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Love in the Gryfindor House by LegolasPrinCeofMyHEarT

Format: Novella
Chapters: 5
Word Count: 6,020
Status: Abandoned

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Romance
Characters: Harry, Hermione, Oliver Wood
Pairings: Others

First Published: 01/06/2005
Last Chapter: 01/11/2005
Last Updated: 02/10/2005


Chapter 1: The New Term

Harry and Ron waited for Hermione to come bouding out of the platform 9 and three quarters. Hermione had gone on vacation in Monaco and they had not seen her all summer. Soon enough she was visible as she appeared through the wall pushing a trolley with Crookshanks asleep in his basket. They both raised their eyebrows as they stared at her. She certainly had changed. Her ususally thick and bushy brown hair was now not frizzed up, but smooth and shiny. She had also put on a bit of makeup, not a lot like Pansy Parkensin, but just a little. Some eyeliner, maybe a hint of blush, and she plucked her eyebrows. she wore the same plain clothing, but though her loose fitting tee-shirt and baggy jeans you could see her thin, but now curvy figure.
She gave them each a kiss on the cheek and the hug.

“ I decided to drop another class this year, because of prefect duties, but I’m still on a full…” she stopped and looked at her two best friends gaping faces.

“ What is it the hair?” Hermione asked.

“ Mm,” Ron said snapping out of his gaze.

“ Oh, my mom just took me to a wizarding hair salon in Diagon Alley instead of the regular one we go to in London. They put some anti-frizz spell on my hair. I guess it looks better, I really don’t care that much, but my mom…” she trailed off lifting her heavy sack of books onto her shoulder.

“ It looks good,” Harry said to her reassuringly.

“ Yeah,” Ron repeated nodding to his friend.

Hermione beamed at them and led them onto the train. All of the compartments were full, so they went all through the train looking for a compartment to go in.

“ Oy! Harry!” Harry turned around. His quidditch captain waved at him where he was surrounded by Alicia, Angelina.“ We got room for more!”

Harry thanked him and the trio walked inside the already crowded compartment and dropped their luggage off. They all took a seat.

“ Hey thanks Oliver,” Hermione said warmly. Wood looked up from dealing cards to look at Hermione. His eyes got big, “ N-n-no problem.”

“ Did you do something to your hair?” he asked casually leaning against the seat. “ I mean it looks good, I’m just wondering.”

Hermione laughed. “ Yeah, I did. Thanks”

Wood smiled back at her. Hermione felt her heart skip a beat as he smiled that heart flattering, studly smile he gave to all of his girlfriends and now flashed it at her. He was a year older than she was and was the “stud” of the Gryfindor house. Wood had always been. He wasn’t interested in her was he? Hermione shook the thought out of her head and picked up the cards she was dealt.

Hermione nervously tried not to meet Wood’s eyes. She could feel heat rising. Was she attracted to Wood? She snuck a glance at him. He was surely handsome. He had a tall, buffed up body rippled with muscle from Quidditch and a nice scottish accent. Alicia and Katie were flirting with him, laughing a little too hard at his jokes and being all over him. Once or twice, Hermione could have swore he stared at her while she was chatting with Harry or Ron, but when she looked he had gone back to flirting with Katie and Alicia.

They arrived at Hogwarts and had a delicious feast at the Great Hall. On her way out, she bumped into Oliver.

“ Oops, sorry Hermione,” he laughed his deep hearty laugh.

“ It’s alright,” she said smiling at him.

“ Come on Hermione!” Harry called from the top of the staircase. She hurried up to him.

“ Password?” the fat lady asked them.

“ I think its Bellmaore?” Ron said. “ No wait its Bellamo.” The portrait swung open and they took their favorite seats by the fire.

“ So, a new term,” Ron said. “ isn’t there a dance this year?”

“ Oh yeah,” Hermione said. “ It’s the Christmas Ball, for fourth years and above. It’s supposed to be better than the Yule Ball.”

“ Do you know who you’re goin with?” Harry asked cautiously looking sideways at Ron.

“ Er, no not yet. Why?” Hermione asked. “ Term just started.”

“ Just wondering, can’t a bloke wonder?” Harry got up. “ I’m goin to bed. G’nite.”

“ Me too, Nite Hermione,” Ron followed Harry up the stairs.

Hermione shook her head and leaned back into the chair. The fire was dying and when she got up she bumped into, guess who? Oliver, again....

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