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Format: Novel
Chapters: 17
Word Count: 62,129
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Scenes of a mild sexual nature

Genres: Humor, Romance, Young Adult
Characters: Albus, Fred II, James (II), OC

First Published: 12/19/2018
Last Chapter: 07/22/2020
Last Updated: 07/23/2020


Emma is a Gryffindor seventh year with the best group of friends, one of which she has feelings for. But a new boy who enters her life just might change things a bit.

Because there aren’t enough Albus/OC out there!

Chapter 16: Chapter 16

A/N.: Hey everyone!! I’m so sorry. I know I took so long to update, maybe the longest time yet. I’m really sorry. I feel bad because I know how frustrating this can be, especially now most of us are in quarantine. What I can say is that I’m having online classes in college and the teachers are giving us a ton of works and tests, so I’ve really been busy.

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Next Monday I take the time between classes to talk to Professor Longbottom. I chose to do it as soon as I could because I’m definitely a procrastinator. If I’d waited a bit more, next week would turn into next month, and I didn’t exactly have a lot of time to make this last minute decision. 

I arrived at Professor Longbottom’s office and was surprised to find someone already waiting outside the door.


- Hi! – Rose Weasley opened a toothy smile from her place sitting against the opposite wall of the office.


- Hi, Rose!

The only Weasley in Al’s year and I weren’t very close to each other. Actually, we weren’t close at all. Which is kind of weird, considering I know James for seven years. She was always a year behind us, though, and not too fond of the boys’ pranks when we were kids. That aside, James cares a lot about her, he’s very protective as the older cousin and speaks fondly of her passion for books and knowledge. Rose takes that from Hermione, of course, along with her bushy hair and brown eyes. I always admired Roses’ hair. It stands out and compliments her face perfectly.


- Everything alright? – Rose asks as I sit beside her on the floor. From the looks of it, she’s already waiting for some time.


- Yeah, I’m just here to talk about my career choice.


- Oh! Nice! Me too, actually! – Rose answers. She has her long legs in front of her, ankles crossed.


- Really!


- Uhum...


Follows that uncomfortable pause when the proper path of the conversation is asking what our meetings are about but neither of us has the intimacy to do so.


- So...if you don’t mind me asking, what are you talking to him about? – Rose finally breaks it.


- Not at all! – (actually, I did mind a bit, but was just relieved to break the uncomfortable silence) – I changed my mind about my career choice, and wanted to talk to him about it.

See if there’s a way for me to change it, you know...


 I finish lamely. Here I was telling probably the most organized person in this whole school that I planned to change my future months from graduating. My cheeks burned and I waited for the judgemental look.


It never came.


- Really? That’s great! What’s your new plan? – she asks with genuine curiosity.


- Writing. I mean, I want to be a journalist and write for the paper.


She nods.


- But I don’t even know if it’s gonna work out. – I hurry to say. – My N.E.W.T.s are obviously all set. And I’d only have a few months till graduation.


- No! Think positive! Journalism is amazing. It’s such an important part of our society and we’re sure needing serious and qualified journalists nowadays. – she rolls her eyes. – Theres so much rubbish on the paper.


- Right? I have to look for something readable all the time. Except the Quidditch section. Ginny Potter is great!


- True! We need someone with a critical eye for an interesting column. And a journalist that truly writes the news as it happened. – Rose sighs indignantly. – And I agree. My aunt rocks. – she grins.


I chuckle.


- I’m sure it’s gonna work out. Better spend some months after graduation running after this, anyway, than working with something you don’t like. – she goes on.


- Thank you! – I grin excitedly. She just had the opposite reaction I was imagining she’d have and that fueled the flame within me.


- What about you? – I question. – If you don’t mind me asking.


- Oh I’m only here for some paperwork. Nothing as interesting as you. – we laugh. - I’m applying for a job at Gringotts as a curse breaker and during the summer I may be able to do an internship with them. 


- That sounds so cool! And I hear it’s very hard to get in.


- It is! – she widens her eyes. - That’ll sounds lame, but I’m so glad you like it. It feels like everyone was waiting for me to follow a Ministry career like Al just because my mum is the biggest academic there is.


- That isn’t lame at all. – I laugh. – I get it.


- And I was so apprehensive about telling my mum, but she took it so well. Now the hard thing is making her understand that I want to get in on my own merits. She already wanted to floo call half the Wizarding World to let me in.


- From what I hear of you, she won’t need to. – I say sincerely.


She blushes , pleased:


- Thanks.


A comfortable silence falls between us this time. We both had similar thoughts, after all. It’s crazy how we always seem to expect the worse judgement of people.


- Are you and my cousin Al still going out? 


- What?! – I gasp. – Who told you that? – I whisper.

- Oh it’s supposed to be a secret? No one told me.


- How do you...?


- My cousin likes to think he’s discreet, but I know him since we were in diapers. Nothing escapes me. – she touches her hair. The cousins really got along well. Though each had their own group of friends in separate houses, I remember I’d seen Al having meals with her some time each week.


- Oh. – I stay there, gaping like a fish.


- I approve, by the way. I already liked you, even before this conversation. I haven’t seen Albus this light and giddy since we were kids.


I blush and can’t prevent the soft smile that escapes me. Rose laughs:


- You weren’t telling people then?


- We’re not. With the commotion his last name brings, we’d like to keep it quiet.


Rose nods knowingly:


- I did that with Scorpius at the beginning too. But it didn’t last long. People are bound to notice sometime.


Rose and Scorpius have a solid relationship since third year and are still smitten with each other, so I guess she knows what she’s talking about.


- Don’t keep from telling my cousin, though, if it’s not what you want. Albus can be stubborn as a mule. You can deal with the gossip later. Don’t keep quiet, girl!


The door of the office finally opens and Professor Longbottom comes out with a first year girl crying pitifully. The reason is quite clear, as one of her ears is noticeably larger than the other, inclining her head in a weird angle.


- Go to Madame Pomfrey, Rebecca! I’m sure she will fix this right up!


He looks at us sheepishly:


- She was stung by one of the poisonous tentacullas. I tried to fix it, but I’m obviously not a healer...


We look at him, than share a look, our lips twitching.

- Come in, Rose. – he calls.

I leave Professor Longbottom’s office with my spirits lifted. In part, because of my conversation with Rose but also because my Head of House assured me that there was no problem in applying for a journalist position in the Daily Prophet or any other magazine I wanted. Apparently the only N.E.W.T.s they ask for are the core ones. Albus was right, after all. 

Longbottom was actually really happy for me, he told me finding out who I wanted to be was the most important anyway, and choosing my future profession was a start.

I walk down the corridor, a smile on my face.  My school bag loosely hanging on one of my shoulders, the flyers Longbottom gave me securely inside it. I was supposed to be at Defence class but the Professor gave me a slip of parchment to excuse my absence.


A hand grabs my arm just as I pass the Charms classroom. The surprise had just registered around my face and a shiver ran down my body, as I was pulled to an alcove with a tapestry I had no time to register.


Albus was leaning against the wall.

- Ah! It’s you! – I sigh relieved.


- Why? Were you expecting someone else? – he smirks.


He’s wearing his robes, a rare occurrence. Al doesn’t like them and most times I see him, he’s with them hanging on his shoulders or bag, the white uniform shirt with the sleeves rolled up and the first two buttons undone.


- Maybe. I have a boyfriend who normally meets me like that. – I reply playfully.


- Shouldn’t you be used to this by now, then? – he smiles softly. His hands grab the two sides of my open cloak and he pulls me closer. His own cloak is open due to the warmer weather today.


- I should. But my boyfriend is very creative. I never know what to expect. In fact, I don’t think he’d be very happy to see me in such a close space with another man. – I say innocently.


- Hummm. That might be a problem. Is he an angry guy?


- He can be. He’s a jealous guy.


- Really? – Al raises his eyebrows. I grin. – Why did he leave you wandering the Hogwarts corridors alone, then?


- Oh, but he’s a very sensible man. He knows I don’t need him to escort me. I can take care of myself. And he trusts me. I’d never cheat on him. – I say dramatically.


- He sounds like a good guy, that boyfriend of yours. – I laugh. – But he’ll have to forgive me. For doing this.


And he leans forward and places a chaste kiss on my lips.


We stare at each other after breaking apart and promptly burst into laughter.


- I think this may be the cheesiest thing I’ve ever done. – Al shakes his head.


- Nah! Nothing beats our first meeting.


He punches my shoulders:


- Minx!


I laugh. My hands hold his arms for support as I lean up to kiss him properly this time. My tongue tastes his lips before being granted entrance and exploring his mouth, his hands pull me fast against his chest.


He breaks apart suddenly.


- How was your meeting?


- Really, Albus? – I roll my eyes. – You broke our kiss to ask me that?


- It’s important. – he insists seriously. – That was why I searched you out in the first place.


- So it wasn’t to kiss me senseless? – I pout. He rolls his eyes this time.


- It was great! – I grin. – Professor Longbottom said I just need to get ready for applications and interviews but I’ve already got the N.E.W.T.s. He also gave me a bunch of flyers with options of where to work!


- That’s amazing, Em! You can start working next year if you want! No other N.E.W.T.s to take next year?


- Nope. – I lean up and kiss his cheek. As much as I joke with Al about our interrupted kiss, it means a lot to me that he considers my plans more important and that he sought me out for it. And it’s kind of sexy too.


- Can we keep up from where we left? – I whisper seductively.


- We have to. I have to enjoy the time before your boyfriend sees us. – he says mock seriously.


I chuckle and sneak my arms around his neck. The kiss is as heated as the other one. I nibble his lips with my teeth and he lets out a low moan that I feel on my entire body. He returns the favour as I bury my hands in his hair.


I don’t  get tired of touching his hair. After we meet, it’s always messier than it was before.


I pull away this time and Al looks at me longingly, his mouth still half open.

- I spoke with your cousin Rose today. – I say breathlessly.


- Parker, - he says hoarsely – We’re not interrupting this to talk about my cousin.


My laugh gets lost in his lips while he puts his arm around my waist, my blouse riding up and making my skin tingle.

If I had  a spring on my step before, I was floating this time around as I said goodbye to Albus and walked down the corridor. Defense was the last class of the day and I make my way straight to the Common Room. 

I take a shortcut through a quieter passage. My thoughts are on the new possibilities for my career and on Albus lips, and while I walk I can almost hear the sound of our kisses. 

Wait! There actually is a sound of people kissing. I just come to this realization when I stumble at an alcove with a couple snogging. I stop suddenly and they break apart upon realizing they’re not alone.


- Emma! – Zoe exclaims, her face flushed and hair all over the place. The boy by her side looks slightly familiar.


- Zoe?! – I exclaim as I realize who he is. Jordan Zabini, his dark hair all over the place and lips swollen. What about Oliver?


She clears her throat awkwardly. I sense that radiating off her.


- I was just going to the Common Romm. – I say, and let her decide on what to do.


- I’ll come with you! – she jumps in. Zabini looks crestfallen and slightly offended.


- Sorry, I have to go. – Zoe kisses his cheek and comes with me.


After a while I ask her:


- Are we going to talk about it?


- Later. – she replies quickly, and we stay in silence ‘til we arrive at the Fat Lady’s portrait.


Inside, there are the usual night activities at the Gryffindor Common Room. The younger years are more relaxed and using the time to play Exploding Snap and gossip about everything they think is unusual about the school. The third and fourth years are relaxing with their friends and doing their homework halfheartedly between talks. And the upper years are either glued in their books or finished their day of studying and are chilling, gossiping about more gossip worthy subjects.

Our group of friends is the latter.


- And did you see Kiera’s face as Barkley said it was from his mother?

– James asks.


- I know right? – Jake agrees. – She should have dumped this guy a long time ago.


- Boys! – Anna reproaches them. – You really shouldn’t be judging them. Especially as it wasn’t her fault. Barkley has always been a jerk.


- You don’t seem to be having a hard time judging. – Fred points out.


We join them, who are all huddled up in front of the fireplace, and I join in to cut off a possible discussion.


- Hey guys! 


- Hey, Emma! And little Zoe! – Fred greets.


- Oh, good! Female company. – Anna sighs.


- Where were you, Emma? You told us you had to talk to professor Longbottom and disappeared for the rest of the afternoon. – James frowns.


- It was something I wanted to wait to tell you guys. See how things worked out first. – I answer.


They all look at me expectantly, including Zoe, who was avoiding my gaze before.


- You remember I applied for a Ministry job but wasn’t sure of it? – they all nod.


- Well, I recently decided what I really want to do.


- That’s great! – Anna claps her hands.


- So? What is it? – Jake goes directly to the point.


- I want to be a writer. – I declare and bite my lip afterwards.


There’s an uproar of happy exclamations later, but I also sense some questions in them.


- Well, remember when we had that History project and I did an interview with your dad, James? – I add. 


James nods:


- I’m still trying to process the fact that my brother became such good friends with you to invite you to stay home over break.


I have to look at a point in the wall above his head to prevent from smiling.


- Anyway, - I hurry up. – I loved to do that interview, but not just because it was your father. I realized I love writing! And I want to be a journalist after Hogwarts. – I conclude.


This time they are even more excited at congratulating me and do so with hugs and high-fives.


- But, Em, what were you doing this afternoon, after all? – Jake asks.


- Oh, I was with Professor Longbottom to sort the details about my N.E.W.T.s choices. But it’s all good. – I smile. Their support means the world to me.


After dinner, we go back to the same place we were sat in. The boys have scared the younger years enough that none of them dare take our place and the upper years have a kind of system, where each group claims their own spot. Zoe, Anna and I are constantly protesting against this situation, but our hypocrisy doesn’t keep us from enjoying the heat of the fire.


Two hours later of some homework and more chatting, we’re all a bit sleepy and start to head up. Anna and Zoe get up with a meaningful look between them. (Anna questioned Zoe’s despondent behavior and Zoe promised to talk to us about it in the dorms). I’m just about to join them when James grabs my arm. 


- Can I talk to you a bit? – he whispers.


- Sure. – I reply as our friends leave.


When there’s only us in front of the fire, he says:


- I’m having some trouble with Sophia...


- Why? – I ask. – You seemed so close at Hogsmeade.


- Yeah. But lately she’s been getting a bit disappointed. And she’s a lot more jealous than before. Like she expects me to cheat on her or something.


- Well, James, you haven’t passed the image of the perfect boyfriend the last few years.


He glares at me.


- Okay, okay. – I raise my hands defensively. – I’m not saying it’s your fault. But you have to understand how she can few insecure. You’ve never had a girlfriend for such a long time.


- But what do I do? – he asks, exasperated. - I’ve already told her a million times what I feel for her.


I start to think about it. And it doesn’t escape my mind that while James, my old crush, is asking me for love advice, all I can think about is my times with Albus as a reference of what a girl would like.


- Show her then! – I say, finally. – A girl loves to be surprised with a romantic gesture. But you have to mean it. – I rush in. – Do something original, not those typical things every guy could think about after reading a book.


- Humm...okay. – James already has his thinking face on. – I can do that.


He hugs me and places a kiss on my cheek:


- Thank you, Emma! You’re the best!


We go to the dorms and I wonder, climbing the stairs, if I should send Sophia Lauren a box of chocolate or something as an early apology.

I arrive at the dorms and see an unusual scene. Zoe is sitting in her bed, arms wrapped around her knees, her short black hair very messy and not styled like she’s used to leaving it, her blue eyes sad and the makeup around them smudged . I can’t remember the last time I saw Zoe this down. She’s the source of energy in the group, always laughing and excited. As I pay attention to her now, I realize that she doesn’t have any earrings on, which almost never happens. Zoe has the biggest collection of unique earrings at Hogwarts and loves to show them off.


A wave of shame washes over me at how little attention I’ve been giving to my friend. With the big secret I’ve been keeping from her and the fact I’m only telling Anna, Zoe has been left out a lot. 


Anna is sitting at the edge of her own bed, beside Zoe’s, and has a hand on our friend’s shoulder. The other girls from our dorm hadn’t gotten there yet. Anna looks up at me when I enter.


- I’m sorry. – I say. – James wanted to talk to me about something before going to bed.


Anna nods and I join her at her bed. Zoe still hasn’t said anything.


- So, Zoe, can we talk about what’s wrong? – Anna asks gently.


Zoe doesn’t answer. Instead, she looks at me with narrowed eyes:


- I know you’re judging me for what you saw! 


- I’m not! – I exclaim, surprised. She continues to stare. – Alright, I may have been surprised to see that, at first, but you’re my friend, Zoe. I know you. And I just want you to talk to us about what made you do that.


- Okay, can you two please tell me what’s it you’re talking about? Because on my mind, I’m blowing this way out of proportion. – Ana interrupts


I don’t say anything because it’s not my place to tell. I imagined Zoe would have told Anna already. 


- Emma caught me snogging Jordan Zabini at the corridors. – she blurts out.


Anna is clearly torn about what to say. 


- Is this a good thing? I mean, congrats! He’s so hot! But aren’t you with Oliver anymore?


Zoe screws her face up as if she’s about to cry and presses it to her folded arms. Anna looks at me, gobsmacked. I shrug. The thought of Zoe leaving Oliver hadn’t crossed my mind. From what she told us, last time, they were still snogging. Though it has been a long time since  I’d talked to her.


- I am with Oliver! Or I think I am. I don’t know! – she exclaims.


Anna and I look at each other, confused.


- See, you’re judging me now! – she yells, muffled by her pajamas.


- We’re not, sweetie. – Anna jumps in. – We just want to understand where you’re coming from.


Anna is the mother hen of the brood, so she’s way better at comforting than me. Her brown eyes are already soft and her blond hair is tied up in a braid, ready for bed. Still, I fish out an elastic in my pocket and tiemy brown hair up in a bun to make myself more comfortable and try my best.


- Zoe, love, you know you have our full support. If you want to leave Oliver and snog Zabini, we understand. You aren’t even dating yet, right? You have the full liberty to be with other people. – I tell her softly.


- Thats the problem! – she shouts.


- What exactly? – Anna says, confused. – Being able to snog whoever you want?


- Yes! – Zoe looks up. Anna and I can’t keep from looking shocked.


Zoe’s only boyfriend had been in fourth year, just because she wanted to see how it was to have one. Since then, she’s been completely single and proud. She loves to meet new people with no strings attached.


- I don’t know what’s happening to me but I want a boyfriend this time! – she continues – I want Oliver! And I tried to snog Zanini to prove to myself I haven’t changed. But I just kept thinking about Oliver.


- But that’s wonderful, girl! – Anna celebrates. – You should be with Olly then.


- But what if I’m mistaken or something? I’ve never been exclusive with someone. – she whines.


- Zoe, you’re not mistaken. If you couldn’t stop thinking about him while kissing someone else, that means a lot. – I say.


- That doesn’t solve anything though. Oliver and I are snogging for six months already and he still hasn’t properly asked me out. – she lets out. I’m really surprised with her today. Zoe, of all people, being vulnerable.


- That’s because he’s unsure too, love. – I say, and I remember giving similar advice to James just minutes ago. – You have this image of never wanting to settle down. So he doesn’t expect you to want to date him.


- But what should I do then? – she sniffs.


- Why don’t you ask him out. – Anna claps her hands.


- Yeah! – I agree. – You are a strong, independent woman! Why does he need to ask you out? Go there and do it yourself!


- Have either of you asked someone out before? – she looks skeptically.


- Well, no. – I say. Anna shakes her head.


- But we’ll be here for you whatever happens! It’s better than being in doubt. – I say, determined again.


- You’re Zoe Schmitt! If someone can do this it’s you! – Anna adds up.

Zoe nods determinedly. She’s looking a lot more like her old self.


But then her face falls again:


- I’ve just snogged another guy, though.


- But did you ever arrange anything between you that you should be exclusive? – I ask.


She ponders a bit.


- No. – she says, finally.


- So, you’re good! – I wave it off. We all smile and Anna hugs Zoe. She says:


- Thanks guys! I love you!


- We love you too! – I hug her. And I promise myself to be a better friend to her from now on.


- Zabini is hot, though, right? – she says. Anna and I laugh.


After that, things calm down a bit. Our friend seems a lot better and has a new glint in her eyes. We’re reading magazines and books, enjoying each other’s company happily,  when Zoe frowns:


- Wait! Does that mean he’s been snogging other girls too?!


We all look at each other and frown.