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Bewitched by Azha

Format: One-shot
Chapters: 8
Word Count: 0
Status: Abandoned

Rating: 12+
Warnings: No Warnings

Pairings: Others

First Published: 11/07/2002
Last Chapter: 12/17/2002
Last Updated: 12/17/2002

Harry's love interest is everything but perfect, but her secrets could tear them apart* Ron and Hermione have relationship issues* Draco finds a companion * rated R for language and for other things..* Read and Review* Chapter 8 is now in!!

Chapter 1: To school with plans

I don't own Harry Potter and all that good stuff- just my character. Just to let you know, I'm a terrible speller and typer so please overlook any mistakes OK? Enjoy-

"Harry!" Ron called and started runing spasticly towards platform 9&3/4 were Harry was waiting.
Harry waved in return as Ron came onto the platform and found him quickly."How ya been!?"
"Never better!"
The two boys(now seventeen-year-old young men) gathered their trunks and climed onto the train. It was pure joy knowing that their last year at Hogwarts was definatly going to be the best.
"I wonder what this year has in store for us." Ron said in a fake dramatic voice.
Harry laughed and sat down. "Nothing I hope. We went through so much shit these past years..."
"I was joking. I swear I'm gona have so much fun." He looked out as the train started moving.
"Little excited, huh?"
"Don't lie! You are too!"
"It's just another year."
"Maybe a little excited..."
"Ok fine! I'm very, very, VERY excited!" Harry had stood up as he shouted it so everyone within two miles could hear him. There was an awkward silence for a few moments then they bursted with laughter.
"You both need to grow up!" Hermione said standing in the door.
The boys greeted her as she sat down and pulled her bushy hair out of her face. She stayed for a while talking about all the great books she read over the summer then left to go talk to Lavender about somthing.
"You know,now that think about it, she really has not changed much" Harry said and pulled some chocolate frogs(which he still loved)out of his pocket.
"She has in some ways..."
"How so? Well, besides her new outlook on rule breaking"
"Oh,come on! What happened last year was a definate change on her part."
"Ron, what are you talking about?"
"I never told you?"
"tell me what!?"
Ron leaned in closer indicating a whisper. "I took know... after the Yule Ball"
Harry spit chocolate everywere. "You did WHAT! I thought you were just dating!"
"Oh my GOD..."
"Damnit, will you just shutup! Its not that big of a deal."
Harry calmed himself and leaned back. "Your right." he sighed and thought about seeing her and Ron flirt all the time and never thinking about it untill now."I just never thought she,of all people, would do that."
"Told you she changed, but she's still the same person"
"Yea...I just..." Harry ran his hands through his hair and felt his scar.
"Now whats wrong?"
"I can't help but feel jealous."
"Because of me and Hermione?"
"No, because I never took the chance with Cho, I never even told her I liked her..."
"Don't get all sad on me Mr.'To good to screw anybody'Potter.It's our last year at school, and we're almost old enough to legally drink, so set your sights high and be happy!" Ron had also been a bit more confident since he was 'official' with Hermione.
"Yea it's my last year...and I'm not just going to save the day, graduate with some of the highest scores,and win every quiditch game..."Harry got a little gleam in his emerald eyes.
"What are you gona' do?"
"Fall in Looooooooove!"
"Setting your sights a little to high, aren't you?"
They just kept laughing and joking all the way to school, not knowing how true Harry's love statement was....
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