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Earth and Aliens by cool1

Format: Novella
Chapters: 8
Word Count: 7,150
Status: WIP

Rating: 12+
Warnings: No Warnings

Genres: Action, Mystery
Characters: Harry, Dumbledore, Hermione, OC, Remus Lupin, Ron, Snape, Voldemort, Fred/George, Tonks, M. McGonagall

First Published: 04/12/2005
Last Chapter: 07/07/2005
Last Updated: 10/07/2005

What happens when an alien is released after hundreds of years of being trapped in a prison made by Merlin. What happens when Harry falls in love with someone he shouldn't. What is Dumbledore's past and secrets? Who really is Dumbledore? What does Voldemort's new hairstyle look like? Find out all in this fanfic. Please read and review!!!!!!!!!

Chapter 1: Prologue: Trapped!
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Authors note: Aliens come a couple of chapters later. Please read and review my story!
In this prologue, the alien gets trapped in a prison, by Merlin himself.

Centuries ago.......
Merlin the old wizard, hurried almost stumbling over his robes as he ran towards the place where he could cast the spell.
The night sky had stars so bright they looked to be from Heaven. The full moon hung in the sky, a lonely orb, a curse to all those bitten by a werewolf. The grass, the wizard ran on, was still wet from last night's rain and the grass gave a crunching sound as each foot pushed the wizard forward.

Merlin paused, breathing heavily. He whipped out his wand, and waited anxiously at the place.
Then the sound of twigs snapping, broke the calm night. A man entered a carrying a sack over his shoulder. He looked around then spotted Merlin.
Merlin waited with baited breath as his friend hurried over. He threw the huge brown sacked on the grass.
"Stupid demon kept trying to escape," The man told Merlin. "I had to curse it at least ten times to keep it knocked out!"
"Well, my old friend, at least it is almost over. The demon will be trapped forever," Both men smiled. They looked to the moon.
"It almost time," One said softly.
"Take it out," The other ordered.
The man stooped low and opened the sack. He then emptied the contents on the grass.
A figure made of flames lied on the grass, face down. The flames of the figure had harmed noone, and it did not set the grass alight with fire.
Merlin turned it over, with his hands, and laughed at it.
"Finally we have captured it!" He shouted triumphantly.
"Oh shut up," The figure said. The flames drew back on the face and a small dark red flame would be sometimes seen. It was his tongue.
"SHUT UP, DEMON!" Merlin roared, kicking it. It winced in pain.
"I have a name, you know," It said angrily. "And I a male, not an it!" The figure of fire tried to rise but was too weak and it collapsed on the floor.
"Ready?" The man asked Merlin. He nodded.
He looked at the stones set in a circle around them, people would wonder for centuries why they were there. The plan was perfect!
Merlin raised his wand and made a complicated movement with it. He kept repeating the wand's movement while chanting:
"Obelske erracs e et int casa," Suddenly the figure of fire began to rise from the wet grass. The other man, who had brought him here, took a step back.
A golden chain appeared in the air and a four shining manacles next to it. One of the manacles opened then shut itself onto a hand of the figure of flame, who was screaming while this all happened. Another manacle closed onto the other hand, then the remaining two over his feet.
The golden chain split into four and each one attached itself to a manacle and the other side of each chain to a silver wall which appeared behind him.
Now the figure of flames, who was still screaming, was trapped to a wall.
Then Merlin shouted over the screaming: "AVADA KEDAVRA!"
The figure of flames disappeared in a puff of smoke, the last of the screaming, dying, giving peace to the night once more.
The men glanced each other.
"It is done," Merlin told the other man. "Noone shall find out!"
They chuckled.

Chapter 2: Chapter 1: The Dark mark
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"You will die!" said Lord Voldemort.
"Hahahaha!" laughed Bellatrix. In unison Lord Voldemort and Bellatrix both shouted:
"Crucio" Sirius Black screamed and wriggled. He stood up, still in pain, then fell over the edge down behind the ragged veil at the department of mysteries because Bellatrix had sent another spell. Bellatrix then disappeared and then Lord Voldemort faced Harry Potter.
"Avada kedavra" there was a flash of green light………..

Harry Potter woke up, on number 4 privet drive, sweating.
It was all a dream Harry told himself. Pain washed over Harry as he remembered Sirius. One day he would kill Bellatrix and Lord Voldemort.
He got up, no longer able to sleep and saw it was 8:00 am. He changed his clothes and lifted the loose floorboard in his bedroom. He quickly ate a piece of cake made by Mrs Weasley. He smiled at what Dudley would be having for breakfast. His thoughts dwelled on a help message for proper food to Ron and Hermione he had sent in the summer. It was the second time he had done this as the Dursleys where trying what the school nurse had said, putting Dudley on a diet. Aunt Petunia had done this since last summer to the whole family to make Dudley feel better.
He finished another piece of cake and went downstairs.

It had rained reminding of a dream, he had a couple nights ago. It had been very strange, containing Merlin. He had no beard in his dream, so Harry wondered why people said :Merlin's beard!" Probably irony Harry thought.
When are my O.W.L. results coming?

As usual the Dursleys ignored Harry as though he was not there, when he entered the kitchen. He had arrived just in time to what Aunt Petunia called: 'light breakfast'. He sat down and she handed out an apple to everyone. Harry's apple was tiny. It was the size of a golf ball, a golf ball that was out of date.
Harry looked at Dudley's apple it was the size of small football and ripe.
Uncle Vernon smiled looking at Harry knowing what he was thinking; Uncle Vernon picked up a newspaper off the table and began reading.
Dudley was watching TV while eating his apple, chins wobbling as usual.
Harry was about to bite his apple, thinking that the Dursleys would become suspicious if he didn't eat and still lived, when there was a newsflash on the TV. Everyone looked up.

"We interrupt your program to bring you this urgent news, a hundred people are reported dead and hundreds more injured as a house exploded in London. The explosion carried to around 3 miles, the flames consuming everything in its path."
"What the-" said Uncle Vernon, but he was interrupted by the television.
"Not only that, a strange skull has been sighted by many surviving people in the explosion and news helicopters. Scientists say radiation must be evolving," The camera went to the scene where the 'mark' was in the sky over a massive fire.
Aunt petunia screamed.
The skull was composed of what looked like emerald stars with serpent protruding from its mouth like a tongue.
"The dark mark!" whispered Harry, which was loud enough for everyone to hear.
"What in the name of God is that thing?" said uncle Vernon. Dudley's mouth was hanging wide open.
"Hedwig," Harry said to himself. Harry would normally send a message upstairs, but he did not want to miss anything else incase something happened, so he had to send it downstairs. Harry ran upstairs away from Uncle Vernon who was shouting at Harry to be quiet. Harry got some ink parchment and Hedwig, who flew after him.
"I WILL NOT HAVE OWLS IN THIS HOUSE!" Screamed uncle Vernon.
"I have got to send a message, it's the dark mark!" Harry replied.
"The dark what?"
"Voldemort's sign"
"Hang on" said uncle Vernon, trying to calm down. "He's the guy that sent dismbers after you last summer"
"Yep" said Harry dipping his quill in the ink bottle and writing on parchment.
"He's killed some more of your lot, hasn't he?" asked Aunt Petunia.
"And yours. You heard what they said. A hundred where dead, half of them where probably muggles" Harry responded without thinking.
"Sorry" said Harry quickly, not caring. He rolled up the parchment and sealed it then told Hedwig to send it to Ron. Hedwig flew off. Neglecting his apple Harry went up when it was obvious nothing worse was going to happen and went to pack. In two days time he would be off to Hogwarts. And he still hadn't got his books.........
Too bad he couldn't sleep because he was afraid of what he might see.

* * * * * * * * * *

Lord Voldemort angrily destroyed another precious muggle artifact, in the stupid museum.
"We have searched everything and it is not here! You do know, my friends, that if any of you missed it, you will curse the day you were born!"
The circle of death eaters shuddered as one. The stupid wizard wrote it was here!
"My lord, if I may say, it has been at least eight centuries since it was last found," Said a death eater stepping forward to kiss his master's robes.
"You may say…….But how far could some stupid crystal travel? I would not be surprised if it appeared on his bed wrapped in a package. Fate favours him." Voldemort muttered more to himself than the death eaters.
And how right he was; fate favoured him.

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Chapter 3: Chapter 2: Family
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At half past nine an owl flew in the window of the kitchen, but thankfully none of the Dursleys where in there. It was Pig, Ron's owl. Harry ran upstairs Pig flying after him he gave him some water then opened the letter and began to read.

Dear Harry,
Can't wait to see you. Sorry that we could not get you here earlier but, You-know-who has attacked one or two members and it was too risky. Mum and Dad said that Dumbledore said that you can come this week, so we are picking you up in tomorrow, so pack your trunk. Fred and George also told me to give you one of these, it is in the envelope.

From your mate, Ron

Tomorrow?! Harry let out a leap of joy. He then tipped the letter upside down and a flesh colored string fell out. An extendable ear! He pocketed it. He then quickly ran upstairs and threw all his stuff into his trunk except for his Firebolt, which he laid on top of his trunk. He got all the books and threw his birthday presents and the sweets (he gotten for his help message) into a neat pile. He still had not eaten some sweets from Ron because half of them looked like Fred and George's merchandise. But then he had an idea. He smiled; he would use the idea tomorrow. He pocketed his wand.

He went outside into the street and saw an 12 year old, who was called Mark Evans. Dudley kept beating him up every so often, but today he looked partically worried. Harry walked over. He was obviously hurt; there was a lot of blood on his face.
"Hello, Mark," said Harry.
Suddenly Harry's brain was nagging him to remember something.
"Why don't you complain about Dudley beating you up to you parents?" Harry asked.
"They will call the police and then Dudley will beat me up even more," he said miserably.
"Oh don't worry I will take care of him," Harry assured him, his lip curling. (Dudley had been teasing him all summer. It had taken every part of Harry to not take out his wand and curse Dudley to kingdom kum).
"I have my way, Mark Evans." Suddenly Harry remembered something in Snape's pensive.
"Hello, Evans, "James had said to Lily. Evans was his mother's maiden name.
"Has your Dad or Mum ever mentioned someone called Lily Evans" Harry asked.
"I think so," Mark replied. Yes! Harry had found family that was not the Dursleys. But, there was always a but in Harry's life, but Harry was feeling more and more gloomy, as he worked out how they were related. It turned out that Mark's family did not have the blood of his mother but they were related. He and Mark Evans were 2nd cousins, but only if, Harry kept reminding himself, Lily was the cousin of one of Mark's parents.
"Come to the Dursleys house and I will get you clean so parents don't notice anything," Harry offered.
"Yes please. Thank you. Wait, what if Dudley is there?"
"Probably somewhere else smashing things up," Harry replied.

They came out of the bathroom of the Dursley's house, after cleaning Mark's hands and face. They spotted Dudley's gang in the doorway, coming in for tea. Mark stared in horror as Harry led him to his bedroom.
"They won't come in here," Harry said, closing the door.
"Are you sure?"
Harry nodded. He spotted his Firebolt lying on top of his trunk. How would he hide it before Mark noticed it? But it was too late.
"What is that?" Mark asked, walking over. He picked it up.
"It looks like…"He whispered." But that's impossible. Are you one of their lot? You know a wizard?"
"What?!" Said Harry. He knew he should not be surprised because his mother was magic.
"Are you one?" Harry asked.
"Yes" Said Mark. "I got the letter from Hogwarts but my parents won't let me go," He said miserably. "So when your uncle said that you go to the punishment school, was he covering up for you going to Hogwarts?" He added.
"And when you said you 'have your ways', were you going to threaten Dudley with magic?" Mark Asked.
Harry nodded twice. He took out his wand from his magic.
"I don't care what your parents say, Mark you are going to Hogwarts" Said Harry, thinking of the time when Hagrid had come to threaten the Dursleys and make sure Harry went to Hogwarts. He had never found a way to repay Hagrid's kindness.
"Come on I am going to say hi to your parents," Said Harry dragging Mark Evans out of the room,"

They walked to Mark's house. Harry knocked. The door opened.
The father, Michael Evans, answered the door
"Oh hello," He said. He had emerald green eyes just like him and his mother, his voice was not very deep and he did not have a moustache. He was wearing clothes that looked too big for him.
"Hello, Mr Evans" Harry said. "I have 2 matters that need discussing. May I come in?"
"Err…..ok," replied Mr Evans, who was very puzzled. He led Harry into the living room, while greeting his son. Mark sat next to Harry. Mark's mother came in.
"Hello," she said. She had blue eyes and a small chin.
"Hello, Mrs Evans. I have matters we need to discuss," Harry said politely.
He decided that he would begin with the family matter first because if he began with the magic matter then they would become angry and not listen to him.
"Do you remember someone called Lily Evans?" Harry asked, twirling his wand in his hands.
"Yes, of course," The father replied." She is my cousin. But she is dead,"
"I am her son,"
Mr Evans stared.
"Of course you look so like James Potter, the lad she married," Said Mrs Evans before anyone could speak.
"Yes," Said Harry.
"So I am Mark's 2nd cousin and your 2nd cousin once removed," Harry said speaking directly to Mr Evans.
"The 2nd matter is that me being the son of Lily and James Potter, who are both magic, I am of course magic. So I am a wizard in the school of Hogwarts. You will send Mark to Hogwarts," Concluded Harry.
"No," Both parents said together.
"Only people who are weird go there," Said Mrs Evans.
"Freaks," Mr Evans added.
"I can see how you and Aunt Petunia are related," Said Harry angrily.
"I am NOT related to your aunt!" He shouted.
"Fine, don't accept it. But Mark Evans shall go to Hogwarts, especially because it has the best headmaster of Hogwarts, there ever was," Harry said. He knew that this was more or less the same what Hagrid had said, this meant that there was a possibility that Mr Evans would complain about money, so he said:
"It is free. Think about it this way, you can have magical solutions to your problems," Harry said, remembering more of what Hagrid had said, when they first met. Harry looked at Mr Evans, who was thinking, turning it all over in his mind.
"Very well," Mr Evans concluded. "He may go, but I do not want any problems,"
"Thank you, sir. There won't be," Harry said politely. He and Mr Evans went to the door Harry said bye and he went back to the Dursleys house, happy.

Chapter 4: Chapter 3: Love is in the air...
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Since the warning that Mad-eye Moody and the other wizards had issued at the end of year 5 Aunt Petunia had been slightly nicer, giving him more food, answering more of his questions and paying a bit more attention to him. Over the past year the neighbors which Aunt Petunia loved to spy on, had moved out and new people moved in. Aunt Petunia had suggested that they say 'hi' and welcome them to Privet drive. But Harry knew very well it was to see what their new neighbors where like and see what they did. Aunt Petunia told them to come along at half past 4.
They arrived and knocked, then the doors opened.

"Hello, may I help you?" A woman with dark hair, green eyes and a pretty face answered the door.

"Hello, I am your next door neighbors and we have come to welcome you to your new home," Replied aunt Petunia.

"Oh then come in," Said the lady. They went in to the living room which had a red carpet with gold stripes.

"My name is Amanda Aurorur. Please sit." (Pronounced or-raw-ra) she said sitting down.
They all sat down.

"My name is Petunia Dursley," Aunt petunia said.

"Are these children yours?" asked Amanda Aurorur.

"Dudley is, but this is my nephew Harry Potter"

Mrs Aurorur's eyes widened at Harry's name, and widened even more at the appearance of Harry's scar. Harry thought this was very strange as muggles would not know his name, perhaps she had already heard he went to the criminal school.

"You two must be sixteen, I have a daughter who is sixteen," She said. "Sarah, come downstairs. Sarah!" She said shouting

"Coming," Said a soft voice.

Someone entered the room. It was a girl, with black hair, shoulder length, Blue eyes, and a beautiful face. She was almost as tall as Harry. As soon as Harry saw her he fell in love. Something deep inside him stirred. But it was everything to do with love, for the James Potter part of Harry had opened. Harry had always acted most like his mother but this girl had unlocked the prankster, cool guy and good at everything James in Harry.

"Oh hello," she said. She looked at her visitors. Her eyes came to rest on Harry. She looked at his scar and her eyes widened just like her mother.

"Sarah, this is Dudley and Harry Potter. Take them to your room," She pronounced every syllable particialy loud. Aunt Petunia frowned but though no more of it. Dudley smirked. Wow my reputation must be that bad! Harry thought.

"Yes, mum," the girl replied. They followed her upstairs. Her room was very big, with a pink bed and pink curtains; infact almost every thing was some sort of girl's colour except for a thick book on a self. Harry looked at it. It was labeled 'tips for Witches and Wizards in the magical world. Harry stared. Why would a book that was obviously written by a magic person in a muggle's house. And the surname Aurorur, if you split it up you would get Auror and Ur. But then the truth had dawned on Harry.

"I am one," Sarah said looking at the book Harry was staring at. She looked at Dudley.

"Don't worry, he knows about the magical world," Harry replied just low enough so Dudley would not hear. Harry looked at Sarah. Her black hair, beautiful face, red lips-

"Yes?" said Sarah. She had noticed Harry staring at her.

"Nothing," Harry said quickly.

"Why is everything in here pink?" Dudley asked. "You know a girl's colour?"
Sarah was about to speak when Harry quickly said:

"She can have her bedroom pink if she wants to. Infact," Harry said. "I seem to remember you having your room covered with pictures of half naked men,"
Sarah smiled.

"They're Boxers, stupid," Dudley said defensively and he left the room.
Harry and Sarah burst out laughing as soon as the fat pig (who was Dudley) had left.


Harry and Sarah talked about things and then they talked about Harry's life and Harry told her about his first year in Hogwarts but when she asked to hear about his adventures fighting Lord Voldemort he refused to go past his 1st and 2nd year so that he did not have to think about Sirius. Then Harry told her about the daily prophet saying he was a liar; Sarah then made Harry feel better by telling him she had believed him in the first place when the article about Harry's 4th year had appeared in the quibbler and that she hated the daily prophet. Then they talked more and hit the subject of Hogwarts.

"Well I used to go to this other school in Wales, because you remember I told you that I was born in England, my parents are English, but I have lived my life in Wales. But now I am going to Hogwarts and I hear it is very good," Sarah was saying.

"What?" She added noticing that Harry was staring at her for the 50th time.

"Nothing, apart from you're beautiful," Harry blurted out. Oh, he was going to kick himself. He hadn't meant to say that. Where had that come from?
Sarah blushed and said: "Thanks,"
But still the James part of Harry would not stop. Harry tried to stop himself but he couldn't; He leant forward.

"Will you go out with me?" Harry said. And finally the James part of Harry failed and once again he became more like his mother, Lily: He went pink.

"Err…yes…when?" Sarah replied blushing worse then ever. Harry leant forward more.
"How about on the first Hogsmeade visit?" he said. "It is a wizarding village," He added noticing her blank face.

"Agreed," And she leant forward too so that their faces were a few centimetres apart.
They were about to kiss when he heard Aunt Petunia's stupid voice interrupt them.

"Harry, we're going" Aunt Petunia really knew how to ruin a perfect moment

"Ok," Harry said. "Just a sec

He went downstairs, Sarah following. It appeared that Dudley had gone.

"Dudley has gone home from boredom," Aunt Petunia said rather loudly. Harry glanced at Amanda Aurorur, who pretended not to have heard.


After the horrible woman left, Amanda faced her daughter.

"So he was right," She concluded. "The resister does live here. I would never have believed it, even from him."

"Well mum, I accidentally did something," Sarah said not looking at her mother.

"What- how could you? One hour was all they were here- how could you mess up?" Amanda stared at her daughter.

"Well, see, I er- I er I just erm-,"

"Spit it out" The other ordered.
Sarah took a deep breath and said: "He asked me out, and I said yes,"

"What- how could you, you stupid girl?"

"He kept staring at me and then said I was beautiful," Sarah said, her voice quiet, she looking at the bright carpet.

"You have messed up his plans! You have got us killed! No worse, we will be tortured for the rest of our lives! You fool girl! Have you never been complemented by a boy?"
Sarah mumbled something.

"You have got to do something with your spare time, girl! Wait- wait……. Yes! This is perfect! Maybe in your mistake we have found something brilliant!"

"What?" the daughter asked.

"If you lure the resister into the trap, with fake love, even that muggle-loving fool won't be able to protect the resister! Yes…..yes…... it’s perfect,"

"But mother, that-"

"Daughter take your mother's advice. What would he want?"

Chapter 4 coming soon

Chapter 5: Chapter 4: Questions...nosebleeds...
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Authors note: How is everyone? good? then lets get on with the story!

Harry picked up a few sweets that were very obviously 'Nose bite nougats' and broke them in half. He pocketed the halves that made you better and picked up the halves that made you have a nose bleed.
He ran down stairs into the living room but just as he was about to ask for permission to go to wizarding world, when the telephone rang. Dudley, who was eating a big scoop of low fat ice cream, stopped to listen.
"Hello," said aunt petunia. There was a long pause then-
"Who is this any way?" aunt petunia said rather rudely. Then she suddenly her lips thinned. Dudley abandoned his ice cream and went other to his mother and put his ear near the telephone to listen.
"No," Said aunt petunia and she put the telephone down. Harry seized this opportune moment and dropped one of the sweets in his hand into the ice cream.
"Who was it dear?" asked uncle Vernon.
"It was one of their lot," she replied and pointed her head in Harry's direction. "They asked if he could go to their place. I said no."
All 3 Dursleys smiled. Dudley sat down and began to finish eating his ice cream.
Suddenly Dudley coughed and had an enormous nose bleed. In seconds the ice cream pot was over flowing with blood, in 10 seconds there was small pool of blood.
Uncle Vernon did not notice anything until something red that was near his shoe caught his eye. He looked at his Dudley.
"Pet-Pet-Petunia!" Aunt petunia looked up and gasped with horror.
"I did this," Said Harry, very proud of Fred and George.
"How dare you!" Screamed Uncle Vernon, getting up from the sofa. "Put him right!"
"Let me go to my friend's house,"
"Put him right!"
"Let me go," responded Harry, trying not to laugh.
"PUT HIM BACK THIS INSTANT!" He raged, his fist clenched in the air advancing to Harry.
"Will you let me go to-"
Harry took out one of the halves from his pocket, pinching himself along the way so he would not laugh.
"Dudley swallow this." Harry held out the half-sweet. Uncle Vernon wrenched the sweet from Harry's grasp and shoved it Dudley's mouth, who was now crying. Aunt Petunia was wailing, which sounded horrible.
When Dudley swallowed the antidote sweet, the bleeding stopped and all the blood vanished.
"Well," said Harry cheerfully smiling. "I am going to pack," or more like to laugh Harry thought.
"HOW DARE YOU?!" raged uncle Vernon. After 10 minutes of shouting, the Dursleys calmed down enough for them to sit down in the presence of Harry and for Dudley to switch on the television. An advert came on the television.
"One person living in the household could win this decades 'ultimate super lottery' which is 3 million pounds. Every person in the U.K. will be entered, automatically. We will be knocking on your door right now," The advert ended.
"Stupid fools," Vernon Dursley muttered and picked up his newspaper and began reading the sports section. There was a knock on the door.
"Dudley, see who that is on the door," said uncle Vernon lazily.

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Chapter 6: Chapter 5: Surprise! 3 millon is stolen by Harry Potter!
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"Dudley, go get the door," said uncle Vernon again.
Dudley left the room. Ten seconds later-
"Dad, mum! Come quick!" Said Dudley, almost shouting. Uncle Vernon and aunt Petunia looked at each other before aunt Petunia left the room. A second later-
"Vernon! Come quick!" shouted aunt Petunia in the same voice Dudley had used.
Uncle Vernon grunted as he put down the newspaper and walked in to the hall.
Harry followed curiously wanting to know what was going on.
"Ah, all the Dursleys, I'm Lindsay. You were randomly picked to win three million pounds!" Two people where on the doorstep. One holding a big camera, the other a microphone.
Harry thought he recognized her as someone else in the sunlight. Aunt petunia and uncle Vernon hugged each other while Dudley cried with joy.
"Now as you know," she said. "Only one member of any person living in this house may win this prize. And the winner is…….," She opened a gold envelope.
"Harry Potter!" Said Lindsay. The Dursleys froze. At first they were excited they were going to be rich!
But then that horrible Harry Potter had taken their glory away. All the Dursleys were going to torturing Harry when they got the chance. As Uncle Vernon tried to think of any excuse to stop Harry being the winner Lindsay said:
"Well done come and get into the car. Harry will be back next summer,"
Harry thought. How could he accept the prize when he had to go to Hogwarts? And she was a random stranger, could he trust her?
He looked at the Dursleys. Uncle Vernon had put on a mask of good grace. Aunt Petunia squeezed her lips so tightly that they had disappeared. Dudley however looked as though he had just found out he was going to die and was crying against his mother's shoulder, a great blubbering noise.
Just as uncle Vernon opened his mouth to say a good excuse Lindsay squealed:
"Oh Harry!" Lindsay's attitude was most unlike her own.
"Let me show you this trick," She got her hat from her handbag and put it on her head.
So that her short blond hair completely disappeared from view. There was a pause then she took it off and her hair was bubblegum pink.
Harry grew suspicious he had seen that color of hair on Tonks. But she was a witch.
Anne was a muggle;…………. or was she? Harry thought of a trick.
"Have you got any Butterbeer on you?" Harry asked. "I am really thirsty."
"No we haven't got any- Almost caught me there didn't you Harry," She pulled out a wand out of her handbag waved it and Nyphrda Tonks (spelling?) Stood where Lindsay had been standing. The Dursleys squeaked and jumped out of fear.
"Hi Harry," Said Tonks. "Dumbledore, disguise is over, show yourself." The camera man coughed.
A pop then-
"Well hello, Harry Potter," An old man, with a beard tucked in his belt, with eyes twinkling like stars in the night sky, and wearing white wizard robes stood infront of Harry.
"Professor Dumbledore!" Harry cried in excitement. The old man walked in the house, and the Dursleys shrank into the shadows of the stairs.
"I am afraid I shall be taking Harry away for the rest of this holiday. I hope I have your permission, Mr Dursley?" He enquired. Vernon Dursley thought for a moment. Would the last couple of days be better Harry-free?
"Of course, of course. I er- hope he can go quickly. It must be boring for him here," Uncle Vernon said coming out of the shadows and addressing Dumbledore as a normal human being, while silently cursing him hoping the headmaster might have a heart attack.
The headmaster waved his wand, and immediately all of Harry's stuff packed itself neatly into his trunk and flew downstairs. The Dursleys jumped and Uncle Vernon hit his head on the trunk passing over head. Then a snowy owl flew down after the trunk, the cage in its claws. The cage hit all the Dursleys on the head as it flew past them.
Dumbledore offered no apology however and said quite simply: "Must be off." And the boy who lived, the most famous headmaster of Hogwarts and a girl who liked changing her hair colour, shut the door as they left. The Dursleys jumped with joy! They were free of that Potter………………… Until next summer………

Chapter 7: Chapter 6: O.W.L. results
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When Harry opened the door of number twelve Grimmauld place, Ron Weasley and Hermione hugged him hard. Then a second later Dumbledore entered holding three letters.
"I have been holding on to your O.W.L. results until you were all together," He said quietly passing out the letters.
Harry quickly ripped open his letter and there were his results on a piece of card:

Mr Potter, I am pleased to inform you of your satisfactory results. Also you have qualified for the ability to be an Auror.
Harry's heart gave a leap of joy and he continued reading his letter.

Practical Written Overall
Charms E O O
Transfiguration E O O
Herbology A A A
Defence Against the dark arts O O O (Top in year)
Potions E E E
Care of magical creatures O O O
Astronomy E A A
Divination D D D
History of magic D D D (bottom of year)

Professor Snape has accepted you on terms and conditions he shall discuss with you when you next see him. You must improve on potions to continue working as an auror. O is supposed to be the only expectable grade, however Professor Snape has been most generous.

Prof M. McGonagall

"Well done, Harry," Ron and Hermione said in unison as they looked over Harry's shoulder.
"Thanks, how did you two do?" He asked. Hermione glared at him.
"I can't believe you got lowest in the year for history of magic. I got O and top of the year for everything except Defence Against the dark arts where I got second highest. I wonder who could have beaten me…….." she said trailing off, but she was smiling at Harry.
"Yep, I beat you," Harry laughed.
"Does this mean that you accept the fact that you are not perfect?" Ron asked Hermione.
"I think you be worried at the fact you got lowest in the year for Divination, Ron!" She told him. Harry and Ron laughed.
"I don't think I care, I did badly on the written exam, on purpose. I never want to see that old bat again." Ron chuckled.
Hermione glanced at Ron disapprovingly and the trio went into the hall.
Harry looked at the moth eaten curtains knowing Sirius's mother's portrait was there. Tears stung Harry's eyes and Ron put a hand on his shoulder, while Hermione looked at him sadly.
"Where is everyone?" Harry asked them.
"Order meeting, in the sitting room. Apparently big news. It is due to last an hour," Ron replied.
"OK, lets go in."
"What?!" Hermione jumped. "Snape personally warned me and Ron, that if they were disturbed they would make us worst than dead."
"Oh I am so scared," Harry replied in mock horror.
"So um, we breaking in?" Ron asked nervously.
"Nope, due to the fact being under twenty five makes us children, even we have all faced Voldemort, they wouldn't mutter a word in my ear. Only Sirius understood….." Harry trailed off, fighting the overwhelming sadness, that slowly rose inside him.
Ron and Hermione listened to Harry's instructions and followed him upstairs.
"Is this the room directly over the sitting room?" Harry asked Hermione as they climbed the stairs.
"Ok, now which one of you would like to cast magic?" He asked them.
They raised their eyebrows.
"Harry, V-v-Voldemort could trace the magic here. So could the ministry of magic. They would send you an owl. Remember last summer with your hearing," Hermione said feebly.
"Yeh, mate, I mean Fudge would find some way to expel you," Ron added.
"Although," Hermione said in deep thought. "They could excuse your magic like in our third year when you blew up your aunt." Harry and Ron grinned at each other.
"No, no, the ministry would trace the magic here," Hermione said finally.
"I doubt that a lot. If Dumbledore is powerful, than he will have made this unplottable and loads of other things," Harry said.
"So you are going to do magic?" Ron asked. "I mean Hermione could do it for you, they would never expel her."
"No, I am going to do it." Harry said firmly before Hermione could speak. "Hermione what is the spell to quietly rip off the carpet and floor boards and then make the ceiling not soundproof and make it able to support our weight?"
Hermione glared at him for breaking the rules but and Ron told her they didn't care.

Chapter 8: Chapter 7: Spying is naughty!
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Harry pulled out his wand from his pocket and pointed it at the moldy old carpet. It had dusty old pictures of wands.
Hermione glanced at the boys disapproving and spoke: "Reducto, relisha, superavato."
Harry pointed his wand and the carpet and said the words. "Reducto……. Relisha…….superavato."

The carpet ripped off, slowly, than gathering speed almost flew at the trio tripping them up.
The floorboards followed, the wood planks ripped off like paper and fluttered around in an invisible ball, looking exactly like the balls in the lottery. The floorboards and carpet finally stopped at the wall.
Harry, Ron and Hermione had fallen on the top of the ceiling.
"Did they hear? And there is no owl warning us of magic, a good sign!" Ron said finally.
"I don't think so, the pause between each spell was too long, Hermione replied.
"I think the ceiling is thin enough for us to put our heads on, and be able to listen," Harry suggested. Ron and Hermione nodded and like Harry, rested their head against the top of the ceiling. Immediately the three heard voices: "…….yes and when I confronted Fudge he replied-," it was Snape!
"That will be enough Professor Snape," Said a louder voice.
"Yes, yes," Said a third voice. "Lets listen to Albus speak."
"Thank you Mrs Weasley," Said Dumbledore. "Now," he paused and spoke even louder.
"I will not reveal where I found an item but I the item which I will show you is a primary source handwritten account of something amazing by the famous wizard Merlin himself,"
"Merlin? Merlin the capturer? Merlin with the beard?" Interrupted Snape.
"Yes, the very one," Dumbledore said and the trio could tell his voice was grave. "He writes of a creature made from fire. It has the figure of a twenty year old male and is simply amazing. It speaks fourty languages and is approximately one thousand and five hundred years old. It has eyes that are covered by red glass because apparently when these red glasses are taken off, a high powered beam of red light shoots out from its eyes. (((Author's note: I copied that from somewhere lol)))

The trio over head stared at each other. What in the world was this creature? The spell to make the ceiling strong enough to hold the weight of Harry, Ron and Hermione began to wear off.
"Is it you-know-who's creature? I have never heard of such a creature," Said the brisk voice of Professor McGonagall.
"No Minerva. But what strike me the most is that Merlin had several encounters with the creature and after the creature did something upsetting, Merlin decided it was a demon and captured it. It took a long time for Merlin as the creature put up a huge struggle. Merlin and another person then imprisoned it in a muggle place that is amazing, because noone one would have ever guessed the creature was trapped there. Infact I remember myself-"
"Where is it for God's sake?" Snape hissed cutting through Dumbledore, rather rudely.
The trio grimaced. Dumbledore continued calmly as though he hadn't been interrupted.
"Stonehenge," He said simply. Chatter broke out, several people talking at once.

Fred and George, wearing their Dragonskin, went up the stairs.
"Last room, I mean I am sure Harry arrived but where are those three?" Fred said to George opening the door. The two pranksters's mouths fell open. There Harry, Ron and Hermione where! Listening to the meeting! And they had destroyed the floor! George pointed at the carpet and lots of floor boards next to the wall spread out unevenly.
Ron spotted his brothers.
"What are you doing here?" Harry and Hermione looked at the door. Fred and George stepped off the stairs and onto the ceiling.
"No! No! The spell can't hold the weight of us all get off-" Hermione began frantically.
But too late the ceiling gave a creak and cracked. Then it collapsed downwards breaking as it fell on the meeting's room.

Several women screamed and a few others gave cries of fear. Dumbledore however smiled at Harry, who had fallen directly on Snape. Fred and George's prank merchandise went off and there were dragons flying over the room, rain falling from the above floor and woman's ghost appeared singing. The singing sounded worst than a Banshee's scream.

"ENOUGH!" Shouted Snape and a man, Harry had never seen. Both of them pulled out the wand and began fixing the situation. Finally everything except the woman singing was back to normal, not that normal exists in the wizarding world!
Remus was leaning on the wall laughing hard while tears came down his face. Mrs Weasley was telling Ron off, while Snape lectured Harry and then explained his various detentions made specially for Harry when school term began. Percy had Fred and George by the ear telling them off.
Moody was on the floor shouting for his wooden leg back and Mr Weasley was laughing directly opposite
"ORDER EVERYONE!" roared Dumbledore his voice much louder than Snape's or the man next to him. The ghost vanished and everyone fell silent.
"Mr Weasley and Mr Weasley, how nice of you to join us!" Dumbledore greeted.
"So let's carry on the meeting, as Mr Potter will stop at nothing to hear us," He continued.
"But he's too young!" Mrs Weasley muttered.
"He will stop at nothing," Dumbledore repeated. Harry went red.

Half an hour later after Harry had greeted everyone, everyone sat down in the kitchen for food. Ron had been severally punished but managed to get out of it from his father who tripped over one of the Weasley twin's fake wands to get to Harry so that he could say hello.
"Tomorrow is Hogwarts first day and I am missing a defense against the dark arts teacher. Remus Lupin has refused, and I am too busy to be able to deal with finding a new teacher. I must confess to being too lazy until now to realise I need a defense against the dark arts teacher-"
"Is there any point to all this talk?" Said Harry rudely.
"Yes Harry there is. I need you to teach the first, second and third pupils defense against the dark arts.

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