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Darkover Magic by K A Woods

Format: Novella
Chapters: 14
Word Count: 40,108
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Romance, Action, Humor, General, Angst, Mystery, Drama
Characters: Draco, Ginny, Harry, Dumbledore, Hermione, James, Lily, Neville, Ron, Snape, Voldemort, Luna, Lucius, Seamus, Pansy

First Published: 02/14/2005
Last Chapter: 06/28/2005
Last Updated: 06/28/2005

A prosaic story of the Final Year for Harry Potter and his friends- interlaced with romance, and the thin line that is drawn between good and evil that is crossed in order to win the ultimate battle. A good read for the reader who is enthralled with Harry Potter and the relationships, some unlikelier then others, that bond the characters together.



“YOU READY RON?” Ginny yelled from the middle of the Quidditch pitch.

“OH HURRY UP GINEVRA SO WE CAN GET THIS PRACTICE UNDERWAY!” Ron yelled back from the three rings he was guarding.

Ginny took off in a flash, swooping and swerving trying to throw Ron off guard, the Quaffle grasped firmly under her arm. Ginny took a sharp swerve to the right, Ron followed, as Ginny shot straight to the left- the goal that Ron had just left unguarded.

“AND SHE SCORES!!!” Ginny yelled as the Quaffle sailed through the goal and Ginny immediately took off on a victory lap around the stadium, just to infuriate Ron.

“WELL I HAD TO GIVE YOU THAT ONE GINEVRA!” Ron bellowed across the field at her, though Harry could tell she had done a little number on his pride. Ron touched his broom down on the ground and took a clipboard in his hands.

“GINNY, GET DOWN HERE SO WE CAN START PRACTICE!” Ron shouted at Ginny, who was still doing victory laps around the field.

“Well someone has got their knickers in a twist.” Ginny shot at Ron as she touched her broom down gracefully next to Harry. Ron shot Ginny a dangerous look before calling out the roll.

“WEASLEY!” Ron started the roll out with the Chasers.

“Obviously Here.” Ginny retorted as she nudged Harry in the side and gave him a look that said, “What a bloody idiot.”


“Here.” Neville squeaked at Ron, Harry looked up and studied Neville. He had lost quite a bit a weight and gained some confidence since their fifth year and Harry due that mostly to his run in at the Ministry of Magic.


“Present.” Lavender responded as she twirled her hair. Ron looked up at her for a second before scoffing in disgust, “Lavender, how many times have I told you, no jewelry on the Quidditch pitch…and make up really isn’t necessary either.” Ron directed at Lavender before rolling his eyes and continuing. “Alright then Beaters, FINNEGAN, THOMAS?”

“BOTH HERE-” Dean started.

“- AND READY FOR ACTION.” Seamus finished. Lavender turned around and looked disdainfully at the pair of them. “Looking for action too?” Seamus remarked at Lavender with a mischievous grin.

“When hell freezes over Seamus.” Lavender spat back.

“That’s not what you said last night.” Seamus countered as he put a hand on Lavender’s shoulder- that was quickly slapped away- though Dean and Seamus just laughed.


“Present.” Harry responded to Ron, who was now looking absolutely frazzled.


No response.


No response.


“If I am not mistaken Ron, you are Weasley.” Neville remarked timidly.

“OF COURSE I AM NEVILLE I JUST- oh sorry, right you are.” Ron responded sheepishly as he marked it down on his list- his cheeks turning bright red. The whole team roared with laughter for several minutes before finally getting a game plan.

“Okay well I thought we could all start out with Chasers dodging bludgers, set forth by the Beaters, while trying to score on me. We will continue this drill till Harry catches the snitch.” Ron proclaimed before breaking off into positions and letting the snitch loose.

About ten minutes later Harry had caught the snitch effortlessly and Ron’s drill with the rest of the team had barely gotten underway, needless to say Harry was asked to catch snitch a few more times so the rest of the team could get a decent exercise.

“Alright now I want to go over the attack plan for the Ravenclaw game.” Ron started, a little out of breath, Ginny had become such a good shooter that Ron really had to work to stop her shots- though his skills had actually surpassed that of Oliver Wood. “Alright now we are gonna run a Pentagon Formation with Ginny in front and obviously our two beaters at the back. Neville and Lavender, you two will be in the flanks acting as decoys and sending crosses into Ginny.”

“Alright Captain.” Neville responded proudly, he really took the whole Quidditch thing very seriously.

“Wait so Neville and I don’t get to shoot?” Lavender spat at Ron indignantly while examining her fingernails.

“You can but for the most part Ginny will be the one shooting, why is that a problem for you Lavender?” Ron shot back at Lavender contemptuously; it was no secret that Ron really didn’t think to much of Lavender Brown.

“Not at all Weasley.” Lavender responded before tying her long hair back in a jeweled barrette and mounting her broom. The others followed in suit and practiced Ron’s new plan, which Harry had to admit worked rather well. After about another hour of training the practice finally ended and they all left talking excitedly.

“You know you ride really well.” Seamus remarked at Lavender.

“Did you say something Finnegan?” Lavender spat back, though it was obvious that she did not exactly hate the attention.

“Ride the broom really well I mean.” Seamus responded quickly with a little smirk as Lavender turned and threw Seamus a look that said, ‘I know exactly what you were getting at.’

“Wow Brown you really are a pervert…” Dean commented as he and Seamus strolled passed her snickering and laughing, leaving Lavender Brown looking absolutely livid.

Harry and Ginny were walking right behind the three of them as they exited the stadium trying desperately not to laugh.

“Hey Harry I was wondering if well um-” Ginny started before being interrupted by none other then Ron.

“Um Harry could we talk for a minute mate…” Ron stated rather offhandedly towards Harry as Ginny studied him for a second, what was he playing at?

“Sure Ron, what about?” Harry asked hoping it was not anything life threatening.

“H-E-R-M-I-O-N-E” Ron mouthed rather slowly, though anyone within a ten-mile radius could have understood what he said.

“Oh right- well um, er I guess I will see you later in the Great Hall Ginny…” Harry remarked as he cottoned on to the fact that Ron wanted a little privacy. Ginny nodded at Harry with a little smile before turning and walking up towards the castle. Harry watched her walk and the sun hit her vibrant red hair just right and Harry could feel a weird sensation come over himself, a sort or excitement and nervousness at the same. Ginny is really pretty, Harry thought to himself, how could I have not noticed it before?

“Don’t think I didn’t bloody see that mate.” Ron shot at Harry, calling Harry’s attention back on to him.

“Oh right sorry Ron, I was just uh…” Harry started in vain.

“Forget it mate.” Ron directed back at Harry with a little smile but was still a little skeptical; did he just check out Ginny? Ron thought to himself perplexed before continuing. “So have you talked to Hermione in a while?” Ron asked Harry as the two started to walk around the Quidditch pitch.

“Um well I talked to her yesterday in Defense Against the Dark Arts but just about the lesson, why is she okay?” Harry asked Ron a little worried about where he might be going with this. Harry had not even realized his lack of communication with Hermione in a while till Ron brought it up, Harry made a mental note to himself to have a talk with her soon.

“Well I think she’s fine, but well she was talking Malfoy today…” Ron trailed off, and Harry could tell Ron was leaving a lot unsaid.

“What are you trying to say Ron?” Harry asked, hoping he could coax Ron into saying what he actually feels for once.

“I don’t know I just find it a bit queer, you know? They hated each other, and now they talk and have study sessions together, he doesn’t even call her a bloody Mudblood anymore Harry!” Ron raged a little as he brought his hand up and rubbed his forehead in frustration. Harry looked at him for a moment before responding, Ron looked like he was really hurting.

“Well yes Ron it is a bit odd but isn’t it good that at least Malfoy is being civil to her?” Harry asked delicately.

“IT IS, BUT YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN THE WAY HE LOOKED AT HER THEN GLARED AT ME I – I just don’t want to see her get hurt.” Ron finished before staring down at the grass.

“You care for Hermione don’t you Ron?” Harry whispered to his best friend.

“More then you know mate.” Ron professed softly, surprising Harry quite a bit; he did not think that Ron actually would have said it.

“Why don’t you tell her Ron?”

“I don’t know how mate- I just don’t, I am afraid of what she might say.” Ron spoke quietly before stuffing his hands way down in his pockets. “Well I better be going, need to clear my head before class, I’ll see you later Harry.” Ron said curtly before taking off towards the lake. Harry looked after him for a second; he knew it was a big thing for Ron to have told him yet. I have to talk to Hermione, Harry thought before turning towards the doors leading into Hogwarts with a heavy heart.

{ I hope everyone enjoyed this Chapter as much as i did writing it, thanks again for the reviews and KEEP READING! I promise chapter additions as soon as possible...;) }