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Collision by CallingMidnight

Format: Novel
Chapters: 39
Word Count: 112,524

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature

Genres: Drama, Romance
Characters: Harry, Lupin, Sirius, James, Lily, OC
Pairings: James/Lily, Remus/OC, Sirius/OC

First Published: 12/21/2004
Last Chapter: 07/11/2005
Last Updated: 09/09/2005

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting BEAUTIFUL new banner by RecklessAbandon!!!! For years, Heather's only remaining relatives ignored her, leaving her in an orphanage...until, when she turned 17, for some unknown reason they saw fit to send her to Hogwarts for a final year of schooling. At fist, Heather was nervous about meeting her only family. But she quickly realized that she needn't be afriad...she should be terrified. Her relatives were worse than she had remembered. Especially her cousin, Lucius Malfoy.

Chapter 10: That's What Friends Are For

Chapter Ten~*~That's What Friends Are For

The next few weeks were the best weeks Heather could ever remember having. Even when her parents were alive and together. She, her group of friends, and the Marauders came to know each other quite well. Sirius started hanging around Heather, and where one Marauder went, they all went. James was extremely eager as well, because Heather’s best friend was Lily Evans. Everybody was currently engaged in a rather vicious snowball fight, boys against girls. James, seeming to have only one target, which was, of course Lily, kept cheating and using his wand to conjure colored snowballs. Heather laughed as a bright pink snowball hit Lily right in the face. James winced, apparently knowing he was in big trouble.

“You’re going to pay for that one,” Lily said, smiling and wiping the snow off her face. Pulling out her own wand, she waved it around, pointing it at the snow. A snowball began forming. James snorted loudly.

“How boring! Can’t you do anything exciting with yours? At least mine was colored!” he complained loudly, but stopped as the snowball plowed him over. Everybody burst out laughing as James sat up, grimacing. “It tastes like vinegar!” he yelled.

“Boring? Me? Never!” Lily taunted. Heather watched the couple with dancing eyes. She looked over and saw Remus, Peter, and Alex sitting on the side, watching. Alex was chewing gum loudly, looking decidedly bored. Peter kept stealing glances at Alex, and then smiling when he saw bits of the snowball fight.

“Why don’t you join us, you three?” Heather asked, smiling. Alex rolled her eyes.

“I honestly don’t see why rolling around in freezing snow is fun,” she drawled.

“Remus?” Heather asked temptingly.

“No way,” Remus said smiling and shaking his head. “It’s much safer over here.” Heather opened her mouth to ask Peter, but he glared at her, as though daring her to ask. She closed her mouth, looking away. Why didn’t he like her?

“Party-poopers!” Sirius said loudly. “I personally find it extremely fun to pound people into the snow!” and he began wadding up a snowball, eyeing Heather. Heather tried to give a serious ‘Don’t-you-dare’ look, but failed miserably as Sirius waggled his eyebrows, and she burst into laughter. He threw the snowball at her, but she ducked. She pulled out her own wand, laughing as she saw him readying for battle.

“You shouldn’t even bother! I will kick your butt!” Heather said as she made the snowball zoom around his head for a few seconds, then, without warning flying up and landing right on top of his head.

“I’ll have you know, Missy, that I was named Snowball champ in four different countries,” Sirius said, standing on a snow mound. He gave a mock bow but was hit on the side of the face by a snowball from James who was laughing.

“I hate to break it to you mate, but Stupidity isn’t a country,” he said, causing everybody to laugh, even Sirius. Sirius waved his wand and a sparkling crown of ice appeared. He placed it on his head. Heather grinned wickedly and raised her wand slightly, trying not to catch Sirius attention.

“I am king of this mound,” Sirius was saying, conjuring a matching staff. But he was stopped from saying more when everybody burst out laughing. James’ eyes widened in surprise, and then closed in mirth. Sirius looked around confused, looking at Heather for help.

“What?” he asked, grinning. He saw Remus throwing an amused glance at something above his head.

“Crown,” Alex mouthed. He smiled and took it off. On the front the word “LOSER” was written in flashing lights. He began laughing too, and he saw Heather laughing guiltily.

“Oh, nobody gets away with making a fool of Sirius the Great!” he yelled, running towards her. Heather shrieked and ran away. Everybody began cheering them on as they pointed their wands at each other, trying to slow one another down.

“Elkellius!” Heather laughed over her shoulder at Sirius, who was in hot pursuit. He stopped as huge antlers shot out of his head. He laughed to, and then aimed his wand at her, smiling wickedly.

“Oh, Heather hurry, he’s going to...” Lily squealed excitedly, laughing through her words. But it was too late.

“Icellum!” Sirius yelled, running up to her. Her feet lost their traction, and she realized that it wasn’t snow she was running on, but solid ice! She laughed as she flapped her arms to keep her balance. Her running had given her great momentum, however, and she couldn’t stop. Slipping, she began to fall. She winced, ready to hit the hard ice, but strong arms caught her instead. She looked up into Sirius’ chocolate brown eyes. He was grinning stupidly at her, noticing how close they were.

“Thanks,” she muttered, blushing. They realized that everybody had been watching them, and James cleared his throat trying not to laugh.

“This might be a little more romantic, Padfoot, if you didn’t have antlers,” he commented.

“Shut up,” Sirius said, grinning grudgingly. He waved his wand and they disappeared, as did the ice. Heather stood up, not really wanting to move away from him. “Come on,” Sirius said, smiling even wider. They moved to finish the game off. After awhile, Alex went in rolling he eyes and shivering. Peter obviously wanted to follow her.

“I’d say Wormtail’s got girl trouble,” Sirius muttered, smiling wryly. “Maybe he’ll ask her to Hogsmeade this weekend.”

“He’s got girl trouble with the wrong girl,” Heather muttered. “Alex is with a different guy each week!” Sirius sighed. “Hey, I’ve got a question.”

“Shoot,” Sirius said, looking down at her.

“What do all of your nicknames mean?” she asked, and immediately saw the roller-coaster of emotions passing across his face at top speed. Sirius shifted uncomfortably. Could he tell her? He was sure she wouldn’t tell anybody else...but he had promised Remus he would never tell anybody.

“It’s alright, Sirius. You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want,” Heather said, trying to sound light and casual. But inside she was rather hurt. What was he keeping from her? What was it he didn’t want her to know? She started to walk away, trying to hide her feelings.

“Heather...” Sirius said, grasping her arm.

“What?” she asked, a little too eagerly. Sirius tried, but he couldn’t betray his friend like that.

“I’ll see you later?” he said stupidly. Her face fell.

“Oh...yeah. Sure,” she said, walking away quickly.

“Damn,” Sirius muttered, kicking the wall. Then he cursed again as now his foot was throbbing. He had to talk to Remus. He couldn’t keep Heather in the dark like this. She was like a part of him, and keeping her in the dark was like throwing a shadow over half of his heart. It hurt.

“Are you okay, Heather?” Sara asked as Heather walked into the girls dorm.

“Yeah, yeah I’m fine. Why weren’t you outside?” Heather asked, trying to change the subject. Sara’s face brightened.

“Sorry, I was working on the Quidditch line up,” and she held up a large piece of paper with different red and blue dots moving around, and arrows flashing. Heather nodded.

“Who are the blue dots?” Heather said, realizing the red as Gryffindor.

“Ravenclaw. We play them in about two weeks,” Sara said anxiously.

“You guys will do great,” Heather said, walking into thee bathroom. What had started out as a great day, was now completely down the drain. Sirius was already keeping secrets from her. She turned on the faucet, pulling a washcloth off the shelf. She wet it and washed her face, willing herself not to cry. She crushed the cloth to her eyes, stopping all tears from running down her face. She started to feel very dizzy. She shouldn’t be this upset. She started shaking, and began to realize that she wasn’t this upset. She recognized these symptoms...she was going to have another vision. She began to hyperventilate, sinking down to the floor. Not again...she thought, closing her eyes. She couldn’t breath. Slowly, she fell to the ground, her eyes glazing over. Things started to go dark, and then she was gone.

She was not in the bathroom, but in a dark alleyway. She looked around, terrified. What would she see this time? She heard loud clashes, like trash cans being knocked over. Suddenly, two people came panting down the alley, yelling spells over their shoulders. A man and a woman. Heather opened her mouth to say something and then remembered they wouldn’t be able to hear her anyways. Then, seconds later, at least twenty people, all dressed in black cloaks came running, wands out. Heather recognized them as Death Eaters.

“CRUCIO!” at least fifteen of the figures yelled.

“NO!” Heather protested, reaching for her own wand, but it wasn’t there. The two people were screaming in agony, and then silence seemed to descend as a figure appeared quite abruptly in the middle of the crowd. The person shoved his way through, and Heather’s breath caught in her throat. It was Lord Voldemort. He raised his wand, and brought it down with a swift, deadly movement.

“Avada Kedavra,” he muttered, and the two people were dead. Heather didn’t know what to do. She couldn’t just sit here. She ran out there, and began screaming her lungs out at the Dark Lord. He merely stared through her to the dead bodies, and then looked up to the sky. “MORSEMORDRE!” he screamed triumphantly, and all the Death Eaters and he vanished. Heather looked up at the sky and saw the Dark Mark floating above her. She began to sob. What had these people done to deserve this? She had to look at them. She turned around slowly, afraid of what she might see.

Her jaw dropped open, as she realized the extreme resemblance to her friend. She knew then and there that Alex’s parents had just been killed.

Heather sat up immediately, breathing harshly. She remembered that she was still in the bathroom. She waited for the nausea to come, and it did, yet it wasn’t so bad. She didn’t actually throw up. That was a plus. But then she rememebred what she had just seen.

“ALEX!” she yelled. She had to tell somebody. They had to help them before it happened. “ALEX!” The bathroom door burst open and Sara saw Heather laying on the ground.

“Heather, are you alright?!” She asked, pulling Heather to one of the beds. Just then Alex walked in, chatting with Lily.

“Alex!” Heather said, leaping up.

“What’s wrong?” Alex said, frowning.

“I just had a vision! Your parents, we have to help them! They’re in danger!” Heather enthused, terrified. Alex snorted.

“Of course they’re in danger! They’re always in danger! They’re Aurors, after all.”

“NO! I just saw Voldemort killing them!” Heather said, crying now. There was a shocked silence, and Heather could see that Alex thought her crazy. “Alex, you must...” but she was broken off by an owl fluttering through a window. It was pitch black, and had a small envelope tied to its leg. Everybody looked from the owl to Heather. Lily walked over and untied the letter. The owl took off.

“Its...for you, Alex,” Lily whispered. Heather’s heart slammed. It couldn’t have happened already! She had JUST seen it! Alex rolled her eyes, trying to look calm, but they couldn’t miss the way her hands shook as she opened the letter. Heather watched with baited breath as Alex scanned the note. Heather’s heart sank as she saw Alex’s eyes fill with tears.

“Alex...?” Sara murmured uncertainly. Alex let her arms drop to her sides. Then she turned her stare at Heather. Not a sad stare, but an accusing stare, a stare filled with anguish and heartache and fury.


“Alex!” Lily said standing up angrily. “It’s not Heather’s fault!”


“I didn’t know about it until just now!” Heather said, her eyes tearing up again.

“I hate you! I HATE YOU GET OUT! YOU KILLED MY PARENTS!” Alex roared, walking up to Heather and slapping her across the face. There was a stunned silence, in which Alex ran into the bathroom, sobbing hysterically. Sara rushed in to be with her.

“Heather...” Lily tried to comfort.

“Don’t,” Heather snapped. “I’m fine. I’m going for a walk,” and she left down the steps. She laid a tender hand on her cheek, it was stinging. She caught a glimpse of herself in the reflection of one of the glass books cases, and winced to see that the whole left side of her cheek was bright red. She pulled her hair around to cover it. She didn’t know where exactly she was going, but she had to get away. What was happening to her? She could see the future! Yet it wasn’t an exact time in the future. She had to see that murder seconds before it happened. And the one with the little boy took weeks to happen! How could she make sense of any of this if she couldn’t even tell when it was going to happen?! She was so caught up in her thinking that she didn’t really even notice how dark it was getting as she walked outside onto the grounds for some fresh air.

“Are you coming Padfoot? Moony is going to change any minute!” James said excitedly. Sirius nodded, his mind on other stuff. Stuff like Heather.

“Hey, can I ask you guys something?” Sirius said earnestly.

“No,” James said jokingly, but upon seeing his friends face stopped. “Sure, what’s up?”

“I was wondering what you guys would think if I told Heather about...” but he was interrupted as Remus gave a low yowl. Sirius looked and saw the clouds moving slowly away from the moon, uncovering it, allowing it to beat down on the four students.

“This is going to be so cool!” Peter squealed. James snorted.

“Do you mind if we talk about this later, Padfoot? Right now isn’t a good time...” James broke off as wolf ripped through the body of his best friend. Sirius nodded.

“Ready?” he asked. James nodded, grinning. Simultaneously, a rat, a stag, and a shaggy black dog appeared on the grounds. Closely following their transformation was Remus, now a deep gray werewolf. He let a howl out like an animal that hadn’t been able to stretch its legs in years. Remus began prowling away, looking for pray of some sort. Sirius barked loudly, trying to get the werewolves attention. He frowned. Normally Remus was pretty responsive around his friends, even in his werewolf state.

Sirius tried to see what he was focusing on. Then a stag galloped up to him, fear in his eyes. Making sure Remus’ back was still turned, he turned back into a human.

“There is somebody sitting by the lake!” James said before turning back. Sirius stared, unbelieving. He looked at the rat that was sitting next to him. The rat gave a rather human like shrug, unable to see that far. Sirius pricked his ears, listening intently. He heard something. A soft sniffling. His instincts took over. He knew that sniffling.... He barked loudly at Remus, trying to get his attention, but the werewolf was starting to prowl slowly, trying to see if he was seeing a human or not. Sirius didn’t intend to give him time. Sirius leapt in front of Remus, scaring him. Remus let out a warning snap, trying to get closer to the lake. Sirius barked at the stag to help him.

James bent his head, his antlers driving the werewolf back. He received a large scratch on his head, from Sirius or Remus he wasn’t sure. He was very careful to stay clear of Remus’ teeth. James looked sideways and saw that Sirius had worked himself into a small panic. The werewolf, growing bored of being blocked by these creatures, plowed through them, running towards the lake.

Sirius turned his head around.

“Not good, not good,” he thought. He was sure that person was familiar, but couldn’t be. Life wouldn’t be that terrible to him.... He ran forward, trying to intercept the werewolf, but being thrown to the side like a bologna sandwich each time. Sirius closed his eyes in frustration, but then widened them in terror. His worst fears had come true. Heather was sitting by the lake, and Remus, a werewolf, was making his way towards her at top speed.