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Darkover Magic by K A Woods

Format: Novella
Chapters: 14
Word Count: 40,108
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Romance, Action, Humor, General, Angst, Mystery, Drama
Characters: Draco, Ginny, Harry, Dumbledore, Hermione, James, Lily, Neville, Ron, Snape, Voldemort, Luna, Lucius, Seamus, Pansy

First Published: 02/14/2005
Last Chapter: 06/28/2005
Last Updated: 06/28/2005

A prosaic story of the Final Year for Harry Potter and his friends- interlaced with romance, and the thin line that is drawn between good and evil that is crossed in order to win the ultimate battle. A good read for the reader who is enthralled with Harry Potter and the relationships, some unlikelier then others, that bond the characters together.



Despite the huge homework load and the obscene amount of Quidditch practice, that Ron was assigning the team Harry had still found a bit of time for some fun. Last week’s win over Ravenclaw had certainly done a lot to lighten his mood, winning the House Cup was now actually becoming a possibility. And his Occlumency lessons starting back up with Dumbledore were going well, though he still hadn’t told him of the incident in Classroom Eleven.
The only thing that seemed to be hanging heavily on his mind was the upcoming Halloween Dance. It was a noble idea for Dumbledore to preach unity between the houses but it just did not seem like a feasible idea. The only one at the moment who seemed to be happy about it at the moment was Seamus, seeing as how he now had a good reason to tease Neville.

“Did ya hear?” Seamus proclaimed when he walked into the Great Hall for dinner about four days before the Halloween Ball.

“Hear what?” Dean piped up.

“Longbottom’s found himself a date to the Halloween Dance.” Seamus said with a grin.

Dean and Ron burst out laughing and Harry snorted into his pumpkin juice.

“Who is it Seamus?” Hermione asked Seamus as she shot a evil glare at Dean, Ron, and Harry.

“Looney Lovegood!” Seamus shouted and the laughing got even harder, Harry’s sides were hurting so bad he could barely move.

“Oh well isn’t that lovely.” Hermione stated trying hard to keep a straight face. “At least HE has found a date from another house.” Hermione spat at the boys immediately subduing their incessant laughing.

“Who would want to?” Dean retorted , still laughing. Ron on the other hand immediately stopped laughing and looked at Hermione. Harry noticed Ron and knew exactly what he was thinking.

“And what about you Hermione? Have you managed to find a date yet?” Ron asked, trying to sound apathetic to the situation, though failing miserably.

All eyes were on Hermione when she took a deep breath and replied, “I am not going with anyone seeing as how I have to help coordinate the entire thing, not leaving that much time to fraternize with others.” Hermione replied pompously as she took a sip of tea, the others still looking at her incredulously. “What? Did you all honestly think I would go with Malfoy?” Hermione questioned with a scoff.

“Course not, just curious.” Ron replied with a laugh, though that was exactly what he was thinking, and Hermione along with Harry knew it, Harry for one was glad that Hermione had said that because it looked like the weight of the world had been lifted off of Ron’s back. But, the quickness in which Hermione had brought up Malfoy worried him a little, she wasn’t actually thinking in Malfoy that way was she?

“But the rest of you should follow Neville’s example and find someone from another house to go with…” Hermione implored as she looked around at the group and took another sip of tea.

“I call Padma Patil!” Seamus proclaimed as he jumped up and walked over to the Ravenclaw table. With in a few seconds Padma Patil could be heard giggling with her friends and Seamus wearing a smile on his face. Dean ran over to join him and before long had asked a Ravenclaw with long brown hair who Harry had seen with Padma though her name was a mystery. Harry turned and looked down the table at Lavender Brown who seemed to be looking a bit crestfallen as Pavarti patted her on the back in consolation.

“See that’s the spirit!” Hermione said cheerfully as she looked at Harry and Ron as if to tell them to go do the same. The two of them avoided her eyes and suddenly became very interested in their food. Hermione simply shot the two icy glares and rolled her eyes. “Well what about you Ginny?” Hermione implored.

“I already have a date.” Ginny said with a mysterious little smile.

“Who?” Harry burst out involuntarily causing both Ron and Hermione to give him suspicious looks.

“Anthony Goldstein.” Ginny proclaimed proudly while Harry, Ron and Hermione stared at her.

“Well that’s nice Ginny.” Hermione stated unconvincingly trying to break the silence.

“Nice? NICE? ARE YOU BLOODY KIDDING ME HERMIONE? I HATE THAT GIT!” Ron roared as he shot a dark look across the Great Hall towards where Anthony was sitting at the Ravenclaw Table.

Hermione simply rolled her eyes, “I have come to the conclusion Ronald that you would hate anyone that Ginny went with.” Hermione remarked smartly with a reassuring nod at Ginny as she took another sip of tea.

“I MOST CERTAINLY WOULD NOT!” Ron yelled back indignantly, refusing to let it go.

“Really Ron? Then who wouldn’t you mind Ginny going with?” Hermione retorted back, obviously amused with Ron’s response.

“Um- er-Harry, THAT’S IT HARRY! I WOULD NOT MIND IF SHE WENT WITH HARRY!” Ron proclaimed, causing Harry to snort into his pumpkin juice and everyone to turn and look at him.

“Sorry,” he mumbled, “Caught me by surprise is all...” Harry stated softly as his cheeks went a little pink. He could not believe Ron had just said that, and in front of Hermione AND Ginny.

“Well then that’s that, it is a shame though that you must go with someone from another house.” Hermione announced as she shot Ron a dangerous look. “Well I must be off to the Library- see you all at the D.A. meeting.” Hermione whispered the last part with a smirk before turning and leaving.

Harry’s eyes widened at the mention of the D.A. meeting, between classes, Quidditch, and Occlumency he had completely forgotten about the resurrection of the D.A. meetings. His heart seemed to feel considerably lighter as he went off to Potions at the prospect of the first D.A. meeting of the year.
At nine thirty, sharp, all of the old D.A. members had assembled themselves in the Room of Requirement. Judging by the looks on the faces of the members, they were all just as excited to be here as Harry was. There were several hugs and handshakes exchanged, judging by the fact that most of them had been so wrapped up in school and there own houses that they hardly had time to associate with each other.

“Thank You all for coming!” Hermione stated proudly, calling attention to where she was standing at the front of the room. “I would like to apologize for waiting so long to start up meetings again but I, as have you all I am sure, been really busy.” Hermione stated as the rest of the room nodded in unison. Harry smiled a little; Hermione had gotten quite good at public speaking since their fifth year.

“Now there is a role sheet being passed around and I would like everyone to sign next to their name, I would also like to take this time to say that since we DO have permission from Dumbledore for this there is in no need to fret about being caught out after curfew … especially seeing as how The Head Girl and most of the Prefects are members with you.” Hermione professed with a smile and everyone kind of laughed. “I know most of you already know that but I just wanted to state that point for anyone who might have forgotten.”

“Now without further ado I will turn the meeting over to Harry Potter!” Hermione said the last part considerably louder as she, and the rest of the members clapped loudly.

“Um- er thanks.” Harry spoke a little nervously as he went to the front of the room, blushing a little from the applause, they really didn’t have to do that, he thought to himself.

“As we all know Voldemort-”, Harry started as a few members let out a few gasps, Harry’s face hardened and continued on, “- has come back. However, for some odd reason he has been pretty, er- quiet since his return- a big attack not really occurring since the end of my fifth year. This gives us, me I mean, more cause to believe that we can expect something before the end of this term.” Harry stated as he looked around the room at the faces to the members of the D.A. For the most part, they all had the same expression of determination plastered on.

“This should give us even more of a reason to continue this, because you never know when we may be called upon to fight.” Harry proclaimed as the whole group seemed to nod in approval of his insight.

“With that said I want everyone to break off into groups of threes.” The whole group got up on Harry’s command and broke off into threes, the same determined looks still on their faces.

“I want everyone to first take turns using the Shielding Charm to block spells from multiple attackers.” Harry directed and the air immediately filled with the sounds of people yelling spells and jets of light.

Harry paced around the room and could not help but laugh when he saw both Creevey Brothers hit Zacharius Smith with spells, sending him flying backwards.

“Better luck next time Smith!” Dennis yelled as Collin whipped out his camera and snapped a picture just as Zacharius was getting up.

Harry blew a loud whistle and the entire room got deathly silent. “Er- thanks.” Harry stated a little nervous at the placid silence that had been brought about. “Now we are going to try a new spell that is a more advanced version of the shielding charm because it shields you from the attacker’s spell, and reflects the spell back at them at least twice as hard.” Harry announced as a murmur of approval spread throughout the group. “Now everyone say it with me, RE-FLEC-TO NO-CI- TUM.”

“RE-FLEC-TO NO-CI- TUM!” The Group chanted back in unison.

“Good, now the one thing you must remember is to have confidence when you say the spell, the more confident you are the more force it sends back at your opponent.” Harry proclaimed as he paced back in forth between the trios. “Okay um, begin.”

The whole room burst in to pandemonium as spells were sent flying back and forth between brightly colored shields (the Reflecto Nocitum spell produces various different colored shields that send the spells flying back) After about twenty minutes Harry brought the group in and they had a tournament using the spell, which Neville ended up winning, that lasted quite a while- way past curfew.

“Harry!” Hermione yelled from the other side of the room.

“What is it?” Harry yelled back above the noise of the tournament, the last match being between Ron and Neville.

“Harry it is 10:35!” Hermione screamed back with urgency in her voice.

“Oh,” Harry mumbled to himself in shock before blowing his whistle- causing the room to go quiet again. “Um er- no one panic but it is 10:30 and we all need to be getting to our dorms now, I believe Hermione has a couple of closing statements but other then that good job everyone.” Harry addressed the group as Hermione walked up to the front.

“Alright well first off congratulations to Neville for winning the tournament tonight!” Hermione stated with a smile as she led the group in applauding Neville, who turned a brilliant shade of pink. “Also I have taken the liberty of printing out schedules of D.A. meetings for you all- so if you would all take one.” Hermione stated as she started to pass out the schedules before Lavender Brown gasped aloud.

“Hermione what’s this on December 31st?” Lavender questioned aloud as a surprised little smile came on her face.

“Oh right- I knew I was forgetting something- well I haven’t really told anyone this but I am at the present moment organizing for us to have a New Years Eve party for all of D.A.” Hermione announced with a little smile as the whole room broke into a torrent of excited whispers.

“That’s brilliant Hermione!” Seamus shouted from the back of the room, beaming from ear to ear.

“Well I thought since there wasn’t anything being done at Hogwarts for Christmas this year I thought it might be a bit of fun- but this does mean that everyone will have to make arrangements to get back up to school a few days before term starts- well if no one else has anything to address then this meeting is adjourned.” Hermione addressed the group as everyone left, chatting excitedly.

“What a wonderful way to ring in the New Year!” Pavarti exclaimed as her and Lavender Brown turned to walk out of the class.

“Yes I know, absolutely smashing but you do know what happens at midnight don’t you Pavarti?” Lavender questioned shrilly as a little grin spread across her face.

“Oh my!” Pavarti gasped as she looked back at her best friend, blushing a little. “I hadn’t even thought about that!”

“Well I did!” Seamus stated as he came up behind the two girls, putting an arm around both of them.

“Sod off Finnegan!” Lavender spat at him icily as she shrugged off his shoulder and turned to glare at him icily.

“You know Lavender you could be a bit nicer, especially if you are going to be my date to the New Years Party.” Seamus replied with a devilish grin as Dean came up and beside him.

“And since when are we going together?” Lavender shot back dangerously.

“When you decide to quit being so uppity and realize how much you like me.” Seamus retorted with a wink as him and Dean strolled off towards the Gryffindor Common Room, leaving Lavender standing there with Pavarti who were now speechless.

Harry smiled and shook his head in disbelief as Seamus and Dean strolled away, Lavender and Pavarti following- after Lavender had regained composure. He had a feeling that scenes like this were going to be popping up everywhere once all of the D.A. members came to the realization that at midnight they would more then likely be kissing someone else. Harry swallowed hard, he had not kissed anyone since Cho making him feel more then a little uncomfortable, and why didn’t Hermione tell me about this party before now? I think I should at least be privy to that… Harry thought to himself, not that it would have really mattered, but at least he would not be so shocked. Now he had to find some one to take to the party, not to mention someone to kiss at midnight…. he definitely could not be the only one without some one. But who? There wasn’t really anyone left, well except… no Harry that’s not an option! Harry mentally scolded himself… that was Ron’s little sister. Well, but Ron did say he would not mind if… no Harry that was not how he meant it!

“Are you almost ready to go Harry?” Hermione asked Harry as she stood waiting at the door with Ron.

“Yeah I was um just- well let’s just go.” Harry replied as he was shaken from his thoughts.

“What’s wrong with you mate?” Ron asked Harry, eyeing him suspiciously, as the Golden Trio walked down the hall towards the Gryffindor Common Room.

“Huh? Oh nothing…” Harry replied unconvincingly as they reached the Fat Lady’s portrait. What was going on with him? First, the thing out by the Quidditch Pitch then, the pumpkin juice in the Great Hall and now he wanted to go with her to the New Year’s Eve Party.

“Well, I better be off to my Common Room, I guess I will see you two tomorrow then…” Hermione said quietly as she shifted a little uneasily, peering over at Harry who now stood staring intently at the ground in deep thought.

“Oh well I’ll can walk you over there-” Ron blurted out with a little smile as he ran a hand through his red hair, a gesture which Harry now knew was a sign of nervousness.

Harry turned and looked at him, immediately remembering their talk out by the Quidditch Pitch and decided it was better that he left them alone, “Um I’ll just be going up to my room then… see you at breakfast Hermione.” Harry stated as he turned and gave Ron a little smile and nod before walking through the portrait hole, a cheeky little smile now creeping across his face at the thought of Ron and Hermione.

That little git, Ron thought to himself as Harry turned and walked through the portrait hole, what the bloody hell was he thinking with that little smirk!

“What was with the smirk?” Hermione queried as she looked at the Portrait Hole where
Harry had just exited through darkly.

“Oh that? Well- um, I’m not quite sure really… he has been acting a bit queer lately.” Ron replied as his cheeks went a bit pink when Hermione stated she noticed Harry’s smirk.

“Yes I suppose…” Hermione started as her and Ron started to walk off down the hall towards the Common Room her and Draco shared.

“Oh I think that New Year’s Party idea for the D.A. is bloody brilliant.” Ron announced a little uneasily as the two continued their nighttime stroll down the hall.

Hermione whipped around to face Ron with a bright smile now spreading across her face, “You do Ron?” She asked as she looked into Ron’s eyes.

“Absolutely, very well done…” Ron replied, a little taken aback by Hermione’s sudden burst of excitement.

“Well I am glad someone is because Harry didn’t seem to be too keen on the idea.” Hermione responded, frowning a little.

Ron simply let out a little laugh causing Hermione to peer over at him.

“And I am supposing you think you know why he wasn’t too keen on it?” Hermione questioned, irritated that Ron knew something she didn’t.

“Well actually I do…” Ron retorted with a knowing smile that only made Hermione more irritated.

“Care to explain?” Hermione shot back icily.

“Well it is obviously kissing…” Ron stated as the smile on his face grew.

“Pardon Me?”

“Oh come on Hermione I thought you were supposed to be smart…obviously Harry is worried about the whole kissing at midnight thing, and after Cho I would be too…” Ron said as he let out a little chuckle.

“Oh is that all?” Hermione replied with a laugh. “I haven’t kissed anyone since Krum and I’m not even the slightest bit worried.”

Hermione laughed nonchalantly again but Ron was suddenly rather serious, “Do you still have feelings for him Hermione?” Ron asked, not even looking at Hermione but instead staring down at the ground as they walked.

Hermione stopped as the questioned registered and put a hand to Ron’s shoulder causing him to stop and face her.

“Ron, I don’t have feelings for him… I never really did.”

“Oh right then, that is why you went to the bloody Yule Ball with him, which makes perfect sense Hermione.” Ron shot back more fiercely then Hermione was expecting.

“Well Ron I was sick of waiting around for you to finally notice I was there!”

“I knew you were there but how was I suppose to know that you wouldn’t yell at me for asking you, like you usually do!” Ron yelled back.

“So you did want to go with me then?” Hermione shot at Ron.

“THERE WAS AND STILL IS NO ONE I WOULD RATHER GO WITH!” Ron raged back at Hermione then, realizing what he had said, looked down at the floor embarrassed, way to go you bloody git you just practically professed your heart to her!

“Do you mean that Ron?” Hermione asked softly as she lifted Ron’s chin up to look her in the eyes.

“Yeah, it is.” Ron stated before running a hand through his hair, noticing now that they had been outside of Hermione’s Dormitories now for several minutes.

“Oh.” Hermione whispered to herself softly.

“Well you are here now so I guess I better be getting back, um Sweet Dreams Hermione.” Ron stated and before Hermione could say another word, he had started walking off down the hall.

Hermione stood there for a minute gaping at Ron’s shadowy form before something rose up in her and she ran after him.

“Ron, there was no one I would have rather gone with either.” Hermione professed with a little smile before walking back to the Prefects Common Room and entering.

“I cannot believe I just did that,” Hermione whispered fiercely to herself as she entered into her common room, still shaking her head in disbelief.

“What did you do now Granger?” Draco seethed with a mischievous smirk from where he was sitting in front of the fire. “Oh wait don’t tell me… you snogged Weasley didn’t you.”

“Wouldn’t you like to know…” Hermione retorted before running a hand through her silky brown curls, causing Draco to stare at her. “What are you still doing up anyway?”

“Well, if you must know, while you were away at your silly little Defense Meeting I was here working on the plans for the Halloween party which is rapidly approaching.” Draco replied smugly.

“How did you know about the Defense meeting?” Hermione questioned Draco sharply.

“Oh I beat Longbottom into submission so he would tell me.” Draco retorted sarcastically, though Hermione did not find it to be the least bit amusing. “Oh come on Granger, the whole school knows about those silly little meetings.”

“Oh right…” Hermione responded calmly though inside she was completely shocked to know that the whole school, including Draco, knew about D.A.

“Well now that you have gone out and had your little funnzies tonight with Weasley I would appreciate a little help with some of these details, if it isn’t too much trouble.” Draco sneered is he motioned to the chair strategically placed beside him in front of the fire.

Hermione studied the chair for a moment. “I won’t bite Granger.” Draco remarked a little annoyed with her hesitance.

“It wasn’t that- it’s just well… never mind.” Hermione muttered as she walked towards the chair. Upon sitting down, her gaze immediately fell upon the stacks of papers and notes sprawled on the table, Wow, Draco really has been working hard.

“Yes I have been working hard Granger. Now I am gonna need your approval on some of these ideas.” Draco stated as he sat two papers on Hermione’s lap accidentally brushing his hand on her knee. “Sorry.” He muttered hurriedly. Oh nice one Malfoy, now she is going to think you are a total creep.

“How do you do that?” Hermione spoke fiercely to Draco, still trying to slow her heart down.

“Do what?” Draco spoke softly, his mind immediately went back to their meeting in the hallway when the touch of her hand sent jolts up his spine, and his heart raced.

“That think, you like read my mind or something.” Hermione spoke accusingly as she looked at him darkly.

“Oh that.” Draco responded dully, feeling stupid for even thinking about the hallway. “It’s a Malfoy thing.” Draco finished coyly and gave her a mischievous grin as he scooted a little closer and drew attention back to the papers on her lap. “Now Granger, this is a list of activities I have drawn up for the Halloween Dance.” Draco stated matter-of-factly as he motioned down to the papers as Hermione picked them up and read them.

“Karaoke, Costume and Dance Contests? Draco, I thought we were trying to build house unity here, not start a war.” Hermione questioned as she looked up at Draco who was still smiling smugly.

“Ah but yet again you miss the point Granger, these are all partner events- meaning that all of these activities are being done between people of different houses- thus, House Unity.” Draco replied.

“Well it sounds impressive, I certainly wouldn’t mind doing these activities. I know for a fact my friends would have a good time.” Hermione responded with a smile. Draco really has done a good job, Hermione thought to herself proudly as she flipped through the other pages, which contained everything from food supplies to music to decorations.

“Mine won’t.” Draco spoke more to himself then to Hermione.

“Oh right- well they are going right?” Hermione questioned as she studied Draco, it seemed to her that Draco had just made this realization and it made Hermione feel a little sorry for him. The Slytherins definitely were not big on interhouse unity but you would have at least thought that since a Slytherin as Head Boy they would make some kind of effort.

“I suppose they are, but only because it is something to do- fraternizing with the other houses isn’t big on our priority lists, but I am guessing you knew that.” Draco remarked slyly, as though he had read Hermione’s mind again.

“Yes well it doesn’t take the smartest witch in the school to figure that one out.” Hermione shot back icily.

“I see you have yet to retire your insufferable know-it-all persona.” Draco replied, obviously amused.

“And I see you are still as self- pretentious as ever.” Hermione spat back.

“Tsk Tsk Granger, If I were you I would at least try and be a little more civil towards me.” Draco responded, his coy smile expanding.

“And why would I be inclined to do that Malfoy?” Hermione argued back, her eyes narrowing with dislike, and here I thought we were making progress! That is the last time I ever even think of being friends with Malfoy!

“Well Granger, because we are obligated to go to the dance together…that’s why.” Malfoy spoke silkily as he let the idea sink in.

Hermione’s heart seemed to beat out of her chest and her eyes became unfocused, she had seen this coming but that still did not make hearing it any easier. She was obligated to go to the Halloween Dance with Malfoy, what would people think. Maybe it will not be so bad, just tell everyone you have to because you are Head Boy and Head Girl… that’s why you two are going together you silly ponce! Honestly, Hermione, did you think it was anything more?

“Cat got your tongue Granger?” Draco questioned, interrupting Hermione’s thoughts.

“I am feeling a bit light headed actually…” Hermione responded frazzled as she got up from the chair shakily and started to walk towards the staircase leading up to her dormitory, her head flowing with a tempest of thoughts.

Hermione reached out for the stone wall as she began ascending the stairs. About three stairs up her shaky foot missed and Hermione fell face first into the cold stone stairs whacking her throbbing head in the process.

Hermione screamed out in pain as the lightheaded feeling she had just been experiencing turned into searing anguish.

“HERMIONE!” Draco called out as he exploded up from his seat in front of the crackling fire and bounded to her crumpled shaking body.

“Hermione are you okay?” Draco questioned as he took her weak, shaking crumpled form into his arms. Draco pushed back her silky brown curls to reveal a stream of blood now trickling out of her head. “Oh my God!” Draco gasped as his gray eyes focused on the crimson blood.

“Draco, I don’t mind you know.” Hermione spoke softly as her brown eyes stared into his for a second before closing.

“MIND WHAT HERMIONE?” Draco screamed back in panic as she shook her, trying to regain consciousness. “Oh come on Granger, you can’t die on me now.” Draco muttered to himself as he hurriedly picked up her limp form and rushed down towards the Hospital Wing as fast as his feet would take him, the whole time praying that nothing was seriously wrong with Hermione.

“MADAME PINCE, OPEN UP!” Draco yelled as he banged loudly on the enormous oak door leading into the Hospital Wing.

After several moments there was still no response and a panic swelled up inside Draco again, “MADAME PINCE PLEASE OPEN THE DOOR!” Draco yelled with even more urgency.

A couple of seconds later the large door creaked open to reveal a middle aged witch in a dressing gown and robe. “WHAT THE DEVIL IS GOING ON OUT HERE?” Madame Pince yelled abruptly before her eyes focused on Draco, “What is the meaning of this Malfoy?” Madame Pince questioned as her old eyes bore down on Draco in apparent dislike.

Draco motioned down to Hermione’s still limp form resting in his arms; the blood that had been trickling down her forehead now covered almost her entire face. “OH MERLIN! BRING HER IN, QUICKLY!” Madame Pince squealed as she immediately ran to the back of the room to gather medicines and dressing, Draco on the other hand laid her down on an hospital bed.

Draco studied her face for a minute and felt her forehead, still warm, he thought to himself, oh come on Hermione please be alright.

Draco stayed by Hermione’s bed almost the entire night working on arrangements for the Halloween Dance, leaving only once to go and alert Dumbledore of Hermione- who immediately rushed down. This was all fine and well, except that both Dumbledore and Madame Pince felt it was necessary to interrogate Draco. After going over exactly, what happened at least ten times Draco was finally able to relax in a chair beside Hermione’s bed….

“Mr. Malfoy?” A voice spoke softly in Draco’s ear.

“Mr. Malfoy?” The voice spoke again but a little louder, arousing Draco from his sleep.

“Oh hello Madame Pince…” Draco replied groggily as he rubbed his eyes then a realization set in on him. It had not been a dream.

“Where’s Hermione?” Draco questioned urgently as he stood up to see that Hermione was no longer in the bed beside him and he feared the worst.

“She is right down there Mr. Malfoy, sleeping peacefully, she will be just fine in a couple of days.” Madame Pince responded sweetly, much sweeter then she had been last night.

“What happened?” Draco asked, still skeptical.

“She appears to have become dizzy and blacked out, but she whacked her head open in the process, obviously causing a concussion and unconsciousness. This could have been very serious had you not brought her straight to me.” Madame Pince said the last part as she gave a little wink at Draco.

“May I -?” Draco asked as he motioned towards Hermione’s bed at the end of the Hospital Wing.

“Yes you may, but let me say that was a very noble thing you did Mr. Malfoy.” Madame Pince proclaimed before walking back into her office.

Draco gulped as he walked towards Hermione’s hospital bed. The image of Hermione’s face covered in blood would still not leave his mind and he did not know what to expect when he saw her.
Draco pulled back the white curtains enclosing her bed to see Hermione lying peacefully on her back, dressed in a white hospital gown with her skin snow white and loose curls framing her face. She looked like an angel, Draco eyes fluttered up to gaze at the crown of her head and to his surprise there at the top of her forehead was a crescent moon shaped scar residing on her forehead, right where her skin met her hair. Draco reached out his longs fingers towards the scar, touched it lightly, and almost instantaneously Hermione’s eyes lids fluttered open to reveal her chestnut eyes.

“Draco…” She whispered softly as a little smile graced her face.

“How are you feeling?” Draco asked as he returned the warm smile.

“Fine, thanks to you, unfortunately.” Hermione responded smartly.

“Unfortunately?” Draco questioned softly.

“Well now I seemed to have found myself in debt to a Malfoy, I almost would have rather died.” Hermione shot back sarcastically as she tried to raise her self up a little.

“That’s not funny Granger.” Draco responded as he helped her sit up and gave her some pillows.

“I know. So now I am Granger again?” Hermione retorted as she gazed into his steel gray eyes.

Draco looked up at her perplexed. “I mean now that you see I am fine we are back on a last name basis?” Hermione questioned playfully as she pushed a few curls out of her face.

“Oh that well- would you like for me to refer to you as Hermione?” Draco asked, feeling rather silly.

“I think that would be more appropriate, seeing as that is what you called me last night…” Hermione stated with a smile.

“Last Night?” Draco inquired trying to think back to last night.

“Yes, the last thing I remember before I passed out was your face floating over me saying my name…” Hermione stated in remembrance.

“Well then that’s what I will call you…“Well I have some stuff to attend to so I will come and see you later Granger, uh- I mean Hermione.” Draco stated with a little smile as he got up from beside her bed.

“Oh and Draco, don’t think you are gonna get all the credit for this Halloween Dance. I get out of the Hospital in tomorrow night you know.” Hermione retorted

Draco gave Hermione a nod before walking out of Hospital Wing, his heart feeling considerably lighter knowing that she would be okay. He did not know what had caused this change of emotion but he a feeling that from now on everything would be different between the two of them. Now instead of dreading the upcoming Halloween Dance he was actually looking forward to it.

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