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Collision by CallingMidnight

Format: Novel
Chapters: 39
Word Count: 112,524

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature

Genres: Drama, Romance
Characters: Harry, Lupin, Sirius, James, Lily, OC
Pairings: James/Lily, Remus/OC, Sirius/OC

First Published: 12/21/2004
Last Chapter: 07/11/2005
Last Updated: 09/09/2005

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting BEAUTIFUL new banner by RecklessAbandon!!!! For years, Heather's only remaining relatives ignored her, leaving her in an orphanage...until, when she turned 17, for some unknown reason they saw fit to send her to Hogwarts for a final year of schooling. At fist, Heather was nervous about meeting her only family. But she quickly realized that she needn't be afriad...she should be terrified. Her relatives were worse than she had remembered. Especially her cousin, Lucius Malfoy.

Chapter 19: Dream A Little Dream

Chapter Nineteen~*~Dream A Little Dream

Sirius smiled. His face split into the first, honest, true smile in weeks as he looked down at Heather. His heart soared with relief.

“Sirius…” Heather started, but stopped as she noticed his smile. Her eyes widened in confusion. Had he gone mad? He clasped her hands in his, and then pulled her into a tender hug. Heather stood there, embraced lovingly, her arms flapping at her sides in horror. She shoved away from him. He looked at her with laughter in his eyes. “What is wrong with you?!” she roared in frustration.

“Nothing at all… except that I’m going to pound Lucius’ face in with a sledgehammer…” Sirius said. Heather froze in the act of putting her hands on her hips. She stared in horror. He knew…

“How…who…” she stuttered, feeling the floor would crack and pull her down into the depths of Hell.

“Remus,” Sirius whispered, watching her face closely. She closed her eyes, and covered her face with her hands.

“I’m going to throttle him,” she muttered under her breath. “Sirius, it was a lie he told you. It’s not true. I don’t want to be with you anymore,” she tried to tell him, but he was shaking his head stubbornly.

“Heather, you can’t deny it. I can’t live without you, and you without me. I love…” he began, his usual, sloppy smile in place. He looked like a large puppy who had just been given the most wonderful treat.

“Sirius no!” she shouted angrily. “If Remus actually did tell you, then you know we can’t be together! He will kill you!” she said frantically.

“Let him try,” Sirius said, shrugging.

“No…” Heather said. “You will not do this to me. I will not risk your life. I will not let your coffin rest on my shoulders. I love you, yes. I’ll openly admit it. But we cannot…”

“Heather, will you just slow down for two seconds?” Sirius said, putting a hand on her shoulder. “You are not the only person in this relationship. It’s not fair that you get to help me, but I'm not allowed to help you," he said. She looked up at him, at a loss for words.

“How could you possibly help me? Without getting yourself killed?” she whispered desolately. He grinned.

“Who says that Lucius needs to know of our relationship?” Sirius said playfully. “I don’t see why you didn’t just tell me in the first place,” he said.

“I figured that you would try and get revenge on Lucius or something. I didn’t want to risk you being hurt,” she admitted.

“Ah,” he said, sounding like Dumbledore, “but here is where we come to the fact that you don’t have to fight for me, Heather. I’m not a weak little Nancy-Boy like you seem to think I am. I’m perfectly capable of taking care of myself,” he said with an arrogant raising of his eyebrows.

“Yes…well, I also think that your brain doesn’t work right all the time,” Heather said, the sides of her mouth twitching. “So what do you propose we do about this?” she asked.

“I propose…” he said, grinning, “that we give Lucius everything he wants to hear,” he said. Heather gave a rather sly smile.

“I hate you, you disgusting, arrogant slime-ball,” she said, grabbing the tie from his crisp white school shirt and dragging him closer.

“And I despise you, you cheating, lying, Malfoy snob,” he said, his lips inches from hers. For seconds they hung there, their breathing sharp and eager. For weeks they had been denied this pleasure. Their eyes searched each other’s, as if meeting for the first time, but when their lips clashed together, it became apparent that these two had definitely met before…


Running as fast as he could, he thrust his small hands forward. He wouldn’t let it catch him. He couldn’t. His blood rushed in his ears, and he could barely see. It was as if he was sweating droplets of dark, black liquor, and they kept falling into his eyes, blurring his vision and making it nearly impossible to dodge the constant onslaught of tree branches that swung of their own accord at his small frame. He shook his head, trying to see. His legs were as heavy as logs. Looking down, he saw the cause. He saw smoke curling up his stubby legs, like long, terrifying cold hands, trying to keep him from escaping.

“Stop it! I need to get home! I need to be free! I need to escape!” he yelled frantically to the hands, kicking them off just before they got a tight hold. He stopped, however, as a slow, soft voice carried to him through the dark, mysterious forest. His breath came in sharply, cutting his throat. He didn’t care though, all his senses were focused on the sweet melody coming from somewhere beyond his range of vision.

“Soft the drowsy hours are creeping,

Hill and dale in slumber sleeping

I my loved ones' watch am keeping,

All through the night…”

Tears filled the little boys eyes. The smoky hands and shadows shied away from the beautiful sound. He was able to see again, and he walked forward. The song began to grow louder, and he began to run in his anticipation.

“I’m coming! Keep singing!” he yelled, smiling through tears. He slowed to a halt as his destination came into view. In the middle of a clearing in the haunting forest sat a pale woman, in the middle of the dark, swaying blue flowers that covered the forest floor. She picked one, and spun it between her fingers as she continued to hum and sing. “I’m here…” the boy panted. “Mother…” he said, smiling and walking forward tentatively. The woman stopped singing at once and looked up. She was gaunt and looked much older than her actual age. She held out the flower in her frail, shaking, skeletal hand.

“Come, Remus. It’s alright,” she said warmly, her voice seeming to surround the clearing, yet without so much as an echo. Remus walked forward, looking concerned.

“You aren’t looking well, mommy,” he said, taking the flower from her hand and examining it.

“Nonsense! I’m fine,” she scoffed, forcing a rather painful looking smile onto her pasty face. Remus looked at her sadly. “Why do you do that? You silly thing,” she said, tapping him on the nose.

“Do what?”

“You’re so serious!” she said, tickling him and making an exaggerated grumpy face. Remus laughed.

“I just wish…I wish that daddy didn’t…” he said, tucking his head beneath her chin as he sat in her lap. His mother closed her eyes.

“Oh, Remus. You know your father doesn’t mean it. He can’t help it! He loves us both. Don’t you forget that!” she said with enthusiasm. Tears rolled down her face.


“Yes, honey?” she said, setting a crown of flowers on his sandy-brown head.

“Is this real?” His mother chuckled at this, but then set him beside her. She clasped his hand.

“I’m afraid not,” she whispered.

“Is it a dream?” he said.

“Yes,” she whispered, “but sometimes dreams can impact one’s life more than the actual real-world occurrences.”

“Yeah…” Remus said. “What else do you think will happen in my dream?” he asked, standing up and looking around.

“Who knows! Anything!” his mother said, happily, standing up with him.

“You don’t think that…” Remus stopped, looking at the waxy, thin-haired old woman that was his mother. “You don’t think…
he will be in my dream… do you?” he finished in a whisper. His mother’s eyes filled with a sudden fear, and they both pricked their ears. Loud crunching noises approached them, and Remus’ heart fell among the flowers at his feet. His father…

“VANESSA!” a cold, slurring voice roared, coming to stand at the edge of the clearing, a bottle of fire-whiskey in his shaking hands. As soon as he spotted them, the flowers on the ground turned to black ash. Vanessa moved from Remus’ side to stand in front of him protectively.

“Mommy!” Remus said urgently, his chubby little hand snatching at hers to try and stop her.

“Not now, sweetie,” she said firmly. “I’m right here, Jack, there is no need to shout,” she said quietly, folding her hands in front of her.

“THERE IS A DAMN GOOD REASON TO SHOUT!” he roared back, swaggering toward her.

“I don’t think so…”

“I DO!!” he roared. Then he spotted Remus, and froze in fury. “What have you two been up to then? Plotting against me? You and the little snot been having a good talk behind my back?” he said, grabbing Vanessa’s shoulders roughly. She looked calmly into his face, not replying. “ANSWER ME WOMAN!” he roared, hitting her hard across the face.

“Stop it!” Remus yelled, leaping forward. His father threw him aside.

“Jack! Don’t you hurt him! Don’t touch him!!! You don’t know what you’re…” but her words were cut off as Jack became so incensed that he slammed the bottle of alcohol across her head. She dropped to the ground, instantly. Nobody in the clearing moved.

“Mom…?” Remus whispered. “Mommy?” he yelled, he dropped to her side as blood gushed from her head. He turned his emblazoned eyes on his shocked father. “LOOK WHAT YOU’VE DONE! FIX HER! GET YOUR WAND!” he yelled, yanking his father with all his might toward his mother. His father just stood there, in a drunken shock as he looked at his wife. Remus sobbed in anguish as he knew that his mother was dead. A low snarl echoed among the trees, but it was a second before either of the two realized what it was. Remus turned in trepidation to see a great, ugly, scraggily looking Werewolf running toward him.

“D-dad, give me your wand!” Remus yelled, backing up. But the smoky hands were crawling up his calves again. The trees were closing in on him, and his mother was gone. “NO!” he yelled, and looked back to see his father was drinking heartily with all of his friends. He was back on the street, waiting for his father to finish up.... He didn’t know what to do. He just watched as the great dog thundered toward him. He did the only thing he could. He turned his head heaven-ward and screamed. Not just any scream, but one of a pained anguish, a scream that could wrench the heart of Lord Voldemort himself. People in Hell wept over the sad tone, pitying, mourning, cherishing, and loving his agony.

“Remus?!” Remus leapt from his sleep, falling swiftly onto cold stone. “Remus are you alright?!” a voice said frantically.

“No! Get away!” Remus said as nervous hands came to help him from the ground. He shoved the person off of him, and he looked around and saw that he had fallen asleep in the library. He allowed himself to be placed in a chair.

“You scared me to death! What happened? Were you having a bad dream?” Remus looked into dark grey eyes. He swallowed hard as he saw who it was. Candy.

“Yeah…” Remus said, not sure what he was answering. His heartbeat was going a hundred miles an hour. He had had dreams of his past before, but never as weird and twisted as that. Never before had he seen his mother for so long before she met her gruesome death, with him unable to help her.

“You’re crying, poor thing,” Candy whispered, frowning severely. Remus looked at her oddly. Trying to recall what he was doing, and where he was, and who he was.

“I’m not crying,” he said, a little too gruffly.

“Then what is this?” she asked with a smile, wiping a tear from his cheek with one of her fingers.

“Get off me!” he yelled furiously, slapping her hand away. She looked stunned. He felt terrible. What was he doing? This was about as far from being himself as he had ever been. He half expected her to start crying or pout or something. Instead she glared at him.

“That was very rude. Apologize,” she said, folding her arms across her chest. Remus was so surprised by her actions that he actually laughed. She took it the wrong way, and her frown became terrifying.

“Sorry,” he mumbled quickly. Her frown turned into a beautiful smile at once.

“No sweat,” she said, waving her hand in the air. “Now, what were you dreaming about?” she asked.

“I’d rather not talk about it…” he said uncomfortably.

“I know,” she said, shrugging. There was a long silence. “Well?” she prompted.

“Well what?”

“Well tell me your dream,” she said laying her hands on her slender hips.

“But I said I didn’t want to talk about it,” he pointed out.


“So end of discussion.”

“You need to talk about it,” she prodded.

“Look, I have things in my past…”

“That are troublesome. You still have dreams about them,” she said.

“Yes, and you couldn’t possibly--“

“My sister died three years ago,” she said coldly. Remus froze. He couldn’t believe the difference in her face. She wasn’t happy and bubbly as usual, but her eyes turned cold and dark with hurt. He looked down at the table. “I know about pain. Just because I’m able to deal with it, doesn’t mean I don’t understand. I still have the dreams, and it always helps when I write them in a diary or talk to somebody about it. I just need to get it out of my head, so I can think about other stuff,” she said matter-of-factly. Remus nodded.

“I’m sorry…it’s just…” he began.

“Don’t apologize, you haven’t done anything wrong. Look, you don’t ,i.have,/i. to tell me, I just think it would help if you gave it a try,” she said. Then she turned rather red. “I didn’t like to see you in so much pain…”

“Candy…” he began, but she broke him off with a quick kiss on the cheek. His eyes widened in shock.

“I’ll see you around, Remus. Most likely sooner than you want to,” she said with a laugh. Remus stared after her as she hurried off. Luckily, she wasn’t able to see the way he was blushing to the roots. She had kissed him!


“You know what, that’s it. I’ve had enough of your arrogance,” Heather snapped loudly.

“Yeah, well you could definitely work on the social skills yourself,” Sirius said in an exasperated voice as they walked into the Great Hall.

“Oh, and what is that supposed to mean?” Heather said, fury etched onto her face. Sirius rolled his eyes.

“'Hi, I’m Heather! I cheat on my boyfriends, but don’t worry, I’m not at all like my surname!'” Sirius mimicked in a high pitched, girly voice. Heather gave a loud gasp of anger.

“Well at least I don’t walk around as if I own the place, dragging an idiot group of the only people stupid enough to call you their friend. Then, when you’re bored with those stupid friends, you lead around every idiot girl in Hogwarts!” Heather yelled. They both seemed oblivious to the audience they were attracting.

“You seem to forget that for a while there, you fell into that group of girls,” Sirius snapped.

“Yes, the girls you so heroically decided to bed as many times as possible and then throw away like dishrags. But don’t worry, it’s okay! Because you never said ‘I love you!’” Heather roared.

“Why am I talking to you?!” Sirius yelled.

“How should I know? You’re a Black. As Black as your name!” Heather yelled.

“Get a life,” Sirius screamed.

“Go to Hell!” Heather retorted, and they hurried off through different exits. As soon as Heather was out of the Great Hall, she ran as fast as she could to the Common Room. She passed many awed students on her way. Her heart was pounding. As soon as she reached the Portrait Hole, she gave the password and stumbled in. She saw Sirius immediately, standing, waiting for her. She ran into his arms, and he pulled her against him. They both burst out laughing.

“Did you see their faces?” Heather asked through a kiss.

“I don’t think they suspected a thing,” Sirius assured. “God, I can’t even begin to tell you how good it is to have you in my arms again.”

“Trust me, I understand completely. No need to explain,” she said, laying her head against his shoulder. They stayed that way for a few seconds.

“I can’t wait until next week,” Sirius murmured. Heather looked up at him.

“Why’s that?”

“Because, it’s the holidays. Everybody will be going home…including Lucius,” Sirius said. “We’ll have the Common Room all to ourselves, almost." Heather grinned mischievously.

“And the dorms…” she said. Sirius grinned at her immediate thoughts. She blushed a deep crimson, however. “Not that I was thinking…I just meant…”

“I know,” he comforted. “You only want the dorms free so that we can play Gobstones…and stuff,” he whispered against her ear.

“Yeah…Gobstones,” she giggled. A loud noise made them both jump. The Portrait Hole swung open and in came Lily and James, followed by Remus.

“Oh!” Lily said in surprise as she saw Sirius and Heather together. They grinned.

“I suppose you two have made up in the last three minutes?” James asked in shock, remembering their horrible fight in the Great Hall. Remus cleared his throat, and explained the predicament. James shook his head, as did Lily, who burst into tears.

“Oh, I’m so sorry about earlier tonight. I was so nasty,” she said, and the two girls hugged each other. James and Sirius looked awkwardly at each other.

“ don’t mind if I don’t hug you, right Padfoot?” James joked, a relieved grin on his face.

“I’ll try to keep from crying,” Sirius said, rolling his eyes, yet smiling all the same.

“James! This is perfect! Now we can tell them all!” Lily squealed in excitement, grabbing his hands enthusiastically.
“What is it?” Sirius and Heather asked. Remus looked curiously at them.

“Well…” James said slowly. “We’re getting married. Right after the school year.” There was at first a stunned silence, and then a loud uproar of cheering and applause.

“Lily! James! I’m so excited!” Heather said, hugging them both tightly. Sirius clapped James on the back and gave Lily a hug. Remus beamed at them, congratulating them profusely. They all laughed and joked late into the night. The whole time neither couple could keep their hands off each other. After about three in the morning, however, Heather gave a long yawn, and Sirius suggested they went to bed. They all went upstairs, hearts light and giddiness keeping smiles plastered on their faces.

Remus watched as they all went up the steps. “I’ll be up in a minute,” he called, running his hand through his hair. He gave a sigh, smiling and shaking his head. He was so happy for them , but a tiny part of him died as he watched the happy couples walking up the steps, and knowing that he would never have that. As he thought this, a little book on the table caught his attention. He walked to it, and saw that it was a diary. It had the picture of a full moon on it, filled with stars that actually twinkled. He saw a little note tied to it and read it with a smile:

I hope this helps,


A/N: I really liked this chapter. I thought it had a nice mix of happy and sad. Happy obviously for Heather and Sirius, and sad for poor Remus. But I had a lot of fun trying to hash out what Remus' past could be. Hope you liked it. Thanks as always for your reveiws=)