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Harry Potter; The Hidden Secret. by MissScarlette1

Format: Novella
Chapters: 11
Word Count: 42,041
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Contains profanity, Mild violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme, Spoilers

Genres: Drama, Horror/Dark, Romance, Action/Adventure, Angst
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Lupin, Moody, Arthur, Bill, Charlie, Shacklebolt, Tonks, Sirius, Fred, George, Ginny, Luna, Neville, Scrimgeour, OC
Pairings: Arthur/Molly, Bill/Fleur, Harry/Ginny, Remus/Tonks, Ron/Hermione, Neville/Luna, Remus/OC, Sirius/OC, Other Pairing

First Published: 11/20/2007
Last Chapter: 06/10/2020
Last Updated: 07/03/2020


Harry's last year at Hogwarts, is of course not going to turn out the way it should.

The road ahead is long and Harry will have to face challenges that couldn't have been thought of in his wildest nightmares. But when he's blindsided by a hidden secret, will he fight through the darkness of betrayal to see the light? 

Everything I thought I knew... everything... it was a lie! Harry thought, struggling to make any sense of what he had just been told. Now it's tainted, spoiled by those I trust... no, trusted the most. Harry felt the weight of the truth crash down around him, crushing his lungs. He tried to catch his breath but the sheer force of betrayal was putting up a fight and making it harder and harder for him to breathe. 



Before we start, there are three things I'd like to say: 

1. I have only been inspired by J.K Rowling,  all original plot lines belong to her. I am merely imagining a slightly different turn of events.  I do not own any of the original HP content. 

2. I live in utter denial and Sirius still lives on. 

3. I started this story back in 2007 and dropped it for a number of reasons. But I have now been inspired to pick up the pen/keyboard again.  Any feedback is most welcome! 

Chapter 7: Chapter 7. The Betrayal.

Chapter 7. The Betrayal.


Harry landed with a thud, his knees buckling only ever so slightly this time. Getting better, he noted to himself, looking down at his knees. After all the times he apparated and disapparated with Dumbledore earlier this year, he was finally starting to get used to the sensation.

The wind rustled through his hair, it was warm and heavily perfumed with the scent of the jasmine and honeysuckle hedges in the garden. He took in the sight before him. The Burrow. It was one of his favourite places, filled with happy memories and not at all like the place he had just left. His stomach flipped at the thought of never having to go back there again. He smiled to himself.

“Come on,” said Mad Eye, breaking him from his thoughts, “Let’s get inside.”

Harry nodded. He was keen to get inside and reunite with Ron and Hermione. They had so many things to discuss that they had not been able to do over the holidays. For starters, he was quite interested to find out why he had not heard from them this summer; or anyone for that matter. He frowned to himself as he and Mad Eye started walking towards the Burrow.

As they walked, Harry noticed the tent. “Hey Mad Eye,” he said curiously, “What’s with the tent?”

Mad Eye said nothing.

“Mad Eye?” asked Harry, glancing sideways at him.

“You’ll find out soon enough.” He said gruffly.

Harry’s frown deepened with his confusion. Something was off.

They approached the door to the kitchen of the Burrow and Mad Eye knocked, glancing down at Harry as he did. “Just keep an open mind, Potter.” he said.

Harry looked perplexed. “About what?”

Mad Eye just looked at him and then back at the door. “You’ll see.” he muttered.

Harry just stared at him, utterly lost, as Mad Eye gave an answer to the door in front of him. “I’ll see wha-” began Harry, pausing mid-sentence as Mad Eye ushered him inside somewhat awkwardly, causing Harry to momentarily lose his balance and clutch at the door handle to stop himself from fully falling.

“Mad Eye, I’ll see what?” asked Harry, finding his feet. Now standing upright and in full view of the room, he took in all the faces around him. “Oh.”



Lottie, Remus and Sirius all watched as Mad Eye and Harry clumsily crossed the threshold. Once convinced Lottie was not going to fall over, Remus and Sirius had let go of her and just stood either side, not wanting it to look suspicious to Harry. While they may have agreed to wing it, they wanted to find the right moment to do so.  

Upon Harry’s somewhat inelegant entrance, Sirius burst into life at the sight of his godson, making Lottie and everyone else in the room jump, and approached him with open arms. “Harry!”

“What do you mean we’re winging it,” hissed Lottie, under her breath to Remus, watching Sirius give Harry a bone crushing hug.

While the rest of the room broke into a low chatter, getting louder and louder as people started saying their hellos, Remus just stared at his goddaughter. “What?” he whispered, the shock in his voice apparent.  

“We’re winging it? I thought you had a plan!”

“B-but how?” Remus asked, his brow furrowing. “How did you know that?”

Lottie shook her head to silence him. She watched as Harry broke away from the kind looking lady who she learnt was called Mrs Weasley or Molly and approached two people his own age. One tall boy with red hair and a shorter, pretty girl with bushy brown hair.

“Alright mate!” said the tall boy, clapping Harry on the shoulder “Good to see you!”

“Yeah you too” said Harry with a grin on his face. The girl with the bushy curly hair, flung her arms around Harry. “Oh Harry, it’s so good to see you!” she said, eventually releasing him.

“Yeah you too Hermione” said Harry, with the same big grin. Harry’s eyes darted to where Lottie and Remus were standing.

“Hey Remus!” said Harry, enthusiastically stepping towards him.

Remus smiled and met him halfway, pulling him into a hug. “Hello Harry, it’s good to have you back.”

Harry looked slightly taken aback at the gesture but returned the hug all the same. “It’s good to be back.” He said, looking at Remus. Harry’s eyes met with Lottie’s. “Hello.” He said kindly.

“Ron, Hermione, why don’t you help Harry settle in upstairs in Ron’s room and then come back down and join us?” Mrs Weasley interjected quickly, recognising the look of sheer panic on Lottie’s face. Harry looked back at Molly and then to his friends and smiled. “Sure.” He said, turning away from Lottie and Remus.

Lottie watched as Harry walked away towards the stairs with his two friends.

Once she was sure that they were out of earshot, Molly turned to Lottie. “We don’t have much time. So, let’s get you a drink and do some introductions.” She said in a hushed voice, gesturing to the drinks on the table nearby, “What will you have?”

Lottie remained silent. It had taken roughly one minute of seeing Harry interact with the people in the room before she realised, she had made a mistake. She was robbing Harry of at least one lovely evening of catching up and general fun with those he regarded as his friends and family. She wanted to leave immediately.

“I shouldn’t be here,” she told Molly, moving away from Remus and towards her and the kitchen door, “I can’t do this to him tonight. He’s so happy to be here and I’m going to spoil it for him”

“Lottie!” Remus said, startled.

“Nonsense,” said Molly, holding out an arm to stop her. Lottie looked down at the floor. “You’ve come all this way; it is time he learnt the truth.”

“It is also time you got your brother back.” Molly added, placing her hand gently on Lottie’s chin and lifting her head up so that Lottie’s sad eyes met hers. “Now, what will you have to drink.”


“What’s with the crowd tonight? Order meeting?” Harry asked, as he and his two best friends stomped up the stairs to Ron’s room.

Ron and Hermione, who were trailing behind Harry, exchanged a brief, nervous glance and before Ron said, “Yeah, of sorts.”

“What do you mean?” asked Harry, stopping outside of Ron’s room and looking back at them.

“Well at least we think it is,” added Hermione, wringing her hands. She hated lying to him like this. “It hasn’t started yet.”

“Blimey!” said Harry, surprisedly “and we get to join them?”

“It would seem so” replied Ron.

“Are you kidding?” Harry asked, shocked that his friends did not seem more excited about it. “Well what are we waiting for, let’s go!”

Harry dropped his bag to the floor and made to leave the room when he noticed the shared glance between Ron and Hermione. “What?” he asked.

“Nothing” said Ron quickly.

“Don’t you want to stay up here for a bit?” asked Hermione, biting her lip nervously.

“Are you both joking? The entire order is down there! Even McGonagall and a few people other people I didn’t even recognise. Don’t you realise that this is obviously a really important meeting?” Harry exclaimed, “Come on! I want to find out what’s going on.”

Harry walked out of the room.

“Yeah, a really important meeting about you… and your sister.” muttered Ron under his breath, glancing at Hermione.

“Ron! Shh!” whispered Hermione, glancing at the door. Ron looked at her meekly and shrugged. Hermione could hear Harry making his way down the stairs. She sighed heavily, “Come on, let’s get this over with.”

Ron nodded and they walked out together, following Harry down the stairs.



“And that’s my eldest son, Bill and his fiancé, Fleur.” said Mrs Weasley, motioning to the last two people in the room that she had yet been introduced to.

Lottie gave them a small smile as she held on to her glass of elf-made wine with both hands. She had given in and though she knew better than to drink on an empty stomach, she was grateful for the warm, fuzzy feeling it was giving her.

Lottie had now been introduced to everyone in the room. It was uncomfortable because they had all given her the same, awkward look, not really knowing what to do with the information. She was blocking out everyone’s thoughts, but she had found it strange when she was introduced to the man that had arrived with Harry, named Alastor “everyone calls me Mad-Eye” Moody. He had stared at her a little longer than she had liked. It was as though he knew something or could see through her. It made her feel uneasy. Perhaps it was the eye, that had been whizzing around in its socket until he made eye contact and it fixed on her. Or maybe it was the fact that everyone called him ‘Mad-Eye’.

Overhead, she could hear footsteps. Harry was coming back down. Her stomach flipped.

The room fell silent and all eyes were on the staircase that led from the kitchen to the upper floors of the house. Lottie had positioned herself near the kitchen door, on the opposite side of the kitchen to the stairs. When Mrs Weasley had asked if she wanted to sit down, she shook her head and said she had always preferred to stand. Besides, she felt as though if she sat down, the others might think her intruding or think that she thought she was entitled to a seat at the table. She was, after all, a complete stranger to them.

Mrs Weasley had even extended the table as far as it would allow so that all the occupants in the room could sit down. But Lottie still declined. She admitted to herself that it did look a little peculiar that she was the only one standing, but it was the lesser of two evils, so she stayed where she was.

Remus and Sirius had sat at the end of the table closest to her. There was a small gap in the middle of the table on the opposite side, between Ginny and Fred and George, which had been left for the trio making their way down the stairs.

Harry appeared first, looking around at the room and his eyes falling on the gap. He immediately sat down next to Ginny and smiled at her. Lottie resisted the urge to smile herself. She recognised that look; it was not one of friendship, of that she was sure.

Lottie looked over as Ron and Hermione appeared at the foot of the stairs and joined Harry at the table. There was a bit of a shuffle as they all tried to make themselves comfortable. No one spoke. Harry’s eyes darted around the room, before landing on Lottie’s.

“Aren’t you going to sit?” he asked her, looking slightly puzzled.

Lottie just stared at him holding her wine tightly. She shook her head. “No, I’ve been sitting all day.” she said softly.

Her heart was pounding in her chest. It was the first conversation they had had in sixteen years. It was not something to write home about, but it was pleasant, and it was real. Not like the ones she had had in her head.

“I really think you should sit.” Muttered Remus, out of the corner of his mouth, partially looking over his shoulder.

Harry frowned. Do they know each other? He thought to himself. He had noticed, when stood in the kitchen earlier, that they had been standing quite closely together.

Lottie, noticing Harry’s suspicious frown and avoiding the temptation to listen in to his thoughts, decided that perhaps it might be better now that several people had asked. So, she walked over to where Remus and Sirius were sat in front of her and scooted in between the two of them, placing her wine on the table gently. The whole table bustled to make room, but they did not have to go too far as luckily, she took up very little space. She looked over to Harry and smiled weakly, hoping he was satisfied that she was now sat down with them all.

Again, silence fell on the room.

Harry looked around at the table before locking eyes with Sirius.

“So, what’s going on? Why is the entire order here? Has something happened?” he asked seriously.

Sirius looked at Remus and then back at Harry.

“Sort of.” He replied quietly, looking at his godson. Sirius was struggling. This was harder than he had even contemplated. He dearly wished that he and Remus had come up with a better plan.

“Sort of?” repeated Harry, “What does that mean? Ron said the same earlier… what’s going on?”

No one spoke again. Everyone’s eyes kept darting from Harry, to Remus, to Sirius and back to Harry again.

“Why do you all look as though you’ve had bad news?” Harry asked, looking around at the solemn faces. “No really, what’s happened?”

Lottie took a sip of wine. This was a disaster, there were no two ways about that. If the course of this conversation did not change, she was going to have to step in.

“Nothing, Harry” said Remus, “Well not, nothing, but nothing bad. Well not really, but it’s good.” Remus glanced at Sirius who was shaking his head slightly and giving him a look that said, ‘what the hell are you saying?’. Remus leant forward, resting his elbows on the table, bringing one hand to his chin and resting his other hand over his mouth and stared down at the table.

Harry looked at Remus with a confused frown. “So, nothing, but not nothing, but not bad but bad, but also good?” he asked with a wry smile. “I see. That makes sense.”

Lottie was staring at Remus incredulously. She took a sharp intake of breath and looked at her brother, “Harry, I think I might be able to help with this.” She said, “Well at least, I might be able to do a better job of explaining.” She shot Remus and Sirius a look. So much for winging it, she thought to herself.

Harry turned his head to Lottie. “Sorry, but I don’t think we’ve met.” He told her apologetically.

“We have.” Lottie replied simply.

Lottie sensed the change in emotion in the room, it was charged with an electric tension. All eyes were on her and then Harry.  

“We have?” he asked her, slightly embarrassed, “I’m so sorry, I - I can’t place you.”

“That’s alright,” said Lottie, with a small, sad smile. “It was a long time ago.”

“Oh.” Harry said, and then added, “I’m struggling to remember your name.”

“Understandable,” Lottie said, gently nodding, “Like I said, it was a long time ago. A very long time ago.”

Lottie paused to take another sip of wine. “It’s Lottie. Well, Charlotte, but everyone calls me Lottie.”

“Lottie.” repeated Harry, feigning recognition “Right!”

Lottie smiled. He was trying to spare her feelings, but she knew he had no idea who she was. Weirdly, she appreciated it. She took a moment to enjoy the conversation, it was as good as it was going to get for a while.

There was another emotional change in the room. Lottie did not need to look around to know that like her, everyone was feeling the same thing. An impending sense of dread.

She tried to ignore it. “Well, you and I, we actually go way ba-” Lottie began.

“She’s your sister!” Sirius blurted out loudly.

The words rang out through the kitchen, reverberating off every surface and ringing in every ear.

Remus and Lottie both looked at Sirius in utter disbelief. Their eyes wide and mouths open in shock. Lottie put her elbows on the table and leant into her hands to rub her temples. Remus went back to leaning his chin on one hand and covering his mouth with the other, shaking his head ever so slightly. He could not believe what Sirius had just done.  

Had it had not been quite a serious situation; it would have been quite amusing. Each person around the table had a similar reaction. Foreheads fell into hands, eyes were wide, mouths were covered, and heads were shaking all over the place.

Harry sat in stunned silence. It took him a moment before he found his voice.

“My sister?” he choked, looking at Sirius and then to Remus and back again. “What are you playing at? I don’t have a sister, you know that…”

“You do, Harry” came Remus’ muffled voice. He was speaking through his hand, “Lottie is your sister.” He glanced at his goddaughter.

“B-but how?” he breathed, unable to take this all in.

“It’s a really long story, Harry.” said Lottie, who still had her head in her hands, looking down at the table between her elbows. She looked up and she too, clasped her hand into a fist and covered it and her mouth with the other hand.

Harry frowned slightly, looking at both Lottie and Remus. Their body language mirrored each other. It further cemented in his mind that they clearly knew each other well.

“Oui, and eet iz one we ‘ave all been waiting to ‘ear.” came Fleur’s voice from the far end of the table.

Another blow. Lottie could not believe it. There was a disaster and then there was this. Remus, Sirius and Lottie all shot Fleur a look that said, ‘stop talking’. Lottie was slightly pleased to see that a few other people had done the same.

Hermione closed her eyes and sighed. They had been doing so well not to give away the fact that this was not entirely a surprise to everyone, and Fleur had just dropped them in it.    

“What do you mean, ‘have been waiting’?” he shot at her.

Everyone around the table shifted uncomfortably. Harry noticed.

“Wait a second.” he said slowly, looking around the room. “am I missing something here?”

No one said anything. Lottie braced herself. She could feel it. It was about to go from disaster to a category five storm.

Harry raised his eyebrows. “Well am I?” he demanded. A few people flinched.

“Harry” began Sirius, “It’s not as simple as that.”

“Yes it is!” Hermione said, shrilly, looking around the room, “Well if no one is going to say it, I will-”

“Say what, Hermione?” Harry pressed.  

“Hermione, don’t” warned Ron.

“No, Ron” Hermione said firmly, looking at him “he’s our friend and he deserves to know.”

“Know what?” asked Harry, getting irritated.

“Harry, everyone in this room knew you had a sister in one way or another. Some of us found out a few days ago and others, well…” she said hurriedly as though saying it quickly made it less painful. “Well some of the others have known for a very long time.”

Lottie heard a few exasperated groans. The kind of groan that comes from being chucked under the bus but instead of it happening behind a person’s back, the person had instead been forced into a room and had been made to listen.  

Hermione ignored the groans and watched Harry’s face carefully. A myriad of emotions flicked across his face. He did not speak but instead stood up slowly and backed away from the table.

“Harry?” she asked timidly. Still nothing.

Lottie watched Harry; she could feel everything he was feeling. Her chest felt as though it was being crushed.

“Harry” said Sirius, moving to get up to comfort him.

“No.” said Harry, finally. He locked eyes with his godfather, causing Sirius to freeze in a half standing, half sitting position. His voice was low and dangerous. “No.” Sirius sat back down.

“Harry, mate?” asked Ron, hesitantly.

Harry looked at Ron and then Hermione. “You both knew?” he asked in a barely audible whisper.

“Well, kind of but-” said Ron, half shrugging awkwardly, his ears turning red.

“Harry, we didn’t want to know, it just sort of happened! We wanted to tell you, really we did, please don’t be mad.” pleaded Hermione, her eyes sparkling with tears.

“You wanted to tell me?” Harry repeated slowly and quietly.

“Yes!” implored Hermione, “But-”

“But what?” He asked.

“We didn’t know how and well…” she said meekly, wringing her hands and biting her lip nervously “We didn’t think it was our place to…”

“I see…”

“Harry, please…”

 “So, is that why I’ve had not any contact over the summer?” he asked, trying to keep his voice level looking straight at his friend before looking at the people around the table “You’ve all been here discussing some hidden secret, without bothering to let me in on it?”

“Harry, it’s not like that.” said Ginny quietly.

Harry looked at Ginny, almost in shock. He had forgotten that she was there. Her words, along with Ron and Hermione’s, somehow made the feeling of betrayal even worse.

“I’m so sick of this.” he said, to no one in particular. “I’m so sick of my life being controlled by everyone else.”  

Lottie could feel Sirius and Remus either side of her, between Sirius’ shallow breathing and their shared feeling of despair and guilt, it was emanating off them in waves. She stared at the table, unsure of what her next move was going to be. The level of emotion in the room was making it hard to concentrate, but Lottie blocked it off and honed in on Harry’s.   

“Your life isn’t controlled Harry” said Remus, quietly “We couldn’t control this. We only found out that Lottie was alive two days ago.” Lottie stiffened; it was the wrong approach.

Harry could not believe what he was hearing. “And you think that makes it okay, Remus?” he asked incredulously. “Can you hear yourself?”

Remus opened and then closed his mouth. Harry was right.

“You may have only found out that she was alive two days ago… but how long have you known that she actually existed?” Harry continued, waving his arm in Lottie’s general direction, “I have spent my entire life believing that I was an only child, only to find out that seventeen years later, it’s not true!”

“Harry, I know this is a massive shock but-” Remus said, trying to reason with him.

“A shock?” he asked, his eyes wide in disbelief, “No Remus, a shock was when I found out I’d be fighting a dragon in fourth year. This, this is nothing short of a mind fuck.”

Mrs Weasley winced at the bad language but now was certainly not the time to say anything.

“This is unbelievable.” He muttered, running his hands through his hair and pacing on the spot.

“Harry, if you could just let us explain.” Sirius pleaded with him.

“Explain?” he shot Sirius an angry look. “I can’t believe ANYTHING any one of you say!” He spat.

Lottie took a deep breath.

“Harry?” she asked, cautiously, “Harry, I can’t excuse what’s been done here but-”

“And YOU!” Harry rounded on her. “What the hell do you think you’re playing at?”

Lottie’s eyes grew wide. She was not expecting that. She could feel how overwhelmed he was getting. That energy had to go somewhere, and she had the feeling that she was about to take a hit.

“You show up here after god knows how long!” he shouted, “Claiming to be my sister and what, you expect me to believe that you had no way of getting in touch?”

Remus and Sirius shared a glance. This was not going at all well. They had at least expected Harry to show some form of kindness towards Lottie.

“I can exp-” Lottie said feebly. This was not a person she had any hope of reasoning with.

“No.” Harry interrupted. “I’ve heard enough. I need some air.” He started walking towards the kitchen door.

“Harry…Please, just stay and hear us out.” Sirius begged.

Harry stopped, his hand on the door handle. He turned and looked at the anguished faces of the people staring back at him. “Go to hell… all of you.” He said, before pulling the door open and stepping out into the night.