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Time Flows By by Healer_25

Format: Novella
Chapters: 12
Word Count: 23,213
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence

Genres: Drama, General, Romance
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Snape, Voldemort, Draco, Fred/George, OC
Pairings: Harry/Hermione, Draco/OC, Ron/OC

First Published: 11/26/2004
Last Chapter: 03/21/2005
Last Updated: 01/27/2007

This is the first fic I ever wrote, its in the process of being edited, I accidentely skipped the third chapter, but I will edit the whole thing, I left it at a stopping point, but never finished it, for that I'm sorry.

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Chapter 2: The Great Hall in Absence

"Harry who the bloody hell was that!"

Ron leaned over the table with a drumstick in his hand, Harry was pretty sure that if it wasn't in his hand he would have been flailing about. "I have no idea Ron, I mean she was HOT! However Dumbledore said nothing about it, maybe Hagrid will know something?" Harry looked over at the spot where she had sat alone, she had looked so sad, like a flower that was wilting.

"Oh come off it guys. I mean she's a new student and her house needs some researching, I'm a bit furious with myself I've never even heard of the Terrafin house before." Hermione tossed a bone down on her plate, she couldn't eat, her copy of 'Hogwarts a history' Was incomplete! Up at the front of the hall all the professors were quickly passing notes to each other, Snape wrote to Dumbledore, "what is this Terrafin house, I've never heard of it, we should force Ms. Leo into a proper house."

Dumbledore wrote back to Snape, "She is in a proper house, forgotten but proper, I hope we can all be ready for the changes that will take place. Besides you just want her for your own house, really your being quite selfish." Dumbledore chuckled to himself for a moment when suddenly a scream from over at the Ravenclaw house erupted and then at the Slytherin, with in a few moments there are screams from all over the great hall. Albus quickly looked around to see what was causing the commotion.


Dumbledore amplified his voice to instil the need for silence. Once he had called the silence, Albus called the fairies to come over, as they were the ones causing all the ruckus, up to the front, 18 barely dressed little fairies scooted over quickly, brushing past people's hair. Flicking some with the tip of a leaf. The students ducked and Neville accidentally knocked a small brown haired fairy, actually the most ordinary of the bunch in to Hermione's hair. "Ack! Neville watch what you fling at me!"

Hermione looked closely at the little fairy in her hands who was shaking her head rather violently before she could ask if she was alright she lifted herself up, dusted her clothing and flew violently off, racing to catch up with the others.

When the last fairy finally arrived Dumbledore turned his attention towards them. "I have seen you're bunch in a long time." Dumbledore cocks a brow at them, he'd only actually seen them in some books, never in reality, the wizarding community had thought they had either died off or disappeared.

A blue vixen of a fairy stepped, actually it was more of a flutter forwards to address the headmaster. "I know sir we have just been released and we are doing our job as the sorting hat failed in finding all the appropriate students, we need them so they can learn." The small blue fairy quickly explained what they were doing, while the other fairies were pointing at different students, apparently continuing their search from the spot they were in.

"How many students are in the wrong house, other than miss Leo?" Dumbledore braced himself for the worst, who knows what they would say next.

The shimmering red fairy started counting on her fingers, looked over her shoulders a few times, then leaned into the blue one, whispered something which made the blue one start at the number. "Really, only that much?!" apparently the blue one was surprised at the number, Albus felt he should almost sweat soon, exactly how much disruption would happen? The fairy sighed a little looked Albus straight in the face and pronounced, "15."

Albus slumped back in his chair for a moment crossing his fingers in an arch in front of him, after a moment he said "oh dear, let me address them so that they don't panic again."

Dumbledore straightened up and nodded to the professors who were to organize all the students. He need their attention and they needed to be calm. He sighed audibly and Madame Pomfrey looked quickly at him, he was readying himself to tell the students the news. By this time the great hall was under control the professors had all of the houses in a line. "Students, calm down please, patience is required. With the reopening of the Terrafin house there are now 15 spots open to exemplary students, these students have powers that are yet unknown. The fairies that are beside me will travel around to all of you and find the missing 15 spots. I'm sorry for all of those being uprooted from you're houses, but this will be a great experience for all of you."

Dumbledore took off his spectacles for a moment, he just needed to breathe, who would have thought all of these things would occur under his watch. I mean he could understand basilisks, even Voldermort showing up now and then, but a rearranging of the houses? A new freaking house?? Albus quickly shook his head for a moment, put his spectacles back on and watched the scene unfold.

The group of fairies went up and down every aisle taking out random people from each house when it ended up, 4 from each of the three house; Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin ended up being taken and only 3 from Gryffindor were taken. The most notable students taken were Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy, most of the other students taken were in lower years, only two of them were first years Oddly there were no seventh years taken, maybe they were to old to learn?

Professor Binns appeared by Dumbledore they were talking animatedly about something of great import. They seemed to reach some conclusion or agreement what it was no one could tell.

The group of students stood watching this go on, it was rather frustrating to Draco, he of all people to be uprooted, and only these slovenly Slytherin's would be accompanying him to this despicable house! He looked sharply at the younger students who had been chatting with other houses, with a simple sneer they quickly ended the conversations and stood nearer to him. Hmpf, at least I have three little slaves, better then none at all. Draco folded his arms across his chest and waited until the 'Professor' and Binns were done.

Hermione had a completely different approach to the situation, when the little brown fairy came back to her, she was shocked she started to apologize about her behavior but was instantly shushed. Apparently to Ron and Harry's dismay she was picked! of all things! Hermione didn't know whether to be ecstatic or crushed, she slowly realized that Draco would also be in her new house, she glanced over at the other two Gryffindors who were being pulled from the table and she barely knew them. They were both rather young.

Across the way Hermione spied Derrick, a Ravenclaw sixth year being pulled up by a burly little fairy, he was trying to shoo her off, and told her to sod off he didn't want to move, Hermione watched in silence as the young man was forced by two other fairies to get up and join the group they pushed him near her and she looked up at him. She always had to look up at the boys in her class, they were all so tall! He had folded his arms similar to Draco and set himself on switching between glaring at the fairies and glaring at Dumbledore for letting it happen.

The two first years who had just been sorted into Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw, had barely sat down when they were pulled to their feet again, apparently they were in a different house, out of the entire group they handled the change best, they hadn't lived and grown attached to their 'extended' family.

After a few more words of caution Professor Binns left Albus's care and wandered towards the new group of students he had. "Well welcome to you're new house, uh I'll lead you to it now that we are finally settled." He seemed completely oblivious to the pain and suffering of the whole group, and only the first years quickly followed. Professor Binns quickly moved off and left two of his students bickering at the back of the group. He paid them no heed and kept moving quickly off. Hermione felt glad now that she wasn't in her seventh year when this happened otherwise this would have been humiliating, however she was stuck with Draco Malfoy, ugh.

"I can't believe I'm stuck in this stupid house! with that stupid mudblood! The nerve, I will never stand for this!" Draco couldn't believe he was in this situation, how would he explain it to his father? A Terrafin, he sneered at the name, disgusting!

Hermione turned around to see him slowly walking behind "Oh shut up Malfoy you think I enjoy being stuck in a house with you! I definitely will not enjoy seeing you all the time!" Hermione just wanted him to shut up she just needed a moment to think, where were they, oh opposite of the Gryffindor hall, well at least she was still near her friends.

They wandered down the corridor, at some point a younger Gryffindor pulled on Hermione's sleeve she looked around and realized they were a mere 2 minute walk away from the Gryffindor tower, the boys would give her the password and then she could still visit! Hermione almost walked into Draco, who had someone arrived before her, they were standing in front of a large girl on a mushroom.

"Quiet please, the password is? oh I can't remember just a moment, oh Leo do you know the password?" The students who were brought here were shocked to see Leo, hadn't she left them only a moment earlier?

Leo looked at the gaggle of surprised students, she turned towards the portrait. "Yes its Ms. Muppet" Why did I think I could go get more food, when she had seen the group heading towards he she'd waited and stopped so that she could let them in.

Once the portrait swung open the students walked down and enclosed walkway that had glass all around it, there was a large almost round door at the end, Draco pushed it open with a hard thrust, with that the door opened and there was a collective gasp from all the students who saw their common room for the first time.

"Its so beautiful... I can't remember why I didn't want to come here." Hermione looked up and saw a large Sunflower reaching to the center arch there were a small multitude of fairies sitting on it, lazing about. The leaves were big enough that if she squinted she could have sworn that some of them lived all the time up there with little fairy children.

"Granger, even I have to admit this is one bloody peaceful place. I might actually grow to like it here." Draco felt a shudder as Leo brushed by him, she was so familiar. "Well come on in everyone, this is the main room, the password for this week is Ms. Muppet, straight ahead are the entrances for the bedrooms, the signs above indicate you're entrance. and that door just off to the left of our entrance is the archway to the training areas. We have all kinds of training rooms, the house vault is down below as well. You will be needing some training outfits, and maybe you should gather up some new robes, I'm sure the house vault has enough to clean up everyones school supplies, yes I believe they do." Professor Binns paused for a moment contemplating something he stopped and started a few times as if there was something else, but he ended up shaking his head. "Well goodnight, I have duties!" With that he floated through the floor to his next task.

The students looked at their robes and realized that they were a bit tattered, and most of them had just average dress robes, and regular clothing, maybe it would be better to get some new things. The newly appointed Terrafins wandered around looking at everything they could see, some touched the plants and found that they were real and moved with pressure. "Hermione, why don't we lead the women up to their new quarters? I mean they already have their things transported over." Leo and Hermione began to take charge of the various females, there were only 8 in total so it wasn't that hard to get a handle on everyone. She paused for a moment once her brain computed what Leo had just said, their things were here?? she stopped, almost said something, and then continued with ushering the girls upstairs.

"Ah yes, I suppose that would work, come on guys." The girls followed Hermione and Leo up the tower stairway towards their new rooms, they all shared with one other person, and if you stood in the hallway you could hear the collective gasps of delight as they discovered their new rooms.

"Hey Draco," Derrick said, "I suppose that means the two of us will be in charge of these guys for the rest of the year, think it will be fun?" Derrick tried to make light of things he'd been in Ravenclaw before but he'd always admired the way Draco took command of things, maybe this year things would be different maybe Draco would actually explain how he does things.

"Why should I care, my father will most definitely be hearing about this 'change' in house, how could Dumbledore allow such a thing to occur!" Draco turned on Derrick for a moment he wanted to rip into the little Ravenclaw, no wait Terrafin's neck! Instead he realized that a pathetic group of individuals needed his command, with a flick of his wrist he motioned them to follow upstairs to their new rooms.

~ Upstairs on the Girls Side ~

"Leo, how do you think the school will take this change?" Hermione thought that maybe if she was nice to Leo they could become friends, she'd never really had a good female friend, they were usually so superficial. Leo paused for a moment realized that Hermione had forgotten that she was new here, instead of displaying this she made a venture for friendship, "I don't know Hermione, but I think we should rest, who knows what is in store for tomorrow."

at least I'm getting better at this 'friendship' thing'

Leo turned over in her bed and stared out the window she desperately wanted to make things settle down. Outside the stars sparkled and the moon was half full. Leo could imagine a wolf howling at the moon on the edge of a mountain. While the Terrafins began to fall asleep in their new beds, the rest of the school was shocked and filled with chatter that would continue throughout the night. Friends and family had been ripped away and no one could rest; Not even Dumbledore and the staff.