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Format: Novel
Chapters: 17
Word Count: 62,129
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Scenes of a mild sexual nature

Genres: Humor, Romance, Young Adult
Characters: Albus, Fred II, James (II), OC

First Published: 12/19/2018
Last Chapter: 07/22/2020
Last Updated: 07/23/2020


Emma is a Gryffindor seventh year with the best group of friends, one of which she has feelings for. But a new boy who enters her life just might change things a bit.

Because there aren’t enough Albus/OC out there!

Chapter 17: Chapter 17

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Song for this chapter: Kiss me – by Ed Sheeran


I woke up early on Saturday the 11th. It was the my birthday and the day of mine and James’ birthday party, and I couldn’t sleep the night before. Birthdays didn’t make me nervous. I liked birthdays. I could spend some quality time with my friends and family, get spoiled, receive awesome gifts...Birthday parties, though...weren’t my thing. James was the one that convinced me to have a party with him on third year. And since then, it’s been a tradition. The problem was, as the parties started to get bigger each year, I’ve always felt it looked more like James’ party than mine.


It was only natural. James is one of the most popular guys in school. He could ask anyone to go to the party and they felt honored to attend it. It was the party everyone talked about. James invited friends from all Houses. And by friends, I mean even people he paired up with in classes. He was very friendly. And I was used to seein him passing out invitations to the prettiest girls in school in the corridors. This year was no different. I mean, it was in a way. James wasn’t interestedin the pretty girls, he was dating. Freddie, though...


Anyway, my portion of guests was way smaller. I definitely didn’t know as many people. And it looked like all the other students barely spared the time to wish me a “happy birthday” even though my name was in big letters beside James’ on the banner at the entrance.

My favorite part of the day was definitely the after party and relaxing with my closest friends away from a crowd of people.


So, I trudged to breakfast early, seeing only a few students eating at that hour on a Saturday. Looking at the Slytherin table, I’m definitely not surprised to find my boyfriend sitting beside Scorpius Malfoy. In the moments I find so special, Albus shared with me another piece of intimate information while we were lying on his bed. He told me that ,from his siblings, he was the only early riser and on Weekends he and his father usually spent two hours up already until the rest of the family started their day.


I’m almost at the Gryffindor table, when he waves discreetly at me. I look confusedly at him, because Scorpius is seating right there near him and mouth “me?”. He only nods with a smirk.


I walk cautiously to him and seat at his other side.


- Hey. – he whispers and squeezes my hand. – Happy birthday!


- Thanks. – I say distractedly because I’m still paying attention to the fact that Scorpius is right beside us and he’s gonna find this scene quite weird.


The boy in question, though, leans over Albus and exclaims, grinning:


- Happy birthday, Emma! Al here couldn’t stop talking about it the whole week.


I just look at him weirdly. Scorpius starts to look uncomfortable.


- Love? – Albus asks.


I clear my throat:


- Albus, can you come here for a moment? – I say firmly. I’m so angry right now.


From the corner of my eye, I see Scorpius raise his eyebrows at Albus warningly.


I lead the way to the Entrance Hall and through the doors to a hidden corner. Albus comes after me with his hands on his pants’ pockets and looking way too calm. I cross my arms:


- Care to explain to me what happened back there? – I ask him.


- Uhm...Scorpius and I wished you a happy birthday? – he shrugs confusedly.


- You know what I’m talking about! – I whisper-yell. I’m so pissed with him right now. - Why does Scorpius know about the two of us?


- He’s my best mate. – Albus frowns.


- So? Didn’t you say we shouldn’t tell anyone about us?!


- Doesn’t Anna know?


I open my mouth and close it. Then open it again:


- That’s different. I couldn’t keep this from her. – he starts to protest. – But – I interrupt. – I wasn’t the one who came up with this rule in the first place.


- Wait there, - he frowns and starts to look irritated. – both of us came up with that rule. You agreed to it!


We stay there looking at each other for a whole minute. I can see the slight frown in his forehead and his green eyes search my face, serious.


- Can we talk about it again another time? – Albus finally says. - It’s your birthday. We shouldn’t be fighting. I’m sorry I told Scorpius.


- It’s fine. – I sigh. But I can’t keep the frustration completely out of my voice. He leans over and gives me a slow kiss and the corners of my lips lift up slightly.


- I’ll see you at the party? – Al asks.


- Yeah. – I agree.


When I get to the dorms, my mood is substantially lifted. All of my friends are waiting  on our usual spot by the fire to pepper me with kisses and hugs. James puts a plastic crown on my head with the words Birthday Girl on it.


Then it’s time for the gifts! The girls teamed up to give me a beautiful necklace with a blue drop hanging from it. They said it would fit perfectly with the dress they knew I’d be wearing tonight. Freddie gave me beauty products from his dad’s shop. James gave me the sequel to the book series I was reading and Jake gave me a delicious box of chocolates from Honeydukes.


My talk with Albus flew from my mind faster than a snitch during a day filled with love from my friends and family. When I got to the Great Hall, with my friends this time, mail arrived and a familiar owl stopped by my plate leaving a gift-wrapped box with two letters taped on top. I gave our family owl a snack before she bit my finger affectionately and flew to the Owlery to rest.


- Ooohh letters from home? – Anna asks.


- And a present! – James leans in.


- Yeah, calm down, though. I’m gonna read the letters first. – I say.


Jake tries to get his hands in the box. I slap his hand lightly.


- Lettets first Jake!


He frowns at me.


Opening the first letter, I recognize my brother Mason’s handwriting.


Hey squirt!


How are you on this fine birthday? I hope you’re stuffing yourself at breakfast with your friends. Trust me, there’s no other food like Hogwarts’. Anyway, I am currently here in my cabin thinking about what I could say to my little sis for her birthday wishes. You know me. I’m not very great with words.


But you know I wish you always the best. Think about something good and you got it. You deserve it. And also, I can’t believe you’re eighteen kid! 18! You grew up on me too fast. Just yesterday I could carry you around on my back.


Well, I just want to say I’m proud of you. I know I don’t say that a lot. But that’s because I’m ashamed of showing sentimentality. I’m a tough guy. I’m proud though. You’re an amazing girl with incredible friends. Enjoy your last months there at wonderful Hogwarts. I hope you’re causing at least a bit of trouble there. James, Freddie and Jake need your help with the pranks. Don’t let them down. See you soon!


I finish the letter smiling. Tough guy my ass! Once he came to sleep in my bed during a thunderstorm! My heart was warm with his words, though.


Next, I open mom and dad’s letter, the one in a normal paper . I recognize mom’s handwriting right at the beginning written with a Muggle pen.


Hi sweetie! Happy birthday, my love!


I wish I could hold you tight today and fill you with kisses. But just a few months till we see each other again. And you should enjoy your time at Hogwarts too. I’m sure you must be having a lot of fun, especially on your birthday.


I can’t believe my baby girl is turning 18 today! I love you so much! You are growing up so fast and I’m so happy to see you turning into this amazing person you are. Always keep being this intelligent, kind and loving girl you are. I hope you have an amazing day with your friends. It’s your day!


Your father, your brother and I prepared a different gift for you this year. I hope you like it. And also, don’t hesitate to write me if you need anything. Eat your vegetables. And don’t wander out in the cold! I’m sorry I’ll have to pass the letter to your father now, he’s practically ripping the pen out of my hand


I notice the sentence finished up and the next part is written in a different color and in my dad’s handwriting.


Hey birthday girl!! 18! I’m so proud of you.


You deserve the world, Emma. I love you so much. You know you’ll always be my baby girl and, still, I’m so proud to see you becoming such an independent and strong woman. Happy birthday, sweetie. Enjoy the time to party and celebrate with your friends. I want to hear all about it later.


The gift we prepared for you contains lots of things we think you’ll find useful for you, all beauty related, so I don’t understand much. Your mother did most of the picking, honestly. But we all helped. Write us soon!


Love from mom and dad.


The letter doesn’t end there, though. My mum’s handwriting is back again.


Wait, Emma! I want to know who is the mysterious boyfriend you’ve been hiding from us. I noticed in your letters you sounded different lately. More chipper. I’m happy for you, love. But I want to know who he is. I’ve talked to your brother and he says it’s definitely a boyfriend. Is it the Potter boy? I told you I thought he liked you when he asked you to that ball. Answer us soon!


Lots of kisses,


Mum and Dad.


Mason is an idiot! I’m definitely saving some space in my thank-you letter to tell him that! He doesn’t even know about Albus. He just says theses things to keep mum hyped up and annoy me. I huff and focus on the rest of my parent’s letter which was wonderful.


- Hey, Emmaaa... are you gonna open this or not? – Freddie asks, looking bored with the gift box in his hand.


I take it from him forcefully:


- For your information, I’ll open it when I want. – he looks at me disappointedly. – Which is now.


The boys (and Zoe) whoop loudly, scaring a bunch of Ravenclaws and causing one of them to drop a mug of coffee. I blush profusely and Anna rolls her eyes.


Inside the box, there is a beautiful light pink travel bag. It’s small, like the ones people use to carry around toiletries. When I open it, though, I find it filled with so many things. I don’t know what to look at first. There are nail polishes, makeup, creams, soaps, the whole deal. Anna and Zoe get instantly crazy over it and start checking out everything. The guys return resignedly to their breakfast.


I notice in a compartment of the bag, a package wrapped with thin paper and a note. Written in my mom’s handwriting are the words: For when you need it or just for looking pretty. I push the paper out and pick in. There’s a black lacy lingerie that looks nothing like anything I own. I catch on to what mom was saying and her idea that I have a boyfriend now. I blush and hide it where I found it.


The day is spent outside soaking up the sun. It’s my choice to sit by the lake and the guys insisted on packing up a picnic for our lunch and afternoon. I loved every minute of it. My five favorite friends were always the best company for my birthday here at Hogwarts.


Of course Freddie and Jake couldn’t keep from getting up and approaching the girls who passed by us to go to mine and James’ party. Their shirts were open due to the afternoon heat and they put their carelessly attractive faces on. While they are chatting up a redhead, I ask James:


- No particular girls you’d like to invite this time?


He’s wearing black sunglasses, which he had for some reason and lifts them to look at me.


- Nah, just one girl. Which I already invited.


- James, you and Sophia are too sweet sometimes. – Zoe makes a face.


- Unlike you and Oliver, right? – he responds. Anna and I look at each other quickly and then at Zoe. We remember well a few nights ago when she was crying about the same boy.


- If only. – she scoffs but doesn’t say anymore.


- What about you Emma? Are you bringing someone special? – James nudges me.


- Not anyone in particular. – I say evasively.


- Emma doesn’t date. But just because she doesn’t want to. There are loads of options for her. – Zoe says.


I don’t know exactly what to say so I prefer to keep quiet. The guilt for not telling them is eating me inside though.


- Well, she’s always been an independent woman. Takes a lot for a guy to be at Emma’s level. – Anna puts in. I look gratefully at her.


- And you, Anna? No one you’re interested in? – James asks as he leans his head to look at her.


- Not right now. I prefer relationships that last only one party. Long-term ones are too much work.


James laughs. Jake and Freddie return to our group after that, their hands holding a rolled up parchment.


- Looks like there’s another party going on tonight at Ravenclaw Common Room. These chicks are on the Chess Club. It’s their little gathering. – Jake says.


- And you’re thinking about leaving our party for a Chess Club meeting? – I raise an eyebrow.


- No. Just thinking about going there and taking her to what a real party looks like. – Freddie says proudly.


- They do know Maya Stevenson has a boyfriend, don’t they? – Zoe ask us quietly.


We smile at each other.


- We’ll let them find out – concludes James.

The girls and I arrive at the party about half hour after it started. I was wearing a light blue dress and my old golden sandals, with the necklace they gave me. Zoe was wearing jeans and a beautiful black blouse and Anna was wearing her own green dress.


- This is looking like quite a party. – Zoe says, rubbing her hands.


She was right. The guys had outdone themselves as always. Our common room had been transformed into a dark space, only illuminated by shining ornaments and magical little stars attached to the ceiling. That and the fun hats, tiaras and necklaces people were using, which reminded me about the toys kids get at New Years Eve in the Muggle world. The dance floor was already full with people and there was a bright bar in the corner.


- This looks great. – Anna says.


- Oh I see Oliver! – Zoe exclaims and grabs our arms. – Would it be terribly rude of me if I went to talk to him? I just really need to figure things out. I haven’t talk to him the whole week.


- It would, but we already accepted your rudeness. – Anna says jokingly.


- Really? And you Em? – she turns to me.


- Of course you can go! Go sort this out, Zoe.


- Thank you! – she hugs me. – And please go have some fun yourself, girl! It’s your birthday!


- I will. – I tell her, but the truth is I’m not feeling in the mood for a party.


Anna and I watch proudly as Zoe walks decidedly towards Oliver. Soon, someone leans on us from behind.


- What did you think of the party, girls? – I recognize James’voice, his breath indicating he’s already started on the drinks.


- It’s great James! You guys always make them special. – I tell him. I didn’t have the heart to say I wasn’t in the mood. He looked really excited.


- Brilliant! It’s your birthday party too, Em! I’m glad you liked it. By the way, we have a mix of Muggle and Wizarding drinks by the bar and you can ask any song you’d like. Have fun, you two! – he squeezed us and left.


- So, what about a drink? – Anna asks.


- Yes, please. – I say. We’re just about to go, when another boy approaches us.


- Hey, hi! – I recognize Cody Aaron, a Hufflepuff that is in the Latin Club, if I’m not mistaken. He’s really cute and has blonde hair combed to the side. We look at him expectantly.


- Happy birthday Emma!


- Thanks? – I say confusedly. I’ve spoken to him only once in my life. He turns to Anna:


- I was wondering, actually – he starts to blush. – if you wouldn’t like to dance with me?


- Oh – Anna blushes herself. – I don’t know, I mean... – she looks at me and I can tell she doesn’t want to leave me alone.


- Go! – I tell her. – Have fun!


She grins at me and kisses my cheek:


- I’ll see you soon. – she assures me.


- Just go! – I laugh.


I sit by the bar alone and order a drink to the pimple faced fifth year that got stuck into bar duty. That didn’t look at all like my birthday. Precisely the reason I didn’t feel like throwing a party in the first place. I’m not very good at it.


- Hey, Emma!


I find myself face to face with Matt Schyer, my friend that resulted from a failed date.


- How are you? – he asks.


- I’m great! How are you?


- Brilliant! This party is awesome!


- Yeah... – I agree halfheartedly. – Where are your friends?


- Oh the guys abandoned me already. Liam and Scott are in their own little world.


I look to where he’s inclining his head and find the two boys passionately involved in a kiss. Well, that was unexpected.


- Wow! I didn’t...I didn’t realize. I mean, I didn’t know they were gay. – I say, surprised.


- Oh, don’t worry. Neither did I. They only came out this year. Apparently, they were in a relationship for three months already until Sam and I found out. Silly of them. As if they could keep a relationship private for so long. – he rolls his eyes.


- Yeah, silly. – I take my recently arrived drink and awkwardly take a sip. – What about Sam?


- Found someone already.


I see Matt’s blond friend dancing with a pretty dark-skinned Ravenclaw. Matt’s gets served two drinks.


- I should take one of this to my date, actually. She’s waiting for me. – he says awkwardly.


- Oh! You’re with someone! – I exclaim. Now I felt really alone.


- Are you alone? Because if you are, you can come with us... – he offers tentatively.


- No! No! I’m fine. – I decline. I’m not gonna ruin his date night just because I’m staying a few minutes alone. – My friends will soon join me, don’t worry.


- Okay then! – he grins. – Great talking to you! And happy birthday!


- Thanks!


He kisses my cheek and walks away.


The minutes pass slowly as I sit in the bar and watch the party. I’m soon lost in my own thoughts, looking at things from afar.


Maybe that’s why I get so surprised when Albus appears in front of me.


- Hey. Is it just me or do you feel like ditching this party? – he asks seriously. He is wearing dark jeans and a red button up. I couldn’t even say no to him if I wanted. Albus in red is too gorgeous for me to deal with. I smile slowly at him and it’s all the answer he needs.


We’re soon out of the party and under an invisibility cloak, walking the halls of Hogwarts.


- Where are we going? – I ask, after climbing one flight of stairs and passing through a secret passage.


- It’s a surprise. – his voice sounds near my ear. I’m suddenly reminded of the first time I walked with him under an invisibility cloak, when we were meeting for our project. How things have changed since them. I remember the butterflies in my stomach and that thought gives a new flutter in my belly.


We stop at a stone wall and Al starts to pace.


- What are you doing? – I ask him.


- Are you familiar with the Room of Requirement? – he answers with a question.


- Yes! – I answer, astonished. The Room of Requirement is legendary and in the books of history for its part in the Final Battle. Although the details are unclear, we all learn in fifth year that Harry, Ron and Hermione walk through the Room in search of something and escape from it when it catches fire. The location of it is not largely known, though.


- We’re about to walk inside it. – he says as a wooden door appears at the wall.


– Family secret. – he says as my mouth continues to hang slightly open. – But I have permission to use it in these occasions.


- What occasions?


- When I’m bringing someone that means a lot to me. – he turns around. My cheeks get pleasantly warm.


Albus turns the doorknob and we walk in.


The room is way bigger than I imagined. There’s a fireplace right in the center of it. The walls are tiled and a brownish red. There’s a bookshelf filled to the top in the left wall. There is a big sofa that looks more like a bed and two big loveseats. Music is lightly playing. And to top it off, all the furniture is red.


But the biggest attractive is the front wall. It’s all glass-made. And behind it there’s a majestic view of the lake and the Quidditch field far away.


- Wow! – is the only thing I can say.


- The Room transforms into whatever you’d like. – Al says next to me.


- But how is that possible? Do these walls even face the lake? – I wonder.


- It doesn’t matter. I’ve seen this enchantment. The glass works as a reflection of the lake in this exact moment. I’ve seen it at my dad’s Ministry office. There, he has a perfect view of London, even though the office is underground.


I stand speechless for a moment. Then I tease:


- So you decided to have the furniture Gryffindor red?


- Well, it was for you. – he shrugs. A grin forms involuntarily in my mouth at his sweetness.


- And you decided to match it with this shirt? – I touch the collar of it as I get closer to him. He gulps and I see his Adam’s apple bob.


- It’s my least favorite one. – Al says with all his Slytherin dignity.


- I think you look gorgeous in it. – I say and, soon after, crash my lips to his in a wet kiss.


- That’s not fair. – he says after we break apart. – I didn’t even have the chance to tell you how stunning you look tonight.


I’m so happy the argument we had that morning seems like a far-away memory


The only answer I give is pressing my lips to his again as I encircle my arms around his neck. The rhythm is like a well-known song. My hands find his messy perfect hair and his grab my waist firmly. Our mouths make way for each other and trace a familiar path. I realize he is moving us slowly and feel something hit the back of my knees. A breath of air catches in my throat as his chest pushes me forward. A second later I’m lying on the couch and he is above me.


I’ve never felt so much desire for someone before. I’m pretty sure my skin must be all red from the heat right now. As his teeth get my lip, I start to unbutton his shirt. I kiss his collarbone all the way down to above his abs, the place where I stopped unbuttoning. He moans quietly.


- Can I? – he asks then, and I realize his fingers are at the straps of my dress. I nod hurriedly.


His fingers release the right strap and then the left while his other hand supports him. The path of his touch down my arms makes me shiver. I’m soon uncovered in my upper chess, except for my bra. He looks at me long and intensely.


Then he is kissing me all over my skin. Open mouthed kisses that make me press my chest to his mouth involuntarily. He makes his way to just above my bra and I’m gasping.


The thought of giving him full access just crosses my mind, when he interrupts his ministrations:


- Do you hear that? – he asks breathlessly.


As he stops I finally give my attention to other things not including us in this couch, and capture a sound of voices:


- Just a minute. You’ll see it soon. – a male voice.


Al frowns:


- There’s something wrong. We shouldn’t be hearing them so clearly. Not unless...


- Love, you’re scaring me? – a girly voice comes from outside the room.


- C’mon. – Al grabs my hand. I’m totally confused about what’s happening. We get up from the sofa. A door that wasn’t there before appears in the right wall. He pulls me with him through it. Inside, I only have the time to notice a bench in the corner of the small room as he closes the door and places a silencing charm.


We hear the sound of the main door opening. I listen to a female exclaiming at the room just as I did before. The voice sounds slightly familiar. Both Albus and I wait with bated breath in spite of the silencing charm. I take the time to pull the straps of my dress back on.


- It’s beautiful, isn’t it? – I hear James’ voice.


We look at each other with widened eyes.


- James and Sophia are in here! – I whisper.


- I know. – he answers, quietly. – I don’t know how this happened. The only way for him to find his room was to think of the same thing to make it appear.


- Why are we whispering? – I say a bit more loudly.


- I don’t know. – Al chuckles.


From outside our little room, I hear Sophia still in awe with the place. Soon, the sounds turn to kissing. Al and I make a face. He seems to pale a bit.


The whole situation starts to feel hilarious to me and I start to chuckle quietly, with a hand on my mouth to muffle the sound. Al starts to laugh with me and both of us have to seat on the bench and lean at each other.


Just as I’m catching my breath, I start to laugh even louder, my hands grabbing my stomach and my eyes start to water. I’m thankful for the silencing charm in the room because I don’t think I could control myself this time. I see Al’s blurred smile directed at me. He nudged me:


- What?


I take a few more seconds to catch my breath and then say, wiping my eyes:


- James asked me a few days ago how he could make Sophia happier. I told him to surprise her. Turns out that both of you had the same idea and decided to surprise your girlfriends in the Room of Requirement.


Al’s face dawns in realization, he says:


- That’s why he found us. He must have asked a cozy room to spend time with his girlfriend. And he’s a Gryffindor, so the colors are the same.


I start to laugh again:


- See, you two aren’t as different as you’d like to think..



After a few minutes, James and Sophia are still at it. I’m starting to get a little bored.


- Okay, you know what? Screw this! – Al grabs his invisibility cloak from his jeans’ pocket. – We’ll have to be really discreet. I’ll place a silencing charm on us but we have to open the doors quietly to get out.


- Alright. – I agree.


Albus opens the door very slowly. We wait expectantly. No one says anything.


I spy through the space we opened. The room looks empty. I make a positive sign and we go on. As we are walking towards the main door, I understand why the room looks empty. We can see James and Sophia lying on the couch close together, him running his fingers through her hair.


James’ clothing looks familiar, but I’m not sure if I’m seeing it correctly. As we walk some more, Al suddenly trips forward. I quickly help him balance himself, but his shoe makes a dull sound on the floor and the cloak slips to uncover his arm.. I close my eyes, the adrenaline high, as I wait to see if Albus’ silencing charm worked.


I hear James and Sophia kissing. We release a sigh collectively and fix the cloak. Al points at Sophia’s heels on the floor as a way of explanation for tripping. I nod to show I understood.


When we reach the door, Al opens it slowly as he did with the other one but it makes a resounding “click”.


- Did you hear that? – Sophia asks sleepily. Al and I are frozen still.


- Must have been the wood from the fire. – James says, unconcerned.


We open the door calmly and exit it, closing it quietly. Al puts a finger to his lips and motions for us to walk a bit more before talking.


When we are a bit away, we look at each other and release our breaths.


- That was tense. – he says, but he’s grinning. I am too, the adrenaline leaving my body.


- Did you see that? – I ask. – Was I seeing things or was James really wearing what I think he was?


- He was wearing his Quidditch kit. – Al nods affirmatively. – Why, do you think?


- Maybe it turns Sophia on. – I suggest. We laugh loudly.


- Maybe it turns him on. – Al says. I’m in a fit of giggles again.


As we walk down the corridor, Al speaks again:


- I’m sorry this didn’t work out. It was supposed to be a romantic and calm evening, like they were having. – he says sheepishly.


- Are you kidding? – I say, grinning. – This was awesome! Best way to end the evening!


Al grins and looks at me adoringly.


- Good. I’m glad you liked it, then. Though you’re not the one who’s gonna dream with your brother making out on Gryffindor robes.


That sets me off again.