cliques”, but she loved doing magic, especially Charms, and playing Quidditch (she had a Comet Two Sixty). She also had a talent for Wicca and Irish dancing, and she was a wiccan. Ginny also found that behind Miranda’s shy and quiet exterior, she was really talkative, witty, and fun to be around.
It seemed as though they had only been talking for a few minutes, when suddenly the Hogwarts Express’s wheels were screeching to a slow stop. Miranda jumped, and flew down to the train’s bathroom to change into her robes and uniform. Though she didn’t think so, at times, Miranda could be very pretty, and so she was now in her flowing black robes. As she raced back to the compartment, she realized Ginny had already left, but she had left a note telling her where she was. Miranda flew down the platform, lugging her trunk, and as she put it on to the magic cart to be delivered to her room, she discovered that the last carriage was leaving, and quickly climbed into it, to the annoyance of some disgruntled looking seventh years. On the way, she sang the lyrics for “American Idiot” and “First Date” in her head. Then she thought about Colin. She had loved him since she was nine years old, but they had never really gone out. As she thought about his untidy dirty blonde hair and his easy grin, she was gripped with a strong sadness that made her catch her breath. Just before she left for Hogwarts, Colin had gotten a girlfriend, her friend, Diana. “She was my friend, that stupid, lying, bitchy skank! How could she do that to me?! Darn, I shoulda gotten her back….. Maybe next time I see her, I’ll get my revenge… Gum in the hair…? Exposing her secret nose job? Could change that to a boob job and a nose job…. Oh, that’s good…..”
Miranda was stirred from her murderous thoughts by the stopping carriage. She ambled inside the castle, and got, embarrassed, into the line of tiny First Years, who stared wide eyed at her, like she was some sort of gargantuan beast of doom. A stern looking lady in a green cloak and a black, cone hat thingy started calling out names, and the kids sat on a stool as she placed a ….. talking hat (?!) on their heads, which shouted out a house name
“Aberforley, Sean” “…….RAVENCLAW!”
“An, Ling” “SLYTHERIN!”
“Brusakeis, Anna” “GRYFINDOR!”
“Coneely, Siobhan” …..HUFFLEPUFF!”
“Connelinne, Miranda”
A startled and nervous Miranda trudged up to the stool, aware of the titters of the older students. “This sucks! WHY DO I HAVE TO DO THIS IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE FRIGGIN” SCHOOL!????” thought Miranda desperately. She sat nervously, and practically cried out when suddenly, the hat spoke in a small voice in her ear. “Now, now, dear, no need to be nervous. Let’s see… very intelligent, I see, very bright and resourceful…. Oh my… you do have some extraordinary gifts, don’t you?” murmured the hat. Miranda shut her eyes, she didn’t want to think about that just then, it was bad enough having them in the first place. “Let’s see……very, very courageous and brave, strong since of wrong or right….. In that case, I think you belong in………GRYFFINDOR!”
The Gryffindor table erupted into applause, as a relieved Miranda shuffled over to sit by Ginny. The Sorting went on, and when it was over, Proffessor Dumbledore rose and raised his hand for silence. According to Ginny, he gave his usual star-of-term speech, consisting of telling kids not to go into the Forbidden Forest, blah blah blah….. At the end of the speech, he said something different. “In closing, I would like to welcome Ms. Miranda Connelinne to our school. She has just transferred schools from the Salem Witches Institute in the United States, and will begin Fifth year in Gryffindor. I know each and every one of you shall be very cordial, and help her get to know and love Hogwarts. So now, without any further ado… Let the Feast begin.” Every student had been staring at Miranda, and she found it quite irritating. With the beginning of the Feast, they’d turned around and started chatting with their friends.
“Well, know you don’t have to explain yourself to everyone!” said Ginny brightly to a blushing red Miranda. “Hey, there’re some people I want you to meet, come on” she dragged her up the aisle and to a row of laughing teenagers. One had bushy brown hair and brown eyes, one had red hair and freckles (obviously Ginny’s brother, Ron), and one had striking green eyes and untidy black hair. “Guys, this is Miranda. She and I shared a compartment on the train, and she’s really nice and fun.” introduced Ginny. “ ‘Randa, this is Hermione Granger,” she said indicating the bushy girl, “Ron, my idiotic brother,”
she said, pointing to Ron, who swatted at her playfully, “and Harry Potter” finished Ginny, tapping the black haired boy. “Hi, how’re you?” said Hermione kindly, sitting Ginny and Miranda down beside her. Miranda smiled, grateful for her kindness. “To tell the truth, I’m relieved” replied Miranda “I didn’t think anyone would like me, I once met some British wizards, and they were kinda snooty.” “Well,” said Ron “They must’ve been arse-holes, probably Slytherins” said Ron, stuffing his mouth with a piece of chicken. “Ron,” said Hermione reprovingly, “Just because someone was in Slytherin, it does not mean they are a bad person.” Ron snorted disbelievingly, and muttered “Yup, sure….”
When Mirada got up to use the toilet, Ginny started talking to everyone. “Well, do you like her?” she asked eagerly “She’s really nice, Ginny, and she seems fun. I like her!” replied Hermione. Ginny beamed, and then rounded on Harry and Ron “Well, how about you two?” Ron cleared his throat and replied “She seems nice enough, but she’s kinda quiet, dontcha think?” “I dunno,” interjected Harry “she didn’t seem that quiet, just not like a loud mouth. She does see nice Ginny, and I like her too.” Ginny squealed, and ran off with a confused Miranda to their dormitory. As Hermione and Ron conversed happily, Harry thought about the new girl, Miranda. She wasn’t as pretty as Cho Chang or Parvati Patil, but she wasn’t that bad. He had found himself blushing a little when they talked, and he loved her, funny, sweet personality.. “Whatever, I just don’t want to think about girls right now.” He muttered to himself, remembering the “Cho Experience”. The first thing he had noticed about Miranda was her eyes, which were brown, but still had a feeling of darkness to them, of secrecy , as though she was hiding something. He didn’t know it, but she most certainly was.
Later that night, as Miranda drifted off into sleep, she thought about the day. She was very glad she was in Gryffindor, and had a good friend like Ginny. Hermione seemed really nice, as did Ron. But there was something about Harry…. Something attractive. She personally thought it was the messy, skater boy type hair and the startling green eyes that did it for her, but there was something else.. she couldn’t decide on what it was. Anyway, she was glad she’d made friends. “But how long can I keep my secret from them?” she whispered into the darkness. Her only answer as the haunting hoot of an owl.

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Chapter 2: Starting to Trust
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Miranda awoke the next morning to the soft tat-tat-tats of drizzling rain outside her window. She groggily opened her eyes, and glanced at her watch. I was 8:00. Miranda, startled, sat bolt upright in her bed, and scurried to her chest of drawers to find a short gray skirt, a white, button up shirt, gray sweater vest, scarlet and gold Gryffindor house tie (which frustrated her, since she had never put a tie on before), billowing black robes, and her Gryffindor Badge. It took a while. She ran flew into the bathroom, and put on a little concealer and lip gloss. By the time she rushed out of the Gryffindor common room, it was 8:15, and she was probably going to be late. She flew down the corridors to the left.. or was it right? (“Argh! Dammit, I need a map!”), and arrived, out of breath, in Professor McGonagall’s class.
“Well well well, hello Ms.Connelinne. So glad you could join us” said McGonagall sternly “You are thirteen minutes late. What is your excuse” she snapped. Miranda paused, terrified (because she was very sensitive to criticism) at the look on McGonagall’s face, and then stuttered quietly “I…I-was…. I got up late. I’m really sorry, I’m not used to the new schedule yet. At SWI, we started at 9:00” she paused “I’m really, really sorry.” she said in a small voice. “That may be, but from now on, I want you here at 8:10. No excuses!” boomed McGonagall. Miranda nodded, and, with a red, hot face and warm tears starting in her eyes, she quietly sat down next to a boy she thought was named Colin Creevey, who stared at her amusedly. McGonagall began again, and so the lesson continued on about Switching Spells. Not that Miranda cared, having covered them a year ago.
Later that day, Harry, Ron and Hermione were in the common room after dinner. Miranda had lent Ron some American ,muggle, rock music,(which he could do because Miranda had charmed it so it would work in Hogwarts) which he was singing along to soundlessly, moving his head around and around. Hermione was doing her Arithmancy homework, which she was apparently (*gasp!*) having some trouble with, as she kept sighing and grunting with frustration. Harry was sitting on the rug, eyes closed and thinking about random stuff like pudding and knarls. Just as Ron was about to jump up on the sofa and belt out “Shut Up”, and Hermione was marking down her last answer.
Suddenly, Seamus and Dean burst through the door causing Hermione to scream with frustration and stomp off to the Girls Dormitories, and Ron to stop mid step and sit quickly down again. Dean and Seamus were chuckling merrily. “What’s up, guys?” asked Harry over their laughter “I do hate Malfoy, but that was waaaaaaaaay too funny. He did an American impression ‘what is up my homie G?’” and Seamus burst into another fit of laughter , as Ron and Harry raised their eyebrows. “Do all Americans talk like that?” asked Ron, now mildly interested. “I don’t think so” said Harry “Randy doesn’t.”
“Who’s Randy?” inquired Ron suspiciously “...M-Miranda” muttered Harry, going slightly pink.
When they were in the back in the Boys Dorms, Ron began to wonder why Harry had called Miranda Randy, and……….. why had he gone pink? “Hey Harry,” said Ron. Harry looked up from his book, “Quidditch: Sport of Magic”. “Um, Harry… I was just wondering, but, uh… what do you think of that Miranda girl?” asked Ron awkwardly, stuffing his hands into his pockets and looking at the ceiling. “Uh… she’s nice, I guess…why?” replied Harry, giving Ron a questioning glance. “No, no, that’s not what I meant. I mean what do you think of her?” he repeated, this time putting stress on the word “think”. However, Harry still looked puzzled, and so Ron got a bit.. frustrated and burst out “For Merlin’s ruddy sake, do you like her, do you think she’s pretty?!” exclaimed Ron indignantly “does she turn you on? Come on, out with it!” Harry looked taken aback, and then replied, barely audible while putting his socks away “Umm…. I guess a small bit.. I dunno… “ Ron snickered, and then flopped onto his bed. “Soooooooooooooooooooo….. Are you gonna ask her out?” asked Ron, waggling his eyebrows up and down. “Are YOU gonna ask Hermione out?” retorted Harry.
Ron looked shocked, and his ears and face went a violent shade of red. “…I-What are you talking about? I-I-don’t like Hermione.”
“Uh-huh, sure Ron, that’s why you stare at her whenever she’s not looking, and bought her perfume for Christmas, and wrote H.G in one of your books.” Said Harry, smiling smugly.
“How did you know about the H.G thing?” asked Ron
“Ah-HAH! You admit it!”
“No, I was merely wondering how you would’ve seen it… IF I had done it”
“I forgot mine one day, and you let me borrow it. I saw it then.”
“Dammit!!” muttered Ron, and he began to bang his head against his Charms book.
“It’s okay. To tell the truth, everyone’s known since, like.. third year.”
“Oh. Was it that obvious?”
And so their conversation went on, and the final result was that if Ron asked Hermione out, or told her that he liked her, then Harry would ask Miranda out. This seemed to Harry a fair agreement. “Wait a minute! Oh, bugger! I Have to ask her out! WHY DID I SAY YES??! STUPID, STUPID, PRATTISH GIT!!” Harry thought furiously, realizing what he would have to do if he was to ask Miranda out. Maybe it would be easier, though; He had liked Cho a lot more, and she had definitely been more intimidating.
So far through out the day, Miranda had been upset five times. Once for getting told off by McGonagall, once for seeing a boy checking out a “hot ditz” and getting started on the Oh-My-God-I’m-Gonna-Die-Alone thing again, the third time for seeing someone kicking the old trees down by the lake (this was especially upsetting for certain reasons), the fourth time for “that bastard Malfoy” for making a cruel comment about her appearance and the fact that she was American, and the last time for seeing some seventh years doing… let’s call it “kanoodling” and getting started on the Lonely Death thing AGAIN.
When a thoroughly depressed Miranda came slumping back to the Girls Dorms, she flopped on to her bed and started to cry, muffling her sobs with her pillow. After about a half hour, she got up, and paced around her bed, trying to think of a magick spell to do. Suddenly, the weight loss spell popped into her brain, and so she got in front of her mirror and began to chant the incantation, when suddenly, Ginny burst through the doorway. “Hi Miranda. Argh! I HATE Snape, giving me three extra pages of parchment because I talked back to him! Why shouldn’t I be able to- Hey, Randy, what’s wrong?” asked Ginny, noticing Miranda’s smudged mascara and wet cheeks. “Nothing..” mumbled Miranda, quickly putting out her musky, thick, lavender incense that she’d had burning. “Come on. Sit down.” Said Ginny soothingly, patting a place on her bed. Miranda sat down, and Ginny got out a brush and started brushing Miranda’s hair. It felt very good. “So, Miranda, why were you so upset?” asked Ginny, taking some of Miranda’s glossy hair and putting it through the brush. “I dunno….” Began Miranda “I just feel so…hopeless sometimes. I mean really, who would want to date me? I am only fourteen, and I weigh one hundred and twenty pounds, and I’m just so.. .ugly. I’m gonna die alone, and never have children… or go to prom.” She finished miserably. “You’re not” said Ginny reassuringly (though she wondered what prom was) “you’re not fat. You’re tall, so your weight fills out your body nicely, and your eyes are so sparkly and pretty. You’re not ugly, and you’re not gonna die alone. I’ll see to that.” “Thanks Gin, but about the weight and the eyes….. ‘why you lookin’?’ said Miranda, in a mock-ghetto voice. Ginny threw back her head and laughed, her curtain of red hair swaying.
Miranda pondered her thoughts as Ginny put on her pajamas. She knew she still wasn’t pretty, but she at least felt a little better. But that was not the real reason she was upset. The true reason had to do with what time of year it was, and the knowledge of her secret was bursting to get out. Miranda felt she had to tell somebody, or she could never face the truth alone. So she decided to tell Ginny. “Hey, Ginny?” called Miranda, to the other side of the room. Ginny looked up. “…We’re friends, right? So I can tell you anything…” “Uh-huh…” replied Ginny suspiciously. “Well… it’s just that um….I wasn’t upset just about dying alone…… Ginny, you have to promise never EVER EVER to repeat this. I have a secret. I have to tell you….. I need to, just as I tell someone once every year. If I don’t… bad things happen. I am deadly serious, so please don’t laugh. But, if you don’t want to be my friend anymore, then…. I-I would understand.” “Come on, of COURSE I’d still be your friend, Randy! Nothing would change that. Go ahead, tell me, no matter hat it is, I swear I’ll still be our friend.” Said Ginny “Okay,” breathed Miranda “D’you remember that earthquake that hit her a few months ago?"
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Chapter 3: Secrets Revealed
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Chapter Three
“D’you remember that earthquake that hit here a few months ago?”
Ginny stared at Miranda, utterly bewildered to what that had to do with anything. “Uh huh….” She said slowly, still tying to figure out Miranda’s cryptic statement. “Well… s-see……… that was m-my fault” Miranda stuttered quietly, looking at her fingernails.
“Well you see, I can.. I don’t really know how to say it in words… I can control the Earth. But, no like people or animals, or anything. Like the ground, and the trees and plants and stuff. Like, I can make trees grow at will and make a huge hill with my mind.”
Ginny was disturbed…. And she still didn’t get it. “So…. You can…. Make the Earth move and…. stuff?” asked a puzzled Ginny, frowning “Yeah. It’s weird.” “But…. Why? How?” Miranda shook her head “I don’t know.” she said quietly, sounding like she was going to cry. “There’s something else,” said Miranda suddenly I have to tell her; If she’s my friend, she won’t leave. she thought desperately. She took a deep breath. “….s-sometimes when I get… like, really uber, uber upset….. bad things happen. Like…. W-once when I was nine, my dad’s girlfriend split up with him, and she was really nice…. And I was so mad. I accidentally caused a tremor in the Earth that took our power out for two days…..” she trailed off “then, when I was… well, this was around January of this year... the boy I had liked since I was nine, Colin, got a girlfriend-my friend, Crystal. I was so mad and sad and upset…. I ran into my room, sobbing, and then… my room went dark, and this green, aura-like thingy surrounded me and my…. My eyes turned green. I like, yelled, and I feel the ground s-shaking.” Ginny sat, speechless, while tears were beginning to roll down Miranda’s cheeks. “Ginny, t-that earthq-quake k-k-killed three people. I-I killed t-them. Me and my st-stupid an-an-anger. Please still b-be my f-fr-friend. I s-swear I didn’t m-mean to. I c-c-couldn’t help it. And…. It h-hurt me too. Whenever I-I d-do it, it m-makes me r-really weak. That-that time, I was knocked out for five days.”
Ginny was dumbfounded. She caused that earthquake? Three people… dead. She didn’t’ mean to, I know… And really, she’s such a good friend… I can’t leave her. “Of course I’m still your friend,” she said, smiling weakly, wrapping her arms around Miranda. Later that night, Miranda was reading a manga, a Japanese comic book, when Ginny asked sleepily “Mira…. Can you show me your power? I mean… just a little bit, not like, anything big.” Miranda, startled, pondered this for a moment, and then replied. “Yeah… let’s do it now. I kinda wanted to go for a walk anyway, even though we’re not allowed.” Ginny protested “If McGonagall catches us…” “She won’t, I’ve done it lots of times at SWI.” Assured Miranda, and with that, she tied the waist of her robe, and grabbed Ginny.
When they were gone, a girl in their year, named Alice Kenzeys opened her eyes and stepped out of her hiding place. She had heard the whole thing, and Kenzeys’s father was a Death Eater. Alice knew exactly what to put in her next letter home.
They were walking on the grounds. It was beautiful; the pale moonlight shone on the landscape, making rocks look like sparkling diamonds, and the trees, oh, the trees! They were so majestic, standing there, the sweet night breeze blowing gently through their leafy green boughs. Mirada thought nothing (except, perhaps the Appalachians in the US) would ever be as beautiful and soothing. She and Ginny were running in their bare feet, overjoyed with their freedom. Miranda picked a lush spot in the valley, and told Ginny to stand back. She paced forward, stepping with the balls of he feet rather than her heels. She raised her hands up, and closed her eyes concentrating hard on the lush, sweet Earth. Slowly, a small twig grew out of the center of the ground, as Miranda’s eyes, which were now green, snapped open. The twig grew until it was a small sapling, just greeting it’s new leaves. The sapling grew taller and taller, until it became a fully grown tree, with glossy green leaves and warm, hard bark. Miranda’s eyes stopped glowing in the eerie way they had just been, and slowly, the tree stopped growing, too. Her eyes faded back to earthy, golden brown, and Miranda sank to the ground, out of breath. Ginny, amazed, Came sprinting over to her, red hair streaming out behind her. “Miranda! That was awesome! Are you okay?’ exclaimed Ginny, plopping down beside Miranda. Miranda smiled and nodded, took a shaky breath, and stood up. It was almost light, and with a jolt, she remembered that there was an early quidditch match (Gryffindor vs. Ravenclaw), not to mention she still had Potions homework to complete. She grabbed Ginny, and she flew back to the Gryffindor Girls Dormitories for a few hours of sleep.
Miranda was shaken awake by Ginny, and after she threw on her robes and a scarf thinking “oh my God, oh my God, Harry’s gonna be there, he’s so hot, I love his hair, he’ll never like me” etc. etc., she ran down to the Gryffindor table, where she sat next to Ginny and gulped down an orange, a sausage, and a piece of toast. “Hmm…..” she thought “I wonder if they need any more players on the team….. Okay, listen, Miranda, you’re not that great, even though you’re an okay beater and chaser. Still, don’t try out, you’ll make fool of yourself. Besides, they probably don’t even need more players, anyway.”
Back in the Boy’s Dormitories, Harry was getting ready to go down to breakfast, when Ron came out of the bathroom, looking pleased. “Well,” he said smugly “I asked Hermione out… and she said yes! Now you have to ask Miranda out! HA!” and he started to do a victory dance around the dormitory, to the confusion of Neville, Dean and Seamus. Harry’s stomach gave a jolt. “Great.” Said Harry vaguely, leaving a puzzled Ron in the Dorms as he headed down to breakfast.
“Do it now, just do it. It’ll all be over soon enough if you just do it now. COME ON, YOU IDIOT! Ask her, it won’t be hard. Besides, you only like her a bit, anyway. So just do it!” Harry was having a very fervent mental debate with himself at breakfast. One part of him wanted to go ask Miranda out and get it over with, but the other part of him wanted to bask in the warm comfort of procrastination. It was all very confusing, but in the end, the side of him for “Just Doing It” won. His face started to grow hot when he thought about asking Miranda out, especially in front of the whole school.
“Umm.. Miranda?” asked Harry cautiously.
“Huh.” Miranda replied, not looking up from her book on Herbs in Divination.
“Can I talk to you… over here?”
“Sure.” Replied Miranda, wondering what he wanted as he led her into a more secluded area of the Great Hall.
”So.. umm… there’s an-er- Hogsmeade Weekend coming up.” Harry began.
Miranda nodded; she already knew. But why on Earth was he telling her this?
“Well, uh, I was wondering… d’you wanna go with me?” he asked quickly, blushing red
“Oh! Uh, Sure. Sounds fun.” She said, ignoring the deafening cries of Ohmigod, Harry Potter, hottest guy in school (to me) just asked me out. Harry Potter just asked ME out!!!
That were sounding in her head.
“Okay, cool.” Said Harry in a would-be-casual way
“ Um, good luck today at the game.”
“Well…. Bye!”
“Yeah… seeya.”
Miranda walked away, feeling very confused, but excited none the less. When she got back to the table, Ginny asked “So… what did he want?”, while twirling a strand of hair around her finger, and chewing a muffin. “Umm.. he asked me out..” mumbled Miranda quietly. Ginny’s muffin plopped onto the floor as she shrieked “OH MY GOD!!!! HARRY LIKES YOU!!!!! WHAT DID YOU SAY??!!?”, causing many people to stare at her, though apparently she didn’t mind. “……I said yes…..” muttered Miranda, which resulted in Ginny doing a gleeful dance around the table, and Hermione to smile warmly, secretly hoping not to have a repeat of the “Cho Incident”.
At the Quidditch game that day, Miranda and Hermione were sitting at the top of the stands. Hermione was talking to Miranda about S.P.E.W, when the Quidditch teams came stomping on to the field. Harry (who was now the Captain of the team) went first, followed by Chaser Katie Bell, Beaters Andrew Kirke and Jack Sloper (whom had improved greatly over the summer, apparently), Ron, and the replacement Chasers: Ginny Weasley and Brooke Schettler, a third year. They marched out rather impressively, Harry’s dark hair gleaming in the bright sunlight.
Next, the Hufflepuff team trooped out, led by their Captain and Chaser, Zacharias Smith, Chasers Maryanne Lynch and Alex Quest, Seeker Allen Summerby, Beaters Andrew Schettler and Elizabeth Turner, and Keeper Charlie Mulltynne. Dean Thomas had taken Lee Jordan’s place as commentator and soon his voice rang out through the Quidditch pitch.
“The Quaffle has been released! There’re the Bludgers, and there goes the Snitch!” Cried Dean enthusiastically. The players sped into the air at the sound of Madam Hooch’s whistle, as the Chasers scrambled to grab the Quaffle. “Hufflepuff in possession, heading for Gryffindor’s right goalpost. Quest passes to Lynch, she shoots! Oh, blocked by Ron Weasley! Ginny Weasley in possession, dodges Turner’s Bludger, aims….. Blocked by Mulltynne!” Dean’s commentary rang out through the Quidditch pitch and the stands, as Hermione and Miranda craned their necks to see. “Gryffindor’s Bell in possession of the Quaffle. She’s racing for Hufflepuff’s goalposts. Speeds away from Turner’s Bludger, she’s soaring higher….. and higher.. and higher…good God, she must be almost three hundred feet high!”
Dean was right, Katie was now high above everybody else in the match.
“There goes Schettler, he looks mad. He’s flying up, followed by Ginny Weasley and Maryanne Lynch. Schettler aims a bludger towards Bell…. HOLY SHIT!!!!!” Dean swore loudly, though nobody cared at the moment, for Schettler’s bludger had gone barreling through Katie’s broom at a rapid speed, and had broken it down the middle. She was quickly falling towards the ground.
Miranda had only a few seconds to figure out what to do. She raced down to the end of he stands, and focused her energy on the ground as she closed her eyes. When she opened them, they were glowing bright green. She pointed her hands at the point in the ground that Katie was most likely to fall on. She felt a surge of power go through her, as a cylindrical column of hard earth came bursting out of the ground. Miranda was aware of the crowd talking and shrieking, but she didn’t care at the moment. All that mattered was for the column to get to Katie before she got to the ground. It rose steadily higher and higher, until it was about three feet away from Katie. Se fell on it with a slight “oof!”, and Katie was safe. The crowd breathed a sigh of relief as Miranda made the earth lower slowly into the ground. Once Katie climbed off, Miranda stopped focusing so hard, and her eyes faded back from vivid green to golden brown. She lowered her hands, and, feeling as if she was in a trance (which she probably was), saw McGonagall sprinting over to her, but before she could get to her, Miranda had passed out on to the cool ground.

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Chapter 4: Of Dates and Threats
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When Miranda opened her eyes, she was in a cool white room, and in a bed with light blue hangings. “Oh,” thought Miranda groggily, looking at her surroundings “I’m in the Hospital Wing….. GAK!! What’m I doing here??!!??” She looked down, and saw that on her arm was a wet, bluish purple sponge-like thing was strapped to her arm. She tried to take it off, but when she tried, she felt a sharp searing pain that reached into her veins and made her gasp. Gingerly, she tried again to pull it off, and experienced the searing pain again. Several minutes later, Madam Pomfrey came walking in, carrying a wad of cloth and her wand.
“Ah, you’re awake!” she sad briskly when she saw Miranda “No, don’t pull on that!!! It’s embedded in your vein, and it’s the only thing that’s been giving you any strength.” She cried when she saw Miranda tugging on the spongy object.
Madam Pomfrey strode toward Miranda, clamped down her hands upon the sponge as it emitted a large squelching noise, and grabbed her wand. “Evanseldia!” she boomed, and with a yank, the sponge came out. She quickly put the heavy wad of cloth on the place that the sponge had been inserted into, and wrapped a piece of medical tape around it. “There,” she said, panting “Now you’ll just have to stay here one more night and then, you can leave.” And she left the room, but not before motioning to some people in the doorway.
Ginny and Hermione walked awkwardly into the Wing, smiling and looking relieved when they saw that Miranda was awake. Ginny rushed over to Miranda and gave her a rib-crushing hug. “Urgh, Ginny-Can’t breathe!” Miranda gasped, and Ginny let go of her. “Mmm…. What happened?” asked Miranda; she was feeling very amnesiac (A/N: like she had amnesia). Hermione and Ginny both shot her incredulous looks. “Don’t you remember?” whispered Hermione in a shocked voice, peering at Miranda. “Uh….Nooooooooo……..” replied Miranda “All I remember was a Quidditch game, and Ginny scoring a goal…. You were awesome, Gin!” “Well,” said Hermione, speaking quietly and quickly as though she didn’t want eavesdropping bed sheets to hear, considering they were the only ones in this area of the Hospital Wing,
“It was really strange. Katie Bell’s broom broke, and she was up, like, three hundred feet. Dumbledore didn’t have time to do anything, so you, like, raced down to the end of the stands, and your eyes went all funny…. You made this huge pile of earth come out of the ground….” She paused “It was weird, how’d you do it? I mean I know hat you can do that with magic, but I didn’t expect that you would know ho-“ “Hermione!” interrupted Ginny “I’ll tell you later…. Can I tell her?” asked Ginny quietly. Miranda nodded, feeling dazed and confused.
But…... thought Miranda wildly If it was at the Quidditch game… OH MY GOD! Now everybody knows….. They’ll hate me, just like before...They’ll think I’m a dangerous freak! Tears were now streaming down Miranda’s face. Hermione wrapped her in a hug. “It’ll be okay.” She said soothingly.
Hermione was partially correct. Over the next few days, as Miranda walked along the corridors, people stared at her and whispered. She didn’t know how Harry handled it, but on the whole, she just ignored it, except for once when that Slytherin arse-hole Draco Malfoy started making fun f her and calling her a freak, and she started crying. Soon, though, she became immune to their stares and muttering, and one day when she was pretending not to hear them, she bumped into Harry in the Charms hallway.
“Hi Harry. Sorry about that.” She said brightly, bending down to help him pick up his ink bottles and books that had fallen and smashed to the floor.
“That’s okay…” he replied, going slightly pink. Miranda wondered why.
“So…” he said awkwardly, fiddling with a quill. “Are we.. uh.. still, er, you know…. Going to Hogsmeade together?”
Miranda was shocked; she had forgotten that they were going in the first place. Again, she wondered…. Why had he asked her out in the first place?
“Oh! Of course…” she replied “…. Can we meet in the Great Hall at 10:00 am or so?”
“Yeah. That sounds good.”
“…Okay, well, see you on Saturday, then.”
“Yeah, you too.”
And Miranda walked down to the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom, wondering what on Earth she was going to wear.”
“Okay, class,” boomed the D.A.D.A teacher, Professor Linningham. He was around fifty, with a wild mane of gray streaked, fading, red hair that made him look rather like an old lion. He also had wide, hazel eyes, that behind their horn-rimmed spectacles seemed to miss nothing. “Today, we will be working with boggarts!”……
On the morning of the Hogsmeade trip, Miranda woke up with a sense of mingled excitement, fear, and anticipation. She sprang out of bed loudly (much to the annoyance of her dorm-mates), and ran into the bathroom with the outfit she had picked out the night before. She carefully applied foundation, cover up, mascara, eye liner, eye shadow, facial glitter, lipstick, and lip gloss, threw on her clothes and brushed her hair into it’s best form of glossy black-brown. When she stepped out of the bathroom, Ginny couldn’t cover up a snigger.
“What is it?!” asked Miranda, alarmed.
“You-hee hee- have on –ha- waaay too much makeup!” she said between chuckles
“Take-ha ha ha- off the glitter, eye shadow, and eye liner,-HA!- and you’ll be good.”
And Miranda, laughing good-naturedly, strode into the bathroom to adjust her amount of makeup.

Harry paced nervously around the entrance to the Great Hall, waiting for Miranda. Just then, she walked over to Harry, dressed in her Muggle best: a red, screen print tee-shirt bearing the words “Simple Plan”, and a gray mini-skirt. Harry felt awkward in his gray sweatshirt and jeans, but did a pretty good job covering it up.
“Hey ‘Rands” he said, smiling when she came over.
“Hi!” replied Miranda breathlessly, going a bit pink.
“Soooooo………. Let’s go!”
As Harry and Miranda walked through Hogsmeade, sipping butterbeers, Miranda was having the time of her life. She couldn’t believe that a guy as hot, nice, and funny had actually asked HER out. About half way through the date, they met up with Ron and Hermione, for they had come into Hogsmeade without Harry knowing. At first, Miranda felt a little awkward around the “cool” Sixth Years (A/N: they were so much taller than her!) , but went along with them anyway. As Ron, Miranda, Hermione, and Harry stepped into the Three Broomsticks, Miranda was immediately bombarded by Malfoy’s jeering cries.
“Hey look everyone! It’s the dangerous American bird! I wonder why she’s staring at me like that. Uh-oh, don’t wanna get her mad.” Malfoy smirked “After all..” he said slowly, a malicious glint in his eye “I don’t want to end up like those people in that earthquake near Tutshill …..”
Miranda couldn’t believe it: How did he know about that? It was the final straw; she was tired of being verbally abused by this prat.
“Hey Malfoy,” she called, as Malfoy spun around. “Yeas, my apocalyptic child?” he answered arrogantly, causing Crabbe and Goyle to guffaw stupidly.
“Becovius!” cried Miranda, and from the tip of her wand came a light pink haze, which Malfoy inhaled, and made him faint. Miranda then said some not-so-nice things to him and exited the establishment in a huff, Harry, Ron, and Hermione trailing after her.
“Miranda you are officially bowing-down-worthy!” cried Ron in delight “That was so cool! I love you!” and he hugged her, as Miranda muttered something awkwardly. Hermione looked at him angrily, and he went back to her side, going red and muttering an apology.
The rest of their time was spent in the Hog’s Head, sipping (more) butterbeers and exclaiming over the Quidditch match. At one point, Harry thanked her sincerely, causing Miranda to blush and mumble something related to “No big deal..” They joked, groaned, laughed, and talked together, and Miranda couldn’t stifle a feeling of intense happiness at being with them and feeling accepted.
As they walked back, Miranda noticed that Hermione and Ron were (A/N: we all saw that coming!) holding hands, a little shyly, but still linked together. Apparently, Harry noticed too, and he awkwardly grabbed Miranda’s delicate (A/N: Miranda is a little short) hand, and placed it in his slightly larger one, much to Miranda’s delight, despite feeling nervous about whether or not he would care that her hand was hot and sweaty.
As they entered the castle around 5:00, Ron and Hermione immediately went to the Gryffindor Common Room without Harry, though not before Ron whispered “Good luck, mate.” In Harry’s ear. Still holding hands, Miranda and Harry walked leisurely around the castle, until returning to the Common Room around 7:00. As they walked in, they noticed something going on, on the couches.
Hermione and Ron had arms around each other, as they snogged each other passionately. They didn’t look up as Harry and Miranda entered the Common Room, sniggering. Mirada caroled a line from one of the songs that Miranda had let Ron listen to, called “Geeks Get the Girls” by American Hi-Fi. “Tonight’s the night, he’s gonna get it right. Even losers can get lucky sometime. All the freaks got a winning streak, shouting all around the world ‘cause the geek’s got the girl.” Ron and Hermione quickly broke apart, going very red, as Harry and Miranda laughed good-naturedly, and telling them to “have fun” as they left the room.
They were still laughing as they reached the stairway to the Girls Dormitories, but suddenly became quiet and awkward.
“I had a great time tonight, Harry.” Said Miranda quietly, looking into Harry’s emerald eyes.
“Yeah, me too. Ummm…. Good night, then.” Harry returned shyly, smiling at Miranda.
And then Miranda did something completely out of character for her:
She stood on her toes and kissed Harry lightly on the cheek, before walking briskly up
The stairs to her bedroom, where she collapsed on to the bed.

Miles away, unknown to anybody, Peter Pettigrew rapped on the door to a modest shack. The door creaked open, and he stepped inside.
”Welcome, Wormtail. We’ve been expecting you.”
He spun around, and was greeted by the malicious stare of none other than Lord Voldemort himself.
“M-My Lord. Have-have you c-c-captured the man?” stuttered Wormtail, wincing at Voldemort’s hideous face.
“Yes, and quite easily at that.” Voldemort drawled in reply as he stroked his giant snake, Nagini’s, head. He motioned for Wormtail to follow him, and he walked inside a room.
Inside, a man was tied up. He looked to be around his late thirties, with blue eyes and glossy dark-brown hair. His face was contorted with pain, and as he was in the middle of a circle of a dozen or so Death Eaters, Wormtail knew why.
As the man gave Voldemort a defiant stare, Lucius Malfoy raised his wand and bellowed “CRUCIO!”
The man yelled into the darkness, as the Death Eaters, Wormtail, and Voldemort laughed evilly.
“So……” continued Voldemort, after Malfoy had stopped torturing the man, “are you going to tell us where the girl is or are we going to have to drag it out of you?”
The man raised his head to a defiant glare and whispered “You’ll kill her before she joins you. And if you want to get near her, you’ll have to kill me first.”
“Don’t be silly, Connelinne, I always planned to kill you, and as soon as the girl is persuaded, I will.”
The man shakily, stood up from his rope bindings. “KEEP AWAY FOM MY DAUGHTER, VOLDEMORT!!!!” he yelled, alarming Wormtail.
“Hmm….. And if I don’t what are you going to do? A mere half breed like yourself. CRUCIO!” Samuel Connelinne’s cries again filled the hut.
“Now, unless you tell me, I am going to assume your daughter s at Hogwarts.”
The man said nothing.
“Alright. Wormtail, prepare the correspondents And as for you, Connelinne…. CRUCIO!!”
and with that the Dark Lord’s mirthless laugh filled the hut
Back at Hogwarts, Harry woke up with a start