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So much more by AnHPsuperfan

Format: Novel
Chapters: 17
Word Count: 62,129
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Scenes of a mild sexual nature

Genres: Humor, Romance, Young Adult
Characters: Albus, Fred II, James (II), OC

First Published: 12/19/2018
Last Chapter: 07/22/2020
Last Updated: 07/23/2020


Emma is a Gryffindor seventh year with the best group of friends, one of which she has feelings for. But a new boy who enters her life just might change things a bit.

Because there aren’t enough Albus/OC out there!

Chapter 15: Chapter 15

A/N.: Chapter 15 already up! If not the longest, this is the second longest chapter until now. I’ve been having a lot of free time lately. Anyway, I really want to hear from you. Any suggestions, comments, opinions... What are you thinking of the story so far? Your reviews are my greatest inspiration and thank you for those who take the time to leave one. Also, thanks for those who followed or favorited this story. People write stories for others to read or listen to them. I love to know there are people enjoying So Much More! Stay safe, guys!

Song for this chapter: Suit and Jacket – by Judah & the Lion.

On the morning of my Hogsmeade date with Albus, I planned to be in bed until 9:00 and then get ready to meet my friends at 10:30 in the Entrance Hall, I was spending the first portion of the day with them. That wasn’t what happened though, since James decided to book the pitch for a last minute practice. This action was met, of course, with a collective protest of “You’re joking, it’s a Hogsmeade weekend!”. But our lunatic black-haired captain only answered with “Don’t worry, dear teammates, you will have time to enjoy the whole visit. Our practice starts at 6:00.”

I think only the prospect of losing our Hogsmeade privilege kept us from locking him in a broom cupboard.


So that was why it was 7:30 and I was exhausted sitting on my broom and throwing Quaffles back and forth with the other Chasers.


- Throw harder, Emma! Your throws are arching too much, it gives an easy catch for the other team. – James yells.


The Quaffle comes to my hands again and I throw it as hard as I can at James. He catches it between his hands and his stomach and his broom actually flies a few meters back. After catching his breath, James blows the whistle hanging in a chain around his neck:


- That’s it guys! Practice over. I think we managed to hone our skills a bit more. And Emma is almost opening a hole in my face, so we’d better stop.


We all descend from the sky and start putting the equipment away, my mind already on a hot Butterbeer at the Three Broomsticks. I notice the entire team makes sure to pat my back. Victor whispers:


- Well done, Parker.


A few minutes later, Zoe, Jake and I are already making our way to the castle. We can’t deny that we keep James a bit behind, though.


- Hey guys! Don’t leave me behind! I had to put the Bludgers away! – he calls from behind.


- You’re missing the whole point mate! – Jake yells. – Who was the idiot who scheduled the practice in the first place?


- You will thank me later! When the Quidditch cup is in your ungrateful hands!


- So, ready for a visit to Honeydukes to eat our weight in sweets? – Zoe asks, completely ignoring James and licking her lips.


- I sure am, Zoey! – Jake puts his arm around her. – And you, Em? Going with us?


- Of course! I’ll go wherever you guys go! – The first part of the visit would be spent completely enjoying my friends’ company. Only later would I join Al after making an excuse and separating myself from the group, with Ana’s help, who knew all about it already.


- Only Jamie, then, will be missing. He‘ll meet us after a date with the lovely Sophia. Never imagined James Potter would be the first whipped man of our group.

- Hey! What are you talking about me? – James yells from behind us.

A dark ripped jeans, a yellow sweater and my All Stars. I was ready for my date. Zoe would probably have my head if she knew I was going to my first Hogsmeade date with Albus “looking like I was out for a Quidditch game”. I didn’t mind though. For me, knowing that Al was more into who I am than what I wear, was something precious. I only added my favorite necklace and ring and was ready to go.


The girls and I walk down the stairs to meet the guys in the Entrance Hall and make our way together for Filch’s inspection. No matter how many times we did this, it always reminded me of my old “school trips” at Muggle school.


The whole time until we got to the carriage, my attention was half on our conversation, half on finding Albus. It was a huge school, though, and I only got a glimpse of the back of his head near Scorpius (who must have been that white shining hair).


As we make our way to the village, supposedly pulled by invisible creatures, James’ girlfriend, who was riding with us, falls easily into our conversation. As much as I wanted to hate her back in the time when I was so infatuated by James, I really couldn’t. She seemed like someone who would’ve fit right in with our group. Even through her blonde wavy hair and shining blue eyes, that seemed typical of the stereotypical narcissistic, she was as real a person as any of us. There are really some prejudices I should review.


- James, you are still up for meeting us at WWW right? – Fred asks.


- Yeah, sure.


- Look, I told him I was fine with whatever arrangements he made. I didn’t mind him spending the day with you guys. – Sophia, who is sitting next to James, says.


- Oohh, James she sold you out there. – Jake starts with the teasing.


- I’m just telling the truth. – Sophia laughs. – James is on his own on this.


- I like you, Lauren. Telling it how it is. – Zoe joins in.


- Wait, guys! Let me defend myself. – we all stare at him, mockingly crossing our arms. – Sophia won’t be spending Easter hols here, when it’ll be her birthday. So we’re making up for that. Thanks for mentioning it mynx. – he presses his finger to her nose, adorably.


- I guess that’s okay, then. But only if he’ll spend the rest of the day with us. – I join the teasing.


- Oh, he will. – Sophia smiles at me with her white, perfect teeth. – After four P. M., he is your problem. 


I definitely like her.

Entering Hogsmeade never ceases to be a magical experience for me. After Hogwarts, it’s my favorite place in the Wizarding World. Going to the end of March, there isn’t any snow in the village anymore, which, admittedly takes out some of its beauty, but the homey stores and lively atmosphere makes up for it. I do have to consider that all the times I came here it was with the school, and then it was always full. I don’t know how the empty village would look like. Still, I’d like to think this cosy feeling wouldn’t leave me.


- Guys, our first stop is... – Fred says.


- Honeydukes! – the rest of us answer in unison. James and Sophia were already on their own date.


The first stop to Honeydukes was always a tradition for us. We all loved candies, of course, but Fred was the person most addicted to sugar I’d ever met. Anna, Zoe and I ran to the chocolate aisle. I liked most candies just fine, especially the Every Flavored Beans. For me, Wizarding candy was more about the magic in it than the taste. But chocolate was a whole new thing. I was crazy about chocolate.


- Did you guys see these broom shaped chocolates they made? – I ask my friends. - I’m definitely gonna add this to my bag!


- Em, you just got like two bags of chocolate wands. Are you sure it’s not enough? – Anna asks.


- Yeah, but these are broom shaped!


- Love, I’m pretty sure it’s all the same. – Zoe raises an eyebrow.


- I’m getting them anyway, just to be sure. – I shrug and put them in the bag.


After Honeydukes, it was time for some Flying High, the Quidditch store. From all of us, the only one who didn’t like the sport much was Anna. Sure, she goes to all our games without fail. But, still, she didn’t get it much. Funnily enough, she’s the one who helps us decide on our shopping the most.


- Freddie! You don’t need that professional Keeper’s gloves. You just bought one last year. And you only play during the holidays. They’re in great condition!


- Emma. I wouldn’t buy that if I were you. I know it’s the Quaffle of the new season, but it’s only just started. Wait a bit and the prices will lower.


- Jake, if you wanna know my opinion, the Chudley Cannon’s brooms are just a publicity stunt. Soon, nobody will be using them. I mean, orange for a broom? That’s sure to get old soon.


- Zoey, this uniform may be cheap, but it’s three sizes bigger than yours. They’re never gonna fit anyway.


So, we leave the store with only some small things. I bought a new poster from Holyhead and Jake bought a new broom polisher. We always go to Flying High with Anna. Someone has to control our Quidditch craziness. Although we do remember to get something each for James’ birthday next month. He was born only two days before me, which means we always celebrate at Hogwarts together.


Next, time for Quill & Parchment, the local bookstore. There, Anna is definitely more at home. She practically drags Zoe and I to the literature session. I help her check out the new Wizarding novels. Zoe stays at the Magical Creatures session and the boys check the new Horror books. Anna and I go through the novels. Although, it’s a bit rare that we buy anything here. Our favorites are certainly the Muggle novels. 

Our lunch takes place at the Three Broomsticks. Nothing like the old school pub. We order large portions of fish and chips and Butterbeer for all. The best stop of the day is sitting with my friends in a round booth, laughing, and tasting British typical food. The rest of the pub is crowded, but I already know where Al is. His group of Slytherins occupie a round table and there are the usual groups of girls sitting purposefully around them and trying to get their attention. It gives me a pang of jealousy.


- These girls are such clichés. I don’t know what they expect. That suddenly one of the boys is gonna look over at them and fall in love? – Zoe comments, some minutes later.


- Well, if I remember correctly, and help me if I’m wrong Zoe, you were just like that with Bradley Rush and Ryan Connor in third year. – Freddie smirks.


- Weren’t they dishy though? – Anna sighs dreamily and I nod, agreeing with her.


- The younger years, I get it! They are still innocent and naive. But the sixth and seventh years? I’m actually seeing Emily Boomer there! She’s a Ravenclaws in our class!! Honestly.


- I don’t even know what people see in them. They aren’t even that good-looking. Fred, Jamie and I could leave them in the dust. – Jake crosses his arm.


All us girls start laughing.


- What’s so funny? – Jake grumbles.


- Jake, darling, you all are good-looking. But you’re missing the whole appeal. They are all Slytherin hot guys. All in one dorm! Like, five of them! They could all form a boy band If they wanted to. – she finishes pensively. Anna and I laugh.


- They are the best candidates in the whole school. – Anna giggles. Fred looks at her like she’s grown two heads.


Jake snorts:


- Like any of you would hook up with a Slytherin.


- Why not? – Anna asks. – If Sebastian West looked at me with those blue eyes, I’d cave immediately. Not to mention Al Potter, right? He wouldn’t even have to look at me. Just call me with that smooth voice and I’m already running my hands through that soft hair.


Jake rolls his eyes:


- And I honestly thought you were better than that. James has the same Potter hair you know?


- Shh!! Don’t ruin my fantasies! James is like a brother to me. – Zoe says. – Anna, tell me! Which ones would you snog in a hidden broom cupboard?


- All of them. – Anna says boldly, but blushes bright red. Zoe is laughing hard and the boys are looking at her incredulously. I do the same. – If I had to chose, though...Thomas Nott. I like dark skin.


- What? Just him? You’re lying!! Look at the options! – Zoe exclaims.


- So? You told me I could choose. – Anna retorts.


- You’re certainly lying. No girl would refuse a kiss from Albus Potter.


Anna blushes even brighter than before, if that’s possible.


- I knew it! – Zoe points at her. Anna looks at me apologetically while everyone is laughing. I just smile back at her. I’m not jealous of my best friends.


- What about Emma, then? – Jake joins the fun. – Which ones?

While I think about how I’m gonna reply to this question Zoe does it for me:


- Al Potter, obviously. – I almost freeze. - He’s your Runes’ partner right, Em? You’re strong, sis. Didn’t cave at those green eyes all these months.


I’m almost sinking at my seat, so Anna comes to the rescue:


- And the other one, Em? 


- I don’t know...Jordan Zabini. – I remember Al talking about him last time we met and it’s the first name that comes to my mind.


- Humm, dark hair too. I think you have a type there, Em. – Zoe tips her mug at me.


- Yeah, you could say that. – I clear my throat.


- What about you, boys? – Zoe moves the conversation to them, which makes me relax. – If you were into guys, who would be your first choice. Jake?


- Really? – he grumbles. Zoe nods.


- Scorpius Malfoy. – he says, without hesitation. We all look at him.


- What? He has a Quidditch pitch and a swimming pool at home.


- Shallow. – Zoe rolls her eyes. Anna and I laugh a little.


- Freddie? – Anna asks.


- Nott, West, Zabini and Malfoy. – he says it jokingly but we still stare at him.


- Albus is my cousin. – he shrugs. 

We laugh so loud the waitress looks at us pointedly.

We still walk about 2 hours through the village eating some of our candy before the time I would meet Al. The warmer weather may take some of the charm of Hogsmeade but, at the same time, it was much more comfortable to walk around.


- I think I’m gonna head back to the castle. I’ve got a bit of a headache. – I tell them.


- What? But Jamie didn’t even meet us yet. – Freddie says.


- Yeah, but I really feel like lying down a bit. – I insist.


- Are you ok, Em? – Jake asks.


- I’m fine, don’t worry. 


- Then, why don’t you stay? Just a bit? – Fred whines.


- Guys! She has a headache. Let her rest. – Anna, always at my side. She already knows the reason I need to go.


- I’m at those days of the month, ok guys? That’s it. – I whisper.


- Oh, if that’s it...


- You could’ve said it before...

Men. I internally roll my eyes. They prefer to pretend menstruation doesn’t exist.


Even then, as I walk in the direction of the castle, shame makes its way to my heart. I really don’t like lying to my friends. But it’s easy to forget when I’m with Albus. It makes me a bit angry, though, that I have to be untruthful to my friends to be with him. I do understand his reasons, it’s just getting tiring.


I arrive at Hogwarts and see him already. He’s handsome as always. Seeing him without school robes is something else, though. He’s wearing dark jeans, a brown jeans jacket and a green shirt beneath it. I recognize it from that party in the beginning of the year where I spoke my mind to him and he apologized to me.


- Hey! – he says as I get closer. His hands are in his pockets and he’s giving me his full bright smile.


- Hi! – I arrive. He gives me a sweet kiss and cups my cheek. I get goosebumps all over my back.


I clear my throat:


- What exactly are we doing here, Potter? – the place where we stand is near the Whomping Willow. The tree isn’t moving, though. That doesn’t stop me from being a little cautious.

- I have a surprise for you. We need to follow this way.  – he walks to the stump of the tree and crouches through a hole I’d just noticed was there.


- I feel like asking but I’m too used to you now to find this weird. – I say.


He laughs.


- Trust me, love. I know I ask you this a lot, but have I failed you yet? – he reaches his hand for me, part of him already in the hole. His eyes are shining and the thought that I make Albus Potter so happy makes my stomach do somersaults.


I quickly realize the place where we are is a passage to somewhere. While we climb some improvised stairs in the dark, only the light of our wands, I ask:


- How did the Whomping Willow not attack us again?


- A simply Immobilus charm or pressing the knot at the base.


- Oh, if you say so. 


He laughs again:


- Seriusly? James never told you?


- Nope.


We arrive at an opening and Al offers his hand again. The place looks like a house tree, but bigger, and very old. On the floor, there’s a furry red rug, two pillows, some plates and glasses, and a few candles to compliment the light coming from the windows. I can tell the candles are scented too. There’s a nice perfume in the air when it should probably stink of humidity.


- Where are we, Al? – I say in bewilderment.


- Welcome to the Shrinking Shack!


- What? No way! – I go to the window.


- I’m serious.


- And all this? Your doing, I take it.


- Maybe. – he shrugs.


I push him teasingly:


- You surprise me each time. – I laugh.


- I like to surprise you. – he looks at me adoringly. – You get this look on your face. I love to see you happy. – I raise my eyebrows.


- I like to see you happy! – he amends himself.


I throw myself in his arms and kiss him for a few long minutes. When we pull apart, he smiles:

- I don’t know why this word love causes so much trouble. It keeps slipping my mouth.


- I don’t have a problem with it.


- Oh, yeah! That’s a guy’s problem, actually.


I laugh. My arms are around him and my hands soon find themselves in his hair as we make up for time apart.


We sit at the pillows some time later and Al takes the lid off one of the plates to reveal a chocolate cake that looks delicious. In a metal pot filled with ice, there’s a red wine bottle. We start to have the fanciest afternoon tea I’ve ever had.


- You really went to all that just for a date? – I shake my head.


- For you? I would have. But I didn’t.

– he smirks at me. I roll my eyes.


- This used to be James and mine hiding place at Hogwarts. – he explains.


- Wow, really?


- He never told you? 


I shake my head.


- Would you want him to take you here? – he asks. It’s very unlike Albus, he seems almost insecure. I do remember the way he looked at James and me at breakfast the other day, though.


- Taking me here, maybe. He’s my friend, I’d like to be told some things. But this... – I gesture to our meal. – No.


He smiles.


- So, how did you two find out about this place? – I change the subject.


- All due to my grandad and his friends actually. See, one of them was a werewolf... – he tells me the beautiful story of the friends who became Animagus to help one of them. I sigh contentedly and see his voice become passionate with the story. My heart warms with the thought that he considers me so much to tell me that. Damn. I’m falling very deep now.


We finish our cake, talking about school of all things, and the incident in potions that left three students’ skins green for a few days.


- Anyway, I’m very glad I won’t need Potions for my job application. – he says.


- Why are you taking it then?


- My parents think it’s an useful skill to have. It’s not that I don’t like it. It’s just too repetitive for my taste. Do you like it?


- Kind of. It’s not my favorite subject, but it soothes me. Reminds me of cooking.


He smiles:


- You like it, then? Cooking?


- I do. My mother taught me and I love to spend time with her.


- Your mother sounds great.


- She’d love you. You have to meet her someday. You’ll be your usual classy self and she’ll fawn all over you.


He laughs. Then asks me:


- You’d really want me to meet your parents?


- Yeah...even though they would embarrass me. I did meet yours.


- So you shouldn’t be too worried about embarrassment. That was enough for both of us. 


I laugh as I remember Ginny and Harry Potter joining their forces  to embarrass their son.


- I’d like that. – he says. – Meeting your parents.


- That can certainly be arranged Mr. Potter. – I grin. Our eyes meet as we smile and he takes another sip of wine.


- Hey, Al?


- Humm?


- What are you going to do after you leave Hogwarts, again? You were talking about your N.E.W.T.s and... tell me you haven’t told me already and I forgot.


- No! – he laughs. – We haven’t talked about it yet, have we? 


- I don’t think so. – I smile.


- I want to work with Wizarding Law.


- Really?

- Yes. My aunt Hermione works with it, but she is in the Magical Creatures Control. What I’d really like to do is work with negotiating contracts. Not sure what area. But I always found it interesting when Aunt Hermione talked about the arguments she uses to make a deal.


- I think you’d be brilliant at it. You do have a very logical mind. And are a bit charming, I’ll admit.


- A bit, Parker? – he smirks. - I’ll have to reiterate that. – his eyes smile at me.


I laugh. Damn if he isn’t making me blush again.


- What about you? What do yo want to do? – Al asks.


- I want...actually not that I really wanted but the initial plan was to work at the Department of International Affairs. I don’t know, I liked the idea of meeting foreign people and I have the grades for it. But I just chose it in fifth year ‘cause I was completely clueless. Soon I’ll be graduating and take this job that is not something I’m passionate about. Though I don’t really know any other job I’m passionate about... – I sigh. – Sorry for just spilling all this on you.


- I thought that was on the description of being a boyfriend, wasn’t it? – he raises an eyebrow. – I love when you tell me about personal things. And I really want you to find that dream job... It’s actually one of the changes Professor Longbottom wants to make at Hogwarts for years, it’s crazy that we have to choose our jobs so young. Even the electives we choose in third year can make a difference on our future job opportunities.


- I agree! Why do we have to choose it so young?


I eat another piece of paper and he remains thoughtful.


- Hey! What about writing? – Al exclaims suddenly.


- You mean like writing a book? I think that’s a bit out of my league. I don’t have any big ideas.


- No! I’m talking about this! – he takes a folded letter out of his pocket and hands it to me. - I’ve been wanting to show you that.


I read the letter and my eyes widen. I look at him:


- Your father truly liked my interview of him so much? He said here I have real talent! And he showed it to your mother, a real journalist!


Al nods:


- He did.

I find myself starstruck all over again. Meeting Harry Potter was already unimaginable. But him complimenting my simple school work like a proud parent? That sounds surreal.


- You should do it. – Al says. – Work for the Newspaper. This is the most excited I’ve seen you about an essay. And you clearly have talent for it. My parents think so and so does Professor Thomas.


- But how would I even have the grades for it? I’m almost taking my N.E.W.T.s already!


- Talk to Nevil-I mean Professors Longbottom. He would be happy to help you. And I may be wrong, but the requirements are probably the core subjects, which you’re taking. There aren’t exactly any writing classes here at school. Maybe there’s a college for it or something.


My eyes shine with enthusiasm as I look at him and the letter back and forth. Finally, I tackle him into a big hug and he laughs.


- This is amazing! – I exclaim. – And I could write about so many things! There’s the Quidditch section, like your mother! Or that Muggle column! Maybe I could even have my own column! Oh, Al, thank you so, so much! You may have changed my whole professional life!


- It was all you, love. I just gave you the proof in that letter. You’ll be brilliant at it. – he leans over the food and kisses me slowly. I grab his arm as he’s about to separate.


- I think we already ate enough. – I say and swish my wand, making everything in the rug disappear.


He looks at me and then to the space left:


- I think that may have been the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.


I chuckle and push him down in the carpet. My heart is soaring as we kiss and feel each other with nothing but our clothes in between. After we agree it’s time for us to go before my friends arrive in the castle I smell a lovely mix of his and mine perfume.


- I wish we had more time to stay talking... – I tell him as we take the way to the castle.


- Talking? – he smirks.


- Yeah, you got it. – I roll my eyes and he laughs. – Anyway, I’m just thinking that maybe we should start telling people now, you know? If at least my friends knew about us, we could stay a bit longer, for example.


He sighs:


- I know, Em. I get that you want to tell others... – he turns serious. – But could you please just keep it a secret a bit longer? If we were to let it out, it would be on the Daily Prophet by the next week. They insist on keeping us in the limelight. I hate that, and I don’t want something that brings me so much happiness to bother me.


- It’s just my friends, though, Al! – I respond. By this time we are already standing on a corner near the walls of the castle.


- I’ll think about it, ok? – he looks at me pleadingly.


- Ok, love. That’s all I ask. – I take his hand.


- Thank you. – he swallows. – I know it sounds simple. Just...


Al seems to want to say something but holds back.


- Whatever. – he goes on. – It just wouldn’t be the first time. Now, I think we should go in before people arrive. I promise to bring the invisibility cloak next time, though.


- That’s more like it. – I grin.